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jaleezfonseca2 hours ago
Tumblr media
La luna tiene imperfecciones y todos la admiran por su brillo, no se trata de ser perfecta, se trata de brillar. Que te resplandor馃専siempre revele lo bello tu existencia.
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tuanpoetry10 hours ago
Mau sampai kapan?
Masing-masing dari kita tentu saja memiliki rasa takut, khawatir dan perasaan lain yang akhirnya berubah menjadi pikiran-pikiran kalut yang akan memenuhi rongga kepalamu yang kecil itu.
Jangan bilang kamu tidak bisa saat seseorang berusaha memberimu jalan keluar dari kepanikan yang selalu berujung membuatmu berlebihan dalam berpikir atau yang biasa kita sebut overthinking.
Mau sampai kapan kamu takut? Mau sampai kapan kamu merasa tak berdaya? Mau sampai kapan kamu merelakan kuatmu menjadi lemah? Mau sampai kapan kamu membiarkan pikiranmu memenjarakan tubuh bahkan bahagiamu? Mau sampai kapan kamu berada diruang yang gelap ini? Tidakkah kamu ingin keluar melihat betapa luasnya angkasa biru? Apakah kamu tidak ingin tahu berapa banyak senyum dan tawa yang bisa terlahir dari bibir manismu itu? Apakah kamu tidak bosan seperti ini terus?
Aku pernah dan masih mengalami hal yang sama berulang-ulang kali tapi berkat kerja kerasa dan usahaku selama ini memeranginya akhirnya aku dapat lebih dan kurang, mungkin pun tidak akan selalu berhasil mengatasi dengan cara yang sama. Namun menurutku, kamu juga bisa mengatasinya, sayang.
Kita tidak akan pernah tahu pada jalan dan cara yang mana kita bisa keluar kalau kita tidak mencari-cari pintu mana yang tepat? Jika hanya berhenti pada satu atau dua pintu saja lalu kamu belum menemukan apapun melainkan cara untuk menyakiti dirimu sendiri, kamu salah besar. Itu bukan jalan keluar.
Barangkali bukan diusaha yang kedua atau ketiga kamu akan berhasil. Mungkin pada keseratus atau seribu kamu akhirnya bisa menang. Namun juga tak menutup kemungkinan bahwa kamu juga membutuhkan bantuan dari orang lain agar akhirnya kamu bisa keluar dari itu. Untuk bagaimanapun cara yang baik, jangan pernah menyerah untuk berusaha keluar dari sisi itu.
Untuk memerangi rasa takut, maka kau harus berani. Untuk memerangi rasa cemas, maka kau harus berani tenang. Untuk memerangi lemahmu, maka kau harus berani tenang untuk menjadi kuat.
Kamu adalah seorang pemenang atas dirimu sendiri. Kamu adalah jiwa yang kuat atas lemahmu sendiri. Kamu yakin akan bisa, kamu akan terus berusaha, lalu kamu berhasil meskipun sering berputus asa, percayalah, kamu akan menjadi lebih bahagia atas kerja kerasmu selama ini.
Dan satu lagi, jangan biarkan satu kata pun dari seseorang yang dapat memengaruhi semua kerja kerasmu untuk membuatmu kembali pada titik awal. Jangan pernah biarkan perkataan dari mereka membuatmu kembali jatuh.
Kamu berhak memiliki penyaring pada otak dan hatimu untuk memilah dan memilih perkataan mana saja yang ingin kamu terima. Bagaimana caranya? Jangan meyakini perkataan mereka. Jangan mempercayai bahwa itu benar untukmu.
Bukan hanya otot, tapi hati, pikiran dan mentalmu juga perlu diasah terus menerus agar menjadi kuat. Dilatih agar tidak begitu tertatih, memang tidak mudah tapi kamu bisa asal kamu mau berusaha.
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asmaidreesi14 hours ago
"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." - Jim Rohn
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quoteshdimages14 hours ago
Every person is born with a creative mind. Everyone has that ability. 聽- Mary Kenner (African-American inventor Kenner invented the adjustable sanitary belt)
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galaxyshine24-718 hours ago
Be Kind馃挆
Tumblr media
Hey Everyone I hope you all are doing well. As of lately I've been pretty emotional and sensitive about things and ever since this whole pandemic thing happened some things sadly have gotten worse. So I thought about it and decided to share my thoughts on a few things to just get stuff off my chest. Its a bit different then my usual content. When I made this blog I did it to see people's art and finally step into communities that I have usually taken a back seat on and watched from the sides lines. An idea that I always liked and still want to pull through with is to use this blog to help people smile. Even if my creative juices are down I can always post something cute or funny just for someone to see it and smile, and that meant a lot to me. It still means a lot to me, and I hope to get doing it.
So this message for this post is to be kind. No matter race, religion, gender, sexuality, politics, or anything under the sun. Just see that you yourself do your best to be a kind person. Listen and understand, you don't have to agree with everyone, but still recognize a person's viewpoint and treat them like you want to be treated. Treat them like humans with wants, hopes, and dreams with lives that they want to live to the fullest, just like you do. Don't treat them as monsters for not agreeing with you, and don't make assumptions without doing the research and hearing all sides. I've seen it all, and a world that doesn't take those steps of common decency is terrible and it only ends up hurting people. And it just continues cycles of hatred and suffering that we all try so hard to take down.
To be honest Tumblr has been a mixed bag since I first started on this site. At times is amazing and at times horrible, and I just want to push it away. Some things I ignore some things are harder to let go of, and I won't lie and say some of those things sadly still cling to my mind reminding me of moments of hurt and anger with people or posts, but like all things it passes and I get better. At the end of the day life moves on and you gonna take a deep breath and breath. The world is pretty crazy right now, and from my experience its hard to stay sane on some days, some days you just break down and wanna end it all. But at the end of the day your still alive and can push to make things better. Lick up your wounds and move forward, and do better then you did before. Better yourself for the people around you, and better yourself for you.
So put away the hypocrisy, double standards, stop generalizing whole groups of people, and start looking at the individual. Seek to understand and accept people and start holding yourself and others accountable for their flaws. Sadly it seems there is much of those negative aspects in the world today, so I just wanted to remind people, myself included that we all have room to grow and do better then the past and look forward to a better future.
This post is mostly for me to get out some emotions. So feel free to scroll through this if its not for you. However if your still here I just want you to know that you matter, things will get better, and lets all try to be the change we want to see in the world. Its a common saying but its one I feel that will always hold up no matter what is going on.
At the end of the day lets try to do something that clears our minds and makes us smile. Maybe a walk, or watching funny animal videos you name it, and maybe if you have time at least make one person smile.
That's all for now. I hope you all are happy and healthy. Live Long and Prosper Everyone.
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On Writing:
Likely the most important ingredient when it comes to this writer's soup. She is an alluring mistress that seems a bit too moody for my taste. Sometimes she's there helping your out in a pinch and sometimes she leaves like a deadbeat father, who promised to come back with that new Lego set...
Regardless, how does one acquire this lithe figure that torments writers with her fleeting wonder?
Now you could try organising yourself like the busy bee you are, making schedules and setting strict goals and regulations until you find satisfaction in that, but what if I told you there was a hidden way? One so despicably simple that one would think one of those big corporations would have started selling it as if it's the freshest, newest thing since sliced bread.
Well... here it is:
You write. Write, write, wrITE, WRITE. There are several instances where you forget that to be a writer, you have to write. Doesn't matter where, neither does it matter what, nor does it matter when. Just putting words on a blank white sheet is key, and soon you'll find you have added writing as a part of your daily routine.
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mindsetopia20 hours ago
Top 30 David Goggins Quotes To Change Your Life
Tumblr media
We have all have experienced it! The limitation moment!
A moment when you are exercising or maybe you are working, and then your mind says: 鈥渙k, I think it鈥檚 enough, you have reached your limits. 鈥
At this moment, most people stop their efforts and take a rest, but not David Goggins!
He is known as the toughest man alive! one of the most inspiring peoples of all time, and surely a true success story.
If you are here to get some motivation and continue the patch of your dreams, then you must read David Goggins quotes:
David Goggins Quotes
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fantaeskiesa day ago
there is a huge contrast in being pretty and feeling pretty
~fantaeskies /true life experience
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tinkabella day ago
I鈥榤 not only a product of circumstances, I have the power to change!! 馃尫馃鉁
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importantblazearcadea day ago
motivational video啷 Everything happens for a good reason啷#motivational...
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zahrotulistiqomaha day ago
Gak ada yang jadi masalah dengan masalah. Yang jadi masalah itu saat kita salah menyikapi masalah.
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