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#earl grey bucky
earlgreydream · a month ago
| stucky x reader | smut | fluff |
anon requested. plz write a squirting fic with stucky & Bucky holds the reader down
dom!stucky helping you train & things get steamy
Tumblr media
“Y/N, let’s go,” Steve called, watching you stretch in the corner of the gym. You nodded, bouncing to your feet and walking up to the mat in the center of the room. 
The training room was empty, barring you, Steve, and Bucky. School kept you busy during the day, leaving you to practice your fighting and defense at night. You didn’t mind, preferring to have the gym to yourself, able to train privately with your two super-soldier boyfriends. 
“Driving me crazy watching you stretch like that,” Bucky stated, taking your hand and helping you onto the sparring mat. 
Both boys struggled to keep their eyes off of you when you showed up to train in tiny spandex shorts and a sports bra. It was easier to move that way, and you needed all the help you could get during their intense sessions. Both men were shirtless, and your adrenaline was pulsing with sexual energy. You pushed the impure thoughts out of your head, trying to focus so you didn’t get the life beaten out of you. 
Steve watched as you practiced dodging hits from Bucky, moving swiftly out of the way of the blows. He tried to grab you, and you dropped low, managing to sweep him off of his feet by grabbing his ankle and yanking it out from under him. 
“Damn,” Steve smirked at you proudly, and you jumped on top of Bucky, shoving him back down before he could get up. 
“Think you’re so fucking smooth?” Bucky asked, flipping the two of you over, pinning you down to the mat. The surface was cold against your back, and amusement flashed in his silver eyes, along with lust, his eyes trailing down your body. He loved pinning you below him, proving that your body would bend to his will, even during your training. Steve adjusted himself, knowing he couldn’t get this hard while you worked, because he was up to work with you next. 
You used the instant of Bucky’s distraction to bring your knee up to his abdomen. He shouted, loosening his grip on you, unintentionally allowing you to slip out from under him. You kicked him down, standing on top of his back with a pleased grin. 
“How was that, Captain?” you asked Steve cheekily. 
“Very good, honey,” he tried not to laugh. 
Bucky knocked you off, and you fell hard against the mat. 
“Hey! You’re not allowed to be mad that I’m doing well!” you cried, the breath knocked out of you from the impact. 
He slapped your ass, not caring that you were succeeding in combat training. You shrieked at the sting that spread through your skin, and you gave Bucky a vicious look. You were annoyed at how aroused you were getting, at the action certainly didn’t help. 
“Buck, that’s enough.” 
Steve walked over, helping you to your feet. You thanked him, giving Bucky another scathing look. 
“Hey, cut the attitude. Go run,” Steve said, pointing to the padded track that stretched around the perimeter of the gym. You sighed but obeyed, jogging around the room. 
“Fuck, she’s going to kill me,” Bucky whispered, watching your body bounce as you ran. Steve agreed, definitely admiring your ass. You could feel their heated gazes, and it made you slick between your thighs. You had to train, but you were quickly going hungry for sex. 
You joined them once you finished your lap, sweat giving your skin a sheen. Bucky whistled at you, and you couldn’t stop the laugh from escaping your lips. 
“Come here,” you said, pulling him into a kiss. You were startled about how starved it was, his tongue instantly pushing into your mouth. He gripped your ass in his hands, and Steve scolded the two of you. 
You boxed with Steve, doing the drills that Bucky shouted out at you. Your breathing increased, your chest rising and falling quickly and your body bouncing on the mat as you delivered punches and kicks to the pads he held. 
The boys didn’t care as you grew tired, and you wrestled with Bucky, rolling around on the mat. Your thighs went around his head as you tried to roll the two of you over, but he knocked you down, his hands pinning you to the mat as he buried his face between your legs. 
“I want to fuck you so damn bad,” he growled into the spandex, making you moan with need, unable to hide it any longer. 
“Please, Bucky,” you begged.
“Sergeant, to you. We’re still training,” Steve corrected, your eyes rolling back at the command. 
Your hips were shoved to the ground, and Bucky climbed over you, kissing up your bare torso.
“Doll, you wanted to get fucked, didn’t you? Wearing the one you know I like,” he growled, nipping at you through the sports bra that held you in place. 
“Yes, Sergeant,” you answered, trying to roll your hips up into his. 
Bucky pulled down the zipper with his teeth, freeing you as the sports bra fell open. Steve swore, tossing his sweats off, kneeling down behind your head. 
Bucky couldn’t keep his hands from your chest, tugging at your nipples and making you squeal and writhe under him. 
“Want your Captain to fuck your mouth?” Bucky asked, smirking at you. 
“Yes, please!” You parted your lips, making Steve laugh darkly and cradle your head in his large hands. 
“So needy, honey. You’re so horny you’ll take dick anywhere you can get it, huh?” Steve teased, and you felt yourself growing even more soaked.
You moaned as he fucked into your mouth, burying himself in your throat. Steve groaned as you opened your jaw, running your tongue along the veins of his cock. 
“Fuck,” he swore, his blonde head falling back. He struggled not to slam into your throat, being careful as he rolled forward steadily.
You jolted as Bucky lightly bit down on your soft skin, delighting in the sound you made. He let off you, kneeling between your legs and pulling the spandex from your hips. 
“She’s fucking soaked, Stevie,” he gasped, running his fingers through your glistening slit. 
“All that from being thrown around by us?” Steve asked, knowing very well you couldn’t answer with your mouth still full of him. 
Bucky held your thighs open before his tongue replaced your fingers, the muscle dragging through your folds and pushing inside of you with shallow thrusts. You moaned around Steve, making the soldier’s hips stutter.
Bucky ate you out, holding your hips still and pressing his tongue flat against your cunt, making you squeal around Steve.
“I’m going to come, honey,” Steve’s voice was deep and raspy, sending heat shuddering through you. 
You gripped his thighs on either side of your head as he spilled down your throat, filling your mouth with his taste. You swallowed all of it, your eyes glassy as you gazed up at him. 
“So good for your Captain,” he praised you, leaning down to press a heady kiss to your lips. 
“Bucky!” You yelled as you came, gushing onto his chin, gasping as he lapped it all up. 
“You look so hot when you come, doll,” Bucky wiped his mouth, letting you catch your breath. 
You started to get up, but Steve stopped you, his hand wrapping around your neck and pulling you into a messy makeout session, distracting you as Bucky pried your legs back open. 
Steve laid you back down on the mat, groping your tits as Bucky knelt between your thighs. 
“Beg, doll,” Bucky smirked, brushing his tip against your clit, through your folds, teasing you.
“Please fuck me, Sergeant. I need to feel you in my pussy,” you whined, biting your lip and arching your back off of the floor. Steve smirked as you shuddered under his touch.
He rolled forward into you, stretching you out and satiating your throbbing need to be filled. Pleasure erupted through your body and you moaned, pushing your hips against his, trying to pull him deeper inside of you.
The air was thick and sexually charged. You were sensitive from your first orgasm, and you shuddered as Bucky’s tip brushed against your g-spot. The pressure was quickly rebuilding in your belly, and you were dangerously close to a second orgasm as Bucky rocked steadily into your pussy, encouraged by Steve’s teasing hands. 
“I’m close, I can’t hold it,” you warned, unable to fight it off. 
“You’re going to wait until we tell you, doll,” Bucky ordered, squeezing your thighs. Tears threatened to fall as you tried to hold back, and a choked shriek escaped you as he came inside of you, riding out his own orgasm with shallow thrusts, painting the inside of your velvet walls with his release. 
“Thank you, Sergeant,” you squeezed his wrist, your vision blurring. 
“Go ahead,” Steve granted you permission, and the pressure gave way, sending a powerful orgasm rushing through you. Your legs were shaky under Bucky’s hands, all of your nerves sparking like a live wire. Tears slid from your eyes, and Steve kissed them off your cheeks.
“You look so gorgeous when you fell apart, honey, all spread open and getting fucked here on the floor,” his deep voice shot down your spine and settled in your cunt. Bucky felt your walls seize around him at Steve’s lewd words rolling from his lips.
“Does it turn you on to hear Steve tell you filthy things?” Bucky asked, his gaze alerting you that he demanded an answer. 
“Yes!” you confessed, blushing.
There was no reason to be embarrassed about it, especially given what you were doing. They reveled in seeing you so shy, tearing your walls down as they took turns fucking the doubt from your mind. Neither of the boys teased you to shame you, they ate up your confidence in your sexuality, and they wanted to know how best to please you. Despite their dominance over you, they did everything for you, striving to extract as much pleasure from you as possible. 
And fuck, they were so good at it. 
You’d never experienced anything like the two of them, and any relationship or sex that predated them was rendered completely irrelevant. They blew your mind over and over again, taking you to heights of pleasure you had no idea were even possible. 
“I know you have another one in you, doll,” Bucky grinned, and you blushed, shaking your head.
“I’ve already come twice-”
“You can do it again, it’ll feel so good, I promise,” Steve kissed you, dragging you back onto his lap. He pushed his legs between yours, spreading you open on top of his body. 
You were hypersensitive already, and out of breath from the training and sex with the men who had superhuman stamina. Steve’s fingers pushed inside of you, curling forward and brushing your spongey walls, making you writhe on his lap. Bucky’s lips caught yours, tasting Steve still on your tongue. You moaned into his mouth as Steve fingered you quickly, lewd noises filling the gym as his fingers slid in and out of your pussy, slick from both yours and Bucky’s come. Bucky’s hand went between you, rubbing your clit as Steve pushed two fingers deep inside of you. He leaned back on his heels, watching you squirm and beg incoherently for more. 
“Captain!” you shrieked, about to snap. 
White-hot euphoria burned through you like fire, searing everything inside of you and swirling in your clit. You screamed and pulled on Steve’s hair as it shattered, electricity sparking through every inch of your skin. You squirted all over their hands and the padding below you, soaking everything between your legs. You panted, trying to draw air into your lungs and recover from the intensity, melting back into Steve’s arms.
“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Bucky praised you, making your cheeks rosy. You’d never done that before, and you were suddenly shy around them, hiding your face.
“You alright, baby? That was a lot, huh?” Steve chuckled softly, kissing your cheek and hugging you tightly against him. 
“Yes, holy shit,” you swore, closing your legs and curling up into Steve. 
Your legs were still trembling slightly, even once they’d cleaned you up enough to slide your shorts back up your legs and rezipping your bra so you could walk through Stark Tower back to your room. 
“You did great, doll.” Bucky kissed your cheek before following you back to your room, turning on the shower as Steve set you down.
“I’m not letting you shower with me, I can’t go another round, and I know you two. Go shower and come back,” you laughed, pushing them out of your bathroom. 
You got clean, sitting on the tiled seat in your shower, still weak on your feet. Once the water started to go cold, you got out and dried off. You searched through your things, pulling a clean pair of cotton shorts on your legs and Bucky’s NASA hoodie, letting the fabric swallow you up. You wrapped your arms around yourself, breathing in Bucky’s scent that lingered on his clothes, like sandalwood and lemons. It instantly relaxed you, taking the edge off of your raw nerves. 
Your muscles were a little sore, and you grabbed a bottle of lotion from your dresser. The door opened and Steve and Bucky entered, Steve immediately going to stretch out on your bed. Bucky smiled when he saw you in his hoodie, and he hugged you from behind, kissing the back of your head. 
“Do you mind?” you asked, handing him the bottle. 
“Of course not.”
You sat on the bed and Bucky massaged the lotion into your muscles, patiently listening to you talk about your day. Steve’s soft blue eyes never left yours, playing with your fingers, his head resting in your lap. 
“Can we skip training tomorrow? I’m exhausted,” you asked, and Bucky smirked.
“Yeah, I suppose you can have one day off.” 
“So generous,” you giggled, leaning into his side as he settled down next to you. 
“We can always work out another way,” Steve suggested teasingly. 
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earlgreydream · a month ago
hot summer nights.
| bucky x reader | fluff |
domestic bucky for hot summer night 🥺☀️
anon requested. Bucky where it’s one of the hottest nights of the year and you’re both struggling to sleep
Tumblr media
It was the hottest night of the year.
“I can’t sleep.” You whispered in the dark.
Cicada rattled outside, and the air was thick with heat. Your skin was tacky from sweat, and the sheets felt uncomfortably warm under your body.
“I know, doll. I’m sorry, the power is still out, so no air conditioning. The heat caused a city-wide outage all over the city.” Bucky reached over and squeezed your thigh.
“I want ice cream.”
“It’s melted, no freezer.”
You sat up and groaned, completely miserable. Bucky reached over and lightly brushed his fingertips over your thigh, turning to gaze at you. He murmured an apology, his touch brushing just under the hem of your cotton shorts. 
You stood up off of the bed, walking out of the bedroom and to your backyard. 
“Doll?” Bucky followed, smiling as he saw you stripping off of your clothes before jumping into your small pool. 
It was likely lukewarm from the heat, but anything was better than sweating in bed, never able to sleep. He turned on the globe lights that hung from the patio before ditching his boxers to dive in next to you. The bulbs gave off a faint golden glow, the light dancing off of the water as you swam up to your boyfriend. 
You bobbed just above the surface, moving to float on your back and stare up at the night sky. You squealed as he dragged you under the cool water, letting it close around your bodies. You kissed him underwater, wrapping your legs around his waist and smiling against his lips before coming up for air. 
Bucky’s silver eyes were shining as he listened to you laugh, amused by his playfulness. You splashed him gently, and the two of you ended up in an all-out war. You’d be lucky if you didn’t wake the neighbours. 
“Shh, we’ve gotta be quiet,” you giggled, placing your finger over Bucky’s lips, giddy from the heat and sleep deprivation. 
“Better kiss me then, to shut me up,” he gave you a cheeky grin. 
You more than happily obliged his request, pulling him into a messy, happy kiss. You had almost forgotten about the heat, distracted by your lover. Your skinny dipping was childish and risky, but you didn’t care, entirely focused on the fun you were having with Bucky. 
“What do you say we go into town and try to find something cold?” He asked between kisses. 
“The water is kinda warm anyways,” you agreed, pushing yourself out of the pool and drying off. You put your shorts and tank top back on, waiting for Bucky to dress.
The two of you got on his moped and rode into the town. You circled your arms around Bucky’s waist, laying your head on his back, between his shoulder blades. The wind blew through your hair and loose clothes as he sped down the narrow streets, and you squeezed his still-damp body tighter. One hand laid over yours on his torso, fingers gently rubbing over your wrist. 
You stopped at the bodega, still open in the late hours of the night. The light was on, signaling it had power. You ran in as soon as Bucky parked the bike, though you were a bit disappointed to find their air conditioning was out. 
“The coolers work, if you want a drink. Freezer’s out though,” the man working behind the counter called, and you thanked him. 
You and Bucky grabbed sodas, going outside to sit on the edge of the sidewalk with your cold drinks. You left a few euros on the counter for the shopkeeper, thanking him again. He nodded, rolling his eyes at the young couple in love. 
“We gotta sleep eventually,” Bucky said as he tipped the glass bottle against his lips, carbonation biting his tongue.
You leaned your head against his shoulder, watching fireflies glow and flicker overhead. The cold drinks helped, but they were gone too soon, and you resided yourself to eventually having to go home. 
Bucky stood in front of you, dancing to music playing from an open window somewhere nearby, making you giggle. The streetlamp illuminated him as he danced, singing along with the pop song from the 70s. You took his outstretched hand, letting him pull you to your feet to dance with him. 
“Okay, now we actually should go,” he sighed once the song was over, pressing one more kiss to your mouth before mounting his bike. You started to feel tired on the way home, and he carried you into the house once you made it back. You laid beside him in bed, the heat making you sleepy. Your head rested on your folded arms as you laid on your stomach, drifting off slowly.
“I love you, you know?” Bucky’s voice was deep with exhaustion.
“I love you back,” you murmured before falling asleep.  
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earlgreydream · a month ago
| bucky x reader | smut | fluff |
anon requested. A Bucky oneshot where she is riding his thigh and he acts as if it's such a nuisance and tells her to get on with it but without him to help or hold her down she falls...
cw: mild concussion/injury (not abuse)
Tumblr media
You lingered in the doorway, and Bucky shot you a vicious look.
“I’ve told you how many times that I’m working? These manuscripts need to be edited and I cannot have you distracting me because you’re needy.” Bucky’s voice was sharp.
You were impatient, and so was he. You’d already disturbed him twice that evening, and his patience had worn out. You winced a bit at his tone, but it wasn’t enough to deter your pestering.
“But, Bucky,” you protested, digging yourself deeper.
“Get over here,” Bucky snapped, pushing his chair back a bit from his desk.
You quickly crossed the room, and he gripped your ass harshly. You squirmed at the bruising pain, rushing out an apology for bothering him.
“If you’re so desperate you can get off on my thigh.”
You practically whimpered but the look in his eyes told you that any more infractions would land you tied to the headboard and having your ass scourged.
You straddled him and he went back to typing, ignoring you entirely. He bounced his leg when you didn’t start, expecting him to hold your waist or move your hips like he typically did.
“I told you I have to work. Get on with it.”
You apologized and started grinding your throbbing sex down on his thigh, the friction making goosebumps raise on your skin. It felt good but it wasn’t enough, and you picked up your pace, struggling without Bucky’s help.
You squeezed your eyes shut and chased relief that was just out of reach.
Bucky gave you no help. He wasn’t truly mad at you, but he intended to teach you a lesson.
You moved faster, and you suddenly lost your balance, slipping before Bucky could catch you. You smacked against the desk as you fell, and Bucky gasped.
“Oh my fucking god, baby! Are you okay?! I’m so sorry, I didn’t think-” Bucky immediately panicked.
“I’m fine, it’s okay,” you said, but your cheekbone started to swell and discolor from where you’d hit the desk.
“No, come on, I’m taking you to the emergency room! Y/N I am so sorry!” He helped you up, and you promised him it was completely fine. But when he let go of you, you swayed a bit, feeling dizzy.
He helped you into joggers and carried you to his yellow car, knowing it would be faster than waiting on an ambulance.
“It’s really okay, Bucky. That wasn’t your fault, at all. I swear that I’m fine. And I’m not upset,” you tried to comfort your sweet boyfriend, who was an emotional wreck.
Bucky freaked out as soon as you arrived at the urgent care, stammering to the nurse about a head injury. They rushed off with you, running tests and asking questions.
“Bucky!” You cried, but they made him wait outside while you were examined.
“My vision is a little blurry,” you confessed to the nurse.
“Yeah, honey, you’ve got a pretty sick black eye and a very mild concussion. You gotta stay awake, okay? And ice your face.”
“Okay, sure. No problem. But I’m not in danger?”
“No, no. Just need to make sure you stay conscious for a bit. But I need to talk to you before you go. How did this happen?” The nurse looked serious.
“I fell.”
“I’d your boyfriend did this to you, you can tell us. We will protect you. You don’t have to lie for him.” She held your hand and you immediately shook your head.
“Oh my goodness, no. Bucky would never hurt me, this wasn’t his fault. It’s embarrassing, really. I was riding his thigh and I slipped and hit my face on the desk. He didn’t do this to me, I love him,” your cheeks burned with embarrassment and she looked amused.
“I’m glad it’s not him. You’re free to go, Miss Y/L/N.”
You walked to the waiting room, holding an ice pack to your face.
“Mister Barnes, make sure she doesn’t sleep for at least ten hours please. And she needs ice on that eye.”
“Of course. Let’s go home, doll.”
His voice was raspy from crying, overwhelmed with guilt.
“Hey, Bucky, look at me,” you turned his face toward you.
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright.”
You kissed his lips before he drove you home, and he melted into your touch. Once you were home, you changed into leggings and one of Bucky’s big hoodies.
He got you comfy on the couch, snuggled in his arms. You turned on Netflix, and he kissed the crown of your head.
“Can you ever forgive me?”
“Only if you promise not to make me ride your thigh without help again,” you deadpanned.
You felt bad for your joke when Bucky’s chest seized, and you turned and kissed his cheek, promising you were only teasing.
“It’s alright, Bucky. Just stay up with me.”
“Of course. I’m going to take care of you.”
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earlgreydream · a month ago
| bucky x reader | angst | fluff |
bucky drabbles 🥺❤️
anon requested. y/n learning she’s pregnant and girly was pretty excited and counting the days until Bucky comes home... only to learn that 40s Bucky is now “dead” after falling off the train
cw: mentions of death (Bucky’s, but like, he obviously didn’t actually die)
Tumblr media
“We’re going to have a little girl, and she’s going to know that her daddy is a soldier and a hero,” you kissed your husband, and his hands rested on your round belly.
“I wish I wasn’t leaving you alone, pregnant.”
“It’s okay, baby. You’re going to fight the good fight,” you smiled, trying not to cry.
“I’ll be home soon.”
“I know.”
present day:
Nothing prepared you for hearing that Bucky died in a train accident. Nothing prepared you for waking up with Steve, decades later, still pregnant. And certainly nothing prepared you for seeing your husband that you thought was dead, killing people on the news. 
Now your daughter, Rebecca, was five, and the two of you lived at Stark’s home in upstate New York. You were a single mom, but Steve was hugely supportive, and around as often as possible. You loved Rebecca with everything inside of you, and it broke your heart that she was growing up without a father.
Seeing the havoc that Bucky wreaked on the news absolutely broke your heart. You wondered if he knew you were alive. It was unlikely, Stark had done a good job of helping you hide. The man who was once your husband was gone, and now you were a potential target of his violence.
“Rebecca, baby, you look so beautiful!” You giggled, braiding flowers into her brown curls. 
“Thanks, mama,” she hugged you before running out to the porch. You followed, and you nearly collapsed when you saw the man walking up your lawn. 
“Rebecca! Come here, love!” You cried, pulling her behind you. Her tiny hands gripped your skirt, hiding in the fabric. Panic shot through your chest, and you felt like you were being torn apart. You wanted to run to James, and risk it being the last thing you ever did, and wanting to run with your daughter.
“Mama, who’s that?!” Rebecca asked, frightened by James in heavy black tactical gear, a metal arm, and an automatic slung over his back. The war criminal, assassin, and international terrorist. 
“Go inside baby, go to your bedroom and shut the door. Go!” You pushed her away and she ran. 
“James...?” You called, your chest heaving as you hyperventilated. 
“Y/N, my love...” he spoke, silver eyes full of pain. He looked genuinely frightened, and you nearly screamed as his hand touched yours. 
“No, go inside, Rebecca!” you started to sob, tearing away from Bucky and running to her as she peeked out of the door. You were terrified, and so was she. Bucky’s words had sent you right back to the 1940s, but your daughter’s cry had jerked you back to reality. 
You held the child to your body, standing with your arms around her. Your back was against the wall, and you were shaking as tears rolled down your face. Bucky looked startled, and his eyes were massive as he stared at the two of you. 
“Y/N, I’m not going to hurt you,” James said quietly, and you shook your head violently. 
“I don’t believe you!”
“You know I would never hurt you. I was being controlled and held captive, but I escaped, I’m free. I promise I will not hurt you,” he took the gun off of his back and set it down on the other side of the porch. He dropped to his knees in front of you. 
“Please, can I come inside? SWAT will gun me down if they see me outside.”
“I can’t-”
“Please, Y/N.”
Rebecca was safely asleep in your bedroom with the door shut, and you and James stood in the kitchen. He’d spent hours telling you about Hydra, and everything that had happened. You had his gun, though somehow you doubted if you could stop him, even with it, if he meant to hurt you. 
“I’m so sorry. I’m begging you to believe me.”
“I have to. The alternative... I’d rather die,” you whispered, covering your face with your hands. 
“Is she mine? Rebecca?”
“Rebecca is my baby,” your head jerked up.
James was silent, and you bit your lip, trying to stop the millionth round of tears. 
“I want to believe you, I do, but if you’re lying, it’s not just me. It’s my kid too.”
“You have no reason to trust me, but I promise you I am telling the truth. I want to meet her, Y/N.”
“Sleep on the couch. If we’re all still alive in the morning, I’ll let you meet her. Steve has some normal clothes here you can change into.”
He nodded, and his hand wrapped around your wrist as you went to leave the kitchen. You turned to him, your other hand going to his chest. His dog tags were cold under your fingertips, and you gazed up at him. 
“I’ve loved you this whole time. You’ve kept me alive,” he whispered in the dark.
“I love you, god, I love you more than life,” your voice trembled.
He leaned in and kissed you, hesitant at first. You let yourself kiss him back, tangling your fingers into dark brown hair and kissing the love of your life for the first time in decades. 
You didn’t sleep that night, Rebecca tightly snuggled in your arms. Your eyes were still open when the sun broke over the horizon, hours of tears staining your cheeks. Rebecca stirred in your arms, and you cleaned your face before helping her get up. 
You kissed her head and took her into the living room, carrying her in your arms. You sighed when you saw Bucky was gone but you heard a noise from around the wall. You walked to the kitchen, and saw Bucky well into making pancakes, fresh coffee filling the room with the smell of espresso. 
“I hope it’s alright,” he said quietly, turning off the stove, and you nodded.
“It’s okay,” you answered, carefully setting down your daughter.
“This is Rebecca. My love, this is James. Your father.” 
“Dad? From the pictures? That Uncle Stevie tells me about?” Her small voice asked.
“That’s me. You’re so pretty, Rebecca.” 
Bucky knelt down in front of her, and she blushed, shy around new people. Like her father.
“Do you like pancakes? I made some for you.”
You watched carefully, but you were impressed with how good he was, putting her immediately at ease. You relaxed a bit, even more so when Steve showed up. 
“Uncle Stevie!” Rebecca ran to him when he came in through the door, and he stopped short at the sight of Bucky. You’d warned him, but it didn’t prepare him for the shock of actually seeing him. 
“We have a lot to talk about.” 
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earlgreydream · a month ago
| Steve Rogers x reader | angst |
anon requested. the reader loses their memory and like the love interest suffers because they never remember them
Tumblr media
“Steve, she was in an accident,” Bucky stopped Steve before he could burst into your hospital room, where Shuri and Dr. Banner were tending to you. 
“Let me in, let me see Y/N!” Steve shouted. 
“You can, but there was a head injury. Y/N hasn’t woken up yet. You just need to be prepared, Steve,” Bucky spoke gently, holding his best friend back. 
Steve’s panic only heightened, and Bucky followed him into the hospital room. Shuri moved out of the way, standing to the side with Banner. 
Steve felt like he was going to fall apart at the sight of you. You laid in the bed, looking pathetic and weak. You were badly bruised and scraped, and there was a gash on the side of your head. Bucky hung back in the doorway, hurting for the both of you, the two people closest to him in his life. 
“Steve-” Shuri started, but Banner stopped her. 
“Y/N, baby,” Steve breathed, running up to you. You jerked back, pain throbbing through your entire body at the sudden movement. A monitor started beeping, indicating that your heart was racing. 
“Baby, it’s okay,” Steve tried to calm you down, shocked by your startled reaction to him. 
“Get away from me!” You cried, and Steve stepped back like he was wounded.
“I don’t, I don’t know you!” You started to sob, frightened by the large man that you didn’t recognize. Banner sighed, and Shuri and Bucky went to Steve, pulling him away.
“Steve, she hit her head. She’s having memory loss,” Shuri explained quietly. 
“But, I’m her husband-”
“I know.”
“When will her memory come back?” Steve demanded, shaken and in disbelief.
“We don’t know. Steve, you need to understand that it may not come back.” Shuri tried to be gentle, but Steve sank into Bucky, the weight of her words nearly making him collapse. 
“Breathe, Steve.”
Steve sat beside your hospital bed. You had slipped into unconsciousness, sedated by Banner to help you heal. Steve had stayed out of your room after the frightened reaction, but he needed to be close. The sun had set, and he was spending the night in your room, holding your hand as you slept. Tears stained Steve’s face, devastated by the fact you didn’t recognize him, your injuries, and seeing you in the hospital. 
He sat up when your eyes opened, and he couldn’t make himself release your hand. You looked a little confused, and very sleepy. They had been careful to give you plenty of sedation to keep you from having another panic attack. Your heartbeat was weak, and you had a bad concussion. That was on top of a sprained wrist, several fractured ribs, and the numerous bruises, cuts, and scrapes. 
“Y/N,” Steve breathed softly, and you blinked slowly.
“Are you a doctor?” you mumbled, rubbing your eyes with your free hand.
“No, baby, I’m your husband,” Steve whispered. 
You froze and stared at him, stunned. You looked down at your hands, surprised to see a ring on your left hand. The silver band had tiny diamonds, and Steve’s hand that held yours had another silver band. Hot tears started to slide down your cheeks, overwhelmed by the thoughts racing through your sedated mind. 
“I don’t remember you, I don’t even remember your name... The doctor showed me a picture of us, but I don’t remember anything, I barely even remember who I am,” you sobbed, and Steve felt nauseated. 
“I’m Steve, Steve Rogers. We got married two years ago, in Brooklyn. Bucky Barnes was my best man, and Wanda Maximoff was your maid of honor. Tony Stark walked you down the aisle... He’s like your dad...” Steve explained, his voice shaking as he tried to keep himself from crying. 
“Bucky...” you murmured, squeezing your eyes shut. His name sounded familiar, but every memory before waking up in the hospital was gone.
“Yes. Bucky is my best friend. Yours too. We’re really close, he lived with us for a year.” 
“I’m sorry, I don’t...”
“It’s okay. All your memory isn’t going to come back now.”
“Steve, Y/N needs to rest,” Shuri spoke, leaning in the doorway.
He nodded tightly, rubbing his eyes. She emptied more sedative into your IV, helping you slip back into dreamless sleep. She dragged Steve out, and Bucky stood in the hallway, pulling him into his arms. He squeezed Steve, promising it was going to be okay. 
Steve sat with you, chatting quietly when you were awake. He showed you photos from your wedding, and pictures of your small tabby cat that you adored. Bucky snuck her into the hospital, and you pet her head shyly, hating yourself for your lack of memory. 
“Steve?” you asked, sitting up in the bed, but struggling under the weakness of your muscles. 
“Yes, baby?” he set down his laptop, giving you his full attention the moment he asked. 
“You said that Tony Stark walked me down the aisle at our wedding? And that he’s like my dad?” You asked, and Steve felt his heart sink. 
“Yeah, Tony is like your dad,” he said dryly, showing you a photo. 
“I think that I remember growing up in a penthouse with him... but only when I was a teenager. I think, I don’t know for sure. Why?” you struggled to recall.
Over the last few days, bits and pieces started to return to your mind, and you remembered cooking in a sleek penthouse with Tony when you couldn’t have been older than 17. 
“Yeah. Stark adopted you when you were ten. Your parents were in a car accident. He was really close with your father. You love Tony, he took really great care of you. He wants to come see you once we’re home from the hospital.”
You nodded slowly, taking it in. You didn’t know how to express the pain and confusion you felt, and you shyly reached your hand out to Steve. He took it, gently squeezing.
“Steve, I’m so sorry. I want to remember...”
“Don’t apologize, my love.”
Steve had assured you a million times that he could take you to Tony’s, or that he could even rent you an apartment if you didn’t feel comfortable coming home with him. Your memory had barely returned, despite little pieces and isolated moments. 
Truly, you were terrified to be alone, because then, you were left with nothing, not even memories. You felt safe with Steve, even if you didn’t remember your history together. He’d stayed up with you, showing you photos and telling you stories, and patiently answering every question you asked.
Steve drove you to your brownstone on the Upper East Side, carrying you indoors. Bucky was waiting, having moved back in to help and be supportive. The flat smelled like homemade bread, welcoming you inside. Steve mouthed a thank-you to Bucky, who nodded silently. 
You convinced Steve to let you down so you could walk and look around. 
“Can I have some of the bread?” you asked, shyly setting your hand on Bucky’s arm.
“Yes, of course, Y/N.” 
You sat down, trying not to act like you were exhausted just from walking around the flat. Steve knew, and it seemed that Bucky did too. You may not have known them, but they knew you. 
“I’m so sorry,” Steve said softly, and he kissed your head gently. 
You had hoped that coming home would jog your memory, but nothing came. It felt like the first time you’d ever been, and you started crying as you sat between the men. 
“The only thing I can remember is going to high school prom with both of you... I don’t remember anything before or anything after, I’m so sorry,” you sobbed, and Steve pulled you into his arms, his own shoulders shaking. Bucky gently laid his hand on your back, trying to comfort you.
You felt lost, Steve nearly as much. There was nothing he could do, nothing either of you could do.
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earlgreydream · a month ago
| bucky x reader | fluff |
being saved by the winter soldier
Tumblr media
“It’s just in here. I have a dog, her name is Lucy. She’s a little big, but she is very gentle. You don’t need to be afraid of her,” Bucky explained as you followed him up the stairs to his apartment.
You gave a slight nod and his lips turned up. He walked to a red door and put the key in, turning it as the lock clicked.
You’d been saved from a Hydra testing facility that the avengers infiltrated a few weeks ago. Bucky had found you, barely alive, deep in a lab. You’d been chained to an exam table, bruised and hollow.
“It’s okay, you’re safe now. I’m going to get you out of here.” Bucky had promised.
You had been taken to Banner’s lab to recover, Bucky staying with you the entire time. It was like a private hospital, and Banner and his staff took incredible care of you. They’d promised Bucky you were in safe hands, but he didn’t want to leave you.
Even when he got up to grab something, he’d see the fear spark through your eyes as you weakly reached out to him.
You didn’t answer any of the million questions you were suffocated with, opting to silently look away from the doctors and agents. The only thing Bucky had been able to coax out of you was your name, one late night when you couldn’t fall asleep.
“Do you like books? I can read to you.”
Bucky did his best to keep you entertained, and he’d already manage to read you several books from the harry potter series. Peter Parker had insisted everyone in your generation liked them, and he’d considered them a safe bet.
Bucky read you the stories of magic and boarding school and friendship, staying by your bedside and entertaining you. After you finished each book, he convinced Banner to let you use the lab screens to watch the films.
Once you were finally recovered enough to be stable, Bucky had convinced them to let you come stay with him at his apartment in Brooklyn. Stark Tower was cold, huge, and noisy. He thought it would be much better for your recovery to be in a calmer and more cozy environment.
Bucky unlocked the door to his apartment, letting you inside first. You tensed a bit as the large golden retriever waddled up to you.
“It’s alright. Lucy, this is Y/N. She’s our new friends that’s going to be staying here. You gotta protect her too, she’s a little nervous,” Bucky spoke to his dog as if she were a human, amusing you a bit.
Lucy sniffed your hands, and you giggled softly when she licked your fingers.
Bucky had never heard you laugh, and it made his heart soften. The quiet sound was so sweet, and he wanted to be the source of your laughter, and hear it for the rest of his life. 
He gave you a short tour of his home, a small apartment in Brooklyn. It was  cozy and intimate, the warmth a stark contrast to the cold metallics of Banner’s lab where you had spent the last two weeks. 
You followed him to the second bedroom, the walls painted a pale lavender. Bucky set down your bag of clothes and personal items that Nat had provided you with Stark’s credit card. 
“I didn’t know what color you liked, but Wanda said that this color was a safe bet,” he said apologetically, and you nodded, the corners of your lips turning up slightly.
You were slightly nervous when Bucky left you to unpack and settle, but you smiled as Lucy hopped on top of the white duvet cover. You peeked your head out of the door, looking into the living room when you heard music. Bucky laid a vinyl record on the player in the corner, old music floating through the small apartment. 
“I was going to make dinner. Are you up for eating?” 
You nodded, and he lightly touched your hip as he walked by, to the open kitchen. You slipped the clothes into the closet and the drawers, setting the phone and laptop on the little desk in the room before going to join Bucky in the main part of his home. You wrapped in the cashmere blanket that was on the end of the bed, comforted by being swaddled in the soft fabric.
“I got that for you, I thought you’d like it,” Bucky smiled at you, nodding at the blanket. You sat up at the island, across from where he was slicing vegetables. You smiled back at him, and he leaned forward and held out a piece of red pepper to you. 
Your smaller fingers took it from his metal hand, biting into the sweet vegetable he gave you. 
“I thought we could watch the Deathly Hallows tonight, it’s the last one we have left.”
You agreed and ate as much of the salad he made as you could. Before Bucky could get up, you grabbed his bowl and slipped away from the island, doing the dishes for the two of you. Bucky laughed as you spun around with the music, and you reached out your hands, inviting him to dance with you. 
His arm went around your waist, and your fingers slipped in his. His chin rested on top of your head, and you felt his heartbeat thrum against your cheek as you slowly swayed to the music. He quietly sang along to the song from a 40′s artist, a peace settling over the two of you. 
The music stopped as the needle slipped to the middle of the record, and Bucky’s arm tightened around your waist. You hugged him, feeling safe and secure in his arms.
You reached into a bowl and grabbed a piece of chocolate before following him to the couch, where he was turning on your movie. You curled up on the end of the couch, draping your blanket over you. You watched the movie, Bucky’s hand resting on your ankle, his fingertips occasionally moving over your skin. 
His careful touch was welcomed, soothing your remaining nerves from being in the new environment. You jumped when the snake in the movie lunged forward, a soft gasp escaping your lips. 
“Oh, no, it’s alright, doll,” Bucky gently squeezed your ankle. You sat up and moved to lean against his side. He draped his arm over your body, keeping you safe from the magical snake in the movie. 
You dreaded going to bed, and Bucky could sense your nerves. Since you’d been rescued from Hydra, Bucky had slept a few feet from you, holding your hand. 
“Goodnight, Y/N. I’m just in the next room if you need.”
You twisted your hair between your fingers, patting Lucy’s head before crawling into bed. 
After hours of lying awake, your body finally succumbed to exhaustion. Dreams twisted into nightmares, making your heart seize and trapping the oxygen in your lungs. A cold sweat broke out all over your body, and you shot up, gasping for breath as memories of Hydra’s experiments and torture flashed through your mind.
You rubbed your eyes and held your blanket to your chest, trying to fight off the nightmares. The shadows in the corners seemed to move and grab at you like claws, the terror bubbling higher in your throat. You knew you were safe in Bucky’s apartment, but your heart couldn’t quite catch up with your mind. 
Finally, you gave up trying to calm yourself down and you threw yourself out of the bed, running quietly into Bucky’s room. 
“Bucky... Bucky, wake up, please!” you desperately gasped out, hot tears rolling down your face. 
“Y/N, I’m here, it’s okay.” He sat up and moved over on the mattress, making room.
Your voice immediately snapped him out of his sleepy daze, so unused to hearing you speak. 
“I’m sorry,” you hiccuped, and he shook his head, snuggling your body against his under the blankets.You buried your face in his chest, letting him wrap you tightly in his arms. His dog tags were cold against your skin, tears soaking through his thin t-shirt.
“No, it’s okay. Go back to sleep, doll. I promise I’m going to keep you safe.”
Metal fingers combed through your hair as his other hand rubbed your shaking back. Bucky kissed the top of your head, soothing you back to sleep. He understood your fear, only recently freed from Hydra’s nightmares himself. Having you sleeping beside him comforted him as much as you, and he didn’t mind you crawling under his covers at two am. 
Your eyes slowly adjusted to the soft light pouring through white curtains. Bucky was lying next to you, and Lucy was curled up at your feet on the end of the mattress. You were halfway on top of him, your head on his chest and one leg draped between his. His metal arm was around your waist, resting just under the hem of your shirt, tracing small shapes on your skin.
Your head felt heavy from crying the night before, and your arms were weak as you tried to push yourself to sit up. 
“You okay?”
“Fine enough,” you whispered, Lucy’s ears perking up. 
Steel eyes searched your face, and his fingers slid to the small of your back as you sat up over him.
“I love hearing your voice,” Bucky smiled up at you, and you bit your lower lip as you smiled back.
You started giggling as Lucy licked your face, and before Bucky could gently push her off of you, you wrapped your arms around the dog and kissed the side of her furry head. Bucky sat up and pet Lucy before gently cupping your jaw. You looked at him, blushing as he briefly kissed you. 
He pulled back and gauged your reaction, anxiety sweeping over him when your eyes widened.
“Y/N, I’m sorry, I just-”
You leaned forward and kissed him back, your arms wrapping around his neck as you shifted onto his lap. Passion poured through the two of you, and he held you tightly as your lips moved together.
“Don’t be sorry, kiss me again,” you whispered against his lips. He grinned before fulfilling your request, giving you exactly what you wanted. 
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earlgreydream · a month ago
wisdom teeth.
| bucky x reader | fluff |
Bucky drabbles 🥺❤️
anon requested. can you do something where Bucky takes the reader to the dentist for an appointment and while she’s there, they like numb her mouth in order to do what they need to do and afterwards she’s in a bit of pain and Bucky takes care of her
Tumblr media
Bucky looked up from his phone in the waiting room of the dentist’s office at the sound of his name.
“That’s me.”
He followed the girl in scrubs down a small hallway to a procedural room where you were. You were barely coming out of the anesthesia, your mind feeling similarly to being black-out drunk.
“That’s me, doll,” Bucky grinned at you.
“She’s going to be a little bit loopy for a while. It typically happens with patients who get their wisdom teeth out. We have some hydrocodone for when it starts to hurt, just be sure she only takes the prescribed dosage.”
“Of course. I’ll give it to her.” Bucky promised, taking your pain medication.
“My mouth feels all full,” you complained, your words slurred together and slightly muffled from the gauze in your mouth.
“I know, that’s because you’ve got the gauze in your mouth. You feeling a little silly?” Bucky asked as they gave you a minute sitting up.
You nodded, and he tried not to laugh at you, knowing you were confused and this was going to be miserable wants the anesthesia wore off. He carried you to his yellow car, driving you back to the tower.
“Don’t like this,” you complained, touching your face.
“Y/N, baby, don’t touch your mouth,” Bucky sighed, catching your wrists. You whined in protest before mumbling something half incoherent about the winter soldier being grouchy.
“Okay, let’s get you inside and settled in bed. How does that sound? Maybe sleep some of this off?”
You didn’t fight him as he took you up, thankful that everyone was on missions or caught up in meetings so you didn’t have an audience.
Bucky helped you change into leggings and one of his hoodies before helping you into your bed, curled up in a nest of pillows and blankets. Bucky turned on a show you’d already seen but loved on Netflix, carefully playing with your hair until you fell asleep.
“Bucky, it hurts,” you whimpered softly, and he felt terrible for you.
“Y/N, baby, I know. I’m so sorry. You can take some of the pain meds, okay?” Bucky filled the syringe with red liquid and your eyes were wet from discomfort as you watched him.
He helped give it to you, since you couldn’t navigate your wounded mouth very well, and in between anesthesia and pain meds, your mind was a little fuzzy.
He didn’t mind taking care of you when you needed, but his heart ached to see you so uncomfortable. You were soft and cuddly and pathetic from the pain and drugs, staying curled up in bed in his arms.
He was careful not to touch your swollen face, and once you were feeling up to it, he made you a milkshake. You struggled to open your mouth all the way for the spoon, and you nearly dropped it back in the glass.
“I want a straw,” you whispered, frustrated tears blurring your vision.
“They said no straws for a couple a days because the sucking will irritate your mouth, doll,” Bucky kissed the corner of your eye.
He set the glass aside and moved you into his lap, whispering an apology for your discomfort.
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earlgreydream · a month ago
| stucky |
Tumblr media
one shots:
mission. ✨ 🎀 🌻 Steve, Bucky, and you end up on a mission that goes wrong in all kinds of ways, including your accommodations only having one bed
exams. 🎀 Steve and Bucky help comfort you after bad grades, and help you study for exams
training. ✨ 🎀 🌻 anon requested. Your training with Steve and Bucky turns into sex when they can’t control themselves at the sight of you in your workout clothes
injured. ✨ 🎀 anon requested. You get injured on a mission you weren’t supposed to go on, and your boyfriends find out despite your attempts to hide it
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earlgreydream · a month ago
| james buchanan barnes |
Tumblr media
one shots:
brat. ✨ 🎀 you break Bucky’s rules and he punishes you for it
war. ☁️ 🎀 1940s!bucky falls in love with you, an enemy of the cause
the garden. ☁️ 🎀 🌻  1940s!bucky is determined to win you over 
lemon ice cream.  🎀 ☀️ requested. 1940s!bucky meets you in an ice cream parlor, and you fall in love
put a baby in you. ✨ 🎀 you and Bucky decide it’s time to try for a baby, and he is enthusiastic to say the least 
professor barnes. ✨ ☀️ you’re incredibly attracted to your hot history professor, and you decide to do something about it
i hate you. ✨ 🎀 🌻 requested. greaser!bucky au. enemies to lovers, Bucky is determined to win you over
haunted. 🎀 🌻 bucky moves into an allegedly haunted house. after being lonely, the two of you become close
protected. ✨ 🎀 1940s!bucky takes a hit for you, and you realize he is the one you’ve always loved
rings. ✨ 🎀 ☀️ anon requested. mafia!bucky with rings, protecting you as you stumble upon something you shouldn’t
rings (2). ✨🎀 anon requested. being teased by your new mafia don boyfriend
drive-in. ✨ 🎀 1940s!bucky au, the two of you getting off in the car at a drive-in movie
lover of mine. ☁️ 🎀 anon requested. avenger!reader reunites with her husband after decades 
scientist. ✨ ☁️ 🎀 🌻 anon requested. Bucky slowly opens up to scientist!reader after arriving at the tower (post-winter soldier)
fed up. ✨ 🎀 anon requested. Bucky edging you after you’re a brat
enemies.  🎀 requested. enemies to lovers, your parents set you up with their friends son, who is none other than your rival at school 
therapy. ✨ You fall for your sexy, dark, therapist
period. 🎀  anon requested. Bucky comforts you on your period
wounds. ☁️  🎀  the winter soldier shows up on your doorstep, wounded
easter eggs. 🎀  bucky helps your daughter dye easter eggs
sundress. ✨ 🎀 ☀️🌻 bucky can’t keep off of you when you’re wearing that little dress
games. ✨  anon requested. jealous!bucky makes sure everyone knows who you belong to, especially zemo
showers. ✨ 🎀  anon requested. bucky overstimulates you until you faint
vaccines. 🎀  anon requested. bucky takes care of reader after they get vaccinated
open wide. ✨ 🎀 anon requested. bucky nurses you through aftercare  
shaky. ☁️ 🎀 ☀️ 🌻 you shave Bucky’s face when he’s too shaken up to do it himself
sharp. ✨ knife play with winter soldier!bucky
stutter. 🎀 your boys comfort you when you get shy about stuttering
little princess. 🎀 you and Bucky are the godparents of Zemo’s daughter
stress. 🎀 anon requested. Bucky comfort
lipgloss. ✨🎀 anon requested. Bucky doesn’t want to kiss you with lipgloss on.
needles. 🎀 anon requested. Bucky comforting you when you get an IV
wisdom teeth. 🎀 anon requested. Bucky taking care of you after your wisdom teeth are removed
quiet. 🎀 Bucky rescues you from a Hydra testing facility 
return. ☁️ 🎀 anon requested. Bucky meets your daughter as the winter soldier 
concussion. ✨ 🎀 anon requested. You slip and hit your head, causing your boyfriend to panic
lucky. ✨ 🎀 anon requested. Bucky is obsessed with your tits
hot summer nights. 🎀 ☀️ anon requested. you and Bucky can’t sleep because of the heat
red. ✨ 🎀 anon requested. using your safeword with Bucky
sleepy. ☁️ 🎀 Bucky comes home late from work
nightmares. ☁️ 🎀 ☀️ 🌻 you comfort bucky when he has nightmares
nightmares (2). ☁️ 🎀 🌻 wintersoldier!bucky is sleepwalking with nightmares, you comfort him
nightmares (3). ☁️ 🎀 bucky comforts you when you have nightmares
safe. ☁️ 🎀 you help comfort bucky after memories of hydra
insomnia. ☁️ 🎀 what you and bucky do when you can’t sleep 
drowning. ☁️ you can’t forgive Bucky for the winter soldier 
stay in bed. ☁️🎀 anon requested. Bucky takes care of you after violent nightmares
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earlgreydream · 2 months ago
the garden.
| 1940s!bucky barnes x reader | fluff | mild angst |
Tumblr media
You walked home from work, seeing your new neighbor, Bucky Barnes, leaning against the wall of his house. His arrogant smirk appeared as you walked up the path to your door, scrunching your nose at the sight of him. 
James Buchanan Barnes was irritating. The first day he’d moved in, he and his friends were loud until the early hours of the morning, drunkenly shouting along with his record player. Then, his drunk friends had walked through your garden, trampling half of your flowers and some vegetables. And he was always outside with his stupid smirk, thinking his pretty face was enough to win you over. 
Bucky was also gorgeous, and the worst part was, he knew it. You’d seen him in town flirting with girls in the market, and everywhere he went. Even your friends all fought for his attention. When they’d come over, you’d sit outside on your porch and they would all wave to him and giggle. He greeted them, chattering with the blushing and giggling girls who fell at his feet. You always rolled your eyes and ignored him, unamused.
Bucky was fascinated by you, the only girl to never fall for his charm. He was charismatic and had every girl at his fingertips that he had ever wanted. He knew that the two of you had gotten off on the wrong foot, and you despised his smoking habit. However, he had made it his goal to win you back over, but you had proven to be stubborn. You were a challenge, and Bucky was determined.
“Hey doll.” He greeted you as you stepped up onto your porch.
“It’s Y/N.” You scowled at him, and he said your name, winking at you.
He checked you out, admiring you in your high waisted pants and button down. You shook your head at him, going inside your house, closing the door. You put your grocery bag down and started to make dinner, when you saw Bucky on your porch. You groaned and opened your window, looking at him.
“What are you doing here?” You asked.
“My stove is out of gas. Could you put me up for dinner?” He gave you a boyish grin, rocking on his heels.
“Why would I do that?”
“To be neighborly,” he suggested.
“C’mon. Because I’ll buy you dinner tomorrow?” Bucky tried again.
“You’re so full of shit.”
“Y/N, the stores are closed, it’s late.”
“Fine. Get in here.” You gave in, shaking your head and shutting the window. He waltzed through the front door, looking too pleased with himself.
“Plus, I brought a gift!” He held up a bottle of rosé.
“So you can get drunk and ruin my flowers again?”
“I apologized for that. Please forgive me.”
“You’re forgiven.” You said, not convincing him or yourself. 
“Where’re your glasses?” He asked, and you pulled a cabinet open, stirring your pot of pasta. He pulled down two glasses and filled them.
“Maybe I don’t drink.”
“You do, this is your favorite wine. I’ve seen you drinking it on the porch swing at least twice.” Bucky called you out.
“Oh, so you stalk me?” You accused. 
“No, you just sit outside all the time.” 
He lifted the glass to his lips, smiling behind the rim. You drank from your own, needing it in order to deal with him. You noticed his dog tags, resting against his skin with the top few buttons of his shirt undone. He caught you staring, but he held eye contact, wanting to make you blush. 
“You fight in the war?” You asked, and he shook his head.
“I will. I haven’t been deployed yet. Me and my friend Steve recruit here, but we’ll go with the next team.”
“Where will you go?”
“Germany, maybe. Or Poland.” 
You hummed, thinking that Bucky didn’t seem like the military type. You supposed it was his duty though, and he didn’t want to be labeled as a draft dodger. You strained the noodles and mixed them with the sauce, serving him a plate. Bucky thanked you, taking a seat at your tablecloth. 
“Hey, get down, Pepper.” You scolded your cat that jumped onto his lap. You apologized and he smiled, petting her head.
“She has no manners. Push her off,” 
“She’s fine. I don’t mind.” He smiled, and your cat jumped onto the floor, prowling for dropped food. You ate quietly, ignoring his silver gaze. 
“How long have you lived here?” He made conversation.
“Since I left my parents’ house when I was sixteen,” 
“That’s awful young. Why?”
You didn’t answer, pouring yourself another glass of wine, and he tilted his glass for more. You emptied the rest of the bottle into his glass, earning a thank-you. 
“You don’t have to buy me dinner.”
“I’m absolutely buying you dinner. We’ll go out, to Brooklyn.” He grinned, and you rolled your eyes. 
“Is there any way to get out of it?” You asked.
“I’m afraid not.” 
“You’re an amazing cook.” Bucky complimented, standing and taking your empty plates before you could.
“Thanks. I got that-”
“No, you cooked. I’ll do the dishes.” He turned on your sink and began to wash everything, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. You watched him, biting back a small smile. 
“I’ll just be getting out of your hair. Have a goodnight, doll.” 
You rolled your eyes, closing the door after him. You picked up your cat and held her, watching him walk across the lawn. He waved at you when he saw you watching through the window, and you shut the curtains.
You came home the next day, tired and annoyed from work. You were in a bad mood, and you just wanted to relax.
“James?” You stopped when you saw him kneeling in your yard.
“Y/N, you’re home.”
“Why the hell are you in my yard?!” You demanded, opening the gate. 
“I’m sorry, I should’ve asked. I was replanting your flowers.” He said, kneeling in your garden. 
Your eyebrows shot up as you saw the rows of freshly planted daffodils, and you walked over to him slowly. 
“Thank you.” You were impressed, and he leaned back on his heels. 
“I’m... I can’t take you out like this. Let me change, then we can go for our dinner?” He smiled down at himself, dirt and grass staining his pants.
You nodded, hiding your smile behind your hand, feeling butterflies in your stomach. You shook your head, watching him go toward his house. You went inside and quickly changed your own clothes, into wide white pants and a yellow button down. You fixed your makeup, and went to meet him on the porch. You bit your lip, smiling as you opened the door to find him standing with a bouquet of daisies.  
“Bucky...” You couldn’t keep the grin off your face.
“I thought you’d like them. I’m trying to be a gentleman.”
“It’s working.” You whispered before putting the flowers in a vase. You walked to his car with him, and he opened the door for you, being so charming.
Bucky lived to see your smile. When he finally earned it with the flowers, warmth erupted in his chest and spread through him. He had truly felt bad about your garden and spent the whole afternoon replanting it for you. He drove you into the city, music playing softly on the radio.
“Where are we going?”
“New York pizza, Y/N,” Bucky looked proud of himself.
“That sounds amazing.” You confessed, your stomach growling. You’d missed lunch at work, and you were starving. 
“Pizza is my favorite.” 
“Mine too!” Bucky announced, and you giggled at that. He turned and smiled at you, his gaze lingering a little longer than it usually did. 
You arrived at the pizza place, following Bucky inside. He put his hand on your lower back, and you felt the butterflies again. 
“What would you like?” 
“Margherita pizza. I’m a classic girl.”
“Perfect.” He ordered for the two of you, leaning against the bartop while you waited.
“We’ll take it to go.”
“We’re not eating here?” You asked, confused, and he shook his head. 
“Got a better idea.” Bucky winked at you, taking the pizza box once it was done. 
“Can you take this for a second, doll?” He asked, handing it to you as we stood outside. You took it from him, and he leaned into his car, pulling out a blanket before taking the pizza. He nodded for you to follow, and you walked a few blocks down to a park, where he spread the blanket. You were beaming as you sat down beside him, the glow of the street lights and the stars making him look impossibly more attractive. 
“You’ve outdone yourself.” You smiled, biting into a slice of pizza. He looked pleased, and the two of you found yourselves talking until the streets were silent. You were sitting in front of him, when he leaned forward, kissing you. You kissed him back, threading your fingers into his dark hair, letting him move you onto his lap. His tongue pushed past your lips, your mouths moving in sync. 
“Will you be my girlfriend?” Bucky asked, surprising you. You were blushing furiously, and you almost said no, but the feeling his words gave you, made your heart race.
“Yes, James.” You pecked his lips and he grinned into the kiss.
That was how you and Bucky ended up spending most of your time together. He helped you tend to your garden, and you taught him about the plants. You were a botanist with a green thumb, and he was in awe of your tender care of your plants. Every night in the following weeks was spent with the two of you gently rocking on your porch swing, drinking coffee, listening to records, or making out. Either that, or you were listening to him read on the couch or in your bed. 
You and Bucky had been together for almost two months, when he came home late from work one evening when it was nearing October. You were waiting on the porch, wrapped in a blanket, watching for his car to roll in. 
“James!” You called, and he walked up to you. 
“Hey, doll.” He leaned down and kissed you sweetly. You looked up at him, and your gaze meeting with sad eyes.
“What’s wrong?” Worry filled you, and he sat down next to you. 
“I’m getting deployed. We leave in two weeks.” He breathed, and your heart fell into pieces. 
“I’ll wait for you.” You said finally.
“Y/N, you could be waiting for years, or I may not make it back.”
“Don’t say that!” You cried. 
“It’s the truth--” 
Tears started rolling down your cheeks, and you shook your head. You climbed onto his lap and clung to him, gripping his shirt and crying into his shoulder. He rubbed your back and held you on the porch. 
“I want to get married, before you go.” You said, and he turned your face to look at him.
“Doll, you can’t mean that.”
“No, I do. Marry me. Marry me and promise you’ll come back for me.” You touched his face, and he brushed tears from your cheeks. 
“I will marry you, and I will fight every single day to come home to you. I love you, Y/N.”
“I love you.”
For months, you and your cat waited on your porch, the cool metal dog tags resting against your sternum. A box of his letters sat on your bedside table, telling you how much he missed you, and loved you, and he wanted to come home to his beautiful wife. All of your friends thought you were mad for marrying a man you’d only dated a few months, the week before he went off to war. A star hung in your window, and every day was spent waiting. Your garden flourished, pumpkins growing as autumn approached. The nights you spent outside began to grow colder, and you waited.
When you saw him, it was like fireworks exploded inside of you. He was tired, he looked wartorn, and he was definitely more muscular. You screamed, tossing your blanket off of you, and running. You jumped over the fence, making him laugh. You threw your arms around him, and he caught you as you jumped into his arms. He held you tightly and spun you around, planting a deep kiss to your lips.
“I love you.”
“I love you.” 
You were crying as Bucky held you, overwhelmed with joy to see him. You didn’t sleep that night, or the next few. 
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artsymaddie · 2 months ago
Okay, strap in baby
Top 3 things to do during your favorite season?
Your go to Starbucks/Tims order
& your top 5 Marvel characters✨
Tumblr media
Top 3 things to do during my favourite season (fall/winter):
1. PUMPKIN PATCH so I can live my spooky fantasy
2. Ghost walks and overall anything spooky/Halloween related like if a date ever decides to take me to a haunted house and it’s on sight we’re getting married
3. Okay I love winter but I am that bitch like winter/snow days mean MOVIE DAYS - tea and hot chocolate, baking, making an epic playlist of movies to watch, comfy pjs, as many throw blankets as possible, SNUGGLING 😤👏🏻
Starbucks order:
Iced half-sweet matcha latte with oat milk but sub the classic syrup for vanilla
Iced chai latte with oat milk and 2/3 shots of espresso (blonde espresso if they have it)
Tim’s order:
Earl Grey one milk one sugar (almond milk thank u Tim hortons for finally having a dairy alternative)
Iced Capp made with chocolate milk
And then it’s either a cinnamon roll or sour dough glazed because it tastes like cake :’)
Top 5 Marvel Characters:
1. Loki
2. Darcy
3. Peter Parker (all Peters are good Peters)
4. T’Challah
5. Sam Wilsooooooon (but also Steve and Bucky can they all count as one person 🥺)
Tumblr media
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tonystarkbingo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Posted smut - from @rebelmeg
I feel like I win when I lose - @somesortofitalianroast
Dinner After The Show - @tehroserose
Welcome Home - @aoifelaufeyson
In Cups of Coffee - @somesortofitalianroast
Riding the Unicorn - @gavilansblog
Better Than a Victoria's Secret Model - @jehbeeeh
Of course you're not shy You don't have to deny love - @somesortofitalianroast
Hot, Sticky Sweet - @rise-up-ting-ting-like-glitter
A/B/O - from @lronhusbands
Take a hand - @tehroserose
I can lose myself, you I can’t live without - @somesortofitalianroast
Werewolf art - @trashcanakin
Pillow talk - @jehbeeeh
Fingers to the Bone -  @rise-up-ting-ting-like-glitter
The Crafty Omega - @aoifelaufeyson
Regency AU - from @rise-up-ting-ting-like-glitter
Pepperony Fairytale moodboard story - @rebelmeg
F/F - from @gavilansblog
Pepper/Nat tattoo au moodboard - @trashcanakin
Endgame fixit - from @tehroserose
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot - @somesortofitalianroast
Iron Savior - @rebelmeg
Bucky Barnes, Princess in Shining Armor - @gavilansblog
Moodboard - @trashcanakin
#theRussoswhomst collection - @deehellcat
WinterIronPepperony moodboard - trashcanakin
Mermaid AU - from @trashcanakin
Mer-Pepperony - @newnewyorker93
And coming soon, because it’s too silly and hilarious... the TSB Discord Party Marvel Oceanic Universe, created entirely by puns!
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orangeloquats · 7 months ago
Rules : tag 5 people you want to get to know
thank you @till-dawn-do-us-part for the tag! <3 
3 ships:
1. wangxian completely rotted my brain in the span of a couple weeks and there is just nothing like it
2. gon/killua from hunter x hunter! :( just some sad traumatized first love 
3. steve rogers/bucky barnes... a big nostalgia point for me
Currently reading :
Let's Play Pretend and Live Our Lives by Tassos on ao3
and Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong! ✔
Currently watching :
a bunch of silly pokemon nuzlocke run videos! i’ve started birdwatching recently and i’m going to go visit some local tidepools soon and it made me realize how much it reminds me of the same like, rush of excitement as playing pokemon 😂
Currently consuming :
earl grey infused truffles that a friend made me 😍
Currently craving :
hot apple cider!! i bought some at trader joes and am looking forward to the weather being real chilly so i can enjoy it
Tagging : @yeeting-patriarch @aobaseijohs @vodkanburgers @skipperdoo-kun @neuroholtzmann (also no pressure!!)
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capsao3feed · 8 months ago
A Cup of Earl Grey for Your Troubles, Darling
by EmmaLostInWonderland
Steve and Sam are on the hunt for Bucky after he disappears from the wreckage at the Potomac. After a Hydra raid gone wrong, the two men are forced to lay low in a safe house until S.H.I.E.L.D. can send agents to extract them. Steve is not in such a great headspace.
Just a little vignette originally written for I think Steve's birthday this summer? I held on to it to make it longer and never did, so here it is in its original short version!
Words: 673, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: M/M
Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson (Marvel)
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson
Additional Tags: Not Captain America: The Winter Soldier Compliant, Mission Fic, Angst, Spooning
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marvelsvalhalla · 9 months ago
Part 15
Pairing: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader
Tumblr media
 “Wake up sleepyhead” you softly demanded as you threw on a jacket. Today was the very rare day where you woke before Steve. He grunted softly before rolling over to see you donned in a leather jacket, a crop top and leggings paired with leather combat boots. “We going somewhere?” He chuckled. “It’s a surprise. Meet me downstairs in ten” you stated before leaving the room grabbing a pair of keys from the bedside table. In the kitchen you enjoyed a piping hot cup of earl grey tea brewed by Tony. “Good morning my favorite metal man” you chided playfully. Tony smirked before sipping his coffee. “Do I want to know?” He asked as you smiled into your cup. “I’ll tell you later if you’re good” you responded. Everyone could tell something had changed between the two of you after your return from last nights sudden departure. Tony knew something had drastically changed between you and Steve for you to finally be up to your old self again. A second or two later Steve emerged from around the corner and entered the kitchen. “So where is this surprise going to be?” He wondered as he eyeballed the keys you had next to you on the counter. “You’ll see! That’s all you’re getting for now!” You teased grasping the keys in hand and waving a sloppy goodbye to tony as Steve followed close behind you. As soon as you walked through the garage hanger you were met with that familiar tire smell that made you smile. You kept walking to the very end of the hangar and took a left. Steve smirked as you handed him a helmet. “You’re giving me a helmet?” He wondered. “Even if you’re tough as a diamond you’re not indestructible” you reminded him before he put it on. With your helmet donned you threw your leg over the bike and started it up with a load roar. Steve hopped on behind you and wrapped his strong arms around your small waist. Quickly you took off feeling completely alive for the first time in a while. A smile on your lips and a laugh not that far behind. Riding Steve’s motorcycle was always a highlight for you. He spent a whole summer teaching you because you wouldn’t stop begging him to at least try.
The cool wind whipped your face waking your every sense. It was your favorite time of morning when the air still had a chill and the grass still had dew drops clinging to each blade. Within a few minutes you stopped the bike beside the park and took off your helmet. “You’re pretty good for being rusty” Steve teased. “I was taught by the best” you shrugged happily. “You brought me to Central Park?” He wondered. You just nodded your head lacing your fingers in his before leading the way. A surge of butterflies ran from your fingertips down to your toes. A coy smile spread across your face as the feeling grew within our body. It was hard to tell if Steve felt it too but from the rosy tint on his cheeks you guessed that he definitely reciprocated. It felt so freeing to be able to hold his hand and not have a care in the world about anything else. 
Carefully you sat on the edge of the fountain wall and looked into his bright eyes. They were curious yet calculating. “How are we going to break the news to everyone?” You wondered really asking how we would tell Bucky. “As if Tony hasn’t already told everyone. I saw the look he gave you this morning.” Steve chuckled, “though I have to thank him for being there for you”. You sighed happily before looking out at the leaves rustling by. The chill out a small tingle on your cheeks. “Can we agree on something?” You wondered and Steve squeezed your hand tighter. “Let’s not fight again for a while.” You playfully suggested but if came from a place of pain. He silently nodded looking at the ground. “I can agree to that” he consented before drawing in a deep breath. “I’m nervous, I’ll admit that to you. I haven’t loved since my ..well you know” he lead on. Your heart sunk. Of course you aren’t the only one with ghosts. “Steve I’m not here to hurt you.” You barely whispered the words too difficult to get through your lips. “Let’s keep walking” you guided trying to remove the iced feelings from the air.
The table was filled when food of all types of comforts. Tonight was the all you can eat anything you can eat night. Which pretty much meant order whatever type of food you wanted. Natasha was finishing a story about her day when your heart began to race. You knew it was time to share the news that’s been building up for the past weeks. “Well everyone” you began not even checking to see if Natasha was done with her story or not. The words just spewed from behind your teeth, “Steve and I are seeing each other!”. It was silent. “Well about fucking time!” Sam hollered with a large smile plastered on his face. “Yes congrats” sam added with a sly smile. You knew she had been hoping for this to happen too. Bucky dropped his fork and walked away from the table with heavy steps. No one dared to speak. You looked around trying to find Tony’s eyes and a tiny bit of comfort but all that met you was an unsure moment of thought. Steve suddenly started to scoot his chair back and follow after the put off winter soldier. “Steve what-“ you began but he walked too quickly for your words to catch up. You immediately put your head in your hands. “And there goes the award for best dinner show” Loki smirked as you shot him a glare that could turn even the stoutest of heart man into stone. “Who even invited you?” You asked knowing the answer was in fact you. The eating resumed slowly at a new lower volume.
Steve finally caught Bucky on the floor above as he quickly sauntered off to his room. Steve reaches a large hand out and grabbed his shoulder ripping it back. “Start talking.” He demanded and Bucky looked at him bewildered. No sound came from his mouth. “Where do you get off storming off like that?” Steve pounced. “Forget it man” Bucky sighed attempting to turn from him but Steve wasn’t having it. “You’re going to answer me Buck.” He demanded and Bucky gave a shrug of his shoulders continuing to move down the hall. That was the last straw for Steve.
A loud crash echoed through the halls from upstairs. Your cheeks instantly red as you knew what that was. Everyone awkwardly looked around at each other before there was another loud bang and sound glass breaking. That’s when everyone sprang into action. Everyone was desperate to see what was happening. Quickly you turned a corner following the loud noise to see Steve and Bucky punching each other. “Explain yourself!” Steve growled. Bucky just kept fighting back his mouth sealed as tightly as a crypt. Steve landed a blow to Buckys chin that sent blood flying splattering against the wall. “Explain to her why you left. Why are you here now!” Steve yelled above all the protests of his friends to stop fighting. You were frozen once he said that as if both feet were nailed to the floor. Your blood ran cold and you could feel the color draining from your face. Tony stepped closer to you to offer support. Your knees shaking threatening to buckle under the emotional weight. “Because” Bucky finally began to say grunting through his teeth trying to throw Steve off. “I thought I would kill her!!” He exclaimed. Steve immediately stopped releasing him from his grasp as your mouth hung open. “Not me. I thought with the amount of people who are still actively looking for my head that you (Y/N) would pay the price. I came back because I thought i could fix things but I see you don’t need my help.” He slay looking at his former closest ally. “So you just left?” You found your voice saying these words before you realized your brain told it to. The pain ran through your body rising until your Jones were nearly shaking then came a rage that boiled to the top overflowing. Before you could stop yourself you were charging forward and winding back. A successful crack alerted everyone nearby that Bucky had a freshly broken nose. “That is a sorry excuse and I deserve better” you announced before walking away onto the balcony under the moonlight.
@sonarsyndor @iheartsebastianstan @marvel-is-my-life-blog @siren-queen03 @supernaturalvikingwhore @jennmurawski13
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stupidwhoretrashgirl · 9 months ago
rules: tag eight people you would like to get to know better, i was tagged by @markwardo ty!!♥️
favorite color/s: dark greens reds and blues!! beige..
last song: ladies by fiona apple
last show: succession🤪
last movie: first reformed....
sweet, salty or savory: ohhh all of them!!! salty and sweet are always a fun combo
bubble water, tea, or coffee: earl grey tea!
three ships: well......god. um. to be embarassing for a moment steve/bucky & sherlock/john were both very formative to me. lancelot/guinevere..
currently reading: i’m not
tagging: ok 8 is a lot of ppl but i tag @sidneypaget @raichuu @myrajneesh @twutch @catboydeclanlynch
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badbadbucky · 9 months ago
Hi Bucky!~ For the autumnal asks, cider, bonfire, quilt?
Thank you so much @neon-supercell!!
Cider: a food you disliked as a child but now enjoy? 
So many, things, I was super picky as a kid. Coconut, pineapple, basically all vegetables (still can’t stand raw tomato or onion though), tomato soup.
Bonfire: Describe your dream house
Out in the woods near a lake. If a creek could somehow run through the house that would be super cool. Plants everywhere, dried flowers hanging from the ceiling, mint green tile bathroom with a big clawfoot tub, shake shingles on the outside (I don’t know why but I love shake shingles), has a cool office/library with a window surrounded by shade so it doesn’t get too bright, but the rain runs down it, and like a comfy window seat. Everything is super cosy and comfy, stacks of books and notebooks and music and musical instruments everywhere. A place where everybody feels comfrtable and can put their feet up because they know they aren’t going to hurt anything. Cool art on the walls, like prints from comic book artists and cool posters for old movies. Like the Warriors and I was a Teenage Werewolf. Wood paneling on at least some of the interior, maybe some cool wallpaper other places. Well loved comfy kitchen. Also I would love a benevolent ghost. To add some character.
Quilt: How do you take your tea? Or coffee?
It depends on the tea, but generally I like it with milk and honey. I like Earl Grey or English Breakfast.  I don’t drink coffee.
A while back I had a lavender london fog and that was really good, it’s a tea latte they do with earl grey and then they added lavender and it was delicious. Super rich though. Seems like it would put you straight to sleep, surprised I didn’t fall asleep on the drive home after drinking it. 
Thanks for the awesome asks!
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dammit-stark · 9 months ago
okay I’ve had this idea in my head for a few weeks of a stevetony tea shop au? if that makes sense idk but I feel like it’d make a super cute au
when I was a kid my grandma used to take my whole family and all her church friends to this local tea house and she’d host this big fancy tea party so this was really nostalgic for me to write haha- thanks for requesting, hope this is what you had in mind :)
“I’m a coffee drinker,” Tony admits, somewhat wide-eyed when the waiter gets to him. The billionaire looks out of place among the quaint pinkness of the tea house, the long, laminated menu of various teas sticking limply out of his hands, “What do you recommend?”
Steve’s prepared for this. He smiles winningly, and starts talking.
“If you’re a coffee drinker, we have a number of caffeinated black tea options you might like.”
He goes on a whole prerehearsed rant/speech, starts listing off the various caffeine levels of the teas, the spices, the notes. Steve’s favorite part about managing his Aunt’s tea house has always been the children’s tea parties and women’s fancy hat book club gatherings, but he takes pride in this part too. Like a librarian knows all the best books, Steve knows all the teas, and he knows there’s a tea for everyone.
The room quiets slightly as Steve speaks. The redhead at the head of the table- Pepper, Steve remembers from the credit card information when she reserved the table- stops what she’s doing to listen in, waiting eagerly for Tony’s inevitable response. The other women around her, otherwise nameless to Steve, shush as well. A couple women a few tables over go quiet and listen in too. Steve’s mental tea catalogue is quite the spectacle apparently.
He finishes his speech with a proud, dazzling smile, pencil poised at the top of his notebook, “So, what can I get for you today?”
Tony blinks, “Uh- this is probably a stupid question-“
“There are no stupid questions, sir. What do you want to know?”
“Do you guys have coffee? Like, actual coffee?”
Steve feels his smile fall. Out of the corner of his eye, Steve can see Pepper’s inconspicuous eye turn into an unabashed smile. He wonders if this kinda thing happens a lot with Stark.
“I mean, yeah,” Steve admits, “We do. We have coffee. It’s not very good quality, but we should have some in the back.”
“Awesome, I’ll take that. It doesn’t have to be good.”
“A weird order for a tea house,” Steve says, trying to regain his charm but feeling distinctly like one leg is an inch longer than the other, stumbling along, “But I can make that happen.”
Tony lets the menu fall to the table with a soft slap, completely oblivious to Steve’s reaction, “Great. Thanks.”
Tony had been the last one to order, so Steve gathers the menus and retreats from the dining room. Tony sits with a lanky arm stretched over his irritated neighbor’s chair, a blonde woman named Sharon that he calls ‘cuz’ to her obvious chagrin. Tony’s the only guy in the group, otherwise surrounded by professionally dressed women who all obviously know each other and who all tease Tony relentlessly. Anybody who didn’t know Tony Stark would wonder how he got roped into this girl’s group. Anybody who knows him would know they couldn’t have stopped him from coming no matter how hard they tried. This whole thing was Pepper’s doing, Pepper’s careful organizing of a non-work-related bimonthly event so all the ladies of SHIELD don’t go crazy with workaholicism. Pepper, Sharon, Nat, Maria, Phil’s old friend May, and a couple other scary ladies that Tony doesn’t know outside of this specific group. Tony expertly wheedled his way into it like he so often did.
When Steve returns with several pretty pots of tea, he goes back to the kitchen and comes back in a second trip holding an ugly silver pot of coffee, out of place among the dainty white porcelain. He sets it down in front of Tony with a smile, but Stark doesn’t even notice.
“Fantastic,” The genius mutters, more to himself than anybody around him as he makes grabby hands at the canister. Steve tries not to take it personally. Pepper watches the whole thing with an amused smile.
“Alright,” Steve says awkwardly, clearing his throat as he claps his hands together clumsily, “Anything else I can get you folks?”
“Yeah, actually,” Tony says suddenly, which surprises Steve because he had been in the midst of downing gulpfulls of the blazing hot coffee without even acknowledging the temperature or the all-around crappiness of the drink. He points offhandedly at Steve, who half-expects a comment on the coffee, or maybe even a request for a refill before he’s even set the thing down on the table, but there’s a glimmer in Tony’s eyes that speaks laughingly to his actions just before the words leave his mouth, “Can I take you out to coffee sometime?”
Sharon snorts her careful sip of hot Earl Grey tea out her nose. She grabs at the cloth napkin and holds it to her face. Pepper rolls her eyes.Steve has to fight to keep his attention on Tony.
“Uh, sorry, what?”
“I can give you my number, or you can give me yours. It’s up to you. Figured with the whole working-at-a-tea-place thing you wouldn’t mind going for coffee. What do you say?”
Steve feels his face absolutely burn.
“Uh, sure?”
Tony grins, pulls out a business card, and flicks his hand out confidently in Steve’s direction, “Fantastic. Call me.”
Pepper finally speaks up, “I’m sorry about this, Steve. Really. He gets like this when the caffeine hits him. It’s his natural state, flirting. Sorry.”
Steve, red-faced, shakes his head, “No, no, it’s-“ He gulps nervously, “It’s fine, Miss Potts. Really. I’m flattered.”
He surreptitiously takes Tony’s card, a blush high and dark on his cheeks as Tony himself grins charmingly, and Steve scurries off to hide in the kitchen. When Steve relays the story to Bucky as they wait for the cooks to finish up the meals for their tables, Bucky laughs so hard he drops a whole plate of finger sandwiches on the floor.
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potofsoup · 10 months ago
Rules: Tag 9 people who you want to know better/catch up with and then answer these questions.
Tagged by: @ospreyarcher​
3 ships: Steve/Bucky/Sam, Natasha/Laura/Clint, and my teenage self was an eternal shipper of 杨过/小龙女.
Last song: We were listening to Spiderverse songs on the drive from camping.  Hard to pick a favorite, I love so many of them!
Last movie: Last movie would be ... from a long time ago?  Possibly Endgame?  On the TV front, we recently finished Deep Space 9, I watched The Witcher, and Caves of Androzani (5th Doctor)
Currently reading: fanfics, sporadically.  Read some cute Geralt/Jaskier stuff, reading some regularly updating wips like Just another Steve and motion training, read one fic where The Untamed crew are in college???  Also may have accidentally reread Necrofloranomicon on repeat during the week around making the comic.
Currently watching: am on episode 12 of The Untamed.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  (no am not ready to join that fandom yet. I have complicated feelings.  That said, it’s a very low investment thing that I can watch while drawing, thanks to my powers of reading Chinese)
Currently consuming: my usual boba order is either earl grey, osmanthus oolong, or watermelon juice.  My hot tea of choice is Prince of Wales, ever since I figured out that it’s decent Yunnan black tea, just with some weird English name attached to it.  (On the one hand, boo British Empire shenanigans, but on the other hand, I can get nice musty Yunnan black tea from most grocery stores)
Currently craving: a whole day without the child
Tagging: not tagging anyone -- do it if you feel like it?
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i-llbedammned · 11 months ago
We Need to Talk
Title: We Need to Talk
Characters: Natasha Romanov/Steve Rogers (Mentions of Bucky Barnes)
Word Count: 1175
Made for the Banned Together Bingo, prompt Bisexual Main Character
Summary: Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanov talk about the logistics of what would happen if they were to date
The inside of Natasha Romanov’s apartment was everything that Steve expected it to be.  There was little in the way of clutter, pristine white walls and floors with black furniture.  The whole place looked like it belonged in one of those fancy home decorating magazines.  Steve felt like he was making the place too dirty just by walking in it.  
She led him to a set of two black leather couches with a sleek, black stone coffee table in the center of the room.  “Just take a seat, I’ll be right back.”  Her long fingers motioned for him to sit as she continued forward without breaking stride.
He did as he was asked, looking at the black and white photos of various artsy vistas, not sure if Natasha shot them or if she just liked sampling artists.  The whole style was rather old fashioned, considering how modern the rest of the apartment looked:  photos of couples on the beach, at carnival games, a surfer on the waves. Maybe there was a softer side to her that she hated showing after all.
“You take whiskey in your tea?” Natasha’s voice called out of the other room.
“Not tonight, no.” Steve answered back, looking towards the doorway.
A few minutes later she walked forth with two grey teacups.   One that smelled like Earl Grey was handed to him, which Steve held in his hands without taking a sip.  There was no offer of sugar or milk and considering how she sipped at hers it seemed like she didn’t mind how bitter it was.
“So you said you had something to say?” Steve put forward after the silence had stretched on too long.
“Yeah, I’m getting to that.” She looked like she was weighing something in her mind, “You and me are really different sorts of people.”
That made him laugh, “Yeah, I’d say so. That’s kind of the draw.  I couldn’t stand to date a clone of myself.”
The barest trace of a smile crossed her lips, “I can think of worse sights to see than two Steve Rogers.” The smile vanished the next moment, “But aside from personality, the way that I live my life, the way I work kind of necessitates a certain way of acting, of looking.”
“Nat, I’m aware of what you do.  We’ve worked together before.”  Steve Rogers took a sip of his tea, watching her carefully.  She flinched when he said that.  Just what was she worried about?
“Conceptually, yes. You are aware.  I do what it takes to get the answers and make sure the mission is a victory.  No matter it what it takes.  If that means making out with people, then I do it.  If that means sleeping with someone, I do it.  If that means killing someone,” she looked away and shrugged, “You get the idea.”
“I think I knew that when you decided to steal a kiss on a mission when we were on the run.”  Steve was honestly confused, “Why the big heavy show? It’s not like you didn’t make it clear what you did while we worked together over the years.”
“Yeah well before you weren’t trying to go on a date with me.” She sounded disappointed, though in herself or him he wasn’t sure, “If you think I have a reputation, that’s nothing compared to you.  The great loyal Captain America.  Dancing with all the girls, but never taking them home.  Brings the girls the roses and walks them home, sweet as pie.  A real catch, but a perfect gentleman. Chaste and honorable.”
“Now then, don’t get down on yourself, Nat-“ He began but was cut off.
“I’m not down on myself. I like what I do.  I don’t want to change what I’m doing. If we actually go on a date, you need to understand that, ” She took another sip of tea, “The real question is whether or not someone who is the perfect gentleman wants to really date someone whose reality is being an assassin, a weapon.”
Steve smiled, trying to seem welcoming, “You didn’t let me finish.  I was saying that maybe my reputation is a bit overrated.  I want to take you on a date to the opera, wine and dine the works.  I want to make sure you are treated right, yeah even knowing your job.  Because even assassins deserve to be treated right.  I went into this knowing the type of person you are and I don’t want to change that. But-“ He smirked, “Do you really think I haven’t been with anyone else since I’ve gotten out of the ice?”
“Oh?” Her eyebrows were raised, “Did you have time to take girls out during those years of hiding with Bucky and me while we weren’t looking?”
“Oh I think Bucky was well aware of what I was doing.” Steve Rogers laughed, “We were kind of an item during those days.”
Realization dawned on her face and she looked almost impressed that he had her fooled for so long, “So you’re gay?”
“No, not that either. I-“ he looked up laughing, “I don’t know what I am or the right word for it, but I go after people I like. Apparently that means having a thing for assassins in my case.”
“The great Steve Rogers chasing after assassins.” Natasha’s eyes glittered, “Tell me, am I going to have to fight Bucky to the death at the end of this?”
“Now, hold on there. We haven’t even gone on a date yet, that’s jumping the gun.” He held up his hands in mock surrender, putting down his tea cup, “I haven’t seen him in years.  Not since we fixed the whole Snap thing.  Last we talked, we both agreed that we would be single for a bit”  Steve’s voice turned a bit more serious as he remembered their last meeting, where Bucky said he was going in deep cover and that they should both consider themselves free men.  It stung, but he knew one day they would meet again even if they weren’t “together”.  Every once in a while he got a letter from Bucky, to let him know he was still alive but who knew where he really was.  When he spoke again his voice was low, quiet as he was wrapped up in thought, “It’s been years.  I’d like another chance to date someone without being all tied up in ghosts of the past.  And that’s all I’m asking from you, Nat.  A chance. We’ll figure out any complicated bits later.”
Her eyes softened and her voice jerked him out of his reverie, “Well, I can’t guarantee much. But I can at least give you a chance. Just don’t go thinking I’ll fall head over heels or anything silly like that.”
Relief flooded through him, “I would never be so presumptuous.”  He stood and began to walk out, “I’ll see in you in two days.  Dress fancy.  It is the opera.”
“I think I can manage,” She called after him as he saw himself out.
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