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#MCU imagine
maximoffs-girl · 39 minutes ago
Hi! May I get a ship for the MCU and X-men please? My name is Alex, my pronouns are they/she, and I am bi with a masc preference. I'm 5'2" with brown eyes and shaggy brown hair (think messy wolf cut). I'm an INTP, an artist, and I watch a lot of TV. My guilty pleasure movie is Emperor's New Groove, my favorite color is forest green, I cant make up my mind on my favorite animal, if I had a super power it would be forcefields., and an ideal partner would be someone with a great sense of humor Thx!
Hi honey! I ship you with...
Peter Quill/Starlord
Tumblr media
You and Peter would get along well
It's really a friends to lovers trope with you two
Pining for each other forever, until Drax just dropped the bomb and bluntly told you two to get together already
Peter loves your art
Everything you make is displayed somewhere on the Guardians's ship
Peter would be a bit confused with tv but gladly watches with you
He adores the Emperor's New Groove
Ever since you introduced him to the movie, he just keeps on rewatching it
Quotes it all the time as well
This man has a great sense of humor so be prepared to be hunched over with laughter every second you spend with him
He makes you playlists full of cheesy 80's songs that remind him of you
I also ship you with...
Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver
Tumblr media
Peter M is almost the opposite of you, always speeding around, talking everyone's ears off
Especially likes to talk to you a lot
You always listen of course
Loves to watch you create art
You have a very concentrated look on your face and Peter thinks it's absolutely adorable
Watching TV while cuddling on the couch together
He tries his best to stay still for you so you can peacefully watch your series and movies while cuddling with your silverhaired boyfriend
Tries to make you laugh 24/7
He just adore your laugh and the look on your face
And knowing that he made you laugh, makes him so proud
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still-simping-over-sambucky · 42 minutes ago
*Sam and Bucky just chilling in Sam's room at the Avenger HQ*
Steve: *storming Sam's room* "So you and Bucky are having sex!"
Sam: *looks up from his book and to Bucky* "Are we? Buck, why didn't you say something, I would have put down my book."
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abimess · 59 minutes ago
It only takes the holidays // Chapter 7
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Life happens and things change, but it seems like some feelings stay the same. After ten years, Wanda finally comes back to her hometown to spend the holidays with her family, what also means seeing you again. What will come out of this encounter?
Word count: 2.197 || 12.651
Warnings: angst, death, grief, alcohol, swearing, mention of sex (not smut), fluff
Good reading!
All chapters || Chapter 6
Chapter 7 – It only takes a weird noise
Today was the worst day of your life and you feel like there will never be a worse one. If you could, you would spend the entire day in bed. But you couldn’t. Because your mother needs you, your sister needs you, and you have a whole funeral to go through.
So you get up and put your suit on, not even bothering to disguise your puffy eyes because no amount of makeup would cover them.  
The entire day is hard and it gets harder and harder as the minutes passes. You are the one that takes care of everything, because your sister is too young and your mother is crying too much to be able to do anything else.
You remember the words of your father one night when he told you that when his day came, it would be your duty to take care of everything. Take care of your mother, take care of your sister, take care of the farm and of the family business. You hated that conversation because the idea of him passing away was too heartbreaking. But he did, and here you are. As you watch the casket being buried on the ground you close your eyes and mentally promise your father that you will do everything you can to take good care of everything. Just like he did.
Your father was a good man, so it’s no surprise that almost the entire town came to pay their condolences. Your friends hugged you tightly and shared their favorite memories with your dad, and you cried hearing all of them and you couldn’t feel more grateful for all your friends being here. Well, not all of them.
Wanda didn’t come and her absence physically hurts, because she would be the only one that would ever be able to ease your pain. When Pietro told you she couldn’t make it, all you felt was rage.
Yes, you and Wanda were not on the best of terms right now. After all these years you barely talked. But that was no excuse for her not showing up. It’s your father’s funeral. And he loved Wanda as if she was also his daughter. And she knew that, and she always said that she loved your father as well so why was she not here?
You know you shouldn’t, but you were sad, and desperate and vulnerable. And so you call her. You tap your foot repeatedly against the floor with the anticipation. But your heart just breaks a little more when it goes for her voicemail. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, putting your cellphone back on your pocket.    
As you walk back to your family you can’t help the painful memory that floats on your brain of Wanda promising you she would never, ever, forget you.
 When your mother finally sleeps you decide to go to your room. You walk as silently as you can so you don’t wake up both your mother and your sister. As you get to your room, you already know you won’t be able to sleep, but you throw yourself on the bed feeling both physically and mentally exhausted.
You don’t know how much time has passed when you hear your phone ringing on your nightstand. You sit and clench your jaw when you see Wanda’s name on the screen.  
- Hello.
- (Y/n/n), I’m so, so sorry. I wanted to be there for you, but I was busy at work I couldn’t…
- Pietro told me. – You interrupt her, not wanting to hear any of her excuses. The line goes silent for a while and you’re about to check if she didn’t hang up when Wanda speaks again.
- How are you?
- Oh, I’m great. – You retorts, your voice full of sarcasm and Wanda sighs.
- Come on, (Y/n), don’t do this. I just wanted to check on you.
- You had almost six years to do that, where were you then?
- So suddenly it’s all my fault? Did you forget you were the one who ignored all my calls the last time I tried to reach you?!
And like this the two of you start screaming and accusing. And when Wanda hang up on you, you throw your phone at the wall, watching as it fell broken on the floor.  
You lay back on the bed with the vision blurred by the tears and feeling worse then you did when you woke up.
- I don’t see nothing wrong here, Pietro. – You say after a few minutes checking everything on his car for the second time.
It had been a quiet day at work. What you hated, since there was nothing to keep your mind busy and avoid thinking about the conversation with Wanda from the night before.
That until Pietro arrived, claiming his car was making a weird noise whenever he turned the steering wheel to the right.
- Oh well. Too bad then. – He says, but he doesn’t look concerned at all. In fact, a playful smirk threatened to show up on his face making you wonder if there was any weird noise in the first place. His next words confirm your suspicions. – Since I’m here, there’s something I want to talk to you about. – He makes a small pause as he looks at you. -  It’s about Wanda.
You swallow dryly at his words, already not liking the conversation. You close the hood and lean in on the car. Crossing your arms, you nod for him to go on.  
- Do you know the first thing she did when she got here? – He asks and you frown your brows. – She visited your dad’s grave.
- I didn’t know that. – You say uncrossing your arms. An uncomfortable feeling of guilt sinking in at your stomach. Pietro only nods. He looks stern, but also tender.
- I know you’re mad, and I’m not saying you don’t have the right to be. But Wanda had her reasons to do what she did. She’s hurt as well.
You nod, not really knowing what to say. You never thought about how much your father’s death had hit her. In fact, you never thought about how anything else hit her. You never allowed yourself to do so because that meant you would have to admit that you hurt her too and you didn’t want to do that.
You close your eyes letting out a deep sigh and cursing yourself for being such a coward.
You thank him and then he hugs you, saying goodbye. When he says he hopes to see you later, you say he will.
You take a deep breath before knocking on the door. You try to stop your legs from shaking, feeling nervous.
- I’m sure I’m not the twin you wanted to see. – Pietro mocks when he opens the door and you smile.
- Well I did see you today already, so. – You retorts on the same tone and he chuckles, hugging you and inviting you to come in.
As you walk towards the living room, you notice that Nat, Steve and Bucky are already there. You greet everyone individually and the way Wanda gives you an awkward, almost hurt greeting makes you feel even more nervous.
You eat and drink, and the conversation goes on for a while. The rest of the group arrives and you’re surprised that Tony showed up not drunk. When the group jokes about it, he says it’s for a good cause, pointing to Wanda and Bruce.
You can’t help the way your eyes constantly search for Wanda. But she is clearly determined to avoid looking at you. You take a deep breath trying to gain courage and walk towards her.
- Can I talk to you? – You ask, placing your hand softly on her shoulder. She looks up at you surprised and you swallow dryly.
- Sure. – She says shyly and leads you towards the kitchen.
You follow her and curse yourself for the trembling legs again. When you were far enough from the group, Wanda turns to face you, her eyes full of curiosity and expectation. You take a deep breath as you try not to get lost on her beautiful green eyes.
- I wanted to apologize for last night. – She opens her mouth ready to interrupt you but you raise your hands, asking her to let you finish. – I was a jerk. I shouldn’t have treated you the way I did. I guess I was just so mad at you because it was easier to blame you than to blame myself. As you said, you hurt me. But I hurt you too. I was a coward. And I am truly sorry. For everything.  
Wanda just stares at you, not really knowing what to say, her mouth slightly open and tears starting to form on her eyes.  
- (Y/n), I… Thank you. Really. And I’m also truly sorry about everything. I was a coward as well. There’s so much I wanted to change if I could… - Her voice starts to fail as tears threaten to fall from her eyes. You hold her hands and whisper that it’s okay. She smiles tenderly to you and you do the same.
- Oh! I almost forgot! – You say widening your eyes and letting go of her hand to pick up the small object from your pockets. Wanda watches you with curious eyes and lets out a surprised sigh when she sees what it is. – It’s an apology gift.  
You say, handing her the grass ring you carefully made this afternoon. She takes it, admiring it as if it was the most precious thing in the universe, which to Wanda, it was.
She throws herself at you, wrapping her arms around your neck on a tight hug and you have to take some steps back to keep your balance, but you wrap your arms around her waist tightly as well. She buries her face on the crock of your neck and mumbles a muffled thank you. And you smile at the goosebumps her touch makes you feel.
When you step away from each other, you notice that Wanda is crying, but you think that’s okay because she is smiling now and when she puts the handmade ring on her finger you giggle.
The two of you head back side by side to the group, who is poorly pretending they didn’t watch closely the conversation you and Wanda were having.
The rest of the night goes way lighter than before and you don’t mind when Wanda leans in to rest her head on your shoulder.
Eventually the group decides to play some board games and you can’t help but to feel nostalgic remembering all the weekends you had spent doing exactly that all those years ago.  
You decide to play Jenga first, but give up when Pietro wins all the rounds claiming in a superior, mocking tone that he can’t help if he has fast fingers. Then you decide to play Pictionary, dividing the group in pairs, and no one seems surprised when you and Wanda win because, according to Tony, the two of have always had connected brains.
You play another bunch of games, but it’s getting late and some of your friends are already going home, but you decide to stay to help the twins clean up the mess. They tell you it’s not necessary, but you insist. And so, the three of you are cleaning everything up in a comfortable silence, with one of you eventually mentioning a funny moment of the evening.  
When you’re done, you say your goodnights to the twins and Wanda offers to walk you to the front door.
- Aren’t you going to walk me to the door? – You decide to mock Pietro when you see his smirk. But the man just shakes his head in denial.
- No. You’re not that dumb, you can do it with only one person leading you. – He replies on the same tone and you throw the dishrag on his face.
Wanda giggles, watching the whole interaction in amusement. The redhead loved the fact that you and Pietro, two of the most important people on her life, were so close and her heart felt warm every time she heard any of you laughing.
She then holds your hand and gives it a little pull signaling for you to follow her, and when she doesn’t let go when you do so, you can’t avoid the silly smile that pops on your face.
- Thanks again. – She says when you’re already out, showing her hand where the ring is.
- Anytime. – You say shyly and Wanda smiles at you. You admire her, loving absolutely every detail of her, and have to control yourself not to kiss her. Things are already complicated enough. – Goodnight, Wanda.
Wanda smile at you before approaching you and you tense up just a little. She places her hand softly on your shoulder and give you a gentle kiss on your cheek. Your face burning as she moves away from you.
- Goodnight, (Y/n/n). – She says softly before you walk away.  
Chapter 8
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natromanoffxox · an hour ago
Something Hot
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, violence, gun use (please message if you think I need to add any more!)
TAG LIST: @chicken-wang09 @ima-gi--na-tion @severepeanutartisanhands @madamvirgo @wickedmuses @ali-lie @madamevirgo
For previous chapters please see my pinned post!
Tumblr media
This has not been proof read, please be kind!
Gunshots where going off all around you, but all you could do was run. You had nothing to protect yourself with, not even a fucking stick for Christ sake. There was banging and crashing all around you, as if the whole building was falling in on itself. You needed to find Natasha.
As if the lord above where listening to you, Nat came running from the other end of the hallway you were in, spreading a smile across your face that was quickly dropped when you saw what she was running from. The Hulk. The fucking Incredible Hulk. In his state of rage, he was barging through everything, literal walls breaking down in his wake, nothing stopping him, nothing slowing him down. You stopped and pushed yourself up against a door, waiting for the right moment. Just as Natasha was opposite, you dragged her towards you, pushing the door open and falling in a ball of limbs into the room behind. It took her a second to recover, picking herself up on her elbows to look at you, breathing heavy and eyes wide with terror.
“If you tell anyone about the state I’m in, I’ll have to end you myself.” She joked, making you let out a breathy chuckle. Was she seriously joking at a time like this?
“What’s going on?”
“Clint and Selvig, they’re under Loki’s mind control. They just came at us out of nowhere. I sent Thor after Loki to make sure he doesn’t get out.”
You winced at her words, making Natasha’s eyes narrow. She knew you knew something.
“What.” It wasn’t a question, but a demand.
“Loki got out.”
“And how would you know that.” She sat up, crossing her arms over her chest.
“I think that’s a question for another day. Right now, Thor is locked in that cell and this building is about to collapse around us.”
Just as you said that, the walls began to crumble. You grabbed Natasha’s hand, pulling her to her feet as you ran through the room, dodging the falling ceiling and heading for the stairs. God, how you wished you had some crazy super powers right now.
“We have to get Thor.” You said, heading back down the stairs towards the cell. Surely enough, he was still there, smacking his hammer against the glass in attempt to break free. Natasha ran to the board, pressing a sequence of buttons before the locks lifted and the glass door slid open.
“Come on, Blondie, we’ve gotta go!”
You managed to escape just in time, the whole building collapsing around you as you ran for the exit. When you were out, it was just as bad as the inside.
“He opened the portal.”
It was if there was a gaping hole in the sky. Weird caterpillar looking monsters flying out. Where you dreaming? Was this shit actually happening?
“Come on!” Natasha grabbed your hand, pulling you towards her car to head straight into the battle field, because that’s totally where you wanted to be. Right smack bang in the middle of THAT.
Why the hell did you sign up for this?
She handed you a gun, locking eyes with you, sending every bit of love she had inside her into your eyes. You didn’t know whether you liked it or not. Was she reminding you she loved you or making sure you knew it just incase something happened? Either way, she was out the car and you followed close behind. People were screaming in the streets, running for safety in every direction.
You were in the middle of a war, wearing leggings and a crop top, armed with one gun.
Jesus Christ.
The team got to it straight away. Natasha chucked something at you, and when you opened your palm you saw an ear piece. You put it in and began to hear everything the team were saying, keeping connected to each other no matter where they were. You saw Tony up in the sky, the rest down below with you.
“I’ve got eyes on Loki.” You heard Nat’s voice, following her view as he flew the weird flying caterpillar around in the sky.
“We’ve got to close the portal!” Steve shouted, and you began to figure out where it was.
“How?” You asked, not understanding a single thing of what was going on. Is this really the shit The Avengers had to deal with?
“Loki’s Scepter. Get him, get his scepter, close the portal.” Nat told you, making eye contact as you his behind a car for cover. You looked back to the sky, trying to find the God of mischief once again. He was stood on the top of a building. Perfect.
You ran, ignoring everyone’s cries for you to stay down.
“Y/N stop!”
“What is she doing?!”
You knew what you were doing. You were going to trick the trickster. No one tried to destroy your world.
You were in the building Loki stood on, waiting for the elevator, refusing to take the stairs for the whole journey up.
“Hi Loki!” You waved at him as you finally reached the roof, making him spin in shock.
“Y/N?! What are you doing here?” His face said it all, he definitely was not expecting you.
“They brought me out here, didn’t want to leave me in the crumbling building, you know? And there’s loads of shooting down there, thought I’d be safer up here!”
You look around at the sky and then down below as you walked up to him, gun hidden in the back of your leggings.
“So... whatcha doin’?” You rolled back and forth on your feet, smiling the same smile you’d gave him earlier. He simply laughed, shaking his head at you before summoning one of the ugly caterpillars his way.
“Daddy issue stuff.” He climbed on top of the beast, scepter tucked by his side.
“Wow, can I come?!” You put on a face of pure shock, a wide smile to look amazed by what was in front of you. You saw a flash of doubt in his eyes before he laughed again.
“Fine, little one. But only for a moment!”
“Y/N don’t you dare!” You heard through the earpiece.
You climbed on behind Loki.
“Y/N I swear to god!” Oh you were in trouble. But not as much as Loki, which eased your mind slightly. If you could get the scepter, you could close the portal, and that’s all that mattered.
“You okay back there, little one?” Loki turned slightly to try see you as he flew the freaky thing, seeing your smile of pure joy. It actually was quite fun! Other than you know, the murder, shooting and chaos all around. You heard a shot from behind you making you duck your head down low. When you turned, you saw Natasha on one of the ugly flying caterpillars right behind you, getting closer by the second.
“Oh, oh. I’m in trouble.” You muttered, loud enough for Loki to hear.
“Don’t fret, little one.” That being said, he shot up higher into the sky, dodging the building last minute and spinning in the opposite direction. Should you have really got on the back of this thing? You looked down to see Natasha right below you.
“Sorry Loki, gotta go.” You patted his shoulder and stood up quickly, grabbing his Scepter before jumping.
“You better stay catch me Natasha.” You almost cried as you fell through the sky. The wind was nearly knocked out of you when you landed, thankfully not on the floor, but on the beast Natasha was flying.
“That was cool as fuck.” You heard Tony laugh through the earpiece.
“Hi, babe!” You smiled, getting a look of pure rage in return.
“As impressed as I am, I am furious.” You couldn’t keep the smile from growing on your face, and you could see hers creeping too. You let out a laugh before kissing her cheek, making her real smile come through.
“Get that to the tesseract, I’ll get Loki.” She told you as she flew you to the ground, letting you land on your feet before you ran to the portal. What now?
“What the fuck do I do now?!” You looked between the glowing box and the scepter, cluelessly.
“Push it closed!” Nat shouted back in your ear. Yeah, ‘cause it’s so obvious...
You jammed the fork in, pushing with all your force to try and close it.
“Hold your horses.” You heard Tony throw piece, stopping your attempts to see him flying up towards the portal holding a nuke. Holy. Shit. Before you could reply he was gone, disappearing into the black hole. Was he coming out? He had to right? He had to!
“Tony?” You spoke but earned no reply. Natasha ran to your side, eyes wide at the scene above.
“Come on, Stark.” You heard her mumble, and knowing that she was worried, worried you even more. You couldn’t lose him. Not like this.
“Close it.” Natasha said.
“What no, he’s-“
“Close it!”
Tears in your eyes, you jammed the scepter back into the box, finally stopping the beaming blue light and shutting it off. You couldn’t look. You couldn’t watch as he didn’t return. It was Natasha’s sign of relief that finally made you open your eyes again. Looking up, you was Tony falling through the sky, pummelling towards the street below.
“He’s not slowing down. GUYS! He’s not slowing down!”
Out of no where, Bruce, or should you say the Hulk, flew forward, grabbing Tony as he clung to a building, tearing the walls as he fell with speed. You watched as he slung himself backwards, hitter the floor in a crash. You ran to the scene, Natasha on your heals just as Thor tore of Tony’s mask. He wasn’t awake. Eyes shut, not moving.
“Tony?” You said in a tiny voice, choking back the tears that dared to shed from your eyes.
“Come on. Wake up, you stupid idiot.”
He didn’t move.
“Wake up!” You screamed at the man in metal in front of you, holding on to his hand as if it were going to wake him.
Natasha was interrupted by the raw that came from Bru- the Hulk, shocking Tony’s eyes wide open as he gasped for air.
“Oh, thank god!” You let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding, falling back and holding your head with the hand that wasn’t in his.
“Well, that was something.” He coughed out, slowing lifting himself to a sitting position. You all looked around, seeing the distraction of the city you lived in. That was going to cost a pretty penny to fix...
“So... Did I just help save the world?”
The team let out a queue of laughter at you question, and you couldn’t help but smile.
“Yeah, but we’ll be having words.” Natasha gave you a look, a look that said ‘you’re in deep shit’, but her smile never left her face, showing how proud she was of you.
“What now?” You asked, looking at the team around you.
“Anyone hungry? I’m starving.” Tony replied, sending you a cheeky smile as you raised your brow at him. The man just basically left earth and died and now he’s hungry?!
Considering the building you once all lived in was now gone, along with everything inside it, you all headed to your old restaurant, ready to end the night with some good food before you figured out your next move. It was far enough away from the chaos to not have been effected.
“Hi Taylor!” You smiled at him as you entered the building, The Avengers right behind you. He smiled at you before it dipped and grew bigger at the sight of the hero’s.
“Y/N! It’s been ages! What can I do for you?” He stepped up to you, not so sneakily sparing glances to your friends, your family.
“Food. Saving the world build up one hell of an appetite.”
“Near death situations get me peckish.” Tony chirped in behind you, making you roll your eyes at his joke, though knowing him he probably was not joking.
You took a seat round the large table, taking in the sight in front of you. The Avengers, your family, looked like shit. Everyone was dirty, their clothes covered in dust and blood. Their faces had cuts and bruises from the fighting and shrapnel that flew around them. Tony, Thor, Loki, Bruce (yes, Bruce, not the Hulk) who wore a a T-shirt and shorts that some kind civilians gave him, Steve, and Natasha.
Ah, Natasha. Even when her hair was messed up from the battle, a small thin cut by her brow with dried blood around it, covered in claret and muck, was still just as beautiful as ever. How did she do it?
“What are we going to do about him?” Steve nodded towards Loki, who sat beside you silently, hands cuffed in front of him. You gave him a look of apology, you didn’t want him to feel betrayed by you for some reason. You actually think you saw him as a friend, something you would not be announcing to the group.
“I’m sorry.” You whispered to him as you touched your foot to his leg beside him to get his attention. The team were discussing where they could keep him locked up, unable to do any more damage than he’d already done.
“Don’t worry, little one. I know.” He gave you a smile. A real smile, not a fake one, not a trick. You could see it in his eyes, he really meant that.
“We can go to my holiday home. It has enough room for us all for a while. And we can keep... him, in the basement.”
The idea of locking Loki up in the basement of a house did not sit well with you, then you remembered it was Tony Stark, and his basement was probably equivalent to a normal persons living room.
“We still need to talk.” Natasha whispered in your ear, sending a freezing cold shiver down your spine. You did not look forward to that. Before you knew it, she was dragging you by your hand to the other side of the restaurant, where no one was around to hear the upcoming conversation. You glanced back to the team, eyes full of worry but all they done was chuckle at your terrified state.
Thanks guy, really helpful.
“What were you thinking?!” Natasha let out as soon as you turned to face her. Oh, she was mad.
When she said you were going to have words, she really meant it.
“I was thinking ‘do whatever it takes to save the world’” You shrugged back, regretting the action as soon as you done it seeing the flame behind her eyes ignite.
“You could have been hurt! Or worse, killed! Did you think about that?!”
“No, I was thinking about making sure no one else got hurt or killed!” You admitted, and some part inside of you warmed at the words. You were talking like a true agent of SHIELD.
“What if I lost you, huh? What would I do then?” You could hear the hurt behind her words, her mind probably going back to seeing you lying in a hospital bed. You stepped forward, taking your hands in hers, and looking deep into her eyes.
“Don’t you remember? It’s me and you, always. I’ll never leave you.” You grinned, watching as the anger left her eyes and her tense stance deflated. You’d won her over, and she pulled you closer to her, wrapping her arms round you like you were the only thing keeping her alive. You breathed her in, carving this memory into your brain so you could never forget it. You loved how protective she was.
“Come on, I’m hungry.” You pulled back, giving her a quick peck on the lips before smirking and leading her back to the table. You saw something in Loki’s eyes as you sat back in your seat beside him.
“She’s off limits. You fuck with her, you fuck with me.” You mumbled as you tilted closer to him, pretending to itch your ankle as you spoke. When you looked back up, he was giving you a genuine smile, and you knew he was silently agreeing with your statement.
“I would never, little one. I would never hurt you.”
You let yourself sit back with a sign, slowly tuning in to the conversation the rest of the team were having beside you.
“Oh, you’re in it deep. She has you wrapped round her finger.” Thor laughed, looking at Natasha before looking at you and grinning. Oh, boy.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise today was the day you wanted to die, Blondie.”
You had to literally pin Natasha to her seat, sending a glare Thor’s way telling him to shut up before she really did kill him. Natasha hated being seen as weak and vulnerable, and teasing her about her relationship was possibly the biggest grave anyone could dig themselves.
“Are you all going to behave while I put in our order? Can I actually trust you to not kill each other?” You asked, a serious question. Steve and Tony were glaring at each other again. Natasha’s eyes were sending out a look that could kill straight to Thor. Bruce was just watching the scenes play out, and Loki was smiling at the ruction. He must really love it when people fight, being the god of mischief and all that.
With a huff, you left them, pushing up off your seat to go to the bar. What a day. 
“Just give me seven burgers, they’ll get what they’re given.” You laughed to Carly. Seeing her sweet smile made you miss her even more than you realised, she had always been such a good friend to you.
You forgot it had been half a nearly year since you’d set foot in the place. It made you realise that you’d been with Natasha for almost 8 months. Damn, that was a long time! Though no one knew anything of it for half of that time. But you couldn’t be happier with your new life. It was if you were a whole new person, again. Your mental and physical health had never been better, and you were saving the world. Not bad considering you were a drug addict only a few years back. Who would’ve thought you’d be where you are now?
You glanced up for a moment, silently thinking about how proud you’d of made your father today, even if you had been a little reckless.
“So, you’re an Avenger now?” Carly raised a brow with a smirk, nodding towards the group who sat behind you bickering. You looked down at yourself, your lovely grey leggings covered in black dust and your use to be favourite white shirt now ruined.
“I wouldn’t go that far, but I do work for SHIELD.”
It was as if they all had super hearing, as you heard a throat clear behind you, and when you turned you saw them all giving you warm and proud smiles.
“No, Y/N. You fought along side us and you saved the world. You are an Avenger.” Tony told you, giving you a look that you could only describe as the look a father would give their child when they’d done them proud.
You were an Avenger.
A/N: Again, I know this isn’t how it originally goes in the film! I had to make it fit, I’m sorry! Don’t hate me...
A little bit of a longer wait for chapter 16, my working hours have increased and quite frankly my love for writing and reading is keeping me up til stupid o’clock in the morning. I’m working on 7 hours sleep in the last 72 hours. I’m surprised I can even spell half the words right at this point✌🏻MUCH LOVE💕
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maximoffs-girl · an hour ago
Hi! Can I get a ship for the MCU?:
Babette or Barb
Medium length red hair, hazel eyes, dark brows. I don't really look cutesy, but more adult if you know what I mean? I'm 5'10" and love wearing gold earrings and really posh looking things aha.
My preference is males.
She/her ❣️
I'm definitely outgoing and just not really shy about chatting to people. Confident in who I am, but not cocky or brash. I love to just do what's on my mind, and take life as it comes. I also don't usually curse or like NSFW things, just my preference hehe.
I love making music. I love playing and listening to everything, and exploring new instruments to play. I guess I just like to express myself creativily.
I can't decide a song, I am a musicologist student and to decide would be terrible. Buuuttt, I can't stop listening to "Love and Marriage" by Frank Sinatra for some reason haha!
27 dresses and Bride Wars, watched them both yesterday. They are the best.
I love any colour that's light and pastel, except for black lol. I do like rusty red though.
Definitely anteaters. They cute as heck.
Hmm superpowers... I like the idea of being an inventor or engineer like Stark, only with creating weapons that won't harm anyone. I especially like the idea of something to do with sound, like soundwave manipulation that can cause nausea or hallucinations?
Savory: Pasta Bake, Sweet: Red Velvet cake
Gotta be funny, and probably not be too old (sorry older MCU guys.). Someone who'll just be there to protect and laugh with me, who cares about family and friends. Maybe be accepting to other cultures too since I'm not American 🤩
Ohemgeee that was so long, I'm so sorry! Thank you for reading and for writing if you decide to make this into a ship! 💝😩💝😩
Hi honey! I ship you with...
Steve Rogers/Captain America
Tumblr media
You mentioned not liking older guys.... but let's hope this 100-something old super soldier can change your mind!
Steve is the most caring boyfriend ever
Always ready to help, would literally do anything for you
Where you are outgoing, he tends to be more shy and closed off
So you balance each other out pretty well
You're the life of the party and he stands at the sideline, watching you with an adoring smile and look in his eyes
Tony teases him for being "whipped for that girl"
Loves listening to you making music
He could listen to it all day long
Seeing you be so passionate about music warms his heart
Would definitely dance with you to Frank Sinatra
You're creative and Steve really appreciates that
He always listens to your ideas and helps you with them
Steve can bake really well, so you're always provided with some yummy baked goods
He's always got your back and would never let anything happen to you
He couldn't bear the thought of you getting hurt so he keeps you close to him at all times
Cap is very open and accepting towards other cultures
Is genuinely interested and asks you questions and reads about your culture
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yelenaromanoffbelova · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Marry Me
Yelena Belova x Reader
"Alright pizza for Capsicle ,Tin Man, Thunderbird, Chinese for Bird boy,Bewitched,Red and Lena and I are having Burger and chips." You looked around confused when no one came running in at the smell of food "Guys come on I got your favourites let's go before it gets cold." With no replies you called out to your girlfriend "Lena darling let's go dinner." You sigh walking out of the kitchen and into the meeting room completely oblivious to their somber expressions "I've called you guys twice come on." "My love come on dinner." You shouted out. You knew she was home the mission wasn't going to take long and with Natasha you knew the mission would be even shorter and that they would be here for dinner "Y/N" Tony looked at you "Where is Yelena they are usually home by now." "Y/N." Your head whipped around at Natasha voice and how quite it was "Tasha where's Lena?" Your eyebrows forward in confusion as a pit formed in your stomach dreading her answer "I uh Y/N I we lost all communications it we eh it was an ambush and there was nothing I could do I tried god Y/N I really tried but I couldn’t find her." You didn't reply to her just running to your guys shared room bursting through the door hoping to see her on the bed perfectly fine smiling tiredly at you, but she wasn't it was empty and so quite without her rock albums from the 80s playing quietly in the background. You felt a hand touch your back and that's all it took for you to drop to the floor sobbing "No I no I can't I Lena no please please I will do anything anything just oh please." Natasha just held you as you both cried in the doorway of yours and Yelena's bedroom "shhh it's ok Y/N."
      Weeks went by three weeks to be exact you barely left the room and only talked to Natasha as she told you what ever updated she or leads they could find. You lay across the bed as you let your mind wonder with a knock on your door bringing you out of your thoughts "what." "It's Steve can I come in." "Sure." This surprised him you hadn't given anyone but Natasha the time of day but you knew Steve you have known him for a long time, he was the one who introduced you to the Avengers and evidently introduced you to Yelena and well he understood not knowing how the love of his life was doing. " I know you don't want to talk so can I just sit." "Yeah." They had all been trying to get you to talk but you didn't want to you only wanted to talk to her tell her how much you loved her and that was it any other words where a waste of air time. And so you both sat in silence for an hour before you broke "I miss her giddy laugh, her suit jackets, the little smirk she wears when she beats you or Natasha at training. I miss the way she strokes my hair and teaches me Russian I miss the way her eyes light up when she gets an idea or how she holds my hand when she drives god I miss her Steve, can eh can you promise me you won't give up please you... you got to find her for me." Steve just looked at "yeah Y/N I promise we will find her ok." He left after that and you drifted off to sleep.
      Two weeks later Natasha came running into your room "Y/N we have a location get up." You had never sprung out of bed so fast before in your life "can I come with you." You weren't an Avenger so usually you didn't but the team knew that if they touched down to get Yelena and you weren't there she wouldn't be to happy no matter if they had just rescued we or not "yeah let's go." You ran to the Quinjet and sat beside Steve "thank you" Steve just looked at her "for what we haven't got her yet." "I know but you didn't give up you kept your promise so thank you." You anxiously shook your leg as the Quinjet landed hoping that this was it that you where getting her back.
       Yelena trudged up the road sore and covered in blood she was not dying in that hell hole she was going to be back to you she has you promised burgers and chips for dinner well that and she just wanted to hold you and cuddle you and tell you how much she loved her. She stopped suddenly at the sound of feet pounding the pavement coming towards her as relief, happiness and love washed over her.
     The jet had landed and you had spotter her before anyone else "Y/N what is it." You didn't give a response to Steve as you took off up the road. It was her you knew it was her god run faster Y/N that's all you think as you raced towards her seeing the relief in her eyes it was you, you where there to rescue her. You didn't stop as you ran straight into her not bothering to care about the blood on her clothes. With a grunt she caught you and wrapped her hands around you tightly scared to let you go burying her head into your hair "Marry me." You pulled back from her "what?" "Marry me Y/N." You just grabbed her and held her tighter trying not to hurt her. You pulled back as tears welled up in your eyes at the extent of her wounds "oh god Lena I'll marry you right here promise me you won't scare me like that again though please." Yelena just smiled tiredly at you nodding her head.
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imaginemegood · 2 hours ago
chilly - baron zemo
Tumblr media
pairing: reader x zemo
summary: when he lets you borrow his jacket heart eyes
warnings: nothing :)
a/n: inspired by those posts that say ‘yeah he’s a villain but he’d give me his jacket if i was cold’
date published: O5 may 2O21
You wrapped your arms around your torso in an effort to maintain some kind of warmth. The skimpy little outfit you had decided to wear was not helping, and you were mentally cursing yourself for picking it out. You looked hot in the hotel room, but you were sure you looked the furthest thing from sexy shivering with goosebumps across your skin. There was a harsh chill in Madripoor that you had not anticipated and you were severely regretting it.
You looked over at your colleagues, and couldn’t help but feel envious at their choices of clothing. Especially Zemo. His long jacket with the fur lining looked like heaven on Earth to you right now. He turned and caught your eye, and you looked away sharply. You felt a heat rise to your chest and face. Zemo’s gaze was always intense, and it seemed to stir something in you. But you had to remain professional. He was helping you find information on the Flag Smashers and then you’d be finished with him. You could surely handle yourself until then.
Another harsh, chilling breeze whipped down the street that caused you to gasp as your hair flew in front of your eyes. “You okay?” Sam asked, turning to look at you as you tried to put everything back into place. You nodded, rubbing at the gooseflesh across your arm. You didn’t want to ask for help, you should have known to bring jacket at least. Zemo’s vision lingered on your shivering from. You could feel his eyes burning holes into the side of your head, and with a surge of confidence you turn to look at him. Wordlessly, he maneuvered and removed his jacket before offering it out to you with an outstretched arm. You were about to protest, but before you could he remarked “don’t argue, you look cold”. You don’t know if it was the way he commanded you or his tone of voice, but you weren’t inclined to say no. You sighed, biting your lip you took the coat from the Baron and slipped it over your shoulders.
It was warm enough, but the added residual body heat made it heavenly. You clutched the fabric close to your chest and smiled as you basked in the sensation of the fur against your skin. Zemo smiled to himself, adjusting the collar and letting his fingers brush against your neck. “It suits you” he said in a low voice, not allowing you to reply as he walked in front of the group, leading you to a nightclub.
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 hours ago
Tony: At my funeral I'm going to have a Kahoot game with 1000 questions about my life and whoever wins gets my will.
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maximoffs-girl · 2 hours ago
Hey, I would love a ship please!
5'7", pear shape, blonde with blue eyes, multiple ear piercings, and lightly tattooed
Bi with a preference for men
I'm an intj, and my enneagram is tied b/w 4&6. A sarcastic and dry sense of humour, and poor people skills. I'm very loyal and invested in helping my friends and enjoy spending time with those that I am close with. My love language is words of affection.
Movies and tv shows, music, knitting, pottery, yoga, history and anthropology
A tie between Honey Lungs by Said the Whale and Momentary Bliss by Gorillaz
Accepted, it always made me feel better during exam season seeing that people can succeed even if they don't have the best grades.
Deep red and lavender shades are my favourites
Wombats for sure
Being able to convert energy into different types of energy (like light, heat, sound, etc)
Homemade macaroni and cheese with tomato sauce is to die for (that or a pork-apple stew)
A good sense of humour (and freckles)
Hi honey! I ship you with...
Warren Worthington III
Tumblr media
Warren may seem like a tough guy, but he's putty in your hands
Likes to tell you very bad jokes because they make you laugh and roll your eyes at him
He adores your laugh and your dry sense of humor
Never fails to cheer him up
Is secretely a softie (but don't tell anyone!!)
Wraps you up in his wings when you two are cuddling
Doesn't want to take you flying because he's scared he'll drop you or hurt you
Unless you absolutely beg him, then he'll take you on a little flight
Loves to watch movies with you, even if he doesn't like the genre
Admires your loyalty to your loved ones
Warren thinks your piercings and tattoos are so cool
Constantly asks you questions about them
"And that one? Did that hurt?" "What does that one mean?"
He gives the best kisses btw
But doesn't like PDA, because he's Mr. Tough Guy
Will maybe hold your hand
Warren really, really loves you even though he's not the best at showing it
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dailylupincontent · 2 hours ago
Imagine Request: Lupin III in an Aladdin AU
{Honestly, this idea is amazing and I loved every second writing this. Just for clarification, I'm leaving what they are wearing completely up to the readers imagination. Makes it better to read I suppose. I hope you like it :)}
Tumblr media
Summary: Lupin, Goemon, and Jigen have just pulled off a risky theft by taking the "Eye of Athtar", a gem passed down by the royal family of Agrabah. With Zenigata and his gang of soldiers close behind, how will they escape the castle grounds?
Characters: Lupin, Goemon, Jigen, Zenigata
Song you can listen too while reading this:
Feet pattering against the cold quartz floor, three men make their way across the large hall, their harsh pants echoing against the walls. With loud, blistering commotion behind them, they run, not to dare look back.
"LUPIN!! GET BACK HERE YOU BASTARD!!!" a loud, gravely voice booms. Zenigata raced behind the trio, a bundle of palace soldiers tailing behind him. Out of the three men escaping, one smiles widely, a childish giggle erupting from his throat. His monkish, lopsided smile catches Zenigatas' eye, the mans' rage growing more and more. Zenigata pumped his arms back and fourth, attempting to gain speed and catch up to the three men.
The men, Lupin, Goemon, and Jigen, turned left down a corridor, their bare feet still slapping against the cool floor. Lupin laughed aloud, his body turning around to now run backwards. He looked at Zenigata, his grin growing more and more cartoonish.
"Hey pops! The palace outfit looks great on ya, pal! I bet you could swoon any princess in that!" Lupin shouted to the furious guard, his laugh sneaking out between words. Zenigata growled, raising his sword high in the air. "I THINK YOU BEHIND BARS WOULD LOOK EVEN BETTER ON YOU, LUPIN!!" Zenigata replied, grinding his teeth together. Lupin only laughed, jumping up and spinning around to run forward once again.
Goemon turned to Lupin, raising a brow to the monkey man. "You teasing him in such a manner may cause more trouble than what we are already asking for, Lupin. Be wise on what you say to the angry man." Goemon calmly stated as he ran, his hands clutching onto his Zantetsuken. Goemon found the weapon as a child, and has since trained and used it to his advantage. Goemon quickly took out his weapon and jumped high into the air, a grunt coming from his lips as he swung his sword at a large door in front of the trio. He landed, his eyes closed and body hunched. He snapped his Zantetsuken back into its holder, the door suddenly falling down in symmetrical pieces. The group then continued to run.
Lupin rolled his eyes at Goemon, ignoring his action. He spoke up about the samurais comment, his childish demeanor growing. "Oh, stop being a downer Goemon. I'm only teasing the poor guy." Lupin snickered, twirling the stolen gem they acquired between his fingers. The men suddenly took a sharp right, the group now in the main entrance hall.
Out of the three, Jigen remained silent. He looked up, spotting the large candle chandelier that hung from the ceiling. He took out his crossbow as he ran and placed an arrow into the flight groove. He quickly snapped the riser into place and aimed the weapon at the rope that hung the light fixture in place. He fired the arrow, the tip cutting right through. The chandelier plummeted downwards, the three men barely running under and past it before it hit the ground, shattering. Zenigata and his gang screamed as the fixture fell before them.
"Nice work, Jigen! Smart thinkin'!" Lupin praised, patting the silent sharp shooter on his back as they zoomed into an empty building. All three men caught their breath, before laughing to themselves in victory.
"Well," Lupin began, twirling the stolen gem in his palm, "I think we had a successful day, wouldn't you agree guys?"
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Can someone make a Loki fluff when him and the reader is on a field having a really cute picnic and it starts to rain so the reader drags Loki up and makes him dance with her in the rain. Then they have a really cute rain kiss. Can someone PLEASE do this I have been thinking about this for so long but I’m not a skilled writer.
Tumblr media
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Rules for requesting
Also, THIS is the picrew from my pfp :)
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lxdyred · 4 hours ago
IM GONNA CRY YOU GUYSS! Thank YOU so much to all of you!
Thank you so so so much to all of you who have liked, commented, reblogged and followed me! I am very very happy to have made it this far! I know It had been long time without me writing and that I have half written stories.... But really, your support only makes me want to keep writing for you and bring you better stories! You make me want to improve, and that's the best thing of all.
Thank you so much for everything, for the almost 500 followers.
Thank you for giving me a chance!
You are all the best! Again, thank YOU! ❤️
Have all a wonderful day/night, stay safe and remember that you are all awesome and loved! 🥰 Xxx
Ps. #1: out of topic but if by chance any of you needs someone to talk about anything, my DMs are open for everyone! We can be friends!
Ps. #2: Request are still open!!
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allegra-writes · 5 hours ago
The pedo blog is still active, apparently just turned off the search option, to avoid being found when you look for the URL. They just posted this
Tumblr media
Guys this is PURE BULLSHIT. MY FAMILY IS FROM BRAZIL, I HAVE BRAZILIAN FRIENDS AND THEY ARE AS HORRIFIED AS ME. Do NOT believe a single word coming out of their mouth.
Here's a link to the post so you guys can report and block. If reporting is confusing, simply block them, what we should be concerned here is the safety of the minors they call their "target audience".
Please do not comment, send messages (specially DON'T SEND DEATH THREATS OR HATE, do not give them ammunition to pretend they are the victim here), do not engage in any way, this person might be dangerous, just block them.
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lesbian-deadpool · 5 hours ago
My mom just made me a cup of tea in my dads father's day mug, and now im just getting a fucking tidal wave of memory's of the singlemom!nat HC's lmao
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