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#sam wilson x bucky barnes
punks-respect-pronouns · 45 minutes ago
OK so remember how I had said I wanted to write a fanfiction
Well I did well at least a draft of the first chapter
OK so since this is the first time I'm writing a marvel fanfiction and a fanfiction since seven years ago(let's see how that goes the only experience I have of writing fanfiction was an doctor and queen(band) crossover on wattpad) I'm going to post the draft here and the plot and want some honest opinion on the writing and plot before I upload it to ao3
Main Characters that will be in this fic is:
Karl zemo(zemo son), zemo,bucky and sam.
And polaris from the x-men show gifted but I'm going to rewrite her story so her back story his different but same powers.
There will be other mutants and oc characters to.
Plot: what if zemo son had never died, what if karl was a mutant but zemo never knew because karl had kept it a secret to himself. This is an au of civil war and falcon and the winter solider where karl zemo is still alive and is a mutant.
Now the draft of the first chapter thats on my notes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In this fic karl has telekinesis, telepathy And healing powers. first few chapters will be more karl centric in the cacw era and then move to the time frame of tfaws.
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kanataka-san · an hour ago
Bucky: shit were going to die
*Said the white wolf feeling watter got higher than before and didnt stop flowing into the room they were in*
Sam: now, I don't wanna hear that negative attitude. Look on the bright side!
(Y/N): Yay, we're gonna die! Woooo!
Sam: why am I on this mission with you two
(Y/N): to be honest I dont know either but im starting to like it- never in my live I though I'll die this fast-
Bucky: are you ok doll-?
(Y/N): never been better- but seriously lets get out of here-
Sam: if you dint notice already I am trying, while you two just stand there!
(Y/N): just grab the door knob and twist it
Sam: you think its that eas- oh- holy shit!
(Y/N): just go with the flow Sam!
*Bucky gripped a pole with his metal arm while holds his boyfriend in place not letting the escaping watter take him away*
Bucky: you knew that from the start didn't you?
(Y/N): no- but I though it might work, didn't though about that opening them will make some kind of river that will take us- well only Sam- away.
Tumblr media
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loomontoia · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I did the *draw this in your style challenge* by artsybellepepper on ig
*The original idea for the drawing it's hers* but i wanted to post it here :)
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marvel-sambuckyvibes · an hour ago
Long day, long ride, so I'm gonna take a second to write a little fic for Sam and Bucky.
Bucky felt like he had never done this before. He never had thought it would ever happen again.
The Fourth of July... it had a lot of value to Bucky. It meant everything he had ever wanted to fight for, that he was forced to fight against, and everything in between.
And Steve...
But Sam, being the annoying person he was, had insisted that Bucky come with him for the party. A party where Bucky knew no one.
Great. Yeah, that's just nice.
Sam was already talking to people, but Bucky was okay with just sitting and watching the fun. Because, really, he didn't need to be here. There was no value in having Bucky here, so he could just he unbothered.
But, unfortunately, Sam was Bucky's friend.
Sam was starting toward Bucky. Bucky shook his head no, then gave Sam a look, and started to stand up to walk away. But Sam reached Bucky, and put a hand on his shoulder.
"Okay, you unsociable dick. Let's just go watch some fireworks with everyone." Sam was laughing, obviously a little (or a lot) drunk. Bucky rolled his eyes as Sam pulled him through the crowds of people to the open spot in the grass, where, about thirty yards away, were obviously sober people lighting fireworks.
Bucky stood next to Sam, who was leaning on Bucky's shoulder a little bit. Bucky didn't really mind, but he just kind of wanted to go home.
The first firework was shot off, and Bucky watched as Sam, who was definitely more drunk than he should be, shouted and laughed at all of the light. But the unexpected was to come.
Bucky was watching the fireworks with little interest, but they were still nice. But Sam was intrigued, and he looked at Bucky.
"It's nice! You should... you should do stuff like this with me more often!"
As Bucky started to roll his eyes, Sam grabbed Bucky and pulled him close to him, and kissed him.
Bucky was surprised. Sam pulled back and looked at Bucky with a happy but confused look on his face.
"What? What? I-"
But Bucky pulled him back into the kiss. The fireworks shot up around them, seeming to strike them with every color on the face of the earth. The people around them didn't notice, or care; they were all too spiked. Bucky had his eyes closed, with his arms around Sam. He had been so stupid and oblivious to his feelings, so down and out about Steve... that he hadn't realized he had Sam.
So Bucky kept on embracing Sam.
The next morning, Sam had barely any memories of the previous night. But Bucky knew that maybe, just maybe, Sam actually felt that way about Bucky. Maybe he would come to... acknowledge it?
Because maybe, with Sam, Bucky could learn to love again.
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fuddlewuddle · an hour ago
so! thanks to that past ask you got, now i need to see a cute drunk Zemo flirting with Bucky and Bucky being all flustered while Sam just laughs his ass off 🥺😂
This would be so cute.
I’ve written the prompt down so I may do a one shot of this in the near future ☺️
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comfortbucky · an hour ago
no cause like how bad would it be if i just released chapter 3 of true north today instead of saturday….. 😳😳😳
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comicbooksidecharacter · 2 hours ago
Hiraeth pt 34
Bucky Barnes X OC (Amelia Stone)
Hiraeth: (n.) “longing or deep yearning for a place, time, feeling or person long gone; or that never was.”
Summary: Bucky realizes the OC is much more to him than just a friend.
Tumblr media
The government had got wind of the Russian's death, which led to scrutiny that maybe they would try to retrieve Dr. Kauko. As fate would have it, it was fortunate that Amy and Bucky were not with the team, because the Avengers and the "rogues" were being followed.
The Ishohi government had placed a few agents in Wakanda, who were selling "medical equipment" made of Vibranium to various hospital all over the country. What Wakanda didn't know was that these infiltrators were actually smuggling these to Ishohiland to aid in making various biochemical weapons. The equipment weighed a few micro grams more than usual, to allow for more vibranium to be smuggled off-land, millions of them. Dr. Kauko was forced to apply his prior experience with the metal to their recent research.
When news reached that his survival from the plan crash was no longer a secret, they had to move Dr. Kauko from a high security location in the capital to a small rural town close to Wakandan border. No one would suspect that he is so close to the border, and secondly, transport time for vibranium to get to the labs was greatly reduced, operations could be quicker.
It took a long time for Amy and Bucky to convince a local to “visit” one of these medical facilities as a transporter. He would then transport the supplies to their major customer, only half of the journey. Next, another man was given the responsibility to plant a small signaling device as the metallic clip of an ID badge. A little accident, the driver’s badge falls, they change it quickly, hand it back and the driver basically takes it to the camp where the doctor is kept, three days later the device is replace again, destroyed. The two helpers then placed in another town while the operation takes place.
This was where Bucky and Amy had to step in. Their three month long search was coming to a finale. They were planning to retrieve the doctor but security was very tight, and since it involved the border of two countries, they had to be discreet. The danger of the mission elucidated on Bucky that he had to call Steve.
"I can sense some underground activity", she spoke into the comms, her binoculars raised in the direction of the small collection of huts up north. She was hiding in a small cave nestled among the southern mountains.
"Don't use your abilities", Bucky muttered into the comms, "The disruption can raise alarms."
"I have been practicing, Sergeant", she said, looking around the huts as well.
"True", he replied, thinking of the nights she spent practicing with him. He had been helping her learn how to focus her energy on just one object. She couldn’t fool him perfectly, yet, but she could disrupt extremely sensitive electromagnetic equipment with prowess.
She looked at her watch, which also communicated to a drone that overlooked any suspicious activity. "Okay, No.23 just dropped the last cargo of the night and he's leaving the gate. That's it. Now we can go."
"You are staying back", Bucky announced casually. He was staying in a small inn just west of the establishment. He straightened up and began to equip himself with his weapons: guns, knives, fiber wire.
"I am coming with you", she bickered over the comms, "Don't be an idiot. There are at least 50 men there. You can't take on them all alone."
"I'm not all alone", he announced, "I have guns... a lot of guns. YOU, on the other hand, have compromised physical function. Your shoulder….”
"I am not disabled, Bucky. I have abilities", she said, sliding out of the cave and preparing herself as well. "I'm joining you... just you wait."
Bucky almost slammed the comms on the ground, but controlled his temper. He quickened the pace of his preparation and left the inn.
As he closed in, he felt a faint tingle in his left arm... she had arrived as well. The first thing she did was to cause distortions in their communication, cutting them off from their partners. However, she knew their headquarters would be quick to see this as a threat and respond. Time was of utmost importance.
"They are coming in within 15 minutes tops", she announced, looking at her watch.
Bucky was quiet as a shadow, feeding off of their fear and silence. When he was on a mission, one had to see him to believe that such clarity was possible. He was one with the shadows, a beetle could be louder than his footsteps, extraordinary since he was a heavy built man. His arms was strong and equally fast. His movement brute and ferocious. He could take down 4 people at once.
"FUCK", she muttered under her breath as the drone warned of an inbound projectile. A missile.
She also jumped into action and began to fight some people. Her right arm was well enough to hit people, and she used her abilities to stop bullets aimed her way. The sound of men falling began to ring throughout the perimeter.
A blast in mid-air caught everyone's attention. The missile aimed at them had been intercepted while still afloat, familiar red wings stretched across the horizon signalling help.
Within a few seconds, Steve, Natasha and Wanda were there as well, joining the fight. Sam was in the air, looking out for any trajectory.
"How did they..?"
"I called them.."
It was too sudden, the blast. A noise swept through the air like the ripping of a very thick cloth, and she found herself on the rocky ground, inhaling dust and gravel. For a few moments, she could hear nothing, not even the debris that was falling on and around her.
" WHAT HAPPENED?", Bucky's voice began to fade into her ear, replacing the loud buzzing. Dust had permeated into her nose, eyes, ears and mouth. She felt her throat and nasal cavity dry up because of the dust. It was horribly dry, positively suffocating, plain terrible.
"I'm okay", she panted, feeling rocks in her throat. "I'm okay..." She looked around, Natasha was plastered against a broken wall. Wanda had deflected the attack so the missile landed a few yards away but she was also out of her senses for one second.
Seeing a few drops of blood come out, "Shit", she hissed.
"What happened?", Bucky asked.
Bucky and Steve quickened the pace of fighting. Pretty soon he could see where they were, sprawled on the floor, while Wanda was protecting the two of them while they regained posture. She felt dizzy, and it seemed like the arteries in her head were trying their best not to burst open.
"You know what?", she could hear Wanda whisper, "I have had enough of this shit.."
Within seconds, a bright crimson wave seemed to wipe through the area, turning everything to fragments. She also put the last of her energy into the air around her. The guns from the guards flew into the air and Wanda’s force-field made crumbs out of them all, giving them the moment to subdue the enemy.
While the ruckus continued outside, Steve had easily broken into one of the huts and found Dr. Kauko nestled in a corner; he looked 50 pounds lighter and 50 years older.
"Dr. Kauko... I'm Steve Rogers. We are here to take you home, sir."
A black jet was waiting for them, Wakandan by origin. As soon as they entered, they were welcomed by the soldiers of Wakanda, accompanied by the nurses and a doctor. As soon as the door opened, the medical staff took the two girls away to the medical attention section. Steve, Bucky and Wanda were only marginally hurt. Sam was panting, taking his wings off. Smoke and dust lingered in their nostrils as well, as if they had never left the field.
The trip to Wakanda was relatively short, thanks to Wakandan technology. Steve had taken to the comms, trying to stay updated on the status of Ishohiland after this rogue undertaking. T’Challa had decided to release a statement as soon as they had the doctor back in the country, which is why the doctor was being tended to most urgently, in case they need to show him to the world media. Steve asked some food to be sent for the doctor.
There was a long, strange silence in the jet, like when a bus is taking its course through the night and everyone is asleep, except you. The exhaustion of the mission seemed to have overcome the need to talk about things, to celebrate, to complain, to be angry. Sam was busy unwrapping his wrists free of the protective wrist bands under his gloves.
“How’s the girls?”, Sam asked Wanda who was just coming back from the medical area. She hadn’t been hurt as much, owing to her powers.
“They need medical attention”, she replied, biting her lip as uneasiness set in. “Natasha broke 4 ribs and her elbow. Ellie had a force field around them but the blast was a little too close, I think she has internal bleeding they need to tend to.” She almost threw herself on a seat, wanting to rip her clothes open and just lie on her bed.
The doctor had contacted the airport to have two ambulances ready, calling for emergency imaging tests, blood, electrolytes, coagulants. It was a part of the job, but it didn’t mean it wouldn’t worry the team. They looked through the window on the door to the makeshift medical wing. Natasha was talking to Ellie about something and she was laughing at her, pain evident on her features. They also ended up laughing painfully on each other’s faces, looking ashen and blank like a sheet of paper. They noticed the three boys standing in the window and gave them a smile. Ellie knew Steve would kill her; if the bleeding didn’t of course.
“I told her to stay away”, Bucky muttered under his breath,  finally tasting the dirt in his mouth, which he had been trying to spit out and wash. He felt as if some metal was somehow stuck inside his skull, just around the nose. It began to dawn on him how hot his body had become after the brawl.
Thankfully, the pilot announced they were over Wakandan airspace and they heaved a sigh of relief. The nearest airport was a small, domestic one, 30 minutes away.
“You alright, Buck?”, Steve asked, putting his hand over Bucky’s shoulder.
Bucky nodded. “Then what are you thinking about?”
“I told her to stay away”, he said.
“Hey”, Steve said, “If this incident teaches us anything, it is how stubborn Ellie can be. It was a foolish move, what she did. But you were with her, and you’ve done your best.”
“Captain Rogers, King T’Challa would like a word with you, please. Gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts as we are about to land.”
Bucky watched his back as he walked into the cockpit and Sam took his place.
“But I couldn’t protect her.”
“Are you kidding me?”, Sam heard him and broke in “You have been with her every step of this stupid-ass mission that she took upon herself. You have protected her from all sorts of danger, from herself and her crazy decisions. Don’t blame yourself for this; it happens.”
“I just.. I don’t know. I told her to stay back, her shoulder…. and she really isn’t that great with physical combat with it… I told her not to come with me. But she wouldn’t listen. I mean why does she have to be this stubborn?” Bucky was talking more to himself than to Sam. His mind kept replaying how the men were kicking and punching her whenever they got lucky. He remembered the heat from the blast, the dust, her voice as she convulsed in pain.
“You are getting all wound up about this…”, Sam reassured, “You saw them. They are doing fine. Relax a bit.” Would they? Internal bleeding isn’t a good thing. What if the wounds are deeper than expected. “They are going to run tests and take them to the hospital. Wakanda is GREAT at stuff like this.”
He looked at Bucky who was carrying the usual brooding, lost expression on his face. He didn't speak after that too. Sam could see that his thoughts were running deeper than theirs. Of course they cared about their teammates too, but Bucky seemed to be having a worse time. All they could hear was the engine as they approached Wakanda.
The sound of the gurney interrupted his thoughts. There were ambulances ready to take the girls to the hospital. Bucky saw as the nurses were quick to rush the gurneys to the ambulance. Natasha was soon to follow. He swallowed a lump as he looked at the ambulance doors close, time moving slower than he remembered. He turned his eyes to Sam, who was walking towards T’Challa.
“Besides”, Sam said, over the noise of the helicopter in which T’Challa had come to receive then. “Why are you so worked up about it?” Bucky could only stare at his back as he walked away.
“Because I’m in love with her... and I don’t know what to do about it.” he whispered in a defeated realization.
PSA: Yes I write stuff in detail. I’m SORRY *ugly sobs*
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multiplums · 3 hours ago
appreciation post to my favorite mutual mcu fic writers🥺🥺. this does not mean that i don’t appetite EVERY fic writer that is out there b/c i do. i just wanted to give love to my close mutuals :)
@wkemeup KAS!! no guys fr, her fics are so good!! first off they're so long that it can be like a series but IT'S NOT. the way she writers for bucky is just so freaking amazing
@barnestuff derin my bestie, i am soso glad i found your account. she writes the best bucky fluff EVER!! everytime i get a notification from her taglist i run to tumblr
@babycap my little angel dev. her fics are so homey??? truly don't understand how she can put out these masterpieces for us but okay.
@wicked-mind tay’s bucky fics are amazing also!! they’re also so long and the way she writes in detail is fucking amazing i swear.
@moonlight-onyx TRIN BABY! first off, her mcu!college series she is writing rn is gold, so go read that rn!! but trin is amazing her blurbs are soso good, idk how she is able to write that quick but.
@bucksfucks if yall want good ass smut, go read her stuff. she does all the smutty tropes for our h-word selves. the way i stalk her account and read her masterlist a lot is a problem
@ritesofreverie my bby mae’s sammy sundays give me life first off. idk how she does it but the fact she gets all of them done is amazing. i love scrolling her account to read them.
@multifandomwriter allison is the best!!! she updates every couple days and i love being on her taglist sm. her requests are always open i swear and she gets so many, and always gets to them.
@mickey-henry mel ily! my favorite work by her is probably her bookstore au with bucky!! she also writes the best headcanons ughh. and her account is so fluffy
@sunmoonandbucky yall. her peter and bucky series changed me life. i read both of them on separate nights and didn’t go to bed until i finished. it was so worth it tho!! i definitely didn’t cry during both of them
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scarletdawnxx-blog · 3 hours ago
Nightmares Chapter 1
Bucky Barnes Reader Insert.
AN: This one will be more of a short story with multiple chapters.
It started shortly after Bucky arrived at the compound upstate. You were asleep in bed when the screams pierced through the quite of the night. You shot up quickly tumbling out of bed as the sheets tangled at your feet. Grabbing the gun from your bed side table and rushing into the hall. It was quiet and dark, then you heard the screams again. They were coming from Bucky’s room. Creeping quietly towards his door, opening it slowly, gun at the ready as you looked over his room. He was laying on the floor. Bed made neatly except for the pillow he had beneath is head. He was tossing and turning, having a nightmare. You could feel the fear seeping off of him. Lowering your weapon and placing it on his dresser, you knelt down trying to wake him, instead you were met with a metal hand right around your throat.
“Bucky” you chocked out but realized he was still asleep. His hand an involuntary reflex. Your heart broke for this man. Taking as relaxing breath as you could you placed a hand gently on his cheek and allowed your power to flow from you to him. Taking his fear and pain and replacing it with a calm, safe feeling. Soon his hand released your neck and he stilled, falling into a deep peaceful sleep. You stared at him for a few moments. You knew the stories, of what he had done, or you should say what had been done to him, what he had been forced to do. Your fingers lightly traced the scars where his metal arm met flesh, sighing and picking yourself up off the floor, grabbing your weapon and making your way back to bed. You laid staring at the ceiling for a long time before you finally found sleep again.
The next morning you woke, feeling exhausted despite sleeping later than usual. That’s how it always was though. Opening yourself up and using your power was draining to say the least. When you were younger you had always found crowds of people exhausting, never really understanding why until one day, when working a shift in the E.R. You were stitching up a young child that fallen from a tree and had a nasty gash on their forehead. You could tell how scared they were, placing a reassuring hand on them and felt their fear moving up your arm as if you were physically pulling it from them, he was instantly calmed. You pulled your hand back quickly as if it had been burned. From that moment a switch had been flipped and you could feel EVERYTHING. It was overwhelming, you thought you were losing your mind. Like you were drowning and couldn’t get your head above water. A very long road later, and a few break downs learning about this ability you had, you joined the Avengers. Your powers had developed from being able to just take people’s feelings, to being able to manipulate them. You could calm, confuse, take pain away or cause it, and even make people trust you so much they would tell you their darkest secrets. Which came in handy with interrogations. You had learned to not have it on all the time. Allowing you to function somewhat normally around people. It was just so damn draining.
You groaned rolling out of bed, making your way to the bathroom, your throat dry and in desperate need of water. Turing the faucet on and filling your hands with water bringing it to your lips. You wiped your mouth and looked at yourself in the mirror. Dark circles under your eyes, hair a mess, and a very bruised throat. Bucky’s grip has been tighter than you thought. Your fingers traced over the bruises wincing slightly at the tenderness. Not having the energy to try and cover it with makeup, you crawled back into your bed and picked up your phone and sending a text to Nat, knowing she had a high necked tank top that you were hoping she would let you borrow.
Yeah, sure, everything good. She responded. You told her everything was fine but could she please drop it by your room.
A few moments later, a knock came at your door and Nat walked in, seeing you still laying in bed.
“Y/N, is there a reason we are hiding today” she asked coming over to sit on the edge of the bed. You sat up and took the shirt she offered. Her eyes widened when she saw your neck. “What...the....hell?”
“Sorry, I didn’t want the whole team seeing this,” you motioned to your neck. “Barnes was having a nightmare, he didn’t know what was happening. I calmed him down, didn’t know he had such a tight grip.”
“You’re lucky he didn’t crush your windpipe,” she said examining your neck. “If you need the day to recover, there isn’t much going on today. I’ll bring you something by to eat.” She placed a gentle hand on your knee and gave you a soft smile.
“Thanks, but I should get up and move around.”
“Alright, don’t push yourself though.” Nat got up and you nodded thanking her again for the shirt. Natasha had taken on the role of caretaker when you arrived at the compound. She was your closest friend and confidant.
You finally managed to get yourself presentable and made your way to the kitchen. Sam, Steve, and Bucky sitting around the table. You said a quite hello to them before pulling a cup for coffee down and rummaging through the cabinets for something to eat.
“How you settling in Buck?” Steve asked sipping from his own coffee mug.
“It’s been fine.” He said “First couple of nights were rough, last night seemed to be a turning point, best sleep I have had in a while.” You looked over at him from the corner of your eye. Trying to make it look like you weren’t paying attention. He did look more rested. A light coming back to his vibrant blue eyes. You tugged at the neck of the shirt Nat had given you, making sure it was fully adjusted still and hadn’t shifted to expose your discolored neck. Collecting your food and coffee you made your way towards the hall.
“Not joining us?” Sam asked seeing you go.
“Oh no, it’s ok. I don’t want to interrupt.” You said with a small smile, trying to sound pleasant and not utterly beaten.
“Stay, Bucky needs to get to know more of the team,” Steve said getting up and pulling out a chair for you. You took a deep breath and put a pleasant face on before turning and heading to the seat Steve had pulled out. “Y/N here has been a key addition to our take down of hydra.” Steve boasted making you blush as you sipped from your coffee. You could feel Bucky looking you over. He may no longer be under Hydra’s control but he was still a trained assassin and sharp shooter. Always being alert, considering everyone a threat at first. No wonder he was so uptight.
“Please, you guys go out and do the real work,” you said pushing your food around.
“So what do you do then?” Bucky asked leaning back in his chair crossing arms.
“Oh no, you gotta see it, shit is way cooler than a metal arm or super soldier serum,” Sam said and you just stared at him, like really, why does he have do that all the time.
“Don’t oversell me Sam,” you said with a slight warning tone. But he wouldn’t let up, so you placed your hand on his sending a jolt of pain up his arm.
“Damn, I meant for you to do that to him,” Sam groaned as he pulled his arm away quickly. You just sipped your drink again, and couldn’t help but feeling a little smug, you loved Sam but sometimes he just wouldn’t shut up.
“So you can cause pain?” Bucky asked amused.
“Kind of,” you said with a shrug.
“She can control emotions and brain waves. Its impressive to watch her work.” Steve added giving more and an explanation. “Speaking of which, I think Stark is inbound with a Hydra agent today. You’ll get to see Y/N in action.”
“When did this happen?” You asked, Nat had said there would be nothing today. You already felt drained from the night before.
“Early hours of the morning, I thought you knew, I saw you heading back to your room shortly after the intel came through.” Steve said, getting up and gathering his dishes.
“Uh, No, couldn’t sleep and I had just gone for a walk,” You lied gathering up your things and putting them in their proper places, Stark liked everything in the compound to always stay tidy.
You started to make your way to your room, when you felt someone walking up behind you.
“Why were you in my room last night?” Shit. Bucky.
“I wasn’t,” you said continuing on.
“Your scent was lingering when I woke up this morning,” He whispered in your ear sending a shiver down your spine.
“Really, I don’t know what you are talking about, and I don’t have a scent,” You fired back feeling a little offended. He chuckled at your annoyance.
“Sure doll, whatever you say,” he said leaving you at your door cursing yourself. Next time he can just lay on the floor and scream, you thought to yourself knowing deep down you wouldn’t let that happen.
Entering your room you put you head phones on and started your interrogation playlist to get you in the right mind set. Closing your eyes and losing yourself in the music. You must have fallen asleep because you were rudely awakened with Stark tossing a file on to you.
“What the hell Tony” you said sitting up quickly ripening the headphones off.
“No time for napping, you’re up kid” Tony said walking out and giving no explanation for his behavior. Typical Stark. You picked up the file and started to go over the intel as you walked to the interrogation room. You had all kinds brought into you, but this one was different. A higher up from deep with in Russian Hydra, the same cell that had created the Winter Soldier program. You felt anger swell in you, hot and red, thinking that these were the people who had tortured and brainwashed Bucky. The man in the room just down the hall from you that now screamed from the memories turned nightmares and couldn’t even stand to sleep in a normal bed. You were going to have fun with this one. This one would know Bucky’s pain and fear. It still clung to you from the night before, ripe and ready to use against him.
“You brought me a good one to play with today,” You said looking in to the interrogation room through the two-way window. Tony, Steve, and Bucky also looked in. Nat was in there warming him up, playing the good cop. That was usually your go to, make them feel safe and comfortable, and their secrets spill from their lips, but today, today you would be their worst nightmare.
“I don’t like that tone Y/N,” Steve said side eyeing you. You just kept staring ahead at the man in the room. He was large, muscular, he had seen his fair share of fights you could tell. Even from where you stood his arrogance seeping off of him and it disgusted you. He wasn’t scared or worried at all. Like he wanted to be caught, and you didn’t like that. You looked over at Bucky, gaging his response. Outwardly he was stoic, but you could feel his uneasiness, anger, fear. Pressing the intercom to tell Nat to come on out you made your way to the door, lightly brushing your fingers against Bucky’s hand, giving him a sense of calm before entering the room. You calmly placed the file on the table in front of you and took a seat.
“Send the red head back in, she at least looked like she knew what she was doing,” The man said in a thick Russian accent.
“Не суди книгу по обложке” (Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.) you responded catching him off guard with your Russian. Good.
“You think because you know a little Russian I’ll open up to you,” he scoffed.
“Not at all, I am curious though, how someone so high ranking could get taken so easily,” you said coolly opening his file. “You come from a long line of Hydra thugs, but your predecessors were much more impressive than you. Other than being brute muscle, what good have you really been to them,” He was getting angry and defensive, no matter how much training someone has, ego always gets in the way. “Maybe Hydra doesn’t have a use for you anymore, I’m guessing even for your high rank you don’t really know what’s going on. A curtesy rank and title, for your families long service.” You picked at his pride more, it was always the downfall of men like these. He however just sat in his smugness. Which you were very over. Your powers usually required you to be touching the other person, but sitting across from this real POS in front of you, your powers began to leak out from you, moving like long tendrils from you to the man across from you, worming their way into him. You could see the change in his eyes. You never broke eye contact with him. “We could let you go I guess, turn you over to the authorities, since you aren’t going to have anything useful for us.” You picked the file up and stood.
“Wait,” he said, and you smiled to yourself. People can only handle so much fear before their fight or flight kicks in and the amount you were feeding to his man would make even the hardest criminals wet themselves.
“Did you have something you wanted to share?” you asked sitting on the edge of the table you were both sitting at.
“Yeah, go fuck yourself,” he said before launching himself at you, fight is then just like you had hoped it would. You dodge him easily using his momentum against him, you sent him sailing into the wall. You heard a crack, probably his nose, followed by pain. It was nothing compared to what you were about to unleash on him. His own fear now mingling with what you had forced on him was almost intoxicating. He turned and swung wildly, you grabbed his arm and easily got him to the floors, straddling him you grabbed his face and sent waves of pain into him, his screams echoing off the walls filling the room in terror and he clawed at your arms trying to pull your hands off him. You pushed everything Bucky had felt under their years of torture into him, and then multiplied it. You had never felt this strong in your power before, melting this man’s mind into madness. Your nails dug into his skin causing small halfmoon cuts that began to bleed. It wasn’t to long before he was a broken whimpering mess under you. He had even actually wet himself, you really hated it when they did that. You stood looking in disgust at the man on the floor. Your adrenaline leaving you and looking up. Bucky standing in the doorway, Steve behind him with shocked looks on their faces, not realizing Bucky had burst through the door thinking you were in danger.
“He’s all yours,” you said beginning to sway from exhaustion. Everything started to go black, and the last thing you remember were strong arms catching you as your legs gave out.
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marvel-sambuckyvibes · 4 hours ago
I was really deep into the Sambucky thoughts today, and I had a thought: what would be the perfect moment for Sam and Bucky to kiss for the first time?
So I decided.
I think it would be really nice if they were on a mission, fighting really hard, and it's a really clear night. The moon is bright, stars flashing, barely a cloud marking the sky, and as they take out their last opponent, something happens.
They are on top of a building, trying their best not to fall off, but obviously, this is a fight, and the inevitable happens. As Bucky goes and knocks out the last person, he slips and falls.
Sam doesn't notice for a second, until he hears Bucky scream, and that's when Sam realizes. So he dives down, flying faster, panic lacing him, as he watches Bucky fall.
It's the last possible moment; the last fifty feet. Sam reaches out his hands desperately, and he manages, right at the last moment, to grab Bucky around the waist.
Bucky is breathing heavily, considering he just nearly died, and his hands desperately find Sam's shoulders to hold on. Sam is flying straight up, so their faces are facing eachother, except Sam is looking up. And Bucky thinks, well, what the hell? He could always jump off the building again.
So when Sam looks down briefly, barely for what was going to be a second, Bucky kisses him.
Bucky expects Sam to completely reject the gesture, to let him go, honestly, but Sam doesn't.
Sam actually returns the gesture. He stops flying up, and just leaves them both seemingly floating in the air, kissing, as the moon shines behind them.
The very first time, freezing them both in the moment, defying gravity, and defying standards. And they don't want it to end.
Because they love eachother.
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loveforever86 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My baby . 😍🐶❤️❤️
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squirrels-writing · 9 hours ago
Tea and Turkish Delights
So I know that the title doesn’t exactly match the character but when you read I hope you’ll understand, so enjoy this fic! Stay safe and be kind lovelies!
Apologies my lovelies, I meant to post sooner, but I’ve recently got a job and I’ll also be quite busy on the weekend, so I may not get around to posting as much but I do have fics ready to go, I will upload when I can, Stay safe and I’ll try to post before the end of june!
Warnings: fluff, comfort, oblivious!reader, jealous!Bucky, not much else but if I’ve missed anything be sure to let me know ^_< 
Summary: Zemo teases reader, Bucky whisks the reader away... read and see...
Tumblr media
*gif is not mine
In Riga Bucky had made sure to keep an eagle eye on Zemo, he didn’t want the man to get away, well that was Bucky’s reasoning anyway, not the fact that Y/n had been kind to Zemo and although Bucky knew that it was her nature to be nice to anyone no matter what they had done, it caused Bucky to worry and watch Zemo almost constantly.
Sam watched with slight amusement, knowing that the only reason Bucky was burning holes into Zemo was for the simple fact that... Bucky was jealous. It was well known that Bucky had a crush on Y/n, but she was oblivious to his attempts at flirting with her.
Y/n, accepted the teacup from Zemo, smiling at him, a polite shy “thank you,” falling from her lips.
     “Turkish delight?” Zemo offered with a soft smile.
Y/n looked at him accepting the candy. Zemo watched her, curious about her, he honestly found her to be a breath of fresh air, it had been so long since he had been offered any kindness, after all, that had happened, but he knew he’d have to tread carefully with Bucky’s cold stare on him twenty-four seven.
     “I think James might like you,” Zemo whispered to her, making Y/n choke on her tea, she seemingly sipped at the wrong time.
Bucky had looked away for a mere minute and Y/n had choked on her tea at something Bucky guessed Zemo had said. Getting up Bucky joined and stood beside Y/n who had a blush on her face and Zemo was amused by her flustered expression.
“Y/n, can you come with me for a moment please?” Bucky asked, trying to keep calm with Zemo smirking behind his teacup.
“Sure Buck, I’ll be back,” Y/n smiled, letting Zemo know.
Y/n smiled blissfully unaware that Bucky was filled with jealousy, Sam and Zemo watched, knowing that something was bound to happen now, with how pissed Bucky was with Zemo unintentionally making her blush.
Bucky led her to his room, Y/n stood awkwardly in his room, while Bucky closed the door for some privacy.
     “What did you want to talk about Bucky?” Y/n inquired with her gentle voice.
     “Uh...” Bucky mind blanked for a moment, he hadn’t had an excuse, well besides wanting to have Y/n to himself, to make her smile, laugh and blush.
     “Bucky...” her angelic voice called out, making him snap back to the present.
     “Well... Y/n... Doll, you see, I had this... thing I wanted to show you, but I think I forgot it,” he attempted to fabricate the best lie he could but when he saw her sweet innocent eyes his lie crumbled and even to him wasn’t even believable.
     “It’s okay Bucky, do you mind if I ask you something?” she flushed again, bowing her head in an attempt to hide her face from him.
     “Sure doll, anything,” he replied, staring intently at her, as though trying to will her to look up so he could see her blushing cherry face.
     “Um... Sam said something a while back and uh... recently Zemo said something and I wanna know if it’s true...” she started a little unsure.
     “What is it doll? You can ask me,” he stepped closer to her his right hand reaching out to lift her head so he could look her in the eyes.
     “Do you like me? Like ‘like me, like me?” she asked with such an innocent gaze.
Bucky smiled and lowered his forehead to hers, “Yes, sweetheart I ‘like you’ like you,” her eyes widened a smidge and then her face turned even redder than before.
     “What is it doll face, what’s got you blushing like that?” he teased, wrapping his arms around her.
     “I’ve liked you for a while, but I didn’t think you reciprocated and then Sam and Zemo said you liked me and... I’m embarrassed,” she brought her hands up and covered her face.
Bucky let go and reached to remove her hands from her face. “Doll, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, I think it’s cute, your innocent nature, your big e/c eyes and your gorgeous,” he smiled, listing off the things he had come to love about her.
     “Thanks, Bucky,” she mumbled, shoving her face into his chest to hide again.
     “It’s okay, doll,” he smiled down at the top of her head, “When this is all over, I’m gonna take you out on a date, how does that sound?” he planned, a grin on his face.
     “That sounds good Buck,” Y/n replied, “Oh!” she suddenly chirped, “I need to finish my tea,” she remembered abruptly. Bucky frowned, knowing that if he let her go, she’d probably talk with Zemo again.
     “Why don’t you stay here, for a little longer doll,” Bucky held her firm against him, securely trapping her.
     “But Bucky, I need to finish my tea and try that Turkish delight, Zemo offered it and it would be impolite of me not to,” she reasoned, but Bucky was having none of it.
     “Nope, doll, I need you here,” Bucky fussed pouting at her.
     “Bucky, we can come back later, why can’t I go drink my tea and you can help Sam with Karli,” she tried once more to reason.
     “No, I’m... jealous,” he mumbled shoving his face into her neck.
     “You’re jealous of what?” she inquired innocently.
     “You and Zemo, he’s not allowed to make you blush, plus I don’t trust him,” Bucky said, placing a kiss on her neck, “You’re mine now and I’m gonna hold onto you,” Y/n simply blushed at his admission.
     “Well, can we go out, and I’ll bring my tea with me and I can sit next to you,” she smiled, knowing that she had found a solution.
     “I suppose that could work, do you promise to come and sit next to me, or is this a trick so you can talk with Zemo,” he teasingly inquired.
     “I promise,” she giggled, holding up her pinkie finger, “Pinkie promise,” Bucky gazed at her sweetly, loving this refreshing childlike nature of hers, he wrapped his pinkie around hers, “Pinkie promise,” he repeated.
     “Now let’s go, I have some tea to finish!” Y/n cheered, holding Bucky’s metal hand, pulling him towards the door. Bucky laughed at her little fist pump she did and led him out.
Sam was relaxing on the couch and Zemo had just finished his tea when the two re-joined them. “I take it you had a good talk,” Zemo simply stated smugly, Y/n nodded with a big smile and Bucky glared at Zemo.
Sam huffed, trying to keep his humor under wraps, watching Y/n and Bucky. Zemo paid no mind to Bucky, and Y/n grabbed her tea and led Bucky away from the kitchen and to the couches where he finally relaxed, with Y/n leaning into his side.
     “See, I promised,” she grinned and sipped on her now warmer tea.
     “Yeah, doll, you did,” Bucky whispered to her, leaning his head onto her shoulder. It was safe to say that the peaceful atmosphere was not to last for long, but they enjoyed the bit of peace they would have for now.
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sebastanbucky · 10 hours ago
You Left Me Skin And Bone
Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Word count: 4,978
Characters: Steve, Bucky, Sam
Summary:  Steve reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small notebook. “I want you to have this.” “Fuck your book, Steve! This won’t do shit to help me.” Bucky shouts as he throws it across the room. “I’m sorry.” Steve says again.
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its-your-girl-savy · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Adopted Stark
Real name: Isabella Stark
Species: Human/Unknown
Citizenship: Sokovian, 🇺🇸 American
Gender: woman
Date of birth: February 10,1976
Title: Co-CEO of Stark Industries, Avenger, Agent, United Ststes Navial Captain
Affiliations: MIT, United States Navy Seals, Stark Industries, S.H.I.E.L.D.
Isabella “Izzy” Stark is a billionaire industrialist, a founding member of the Avengers, and a Co-CEO of Stark Industries. A headstrong but brilliant inventor along with her adopted brother Tony Stark. Stark is sokovian born but before the sokovian bombings on March 30, 1999, Isabella’s birth parents had their youngest daughter put up for adoption because her father feared American involvement in Sokovian matters. So he had his rather enhanced daughter to be adopted by a rather wealthy man who also has experience in human enhancements in America, Howard Stark. America would give his daughter full range to be whoever she wanted to be and with Stark money the way to achieve it. Isabella Stark was adopted right before her fourth birthday in January of 1980 almost 19 years before the Sokovian bombings and 11 years before her adopted parents died. Isabella (15) and Tony (21) when their parents died, Tony finished his schooling and began to take over their fathers company all the while taking care of Isabella until she turned 18 when she joined the United States Navy.
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teebarnes · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Updated: 24/06/21 ( NZST )
⤑ Welcome to my writing masterlist, here you'll find all my current fics.
⤑ All fics are my own, please do not copy, repost or translate my work, sorry!
⤑ I write for the MCU cast and their characters, more will be available soon.
⤑ Click here for my taglist to be notified when I post new fics.
Tumblr media
⤑ Sebastian Stan's masterlist
Tumblr media
⤑ Chris Evans' masterlist
Tumblr media
⤑ Anthony Mackie's masterlist
Tumblr media
⤑ Tom Hiddleston's masterlist
Tumblr media
⤑ Tom Holland's masterlist
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them 🥰
Much love, Tee.
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i wrote another one shot lol:
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samwlscns · 16 hours ago
y’all please i am begging you to send me mcu drabble requests from the following lists… i’m in a mood:
🌟 casual affections
🌟 touches
see who i write for from this list
(if you request pls make sure to lmk which list you’re requesting from ty!)
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