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#weiss schnee
girlbosssalem · 5 minutes ago
weiss is a trans woman and schneekos is t4t, ask me why and reblog for good luck
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ironpines · 11 minutes ago
making love in the dark.
ao3 link.
Qrow takes a seat on the empty stool next to her and Weiss doesn’t acknowledge it, taking another hearty drink from the glass and relishing in the shudder. The warmth that bloomed in her chest, chasing away the cold. Cold touch, cold fingers, cold cold cold.
Qrow and Weiss prove the age old adage, "hurt people, hurt people." Warning, this fic is tagged under Dead Dove, Do Not Eat & will contain themes of rape, dubious consent, reclamation of sexual trauma, misogyny & slut shaming.
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carmillafinestein · an hour ago
All the Schnee siblings are gay. No I won’t take criticism. 
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lovegnder · 2 hours ago
that is homosexual activity. i won’t lie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ironpines · 3 hours ago
You literally reminded me that Weiss' dad pimp slapped her. He really said "It was supposed to be 500 bitch!" IM FUCKING DYING RIGHT NOW
LMAOOOO i shouldn’t laugh but when crwby make it this much of a joke, you have to. especially when that basically all got dropped for a funny joke of weiss arresting jacques.
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nitro502 · 3 hours ago
We all know Weiss can sing. Who else in RWBY do you think has a nice singing voice? And what genre might they preform?
I like to think Qrow has a decent voice and used to sing lullabies to little Yang and Ruby.
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ironpines · 5 hours ago
I'm laughing. So Miles' explanation as to why Ms. Winter the Rebel who refused to let Jacques get in the way of her life did nothing for Whitley is that Jacques wouldn't let her. But he somehow let Winter train Weiss and let Weiss go to Beacon and that the ONLY reason Whitley hates his sisters is because Jacques told him lies about them. Accountability, why do they hate giving the Schnee women that?
You know, rather than acknowledge that you’ve written a big sister figure who didn’t do shit for her younger brother and never even speaks to him in the entire show, rather focusing on Weiss who had unlocked her Semblance, and blaming it on the inconsistent ass abuser is stupid. 
Why did Jacques allow Weiss to go to Beacon? Why would he let her go to a Huntsman Academy at all, if she was both his child and heir to the company? For a narcissistic abuser like Jacques, they wouldn’t think about letting their victim leave the home, let alone go to an entirely different country for four years, where they can have a place that isn’t under their control and finally take a stand for themselves. 
But this is also the man who tried to suggest that Jacques was closer to Whitley because he wanted a male heir, even though Remnant doesn’t have sexism and male heirs are a result of a patriarchal society.
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ddullahan · 6 hours ago
I lied! It took me three days cause this was originally just one giant chapter, but I broke it up to prevent a weird break from happening in the middle :> I hope y’all like it! Here’s an excerpt, and essentially the real start of the story :D Thanks to everyone who’s taken a look at it so far <3 -------- All things considered, the small town of Lily Grove should have been a popular tourist spot. It was set in the middle of a beautiful, nearly untouched green valley. The forest bled branches over the paved roads, lazy rivers threaded between neighborhoods and gave kids something to swim in for summer months. Most of the homes were old log cabins crawling with persian ivy, soft white flowers climbing up the walls of buildings and businesses for a taste of sunlight. It was a cheerful little place, a bit stuck in the past but pretty good natured all around. Ruby loved it the moment she stepped foot in the town. Her sister and her lived just a few minutes away, their little farmhouse hidden in the deeper parts of the woods. It was curious how travelling closer to the town, the trees grew more spacious - as if the valley itself had given its permission for people to settle down within its mountains. And of course, there was the lake. Lake Lilaceous was the hallmark of Lily Grove’s tourism district. It had a beautiful, frosty blue hue that stretched out and out, carving through the land in a strange stem-like pattern for at least a mile out. Settled at its banks, grew some of the largest, purest of white lilies. Evidence of its naming, and how little had changed since its christening. Yes by all accounts, Lake Lilaceous and the little town in its shadow should have been a lovely vacation spot. But it wasn’t. And Ruby had no idea why.
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canonseeker · 6 hours ago
Cinder the Xiao Long Rose Adoptee
The sands of Vacuo weren't exactly the place you would want to die on. Ruby her team had finally managed to escape the void, made it to Vacuo, only to run into Cinder Fall and her new allies.  And Cinder had gotten stronger. "Salem wants you alive , Ruby," Cinder hissed in hate."But she didn't say in one piece!" With that a giant fireball hurled at Team Rwby. The heat got closer until... WHOOSH! a figure rushed in front of her, shielding ruby and her team from the blow. "What!?" Cinder growled. Ruby looked up the figure in front of her, and her jaw dropped.Standing there, slightly injured but overall okay, was a very pissed Taiyang Xiao Long. "Dad?" Ruby gasped. "But how?" "How do you think?"A certain voice asked behind her. Ruby and Yang both turned in shock and anger to see Raven standing beside a closing portal.  "Raven," Yang gritted her teeth.
Raven smirked,  "you're welcome." Ruby snapped back to her father. "Dad, whats going on?" Taiyang glared. "2 years,  and this is the first thing you say to me?" Ruby stopped...that's right...she had run away from home, with only a letter...not exactly the best way to treat one's father. "Dad, I'm-" "So, you're Little Red's Father," Cinder levitate to the ground. "Seems interesting, I don't see the resemblance" Taiyang turned to face Salem's maiden. "As opposed to having a name that respectively means fire and fall maiden?" He retorted. Cinder chuckled.  "Actually I had the name Cinder  since I was little. I just took the name Fall after what I've been through. Acquiring the Fall Maidens powers? That was just coincidence." "And what of Rhodes?" Cinder stiffened, and stepped back in shock. " do you know that name?" Taiyang's eyes widened, before going sad. "So it is you. Little Cinder, you've truly fallen " "HOW DO YOU KNOW RHODES?!" Cinder screamed. 
"Dad, whats going you know her?"Ruby was confused. Tai sighed and kneaded his forehead. "Let's just say she was supposed to be your stepsister" The desert was literally filled with noise-filled silence. "WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!" Weiss was not sure what to think of Ruby's Dad, but now she wasn't happy. "Shall you tell them...or shall I?" Tai asked Cinder. Cinder frowned..."I want to hear it" Taiyang took a breath."Summer Rose and I were raising Ruby and Yang together, while trying to help Qrow with his alcoholism.  It was after team STRQ had broken up, so we didn't have the ability to return to the field..But we did have a few friends who trusted with our secrets.Rhodes was a Mistral huntsman that we did trust.While on a visit to Atlas, he came across a young girl who was forced to do all the work for a catering restaurant, treated poorly, and had a shock collar on her neck...A slave, by any other name or title.That girls name was Cinder.." Taiyang looked at her..."its you isn't it?" Blake was stunned.  "Atlas allowed slavery of faunus AND humans?!" "They wouldn't call it slavery, " Cinder replied."I was adopted from A Mistralian orphanage so the owner could work me to the bone without dealing with Mistralian officials trying to stop her..When I met Rhodes..That was the first person to ever show me kindness.He trained me, unlocked my Aura, gave me a weapon " "The goal was to help you escape with him to us" Taiyang explained. "Summer had come up with the idea of adopting more addition to a family not based on blood, but of trust...And Rhodes would have been free to train you in Patch, where you could finally have a normal childhood, and have two sisters who would treat you well...and you be a good sister to them... I know it sounded like a crazy idea, but Summer had come up with plenty of crazy ideas before...and we trusted her on them... I supported her strategy here as well, because she always made them with good intentions" Cinder was silent, not responding.Tears started running down her one good eye. Ruby was stunned...her mortal enemy had been an Atlesian Slave? "Wait, but what happened?" "What do you think happened, Ruby?" Cinder answered. "The Madam had her daughters spy on me. And when they found the sword  Rhodes gave me? They proceeded to torture me.So I had enough.My semblance arrived that night. And I killed my slavers. And as their bodies fell to the ground?Rhodes was there in the entrance." Cinder began breathing hard, reliving the past."I was happy...I wouldn't have to run anymore...I could be with Rhodes.I COULD BE A HUNTRESS!! 'Running is all you will ever do.' Those words he spoke,  drawing his sword...every last bit of my hope broke that night... For all his talk about wanting to help me escape slavery...murdering my slavers was somehow a worse crime in society than slavery itself.... And so I killed the man who tried to bring me in for trying to survive...and I ran..." Cinder took a deep breath, the tears continuing to flow. "I really...I really would have loved Summers sounded so nice..." Then the tears stopped, and the fire returned. "But society isn't nice...and at the end of the day, all you people are doing is protecting the Status Quo" Her breathing calmed.Cinder chose her next words carefully.  "If you want to know why people like me serve Salem? Its because she has the power to change this world into something better than this one.And at the end of the day,  the ends justify the means " Ruby and Yang were stunned.This was their enemy.A monster...and a person.A person who their world had shaped into a monster. "I'm truly sorry for what you've gone through," Taiyang said gently."Truly, I pity and sympathize with the child you were." "However,"His expression hardened as he removed a battle axe from his backstrap, and brandished it."I cannot forgive the monster you've become...and a huntsman slays monsters" Cinder sneered. " Have you forgotten? You're facing a a Maiden!" "And I'm a pissed off father of two girls who you've threatened!" Taiyang retorted. "If you think that having a title or a few magic tricks is enough to make me back off?" He grinned maniacally.  "You must have lost some brain cells along with that Eye!" There was once again complete and utter silence. Cinder slowly retracted her jaw from the ground and glared. "The last person to try 'roasting' me got burned and buried.I hope you're ready to die?' Taiyang's body began glowing with aura."Bring it"
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greenteaandtattoos · 7 hours ago
Everyone has a different way to express their affection towards someone. This is called a love language. Each person has a different one. Not everyone expresses their love through intimate physical contact. Some enjoy praises, and others find the strongest love through hugs.
With so many characters and ships in RWBY, we've seen several types of love languages already!
This isn't limited to just romantic relationships, either. Whether it's a platonic, familial, romantic, or ant other such type of relationships, all parties have their own love language.
What this post is aiming to do is determine what YOU think the love language is of each character named below. Sorta like a poll, but not because Tumblr doesn't have the option for polls. So, instead of a poll, I'd like you to reblog with your answers!
I've provided a chart below of each love language. It consists of a description of each of the five love languages and some examples of how one might communicate and act on them.
Tumblr media
Read through the chart above and then pick which love language you think fits which character and reblog!
Remember, this doesn't have to be romantic. It can be a platonic ship, a familial pairing, a sibling dynamic, etc.
What do you think is Ruby's love language? 🌹
Tumblr media
What do you think is Weiss' love language? ❄
Tumblr media
What do you think is Blake's love language? 🖤
Tumblr media
What do you think is Yang's love language? 🔥
Tumblr media
What do you think is Penny's love language? 💚
Tumblr media
What do you think is Jaune's love language? 🗡
Tumblr media
What do you think is Ren's love language? 🌸
Tumblr media
What do you think is Oscar's love language? 🌲
Tumblr media
What do you think is Nora's love language? ⚡
Tumblr media
What do you think is Emerald's love language? (Sorry, I hit the 10-picture limit so no image for Emerald 😔)
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rinrinlizzie · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 5 - Modern AU
Got this done with 5 minutes to spare
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razorblade180 · 8 hours ago
Good impressions
Jaune:Weiss can we stop this?
Weiss:No, again! The waiter comes out with soup appetizer. Grab the appropriate utensil.
Jaune:*stares at silver*..........*reaches*
Weiss:That’s the entree spoon! *smacks hand*
Jaune:*sniffling* I’m trying!
Weiss:My sister will accept no errors! She expects so much of us that she made it a double date. We will get this right!
Jaune:Why do elites eat with so many different silverware!? Just wipe it off with a napkin!
Weiss:Unacceptable! We will make a decent Atleasian out of you for just one dinner! We haven’t even picked your outfit. Ugh, Winter is probably deciding what she’ll order if I know her. Don’t be intimidated. Winter is as calm as they come. We must remained focused.
Winter:Salad fork!!!
Marrow:*grabs fork*
Winter:That’s dessert! *smacks it* Babe I need you to focus!!! Weiss is expecting perfection!
Marrow:*crying* I’m trying! Just stop hitting my hand!
Winter:Calm down! We’re fine! Stop panicking.
Marrow:That’s you!
Winter:I know!!! How are gonna pull this off!?
[several hours later]
Winter:So....I just grab it?
Weiss:With both hands?
Jaune:Or one is you can.
Marrow:Yeah, it’s that simple. Could get messy though.
Winter & Weiss, trying pizza:.....This is amazing!
Weiss:Can we have deep dish more often!?
Jaune:Yeah I can make one personally next time.
Winter:Marrow, please tell me you can make something like this?
Marrow:I can make a calzone. It’s like pizza, but inside seasoned bread and you dip the sauce.
Winter:*wide eyed* I want that.
Marrow:Hehehe, sure thing.
Winter and Weiss:*happily chewing*
Jaune and Marrow: (Thank you finger foods)
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aliza---e · 8 hours ago
Team RWBY: *goes through a drive-thru*
Employee: Hi! What can I do for you?
Ruby: A will to go on.
Employee: Ma'am, I'm so sorry, but this is McDonald's.
Team RWBY: *laughing hysterically*
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pious-smasher · 9 hours ago
Cyborg!Summer, freed from Salem's control: "Gods, I have the Worst headache... I Am Fucking Free!?"
Summer, seeing Ruby and Yang, both in happy tears: "... Yang? Ruby?.... I have explaing too do... but first, who are the Schnee and the Faunus girl?"
Yang, introducing Blake: "This, Mom, is Blake Belladonna, my girlfriend."
Blake, giving a wave: "Hi, Ms Rose"
Summer, approaching Blake, giving Blake a look over: "Would you be related to the White Fang Belladonnas by any chance?"
Blake, standing her ground: "I am the daughter of Ghira and Kali, leaders of the White Fang."
Summer, with a big smile: "Oh, I can tell I am going to Adore you. I can see why Yang hooked up with you."
Summer, turning to Weiss: "A Schnee... Winter?"
Weiss, looking awkward: "Weiss. Schnee name is a bit meaningless at the moment though."
Summer, nodding: "Okay... one more Question before I start answering yours. Are Taiyang and Qrow okay?"
Ruby, piping up: "They are next in line, with Ozpin."
Summer, smiling: "Okay. One last thing..."
Summer, pulling RWBY into a big hug: "I can tell you 4 need some Super Mom Time... I will try and provide."
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kinglala80 · 10 hours ago
Chapters: 36/37 Fandom: RWBY Rating: Mature Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long, Ruby Rose/Weiss Schnee Characters: Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna, Ruby Rose (RWBY), Weiss Schnee, Pyrrha Nikos, Jaune Arc, Lie Ren, Will Update as I go - Character, Summer Rose (RWBY), Velvet Scarlatina, Coco Adel, Glynda Goodwitch, Nora Valkyrie, Penny Polendina, Sun Wukong (RWBY), Ilia Amitola, Adam Taurus, Raven Branwen, Qrow Branwen, Taiyang Xiao Long, Salem (RWBY) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe Summary:
Emergency physician Yang Xiao Long is leaving work when something is quite literally thrown in her lap.
Sorry I seriously suck at summaries.
***I feel I should mention that this fic is based mostly on our favorite bees but it does also follow along the police investigation to find who hurt Blake and who has been killing women. Ruby is the lead detective on the case and I paint her(them) in a good light because I feel like Ruby and Coco would be good cops, but there are other cops in the fic who are corrupt. I just thought I'd lay that out here for you to consider before reading. Thanks***
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aliza---e · 10 hours ago
Yang: Can I ask something that will probably annoy you?
Weiss: Since when do you ask for permission?
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rinrinlizzie · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day five - weapons
I only had time to get this prompt done for today but I’m hoping to get the modern AU done at some point! I just can’t draw anymore today
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thepalestrose · 11 hours ago
Weiss, on the phone with Blake: And you've kissed Yang how many times?
Weiss: Hmm. Yeah, that doesn't count as platonic anymore.
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Whitley: You won’t believe what happened to me this morning
Weiss: What happened to you this morning?
Whitley: God you’re so clingy, can you please stay out of my business?
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