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validtrollnames · 4 minutes ago
@ gcat + u dna anon (and mod, read your tags) john changes his handle to EB so there is canon precedence for handles outside the gcat+u? Also fedoraFreak but iirc that was not on pesterchum, trollian, bettybother, or the thing the cherubs use
So it really is just an arbitrary rule. 
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memorasims · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rouge: I'd go through all of those struggles again if it means I could stay by your side. I don't care if we have to fight your mother every day to stay together. What we have means more to me than anything else in this world. You and me are meant to be together. We were made for each other i'm sure of it.
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waitingforasong · 14 minutes ago
Lol I have no place at the thirst blogs anymore. Firstly most of my fantasies are way too boring compared to what's on there. 😆 I don't find them boring, but yeah... b o r i n g.
Secondly, and most importantly actually, I am always sitting here thinking, how do I even begin to translate my (less boring?) thoughts to English. And make it sound even remotely sexy? 😂😂😂
Sorry for this totally random post. 🤐
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ranroru · 18 minutes ago
As someone who was around during the 2017 boom, yeah there was a lot of cool art that’s mostly gone now, but the community could be so horrible, that’s probably why so many people stopped drawing it or deleted their accounts entirely. You kinda dodged a bullet don’t be too disappointed
yeahh ive heard stories of it & def seen it myself as a little teenager on tumblr watching from the sides djskbdksj... while people always talk about how horrible it was im sure people probably overreact abt it because imo i feel like a lot of people coming together to enjoy a media together is always fun. ig it was just a few loud ppl who liked to cause issues. i can understand why ppl would want to move away from that time eventually though. i just have a very strong sense of FOMO so seeing how much i missed out from makes me a little somber but its alright, i like the little corner i have rn
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hriobzagelthewanderer · 34 minutes ago
There's the tiny skitter scatter of feet hitting stone – the sound of hummng from a little dragalina as she tried to set things out as she normally did. However, today, on this very special day, there is something different! At first, everything looks normal at the breakfast table. Lyth waits patiently for him to sit before it’s nudged to dear old Krakonos ( well, it was kind of obvious with its bright red packaging! ).
“Found it!” She chirped, “Fixed it!” She’d taken to finding random things and ‘fixing them’, which typically meant getting frustrated and abandoning it halfway, but not this time! Lyth had been determined to get it completely fixed – which meant she spent many a moon and sleepless nights fussing over it. All without his help!
Once the box was opened it would reveal a pocketwatch, but this one was a bit unusual in all respects. Instead of telling time, it had the solar system in its face. The clock hands were small, and presently one was pointing between Earth and Mars, with the other pointing at Venus. It seemed it was more or less made to tell where the stars and planets were presently aligned, though it may be a bit off given it was made with the rudimentary knowledge of a young dragalina and not a refined goldsmith that dabbled in astrology.
“For you, Papa.” She said with a beaming grin.
( for Father's Day, from smol Lyth to papa Krakonos. )
The Old Fae had been in his study, as was his wont. It was morning, not that it was clear this far down inside the Mountain he called home...
His thoughts, distant and often troubled as they seemed to those able to observe his countenance, were thrown off at the unexpected... though not in the slightest bit unreasonable appearance of a certain little albina, holding something out to him...
For a good, long moment, his breath hitched as he took in not the amateur-yet-nonetheless-intricate work before him... but at her words. That one name, that he still felt unused to, unworthy of even, and yet...
It was not the gift that made the elderly Prince of Gnomes chuckle, brighten and pull the girl close, even as he took it over in his hands as she sat on his lap, adjusting a few things here and there and showing her how, teaching her even as he gave her praise for her work and craftsmanship... it was her sentiment, her care, that she had been given to him by her Sire, yes, but that she chose him to be her 'Papa' nonetheless.
Tumblr media
Many, many years later, in yet another abandoned room within the Halls, a blood-red-haired giant of a man shuffles through a few old supplies, trying still yet to catalog all of the Halls he had been left by his predecessor... when he noticed something in the bottom of a discarded drawer, far from its original desk.
Picking up a dusty, slightly tarnished circular bit of metal... which, after carefully brushing off and cleaning of decades of abandonment, revealed a small, portable celestial tracker of sorts... which, after a moment of poignant, bittersweet Deja Vu he had no way to fully comprehend, he pocketed somewhere under his cloak.
...I don't know why... but I feel like tracking Mutti down again, giving her a big hug, and seeing if she doesn't mind company for a few days.
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tsukigodis · 37 minutes ago
New video on my YouTube channel Other Tsuki is available now!
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then0onesr0se · 38 minutes ago
" Mistress...? "
Hearing hong Meiling voice from behind her made the abomination flinch and just stares.
" Oh, uh Yes Meiling..? What is i- ?! "
Before she can finished speaking, the former gatekeeper grabbed the young sage pulling her in a soft embrace in her arms, hugging her. Koishi is shocked by this, she widened her eyes in confusion.
" W-Wh...? "
" Stop talking, I hear you talking badly about yourself. You know it's not healthy to speak ill about yourself. "
" E-Even...even back then..? "
" Yeah, even back then. What happen then is over with, you've changed and no matter what I'll always forgive you.
For I an your gatekeeper, now and forever mistress you can count on me, and the others! "
Tumblr media
" M-Meiling... "
Tumblr media
Hearing those words coming out of that gatekeepers mouth made the abomination struggle to hold back her own tears, she didn't deserve the affection not after what happened.
" T-Thank you hong meiling, thank you for..understanding... "
The abomination returned that same hug, very tightly as she begins sobbing on her shoulder. The gatekeeper comforts her new mistress in her arms, it was truly a miracle.
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lans-rabbit-glade · 48 minutes ago
tagged by @fuckingspacequeen thank you!! 🥰
Rules: post the last picture/GIF of a celebrity/character you saved and that’s your isolation buddy.
lmAO ok so i don't really save many celebrity/cast pics either (on my phone at least) so i had to scroll like a week back for this one and technically. technically. it's these guys
Tumblr media
which i saved to send to my friends on 6/9 pfhFGHFH bill and ted i love u <333
bonus: the next one after that would've been this chad from hsm2
Tumblr media
tagging anyone who wants to!!
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poopemoji · 52 minutes ago
jerma did a stream with ludwig and they were talking about bidets and ludwig asked him if he had long balls and he said yes
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