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#finals week
prankprincess123 · 8 hours ago
When I first started writing this essay on Phonological Perscriptivism "Why Can't the English teach their children how to speak?!" was very much my mantra.
By last night I'd gotten to the point of "Words, words, words! I'm so SICK of WORDS!"
I'm now a mix of "Ay not I, O not Ow, Pounding pounding in our brain. Ay not I, O not Ow, Don't say 'Rine,' say 'Rain'..." and "SAY ONE MORE WORD AND I'LL SCREAM!!!"
But it's my own brain I'm yelling at, and not someone else, which makes it a 100x worse...
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burnt-cakes · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I got a new part time job and after not working for 6 months or so, I’m learning how to adjust my schedule again. There are times when I wonder if I’ll always be adjusting to something new, trying to wedge in one more thing. But, after a small moment of over thinking, I realise how I’m enjoying what I do and that’s all I need to remember.
Finals are supposed to be from 27th and I’ve been studying a little- although not as much as I want to but, I’ll get there.
<A couple glimpses from earlier this week or month>
15.04.2021, Thursday
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ironwinterhawk · a day ago
Fellow college students or whoever wants to join:
I am starting a screaming sessions for Finals week so if you are in the pre finals, in the middle of exams, or just want to scream, you may join me in this impromptu screaming session on Tumblr
Tumblr media
Thank you and have a good day/night and scream on✌🏻
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ironwinterhawk · a day ago
One thing I miss about being on a college campus during finals:
Everyone collectively yelling/not yelling about finals and like the mood is perfect to study in
Tumblr media
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14.04.2021 - Final's Week
two. things. left. I only have two things left in this hell-scape of a year. I'm writing an exam tonight and my final exam on the 17th and then I am free. I have no nice study photos to share as my desk and room is a mess.
We can do this. The end is in sight! I believe in all of us. Good luck on anything and everything you have left in this term.
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tiny-asian-in-a-tiara · 2 days ago
it may 3 am during finals season, i'm behind in at least 11 lectures across 3 courses, 2 late final assignments, and a partridge in a pear tree but i mean at least i'm good at making up fantasies in my head to escape right?
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thetortoisesnatcher · 2 days ago
procrastinating rn
i'm not sure what covid has done to my study schedule but i do know that my final exams tomorrow will suffer
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queenie-chi-cosplay · 3 days ago
That Time of Year Again
So I just made a post over here: ( talking about writing papers, so let’s discuss FINDING A TOPIC for Academic Writing:
So you’ve got this paper, and you can Pick A Topic. Great. Cool. Neat. Until you’re like me and intentionally drown in fiction and hyperfixations that don’t always line up with the class requirements. Now what?
Take a deep breath. You have a plethora of options, but don’t let that overwhelm you. 
1. Take a good look at your fandoms/hobbies/interests/etc and stick them in a melting pot and let it simmer for a bit. Do they have anything in common? Do they draw on Real Life for content? What’s the cultural/historical significance? Has it ever been the topic of controversy? There’s two ways this can go;
2.a) If YES to any of the above questions, write about any of those. I.E. racism in 20th century cartoons vs. whatever it looks like now. In my case, I’m writing about how serial k!llers are portrayed/romanticised in popular media and how that affects people with psychosis. How did I get here? I was watching Black Butler (whole long explanation that I don’t have time for)
2.b) If NO to any/all of the above questions, we’re gonna have to go a little deeper. Last fall I wrote an entire term paper on religious wars because it was the closest real-world thing I could find to the Jedi Civil War and the Sith/JEdi conflict. 
So what comes out of the melting pot? 
- The Closest Real-World Equivalent of a Fictional Thing You Enjoy (Religious conflict = Sith/Jedi wars)
- How Fictional Thing Fits Into Real Life (media’s portrayal of serial k!llers)
- Weird/Controversial History of Hoby/Thing You Enjoy 
- Pesky Question that Adults Never Answered When You Asked (anything about sex/politics is usually good)
- Something That Will Make a Conservative Uncomfy (anything with support for LGBTQIA+ rights or BLM/SAH is always good)
- Dark History of Nursery Rhymes (Mary, Mary Quite Contrary is a euphemism for H*micide and t*rture)
- Actual Historical Thing That You Enjoy That The Media (almost) Always Gets Wrong (my sister has a thing for fashion history. She’s always writing about that)
- Something Completely Balls To The Walls Weird But Very Cool (friend of a friend wrote his entire dissertation on americans and our love of garage sales)
Now What?
Okay. deep breath again. Got a list of topics? Great!
Look at the paper requirements. Does it fit the class? The Assignment? If not, tweak it until it does. If there are loopholes in the guidelines and you can exploit them, doing. Most of the above examples are good in the soft sciences (psychology, anthropology, sociology, etc), but can be worked into more quantitative-style papers with enough tender care and patience. 
Also, don’t worry about citations or academic formatting yet. Or formal sources. Sometimes digging into social media or otherwise “unusable sources can be helpful (but yes, you can cite social media posts in academic writing. Trust me). 
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queenie-chi-cosplay · 3 days ago
It’s getting to be that time of year again...
Okay so I’m a BS student in criminology rn and I have HELLA papers to do in the next two weeks, but I also have crippling anxiety and executive dysfunction, so here’s how to Break Down Big Papers into Bite Sized Chunks. 
1. I assume you have a topic already, but I’ll make a separate post for that. Which means 
2. Look at your topic and QUESTION IT. Does the media have anything to say about it? Does it show up in movies? books? TV? What stigmas surround parts of the Thing? Make sure these are questions YOU are interested in and want to know about, because that will make this so much easier. 
3. Write those questions down. A bulleted list is my choice of formatting, but whatever works best for you, DO IT. We’re not worried about formalities right now. 
4. Start Researching answers. Don’t worry about citations yet. Open a new document and copy/paste the source name and URL for later. When you’re answering the questions you came up with, throw every scrap of info you find into said answers and worry about formating later. THis can include personal thoughts and notes because again, DONT WORRY ABOUT FORMATTING.
5. Take a metric fuck tonne of breaks when you need to. Hydrate. Eat Food. I’ll sic the Duolingo Owl on you if you dont. It may also be helpful for you to listen to music or ambient noise. Do that if it helps. You want to be in a good headspace AND physical space when doing this.
6. Okay. Now that you’ve got your Answers, sit down with them and start organizing your information. What questions do you want to answer first? Does one question lead into another? What ones NEED to be answered first for the paper to make sense? Whatever you come up with, open a new doc and WRITE THAT. We’re STILL NOT WORRIED ABOUT FORMAT.
7. Throw your citations together. For the sake of time and sanity, use a generator. Some papers/etc online already have the citations you need readily available; USE THEM. Open a doc and paste your citations in. Most word processors will have an alphabetize command. USE IT. Citation format depends on the paper format, so make sure you’re familiar with it. Purdue Owl is a FABULOUS recourse for this. 
8. Back to the questions. Now that you’ve got those and their answers, start formatting them into paragraphs. This is where we start formatting. 
9. Put your paragraphs in order and add transition sentences.
10. Clean it all up where necessary, and DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING about your formatting. 
11. take a fuckin big ol breath because you’re DONE
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selfmadecorey · 4 days ago
Finals approaching
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Tumblr media
April 10, 2021
Went to a Cafe to study cause things have been a little chaotic at home
It was nice going out after so long, but it was pretty daunting too. I won't be doing so again unless it's absolutely necessary
The cases are rising at a never before seen rate, and it just seems to be getting worse.
Apart from all this, I have my make up exam in 2 weeks and I'm nowhere near as prepared as I should be...
It's been a very stressful few months.. I just want it all to end and go back to when things were normal and less chaotic..
Anyways, how are you guys doing?
How's the covid situation at your place?
Stay safe, guys!
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ilysmistg · 5 days ago
i have a huge research paper due tmrw and i have to send it to my teacher today for him to check it etc. and my mom is more worried about me getting it done than me. its lowk annoying because her being worried won’t make me write it faster or sth idk
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booksandsucculents · 7 days ago
April 2021
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pretty simple, yet colorful, monthly spread for April. I’m getting down to my last few weeks of the semester, and have far more projects and exams than I’m used to, so the grind is real here. 
It’s been so nice having the warmer weather, and inspired the colors for this month, as spring is upon us and it grows warmer every day. Hope everyone is enjoying their studies and trying their best, but make sure to take time for yourself, stay hydrated, and get some good sleep. You can do this!
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 10 days ago
I cannot carry this weight for much longer,
The mountains that creep across my spine.
Seeking to hold and latch on,
The sorrow that is to be called mine.
Your future,
Your future.
It's for your own good,
All this weight you throw at me,
Until I want nought but slumber.
You tell me to sleep long enough, but how can I?
With all this I've become,
The success I now cannot live without,
What you've dug into my heart and planted.
The craving to be first,
At the cost of my heart.
I'm breathing,
But I can't.
So immersed in this race,
This compulsory dance.
New folds,
New mountains,
With every move I make.
All these words and expectations,
Pelt at me like coals of flaming rain.
I know you mean me no harm,
I do work best under pressure.
But these cliffs that I fall from,
Doubt a rip through the net,
There is something I've come to love of the pain of crashing.
A warped craving that I've met.
Don't be disappointed if I fail,
My head is too loud,
Too quiet to live in.
Too dark with the settings pushed to full brightness,
Too full and empty from the threatening sin.
I am awake.
I am asleep,
These mountains are my shelter.
And everytime a landslide buries me,
I drown in oblivious swelter.
It's finals week and the pressure that's on me is enough to crush a mountain, so here,
The other poems I've compiled for you to read while I die.
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jack-the-bear · 15 days ago
Only four weeks left in the semester, including finals week, but dang if these weeks aren’t hard. I am dead lol.
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211210l · 16 days ago
I just finished my first exam today , and ... umm.... it's just i didn't do well in it and I don't feel motivated enough to study for the next one
The thing is I wanted to get the scholarship this year .
Tumblr media
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academiceagerness · 18 days ago
Remember to thank your professors for their online courses (and maybe give a little feedback) when you hand in your final papers if they weren't complete assholes because a) being nice may pay off a little when they correct your work, b) if they answer you have definitive proof that they have received paper and c) a lot of them are old people who are a bit afraid of the internet so it is good to hear it's apprechiated :)
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burnt-cakes · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Haven’t really been on tumblr for the last month or so. I’ve been down with repeated tonsillitis and had tons of submissions before finals week could start.
Just a thought but, here’s a reminder for you to take time to look into the past. Not one year but perhaps 10? Think about what kind of a person you were as a kid.
What kind of an adult did you imagine you’d be? Was it realistic? How different are you now?
Look at the growth you’ve had.
Rekindle essences that you want to carry on.
Things will be okay.
You’ve grown so much and you have a lot more possibility.
Believe in yourself, because I do.
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