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ask-the-war-bois · 8 minutes ago
* Flip runs towards Fliqpy, Sneaky is now up in a tree, waiting for an opportunity to attack
(Wait, what do you mean? I didn't understand 😭)
*fliqpy quickly hugs flip, they look terrified, flaky stands in from of both of them using their spines as protection*
*mouse continues to throw bombs!*
*sean and Paul throw dust bags at the generals face causing him to be blinded for a minute*
*nows the perfect opening for tiger!*
*he bolts forward, he's faster than the general*
*he digs his robo clows into his stomach and tear through to the other side*
*tiger pins the general to the ground, and starts beating the shit out of him*
"NEVER *punch EVEN *punch* THINK *punch* OF *punch* HURTING *punch* MY *punch* FAMILY *punch* EVER *punch* AGAIN"
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univaers · 12 minutes ago
@oncetragic​​  ( emmeline v )  .        new muse starter call .
        late night slips into early mornings ,       and the presence at the table never moves .     there’s an unnatural stillness to his present ,     especially when james is usually a being wrapped in motion ,    unable to pass time without some form of movement .      his mind plays a series of images on loop ,    taunting him ;     HOW DOES HE COPE WITH KNOWLEDGE OF THE SHADE OF FRIENDS BLOOD ?     loss never seemed so close as now ,     with spindled hands that press under the windowpanes and reach out for passing limbs to drag into the abyss .      he’s lost track of bodies buried . 
Tumblr media
          ❝  i’ll get out the way ,      sorry .  ❞
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intimidatingpuffinstudios · 15 minutes ago
Who would be viable in a poly with manny?
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shiishki · 16 minutes ago
my teacher is so disappointed that barely anyone in my class watches the news. but like,, i don’t wanna know how many people died? i don’t want to disrupt my day with the what ifs of the accidents that happened or how there could be a flood or tornado somewhere while it’s nice weather here.
so no, i don’t watch the news and i’m not gonna start because of the little quiz sheets.
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panharmonium · 23 minutes ago
@dreamersscape​ - in response to your notes on that other post, oh my gosh, YES, i didn’t even write anything up about Guy, but he really was a HERO in these episodes.  You described it so well - his way of taking care of Kakashi is clumsy sometimes, but it’s in such a pure way that it doesn’t matter.  
I remember thinking something along the same lines after I finished Season 10, when I saw that episode where Kakashi is about to be named Hokage and Guy challenges him to a footrace - I loved that one so much, because it was right after Kakashi and kids got back from that horrible confrontation with Sasuke, and I remember I felt terrible because Kakashi was coming back from this situation where he a) discovered the real history behind what happened with Itachi and the Uchiha clan, and b) thought he was going to have to kill his own kid, and then before he even has a chance to breathe, the village is like “someone needs to step in as hokage we’ve nominated you,” and he doesn’t even want that job; it’s the last thing he wants to do right now, but he feels like he has to do it, and I just wanted someone to ask him “hey uhh are you okay” - and then Guy showed up!
And like you said, he takes care of Kakashi in his own kind of clumsy, sometimes shortsighted way - he doesn’t understand what’s happened, and Kakashi doesn’t confide in him, either, but Guy still literally checks him all over from head to toe to make sure he’s not hurt, and then he challenges him to that stupid race, which turns out to be the best possible thing anyone could have done.  Kakashi has FUN; he’s LAUGHING; he tells Guy, “This was just what I needed.”  
Guy may not be the friend who always understands everything, or with whom Kakashi necessarily wants to have deep, spill-your-guts conversations about his innermost thoughts, but that’s not the only kind of friend a person needs!  Sometimes you need somebody who will just BE THERE, and who will work to cheer you up whether you talk about your problems or not.  Guy’s particular type of caring is perfect for Kakashi, who doesn’t necessarily open up to people and who would really be in trouble if “sharing your problems” were a prerequisite for people trying to help him - Guy is so determined and passionate about being a good friend that it doesn’t matter to him if Kakashi is as unreceptive as a rock; that just spurs him on to greater heights XD
Guy takes care of Kakashi like this, basically:
Tumblr media
and Kakashi just has to deal with it.  It’s good for him.
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luminisvii · 24 minutes ago
as a joke i've started being like "name one thing [insert obvious gundam war criminal here] did wrong, i dare you" to my friends, because you know, the real power move is acting like char did nothing wrong, but i'm afraid people will take me seriously if i actually call myself a mcgillis apologist in public
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remumoonylupin · 24 minutes ago
Daily atyd pain
“the same sour envy. What did it mean to have a father like Fleamont Potter? To have one at all?”
Seventh year: Christmas part 3
All the Young Dudes
Ok so this isn’t entirely relevant to the quote but it is about Remu’s dad.
I wish Remus had been given more information about his father, seeing as he lost him when he was so young. But also- Ferox. What Ferox did, I feel like it was a nice gesture to give him the information... but over the summer? When he has no connection to the wizarding world? That’s not fair. He couldn’t ask any questions or go to anyone for help about it.
Also sirius’ dad. Why couldn’t he have stuck up for him more? If Sirius could disobey the ‘noble house of black’ then surely he could too. He also had a lot of influence within it, even while Sirius’ mother was more in charge. He didn’t even attempt to help his children and that’s not okay.
Sidenote: fleamont is cool and kinda gives off Arthur weasley vibes
What does anyone else think about Ferox?
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silver-wield · 31 minutes ago
do you think we'll get a gold saucer date in p2 remake? given that cait sith was teased in p1 i assume we'll atleast make it there, but maybe they'll scrap the date to avoid fueling the ltd (even though i rly want the cloud and tifa date lol)
I've said a few times I reckon the GS won't be a date, it'll likely be more of a mission type deal or non-optional event. Since Cloud and Tifa are so matchy matchy and Cloud danced in part one, I'd put money on Tifa doing something, especially since we got a hint way back from Cloud and Tifa's mocap actors about singing and dancing. The canon narrative for FF7 shows Tifa's date and her hand being kissed in OG, so expect that much at least 😁
There never was any LTD, it was the salty dumdums trying to make something out of nothing and gaslighting the fandom for 2 decades out of bitter jealousy. All the stuff they claimed was shipping, the ultimanias explain isn't.
Cloud laughing in the rooftop was a display of Jenova's control over him. The date offer has Cloud wagging his finger in disapproval. The slide convo was badly written but meant to be zerith, the jail cell scene was one sided. Cosmo Canyon was literally just stuttering. The GS date is actually Tifa's as the primary. Cait Sith's predictions aren't what people thought. And Aerith dying is just Aerith dying. Cloud narrating his reaction is more Jenova. His depression later is guilt and as Nomura said "the happier he is the more guilty he feels". Cloud has survivor's guilt. Why should he be happy with the woman he loves when he let his friends die? And until he gets forgiveness from them he feels like he has no right to be happy, even though he really is happy with Tifa.
He knew Aerith for 3 weeks ffs. FF7 ain't Disney. People fell for an illusion and instead of being all "Oh that's clever" when the reveal shows Cloud's always loved Tifa, they got salty and tried to force their headcanon instead. Should've just gone to write fanfiction cause all they've done since then is bullshit and lie about everything, make Cloud into a miserable fucker who isn't even allowed to be happy cause he has to spend 50 odd years pining for a girl he knew for 3 weeks until he dies and dissolves into the lifestream. Meanwhile, she dissolved 50 years before he dies of old age cause not even an "all powerful Cetra" can hold their consciousness together that long.
I swear, these people's version of FF7 turns my stomach.
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softcallofdutyimagines · 34 minutes ago
@quizzyisdone @thebestdecoder : Naga with hair isn't real, he can't hurt you
Naga with hair:
Tumblr media
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booksofrobertgreene · 42 minutes ago
As happened with Carter and with Fifty, you will find that self-reliance becomes the habit and that anything that smacks of depending on others will horrify you.
The 50th Law
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gayemsensin · 43 minutes ago
336 kişinin içinden bana soru soran bir kimse çıkmadı.
Alındım gücendim
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ask-the-war-bois · 45 minutes ago
* Flip looks up at him, his a little bit scared, but knows his safe with tiger
*suddenly, everyone's awake!*
*an explosion is set off under the generals feet!*
*sean and Paul are trying to distract the general so tiger can get an opening!*
*tiger gently puts flippy down and nods towards fliqpy*
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