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eli-ironcheeks8 hours ago
I was feeling really strong today so I went for a lil PR in squats 馃槫 Not satisfied with the depth but I shall work on it. Inching ever so closer to 6 plates!!!
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literaturha17 hours ago
The security officer points to a bag and asks its owner to follow him and witness its complete evisceration. On the little screens, the suitcases look like exposed bodies, filled with strange black and orange organs.聽 Security is secondary in all this. Everyone knows that it cannot be guaranteed. What matters is discipline. That people learn to obey any rule without complaint.
Virginie Despentes, Vernon Subutex 3
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justonehotmom21 hours ago
Just One Mad Mama
Just One Mad聽Mama
My sister and I are accountability partners. That means if there is something I must be held accountable for, she will hold me accountable and vice versa. We make sure we are holding each other accountable to achieving our goals. We both agree that one thing we want to work on is how we react to our children鈥檚 negative behavior. I can admit I was one of those mamas who would completely lose it鈥
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tinkabella day ago
How I went from 61kg/134lbs to 47kg/103lbs in 3 months when I was 15y/o
This post is maybe going to be a little messy but I want to write it down to keep some things in mind for myself
One month before I turned 15 I made the decision to lose weight. I really did know nothing about nutrition, healthy eating, calories, all of that. So first I decided to just eat, what I thought was, healthy. Only three meals a day and a piece of fruit in school. My breakfast was most the time a medium size porridge with a banana. After school I ate whatever my mom cooked but just half of what I would normally eat (I always had a large appetite). I ate my last meal of the day at 5pm and it was always a bowl of low fat curd with a pear and nuts and a little drizzle of honey (now I know that you can eat after 5pm but later on in this text I explain why it was important). But I refused to eat sweets and white flour because I saw it as a 鈥渃hallenge鈥 for myself to not eat this kind of foods.
I only weighted myself at the end of every month. After one month I dropped from 61kg/134lbs to 57kg/126lbs. I screamed happily when I stepped on the scale. I didn鈥檛 see no fckin difference in my body and I assumed my weight would have stayed the same but that wasn鈥檛 the case.
Next month I didn鈥檛 eat the fruit in school anymore. So only three meals a day. And I learned that nuts had a sh*t ton of calories. Remember my bowl at 5pm? I would put so many nuts in it as I wanted, now it was only a hand full. If I had school till afternoon, I would eat for lunch a whole wheat bun with organic peanut butter (not a crazy amount) and half a banana or some low fat yoghurt with a little packet m眉sli. And I started to go to the gym. In case of weight lifting I did anything wrong lol and I rather sticked to cardio 2-3 times a week for an hour. After this month I weighted myself and went from 57kg/126 to 56kg/123lbs. I got so angry, I almost cried. It was hard for me because often times I was hungry or wanted to eat sweets, but I sticked to my diet and it had not pay off for me. What I didn鈥檛 know was that when you are dieting the fat of your fat sells start to go away, but the sell itself stays and they fill up with water (I can鈥檛 explain it better English isn鈥檛 my mother tongue). So the fat is gone but the weight stays the same until your body finally decides to flush out the water. My mother tried to calm me down and said it鈥檚 normal, if you go on you WILL lose weight.
In the third month I did everything I said before (btw when I was with friends at 5pm I told them from my diet and just tried to eat something little with protein in it like scrambled eggs). And when I weighted myself at the end of this month I went from 56kg/123lbs to 47kg/103lbs. And I started to see what I achieved. I was blown away. I felt strong. I felt beautiful. I was proud.
(If you ask yourself okay bish, but why are you at 64kg/141lbs again, yeah.. because something bad happened in my life and I tried to make up for it with eating and then I developed this stupid habit.. but other story)
SOOOO what are the main points I want to make of this story?!
First of all: Putting in constant effort always pays off!
Even when I ate maybe three nuts and a corn cake after my breakfast for example I never would binge or go crazy! Never! Even if it wasn鈥檛 planned or I felt a bit guilty. Sounds maybe stupid but I didn鈥檛 even know what a binge was. In that time I stumbled across p*oa*a-blogs and I was like a 鈥渂inge鈥?? I don鈥檛 get it. Just don鈥檛 eat that much lol, why would I eat 700 more kcal if I just ate two corn cakes lol.
I wasn鈥檛 too focused on numbers. Often on Mondays me and a friend of mine would go to a restaurant and I always got a big salad with lots of veggies and chicken breast (because healthy) what I didn鈥檛 know at that time were how muuuuch dressing there was on my salad and how many calories that included. But it鈥檚 the calorie balance at the end of the week that matters. Maybe on the other day I only ate my low fat yoghurt with a bit of m眉sli, so everything went fine.
I would refuse to eat after 5pm. Like I said that isn鈥檛 necessary at all and I won鈥檛 do this in future. But I had this NO OPTION mentality. When I woke up in night craving something to eat soooo bad. I said to myself 鈥淣o your breakfast time is in xy hours鈥, when I was with friends and I had already eaten and they tried to convince me to eat, I was like 鈥淣o I had my bowl of curd, fruit and nuts. I don鈥檛 eat after 5pm.鈥
I kept going!! Like I said in one month I only lost 1kg/2lbs but made it through my plateau!!
Now I know that maybe some things I have done weren鈥檛 perfect, but I sticked to my plan no matter what others tried to say to me. I had some kind of tunnel vision.
And what I also wanted to say 2 times a week I had to walk to school. My school was 45mins away from me. I had to walk there and back two times a week. And sometimes when I wanted to see my friends I had to walk to them as well (also like 45min). But I was not crazy, crazy walking all the time. I didn鈥檛 even recognize it burned much calories, so I didn鈥檛 get obsessed with it.
I hoped maybe for some of you this was inspirational 馃挏鉁
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morayeha day ago
shulem aleichem to all who might come across this blog :)
about me:
ashkenazi jewess
og from Brazil
here you鈥檒l find:
starting today, 13/04, basically, I鈥檓 giving myself until 13/09 (153 days) to get my shit together.
hopefully I鈥檒l be reporting everyday bits of my progress, mixed with some aesthetics, journaling, Jewry and maybe a few sneak-peaks of The Land.
Missions include but are not limited to:
- analyze and report my daily progress to see how it can be improved/optimized
- get a better fluency in Hebrew
- learn enough Yiddish to communicate
- decide what I want to do with my life
- get. a. job.
- find myself ???
- purpose in something ???
- tshuva
- wake up the same time everyday
- pray
- get things done in the first 4 hours of the day
- exercise! go for a run! idk something
- (create and) do the same routine before studying
DNI !! white supremacists of any kind, racists, antissemites, antizionists, bds supporters.
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the-art-of-traininga day ago
Patience is something that a lot of people lack today in everyday life. So many people want their dreams to come true, wether it鈥檚 to have more money, a big mansion, jewellery or to become the most successful version of themselves, but a lot of people aren鈥檛 willing to put the time into it.
I believe anyone can achieve their dreams and are capable of putting in the hard work, but when people realise how long they have to work hard for, they give up too soon because they don鈥檛 have patience and I think the reason they don鈥檛 have the patience is because of social media showing off these successful people with their amazing lifestyles and money which makes those people watching them feel like they鈥檝e already failed because their not there yet.
And I just want to say that life is not a race. We all have our own journey to take so don鈥檛 compare yourself to where you are now, versus where others are in their life so just keep working and have patience and I promise one day you will make it.
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beingflya day ago
鈥淪elf-control is the chief element in self-respect, and self-respect is the chief element in courage.鈥
Being 'Fly'
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the-art-of-traininga day ago
鈥淲ork hard in silence, let your success be your noise鈥
Frank Ocean
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chonkystudiesa day ago
Tumblr media
Day 2
109 days left for neet 2021
I know I've skipped a day but yesterday was so unproductive I did nothing so it wasn't exactly a day of productivity.
Anyways today I did 1 chemistry lecture which was so jam packed with formula and theory feels like I've already forgot everything.
I did try to start biology but ecology and learning about ecosytems is too mind wrecking for me.
I couldn't complete my today's task completely.
There was some construction work at my house so I was busy in that.
I will definitely try harder tomorrow, I'm seeing people go ahead and do everything that I want to do so I cannot sit still and just watch them I must go at my dreams with full potential. There are so less days left and so much of my syllabus is pending. I cannot get stressed out now the only way I can reduce my stress is by completing my work. I don't want to look back and think I could've done better.
Today's quote: Rest at the end not the middle.
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thomasheimbranda day ago
Discipline is your best friend.
When would now be a good time to start? That is a question that many should ask themselves. We often have different excuses for not starting our journey.
My advice to you is to start. No one is perfect in the beginning. If you are committed and determined to succeed, nothing will stop you. To take the Island, you have to burn the boats.
The most important thing though is to continue no matter what.
One of my strengths is my committed daily habits. Ever since I went to university and considered my studies as a job, I cracked the code of daily hard work and positive results.
Success is not built in a day; it is built daily.
Haven't you felt excellent about yourself after a hard day's work, knowing that you have added value to yourself or something else? Sitting down on the sofa with a cup of coffee after a cold shower is an incredible feeling. (Why cold shower, you ask. Getting your circulation going and knowing that you also give you the immune system a boost is my reason.)
Experience the tremendous power of the compounding effect.
People tend to overestimate what they can do for a short period and underestimate what they can do for a longer time. Many people are neither willing to do what it takes every day for several years to achieve what they want.
I will tell you a secret; there are no shortcuts to success. I love the quote from Zig Ziglar:
-The elevator to success is broken, but the stairs are always available.
For instance, if you listen to an E-book 60 minutes every day in your car while commuting to work, you will have an equal amount of knowledge as a college degree in that subject after four years.
Your result has nothing to do with how smart you are. Everything rises and falls with how many hours you are willing to undertake.
If you swing your ax 10 minutes every day at the tree, it is going to fall. The question is only when.
Tumblr media
Find motivation in your reasons.
People have different reasons why they take massive action towards their goals. One common denominator, though, is that we all move away from fear or towards pleasure.
If we start with fear, it is a powerful motivator. Fear is often an imaginary thing in your head.
FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real
The only way to get rid of your fear is to challenge it and use it to your advantage. If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger.
All the adversity in my life has made me the person I am today. Even though we hope for a comfortable and joyful life, adversity will come whether you like it or not. When it does, you can calm yourself that you will get through and grow along the way.
Put yourself deliberately in some adversity consciously, and you will be able to handle real trouble better.
When it comes to pleasure, you have to be before you can do and do before you can have. What do I mean by that? Well, first of all, you have to see it in your head before you can hold it in your hand?
If you don't see yourself as a millionaire, you won't be able to become one. If you see yourself as a millionaire, you will read the books like a millionaire, invest like a millionaire, behave like a millionaire, etc. You get the picture.
Discipline increases your self-confidence.
If you handle the big things in life, you have to start taking care of the smaller things first. Start by making your bed every morning.
Going to bed, knowing that you are well prepared for tomorrow, is a great feeling. If you are a competitive person, it might also be stimulating to learn that your opponents have to do as much work as you have done to be better than you.
In the end, try to focus on yourself instead of others. You have greatness within you and prove to yourself that you can unleash your superpowers over time. You don't have to have others' approval to be successful. The only person you have to prove yourself to is you.
Make sure to enjoy the ride.
Success is not an end station; it is a journey. The more you know, the more you realize that there is another horizon up ahead. When you have reached a short-term target, however, make sure to celebrate. Pad yourself on the back and say a good job.
At the beginning of my career, I thought that the result was the target鈥攇ood grades, money, luck in love, etc. Nevertheless, true happiness comes from within. Money won't make you happy, but it sure will make your life easier.
Money is not everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen, -Zig Ziglar
Read more about personal development and how to increase your leadership skills here.
Your friend
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tinkabella day ago
I am so much more productive when I restrict, because even tho I don't want to clean up my flat I do it because time flies faster until I get to eat my next meal and I burn some calories. So that's good I guess?
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oviri7a day ago
Quand la paix r猫gne, l'homme belliqueux se fait la guerre 脿 lui-m锚me.
Friedrich Nietzsche - Par del脿 le Bien et le Mal
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defensivefita day ago
YOUR WEEKLY WORKOUT . Do each exercise for the assigned number of reps for 10 rounds. Track your time of completion . #discipline #hardwork #commitment #focus #determination #fitness #defensivefit #metabolicworkout #fitafter40 #workout #exercise #newjersey #nj #jersey #fitnessmoms #fitnessdads #busymoms #busydads #lindennj #cranfordnj #elizabethnj #maplewoodnj #millburnnj #springfieldnj #shorthillsnj #chathamnj (at DefensiveFit)
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dwuerch-bloga day ago
The Rewards of Simple Obedience
The Rewards of Simple聽Obedience
I read about a canine trainer, Tina Zimmerman, who serves wounded veterans and first responders by way of giving them fully trained, obedient dogs to assist them. The dogs learn discipline and obedience and truly become 鈥渕an鈥檚 best friend鈥. I saw a video of Tina expressing the beautiful relationship between a loving handler and a faithful dog and how it reminds her of God鈥檚 love and care for us鈥
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tinkabell2 days ago
Discipline is ignoring current pleasures for bigger rewards to come.
Discipline is loving yourself enough to give yourself everything you've ever wanted.
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