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exphhoria · an hour ago
Ah time’s been flying by super quickly recently. I’m super sorry I haven’t been posting recently and I know I say this a lot but >~<. My school’s been giving out extra assignments recently which I’m totally not procrastinating so I’ve been trying to focus on my schoolwork but whenever I’m free, I’ll make sure to work on my drafts!
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jesustease · 3 hours ago
Wrote another 1400 words of literary analysis today, I am a machine but also I am a capable person with good ideas
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yamatonikado · 3 hours ago
ok i think kotaro puling ai from the group is a good thing. a lot of people probably noticed this and said he did it because the girls were overly dependent on Ai during their idol career, which is true. The Franchouchou girls rely on Ai to get a lot of things done. After all, she has the experience of being the center of an idol group, the queen of idol groups, Iron Frill. It’s only normal that they rely on her. Maybe too much. 
But, I think he pulled Ai out of the performance for a different reason. I think he did it so that the rest fo the girls of Franchouchou can develop as their own kind of group. Kind of in a way to get the girls to develop their own flavor/ color as an idol group. 
Ai knows what to do to appeal as a top star idol, but the goal of Franchouchou isn’t to be top star idols (like Iron Frill). It’s to 1) appeal/ save saga and 2) bring out each of the girls own potential (mainly with Sakura) and 3) get revenge on all the people who thought they were flops by proving that they can be successful in their own right.
The girls are super afraid of their opening act at the Iron Frill concert being a bust, and they’re right. If the girls perform with Ai, and they perfect their performance under her guidance, it might look as if Franchouchou is a wannabe Iron Frill. Ai will guide them like she did her former group members, that’s what she knows. but if they do this it’ll only bring Franchouchou down because the OG Iron Frill will preform after them, giving the audience something to compare the girls too. (Esp. since everyone keeps on comparing Ai to the legendary dead idol Mizuno Ai). 
So, Kotaro did the easiest thing. Remove Ai. If the girls preform (or practice preforming) without Ai and her guidance as a former Iron Frill member, then they’ll be given a chance to create their own appeal that unique to them and will draw out their own fans. No one will be able to compare them to Iron Frill or even say that Franchouchou wants to be like them. 
TDLR: Kotaro separated the Ai and the group so that they can develop their own strengths independent of one another. This way Franchouchou can develop as its own group whose appeal is drastically different from its competitors. He didn’t remove Ai because she might be recognized, he removed Ai so that no one can compare Iron Frill to Franchouchou. 
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isenstar777 · 5 hours ago
Two 4000 word essays finished and submitted! And it's nearly 4am!
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sadcanadianbean · 5 hours ago
i was confused as to how i had thirteen posts because i don’t even have that many thoughts in a day, but then i remembered reblogging was a thing. yay
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ladylike-foxes · 5 hours ago
Normally I am all about supporting writers, authors, and poets—especially those representing the female perspective......
Buuuuut, if anyone has a PDF or plain txt copy of The Myth of Persephone in Girls' Fantasy Literature by Holly Blackford that they'd be willing to send me, I am absolutely dying to read it, but I don't have $52+tax to spare on it 😓
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Me after finding an intensely long video essay about a show I know I will never watch: 
Tumblr media
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wolfhaste · 6 hours ago
I only have a will to live and aspirations or goals or any hopes for the future at all when nothing bad is happening and I'm in a really good mood
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grammarpedant · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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lesbianjeff · 7 hours ago
The one debate that comes across my dash that literally never has any good takes on either side is the fucking queer debate, it’s either if u use queer your committing hatecrimes or if you don’t use queer ur not oppressed enough to be a real gay
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alexisrmna350 · 7 hours ago
Are Your Free Reports Too Sales Pitchy?
That's NOT the Way to Promote Your Associate Products
The terrific sales pitch can be a little bit overrated, seeing that majority of the most experienced affiliate advertising and marketing clients as well as prospective participants often tend to be cynical and also seasoned. When offering complimentary reports to promote your associate products, interest can create you to create a sales pitchy report, something that could be taken the wrong way by your leads. If you want to make a great impact, writing a totally free report that resembles way too much sales pitch is simply NOT the means to get individuals to purchase your affiliate products.
Why sales pitchy complimentary reports are ineffective
Tumblr media
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They also seem also hopeless to be reputable, seeming as if they were created with the sole function of making a quick sale. Additionally, they usually do not present the whole picture to the viewers, focusing instead on promoting a product profusely without taking into consideration just how it can be helpful or pertinent to potential consumers. Sales pitchy cost-free reports normally do not have the statement that specifies its real worth to its visitors.
If you've reviewed sales pitchy complimentary reports before, you most likely recognize exactly why you treated them with disbelief. If you have actually thrown away or erased a sales pitchy totally free report you really did not even bother to finish reading, you will understand why that's NOT the method to advertise your associate items.
Writing the ideal complimentary reports without being sales pitchy
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Free reports must make a good first impression
A well-written title is a superb strategy to guarantee that you get a hold of your readers' interest and also encourage them to read better. If the title is bland, your readers will certainly either glance the report as well as miss the assets or quit entirely.
Free reports must stay clear of the 'general public'
A common error amongst marketing experts who write totally free reports to advertise their associate items is that they often tend to write for almost every person. Keep in mind that your affiliate items have specific market demographics. Find out what these are and also write directly to them.
Free reports need to include information
Words such as 'excellent', 'great', 'remarkable' and also 'unbelievable' constantly locate their method into complimentary reports. While there is nothing incorrect regarding utilizing them, they have a tendency to be too generic as well as ultimately, sales pitchy.
Rather than using these words or their synonyms repeatedly, attempt to make use of details as well as specifics rather. Review that totally free report you have written and also check out generic words. Rather than stating that the affiliate product is 'an outstanding deal', claim 'you obtain 25% off your acquisition'. Instead of simply saying that the acquisition is 'safe', claim rather that you supply a '100% money-back warranty'.
There needs to be a feeling of seriousness
An excellent, non-sales pitchy cost-free report must include a declaration concerning the effectivity date of the promo. When promoting your affiliate products, state in clear terms when the product will certainly be cost the unique rate and for how long. By limiting the product's accessibility, you will certainly be able to delicately encourage your viewers and also turn them right into real paying customers.
So are you still writing those embarrassing sales pitchy free reports?
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symbolicpeaches · 7 hours ago
I’ve read some posts on „giving emotions to the force“ tonight and don’t wanna impose my stuff on any of them so… I’m making my own post cause I have Thoughts apparently lol?
There’s some phenomenology that classifies emotions as (and it pains me to say this) essentially a vibe. It’s a pretty outdated field in general but I wrote some phenomenology-adjacent papers in undergrad and many of the concepts are imo super applicable to Star Wars - obviously! I mean, what is the force if not a fantastical theory of consciousness and emotion? (At least to me it is, at least in some ways)
I’m thinking of one philosopher in particular who defines emotions not only as subjective experiences but as atmospheres with spatial dimension. Emotions are phenomena that can be sensed without being acutely affected by them, they’re larger than the individual and explicitly more than just a part of your own inner world (there’s sth to be said for how exactly our concept of „a vibe“ mirrors this whole theory lol). This seems like such an interesting potential parallel to the force to me?! So uhm. Let me just apply this theory to the concept of the force real quick to find out what „releasing emotion to the force“ could mean in this context… 
Emotions as atmospheres 
This dude illustrates his theory of emotions as atmospheres by comparing them to climatic atmospheres - weather! A humid, oppressively hot summer day or an electric, tingling thunderstorm. These things affect you bodily but they’re no condition of the body itself. 
Similarly, he describes social atmospheres. Love is in the air! Sexual tension! Collective anticipation before an exam. Even further, he describes ALL emotion as spatial atmospheres that can be experienced and perceived as such, without necessarily being taken by them individually. The vibe of a room in which people are fighting can feel super off, without you yourself being angry. 
So, emotion comes down to this dichotomy: Emotion as objective atmosphere that can be perceived and sensed without being directly affected. And emotion as being subjectively and bodily affected by a feeling. Most importantly, emotions are ultimately MORE than just an outward projection of your own private, inner state.
The force as atmosphere??? Releasing into the force - from subjectively affected to objective perception??
To come back to Star Wars though lol. This seems to me exactly how Jedi perceive things in the force: If you are „force proficient“, a Jedi, you are hyper tuned in to the spatial atmospheres of emotion - everywhere and at all times. And maybe the force itself is something of an atmosphere with spatial dimension that simply exists without limitations and isn’t as easily sensed by people.
So what could „releasing emotions into the force“ mean? If we go with this theory, it’s basically starting with one state of emotion - the being subjectively and bodily „seized“ and affected by an emotion - and transforming it into the other state: The objective, supra-individual perception of the emotion that leaves you personally unaffected (yet not without understanding or empathy) and doesn’t contain an impulse for action. 
The more common direction of this transition is the other way around - from objective to subjective. Best example is surrogate shame, where someone in your close vicinity acts shamefully, you sense this atmosphere of shame and slip from the perception into being affected by the feeling of shame yourself, sometimes even extremely and bodily. But as we’re talking about Jedi here, enforcing a change of direction of this process seems pretty on brand and actually achievable.
It’s 2am and idk where I was going with this but here is me applying this theory to the concept of the force I guess???
Disclaimer: I don’t necessarily subscribe to this theory of emotion, phenomenology is extremely Eurocentric, contested and kinda dismissed for a reason and, like all dudes in the field, this one is also a piece of shit so. Grain of salt. But, tragically, this is the stuff I know a ton about and cannot forget ever and there’s just so many parallels to possible interpretations of the force that I had to put this down. 
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gay-nonbinary-axolotl · 7 hours ago
I was writing a DBQ essay for AP euro, y’know as one does, about Poland during the cold war and I got side tracked and this was the result:
At first I started out strong with the intro
“In Poland they were opposed to the communist that the countries in the Soviet union were under. This caused Poland to become independent from the soviet union. (Doc. 1) Some of the factors that led to the workers opposition movement in Poland were the energy crisis and stagflation and the prevalence of religion in Poland. The most important of these factors was the energy crisis and stagflation.” (its a rough draft and I suck at school don’t judge me)
Then I got side tracked with the first body paragraph and started talking about cheetahs:
“The energy crisis and stagflation i have no idea how to structure thisAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA y couldnt i write about cheetahs cheetahs r cool cheetahs can go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds and can reach up to 70 mph theyre spots r like fingerprints and koalas have human fingerprints so its likely that at least 1 person was framed by a koala also theyre 1.1-1.5 meters long 60-80 cm of which is the tail which helps them take curves and tho they can go 70 mph they cant do it 4 vry long (100 meters) cuz they overheat at 41 degrees celsius also they weigh 120-140 lbs and have an average lifespan of 17 with a highest of 20 (same) their predators are lions hyenas which would be the perfect fucking predator if they didnt have a bad hind leg structure so they cant run good cuz they have a rly strong jaw humans and eagles also they cant rour ruor raor roar due to a fold in their vocal chords so instead they purr and chirp and i-i-i-i got a migraine and the babies start out with gray fur to look like a honey badger (?) and dont open their eyes for 1-2 weeks after theyre born and r completely dependant on their mother for 6 months and cheetahs mate all year and the litters consist of 2-4 cubs and the female cheetahs are solitary and only interact with the males when mating and the female makes the first move and the males move in pacts and after 6 months the mom teaches the cubs to hunt and they usually 4:20 nice bite their pray on the neck but when teaching they bite it by the head and trip it to make sure it doesnt get away and they have to change lairs every 4 days when they have kids to make sure predators dont get them and they have to eat fast to make sure predators dont take their food and there are 36 different cheetah species and they have about 3 months of pregnancy also the cubs leave the mama after 15 months and the males r vry territorial and pee on things that r theirs like dogs also many ancient cultures including the mesopotamians used and trained cheetahs to hunt and the egyptians worshiped them they were sacred to the egyptians (y not theyre fucking awesome) and the giant cheeta egxisted 1-2 million years ago and not cheetahs are an endangered species y u wanna kill cheeta cheeta cool cheeta dont do nothin to u cheeta have social anxiety and theapy dog cheeta adorable pigions were domesticated pigions are sky dogs we abandoned pigeons mom pls heeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppT^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T^T”
Anyway, I just used this to talk about cheetahs. I’m going to fail AP Euro byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
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nightmaremerchant · 8 hours ago
okay ik this is an opinion no one asked for but now im thinking about the whole dan and phil joint branding as opposed to Dan Branding™ and Phil Branding™. also this is fully adding onto posts on @ browncesario and @ demonetisation’s blogs and i feel too awkward to tag them bc i dont wanna make anyone feel obligated to read this lol but if i repeat anything they said or their anons said its not on purpose!
but like, full disclaimer while i love dan and phil i feel like its always been kind of obvious that they were marketing their relationship to us? obv not so much anymore but like... as much as people who dont keep up w dnp like to pretend that their only awareness of us as a fanbase was creepy objectifying shippers who should feel ashamed for harassing them etc etc, they’ve always been way more tuned into their audience than i think people realize. like they’ve *known* what we’re like, and i dont even mean just the bad parts. like they *know* that a lot of their fanbase is queer and genuinely has looked up to them as queer role models long before they were out, and a lot of that hinges on us understanding they were a couple. and ik they resented it and i wasn’t really part of the fanbase until a few years ago but hearing stories of how dan would react on liveshows sometimes and the like, barely concealed resentment for the fans sometimes shows that while they definitely had issues with it (which like,,, is fair), they also knew they were kind of stuck in a rut. because if their primary source of fans are people who like seeing them together, that meant that their success as youtubers/creators/etc depended on keeping those fans right where they were.
and to be clear! i know ive never been here primarily for their relationship; i started watching them bc i thought they were funny together and had a good dynamic, which wouldve been possible even if they really were just friends. i didnt get emotionally invested in the projection part of it until later. but even so, i was always aware as a fan that they were selling to us the speculation of their relationship.
and this is def pulling from other posts ive seen today but considering the fanfic part of tatinof, the fact that they wrote fanfic in tabinof and incorporated shippy fan art into the youtube versions, giving the people what they want, even little things like the conjoined baking challenge vid.... they wanted us to stay curious about their relationship. Even if on a very real level it was literally bringing back trauma for them, there was this weird cognitive dissonance between “im angry at people for speculating about us” and “look here, dont stop speculating about us! look we’re sharing a sweater! look we’re being ~domestic~ in ditls!”
which is also why i thought the hiatus wouldnt last long tbh, like i was genuinely shocked that after the success of ii they would completely separate their brandings from each other in 2019. and i wont @ this person but someone said it best years ago when they said that joint branding had to die for dnp to come out. bc it really did; how could they keep up the speculation if we have literally almost all the puzzle pieces laid out? when they’ve primed their audience to actively hunt down these pieces (even if again, they would rather have not, esp given what they each talked about in their coming out videos), but they dont *want* us to put it all together, how could they sustainably make joint content while keeping the speculation fanbase there? bc once the speculation is over, people are gonna keep wanting more. (and disclaimer i really dont think this applies to like....anyone i follow on here tbh bc in general i feel like we’re fine w them keeping their boundaries where they are, but we’ve all seen posts like that that indicate that people *will* want more, and thats something that they’re unwilling to give and understandably so).
anyway this all goes to the main thing that brought all this on today lol, ever since 2019 they’ve been trying to cultivate their own separate branding from each other, and while i’m here for it tbh, surely they know that they’ll never escape their old joint branding. Which also means never escaping the spectre of relationship speculation. so i have mixed feelings about seeing dan act shocked that people could ever speculate about his private life once he became famous bc like 1) thats literally just what happens when you become famous, and 2) ....he and phil egged it on up to a point, and that doesnt mean it didnt upset them but it definitely feels off for dan to always be so pikachu face about having had fans that speculated about his relationship. like dan you literally wrote erotic fanfiction about you and phil, pieced together fan art illustrating it that showed you and phil in a homoerotic lens, and yet you’re *still* acting shocked and indignant that fans got invested in your relationship/the possibility of your relationship?? idk man. its confusing bc at the time i took things like that as “oh, we’re in on the joke,” but ever since 2019 they’ve made it more clear that we’re not, but we’re also not *not* in on it to an extent (looking at you, cah phan edition)
so im def still excited for dan’s book (like the subject doesnt terribly interest me tbh but i do wanna see what he does with it and read whatever highlights inevitably get posted on here), but as always w the end of regular joint content, im lowkey here for the over-analyzing about the relationship between dan, phil, their fans, and their content bc dear god we never run out of material to rant about
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polarcell · 9 hours ago
sometimes i'm like "what if i made a youtube channel for media criticism" and then i realise what i'm saying and go make pasta instead
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