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#bucky oneshot
Hey! I really love your writing, it's mesmerising and soo beautiful! While I was working out I had that crazy idea and I immediately came here to make a request but believe me it's crazy! Soo let's get to the point. You and Sebastian or Bucky (but if it's Bucky a few things must be changed) are on vacation for like 4 months and you haven't posted photos of you during that time neither have you talked or sent photos to your co-stars. Little did they know you were pregnant before the vacation soo you're in the 4th month now and you still don't look like pregnant but a little bloated. When you get back you, Sebastian and your co-starts decided to have dinner and they just wonder why you have gained weight because you are always soo lean and eat less. Something like that... I would to see it made from you 💞
Secret Paradise
A/N: What a lovely request... Thank you for this. After a rough day, writing this made me smile so hard. Thinking of Seb being a dad just makes me so happy. Again, thank you for the request and also, thank you for the kind words! I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated :)
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x fem! Reader
Warnings: none, just pure fluff
Tumblr media
“Love! We’re going to be late!” Sebastian yells, standing at the front door of your hotel room, his hand resting on the door knob. 
“Coming!” you yell back, rushing towards where he’s standing, a gift bag in your hand. 
As soon as you reach him, he puts his hands out. 
“Whoa, careful there, baby. You’re carrying precious cargo.” 
“Ha ha,” you respond. You place a hand on your growing stomach. “Our baby is fine. No need to worry.” 
“I wasn’t talking about our baby,” Sebastian jokes. He reaches over to grab the gift bag out of your hand. “I was talking about this expensive wine we bought for Anthony. Shit wasn’t cheap.” 
Snatching the bag back, you lightly smack his arm before laughing. “Always the funny guy. But, please, no cursing around the little one.”
“What? I gotta start teaching ‘em now on how to be just like their daddy,” he says, winking at you. 
Opening the door, you walk out of the room. “I guess I should start praying now that they turn out like me.” 
Sebastian locks the door, before turning around and giving you a mischievous grin. “Oh, you’re gonna pay for that one, doll.”
You shriek as he runs up to you and lifts you, spinning you around, before placing you back on your feet and smacking your butt. 
“Look who decided to finally show up?!” Anthony says excitedly, opening the door so the both of you can walk into his house. 
You hand him the gift bag. “For you,” you say as he takes it out of your hands. 
He pulls the wine out of the bag and smiles, before reaching over to give you a hug. “Thank you, beautiful. You didn’t have to get me anything,” he says, arms wrapped tightly around you. 
“It’s from the both of us,” Sebastian says. “Where’s my thank you?”
Anthony pulls away from you and looks over at Sebastian. “I know damn well that Y/N went out and got this herself.” 
Sebastian rolls his eyes and walks away, heading into the kitchen. “Whatever you say!” he yells back, throwing his arms up in the air. 
“How do you handle him all the time?” Anthony asks. 
Moving towards him, you grab his arm and pull him towards the kitchen. “C’mon, let’s go,” you say, laughing. 
When you get to the kitchen, you lean into Anthony’s ear. “I can handle him because I’m just as crazy,” you whisper before pulling away and winking at him. 
As you walk around the kitchen to grab a couple slices of watermelon that’s laid out on the counter, Scarlett spots you. 
She grabs your shoulders, smiling at you. “Look at you! You’re glowing! What’s your secret?” 
Nervously, you glance over at Sebastian, who is looking at you with the same expression. 
For the past four months, you and Sebastian have been living in New Zealand, without any contact with your co-stars. The both of you had decided to get away, due to heavy publicity about your relationship. Needing a break from the spotlight, you disappeared across the world, hoping the prying eyes would back off since you both have gone M.I.A. 
Surprisingly, as soon as you got to New Zealand, you found out that you’re pregnant, and you’re now four months along. It came as a shock, but the both of you couldn’t be more excited. 
“Y/N?” Scarlett asks, pulling you out of your thoughts. 
“Uh, just a new skin care routine, I guess,” you lie, letting out a small laugh. 
“You’ll have to share it with me later,” she says, patting you on the shoulder. 
“Dinner’s ready!” Anthony yells from the dining room as he’s setting up the table with silverware. 
Sebastian comes up from behind you and places his hand on your lower back, guiding you towards the dining room. “You okay, beautiful?” he whispers in your ear, so no one else can hear. 
“I’m alright… just hungry,” you whisper back, looking up at him. 
“Let’s go get you and the little one some food then.” 
A mass amount of food stares back at you as you sit down at the table. Your stomach growls in response, the last time you ate being three hours ago. Around you sits Sebastian, Anthony, Scarlett, Elizabeth, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston, and Paul Bettany. 
In the middle of the table sits Chris’s special BBQ spare ribs, the sauce being a family recipe. Before being pregnant, you never ate his ribs. Not because they weren’t good, but because you were never a big fan of ribs. Now though… Now, you could eat the whole tray full of them. 
Grabbing the fork, you place four ribs on your plate. Directly across the table, Evans stares at you in shock. 
“Y/N? Eating my ribs? Well, this is just the best day of my life!” He leans in so he’s closer to you. “I hope they’re okay.” 
Cutting off a bite and putting it in your mouth, you groan. “It’s delicious. Best thing I’ve eaten in months.” 
Paul pulls out his phone and snaps a picture of you. You stare back at him, a confused expression on your face.
“I’m sorry,” Paul says as he puts his phone away. “I just had to document it. No one else will ever believe us that you actually ate those ribs.”
“He’s right,” Anthony says, pointing his fork at Paul. “Gotta get that evidence.” 
“Can we please leave Y/N alone?” Lizzie asks, giving Paul and Anthony an exasperated look. 
“Thank you, Lizzie,” you say, chuckling. You nuzzle your shoulder into Anthony, who’s sitting to the right of you. “No hard feelings.” 
“Of course not. You’ll always love me,” Anthony jokes back. 
Before you can answer, Tom speaks up, a bottle of wine in his hand. “Wine anyone?” He gestures the bottle towards you. “Y/N? It’s your favorite. I picked it up on the way here.” 
Sebastian reaches over to grab the bottle and shakes his head. “Y/N can’t drink.” 
Realizing what he just said, you look over at him in shock. 
“Why can’t you drink?” Scarlett asks, looking at you confused. “You always drink that wine.” 
“Is everything okay?” Tom asks. 
“Everything’s fine,” you respond, looking over at Sebastian. “My doctor just recommended that I cut back.”
“What’re you not telling us?” Anthony asks, staring intently at you and Sebastian. 
“If they don’t want to tell us, it’s none of our business,” Chris says. “I mean… the doctor bit is definitely a lie.” He takes a bite of his food and looks away. 
“Should we tell them?” you ask Sebastian. 
Sighing, Sebastian grabs your hand and gives it a light squeeze before looking at everyone. “We’re… well, we’re…”
“We’re pregnant,” you announce, cutting him off. 
“Well, she’s the pregnant one,” he says, gesturing towards you. “But, yes… We are expecting in five more months.” 
Paul starts coughing, his wine going down his throat wrong. Anthony reaches over to pat his back. 
“You’re pregnant?!?!” Scarlett yells, excitement evident in her voice. 
“Oh my gosh, Y/N!” Lizzie yells at the same time as Scarlett. 
“That’s wonderful!” Tom says at the same time Chris says, “Congratulations, guys!”
“Seabass is gonna be a daddy!” Anthony yells, slamming his hands down on the table. “Real question though… am I gonna be the godfather?”
“We haven’t thought that far yet,” you say, laughing at Anthony’s disappointed face.
Sebastian smiles at you. “We’re really happy. It was a surprise, but a good one.”
“You guys are adorable,” Paul says with his mouth full, pointing his fork between the two of you. 
“Finish chewing before you talk, Paul!” Lizzie says to Paul, grinning at him. 
“Look at us,” Tom says. “A dysfunctional family, but one that’s going to love your new baby.” 
Tearing up, you smile at Tom. “This little one is going to have a wonderful family,” you say, rubbing your stomach. 
Sebastian leans in to give you a kiss on the top of your head. “The best family,” he whispers into your hair. 
On the car ride home, you look over at Sebastian, who’s focusing intently on the road. 
“How do you think that went?” you ask. 
He gives you a quick glance before looking back at the road. “Better than I could’ve ever imagined.” 
Looking out the window, you look up at the moon. “Yeah, it went really well, didn’t it? I’m glad they figured it out. I felt bad for keeping it from them for this long.” 
Sebastian lays his hand on your thigh. “They’re going to be a great help.” 
“That’s true. Thank god we have them. We’d be okay doing this on our own though.” 
“Oh, 100%.” He smiles lazily. “We’re a power couple. The best one around.” 
“You bet your ass we are,” you say, smiling back. 
“Language! The baby will hear!” 
Thinking of what you said to him earlier, you laugh. “Okay, you’re right. No cursing. I’m sorry.” 
It’s okay, love. Besides… I know a way you can make it up to me,” he says, caressing your thigh with his thumb. 
“And, what’s that?”
“Let me be little spoon tonight,” he says, pouting.
You reach over and grab his cheek. “Of course, baby. Anything for you.”
He pulls your hand off his cheek and kisses it. “You’re going to be the best mom.” 
Turning slightly in your seat, you stare at him. “And, you’re going to be the best dad,” you whisper. 
In that moment, all you can think about is how this baby couldn’t come fast enough.
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littlemarvelfics · an hour ago
Get Lost
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky and Reader 
Word Count: 1.2k 
Warnings: none
A/N: Maybe I’m back? I’m still not sure but I had to participate in @syntheticavenger​‘s  writing challenge. I love love all of your work and tbh reading your work has really gotten me back into writing. I knew if I kept looking at this, I would never post it so any mistakes are all mine. Y’all can follow @littlemarvelfics-notifs​ to be updated when I write something new. I’m definitely open to any and all requests! 
How It Started
Looking up from your phone, you glanced up and down the busy city street. Your new apartment building should be right in front of you. Instead, all you saw was an empty lot. You tried to get the attention of someone passing by but you didn’t have any luck. You groaned and threw your head back. 
“It is not humanly possible for one person to have this many things go wrong in one day!” you shouted to the sky, unconcerned with any looks you were getting. 
“Excuse me, miss?” a voice questioned. 
Your head snapped back down and you came face to face with a pair of stunning blue eyes and a kind smile.
“You look like you could use some help,” he continued. 
“I could,” you mumbled, eyeing the stranger suspiciously. “Everyone else has ignored my pleas for help. What are you up to?” 
The stranger looked down and chuckled before meeting your eye again. 
“Maybe I’m from a different time,” he responded simply with a shrug of his shoulder. “I’m Bucky.” 
You responded with your name and shook his outstretched hand. 
“What seems to be the problem?” 
“Everything,” you replied. “The airline lost my luggage so I have a single pair of clean underwear and a toothbrush to my name until they find it. I spent 30 minutes trying to find a taxi, when I finally got one, I gave them my new address. They dropped me here. In front of a lot. But considering I don’t have any belongings, maybe the lot will be fine!” 
“Alright, one thing at a time. The airline has your information and they’ll get you your bags. I don’t know how much help I’ll be with the underwear but I can point you in the direction of a store. What’s the address of your place?” 
You rattled off your address, hoping it wasn’t too far from where you were.  
“You’re in luck,” Bucky said with a smile. “That’s my building and you’re only two blocks away. I can walk you there if you’d like.” 
“That would be incredible,” you sighed, your shoulders sagging with relief. 
Bucky started off in the direction of the building and you followed next to him closely. The two of you fell into an easy conversation, making quick work of the two blocks you had to travel. As Bucky neared the building and slower, you couldn’t help but be disappointed. He was incredibly charming and cute, a longer walk with him would’ve been perfect. 
Pausing to point out a shop across the street where you could get the necessities until your bags came. He then held open the front door of the building for you, smiling as you brushed against him. You stopped in the lobby and turned to face him. 
“I think I’ve got it from here. Thank you so much for your help Bucky.” 
“No problem doll, I’m in apartment 302 if you need anything.” 
“302,” you repeated. “What are the chances that’s in the vicinity of apartment 303?” 
“Right next door,” he said with a smile. “You probably have plans for your first night in the city-” 
“No plans!” you interrupted quickly.. 
“Then maybe you’d wanna order a pizza? Watch a movie or something.” 
“That sounds amazing actually,” you replied with a smile. 
“Great! I’ve got a few errands to run but you can come over around 7?” 
“I’ll see you then,” you said, turning to go up the stairs. 
After making it successfully into your apartment, you leaned against the closed door and smiled. You might not have any furniture or clothes but maybe you didn’t have the worst luck afterall. 
How It’s Going
Bucky groaned as he reached out to your side of the bed, the chill of the morning air hitting him when his arm met an empty bed. Opening his eyes, he glanced around the hotel room, hoping to see you on the balcony or hear you in the shower but it was silent and you were nowhere to be found. Bucky flipped to his side and found a folded sheet of paper addressed to him in your handwriting. Grabbing it, he read the quickly scrawled out message. 
“Left for breakfast, be back soon.” 
Bucky let out a scoff and rolled his eyes. 
“This isn’t going to end well,” he mumbled to himself. 
It had been two, almost three years since he met you on the street in Brooklyn and the first thing Bucky learned about you-- the circumstance of your first meeting wasn’t unusual. Your terrible sense of direction paired with your refusal to depend on technology made you chronically late and lost. You were even late to Bucky’s proposal when a closed street had you turned around for 45 minutes. On the day of your wedding, he made Wanda follow you closely to make sure you wouldn’t get lost on your way to the ceremony-- even if you had been to the chapel multiple times. 
Bucky picked up his phone and made sure he didn’t have any missed calls before pulling himself out of bed and heading to the balcony. The eiffel tower loomed in the distance, the sun shining down on the city. Two days into your honeymoon and he never wanted to leave. He was pulled from his thoughts when his phone started ringing, your picture flashing on the screen. He accepted the call but before he could say anything, you started talking. 
“This is not my fault.” 
“Uh huh,” Bucky replied sceptically. “Who’s fault is it?” 
“Did you know that everything is in French here?” you questioned. 
“In Paris, France? Yes, the thought had crossed my mind.” 
“You can make fun of me later, just come help me!” 
“Use your phone!” Bucky said, chuckling. 
“But it would be so much more romantic if my husband came to save me,” you countered. 
“Alright Mrs. Barnes, do you see a street sign or a store around?” 
You rattled off a few places you could see, including the hotel you thought was yours but upon further inspection, you realized it wasn’t even close. 
Bucky switched you over to speaker phone and looked up the hotel you were standing in front of. He sighed when he realized where you were. 
“Down the street, Y/N, you are quite literally down the street,” he said with a sigh. 
“Then it should be easy for you to find me!” you said cheerfully. “Bye!” 
Bucky hung up the phone and quickly threw on his jeans, boots and a henley that still smelled like you from the night before when you wore it to bed. He jogged down to the lobby and made his way down the busy street, slowing when he spotted you leaning against a building, paper bag in your hand. 
“Mrs. Barnes!” he called out, knowing he would never get tired of referring to you with his last name. 
Your head whipped up, grinning when you spotted Bucky. 
“Hello husband,” you chirped, greeting him with a kiss. “I bought you a croissant.” 
“You could have woken me up, you know,” he said, slinging his arm around your shoulders, guiding you back to the hotel. 
“Ah, but this is so much more fun! What better way to celebrate our marriage than to recreate the moment we first met!” 
Bucky stopped and turned to look at you. 
“Hold on, did you know the hotel was right down the street?” 
“Maybe, maybe not,” you mused. 
“Got dressed for nothin’”, he mumbled, continuing the walk. 
“And after a croissant, we can have fun getting undressed again,” you replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. 
Bucky smiled, kissing your head. He knew he would find you anytime you got lost.
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bucksfucks · 2 hours ago
take a seat | bucky barnes
Tumblr media
SUMMARY || bucky is introduced to thigh riding. part of my bucky’s first series.
PAIRING || tfatws!bucky
WORD COUNT || 897 words
WARNINGS || thigh riding, teasing, taunting, metal arm kink, pet name [baby & babe], bucky plays with readers boobs + nipples, new kink discovery, praise kink — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
NOTES || a quick little blurb <<3
   It was difficult, having Bucky sitting on the couch with his thighs splayed out like that—gripping a drink with his metal arm and his eyes on the television.
     He didn’t even know what he did to you, that was the worst part.
     It made you squirm, panties damp and maybe you were a little more horny because you were ovulating.
     Or maybe it was because of Bucky.
     You decided to go with the latter because oh fuck did it do something to you when he ran his palm up and down his jean -clad thigh.
     It was practically an invitation, screaming out straddle me.
     He saw you in the corner of his eye, “what’s up, babe?”
     You had to shake your head to rid yourself of your thoughts as you stepped closer into the living room.
     His drink was on the coffee table now, eyes trained on you and whatever was on the TV was no longer his priority.
     You shrug your shoulders, “nothing, just admiring you.”
     He blushes, the red tint crawling down his neck and up his face as he pulls you into his lap.
     That’s exactly where you wanted to be.
     “Yeah? And what exactly are you admirnin’?” He asked, cocking his head to the side as he brushed his thumb over your jaw.
     You had to take a moment, chewing on your lip briefly.
     “Your uh, your thighs,” you say, clearing your throat as you watch how Bucky lightly furrows his brows at your words.
     It’d been fun, rediscovering and discovering kinks with Bucky now that he was settling back into…well, life.
     “My thighs?” Bucky asks, not mocking you, but out of genuine curiosity.
     You nod your head, “yeah, uhm I’ve always really liked them.”
     A smile spreads over his mouth as he pulls you in closer. His hands are over your ass, rocking your hips against his as you feel him stiffening.
     “Tell me more, baby,” he purrs, lips on your neck and oh, this was going to be fun.
     You hum, “sometimes I think about riding your thigh.”
     He stops then, pulling back to look at you. He looks slightly lost and confused, but intrigued.
     “Then I think it’s best you show me.”
     That’s all you need to hear before you’re moving yourself over one thigh, getting comfortable before…
     “Take your pants off, baby. Wanna see you in your panties when you’re ridin’ my thigh.”
     His words send a shiver down your spine, Bucky’s voice an octave lower as his pupils consumed the blue in his eyes until it was nothing but a faint ring.
     His straining cock against the dark fabric of his jeans was mouthwatering too.
     Still, you did what he asked. Pulling your pants down your legs and stepping out of them until you’re left in your black lacy panties.
     Bucky hums, adjusting himself on the couch and palming himself through his jeans.
     “Top off too, baby. You know how much I love your tits.”
     How did he manage to make you moan with his words?
     It was off soon after, nothing but your panties left as Bucky patted his left thigh.
     “Seats all yours,” he smirks, “all you gotta do is get comfortable.”
     You’re over his thigh seconds later, hands on his shoulders for support as he cranes his head up to look at you and you can see his adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows thickly. 
     “Is this what you wanted, hmm?” He teases, running his hands up and down your body as he watches the trail of goosebumps that follow his metal palm. 
     You nod your head, wiggling your hips as Bucky pats your bum. 
     “Go on then, baby. Ride my thigh, show me what I’ve been missin’ out on,” before you’re moving your hips against the harsh fabric and thick muscle of his thigh. 
     It’s exactly what you’ve been dreaming of, dragging your pussy across his leg all while his mouth is playing with your nipples. 
     “You look so pretty like this, baby,” he hums, encouraging you as he drinks in the sight that’s in front of him. 
     His hands wander your body as he bumps his leg up making you gasp, “oh,” it’s a soft gasp because you really weren’t expecting that.
     “That’s it, baby. You’re doin’ so good, that feel good, huh?” He’s picked this up quickly, helping you ride his thigh all while bouncing it to add extra pressure and it makes you squirm.
     “Gonna cum for me? All over my fuckin’ thigh? I’ve barely touched you, too,” he smirks, taunting you as he watches your lips part. 
     “M’gonna have so much fun with you tonight, baby. Have you screamin’ my name ‘til you can’t breathe anymore,” he purrs in your ear, bringing you closer to his body. 
     He’s warm, but his body feels like fucking fire against yours.
     “All you gotta do is cum for me, cum in your pretty panties and show me how good ridin’ my thigh feels.”
     It pushes you over the edge, body shaking as you fall forward into his chest as you bite down on his shoulder. 
     Your orgasm takes everything out of you. 
     It leaves your mind blank and your body tingling. 
     “I think you ridin’ my thigh is my new favourite discovery,” Bucky whispers, chuckling softly in your ear, “and I can’t wait to see what else there is to find.” 
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cxddlyash · 7 hours ago
Plum Pies
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 2400+
Author's Note: PLUMS. Who doesn't love Bucky and his plums?? 🥰🥺
You slowly walk through the Farmer's Market in Bucharest, your eyes glancing at all the different fruits and vegetables on display. It's only been a couple of weeks since you entered the beautiful city and this is the first time you're actually able to get out of your apartment.
"Plums!" You let out a gasp, eyeing your favorite fruit as you stand closer to the other man who's sifting through the purple fruit.
The man beside you notices how close you are and glances down at you. He clears his throat, causing you to look up at him and he watches your eyes widen.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be on top of you," you apologize while running your fingertips over the fruit in your hands. "I just… really like plums."
He notices your cheeks turn pink as you take a step back, putting some space between the two of you. "It's okay," he mumbles before smiling awkwardly. "I also love plums."
You grin, feeling your heart fluttering in your chest as you look into his blue eyes. "They're the best fruit in my book," you mention while biting your lip softly. "I'm Y/N."
The long-haired man stares at your hand as you hold it out, wondering if he should tell you his name or not. "James," he mumbles loud enough for you to hear while gently shaking your hand.
You smile up at James as he hands a few plums to the man sitting behind the cart, speaking in Romanian to him. Wow, he's cute. You think to yourself and gently bite your bottom lip. "Hey, I make a pretty good purple plum pie if you're ever interested?" You ask him, hoping that you'll be able to see him again.
James watches you as you pay the man for your plums, sticking about five of them into the paper bag before you're facing him again. "I-That sounds nice," James tells you and you giggle softly, nodding your head.
Sirens wail in the distance and James nervously looks around, his gloved hands gripping the bag of plums in his hands. You furrow your brows and lay a hand on his left arm, causing him to pull away quickly. "Hey," you softly call out, raising your hands in defense, "it's alright. You okay?"
James swallows thickly and nods his head curtly. "Yeah, sorry, just a bit on edge," he explains as the two of you walk towards the crosswalk.
"I live in the apartment building right down there," you point towards the direction you live in, James eyes following your line of sight to see that the two of you live in the same building. "If you want to come over."
"I also live there," he mentions and your eyes light up. Perfect! "I can drop these off and come with you… if you want."
You're nodding your head while tucking some hair behind your ear. "Yeah, that's perfect," you grin while gently bumping his arm with yours. "I'm tellin' you, James, this pie will rock your world."
He smiles softly at you, a small laugh leaving his lips when he notices a man staring at him from across the street. The smile leaves his face and looks back towards you as you begin crossing the road.
"C’mon!" You smile and he follows hesitantly, noticing the man inside the newsstand run away as soon as he gets closer to it.
James halts for a few seconds, looking at the paper that's sitting on the stand to see himself on the front page. Oh, no. He thinks and looks towards you. So much for having a somewhat normal life.
The two of you make it to your apartment building, walking up the many flights of stairs until reaching the floor you live on. "Do you live nearby?" You ask him while pulling your house key from your pocket.
"Y-Yeah. I live right up there," James tells you and points towards the door that sits at the top of the stairs.
"Oh, okay, cool! I'll get started on the pie. Come in whenever you get done putting things away," you mention and James nods his head while watching you walk into your apartment.
As soon as your door closes a sigh leaves his lips, running his hand over his face. You're smiling so much your cheeks begin to hurt as you think about the interaction between you and James. You get out all the ingredients you need to make the pie, glad that you finally have a reason to make it again.
You cinch your eyebrows as you hear a bunch of footsteps outside your door and someone speaking a different language. "German?" You ask yourself while walking towards your apartment door.
A loud bang goes off and you jump, halting your footsteps as your heart pounds against your chest. Your breathing becomes heavy as gunshots echo off the building's walls. James. You run towards your front door and swing it open, seeing a bunch of armored men standing on the staircase.
"Komm wieder rein!" One of the men yells at you and you wish you took German more in college. You glance up the steps towards James' apartment, seeing the door fly off its hinges.
Your breath hitches in your throat upon seeing James walking out of his apartment, taking down every man he comes into contact with. "What the-" you cut yourself off as one of the men come tumbling down the stairs beside you. "James!"
His blue eyes meet yours and you can see them soften a bit before another soldier shoots at him. You back up into your apartment slightly when you notice the flash of silver on his left side, seeing his metal hand.
James walks down to your apartment, his hand curling over your doorknob. "Stay inside. Don't come after me. I'm sorry," he apologizes and you go to speak when he slams your door shut.
You blink a couple of times before opening the door once more, wanting to go after him. Your eyes widen upon seeing Captain America standing in front of you, his eyes meeting yours.
"Is he gonna be okay?" You ask in a whisper, referring to James, and Steve's eyebrows furrow.
"Do you know him?" He questions.
You wet your lips and tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. "We just met earlier," you mumble, swallowing thickly. "I-I just want to make sure he's okay."
Captain America nods his head and looks down the various flights of stairs. "It's what I'm here for, ma'am. I'll make sure he's safe," he mentions and you nod your head in response.
"Good, good. Uh-" you cut yourself off and scramble to write your number down on a piece of paper before handing it to the man. "Can you call me when he's safe? I'm supposed to make him pie…"
Steve lets out a small laugh, a large smile coming to his lips before grabbing the slip from you. "I'll be sure to do that Miss," he says and you smile at him.
"My name's Y/N," you shyly tell him and clasp your hands together. "Now, go get 'em."
Captain America gives you a salute before chasing after his friend. You let out a deep breath and softly close your apartment door. You run your hands through your hair before turning towards your kitchen.
"Well, the pie won't make itself," you mumble to yourself while walking into the kitchen area.
You pick up your phone every couple of minutes, a sigh leaving your lips as you wait for Captain America to call. It's been almost two days since the German police raided your apartment building and you're extremely worried that something happened to James.
Sure, you just met him two days ago but you felt some sort of connection with him that you haven't felt in a long time. Another sigh leaves your lips as you toss your phone onto the coffee table before picking yourself up off the couch.
You stare at the plum pie that sits on the window sill, wondering if you should throw it away and make another one. You jump in your spot when your phone rings, your eyes widening before you sprint towards the device.
"Hello?!" You answer without checking who it is, feeling your heart pounding in your chest.
"Y/N? It's Steve," Captain America's voice comes through the phone and you run a hand through your hair. "We got him."
You start gathering a few things you're going to need, grabbing your shoes from by the door. "Where are you? I'm coming to you," you tell him, holding the phone between your shoulders so you can put your shoes on.
"I don't know if that's-"
"Steve, I appreciate you looking out for my safety but I need to see him," you cut him off, your chest heaving rapidly. "Please."
A sigh leaves the man's lips before he agrees, telling you the address. You thank him a few times before hanging up the phone. You throw your backpack on before grabbing the pie from the window, a large grin spreading across your lips as you think about seeing James.
It takes a few hours to get to the address Steve gave you, your eyebrows furrowing as your eyes look up at the abandoned warehouse in front of you. "Oh, God. Please don't be a trap," you whisper to yourself before walking through the heavy door.
It's dark and dingy on the inside and you swallow the lump in your throat as you look around. You can hear two men chatting in the distance, deciding to follow the sound of their voices.
"Steve?" You softly call out when you get closer, hearing the conversation stop between the two men.
Captain America appears around the corner and you jump slightly, pressing a hand to your chest. "Sorry, Y/N," he mumbles and you wave your hand at him, telling him that it's alright. "Listen, about Bucky-"
"Who's Bucky?" You ask, furrowing your brows and the man beside Steve gives him a look.
"Uh, James. His nickname is Bucky. I thought you knew," Steve explains.
"Oh, no. When we met he told me his name was James," you laugh and scratch the back of your neck with your free hand. "Can I see him?"
Steve sighs and glances towards the man beside him. "Sam, keep an eye out? Just in case?" He mentions and Sam nods his head in response. "C'mon, Y/N."
"The pie for him?" Sam asks and you look towards him before nodding your head with a smile.
You follow Steve into another room, a gasp leaving your lips upon seeing James' metal arm clamped down with a machine. "He's okay," Steve reassures you and you wet your lips before taking a step towards him.
"James?" You softly call out and the man in front of you lifts his head, your eyes meeting his blue ones.
"Y/N?" He breathes out and you nod your head, taking another step forward. "Wha- How'd you get here?"
You bring your bottom lip between your teeth, a chuckle escaping your lips. "Well, Steve called and said you were here. I've been worried," you tell him, adjusting your grip on the pie in your hands. "I… I brought the pie I was going to make for you."
James lets out a breathy laugh, his head dropping a bit. "God, you're sweet," he whispers and you can feel your cheeks blush.
"What happened?" You ask after a few moments of silence, your eyes moving to the metal arm that's clamped down.
The brunette lets out a sigh and shifts some of his hair out of his face, looking up at you. You reach forward and tuck some of his hair behind his ear, your heart pounding against your chest. "I'm… not too sure myself, doll," James mumbles and looks over your shoulder.
You take a glance back to see Steve and Sam watching the two of you. "She doesn't know?" Steve suddenly asks, taking a step towards you.
"No, Steve, she doesn't," James mumbles and your brows furrow together, looking between the two men.
"Know what?" You question, not receiving an answer from either of them. "What don't I know? James?"
The brunette tries his best to adjust his seating position before reaching his free hand out to you. "Please. Call me Bucky," he mumbles and turns his attention to his friend. "Steve, let me out of this."
You wet your lips as you try and figure out what's going on as Steve un-clamps Bucky's arm. "Can I have a moment alone with him?" You ask Steve and his eyes widen slightly.
"I won't hurt her," Bucky mentions and Steve lets out a quick sigh before he and Sam leave the room.
As soon as the two men are out of sight you walk up to Bucky before wrapping your arms around his neck. You feel him stiffen for a moment, his arms slowly wrapping around your waist.
"I was really worried about you," you whisper into his ear, your eyes fluttering shut. "I'm glad you're alright."
Bucky tightens his grip on you, a sigh leaving his lips. "This is nice," he mumbles and a laugh leaves your lips. "I'm not who you think I am."
Your brows furrow together and pull away from the man, looking up at him through your lashes. "What does that mean?" You ask him and Bucky wets his lips.
"I'm a killer," he explains and your heart jumps in your chest. Bucky's eyes cast down to your feet as his hands slide to your hips. "I'm the Winter Soldier."
You swallow thickly, your eyes roaming his face as it grows quiet between the two of you. "You're not him anymore…" you trail off and he releases a scoff. "You're not. Whatever they did to you is still embedded in your brain, but I can tell you're not him."
Your fingers gently caress his face, Bucky's blue eyes staring into yours as the man leans into your touch. You slowly lean in, connecting your lips with his for a few moments before quickly pulling away.
A smile comes to your lips as Bucky moves his hands to your hips, his flesh one squeezing it gently. "Sorry… if that made you a bit uncomfortable. I just couldn't stop myself," you mumble and the blue-eyed man shakes his head.
"I- I haven't been kissed since the 1940's," Bucky explains and your cheeks flush, biting your bottom lip softly. "We have some things to do, but I would love to see you afterward."
You nod your head in response, a chuckle leaving your lips as you push his hair out of his eyes. "I'd love that, Bucky."
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earlgreydream · 22 hours ago
good old fashioned lover boy.
| 40s!bucky x reader | fluff |
some sweet, pure, 1940s bucky fluff 💕
anon requested. Bucky x reader in the 40’s he’s back from the war and he proposes to the reader with no ring so instead he has her wear his dog tags and promises that he’ll get her a ring when he has the money for one
a/n: we’re pretending this song came out in the 40s instead of 76, don’t any of you come in my DMs about it.
Tumblr media
I love you, always and forever. I promise when I get home, I’ll make you mine. - James Buchanan Barnes
I’m already yours. You have me, you’re all I’ve ever wanted. I love you. Come home to me, safely. - Y/N
Months of sending letters back and forth between you and Bucky had made his homecoming that much more anticipated. The love of your life had gone off to war, “fighting the good fight” he said. You missed him, but he was out saving lives, and for that, you were thankful.
Now, after his tour, the love of your life was coming home to you. It felt like it had been forever, and you were practically buzzing with anticipation. You were sat on the porch, waiting to see his yellow car pull up in your drive. You kept smoothing out your skirt, wanting everything to be perfect for Bucky’s arrival.
You were jittery, and the last hour before he returned seemed longer than his entire tour. Just when you swore you were about to lose your mind, his yellow car pulled up in front of your house. You jumped off of the porch, and you were running to Bucky the second he’d gotten out of the vehicle. 
You threw your arms around his neck, and he spun you around, hugging you tightly. 
“James! You’re here, you’re okay, oh my god, you’re alive!” you breathed, your feet touching the pavement as he set you down. You held his face, looking into silver eyes that belonged to the man who was your entire universe. 
“I’m home, doll. I came back for you.”
Your heart raced, butterflies filling your stomach as your lips smashed against his. He was kissing you with the ferocity of a thousand missed kisses, the ones you’d waited for, for months. 
When you finally broke apart for air, happy tears were in your eyes. You took a half step back, looking at Bucky in his decorated uniform. 
“I can’t believe you’re here. I love you so much,” you breathed, hugging him again. 
The sound of his laughter echoed through you, wrapping you in familiar warmth. You kissed him again and again out in the drive, ignoring the curious neighbours that were peering out of their windows. 
“You look beautiful. I love your dress,” Bucky said, making you giggle. 
“Come inside, have some coffee,” you took his hand, pulling him into your home. 
He followed with a dazzling smile on his face. He was impressed by your hospitality, even when you could barely think straight from being so excited to see him. He’d missed you more than anything, falling asleep every night to thoughts of you. Your smile and your laughter filled his dreams, and you kept him alive while he was off fighting overseas. 
You were everything to him. 
“Y/N,” Bucky said your name, kneeling down behind you as you started to walk into the kitchen. 
You turned, the corners of your lips pulling up. You looked down at him, kneeling on the cold, patterned tile, the ones he and his friend Steve had laid for you a year back. 
“Bucky,” you spoke, raising your eyebrows in confusion. 
“I want you to marry me. I don’t have a ring... I don’t have anything, but I promise you, I will love you endlessly, and I will love you until I die. And if there is life after that, I will love you then.”
Your hand went to your mouth, a gasp escaping you. You were nodding, so overwhelmed with joy you could hardly speak. 
“Yes, yes!” you cried, pulling him up. 
He kissed you, consuming you and filling your senses with him. Nothing else mattered except the brunette in your arms, the silver-gazed war hero that meant more to you than the entire world. The man you loved more than all of the stars. 
“You’ve made me the happiest man alive, my love,” Bucky said between kisses, grinning against your lips.
“I love you.”
“I love you the most,” he held you against his broad chest, squeezing you tightly.
"Until I have a ring,” Bucky said, draping his dog tags around your neck. They were cold against your chest, the silver metal clinking as the tags bumped against each other. You ran your fingertips over the tags, bringing them up to your lips. 
“It’s perfect.”
“I’ll never leave you again,” Bucky promised, his arm draped over you. 
You were lying face-to-face in bed, your noses brushing in the dark. The prospect of sleep seemed unlikely after how desperate you were to spend every moment with him, even if your body reminded you how tired you were. You yawned, bursting into a fit of giggles when Bucky kissed your cheeks. He was being silly, but you threaded your fingers into his hair and pulled him to meet you in a heavy kiss. 
His taste filled your mouth, like lemons and smoke, his tongue slotting against yours, swallowing the small noises you made. The metal dog tags were pressed between your chests, cold against your skin. 
“I’m so happy you’re home,” you were breathless under his silver gaze.
“Me too. You should sleep, doll. I thought I did my best exhausting you,” he teased, a cheeky grin adorning his features. 
You shook your head, shushing him with a kiss. You missed him, a piece of you left empty when he was gone to war. Now that he was home, you were complete. And with the promise of marriage, you were more content than ever. 
“Bucky, come dance with me!” you begged as a record played your favorite song. 
The vinyl spun on Bucky’s record player in the corner, untouched in his absence. Now that he was home, your house was full of life, and now, music, once again. 
He set down his novel, immediately getting up to join you in the kitchen. Strong hands came to rest on your waist, your arms hooking loosely around his neck. Bucky hummed the song, softly singing the lyrics that brought a smile to your face. He’d learned the song the moment he found out it was your favorite, committing it to heart and memory because it reminded him of you. 
The sound of his voice soothed you, and you rocked back and forth to the rhythm of the song, Bucky gently spinning you around before bringing you back into his chest. He met you in a kiss, dipping you back, your hair almost brushing the floor. 
“Charming, Barnes.”
“Only for you.”
“That’s a lie!” you giggled, spinning out of his arms when the beat picked up on the next song. He winked, taking your hands and twisting you around. 
Set my alarm, turn on my charm That's because I'm a good old-fashioned loverboy
Ooh, let me feel your heartbeat  Ooh, ooh, can you feel my love heat?
Bucky sang along, making you laugh as your hips were grabbed and moved against his. You had never been so happy, engaged your loverboy, and dancing in the kitchen with him safe in your arms. 
“I can’t wait to marry you, James Buchanan Barnes.”
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buckyownsmylife · 23 hours ago
I’ve Told You Now - Bucky Barnes smut
The one where alpha!Bucky fucks you in front of the other avengers
Warnings: smut, a/b/o dynamics, public sex, oral (f), p in v, possessiveness
Word count: 2.3k
A/N: Thank you to my lovely @wakingbeauty​ for giving this a read for me! This is strictly the product of mine and @navybrat817​‘s belief that public sex should be more common in A/B/O dynamics, so there you have it 😊 Also, I used a prompt the sweet @jbreenr​ gave me ages ago for a headcanon and I asked to save it for this story since it made such perfect sense! Hope you guys like it! I might write more public sex A/B/O smut in the very near future!
Tumblr media
Bucky’s P.O.V.
Everyday was the same. I’d wake up and join the rest of the team for breakfast to find out that despite the fact that someone had saved me a seat, that same someone had thought of a new joke to make at my expense.
If I thought Tony’s nicknames were bad, this was a whole new level. It’s like she wanted to find all the little ways to annoy me, while still remaining mindful of my recovery process and triggers.
I’d never met an omega like that before. Back in my time, omegas were mostly prim and proper, almost shy around alphas, even if they were starting to show a little more skin and entertain the possibility of staying closer to us for longer periods of time.
I wasn’t used to someone who felt so comfortable with my intimidating aura, and the alpha in me definitely couldn’t grow used to seeing so much of her skin all the time. By now, I was sure she was doing it on purpose.
She knew how it affected me, she could smell it - every omega was able to identify when a nearby alpha was aroused. And I knew it turned her on in return. I was also biologically wired to sense that.
It was basically a game of who would break first. And I knew she thought she would win, but my resolve still wasn’t broken.
“Ah… What a lovely day. So full of possibilities… if you’re not a hundred years old,” she quickly added, throwing me a glance that had me rolling my eyes. “What do you say, grandpa? Feel like going out for a run?”
Who knows what I would have answered if she hadn’t decided to pull her hair up right at the second Wanda opened the window to look out into the field? The smile that had been on my face quickly dropped when I was hit with a heavy wave of her scent and my knees buckled as I tried to hold myself back from just jumping on top of her.
Unfortunately, because awareness was not something she seemed capable of having, she did not realize my struggle. “What’s wrong, old man? Can’t even keep up anymore?” The growl that escaped my chest at her joke was all the warning she needed to finally understand what was going on.
“I’ll show you what I can keep up.” I was on her in a second, my consciousness of our surroundings reduced to absolutely nothing. It was only her and me, and the way our lips moved as I guided her back to the couch, until we both fell on top of it.
“Is this what you wanted, huh?” I asked as I tore her shirt with a simple flick of my wrist. “Is this how you wanted it to happen? For me to lose all control and just take you right here?” All that left her was a garbled sound, her hands clawing at my back as I easily got rid of her jeans until they were nothing but scraps on the floor and then exposed her pussy to the tower’s living room.
“Fuck yes,” I growled, immediately leaning down to get a taste of her. Sweet and wet and mine, all mine. I had no idea where that possessive instinct had come from, but I would be crazy to ignore it - especially since it felt like I’d kill and die for her at that very second.
Her hips jerked up, instinctively searching for my tongue, but a breeze of clarity seemed to brush over her and make her sit up on her elbows, looking down at me. I knew what was running through her mind before she said it, and I wasn’t having any of it.
“You better lay back down and let me savor my meal,” I warned, knowing the rest of the team had gathered around to watch the show. I didn’t have to take my eyes off her debauched state to know it, but her gaze was on them, even if the rest of her body was still spread open for anyone to see, uncaring of the fact that we were being watched.
“You poked the beast, now you’ll entertain it,” Steve warned, shaking his head as if to scold us, but when I met his eyes, I could see the glint of desire in them. He wanted to be in my position, he wanted to have his own tongue shoved deep inside my girl’s pussy, and it only made me eat her more hungrily.
“Eyes on me, ‘mega,” I called out to her once I saw her eyes linger on Steve. “Let them watch, that’ll keep them away from you.” She groaned at the possessiveness in my words, but it was the sounds of someone who was relishing in it. And I was relishing in her juices.
“Fuck!” She cursed when I buried my tongue as far as it could go in her, something deep inside of me desperate to be drowning in her scent. “Should have gotten you mad before.”
The thought was amusing to me. Did she really think this was only the result of pent-up anger, and not months of desire and lust that had finally spilled from my weakened resolve?
“Well…” I started, pushing two fingers inside of her to scissor her open for me, although my scent had already made her body as prepared for an Alpha an Omega could get.
I was a bit larger than usual Alphas, though - courtesy of the serum - so I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t go through any pain whatsoever. “You keep me mad all the fucking time, kitten.”
Y/N’s P.O.V.
“With desire or anger, it doesn’t really care,” he continued, like it was any ordinary day and we were chatting in the living room, our usual teasing banter taking over the conversation, instead of him eating me out on the couch in front of all of our teammates while I was spread out for their eyes to take in.
“You’re always a tease to me, in one way or another.” His huge hands massaged the inside of my thighs as he finally lowered himself to suck on my nub again, making me instinctively buck my hips up in search of his tongue.
“Stay…” he ordered in his Alpha tone, and the whine that broke free from my chest was more animal than human now. The way he used his mouth was nothing short of sinful, licking me from ass to clit with an eagerness I had never expected the former Winter Soldier to have.
But I guess today I was discovering all of my fantasies about Bucky had been a bit misplaced. For one, I never thought he’d be the type of Alpha to take me in such a public environment.
In every dirty dream I’d had, Bucky was far too possessive to allow anyone to explore what was his - even if it was only visually - but what I’d come to learn was that while he was definitely dominating, there was a hint of exhibitionism in his craving.
He liked to have people see him break me into a million pieces only to glue me back together with a lick of his tongue. He liked that they were seeing his talent - and I had to admit, by what I saw in his friend’s stare, that they were also admiring me too.
And he got off on that. I didn’t expect it would make me get off too.
“Delicious,” he hummed when he finally pulled away from my cunt, having brought me to my release and licked it off of me. Still, an overwhelming amount of wetness covered the lower part of his face, prompting me to raise myself to my elbows and lick my own juices off of his lips, the omega in me begging to scent him as mine.
“You’re a nasty little bitch, aren’t you?” He chuckled once the surprise faded away, easily manhandling me onto my stomach, the sound of a zipper being opened denouncing that he had undressed.
“Keep fucking me and you’ll find out.” I heard him spitting behind me, a shiver running up my spine as I realized he was playing with himself while looking at me presenting for him.
“Oh, I’ll do much better than that.” That was all the warning I got before I felt the head of his member poking my entrance, slowly but surely sliding in until he had bottomed out.
My whines became intensified when he pulled me up by my hair, his free hand covering my breast to rub my nipple as he whispered, “I’m gonna claim you, sweetheart. You think you’re ready for that? Think you’ll be able to take it?”
I was quickly realizing I had severely underestimated the man inside of me, even if not to the extent he thought I had. I was not ready for that. I don’t think I ever would be, but fuck if I wasn’t gonna take it anyway.
Because it was so much better than I ever imagined it to be.
“No more playing hard-to-get,” Bucky continued, finally starting to move and immediately settling on a punishing pace. “No more teasing me with your short skirts and tempting scent. You’ll be mine now, ‘mega. Forever. How does that sound?”
God, I wanted him to do it. I wanted him to keep exercising this complete control over my body that he had so easily managed to take. His cock was stretching me in ways I’d never been stretched before, his inflated knot slamming against my opening with each thrust.
“Always mocking me… Am I too old for you now?” I shivered as he licked a stripe up my neck. I knew he wouldn’t actually bite me in front of everyone - a claiming ritual was a sacred ritual, even the most feral of Alphas respected the intimacy of that. But the way he was taunting me was all too arousing, I couldn’t deny it. “Tell me.”
His hand squeezed my hip, looking for an answer. I tried to open my mouth, but nothing came out. His palm slipped further down, finding my clit, and as two fingers rubbed my own juices, around it, I screamed.
“N-No!” Bucky chuckled against my neck, body continuing his onslaught against mine as he nuzzled my scent gland. “Y-you’re not too old for me. Take me, take me please.” His coos were too provoking, making me cry out loud at the mocking sound.
“Aw, kitten…” His warm mouth breathed the next words against my ear, “I already did.” He turned my face towards his with his fingers tangled in my hair, engulfing my mouth with his.
“Alright.” A familiar voice spoke from not too far, startling me for a second as I once again was reminded that we were still very much surrounded by our team. “You two might just be the sexiest mates I’ve ever seen fuck.”
A growl escaped Bucky’s chest at hearing someone refer to us as mates for the first time, and I panted in need, desperate to cum, desperate for him. “Seen a lot of mates fuck, Romanoff?” He nibbled at my ear, hands roaming over my body as if to make it very clear to every person watching that they could look all they wanted, I was still his.
“You have no idea.” Looking over a bit to the side from where she was seated, there rested Sam’s almost limp body, a hand curled over his boner as his eyes never wavered from the place I was connected to the man behind me.
“Well, I know what I’m gonna think about tonight.” Something between a laugh and a moan escaped me, making Bucky growl again, hands pushing me back down onto the couch as his hips picked up the pace with which they’d ruin me.
To say I was soaked was the understatement of the century. I could feel it, running down my thighs, drenching the couch underneath me. I don’t know how we’d be able to use it again, but that was the least of my concerns in the moment.
“I am begging you to let me lick her pussy after you guys are done,” came Tony’s voice, and I knew Bucky would growl in his direction just from the way his fingers pressed tightly on the flesh of my hips. “Not that type of Alpha, sorry, I got it.”
I heard his footsteps retreating quickly, probably scared of what Bucky would do to him once we were done, but in the Alpha’s defense, Tony seemed to disappear from his mind the second he left the room, all of his senses directed to me and his goal of making me cum around his cock.
“C’mon, kitten,” he whispered, fingers easily locating my clit to play with me as he pulled me up to rest against his chest one more. “Come for me, milk me dry.” That was all I needed to give him what he wanted, and although I was anticipating to moan loudly as I creamed his knot, his mouth covered mine to swallow all of my sounds in a deep kiss, hands protectively covering me while pawing at my breasts at the same time.
“Steve,” Bucky called after he managed to catch his breath, having fallen on top of me on the couch once his knot popped open. “I won’t be able to work out with you today.”
I looked up as best as I could to find Steve already staring at us, although red from head to toe. “That’s understandable,” he spoke in a thick, rough voice that I barely recognized as his. “You seem to have worked out enough already.”
Bucky stopped running his nose against my cheek at his friend’s attempt at teasing, a slow smirk taking over his face as he joined me and stared at his friend. “Oh, I’m not nearly done,” he warned. “You’re more than welcome to join us for some cardio, if you want to.”
The soft smile Steve sent our way told us everything we needed to know about his plans for the evening.
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bucksfucks · a day ago
      100° ; bucky barnes
Tumblr media
SUMMARY || when your a/c craps out on the hottest day of the year, your dad suggests you ask bucky to look at it.
PAIRING || dadsbestfriend!bucky x f!reader
WORD COUNT || 3,330 words
WARNINGS || significant + undefined age-gap [reader in her mid 20’s & bucky in late 30’s], metal arm kink, innuendos, pet-name [kid, gumdrop, pretty girl, sweetheart, sweetie], dumbification [big girl words], lots of teasing, authority kink, talk of masturbation, size kink, kitchen sex, bucky is too big [makes it fit], bulge kink [bucky is in readers tummy], squirting, unprotected sex, bucky finishes on his own chest, fingering, multiple orgasms, bucky makes reader ride his fingers, talk of subspace [+ aftercare], showering with bucky — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
NOTES || inspired by me being hot & and a slut <<3 also thank you to @firefly-graphics for the dividers! they’re the best, everyone go check them out!!
Tumblr media
   It was easily the hottest day of the air. The type of heat that you can feel; sticky, thick, and impossible to take a deep, refreshing breath in.
     It was absolutely disgusting. And yet, it was the day that your dad’s air conditioning had finally crapped out on you. 
     You felt like you were cursed. The summer you decide to move back in with your dad to save some money, and everything suddenly goes wrong. 
     A breakup, a flat tire, and now, the A/C deciding to die. 
     And it was only June.
     You had no choice but to walk around in a tiny pair of loose shorts and a tank top, deciding against a bra because even the thought of it made you cringe.
     Your dad didn’t seem too concerned, saying that he’d have someone come look at it tomorrow and that in the meantime? To sit outside with a cool glass of water. 
     He was sitting in an air conditioned office, of course it didn’t bother him. But you were stuck inside a melting pot with no desire to do anything but sit in front of your fan. 
     Then your phone chimed, a text from your dad popping up on the screen as you narrowed your eyes to read it. 
     Ask Bucky, he’s good with his hands and might be able to fix it.
     You shook your head, no. He wanted you to ask his best friend, your new neighbour to fix your air conditioning when you could barely have a conversation with him without zoning out at the thought of what his metal hand would feel like against your body. 
     The thought of his metal prosthetic against any part of your body was even more inviting today, in the sweltering 100 degree plus heat that made you want to do nothing but have an ice bath. 
     But, it was only mid-day and you felt like you were melting into a puddle of your own sweat. You didn’t think you had a choice, you were going to have to muster up the courage to walk yourself over to Bucky’s house and ask him for help.  
     You had to shake your head to rid the thoughts of him. It was not only inappropriate, but embarrassing. It still felt like Bucky and your dad were playing a huge prank on you. There’s no way they were best friends, they were polar fucking opposites. 
     Fire and water. Not two peas in a pod. 
     You blamed it on your horrible relationship where your ex never cared or seemed bothered about the fact that you never came. 
     At first, you thought there was something wrong with you. That because you failed biology, biology was now failing you. 
     Then, you saw the various posts and threads online, people just like you recounting their experiences where they thought they couldn’t come until they met an older man.
     An older man that showed that no, it wasn’t them, but their shitty ex-partners that never took the time out of their day to learn their bodies and what they like.
     You sighed, wiping a thin sheen of sweat off your forehead as you stuffed your feet in an old pair of flip flops and made the short trek across the street until you were standing in front of Bucky’s door. 
     You just...stared at it for some time before finally reaching up to press the doorbell, hearing the tune echo throughout his house. 
     All you had to do now was wait.
     Wait for Bucky. 
     There was shuffling on the other side of the door, the sound of the lock faintly clicking before the door opened and nothing could have possibly prepared you for how Bucky greeted you. 
     Dressed in absolutely nothing but a pair of jet-black workout shorts and a naked torso and chest that glistened under the hot afternoon sun as the black and gold of his prosthetic shined brightly. 
     “Hey, Kid. What’re you doin’ over here?” He asked like it was nothing. Like he wasn’t half naked with his shorts hanging dangerously low on his hips where the prominent v-line he had worked hard on was on full display. 
      “H-Hi, Bucky,” you had to clear your throat, not aware of how hoarse your words were going to come out. 
     He smiled, leaning against the door frame as you saw his eyes flicker down your body briefly before he crossed his thick arms over his chest. 
     “Our, uhm, our air conditioning went out and my dad said that someone was going to come look at it tomorrow, but he said that you were good with your hands and might be able to help in the meantime?” 
     Your confidence faltered towards the end of your sentence, falling like the way your heart dropped to your stomach when Bucky called you kid.
     He chuckled, pushing off of the doorframe, “well, I am good with my hands.”
     You swore your heart stopped when he dropped a wink, “but I can’t promise I’ll get it fixed.”
     You could do nothing but nod your head, ignoring the throbbing between your legs in hopes that it would go away. 
     “I jus’ have to grab my toolbox, come on in.” He ushered you in, closing the door and you moaned at the feeling of air conditioned and cool air surrounding you. 
     “That good, huh?” He teased with a faint smirk as he disappeared further into his house, “it feels like I live on the sun back at my place.” You chuckle nervously, unable to see him, but still hear him.
     He reemerges seconds later, a heavy looking toolbox in his left hand as he comes to a halt in front of you. Still shirtless. 
     “Ready, Kid?” He asks with a smile and you furrow your eyebrows, “I’m not a kid.”
     He chuckles, deep and low before shaking his head, “yeah? You’ll have to prove it, Kid.” He tacks on the pet-name out of spite, teasing you before he’s brushing past you and holding the door open for you.
     The walk is short, you leading Bucky into the house and he groans, “Christ, it’s warm in here.”
     It’s your turn to laugh, “yeah, I’ve been tempted to just walk around naked today because even these,” you grip the fabric of your shirt, “are too much.”
     Bucky’s listening, watching you intently as his tongue darts out from the corner of his mouth, “bit dangerous, don’t you think?” He smirks as you shrug your shoulders, “what’s the worst that could happen?”
     He cocks his head to the side, “someone could see you, see a little too much of ya’, sweetie. A neighbour, perhaps.” His eyes have darkened significantly from when you first greeted him at his door. 
     “I trust that my neighbour would keep it a secret,” the tension is thick as Bucky finally drops the toolbox onto the floor with a dense thud. 
     “I think he would,” Bucky hums, opening the box as you watch the way his back muscles ripple as he bends over. 
     “Gimmie a few minutes, yeah?” He asks, straightening out as you nod your head, “I’ll be in the kitchen.” 
     You nearly bolt into the kitchen, telling yourself that you were in some heat-induced haze that was causing you to hallucinate that interaction between you and Bucky. 
     You’re desperate for a glass of water, at least that’s what you tell yourself as you open the fridge and grab the pitcher, pouring a generous glass before nearly chugging half of it. 
      It helps, for a moment. Quenching your thirst. Not the metaphorical one, though. 
      There’s faint noise heard throughout the house and well, at least Bucky’s kind enough to take time out of his day to swelter in the heat trying to fix your air conditioning. 
     You bite down on your lip, sinking your teeth into the flesh as you let your mind wander to that goddamn metal arm of his. 
     You’re snapped out of your thoughts when Bucky re-enters the kitchen, “I’ve got bad news and good news, Kid.” 
      There it is again, that fucking pet-name you’re starting to despise. 
     “What’s the bad news?” You ask, placing the cup onto the counter, “it’s dead, you need a completely new unit.”
     You groan, shaking your head, “and the good news?” 
     He’s still holding a wrench, flipping it, “you’re welcome to hang out at my place, I was jus’ ‘bout to make lunch anyways.” 
      You have to take a moment to digest his words, the offer, and the fact that it was Bucky asking you.
     “Yeah, uhm thanks. That’s really nice,” you smile, and you’re truly grateful because you seriously think you’ll go crazy if you spend another minute trapped inside of your house. 
     He smiles, “perfect,” is all he says before turning on his heels as you follow him. 
     It’s silent, the walk back as Bucky once again holds the door open for you before shoving his toolbox to the side of his front door. 
     “Now ‘m no chef, so I hope you like sandwiches,” Bucky chuckles, following him through his house that you’ve been in a handful of times already. It’s nothing new, but is at the same time because you’ve never been alone with him. 
     “I can make a pretty mean lemonade,” you offer, watching Bucky’s lip curl into a smile, “jus’ full of surprises, aren’t ya, Kid?”
     You have to fight the urge to scowl at the pet-name. Instead, you just nod your head and open his fridge to grab the lemons, lemon juice, and ask Bucky for the sugar. 
     The cold air from the fridge soothes you, washing over you as goosebumps prickle over your skin and your nipples harden through your shirt. 
     You don’t pay them much attention, but Bucky does because he has to clear his throat, eyes casting to the floor as he slides the sugar over to you without looking at you. 
     It makes you feel good, an ego-boost as you spend the rest of the time making the lemonade in silence. 
     “I gotta say, I don’t know how you managed to survive as long as you did with no A/C.” He said, focusing on the sandwiches in front of him. 
     You hummed, “it wasn’t easy. Unlike you, I don’t have the luxury of having a metal arm I can use to cool off.” 
     That catches his attention, turning around to face you with a sly smirk on his lips, “you curious?” He asks, holding up his hand as your eyes lock on it, nodding your head.
     “Turn around,” it’s a command, but his voice is soft as you’re gnawing on the inside of your cheeks, but turning around as you feel him walk up to you. 
     A gasp passes through your lips as you feel the cool material of what you’ve always assumed was metal, against your shoulders, “s’great to have, helps me a lot whenever ‘m too hot.”
     The innuendo is thick, your eyes fluttering closed as you lean into his touch, lunch long forgotten now. He kneads your tense muscles gently, coaxing a soft moan from you that you should be embarrassed about, but the relief washing over your body is too good.
     “Can you,” you’re shy about asking your question, “can you feel things with your metal arm?”
     Bucky stops and you think you’ve offended him, “I sure can, sweetheart.”
     “Must be nice,” you sigh, head lolling to the side slightly as Bucky’s cold hand creeps up your neck, “could help you too, sweetheart.” He purrs lowly in your ear, stubble scratching at your neck lightly. 
     The words physically don’t come out, instead a mewl does as you nod your head. 
     “Gonna have to use those big girl words of yours,” he whispers, hand still on your neck as you let out a whine, “please, Bucky, it’s s’hot.”
     He spins you around, trapping you between his counter and body as he looks at you with hungry eyes, “good girl.”
     You swallow thickly, swallow down the lump in your throat as your mouth falls open and your throat goes dry because Bucky is shirtless and so fucking close to you.  
     “’M gonna take care of ya’, I know how much you need it. Can practically smell you soakin’ through your panties,” he says, licking his bottom lip as you’re looking at him wide-eyed and excited.
     He presses his hips against yours, the thin material of his workout shorts does little to conceal the straining erection that’s now pressed against your hip and it takes everything in you not to whimper. 
     “Wanna hear a secret first, gumdrop?” He asks, cocking his head to the side, “yeah.”
      “I haven’t been able to stop thinkin’ ‘bout you since I first met you.” He purrs, confessing his dirty little secret, “do you remember that day?”
     Of course you remember, it was the night you spent with your hands between your legs as you imagined what it would be like to have Bucky there instead. 
     You shake your head and he hums, “jus’ a year ago, wearin’ that cute little summer dress actin’ like you didn’t know what you were doin’ to my cock.” 
     All you wanted to do was look good, look good for Bucky. 
     He grabs your chin next, with his warm hand and you gasp, “and now I get to fuck you. Right here, in my kitchen.”
     His words send a shiver down your spine, his inhuman appendage travelling up to cup your breasts through your thin tank top, “touch me, pretty girl.” He whispers and that’s when you realize you’ve been standing still. 
     Not in discomfort, but because you were afraid that if you moved, you would wake up from whatever good dream you were having. 
     You relaxed against him, his fingers pinching your nipple through your shirt as you let out a soft gasp before your hands are on his hot and muscled chest. 
     “You ever think of me?” He asks, “when you’re layin’ in bed, with your fingers deep in your own pussy?”
     You moan, you actually moan at his words as you nod your head, “mhmm.”
     He chuckles lowly, kicking your feet apart gently as he dips his hand under your shirt and you have to gasp at the cool touch before he’s slinking his fingers under the waistband of your shorts and panties. 
     “’M gonna ruin your own fingers for you, gumdrop.” He smirks darkly, running the digits through your soaked folds. 
     “But s’okay, ‘cause you know where to find me now,” he dips a single finger into your entrance teasingly before finding your clit and you hand to dig your fingernails into his shoulders and back. 
    “Good girl, that’s it. God I can hear how wet you are,” he growls, applying more pressure to your clit until you’re whining and reeling in the pleasure. 
     He doesn’t let you dwell on it for much longer before he’s dipping his fingers back into your entrance, starting slow with one. 
     “How’s that feel, feel good to be filled up and stretched out at the same time?” He taunts, slowly fucking you as you’re moving your hips against his hand. 
     He adds a second finger, curling them upwards and then stilling, “fuck yourself.” He suddenly says with a smirk. 
     “Grind your hips over my finger, gumdrop. Make yourself cum if you want it that bad.” You whine, shaking your head in desperation because you were already so fucking close. 
     He just didn’t want to give it to you so easily. 
     You listen, rocking your hips and your clit bumps against his palm. It’s new; cold and thick, your mind wandering at how big he could be.
     “I can feel your greedy cunt squeezin’ me, you’re so close, pretty girl. C’mon, I know you want it. S’all yours,” he whispers in your ear, sucking at the skin below your ear. 
     Your hips move more erratically, soft pants flowing out of your mouth before you’re gripping his fingers and cumming. 
     Cumming all over his hand, in the middle of his kitchen, in the middle of the hottest day of the year. 
     “You look so pretty when you cum,” he whispers, slowly removing his fingers so he can literally rip the clothes off of you.  
     You’re shocked, “you can wear mine, s’fine.” He shrugs as he’s tugging his own pants down and suddenly you realize why you could feel all of him.
     He hadn’t had any boxers on, and the sight of him made you shudder.
     “There’s no fuckin’ way you’ll fit,” you blubber, watching as he wraps his hand around his shaft, stroking himself. 
      “Oh, it’ll fit,” he smirks, “I’ll make sure of that, baby.”
      You’re falling seconds after, Bucky pulling you down onto the cold kitchen floor and yeah, it feels amazing against your sweltering hot skin.
     “Don’t be shy, gumdrop. Jus’, here,” he positions you over his cock, rocking your hips as you grind over him, “feels good, yeah?”
     It does, eyes falling closed as you nod your head before he’s lining himself up, “take it nice and slow.” He whispers softly as you slowly sink over him. 
     The stretch burns slightly, but the fullness is welcoming as your hands are resting against chest while Bucky just watches you take his cock.
     “Fuck, baby,” he whines, “that’s it, you took me, all of me.”
     You open your eyes, looking down to see the bulge in your tummy from where Bucky’s sitting snugly inside of you and you moan.
     He presses a cool hand to your tummy, “ride me, use my cock to make yourself feel good.”
     You don’t have to be told twice, moving and rocking your hips as your knees are planted against the marble floors. 
     When he adds pressure to your lower tummy, everything heightens and you’re whimpering in desperation, “again.”
     Bucky smirks, “such a good girl, so full of me.”
     He helps, thrusting up into you occasionally without warning and it just adds to the pressure that’s in your tummy. You know what’s going to happen, but you’re worried. 
     “‘M g-gonna,” a moan rips through your chest first, “gonna squirt, Bucky.”
     The deep and low groan doesn’t go unnoticed as Bucky throws his head back, “s’all I want, baby. Go ahead, soak me.” 
     He pinches your clit, sending you over the edge as you push his dick out and squirt, making a mess over his abdomen and you know you’ve never cum that hard because you nearly pass out.
     Bucky’s fisting his cock before he’s grunting, spilling over his chest and adding to the absolute mess you’ve created.  
     You’re embarrassed, opening your mouth to apologize before Bucky’s pulling you into a hot and searing kiss. 
     “I know you were ‘bout to apologize, so don’t you fuckin’ dare. That was the hottest thing ever, I-I’m gonna be thinkin’ about it for weeks. Hell, ‘m gonna be dreamin’ of it.”
     His words make you feel like mush and you know you’re probably in subspace as Bucky helps you up, softly whispering in your ear. 
     “Let’s get cleaned up, okay? Then we’ll have lunch like we planned, yeah?” He asks and you’re nodding your head, content with Bucky picking you up to carry you into the shower. 
     When the stream hits you, you hum, it’s cool and refreshing and definitely what you needed after the day you had. When you’re clean, Bucky is dressing you in his clothes, the clothes that smell like him and you feel safe and happy. 
     “You doin’ okay, gumdrop?” He asks in a whisper, your beaming grin answer enough, “I like the new nickname.” 
     He smiles, “yeah? Well ‘m glad.” 
     It’s silent for a little while longer as you finally return to Earth, happy, relaxed, and no longer sweating from the heat. 
     “Y’know, if it’s too hot tonight,” Bucky says, “you could always sleep at my place.” He suggests with a cheeky wink, “only if I can have the left side of the bed.” 
     He laughs, pulling you into his body, “you can have whatever you want, gumdrop.” 
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flowerbouquet · a day ago
─◌✰್ 𝐒𝐞𝐥𝐟-𝐏𝐢𝐭𝐲
𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐈𝐧𝐟𝐨: In which you develop feelings for your fuck buddy Bucky. (Fwb!Bucky x Reader)
𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐭 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭: Involves protected sex, flashbacks and angst. This is filthy and is honestly based on what I’m going through rn :/MINORS DNI & DONT PLAGIARISE
Tumblr media
────────── 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ ──────────
But, no strings attached meant the exact opposite of that. No strings. No commitment. No cuddling after sex, no cleaning eachother up, no showering together. None of that. It’s what you two agreed on all those months ago and the fact you were catching feelings was something that definitely wasn’t in the plan of what was agreed upon.
Although you knew nothing would work out, you couldnt help but have that little bit of hope enlighten in you everytime Bucky smiled at you. Did he feel the same? Was he also falling head over heels for you aswell? Or was that just your brain trying to make you think that so you don’t sound pathetic? Whatever it was, that hope was always with you.
Although you knew nothing would work out, you couldnt help but have that little bit of hope enlighten in you everytime Bucky smiled at you. Did he feel the same? Was he also falling head over heels for you aswell? Or was that just your brain trying to make you think that so you don’t sound pathetic? Whatever it was, that hope was always with you.
“See you around” he spoke, looking back at you settled down in bed, the covers around your body and your hair splayed out. You were pretty sure you looked like a mess but he was the one who made you a mess. He fucked you like there was no tomorrow, the condition you were in was his fault.
“Yeah” you answered, biting your lip hesitantly. You almost told him to stay, to come back to bed and to kiss you like he does but instead you remain silent as he opens your bedroom door and walks out.
Once you were certain Bucky had left the house, the flashbacks of the night came back to you.
— 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ —
“Need to be quick told the boys I’m going out for a drink” Bucky spoke as he quickly undressed, unbuttoning his shirt as he kicked off his trousers. You doing the same, luckily you weren’t overdressed, all you had to do was to take off your oversized shirt and you’d be there in all your naked glory.
“Fine by me” you reply as you get situated in the middle of the bed, pushing the covers aside so that it would be easier for Bucky to get in. He quickly grabs a condom and tugs it over his hard length.
Buckys eyes skimmed over your body and he licked his lips as he slowly climbed ontop and pulled the covers over your bodies. Bucky switched the lamp light off, making the room a dark colour. You and him always had sex in the dark, you assumed he switched the lights off just so that you won’t get too attached, well clearly that had failed for you.
He had grabbed his hard on and slowly guided it to your dripping wet hole, Bucky rubbed his cock up and down your slit a few times whilst your hands went to rest on his shoulders, closing your eyes waiting for the pleasurable feeling of him pushing in.
“Get on with it” you complain frustratingly as he continued to rub his cock up and down your entrance making him chuckle into your shoulder. He lifts his head and looks you into the eyes, “I’m getting you ready” he replies.
“Buc-” before you could say anything, Bucky had flexed his hips a little, his cock sliding right into you making your eyelids start to flutter.
“See, much easier” he grunted, dropping his head to your shoulders again, leaving soft kisses there as he begins to roll his hips, slick and easy. It was always like this during sex, you had your little banter, a good fuck and then he went home. It was never awkward or anything but you had a feeling that would change with these new feelings you had developed for him.
“Yeah” you moan, unable to keep your composure. You felt his piercing and passionate eyes on you as he had lifted his head, his fingers digging into the pillow beneath you whilst he changed the angle of his thrusts. His hips hitting yours repeatedly, the tip grazing past your g-spot just enough to have your eyes rolling back and your nails digging into him.
Bucky panted, his breath heavy and uneven as his nose nudges your temple. His thrusts had gone sloppy, a telltale sign he was close. His fingers slowly left the pillow and gracefully slid down your body, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. He slid his hands underneath your thighs and lifted you up a few inches off the bed as he thrusted up into you.
Your eyes roll back causing Bucky to smirk and thrust into you again, his hips still and the blankets fall allowing you too see his perfect body. You can see his abs clench as his cock twitches and soon he cums deep into the condom.
Buckys fingers go to your clit and he rubs tight circles onto the bundle of nerves, his eyebrows furrowing in concentration as his cocks stays buried deep within you. With the continuous touches and feeling of being full, you’re squirming beneath his touch, cumming like you’ve never come before.
— 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ —
Tears gather in your eyes, threatening to fall. All you felt was confusion, when did these feelings develop? Was it the first time he touched you? The first time his lips touched yours? The first time his hips slammed against yours?
It wasn’t in the plan and now you had to deal with this. Little did you know, was that Bucky had the exact same feeling of butterflies doing all sorts of flips and tricks in his stomach everytime his eyes set upon you.
But none of you were willing to admit and instead decided to wallow in self-pity.
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NSFW Ask: Needy Bucky Gets Punished
Tumblr media
I feel so privileged that I'm your first request! that's so flattering💗
I decided to make this a quick little drabble so I hope that's okay, beeb🥺
Word Count: 400
Warnings: 18+, smut, mommy kink, degradation, sub/dom dynamics
A/N: special thanks to the platonic LOML, @sableseb, for reading this thang over for me! Xoxoxox
Tumblr media
It was an odd reversal of power when the two of you weren’t out in public.
Bucky loved being the dominant one in your relationship when eyes were on you but behind closed doors, he was your submissive little boy.
He could rarely annoy you; you often craved his subtle touch and were never sated when it came to him. But today, Bucky grated on your last nerve. He couldn’t stop touching you, grazing your thigh, pecking your neck, doting on you. Most women would feel blessed to have the full attention of the super soldier but to you, it was just plain irritating.
“Bucky, can you seriously just stop? I’m trying to study up for tomorrow!” you chide, glaring at him as you attempted to work through the case file you brought back from the office.
His face was painted with defeat: “Sorry, I just wanna - ah - I’m sorry, Y/N.” He's now on his knees, nestled betwen your legs and nuzzling against the soft curve of your thigh.
You huffed loudly, rolling your eyes back with your usual dose of sass, “It’s annoying, Buck. Can you just leave me alone?”
“But babe, please? Need you. Need my hands on you.”
You snapped your ballpoint pen down against the oak desk and locked scornful eyes with his.
“ENOUGH! You’re pissing me off! Always such a needy, one-track minded boy.”
You stood up abruptly from the desk and swept your delicate index finger under the stubble of his sharp jawline, “What am I gonna do with you, huh?”
He looked down defeatedly and it was in this moment that you knew you were just a bit too harsh with him. But his submissive nature with you is what made your sexual chemistry so damn amazing. He was an absolute alpha in public but you could make him crumble when no one was looking.
“Think you owe me, what do you think? My baby is such a greedy slut, always needing my attention,” you scold, placing a hand on his broad, sculpted shoulders.
You reached for the sturdy, police-issued handcuffs in the top drawer of your dresser and clinked them around each of his wrists, fastening them to the tightest possible resistance.
“Yes, mommy. Whatever you say.”
Tag list:
@fanficforfun @stucky-my-ship @kelbabyblue @patzammit @bbl32 @spnqueen02 @excellentbecca @harrysthiccthighss @suchababie @cheekygeek05 @mvrderarts @0mrs-evans0 @livstilinski @bingmesomepie @rudypankowswife @oncewewerewolves @amelia-song-pond @judayyyw @diabolicdaredevil @captainamerica-is-bae @reasonsevans @fairityretro @secretkidmuffinzipper @buckistan @duskangxls @cheshirecat107 @iwannabekilledtwice @eclecticgurl-blog @cottagebunny9 @imboredat2am @mrs-salvawhore @buckysbackalley @meetmeatyourworst @artisancowbells @stardancerluv @satellitespidey @smilewolfdolan @tuttifuckinfruttifriday @m-s-evans @spookybooisa @the-1900 @lharrietg @stuckysavedmylive @leyannrae @old-enough-to-know-better73 @doasyoudesireandlive @dreamlessinparis @yanderereader @katelyneann
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houseofbucky · 2 days ago
We are fast approaching 100 followers 🥳🥳🥳 what are some things that interest you guys for me to do??
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slenbee · 2 days ago
Sunshine | B.B x Reader
Summary: You’ve known him for almost all of your life, and now that you’ve got a chance to finally meet him, will you risk it all to prove it to yourself that he’s real? The answer is yes. (I suck at summaries, this i what you’re getting. lol)
Pairing: Merman!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: 18+ ONLY - This content is NSFW. It contains monster!bucky, flirting, touching, and oral(f). Word count: 1991
Notes: A gift for @dirtychocolatechai​ <3 THIS IS MY FIRST TIME EVER WRITING SOMETHING LIKE THIS SO PLEASE BE GENTLE @u@;; haha.... <3 Love you friendo. Comments and reblogs appreciated! You can find this on Ao3 too!
Tumblr media
Your mother had told you time and time again to find the right man. 
To settle down and have a few children and a happy home to boot.
But no one had ever said anything about falling in love with a merman.
Few would call you lucky.
Some would call you crazy. 
Others? Well they would call you down right mad.
The first time you met him was when you were young, playing down by the bay. 
You were skipping rocks across the water at your favorite spot when you noticed the splashing of water nearby. 
Curious as ever you went to investigate, and by the time you came back? 
All of the rocks you’d skipped had been returned. 
Neatly placed in a pile on one of the wet stones at the water's edge.
Eventually you started covering your eyes after skipping each rock, counting to thirty before lowering your hands.
The rock would be there, right in front of you.
Right where you knew it would be.
As you grew older, you grew bolder.
After gathering a basket of flowers or herbs you’d go down to the bay to sit at the water’s edge where the water lapped at your ankles and the fish would nibble at your toes.
You would see movement in the deeper waters, the peak of a fin or a flash of color that filled you with excitement.
The water would churn nearby and the tiny fish would disappear. 
Other times you’d catch movement out of the corner of your eye, and sometimes you’d even hear a voice chuckling with amusement, sourceless and unseen.
Then, one day, he started bringing you presents and leaving them nearby.
Pretty little things. 
Like pearls or smooth, polished glass, and sometimes even carved stones.
You kept each one, of course. 
Tucked away in a little box that you hid under your bed.
One sunny day you found a trail of gifts waiting for you.
Each little gift was a colorful stone that led you towards the cave at the end of the bay.
Any sane person would have seen it as a trap, but you? 
You knew better than any of them what waited for you at the end.
And so you followed. Picking up and pocketing the stones, your bare feet carrying you across the smooth stones by the waters edge until you reached the mouth of the cave.
Sunlight peeked through a large crack in the ceiling, casting the pool of water inside in a warm and oh so inviting glow.
The gifts ended at the mouth of the cave and yet you carried on, water reaching your ankles and then your knees as you made your way deeper and deeper inside.
Staying close to the edge of the cave you pulled yourself up on a rock that rested in the shallows, allowing you to sit with only what was below your waist submerged. 
You waited with baited breath, every splash and drip of water making your stomach flutter and your toes curl.
Then, a dark shadow moved in front of you beneath the water, growing and stretching until--
A head of dark hair breached the water in front of you, followed by sculpted shoulders and a torso that would make even Adonis jealous. His left arm was more monstrous than the rest of him, bearing claws that could easily rend your flesh with just a flick of a finger.
Your eyes wandered lower, only to find glittering scales and a magnificent tail that disappeared into the depths of the water below.
“My eyes are up here.” He mused, his voice rough from a clear lack of use.
With every breath his chest expanded, the gills on either side of his ribs fluttering.
“You’re- you’re really-- ” Your voice trails off, eyes wide with excitement and disbelief.
“A merman?” He flashed you a smile that would rival the cheshire cats. 
“Real.” You finally say, your shoulders sagging as a bubble of laughter escaped. “I thought I was crazy. But you’re really real!”
Webbed hands came to rest on the stone at either side of your hips, the sharp nails of his left hand scratching into the stone with just the slightest bit of pressure.
You reached out with hesitation, hands hovering just shy of touching his face.
To your surprise he leaned closer, cheek nuzzling into your palm while his right hand lifted to cup your left.
“Do you have a name?” You ask, watching as he closed his eyes and purred at your touch.
“Bucky.” Dark lashes fluttered, his steel blue eyes flicking upward to greet your own. “You?”
“Y/N.” You say with a gentle sigh through your nose, your expression softening as he continues to nuzzle into your hand, the left brought to his lips where he kissed along your knuckles and wrist, nose brushing along your skin as if to scent you.
“You smell like sunshine.” He comments, tongue flicking out and dragging across your fluttering pulse. 
Pink tinted your cheeks, your smile turning shy as you pulled your hand away.
Bucky lets you go without issue, but he shifted closer a moment later, invading your personal space. 
Water dripped from his hair and fell upon your dress, the sudden chill against your chest making your nipples hard.
Leaning in he sniffed at your hair and then your neck, eventually making his way down to your shoulder. Following an unseen path his nose brushes across the front of your dress, lips grazing the spot just above your heart. "Heh.. You’re so small, I could just gobble you right up.”
A sudden spike of excitement and fear had you jumping, your heart leaping to your throat. “A-are you saying you’re going to eat me?”
The mer pulled back and looked up at you as if you’d gone and smacked him, brows pitched high with startled shock before it bled away into smug amusement. “Eat you?” He repeated, pulling himself up and between your thighs, putting you both at eye level. 
Leaning in he spoke lowly, his lips brushing yours. “Never.” 
A chuckle escaped Bucky at your flustered look as he pulled away and gave you a wink. “Well, not unless you want me to.”
Sinking back into the pool he breathed in a fresh lung full of water, his expression dropping to one of shock and awe before it evolved into a look of straight up hunger.
He remained submerged up to his shoulders in front of you, watching as you quickly closed your thighs, fingers digging into the hem of your dress where his eyes were currently glued.
“Oh… Oh Y/N…” Bucky let out a shaky breath, his tail giving a flick that brought him back into your personal bubble. With his head at level with your stomach he brought his hands up to brush across the outside of your knees. 
When he spoke, his voice was practically a purr. “You do want me to eat you, don't you." 
His hands dared to wander up towards the outside of your thighs, so close yet so far away.
Wetting his lips, he looked up at you with lust blown eyes. "I can smell you."
Feeling your cheeks burn you looked away, the heat steadily building between your thighs. 
The telltale prick of his nails sent a shiver down your spine, your thoughts wandering to darker places.
All it would take is a flick of his claws or a bite of his teeth and you’d be done for.
And that’s what excites you. 
The danger of it all, and yet here he was, being so, so gentle with you.
As if drawn closer by an unseen force the mer lowered himself back between your thighs, head dropping to nuzzle against your stomach. "I have to know. I have to know if you taste like Sunshine…"
When he looked up at you with pleading eyes you felt your stomach flutter and your breath hitch.
"Will you let me find out?"
Biting at your lower lip you gave a nod, a hand sliding into his hair as he sank beneath the water and into the apex of your thighs.
Pushing your dress out of the way Bucky looked up at you, needing to see the look on your face before he looked down, drinking in the sight of your bare sex. The water tasted of arousal, filling his lungs and captivating his senses. 
It was like a single drop of blood in the water, and now the sharks were circling.
A soft stream of bubbles tickled across your inner thigh, his shoulders wedging your legs further apart so that he could better fit between them.
His arms scooped under your legs, fingers digging into your dress at your hips when he pulled you closer to the edge. Warm lips danced across your inner thighs, the scruff of his facial hair causing your muscles to twitch and jump on their own.
Bucky took his time, teasing you with kisses to your thighs and the gentle nibble of his teeth, breathing you in and savoring the sweet arousal that was waiting for him.
You pet a hand through his wet hair, a low moan of pleasure leaving your lips when he finally moved in close enough to brush his nose across your folds. His lips followed, peppering you with kisses that sent the butterflies in your stomach aflutter. 
Growing bolder he flicked out his tongue, tasting the warmth of your skin and the sweetness that tainted the water. You heard him moan, the hot, slick brush of his tongue pushing past your folds.
A single lick against your clit and you gasped at the new sensation, thighs clenching around his head while your hand tightened in his hair. One lick became two, and two became three as he took your reaction as a positive reinforcement to continue.
Pressing in even closer he sealed his mouth around your sex, licking and sucking as if he were a parched man given his first taste of water.
That sinful length of his tongue danced across your sensitive bundle of nerves, lavishing it in quick little licks only for him to stop a moment later. Sliding lower he teased and prodded at your entrance, lapping up your moisture before slipping inside.
Bucky flickered and swirled his long tongue inside you, licking and scooping out your honey before delving back in to seek out more.
“A-ah~ Buh-Bucky-” You gasp with a moan, voice echoing off the walls of the cave as you hang on to his hair and the nearby stones for dear life.
This man could drag you under the water and have his way with you five days til Sunday and it would still be so very worth it.
Heat pooled low behind your navel, inner walls fluttering around his tongue as he ate you out like a man possessed, his nose brushing against your button with every hungry movement he made.
Just as you were nearing that unseen peak of pleasure Bucky let out a deep, throaty growl, the sound reverberating through his tongue and into your sex, tipping you over the edge without warning.
You tipped your head back and keened with pleasure, inner walls twitching and fluttering around his tongue as he scooped out your cream and licked up your juices.
Breathless and near shaking you sit back against the wall of the cave, thighs shaking.
Bucky pulled himself back and rose up to gaze up at you, looking every bit the cat who’d gotten the cream as he nuzzled against your thigh.
After a moment of catching your breath you open your eyes and look down at him, your toes curling at the sensation of his clawed fingers grazing across the outside of your thigh.
“I was right.” He eventually says, rising out of the water to brush a chaste kiss across your lips.
“You do taste like sunshine.”
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theimaginationstation · 2 days ago
His Little Cafe
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Idk it was 2 am and I was determined to write for Bucky. I’m sorry I know it’s bad but it’s here so like whatever right?
Length: 1.8k
Warnings: It’s like angsty but with a good end
You were just the normal barista at the corner cafe that a certain someone just so happened to frequent. His constant visits and shy, yet charming smile were just that of a regular customer at your job. So you went about your day like it were any other.
Except today wouldnt feel like any other. No, today would be the day you broke your own heart. See, he would never know but you had developed a sort of high school crush on the man with the metal arm. You thought nothing of it, chalked it up to his charming looks and kind personality. You didn’t think seeming him with a girl who could pass from a goddess of Asgard would do much to you, and yet you found it hard to force that same smile of yours. Found it difficult to put up your usual happy tone and sweet personality. Seeing him with someone clung to his arm felt like a million tiny needles found their way into your chest and slowly and painfully lodged into the fragile pieces of your heart.
You hoped he didn’t take notice, hoped he would be too preoccupied with the eye candy on his arm to notice you rush to the back of the cafe as soon as he got his order. But he did.
It was soon after that that you’d had dreaded his visits, dreaded the conversations he might try to have. You were scared of the pain that seeing him again would cause your fragile heart and shattered mind. How foolish it was to think he would give you the time of day.
What felt like weeks passed and his visits had become much less frequent, his face plastered all over magazines and entertainment news. He and his new girlfriend were everywhere. Something you didn’t mind, as they were much easier to ignore than a person. But you knew your luck would run out, he would come in again and try talking to his ‘favorite barista’.
And as luck would have it, he did come back, thankfully alone. You relished in the small relief of not having to face him with whoever on his arm. He offered a softer smile, getting out a soft hello.
“And what can I do for you today, Barnes?” You inquired, only offering him a small glance from your place at the coffee machine you were currently working on.
“The usual.” He looked lost in thought, watching you work on whatever drink you were currently busy with.
“And remind me what that is again? My memory is a little foggy. It’s been awhile.” There was only a little hint of salt in your tone. Enough for him to pick up on.
“Come on, doll. It hasn’t been that long.” His usual charm lacing his every word. It made you practically melt then and there. Oh how you missed him.
“I don’t know, Barnes. Two weeks is quite a long time to go without my regular.” You smiled tightly, setting the previous customers drink at pick up and calling for them. “Besides, last visit that I served you with, you’d just gotten a black coffee. Which isn’t your usual.”
“Oh, so you do remember?” He teased, raising an eyebrow at you. You simply rolled your eyes, but you couldn’t help a smile from forming. He still knew exactly how to get to you, damn bastard.
“I don’t. I just know it isn’t a plain black coffee. You may be of legal age to be considered a senior citizen, but you don’t have the last of one. At least not when it comes to drinks.” It was your turn to tease, smiling even more as he laughed at your joke.
“Alright, fair enough. Why don’t you just ring me in for whatever you recommend today.” He said as he leaned alittle onto the counter separating the two of you. “And perhaps a bit of your time? I wanted to talk to you.”
You could feel your heart sink to the pit of your stomach at his words. Talk? About what? Had he noticed how upset you were his last visit? Was that why he stopped coming in? You could feel your mind racing a mile a minute. It took a few seconds to gather yourself enough to answer as you rang in the first drink to come to mind.
“Talk?” You rattled your brain trying to think up any excuse only to get none….it wouldn’t hurt to talk. “Sure. Yeah, um…my breaks in like 15 minutes. I can talk then.” You noticed him relax a little, seeming relieved that you didn’t just shoo him away.
“Then I’ll be waiting.” He said as he turned to find a table to occupy, waiting for both his drink and you.
And boy, did 15 minutes feel like an eternity. You were getting restless, fidgety even as the seconds ticked by. Every customers request felt like one hurdle after the other, seemingly extending time. But one your manager came and gave you your turn on break you rushed to the back to remove your apron and find your place at Bucky’s table. Your heart was racing so fast your we’re sure everyone could hear it.
He seemed lost in thought, watching as lives outside the little cafe on the corner kept going. He hadn’t even noticed you take a seat in front of him, not until you called out his name.
“Earth to Barnes, you okay in there?” You tilted your head to try getting into his view, earning his attention. His blue eyes stared back at you and your momentary composure shattered instantly.
“Took you long enough.” He joked, setting the empty cup to the side.
“Well sorry I was working, mr.impatient.”
He paused, his eyes seeming to study every inch of your features as he tries to find the right words to ask. He seemed almost afraid, something that was unusual for the always so charming front he gives you when he comes into the cafe. It made your mind all the more anxious.
“I wanted to….apologize for a couple of weeks ago,” he started, his eyes now back to watching the crowds outside. “For making you upset.”
“Oh…” you felt your face heat up at the realization that he had seen you upset. You hadn’t meant to make him feel as if he did anything wrong. “No, no you don’t have to apologize. It was just a bad day.” You lied. “You hadn’t upset me at all.” You wanted to crawl into a hole and hide.
“I do. I didn’t want to come in then. She just….” He sighed, running his hand through his hair. “The girl I was with, she’d seen this place. She wanted to try it. I was just suppose to show her around and keep her happy. I didn’t meant to make you think it was anything.” He confessed, earning a very confused look from you. Now it was his turn to feel embarrassed. “Look…Stark had an inventer or something over for business or some shit. I didn’t really care and I wasn’t really paying attention when he explained his plan to me. But he stuck the guys daughter on me and made me show her around New York. She was practically head over heels for me. Wouldnt get off my arm even if I tried prying her off.” He sounded exasperated just explaining the situation.
“So you’re apologizing then…because…?” You asked, leaning back in your chair to try wrapping your brain at what it was he was trying to say. Your heart knew exactly what this was, but your mind was so stuck on believing he was so far out of your league that he wouldn’t even give you the time of day.
“Because I felt like bringing her here made you think…..ya know…” he trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say he was blushing. His cheeks were tinted such a perfect shade of pink. Now this was even more unusual of the charming and flirty man that came in same time every day just to say hi to you.
You quirked an eyebrow, lips turning into an all knowing smile as you leaned forward to get a better look at his reddening face. “I know what, Barnes? I’m sorry, I’m gonna need just a tad bit more information. Im just a little clueless.”
He sighed, running his hand over his face. “You are not gonna make this easy for me, are you?” The shake of your head and the smirk on your face gave him all the answer he needed. “Fine. I…thought…that it would make you think I was dating someone when I wasn’t. Despite what the paparazzi think, she wasn’t my new girlfriend……I only really…..liked…you.” He muttered the last part more to himself, fidgeting around with the empty cup he’d had early. Anything to keep from looking at you. You were the first person in literal years he’d had a thing for and he was afraid he’d fuck it up, one way or another.
“Well then, I will accept your unnecessary apology.” You gently took the cup from him, bringing his attention back on you as you gave him the smile he so loved to see from you. One so full of joy and pure and utter happiness that it could brighten up a room. “And lucky you…I like you, too.” This brought an even bigger smile to his face, one so full of pure joy it could stop even that if a rainy day.
“My breaks up,” you said as you got up from you seat, “but I get off at 5. Why don’t you come back then and we talk some more?”
“I’d love nothing more.” He stood, moving to stand in front of you. “Oh, but one more thing. The coffee you recommended? That was a crime.”
You burst into laughter, remembering that you’d decided his drink today. “I’m…truly so sorry for that. I was so distracted I just rang in the first thing I saw.”
“Well, it was horrible. Black coffee tastes better than that.”
“Hey, you just insulted someone out there. That could have been someone’s favorite drink.” Oh how you missed your banter. Banter that was made so much better knowing you had a mutual feeling for one another. It was almost as if you were meant for each other, you just clicked so well.
“Yeah, yeah. Whoever likes that could only be a criminal.” He laughed, turning to leave. “I’ll be back doll, don’t work too hard.” He said as he waved goodbye. But this time it didn’t feel so sad to watch him leave. Because it wouldn’t be days or weeks till you saw him next. He’d be back today, and the start of something new will take place of what once was just a high school crush. And you couldn’t be more excited for your shift to end.
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houseofbucky · 2 days ago
40s Bucky - request
Mechanic Bucky - something I’ve been contemplating for a few days now
Pornstar/Porn Producer Bucky - something I’ve also been contemplating for a few days now
The Protector - Part 3 - ON MONDAY!
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sunny-reys · 2 days ago
Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Loki Masterlist
Peter Parker Masterlist
Pietro Maximoff Masterlist
Sam Wilson Masterlist
Steve Rogers Masterlist
Wanda Maximoff Masterlist
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houseofbucky · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I love you.
Word Count: 1,641
Pairings: Post-TFATWS!Bucky x Female!Reader
Warnings: 18+ MINORS DNI, fluff, smut, cockearming, pet name (Bucky calls reader baby girl), cursing, slow sex, talk of marriage!
Request: Idk if you’ve don’t this yet, but could you please do reader and Bucky cuddling and he realizes how much he loves her, maybe there’s 40s music playing in the background, he just wants her to be happy and feel good, talk of marriage? Post TFATWS buck? Like he’s in a good spot, and he can finally freely dream of a future where there’s no (or at least, less) fighting, and he’s thankful for the reader being there for him. Fluff, maybe turns into smut, if you do smut maybe a little cockwarming at the end. As they fall asleep together
A/N: thank you for the request lovely nonnie. I forgot I didn’t have my asks open, but they’re open now!! If you would like to request there, I also have the request form, here if you’d like to utilize that instead!
I’m such a huge sucker for cockwarming so I did decide to go with your smut idea!
Currently do not have a beta reader, so all faults are my own!
It was a really dark night. It was raining just enough for you to be able to hear the rain hitting the windows. The lull of the soft music Bucky had put on, saying it was one of his mother’s favourite tunes in the 40s. The forecast had called for thunderstorms, but so far no thunder or lightning had occurred. You laid on the couch, wrapped up in Buckys arms, trying to sleep.
Bucky had come up to you one night last week, and proposed the idea of retiring for good. You knew he wouldn’t be able to do that fully. Not with the type of person he was. All Sam would have to do would be to call him, and you knew he would help. But you never expected him to give it up fully. The world would always be in danger of some kind.
You never wanted him to give it up fully. And you told him that, you ere just happy to have him be able to live a little less on the edge now. “You know,” Buckys voice pulled you out of your day dream. He pulled you closer, until you were practically on top of him. “I truly don’t know where I’d be without you.” He confided. You looked up at him, seeing him already staring down at you.
You smiled, as he looked at you with such admiration, and pure love in his eyes. “You’d be okay Buck.. you’re a strong man.” You mentioned, snuggling back into his chest. You could feel his lips kiss the top of your head, and then he shook his head.
“I mean it. You and Steve were the two that really pulled me out… from the moment that I met you, I knew you were going to be something important to me. You’ve always had such a sunny disposition. And it made me think. You always made me think. I truly couldn’t see why you were always so happy. Thinking that life itself was never anything to be happy about.. ever since HYDRA I had never thought that I would be capable of love. Or be capable of being loved, but you changed that for me. Taught me how to love again. Taught me that it’s okay to be loved. I swear sweetheart, on everything, I will marry you one day.” He voiced. It was everything he had been trying to say, for months now, but never found the words.
Tears sprung to your eyes, Bucky had never been a very vocal person, and you never pushed him. Always wanting him to be in complete control of what he said, and how he chose to voice his opinions. You looked up at him with tears falling down your face, your voice small, “Y-you wanna marry me?”
He smiled, looking at you, and nodded, bringing his hand up to wipe away your tears.
“One day, I will. There’s no one else for me, you’re it. You’re my redemption my love. All I want ever do is make you happy, and feel as loved as you make me feel always..” He said, so sure of that fact.
You had thought so many times, about what it would be like to settle down with Bucky. You truly wanted nothing more than to make this an everyday occasion. You leaned up, and kissed him softly. You didn’t know what to say. The kiss was soft and passionate at first, eventually growing into a little more heated.
You were so unsure when it came to everything, only ever sure of one fact. You would do anything for this man. Gently moving so you were straddling his thighs, his back pressed against the couch. He let out a soft sound, somewhere between a moan and a sigh,his hands coming up to rest on your hips.
Pulling away slightly, for air, you sat up smiling as he pouted. Tucking your hands under his shirt, “is that a promise Barnes?” You asked softly, leaning back down, sliding your hands up his chest.
Bucky only nodded, and when you were close enough, pulled you back in for another heated kiss. Sliding his tongue against your bottom lip, you softly pulled away, hiking his shirt up. Bucky whined, and sat up enough to pull his shirt off. Before you were pushing him back again, with a steady hand on his chest.
You leaned over, kissing his neck, and he sighed. “Doll.. cmon now” he twisted his hips slightly underneath you. You giggled, but didn’t let up as you kissed down his neck, to his collarbone, softly biting at the flesh there. You kept going, leaving open mouthed kisses against his chest, sliding down his body, over his stomach.
Bucky took in a breath as you stopped at his jeans, slowly undoing the belt, pulling it off, and unzipping his jeans. He helped you take his jeans off completely. Smiling as you gasped when he flipped you over, this time pressing you into the couch.
You pouted, “that’s not how I wanted that to go.” You looked up at him, as he chuckled.
“You had your fun, now it’s my turn.” He said softly. You bit your lip as he kissed your jaw, running his flesh hand down your body, making you shiver. No one could do what Bucky could do. And you were certain of that. Giggling as you took your shirt off, causing him to have to pause his kisses, he looked up at you, adoration evident on his face once again.
“You’re perfect.” He said, bowing his head to once again capture your lips in his. Wrapping your hands around the back of his neck, pulling him in closer, his hand settling on your waist, rubbing small circles with his thumb.
You and Bucky had been intimate before, but this, this felt different. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of your pyjama shorts, and tugged them off your legs, with your help. Never once breaking the kiss.
You were drunk on the taste of Bucky alone, wiggling your hips slightly, he chuckled, and pulled away, sitting up slowly, to allow you to sit up with him, you allowed him to take your bra off. Your lips found their way back to his, as your back hit the couch once again.
Bucky hummed, and in one swift motion, pulled your panties off completely. You giggled, as he ran his hand back up the expanse of your body, settling on your cheek. “I love you” he murmured against your lips.
You smiled, and pulled away completely. “I love you, too” you had said, as he lined himself up with your entrance, and you looked up at him.
“Tell me to stop and I will, okay baby?” He asked, and you nodded, you never once told him to, and you knew you probably wouldn’t tell him now. He was always so sweet, he said that every time you and him did anything, and it always made your stomach flood with butterflies.
“Buck, please” you whispered, leaning up, kissing him. Your lips met his, and you felt him slowly, push inside you, and bottom out in one clean motion. You moaned softly against his lips.
He slowly moved against you, head falling to your shoulder, as your hands went to the back of his neck again. “You’re perfect, you’re so fucking perfect.” Bucky practically whined, hips moving so slowly you could feel every drag of his shaft against you.
You moaned, lifting your hips slightly, wanting to create more friction between the two of you. He chuckled, hand slowly coming down and pushed your hips back down. Bucky clicked his tongue, as he sponged kisses against your shoulder. “Not tonight my love.” He said as he stilled his movements.
You pouted, and he began the slow roll of his hips once again. This was definitely different, Bucky was never once for slow sex. You tilted your head back against the arm of the couch, as he thrusted slightly faster, but not fast enough. Still making you feel everything.
You gasped, your moan high in your throat. “Atta girl” Bucky said softly, face once again, being buried into your neck. “I won’t last long if you keep squeezing me like that, baby girl.” He said, as a shudder ran through him, you could tell it was taking all his focus to keep his movements slow.
“Then don’t, Buck, please I’m so close” you practically writhed underneath him, as the coil in your stomach tightened. Bucky just grunted softly, and snapped his hips up into you, much harder than you were expecting. You gasped, back arching off the bed, as that coil finally snapped.
Your moaning, and the vice grip your cunt had on his cock, was enough to send Bucky over the edge. You two were never ones for slow sex. But after the confessions, it was much needed.
Bucky smiled, lifting his head to look down at you. You giggled, and leaned up kissing him once again. You felt elated, this was all you wanted. Bucky was all you wanted. Forever.
You shivered slightly, the cold air finally nipping at your skin, as Bucky went to pull out of you. “Wait. Can you just stay there?” You said softly. He smiled and nodded, flipping the two of you over, so you were laying on his chest. He grabbed the blanket draped over the side of the couch, and laid it over you, smiling.
“I love you Buck.” You said softly, eyes already closing, letting sleep consume you. He smiled, his arm wound around your back, rubbing your back. “I love you too baby. I love you too.” And with that, you fell into a deep sleep, to the sounds of rain, and 40s music, with a promise on your mind.
TAGLIST: @dreamingwithlens @erzsebeth-witch @mrs-mischief-209
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profoundtyrantharmony · 2 days ago
I don't write fanfictions but i like a lot of them without reblogging them. I've decided i wanted this to change, so i'll start reblogging as much as i can but according to you is it better (for a multi chapters fic) to : reblog each chapters of a fic OR reblog the first or the last chapter and advise more people to read it ? Thanks you all for your opinion.
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1-800-barnes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
pairing: detective!bucky x detective!reader
summary: When you and bucky go undercover to catch an identity thief, the investigation brings both of you closer.
word count: 1.7k
A/N: This is my first fic ever, please be nice<3 English is not my first language so if you see any mistakes please contact me!
Warnings: fluff, like one curse word, slight mention of a gun, B99 AU.
After Captain Fury assigned you and Bucky to go after an identity thief, Bucky seemed to be reluctant of being your partner, and that left you confused the whole morning. So when lunchtime came, you decided to ask him about it, “Buck, did I do something to you?” you asked him while entering the break room.
“What? No” he answered quickly, but it didn’t convince you “Then why are you trying to keep me off this case?” you whisper-yelled.
“All right” he started “Remember when you told me that you didn’t want to date cops? That bummed me out because I was thinking about asking you out,” he told you “Oh, okay” you hesitantly said, his words definitely caught you off guard, when you first started on the precinct you developed a crush on the blue-eyed man but couldn’t bring yourself to admit it, and now he tells you that he was thinking about asking you out?
“I know that’s not what you want and it just took me a while but I totally get it” you were confused about everything that’s going on “Bucky, I don’t know what to say…” before you could finish he interrupted you “Let’s just not make it weird, this is a case, we’ll work at it together because we’re professionals” before you could say something he rushed out of the room.
After not seeing Bucky for the whole day, you, him, Steve, and Natasha were in a van observing the guy you’re looking for “Why is he getting out here? I thought your C.I. said the drop was happening in a park.” you told Bucky. “Rumlow has the laptop with him. We should just arrest him right here.” you suggested “No, the buyer's the bigger collar. We've got to follow him in and wait for the handoff, let’s go inside,” he said in a demanding tone. “Wait, we look like cops. We're never gonna blend in dressed like this” you put your hair down and adjusted your shirt “How’s this?” you asked Bucky. Natasha turned to look at you “You look fine. Here, wear this” she hands you a jacket.
You and Bucky got out of the van and went into the restaurant, as soon as you got in you were standing next to Rumlow “Hi. Table for two, please.” bucky says. “I'm so sorry. There's nothing available. We're booked up.” the hostess said looking not interested at all, then you had an idea and decided to barge in “Oh, no, that's horrible.” you start “Tonight's a really important night for us. Johnny and I just got engaged, and this is where our first date was.” It took a couple of seconds but Bucky caught up with you “Oh, yeah, it would mean so much to Dora and me. I would have made a reservation, but I didn't know if she was gonna say yes” after he finished you kissed him on the cheek.
The hostess finally looked at you two “You are just so sweet together. You know, I'm sure I can find room for two young lovers.” she said. “Yeah, we are lovers... together... in beds” Bucky stated awkwardly and you just glanced at him giving a ‘don’t fuck up’ look.
When both of you got to the table, you break the silence “ Sorry about springing the engagement and romantic stuff on you.” you gave him an apologetic smile “No, no, no. That was great. I mean, it's what got us in here. Cheek kiss was a bit much. Very wet.” you looked at each other and laugh. You looked to your side and there was Rumlow and maybe his girlfriend? You didn’t know exactly, the only thing you thought about was how you and Bucky were screwed, they put you right beside the guy you were keeping an eye on. His girlfriend turned to you both and started talking.
The night couldn’t have been going worse, Rumlow’s girlfriend, whose name was Lucy, didn’t stop talking to you and Bucky the whole night. Although Rumlow seemed a bit skeptical he talked too.
After some time Rumlow and Lucy leave the table, but he sends the girl to get the car and he went to the kitchen, you turned to Bucky “He took the laptop case with him, he’s gonna make the drop, let's go.” Both of you went to the kitchen door but then, Rumlow saw you. “Damn, he saw us,” Your partner said worried but then he pulled you into a kiss. You couldn’t even process what’s happening, did he really just kiss you? Brock passes you two and Bucky pulled away “Good, good, we kept our cover intact, nice work,” he said rather quickly “Quick professional thinking out there. Very quick. Very professional.” you couldn’t get the kiss out of your head “Detective,” he said reaching his hand “Detective” you shook his hands “Let’s get back on the case” he instantly pulled you to get to the car.
You were back in the van with Natasha and Steve, following Rumlow. “How was the restaurant?” Steve asked quietly “Such a normal time” you squealed “Why are you being weird?” he said curiously. “We kissed” Bucky calmly said. “What?” Steve and Nat screamed together “To keep our cover from being blown, okay? We didn’t have a choice!” you exclaimed. Steve was going to say something until Natasha started uttered “He’s pulling over. It’s going down”.
You saw Rumlow leave the package by a tree “Guys, it’s not a handoff, he’s leaving it there” Bucky told Steve “You and Nat follow Rumlow, we’re going to stay with the package and get the buyer” the blonde agreed and right after, you and bucky left the car.
While waiting near the package, he was feeling perplexed due to the event that happened in the restaurant but it didn’t matter what he thought about, it was always you in the end. “Hey” he turned to you “We’re cool right?” he was worried about your answer, he couldn’t handle you being mad at him “Yes” you started “We’re fine, totally fine” but you weren’t, the kiss kept replaying in your head. “You know what? I’m actually really hungry, never got to eat at that fancy restaurant”. Now that he mentioned it, you actually were hungry as well “You know what I’m getting on my way home?” you asked him rhetorically. “Yeah, you’re gonna go to that cafe near your house, and get a cinnamon roll and a cup of hot chocolate,” he said casually “That's exactly what I’m gonna get,” you told him, you were going to tell ask him how he knew that but you felt another presence there “Bucky” you whispered, “He’s looking at us”. You could see the confusion on his face. “What?” the guy seemed suspicious so you had to be quick. “Well, this is happening,” you said more to yourself than him “Huh?” he hummed. Before he could say something else you grabbed his face and pulled him into a kiss, it was like you were made for each other, it felt so passionate and real, but you couldn’t forget that it was all an undercover act.
As you saw the guy start to move away with the case, you push Bucky away “NYPD! Freeze” you yelled “We are police colleagues” you said pointing your gun at him. “You’re under arrest. This is a work event” he quickly said. You both handcuffed the guy and brought him back to the precinct.
You were alone in the break room, the events of the evening running through your mind until Bucky comes in “Hey, could you sign this arrest report for Rumlow and the buyer?” he asked calmly. “Sure” you answered. How could he be so calm, did everything that you went through today not affect him the same way as it affected you? Maybe he just forgot about the idea of asking you out and didn’t want anything related to you in that way. “Man, I forgot how long your signature takes” he joked. “This whole night was really weird wasn’t it?” you question him “Yes, it totally was. I just want everything to go back to how it was”. You didn’t know why but his words hurt a little, wasn’t he willing to try to go out with you? “You're right y’know?” he continues “We shouldn’t date cops, ‘cause we make a great team, we work great together, doll” Doll? During all your years working side by side, he has never called you that, but maybe it was just a slip-up. “I don’t want anything to change.” you said “Me, neither”. Well, at least now you knew that he didn’t want anything more. “Okay, then that’s that detective Barnes” you whispered. “See you around the precinct” was the last thing he said before leaving the room.
Later, doing some paperwork, you went to the files room to get a file for your new case, everything was quiet there until you heard the door open. “Hey,” the person said, you could recognize that voice everywhere, it belonged to the person whose piercing blue eyes couldn’t leave your head “How are you holding up?” He asked. “I’m fine, just tired, today was a long day” you turned around, and there he was, standing right in front of you “what about you?” you returned the question. “Same” he starts “but I feel like something’s missing”. You looked into his eyes, not understanding what he meant, he stared right back at you, but then his eyes went to your mouth and next thing you knew, you were kissing again but know it didn’t involve an undercover it was just you and bucky, no one else. His hands were now warm, holding onto your waist, while yours were on the back of his neck, the kiss was everything you could’ve asked for, you felt like you were on a movie until you heard something.
“Hey, Bucky” It was Steve shouting from the other side of the door “I need your help here, pal”.
You both pulled away from each other, panting heavily, cheeks flushed and a smile on both faces.
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marvelswh0re · 2 days ago
Spot The Difference // Bucky Barnes
Here’s some random smut that I wrote a few days ago but never posted because... I don’t know why, to be honest. Anyway, enjoy!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2491
Warnings: NSFW. Smut. Unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it.) Pet names (princess, gorgeous, etc.) Sergeant kink?? Fingering. Oral (F! receiving.) Swearing. Orgasms. Bondage (Bucky uses his belt to bind Reader’s hands.) Praise kink.
Summary: Peter sets up a little harmless prank and, well, he finds out something he didn’t want to find out.
When Peter Parker walked into your bedroom one morning, a stupid grin on his face, you were instantly worried.
“What did you do, Webslinger?” You closed your laptop mid-episode, cutting your quality time with Chandler and Monica short. 
“Come with me.” Peter tried to speak normally, but failed to hold back a snicker. Despite everything within you telling you that this was a bad idea, you followed him into the kitchen. You paused.
Leaning casually against the fridge was Bucky Barnes. And beside him, arms braced against the counter, was… also Bucky Barnes?
“One of these is the real deal,” Peter said, gesturing to the two identical men. “And one is Loki.”
“This is cruel. He’s my best friend, do you know how bad I’ll feel if I get it wrong?” As you said this, you fought the smirk that threatened to appear on your lips.
“Then don’t get it wrong.” Peter folded his arms, glancing from you to the two Bucky’s. Shoving him as you passed, you stood before them both. Pacing back and forth, so as not to give yourself away too quickly, you stopped before the Bucky leaning against the fridge. Your fingers drifted to the buttons of his shirt, working quickly to undo them and slide his shirt off. Running a hand up his arm, you peered over his shoulder, gazing down at the bare, untouched skin of his back. 
Smiling to yourself, you swivelled toward the man leaning against the counter. He looked a little pissed, but mostly smug. He knew where you were going with this, too.
“That’s the real Bucky.” 
Immediately, Peter groaned.
“Seriously? How’d you guess?”
“I’m curious, too.” Loki said from behind you, back in his own skin, picking his shirt up off the floor.
Without speaking, you grabbed the hem of Bucky’s shirt, and he didn’t resist when you pulled it over his head. Grabbing his shoulders, you turned him around so Loki and Peter could see his back; the red, scratched-up skin.
“This one’s my Bucky.” Smirking, you handed Bucky his shirt and bathed in the glorious shock upon Peter’s face, and the vaguely impressed expression on Loki’s.
That afternoon, you were in the middle of rewiring the mainframe of one of Tony’s old suits that he’d let you borrow and tinker with when the music you were blasting throughout the lab stopped. Glancing over your shoulder, you smiled when you saw Bucky standing in the doorway. His hair was damp, dripping occasionally onto the sleeves of his white shirt.
“Hey, doll,” he muttered as he approached, slipping his hands around your waist as you turned back to your work.
“How’s your back?” You asked, tightening a loose screw, your tongue between your teeth, pressing yourself back against Bucky ever-so-slightly. Just enough to tease. The long sigh that slipped from his lips told you you were doing a good job of it.
“Fine.” You could hear the smirk in his voice. “Are you nearly done with all this?”
“Why?” You stood, turning to face him, one of your hands drifting up the expanse of his chest. “In a hurry, Sergeant?”
Bucky stilled, breath hitching as his eyes darkened. His gaze flicked from your eyes down to your lips, and you spared him the decision as you gripped the collar of his shirt with both hands and pulled him down to you. When his lips met yours, heavy and lustful, you almost moaned right then and there. It was hard to get enough of him; it felt like you could never touch him or kiss him or love him enough. You wanted all of him, now.
Bucky’s hands tightened on your hips before one of them slid shamelessly up your shirt and under your bra, cupping your breast. You sighed against his lips, pulling back briefly and tilting your head back. He took this opportunity to place hurried kisses along the side of your neck, sucking slightly.
“Bucky,” you gasped, your hand going straight to his hair, holding on as though he were a lifeline. You kissed him again, harder this time, and his tongue swept in to claim your own. He lifted you onto the edge of the table, sweeping your tools aside without a second thought, and stood between your legs. The hardness of him beneath his jeans pressed against your core and he groaned, a low sound that originated from deep in his throat. 
Pulling him closer, you kissed along his jaw and down towards his sweet spot; right below his ear. While he palmed your breast, you shuffled as close to him as you could, grinding against him.
You still weren't touching him enough. 
Fumbling blindly with the hem of his shirt, your smugness from this morning replaced by desperation, Bucky had to assist you in the removal of his shirt. 
“I love it when you’re like this,” he murmured against the skin of your collarbone as the hand that had palmed your breast drifted down beneath the waistband of your leggings and into your underwear. His fingers circled your clit lazily, opposite to the intensity of the desire that thrummed through your blood, and you let your head fall back as a moan slipped past your lips.
“Like what?” You asked breathlessly, shifting your hips so his fingers pressed a little harder. Your mouth opened in a silent moan as he slipped two fingers inside of you, curling gently.
He simply helped you fix your clothes and scooped you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, and walked you to the door of the lab, towards the elevator.
Your fingers grasped the hair at the nape of his neck, but loosened as he suddenly pulled his fingers out of you. Your head snapped up, brows furrowed, as you looked at him. Though the sight of him bringing his fingers to his mouth, sucking the wetness off them, sucking you off them, was nothing short of erotic, you were a little annoyed.
“I didn’t want JARVIS to get a front row seat.” He whispered, pressing a soft, tantalising kiss to the hollow of your throat. “Only I get to see you like this.”
“Yes, sir,” you muttered jokingly, but the look he gave you was enough to make your cheeks flush bright red and your toes curl in anticipation. The walk to his room was swift, and you spent the whole time hoping, praying, that you wouldn’t run into anybody. Now that Peter knew about the two of you, it was only so long before everybody in the tower knew.
You wanted to enjoy some quality time with Bucky while you still could, without everybody watching you like hawks.
When the door to Bucky’s room was shut and locked behind you, everything escalated so quickly you could barely concentrate. Your top was suddenly on the floor and Bucky’s hands were on you again, wasting no time in helping you out of your leggings, giving your ass a shameless squeeze as he worked.
Laying you down on the bed, he hooked his fingers through the waistband of your underwear and pulled them down, smirking at the wetness he found waiting for him. Bucky placed wet, open-mouthed kisses along the insides of your thighs; the anticipation was killing you. Arching your back off the bed, you tried to shuffle closer to him, to get him closer to where you wanted him to be.
“Do you want something, doll?” He asked. Asshole.
“Mhm,” you nodded, taking your bottom lip between your teeth.
“What do you say?” His metal hand slid up the bare expanse of your stomach, goosebumps rising in its wake, and you whimpered as his thumb flicked your nipple. 
Oh, you wanted to be a brat so bad. 
“Please,” your voice was a soft whine as his metal hand stroked down your ribs, making you shiver.
“Please what?” Bucky muttered against the skin of your thigh, eliciting a small moan from the back of your throat.
“Please, Sergeant.”
“Good girl.” Bucky wasted no time after that, rewarding you by pressing his tongue to your throbbing core, and licking a long stripe up it. Your head fell back against the pillows as your eyes fluttered closed. A low moan escaped your throat as he continued, swirling his tongue and dipping it inside you. Your back arched off the bed as he slipped two fingers inside you, moving his tongue to focus more on your clit as he pumped his fingers.
You looked down at him and almost groaned when you found his gaze locked on you, staring up at you with such intensity from between your legs while he pleasured you. 
“You like that, darling?” He asked, pulling away, leaving his fingers inside you but moving up so his face hovered above your own. 
“Yes, Sergeant.”
Bucky pressed a greedy, feverish kiss to the underside of your jaw at the some moment he curled his fingers inside you. Groaning, your hands gripped his shoulders as the coil in your stomach tightened. You were close; the whimpers that slipped from between your lips made Bucky’s cock twitch within the confines of his pants. 
As you arched your back off the bed, pressing your pare chest flush against him, your breaths coming out in rapid, harsh pants, Bucky smirked. And he pulled away. His fingers slipped out of you and you whined, making Bucky’s smirk morph into a grin.
Though your legs were trembling from your almost-orgasm, you sat up on the bed.
“What are you一”
Your mouth fell open as you saw what he was doing. Gaze never leaving yours, Bucky slowly pulled his belt out of the loops on his jeans.
“Hold out your hands,” he growled, his pupils almost completely dilated. Without a second thought, you thrust your hands toward him. You trusted him, and the thought of what was to come was making you giddy. Pressing your thighs together, you tried to ease some of the aching in your core. You’d never admit it out loud, but you’d never been so desperate for anybody in your life. Bucky didn’t even have to be doing anything particularly enticing, but you sometimes found yourself turned on after the simplest thing. His morning voice is particularly raspy one morning? Soaked. He’s practicing his dagger-weilding? You’re gone. And as Bucky gently wound the belt around your wrists, you were absolutely melting. Despite the eager lust in his eyes, he took care to make sure the leather wasn’t too harsh on your skin.
“Is this okay?” He asked as he laid you back down on the bed, lifting your bound hands and pressing them into the cushions above your head. You nodded excitedly, unable to contain your smile.
“Use your words, gorgeous,” he murmured, leaving a trail of kisses along the underside of your jaw, down your neck, between the valley of your breast, taking extra care in circling his tongue around your hardened nipples, before making his way back up again. 
“God, yes,” you gasped, fighting the urge to loop your bound hands around his neck and hold him there forever. You watched him get up and kick off his jeans, your chest rising and falling as you breathed deeply. You were hungry for him at this point, and seeing the outline of his cock straining against his undershorts had your thighs squeezing together, core tightening around nothing. For a moment, Bucky stood there with that insufferable smirk on his face, watching you squirm. 
“Sergeant, please.” You knew he loved it when you begged, so you made sure to add a little moan as you spoke. Within seconds, Bucky’s undershorts were on the floor and he was upon you; his cold vibranium hand splayed across your stomach as he used his other to guide himself through your folds and into you in one swift plunge. With the added pressure of the hand pressing down on your stomach, it was heavenly, and Bucky tilted his head back in pleasure; his low, guttural moan echoing through the room. 
No matter how many times he fucked you, you could never get used to the feel of him inside you. It was indescribable; he stretched your walls and filled you so wholly… 
Bucky pulled all the way out, then slammed back in, setting a slow but rough pace that had you arching your back. Already worked up from being edged, it didn’t take long to reach that peak again. 
“Don’t stop,” you whispered, rolling your hips to meet his deep thrusts. Moans fell from your lips, louder with each snap of Bucky’s hips, and you weren’t sure how much longer you would last. 
When Bucky ducked down to kiss you, you looped your arms over his head.
“Did I say you could move?” He murmured against your lips.
“Please, Buck, I need to touch you, need you close.” Your words were a strung of choked, incoherent mumbles as Bucky picked up the pace. Though, hearing the desperation in your voice, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you up until you were both sitting up. Bucky’s back was against the headboard and you were slotted nicely in his lap. You were pressed flush against his chest, and Bucky was muttering sinfully into the skin of your neck while he thrusted up into you, not faltering once. The new position made Bucky hit a much deeper part of you and, with every pounding thrust, you couldn’t help the whimpers and moans that forced their way up your throat.
“Fuck, baby, just like that. Feels so good.” Breathless, it was a wonder you’d managed to get the words out, but you knew that Bucky liked to be praised (after a particularly hilarious incident where you’d jokingly called Bucky a ‘good boy’ in a meeting and it had gone straight to his crotch.)
“Yeah, doll? You wanna cum?”
You cried out as he hit a particularly sensitive spot inside you, a gasped ‘yes’ lost amongst the sound. And if you thought he was being rough before, it was nothing compared to now. You could barely breathe as he pounded into you from below, and you made pathetic attempts to circle your hips to feel him as closely as possible.
You were a whimpering mess when you came, eyes rolling back into your head as your thighs shuddered, tightening around Bucky. With a few more staggered thrusts, Bucky groaned loudly as he, too, reached his release.
Breathing heavily, you nestled into Bucky’s chest, pressing sloppy kisses to his collarbone.
“Fuck, princess,” he moaned as your walls fluttered around him, still sensitive from your orgasm. With his flesh hand, he drew shapes on the bare skin of your back as your breathing returned to normal.
“Bucky?” You whispered once you’d finally sunk into the state of blissed-out calm that followed a session with him.
“Oh yeah.”
“You know that Spider-Kid is gonna blab about us, right?”
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saturn-barnes · 2 days ago
Platonic!Bucky x Kid!Reader where the Reader was a Winter Soldier along with him and when Bucky disappeared after the events of CA:WS, y/n is the one tasked with finding him. They can't though and when the snap happens, they're in the middle of a mission and is unable to return to their base/where they're being kept. They lay low for those 5 years and are slowly to live when everyone comes back and a few months later, Bucky spots then on the street. Scared that he's still the WS, they run and tell him that they're not going back. After reassuring, he takes them in, helping them fight nightmares and anything else left theynhave of their own programming.
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marvelluce · 2 days ago
i always walk alone without you - bucky barnes
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
word count: 1k
warnings: angst, this is literally just angst, mention of blood, depression, sad moments
this is set between the events of ca: the winter soldier and ca: civil war when bucky is hiding in Romania.
lyrics used are from Walk Alone by PVRIS, which you can listen to here (i recommend to listen and read if you can)
this was rushed and there are gonna be mistakes that I'll fix later, i just wanted to get something out while i'm still trying to write a oneshot lmao
I was your be all end all,
Your rise and your fall.
I was the smoke in your lungs
Tearing you apart.
I was the slur in your speech,
Nightmares to your dreams.
You said you wanna get to know me.
You met him on an evening in fall, in a small corner store a block away from your home. It was the first time he had visited that store, the first time he had ventured out farther than his door, but he never told you that. You were across from him, picking up and putting back candy bars, one right after the other. You had a craving, but you didn’t know then that the blue-eyed stranger across from you would be the one to satisfy it.
His rough voice made you jump when he spoke. He had been watching you for sometime now, watching you play with the candy bars with an interest in your movements, the way your tongue stuck out when he thought you would choose the bar you were holding. “My favorite is ROM, but I guess that’s a little ordinary.” He spoke in Romanian, the language familiar to your ears. You could tell automatically it wasn’t his first language, his accent was too soft, but also harsh in the wrong places. You had looked up then, steady blue eyes meeting yours. You gave him a soft smile, one he mirrored. A ball cap sat on his head, long hair sticking out from underneath it. His brown leather jacket was zipped up to his chest, a red shirt peeking out underneath. “I wasn’t sure if I was feeling chocolate today-,” you say back in Romanian, but then switch to English “-but I think you have convinced me.” His smile grew a little wider, a chuckle leaving his lips. You picked up the candy, waving it a little at him before saying, “Ordinary isn’t necessarily bad, sometimes it can lead you to the unexpected.” You gave him a wink before walking away from him and the candy. He moved to zip up his jacket a little more, the warmth you had brought into that store now suddenly gone as he heard the bell above the front door ring. He had walked up to the front to pay for his own stuff, the shop owner giving him a shy smile as he handed him a piece of paper, your name and number scribbled on the top of your receipt you had left behind. He called you, a week later, but he called you. He knew it was a bad idea, getting too close to you, but you were drawing him in faster than he could put his feet in the ground to stop himself.
But I think our lifelines became too intertwined
And now we've paid the price.
You cried, "love's like watching someone die"
And we should have just closed our eyes.
It was a rush, he sees that now. He needed someone to ground himself to, even just for a while. He was broken and you were whole, so whole it made him ache, made him long to be something good for you. He didn’t want to break you, but he couldn’t help walking back to you every night, your soul trapped in his heart. He wished things were different, that you had met him before what he was turned into, what he felt he still was. Back in the 40s, he would have courted you, asked your father’s permission for your hand, given you a house and kids. He dreamt of it once, coming home to you and a little girl that looked just like you, but then it was taken from him in a flash of fire and blood, and he woke up screaming your name. He sobbed to himself that night, knowing he would have to leave you in the cold. You and him were too close now, he was getting too vulnerable. He wanted so badly to share with you a name that felt foreign on his tongue, a name he knew only in museums and stories. “James Buchanan Barnes,” he would whisper to himself in the shower, the hot water mixing with the tears on his face. It didn’t feel right, nothing felt right, except you. When that feeling came to him, the feeling of everything fitting together again, even for just a moment, he knew he would have to leave you.
Do we have bad blood?
Do you feel the burn from my touch?
Darling, I always knew that we were doomed.
I stay cold, feel the weight of the world,
Now I always, always walk alone without you.
You wished you could have loved him more, wish you could’ve taken those scars from him. But, the wounds ran deep, deeper than you could see or ever know. He didn’t share a past with you or see a future with you, you both were just living in the present. You never asked him what this meant, what the late nights between the sheets and early morning breakfast meant. The days spent in the markets, hands intertwined as he tucked a flower behind your ear. You just went along with it, went along with him. He could take you to the end of the world and push you off, and you would still crawl your way back to him. Some days it felt like he had put the air in your lungs, but then he would take it right back, knocking the wind out of you again and again. You would go days without his touch, yet you waited each time for him to come home. Not home to his tiny apartment, home to you. Each time he would go missing, he would come back more confused, more unsure of himself. You always asked him, “Who are you looking for out there?” He would always respond the same, “The man I used to know.” You never asked what he meant, you knew he wouldn't tell you. You never knew he was looking for himself, that he was the man he didn’t know.
It wasn’t until he left you cold on winter’s door that you realized you never knew his name, never knew what to call this fleeting glimpse of ordinary.
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