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vonniehop2019 · 4 hours ago
I really need to stop playing with apps! #toomuchtimeonmyhands #refaceapp #procrastination #ineedavacation
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fishybehavior · 5 hours ago
me: I have homework I need to do
also me: I want to write this fic that only like, two people will probably read
also also me: writing this post cause I'm not doing either of those things
also also ALSO me: I'm hungry
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sisiwnoir · 11 hours ago
me: im soooo bored
my long list of assignments: 👁👄👁
my unfinished fanfics: 👁👄👁
a random fanart i didn't finish: 👁👄👁
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fanboy-sloth · 14 hours ago
Me: I should really do some work
Me to Me: oN wEdNeSdAyS wE dO nOtHiNg
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tiny-asian-in-a-tiara · 19 hours ago
it may 3 am during finals season, i'm behind in at least 11 lectures across 3 courses, 2 late final assignments, and a partridge in a pear tree but i mean at least i'm good at making up fantasies in my head to escape right?
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thenaffgiftshop · 20 hours ago
Our daft diploma in Procrastination is perfect for someone who is never getting things done!
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spiritualityandart · 20 hours ago
Working late tonight. I’m making a birthday present for a friend. Well, right now I’m not. Right now I’m procrastinating and wishing you all a pleasant evening/ morning.
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catboysubbybf · 21 hours ago
I can't believe I watched the whole video in one sitting... AND I STILL HAVE HOMEWORK TO DO
Fuck me and my procrastinating self....
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m0thwash · 22 hours ago
Getting a little concerned here because everyday is turning into a mental health day and it’s been two weeks since I did homework.
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quentinboulet · a day ago
Mieux communiquer comporte deux parties : Je m’attarderai sur la première étape de la communication et pas sur la deuxième. La première consiste sur tout ce que vous allez apprendre de vous-même via votre communication interne et les émotions que vous pouvez ressentir. La deuxième communication est celle que vous entamez avec des personnes de votre entourage, votre manière d’interagir avec les…
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thetortoisesnatcher · a day ago
procrastinating rn
i'm not sure what covid has done to my study schedule but i do know that my final exams tomorrow will suffer
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headsintheclouds-67 · a day ago
Got to love not doing anything for 2 days straight and then wondering why I have so much work to do. Better crack down on that now I guess.
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werifestariia · a day ago
Not me having the urge to delete all my written stories when I get sad or have a mental breakdown.
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I hate myself
Because of my procrastination
And because of mistakes that I make every fucking day...
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feryal-design · a day ago
Video #processvideo #procreate #procreatedrawing #procreateillustration #procreateart #prochoice #procycling #prochurchmedia #procard #procrastination #procreate5 #proclubs #procircuit #procrastinação #procedural #process #procedimentosesteticos #procreateapp #procrastinating #procharger #procida #procharged #procreateartist #processing #procurement #processing #procesos #processart #procreateartwork #processoseletivo
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Self-Discipline & Productivity
The importance of self-discipline when it comes to being productive is imperative. Without it, drive and productivity start to drift into a growth less darkness. If you want to reach your full potential and goals, it is essential to stay productive, and without discipline and being able to hold yourself accountable, you will not reach them. You may not even be aware of your lack of self-discipline at times. You must look out for these certain habits and thoughts to maintain self-discipline and productivity.
Starting out, make sure your reasons are right. If your only reason for reaching a goal is because it sounds good or looks good, you will not make it through when it gets complicated. If you are not genuinely passionate about a goal, you will give up the minute it gets difficult. This is because you will not have the passion to fuel your drive to stay productive and making progress towards your goal. Not only will this waste your time, but it will also reduce your confidence in your ability to reach your goals. Going after a goal for the wrong reasons can lead to disappointment and discouragement, ultimately resulting in a productivity setback.
A method that can be used to grow self-discipline is the use of small daily promises. What I mean by this is to promise yourself you will do something small each day and stick to it. There will be days where this small task feels harder than climbing Mount Everest, and the completion of it daily, without excuses, will help build your self-discipline. As you increase your self-discipline, you will find yourself being able to complete daunting tasks without flinching. This is an easy method that can be implemented into your life in any way you'd like because it is so versatile. Growing this strength will not only lead to an increase in productivity but also assist you in personal growth!
Did you know that you're a liar? Yep, that's right! You lie! Everyone has lied in their life at least once before. But did you know it is most common to be lying to yourself? This habit can be detrimental to your self-discipline! Often when we do not want to do something or want to procrastinate, our brains will rationalize our irrational actions. We know deep down that these thoughts are wrong and self-destructive, but we know ourselves the best, so we are good at manipulating ourselves. To break this habit, you need to start recognizing when you begin to convince yourself why an irrational idea isn't that bad. When you are actively aware of this concept, it is easy and eye opening to see how many times you try to deceive yourself into not working towards a goal or task because of the workload you'd have to endure. Being able to recognize this form of self-destruction allows for the growth of self-discipline and productivity in your work!
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that-damn-istp · a day ago
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My chemistry professor informed me that he doesn’t trust in my ability to succeed. I am a chemistry major.
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