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#old fashioned toys were fucked
2jaeh · a day ago
Tumblr media
genre: smut, angst
warnings: mature themes, enemies to lovers kinda, kinda toxic theme, multiple smut scenes, swearing, alcohol, toys. 
slight jenoxreader 
word count : 17,5k (sorrry he’s my ult)
author: sin! 
You and Yuta never had a good relationship within your group of friends. The closest the two of you ever came to even slightly caring about each other bed. After some friendly advice you decide to venture out of this toxicity and an old friend comes to the rescue. Thinking things will finally settle and you are ready to move on, Yuta comes to the realization that he wasn't a fan of you leaving him for someone else. 
A/N: WHOA this took me so long to write and rn its 2am and I barely proofread anything and just wanted to post it already! ALSO I just wanted to add Jeno is practically my ult as well and I wanted to use him for this scenario ! I promise Ill make it up to you guys with a full length fic of him lol Anyways enjoy. 
You couldn’t understand why you hated him so much. Was it the way he did his hair ? The way he rolled his eyes at every snarky remark you directed at him ?
Or was it the way he stared at you from across the room, a smirk on his face signaling that it was going to be one of those nights.
You joined this collective of artists or the “blank space” as you were known to the public, a year ago. The team did everything from clothing to organizing crazy exhibitions, and the best part of it all was that the team members remained anonymous.
Now some of the members were already in the spotlight for their personal artworks and collections but anything under blank space was under that name only, promoted only under its respective social media accounts. The collective was founded by Taeyong, an introverted guy you met at a fashion show you once worked at. He approached you the night your art hit the runway and you’ve been working for him ever since.
You didn’t know everybody under Blank Space except for the people Taeyong trusted the most. Which from possibly 50 designers, only reduced to a total of nine close friends.
Taeyong, Johnny, Ten, Renjun, YangYang, Doyoung, Sungchan, Lucas and You.
And then, there was one person you called a friend when the mood was right. When he was not being an absolute pain in the ass.
Yuta Nakamoto.
“So there’s a launch happening this weekend over at the shed” Taeyong announced to your friend group who were barely paying attention thanks to Yangyang attempting to stuff four marshmallows into his mouth. “Come on you can do one more” Lucas edged him on while Renjun shook his head disapprovingly and Sungchan tried to suppress his laughter.
“Guys please pay attention” Doyoung, the only type of authority around here spoke up, finally quieting down the room and allowing his best friend to speak.
Taeyong cleared his throat and shifted nervously as all eyes were focused on him again. “I’d like all of us to attend, maybe look for a new recruit” the timid pink haired boy spoke and everyone nodded knowing the routine of these launches at this point.
“Can we party hard or is this just one of those save face kinda gigs ?” Yuta raised his hand and the spark in Lucas’s eyes indicated that he may have had the same idea.
You rolled your eyes and crossed your leg over the other, “Yuta’s having a dry spell he wants to find some damsel in distress to get into his bed” you turned to him and he only smirked at your snarky comment.
“Well now y/n it’s only because you haven’t been in the mood for my dick lately” he pouted and Renjun threw his head back, followed by groans from both Johnny and Ten.
“I’m not in the mood for the two of you today seriously” Ten chimed in, rubbing his temples just waiting for this group meeting to be over. “Yeah me too” Johnny added, “you two fight the entire week then hook up over the weekend, we are tired.”
“Why are you guys tired ? Are you doing the fighting and fucking ?” Yuta scoffed and Doyoung jumped to his feet, folding his arms across his chest as he looked down at the scowling black haired man,
“This is a work meeting. If it's not about work” Doyoung eyes moved to you, “then we don’t want to hear about it.”
You nodded after getting reprimanded but Yuta being Yuta just snickered and downed the rest of his coffee, unbothered by what any of the people in the room had to say about him.
“Okay then well I’ll see you guys Friday night, if you find a possible recruitment just text the group chat and we will decide as a team then and there” Taeyong wrapped up the meeting and everyone dispersed back to their work stations to finish up any outstanding projects.
Blank Space had its own office block but you guys were the only ones with a private floor at the very end of the hallway, far away from the part-timers.
Everyone had their own cubicle made up of makeshift drywall, so it was private but not private enough. Taeyong felt that closed offices made no sense for a room of creatives and when working on bigger projects it was easier for members to move their stations to their partners' cubicles.
Your cubicle though had the unfortunate fate of being placed in front of Yuta. The members had tried to swap with either of you but neither of you budged. Moving meant there was a problem and showing that you had an actual problem with the other person meant it could sabotage the team and things may go sour.
So both of you conceded. Trying your absolute best to stay out of the other person's way during work hours. But it was impossible when bickering was just something you guys did.
From the very beginning You and Yuta had disagreed on almost everything. Both of you were pretty stubborn people and had a very similar mindset. Then on a random drunken night Johnny suggested that you and Yuta needed to release your anger in bed and the next day you’d be best friends. Yuta was pretty adamant on the idea and not only did you hook up once, it became this ongoing hell of fighting, building up your anger and releasing it during mind blowing sex.
Neither of you questioned the abnormality of your relationship. Rather, you ignored the red flags and the toxicity of it all and just assumed attraction only happened through liquor, high sexual needs and boredom.
“Hey y/n sorry about snapping like that earlier” Doyoung stepped into your cubicle, his gummy smile showing as he nervously scratched his head.  “It’s no problem, I’m sorry about my stupid comment” you pressed your lips together feeling a tad guilty that it all started because of you.
“You guys really love riling each other up don’t you?” Doyoung took a seat opposite you which was a bit unnatural for anyone who walked by. Doyoung was a very reserved person and never bothered to converse with any of you besides Taeyong. Unlike the rest of you Doyoung was recruited to handle finances and foresee the operation. He appreciated the arts but never delved in it, hence his awkwardness with the openness and unhinged personalities of the group.
“I get that it can be...exhausting” you sighed, propping your elbows up on the counter and pouting.
“Then why do you continue ?” Doyoung quizzed and you shrugged, “stress relief ?”
Doyoung chuckled at your words and pushed his spectacles up his bridge, “you guys are the ones stressing each other out,” Doyoung turned back to look at Yuta who was busy sketching and turned back to face you,
“All I’m saying is that maybe it’s time to look for a stress reliever that doesn’t result in anger the very next day, you guys need to move on.”
Move on.
Doyoung’s words swam in your mind hours after the short conversation had ended and you wondered if it was indeed time to move on. You looked up from your desk and to your surprise Yuta’s eyes were locked with yours as he twirled a lollipop in his mouth.
The issue was, as much as you hated him you couldn’t deny he was so goddamn hot. From the long hair to the edgy attire, physically he was your type. Personality on the other hand, it was like nails against a chalkboard.
You kept your eyes locked with him until he slowly pulled the sweet out of his mouth, licked his lips and blew you a cheeky kiss from across the room.
“Moron” you mumbled and shook your head trying to ignore his devilish motives and get back to work.
Doyoung was right. You definitely needed to find someone to distract yourself from Yuta’s hold over you.
It was the night of the launch and everybody showed up with their own rides and  began mingling with former clients and partners. You arrived with Ten and Lucas who already decided to pre-game drinks just in case ‘there wasn’t enough at the party.’
“Hey please do us a favor and not hook up with Yuta tonight” Ten wrapped his arm around your shoulder as the two of you maneuvered through the groups of people. “Not planning on it” you replied in his ear, “and besides Doyoung already beat you to that pep talk.”
“Doyoung ?” Ten wrinkled his nose before ordering the two of you a mojito from the open bar.
“Yeah he said that I should move on, possibly find a new hookup” you shrugged, retrieving the drink and headed to a balcony that overlooked the first floor of the launch party. There were bodies of people everywhere, networking, checking out merchandise or just getting plain wasted.
“Seems like Lucas has already been cut off from the open bar” Ten pointed out, watching the tall man try to push his way back to the bar but the bouncer refused him to do so.
“Let me go help him out, I'll catch up later” Ten sighed and gave you a pat on your shoulder, “and yeah find a new hookup, if Yuta gets to sleep around so can you.”
You watched Ten disappear into the crowd and twirled the glass in your hand wishing what he had said was that easy.
There were no rules about hooking up with other people or just any reinforcements in general when it came to you and Yuta. But you we’re well aware of his loose sex life. There were many times where Yuta ended up going home with some random person if he wasn’t in the mood to hook up with you. But You on the other hand, never bothered these days because you were either too busy or whoever you met just ended up boring you to death.
“Y/n ?” You heard someone say from behind you and to your surprise it was a face you hadn’t seen in years.
“Jeno ? Oh my God” you quickly gave the blonde boy a quick hug, taken back by how much he had filled out since high school.
Jeno used to help you out from time to time during proms and fashion shows, lending out his strength to build anything from sculptures to installation art in the city.
“I was wondering when I was going to bump into you at one of these shows” his bright smile turned his eyes into crescents as he joined you at the balustrade. The Jeno you knew in high school was a lanky shy kinda guy but the Jeno you saw now was confident, mature and outright gorgeous.
“I’m quite surprised seeing you here actually” you chuckled shyly, “I didn’t know you’d pursue anything in this field to be honest.”
“Wow” Jeno mouthed and cutely grinned, “hmm that kinda hurt considering I’m the one who made the centerpiece of this entire launch”
Your eyes widened as you looked down at the structure of colored sharpies bound together to create a giant rubix cube in the middle of the party. “Holy shit that’s awesome my boss would absolutely love you” you gasped, knowing Taeyong absolutely loved installation art especially at a large scale like this.
“Oh who’s your boss ? I’m actually a free agent right now” Jeno replied and you quickly remembered the reason you were even at the launch in the first place. “Wait! We’re looking for recruits right now, let me just tell the others about it” you said excitedly, handing Jeno your drink and pulled up the group chat on your phone.
A few minutes later everyone confirmed the meeting place of a private room located on the second floor, quiet enough for a quick interview and decision. The best part of this job was everyone was so connected that there was no need to go through the process of a full portfolio look and a million interviews, all you needed was a trusted ally within the group to vouch for you and you were already one foot in.
“Ten and Yangyang took Lucas home after he tried to challenge the bartender to an arm wrestling match” Johnny entered the room and sipped his whiskey while Renjun and Sungchan followed close behind him. Taeyong and Doyoung stood in front of the room discussing something amongst themselves while you and Jeno took a seat on the burgundy couch.
Yuta entered shortly after, drink in hand and you noticed his eyes narrow in on Jeno who sat close to you. “Okay everyone who’s able to make it is here let’s get started” Taeyong clasped his hands together, “everybody this is Jeno Lee and a long time friend of y/n.”
“Not that long but yeah we did work together” Jeno chuckled and got to his feet, “well I’m an installation artist, I actually made the centerpiece in tonight’s launch.”
“Wow, it's amazing!” Renjun complimented and Sungchan agreed, giving Jeno a thumbs up, “yeah man that piece is brilliant.”
Jeno smiled from ear to ear as the meeting proceeded with everyone going through a few of Jenos works and what he could bring to the team. While your teammates concentrated on Jenos work all you could concentrate on was Jeno himself.
You wondered if Jeno knew how gorgeous he was in his effortless tank top and denim jeans combo. You hoped no one caught you staring but someone was well aware of your actions.
Yuta watched how you looked at the young guy, he wasn’t stupid, he knew when you found someone attractive and the way you were ogling Jeno right now, he didn’t like it at all.
The meeting ended and everyone welcomed Jeno to the collective. Johnny gave him a few pointers on which coffee to order from the cafe next to the office and Sungchan exchanged gamer tags with his new friend.
“I’ll see you guys on Monday” you waved as everyone exited the meeting and before you could make your way to catch up with Jeno and Sungchan you were being pulled back into the room.
“Your place or mine ?” Yuta mused and snaked an arm around your waist, looking down at you with dark eyes.
“Neither” you responded, “I’m gonna hang with Jeno and head home, you should find that little damsel to play with”
“Don’t be difficult y/n we're long overdue for our therapy session now” he groaned, pressing his lips to your ear and jaw. As much as he aroused you by just breathing you thought about what Doyoung had said, you needed to move on from this mess.
“Listen I think we need to just stop our sessions” you stepped away from him leaving Yuta slightly taken back from your actions, “let’s move on, be out of each other’s way and not make the group uncomfortable okay ?”
Yuta watched you press your lips together and finally make your exit, leaving him completely alone. You denied his advances for the first time since the two of you started sleeping together and something in him broke.
Monday came around and the whole team buzzed about Jeno joining the team. Usually a new recruit would hang downstairs with the part time designers but because Taeyong trusted your judgement on Jeno, he was able to integrate with the team.
“Man that Jeno guy seems real chill” Yangyang hopped alongside Johnny and Yuta who were doing the morning coffee run. Yuta kept his composure despite knowing he wasn’t a huge fan of someone new joining the team and throwing off the dynamic. Hands in his pocket he ignored Yangyangs endless questions about the meeting, allowing Johnny to entertain the eager young boy.
“All I know is that having Jeno around means I don’t have to do all the carrying when Lucas bails on me” Johnny sipped his drink as they made their way back to their office. To their surprise Jeno had just arrived, looking like a lost puppy as he examined the names of the floors next to the secretary desk.
“Speak of the devil” Johnny threw his arm around Jeno, startling the boy and led him over to the elevator, “we’re at the top floor newbie, make sure to get an access card from Taeyong.”
“T-thanks” Jeno grinned and bowed politely to both Yuta and Yangyang before stepping into the elevator. The other guys barely bothered with Yuta’s reaction to Jeno because he rarely liked anyone enough to show any sign of enthusiasm. Jeno wasn’t going to change that.
The elevator opened to the top floor and Jeno awed at the chilled atmosphere you all had created here. From Ten’s thousands of plants around the room, Taeyongs fish, a pool table brought in by Lucas and gaming stations set up by Sungchan, it looked like paradise.
“ so cool oh my God” Jeno stepped in, his eyes wandering all over the place until it locked on you hanging over at the fish tank with Taeyong.
“Y/n!” Jeno jogged over and you greeted him with a wide smile and a tight hug, “Jeno you made it!” You gleamed. Jeno quickly shook Taeyong’s hand unsure of how formal of a boss he actually was.
“Whoa I feel like a principal” Taeyong giggled as he dropped a few fish flakes for his babies. “Wow, does everybody have their own cubicle ?” Jeno strolled around the room taking a peak at the vast versions of decor each cubicle adorned.
“Yeah” you responded, “but I don’t think yours is ready yet right Doyoung ?”
“That’s right,” Doyoung replied and folded his arms across his chest, “you don’t mind sharing for the week do you ?”
Jeno shrugged and looked over at you, “I was hoping to catch up with y/n anyway, I don’t mind sharing if it’s okay with you ?”
“It’s perfectly fine” you assured him and gestured over to your cubicle, “me casa is su casa.”
“I’m just gonna need some admin stuff sorted Jeno can you join me for a bit ?” Doyoung asked and Jeno nodded, giving you a quick hug before heading off to the administration offices with Doyoung. You watched the blonde guy exit and something just felt so much brighter in the office. You felt a sense of excitement of what’s to come now that Jeno was back in your life. But like all sunny days there always comes a thunderstorm and yours was staring you down like he was waiting to rain on your parade.
“What ?” You blinked, and Yuta shrugged as he peeked into your cubicle. “It’s a bit small isn’t it ? Don’t think two people can work in here” he raised his brow and looked over at you.
“It’s fine” you sighed and pushed past him, “it’s only for a week and he’s not a stranger to me, why do you care ?”
“I don’t” Yuta mumbled, dragging his feet back to his cubicle leaving you questioning his slightly odd behavior. Your mind quickly snapped out of it when Jeno had made his way back, that bright smile spread across his face and suddenly it felt like sunshine filled the room once more.
“I’m back!” He sang and pulled a chair opposite you, retrieving his laptop already looking like a regular in the office.
“Did Doyoung tell you about tonight ? Our little welcoming party over at Kleo’s Sky Bar ?” You asked, skimming through your emails for the day. “Oh, yeah he did, I mean you guys don’t have to do all of this” Jeno chuckled shyly, those pretty eyes distracting you for the third time that day.
“Nah we do it for everyone, and it’s better you know everyone drunk to avoid future surprises” you pointed over to Lucas who was coaching Yangyang through a trick shot at the pool table.  “Gotcha” Jeno nodded, as he watched one of the balls fly off the table and nearly knock Renjun in the back. It was chaos absolutely everyday in the office and you knew Jeno was going to love it here.
But even with Jeno in front of you, your new distraction, your new beginning, like Doyoung and Ten had said you needed, it was a habit at this point to look across the room, wondering what Yuta was up to. You watched him remove his cardigan, exposing his arms in those loose tank tops he always loved to wear as he concentrated on a sketch in front of him. Thankfully he was fully immersed in his work for once to take notice of your eyes on him. You continued observing him, watching him nod along to probably some alternative song blaring in his headphones as he sketched away on his iPad. He was so effortlessly attractive when he wasn’t aware of it.
You needed to snap out of this daydream.
“So are you seeing anyone these days ?”
“Hmm ?”
Jeno laughed as you finally realized that he’d been talking to you and you mentally cursed yourself for even being distracted by Yuta of all people.
“I’m sorry..Uhm no I’m not seeing anyone” you replied, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear and Jeno nodded cutely, “uh good...uhm not good that you’re alone but I was hoping you weren’t...God I’m still so bad at this”
You felt your cheeks heat up seeing Jeno fumble over his words and get nervous about asking you such a question. He was so adorable and something in you also wondered if he was like this in a relationship, or in the bedroom.
Was he dominant ? Was he passive ? Yuta was very dominant and you’d even rile him up to the point of him making you shut up with his actions.
“Y/n ?” Jeno waved his hand in front of your face and you shook your head, you couldn’t believe you did it again. What the hell was wrong with you ?
“Oh my God Jeno I'm so sorry...these emails are just a pain in the ass” you lied but thankfully Jeno took the bait and nodded, “it’s okay I’ll let you get back to work, I was going to go down to the cafe, do you want anything ?”
“Yeah a cafe latte would be great thank you” You felt guilty but it was still only two days since you decided to cut off Yuta so adjusting was going to take a bit of time.
Jeno had left for the cafe and you quickly dove straight into your work, hoping the time would just fly by. That was until you heard a knock and watched Yuta saunter into your cubicle and take a seat right in front of you. You watched him prop his elbows on the table and his piercing eyes narrowed down on you as if he were waiting for an answer.
“Why are you here ?” You questioned him, doing your best to divert your attention from his chiseled arms and exposed chest.
“I want an explanation,” Yuta said calmly, his voice deep and monotone.
“To what ?” You knew fully well what he was talking about but you were really  not in the mood to talk to him about this.  Yuta sighed and cocked his head to the side, clearly annoyed by your response. “Why the fuck are we calling it quits when we are nothing to each other ? Can’t we just hook up and ignore each other as usual ?” You sensed the annoyance in his voice. Denying him that night was indeed eating him up since you’ve never done it before.
“Yuta that’s the whole point” you rubbed your temples, “if we are nothing to each other then we shouldn’t be hooking up, it just ties us together for absolutely no reason.”
Yuta stayed quiet for a bit and eventually just nodded, “fine do whatever you want I guess.” You watched him walk out, not bothering to give you a second look and you wondered if the unsettling feeling you were experiencing in this moment was how he felt two days ago.
Nothing made sense.
The evening arrived and everyone was in good spirits because you were all headed to one of your favourite spots in town. “Lucas you gotta do karaoke tonight” Sungchan threw his arm around the large brown haired man as they entered the bar. “Hmm give me a few rounds of drinks first” Lucas stuck out his tongue as he gestured to the waitress to get the gang the usual table.
Thankfully tonight the bar was fairly empty which meant that the gang could really loosen up without the prying eyes of strangers wishing you’d all just leave.
“Wow this place is pretty cool” Jeno gleamed, allowing you to enter the booth first like a true gentleman before scooting right in next to you. Yuta opted for the seat at the very end as usual, so he could sneak off to smoke without bothering any of friends every couple of minutes. The position also gave him a clear view of you and Jeno who were snuggled up in the corner already lost in your own private conversation.
“Beer ?” Johnny nudged Yuta, snapping him out of his fixation. Yuta nodded and slumped back in his seat trying his best to focus on whatever Renjun and Yangyang were talking about. It’s not like him to feel this way. Usually by now he’d be seated next to you, annoying the shit out of you until he saw those pretty eyes glare at him with rage. Then after you’d have a few drinks you’d be leaning on his shoulder, playing with his rings until he offered to take you home, and then-
“To Jeno!” Lucas yelled, lifting up a shot glass of God knows what and rallied everyone to join in on his toast.
“To Jeno” you grinned leaning into Jeno’s side and clinked glasses with him. Jeno felt warm, comforting, he made it so easy for you to just enjoy having him around rather than it being a task. That’s what a healthy relationship was like wasn’t it ?
“Jeno Im glad and also sorry that you have to join the most annoying group of people ever” Doyoung half smiled and Taeyong waved his hand, “we’re not that annoying Jeno I promise” the pink haired boy reassured him despite Renjun and Ten agreeing with Doyoung’s words. Jeno just laughed it off and turned to you with a bright smile as he draped his arm over your shoulder,
“Kinda feels like fate that I bumped into you huh?”
You know he may have been joking but Jeno was really unaware that his presence really was the antidote to getting rid of the Yuta situation. The team loved him, he was someone you knew and could trust, it was all right there for you, written on paper. Nothing could possibly go wrong… right ?  
“Fourth round is on me” Taeyong held up his card to the waitress despite his tired eyes were quite evident. Everyone was well over tipsy and Lucas had already entertained the bar with his beautiful rendition of “Starboy” by The Weeknd and Johnny stepped in as his air guitar player in the back.
“Gotta go to the bathroom!” You whined while Jeno helped you to your feet as you pushed your way past a sleeping Renjun and a spaced out Sungchan. You could tell tonight was going to take a toll on everyone tomorrow morning.
You quickly exited to the back where the bathrooms were located. You walked down the dim hallway, mentally thanking yourself for not overdoing it with the alcohol as each step became darker and darker.
“Watch your step” someone said and you turned around to see Yuta leaning over a railing with a cigarette sticking out of his mouth.
“Yeah” you managed to say and entered the bathroom before he could say anything else. The lack of alcohol didn’t stop the intrusive thoughts of Yuta filling your mind as you stopped to wash your hands. All you could think about was if he was going to be there when you walked back. Was he going to say anything ? Was he going to do anything ?
Were you going to do anything ?
You stepped outside, head a little more muddled than when you walked in and your first question was answered, Yuta was still there leaning up against the wall looking ahead of him. You slowly began your journey back, keeping your head down to avoid any type of confrontation with him.
“Y/n….” He mumbled, reaching out until he had a grip on your wrist causing your eyes to look up at him. Why did he look so goddamn breathtaking right now, with his stupid black hair all messy and his eyes luring you in like a lion to it’s prey.
“W-what ?” You replied, unsure why you still allowed him to hold you or even have the nerve to stop you from getting back to the rest of your friends. Yuta pushed himself off the wall and turned your body so you were now pressed against the concrete and his body was pressed against you. Your breathing hitched as he ran his fingers lightly down your arms. His eyes concentrated on his movements while yours focused on his face, watching him bite down on his lip as he took in the position the two of you were now in.
“You remember a few weeks back and I had you up against this wall moaning my name ?” His voice was so low that it aroused you, making you mentally curse yourself for the lewd thoughts.
“Yuta…” you sighed but there was a hint of desperation in your voice surprising yourself but not really phasing Yuta at all.
“Yeah just like that” he hummed before pressing his lips to your jaw, and peppered kisses all the way down to your neck. You felt yourself willingly giving him access, melting into every kiss he placed on your warm skin. Yuta’s hands grabbed your waist and pinned you against the wall while your hands instinctively wrapped around his neck and into the soft tufts of his hair.
“Yuta…we shouldn’t…I shouldn’t” you breathed, feeling yourself pulling him closer instead of pushing him away.
“Tell me no and I’ll stop y/n '' Yuta said into your ear to which you responded by pulling him by his belt buckle and pushed yourself up to capture his lips. Yuta’s dominance finally showed when he slipped his leg in between yours, giving you the chance to gain a bit of friction your core so desperately desired at this point. You felt Yuta’s smirk in your kiss when you began grinding down on his thigh showing him the obedient whore you were for him. Nothing Yuta loved more was for you to beg for him, beg for his touch, need him. That was until the two of you heard footsteps and to your dismay it was the last person you’d ever want to see you trapped against a wall with the man you hated.
It was Lee Jeno.
“I’m sorry I - I’m sorry I’ll leave you guys alone-“ Jeno stumbled, he felt his cheeks heat up and made his quick exit out of the hallway.
“Jeno!” You called, pushing Yuta off and tried to neaten yourself. Yuta felt a heated sensation overcoming his body the moment he saw the look in your eye when you saw Jeno and the way you pushed him off like he was a piece of trash. Like he was nothing.
“You know maybe if you’d stop pretending like you don’t wanna fuck me then we can go back to normal” Yuta spat, not caring about the unfortunate situation that had just unfolded.
You turned around to face him and the next words that came out of your mouth you weren’t sure if you were going to regret it or not.
“You’re right Yuta that’s all you are to me and that’s all you ever will be, a good fuck for about an hour and that’s it. Other than that there’s no use for you. At all.”
You stormed away before Yuta could respond, but by now you would have heard his curses echoing throughout the hallway, the whole damn bar would’ve heard it. But there was nothing.
Absolute silence.
It had been two weeks since the interaction with Yuta at the bar and what you had to him still resonated with you, wanting so badly to apologize. But each time you saw him at the office he paid you little to no attention, going on about his day peacefully and you didn’t want to interrupt that.
Jeno thankfully understood the situation and was more than willing to be the rebound guy, his only rule being that besides work related matters you needed to cut off communication with Yuta altogether.
‘It was the only way you’d get full closure and my mind would be at peace’ Jeno had said after you gave him the rundown of everything that had happened.
Jeno and you agreed to just casually date, nothing official and nothing too serious. You guys went on movie dates, cafe dates and kept the physical aspect to a minimum. It was simple. Laidback. A very normal form of dating.
“Y/n I’m gonna need you on a photo shoot set in a few hours” Taeyong peeped his head into your cubicle and you looked up at him with a frown, “I thought we were working on that rappers record party ?”
“Yeah that rapper wants you, Yangyang and Yuta to tag up the wall for a video segment of his photo shoot” Taeyong replied with a shrug and left you bewildered.
Yuta. From all the damn people he could’ve chosen you had to work beside the person who practically called trash in your last meeting.
You wrapped up the last of your work and headed downstairs to the parking lot where an Uber was waiting for you. Thankfully Yangyang  could talk anyone’s head off because just sitting next to Yuta during the car ride felt tense. Normally he’d be pushing you into Yangyang or commenting on how his tattoos were better than yours. But all he did was look out of the window watching as the buildings moved past, keeping his airpods in to avoid any type of communication with anyone.
“You guys are finally here! Good Mark Lee is waiting for you at the shoot location” a woman dressed in all black led you into what looked like a gymnasium turned into a giant canvas.
“Are we going to paint all of this ? Man this is going to take forever” Yangyang gasped as the three of you walked through cans of paint, staff members and models.
“You guys are the designers from black space who did that painting over at Jynx Club ?” A young guy approached who you quickly realized was the new hot rapper around town, Mark Lee.
“Uh yeah, that’s us” you chuckled shyly and looked around, “are we really doing up the entire room ?”
“Oh hell nah just the backdrop behind me” Mark waved his hand, “we just laid everything out for a few cgi effects but you guys, do ya thing over there!” You watched the hyped boy get called over by the director leaving the three of you faced with a gigantic piece of white board and no idea.
“Since you guys are uncultured and probably don’t listen to Mark Lee, let me be in charge of this piece” Yangyang pulled out his iPad and began scrolling through some of his sketches. “Be my guest” Yuta shrugged, completely disinterested in the topic and most likely just wanted to get done and go home.
Yangyang finally settled on something that utilized all three of your styles and you all put  on your white overalls, immediately getting to work.
The vibe of the whole job was quite chilled and because of the fumes most of the staff had left the gymnasium leaving the three of you to work in peace. “God I need to pee so bad,” Yangyang groaned as he dangled from a ladder, an aerosol can in hand and a nearly completed section in his corner.
“Dude take a break we’re way behind you anyway” you walked over to steady the ladder as Yangyang finally made his way down. “Thanks guys, be back in 20” he shot you a thumbs up and disappeared into the tunnel leading to the gym lockers.
The tension returned but it was somehow worse than ever before. Even though Yuta was minding his own business for the first time while retrieving a paintbrush he looked at you. There was no unsettling glare or the feeling that he was pissed off at you, he just looked at you like he’d look at anyone else.
And somehow that felt even worse.
“Yuta…do you mind if we talk for a bit” you cleared your throat and he looked over at you and removed one of his airpods signaling to you that he was listening.
“Okay Uhm well I want to apologize for what I said that night” you bit down on your lip, “I didn’t mean it, and it was selfish of me to even think of you like that after coming onto you in the first place.”
Yuta blinked and eventually just nodded, “apology accepted, and I can see that you like Jeno so I’m trying to stay out of the way” he shrugged and continued painting as if this conversation wasn’t that deep to begin with.
“Are you not going to get me back? Are you sure you’re Yuta ?” You raised a brow and Yuta’s manic laugh echoed throughout the gymnasium, “you want me to be mean to you ? Wow y/n that’s truly some kink you got there”
“Ugh you know what I mean” you shoved him playfully, unaware that the brush you were wearing was still wet and now Yuta’s jaw adorned a light shade of orange.
“Oh shit I’m sorry” you quickly said but Yuta had already responded by swiping his red painted fingertips across your cheek and smirked, “now we’re even.”
“Hey mine is way worse than yours!” You grumbled and flicked more paint at Yuta which then enabled a paint war between the two of you. Yuta giggled so much that for a second you forgot how silent he actually had been the past two weeks. He was back to his usual self and so were you, playfully making a mess with him until Yangyang emerged from the tunnel and yelled,  “What are you morons doing ?!”
You and Yuta stood still in the middle of the room both covered head to toe in paint but the scene was way too comical to hold in your laughter any longer.
“Yangyang we’re so sorry but look, it gave the canvas a little more color” you gestured to it and you weren’t lying, it actually did look a lot better than before.
“Fine you two can go on break, I'll finish up so we’re not sitting around until midnight” Yangyang huffed and returned to his masterpiece. “Is there a place to clean up here ?” Yuta asked and the woman from earlier on walked in and pointed to the tunnel located in the back of the gym, “there are bathrooms and showers back there, our crew provided fresh towels as well so go ahead” she smiled and you silently thanked her before heading to the tunnel with Yuta.
“God I have paint everywhere” you whined as you took a look at yourself in the mirror. Yuta chuckled as he began inspecting himself, looking at the peculiar fingerprints all over his face and neck. “This shit better not stain my skin” he grumbled as he picked away a piece of paint from a crevice in his ear.  “Tell me about it” you responded and began removing the overalls. All you could think of was jumping into that shower stall and allowing the hot water to melt away all the grime and paint when you noticed Yuta was already down to his boxers.
Your gasp made Yuta snicker to himself as he walked around the bathroom looking for the ideal stall to take his shower in.
“Nothing you haven’t seen before” you heard him say before hopping into one of the stalls and drawing the curtain. Despite his words being correct it still made your cheeks heat up with embarrassment. You guys were comfortable like this before, not now, not with Jeno in your life.
You shook your head and entered a stall opposite Yuta and a few rows down, just so you weren’t close to him but not far enough that made you feel alone.
“Fuck how is their paint on my ass ? That’s impossible!” Yuta groaned and you couldn’t help but laugh, “TMI, Yuta” you replied and Yuta scoffed, “says the person who’s responsible for this.” The banter ended and again all you heard was the sound of both showers hitting your bodies simultaneously, the air filled with steam and more unusual tension.
“Y/n ?”
Yuta was silent for a while and then you heard his water turn off. “Do you uhm mind checking if I got all the paint off my back ? I’ll uhm put my boxers on” he mumbled and you felt your heartbeat speed up.
First of all the Yuta you knew would’ve just walked over butt ass naked and pulled your curtain aside not caring at all. The way he acted now was out of character, but somewhat familiar.
“Yuta I’m still in the shower and naked” you chewed on the inside of your cheek while you waited in silence.
“I’ll close my eyes, I just don’t want this shit to dry up when we get back to work later” he replied and you heard his light footsteps coming toward you. Quickly moving your hair back and holding the curtain against your body, you slowly peeled back the material to reveal Yuta with his back facing you and with his eyes closed, like he said.
You peered down at his golden skin, taking in his broad shoulders and tiny waist as you inspected for any more signs of acrylic paint.
“Uhm yeah you have a little on your shoulder blade and lower back”
“Do…you mind…”
You bit down on your lip knowing this was already crossing the line. But you had just made up and it was your fault that he had paint on his back in the first place. It was innocent. That’s what you had to keep telling yourself while staring at one of the sexiest people you had ever met.
You began rubbing away pieces of the paint, ignoring Yuta’s whines when you used too much pressure. Your hands traced down to his lower back, settling in the dip as you tried to remove a very stubborn piece of paint.
“Ugh this one is not coming off” you scratched at it and to your surprise Yuta had let out a moan instead of the usual wincing.
“I don’t mean to kink shame but-“
Yuta spun around and glared at you, challenging you to finish your sentence but you were more concerned at the fact that the only thing protecting your nude body from Yuta right now was a thin piece of fabric.
“Yuta!” You scolded and he rolled his eyes, “oh please y/n I’ve seen it all, now can you please help me with the paint ?”
You watched wide eyed as Yuta stepped into the shower going back on his word to close his eyes and face the wall. You couldn’t believe what was happening right now but the quicker you removed the paint the quicker he’d be out of here.
“Aren’t your boxers…going to get wet ?” You watched him step closer to water already allowing his hair to soak up the warm stream. “Well you’re not gonna let me take them off with you in here and I’ll probably just go commando when we get back to the office” Yuta shrugged and you should’ve known that was one of his options since he has done it in the past.
You sighed and let go of the curtain allowing your naked body to be free and go back to work on his paint splatter. Yuta was calm and collected throughout the process, you silently commended him on his restraint, that was until he decided to turn around and look at you.
“Y-Yuta you promised” your voice was small but you still didn’t do much to cover up your body. Yuta leaned against the cold ceramic wall as he stared at you, his stare was dark, inviting you in like that night at the bar.
“I’m not going to do anything y/n unless you want me to” he reassured you, still maintaining a distance and doing absolutely nothing to persuade you. But did you need persuasion when all he needed to do was be in the same room as you?
The two of you stared in each other’s eyes for a few minutes and you had no idea who actually made the first move but there you were in the center of the shower stall, in a random gymnasium, kissing Yuta Nakamoto.
Yuta’s bare body was pressed against yours as the two of you fought for dominance in the kiss. You placed your hands on his chest to which he responded by wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you closer until his hardened member twitched against your stomach. There were no words, just actions. Each kiss only made you more desperate for him, not feeling this type of arousal since that night at the bar. He was the only person who could turn you on to the point that every image of Jeno was erased from your mind.
You tugged down his boxers with urgency and Yuta helped you quicken the process, quickly kicking away the piece of clothing and had you pushed up against the wall with your legs wrapped around his waist. Yuta pulled away from your lips with a sultry bite on your bottom lip and lined up his member with your core. He kept his eyes on you the entire time from the moment he slipped into your wetness to the harsh thrusts he was now giving to you against the coldness of the wall. You felt like you were complete, filled with the right amount of passion and ecstasy. God you hated to admit it but nobody could fuck you the way Yuta did. Absolutely no one.
Yuta slowed down his thrusts and you brought your feet back to the ground, gesturing for him to take a seat on the floor and got on top of his member once more. Yuta threw his head back as you rode him relentlessly, grabbing onto your ass as he tried to meet your rhythm. The sight of him partially under the water and his swollen lips was delicious, you couldn’t ask for a better view right now. Yuta on the hand was also enjoying having you bounce on his length, quickly realizing that the women he had bedded during his time without you were not worth it. Not a single one of them made him feel the way you did. Even the times you guys were fucking around he’d sleep with other women because he didn’t want to admit that you are his best. You will always be his best.
“G-gonna cum” you panted and Yuta quickly rubbed circles on your clit to help you reach your orgasm. He watched your body spasm and you threw your head back with a soft moan. The sight alone made him come undone straight after you, filling you up completely.
You slowly got to your feet with the help of Yuta offering his hand and managed to finally catch your breath.
What the fuck did you just do ?
“Before you say this was a mistake and you hate me, hear me out” Yuta spoke up, “I need to know something”
You bit down on your lip. “Yeah?”
“Do you like me ?”
“What ?” You quietly questioned and Yuta sighed, rubbing his temples, “do you like me y/n ? actually like me ? Or is it you just like fucking me ?”
“I don’t know Yuta you know that I’m seeing Je-“you began explaining before Yuta quickly cut you off. “Don’t say his name, listen I know you like fucking me because that’s what happened right now despite whatever feelings you have for…Jen..him.”
“So what am I supposed to do ?” You asked, still unsure of how you were even going to face Jeno back at the office after this.
“Use me,” Yuta deadpanned, “keep me as your dirty little secret and I won’t tell a soul. I just don’t want this to end. I’m fucking addicted to this, and clearly you’re in need of me just as much as I need you.”
Yuta took a step forward and cupped your cheek with the palm of his hand. “I just crave you all goddamn day and nothing is fulfilling that need until right now.”
You knew exactly what he was talking about but you couldn’t bring yourself to share how much you ached for him. Late nights when you were alone you even pleased yourself with memories of him. You were unsure if it was lust at this point or you actually missed being around him. Despite every fight and argument the two of you had, there was something always drawing you in.
“First of all I don’t hate you” you sighed and he chuckled dryly before you continued, “I don’t know if this is a good idea but I’m only agreeing because Jeno and I aren’t serious yet and if we are-“
“I’ll back off I promise” Yuta quickly added and you nodded, “he can’t know about this, nobody can.”
“You have my word” Yuta pressed his lips together and for the first time he looked absolutely serious. Something in you made you trust that he wouldn’t fuck this up, because that would mean the one thing he wanted most right now would fall through.
You just hoped that this little need the two of you had for each other wasn’t turning into an…obsession.
“You guys are finally back” Ten stretched his arms above his head as you, Yangyang and Yuta returned back to the office after quite an eventful afternoon.
“Wanna see pics ? It turned out great!” Yangyang grinned quickly, running over to the older guys, showing off his artwork. Jeno was over at the game area with Sungchan completely invested in beating his friend in a round of Call Of Duty.
“Hey you” you sunk into the beanbag next to Jeno who shot you a quick glance before concentrating on his next move, “your hairs wet, why ?”
“Showered after the painting session” you answered diligently hoping there were no follow up questions. Thankfully he was way too invested in his video game to care much, you really weren't in the mood for an interrogation after half a day with Yuta.
Jeno asked a lot of questions when he felt insecure about something. Even though time had been short with him, it still somehow felt like a 2 year relationship. For a young guy Jeno was pretty old fashioned, he made you pick all the date places and never bothered to make the first move physically until you hinted to him that it was okay.
He was so different to what you were used to and you were afraid that if you didn’t speed things up with him this little secret with Yuta would turn into a reality.
“Hey y/n can you help me with lunch ?” Doyoung called from the makeshift kitchen area a few feet away and you silently thanked him for distracting you from your thoughts.
“Hey Doyoung” you smiled as you began opening containers from the Chinese delivery you guys frequented. “Just wanted to check in with you” Doyoung sweetly said as he grabbed a few utensils, “you and Jeno huh ? Was that part of my advice ?”
You pressed your lips together and nodded. “Yeah I guess so, it also helps that I’ve known him for a while now and he did actually have a thing for me in high school” Doyoung cocked his head at your words and leaned in, “and you liked him back or you’re seeing something in him now that you didn’t see before ?”
“U-uhm I think he’s hot” you chewed on your lip and Doyoung chuckled softly, “you know not everything is about looks or…hooking up, do you enjoy his time ? His interests ? His company ?”
You turned back to where Jeno was still playing his video games and you did feel a little confused as to what you guys actually did have in common. “I mean…” you began, crossing your arms across your chest, “we’ve only been seeing each other romantically for two weeks I think it’s too soon to tell.”
Doyoung combed back his hair and instead of bringing forth his insight in order to make you see things clearer he just nodded.
“You’re probably right, well I wish you guys all the best, it’s better than being with someone who doesn’t care emotionally right ?”
You slowly nodded and with that Doyoung began taking the food to the dining area leaving you with more confusing thoughts than you had before.
Lunch and the rest of the evening went on smoothly. Yuta stayed out of your way and there was absolutely no sign that the two of you we’re together that day. It was easier to fake seeing Yuta since the group knew the two of you would’ve been bickering straight after hooking up. It was the perfect illusion.
“Mark Lee’s party is at 9pm tomorrow night you guys, don’t forget” Taeyong looked around the room until he heard a confirmation from every single mouth.
“9pm ? Shit would it be okay if I only stuck around for an hour ?” Jeno sighed and looked over at Taeyong, “my brothers in town and I promised I'd get him from the airport at 10:30.”
“Well you’d have to show one of the guys here how to turn the installation on” Doyoung’s worried look matched Taeyong.
“I’ll be there to turn it on I’ll just need to leave straight after” Jeno assured them and squeezed your hand under the table, “it’s all really sudden but you’ll be okay right ?”
“I’ll be fine, I’m probably going to head home after the music video airing anyway” you smiled at him and he placed a soft kiss on your forehead earning a whistle from Lucas.
Yuta awkwardly shuffled at the sudden PDA and he hoped no one at the table noticed but it caught the attention of none other than Johnny Suh who narrowed his eyes at his coffee run mate.
The evening had wrapped up and everyone had already headed home except for Yuta and Johnny who were adamant on finishing a photography project for a band they were working with.
“Trouble in paradise ?” Johnny hummed as he edited an image on his laptop. Yuta, who was busy sorting out the Polaroids, turned to face his large best friend with a lost expression.
“Huh?” He raised a brow to which Johnny shook his head still staring at his screen.
“I can’t believe this, after all these fucking hellish months now you realize you like her?”
Yuta leaned in on the desk. “What the heck are you on about Johnny ?”
“Y/n” Johnny sighed and your name made Yuta’s heart race a bit, hoping Johnny hadn’t found out about the shower incident. God you’d hate him forever if anyone found out.
“Listen Johnny we-“
“You like her! After all those months of fighting I knew you were secretly in love and now” Johnny threw his hands in the air, “now that Jeno has entered the arena you have ruined your chances. Way to go buddy.”
“Wait what ?! I’m not in love with y/n!” Yuta scoffed. Saying that sentence out loud felt like a lie even though he couldn’t fully convince himself.  Was he in love ? Was Johnny mistaking love for just lust ?
That’s all it was and ever was right ?
You enjoyed fucking around with him and he was okay with it. That’s what he wanted too. Even if you didn’t answer his question of whether you liked him or not, it was okay. Whatever you wanted was okay as long he got to be with you.
“I’m not in love with y/n.”
You and Jeno arrived at the party with Yangyang and Sungchan all helping carry equipment for Jeno’s installation. The piece was a pixel art board that formed Mark Lee’s latest EP cover, and once plugged in it gave it an animated effect, basically bringing the EP cover to life. You marvelled at the hard work Jeno had put in, it was just a shame that he wasn't sticking around to receive praise from everyone who attended.
“Are you sure you’ll be okay here ? I know how much you hate these parties” Jeno pressed his lips together as he brought you into a tight hug. You hummed and looked up at him smiling, “Only been dragged to one of these parties a million times, another round won't hurt.” Jeno responded by pressing his lips to your forehead before joining Sungchan in setting up the installation. You always wondered why Jeno opted for your forehead instead of your lips most of the time despite already having your first real kiss. You understood he wasn't big on PDA, but the only time you ever got to kiss him was at your apartment door when a date had ended or when you sneaked in a kiss at the cinema. As much as you liked his chivalry, God at times you just wished he took initiative and bent you over your kitchen counter and had his way with you. It was kinda humorous how Jeno was the ideal type of any women out there but for you, you needed an unhinged, sex-crazed maniac to match your energy.
You needed Yu-
“It looks really good Jeno.” Your breathing hitched when you heard Yuta’s voice from behind you. You turned around but to your surprise he wasn't alone. Yuta was accompanied by a familiar face, Mei, a part-time designer from a few floors down. The way she held onto his arm made something stir inside of you. Your cheeks burned up and you dare say it for the first time you felt...jealous.
You were used to seeing Yuta with many different girls but it was always some nobody that he never bothered to introduce to the group. He always made sure none of them integrated with his work life but Mei, Mei was the first person you actually knew.
“y/n its been a while, Oh my God you look great” she said sweetly and you returned a friendly smile despite your awkwardness. Yuta gave you a quick glance not really paying you any mind as he kept a steady hand on Mei’s lower back, the two of them practically looking like a couple. It made you feel uneasy. After all he had said to you that afternoon in the shower, It seemed like he didn't mean it.
“It’s perfect Jeno you really outdid yourself” Taeyong applauded as the rest of the team finally arrived, all congratulating Jeno on his first big project under Blank Space. Jeno shyly thanked everyone and checked his watch, sighing that it was already time for him to depart.
“You're going now ?” You walked over to wrap your arms around his waist. You didn't care much before about Jeno leaving early, before Yuta decided to bring a date to the party which meant you would definitely be on your own. Jeno pouted and stroked your head, “yeah, we're still on for Sunday though right ?” and you replied with a nod before sinking into one of his very warm hugs. You had no idea why, but the need to ease your jealousy and get back at Yuta was so strong that you ended up pulling out of the hug and kissed Jeno in front of everyone. Thankfully Jeno didn't shy away and maybe the guilt of leaving you made him return the kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you against your body.
“Get a room you guys” Ten joked when the two of you finally pulled away, and Jeno chuckled shyly before leaning into your ear, “let’s do that more often” he cheekily smiled and pecked your lips once more before making his way to the exit. Johnny watched as Yuta still looked visibly uncomfortable, more so now than before. But Johnny also knew how damn stubborn Yuta was and watched him throw his arm around Mei, departing from the group most likely for the rest of the night.
It was late into the night and Yuta was already way too many shots down to call himself sober. Mei was talking but he was not listening. Mei was a nice girl who had made it known to him that she liked him for a while now, but unfortunately for her she was not you. All Yuta wanted was you and again he cursed himself for being so fucking hooked. He wanted to make you jealous but after he saw you kiss Jeno it just came back to him ten thousand times harder. He came to terms with his addiction now in his drunken state he was scanning the crowd for a glimpse of the only person he cared about.
“Hey I'm going to leave you want to come with ?” Mei nervously bit down on her lip hoping the man she's been pining for months will finally take notice of her.
“Nah im good, I’m probably going to wait until my friends leave” Yuta replied coldly, his eyes still scanning the crowd as he took another sip from his jack daniels and coca-cola concoction. Mei nodded, disappointed that her night had not gone as planned and left silently, leaving her date to finally gain his freedom.
Yuta scanned the crowd for the tenth time until he did a double take at a figure in the back corner, dancing on their own with no care in the world. Downing the rest of his drink Yuta kept his eyes focused on you despite the alcohol blurring his vision and his body feeling heavy, he had to get to you.
You were in the same state as him, most likely worse since Lucas challenged you to a drink off. You had no clue when you separated from the rest of the group so you stuck a little corner hoping to sober up before heading home. As you swayed along to the music you felt someone wrap their hands around your waist and the familiar scent of that Tom Ford perfume made you realize who it was.
“Yuta…” you groaned, pulling his hands away from your body, still remembering how awful he made you feel a few hours earlier. God were you the rebound chick now ? The thought alone was sickening.
Yuta, still blissfully unaware that you were mad at him, still pushed his body against yours until your back was pressed against the wall and you had no choice but to look up at him. You watched him move his face down in order to capture your lips, but you quickly evaded it with a turn of your head. Yuta scoffed and sufficed for your neck, giving you soft wet kisses all the way down to your collarbones until you pushed him off yet again.
“What the fuck ?” He growled in your ear, “I thought we had a deal.” You rolled your eyes at him, there was the side of Yuta you hated the most. You wondered how long it would be until he factory reseted back to an asshole.
“I thought I was first choice” you snapped at him, “all your talk about no one can satisfy you like I can, use me y/n, I only want you” you mimicked his voice and flipped him off with your finger. Yuta knew you were jealous but it was kind of ironic given the situation. You were the one in a relationship, not him. “Oh so I'm supposed to see you suck face with Jeno but I can't have any fun y/n ?” Yuta had you back against the wall, this time his hand was locked on your jaw with his lips against your ear.
“Maybe I should've fucked Mei” Yuta’s voice was dark, you felt him smirk against your ear when his words clearly affected you, “Maybe if I fucked her she would've been so good that i would forget all about you y/n.” Your eyes darted to him and he cocked his head, challenging you, waiting to see how much you could take before you caved. Normally you’d be the one getting Yuta riled up like this. It was common knowledge that Yuta was a very jealous person and just mentioning another man sexually he would lose his mind. Once you were craving his attention and casually mentioned to him that if Doyoung was interested you’d let him screw you on his office desk, and Yuta responded by fucking you senseless in the supply closet until the only name that escaped your lips was his.
But now the tables were turned and you didn't want to hear about Mei. You didn't want to picture her next to Yuta let alone in bed with him. It was selfish on your part considering Jeno, but you wanted Yuta all to yourself.
“Shut up” you narrowed your eyes at him and grabbed a fist full of his shirt and brought him closer. Yuta traced his thumb over your lips and smiled, already knowing he won this round.
“Tell me why I cant fuck her right now y/n, tell me” he coaxed, and you responded by pulling him into a sensual kiss, your tongue slipping into his mouth and your hand palming his member until you heard him groan in your ear,
You pulled away from the kiss and pressed your swollen lips to his ear, “'re mine.” Yuta licked his own lips at your words and grabbed at your ass,
“Show me I'm yours, baby.”
You had no idea when and how the both of you got to Yuta’s apartment in one piece but the moment he had his foot in the door, Yuta was tugging your dress over your head. “Fuck why do you always wear the most  complicated things” Yuta whined which you found cute even though you would never let him know that you were well aware of his adorable side. Sighing from victory, Yuta finally got your dress off and pulled you into his familiar bedroom, which you honestly missed so fucking much.
Taking in the familiar scent of his perfume and his slightly messy room, with posters on the walls, and a rack of band shirts - it was his little heaven and you loved it.
You walked over to lie on his bed, sinking into the soft fabric of the bed sheets as a familiar rock song began playing from Yuta’s stereo. You watched him as he discarded his shirt and ripped jeans, showing off his chest tattoos and belly ring, just the sight of him was already making you wet. Yuta was none the better, groaning as his boner pushed against the fabric of his underwear as his eyes took in your body, sexily laid out for him like you used to be.
“Fuck…” his lips parted as he watched you spread your legs, waiting for him obediently. Yuta crawled up onto the bed and nestled in between your thighs, his mischievous eyes looking up at yours before he began peeling away the thin piece of fabric revealing your core.
“You're…so…wet baby” he said in a low voice and leaned in to give your heat a soft kiss. The instant contact made your body shiver, reaching down to play with his dark curls. “Yuta…please” you whined as he continued his light kisses, not giving you the pressure you desired. Yuta looked up with an innocent face and cocked his head, “Why should I do it ?” His fingers traced circles on your hips and abdomen, waiting for an answer.
“Because…you’re mine Yuta, I want you…all to myself…I want to please me, only me” you threw your head back. Not having sex for over a month was really getting to you and the frustration had you saying just about anything. Yuta watched you squirm and after hearing those words he figured it was a good enough reward for his dear fuck-buddy. Yuta kissed your core once more but this time his tongue darted out every once in a while, awarding you with a better sensation. You moaned inaudible words as he began eating you out like a pro, lapping away like his life depended on it before inserting two fingers inside you.
“Yuta wait I’m gonna-“ you grabbed onto his hair, feeling your orgasm come on way too early for your liking as his fingers moved rapidly and his tongue licked away at your clit. Yuta ignored your plea knowing this was only the first of many and honestly he was glad that he was still the only man giving you orgasms for the past couple of months.
Yuta pulled away, a devilish smirk spread across his face as he watched you cum all over his fingers and just as your vision was in focus you had the pleasure of seeing him lick his fingers clean as if he just had the most amazing meal ever,
“Mmmm tasty” he bit down on his lip and winked at you. God he was so damn cocky, and it didn’t take you long to recover from that orgasm to make room for another. You got to your knees and sat back, your face now level with Yuta’s clothed member.
Yuta groaned as you palmed him, his length already twitching against your touch. He wouldn’t admit it to anyone but since the night you had called it off with him, his desire had subsided and he wondered if you were the sole reason for his high sex drive. You placed your lips against his belly ring, giving it a kiss before pulling down his boxers and allowing his member to spring free. Yuta cursed as your tongue swiped across the tip and you looked up at him with those large eyes, and Yuta knew exactly what you were waiting for. Positioning your mouth over his tip, you waited until Yuta grabbed a fistful of your hair and guided you down on his length, groaning loudly as you took in all of him.
Yuta’s hips began to meet your rhythm and the grip on your hair tightened, the sudden roughness made you shiver with excitement. You and Yuta always liked it rough, since it took out your anger on each other and any type of nurturing or romance would throw off the dynamic.  
Yuta threw his head back as he released, keeping you on him until you swallowed every bit. He muttered curse words as he pulled out and watched you lick your lips, swiping the corner of your mouth with your thumb and sucked it off.
“Yum” you mimicked his words from earlier with a smirk essentially driving Yuta crazy with lust. You giggled as he pushed you onto the bed and attacked you with bites and kisses, leading from your neck down to the valley of your breasts. “How long until you get hard again?” You sighed playfully but winced when Yuta’s teeth sunk into your skin, punishing you for your words.
“Cocky aren’t we ?” He moved back up to your lips and kissed you passionately. Just as you began melting into the kiss, Yuta pulled away and jumped off his bed heading to his closet.
“What are you doing ?” You groaned as you watched him sift through the mess of his closet until he finally retrieved a familiar box. “Yuta you’re literally hard right now, come on let’s just fuck already” you whined, knowing that when Yuta brought out that box it was his way of getting rid of your bratty attitude.
“If you wanna be impatient two can play at that game” he grinned and hopped onto the bed, pulling out his favorite pair of hair cuffs and with ease, cuffed you to his headboard. You watched him look through his box of toys, rubbing your thighs together excited about what his choice will be.
Yuta grabbed something out of the box and discarded the rest onto the floor, making his way back up to your body and pressed his lips against your ear, “you remember the safe word baby ?” Yuta pecked you when you nodded and you watched him insert a mini vibrator in your core and roll off the bed with the remote in his hand.
“I wasn’t even that mean to you” you grumbled, still getting used to the device inserted in you. Yuta shrugged and turned the device on, keeping it on a low setting as he watched you stir in his bed.
“I’m not punishing you for that actually, I’m punishing you for something else you did” he said calmly, pacing around the room butt ass naked.  You frowned and thought back to the party when he had found you, what did you say to him ?
“I’m sorry I pushed you…away” you pouted but a moan escaped your lips when you felt the setting turn higher and you watched Yuta shake his head, “nope that’s not it.” You groaned and threw your head back, unable to even think what the hell he could be on about. Yuta would get mad at every little thing so it honestly could’ve been anything.
“Can’t I have a hint or something ?” You pleaded and Yuta raised his eyebrow and eventually sighed, giving in too easily. “It happened in the beginning at the party” he said annoyingly, and finally something in your brain clicked.
“The kiss ? You’re mad over the kiss ?” Your words fell off when you felt the vibrator go another setting higher, the new speed was decent enough to start building a second orgasm. “You don’t sound like you’re apologizing for it” Yuta scoffed and dangled the remote in front of your face, “this goes up 4 more speeds y/n.”
“Why do I need to apologize for kissing my boyfriend when-“
Another setting higher.
“Fuck wait Yuta” you breathed, it was impossible to even keep focused at the new speed and the sensation was now running throughout your entire body. “You kissed him in front of me to make me jealous didn't you?” Yuta questioned and you nodded frantically, pressing your thighs together to ease the intensity, “yes yes oh my God, I wanted to make you….jealous because you brought someone else…and..fuck” just as you felt your body finally build up a perfect orgasm the vibrator suddenly turned off and you were met with Yuta’s cocky smile.
“You like to have it all don’t you y/n” he hummed as flung the remote aside and knelt between your thighs that were shaking from the orgasm denial. “You want to fuck me, but not let me fuck anyone else, you want Jeno but you don’t want me to get mad over it” he continued as he pulled the dripping wet toy out of your core and tossed it to the floor. Yuta placed his hands on either side of you and looked down at your defeated face and smiled, “Do you want me to fuck someone else?”
You shook your head and Yuta undid one of the handcuffs. He pressed a soft kiss to your cheek and again asked you another question, “Do you want to fuck me ?” and you quickly nodded, earning your second hand free from the cuffs allowing them to fall to your sides. Yuta placed his hand around your throat and squeezed gently, smirking as you arched your back, thirsting for him so desperately.
“Who would fuck you better, me or Jeno ?” Yuta mused as his hand released a bit of pressure on your throat. “Y-you” your voice was small and Yuta released your throat and his hand moved down to smack your thigh.
“Say it, say who will fuck you better” he hissed.
“You Yuta, you will fuck me better than anyone…better than Jeno” Yuta grinned at your words, a little surprised that you used Jeno’s name in such a blasphemous way. He was in euphoria at this point. It was all he needed to hear after continuously seeing you and Jeno look as if you were in love with each other.
It was all wrong.
You and him loved each other.
Fuck. He loved you. He really did.
Yuta pushed his length into your core and groaned as the realization of his thoughts and his conversation with Johnny all hit him at once. The sight of you beneath him, moaning his name and your confession that you wanted him over Jeno. It was all too much.
You moaned as he thrusted into you, his hips violently hitting against yours as your nails dug into his lower back. The lewd sounds filled the room and for a second the two of you looked into each other’s eyes, both feeling something…different. Usually Yuta would be fucking you from behind, his favourite position because he loved looking at your ass but tonight especially after his sudden questioning, he took care of you differently.
You don’t know what came over you and it was yet another thing you never did during sex but you pulled him down to kiss you. Your lips moved passionately against his, desperately clinging to his body as his strokes became longer and more powerful. Yuta sighed into the kiss, palming your cheek and his movements suddenly became more gentle as if he were making love to you, not fucking you.
“Yuta…I’m close” you moaned into his ear, loving this new feeling of him on your body. Yuta hummed in response and quickened his pace, making sure to sneak in a kiss every now and then until he finally brought you to your long awaited orgasm. You watched him bite down on his lip as he thrusted into you, chasing his own orgasm until he pressed his against your ear and said the words you never thought you’d hear from him.
“I love you y/n”
Your body slightly froze as Yuta finally came and he rolled off your body, mentally cursing himself for allowing those words to escape his mouth at this moment. But it’s what he felt.
Johnny was right.
“W-what ?” You finally managed to say and turned to him. Yuta licked his lips and kept his focus on the ceiling above him.
“You heard me right” he said calmly and you felt your heart race. Where was this coming from ? He was the one who always implemented the no romance rule and he chooses now, the moment you’re seeing someone else to confess to you.
“I have to go” you murmured and jumped off the bed, starting to collect your clothes from the floor. You heard the bed creak and Yuta sat up and watched you dress up. “It’s late now y/n and you drank, stay the night and leave when the suns up” he insisted, eventually grabbing his own boxers,
“Here you can sleep in one of my shirts and you’re welcome to sleep in my bed for the night.”
“Y-you…that was one of the rules…no staying over” you were biting on your nails, everything that had happened in the last ten minutes made no sense. Yuta shoved the shirt into your hands and sighed, “Look, we don’t have to talk about what I said or what happened, just stay the night and you can go back to your perfect life with Jeno.” Yuta began making his way to his door when you grabbed onto his arm making him stop in his tracks,
“Where are you going ?” You asked him softly.
Yuta looked at you and sighed, “I’m going to sleep on the couch.”
“What ?”
“Stay with me.”
You had no idea why you had told him to stay in bed with you considering all that had happened a few minutes ago. But here you were, curled into his chest listening to his heartbeat as he lightly stroked your hair.
“How…long ?” You broke the silence and felt his heartbeat slightly race, “The realization came recently but I’ve…always liked you y/n” Yuta responded softly.
“Well you don’t have a good way of showing it” you rolled your eyes and Yuta’s soft laughter filled the room. “Well at first you actually were annoying but I did find you cute” He replied and shifted until you were on your back looking up at him,
“You put up with me and we’re not afraid to fight back. You know it’s not even about the sex, I think we’ve always enjoyed each other’s company, we just have a weird way of showing it.” You listened to his words and did a bit of reflection for yourself. You were already well aware that he occupied your mind 24/7 and did not enjoy seeing him around other girls he would eventually sleep with. But was this…love ? You weren't so sure.
“Do you ever think it’s more of an addiction rather than…love ?” You looked up at him, hoping your words did not offend his sudden confession in any way. Yuta sighed and rolled onto his back, staring up at the ceiling deep in thought.
“What is love then ?” He murmured, clearly by the look on his face he had been pondering on this question for a while now. You joined him in laying on your back and looked up at the ceiling, “love is when the other person completes you” you began, “when you’re having a dull day and just the sight of them could turn that around. Love is wanting to protect that person all the time, it’s just love.”
Yuta turned to you, “have you ever been in love ?”
You shook your head. “I don’t think so.”  Yuta shrugged and returned his focus above him, “whatever you just described is how I feel, but maybe I’m just still hung up on the Jeno situation.” You felt a pang in your chest as if you just completely destroyed his spirit. You always saw Yuta as a strong confident presence, yet the person next to you seemed lost, he looked broken. But deep down you knew that whatever he was describing had floated in your head from time to time, maybe it needed to be said out loud for you to finally realize.
“Give me a week”
“Huh ?” Yuta’s eyebrows raised at you.
“Give me a week to figure all of this out and we will have this talk again” you sat up and looked back at him. Yuta propped himself up on his elbows and shook his head, “y/n, if you don’t feel the same way it’s okay I won’t come in between you and…Jeno anymore.”
You pulled the boy by his shirt until you were able to lock your lips with his, slipping your tongue into his mouth and he mimicked your actions before pulling away, a confused expression spreading across his face.
“I don’t know where this is going to go and whether we’re right for each other,” you chuckled dryly, “but I will always want you Yuta, you’re not coming between Jeno and I because the one who wants… .”
It was finally Monday and you already regretted seeing Jeno at the office since you faked a terrible hangover to get out of the Sunday date, something that wasn’t entirely a lie. You spent the whole of Sunday laying in your bed thinking about the night you spent with Yuta and all that was shared during the morning.
You thought back on your own words about what your version of love was. Protecting someone. You reminisced about the days when Yuta got sick after a night out and you were the one to take care of him despite his protests. You thought back to when the two of you were working on a project, arguing as usual and you managed to slip on a wet paint spot, causing you to sprain your ankle. Yuta was the one to help you around the office when needed, he wasn’t appointed to you nor did he have to use up his own time to help you but he did it anyway.
When you were having a dull day the person you loved would find a way to brighten it up, just the sight of them was enough. There was an occasion where a client got real mean with you in the office, and hated the project you worked almost a month on, refusing to pay you for the labor you had put in. Yuta had seen the commotion and joined you in your booth and the two of you flooded the clients company with hilarious bad reviews anonymously until you were literally tearing up from laughter. That was one of the rare days the two of you didn’t get into an argument and the moment completely slipped your mind. You had  forgotten that Yuta and you actually shared fond memories of each other outside the bedroom.
You thought about every moment you got to the office and Yuta would be sticking his tongue out at you, calling you names and being a jerk as usual. But days when he had to work out of the office felt boring, empty, it wasn’t worth sitting in your cubicle without seeing him across from you.
But then after feeling the warm fuzziness of knowing Yuta felt the same way about you, your phone buzzed with Jeno’s name across the screen. Why were you doing this to him ? Why was Jeno in the crossfire when all he wanted to do was get to know you better ?
All you ever wanted was a distraction from the man you were scared to fall in love with.
“Heyyy you, you feeling okay ?” Jeno beamed when you entered the office, immediately bringing you into a tight hug and ending with a kiss on the cheek. You nodded and the sense of guilt over took your body as you looked up at his cheery smile.
“I heard you guys got so wasted at the party, damn I wish I stayed” Jeno giggled as the two of you walked hand in hand over to your cubicle. “Yeah it was…crazy” you faked a smile before settling in your seat. You looked across, a force of habit and you were greeted by a soft smile from Yuta before quietly returning to his work.
“I was thinking we should go see that new marvel movie tonight, what do you think ?” Jeno’s eyes were so bright and full of energy that everytime you looked into them it just made it harder to keep up your facade. “I’m pretty busy this week but hey Friday you can come over, I…need to talk to you anyway” you bit down on your lip and Jeno’s expression changed from excited to slightly wary, clearly noticing that something wasn’t quite right.
“Is….everything okay?” He asked in a staggered voice, and you slowly nodded and reached to squeeze his hand, “yeah let’s hang out on Friday okay ?” You smiled and Jeno pressed his lips together and nodded. You watched him exit your cubicle and all that was left in your view was the only person you wanted to see today, Yuta.
Yuta looked up and caught your stare, smiling softly as he rested his chin on the palm of his hand and winked at you. It was sweet and innocent, nothing like how he usually acted from across the room. You found yourself blushing and hid your face until you heard a beep come from your phone. Opening the messenger app you were greeted by a picture of yourself hiding your crimson cheeks with the message ‘Cute’ attached to it.
y/n: didn’t take you for a simp.
yutaa: fuck off, I have a folder like this.
You stifled your laughter when Yuta sent a screenshot with a folder just of you in your cubicle. From you flipping him off, to you glaring at him clearly pissed off at something he had said, and one of you trying your best to pay attention to whatever story Yangyang was on about.
y/n: oh my god you’re a BIG SIMP.
yutaa: maybe.
y/n: well I do have ONE of you that I don’t have the heart to delete.
yutaa: oh really ?
You sent Yuta a picture you absolutely treasured of him in your bed fast asleep hugging one of your plushies. It was one of the last nights you had with him before things got sour. Normally you’d never allow him to nap in your bed after a hookup but he looked so at peace and so adorable  that you decided to bend the rules a little.
yutaa: that was a good ass nap. yutaa: simp.
y/n: maybe.
The rest of the day went on and honestly you felt as if you were on cloud nine, chatting to Yuta like he was your high school crush. Smiling every time he texted back and glancing up every now and then, waiting for him to look at you with that cheeky grin. But as reality set in and Yuta’s smile faded, you were still dating another man. Who now had his arms wrapped around your waist peppering kisses all over your neck and shoulder while Yuta looked on, not being able to do a thing about it.
The team decided to head out for dinner the next day, and something in Jeno had switched. After Yuta had watched him cuddle you until the day was over, you barely even got the chance to talk to Yuta face to face since Jeno offered to take you home. He was being suspiciously clingy and you wondered if he suspected anything.
“You’re okay with sharing a pasta and plate of fries ?” Jeno smiled over at you, one hand rubbing your waist and the other holding up the wooden menu. You nodded and Jeno placed his order in with Johnny who was doing the rounds for everyone. Yuta sat across from you and you could feel his stare on you from time to time, and the moments it felt like he was staring, Jeno’s grip on your waist got tighter.
“ something wrong ?” you leaned into Jeno as he took a sip of his water. Even though he was smiling, his jaw was clenched signaling that he was trying to suppress himself from doing or saying something. “I'm just really tired” he rubbed your back and to your surprise leaned in to capture your lips. It was innocent but your lack of effort to mind his feelings wasn't good enough for Yuta. Frankly he had no idea where you two stood at the moment, for all he knew you could be playing him right now. It probably wasn't the case though, but Yuta was not really used to his life getting a happy ending. The night drove on and the group split with you, Ten, Doyoung, Taeyong and Renjun seated at the table while the rest of the guys were hanging around the bar babysitting their drinks. Jeno was really a changed man since high school. He was so confident, well-built and a good socialite with the team. You watched him lean against the bar counter, drink in hand entertaining whatever story Lucas had for the night.
“So you and y/n huh ? Have you scored yet ?” Lucas raised his brow cheekily to which Jeno chuckled and shook his head, “Really Lucas ? were talking about my sex life now ?” Yuta was in conversation with Johnny and Sungchan but he couldn't help but overhear your name in the chat next to him.
“Yeah man, I'm sure she’s good too after locking down my boy Yuta” Lucas smirked and Yuta flinched when the boisterous man grabbed onto his shoulder and pulled him into the conversation. “Even though they hate each other I just know they had the best hook ups” Lucas laughed despite Johnny trying to make him shut up.
“Well that’s all over now” Jeno’s eyes narrowed on Yuta before looking up at Lucas, “she invited me over tonight and considering the type of pictures she sent me, i'm guessing it’s going to be one hell of a night.” Yuta’s chest felt tight not only at the possibility that you may have invited him over to finally sleep with him but mainly because of the way Jeno spoke about you. He probably only shared that information to appease Lucas but hinting at you sending him nudes was not something you would like the guys to know about.
“She’s really been trying to speed up the process between us too it's cute actually” Jeno continued as Yangyang and Lucas egged him on, “that night after that painting you guys did for Mark Lee she was practically begging me to fuck her after our movie date. God if my brother didn't give me all those errands I would've done so right on the kitchen counter.”
Yuta shot back the rest of his drink and stormed off as Lucas and Yangyang hyped up Jeno, pouring him another shot and laughing erratically in their drunken state. From where you were seated you saw Yuta storm off and watched Johnny run after him worriedly, making you slightly anxious.
“Yuta don't listen to them man '' Johnny huffed as he finally caught up to his friend a few blocks down from the restaurant. “I dont fucking care man I really dont” Yuta chuckled dryly and ran his fingers through his hair, “It doesnt matter because at the end of the day im still the worthless piece of shit and guys like him are God fucking sent.” Johnny watched Yuta’s expression change and he turned around to find you standing there, desperately looking between them for context.
“Yuta what happened ?” you asked in a small voice and the familiar sting in his chest returned, hearing you call out his name, following him out here while Jeno was still inside, it was all just confusing to him.
“I thought you giving us a week meant you felt the same way and I could finally relax knowing you were going to be with me y/n” Yuta groaned in frustration while Johnny took a step away from the heated exchange. You shook your head as you approached him, “yes I did, so what's the problem ?” Yuta scoffed and folded his arms. “What's the problem ? doesn't look like anything’s changed y/n. I have to see you act like the couple of the year after telling you how I felt about you ? That's brilliant.”
“I told you I would speak to him this week” you snapped, unbothered by the now random onlookers who were concerned at the scene taking place. “But fine honestly Yuta if you really want me to say it you have my permission to fuck some random girl until im finally free.” You rolled your eyes about to turn on your heels to leave when you felt a tug on your wrist and Yuta pulled you into a kiss. He held your face in his hands as he kissed you passionately, sighing as he slowly pulled away and pressed his forehead against yours,
“When I said I loved you I fucking meant it y/n, I only want you. But please, if youre going to invite him over or send him atleast tell him not to tell the whole fucking world about it.”
You took a step back and frowned at his words, “What ? What pictures ?”
“The ones he told Lucas about, y/n honestly I don't care I was just mad that he was airing your business out like that” Yuta bit down on his lip and yet again you were deeply confused as to what he was on about.
“I...I didn't send him anything” you responded, “I didn't invite him over tonight and I definitely haven't sent him any...nudes.”
“Tell that to him then”
You turned around and noticed most of the team was now outside watching the commotion go down and right in front was Jeno, who by the look on his face had most likely seen the kiss you just shared with Yuta.
Jeno approached the both of you with an irritated groan and scoffed, “I was going to ignore the signs but God I was so right, you were still fucking him this entire time ?” You lowered your head and Yuta glared at Jeno, “If you knew all this time why didn't you just break up with her and move on ?”
Jeno rolled his eyes and took a step closer to Yuta to which Johnny quickly responded by placing a firm hand on Jeno’s shoulder making sure the boy was at safe distance from his best friend.
“I'm not like you Yuta” Jeno licked his lips, “unlike you I respect her, I understand that she was going back to you because you like to play around, you never cared about her until I showed up. You were threatened by the fact that you were no longer in control of her.”
“Nobody is in control of me first of all” you chimed in, “and second what’s this about me inviting you over and sending you nudes that apparently the whole fucking bar knows about”
“It's just banter y/n” Jeno shook his head.
“Banter ?” Yuta repeated, “didnt know talking about how you were going to fuck your girlfriend on the kitchen counter in front of her coworkers is banter.”
“What?” you walked up to Jeno, “W-where is this coming from Jeno ? you’re not like this.”
“Well how am I supposed to be y/n ?” Jeno raised his voice, “you wouldn't mind if he said that to you. You're always letting him get away with shit. Im the one sitting around here knowing my damn girlfriend is fucking around with someone else yet somehow still trying to forgive you and figure this out.”
“Why, though ?” you shrugged, “Is it because you want to prove to other people that you're the bigger person ?”
“Would you rather be with someone like him ? someone who will probably throw you aside after he’s bored, or someone like me who was always patient, always willing to put you first no matter what” Jeno reached for your hand, his eyes widening when you shrugged him off.
“Someone who I barely know that talks about me to my friends like im just some kind of whore or someone i've known for a while and not once shared anything intimate that happened between us,” you looked over at Yuta, “It was my one rule, the same rule I gave you Jeno and he was, Yuta is the only one who has abided to it.”
“y/n Im sorry,” Jeno lowered his voice, “we hurt each other and I want to fix that, just make your final or Yuta”
“Jeno….I apologize for using you, I'm sorry for leading and hurting your feelings” you began and Yuta slowly shook his head and turned around ready to hear the bad news that always seemed to follow him,
“But as crazy as it may sound to everyone here, I'm most like myself when I'm with Yuta, I love the person I am when I'm around him” Yuta turned at your words and instead of the sting he felt a sense of warmth. Hearing you say that in front of everyone who wanted the two of you apart, besides Johnny ofcourse, was absolute bliss.
“Who knows maybe it won't work and it will explode but I really want to try, that's the thing I'm most sure of, I really really want to try” you smiled as Yuta made his way over to you and pulled you into a tight hug.
“Let's get out of here” Yuta whispered before placing a kiss on your cheek and draping his arm over your shoulder as the two of you exited the street walking away from the mess and not even giving it a second glance.
The two of you ended up at your apartment full of smiles and giggles as you slowly discarded your clothes on the way to the bedroom. Once your back touched your soft duvet covers Yuta pressed his body against yours and peppered your skin with kisses all the way up to your ear. “I want to try something different” he whispered and you nodded in response while Yuta pulled his shirt over his head and discarded his jeans. Yuta pulled you on top of his body and returned to your lips, kissing you slowly and passionately. His touches were so delicate and nurturing that every time his fingers ran down your back you felt butterflies in your stomach. You unhooked your bra shimmied out of it, still attached to the addictive taste of Yuta’s lips. He slowly rolled you onto your back and left soft kisses all the way down your neck, down the valley of your breasts until he reached your abdomen. You watched as he pulled your underwear off, looking at your body like it was the most beautiful thing he had seen. That was it. Instead of lust he looked at you with love. He looked like he wanted to take care of you, be gentle with you, savour every moment he had with you. Your breathing hitched when you quickly realized that he inserted himself inside of you and used one arm to steady himself on the bed as he lent down to meet your lips. His strokes were slow but sharp, digging his nails into your thigh from time to time, preventing himself from losing control. Wanting to feel more of him you signaled that you wanted to switch positions and Yuta licked his lips as he watched you place your knees on either side of him and sit down on his member. “F-fuck” he cursed as you began to ride him, keeping to his wishes of keeping things calm and slow. Yuta wrapped his arms tightly around your waist as the two of you kissed in between your moans, twirling your tongue with his as your hips slammed into his.
“Y-Yuta…” you moaned, feeling a tear escape your eye as the long night and the building orgasm caught up with you.
“Yes baby ?” he hummed in your ear.
“I really fucking love you” you sighed, just the words finally leaving your mouth made you sob with joy. It felt so fucking good to finally say it out loud.
Yuta responded by flipping you onto your back and chased both his and your orgasm, fucking you with his usual intensity until you came and he followed straight after, filling the room with heavy pants and both of you trying to catch your breath.
“I love you too y/n” He finally said, bringing you to his chest and pressed his lips against your forehead.
The two of you lay in your bed both napping for a bit until the first sight of dawn began filling the bedroom. You winced at the sun and hid your face in Yuta’s arms as he grinned at your actions.
“I don't want to go to work!” you grumbled.
“Fuck go to work after all the drama you caused ?” Yuta pinched your cheek playfully, earning a nudge in his side from you.
“Anyway” Yuta continued, “I got an email from Taeyong and he said if we want we can work remotely, he gave us the Okinawa project.” You sat up in bed and turned to face him, “the Okinawa project ? Its 9 months in Japan, the same project the whole damn building was trying to get” you blinked, still unsure if Yuta was just fucking with you.
“That's the one” Yuta shrugged, “anyways he said he was going to send either of us anyway since he knows we always get the job done. Oh and he actually said something really funny actually”
“What ?” you raised your brow and watched Yuta reread the text message on his phone.
“He said Doyoung was the one who suggested the two of us be the ones to go, who would've thought ?” Yuta closed the messages and tucked himself back into bed.
“Yeah” you smiled, “Who would've thought.”
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dilf-uc · 7 days ago
me necesita. ( she needs me )
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING | kuroo tetsurō x fem!reader x akaashi keiji
GENRE | fluff, smut (pwp) (18+)
WARNINGS | TIME SKIP MANGA SPOILERS + NSFW! minors DNI! alcohol & drinking, pwp, threesome, oral (f & m receiving), double penetration, anal, bondage, toy usage, edging, cockwarming, overstimulation, rough sex in general?? throat fucking, pet name 'kitten' is used.
WORD COUNT | 13.3k (this part 7.0k)
SUMMARY | it's almost a simile to compare the chase of love to dancing; at the very least, keiji akaashi and tetsurō kuroo exhibited it that way. and as the two men have a new year's resolution that must be met before the clock chimes at midnight, your movements with the music won't wait.
BONUS | the songs used in this fic are: me necesita by PRETTYMUCH, CNCO & slow down by chase atlantic. you can also listen to the regular versions, but the slowed & reverb vers. hit different and i listened to that while writing the fic so feel free to listen for full effect while reading ;)
Tumblr media
YOU GIGGLED AS YOU GRABBED BOTH OF THEIR ARMS AND LED THEM TO THE BARTENDER TABLE, Akaashi and Kuroo followed you like lost puppies— but nothing about them screamed they were lost— they just let you lead the way. The rest of the night too, perhaps. You ordered a fizzy usual; vodka with the citrusy taste of lemonade soda— balancing out the burn that would soon buzz your way through the intense countdown to New Years’.
You turned to Kuroo who ordered something rather too likely for his personality. Who ordered something rather more old-fashioned — looked like bourbon or rye risky… bitters, sugar and a little water mixed with lemonade, and served with an orange slice.
“Too bitter for my taste,” you giggled at Kuroo who only chuckled as the bartender handed him his order.
Hmm… must have wanted to be just as citrusy as you, match your energy with the drink.
You loved alcohol and the way you can read people through their orders. You didn’t need to, for your two long-time friends, but for others, it was what you liked to call a secret talent of yours. The ability to figure out a person’s motive and emotions through their taste in liquor could either serve to knock them out or make them forget- it’s all in the drink. And you enjoy the ability to understand a person through their taste in alcohol, it’s your own way of reading people to a personal level without talking much.
Not like this talent, you displayed tonight— that’s a different story.
The bartender handed you the cool glass of the key to moving forward in this night in ways you don’t want to know yet- leave it up to the spontaneous feeling of the moment if it comes. The taste was satisfying and strong on your tongue, sharply stinging the back of your throat- yet you felt relieved at the same time as it immediately seemed to ease your nerves from earlier.
You needed this. You deserved this.
You turned to Akaashi who simply sat at your side, admiring your backside as you had her back turned to him earlier. It’s not like he stopped doing that earlier, either. Completely not noticing the way he was in a trance due to your posture.
“What are you gonna get, Keiji?” You batted your eyelashes at him, clearly the drink beginning to set in your system. Akaashi simply shook his head, and didn't feel like drinking more than the tequila shots he had earlier.
Lightweight, you chuckled. So cute.
“I don't really—“
“No!” you shook your head. “You have to get something— wait, I have just the perfect thing for you.”
You leaned over the counter and whispered mischievously to the bartender and ordered for Akaashi yourself— who only looked confused but had a feeling you weren't planning something very fun. It’s that smirk that gives it away. He still found his eyes trailing to the way your breasts popped further out of the cleavage lining of your dress as you leaned over the counter. Even the bartender, himself, is staring and (somehow) gets the order memorized and obliges to your request.
Then again, maybe that’s what made you so breathtaking to them. Your ability to do things out of the spur of a moment and not give a flying fuck.
“I don’t have a good feeling about this,” Akaashi chuckled in fear, which caused you to throw your head back and laugh, accidentally hitting the front of Kuroo’s chest— obviously through the loud music playing hiding the fact his heart raced at your touch. You didn’t seem to notice though.
“Don’t worry, you’ll love me for it.”
What if I already do?
Moments later the bartender came back with Akaashi’s custom drink, courtesy of you, and handed him the cold glass. Akaashi looked at it for a moment, hesitant. The tequila shots ruined him halfway anyways.
You rolled your eyes before grabbing his drink and then touching his face, letting your soft hand trail down to his chin, gripping it delicately yet aggressively all at once, and holding the drink up to his face. Your gaze was intense to be met with Akaashi’s eyes. He felt heat rush to his face at your touch, but he leaned in and let you pour the cool and stinging liquid gently through his lips. The proximity of your faces allowed you to smell the intoxicating taste of alcohol in his breath, slightly fanning your lips as he swallowed what you gave him.
The taste of it was strong, to say the least. However, Akaashi was expecting nothing new of your taste in booze. Somewhat florally— like your fragrance, but contained the lemon Fanta you had mixed in your drink. It was sweet but sour. Once you moved away from his face and let him down the drink himself; you felt a satisfied smirk pace itself onto your lips.
“W-What’s in it?” Akaashi asked as he processed the taste, breathing softly. But he didn’t need to, it’s almost as if the taste of it was even more intoxicating as he seemed to realize and read how it perfectly describes who you are. He wanted more, he knew he wanted more of the taste— it’s as close as he’ll get to—!
“It’s what I like to call a Cerveza Corona, with lemon Fanta.” You grinned, teasing. “It’s a pretty popular drink in Europe— not too strong but perfect for you since I know you don’t like hard alcohol as much, Mr. Lightweight.”
As Semi’s band played a few songs into the night, the two men relaxed at your company and soon enough you felt carefree to drink the night away with them both, not worried about anything, just enjoying your moment with your friends. And, of course, they had eased up with the more drinks they’d order. You couldn’t stop giggling at how funny Akaashi had begun to act as he downed more of the Corona as the night seemed to progress. You knew he’d regret it in the morning, but it was worth it. You even took a couple of snaps of him slurring slightly as he had become tipsy, knowing it’ll be priceless to share it with him the second he’s sober.
Akaashi, however, was soberer than he let on. The longer you stayed in his presence and the more you threw your head back laughing at ridiculous statements, the more he was aware of his surroundings and of time passing. Slowly or quickly, he couldn’t tell. He was completely sober and aware of his surroundings— someone would have to be responsible if Kuroo and you got wasted, even if he’s usually a lightweight. It’s as if Akaashi knew what he wanted and the longer the night progressed, the more his eyes became less hazy. Maybe it was the drink itself that the more he felt himself get tipsy then the more he became addicted to the taste. Or perhaps anything you bring to the table is addicting to him, he didn’t know.
“Told you I had good taste,” You winked as you giggled, drinking your second cup. “Mmm— let’s go dance— dance with me— this song is one of my favorites.”
Both Kuroo and Akaashi froze at your statement. Dance? Now?
“You both owe me a dance,” You giggled, gripping both of their arms.
“Uh,” Akaashi paused, awkwardly coughing. “Kuroo-san, you can dance with her first, if you'd like.”
You frowned at Akaashi’s disappointing statement as Semi’s band started a different song.
Tell me what it is you wanna know
But tonight, you’d already let loose. It wouldn’t hurt to bring the more wild side out of him more while you still can, right?
“No, Keiji,” You stated, Kuroo’s heart fell at the fact that you wanted to choose Akaashi to dance with you instead, even though he really really wanted to. “I want you both with me on the dance floor.”
Finish up the bottle then we'll go, babe
Kuroo and Akaashi’s breaths hitched in their throats, you laughed at their stiffness before dragging them near the bodies of couples and lonely drunks swaying to the slow music Semi’s band was currently playing. They didn’t know what to do, or rather how to dance with you at the same time. Noticing their awkward posture, you realized you’d have to take the lead once more. And so, you brought both of their hands as you sandwiched herself between their stiff bodies (for now). You were bold. You were daring— and it’s as if you wanted to push their limits tonight— you dared them to go past their comfort zone with you.
And so you grabbed Akaashi’s hands and placed them at your hips, wrapping an arm around his neck— whilst grabbing Kuroo’s arms from behind you, making him snake them around your stomach— both of their mouths dangerously close to you.
I'm too phased, it's too late
Akaashi and Kuroo were tipsy beyond words, so they let you do as you pleased. Maybe they’ll forget it in the morning. And as Semi’s band played and you began moving against both of their bodies, time slowed. As if the clock counting down to midnight had slowed down.
And I'm so down if you're ready
They couldn’t really understand why you wanted to dance with them both, but they couldn’t question it either. But the way the tingling warmth of your body felt against theirs as the music swayed you, they weren’t about to complain. At all.
I'm floating but I'm heavy
You closed your eyes as you found yourself bringing them even closer to your body that was beginning to sweat from the heat emitting from their own bodies, Kuroo being pulled so that his breath was fanning your neck and Akaashi’s lips were at your collarbone, holding you tightly.
And I'll show you if you let me, girl
This— felt amazing. And they let you, complying with your request.
She’d already crossed the line.
I don't know if you already know how
Of course, they weren’t the best dancers, but the alcohol in their systems brought out a side they never expected themselves to be at the moment.
But girl, I got the feeling that you know now
It was an unspoken tension that settled between the minimalist space between their bodies— or the fact there was none. They were feeling you just as you were feeling them into you.
You're buried in the pillow, yeah you're so loud
Akaashi groaned at the thumping of the instruments coming from the stage and he wanted it lower. He grumbled lowly near your ear as his face rested in the crook of your neck, lips softly attaching themselves onto your collarbone causing you to let out an involuntary moan that could barely be heard through the loud music. Kuroo’s nose bumped against the nape of your neck as he attached his lips onto the soft glistening skin in the neon lights of the bar.
But I’m about to show you, baby, slow down
They rocked their hips against yours with the beat of the music— causing your clothed core to experience a surge of wetness. You hummed against the feeling, the friction became too much, you were sure they could hear your raggedy breaths from the dancing and the tension becoming thicker and thicker like a brick wall you couldn’t possibly tear down anymore.
Not without their help.
I'm about to show you, baby, slow down
Kuroo sensed the way you felt as they bucked their hips against yours, so he let his hand snake their way near your bulging breast, squeezing and causing you to slip an involuntary moan— he smirked at the feeling of making you squirm. Akaashi’s eyes widened as he witnessed what was happening. He felt as if maybe he should walk away, and … let you go. But what brought him even more surprising was the fact you took Akaashi’s hand at your waist and allowed him to grope your other unoccupied bulged breast. His hand tingles at your touch, but complying to your request, you throw your head back against Kuroo’s chest, his lips slightly sucking at your neck, causing him to groan.
Push a little further on the edge
Akaashi and Kuroo were in a frenzy again— they wanted all of you. Not just on the dance floor. They wanted to see what laid behind the red dress.
I'm burning up, yeah, all I see is red
But this, it somewhat felt wrong. It tugged at Akaashi’s heart and he knew he wanted more of you, not just whatever this was. His heart sped as well as his breathing as you tugged at his red tie further down, allowing yourself to purposely grind your clothed front into his knee— causing Akaashi to gasp.
She said, "Fuck me like I'm famous"
I said, "Okay"
Maybe it was the lyrics, maybe it was your flushed body, maybe it was his breathing around you, maybe it was the feeling of your skin flush against this- but he couldn’t. He brought himself to stop. You whined as he pulled his lips away from your collarbone and his hands from your breasts before abruptly pulling away from you and going back to the table.
Maybe it was Akaashi walking away, or the fact Kuroo kept kissing your neck, but you felt light-headed all of a sudden, falling flush against Kuroo’s back and becoming unconscious.
Tumblr media
This was not how Kuroo and Akaashi expected they would spend their last few hours counting down to the new year. Well, it wasn’t what they preferred, but they can take what they can get- in a way. Neither of them expected you to pass out, but then again- any sane person would get hazy or lose their footing after downing a few glasses of vodka.
Emphasis on “few,” you were truly hammered, no offense.
The moment you fell flush against Kuroo, Akaashi noticed and ran back to the both of you, offering to help, but Kuroo had your hold under control, you weren't heavy at all and he’d lifted worse.
“Of course, Semi, thanks for the horny audience you’re leaving in my hands after those songs,” F/N had been talking to her friend who had performed the song you and the two lost themselves in. “Please come back for Valentine’s Day as well!”
“Thanks for getting me this gig, F/N-san, always a pleasure,“ Semi laughed as he and the band got situated backstage and were putting away the equipment. “Still can’t believe Ushiwaka got you this bar, it’s fucking sick.”
“Ah, he just kept feeling bad for being overseas all the time,” F/N shrugged, chuckling. “So practical lifetime supply of alcohol you’re always welcome to, Semi.”
“Speaking of, he isn’t here tonight?” Semi scanned the bar, turning back to F/N sadly shaking her head. “But it’s New Year’s!”
“He’s currently in Seoul,” F/N pouted. “New Year’s special Adlers game, blah blah.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Semi felt bad, F/N immediately shook her head and smiled.
“Don’t be! He’ll be home in two days, he’ll make it up to me,” F/N winks, causing Semi to roll his eyes. “Always does. New Years’ is overrated anyway.”
F/N suddenly turned and saw in the corner of her eye Kuroo panicking as you had just passed out against him.
“Isn’t that the girl who went on stage before my band?” Semi saw her worry, F/N quickly nodded and bid Semi goodbye before running over to check what was going on.
“What happened?” She asked, Kuroo shook his head.
“I think she had too much to drink...”
“Typical,” F/N rolled her eyes. “I’ll order you guys a cab to take her home, alright? Make sure she gets home safe, she always does this.”
They simply nodded and held onto your sleepy figure until the cab showed up and took you all back to your apartment. It was adorable watching you drift off as you were sandwiched between them inside the cab, leaning on Akaashi’s shoulder, holding Kuroo’s hand…
And when they had got to the apartment, you stumbled inside, feeling a bit dizzy as you clung to their clothes, your heels clicking against the wooden floor of your apartment.
“I’ll go put her in bed,” Kuroo offered, Akaashi only nodded as he stood in the kitchen to bring you a cup of water and put it on your nightstand. You needed to stay hydrated.
As Kuroo carried you into the bedroom, smiling softly at your hazy state of drunk, you, subconsciously, let your hands tug at his collar, bringing your lips to his neck and mumbling incoherent words,.Kuroo blushed and laid you on the bed, meaning to walk out but you tugged at his sleeve, pulling him against you. You meant to press your lips against his when he turned his head, frowning.
“No, baby, not like this,” Kuroo whispered, feathering a soft kiss against your forehead, causing her to pout but drift off to sleep. Coincidentally, Akaashi witnessed him saying that as he had just walked in and placed the cup of water on your nightstand.
And so that’s what brought them to now- as they sat awkwardly in your living room, waiting for you to wake up for a bit so that one of them could go home, making sure you would have someone to take care of you. They’d sat there for over an hour, the alcohol practically draining from their bodies due to the stress they experienced when you passed out. They felt soberer than they let on. Akaashi felt that maybe it wasn’t him since he’d seen the way you acted with Kuroo at the bar and that, due to the fact you’d known Kuroo longer, naturally you’d want him more. And that is what hurts most to him.
She has to, right? Akaashi sighed as he stood up off her couch, turning to Kuroo who looked up at Akaashi’s movements.
“I think you should stay with her,” Akaashi stated, shoving his hand in his pockets.
Kuroo then stood up.
“Uh- no, I think you should stay with her.”
Akaashi was about to argue before he heard an audible groan? Moan? Coming from your room.
You had woken up with a throbbing ache in your head and between your legs. The one between your legs was not a real ache per se— rather the feeling of being hot and bothered— perhaps it was the effect of the vodka, flushing your skin even more and making everything in her too sensitive. Whatever the case may be, you felt sober and a tiny bit hungover. Just a tiny bit. You groaned audibly and rubbed your head, smiling as Kuroo and Akaashi came inside your room to check on you.
So sweet.
They sat next to you on the bed to make sure you weren't feeling sick, but you had other plans. Maybe it was the vodka, maybe it was not. But you needed them. You needed them so bad right now…
And you couldn’t help but grab what you wanted, what you craved— it was who you were always. And they realized it both the moment you reached over, pouting and grabbing onto Kuroo who was at closer proximity to you, and pressed your lips abruptly against his, licking at his bottom lip, causing Kuroo to immediately pull away, afraid of what exactly you’re doing. And Akaashi felt hurt once again. Maybe he was right, maybe you already made your choice with that— and he’d need to accept it.
Now or never. Akaashi wanted to get up before you called out his name.
“Please, don’t go,” You whined, holding out your hand for Akaashi who looked at you with guilt. “I want you, Keiji.”
Kuroo tilted his head before the hurt expression fell on his face— but he understood— just wildly confused.
You want Akaashi now?
“And I want you, Testu~” You cooed, mushing your lips against his once more. Akaashi stood there, unsure of what to do before you propped yourself up on the bed and tugged at Akaashi’s sleeve.
“I want you both— I need you both. Please.”
Kuroo and Akaashi looked at each other with uncertainty, they wanted nothing more than to comply with your wishes— but this was too much—!
“I’m sober— I promise— I just need you both so bad right now…”
Who are they to deny you?
Akaashi leaned in to capture your lips in his— melting against your touch realizing just how much the feeling was worth it rather than his fantasies alone. Kuroo leaned down under your covers and began to tug at your panties, kissing down to the place you wanted him most. Your fingers were tangled up in Akaashi’s hair before making their way down his chest to the hem of his clothed dark pants. Gently tugging at the fabric, he gets the message and shuffles to kick off his pants, glancing at Kuroo who was stuck between your plump thighs, squeezing his head in a hazy matter only he could find himself addicted to— his spiky air being the only thing visible beneath your lidded eyes. The man was enjoying his meal, no matter if he was getting suffocated or not. Suddenly you felt the coil that had just started to be built up by Kuroo’s mouth disappear as he brought his head up, smirking at you before pecking your lips, being addicted already to the whimper that escapes your lips when you taste yourself on his tongue.
“Don’t you think we should punish her for toying with our hearts every new year, ‘Kaashi?” Kuroo smirked at the mess they had just started with you, turning to Akaashi who stared at you with as much hunger and lust as him. “Not yet, kitten.”
You gasped at the pet name, whipping your head to Akaashi who allowed his fingers to slowly dance across your thigh, sliding up further than the safehold he had on your knee earlier at the club. This wasn’t soft.
“I think that would be convenient,” A new side of Akaashi bloomed in front of you, causing you to tighten your thighs as his hand was slithering up. “You teased us for years, pretty girl. You teased me most.”
“Perfect, good to know we’re on the same page,” Kuroo agreed, pressing a final kiss on your lips before pulling away to untie the red silk that tied his cotton shirt, your eyes widening as you realized what he intended to use it for. “You pushed us to the edge, kitten. I think we’re gonna have to restrain you, baby. You had your hands on us all night, don’t think the alcohol made us forget.”
Kuroo dragged the fabric up to your clit, causing you to squirm in your place, bucking against Akaashi’s hand. You gasped at the way they would use your own gift against you to restrain your endeavors. Kuroo used the fabric to tie your left wrist to the bed, causing you to whine. It did not take too long for you to drool as Akaashi tugged away at his, gently tying your right wrist against the headboard with his own.
“You like the idea of us both fucking you, huh kitten?” Kuroo chuckled in your ear as he brought a hand to stroke himself, slapping his hard cock against your wet clit a few times to gather some of your slick, causing your legs to shake at the impact of being denied an orgasm, deeming your sensitivity. “You’re such a tease— dancing like that and not telling us? You've been doin’ this for how long, baby? Hmm?”
“P-please,” you begged at the feeling of his tip against your clit, tugging at Akaashi’s shirt, who was too busy sucking at your neck, his breaths heavy near your ear. “Fuck me. Fuck me both— I’ve thought about this for so long— thought about you two for so long— Mmm!”
“Where are the condoms, pretty girl?” Akaashi looked up and pressed another quick peck to your lips, you whimpered against his mouth before muttering that it was in your drawer as he pulled away. He turned towards it to pull out the protection.
Akaashi let out a cold chuckle as he opened the drawer, pulling his hand out after he rummaged through it, a red bunny-shaped stimulating vibrator resting at the palm of his hand as he turned towards your weak state. Kuroo chuckled as well before raising a brow at Akaashi, clearly up to something. Your eyes widen and your cheeks turn to the heavy color of crimson as you realize what rests in Akaashi’s hand. A vibrator with, not one, but two slender cocks peeking in two different directions, contradicting each other but at a vague distance that can be measured from your seeping wet cunt, to your other hole, neighboring a near inch away.
“We know you wanted us both, kitten,” Kuroo chuckled as he grabbed the bruised flesh of your ass, kneading it in his palm. “But we didn’t know you wanted us both in that way, and at the same time…”
“You’re so filthy, L/N-san,” Akaashi bluntly stated, causing your thighs to clench together beneath Kuroo’s hold. “You want both cocks filling you up at the same time? I wonder if you could even take it— how many times have you used it?”
Your mouth is hung open, feeling unable to speak.
“Answer Akaashi’s question, kitten, otherwise we’re not doing this,” Kuroo smirked, now grabbing your cheek and pinching harshly. “You wouldn’t want that, hmm?”
“O-Once,” You blurted out, wincing at Kuroo’s touch in a pleasurable manner. “I’ve only used it once.”
“Good,” Akaashi hummed, grabbing the small bottle of lubricant on the far corner of the drawer and rubbing a small amount on both heads of the cocks, slicking to the touch. “We’ll use it on you to make sure you can really take us, baby, you want that?”
“N-No,” You breathily whimpered. “I want your cocks, a toy isn’t enough-!”
“You’ve been needy all night, kitten,” Kuroo tsked. “‘You ever take into consideration what we need? What we wanted?”
“We have to prep you for our own cocks, pretty baby, you still want us both fucking you stupid at the same time, right?”
You nodded, hesitantly. You could use the help.
“Good girl,” Kuroo smirked as he parted your thighs for akaashi, slowly flipping you over to make sure your wrists are rotated within the ties so that you may face the wall, your dripping pussy resting on your pillow, tugging at your wrists. You gasp the moment you feel both men towering over you on both of your sides as you face the wall on your knees, sopping cunt up for their view. And you only whimper the second you feel Akaashi press a kiss to your neck before turning the vibration settings on the lowest setting before pressing it against your throbbing clit.
You moaned at the extra stimulation before a loud moan escapes your lips the moment you feel Kuroo press his finger into your other hole, almost attempting to relieve some of the tightness and ache before he and Akaashi would have to fuck you dumb on the toy, saving it for the real thing. You moaned as Kuroo curled his fingers into your other hole, causing you to grip the headboard, resting your head against Akaashi’s shoulder— who was too busy stimulating the simple vibrations against your clit, still.
“Pl-Please!” You mewled against Kuroo’s chest as he pressed himself closer to you, with his fingers still curling to reach your g-spot. “T-Tetsu! Nnngh! Keij-ji! Let me cum, p-please let me cum~!”
You cry out as Kuroo’s fingers pull out with a tsk escaping his lips and Akaashi’s vibrations pull away, gripping the headboard and whining. As you were about to voice your complaint at the edging, your lungs get knocked out the moment you feel full with both heads of the bunny cocks as you turn to see Akaashi fill you up with the toy he gripped in his hands. However, it wasn’t vibrating and you only felt full as if you were cockwarming the toy.
“Let’s see how these hips really move when you want to ride our cocks, hmm?” Akaashi stated, causing you to lurch forward the moment he turns the vibrating heads. “Can you really take us both, love?” Love. He called you love and it was embarrassing how much a single world sent stronger vibrations of pleasure through your body.
“I can,” You mumble against Akaashi's neck, causing him to smirk/smile against your skin before you feel the vibrations of the toy start to stimulate you again. You moaned softly in his ear as you began to move your hips to thrust yourself against the toy in Akaashi’s hand. You felt Kuroo press his chest into your back as he roamed his hand around your breast, pulling you back against him and steadying his hold on your hips as you moved slowly against the vibrating heads.
“You could take us so well,” Kuroo murmured against your ear, rubbing his hands up and down your sides, watching the way you bounce against the two cocks filling you to the brim. You started mumbling incoherent words and your movements became sloppy as you felt the cloudy feeling overcome your senses, sending your orgasm near and Akaashi pressed a kiss against your neck before grabbing your ass as Kuroo grabbed your hips harshly before they began moving you against the toy, thrusts reaching further and further into your orgasm. Your loud screams were muffled by the pillow you pressed your face against as you saw Kuroo and Akaashi take over for your movements.
“You want to cum, pretty baby?” Akaashi hummed, you muttered an incoherent answer that he could only assume to be yes when you frantically nodded against the pillow.
“Cum for us, kitten,” Kuroo’s hands on your hips became faster as your body jolted with pleasure, your orgasms mixing at the same time from the stimulation in both of your holes, as well as the occasional clit rubbing from Akaashi. Feeling both men groan against your skin as you gushed harshly against the toy, your juices coating the sheets beneath you, and your drool against the pillow your face was mushed against.
Your breaths were low as you came down from your high, and you involuntarily whined as Akaashi pulled the toy out of your holes. You felt empty all of a sudden. You moaned when you felt Kuroo dip his head in between your thighs once more before gathering your juices onto his tongue once more.
“You taste so good baby, we didn’t need to drink anything at the bar. We could've had you then and there,” Kuroo mumbled against your lower lips. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Getting fucked dumb at F/N’s bar after you danced like that all night, like the cute little slut you are?” You couldn’t speak, you could only let out noises of approval or agreement, you were fucked dumb and they haven’t used their actual cocks on you yet.
“I can take you both,” You hiccuped as your fingers brushed lazily against Kuroo’s hair, Akaashi pulling him back to move you aggressively into position. Akaashi lifted you off the bed and position you to ride him as he lied down, whilst Kuroo held you up so he could only fuck you from behind, you didn’t even see them quickly rip off the condoms from the packets and pull them over their hard shafts.
“Good,” Kuroo chuckled, pressing a chaste kiss against your forehead. “Because we’ll fuck you harder than that toy, that was just a warm, pretty kitten.”
“Please fuck me! I n-need you both,” You couldn’t help but shudder at Kuroo’s breath from behind you and the way you clearly knew he would keep his word. “So bad!”
“Gladly, princess,” With no warning, Kuroo thrusts into your wet cunt, groaning at the immediate tight feeling— even with the prep and immense first orgasm, you had earlier. You’d probably always been this tight. Not once ever taken anyone as big as him nor Akaashi. “So tight, even after all that? You’re such a cock-hungry slut.”
“I’m gonna fuck you too now, baby,” Akaashi murmured against your wrist before lifting your hips up and thrusting into your creamy cunt, groaning at the tightness that remained, absolutely at ease with the sight of your tits bouncing near his face, just like he envisioned them to be whilst you were on stage.
You were fucked out from the toys alone, and the penetration from their actual cocks was sending your heart into a frenzy and your mind in a haze. You could barely form any words as they thrust in and out of your creamy holes in sync with your hips, you could barely even hold yourself against Akaashi chest, your straddling becoming slowly unbalanced. Luckily, even if you did fall, you knew you wouldn't fully. The way Akaashi and Kuroo’s hands were harshly gripping your bruised hips as they synched up with your movements, you knew you weren’t going anywhere.
And it somewhat gives you the satisfaction of having waiting years for them to make a move. Whether it was individually or not, you just needed one of them. But now, that all did not matter. Because you seemed to realize you needed them both in your life in any way that you can and the idea of leaving one of them out hurt you. That’s why you hid dancing from them both, not just one. It’s as if both had close proximity to the other. No one could outdo the other, they were both the same to you and the idea of losing one of them just wouldn’t feel right. So the fact they were both against you, and at the same time, gave you double the number of butterflies you would get from just one. And you knew this was drugging enough to your senses already, and they knew you would come back to them once more if this was meant to be a one-time thing. But you couldn’t bear the thought of not doing this once more, more intimately too. You wanted their love and affection in every way.
But now you just had to be punished. Your clit is throbbing as you rocked your hips into Akaashi’s pelvis area, and you needed release soon. It also did not help the way that Kuroo’s hips were going at a rather more brutal force than Akaashi. It was overwhelming and you couldn’t take it.
“I want to-to come!” You hiccuped against Kuroo’s chest, his sweat trickling down your own back. Akaashi’s movements sped up and you cried at the harsh stimulation. But you had to take it. You had to, it wasn't like you had a choice but. “Please let me cum, ‘s too much!”
“Hmm? Okay then, baby” Akaashi mumbled, lazily lifting his hand from your hips to softly comb his fingers through your damp and sweaty locks. You felt the knot snap as you jolted the moment Kuroo began to suckle at your neck, mumbling how good you feel when you’re close, both holes sucking them in further to the point where they could be cut from circulation. “Cum around us both, pretty girl.”
They helped you ride out your orgasm and you fell against Kuroo’s chest once more, sighing at the feeling of his soft and swollen lips feathering soft kisses against the back of your neck. Akaashi sat up and kissed your lips, slowly but passionately, savoring the worn-out expression on your face as his tongue toyed with yours.
But he had other plans.
“Can I fuck your dirty mouth, baby?” He mumbled against your lips, causing your eyes to widen and for you to clench around Kuroo, despite cumming twice. “Such a dirty mouth that’s full of secrets I wanna unravel. Will you let me fuck them out of you? One by one with my cock?”
“How much more you got to say, hmm?” Akaashi cooed at the way you whimpered against his mouth, nodding frantically that you wanted him to. To fuck your mouth so bad. Akaashi chuckled as he grabbed his cock and daringly moved it up against your lips, causing you to whine. Again. “Maybe I should have used that tie around your neck, maybe I should have fucked you in front of everyone for teasing us like that...”
“N-no more t-teasing,” You shook your head. “Just want you. Wanna taste you, Keiji~.” And with that, Akaashi grabbed the back of your head and, at first, gently guided your mouth down his shaft, groaning at the new warmth, satisfied with the way you reacted to your own juices against his red tip.
“Mmm, you’re right,” Kuroo breathed, as he pounded into you once more. “Maybe we should have used those ties to choke her, wouldn’t she have liked that?”
“That’s it, good girl. Take more,” Akaashi moans and pushes your head gently for you to swallow more of him. He was, oddly, longer than Kuroo so taking him down your throat was a bit more difficult. Your tears start to wet your cheeks as you try as hard as you could to take further more of him down the hole of your mouth and the back of your throat. You glance up at him, batting your eyelashes, seeing him wear a blissed expression which makes you feel ecstatic, seeing something different compared to his usual bored face. You continue to suck him off as you had been, not wanting to ruin the moment with your thoughts.
Your eyes began to roll at the back of your head from the pressure tugging at your wrists, from the absolute railing Kuroo gave, and the facial fucking by Akaashi— you felt good in all the right ways and it was becoming overwhelming. They made you feel good in all the right ways. It was one thing to swallow Akaashi down your throat, but having Kuroo going absolutely feral on your slippery cunt made everything even more overwhelming. As you were about to calm your own crying down, the spiked hair man had to just reach down to rub her clit. You had to pull off Akaashi’s cock and cry out at the feeling.
“T-Tetsu~! I-I’m close, please!” You whine out, looking back at Kuroo. “K-Keiji-!”
“Where do you think you’re stopping?” Before the man who's drilling into you could lean in for a kiss, Akaashi felt selfish as he growled slowly, grabbing your chin between his index finger and thumb to turn your face back towards him. He was jerking off right in front of your face and you can’t help but open your mouth for him to dip the tip in and cum on your tongue. “Fuck, such a dirty mouth, got nothing more to say huh?”
“Me too, princess,” Kuroo’s breaths sped up like his thrusts, helping you ride out a high so fast you don't realize you’re even cumming. “Fuck, you’re taking me in so well— you feel amazing. I could stay inside your pretty little pussy all day, baby. All day.”
“Fuck yeah swallow it, my pretty baby,” Akaashi moans at the sight of your mouth, falling apart as you swallowed what he gave you. A few more strokes from Kuroo have you collapsing under him, cumming around him as if your cunt was trying to suck Kuroo dry, pulling hard at the red silk tying you back from reaching to them both and having a thing to hold onto and steady you through your orgasm. Kuroo groans at the tight feeling and presses his hips tight against your ass, filling your cock-hungry pussy up.
Akaashi hummed as he brought his thumb to wipe the mess from your lips and cheeks. Kuroo pulls out after a solid five minutes as his cock softens inside you, all three of you collectively panting, your naked bodies tangled together, as they stare out onto your balcony, and catch their breaths whilst their chests heaved. Kuroo chuckled as he realized you were still tied up against your bedpost, reaching over to untie you, and Akaashi doing the same before kissing your cheek softly.
They were definitely not going to wear that tie to work ever again… or maybe they would, but that would only be worn for special occasions that stir up trouble like tonight...
Maybe this lasted too quick than all three of you would have liked to admit but there would be a lot of time right as January first chimes in on the clock in a few moments, the fact you’d forgotten about that just shows how euphoric the feeling of being fucked out beats the feeling of New Year’s.
Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was a coincidence. But coming down their high felt like fireworks- and at the same time, the sparkling lights erupted in the sky, announcing the beginning of the new year. Your eyes lit up at the colors painting the night sky, feeling warm and jittery as Kuroo and Akaashi pulled themselves closer to you, nuzzling in your neck, and an arm draped over your bare stomach.
“Akaashi~” Kuroo chuckled as he tightened his hold on you, and leaned over to dab up Akaashi, who’s fighting hard not to fall asleep due to your warmth. “Told you we’d meet our New Year’s resolution!”
Akaashi rolled his eyes, humming a simple 'yeah, we did' as he nuzzled deeper into your neck and tightening his own hold against your warmth.
“H-Huh?” You mumbled in confusion, Kuroo chuckling once more before pressing yet another soft kiss against your temple, mumbling a ‘don’t worry about it, kitten.’
(And secretly… just between us… you might have met yours too.)
Tumblr media
read part one here, if you haven't already! 😊
AUTHOR'S NOTE | hi hi sexc!! this is the second post to my first post on here and it happens to be an imagine i originally wrote a long while ago with a friend that i decided to turn into a reader-insert fic! hopefully, it quenched your threesome thirsts <3 if you saw an occasional 'her' instead of 'you' throughout the fic, it's because i originally wrote this in the third person so it's rewritten but not fully proofread :) I'D ALSO LIKE TO POINT OUT THAT SEMI EITA AND HIS BAND IN THIS ARE BASICALLY CHASE ATLANTIC AND I'M— i can't stop thinking abt it cuz it's such a hot concept. bye. AND THANKS FOR READING BB <333
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neerasrealm · 18 days ago
Laughing Jill headcanons
JILL!! I do not talk about her very much and she doesn't play a huge role but I do enjoy her. Funny clown girl
Jill still lives in the UK, unlike L. Jack who fucked off to America and never came back
Speaking of which he never like. Contacted her until like a century later? He did tell her he was thinking of leaving but gave no official goodbye :/
Before he left the two were close friends and got into hijinks together, though they did have their differences. Jill was a lot more bitter and disliked people, while Jack liked performing for kids and being the entertainer he was made to be
Jill dislikes children. Isn't hostile toward them, in fact she's quite nice, but they make her uncomfortable. She avoids them wherever possible
Her favorite place to be is rooftops, especially at night. Humans make her uncomfortable because she can't blend in easily, so from a rooftop she can watch them without disturbance
She often pretends to be human, applying heavy makeup and stuff to try and blend in. Her nose is a dead giveaway though.
Drinks a lot. She has a taste for scotch. Scottish people am I right
Speaking of which she has a thick as hell Scottish accent. She'll try to tone it down with other people to be more understandable (unlike Jack), but when she doesn't she's just. Yeah
Also fluently speaks Scottish Gaelic
Very sassy! She's a strong independent woman and she makes it very clear to everyone. She won't take comments from anybody or let herself be put down. She stands up for herself and won't be pushed around
Even though she's kind of given up clowning, she does really enjoy pulling pranks and making mischief. She is not immune to falling back into her old ways
Loves making jokes, puns and poking fun at other people. She's quick on the mark and always has a comeback
She sometimes honks or snorts when she laughs <3 Jack honks too but a lot more. She gets embarrassed when she does it
Enjoys comedy, drama and romance shows/movies. Her taste in media is much more adult as opposed to Jack who mostly watches cartoons and sitcoms
She's a lot more mature and adult in general really. She's given up being a toy and friend to children so she's matured herself and tries hard to be an adult, but she still enjoys some children's media
Big fan of kawaii fashion and culture but she doesn't really let herself indulge in it because it's too 'childish' for her
Does own squishmallows though <3 they're her pride and joy. I think she'd like this shiba one
Tumblr media
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whatthe4355 · 21 days ago
SMT fangame idea: SMT DGAS(Demonic Gender Affirming Surgery)
-you were just about to get your GAS surgery of choice, in a about a week, but the APOCALYPSE happened and now you have no idea what to do
-choices are severely limited but you have five possible endings (Chaos, Amid Chaos, True Neutral, Amid Law, Law)
-features such as:
>the moon cycle has now been replaced by a dysphoria meter! It will slowly go up with each mistake a demon makes about your gender identity. The meter can only max out through demon convos, and does not go up on its own. The main mechanism for getting this to go down is coping options. Chocolates, binders, a nice bath, etc etc. In lunatic, the meter goes up slowly constantly, and will get a spike at bad plot points! Better make sure you know how to cope! (on a lunatic setting maxing out the Dysphoria meter is an instant game over.).
>Demons can now comment on your general appearance, giving a vague direction as to where you are on the ending scale by how it fits with the demons taste(and their alignment by extension). Divine Angel thinks that's a neat dress? Your on the law path. Fiend Lucifer thinks that leather jacket makes you look manly? Your on the chaos path! Fashion matters, and most equipments will have gendered varieties with different stats!
>Choose your gender and pronouns! If the demons don't use em, kill them! What? Like that's hard?
>The Ring of Gaea will in fact give you the DGAS, and is the quickest "ending", the catch being that not only has your gender been affirmed, you are now their personal bio-superweapon. The rest of this pathline includes, but is not limited to: killing transphobic demons and warlords, organizing raids and riots on enemy fortresses, and The Strong will survive, the weak will die. The standard chaos stuff.
>The Angels are even WORSE than in previous games! They not only will outright lie to you about their respect for your gender, ignore your gender, and gaslight you about your own gender, their ending doesn't even give you a DGAS! (There are two final choices in this ending but are considered largely to be the same: accept that the angels toyed with you and never cared about you, or murder them in cold blood)
>Stephen is back! He's going to constantly hold the promise of your dream form in front of you, and will make you do several convulted things. This ending is stretched out as far as beta testers would let the developers go, with intentional bullshit such as: you've completed x, now go all the way back to the start, and by the way, the teleporters and save rooms down work. I mean, Stephan does deliver, giving you an entirely new body and disintegrating the old one in front of your very own eyes! Fucked up! Thanks Stephan!
>The Amid endings are, as implied, somewhere between chaos, neutral, and law. Each one leans into a different direction. The Amid Chaos ending is about a long search to find a donor demon with the body you want, and maybe getting their consent about taking it over. Maybe, maybe not. Demons are assholes. The Amid Law is the "closest" to reality, where you have to find the last remaining GAS surgeon in Tokyo, only to realize that there are none, but luckily for our protag, the cathedral of shadows has a suggestion! Fucked up occult rituals! It Just Works! you have to gather the parts you want first, from specific boss demons that are hidden all over the map! Will this give you nightmares about Mara? Maybe? Definitely? Shrug?
>the conversation system will now recognize how well your gender presentation is holding up by the reactions demons give you. Transwoman and getting hit on by male demons? Hopefully your doing something right! It may not be the something YOU want but it's something! Femme demons a lil confused by the transmasc character? Uhoh! The Dysphoria meter just went straight to max! Better do something before it's too late!
>increasingly bizarre characters with genders beyond human comprehenshin! Think Modify by lemon demon, yeah that horrified look is about right.
>featuring secret bosses such as: Dysphoria Incarnate, the living embodiment of being trapped in the closet, The Demifiend, and The Black Samurai. The demifiend will give a transmasculine protag advice on where to get boob removal post his boss battle, and just shrugs at a transfemme protag and leaves them a sword(HEAVILY implied to be Dante Devil May Cry's). The Black Samurai from SMT 4, who will join a transfemme protag's party(even adding a little dialog in the chaos and amid endings!), and immediately will throw hands with the transmasc protag, and apologize afterwards and leave them a cool knife.
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toxophilitis · 26 days ago
Hot Daughter Peeps  cont.
Tracy found what she was looking for on Saturday afternoon, after her mother left the house.
Carol said, "Honey, I think I'll go visit with Tina this afternoon. Bob's gone to a ballgame and she's all alone with the kids. Why don't you just amuse yourself this afternoon and I'll be back around five, to fix dinner?"
"Sure, Mom," Tracy said brightly. "Enjoy yourself. Give Tina a hug for me."
She smiled to herself as she watched from the window as her mother drove away. She didn't believe for a minute that Carol was going to her friends house. That was just an excuse to go meet her secret lover, what's-his-name, Tracy was sure.
She giggled with excitement and pranced into her mother's room. She searched the dresser drawers. She looked under the bed. She found what she was looking for in a shoe box on a closet shelf. She carried the box to her mother's bed and sat down with it.
Inside, she found two rather raunchy magazines, and a long, white plastic dildo with a battery in it. Her blue eyes widened with growing interest as they scanned color photos of men and women fucking in every position possible.
"Oh, wow!" she breathed, her eyes devouring the pictures.
Halfway through the first magazine, she found a huge photo of a beautiful blonde woman sucking the enormous hard-on of a beautiful hunk. The blonde's mouth was stretched wide on that massive cock and Tracy found herself breathing faster and licking her lips as she imagined what cock-sucking must be like.
She turned the pages with fingers that began to tremble a little. Her breathing quickened. Her tits got hard. The tickle in her belly started up. Her pussy tingled.
In the second magazine she found a series of photos of a lovely brunette, stark-naked, fucking herself with a vibrator. They were very instructive, especially since Tracy just happened to have a vibrator at hand.
She lifted the object gingerly in her hand and examined it carefully. It was long and thick and when she turned it on, it vibrated in her fist. She held it tightly and looked at some more of the instructive pictures. Being a bright girl, she quickly put two and two together.
The tickle deep in her belly, which she was beginning to love and crave, started to spread to her tits and cunt. She got warm all over. Driven by a sudden sense of urgency, she jumped to her feet.
With the vibrator firmly in hand, as if she was afraid to set it down anywhere, she ran into the living room and locked the front door. Then she pranced back to her mother's room and quickly pulled the shade down against the bright afternoon sun -- and the watchful eyes of the next-door neighbor, Mr. Benson.
He was an old man to Tracy -- over fifty -- and he always leered at her. She simply avoided him, even though deep down in her heart she felt a little sorry for him. His wife had left him and he lived alone now.
Assured of privacy, she returned to her mother's bed and the exciting photos. Impelled by the demanding tickle in her young belly, she slipped out of her sandals and stripped off her dress. Stark-naked and feeling horny, she sat in the middle of the bed with the magazines and vibrator.
Her curious young eyes glued to a real stiff looking cock standing straight up in the center of the page, all pink and thick and swollen. It looked enormous to her inexperienced eyes and it took her breath away. Free to look at it all she wanted, she examined it carefully.
Her left hand slipped across the glossy picture, as if she could feel the prick. She rubbed it lightly and examined it closely, breathing hotly. Her right hand brought the vibrator over to her exposed young cunt.
She glanced down and guided the plastic dildo over her peach fuzz, then over her puffy young cunt-lips. Her little clit stood up real fast, and she pressed the vibrating device right there.
"Oh!" she gasped.
She didn't know what to do then. Look at the photo or massage her cunt. She got all mixed up and frustrated and anxious and excited, all at once. Breathing heavily though her parted lips, she stroked her pussy up and down with the buzzing vibrator as her eyes ate the picture up.
She stretched her thighs wider and ran the vibrator all over horny young crotch as her shaky fingers turned the pages of the stimulating magazine. Her eyes danced over photos of pricks of every size and shape. She had never seen so many cocks in one place in all her life. It was terribly exciting.
In some pictures, women sucked the stiff cocks. In others, they guided them into their bushy cunts. In yet another, Tracy saw something that really turned her on -- a sexy lady on her hands and knees, sucking a big cock while another handsome guy was fucking her cunt from behind, doggie-fashion.
Inflamed by the photo, she raised the vibrator to her lips and slipped her mouth over it. She turned it off to suck on it slowly and experimentally. Staring hotly at the picture, she worked the sex toy in and out of her mouth and sucked like she knew what she was doing. "Mmmm," she moaned on it.
She liked the feel of it in her young mouth. It stretched her lips nicely, just enough to give her the powerful illusion of actually sucking a huge cock. Making believe she was the pretty woman in the picture, she sucked the dildo hornily and she even had the sense to swirl her tongue round and round on it. A vibrator, she thought, playfully, must be a big girl's lollipop.
The tickle in her belly flared and she lowered the saliva-soaked sex toy to her pussy. She jerked on the bed at the first touch and when she turned it on, she soon realized that a girl can't keep it against her clit for too long at a time. The sensations were mind-boggling.
Her hot young eyes darted to the other cock in the picture, the thick one stuck halfway in the woman's tight cunt. Staring hard, Tracy worked the buzzing dildo up and down her cuntcrack. She inched the tip between her pussylips-and moaned.
Her pussy-hole was wet and the plastic slipped easily along her cunt-slit. She drew the tip of it upward to her quivery little clit, jumped at the touch, then moaned as she slid it wetly back down again. Her pussy twitched and turned against the foreign object.
Looking at the raunchy photo and rubbing her cunt with the vibrator as it buzzed made her pussy very hot. She knew she could cum this way, very easily, more easily than without all this stimulation. And she suddenly understood why her mother owned these toys.
The tickle in her belly had become licking, fucking flames in her young body. Panting softly, she circled her pussy-slot with the end of the dildo. Her cunt started circling, too, in a very horny way. Tracy knew that her hesitation would fly right out the window and that she would fuck on this plastic cock.
Her free hand came over to help. Both hands caressed the sex toy almost affectionately, as if it were attached to a sensitive man. Breathless with anticipation, eager to try it, she inched the end of the toy into her hot, wet pussy-hole. Her cunt-lips parted willingly and her cunt-mouth opened as if it was hungry for the thing.
Just an inch of the thick sex toy wedged in her pussy was enough to make Tracy moan. The thrill that shot through her young body overwhelmed her and she had to lay back on the bed. Her fingers trembled on the dildo as she eased another inch of it into her cunt. "Ohhhh, mama!" she panted.
The buzzing object slid easily into her juicy little cunt-hole and Tracy was pleasantly surprised. She drew her knees up and spread them real wide and guided the vibrator up into her hungry little cunt. It was the experience of her lifetime.
Four inches of the sex toy filled her tight, young pussy and the very end of it nudged her cherry. She was afraid to push it in any farther, so she fucked on the four inches. The buzz traveled through her cunt and even up her quivering little clit. The fuck-feelings drove her crazy.
"Oh, wow," she panted, churning her pussy on the sliding toy. "So this is what it's like! Ohhhh!"
She grew hornier by the second as she fucked herself with the vibrator. Gripping the device more tensely in both hands, she lifted her cute little ass up off the bed and twisted her cunt round and round as she fucked the dildo into her cunt.
Her lovely young body grew taut on the bed and she strained as she fucked on the plastic joy giver. She fucked it into her cunt faster and faster, panting in time with each fuck-thrust. Her eyes glassed over and her lips fell apart as she gasped for breath.
Passion welled up inside her like a floodtide and threatened to drown her in a sea of ecstasy. Her pussy got hotter and hotter and seemed to open wide for the dildo as if to gobble it up. Tracy whimpered and moaned and choked occasionally as she fucked herself silly.
"Fuck!" she suddenly blurted.
She had never used that word. She'd thought only bad girls said such things. But now, in the throes of extreme pleasure, she squealed.
"Ohhh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"
Horny out of her mind, she felt her eyes roll in her head. Her tits tightened up and her ass swirled on the bed as her hands drilled the sex toy into her cunt again and again. She grunted and groaned and even gurgled as she fucked herself good for the first time. How she kept from busting her cherry, she never knew.
Her terribly aroused passion exploded in the middle of her tummy and seemed to streak through her right into her brain and pussy. The incredible pressure of her mounting passion was enough to render her senseless. Mind-boggling rushes of feeling made her fuck hornily on the sex toy.
"Uh-uh-uhhhh," she grunted like a hot little animal.
Her tits grew tight and her pink nipples spiked hard. Her young hips twisted violently and her cute little ass churned. Her pussy-mouth sucked wetly on the drilling dildo as it reamed in and out of her cunt. It was her best orgasm ever.
"Ohhhh, wowwwww," she cooed as she came.
The dam burst in her heaving belly and cummy pleasure flooded her body. She humped and writhed hotly on the bed as she fucked herself with her mother's vibrator. She grit her teeth as surge after surge of orgasmic joy rippled through her young body. Her wet pussy spasmed repeatedly as her hot ass bounced happily on the bed.
"Oh, ohh, ohhhhh," she moaned as she surrendered to the overwhelming climax.
She gave herself up to it completely and she was beautiful on the bed, rocking and jerking with the buzzing dildo plunging into her soaked pussy.
"Ummmm," she moaned finally and a trembling finger turned the vibrator off.
She pulled another inch of it up into her cunt and held it lodged there. She shut her thighs and rolled onto her side, then lay there panting for breath as her pussy choked the sex toy. Her eyes closed lazily and a slow smile curled her pretty lips. She curled up with the dildo in her cunt as contentedly as she had curled up with her teddy bear when she was a little girl.
She didn't know she had dozed off until the ringing of the telephone awakened her abruptly. She gasped and bolted up. She started to swing her legs off the bed when the movement reminded her that the vibrator was still, stuck up her pussy. She giggled and quickly pulled the dildo out of her cunt, all wet and glistening.
The phone rang again and in a panic, Tracy tried to conceal the magazines and the vibrator under the pillows. It took a second for her to realize that the caller couldn't see her. Then she laughed at herself and lifted the phone on the third ring. It was her mother.
"Tracy, honey, I know I promised to be back at five to fix dinner, but Tina really needs me here. Would you mind fixing yourself a TV dinner?"
Tracy stood naked with one hand between her hot thighs, gently rubbing her purring pussy.
"Not at all, Mom. No problem. When do you think you'll be home?"
"I'll try to be home by ten. Okay? You can watch television until I get there."
Tracy inserted a naughty finger up into her recently fucked cunt and smiled with pleasure. "Sure, Mom," she said brightly. "Take your time. I'll be all right."
"Make sure all the doors are locked," Carol reminded her.
"They already are, Mom."
"Good girl. Enjoy your evening. See you around ten."
Tracy hung up the phone, feeling suddenly free and happy. She had the whole house to herself until ten o'clock. Her blue eyes danced over the magazines and the vibrator and her young tits rose up.
"I can have an orgy!" she laughed.
She didn't bother dressing at all. She pranced into the kitchen and fixed herself peanut butter sandwiches and cold milk. She ate quickly, anxious to return to the bedroom. As she ate, she thought about her mother. She must be having lots of fun with that guy, she concluded.
On her way to her mother's room, she stopped in her own, intending to pull the shade. Instead, she froze at the window and her heart leaped into her throat. In the house next door, just across the driveway, was another window. Inside, seated naked on his sofa with his fist full of stiff cock, was Al Benson.
Tracy's hand flew to her mouth to stifle a gasp as her young eyes traveled all over the nude guy who was slowly jerking on his prick. Then her eyes focused on that spot, the big fist gripping a cock so tightly, moving up and down so sexily. She blushed.
As if caught in a naughty act, she suddenly whirled away from the window and pressed her back against the wall, breathing rapidly, half from fright, half from excitement.
"Holy cow!" she rasped.
Her young mind tried to take it all in at once. This was different than looking at a photo of a man jerking his prick. This was for real. Maybe he had to do that now that his wife was gone. Poor man.
Tracy suddenly laughed at herself. What was she frightened about? So the man was horny? So what? So was she. And she got herself off with the vibrator. Why shouldn't Mr. Benson masturbate?
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littlefreya · 26 days ago
August’s Box of Mystery
Tumblr media
Summary: He left you all alone in his great castle by the sea and requested that you shan't touch yourself... can you keep your loyalty?
Prompted by @gotnofucks: “How do you feel August would react to knowing his girl uses sex toys when he is away? Would he feel jealous? Angry? Turned on?More importantly, what does he do? 👀”
Pairing: August Walker x Female Reader (No description of ethnicity or body type)
Words: 3k
Warning: 18+, smut + romance and fluff in the end. Female masturbation with a sex toy, voyeurism, sex-tape, cockwarming, mildly rough unprotected sex, breeding, breeding as punishment if to be exact, slight denial, MaleDom, creampie, a lot of it. Read the warnings properly, please. 
*No permission is given for reposting my work, copying it, or parts it and claiming it as your own.
A/N: I am anxious about this one and hope you’ll enjoy, i’ve been rather influenced by Angela Carter writings. Many thanks to @the-soot-sprite @wondersofdreaming for feedback and @agniavateira for her review. Added notes and credits in the end!
Please reblog and comment if you enjoyed my work. 🖤
Tumblr media
August’s Box of Mystery 
Outside the bedroom window, the waves roared in a tempest's rage. Torrent after torrent, the sea unleashed brutal tentacles onto the salty iron rocks in a keen, vindictive urge to dismantle them to nought. 
It was your own unruly longing that the ocean sensed: forlorn and listless, lying on your bed, the blue mist cloaking your heart. 
August's sea-fort was a gilded cage. He had given you everything: diamonds brighter than the moon, sheets made of the softest golden silk, and even a ring to bind you to his unbreakable siege. 
His only demand was that you will always wait for him, not only by flesh but soul as well. Despite his dark ambitions, trust and loyalty were qualities August valued beyond anything else.   
But soon, you grew tired of watching the reflection of the tides refract upon the naked ceiling. A woman with fire for blood, you were forever tormented by your sultry nature and daydreams of that would make the devil blush.
Frustration gnawed at your bawls until—enough! You shot up from your bed—a storm of silky linen whirling around you like Venus emerging from spume on shore; and just as the goddess of love and beauty, you too yearned to be penetrated. Nibbling your nails, you glanced at the open door, your mind seeing beyond thick walls into his office where he kept a chest filled with illicit delights. 
Every now and then—when August's muse struck—he would bring one of his toys to the bedroom, but you weren’t allowed to play on your own. 
‘Certainly, August won’t be able to tell if I would be careful?’ You hoped and followed the oceanic breeze hymning from the corridors.
Sand stuck to your bare feet, the wooden planks gently wept beneath your stride. Tipping on your toes, you snuck into his cavernous study, the key stolen from his nightstand already seized between shaky fingers. Though August was absent, your heart thrummed with ire upon setting foot onto the furry rug, as if he was to appear behind you at any given moment.
It was a room that reeked of debaucheries of all kinds: "borrowed" works of art depicting naked nymphs adorned the cherry-wood shelves, divine entities hung onto the wainscoting, and trophies he kept from his victims were encased in a fancy vitrine. Even the slate-blue view felt different from this spot; the rocky piers seemed like a pathway to a marine graveyard.
You paid no mind. You knew who you married and gained nothing but ethereal bliss whenever August fucked you against the window for the shark and whales to see. 
Like a girl crawling into the rabbit’s hole, you took half a twirl. There, below the large monitor plastered to the wall, stood the locked chest. Black and gold roses ornamented its exterior and a trident crest was engraved on the lock. Only a fool would overlook such blatant temptation, and though you were no foolish girl, you were feeble at the face of seduction. 
Falling to your knees, you made haste to unlock the chest, your heart drumming in your ears with the notion that you defied the words of your strenuous lover. But the same muscle that pumped you with fear, pounded wickedness into your blood. 
If only you were blessed with a shred of your husband’s patience.
All the toys inside were placed in order, sanitised, and appropriately boxed in such fashion that you knew August would notice if something was misplaced. The man had the capability of finding an eyelash on the carpet. Still, unrelenting desire strung the cunning finger you ran over the loot, carefully picking one of the familiar vibrators he used on you before. 
Standing at the centre of his tidy office you contemplated, suddenly aware of how the room leaked of his entity; scented notes of old leather binding and his woodsy cologne threatened to adhere to your skin, making this mischief taste like a crime. It was best to keep all disobedient whims in an isolated location, you assumed and allowed your eyes to further drift and glide upon the large monitor and the antique desk where August kept the remote. An abrupt wicked idea swam into your mind, reminding you of his private collection. 
Catalogued alphabetically, he kept them on his streaming device. 
'It should make things quick...' you convinced yourself whilst nibbling on your bottom lip. How worse could it be, anyway? You already rummaged through his chest. Taking a gander at his not-so-secret directory was puny in comparison. 
With your lungs in fists, you slipped your panties to your ankles and settled on the cosy leather chair in front of his desk. Ignoring the red flag waved by your anxiety, you reached for the remote and clicked the button. 
August made no effort to hide his recordings, simply naming the directory as "Films," as if it contained ordinary Hollywood blockbusters. Impatient, you scrolled down the list, trying to keep the jealousy from simmering in your bawls. August wedded you in this fort, but he never captured you on film like he did his girls. All lovers from the past, of course, but still it almost irked you; yet you brushed these concerns away and picked a file with the name you liked most and pressed “play”.
The ocean's lament was instantly swallowed by guttural howls and grunts that took every empty space within the chamber. Before your flaring eyes appeared the most forbidden of spectacles— your husband taking a different woman. It was odd to hear the familiar timbre of his groans laced with the voice of another. It was even stranger to sense the unmistakable spark of desire jittering in your cove.
Poseidon himself could not compete with the glory of the man, naked and drenched, all muscles and might. Furious, he took her on her knees, his fingers cradling her skull, pushing her head to the pillows while restraining her wrists above the small of her back. She wasn't you and still you clenched, aroused by the sight of the sweat glistening the fur of his torso and by the lack of mercy in the violent motion that ended with the dutiful grind of his sac against her swollen lips. 
You hadn't even realised how shamefully you dripped upon the oxen leather of the seat, your thoughts focused on the odd mixture of envy and lust that penetrated your blood. 
Desperate to unleash the monstrosity building within your core, you spread your legs over the desk and pressed the toy between your slippery petals. A shuddering whine rode your breath at the brush of the buzzing device, the pleasure so unimaginable it nearly drowned your senses. Gasping, you fought to maintain a hooded gaze upon your lover and his ‘whore,’ and imagined that the rosy silicon phallus that entered your anticipating hole was his swollen cock.
Your walls quickly clenched around the toy in true longing while the window trembled under the muffled rumbling of thunder. Perhaps your passions thickened the clouds. Or maybe it was the immoral streak of ecstasy laced by danger. Whichever it was, it urged you faster toward imminent bliss.
The other woman’s moans entwined with yours while your wayward hand mimicked the rhythm of bodies slamming together in the same frantic chaos that swept you.
Sweat-riddled, your ankles lost way across the smooth surface of the desk, leaving oily markings in a frenzy as climax drew close.  
‘So close…’  
"Enjoying yourself, my little princess?" 
Lightning painted the room bright purple, announcing the thunder that tore through the ocean. It wasn’t half as frightening as the low timbre of his voice, which cruelly withheld your ecstasy. The fervour in your veins turned glacial; one moment you ascended to the heavens and the next, got rejected at its golden gates. All the while the growls of his reflection on the monitor echoed through the chamber along with the buzzing toy still buried inside you.
It granted no pleasure now, but further stretched the guilt.
Calm and forebodingly stoic, August reached a curious hand between your quaking thighs, seizing the toy and flicking the switch off. Unable to lift your gaze to meet his severe face, you struggled to swallow and kept your eyes glued to the monitor. Yet, there was no escape from his reflection—the “real” him present in the room peered back at you through the glassy screen. Standing behind you, he etched his fingers around the headrest of the chair and tutted. 
“Do you like watching me with others, sweetling? Did this video make you wet?” he asked curiously.
Before any words formed on your quivering lips, his hand fell to your mound. An intrigued “hmm,” flowed from his throat as he found you overflowing with arousal. Like a whore, you couldn’t help but squirm into his touch, your body still enraged of being denied pleasure, and so was the sky that now threatened to turn the ocean upside down. 
You nearly gasped at the heavy patter of rain that began to hit the window. 
“Disobeyed me,” he completed the sentence, his voice mellow and pleasant though the caress of his breath on your face burned.
“...missed you.”
Your attempt to pacify him did not go unnoticed. Lips stretching to a slanted grin, he dared to replace the toy with two fingers that drove inside your gaping hole—sensing how you wrapped and suckled around his long digits like a carnivore plant.
“Such a sweet gesture,” he retorted, “and still, my love, my dear wife who I’ve given everything to, has defied me like a lawless brat…unable to wait for her husband to return from his very important meetings.” His dainty fingers pumped crudely deeper, not to please you but remind you who you belonged to. 
Writhing in your seat, you fluttered your eyes shut. “Where were you?”
Ignoring your question, he leaned down, his lips mere inches from your ear and whispered, “I think it’s time I’ll tame my bratty woman for good, don’t you?” 
You shuddered to think what punishment he had in mind, your heart sinking to a dark pit at the deadly kiss he offered next to your ear; but then, he took your wrist and in a surprising tenderness guided you from the chair to bend over the desk. 
Predictably, the movie had run its course and started again from the beginning, her promiscuous moans and the pounding of their flesh stealing your attention for a split second. 
Having you at a disadvantage, August drew an invisible line from your spine to the curve of your behind, his fingers mimicking lines drawn on soaked sand. “All this sea salt in the air around us and your skin is still so tender,” he murmured lovingly and secured a hand around your nape, holding your head forward. 
It excited you to watch them before and now with his groin hot and hard against your bare crease you were nothing but craving his cock. 
“Is this going to hurt? Will you spank me? Treat me like that whore on your film?” you asked naively, smoothing your sweaty palms across the antique wood with dark anticipation. 
“No, my beautiful angel.” his belt clicked and dangled like a set of heavy keys of a warden toying with his captive, “You are not my whore, but my wife. Which is why I’m going to put my child in your reckless womb to end your wicked ways once and for all.”
A gasp of shock left your throat, dazed by his threat you turned to protest. But the air drowned in your chest and your entire body stiffened as August’s ‘leviathan’ split your succulent flesh. Vulgarly you were penetrated, his size stuffing you so deeply, you felt the aching pressure in the pit of your belly. 
August stilled for a moment, lingering at the sensation of your hot cove fitting around him in both a strenuous protest and the pathetic defeat in which your body seized the beast, milking it in an attempt to rope him into your womb forever. 
“Oh, my sweet wife, I will stretch your little cunt to sheath me that not even these toys will please you. You see, everything here belongs to me, even your defiant womb. And I will leave a piece in me there to teach you a lesson.”
“I don’t think I am ready!” You whined, but the thought of being bred and carrying his child made your cunt unwittingly twitch. Your canal sucked him even deeper if it was even possible.
August sensed your convulsion and growled, his hips pressed unfathomably tight against your rear, making your cheeks ache from the press of his bones. It was torture with the film playing right in front of you; falling into a lucid delirium, your mind replaced her with yourself, yet your August refused to move, withholding your pleasure, owning it, owning you. 
His cock anchored hot and thick inside you, its throb as powerful as the thunder hammering the ocean.
You wanted to cry.
“August, please! I need you! I missed you!” 
With a harsh pull, he drew back and bludgeoned your crease, his might so vulgar the tip of your toes levitated from the ground. Again, and then again… he grunted at the choke of your flesh around him. Paying you no courtesy, he shook and pounded you almost terrifyingly as meticulously as he did this woman. 
His fingers burnt around your waist, so harshly you thought you’d never be able to sense anything but his grip under your skin. 
“Oh!” fat tears rolled down your cheeks, your breath a wheeze. Piteously you crumbled onto the desk. Thunders, cries, sounds of rutting flesh, and grunts surrounded you in this cavern of sin; you didn’t know which were yours and which were from the recording. All you knew was that he never took you so zealously before, you were at the brink of either rapture or falling to the abyss.
“You’re too deep! Too rough!” you wailed, unable to adjust to his pace but truthfully you didn’t want him to slow down. Currents of bliss submerged your loins the rougher he fucked you. The hot tingle in your core stormed with every collision of his cock with your cervix.
August reached from your neck to your jaw then and held your face to the screen.
“You wanted to watch her while touching yourself. Do you want to be her?” he growled and increased the pace, splitting through your body the way Dagon ripped open the waves. 
Even if you had words, you couldn’t bring yourself to speak. 
“You can never be her my darling,” August said and removed his hand from your hip. There was a quick drag of his drawer behind you and a rummaging sound. “Here, I’ll make us a short film; memorise this moment when you conceive me an heir.”
Struck by his words, you turned to stare. The sight of him behind you, inside you, was far more worthy than any film: sweat trickled down his messy curls and arduously strained face, his cerulean shirt damp and his mouth open as his fingers clutched the camera that was directed to the point where you were joint. 
Unrelenting, your orgasm flooded through every muscle like a wave of destruction that wrecked every organ within you until you felt nothing but bliss. You felt August’s heart beating in yours. 
There it was. Euphoria. 
You drowned in it. The maelstrom inside you swallowed and sank his ship as well. With a loud shout of surprise, he broke apart and erupted inside you, his creamy gift ploughing your womb until it overflowed and dripped down your quaking thighs. 
The rumbling from outside eased now, the clouded sky groaned with a release, their tears melding into the ocean never to be seen again.
August remained inside you, his breath thick, his hips gingerly grinding into yours to make sure his seed will take. 
“There you go, my special girl.” his voice came huskily. “Now you will never be alone, unlike these women I can’t even remember.”
Your hand instinctively snapped to your lower belly, soothingly caressing it in a reverie. You felt battered, full, and disgustingly and arousingly dirty as he swam inside you.
Yet the thought that he impregnated you made your heart flutter. 
Was there a more eternal symbolism of love than a legacy?
“August…” you whispered. Beneath you, the desk slightly shook, little tremors vibrated against the delicate pads of your fingers. Turning your head back, you offered him an enamoured glance and reached a hand in plea to lace fingers with his. 
His storm-kissed eyes softened and he broke into a sigh at the sight of his wife at her best submissive behaviour. The greatest of all delights was to refine a crude rock into a fine delicate diamond. Proudly, he took your hand in his, entangling your fingers together, yet he kept the video-camera aimed at your joint bodies. 
“Don’t move,” he breathed behind you and carefully pulled out his shaft from your flooded hole. A velvety chuckle played on his tongue, impressed by the wet plop and thickness of the cream that leaked off your entrance. Your cheeks burnt as you realised what he has done; your lips parted open to complain but then, with his cock already fully rigid and thick, he plugged you once more, shoving his seed back inside you.
“What are you doing?” 
“Waste not, my angel,” he tutted and remained still, brushing his knuckles up and down the curve of your rump.
“Oh, how long?” you whined, uncertain if you are capable of staying this way with him throbbing between your taut walls.
“Until the sky clear up?...” he suggested, voice haunted by lingering satisfaction. 
The waves of your previous orgasm were yet to ebb, and now stronger tides began to emerge. Frustration grew within once again and sadly, August’s will had the mettle of an anchor.  
“At least tell me where you were!” you yelped.
August scoffed, and wrapped his hands around your waist, only slightly guiding you back into his hips. “No, no, my love. Every marriage needs a little bit of mystery, as you’ve already learned. But now do me a favour,” he uttered and placed the remote next to your hand. 
“Play us another one? We might be here a while.”
Tumblr media
Credits: Dividers by @firefly-graphics. Themes Inspired by Angela Carter’s Bloody Chamber. Leviathan inspired by @sillyrabbit81​!!
Disclaimer: I don’t own August Walker or Mission Impossible.
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thepoppypress · 27 days ago
The Battleline Between Good and Evil (Runs Through the Heart of Every Man)
Chapter 1: 
The sounds of hard bone hitting flesh made Peter wince as he furiously scrubbed at the now non-existent stains on the hard, polished wood of the bar. His eyes were down cast as he tried to ignore the massacre in front of him with every fiber of his being. Despite it being early in the afternoon, his shift had already started off quite eventfully, with a barroom brawl. Even now, he found it hard on himself not to intervene. However, he knew he couldn’t draw attention to himself. In this type of environment, attention was either bad or worse with no better or inbetween. It was something he couldn’t afford.
A thump in front of him drew him out of his musings, his Spidey Sense starting to tingle quite annoyingly. Whoever was in front of him was dangerous. A deep voice started to speak.
“Old fashioned,” came the demand. Peter nodded silently, willing his face to be impassive as he concentrated on making the drink for the man. When he was done, he slid the drink over to the bar counter.
“Here you go sir,” he uttered politely, glancing up and taking note of the patron. He was an older man who wore a black, fitted T-shirt that displayed his assets clearly, biceps bulging as he leaned leisurely against the counter. White hair covered his head, cut recently as the smell of fresh shampoo came off of him to reach Peter’s sensitive nose. He could also clearly see little hairs clinging to the black of his shirt. The man had an eye patch over his right eye and was huge as well.
When he finished his drink, he slid it back over to him, and stood up at his full height, towering well over Peter and the rest of the patrons in the bar. The man’s one eye glanced at him, appraising him and Peter couldn’t help but blush a bit. He looked away, but not before noticing the slight twitch of the man’s mouth as he did.
‘Fuck,’ he thought and to avoid more embarrassment, Peter glanced around the large man to look at where the brawl had gotten to now.
“You new here?” Peter’s large eyes came back up to meet the other man’s and he nodded shyly.
“Yeah, a little over a month.” Eye-Patch (as Peter has now affectionately nicknamed him) hummed and stared at Peter for a little while longer, who fidgeted uncomfortably. Even though there was plenty of noise within the mostly empty club, the silence between both men was getting to Peter, which prompted him to ask a question. “Do you come here often?” The man grinned.
“Not before.” That made Peter blink. He tilted his head in confusion. He was obviously missing something here.
“Huh?” Eye-Patch laughed, gaining the attention of several people around them.
“Nothing, sweetheart,” Peter bristled a bit at the nickname, “just that you should probably expect me more.” Reaching into his pocket, Eye-Patch pulled out several hundred dollar bills and threw them towards Peter, whose eyes widened at the sight. “Just for you. Keep the change.” And he walked out the door without another word. Peter gaped at the door for a long while before looking at the neat bills on the counter.
“Weirdos,” he grumbled underneath his breath but not before pocketing the money. Another low thrum sang at the back of his head and he felt a presence sidle up beside him. He knew who it was without even looking.
“Hey Petey Boy!” Peter grabbed the glass that Eye-Patch just drank out of and began washing it.
“Hey Harley. What’s up?” The woman squealed happily, popping the gum in her mouth obnoxiously. Peter found that he quite liked Harleen Quinzel, after he worked past his first impression of her.
“Nothin’ much,” she drawled out teasingly, her blonde pigtails bouncing around her, “just wonderin’ when ya’ became such good friends with Deathstroke over there.” Peter grabbed a rag hanging on the bottom countertop and started to wipe down the glass in his hands.
“Who?” Harley giggled loudly, toying with the hem of Peter’s T-shirt as she grabbed onto one of his arms. He glanced down at her with a soft, curious look and she rolled her eyes playfully.
“Y’know, hunky Eye-Patch guy? Guy who just left?”
“Ah,” Peter realized before questioning, “his name is Deathstroke?” Harley rolled her eyes again.
“No, silly! His real name is Slade Wilson. He’s a mercenary for hire.”
‘Guess that answers that question.’ Harley blew a bubble and popped it again, winking suggestively at him, “and he was so interested in you!” Peter snorted.
“Nah. I’m new here so he was just asking. Besides, he’s a bit too old for me.” The look on Harley’s face was dubious.
“Uh-huh. Sure, honey. I’m just saying, he’s pretty hot. Also,” he felt a squeeze on his bicep, “have you been working out? You’re ripped!” Her smile became mischievous. “Trying to impress someone? Ooh! Ooh! Is it me?” Peter gave a small laugh, his curly hair bouncing as he shook his head.
“I’m always trying to impress you, Harls.” The blonde giggled and leaned over to kiss his cheek before swiping her thumb across it, wiping away the lipstick.
“Aww, you sweetie. If I didn’t have my puddin’, I would be with you in a heartbeat.” Peter forced a smile as Harley made heart eyes at the mention of her on-again-off-again boyfriend. Right now, it was decidedly on. If you asked Peter, he would say he knew the signs of an abusive relationship when he saw them. “Anyway. I just came ta tell ya’ that your shift for this afternoon ends right now and I’ll see you in a few hours!”
“Okay, thanks.” She kissed his cheek once more, not bothering to wipe away the residual lipstick before flouncing out of the bar. Peter wished she could see that she could do so much better than a man nicknamed ‘The Joker.’ Somewhere among the brawl that still had not stopped, the sound of glass shattering grabbed his attention. Peter sighed.
‘I better clean that up before I leave.’
Peter walked the few blocks that it took to get to the homeless shelter where he stayed. He opened the door that housed the tens of people that wandered the streets, and closed it softly behind him. Setting towards his cot, he noticed that people were bustling around like crazy, and a nice smell was coming from the kitchen. His stomach grumbled but he willed it to stop. He needed the money to get a new place and he was a few hundred away from achieving his goal for the upfront portion. He was lucky that Harley decided to help him out and aid him in forming a bank account here. Peter reached his cot and sat down, noting that, luckily, no one had tried to steal his stuff. Again. Settling back against the pillows, Peter thought about the past couple of months.
He had first come to this world so unfamiliar to him through some sort of magical portal. God, he fucking hated magic sometimes. Mr. Stark had let him go into his lab unsupervised for the first time since the incident involving the toaster, pink glitter, and the flamethrower.
It was nice.
He was sitting at one of the tables, tinkering around with one of his web shooters, Led Zeppelin (“For the sake of America’s Ass™, Peter, it’s ACDC!”) booming in his ears when suddenly, he felt himself being pulled back, a cold feeling settling across the back of his neck and making its way to the rest of his body. Then, a weird expression came over his face as another feeling came over him, like he was being stretched thin, but it didn’t hurt. There’s a quick flash of a blinding light, causing him to shut his eyes (his overly reactive senses are a blessing and a curse) tightly and the next thing he knows, Peter hits the ground hard, his body making a soft thudding noise.
The first thing to register is the sight. It wasn’t overly bright, like the light was. In fact, it was rather dark. Brick walls surrounded him from two sides, indicating that he was in an alleyway of some sort. It wasn’t too spacious and various bags of trash were littered all over the place. Doors were lined along the brick walls, all closed and looking uninviting. Then came the smell. It was horribly pungent, probably even to the regular nose.
To Peter’s nose, however, it was hell. He could practically feel his olfactory glands swelling from the amount of stink he was admitting into his body. Gagging, he tried to stand up to get away from the smell only to stumble and nearly eat the gravel under him.
‘Parker Luck fucking sucks,’ he thinks as he collapses against one of the doors on the brick walls, then thinks groggily, ‘hey, that rhymed.’
He rested his head against the cool metal for a moment before his Spidey Sense, sensitive and overly reactive at the moment, blares a warning, making him shoot backwards. He lays on the ground for less than a second when the door he had previously rested on opened with a bang. His head pounded more than it ever did before, and the added sound of the metal banging against the brick and a high pitched voice screeching didn't help either. Peter squinted at the rather tall female figure standing in the doorway screaming obscenities into the lit room.
She screamed her last words, no response following her, and stepped outside with a huff, slamming the door behind her. Peter closed his eyes again, and laid his head against the concrete sullenly, fully expecting her to leave him. If he was a woman in a city at night, he would do that too.
“Oof, yer’ lookin’ kinda rough there buddy.” Peter’s eyes popped open in surprise. The woman was standing over him, a look of sympathy and concern displayed on her pale face. She crouched down and the closer she got, the more clearly he could see her features. She was pretty, with alabaster skin and platinum blonde hair pulled into pigtails, the ends dyed red and blue. Her bright blue eyes blinked curiously at him as he laid unmoving for a second.
“I fe’l rough’,” he croaked, his hands rubbing at his throat in an effort to ease the pain he felt as he spoke. The woman clicked her tongue and reached for his wrists, bringing them away from his neck.
“Alright, sweetie, I need you to answer every question as best as you can okay? I’m a doctor, I can help you.” Peter groaned and pointed to her, his arm bending at the elbow to raise his finger in the air.
“Wha’s yur’ name?” He managed to slur out. ‘Stranger danger Parker,’ he reminded himself in lieu of Mr. Stark. If he were here, he would be shaking his head in disappointment, Peter was sure of it.
“Ah, how rude of me! Ma names Dr. Harleen, but ya’ can call me Harley!” The hand pointing at her turned into a wave, greeting her.
“Hey,” he replied weakly, “my name’s Peter. Peter Parker.” He could hear the grin in Harley’s voice.
“Well, Peter Parker, tell me. Are ya feeling nauseous or dizzy?”
“Any ringing in the ears?”
“A headache? Are ya feeling really tired?”
“Not that bad of a headache. Tired, yes,” he sighed, fatigue heavy in his voice, “look, Doctor, I don’t have a concussion. Just feeling weird right now.”
“Ya drink before you came here or eat something weird?”
“No, I’m just weird like this.” Harley was silent for a moment.
“Do ya want me to help get you home?” Peter sighed again, pushing his arms up to help himself lift his torso so he was sitting upright.
“I, uh, don’t have a home,” he looked around the alley, his senses starting to clear (though his nose still throbbed at the smell), “where am I, by the way?” Harley leaned into his vision, a slightly incredulous look on her face.
“You don’t know where you are?” Peter shook his head, happy his headache was now subsiding. The disbelieving expression didn’t disappear from Harley’s face. “Well, you, puppy, are in Gotham, the most crime ridden city in the world.” Peter sent Harley a weird glance.
“Gotham? Like Gotham City, Batman’s Gotham City?” The second the sentence went out of his mouth, Harley covered his lips with her hand.
“Never say that name unless you’re looking for a death wish!” She hissed at him, her eyes hard. “Promise me!” Wide eyed, Peter nodded reluctantly and he was let go. It wasn’t like he read the comics or anything. He didn’t really know much about Batman. Just that he had a sidekick named Robin and they fought the Joker on a regular basis. Harley straightened, causing him to look up at her. She extended her hand which he took and he slowly stood up with her help. She dusted him off, her hands sweeping across the back of his jacket and the front of his shirt for him. He nodded in thanks.
“Do ya have your phone on ya?” He reached into his back pocket and felt that, yes, thankfully, his phone was still in his pocket. He tugged it out and unlocked it, tapping on the call icon. He goes straight to Tony’s number. A ring doesn’t even make it onto his phone before the screen says that there’s no service for his phone. He sighs forlornly. There goes trying to contact home.
“Sorry Harley, I don’t have service here.”
“So ya don’t have service, no way to contact home, and ya have no idea where ya are?” Peter shook his head. It was Harley’s turn to sigh. “Alright, puppy, yer' comin’ with me. I know a nicer homeless shelter than any of the ones they got on Grand.” She grabbed his wrist and dragged him out of the alleyway onto the nearly empty street. He should’ve probably been concerned that he was heading somewhere with a random woman, granted one who had tried to help him. There was still a low thrum of danger at the back of his head, but all he could focus on was that ridiculous nickname.
“Puppy?” The blonde haired woman paused, turning back with a teasing smirk on her pretty face.
“‘Cause yer’ so cute like a puppy, with those puppy dog eyes and pouty frown. Yer’ even smaller than me!” At that point, he had taken note that she was, in fact, a full four inches taller than him. He looked at her with somewhat genuine offense.
“Hey! I’m 5’6! You’re only so much taller because you’re wearing heels!” He pointed towards the pumps that adorned her feet. Harley scoffed and took off her heel for a second, showing both of them that, even without the heels, she was still an inch taller than him. He groaned. This night was just getting worse and worse. First, he’s in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar woman who was taller than him. Hearing Harley’s laugh though, as they walked through the streets arguing about who was really taller, made him feel at least a little better. It wasn’t much, but every little bit counts.
All that eventually led to where Peter was now, laying on a cot in the same homeless shelter that Harley had introduced him to. He had gotten a couple of jobs with the help of Harley’s shadier connections. He had realized early on that this dimension was not the same world that the comics had shown. This was somehow different. There was no one with super powers, though the monikers were still real. Batman was real, but Harley (the only person he trusted up to this point) hadn’t told him anything, and by the fifth time that he asked, he realized he wouldn’t be getting anything out of her so he stopped. He had wondered who Batman was here, and if he and Robin were still partn-
The sound of an alarm pulled him out of his thoughts, and Peter hurriedly grabbed his phone and turned it off. He saw the time and sighed.
“Time to head to work,” he muttered.
“Hey Puppy!” Harley squealed as he entered the club that was now flooding with people, the lighting dim save for a few spotlights that roved over the sea of people. Peter straightened his clothes, a white button down paired with some slacks. They had been the Joker’s but, according to Harley, they didn’t fit him anymore. Peter shivered at the thought of taking something of the Joker’s, but he guessed it couldn’t be helped.
“Harley!” He yelled back in greeting and both walked over the bar. Peter quickly clocked in and set off to work, one of his coworkers behind the counter already. From there, it was quite the busy time, people requesting drinks all over the place. Peter and Harley talked from time to time as he prepared other’s drinks. It was a fairly smooth evening so far.
Of course, as soon as he thought that, trouble had to come, brewing in all its toxicity. When he had first started as a bartender for the club, he had been warned to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, just so the club doesn’t get hit with another lawsuit. Harley was fiddling with her phone in one corner of the bar, and at this point, Peter was used to the loud noise of the club, having inconspicuously stuffed his ears with ear plugs earlier. However, it didn’t completely cancel out the noise as his super hearing still noted everything within his vicinity. In the opposite corner of the bar, away from him and Harley, Peter somehow heard the soft sounds of paper being ripped, a drop of something hitting the water, and a soft fizzing noise.
His head imperceptibly turned to watch as a rather handsome man handed a tall glass of something to a beautiful blonde accompanied by a taller, equally beautiful redhead. ‘Taller than me too,’ he thought bitterly. The blonde accepted the drink as it was slid over to her and was about to lift it when Peter quickly rushed over. He leaned over the counter and subtly pressed a finger down onto the base of the glass, which was widened, using his strength to keep the glass down. He made subtle eye contact with one of the bouncers next to the door, and the man got the message pretty quickly. He started toward the bar while Peter distracted the patrons.
“Sir!” His voice still sounded somewhat soft and high pitched over the bass of the music. “I think there’s someone outside looking for you! You match the description I think!” At the odd look given to him, he continued trying to convince him, “what’s your name?!” The man’s glassy eyes roamed over Peter’s face before answering,
“Trevor!” Peter squinted, trying to sell his lie.
“Last name?!”
“McConnelly!” Peter nodded and waved over the bouncer, who lumbered over.
“Is this the Trevor McConnelly the person outside is looking for?!” A quick once over of Trevor told Peter all he needed to know about him. “Wasn’t it his girlfriend?!” Without question, the bouncer nodded. Trevor suddenly paled and rushed past the bouncer, a man named Gus, who followed him. Peter shot him a thankful look and then turned back to the two women, glancing about them awkwardly.
“Sorry, but I wouldn’t drink this if I were you. He slipped something into it.” The women, shockingly, didn’t look surprised. They only glanced at each other before turning to him with twin smiles, an unheard conversion passing between their eyes that Peter didn’t know how to interpret.
“Thanks for the assist. I really appreciate it,” the blonde purred over the music. Peter could’ve sworn the grin on her face turned sharp for a split second before it flitted away and an almost natural smile came over her face once more. Almost being the key word. A shiver crawled up Peter’s back and the thrum of Spidey Sense became nearly haywire as he stared at the expressions of the two women. They were a lot more dangerous than they appeared.
“I don’t mean to condescend, and I’m sure you’re both able to protect yourselves, but please be careful. No one deserves that to happen to them,” he said as earnestly as possible, using his large brown eyes to his advantage. That seemed to soften at least the red head as her smile started to turn a little bit more gentle. The blonde seemed a bit thrown by his honesty, but quickly recovered, and her smile too seemed a little tender.
“I appreciate it! Not a lot of people can make that statement sound nice!” He gave them a small, genuine smile before turning back to the bar and continuing with other orders. Harley was suddenly gone from her spot, and Peter furrowed his brows. ‘I hope she’s okay,’ he thinks as he starts on another drink for another patron. He quickly shoots a text in between requests and then shuts off his phone. At one point, he’s done with all his requested drinks and takes a bit of a break. He turns around again only to see the two women from earlier still at the bar, conversing quietly. They’re quite perceptive, he notes because the instant his attention turns to them, their attention turns to him and they’re locked in a staring contest. He shyly wanders over to their spots, nearly missing the slight amusement that flashed between both of their eyes.
“What’s your name?” The redhead asks as he nears them. Peter smiles innocently, trying to keep posture loose as his Spidey Sense reacts again. His hands pull at each other, something he can’t help, and something that both women definitely notice.
“I’m Peter. Peter Parker. And you?” He’s as polite as possible. Always be polite to a customer, he remembers his manager saying. The redhead speaks again.
“I’m Barbara Gordon, but my friends call me Babs. You can too.” Peter nodded, his curly down hair bouncing as he did so. The women’s eyes crinkled as they smiled, their expressions now a hundred times more genuine than before.
“Stephanie Brown, Steph. But you can call me ‘Mine,’” the blonde winked with a small and suggestive smile. Peter’s cheeks turned red at this, his pale skin flushing. Barbara and Stephanie could tell too, as they chuckled a bit at his face and Peter turned his head away in embarrassment. When he turns back a few moments later, they’re still laughing, and he pouts a bit. ‘I never know how to respond to those comments,’ he thought. As their laughter subsided, they started asking more questions. With the danger at a small vibration at the back of his mind, he felt like he was in an interrogation.
“Have you worked here long?” Stephanie asked, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder, exposing her neck and cleavage. Peter made a huge point to himself to look straight into her eyes or over her shoulder under the guise of watching someone else.
“Not really,” he replied, “Just over a month. I work at The Captain’s Bar too.” Both women perked up in interest.
“Really? We frequent but we’ve never seen you.”
“Well, I work in the mornings and afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. You guys should come by sometime when I work! It’s quieter then if you guys want to talk!” They smile at him and he feels the vibration of danger slowly slip away until it’s nearly nothing. Peter guesses he won them over.
“Sure thing! We’re free next Wednesday so expect us then!” Peter nods, his fluffy hair bouncing again. Sudden, dual beeps enter his ear canal as he hears both women’s phones go off at the same time. They glance at the texts and curse and Peter suddenly realizes he shouldn’t hear those sounds and he’s staring so he turns away, trying to find interest in something else.
Stephanie talks again, “do you have a napkin and a pen?” He searches around the bar for a pen and he grabs a napkin from the neat stack in the corner. He gives them to her and she quickly writes down two sets of numbers. “These are our numbers! Keep in touch!” With that, they’re gone. Peter takes the napkin delicately into his hand, observing Stephanie’s writing style before pocketing it carefully. He resumes his job, but it’s not five minutes later that he remembers, the thought irking him. Damn pet peeves.
“Fuck,” he curses quietly, “she took the damn pen!”
It was a week later that he encountered Barbara and Stephanie again. In the meanwhile, he was added into a chat between the two women, their conversations ranging from everyday, talking-about-the-weather to absolutely ridiculous. Peter knew not to draw attention to himself but he reasoned that two more friends couldn't hurt. He rather enjoyed having more people to talk to, not that Harley was an unsatisfying friend to be around. Speaking of, he had found that Harley had left because her “puddin’” needed her. When he had called her later that night, concerned, the excuse rushed out of her lips, leaving him less than convinced, but he let it go.
She arrived at the barroom the next day with her usual smile and a bouncing ponytail and everything was back to normal. Eye-Patch came in more often, Peter noticed, leaving more and more hundred dollar bills on the counter. Peter had tried to get him to stop, only to receive a smug smile and a goodbye of ‘sweetheart,’ before he was on his way. He found that Deathstroke, Slade Wilson Peter recalled as his name, was a man of little words, but that didn’t stop him from making small conversation with Peter when he could. Harley thought that he wanted to impress Peter. Peter disagreed completely.
“I think he might be making fun of me.” Harley rolled her eyes.
“Not true. I know guys like him. He’s trying to impress you, Puppy. Don’t doubt me.” Peter, knowing that arguing with her would be fruitless, just shrugged.
“Whatever you say, Harls.”
Wednesday came, and just like they said, Stephanie and Barbara entered The Captain’s Bar near the end of his shift with dazzling smiles on their faces as they shifted the backpacks on their shoulders. Peter greeted them happily.
“Hey Babs! Hey Steph!” They greeted him, waving jovially and walked towards the bar, sitting on seats right in front of him. “How are you guys doing?” Now closer, he had more of a view to observe the two women. They had slight bags under their eyes and their skin was paler than usual. “Are you guys okay? You look tired,” Peter asked with genuine concern. Stephanie leaned forward onto her elbows, which she settled on the counter. Her neck dropped a bit and he could suddenly see the back of her collar, a small, nearly inconspicuous red stain on there. It was freshly made, the texture under the lighting still looking wet. It looked like blood, he realized. With that conclusion, the thrum of danger returned and another shiver was forced down his back. The women noticed.
Stephanie raised her eyebrow, “The question is, are you okay?” Babs’ look was no less concerned. Peter nodded shakily.
“Yeah, no, I’m fine. It’s just, you got a little bit of blood on the back of your shirt. Are you hurt? Do you need first aid?” The blonde’s eyes widened a bit before her small hand clutched the back of her collar, Peter still looking at her in worry. Barbara’s jaw clenched and she plastered a fake smile onto her face.
“Steph’s fine, she just had a bit of a rough night. We’re both okay, so you don’t have to worry Peter.” He nodded reluctantly, still worried but content to take them at their word.
“Then what can I get you guys?” They rattled off their drinks and he rushed to make them, vaguely aware of the door opening to let another customer in. It wasn’t until he slid the girls’ drinks over to them did he realize that Slade had walked in. The one eyed man grinned predatorily at him before sitting down at the nearest end of the bar. Peter muttered a “be right back” to Babs and Steph before wandering over to the mercenary.
“Hey Slade.”
“Sweetheart,” the older man rumbled his greeting.
“The usual?” A short nod from the man sent Peter on his way to making an old fashioned drink for him. As he gave the man his requested beverage, Slade pointed over to the two women who were conversing softly with themselves, his one eye narrowed.
“Those two your friends?” Peter glanced at Babs and Steph and looked back at Slade, confused.
“Yeah? I mean we met like a week ago, but I guess you could call us that. Why?” Another body slumped into the chair next to Slade, slurring an order. Slade took that as a distraction for Peter and stood up.
“Because you have interesting taste in people, sweetheart.” He sauntered towards the women, his shoulders drawn tighter than Peter’s ever seen them. He watches Slade interact with the two women, watches their reactions to each other. He notices that, oddly enough, Slade is the one in the submissive position, while Stephanie and Barbara are dominant, despite their dispositions. Slade was stiff, in a combative stance while the other two were completely open, smirking and tilting their heads up at the older man. A hand snapping in front of his face brought Peter out of his thoughts.
“Hey, twink!” The man who slumped next to Slade sneered up at Peter from his position over the counter, “I told you to get me a fuckin’ drink,” he slurred loudly enough to catch the attention of those nearby. Slade, Steph and Babs turn their attention towards them.
“I’m right on it, Mr. Stanley,” Peter said politely, his hands starting to sweat, “can you repeat your order again?” The man squinted up at him for a moment, straightened up in this seat, lifted his hand and slapped Peter straight across the face. Being Spider Man, he saw it coming straight away, but had the forethought to remember not to draw much attention to himself. He tried to make it seem like the hit actually affected him a bit. So he stumbled off to the side, falling down in the process and watched as Slade stormed over to the man and proceeded to punch the drunk, living daylights out of the man. Steph and Babs went to the side of the bar where the small door separating the bar and the rest of the room was and rushed over to Peter, helping to straighten him up.
“You good Petey?” Babs voice was soft as if afraid he would spook like a cornered animal. He nodded distractedly, focusing on Slade who was now shaking the drunk man. He was knocked out instantly by the punch. He pushed himself up, looking at the other two who stood up with him. Slade noticed movement in his peripheral vision, his gaze snapping over to Peter in an instant.
“You okay, sweetheart?” The look of Peter’s reddened cheek made Slade clench his teeth.
“I’m fine, Slade,” he replied before pointing at the man that was limp in the mercenary’s arms, “let him go.” Slade blinked and looked at the man, sneering and releasing him, letting him hit the floor with a loud thump.
“With pleasure,” he smirked as Peter pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. 'Typical Slade,' Peter thought. Only God knows how many fights that man gets into.
“Just,” Peter leaned over the counter and took note of the unconscious male, his eye well on its way to swelling to the size of a golf ball, “wait here while I go get my manager.” The brown haired boy sighed in suffering as he headed toward the back of the bar to get his manager who would no doubt fire him soon for this.
‘Fucking Parker Luck,’ he thought bitterly.
Unawares to Peter, Stephanie and Barbara joined Slade in watching over the knocked out patron, looking down at him as if he were scum underneath their shoes. Stephanie glanced at Slade, who, even though he wasn’t looking at her, knew that she required his attention. Fully aware that he was listening, Steph said,
“I assume that you won’t struggle to say yes to this mission?” He knew exactly what she was talking about.
“No problems here, blondie. I’ll even take this case pro bono if I get first shot at him.” Slade grinned at the blonde, a ruthless intent behind his expression. Steph, who mirrored this, then turned to Babs to gage her reaction.
“Count me in,” she murmured, her tone soft but firm. She was quite disgusted by the display that negatively affected their new favorite bartender, “but you do know Dick and Tim are gonna want to know why we’re doing this.” Slade stilled at the mention of his ex, and whether or not the two women noticed it, they didn’t comment. Instead, Steph hummed.
“That may be, but I think they’ll quite like Petey.” The blonde sent Babs a knowing smirk, which Babs rolled her eyes at. Secretly, however, she agreed with her friend.
‘Yeah,’ she thought as Peter came back out, his fluffy brown hair bouncing with every step and his doe brown eyes wide, ‘they’ll definitely like him. A lot.’
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clandestine (chapter 6)
PAIRING: Tom Holland x fem!Reader
SUMMARY: Y/N is an up and coming actress, married to a once hotshot actor, Harrison (Haz). What happens when her co-star, Tom, makes her realise that she is stuck in a loveless marriage. A marriage starts crumbling and a new romance stars brewing.
Tumblr media
chapter 6: beautiful songs always end
A/N: i do not encourage cheating. i hope you guys like this chapter!! we are so near to the end. only one chapter left!!! feedback is always appreciated. thanks for reading <3
warnings: drinking, cursing, mention of pregnancy and miscarriage 
word count: 1.8k
important: bold and italic are character thoughts
series masterlist   main masterlist   chapter 5   chapter 7
It was the first Monday of September, the beginning of an eleven-day affair, that is, TIFF. The air was slightly chilly in Toronto but full of possibilities. It was Y/N’s first time at a major film festival. Her film was to screen on the second day. The main cast and the director were invited to MTV’s opening night party. Just an ordinary girl between Hollywood’s A-listers, saying she was intimidated, was the understatement of the year.
The party was at a downtown bar. All her friends had left her alone, well, the other two people who were attending the festivities with her. The only place she could find to calm her nerves was the bar.
Two old fashions will do the trick.
She ordered both of them together, saving her the time. She was about to finish her first drink when she picked up her second, with the first glass still on her lips. Her eyes were shut with the pleasure of a burn in her throat by the whiskey.
“Easy tiger”, a grinning Harrison said, standing by her side, resting his arm on the bar counter.
She laughed in her glass, Y/N opened her eyes to see who said it.
“Oh my god, you’re Harrison. I watched your movie today, it was so good”
His ocean blue eyes really pop in that navy shirt.
His grin turned into an unadulterated smile filling his face, his cheeks turning red from the compliment. “Thanks”
Y/N picked her drink number two again, “and you might be?” Haz asked.
“I’m Y/N, enchanté”, she raised her hand to meet his.
“Are you here with a movie too?” He seemed genuinely interested.
“Yeah, I’m the lead in a little indie movie called ‘Midnight Love’”, she pinched the air, a gesture to show how small the movie was.
“No way! When can I catch it?” his excitement was noted.
“It’s screening some time tomorrow morning I guess, I’m not sure”
“Can I give you my number so that you could text me with the time of the screening? I would love to see it”
“Yeah sure”, she handed him her phone.
Someone had clicked a photo of Haz and Y/N kissing at Washington Square Park, and had uploaded it on the internet. Nobody really knew who Y/N was, so they dubbed her as the ‘heart throb stealer’. Haz didn’t truly realize the gravity of the situation, the situation being a toy for the media, dating a seemingly normal girl from New York.
Haz had an early call time, so he left Y/N’s apartment before she even woke up, stopping at a deli near her flat in Sunnyside, Queens. When he came out with his breakfast, he noticed that the day started early for New Yorkers too, especially those who considered selling pictures of celebrities as honest work. They were hounding for his flesh.
Maybe I should go back to Y/N’s so that they would leave me alone. No. I can’t go there, they will get to know where she lives. I can’t let her live like me, locked in a golden cage.
Later that day, Haz came around Y/N’s place in the evening. He had planned on a quick ‘get in and go’. He even had a whole speech prepared. She opened up the door. Y/N was in her sleeping shorts and a bra, with a spoon in her mouth. She was clearly not expecting any visitors.
Man, why does she always look this perfect.
Before Y/N could say anything, Haz started his speech by clearing his throat.
“Y/N, I think we should break up and before you say anything, hear me out. I live in the public eye and the opinions of people have locked me in a bird cage. I am alone in here and that is fine with me, but you dating me will be your one way ticket inside this circus. You live a normal life, you are so grounded, and you get me back to earth whenever I’m on Saturn. I love you for that, but I can’t give you the peace you deserve to live a happy, healthy life. I don’t want you ever regretting us in the future so, it is for the best that we draw all our cards”, Haz said that all while still standing in her door frame.
“No”, she turned on her heel and walked towards her melting ice cream, leaving the door open for him.
“What do you mean ‘no’?” he finally entered the house and followed her.
“Are you insane? I’m not going to fucking leave you because of some stupid bird cage you live in. There’s nothing in this world that could stop me from loving you, ever”
It was late at night, Y/N and Haz were lying on their new bed, exhausted from a hard weekend of labour. Moving in was no joke. Only their bedside lights were on along with Y/N’s salt lamp which she had brought from her apartment. She was reading ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’. Haz was making circles on Y/N’s stomach.
“You are distracting me”, Y/N spoke softly.
“Oh, am I now?” Haz started tickling her around her stomach.
“Harrison. Stop. Please”, she said between giggles.
“Never darling”, he travelled up to her neck.
She tried to catch his fingers with her chin, “what do you want from me?”
He stopped. Haz placed his hands on her shoulder to calm her down, locking his eye with her he said, “I want to wake up to you every morning and fall asleep to you every night”
“Well you can do that now”
“I want to do that every day for the rest of my life. Marry me, Y/N.”
Y/N was walking down 5th avenue, unaware of a photographer following her across the street. She rang her mother to tell her all the new developments in her life.
“Hello?” her mother answered the phone.
“Hi mum, how are you?”
“Oh hi Y/N! I’m doing fine, what about you?”
“I need to tell you something”
“What is it darling?” Y/N could hear her father in the background asking her mum whether it was Y/N she was talking to.
“Put the phone on speaker, I want to talk to you and papa both”
“Okay”, before heading underground for the subway, Y/N stopped at a small café to finish the conversation.
“Are you both here?” They hummed a yes.
Y/N took a deep breath, “I’m getting married to Harrison”
“What!?” both of them exclaimed.
“Honey you are too young to get married”, her mum said.
“If I’m old enough to do my own taxes, then I’m old enough to take this decision on my own”
“Kid, I just want to give you one piece of advice, I don’t think you should announce your engagement to the world just yet, you both haven’t been dating long enough and they already call you a gold digger”, her dad said.
“Where did you hear that?”
“On the internet”
“Dad, you shouldn’t be Google-ing your child. The internet only feeds you poison. And, lucky for you, we haven’t yet decided when to announce it”
Haz was stirring the sauce in the pan, next to the pot of boiling pasta. Y/N was sitting on the kitchen floor, with her back using the cabinets for support, reading a script.
“Babe, can you pass me the salt?”
Y/N carefully got up and opened the spice drawer. “There you go”
“Thanks” he took the glass jar of salt from her.
“We should watch ‘A Quiet Place’ tonight,” Haz suggested.
“No. we are going to watch ‘Letters to Juliette’.”
“Y/N, we have seen that movie a hundred times”
“Well make it hundred and one because we are watching it again, tonight”
“Why do you get to choose the movie?”
“Because I’m the pregnant wife here, Haz”, she got on her tippy toes to kiss his forehead.
“I want a divorce”, she whispered, loud enough to be heard.
“What?” he looked up at her with the most polarizing gaze.
He heard her. She knew that. She refused to repeat it, she thought if she did, he would win, in some weird way he would win the fiercest fight of their marriage.
“Is this what you do every night when you are not at home, with me? Stay out and drink your pettiness away?” Y/N said, pulling her hair down.
“Is this what you do every night when I’m not home, go to fancy shit with him?”
“Do not bring him into this”, she was stern.
“Come on, say it. Say his name. Say that you are in love with him”, he was poaching her.
“Fine. I love Tom, more than I ever loved you. But this is not about him. He has nothing to do with this sinking ship.” The claws were out.
“Oh honey, you punched the hole. You hurt me”, a mad man said. “You mean to say that you fucking him has nothing to do with us?”
“You should be more hurt that I had a good laugh with him”
She took the dagger out of his back and plunged it straight into his heart. He said nothing. Bleeding out on the floor, no whimpers were whispered.
“When you lost the kid, I was there for you. I took care of you” he said softly.
“Did you ever stop to ask me whether I wanted this kid or not?”
He looked at her confusingly.
“When I lost our child, I was honestly relieved”, she sat down on the floor opposite to him. “I was not ready for it but you were so joyous that I couldn’t say anything. I realized that I was so toxically in love with you, that I was ready to grow a piece of you in me, that I wanted to lose. Our love that seemed so healthy was just in shambles.”
Tears were streaming down both of their faces.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” he moved forward and rubbed her knee.
“I just couldn’t” she said between sobs.
“And now you have to go. It’s okay. I get it.” He took her in his chest, letting Y/N cry her heart out.
“Hey, just like Passenger sang, ‘you’ll only know you love her if you let her go” he tried to be funny for her. And it worked. Y/N scuffed out air, a sad attempt to laugh.
“I will always care for you, Haz”, she looked him in the eyes, the stream of tears never stopping.
“I know”, a deep sigh heard. “I know, I know.” He said stroking her cheek.
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Death By Bagel
NCT Culinary Student!Mark Lee x Fashion Design Student!Reader Summary: Mark makes a cake cause he's realized he can't lose you to some f-boy. Word Count: 3k+ Warnings: Fluff, childhood au, college au, slowish burn, slight cursing, reallllly fluffy, some broksi-dude action, typos sksksksks, etc.
R E Q U E S T my friend: mark lee, slow burn, friends to lovers
A/N: I wrote a fic that already had like 1k+ word then I LOST IT (i think i deleted it) thus this. It took me 10 years to write this msmsmkskskks. PLEASE TUMBLR IS MESSING WITH ME AND MIXED UP THE ORDER OF SOME OF THE DIALOGUE
Tumblr media
“As a doctor, I don’t think you should be doing that,” Mark says, not even bothering to look at his patient seated rudely on the floor. Oop, he’s lying down now.
Mark huffs and looks up from the clay block he was molding on his tray, “YOU’RE SO UNPROFESSIONAL!”
Mark’s mother nearly spits out her coffee upon hearing the words of his five-year-old son. Her husband snorts, “He got that from you.”
The woman throws a look at the man and was supposed to give a snarky retort, up until the sound of the doorbell ringing. She grins from ear-to-ear and dashes to get the door.
When she comes back to the living room, she’s accompanies by another woman and a tiny version of her.
“Markie! Say hello to your Auntie!” Mark’s mom calls.
Mark from the carpeted floor looks up and blinks, examining the stranger-woman and its human-ling. Mark turns to his father who was sat on the couch and receives a nod of approval almost. Mark purses his lips and waves at the woman.
The woman waves back and then crouches down to the little girl, “Baby, say hello to Mark.”
Unwilling, she shakes her head.
“Aw come on, baby. Don’t be shy. Mark over there is a really sweet boy. I knew him when he was in his mommy’s tummy, just like Mark’s mom knew you when you were in mine. You’re the same age so you’ll get along just fine.”
With the unnecessary explanation that gave no justification to the scene whatsoever out of the way, the girl was fooled into peeping up, “Hi, Mark.”
“Hello,” Mark says, not particularly interested, as his patient was still in the midst of dying in his office. He turned to his stuffed toy called Mr. Lion and attempted to stand him up once more.
At this point, the girl makes her way to Mark.
“We’ll be back in two hours, honey. Keep an eye on the children,” Mrs. Lee tells his husband who had been occupied with TV the entire time.
“Yeah. I got this,” he smiles to his wife then goes back to watching.
The bumble bee clad figure sat down to Mark in blue and watched him play.
Mark ignored her for a few seconds, needing to assert all efforts on standing that dumb toy up. Once successful, Mark turns to her, “Do you play doctors?”
Mark was then met with the same lack on enthusiasm. She hums, “I like playing baker doctor.”
All at once, Mark gasps, “ME TOO!”
It was unbeknownst to the children it was oddly specific and the chance of this happening was pretty slim.
And in a blink of an eye, excited giggles erupt in the room, as if they had been having so much fun before this scene. It was here and there the two would become best friends to the very end.
... so I guess it means the reckoning is upon us.
“MARK LEE I SWEAR TO THE FU--” “WHAT! WHAT!?” Mark laughs.
"YOU ATE MY BAGEL! AGAIN!" I growl in a loud whisper, throwing the wrapper at him and his flat head before he could think to dodge it while he annoyingly laughs.
"I asked if I could have it though!" he says, fully knowing his sins.
I glared at him and say lowly, "I thought you were referring to my notes, bread for brains."
Mark snorts loud enough for our teacher to wake up from his nap. Once the class notices, we all pretend to be doing something productive and Mark plays it off with a cough.
"Mr. Lee." Mr. Kim says sternly, clicking his tongue, blinking his eyes rapidly.
Mark finishes coughing and turns to our seated professor, "Yes sir."
"Don't go to school if you're sick and going to cause a racket with your coughing."
Mark nods firmly and Mr. Kim closes his eyes again, mumbling, "page 65 is due tomorrow."
The entire class grumbles. Mark beside me scoffs and makes a face, "Yeah, yeah, Doyoung."
I turn to him and elbow his side.
"Whatever," Mark shakes his head, "professor bunny-teeth won't hear me."
Once class ended, we both get our things and head out for lunch. We walk to our canteen, fussing over assignments, deciding we should do it together later in our mutually free period.
I groan and narow your eyes at him as we have an argument over how he hasn't finished the essay for English, "That's not the point."
"Yo Mark!" a voice calls from afar. Mark and I turn, looking for the voice, and I spot the dimpled senior, Jung Jaehyun, in a table with the rest of his squad.
I nudge Mark and point at the pale guy seated by the corner.
Mark throws him a smile and waves. I follow closely behind him as he walks over to the table. "We're going to sit with them?" I say in some sort of gasp.
"Yeah." Mark replies simply, not bothering to turn to me, "they're cool."
I knit my brows at that and nod, "Yeah I know. But I'm not cute today."
Mark stops in his tracks and throws me a confused look, "what?"
"I didn't put any make-up on today, also I'm pretty sure there's a visible stain somewhere on my jacket, I just don't remember where."
Mark scrunches his face up again, even more confused. "What? How do you... forget a stai-- that's not the point. Why do you wanna look cute today?" He scoffs and continues lowly, "hardly as if you ever look cute."
I let out an annoyed groan and punch Mark's shoulder. "Like when you panicked when Seulgi came over and asked for notes."
Mark openes his mouth, "That is so not the same! Jaehyun's a fuck bo-"
"Just shut up already," I snap and shove him forward so he'd continue walking. "Let's not keep him waiting," I add and mumble, "also I know. Dong Sicheng however is very cute."
Mark chuckles, "he's dated every girl on the dance team."
"Okay, maybe not that cute."
"Ya, Mark," Jaehyun grins and greets the said person with a high-five and chest bump. He turns to me and speaks my name with a smile. I smile back politely and wave.
I'm about to sit next to Sicheng, but Mark shoves me and so I end up sitting on the other side of the bench table with Jaehyun. I turn to Jaehyun with a small, non-awkward smile and shoot Mark a glare. He seems unbothered though.
"So, you up for a round later?" Jaehyun asks Mark.
Mark talks over me, "you know it, dude."
Jaehyun flashes his dimple smile all the stupid girls fall for. I'm only half falling for it cause I'm only half stupid. He raises his brows, "you bought the dough, right?"
This makes me knit my brows.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I really did this time," Mark mumbles quickly. "It's my turn anyway."
Jaehyun gives an off look, "that's literally what you said last time bro."
"Yo, no for real. It's in my bag, if you wanna check."
Jaehyun shakes his head when Mark begins to scramble for it, "no, Lee, it's good. We wouldn't want you friend to get dirty."
Is it just me or do you feel slimey all of a sudden?
Jaehyun then gives me a somewhat, somehow sincere smile, "so. I hear you're in fashion design."
I give a soft chuckle, "yeah. That's me."
"I could tell from a mile away. Mark looks horrible next to your getup."
I look down at my sweater and ripped jeans. Mark exclaims in protest, "shut the hell up, Jae."
I give a soft smile at Jaehyun, "don't know where that comes from but thanks I guess."
Jaehyun chuckles, "I'm kidding," he eyes Mark, "I saw your Fashion Design pin on your bag when you sat down."
"Oooohhhh, haha, okay, that makes sense."
"Ya, Jeff," Sicheng calls for Jaehyun, "it's almost time."
Jaehyun turns to his friend and nods. He turns back to me and Mark, "well, it's nice to meet you. Mark won't put a sock in it even if I beg. See you around, fashionista."
He stands and slaps Mark's back, "see ya later, broski."
"Yeah, bruh," Mark replies.
Once it's just Mark and I, I snap at him and blurt out in a whisper yell, "YOU'RE ON BROSKI LEVEL WITH JUNG JAEHYUN?!"
Mark gives me a weird face, "bruh, I think he calls the principal broski, for real."
I smack Mark, making him whine, "you know what I'm talking about, Mark! And what, are you doing drugs?!?"
He shakes his head in confusion, "Wait, what!? Who the hell told you that?"
"Uhhhhh you were talking about dough and showing up later. Sounds like you owe him money for drugs, Mark."
"??? In what universe did we even mention drugs?? Does this," he slaps his face, "look like a face of a drug addict to you?"
"A gullible idiot maybe."
Mark's jaw drops, "oh wow, okay. I'm done with this conversation." He proceeds to stand attempt to walk away. I scoff, "not on my watch bitch."
Like the true idiot that he is, Mark begins to legit run away from me, like a criminal who stole my cookies. It's embarrassing that he, a man much taller than I, could not even outrun me. I suppose I should be grateful, but this just fortifies my thoughts of him being an idiot even more.
But okay... I wasn't actually expecting this... like... Mark and Jaehyun... like... actually baking bread after school with dough Mark premade at home. Also, uh, Jaehyun looks super cute in an apron that I'm having a mental breakdown. And what's new, so does Mark.
"I can't believe you thought I was a drug dealer," Jaehyun says in a soft pout as he rolls out dough on the marble counter of his friggin large kitchen in his friggin large house. Like dang, I knew he was rich, but he's like Rich™ Rich. Rich with a golden diamond encrusted Rolex watch rich that's in a glass display rich-- wtf.
Mark wheezes in his telltale high pitched laugh as he opens a pack of unsweetened chocolate pellets, "she thought dough was some sort of metaphor or something."
"Cute," they say at the same time. Mark turns to Jaehyun in slight surprise and Jaehyun turns to me. I roll my eyes, though I feel my neck burn. I avert my attention to the scene I was sketching on my pad, Jaehyun and Mark baking croissants. I clear my throat, "I'm just making use of the single braincell between us, cause if he doesn't die falling down the stairs, he's gonna pull some idiotic stuff like baking with Jung Jaehyun."
Oddly, it's Mark that reacts to that with a, "hey!"
Jaehyun rubs his chin on his shoulder, "I also can't believe you think so little of me.'
I break a sweat but decide to answer honestly, "... ... ... You have a reputation."
"Of being a fuck boy?"
Mark loudly transfers the chocolates into a metal bowl, making the two of us snap at him. Mark makes a face, "oh gosh, sorry."
Jaehyun sighs, "well. I admit I get around, but that's only because I get dumped every time."
I raise a brow.
Jaehyun purses his lips, "nah, let's not make this weird. The croissants will be flat."
"Dude," Mark turns to him, "that's literally only because you messed up the recipe."
Jaehyun grits his teeth, "no. It's because Kun's a little teacher's pet and sabotaged me so he could get the best grade."
"No, but like Kun is really nice, he helped me with the fold techinique."
Jaehyun scoffs, "He stole me vanilla extract, Mark. Who does that?!"
"No, listen, he's cool, like, for real--"
"No, you listen, he's a little shit and--"
The two begin to bicker like a married couple, and I begin to draw inspiration form the scene to design some random sketches of wedding dresses.
I look back to the two and still can't get over the fact that I learned Jaehyun was a culinary arts major with my best friend, and that I was currently in the Jung's boojie home because I thought Mark was buying drugs from him. Not what I was expecting at all my day to go like, but I'm not mad this is how it went.
"No, no, no, no," Jaehyun says. He turns to me and points, "let's just get an outside opinion. Babe, what's your favorite color?"
"BABE?!" Mark barks.
I take a moment to reply. I blink slowly, "uhh... pink?"
Jaehyun bites his lower lip and claps his flour covered hands, "Right. Pink croissants it is."
Mark shoots him a glare and turns to me, back to Jaehyun, "she has a name."
Jaehyun nods, "yeah, and she wants pink croissants."
Mark makes a face and Jaehyun examines it, chuckling under his breath. "Wah, you two are something, huh."
No one really responds.
We began to always eat lunch with Jaehyun and his friends. It's funny cause I realized Jaehyun, although I still firmly believed he was out to get nasty with every other girl he sees, he was actually just like Mark. A total loser with a love for cooking.
"Hey," Mark says with a snippy tone.
I give him a look and suddenly receive a paper bag to my face. Mark sits on his chair next to me, as per usual. I smell the thing before I realize what it is. It's a freshly baked bagel. I perk up and smile, "Aw, you baked me a bagel?"
Mark raises his upper lip, "no. Jaehyun did."
I knit my brows, "what? Why?"
Mark narrows his brows, "do you, like, like him?"
I give him a look. I take a bite of the bagel, making Mark look at me in disbelief. I answer, "You do know I only hang with him cause you do, right?"
"Then why'd you eat the bagel then?"
"Uh, a number of reasons. 1) it's a bagel, 2) free food, 3) I'm starving, 4) it smells amazingggg."
Mark does a face, "fair. I've been meaning to ask how he does his seasoning for a while now too." He releases a breath, "and anyway, I'm pretty sure he made a bagel cause I told him you liked them. Never talking about you to him anymore though."
I look at him, "why do you talk about me so much to him anyway?"
"Uh because you're amazing," Mark says instinctively.
I feel my heart skip at that. I coo and place my hands on my chest, "wait that's really sweet."
Mark looks at me. His face begin to shift, "too bad it's a lie- haha."
I give him a look and rebut, "jerk."
As quickly as I found out about Jaehyun being Mark's friend, that's about as quickly as I found out he didn't like hanging out with him anymore. It's kind of a shame I never got to go back to his boojie house.
There was this one encounter I had with Jaehyun though... which was a little weird, not gonna lie.
He was waiting for me outside my Tailoring class, smiling and waving when he saw me. I Reluctantly reciprocated and walked over to him.
He releases a breath, "I've been waiting for about 20 minutes for you. I didn't know when your class would end."
I raise my brows, "you could have asked?"
"Well I would need your number for that, and that would have ruined the surprise," he pulled out a brown paper bag, reminiscing the same one Mark chucked at my face.
"I made you two this time," he smiles.
I take a moment to reply, "you don't have to make me bagels, Jaehyun."
He grabs my hand, "yeah, but I want something out of ya," he places the bagels in my hand. He proceeds to lead us off and we begin to walk down the hall.
Truth be told, it's a little scary that his ulterior motive is up in the air. Jaehyun places his hands in his pockets, "I like your dress, by the way."
I smile, "thanks. I made it."
He smiles and nods, "right. That makes sense as to why it suits you well."
I can't help but blush at that, and simultaneously feel conscious when I realize a bunch of girls in my course are looking at me and Jaehyun as we strut down the hall.
"So, what did you want, Jaehyun?"
"Well, I clearly wanted to ask you out."
Jaehyun smiles and give a soft laugh, "is it so ground breaking?"
"... Uh..."
He sniggers, "hey, you can say no. I mean I hope you don't but you can." Jaehyun leans in and raises his hands, "I won't like it, but a man should take rejection from a lady well."
I turn to him as he straightens up. I turn to the bagels he made me and bring it back to him. He laughs, "no, I made them for you really. It's not poisoned, in fact it's made with love."
I visibly react to that, which makes Jaehyun wheeze. I can't help but laugh back, "that was hella tacky."
"Worth a shot though," he says. "Good luck with Mark."
I look at him with silence and he chuckles, "ya, you can't fool me."
I'm about to retort but then Jaehyun gets called by one of the frats dudes I identify as Johnny Seo. Jaehyun does a curtsy and clicks his tongue, "see ya later babez."
"You know, I would have said yes if you didn't do stuff like that."
Jaehyun purses his lips, "no you wouldn't."
I shrug, "worth a shot though."
Jaehyun places a hand on his chest, dramatically calling, "Uh, rejection hurts, man."
Yeah, I never went to Jaehyun's boojie house ever again.
Silver lining though was Mark's dorm smelled equally as nice because of all the food he cooks, although it came with a whiff of axe body spray from his roommate, Lucas. It's cool though, he was almost never around for me to smell it in its whole intensity.
"Aite," Mark calls from his side of the dorm. I perk up from the two seater dining table they had and turn to Mark who was covering the cake he was making for his finals.
"Don't, like, peek, okay. I want you to see the cake all at once and give me your honest reaction to it. Please, like, all my lives kinda depend on it."
"How many lives do you have?"
"9, I'm pretty sure."
I stand from my seat, "not you faking your life as a cat, but get it I guess."
Mark raises a hand at me as I walk over, "can you not, I'm high-key panicking right now."
"Over what? You literally made a box of donuts for your midterms and it looked better than Misty Mreme! I'm sure your cake is hot."
"It was in the minifridge for a day. I mean it barely fit cause of all of Lucas' mountain dew."
I groan, "just show me it, Mark Lee!"
Mark whined and dashes over to me, grabbing my shoulders, "okay, but like, don't be mean about it. I swear, I might cry."
I give a sound and fake cough, "it's ugly."
Mark doesn't respond to that particular jab, "I'm serioussss. Please be kind, okay?"
I look at Mark's nervous face and give a soft pout, "Markie, please, not that I think it would be ugly, but I promise you don't have to be nervous about my reaction."
He isn't soothed by that, but he does release a sigh, "okay. So for context, Mr. Moon wanted the cake to be one or two tiers, but I went with one, cause there aint no way I'm going to the other side of the campus to freeze a two tiered cake. Then, the theme was something from your childhood, so, I, uh, thought this was fitting. The exam is 60 percent decoration, 40 percent taste by the way."
Mark gives me a hesitant look, but steps way for me to see it. I then see a heart shaped, medium sized cake in my favorite pastel pink color. By the top there's a little boy on the floor playing with a toy oven set and little girl in a bumble bee dress, holding a stethoscope. At the bottom of the cake, there were jelly letters spelling out, "I like you."
I cup my cheeks at the sight of it and feel my eyes start to well at the sentiment.
Wait... was this really happening?
Mark heaves in and out, "okay, so like when Jaehyun began to like hit on you, that sucked pretty hard because he's known for getting girls and I thought maybe he'd get you too and I got panicky. Anyway, I....... have liked you since we were kids... And... I know you probably don't feel the same way but I have to try, you know.... Yolo."
My feel my tears retract from what I hear. I rub my eyes. I turn to Mark and find his nervous face. "Did you just say yolo in your confession, Mark?"
He looks like he's about to throw up.
I can't help but chuckle and pout, "dude..."
I prolong the moment. Mark gets even more nervous as he repeats softly, "dude..."
"We could have dated in grade school all this time."
It takes a moment to register in his head.
Like, a really long moment.
I sigh, "Mark! I like you too, dummy."
He freezes and blinks. His face begins to burn. He breaks into a soft smile, "nice."
I break into a laugh.
"... Uh... So... Can I like... Kiss you?"
I snort and feel my own cheeks begin to burn, "I think you should refrigerate your cake first."
Mark snaps out of this trance, "oh shoot, you-" I give him a quick peck on the lips.
He is dumbfounded.
I feel butterflies go wild in my stomach.
"I'll wait over there for when you've fixed that."
Mark watches as I walk away, "yooo.... That's not fair though."
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New Pet for the two Lords (Captive reader HCs for K. Heisenberg and Lady Dimitrescu)
These two took a hard turn to the left. Meant to make them a part of the sugar daddy ones but this idea took hold of me and I couldn't stop it.
Warning: Miranda straight up kills your friend and your guide at the beginning. The only reason why she's keeping you alive is because her two most unruly children need something to distract them and you remind her of a broken bird. You are a captive here and you're never going back home. But you're coping as best as you can. Made Karl a little nicer than Lady Alcina. I think Alcina would make so you never want to leave were as Karl also wants to leave but doesn't know how. So he fosters that spark in you.
The set up for this:
You’d been on a backpacking trip in Romania with your best friend. They seemed to view the country as some spooky haunted house tour. Dracula’s castle, some pile of rocks that they claimed was some vampire’s castle, a bunch of scary woods that supposedly had werewolves in them. If there was a spooky legend, your friend dragged to the location. You were having not so great of a time.
Everyone seemed unfriendly to you, and the hostel owner in Bucharest seemed fed up with the Karen antics of your friend. “The food is weird. The guys aren’t cute. This city is ugly. How cares about architecture, I want to go ghost hunting for my vlog.”
Well, you cared, that’s who. You didn’t want to be the star of their 3 am spooky Romanian challenge.
After a couple of weeks of spending time with them, you were about fed up with them, too. Seriously considering paying for the ticket home because of it. They swanned in with that familiar giggle that you knew was going to lead to some shit.
“Come on, let’s go. I found a guide to take us to some legendary woods.” You feel your eyes roll like a slot machine. Another haunted wood tour, when you just wanted to rest. But you knew once they got the taste of spookiness, your ass was going to get dragged along. Just because you didn’t want them to die.
And that is how you found yourself running for your life in the middle of the night, screaming like a banshee as some winged creature finished tearing your tour guide apart. Your friend yelped right behind you as you both sprinted for cover.
The legends about this forest were apparently true and the proof of it was hunting your ass down like a monster in a cheap found footage movie.
You almost fell when something swooped down and plucked at your jacket. You ripped that off in a hurry. Threw your phone and pack off to lighten yourself. All those years of college track and field helping to keep you moving.
What you didn’t account on was your bestie. Determined to make it out so they could count the views on their livestream pushing you over.
The next thing you know, you feel a sharp push and you land flat on your face. Tumble over and crack your fucking ankle against a rock. As you fall in a heap, your friend sprints past you. “Sorry, bestie, but one of us has to survive. And I vote for me.”
That is when that winged creature lands in front of them and swipes their head clean off.
The beast looks human, with four black wings and clerical robes. As you lose consciousness from the injury and the shock of your former best friend dying right in front of you, the thing’s soft voice whispers. “Finally, a pet to teach those two responsibilities.”
Welcome to the village. You're here to stay
Tumblr media
Lady Alcina Dimitrescu
The Lady took the idea of sugar mommy seriously. Even though you were surrounded by monsters and her daughters, they all treated you kindly. For fear that the lady might harm them.
Each time Alcina drank from you, she presented you with some sort of gift or dress. As if that made this situation any better. You felt like a toy, a wine bottle and a child all at once.
And the shoes made running quite difficult. The blood loss didn’t help either. Your days were spent waiting for the night when she’d come and have you read to her or feed her. At first, you’d been resistant, but she was so big and you were not.
She never got mad when her daughters dragged you back from your escape attempts (and in the first few days, there were a lot). She used the worst weapon of all, the guilt of a mom.
“Tell me, dear, am I not providing enough gifts for you? Is the food bad? Am I not paying you enough attention?” She sits you in her lap and holds you close. The scent of makeup, perfume, and iron making your head spin. Her enormous hands searching your body for cuts and injuries.
Alcina liked to show you the best gifts after your escape attempts. As if to say, “Would anyone out there get you such pretty things?”
Alcina worked subtly, but surely, on your mind. Soon, you looked forward to her visits and her gifts. The jewelry she gave you, the mirrors and dresses, soft smelling perfumes and old-fashioned lingerie that she dressed you in slowly made your heart soften. Her daughter’s curiosity in your architectural sketches of the castle kept you from crying about your lost life.
Soon, the memories of the outside world dimmed. And instead of snarling and wiggling out of her grasp whenever Lady Dimitrescu wanted to hold you, you merely let yourself sink into her embrace. With each gift and bite, your mind reprograms itself so she becomes your entire world.
With pretty dresses and gifts, you allow yourself to be her bride.
Tumblr media
Karl Heisenberg
Your relationship started with you screaming your head off once you first woke up. They chained you up. Some of his experiments were there, watching you stagger around the factory and of course in terror you tried to escape. But the metal doors slammed themselves shut before you could step through.
“Pretty girl, you just got here and already trying to escape.” Karl clapped his hands sarcastically at you before taking his cigar out of his mouth. With a wave of his hand, you ended up on your knees with you cursing at him to let you go. Before he easily picked you up.
He keeps you in a room with a decent mattress and a view of the other places in the area. Occasionally, one of his pet Lycans would come lumbering by and you would hide under your sheets.
His gifts were expensive trinkets and metal sculptures he crafted with his powers. Nutritious foods and lace shawls from the village in the distance. Karl didn’t keep you in pretty clothes, but the clothing he offered you was warm and useful.
At first, you spent your time screaming insults at him whenever he so much as poked his head into that room. “Fuck you, you low rent Romanian hobo Magneto!” was one of your best insults.
Karl still entered, knowing that you couldn’t fight with the metal lying about. Would pet your head and laugh at your attempts to hurt his feelings.
“Cute, but I’m not the idiot that thought walking around a forest at night was a good idea. If you tell me who Magneto is, I’m give you one of my cigars and a pretty piece of jewelry from the tall bitch.”
“I hate cigars.” He looked genuinely hurt at that, but you ignored that. Karl put your food down and left. Later, once you calmed down, and he came back, you told him all about the X-Men and who Magneto was.
His requested favors were for information. Tales about the outside world and how life functioned beyond the village and the woods that kept the Lords trapped here. You told him about your home, about the ocean that you used to swim in at night. Or the bustle of the cities.
Nowadays, you don’t have to look away to hide the tears that welled up in your eyes. No point in crying over lost things.
He brought you the broken electronics from your pack and asked you about them. What was their function and purpose? When you told him, Karl smiled.
He laughed whenever you shrank back from his Lycans. “Don’t worry, they will not hurt you. I’d fill them full of metal if they did.”
“Cool, I guess.” You couldn’t control how your hands shook whenever they came by. He let you explore more places. Even let you see the Duke once or twice. He’d been a welcome respite.
But by that time, Karl had warned you of Miranda. How she’d tear you apart if you got to the forest. So you didn’t try escaping.
That had been a dark day. The worst since you came here. Karl tried to comfort you, but you’d piled a bunch of blankets over your head and wept. He pet your head and attempted to be reassuring. The next day, he left you a journal and a pencil.
Eventually, you smoked cigars with him. It was something to share and served as a reminder of him whenever he was gone for an extended amount of time.
After a while, you drew like you used to. Landscapes and buildings that you would never get to build. Later, you allowed him to pamper you in his own way.
He never went beyond a kiss, a simple stroke of your face, or an embrace for his favors.
Sometimes Karl brought flowers if he noticed you looking at them wistfully. But he mostly brought you practical things.
You didn’t bother escaping anymore. Just spent your days drawing and watching the landscape and your nights by his side. Soon the world outside seemed like a distant memory.
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crazedhopelessromantic · a month ago
"Where are we going? " Anne asked as she watched him put his four big dogs in the tuck bed.
"Just get in, I'm not going to tell you. "
"Is it in the state? "
"... Not awnsering. " Joe closed the tailgate and walked around to the divers side, pulling open the red door and getting inside. Anne opened the passenger door and got in.
Anne opened her mouth to ask another question but Joe put his hand over her mouth. "No. "
Anne huffed, but stayed quite. Joe pulled out of the driveway and out of the neighborhood, some of the neighbors that were out side waved goodbye at them, Joe didn't react but Anne waved back at them. When they got into the highway it began to rain, much to Annes delight.
"... Where are we going? " Anne smiled, looking out the window at the passing trees.
"Shut up, if you ask again I'm going to literally throw you out of this. "
"O, kinky. " Anne poked his shoulder
"You disgust me. " He took a hand off the steering wheel and brushed her hand off him. He speed up when he turned onto the freeway from the highway, the dogs in the back hunkered down in a good old fashion dog pile.
"Are we-. "
"Anne what the fuck did I just say?! " Joe groaned, she is so lucky he had precious cargo on board and had to focus on driving. He can't die if he got into a crash, but the dogs could. His lifeline, as he calls them.
Anne looked at him and then too the floor and then out the window, twirling her hair between her fleshy fingers. Fuckin' creep liked being yelled at.
"You're getting off on this, huh? "
"Pointing it out isn't making it any better. " She winked and Joe gagged. He wasn't too fond of her weird flirting- but also wasn't totally against it. Anne laughed at his reaction.
"It's in Las Vegas. " Joe sighed and gave her one awnser, only one. Anne nodded, she didn't know where Las Vegas was at and at this point she was too afraid to ask.
Anne pulled her phone out and went to text the director of the site she had been staying at
'Hey fuck head. '
'What do you want Anne. '
'And more importantly where the fuck are you? '
'Calm down- I don't know where I am but there are no trees anymore and I'm going to Las Vegas. '
' ... What are you going to do in Nevada? '
'Idk. '
' 🥺 no need to yell at me.. 👉👈'
'Are you getting kidnapped or something? '
Before she could respond Joe snagged her phone, turned it off and threw it out the window. It hit the car behind them. The dogs watched as the windshield broke and the car crashed into the side forest surrounding the road.
"What the hell was that for!? " She got no response, only him turning to look at her with a smile on his face, he was proud of himself. "I hope you know your chances of being dragged by the hair to hell just incressed. "
"Oh god, I'm sooo scared. " He said, scsrasm thick in his voice. "Who were you texting? "
"Site director. I was telling him to call off my appointments for the day. " -that's was she was going to do before he rudly interupted her. She tells him a lie every so often, as a treat. "Are dogs even allowed where we're going? " So many questions.
"Nope, but either way, I don't care and neither should you. " He passed in front of a cop and dive right through a toll booth.
"... I don't know why I expected you to pay. "
"Your first mistake was expecting anything of me. "
"Don't say that. "
"You aren't my mom. "
"But I am your therapist. "
With his eyes on the road he opened his give box and shoved a clean squeaky dog toy in Annes mouth "Shut up. I'm not going to ask again. "
Anne pulled the toy out of her mouth when her eyes started to water. she kept it close to her mouth to bite on it, she was thoroughly entertained by it. Not soon enough they arrive to Las Vegas and pulled into a place called 'Area-15'.
"And we're here. " Joe parked where ever space was available and got out after turning the car off. Anne got out two, but kept the toy in her hands, the squeaking causing the dogs to jump out twoards her - it would have been illegal for her to refuse some play time, so she threw it at one of the dogs and a different one caught it.
"Oooo, what is this place? "
"It's an interactive art Museum. "
"Oh? "
Joe walked over twoards Anne and picked her up, resting her on his shoulder - it's just faster travel. He called his dogs over, like the good boy and girls they are the fluffy trio trotted along after them.
"This is humiliating. "
"You're humiliating. "
After what seemed like a short walk they arrived to the entrance of the Area-15 and walked in - some kids we're staring at the dogs, wanting to pet them, some kids did.
"Please put me down now. " Anne pushed against his back, trying to get out.
"Hmm, let me think about it. " His grip on her was tight, she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Anne whimpred then gave up, she did keep her hands on his back though.
"Nice ass. "
Joe stood in front of the whole reason why he drove the seven hours, Omegamart. Joe put Anne back down on the floor before picking her back up only differently and cutting the long line of people, they didn't complain. The workers at the entrance greeted them and the dogs.
"Omega mart? " She slid her legs out of his arms and back on the floor, "this place looks like an SCP. " She said it loud enough only for him to hear.
"What makes you say that?"
Anne grabbed his hand and walked around the exhibit with him. "The vibe. " The dogs walked around like they owned the place, making sure to sniff everything in sight.
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jadewritings · a month ago
If I Can’t Have Her
Summary: Life couldn’t be better for Y/N. She’s got the boys, hunting has been going smoothly, it’s perfect. For hunters that is. Then a certain someone comes back into her life and everything goes to shit.
WARNINGS: (18+) Non-con, unprotected sex, carving kink, being chloroformed, language, mentions of cheating, descriptive gore, angst, death (You’ve been warned)
Pairing: negan x reader, sam x reader, dean x reader
WIT (words in total): 2,495
AUTHORS NOTE: This is for the lovely @negans-lucille-tblr ‘s 7k writing challenge! Congrats bee! I hope you like as I’ve never written for negan before, nor have I actually watched him in twd (only bits and pieces that my mom watched. I stopped at like season 5 or something), BUT, I’ve read a lot about him and how he acts in fics. Hopefully this isn’t TOO out of character. Also, this isn’t beta’d so all mistakes are mine!
CC (Categories Chosen): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Negan, Smangst, Grand declaration of love (in a dark way heheheh), Degradation/humiliation kink (Tinsy bit of it)
Tumblr media
The three hunters walked through the door of the motel room exhausted, dirty, and starving. Dean tossed his bag on the bed, flopping belly first onto the mattress. Sam sat down at the small circular table and opened his laptop to do whatever it is that he does on that thing. Y/N on the other hand, she grabbed a new pair of clothes and headed straight for the shower.
“Where are you going?” Dean lifted his head from the bed with one eye open after hearing her step out of the bathroom and grabbing the car keys.
“As tired as I am, Dean, food comes first. I’m getting something to eat. Bacon cheeseburger okay with you?” She didn’t even try to hide the smirk that crept up her face when Dean groaned.
“You know me like the back of your hand, sweetheart.”
She chuckled and bent down to kiss his temple before heading straight to the door.
“I’ll take a-”
“Chicken Cesar salad? Yeah, I know, babe.” She stopped Sam before he could answer. She’s been with these two for god knows how many years now and nothing ever really changed with their food habits. Sam sent her a grateful smile and returned back to his computer.
She took the impala and made her way towards the diner she saw on their way to the motel. Y/N pulled in and was eager to get some food in her stomach.
It was quiet, only a few patrons sitting in the booths, the only noise being the chef cooking and the doorbell ringing, signaling a customer. She went up to the counter, sitting on the red leather stool and waited for her order to be taken.
“What can I get for you, doll?” The blonde waitress asked, taking out a notepad. She looked sweet and her smile was almost blinding to anyone that looked.
“I’ll take two bacon cheeseburgers, one of them ketchup only, and a chicken Cesar salad, please. Oh! And a sweet tea. To go.”
“Comin right up!” She answered too cheerfully, considering it was almost midnight. Y/N sighed, tapping her fingers against the marble counter and spinning slightly on the stool. Her eyes dragged across the diner, very old fashioned. Blue and red as the theme but mostly white. Booths lined against the wall and the door directly behind her. The smell of burgers wafted into the air, her stomach making a grumbling sound at her.
She groaned, holding her stomach. Y/N swiveled around just in time to see a guy walk through the door. One she truly, utterly, wished she hadn’t.
Her face instantly turned to a scowl and she turned back around. But it was too late, he’d already caught a glimpse of her.
“Well I’ll be fuckin damned! If it isn’t the beautiful and badass Y/N Y/L/N!” She could hear his boots on the floor as they got closer. “Lucky me, gettin to see such a lovely face at this time of night.” He leaned on the counter next to her but she avoided looking at him.
“Fuck off, Negan.”
“Ouch!” He braced his hand against his chest, a smirk resting on his lips, “Can’t even be civil to an old friend?”
Y/N turned and glared at the leather clad man, “You’re not a friend, never will be a friend. You can go rot six feet under for all I care.”
“Fuckin hell, babygirl! You always were sexy when you got pissed at me.” His eyes raked her in, his tongue coming out to meet his bottom lip before his teeth took its place. Not once did his smirk falter.
She sent him a sarcastic smile and grabbed the brown bags of food and her drink when the waitress finally brought them over and set them down. She left a twenty dollar bill and sent one last glare to Negan before leaving.
She knew it would be too good to be true to think he’d leave her alone. His footsteps crunched on the gravel behind her.
She huffed and spun around, “What the hell do you want!”
“You, babygirl. I need you, you know that. I fucking miss you.”
“Is that what it was when you were balls deep in another girl? Needing me? Remind me what her name was again? Lucille?”
That wiped his smirk clean from his face, “She was a fuckin mistake! I only want you, y/n/n.”
“Well sorry for wasting your time, but I’m happy now. And in love with not one, but two very good men who love me back! So get lost!” She turned around and dropped the food onto the passenger seat.
“Didn’t want it to have to come to this.”
Next thing she knew, a cloth was clamped around her mouth. It smelled like she was suddenly in a hospital. She struggled, but soon, her vision went fuzzy and she felt her eyelids grow heavy.
Her eyelids felt like a ton of bricks. It was like she’d gone a week without sleep, her eyes burned the moment she tried to open them. She moved her arm to rub her eyes but was cut short by a clanking sound. Anxiety that could blind her crawled it’s way up her chest. Her heart beat was erratic. She tested her legs but looking down, she saw they were chained to the wooden bed frame as well.
“Welcome back to the land of the conscious, pretty girl.” His voice had a sinister sneer to it, the shadows hiding parts of his face as he stood in the corner. Negan always did have a flare for the dramatics.
“You know, your phone has been buzzin off the wall. I’m guessin it’s your little boyfriend’s gettin worried about you.” He stalked towards the bed, one knee making the bed dip while he leaned over her. His fingers brushed away strands of her hair, which she jerked her head away from. “But don’t worry, babygirl, they won’t find us before I’m done with you.”
Negan got up and rounded the bed, not once taking his eyes off her. She watches him, her heart pounding at the thought of what he’s gonna do next. Negan was a dangerous son of a bitch. Always getting into fights with guys who tried hitting on her. While she appreciated the thought, he took it too far and almost killed them.
He opened the bedside drawer and took out a knife. It’s handle was thick, his fingers wrapped tightly around it, while the smaller silver blade was sharp to a point. He smiled and came back around, dragging it ever so slightly down her shirt, starting at the curve of her neck, down to the button of her jeans.
“They better of fuckin worshipped that pussy of yours. Damn,” The corner of his lips upturned and his teeth bit his bottom lip, “I still remember how it felt on my cock. Soft and warm. Felt so damn snug, I could stay there forever.”
She couldn’t help it, her cunt clenched at nothing when that left his mouth. For being such a jackass, Negan certainly had a way with words. That’s part of what attracted her to him in the first place, he wasn’t afraid to say exactly what was on his mind.
Y/N jumped when he drug the knife under her shirt, it gave her chills because it was like ice on a fire. She looked down just as he used the weapon to cut open her shirt. Her nipples immediately pebbled against the air conditioned room.
“Would you look at that! Already fuckin ready for me! Should we see if you’re goin full commando?” He asked as he lowered the knife to her jeans.
“Negan, stop! I don’t want this!” Y/N yelled, her eyes beginning to water.
He leaned down next to her ear, “I guess you shoulda thought about that before you left me, doll.” She grunted out of frustration, fear, and anxiety. She knew what Negan was capable of but she never would have thought doing this was something he’d try. Especially with her.
His hand trailed over the soft skin of her stomach, humming as he went. He closed his eyes, lost in the touch, “I missed you, baby. So fuckin much. After Lucille,” he paused for a split second, undoing the buttons on her jeans, “I felt so damn guilty. You were the best fuckin thing for me, and I ruined it. I still love you, Y/N. I’ll ask you one more time, leave those two and come back with me,” his eyes darkened, “or I can take back what’s fuckin mine by force.”
She couldn’t even look him in the eye. Her heart struggled, the boys were so good to her, even on their bad days they always come back and sort things out. She still loved Negan, but she ached when she thought about what he did. It was a betrayal she could never forgive, because if he could do that, then he wasn’t truly hers. A sob escaped her, he was pulling down her pants along with the thongs she’d planned to wear for the boys that night.
But even so, Negan could never have her again. Her love for Sam and Dean outweighed any love she ever had for Negan. Her face turned to that of determination as she firmly answered him, “No.”
Negan hummed, “Well that’s just fuckin sad sweetheart.” He ripped her jeans off of her the rest of the way and began to undress himself. His cock stood proud, weeping with precum at the tip. It’s been a while since she’d seen, let alone felt it, in all its glory. His slim figure had bulked a bit since then. He really didn’t look bad but she was loyal, unlike someone. She didn’t want this.
Negan read her like an open book, he always could. His fingers toyed with her slit, slowly dragging them through her wetness.
“God fuckin damn, you always were so wet for me.” He sighed, smearing her essence over his dick. He climbed over her, settling between her legs. She couldn’t bear to look down. But Negan had other plans. He roughly grabbed her face and yanked it so all she could do was look.
“You’re gonna fuckin watch me while I fuck your slutty pussy. You look anywhere else and,” he lifted the knife in his hand and placed the tip over her stomach. “Maybe I should just carve who you fuckin belong to in you, huh? How does that sound?”
This was the moment she couldn’t hold it in anymore, the tears flowed freely. She violently shock her head no and he grabbed her face again, “Use your words!”
“NO! Negan, stop! Please!” She cried harder.
He only smirked, rubbing his tip through her pussy, dipping it in her cunt just a little, teasing her before circling her clit with it. He leaned down, running his tongue along her nipples. He finally remembered how she tasted. After all those years apart, he had what he longed for again. Even if it was by force, and she didn’t want this, he just couldn’t help himself.
She held back the moans, but not before letting one slip. She felt him smirk against her. His beard tickled her breasts in the best way that she had so long forgotten. She may not have wanted this, but her body most certainly did.
His cock rutted against her, he was getting impatient and quick frankly, so did her pussy that clenched with nothing inside her. So he sat up and rubbed up and down her slit again, enjoying the sound of her slick and drove home inside her in one quick push.
Finally, they were connected again. He groaned, long and full, eyes closed with bliss. She felt full, a different kind of full than if it were Dean or Sam. Negan had girth, and the perfect length that reached just enough. He stilled, waiting for her to stretch to accommodate him. He could feel her pussy pulsing around him, warm, velvety, just like he remembered. When her pussy clenched he moaned and pulled out just enough to slam back in. The headboard hit the wall behind it and Negan laughed, setting a pace he remembered she liked. Her moans mixed with sobs and it made him impossibly harder, encouraging him almost.
The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the small motel room. The other occupants, if there were any, no doubt hearing. His finger tips traced her sides before settling on her tits that bounced with each thrust. He massaged them, pinching the nipples only slightly. Their moans mixed in the air. Y/N hated that her body betrayed her, she hated what was happening and that he was doing this to her. Most of all, she hated that the boys weren’t here to save her.
The ringtone of her phone interrupted them. Negan was starting to get pissed. He picked it up and to Y/N’s horror, he answered it. His pace slowed but never completely stopped, smirking down at her squirming beneath him as he pressed the phone to his ear, “Now what can I fuckin do for you persistent boys?”
There was a slight pause before the other end answered, “Who is this?”
“The name’s Negan. The one fuckin your girl right about now.” He looked down as a sob rolled through Y/N. The words were like venom to her. Poison from the tongue.
Negan leaned down, placing the phone to her ear, “Say hi, sweetheart.”
She cried, leaning into the phone, “D-Dean, Sam, help me-“
Negan yanked the phone away, scowling. The knife he held dig deeper into her stomach, a droplet of blood pooling. She grunted out.
“Naughty fuckin girl, you’re supposed to listen.”
Negan tuned back into the other line, “If you hurt her I swear to g-“
“God ain’t visiting tonight boys. Y/N is mine and you know how the saying goes, If I can’t have her, no one fuckin will.” He muted the phone, opting to switch it to FaceTime so the boys could see how he was making their girl feel. The screen opened to the boys face while all they could see was Negan's cock going in and out of her cunt. He lifted the phone to her tear stained face. Her face was flushed and filled with despair. Negan found his fast pace again, opting to use the knife this time. He angled the camera so it could see each letter he cut into her until his full name bled from her stomach. The boys could hear her gut wrenching screams.
Her pussy gripped his cock and pulled him close to the edge. He dropped the phone and lifted the knife to her neck, her eyes filled with fear as she looked pleadingly at him. He came inside her, the knife gliding over her throat as she gargled on her own blood.
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I Travel Troubled Oceans: Chapter 13 - In Which Charles Vane Wanders Towards Domesticity Via Bareknuckle Boxing And Jack Feels Feelings
Charles has been... not ignoring Jack – he's never cold or brusque – brusquer than usual, anyway. But he is giving Jack space that he's never really given him before. Space that they've never really had, living in doorless squalid squats always in arms reach of each other and often closer. But it's fairly easy to stay out of each other's way in a house this big.
And Jack has been exerting plenty of effort to stay out of Charles's way. Unfortunately, Charles has noticed – how could he not, when Jack routinely followed him like a particularly persistent shadow. And damn Anne for pointing that fact out, for now Jack can't help but acknowledge the truth of his long infatuation – there, that's a good word for it – infatuation, not crush, no matter what Anne says.
Anyway, Jack's is pretty sure Charles thinks he's is mad at him when in fact the problem is that entirely the opposite is true – Jack is lovestruck and giddy in Charles's mere presence. Practically doodling little hearts with his and Charles's names written inside them in pink glitter gel pen like it's still the nineties and he's just discovered the magic of perfectly coiffed boy bands. Which Chaz would tease Jack mercilessly about if he ever found out – tease him for both his teenage taste in music and for his feelings for Charles.
So Jack has continued to cloister himself in his workroom with Christine to work on his next fashion show. An activity that isn't quite as much of a safe harbor after the conversation Anne had with her. Something about managing Jack when he gets in a “mood” - as if Jack has moods! And if he does, as a rich eccentric creative genius type person, he's more than entitled to whatever moods he cares to have. So there!
Charles has been out of the house more often than not over the past few weeks. Partly because Jack's been holed up with Christine, putting together another fashion show. And every time Charles has tried to butt in – to remind Jack to eat something, damn it, or to just take a break – he's been very summarily excused by Jack. And ok fine Jack's in a tizzy, what else is new? But it's not like he really wants to be around for that shit.
And. And. And he's got that itch under his skin that means he needs either a fight or a fuck.
Fucking's off the table, cuz he's Jack's pretend boyfriend and they're supposed to be monogamous. Not that he couldn't find someone reasonably discrete and reasonably removed from the world they're moving in now. The world of rich marks who think a night of slumming it means going to clubs that only have twenty pound cocktails on the menu rather than fifty. So he could find someone who'd never have a chance of encountering one of the rick fucks who'd know him as Jack's boy toy and not as a scourge of the streets.
Hell, he could go find a lower class prostitute who doesn't give half a fuck about anything about him other than that he's got cash to pay for their services. Christine may even have been amenable before Jack had driven her crazy with all his ridiculous demands. But he had and now she flees the house at the end of every day, desperate to be away from his shit. Or maybe she's got something to rush too, rather than away from – Charles doesn't know or really care to. Regardless, that's that plan scuppered.
Of course, there's always other fish in the sea. Or corner boys and girls looking for a John. Christine is just the most available. But there's another reason he doesn't go seek someone else out – another prostitute or even just someone looking for a casual fuck after a long day of being a boring corporate drone.
It's because Charles knows now, after months of collecting information and blackmail on various rich shitstains, just how far some of them are willing to go to see their enemies brought low. Hell, Flint's boyfriend – or husband or whatever their actual relationship is with one another – Thomas Hamilton's own father had him exiled. Left him homeless and destitute and unacknowledged simply because his relationship with Flint might someday be a liability to his business.
All the so-called civilized motherfuckers are so ready to toss aside anyone they think of as lesser and then climb the pile of corpses to even more wealth and power. And Charles refuses to hand any one of those sorry fucks any leverage against him or Jack or any one of their crew. Refuses to see their plans, everything they've worked for, thrown away for a quick fuck.
So Charles keeps himself company. And starts looking for a fight.
He's not so far separated from his days on the streets that he doesn't still remember how to find the underground bare knuckle boxing ring that floats through London's abandoned warehouses and highrises. The place where all the flotsam and jetsam of the criminal underbelly congregate to see a little blood spilt. Or to spill it.
And Charles is not so far separated from his days on the streets that the guy watching the door – some big hulking bearded fucker who dwarfs Charles – doesn't gape and stare but still let him in. In to the derelict parking garage that was meant to serve a set of luxury condominiums that were never built and so the land remained solely as a tax dodge for an absentee landlord to launder his actual business's shady money through.
Charles descends into the dank depths of the service corridors underneath the garage. And he stands face to face with a ghost.
Some fucking idiot, with more money than taste – not that Charles himself is a paragon of that, but some of Jack's obsessive rants about good design sense had to have rubbed off on him – some stupid fuck has installed a huge black door, mirror shiny, at the entrance to the illegal fighting ring. And it reflects his face from endless murky depths.
He looks like a dead man.
He looks like he did before. Before prison and before Jack taking over the crew and before Max and before playing pretend. Before dressing like a rich fuck almost too stupid and self obsessed to notice anything beyond his own reflection in the mirror.
He looks strong. He looks casually cruel – looks like a man whose only goal is to gather strength about himself and to crush out weakness. He looks ready to spill blood and have his own spilled.
Charles pushes open the stupid, ugly, ostentatious door.
His reflection may not look changed, but everyone there, all the hard fuckers, all the street trash, they know what happened to him. They know where he's been and what – who – he's been doing. So he gets a lot of shit on first walking in, shit for being a poof and a dandy. For moving out of the streets and into a house – a big posh house and not a crumbling council estate. But mostly he takes shit for him and Jack being bum buddies.
Cuz news like that's always going to travel right down to the lightless, scummy depths of the lowest places in London. Especially when it's about someone like him. Someone strong, since they see that as a weakness. Someone masculine, since they see that as inherently emasculating.
No one had been surprised about Jack swinging both ways, for instance. He looks like a poof and acts like a poof, no big mystery there. And him so unapologetically larger than life like he is, it's not like he kept it quiet. Although the street's acceptance of him might have had something to do with Anne always lurking at his shoulder, ready to slit an adversary's throat before they even knew it had been cut. And with Charles too backing Jack when he'd been in charge of the crew, making it known that if anyone fucked with him they'd have Charles Vane to deal with.
Charles himself, though. That is a surprise. One that ripples around the ring of fighters like the wave that pulls back before a tsunami is unleashed.
Charles steps into the center of the ring. A dare. A challenge.
And once he's knocked a few dozen heads together, knocks a few dozen teeth in. Once he's standing bloody and bruised but unbowed, with his vanquished enemies at his feet. Well, they all leave it alone after that.
Cuz he's still Charles fucking Vane.
And he feels that more clearly here than in the posh streets of Camden or the West End they now frequent. Feels it in the brutality of the fight for his place here, his life. Feels it in the friendlier sparring that replaces it once he's proved he's worthy to stand among them – sparring no less brutal than his earlier fights, but much more full of camaraderie and less full of a genuine desire to kill one another. And it's nice to feel like his old self, to know he's still him even after everything that's changed.
But that doesn't mean it's not nice to go home at the end of the night, bruised and bloody and with his blood finally cooled and settled under his skin. Nice to emerge from the dank underground into the grey miserable filthy dawn of London streets and know he's got a home to go to.
Jack... Well, he's not waiting up for Charles, because that would imply that he's anxious about where he's gone. And Charles is a grown man, more than capable of going wherever he'd like at whatever hour he'd like.
But he may admit to waking up a bit earlier than usual and, when he passes by Charles's room and finds his bed empty and unslept in, drinking his morning coffee in the sitting room that faces the street so that he can see Charles first thing when he arrives.
Not to be a nag or a mother hen or anything. But simply because he finds he's rather missed having Charles around – barging into his space and interrupting his work and generally making a nuisance of himself. And it's Jack's own fault Charles has started going out more. It's Jack who's been driving him away. But Jack misses him.
And Jack's going to nut up and tell Charles he's missed him. Because he doesn't want to keep going on this way. And his feelings aren't Charles's problem and Jack never should have made them be.
So he's going to fix this, he is...
And then he sees Charles coming up the street. At first, Jack thinks he's just drunk – or fucked up. He's moving a little strangely, like his legs won't quite carry him in a straight line. But as Charles gets closer, Jack can see that he's dead sober – and that he's been beaten to a pulp. His hair is stuck to his face with blood from the cut on his forehead and he's got one hell of a bruise blooming on his cheek and his knuckles are split all to hell.
He looks wrecked. He looks almost as bad as he had after he'd killed Albinus.
Jack runs out to him, where he's standing looking lost and alone out on the pavement.
Charles smiles at Jack as he approaches - Jack who must make a ridiculous figure, rushing outside in nothing but a silk robe and fuzzy slippers - and his teeth are stained red with blood and the smile is really more of a baring of teeth.
“Chaz.” And there Jack stops, because he's really not certain how to go on.
“Jack.” And Charles's voice is steady, even if his footsteps aren't.
Jack places an arm under Charles's and helps him towards the house, towards the hanging open front door and the warmth and safety beyond. “Charles, what the fuck happened?”
Charles slumps against the hallway wall while Jack turns to close the door. “Got in a fight.” And he's grinning up at Jack, looking absolutely fucking unrepentant.
Jack throws his hands up in exasperation. “Really Chaz? You got in a fight? I never would have guessed.”
Charles's grin just gets even more smug.
“Who, pray tell, were you fighting? And why?”
Charles moves further into the house, to the hallway bathroom, where he starts dabbing at his cuts with a delicate hand towel. And yeah, that stain's probably never coming out. But it wasn't his decision to buy white towels, Jack. “Just some street toughs. And as for why...” He shrugs. “Sometimes a man just wants a fight. You know how it is.”
Jack certainly does not know how it is. He's always had the philosophy that fights are to be avoided at all costs – he would never seek out a, a recreational skirmish.
And Charles seems to realize that, because he turns away from Jack and begins dabbing in earnest at the cut on his forehead with a now dampened – and frighteningly bloody - hand towel.
Jack purses his lips but squeezes into the bathroom alongside him. “Here, Charles. You'd better let me do that.”
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aion-rsa · a month ago
Army of the Dead: How Advanced Are Zeus and His Alpha Zombie Society?
This Army of the Dead article contains spoilers.
It’s not a subtle image. But then who comes to a Zack Snyder movie for that? During the bloody and marvelous opening credits to Army of the Dead, the alpha zombie they call Zeus (Richard Cetrone) earns his nickname while staring up at a statue of the ancient Greek god of thunder in front of the fictional Mount Olympus hotel and casino. Our Mr. Zombie+ may not be an actual god, but one alpha can clearly recognize another’s game, and as we eventually learn, “Zeus” will make the Greco-Roman themed high-rise his home in the months to come.
Olympus is again the seat of power for those who seek to rule over all.
Such is our early introduction to Snyder’s update of zombie lore in Army of the Dead, the filmmaker’s second zombie movie after his debut film nearly 20 years ago, the Dawn of the Dead remake (2004), and his first original project since 2011’s Sucker Punch. Obviously, Snyder is still playing with genre in his new undead adventure, embedding a heist movie into the trappings of a more traditional zombie survival horror. However, the closer one examines the zombie hierarchy of this new movie, the more evident it is that there’s little you could call “traditional” about Zeus and his brood.
“I think the conversation I was starting to have with myself is: What will people allow in this genre of film?” Snyder told Den of Geek earlier this month about Army of the Dead. If audiences are receptive to the film, the answer will be a lot since Snyder’s movie seems to suggest zombies can be highly intelligent, successful at problem solving, and even in some ways more evolved and egalitarian than us. And if they can ever get outside of the ruins of Las Vegas… they really might just be the new gods of this world.
Of course on paper, the idea of a “smarter zombie” is not entirely new. The grandfather of our modern conceptualization of zombie lore, George A. Romero, even began toying with his image of mindless undead shamblers with his third zombie movie, Day of the Dead (1985). In that film, a zombie they call Bub is trained to solve rudimentary puzzles and even use a gun by humans; he then develops affection for the scientist who taught him. Romero further built on the idea in Land of the Dead (2005) when a zombie nicknamed “Big Daddy” leads a pseudo-revolution by organizing fellow walkers to storm Dennis Hopper’s high-rise citadel of power.
However, both those films, particularly Land, were far more intrigued with the allegorical aspects of the undead workers of the world uniting, as opposed to deepening the definition of a zombie itself. Big Daddy and his cohorts represented the “have-nots” of capitalism and 20th century geopolitics, with Hopper’s character a thinly veiled caricature of then-U.S. President George W. Bush (he is killed by oil at the end of the film).
Other fictions have also somewhat explored the idea of an intelligent zombie, but it’s always been in a format meant to feed into other genre tropes, like the romantic comedy in Warm Bodies (2013) or high fantasy in Game of Thrones. Still, Thrones is probably the best comparison to what Snyder is going for in Army of the Dead since the White Walkers (or “Others” in George R.R. Martin’s novels) are the top of a hierarchical food chain with the ability to magically command the more mindless Wights. They even kept pets like undead horses and bears—which is not dissimilar to Zeus’ own undead mount and tiger in Army of the Dead.
Nevertheless, the White Walkers are essentially a fantastical catchall for any force of nature (or inescapable death) that overwhelms and obliterates the petty grievances of man. Hence the countless think pieces about the Night King being the harbinger of climate change. By contrast, “alphas” in Army of the Dead are not allegorical creatures at all. They’re envisioned to be the next step in evolution among the undead and (perhaps) humanity as well.
We don’t technically know where Zeus comes from in this story. There’s some cheeky lip-service paid in the cold open about the zombie king hailing from Area 51, yet these details are intentionally left vague and dubious. The point is that he was in the military’s custody and they rather hilariously lost control of the zombie. Now every person he bites becomes an alpha—which is odd since it raises the question of where the traditional walkers came from if Zeus is the proverbial Patient Zero of the zombie outbreak.
Be that as it may, after the new normal sets in around Vegas, we learn Zeus rules on high from Olympus, sending out his zombie tiger as if it were both a hunting dog and a herald to announce his power. And his elected ruling class of zombies have developed the ability to communicate and barter with the living humans who occasionally slip into their domain. We learn from Lilly (Nora Arnezeder) that she only successfully ferrets materials in and out of Vegas by sacrificing “shitheads” to her alpha zombie gods. And when she feeds one such sexist pig to the alphas, Zeus’ zombie bride (Hera?) communicates with the humans through a series of vocal cues, making it clear she accepts that these mouth-breathers are buying safe passage.
Which raises the question: just how smart are the alpha zombies in Army of the Dead?
Read more
Will an “Aggressively Anti-Snyder” Warner Stop the SnyderVerse?
By Joseph Baxter
Man of Steel 2: Zack Snyder Teases Superman vs. Brainiac
By Mike Cecchini
The answer appears to be very. Zeus is able to organize his fellow alphas into an army that attacks in waves, like the Night King in Game of Thrones. Yet each alpha appears to have its own personality and ambition. They are not extensions of his will, but creatures with their own individual thought processes—they just fear the real alpha among them. Maybe this is the only element of allegorical heft in the film, since Zeus has organized zombie society around a group of powerful producers who take what they want through virtue of their talent (the alphas) and a bunch of underachiever shamblers who don’t complain about getting scraps. One even wonders if there’s an undead Atlas to shrug among Zeus’ cohorts?
In any event, Zeus is able to problem solve enough to build a seemingly magic helmet that no high-powered bullet can penetrate, thereby protecting his sensitive brain tissue, and he can strategize how to lead an assault with both alphas and shamblers. Most importantly though… he can grieve.
In another significant departure from typical zombie fiction, Zeus procreates in this film the old-fashioned way. His new species still increases its numbers via zombie bites. Yet Zeus and his proverbial bride also conceive a child who is still in utero when she is decapitated. Zeus is able to be anguished by the desecration of her body (and later her final death), and he can be outraged by discovering his zombie child died for realsies in utero.
We have seen “zombie babies” and zombie children before, including in Snyder’s own Dawn of the Dead remake. But we have never seen zombies conceive a child, which seems to suggest zombies can actually age and grow in this universe. After all, the baby Zeus and his lover intended to birth could grow from an apparently zombified embryo, so can Zeus and his minions grow older themselves? Zeus’ hair certainly grows out over the length of the movie.
In which case, are the alphas in Army of the Dead really dead at all? In a biological sense, yes. Their hearts stop beating and they can apparently take any form of punishment except a bullet or blade to the cranium. In a philosophical sense, however, the differences between the living and the dead appear to have become moot. The alphas can procreate, strategize, and build a society of their own.
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As even Lilly says, this isn’t their prison; it’s their kingdom. A realm for a new species that in some ways is an improvement on ours. For starters, they are a lot harder to kill. Zeus’ lover is outright decapitated and her head’s still going. But, on a more serious note, they also display fewer deficiencies of character. If Martin (Garret Dillahunt) hadn’t screwed over his compatriots to get to the roof alone, most of the cast of characters in Army of the Dead would’ve survived. In a plot point straight out of James Cameron’s Aliens, at least the alpha zombies aren’t “fucking each other over” for a percentage.
Additionally, the alphas can overtake entire communities in the span of a few days. If not for the wall erected by humans during the movie’s opening credits, North America would be swarming with zombies. So, in a way, putting Zeus down at the end was the best thing our heroes could’ve done for their obsolete species.
But—as teased by Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick) surviving just long enough to get out of the irradiated ruins of Vegas to notice his zombie bite—life, much like death, will find a way. And among the alphas, those distinctions are becoming almost meaningless.
The post Army of the Dead: How Advanced Are Zeus and His Alpha Zombie Society? appeared first on Den of Geek.
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tales-unique · a month ago
I gave myself a small case of blue balls with this chapter, I apologize! It gets a little, ahem, spicy. ❤️
Edit: @chelseareferenced forgot to tag my boo! Sorry love!
Chapter 3
Lords grant you mercy you were going to kill him if he didn’t let you out. Heisenberg had, quite quickly, established a set of ground rules that you were to adhere to at all times when in the Factory, the most notable being that you weren’t to leave the upper floors without him under any circumstances. This, of course, left you alone for the majority of your time there since he never allowed you to aid him in his work.
You’ll just get in my way — he’d sneer at you, patting your head in a condescending manner. Not to mention the Lycans have a preference for young, supple devotees — he would tease you, wiggling his gloved fingers at you from inside in the elevator, chuckling to himself as he descended into the bowels of the factory to continue his projects. You had no idea what he was creating down there, but you knew that it often didn’t work out as planned from the way he’d fume when he returned. Once again you have been left to your own devices, only this time you have a way to alleviate at least some of your boredom. With a huff of effort you slide to the floor and crawl over to an old vent duct in the wall. It had caught your attention one night when the echoing of his voice through the shaft had woken you up, realizing that one of his work rooms below you was connected to yours via this duct. Though it provided you with minimal entertainment, it did give you insight to the type of work he did. Experiments; this was where he made the Lycans and the other twisted creatures that roamed his Factory. One night, against your better judgement, you had read an extract from an open journal on his desk when trying to make yourself useful. It mentioned something called Soldats and an army he was trying to create. You were lucky that you had moved away from it to straighten his sheets, otherwise he would have caught you red handed. Not that he was happy to have you in his space at all. “Fuck!” The loud cursing pulls you back to reality and you peer down the shaft expectantly, gripping the grate that covers it as you listen to Heisenberg rant about his latest creation being a failure. He had a tendency to speak out loud, likely recording his findings. The echo of his boots thudding against the metal floor betrays his movements and you follow it along the floor until you can’t hear it anymore. It means one of two things; either he’s leaving the Factory altogether or he’s coming back up. Quickly, you get to your feet and smooth down your clothes; a pair of simple trousers and a tunic top. You’d managed to scrounge up the modest outfit with the help of the ever amicable and charming Duke after a rather abrupt introduction from Heisenberg. Begrudgingly he allowed you to pick whatever you deemed necessary, and even a few luxuries like a fancy hand mirror, even though he complained that you were going to bankrupt him. It didn’t stop him lingering nearby, supervising the exchange through the puffs of cigar smoke. It was on your return to the upper levels, Heisenberg fancying the stairs instead of the elevator this time, that you’d properly come into contact with the Lycans. You weren’t sure what possessed him to give you a glimpse of inner workings of his Factory. Maybe it was another cheap shot at frightening you, or maybe it was pride that drove him to parade his creations before you. Needless to say, they did scare you. The lower reaches of the Factory was their domain and as you followed Heisenberg closely, his one clear instruction, you couldn’t help but feel their eyes watching you from afar. They snarled and growled and howled at your intrusion, sniffing the air curiously. It was rare for their Master to bring something new to their den and not let them tear it limb from limb. You were quick to beg him to take you back to the relative safety of the upper floors, which he did so with immense satisfaction and shit-eating grin on his face. The sound of the elevator dings and you come to stand in the doorway, watching him stalk out as soon as the gate opens, muttering heatedly to himself. In typical Heisenberg fashion he stalks right past you and into his office without so much as a grunt of acknowledgment. Clearly someone was having a bad day. Steeling yourself, you pad gently to his office door and find that he’s left it open for once. A good sign. Usually if his mood is dangerously sour the door is slammed shut and you avoid him like the plague until he makes himself known, but that isn’t necessary this time. “Is everything alright?” You ask from the threshold, careful not to enter until you’re invited. Like the ever faithful woman you are you try to serve him as best you can, even if he does make it very difficult at times. Heisenberg sits in his metal chair, leaning back. His stance is exasperated, but the tight grip on the shot of liquor in his hand is angry. His hat and coat have been discarded on his bed, his glasses sit on the desk, and you see blood on his knuckles. Upon closer inspection you see the trails of splatter on his exposed forearms, his shirt sleeves having been rolled up while he was working no doubt. “Yeah,” he breathes, raising the glass in a mock toast, “I’m just dandy.” He is definitely not dandy. Toying with the prospect of overstepping the mark or remaining respectful to his status, you rock on the balls of your feet. On one hand he always seemed so annoyed when you’d remind him that you were there to serve him, as Mother Miranda had instructed, but on the other he often chastised you if you tried to take the initiative; frankly, the constant push and pull drove you mad. “Heisenberg,” you chide quietly, approaching him cautiously. He hated it when you called him my Lord, or even sir, heatedly telling you to just call him by his surname like everyone else did. You obeyed, accepting it as the happy medium. Vibrant green eyes watch you closely as you settle for leaning against the desk, careful not to disturb the organized chaos that was his research. It’s still a work in progress, the way you navigate around one another, but you’re slowly making progress. “You can talk to me, you know,” you remind him, trying to remain resolute under his intense stare. There’s no denying that his rugged appearance, scars and all, are attractive and his more wolfish qualities gave him a uniqueness that was equal parts exciting and intimidating. You swallow nervously at the notion that you may be growing a little too comfortable in your thoughts of Lord Heisenberg. “Is that right?” He hums, knocking back the shot in one. He sets the glass down slowly on the desk, lulling you into a false sense of security that you had no business having in that place. In an instant he’s up on his feet and towering over you, hands braced on either side of you. You stiffen at the sudden closeness, looking up at him with a startled expression; he always gets a kick out of scaring you. “And just what would we talk about?” Comes his veiled question, shrouded in feigned innocence, asked in a voice like sin. You can practically feel the static in the air, the room electrified. He’s trying to tempt you, to trip you up so you’ll fall into his trap and make a fool of yourself. It’s a game he likes to play. That little hummingbird caged within you is in full flight when he runs a clawed finger gently down your cheek, the threat of him slipping and slicing your flesh too real to ignore. Oh, how he finds your fear so tantalizing. Your lips part in a shaky exhale, chest tight with the onset of emotions you’d really not want to be unpacking right now. The metal edge of his desk digs into the back of your thighs, boxed in by his large frame. This close you can feel the heat that emanates from him, a consistent wave, that mingles with the scent of oil, leather, and something wholly him. It leaves you reeling, panicked by the unsettling notion that you like it. You’re losing the game so early on and he knows it, even though it was rigged from the start to be in his favour. Just at the point when you’re about to crumble, your body yearning for that delectable touch to trail just that little bit lower, Heisenberg cuts you off. It’s cold and efficient, with all the precision you’d expect from someone of his talents. With a low, downright sinful chuckle he takes a step back, leaving you a wide-eyed, wanton mess. He’s won and you just let him do it. Colour burns shamefully on your cheeks and you’re quick to scamper away to hide in your room, proverbial tail between your legs. You’re furious that you made things so easy for him to play you, and play you he did. Utter fool. Little did you know that the fourth, and most dangerous, Lord had played himself for a fool too.
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myfavouriteshadeofblue · a month ago
Chapter 3 - Missing You?
To Timothy -
I thought it was just in my mind.
I thought it was just a lie.
Really sad. Sad Beautiful Tragic vibes.
Hate him.
Awful brother. Why did I miss him so much?
Loathe him.
Betrayal by my own kin. That has to be punishable by the death penalty at the very least, right?
Picture to Burn vibes.
If it was anyone else, I really wouldn’t have minded half as much.
Hormones. I bet that’s it. He still hasn’t gotten over Cathy. Ew. Cathy, not the hormones. Don’t Blame Me vibes, except he really has gone crazy.
But if that were true he wouldn’t have gone for Lily. Tim’s like that; he’s completely absorbed and devoted over only one girl at a time.
But maybe he’s back to Cathy because he hasn’t seen Lily in ages.
But that really doesn’t sound like Tim.
How should I know? It’s not like I really know my brother anyway. Not after today.
Carrie’s chucking cupcakes at my window but they keep falling on Tim’s window so he finally stuck his head out to shake his fist at her. If I wasn’t dying I’d be worried because that means he’s really keyed up but, like I said, I’m dying. I’ll be worried about him after my funeral. (No roses please, too cliche.)
The Last Will and Testament of Olivia Renee Wisteria
I, Olivia Renee Wisteria, of 15 Brickwood Lane, revoke all former testamentary dispositions made by me and declare this to be my last will.
I leave my cat, Mr. Cuddles, and my fanciest pen to Caroline Jean Stells, my bestest (I’m dead so fuck you if you still want to point out that’s not a word, Carrie) and most treasured friend. I would also like to leave her 30% of my love and my deepest regrets that I could not taste the cupcakes she kept pelting at my window. That last Red Velvet one looked especially good.
I leave all my clothes, minus the brown fedora with a peacock feather in it, to Isabella ______ Vaughan (I don’t know her middle name! Just send them to the house on the right) as she has all the potential of becoming a fabulous fashion designer one day. I also bequeath her my blue box with a bow on it, that is full of love letters written by Carrie Caroline from fourth grade, as well as apologies if some of them have some grape jelly on them.
I leave my yellow feathered boa to Amber Hailee Gretel, for all the crazy times we had writing last year’s Fall play’s script. I hope it reminds her that sometimes, the best things happen when you’re impulsive. I would also like to leave her a request to train Carrie while I rot in my grave, even if it means leading her to the auditions with a gun to her head.
I leave my aforementioned fedora to that eagle at the docks with a black stripe around his left leg, as a peace offering, along with my sincerest apologies for calling it a pigeon. I hope it enjoyed my bagel.
I leave my mother all my awards and my handwritten manuscript of The Last Dynasty, along with 50% of my love and assurance that she was in my mind and heart in my final moments.
I leave my father (if you manage to find him) that framed picture of my middle finger that I made him the day he left (‘cause fuck you, Dad), the brown album of family photographs (I’m hitting it where it hurts) and the lilac box under my bed.
I leave my snow globe, piggy bank w/ its contents and the remaining 20% of my love (if he’s stopped acting like a fucking moron) to my asshole of a brother, Timothy Ashton Wisteria, along with orders to grow some balls man up and resolve things with Lily.
I leave my entire collection of socks to “Dr. Cupid” (very sus name) because I know a surprisingly short list of people. He better take good care of them or I swear I will come back from the grave just to haunt him.
And, um...I’d like this book to be buried with me. If I can. If I can’t...burn it. That should be all.
I hereby blah blah blah
May her good (ish) soul rest in peace.
Olivia Renee Wisteria
Load of old tosh anyway. I need a proper executor and all that jazz.
Carrie’s outside my door and telling me to stop being so overdramatic. Psh. Overdramatic, me? Carrie’s in the house. Interesting. Tim probably felt guilty enough to let her in. Good. He should.
Ok I’m done. Starving to death was too long and tiresome and painful anyway.
8.52 p.m., 26 August 2020
Carrie was really relieved that I stepped out of my room but then had to go home for dinner so now I’m at the dining table watching Tim cook his famous creamy mushroom pasta. Yup, he’s definitely cringing with guilt. I think I’ve recovered enough from the trauma to write out what happened.
So, I couldn’t stay at Carrie’s drinking hot chocolate forever (as much as I’d like to) and I thought I’d pop home to get my script so I could start working on Carrie. That was when I got the biggest shock of my life.
Here’s a few things to know about the Wilsons:
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson went to the same secondary school as my parents and were “highschool sweethearts” but were about the nastiest couple ever. It was a match made in hell.
Dad used to be in the school band and Mr. Wilson used to bully him (being the prick that he is) until Dad punched him in the face one day. It was epic. Mr. Wilson was belittling my mom’s paper mache (like, come on dude. Do you hate all types of art?) when my Dad just went up to him and POW! Wish I was there.
Because of this, we kind of have a bit of a feud with them. I mean, we weren’t prejudiced against them or anything (Dad was) but after I stole Krissy’s sand toys on the first day of kindergarten, I guess it was just in our blood.
2 years after Krissy was born, Mr. Wilson’s great-uncle died (fine fellow, still used to come to community centre parties even though he was like 80 and the Wilsons thought it “beneath them”) and they inherited a huge sum of money which is why they’re still so filthy rich to this day.
Around the same time, Dad lost an equally large sum of money in his business when his partner ran off with all the money. We became kind of poor and Mom and Dad were taking on as many jobs as they could. Things are much better now (Tim helped to pay off the last of the debt by working as a part-time ice cream vendor last summer) but everyone still remembers us as “poor” which gets really frustrating sometimes.
The Wilson daughters are the same age as Tim and I, respectively, which is kinda annoying because it means I have to endure Krissy’s face for another 3 years AND because Cathy Wilson will not back off from my brother. She is like obsessed with him to the nth degree and keeps accosting him whenever Tim’s home and wears barrels of sickening perfume with thick layers of makeup slathered onto her face. Ew.
The Wilsons love their eldest daughter, i.e. she is incredibly spoiled. Everything she owns is branded, she gets designers to personally make clothes tailor made to her (because, as she won’t stop telling everyone in earshot, stores just don’t stock sizes small enough for her) and she’s gotten a brand new car for her past 2 birthdays. This year it was a dazzling white Rolls Royce that is Very Distinctive.
So, you can imagine my surprise when I find the aforementioned car right outside my house and Cathy talking to Tim in the doorway. He hasn’t even been home a week! Thank god Tim had the sense to not let that thing into the house. But, instead of her usual antics (talking all breathy, twirling her hair, batting her spider-like eyelashes), she had her hands clenched into fists and was very stiff. I could only see Tim’s face and he was also nodding gravely. The lack of smile made him look so much older. I was too busy gawking at...well, everything, to realise when Cathy stalked off (giving me the stink-eye). I gaped again, not quite recognising Cathy without her usual layer of makeup. You could actually see her face with only light touches of makeup here and there. She almost seemed...beautiful. Tim opened the door wider and jerked his head towards it, not quite meeting my eye. Alarm bells were definitely going off in my head now. Tim agreeing with anything Cathy says never bodes well.
I complied, though I may have stomped my feet to the door a little (to show how it was so unjust to treat me like this when I had no clue what was going on), scraped the mud off my boots at the welcome mat for the first time that year (to show how I’m really such an excellent child and any allegations made may have been blown out of proportions) and went to sit on the couch. I heard Tim close the door and shuffle behind me. I admit, I was startled to see him look as grave as ever. Did he not pick up on the subtle nuances of my body language? Apparently, he didn’t, because it still looked like I was going to be lectured. I never get lectured by Tim. He always laughs and goes along with my goofiness.
It was then that I noticed the letter Tim was clutching in his hand. He shifted it out of view when he saw me staring at it. He was sort of sneering now.
“So.” (mocking tone. Who replaced my brother with an extremely accurate lookalike?)
“...So?” (confused, still have absolutely no clue as to what was going on.)
“You’ve been busy.”
“That’s one way to put it.” (with a winning smile that always melts my brother.)
“Why did you push Kristina into the fountain?”
I gaped. Again. These are too many shocks for my fragile little heart to handle, all in one day. I didn’t expect him to find out so quickly. Or from anyone else who was not me. Honesty is very important for the two of us. I spluttered a bit, acting outraged for a few minutes while Tim calmly watched me.
Damn it, he knows me too well.
I cleared my throat and looked as injuredly as I could at him. Then started whining.
“You don’t know the whole story!”
“I’m pretty sure I do. Catherine filled me in.”
“Like she’s not a biased source.”
“She isn't. Not anymore at least.”
I was growing irritated for the second time that day. Why was my brother so hell bent on making me the bad guy?
“Oh, please. So she looks a little more human this one time. It’s not like she’s really changed.” “But she has-” Tim stopped abruptly. And began turning red. Very red. I was stunned and confused because I kept wracking my brains for what he had accidentally let slip. As his forehead turned crimson, all the gears clicked into place.
“You’ve been meeting Cathy Wilson.”
I was in numb disbelief. I get it, he was hurting from whatever happened with him and Lily, but Cathy Wilson? Really? I don’t buy this whole “she’s changed” act either. Even if she has, no one could change as much as Cathy would need to to become a decent human being.
Tim straightened up and his frown deepened as the red receded from his face.
“That’s not the point. The point is, you could have seriously hurt Krissy. What if she got a concussion? (I would have started tap dancing) I don’t blame Cathy for coming over to talk to me about this. Can’t you imagine how I would feel if someone pushed you into a fountain?”
“You haven’t even heard my end of the story yet!”
“Go on, then. I’m waiting.”
A million things were ready to come rushing out of my mouth. But I glanced at Tim, his expression stony as ever, and faltered. I looked down at the floor. I couldn’t tell him some things, like Carrie’s crush on Isabella. He seemed convinced that Cathy had reformed, how would he believe that Krissy was the same as ever?
So I just slowly shook my head, getting ready to leave, when I heard the rustle of paper. I glanced up, curiosity burning through me as I suddenly remembered that mysterious letter. He was reading it with his mouth twisted in distaste, mouthing a few words here and there. He looked up and put it away when he saw me watching him and I quickly reverted my gaze to the carpet.
“Pushing people into fountains is not all you’ve been doing.”
I looked at him, confused, but also relieved that the atmosphere had lightened considerably. Or so I thought. I gave a tiny smile and tilted my head a bit to show that I wasn’t quite on the same page as him.
“You’ve been writing to my friends?”
My stomach dropped. This was bad, very bad. I would have preferred it if his eye started twitching, or if he started yelling in me. But he was disappointed. Disappointed that I broke his trust. Disappointed that I went behind his back. Disappointed that I didn’t think I could talk to him about it.
Whenever Tim was around, we would spend as much time as we could together. It was like we could communicate telepathically,in a way I couldn’t with anyone else, not even Carrie. Every year, after Tim left, people would always be like ‘you probably miss him’, or ‘don’t worry, he’ll be back soon.’ I didn’t really miss him. As cliche as it sounds, you can’t miss someone unless you think you’re out of touch with them. And I was never out of touch with Tim. True, I couldn’t contact him when he was away, but he was always in a corner of my mind. And when he returned, he would always hug me so tightly I could barely breathe, and it would feel as if I had just seen him yesterday.
But not this year.
Because as I looked at him, and he looked at me, I realised there was a gap between us. An emotional gap. It was like one day, I woke up and just stopped divulging every little thing or thought that went on in my crazy head to him. I stopped telling him all my worries and fears. But I can’t remember when that happened. And I don’t like it.
I got up and went up to my room, at the same time Tim’s expression suddenly softened a fraction. But I didn’t care. I discovered the reason Tim suddenly softened. Tears. Stupid things.
9.30 p.m., 26 August 2020
Tim’s finally done with the pasta. And watching me carefully. Turns out, when you’re agitated, things seem a lot more bleak. We didn’t have an emotional gap. I wasn’t feeling it anyway. Tim asks why I keep writing while eating. I ask him why he’s so nosy. Tim asks what’s an emotional gap. I glare at him and he backs off.
Ah, the sweet taste of normalcy.
Tim’s apologising. Really lengthy, and he seems so sad I could just hug the life out of him, but all he’s getting for now is squinty, narrow rodent eyes.
“I was just hurt that you had to resort to things like owl-napping instead of just talking to me, like you normally do.”
“Ok, first off, Ernest didn’t need much coaxing. You were neglecting him to the point of animal cruelty. Secondly, you were really out of it, what was I going to get out of you?”
“First point, conceded. Secondly, I’ve been out of it before.” “Not like this.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” “I think it’s time you wrote to Lily.”
Stunned silence.
He’s still quiet.
Did I break my brother?
Ok he’s back. Lots of confused spluttering; Ah, I’ve hit the nail on the head then. Blabbering about how there’s nothing to write about, confused questions as to how I know about her, and so on.
“Relax, I only know the PG stuff.” (“There was no non-PG stuff!” yeah, right.)
He’s calmer now, and eating my pasta, but he needs it so I’ll stay mum just this once.
“I’, I’m…”
“NO! I mean, not that it’s wrong to be gay, gays are great, better even-”
And now I’ve brought out his hardcore gay advocate side that I didn’t know he had.
Oh thank god he’s stopped. I was about to hit him over the head with my now empty plate.
“The thing is...there’s nothing to resolve.”
“I don’t want to hear your pessimistic nuances of love; Love will prevail or whatever nonsense Carrie keeps spouting from her Jane A-”
“No, I mean, there’s no miscommunication between us. Talking’s not going to help here.”
“You do realise this day is living proof that it does help, right?”
“Not between people who’ve broken up. For good.”
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returnthelove · a month ago
also what are your general atsushi hc’s haha
aaaa i got half way through romance hcs when i noticed the general 😩 i'm a dumbass - well you get two birds for one stone: i'm gonna include the romance ones and i'll do some general stuff downward
He's a really good boyfriend. like, objectively, out of all the people I write for, Atsushi would be the best romantic partner. He's attentive, he's thoughtful, he listens, he wants to spend time with you... like. heart flutters. instantly.
His life kind of crazy up until - well it's still crazy, but the ADA has brought a semblance of normalcy and freedom that he's never previously had. He's never really had the time or thoughts to put toward romantic partners. But, that doesn't mean he doesn't recognise when somebody is attractive.
Y'all probably find each other in some meet-cute scenario. It honestly can be anything: you're working in a pastry shop he stops in and he accidentally gets chocolate on your work clothes. You're walking down the street and trip, and he (with his lightning quick reflexes) rushes over to catch you, hell, the two of you meet in an online chat room about something, it doesn't matter. The thing that matters is he's instantly a goner. He cannot get you out of his head, however he won't be able to place it as attraction. All he knows is he perks up everytime he sees somebody with your features in public, only to deflate upon realising it's not you.
However, when you do finally meet again and he shyly asks for you number, he prepared for daily texts. nothing super clingy or forward just: hey! how was your day 🥰 or i'm waiting in line to get rice balls for my coworker and it's taking sooo long T_T what are you up to?
However, you find that this consistency is limited to text, as when he's around you he is an absolute mess. Like, he tries to act chill and suave, but ends up knocking a mug off the table of the coffee shop the two of you are sitting at, or tripping over a crack in the sidewalk. He always blushes and rubs his neck, profusely apologizing as if his awkwardness is an annoyance.
He never admits to himself that the two of you are "dating" at first. He just wants to hang out with you all the time, and loves the way your eyes light up when you talk, and can't ever get over how soft your hands look... Dazai teases him quite a bit. "You have another date with that cutie today, Atsushi~?" "It's not a date! We're just friends!!" "Surreee."
However. When you kiss him on a park bench while he's trying to ramble his way through a response to your flirting, he finally realises "oh shit. this isn't a friend thing." He pulls away flushed and breathless, before stumbling over "I like you. A lot. Do you want to go out with me?"
You blink for a few seconds "... You mean, we haven't been going on dates this whole time?" He turns into a tomato oh my god. "I mean- um, no? I didn't really think of it like that but I always thought you were really pretty and I just wanted to get to know you better, and I was so scared that you wouldn't like me back because - wait. Do you like me back??" "Atsushi. I just kissed you. Of course I like you back." "Oh. Okay. Cool cool cool." He takes a deep breath in. "So what happens now?"
Regardless of your personal experience with relationships, you kinda have to show him the ropes at first. He's just.. so scared of messing up and you hating and leaving him - he needs somebody to be gentle with him. ALWAYS apologising for stuff that isn't a big deal at first. Like he's terrified you secretly hate him.
This leads to some pretty heavy (but necessary) conversations about his childhood. When you get worried about his constant apologies and need for validation, you straight up ask him about it, and he's quick to tell you that it's nothing to do with you he just... had a shitty childhood. He trusts you, so it doesn't take him long for him to end up trauma dumping and afterwards you giving him the longest, warmest hug of his life. "I'm so glad you're here with me. You've been through so much. I'm so proud of you." He will start sobbing.
You will never have to lift a finger around him. He is an absolute gentlemen as well as an absolute simp, he's at your beck and call. Opens doors for you, offers his hand when you're walking down stairs or getting up, etc etc.
He doesn't have a lot of money, but he REFUSES to let you pay for anything when y'all are on dates. You will never, ever ever ever be expected to pay for food with him. Also, if the two of you are out on the town, he will buy you things. Not big things (although he WISHES he could), but that ring the two of you saw from the street vendor, or that crepe you were eying, or any toy or stuffed animal that is in his price range. He wants to spoil you so bad.
Kunikida eventually gets onto him at work for taking your calls/calling you so often. "I'm sorry! But I need to answer her. She could be in danger, we never know, right?" Kunikida eventually gives up and gets back to work - young love cannot be stopped. Dazai just thinks he's upset because Atsushi's found a girlfriend before him.
As time passes, he gets more forward and confident. He's still overly respectful, and he'll still probably ALWAYS ask Dazai or Yosano or somebody for advice, but he's able to not trip over his words every three seconds anymore. And he's able to take your hand in his and kiss you randomly and spin you around the room.
SUCH a cuddle bug. Loves rubbing his cheek into you, or nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck. Your hugs and kisses are a straight up drug to him, he literally cannot imagine life without them anymore. Laying in your lap while you play with his hair is actual euphoria. And you swear he starts purring, although everytime you bring it up he blushes and tells you to stop embarrassing him.
Meeting the ADA for the first time is... an experience. They have a faculty cookout or event or something and Atsushi finally works up the courage to ask if he can bring his girlfriend. "So, she's your girlfriend now??" "Stop it, Dazai!" He brings you, warning you that they're not exactly normal, but they are the closest thing to a family he's got. Most of the ADA are impressed, Ranpo squints his eyes and later informs Atsushi that you really like him and he has nothing to worry about, and Dazai definitely flirts with you, but assures it's all in good fun when Atsushi slinks up beside you.
He doesn't know what his life will look like in a month, a year, five years from now, but he's happy to dream about a life with you. He loves the thought of growing old with you and going somewhere simple and quiet. Atsushi has had to give up so much of his softness in his life, but you bring it back into his skin like the light of morning.
Honestly super into the idea of cottage core / fairy core fashion and aesthetics. The pastels and greens and browns have always appealed to him, and while nature hasn't been a big part of his life, he has a deep respect for it. He loves living in the city, truly, but part of him fantasises about running away and having a little house in the country. He and Kenji bond over this when Atsushi starts asking questions about what life was like living on a farm.
He has ADHD! Gets distracted really easily or get hyper focused on whatever he's doing - no in between. He has a lot of struggles with hypersensitivity. Also has adhd tics with his head jerking when he's working, and has restless leg syndrome.
Really well versed in political theory. Especially leftist stuff and marxism (assuming marxism isn't limited to a raccoon in this universe). He knows what it's like to be kicked out of a system with zero help or aid. He doesn't want it to happen to anybody else. This mans is based, he'll never bring it up on his own, but if politics trickle their way into conversation, he isn't afraid to start quoting theorists.
This is kind of implied canon but Atsushi's breaking point is hard as hell, but once you break it he does not give a fuck. You do not want to be on this guy's bad side he can be mean and will somehow always insult you where it hurts. He won't hesitate to cut a bitch that crosses him or his friends.
More of a texter than a talker. He likes having the time to think out responses and craft them more eloquently, whereas he's prone to stuttering when in an irl conversation. He also finds he's a lot more confident when he's texting, and it's much easier to express his emotions.
Can quote vines like nobody's business. How does he know so many? Nobody knows, but my god it's a fucking talent at this point. He doesn't do it a lot, but if he's comfortable and laid back, anything somebody says can lead to him quoting danny gonzalez or some rando audio clip.
Megan Thee Stallion stan. He's kinda embarrassed about it at first, because up until recently he didn't listen to a lot of music, and he feels awkward bc her music isn't exactly what people would expect from him, but my god does he love it. Thinks she's so fine too.
If you start telling him a story there's a ninety percent chance you'll get halfway through before he blinks and says, "wait huh? sorry, could you start over?" It's not even that he wasn't paying attention, he just didn't process it.
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cracksofmtdoom · a month ago
Sunday may the 16th twenty twenty one. Current time is seventeen twenty four pm. Sitting in the Jeep outside a home waiting for big bill to give them an estimate. Just took a big crack hit. Such a jackass. There has been some really good positive things happening. I got a job again finally and I’m really liking it. Good place. Transition is a little tough, on both sides, but I think it’s a good fit. Things at the house are more of a shitshow than ever. Now there’s no electricity since dumb fuck owes them something like $3700. No electric means no water either when you have a well. We have a borrowed generator, which only had 120 volts working but I tore into it and found a bad circuit breaker. Happened to have one on hand. Got a 230 volt plug, ran the beastly Rolex from the garage to the breaker panel and powered her up. Running water is so nice. I got to shower for the first time in days. I’ve got a hankering to write some good old fashioned porn stories. Let’s do that
It was a dark night and there was an incredible electrical storm building outside. Dark like the kind that makes you lose perception of time and space. The infinite silence and quiet broken suddenly and violently by the sudden slash of lightning gashing the sky wide open and then the explosive concussion of the thunder clap shattering the still. A perfect setting for an intense, heavy fuck session. J and K had booked a quaint little cabin far off the beaten path and were utterly secluded. They had gone shopping before departing and had a nice selection of exotic and exciting new toys and a killer assortment of lingerie for K to rock. They sat together on the swing hanging from the roof of the porch, enjoying a cocktail and teasing each other. The air was cool and comfortable, a slight breeze gently caressing them. J stood up and disappeared into the cabin, returning a few minutes later with the box of new toys, a couple of outfits for her, a blanket and plenty of lube. While inside he had shed his clothes and put on a snug cockring, his dick already swollen and throbbing in anticipation of the fun to come. He laid out a purple fishnet body stocking and told her to strip and put it on. Her eyes were hungrily locked onto his huge hard on and she quickly stood and removed her clothes. The cool night air quickly made her beautiful nipples swell up and point proudly at him. He slowly took her in with his eyes, savoring every little bit of her in all her naked glory. Her pussy was freshly shaved and glistening, her finger and toenails freshly painted. She took the outfit and slowly slipped her lithe body into it.
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suprme-leader-of-evil · a month ago
a child to protect (pt 3)
tommy x child!reader || a fun time
tommy gets cloths for (y/n) to wear in the tundra, and has a little fashion show
pt1 pt2 pt3 pt 4
The next morning Tommy got up to steal more things, and make (y/n) more clothes for colder climates. Tommy whent outside to get some wool, having stolen everything he wanted from technos. He needed to get some supplies for his kid.
Tommy opened the door from the basement, walking outside to the cold air. It smelled of winter goodness and blood. Tommy didnt pay to much mind, not even to the fact he was supposed to be hiding. Tommy started his walk to the forest for some sheep. “I think blue would be a good color, ghostbur would love it-”
“HEH tommy what are you doing near my home??” ah. He forgot about the blade. “Hey hey man hahaha funny seeing you here!” techno growled. “It's literally my home, what are you doing here?” tommy looked at the blade. “This is my home! Technoblade i think you've gone a little crazy there bud.” techno pulled out a pickaxe. “Ill sick this threw your teeth, get out of my house tommy.” “blade blade, this is our house! We own it together-” techno was tired of this. “Wait how long have you been here??” tommy grabbed a grapple. “A day or so.” he bite the golden apple. “That's where all my stuff whe- wait is that mine!!!” tommy walked back inside, albeit quickly and panicky. “Finders keepers, besides it was in our house.” “IT'S LITERALLY NOT YOUR HOUSE!” tommy shook his head, eating the apple. “Do you have any wool or something to make cloths with? I need to make some.” “yeah, your outfit is atrocious, it's also torn up and dirty and stuff.” tommy yelled back, “NOT FOR ME BITCH!” techno stood there a bit confused, until he heard a bell sound from below them. “hEH??”
 (Y/n) sat in the room, playing with the stick Tommy gave them months before. They had to wait for their dad to come back, but after awhile they got restless. 
(Y/n) heard loud noises upstairs, but they were more determined to find something new to do. Looking around the room, they saw a gold bell next to the prime log. Eyes sparkling, they crawled over to the bell, holding their stick in hand. Sitting next to the bell, they touched the shiny thing, intrigued. They then had a bright idea
Beat the thing with the stick. 
So they started to bang the bell with the stick. It was loud, very loud, they soon stopped and started crying instead. They were really close to the bell and hurt their ears. A faint “hEH'' was heard upstairs, but (y/n) couldn't hear it over their crying. Tommy quickly climbed down the ladders to get to his child. “Hey hey, shhh it's okay, are you hurt?” tommy asks. Rushing over to the small child. They kept crying, Tommy not knowing what to do. “Shh shh hey hey it's okay, it's okay.” he said softly, trying to calm the child. (y/n) over time stopped crying, feeling more and more sleepy as time went on, all the while techno just stared at them, rightfully confused. Tommy rocked his baby till they fell asleep, placing them in their crib. Tommy looked at his child happily, before turning to the person he was fighting a second ago.
“So, got any wool?”
Techno, albeit against his will, let tommy and (y/n) stay with him for the time being. In exchange, they had teamed up for the time being. Techno didn't really like his predicament, having to deal with an annoying brat and an orphan, but he had to go with it. The voices enjoyed having the baby around, so techno couldn't kill them.
Shortly after their confrontation, techno went out to gather wool for the two. Tommy took what he had and started to make more clothes for the child. He had learned the basics of sowing from eret way back when, so he tried his best. 
"(Y/n), try this on." The baby looked at him, just wanting to play with the crows that visited often. "No." Tommy sat there, baffled. "D-did you just tell me no??" "No!" "Okay well now you just lying." The kid giggled, continuing to pet the crows. Tommy grabbed his kid, sitting them on his lap. "Your trying this on." The kid pouted, but complied, slipping on the sweater. "Good?" The kid nodded, crawling off tommys lap and sitting with the crows again. 
Tommy sat there for a second, contemplating. "How the fuck do i make pants…"
Tommy had to ask techno if he knew how. He didn't, since he's never had to make pants, so he asked Phil if he had any baby cloths or if he knew how.
“Helloo” techno says as he enters phil's home. “Jesus christ- you know your not allowed in limburg tech.” techno shrugs. “Eh, anyway i came here for something.” phil nodded. “What is it that you need? Ore, food, books-” “i need baby clothes.” “WHAT-” phil wasn't expecting that request. “I need baby clothes, got any? I know wilbur was once a kid so.” phil looked at his old friend questioningly. “Do you have a kid??” techno looked very offended at this. “Ew no id never adopt an orphan. No, tommy needs it.” phil was still confused. “Techno, tommys not a baby-” “NO NOT LIKE THAT! He found a kid so now he's raising them, and they need baby clothes.” phil nodded. “Ohh sorry mate, yeah i think i have some of wilburs old cloths. Lemme go check.”
Phil came back with a bag full of wilburs old clothes, he said just to take it and see which would work for a baby. 
“I wish i could come visit, but tubbo needs me for some fucking reason.” techno nodded. “Thank you phil.” philza smiled. “Anytime, now go, make sure tommy didn't kill any of the animals.” techno panicked. “NO THE TURTLES-” 
“Okay little (f/i), we’re gonna try this on okay?” (y/n) nodded, ready for the cool new outfit they are gonna get. 
Tommy pushed a mirror in front of the child. “You like it?” they baby wore a striped yellow sweater with some cute little overalls. They also had snow boots and a beanie to go with it. (y/n) smiled, giggling partly at the fact that they were looking at themself. “You look cute big man! Now, lets see if there's anything else you might like.” 
The rest of the day was spent picking out clothes for them, seeing what fit and what they liked. Tommy was having fun with this, so he suggested they do a fashion show for when philza could visit. The kid was excited at this, wanting to meet the all so old philza minecraft. Tommy took care of the clothes that they didn't like or just plain wouldnt fit, while (y/n) messed with the toys that were found in the bag. 
“TECHNOOOO!” tommy yells, climbing up the ladder. “Whaaat.”he says, in the main part of the house. “Can phil come here tomorrow???” techno climbs down the ladder to meet the loud child. “Why?” tommy throws the bag in a random corner. “(y/n) wants to meet phil and show them their outfits.” tommy says, not as loud as before. Techno sighs. “Ill see if he can.” YEEEES!!! (Y/N) (Y/N) I HAVE GOOD NEWS-” tommy yells, climbing down the ladder as fast as possible. Techno chuckled, getting back to what he was doing prior.
The next day, phil came by as requested. He was excited to meet the young child, remembering when wilbur was young. Philza opened the front door of the cottage. “Helloooo.” techno says as always. “Hey mate, how's the wife?” techno snorted. “Great great, sitting in the boat as always.” they stare at edward who was staring at them as always. “In all seriousness, whos taking care of tommy been?” he asks, sitting down at one of the chairs. “Fine fine, nearly lost my hearing but other than that fiiine.” phil chuckled. “yeah he’ll do that.”
Tommy came up stairs, hearing the new presence come into the house. “Phiiilza, big p how you beeeen!” philza stared at him. “Don't call me that. I've been fine, visiting tech whenever i can. I heard your raising a baby? How's that going.” tommy sat in the chair next to the old man. “Great! (y/n)s been great, having spent some time alone, their happy with the constant attention.” tommy says happily. “What do you mean by alone?” phil asked, concerned on what he meant by that. “Uhh, anyways me and (y/n) wanna put on a little show for you! They wanna show off their new outfits.” phil let it slide, not wanting to pry to hard. “Aww mate, i wanna see the outfits.” tommy smiled, running off. “TECHNO SET THE STAGE. (Y/N) GET HYPED!!” techno snorted, displeased.
Philza chuckled at his old friend. “First i let him into my home, not killing his child, and now i'm doing shit for him? Ugh.” techno works on the little stage area for the two kids. “Calm down mate, he's just excited.” techno rolled his eyes, sitting next to phil. 
“WE’RE BACK!!” startling the two old men, Tommy runs up the stairs with (y/n) covered in a small blanket. He says the outfits are a surprise.
“Ready everyone?” phil and techno say yes while (y/n) says no, their favorite word. “Youre not ready (n/n)?” (y/n) shook their head. “Hat!'' Tommy gasped. “Your hat!” tommy grabs (y/n)s hat from the pile that he brought up and put it on their head. “There! Now you ready?” the kid nodded, getting ready for the fashion show they had been preparing for. 
“Okay!! Go little (f/i)!” (y/n) crawled their way in front of the curtain that blocked the old men from seeing the other two. They tried to stand up, having the help of Tommy to get on their feet. They stood proudly, showing off their winter outfit. They adorned a dark green winter coat, with black pants and little snow boots. They also had a grey beanie to add to the outfit. 
They continued this, philza thoroughly enjoyed the show they had put on, and techno thoroughly hated it. He kept trying to leave, but Phil kept dragging the piglin hybrid back to his seat. He didnt wanna ruin the fun the two were having. 
"Tadaaa!!!" (Y/n) said, having finished the show. Phil clapped happily, while techno slowly clapped as to not be the only one not clapping. Tommy picked up the small child, holding them in his arms. "That was fun, right little (f/i)?" Tommy asks. (Y/n) nodded, giggling happily. "Fun!" Philza laughed, standing up. "I better get going, Don't want ghostbur getting worried." "Awwwww buy you haven't fully met (y/n) yeeeet." Tommy complains, Phil just laughs at him. "I'll be back eventually. Now i have to go. Bye (y/n), you did really well back there." "No!" (Y/n) says, even tho they looked pleased with the compliment. 
"Bye everyone, have fun cleaning that up." Phil says, referring to the stage and piles of clothes. Techno snorts in annoyance while Tommy just ignores phil's comment. Philza leaves the house, closing the door behind him. 
"Anyways, have fun with that techno!!" "Oh no you don't! GET BACK HERE!!!"
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morganofthewildfire · a month ago
Tumblr media
Back to my Side - Part 4
Based on Dorothea by Taylor Swift
- 2500 words
CW: mentions of sexual assault
Like promised, Aelin called him the next day, inviting him to lunch to continue their planning from the day before. Rowan had been prepared to deal with the bodyguards and the paparazzi and the chaos that came from being out with a movie star, but apparently he didn’t need to worry. They were eating at her apartment, according to her, it was much easier and there was much more privacy.
But five minutes before he was about to leave, Aelin called him in a rush, asking him to meet her at the film studio instead, so they could drive back to her place from there. I should’ve known the schedule was a load of bullshit, she’d said, making him laugh.
He was surprised she was already back to filming, given her last movie was still in theaters, not that he’d seen it, but he supposed that they already were writing the script for the sequel while the final edits were being done last time, so it was easy to just jump right into production.
His feet faltered as he walked down the sidewalk, his face paling. Did that mean - ? Was she forced to be around that monster all day? He assumed the movie had some sort of romance between the two costars, so was she forced to pretend to be in love? Gods, he wished he could just arrest the guy now and get him away from her, but it would go nowhere if she threw out the accusation now. They needed to build a case with strong evidence before they could say anything, because with his popularity with the general public, it would be twisted around to make her look bad instead.
And Rowan would never do that to her.
He sighed as he made his way up to the unassuming building, the tan stucco walls making it blend in with the rest of the street. The gated entrance to the garage was the only giveaway that there was anything special behind.
Rowan walked up to the security booth, smiling tightly at the guard.
“I’m here to see Aelin Galathynius,” he said, holding his breath as the guard laughed humorlessly.
“Isn’t everyone?” His tone was bored. Rowan opened his mouth, but the guard sighed. “Look, I’m not letting you in, dude. So just get lost.”
He huffed and took a few steps away, pulling out his cell phone from his pocket. He shot Aelin a quick text, having to type in her new number into the bar to start a new message chain.
< I’m here but the guard isn’t letting me in
It was less than thirty seconds before he got a text back.
> I’m on it.
“You can’t just loiter here either,” the guard practically shouted at him. “Do I need to call the cops?”
Rowan almost said something snarky back, but the phone in the booth rang, disrupting them. The guard rolled his eyes and snapped it up, muttering a “what” into the speaker.
An inaudible voice spoke on the other side, and the guard’s face paled. “Yes, I’m sorry Ms Galathynius, I’ll let him through right now.” He set the phone down quickly after that, glaring at Rowan’s satisfied smirk. He pressed a button and the door next to the parking garage unlocked, a buzzing sound signifying the change.
The guard plopped back down and scowled but didn’t comment as Rowan made his way into the building, immediately getting immersed in the chaos of the set.
There were multiple moving cameras, with people bustling around carrying makeup, or costumes, or plates of food. The sound of scripts being shuffled around reached his ears before a voice yelled quiet, and the room fell into a silence.
“Okay, act 1, scene 14, 3..2..1.. Go.” The clapperboard sounded, and Rowan paused by the entrance, eyes wide as a bit of space cleared for him to see the set.
It was like the world was thrown back a few centuries, everything so realistic when he knew it was fake. He watched silently as Aelin rushed onto the set of the house, the parlor if he was guessing correctly, straight out of the Victorian Era. She was dressed in a dark blue bustled dress, and a silent tear dripped down her face As she was dragged in by a man who looked about a decade and a half or so older than her. She pulled away roughly and walked up the stairs, with a quick cut before moving to an old fashioned bedroom set, sobs spilling out of her when she was alone.
It made his heart hurt even if he knew she was acting, except… he wondered if part of that visible anguish was real, funneled from her own life.
He had to hold himself back from running to her.
Rowan just watched as the rest of the scene took place, as she collapsed on the bed, holding herself close as she cried, just as he wished he could.
“Why?” She whispered to the ceiling of the room, the singular word, full of despair and defeat, radiating into his soul. The words echoed in his head and he missed the rest of the scene, too focused on the depth of her words.
Until the director called Cut! And the room went back into action. Rowan watched as Aelin immediately straightened, wiping her tears and smiling, saying something to the man she was in the scene with, and then laughing. She trailed away after that, likely walking toward the dressing room, and he was going to wait for her there until he saw another man sidle up next to her, immediately making him red with anger and storming over there.
“Look, Archer,” she was saying, walking faster, “I appreciate the compliment, but I don’t need you to tell me that I’m good at my job. I already know that.” She finally spotted Rowan, and changed her direction to head toward him. Archer followed her, a scowl on his sleazy face.
She smiled weakly at him, a glimmer of tiredness in her eyes, yet her voice remained surprisingly strong for her present company. Although he wasn’t too surprised really, Aelin was the strongest person he’d ever known.
“And the last thing I need is your help,” she managed to say, running a hand down her face as she tried to hurry away.
Rowan almost jumped at the man, ready to throw a punch when he grabbed Aelin’s arm, yanking her toward him while smirking and saying arrogantly “are you sure about that?” But he didn’t need to, because she pulled it away, staring at him in disbelief.
But despite her expression, her arm was shaking, her hand trembling as it clenched in a fist.
So he took that as his time to enter the conversation, eager to jump in and pull Archer’s attention away from her.
“Aelin,” he greeted, raising a hand, and she took a step toward him, her costume heels clicking on the floor as she moved away from the other man.
“Hey, thanks for coming,” she said with a sigh, smoothing back her hair in a nervous gesture.
“Who’s this?” Archer said tauntingly, tilting his head. “Another boy toy? Lord knows you’ve strayed from your fiancé.”
Rowan glared harshly as Aelin closed her eyes, breathing deeply. He opened his mouth to curse at the man, but she snapped her eyes open, leveling a cool stare at him instead.
“No,” she said flatly, meeting Archer’s green eyes, a mockery of his own, with a strength that only she could maintain, “he’s my lawyer.”
His eyes flashed with anger, recognizing the statement for what it was. A threat. But there was a hint of fear too, so all he did was scoff before stalking away, leaving them alone.
“It’s fucked isn’t it?” Aelin said quietly in the back of her car on the way to her apartment, looking out the window and not at him. Rowan looked at her though, conflict mixing in his gut. “After what he did to me, I’m still expected to go to set every day and act like I’m in fucking love with him.” She sighed heavily, dropping her eyes closed. “I was crying in that scene you saw me do because I’m supposed to be missing him, full of despair that I can’t be with him, desperate to feel his touch.” She visibly shuddered. “I can’t imagine anything less desirable than that.”
“Aelin -“ he said, but she kept going.
“I shouldn’t have told him you were my lawyer.” She shook her head, chewing on her lip. “That’ll just spur him into preparing a defense, or finding something, anything else to hold against me. But I couldn’t help it.” Her voice was thin. “Just being in his presence every day, I had to do something to stand my ground.”
Rowan reached over and grabbed her hand, squeezing it tightly.
“Don’t ever regret standing up for yourself,” he said clearly, leveling a stare at her. “Don’t ever feel like you have to add to your burdens to dance around other people’s feelings. That’s just bullshit.”
Aelin cracked a smile at the curse, glancing over at him. “You used to tell me that back in high school. I remember.” She sighed. “You used to say that about my mom, about her forcing me into this godsforsaken life, into everything she ever wanted for me. But apparently I didn’t listen well enough.”
She dropped her face into her hand, shuddering a heavy breath. Rowan hesitated before moving his hand to her back, rubbing small little soothing circles as they drove. She leaned into his touch and he didn’t stop, not even when she leaned fully into him, resting her head on his shoulder.
“Thank you,” she murmured. “For being here for me.”
“Of course,” he replied quietly. “I’ll always be here for you.” The words sent a pang through his heart. He hadn’t been there for her. She hadn’t let him. Despite whatever peace they’d maintained now, he couldn’t forget that she’d willingly left him behind, shattering his heart and his future all at once.
And when she closed her eyes again, murmuring “to whatever end,” quietly into him, Rowan frowned, pulling away slightly. That was what they’d said to each other in school, when they were two halves of a whole, thinking they’d always be together, even if it was just as friends.
But they weren’t that way anymore. She had someone she was marrying for gods sakes, and he would be leaving once this was all wrapped up. He needed to reassert some boundaries to make sure he wasn’t ruined once again.
“You should tell him,” he said a little more stiffly, shaking her off without making it too obvious what he was doing. Aelin looked up and frowned too, her brows furrowed. “Your fiancé would want to know.”
She looked confused, and conflicted, chewing on her lip once again. “I don’t know if I can.”
“Well you can’t just lay it all on me,” he said, regretting the words as soon as they came out of his mouth. From the way her brows shot up, she agreed.
“Would you rather me have not told you? Would you rather me have gone to some half rate other lawyer who would’ve seen my name as an opportunity for glory instead of seeing me as a person who actually needed help?” Her tone was sharp. “I don’t have to tell anyone that I don’t want to tell. Are you saying you regret me picking you?”
“I just don’t understand,” he said, a bit loudly for the small space. He was lucky the partition was up. “Why? Why me? After all this time?”
Aelin’s face was twisted in anger, but her lip was trembling slightly as she huffed and looked away. And then she was lowering the partition with a press of a button, stating the name of his hotel to the driver.
“Change of plans,” she muttered, glaring spitefully at him and ignoring his questions. “I’m busy for lunch now. Sorry.”
“Aelin -“ he said again, eyes wide. But she turned away, ignoring him.
They sat in silence for the rest of the ride.
Aelin felt like bursting into tears as she rested her head against the wall of the elevator, squeezing her eyes shut to try and fight the pounding between them.
Gods. How had everything turned to shit so quickly?
She’d never liked the life she led, but she’d managed it, finding her own little methods of joy, pushing aside her own dreams. The bookstore was out of her mind now, the shop she’d own in a city not filled with such pretentious glamour, hopefully with Rowan by her side. She’d accepted that that wouldn’t be the case, but now, everything was different.
Ever since that godsdamned night two months ago, things had been spiraling out of control.
She shouldn’t have been lax with her drinks that evening, she shouldn’t have waited so long to tell someone, she shouldn’t have had that someone be Rowan. With everything going on, he just brought more chaos. But he also brought with him a peacefulness that she hadn’t known since high school, a calm that she only knew when she was with him.
And she needed that to ground her, which is why she’d picked up the phone.
The elevator dinged to reveal her penthouse apartment, and she trudged through the doors, barely registering the music playing, or the sound and smell of coffee being grinded in the kitchen, as she wandered into her bedroom, collapsing face first onto the bed.
A single tear slipped down her cheek.
She really should tell him. Rowan was right, he’d want to know. She almost had, a few times, but the words had never made it past her lips. Would he look at her the same way? She doubted the depth of her feelings for him sometimes, but she didn’t want him to be upset, and she certainly didn’t want him to now look at her with contempt.
It wasn’t her fault, of course, but she also couldn’t help but think that it kind of was.
Footsteps sounded, and the open door groaned a bit as it opened more. Without opening her eyes, she felt a hand brush down her hair, the comforting gesture just making another tear slip out. The sound of a coffee cup being set on the nightstand reached her ears, and she turned toward it, reaching blindly for the warmth of the beverage.
“I figured you could use some caffeine,” his voice said, a hint of amusement in it. “You sounded drained on the phone a few minutes ago. I’m sorry your lunch with Lysandra got canceled, but I’m sure you can reschedule soon.”
A flicker of guilt went through her as he pressed a kiss to her temple, but she just rolled onto her back and sat up, opening her eyes and smiling softly at the man in front of her, his blue eyes warm as he looked at her.
“Thanks, Dorian.”
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