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#baron helmut zemo
cazzyimagines · an hour ago
Hi darling! How are you doing these days?
So...if you're willing to would Zemo react when reader dyed her hair in purple? (I'm about to dye my soon, now is blue and I got tired, so my next is purple)
Btw, I just adore your writing, please keep going
I'm doing great! Thank you for asking 😊 I'm sorry it took a while to get to this, I'm sure you look great with purple hair!
Tumblr media
k- You wanted to keep it a surprise from Zemo, to see his genuine reaction to your compulsive choice of dying your hair a different colour. You'd dyed your hair different colours before, red, blue but purple was new and there was one particular reason why.
- It was no secret that Zemo's favourite colour was purple. He always loved to wear his purple turtle neck and of course his mask was purple as well but it didn't stop there. The man had tons of purple clothes, furniture, even a few rooms within his vast mansion where the walls were painted purple. You could almost go as far to say he was obsessed. You felt partly that it was down to purple representing the colour of royalty, that Zemo was still holding onto the fact that he was a Baron. Nevertheless you were curious to see what his reaction would be to your sudden change in colour.
- It was difficult getting the time to go behind his back to buy the hair dye and then dye it without him finding out or seeing too soon, but thankfully a day cropped up where Zemo had a business meeting that would keep him busy for most of the day, only being able to be back at home in the evening. And so then when he left it was a race against the clock to get your hair dyed and looking nice by the time he came home again.
- After a few hours you finally looked at yourself in the mirror and was pleased by the results. It wasn't a bright neon purple but a darker tone and you felt that it really brought out your eyes and extenuated your face shape.
- It was hardly a moment later when you heard the door open from downstairs and Zemo call out your name to let you know he was home. You shouted you'd be a minute as you take one last glance, puffing up your hair before heading down.
- Zemo was sitting on the sofa, reaching over to pick up a book when you appeared in the door way. You lent against the door as he turned around and fixed his eyes upon you and they widened as he took in your hair, his eyes flickering up and down you. 'Do you like it?' you ask anxiously
- 'Like it?' Zemo mutters as he stands up, his eyes still intently focused upon you. 'Darling I love it' he steps closer to you, a smile curling on his lips as he reaches to run his fingers through your hair. Closing his eyes he takes a strand and takes it to his face, brushing it gently on his lips. As he then pulls back to look at you again, he cups your jaw, tilting your head to look at him and he places his lips upon your, your top lip between his lips as he kisses you passionately.
- Eventually you two have to pull back for breath again and he continues to stare at your hair. 'Your hair, my love, is driving me wild beyond what I ever thought was possible.' running another hand through it again he whispers, 'the colour is most befitting for a baroness such as yourself'
A/N: Sorry this was short but I hoped you liked it!
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squirrels-writing · 3 hours ago
Tea and Turkish Delights
So I know that the title doesn’t exactly match the character but when you read I hope you’ll understand, so enjoy this fic! Stay safe and be kind lovelies!
Apologies my lovelies, I meant to post sooner, but I’ve recently got a job and I’ll also be quite busy on the weekend, so I may not get around to posting as much but I do have fics ready to go, I will upload when I can, Stay safe and I’ll try to post before the end of june!
Warnings: fluff, comfort, oblivious!reader, jealous!Bucky, not much else but if I’ve missed anything be sure to let me know ^_< 
Summary: Zemo teases reader, Bucky whisks the reader away... read and see...
Tumblr media
*gif is not mine
In Riga Bucky had made sure to keep an eagle eye on Zemo, he didn’t want the man to get away, well that was Bucky’s reasoning anyway, not the fact that Y/n had been kind to Zemo and although Bucky knew that it was her nature to be nice to anyone no matter what they had done, it caused Bucky to worry and watch Zemo almost constantly.
Sam watched with slight amusement, knowing that the only reason Bucky was burning holes into Zemo was for the simple fact that... Bucky was jealous. It was well known that Bucky had a crush on Y/n, but she was oblivious to his attempts at flirting with her.
Y/n, accepted the teacup from Zemo, smiling at him, a polite shy “thank you,” falling from her lips.
     “Turkish delight?” Zemo offered with a soft smile.
Y/n looked at him accepting the candy. Zemo watched her, curious about her, he honestly found her to be a breath of fresh air, it had been so long since he had been offered any kindness, after all, that had happened, but he knew he’d have to tread carefully with Bucky’s cold stare on him twenty-four seven.
     “I think James might like you,” Zemo whispered to her, making Y/n choke on her tea, she seemingly sipped at the wrong time.
Bucky had looked away for a mere minute and Y/n had choked on her tea at something Bucky guessed Zemo had said. Getting up Bucky joined and stood beside Y/n who had a blush on her face and Zemo was amused by her flustered expression.
“Y/n, can you come with me for a moment please?” Bucky asked, trying to keep calm with Zemo smirking behind his teacup.
“Sure Buck, I’ll be back,” Y/n smiled, letting Zemo know.
Y/n smiled blissfully unaware that Bucky was filled with jealousy, Sam and Zemo watched, knowing that something was bound to happen now, with how pissed Bucky was with Zemo unintentionally making her blush.
Bucky led her to his room, Y/n stood awkwardly in his room, while Bucky closed the door for some privacy.
     “What did you want to talk about Bucky?” Y/n inquired with her gentle voice.
     “Uh...” Bucky mind blanked for a moment, he hadn’t had an excuse, well besides wanting to have Y/n to himself, to make her smile, laugh and blush.
     “Bucky...” her angelic voice called out, making him snap back to the present.
     “Well... Y/n... Doll, you see, I had this... thing I wanted to show you, but I think I forgot it,” he attempted to fabricate the best lie he could but when he saw her sweet innocent eyes his lie crumbled and even to him wasn’t even believable.
     “It’s okay Bucky, do you mind if I ask you something?” she flushed again, bowing her head in an attempt to hide her face from him.
     “Sure doll, anything,” he replied, staring intently at her, as though trying to will her to look up so he could see her blushing cherry face.
     “Um... Sam said something a while back and uh... recently Zemo said something and I wanna know if it’s true...” she started a little unsure.
     “What is it doll? You can ask me,” he stepped closer to her his right hand reaching out to lift her head so he could look her in the eyes.
     “Do you like me? Like ‘like me, like me?” she asked with such an innocent gaze.
Bucky smiled and lowered his forehead to hers, “Yes, sweetheart I ‘like you’ like you,” her eyes widened a smidge and then her face turned even redder than before.
     “What is it doll face, what’s got you blushing like that?” he teased, wrapping his arms around her.
     “I’ve liked you for a while, but I didn’t think you reciprocated and then Sam and Zemo said you liked me and... I’m embarrassed,” she brought her hands up and covered her face.
Bucky let go and reached to remove her hands from her face. “Doll, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, I think it’s cute, your innocent nature, your big e/c eyes and your gorgeous,” he smiled, listing off the things he had come to love about her.
     “Thanks, Bucky,” she mumbled, shoving her face into his chest to hide again.
     “It’s okay, doll,” he smiled down at the top of her head, “When this is all over, I’m gonna take you out on a date, how does that sound?” he planned, a grin on his face.
     “That sounds good Buck,” Y/n replied, “Oh!” she suddenly chirped, “I need to finish my tea,” she remembered abruptly. Bucky frowned, knowing that if he let her go, she’d probably talk with Zemo again.
     “Why don’t you stay here, for a little longer doll,” Bucky held her firm against him, securely trapping her.
     “But Bucky, I need to finish my tea and try that Turkish delight, Zemo offered it and it would be impolite of me not to,” she reasoned, but Bucky was having none of it.
     “Nope, doll, I need you here,” Bucky fussed pouting at her.
     “Bucky, we can come back later, why can’t I go drink my tea and you can help Sam with Karli,” she tried once more to reason.
     “No, I’m... jealous,” he mumbled shoving his face into her neck.
     “You’re jealous of what?” she inquired innocently.
     “You and Zemo, he’s not allowed to make you blush, plus I don’t trust him,” Bucky said, placing a kiss on her neck, “You’re mine now and I’m gonna hold onto you,” Y/n simply blushed at his admission.
     “Well, can we go out, and I’ll bring my tea with me and I can sit next to you,” she smiled, knowing that she had found a solution.
     “I suppose that could work, do you promise to come and sit next to me, or is this a trick so you can talk with Zemo,” he teasingly inquired.
     “I promise,” she giggled, holding up her pinkie finger, “Pinkie promise,” Bucky gazed at her sweetly, loving this refreshing childlike nature of hers, he wrapped his pinkie around hers, “Pinkie promise,” he repeated.
     “Now let’s go, I have some tea to finish!” Y/n cheered, holding Bucky’s metal hand, pulling him towards the door. Bucky laughed at her little fist pump she did and led him out.
Sam was relaxing on the couch and Zemo had just finished his tea when the two re-joined them. “I take it you had a good talk,” Zemo simply stated smugly, Y/n nodded with a big smile and Bucky glared at Zemo.
Sam huffed, trying to keep his humor under wraps, watching Y/n and Bucky. Zemo paid no mind to Bucky, and Y/n grabbed her tea and led Bucky away from the kitchen and to the couches where he finally relaxed, with Y/n leaning into his side.
     “See, I promised,” she grinned and sipped on her now warmer tea.
     “Yeah, doll, you did,” Bucky whispered to her, leaning his head onto her shoulder. It was safe to say that the peaceful atmosphere was not to last for long, but they enjoyed the bit of peace they would have for now.
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peachyteague · 4 hours ago
21/22/98 (to your liking) w/ zemo?
feel better soon angel 🖤
18+ | “First one to make a noise loses.” | “Mine.” | “Were you touching yourself?” | voyeurism; exhibitionism; masturbation [m&f];
Tumblr media
of all the things you expect to happen making your way down to the cells as the back up generator kicked on, it wasn't this. tucked behind a corner, hand down the front of your uniform slacks watching the refined man who tore the avengers apart so precisely, in a state so primal. it's been seven years, you had always known he must but this was so-
you still didn't know, just that it seemed easier to shoo away the urge than try to explain it.
it wasn't.
are you touching yourself, draga?
there's a thousand things you should do. instead, you really around the corner, whine catching in your throat when you realized his hand never stopped, eyes trained on you.
first one to make a noises loses.
you already know it'll be you. the paltry attempt to stay silent lasting barely minutes. the door opens, you should ask how. instead his hand replaces yours,making you neg for more.
my draga, mine.
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zemosimp05 · 6 hours ago
Prompt: zemo stealing y/n’s clothes
*Y/N walking out of shower wrapped just in a towel, opening dresser*
Y/N: what the.... Where's my clothes...
*Zemo leaning against the door with a smug face*
Zemo: Now That's a view I can never get tired of.
Y/N: Did you steal my clothes?
Zemo: I don't know...did I? And by your clothes did you mean my hoodies and long shirts..?
Y/N: *rolling eyes* did you?
Zemo: You stole my Turkish delights so....*slowly walking over to y/n*
Y/N: Tha-t... B-bucky.... yea... He did that.
Zemo: Oh draga... You're a terrible lier. *towering over y/n* *but y/n knows how to play along*
Y/N: *smirking* I will just walk out of the room just like this... And borrow some of Bucky's shirt. I bet he smells good too...
Zemo: Don't you fucking dare...*immediately pulling his sweatshirt over and drapping it over y/n's head*
Y/N: *giggling* then don't steal my clothes. *getting on tippy toes to kiss Zemo*
Tumblr media
✨send prompt ✨
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goopyghosty · 7 hours ago
If I were to hypothetically write a Zemo x lady oc fanfic would people actually read it, or is that frowned upon and reader insert fics are the way to go now? I’m getting back into the fanfic game after a 12 year gap so I need your counsel, please.
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nervous-disaster · 8 hours ago
before I'm going to sleep, here's an excerpt of a new fanfic I'm working on. :)
btw, we have a very young baby Zemo here, probably this is going to be a college!au or something, but anyway enjoy.
this 4 u btw @thesunflowersutra <3
Pretty Boy.
Helmut lifts in his toes to see through the large window, his mary jane shoes splendid as always, even when these don't have many platforms as they should, but he doesn't mind (even if his father does) much, because he knows he looks prettier being small. 
His white socks were lovely, with a tiny cuff and such a soft texture, they looked cute and tender in Helmut's skinny ankles, his milky skin was adorned with pretty little freckles, while his knee always with a pink undertone.
He stands curious while looking at the college yard, it’s Autumn and he feels a cold breeze caress his cheek, slightly moving his rebel hair out of his forehead. Helmut didn’t appreciate recess when it came to socialize. If it wasn't because girls and/or boys would always try to flirt with him he would be studying or eating peacefully.
But oh, it wasn’t his fault that he was so pretty.
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 8 hours ago
*Zemo and Bucky are doing something absurdly dangerous*
Zemo: I think Houdini did something like this once! Why, if I recall correctly, he was out of the hospital in no time!
Bucky, deadpan: Well that's encouraging.
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 9 hours ago
Sam, talking to Bucky: Well Bucky, whenever I’m about to do something, I think ‘would Zemo do that?’ and if they would, I do not do that thing. Bucky: … Zemo, from the distance: They’re not wrong though!
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 9 hours ago
Zemo: Get in, loser, we’re committing vehicular manslaughter!
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 9 hours ago
Zemo: Oh, so when crows remember people who wronged them and hold grudges, its “intelligent” and “really cool”. Zemo: But when I do it, I’m “petty” and “need to let it go”.
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 9 hours ago
Zemo: New year, same me. Because I'm perfect.
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 9 hours ago
Zemo: You treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol. You treat an inside wound with drinking alcohol.
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 9 hours ago
Murderer: Any last words?
Zemo: Do you think I'm cute? Be honest.
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 10 hours ago
Bucky: In light of what you did for me, you can hug me for four to five seconds.
Bucky: No! Four to five seconds!
Zemo: Too late!!!
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 10 hours ago
*Sam's helping Zemo out after he got injured, while the others are watching* Sharon: How does Zemo look? Bucky: A little better than you, actually.
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 10 hours ago
Sam: Made you all playlists!
Sam: Bucky, yours has only heavy metal, and is dark like your soul.
Sam: Sharon, yours has sad songs and blues to pair with your crippling depression.
Sam: And Zemo has the ABBA Gold album.
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 10 hours ago
Zemo: I am darkness. I am an power. I am your worst nightmare. I could kill a man in more ways than you can imagine. I am the night. I am fury, I am a weapon, I am-
Bucky: A doll.
Sam: A cinnamon roll.
Sharon: A sweetheart.
Zemo: ...stop it.
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incorrecttfatwsquotes · 10 hours ago
Bucky & Sam in the back of Zemo's car: MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS!
Sharon: We have food at home.
Zemo: *pulls into the McDonald's drivethrough*
Bucky & Sam: YAYYYYYY!
Zemo: *orders one black coffee and leaves*
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