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mjalti · 58 seconds ago
Hey Ana what’s up
where to start. 
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mjalti · a minute ago
miss mjalti, i was wondering if you’ve ever had a pet? if not would u want one in the future/when you have a family? :) i’m hoping to adopt a kitty this year 🐈‍⬛
i have had parakeets! i love parakeets, i would love a parrot in the future. usually i prefer wild animals, like eagles or deer or fireflies lol 
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hotgirlsasuke · a minute ago
hey just for you to know that op ships itasasu
oh ty for telling !
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statticscribbles · 2 minutes ago
Kurtz/Theo Au where Kurtz is dead and Theo can touch,talk to and see ghosts. Kurtz thinks his final business is exposing the gargoyle king for murdering but it’s actually Theo
Here it is! I hope you like it!
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zoe-levenson · 2 minutes ago
Maybe you're biased when it come to Tyler and Britney now since yall are "friends" remember when you'd hate him too
i don’t like him but i just don’t have the energy to actively find ways to dislike him. he’s barely a blip in the context of me enjoying brittany’s content and as long as she remains happy and true to herself, i really can’t ask for more.
lol like come on. you guys know me. i call bullshit when i see it. i critique when necessary. but sometimes i don’t feel like talking about brittany snow’s husband more than brittany snow herself, especially when she has such interesting things coming up!
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statticscribbles · 2 minutes ago
May I request an Azula/M!Reader/Cassandra Cain one shot of their first day/night living together?
Here it is! I hope you like it!
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mjalti · 3 minutes ago
I decided to stay friends with my ex. We broke up because I realised I had no identity outside of our relationship, we also started becoming dependent on each other. She didn't feel the same but after a bit a rocky start we managed to be good friends again. I know she is still in love with me but I really like us better off as friends, sometimes I feel like that keeps her from truly moving on although she says that's not the case. Do you think I am being unfair to her by staying friends?
yeah i do. 
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statticscribbles · 3 minutes ago
Can you make a fic for 13 reasons why for; Scott, m! Reader and Hannah, past the series timeline. Hannah is pregnant and they're ready to take the responsibility
here it is! I hope you like it!
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dgrpprideflags · 3 minutes ago
hii could you maybe do aro ibuki?? I saw you did aroace but not just aro so I figured I'd ask!! thank you so much!
done and posted!
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mjalti · 6 minutes ago
Do you prefer receiving texts or phone calls from friends? How do you reconcile with having different preferences in modes of communication with friends?
different things from different people. there are some people who i cannnnnnnnoooot text bc every text would be a NOVEL. so those people, scheduled phone calls lol. Others, only text bc they dont know when to shut up lol. I don’t have a preferred mode, i just have modes for certain people. I don’t really reconcile them bc there’s a reason i prefer those modes for those people. 
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xueyangs-pinky-finger · 7 minutes ago
Hi, how are you? I hope you have a great day! 💜💙💛
hi angel anon~! 🥰 i’m watching fish upon the sky and drinking an iced chai rn so life is good lol (is anyone else watching this series? it’s like... the best of thai drama absurdity. not a masterpiece, just a fun time 😄). i hope your day’s awesome too <33
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zoe-levenson · 8 minutes ago
True... but let’s be real here, the shows creator (Adam DiVello) isn’t above creating false narratives to create drama.
Remember back in the day when The Hills was big and they would set up fake relationships? Even though a lot of the cast were actively dating or seeing other people?
Some of these characters might be married or whatever, but it’s not above these types of shows, or it’s cast, to purposely down play personal information in order to create professional tv drama.
Apparently they’ve even agreed a deal with Fox to allow Tarek El Moussa appear on the show alongside Heather Rae Young for the next season.
Sometimes with these shows, the “reality” of it all bleeds into all aspects of their lives.
yes, they struck the deal with Fox bc Netflix and Fox are competing networks so to speak and the shows Heather and Tarek are on are structurally similar so you wouldn’t want any false endorsement claims coming up or anything.
and of course the reality bleeds into both the real lived experiences of these people AND the dramatic’s television after all. like 90% of the time, they’re probably all just on their laptops but they only show us the 10% that’s filmed from hundreds of hours of footage, spliced together strategically.
idk i just don’t take it seriously. brittany doesnt have to be on the show if she doesn’t want to and tyler isn’t going to magically be cast as one of the leads in this show. christine quinn will eat her own hair before that happens.
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dgrpprideflags · 8 minutes ago
your blog has inspired me, i want to start a sideblog for making pride flags from characters from pokemon, do you have any advice for running a blog like this? do you find it hard to keep track of all the different pride flags or finding official renders of the characters? id appreciate some tips!
Tumblr media
really? that’s wonderful! i’m so glad that we’ve inspired you, anon! my main advice is just not to make the mistakes we made early on! make sure you have an established system right from the start, like a masterlist, well-defined rules, and so on!
Tumblr media
as for official renders, the wiki and @dr-transparents are our go-tos, but sometimes we have to make our own transparents!
Tumblr media
last, but certainly not least, stick with it! it might not take off right away, which can be disheartening, but just keep going! if no one’s requesting, make the flags you want to, and eventually people will notice the blog! i promise!
Tumblr media
that’s all i have! stay safe, anon!
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books-and-cookies · 8 minutes ago
I wonder how many different people you think I am at this point. My anxiety is bad enough that even though I’m anonymous, I still change up my sentence structure and vocabulary regularly when leaving you messages. You seem nice enough but the word is scary.
Oh honey, you don’t need to do that. Whoever you are is perfectly okay. You can remain anonymous or not, whatever you feel most comfortable. I’m sending hugs your way <3333
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mjalti · 9 minutes ago
Your online presence obviously invites a lot of people seeking advice and I was curious whether it’s the same in real life? If so, how do you deal with people/friends constantly coming to you for advice? I read your response about how being a friend comes with a responsibility, but when is it too much? Of purse I think that you should be there for your friends and offer advice, but when do you think is the right time to set boundaries? I guess I’m struggling with this because one of my close friends starting treating me like a therapist and she wouldn’t respect my boundaries even after telling her that it was getting unhealthy. We had a falling out in the end. I’m curious about your thoughts on this
Just because some people want to be my friend doesn’t mean they’re going to be my friend. I set boundaries right off the bat. I find myself failing when I betray my own boundaries, when I betray myself. If I do betray one of my boundaries, my friends will see it as a sacrifice. My users will see it as an expectation. I work to cultivate friendship from the people in life who see my sacrifices for sacrifice and not as precedent. 
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creepyman-hunter · 10 minutes ago
Would it be so much to take you out on a date
Tumblr media
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thatcharmingjerk · 11 minutes ago
witch with a bit of vampire!!
Haaa! Thats very cool! >:D 
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mjalti · 13 minutes ago
miss, do you have any advice on how to stop putting off things you need to do? i keep saying tomorrow but each day gets heavier and heavier and thats just another excuse and im so tired but i cant seem to act i just make plans that stay useless because i wont act on them
i personally try to use my phone alarm and my google calendar. my issue is that i require a rigid schedule, because although i KNOW what to do, i have a hard time actually DOING it. so things like physical school etc is immensely important for people like me. so rigid schedule and doing work outside my house is crucial. i cannot really do any work at home personally, because i have so many inviting temptations of distraction. so basically, find the way that works best for you. if you need to leave your house, do it. learn about yourself and then manage yourself. 
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lordendsavior · 13 minutes ago
lol it just hits differently when you see "Might as Well" tattoo
and when you see “Don’t Think I Won’t” right after that......??? cultural reset
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aspecpplarebeautiful · 14 minutes ago
To the anons from previous asks, who are in relationships with allo people: maybe I can help a little telling my story. I'm a gray-romantic ace and for almost 2 years I've been in a relationship with an allo person. I've had mood swings "do I want to be with him or not", once kissing and hugging felt so great and the other time they made me frustrated and awful but I didn't want to make him sad so I just sat through it all. Although he knew that I'm ace and gray romantic and wanted me to tell him whenever I don't want anything, I saw that saying "no" was making him sad inside. I broke up with him lately, because although I care for him very much, I can't take the swings I've had because of the relationship. I also knew that we've been both tiring ourselves, because he has been feeling bad for making me feel bad. He also knew that I don't want to have anyone in the future so it was easier because we knew that it would end up this way eventually. Now we're friends and I couldn't be happier about it. I've had my swings "did I do a good thing?" or sudden need to hug or kiss with him, but I know that I'm much more comfortable now. I don't have to be stressed or uncomfortable sitting next to him in fear that he might hug me and I'll get mad for no reason. Of course everyone have different experiences and maybe someone wouldn't want to stay friends or breaking up isn't a good idea in your case, but I just wanted to share my story to maybe help in some way. ^^
Good luck! I hope that everything will end up good in the end!
Thanks for sharing this, Anon.
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