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libraryofivy · 12 hours ago
The Baron - H.Z (Regency AU)
Pairing - Zemo x f!reader
Word Count - just under 1k
Warnings - none, as far as I'm aware
A/N - So I don't know where this idea came from, but here it is and I'm actually really happy with it! If this does well/people want another part, I have some ideas to continue this as either a second part or as a short series, so let me know what you think!
Tumblr media
Approaching the age of one and twenty, you knew that soon you would be married off to some European nobility, as it must be, this is how high society works. And yet, there seemed to only be one man who you longed to marry, Baron Helmut Zemo. Sure, he was older than you, but maybe that was part of the allure. There was something about him which was totally captivating, and you could not see yourself with any other, but you doubted he would return your affections.
Despite not being on the marriage market yourself, you had met the Baron quite a few times. His father was a friend and business partner of your father, and when he passed away, Helmut took up his position, and all the work that came with it. As a result, he had been to your ancestral estate numerous times, having conducted business with your father, and the two of you had only exchanged a few greetings when you saw each other in the halls or at dinner time, but it was enough to have you hooked on him. And you secretly hoped he would be at the ball tonight.
For months your parents had been preparing for this very moment, the beginning of the social season. The first time you would be introduced into high society as an eligible young woman, looking for a marriage match. Your dress had been specially made for this occasion by the best seamstress in the country, the silk of the dress was soft against your skin, the delicate fabric flowing behind you as you enter the ballroom. The footman announces your arrival, and all eyes in the room turn to you as you begin to make your way down the grand staircase. As you walk, you notice that one set of eyes were not upon you, that of your beloved Baron. In fact, he was nowhere to be seen. Slightly disheartened as you reached the bottom of the steps, you’re unaware of the men attempting to crowd you, offering themselves as your first dance of the evening. You didn’t really care for any of these men, they were only wanting you because of your dowry and status, so you just set your eyes on any of them and decided that he would be a good enough distraction for the night.
A few dances into the evening, and you had changed partners after almost every dance. None of the men who were throwing themselves at you had piqued your interest, they were either extremely dull, or the complete opposite, too prideful about their achievements and would talk non stop about them. You were midway through a dance with the second kind of man, a lord who kept discussing his recent grand tour across Europe, when you noticed the man who you had been looking for all evening. He was standing near the drinks table, talking to your mama, who had accompanied you to this event. After the dance was finished, you made your way across the room towards them, trying not to look too excited to see the man who you’d been longing for.
Now approaching, your mother greets you with a smile, and you curtsy to the Baron, who looks at you with curiosity across his features.
‘You look wonderful Miss Y/L/N’ he says, his accented voice smooth and rich. ‘It is your first season, is it not?’ he asks.
‘It is, my lord. My mama was hoping to find me a suitable match’ you answer, trying not to look at him too much, in case he may realise your affections.
‘And I'm sure she will, why, I'm sure by tomorrow morning you’ll have a line of callers waiting outside your home’ he remarks, looking towards your mother and then yourself.
‘Thank you, my lord, that is very kind of you to think so’ you respond, although you secretly wish he would be the only one to show up in the morning.
‘Would you care to dance, miss Y/N?’ he asks, holding his arm out towards you, a smile upon his features as he looks gently towards you.
Your heart is pounding, your mind is racing, as you squeak out a ‘it would be my pleasure’ and take his arm and let him lead you towards the dancefloor.
The string quartet begin the next song as the pair of you begin to dance together. As you get lost in the dancing, you can’t help but think to yourself about how handsome and graceful he is, how much of a good dancer he is and how you wish he would court you. The dance is intimate, the proximity between you is minimal, and you notice out of the corner of your eye that some lords and ladies are looking at you and talking about you, but the gentle caress of the Baron’s hand on your arm brings your focus back to him, and you dance until the song has finished.
After the dance, you thank the Baron, before returning to your mama, who decides that you’ve made a good enough impression on the marriage market, and that you should be heading home. You don’t get the chance to say goodbye to the Baron, as much as you would have liked to see him just one last time before you depart. The carriage ride home is full of discussion with your mother about potential suitors and husbands, and when you finally arrive home you are exhausted.
Once you’ve changed into a nightgown with the help of your maid and have slipped in between the satin sheets of your bed, your mind is flooded with images of the handsome Baron, of the dance you shared, and hopes for what could be in the future.
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morganbritton132 · 12 hours ago
I want a fic where Zemo gets deaged or amnesia or something and Sam and Bucky have to convince him that his father sent them to keep him safe. Then you can go two ways with it. Zemo with the mindset of this young, rich Baron who doesn’t take any of this or Sam and Bucky seriously and needles at them to piss them off because he can or Zemo who knows for a fact that his father would not trust his safety in the hands of two dumb Americans and sticks around solely to figure out what’s going on.
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clints-lucky-arrow · 18 hours ago
Imagine: Zemo is your Sugar Daddy ✨ 💜 ✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- "This is really pretty, Helmut. Can I have it?"
- "Truly, dragâ, you're going to bankrupt me within the year."
✨ 💜 ✨
(Besties, I can't fucking stop making these fake Instagrams. Send help 😫 But also feel free to drop ideas for others 👀)
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latenightartist-author · 20 hours ago
Just imagine this for a second. An x reader but the reader can choose if she loves loki, bucky, or zemo so they are fighting about it while she's making a chart to she tries to do calculations and pro/con charts to figure out who to choose. Basically a very indecisive reader.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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earlgreydream · a day ago
| zemo x reader | fluff | smut |
soft dom zemo 🤍 ✨
cw: d/s, daddy kink, praise kink
Tumblr media
Zemo walked through the door, closing it behind him quietly. He searched for you quietly, aware you’d likely be asleep at this hour. He found you on the couch, where you had attempted to stay awake for him.
A yellow knitted throw blanket was wrapped around you, and you were half sitting up, having fallen asleep mid-episode of a sitcom.
Zemo smiled at you, amused by your sleeping figure. He shut off the television before picking you up, carrying you to bed so you could have a proper night's sleep.
His heart melted as you snuggled into his chest in your sleep, unconsciously recognizing the presence of your lover. He kissed your forehead, brushing stray hair from your face. He listened to your steady breathing, contently watching you sleep before drifting off himself.
“Good morning,” Zemo greeted you.
You were yawning as you walked into the kitchen, rubbing your eyes sleepily. You looked darling, and Zemo watched you in adoration.
“What’re you doing?” You slurred softly, still half-asleep.
“Making you breakfast, pretty girl.”
You leaned up on your toes for a kiss, being happily indulged by Zemo. He carefully hauled you backwards, away from the hot stove.
“I don’t want my little love to burn herself,” Zemo explained to you, making you roll your eyes at his tendency toward being over protective.
His large hand grasped your jaw, holding your head to look at him. He didn’t hurt you, only displaying his strong dominance by manhandling you gently. His grip was only tight enough to hold you, putting you in your place without being harsh.
“Cut the attitude,” Zemo warned softly before holding you still so he could press a firm kiss to your lips.
“Yes, daddy,” you murmured, feeling especially submissive. He’d been gone on a work trip recently, and you were happily well behaved, loving the way he indulged you in attention and doted on you upon his return.
“Go set the table,” he nodded, and you did as he asked.
“Why don’t you come back to bed with me?” Zemo asked, coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist.
You nodded, gently laying a hand on his cheek and giving him sweet little kisses as you stood in the kitchen, the tile cold against your bare feet. He tapped your bum, signaling you to walk toward the bedroom.
Before you even made it there, Zemo was pulling your shirt over your head— one you had stolen from his side of the closet. Your breath hitched softly, your hands going to your chest to cover yourself as you walked through the house. 
“No, my love, let me see your pretty tits,” he scolded, prying your hands away. You shivered, feeling a bit shy in front of him. You giggled as he mouthed at your chest, kneeling in front of you. The hair on his face tickled your skin, creating an odd sensation. He kissed down to your navel, kneeling before you in just loose gray sweatpants.
He hooked his fingers into your shorts, pulling them swiftly down your legs and tossing them aside. You were left in just your panties, barely covered by pale lilac fabric, plain except for a tiny bow sitting between your hips.
You were so innocent, and Zemo couldn’t get enough.
“Yours too?” You questioned, touching his waistband as he stood up.
“No, pretty girl, I’m going to leave mine on.” Zemo shook his head, sitting down on the bed, his back resting against the headboard. You stood beside the bed, unsure of what he wanted.
“Come here, why’re you being so shy?” He teased lightly, taking your hand and helping you onto the bed.
You were surprised as he pulled you to lay over his lap, your ass in the air as you bent over his thighs. Your arms folded under your head, and you turned to look up at him.
“Are you going to spank me, daddy?” You asked, a whine lilting your voice. You were startled, you’d been so well-behaved, and you didn’t feel like you deserved to be punished.
“No, of course not. I just want to play with you,” Zemo bent down and kissed your lips, easing the uncertainty in your mind.
“You need to relax.”
You nodded, exhaling a slow breath, trying to obey. The tension slowly left your muscles as he trailed fingertips up your bare spine, his touch finding the dips in your back. You gazed at him from under your lashes, admiring the gentle man who loved you. He smiled down at you, brown eyes locking with yours. 
“I love these,” he mused, touching the lilac thong that curved along the swell of your ass.
You let him part your legs a bit, allowing him to see more of you. His strong hands squeezed the flesh of your thigh, pulling them apart on his lap.
Zemo couldn’t tear his eyes off of you. You felt him harden under your belly as he got a full view of your cunt practically spilling out of the thong. The fabric barely covered you, providing a filthy sight to Zemo.
His fingers dipped down, squeezing your puffy sex, cupping your mound and touching your lips. The action made you breathless, and he ran his fingers up and down the light cotton, until a dark patch started to form, your arousal soaking through your panties. He tugged up just slightly, monitoring your reaction at the pressure it put on your clit, the little bundle of nerves that was now throbbing with need.
You’d grown warm on his lap, despite being almost entirely naked. You felt observed, strangely aroused and overly shy as he practically inspected your pussy. You tried to swallow a small whine as the fabric pushed against your clit, biting back the noise.
“Daddy, why are you looking at me?” You whispered, squirming under his touch. You’d done your best to hold still and let him touch you as he pleased, but you were growing needy and embarrassed.
“Because you’re beautiful, little love. Do you want me to bring you pleasure? You’ve been so sweet, I do feel as though you’ve earned a reward,” he offered, the gentle gaze in his eyes completely sincere.
“A reward?” you questioned softly.
He hummed, nodding at you. You smiled shyly, lightly kicking your feet. 
“You’re all wet, darling.”
You buried your face in your arms, sighing as Zemo ran his fingers over your sex before pulling the fabric down your legs. He prodded at your pussy, spreading your lips with his fingers and lightly pinching the puffy skin.
“Daddy, you’re teasing,” you accused, pouting a bit. 
“What do you want?” He asked, a small smirk adorning his gorgeous features. 
He wanted to hear you say it, trying to ease you out of your shyness. 
“I want you to touch me properly, please,” you asked politely, pushing up on your hands to kiss him. 
“I would be happy to, my love.” 
You relaxed back on him, humming as he dragged his fingers through your folds, bringing them down to rub lazy circles on your clit. The small movements had heat spreading between your hips, tension starting to form. 
Zemo eased off of the direct stimulation, pushing one of his longer fingers past your tight muscles, feeling your velvety walls swallow his digit. He slowly pumped it in and out, your body squeezing around him as he inserted a second finger. 
He listened to the soft sigh that left your lips, morphing into a moan as he stroked forward, pressing against your g-spot. He relished in the mewels that escaped you, your back bowing as he rubbed your clit while moving his fingers inside of you, brushing sensitive areas that had you seeing stars. 
“Oh... daddy,” you whined, the pressure tight in your abdomen, settled just above your sex. Your muscles contracted around his fingers, clamping down as goosebumps rose over your delicate skin. 
“Are you close, darling?”
You nodded, unable to trust yourself not to scream if you tried to speak. You squirmed on his lap, your thighs shaking. 
“Let go for me, pretty girl, I want to see you come all over my fingers,” Zemo encouraged, smirking as you squeezed your legs around his hands, trying to stop the stimulation as you came. Your fingers gripped the begging and you squealed, arching your back as you lit like a match, pleasure spreading through every inch of your body. 
Zemo gently kept up his slow thrusts, his fingers dipping in and out of you, helping you ride out your orgasm, prolonging it as long as possible. 
The tension in your muscles faded with your release, leaving you relaxed and dazed. Calm settled over you, deep breaths making your back rise and fall. 
“That’s my sweet girl, taking my fingers so well. You look so pretty when you come. I’m so proud of you.”
You glowed at his praise, savoring the gentle moment with your dom. He took the time to carefully clean you up before pulling you up to sit on his lap. Your fingertips ran through his facial hair, beaming as he gazed at you with his kind brown eyes. 
He pulled you into a kiss, strong arms wrapping around your back and closing you against his chest. His lips moved against yours perfectly, Zemo an expert scholar in your body and your kisses. He swallowed your quiet, happy sighs, enjoying the intimacy. 
“I love you,” Zemo spoke, a Sokovian accent lilting off of his words.
He was massaging lotion into your body after a shared shower, protecting your skin from the dry air. A cup of jasmine tea was in your hands, steaming and filling the room with a sweet scent, mixing with the smell of your lotion. 
“I love you too. I’m really happy you’re home.”
“I won’t leave for that long again. I missed you, I’ll stay local from now on,” he said, surprising you. 
“You’re staying local? But you’ve always traveled with work,” you questioned, thinking you misunderstood.
“I have, but you’re everything to me, and I can’t stand to be apart from you.”
He melted at the grin that spread across your face, your joyful kiss tasting like jasmine. You leaned back into his chest, his arms snaking around you to hold you in a tight hug. 
“I can’t imagine anything better than waking up to you every morning. So that is what I plan to do, as long as you let me,” Zemo said.
“I’ll let you stay forever.”
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lettalady · a day ago
The Long Journey Home Chapter 7: We who have lost everything don’t fear death, we remember it
Tumblr media
          The process of draining the tub seems to be going quicker than the process to fill it, though that could have been due to how far the faucet had been turned. You lift your travel bag up onto your shoulder, tucking your dirty clothes up with the towels piled in the floor by the door. The temptation had been there to rush through the process of cleaning up, wanting to seek out The Baron to continue to explore this new connection to him – but the moment you sat down and leaned back that battle was lost.
         It has been a long time since you could enjoy the luxury of a warm private bath – with or without the added pleasant burn of muscles used and sated by sex. There might still be the faint whiff of it in the bathroom, mingled with the scent of the aftershave Helmut had applied, the soap he’d used in the shower, and the refreshed floral scent from your bubble bath.
         As you exit the bathroom something new greets your nose: the smell of spice. There’s also the occasional clack or rattle of a cooking utensil colliding with a pan, accompanied by the flux of low conversation. You pause to set your bag down at the mouth of the hallway leading to the guest rooms. The issue of who sleeps where will be addressed in due time. Sam and Bucky have returned.
As always -  [ find the story on   AO3  ||  Wattpad ]
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dxrksxul06 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Zemo: hey darling, you know how we watched Finding Nemo :3
You: yes, what about it?
Zemo: ᴍᴀʏ ɪ ᴛᴏᴜᴄʜ ᴅᴀ ʙᴜᴛᴛ ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ
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earlgreydream · 2 days ago
| zemo x reader | smut |
cw: highly dubcon (kinda noncon), abduction, mentions of torture, forced breeding, dark!zemo, lactation kink
Tumblr media
“You think you’re something, no?” The mocking laughter was dripping in cruelty.
You bit your tongue so hard you tasted blood. Your eyes stayed trained on a crack in the floor a few feet ahead of where you were kneeling on cold cement.
You didn’t react when a hand cracked across your face, knocking you to the side, trying to pull an answer out of you.
“They’ll come for me. The avengers won’t leave me, they’ll come back for me!” You spat, looking up into cold brown eyes. They were empty, soulless in fact. His gaze iced your soul, sending a chill down your spine.
“My darling, not even god himself can save you now,” he sneered.
“Fuck. You.”
“You’ll join us, Y/N. You’ll become well acquainted with your villains when you realize there’s no other option.”
You should your head, screaming against the gag that was shoved in your mouth, silencing your vengeful yells.
. . .
Months. You had been abandoned for months.
After being abducted on a mission in Sokovia, your team had never returned for you. Or if they had, they never found you.
You’d been locked in a cold, cement chamber. You were left alone, only fed and given water as little as necessary.
Helmut Zemo was determined to break you.
. . .
Three months later, the door opened, light pouring onto the cement floor.
“Submit to me, and I’ll let you out of this cage,” Zemo knelt down, his thin lips curving into a lopsided smile.
“You’ve spent months here in this filth. Don’t you want to be cleaned up and fed and doted on? You are so pointlessly resistant.”
“Please get me out of here,” you begged weakly.
All of your resolve had crumbled. Your team never saved you, and you were all out of options. The only thing standing between you and getting out of this cell was your own stubbornness, and you were ready to give it up.
You felt like your mind was fracturing, and you were left numb, pliant for the sadistic baron. You decided you didn’t care what “submit to me” meant— as anything would be better than your current situation.
A leather-gloved hand was held out to you as chains were removed from your wrists. You hesitated before taking it, letting the baron pull you to your feet.
That was the first time you realized how much bigger Zemo was than you. He was tall, broad, and strong, with a dominating presence that overpowered you.
And cold, empty eyes.
. . .
You didn’t know which was worse: being in a solitary dark cell, or being Zemo’s toy, decorated and attached to his side like a pet.
You’d gotten so used to the feeling of his hands on your body, you almost craved it. You were starved for affection, for touch, for interaction, and Zemo was the one satiating your needs.
“Come here, little one.” 
You rose from your seat on the chair in the corner, approaching Zemo. He was lounging on his bed in a white bathrobe, an arm tucked behind his bed. The baron watched you walk over to him, having no reason to disobey. You’d abandoned all of your resolve, and you went to his side when asked. 
If you behaved, he didn’t torture you. You’d learned after your first attempted escape, you were far better off just doing as he asked. When you obeyed Zemo, you were awarded the liberty of being dressed and fed, and he wasn’t violent with you. 
You flinched when he reached up and touched your face, turning your head away. 
“Get on the bed.”
“I’m sorry,” you breathed, opening your eyes to look at your captor. 
“Get in the bed on your own, or I will force you.”
You crawled onto the mattress, letting him push you onto your back. It seemed to appease him a bit, because he lifted your hips and put a pillow under you, carefully smoothing his hands up your legs. 
“Aren’t you going to get a condom?” you asked weakly as he dropped his robe and pulled your knees apart. You’d stopped resisting, looking up at the blond in concern.
“No, my darling, I’m going to breed this little body of yours, and let you carry my heir,” he said, making your body feel frozen. You couldn’t swallow the knot that swelled in your throat, choking on the fear his words instilled in you. 
“Don’t cry. You’re going to look gorgeous when you swell with life,” Zemo said, sliding his hands up your body and kneading your breasts roughly.
“And these... My heir may have to share,” he growled, lightly biting your skin. 
“Zemo, Zemo, please. Get someone else, I don’t...” you sobbed, weakly pushing at his chest. He gripped your wrists in one hand, easily overpowering you with his size. 
You despised how good of a fuck he was. He filled you perfectly, even more so when he wasn’t protected. You tried to block out who it was, just feeling another warm body. 
Zemo at least had the grace to make you come first. 
It made your body relax around him, clouding your mind with happy chemicals as he emptied his seed in you, buried so deep he was practically shooting into your cervix. 
He didn’t let you up, forcing you to lay with your hips elevated, staying buried deep in your sex. He hushed you, though not harshly. 
“I know it’s frightening, but just take it. Be my brave girl, Y/N.”
“You’re sick.”
“Oh, darling, you don’t know the depths of my depravity.”
You didn’t doubt him.
. . . 
Zemo had been informed by several of his employees that you wouldn’t stop crying, and they kept asking to sedate you. He’d harshly declined, reminding them of your pregnancy. 
Finally, he left his work, going to see what the problem was. Since you’d been carrying his child, you’d become more docile, and even less resistant to him, as if the part of him growing inside of you had plunged you fully into stockholm syndrome. 
“Y/N. Whatever is the matter?” Zemo entered his chambers, which had become yours as well. 
You looked up at him, wrapped in a knitted blanket, curled up on the corner of his couch. He knelt down in front of you, and an outsider may have thought he was caring. Really, he was worried about his heir, your extreme stress becoming problematic. You didn’t matter to him.
“You will answer me, unless you want to sit back in that cell.”
“I’m lactating too early and it hurts,” you confessed in embarrassment, tears spilling past your waterline. 
Zemo pulled your shirt off of you, freeing you from the constraining fabric. You let him inspect you, begging softly for help.
“Please do something, I’m in pain,” you begged, choking on your words.
He hummed, having half a mind to let you sit and weep. He watched you for a moment before an alternative came to mind. 
“Come here,” he commanded, sitting beside you. 
He helped you onto his lap, easing you to straddle him. He carefully squeezed your breast, earning a pained whine. Nothing happened at first, and you squirmed in discomfort. You cried out when milk started to drip from you, easing the painful pressure. 
“Zemo?” you questioned softly in embarrassment as he leaned down and wrapped his lips around your nipple, sucking the milk into his mouth. 
You were horrified, but you couldn’t deny him as the pain began to dissipate. It was terribly arousing, and you carded your fingers through his hair, your dark, twisted, unhinged lover. 
When he moved to the other one, you had stopped crying, soothed by the relief from pressure and pain that had been plaguing you for days. 
“Better?” Zemo asked, pinching you enough to hurt. 
“Yes, thank you.”
“I expect you to be good for me.”
“Yes, sir.”
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elder-schraderham · 3 days ago
Imagine: falling asleep on the couch at Zemo’s Riga flat/house and him putting his jacket over you like a blanket
Bonus: you wake up to a mouth full of fur from the collar
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marvelmusing · 3 days ago
Twin Flame
Helmut Zemo x GN!Reader
Part 6
My Masterlist • Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Madripoor could give New York a run for their money.” Sam jokes, as your group passes through another line of shipping containers. Sharon leads the group, with Sam and Bucky walking behind her, side by side. Helmut and you follow, his hand in yours.
“They know how to party.” Helmut agrees.
“With that bounty on your head, the longer you’re in Madripoor, the less likely you’re leaving.” Sharon says, bringing the mood down immediately. She stops, gesturing to a nearby container, “Alright, he’s there. I’ll keep an eye out while you talk to Nagel.” She holds out a pile of earpieces, one for each of you. You all take one. “But hurry. We're on borrowed time.” She warns, before leaving to scout the area. You all place your ear pieces in, and walk towards the container. Sam opens the door with a creak. He pauses,
“Hey, Sharon. You sure this is the right one? It's completely empty.”
“Positive, it has to be.” You hear from your earpiece.
“Unless Selby set us up.” You remark. Sam steps into the container. You and Helmut follow him, with Bucky hovering warily by the door. Helmut heads to the back of the container, examining the wall with his flashlight. He runs a hand along the side, before giving it a shove. There’s a small thud as the wall moves, revealing a passageway. Helmut looks back at your group, Bucky and Sam pull out their guns. You do the same, before following Sam into the corridor. You hear music playing as you approach. The four of you enter what you assume is Nagel’s laboratory. There’s test tubes and various scientific equipment that you can’t identify all over. Your eyes scan the lab before you notice a man working away in a corner. Sam heads to the record player on a countertop, pulling the needle from the record.
“Dr. Nagel?” Sam asks.
“Who are you? What do you want?” Nagel says hurriedly.
“We know you created the super-soldier serum.”
“Get out of my lab.” He begins to walk away, only stopping when he spots Bucky.
“You know who he is, right?” Sam says, grasping hold of Nagel’s arm. Sam gestures towards Helmut. “This is Baron Zemo. I know you've heard of him, too, right? You seem like a pretty smart guy. So you better become conversational real quick.” Sam pushes Nagel against a wall. The man turns to look at your group.
“How about a counter proposal? Make me a better offer and I'll talk.” Sharon’s voice comes through your earpiece.
“Guys, we have company. Every bounty hunter in the city is here. We gotta go.”
“Okay.” You say to Nagel, stepping forward. “You give us what we want, and we don’t kill you.” He looks you up and down. Bucky’s clearly thinking along the same lines as you. He drags Nagel to a nearby chair, holding his gun against Nagel’s temple. Nagel continues to hesitate, Bucky fires a warning shot beside Nagel’s head.
“Okay. Okay.” Nagel says quickly. He sighs, before explaining, “I was brought into HYDRA's Winter Soldier program to pick up their work after the five failed test subjects in Siberia. When HYDRA fell, I was recruited by the CIA. They had blood samples from an American test subject with semi-stable traces of serum in his system. After much labor, I was able to isolate the necessary compounds in his blood. I was a god. I did what no other scientist since Erskine was able to do. But mine was going to be different. No clunky machines or jacked up bodies. Mine was going to be subtle, optimized, perfect.” A chill runs through you at the thought of the serum being so accessible, and that you’d never be able to tell who was a super soldier until it was too late. Helmut senses your unease, and glances at you. You offer him a brief smile, before returning your attention to Nagel.
“How have we never heard about this?” Sam asks.
“Because, before I was able to complete my work, I turned to dust. Then when I returned, five years later, the program had been abandoned, so I came here. The Power Broker was more than happy to fund the recreation of my work.”
“How many vials did you make?” You ask him. He hesitates, Bucky tightens his grip on his gun.
“Twenty. Karli Morgenthau stole those, so, I can only imagine what the Power Broker has planned for that poor girl.”
“Where’s Karli now?” Sam asks.
“I don't know where she is. But a couple of days ago, she called and asked if I could help someone named Donya Madani. Poor woman has tuberculosis. Typical of overpopulation in displacement camps like that.”
“Well, what happened to her?” Nagel shrugs,
“Not my pig, not my farm.”
“Is there any serum in this lab?” Bucky asks.
“Now what?” Bucky says, turning to you and Sam. Just then Sharon rushes in, looking worse for wear,
“Guys, we're seriously out of time here.” She gasps. There’s little warning for what happens next, save for Helmut’s brief surge of determination. Then everything happens at once. There’s a bang. Nagel goes down. Sam’s pinning Helmut against the wall, and Sharon’s pulling the gun from his hand. Where did he even get that from? Sam turns to you, looking almost accusatory. Then the wall explodes. Test tubes rattle and heat flares. Someone’s pulling you up from the floor and then you’re out in the fresh air. You pull away from the person, leaning against a container to catch your breath. You look up, and it’s Helmut.
“Are you alright?” He asks, concern evident on his face. You nod, straightening up.
“We need to get the others.” You say, hearing gunfire echo from where you’re guessing Sharon and the boys are. He holds onto your arm.
“Wait here, please.” You nod, waiting for a moment before following. You pull your gun out, scanning the area. You spot Sharon and the boys firing from under a container. Then there’s another explosion. As you shield your eyes from the blast you see someone drop down beside the bounty hunters. It’s Helmut. You watch as he fights off several men with skill. You race towards your group pulling Sharon out from the rubble.
“A little warning would have been nice before Zemo’s stunt with Nagel.” Sam calls out to you.
“You think I knew he’d do that?”
“You didn’t?”
“Sam, I met him yesterday. We’re not at the stage where he runs every decision through me.” You retort. You look around frantically. No Helmut in sight. Bucky seems to have noticed his disappearance.
“Go find him.” Bucky tells you. You nod in reply, running in the opposite direction from your group. You soon reach the spot where Helmut left you, and you’re not waiting long before he returns. He pulls his mask off.
“I believe I told you to wait?”
“I’ve been here the whole time.” You attempt an innocent look. He shakes his head with a smile.
“Let’s go.” He takes your hand, pulling you gently as he begins to run.
“Helmut, I swear if you’re escaping I won’t help you.”
“I’m not, come on.” He takes your hand as you two run towards an open container.
“What are we doing?” He gestures to the inside of the container with a grin. You look inside, “I’m driving.” He nods,
“Fair.” You sit in the car, luckily the keys are already in the ignition. It doesn’t take you long to find the others. You pull up beside them.
“Supercharged.” Helmut smirks at the boys, and you resist the urge to smack him.
“You're going back to jail.” Sam states, annoyance clear in his tone.
“Do you want to find Karli or not?” Helmut argues.
“He's right. We need him. And there's two of us, and at least 20 of them.” Bucky adds. Helmut pushes open the door, allowing Bucky to slide into the backseat behind you.
“Fine. But if you try that shit again-“ Sam begins.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Helmut assures him. Sam sits next to Bucky with a sigh.
“Well, that was one hell of a reunion.” Sharon comments, shutting the door after Sam.
“Come back to the States with us.” He tells her.
“I told you I can't. Just get me that pardon you promised me.” She nods at him, before heading off.
“Thanks for everything.” Sam calls back to her. You put the car in gear, and set off to the airfield. Goodbye Madripoor.
Tumblr media
Tagslist: @justfangirlthingies @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @mischief-siriusly-managed @somethingthatsaysbubbles @fillechatoyante @obissimp @fandom-lover-4 @chipster-21 @purehuntress @homosexualjohnwayne @greeneyedblondie44
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zemosimp05 · 3 days ago
Y/N and Zemo a love story maybe???? 🥺
Love in Thoughts (Zemo x Y/n)
Imagine Zemo as a young Prince of sokovia seeing you for the first time in a royal occasion where you ended up accidentally (as you don’t belong to any royal class) and him instantly falling in love the moment he laid his eyes on you...
Tumblr media
Him sneaking out at midnight to meet you as he’s not allowed to date ordinary people.
Tumblr media
Him kind of threatening every other boys who even tries to get closer to you. Obviously he’s a possessive lover.
Tumblr media
Oh and that first time of making love. You both young, nervous yet so passionate about it...but the young prince knows what kind of effect he has on you.
Tumblr media
Him promising you that if his family doesn’t approve you ... may be he will just runway giving up everything ...As he’s so in love with you that nothing else matter.
Tumblr media
And so he does...😌
I wanted to post something like this one for a long time... Thank you so much to whoever send that anon 😭❤
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zemosimp05 · 4 days ago
Prompt: sad drunk boy zemo
I wrote Drunk one here and here 🥴🥴🥴
I hope you enjoy them 🤗😗
Tumblr media
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zemosimp05 · 4 days ago
prompt: y/n giving Zemo a kiss in front of Sam and Bucky and he gets all flustered💗💗
Sam: Truth or dare?
Y/N: Dare.
Sam: I dare you to kiss the hottest person in the room.
Y/N: Hey Bucky?
Bucky, blushing: Yeah?
Y/N: Can you move? I'm trying to get to Zemo.
*Walks over Zemo... Smashing lips...Zemo totally surprised... Eventually kissing back*
Y/N : *pulling back after sometimes * aww you blushing?
Zemo: N-No.... *getting all flustered*
Tumblr media
✨️Send me prompts ✨️
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greekgodwannabe · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Imagine an undercover mission with Zemo as an ally at a posh criminal underground party where there's s ball dance.
Your target is a Russian mafia boss who is also attending the party while waltzing with someone in the ballroom.
Zemo who has been eyeing you the whole night, asks you for a dance to get closer to the target. You reluctantly agree.
"You're remarkably good at this," his husky voice whispers in your ear.
"I'm insulted that you would think otherwise," you reply.
"Forgive me, but I merely thought that someone of your..." he glances a part of your thigh where your knife is concealed behind your velvet dress.
A glance that lasts too long.
"... predisposition, would not care for the subtle intricacies of the now unfortunately uncommon art of ballroom dancing," he finishes, still not taking his eyes away from your thigh.
Just then, you 'accidently' stepped in his foot, your stilleto heel digging into his polished leather shoes.
"Well, as you can see, Baron, this is only a few of my surprises."
His eyes met yours and you would be lying if you didn't admit to a the tiniest flutter in your stomach. You expected him to back away but instead, he only smirked and roughly pulled you closer.
You gasped at the suddenness and stared into his once chocolaty brown eyes which were now dark as the night.
He leaned closer until you could feel a whisper of his lips near your cheek.
"Ah, Kroshka, it pains me to imagine what else."
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darkbucky · 5 days ago
ok but imagine gang leader!zemo and reader,,
you're riding his cock when there's a knock on zemo's door and someone barges in (maybe a henchman or a gang member). they try to inform zemo about something important but stop when they see what's going on,, “o-oh, sorry boss, didn't know you had company” and tries to back out the room, but zemo is a cocky fucker and only smirks and orders them to stay,, you're trying to hide in his neck and getting all shy when really you only clench tighter around him.
zemo would notice this, “oh? does being watched turn you on, love?” you can deny it all you want, but he will use this against you,, manhandles you onto your hands and knees and plows deep into you.
he would grab ahold of your hair when he notices your head is down, “do not look away. keep your eyes on them or you don't get to cum, understand?” and all you can do is moan wantonly. he'd smack your ass and growl, “have I made myself clear?” and you scream yes, nodding furiously.
his henchman would be flustered, but you can tell they're affected by what's going on. zemo would glare; a little warning for them not to try anything.
when you're so close to the edge, zemo would lean in close to your ear, but loud enough for the other person to hear, “now, ask them if you can cum” ,, your face would grow hot with shame, but your need to let go overrides your embarrassment,, “I-I n-need to cum” you would sob. a resounding smack would fill the air, “where are your manners? that's not how you ask. AGAIN!”
you lock eyes with them, pleading, “please, please –oh fuck– let me cum, I've been so good to your boss! can I?”
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zemosimp05 · 5 days ago
Prompt: Sam and Bucky making fun of Y/N and zemo getting angry
Y/N, about their date: So he was just using me?
Zemo: I’m sorry, Y/N.
Bucky, trying to contain his amusement: You must feel pretty stupid right now.
Sam: Yeah I told you y/n but your stubborn ass never listens...
Y/N: *almost tearing up*
Zemo: *getting angry* Ok, that’s a time-out.
Sam & Bucky: No, we were just trying to-
Zemo: Go sit over there! Both of you.
Sam & Bucky: *walks away in defeat*
Tumblr media
😗send me prompts😗 I’m gonna answer them all in same day as I just hit 500 followers 😭
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