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chrismkundaliniquotes · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Preparing the body for Kundalini
First step is to make a decision that this is what you wish to do. This decision must be firm. Think about it and do your research on the Kundalini at this site and other sites to give yourself more than one perspective.
Read about the trials and the joyful experiences. Develop an understanding that this is a lifetime condition and process and that once awakened there is no going back.
Realize that this will affect every part of your life.
Look at your finances and your family and friends’ ability to be supportive. Look at how you will be able to communicate your experiences and the ramifications of telling people who may try to have you committed for fear of watching a kriya for example. There are other examples such as being in a blissful state. Most people never experience this in their lives so it is a foreign condition to them and therefore it can invoke fear within them. Consider this.
Look into your past and feel how willing you are to revisit some of the pain and to begin to balance that pain whether inflicted or received.
Look at your "faith" in divinity and yourself. How confident do you feel? How much "at peace" with life do you feel?
Look at your levels of intuition. How often do you "feel" for information rather than mentally accruing information?
Are you a couch potato? Are you seldom exercising the body? Or do you exercise the body consistently?
Can you forgive another for treating you unjustly and surrender the need to hold a grudge?
Can you change your diet?
Can you change your sexual fantasies? Or "control" fantasies?
Can you surrender to an invisible internal force?
Do you have a moral structure that is strong enough to withstand multiple tests?
These are merely some of the considerations one can look at with regard to preparation for the Kundalini. - blessings
Teachings by #chrismkundalini
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brittanycoggins · 10 hours ago
Understanding a grandparent
My Mamaw has dementia and she’s stopped eating. 
I wish that I knew what to do to make it better but i don’t.
We have always had a complicated relationship but a very loving one, I always thought she favored the boys over me and in reality I assume she was just trying to toughen me up because life was not easy on her.
My Mamaw will be 88 next week. We were born to different generations under wildly different circumstances.  
1933 in East Tennessee might have been a nostalgic time but it was not a great time. She was born to tobacco farmers. She would grow up to be a tobacco farmer herself, despite her dreams of being a nurse or having any job of her own where she didn’t have to be in the fields.
After marrying a WWII vet she quit her job as a lawyers sectary to be a housewife and had two girls. 
Tumblr media
The family had cows to sell to the local livestock market and grew tobacco. This continued right on being the family business until around 2004 when the federally mandated price for tobacco dropped out and it wasn’t a financially sound decision to grow it anymore. The cows stayed. 
Mamaw fussed at everyone. Her husband most of all. 
Her marriage, for reasons I will never understand or be told, was not a happy one. This is not to say my Papaw was not a wonderful person. He was. But this story isn’t about him and something happened between the two of them. She spent the bulk of their time together fussing at him. Nothing was enough. He sat in his chair and frowned. Eventually he would get up and leave. I never saw them kiss. I never saw them touch. They slept in separate rooms. It must have been a lonely marriage. 
After he died she missed him. She regretted the way she treated him. She still fussed at everyone else. Then she had a surgery. 
She was terrified she would die and when she came out she was a brand new woman. One who said “I love you sweetie,” And participated in hugs instead of just reviving them.   
I have always been concerned with how proud I could make her. While my cousins got jobs in our small community I went off and became a journalist. I don’t know that she ever thought I could do it. But I do know she was proud that I did. I think I surprised her. Once the dementia hit I could overhear her talking about me like I wasn’t there. That's one thing dementia will do. You’ll know exactly what they think of you. 
She thinks I’m beautiful. 
She is so proud of my career, she would brag that she had a successful granddaughter.    
I’m not accomplished in the ways that she expected. I’m 30 and I’m not married but in a long term relationship. I have no kids but a sweet grey cat. But she still loves me, even though I’ve had a complicated relationship with her. Even though we’ve argued and I’ve stormed out for a walk in the woods. 
You cant’ fix dementia. But you can try and remember the person they were. I guess that's what this is.    
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latenightexperience · 22 hours ago
I'm drinking every weekend now,
And it feels just like old times.
I know you don't owe me anything,
And have no reason to give.
If you tell me it's wrong to want you,
I'll believe you.
You always knew these things better than me,
I'm forever following your lead.
Without you I'm aimlessly drifting,
Falling through liquor-soaked memories
And telling myself this is how it should be.
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justdreamsblog · 22 hours ago
Forse è il momento di dire basta.
Forse dovresti smetterla di aspettare che suoni il telefono, continuamente con il cuore in gola per poi scoprire che non è più lui, non è più lui che si preoccupa per te, non è più lui che ti fa sorridere.
Forse dovresti smetterla di sperare nel suo improvviso ritorno perché quando qualcosa si spegne, è difficile riaccenderlo.
Forse dovresti smetterla di pensare continuamente ad una persona che non pensa altrettanto a te.
Forse sei tu quella sbagliata, sei tu quella che ci crede sempre troppo nelle cose, sei tu quella che resta lì, con il cuore appeso e sempre una lacrima di troppo.
Forse devi smetterla di seguire sempre il tuo istinto e iniziare ad ascoltare gli altri.
Quanti forse, quante incertezze, evidentemente nonostante tutto ti va bene così, quei piccolissimi e rari momenti in cui, per quell'istante, lui pensa a te, perché ti fa sentire speciale, perché è l'unica cosa che tu vuoi, perché lui sa renderti felice nonostante tutto e tutti, e se devi soffrire, beh, tanto vale farlo per lui.
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daddycoded · a day ago
America may soon have a different breed of politicians – those with chiseled faces, fit physiques, global appeal, and a massive fan following. While 51-year-old Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is seriously considering running for Texas governor in the upcoming 2022 election, Jumanji star Dwayne Johnson is eyeing the US presidency. While their entry into politics will undoubtedly ramp up the X-factor, Hollywood’s tryst with politics is certainly not a new phenomenon. Celebrities have always been a part of the political discourse, voicing their opinions, endorsing candidates, and even jumping into the ring like Clint Eastwood, Shirley Temple Black, and Arnold Schwarzenegger did. As the gap between the two fields narrows down, how comfortable are Americans with the idea of Hollywood stars running for political office? Piplsay polled 30,138 people nationwide to get some insights. (x)
I’m not excited about this brave new world, but I guess we’re living in it.
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I just want to be the girl in the book you know what I mean?
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daddycoded · a day ago
Tumblr media
There’s an illustrated guide on how we could reduce zoonotic viruses from becoming pandemics and wow it would be cool to live in a world where any of this could happen.
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daddycoded · a day ago
Transgender rights activist and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner and her political advisers are gathering at her Malibu home next week to discuss her potential candidacy in the upcoming California gubernatorial recall election.
The meeting comes as Jenner, a 71-year-old Olympic gold-medal decathlete and Republican activist who for years appeared on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” explores whether to enter the race. After batting down rumors earlier this year that she was open to running, Jenner has been taking more concrete steps to prepare for a potential campaign than have been previously reported.
Jenner has brought aboard a team of seasoned GOP strategists. The team includes Ryan Erwin, a former top official at the California Republican Party who had roles on Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush’s presidential campaigns, who is serving as a general consultant. According to two people familiar with the hires, she has also tapped Harmeet Dhillon, a Republican national committeewoman and San Francisco-based attorney, to be general counsel.
Jenner has also been working with Caroline Wren, a longtime Republican fundraiser, and Brad Parscale, a former campaign manager to ex-President Donald Trump. (x)
Who was it who said that the Kardashian-Jenners were using their celebrity cachet to try dipping their toes into the murky waters of politics during Trump’s first presidential term? It was @theocseason4 or @killtheteendream, I think? Anyway: you were right!
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