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#tag games
gollyderek · 16 minutes ago
@the-blind-assassin-12 tagged me to show the last lines of my WiP, but since I haven't really written anything worth while (honestly, I've just written like 3 lines worth of notes for the ch I scrapped from BiW) so!! I'll post the last lines I've done from my ongoing art thing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can't think of anyone that hasn't done this already, so if you haven't and wanna join in, consider yourself tagged!!
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a-lil-bi-furious · 17 minutes ago
catch up tag game
tag nine people you’d like to catch up with or get to know better
tagged by @rhyslahey 💕 Thank you!! I believe I have another thing you tagged me in to finish as well 😅 I get distracted very easily and I’ve got the memory of a goldfish. I’m sorry.
favorite color? big big fan of blue-greys, also deep reds
currently reading: I just finished @spikeface‘s “The Family of Things” and I believe @daughterofluthien’s “not anything like I used to be” is next on the to-read list?
I also need to be re-reading some sections of Being and Nothingness but I’ve been putting it off. Sartre gives me headaches.
5 songs I’ve been listening to: 
“And the world Was Gone” by Snow Ghosts
“The War” by SYML
“Where Do I Even Start?” by Morgan Taylor Reid
“Welcome to Wonderland” by Anson Seabra
“Wild Enough” by Elina
last movie? I think I last re-watched The Hunger Games? I don’t often watch movies.
last series? Love, Victor
sweet, spicy, or savory? If I have to choose, probably sweet however the combination of sweet and spicy is delightful.
tea or coffee? Coffee! Although I do love Chai tea....hmm.
currently working on: Like...6 different fics at this point? I’ve got 3 snippet asks I need to finish, too. Also supposed to be revising an essay to submit to my school’s philosophy journal 🙃 Let’s just say I’m not the best at being a responsible human. it’s a problem.
tagging @welldressedllama @jamesqueerpotter @momentofmemory @hilichurl-rights @rohesiawrites @sillyteecup @donnas-troia @aconfusedidentity and Luth and Spike are tagged above but you’re both also tagged down here ok? ok.
no pressure for anyone to participate, only if you want to!! it’s been a while since I’ve done a non-writing tag game. I’m sorry, I can’t remember who likes them and who doesn’t...feel free to ignore if you’d rather! if you hate tag games you can throw some metaphorical tomatoes and boo me or something
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consumedkings · 24 minutes ago
HKJHSDS okay okay this one is EASY both of these two are easily taking space in my heart constantly and every day <3
@belorage home of wesley brooks, total angel, super sweet and just honestly one of the nicest and most genuine people i've met on this platform. i love kate with all of my heart and soul and she is quite honestly the sweetest human bean <3 <3 not to mention the total VIBES and IMPECCABLE taste kate has, so much thought and attention put into her ocs???? unparalleled
@blissfulalchemist is honestly one of the most thoughtful, caring, LOVING people i have met on this platform!!!! you will almost assuredly not find someone who loves harder than lici. not to mention her heart is so BIG, and her ocs are so easily lovable--they're all so different, but you can tell how much love (and detail) she puts into them.
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scungilliwoman · 35 minutes ago
f ! for the blog asks x
lol another one where i’m only following a few! my favorite one has to be @faithchel
the vibes and aesthetic are impeccable. lyra is a total bad bitch and her other ocs seem just as incredible. her writing is absurdly good! in general is a very, very talented person and i love seeing her content on my dash. also, we haven’t spoken, but she seems absolutely lovely!
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wastelandcth · 37 minutes ago
thanks for the tag @in-superbloom and @hoodhoran
catch up tag game: tag nine people you’d like to catch up with or get to know better
favorite color: dark green and dusty pink :)
currently reading: i’m still reading thrawn by timothy zahn but i’ve also been reading my optometry book for my licensing exam, and also have been attempting to read the stand by stephen king
5 songs i'm listening to:
1. happier - olivia rodrigo (rip to my heart and writing)
2. solar power - lorde (good summer vibes)
3. missing piece - vance joy (i love this man with all my heart tbh)
4. social casualty - 5sos (song goes hard) 
5. my kind of man - vance joy ( i really just want to write something about this)
last movie: it was a quiet place II im pretty sure!
last tv series: i’m rewatching episode two of loki right now! but i’m also watching the bad batch and slowly working my way through halston
sweet, spicy, savory: yes but not too spicy. 
tea or coffee: arnold palmers are literally my favorite drink on earth so tea (preferably iced tea.) 
currently working on: i worked on a few banners for future posts and also just to visualize certain concepts/requests! i’m also batch writing a couple things that may get posted at one point and i even drafted a post for sunday!
tagging: i feel like a lot of people have done this already but i’m picking @himbohood @notinthesameguey @calpops @killmywildflower
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sufroyo · 38 minutes ago
ship bingo: timsteph?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sqoosh :B thanks for sending!! <3
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what-breaks-my-heart · 43 minutes ago
Rules: tag nine people you’d like to catch up with or get to know better.
I was tagged by @thbn-anything ​
Favourite Colour: Black yes I’m boring
Currently Reading: I’m Jared, 19, and never learnt how to read.
Last Song: Late Regret by Ong Seong Wu (OST More than Friends). I had just recently found out that the OST for this drama is available on Spotify for my country so I’m going to put in on repeat and SCREAM.
Last Movie: I don’t watch much movies and I’ve forgotten what was the last one 😬😬
Last Series: Are we talking about the last series I finished or last watched? The last one I finished was a rerun of When the Devil Calls Your Name (thank you rerun broadcast on satellite TV for bringing this drama that I loved when it was airing). The last one I watched (but still has not finished) is Miss Monte-Cristo (I love revenge makjang, sue me!)
Sweet, Spicy or Savoury: Depends on the mood I guess.
Tea or Coffee: Tea. Coffee makes me sleepy.
Currently Working On: My trust issues hey I’m funny okay just laugh at this and move along
Tagging anyone who wants to do this!
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youngreckless · 43 minutes ago
how similar are you to me?
mutuals, let's play a game! (feel free to go ahead and play even if we're not mutuals) highlight things that apply to you and let's see how many things we have in common 🤗 (?/25)
enjoy road trips // love outer space // want to see the aurora borealis // have more than 5 stuffed toys // daydreaming all the time // cannot drink hot coffee; only iced coffee // really like carnivals // can eat spicy food // need to be informed at least 3-5 business days before about future events or plans // wearing at least 2 rings at any given time // like minimal necklaces // like broccoli // favourite frozen yogurt flavour is green apple // prefer having mango shake over eating mangoes // have dyed hair // prefer earphones over headphones // always have a hair tie on my wrist // have got stitches once // could live in baggy clothes forever // literature student // prefers winter over summer because it's easier to keep yourself warmer in winter // likes dark chocolate // has a minimum of 2 piercings // can draw and paint relatively well but does it very occasionally // has a prescription for glasses/contact lenses
@runecarstairs @my-archerboy @tamaraheartz @wraith-of-rroses @magnus-the-maqnificent @beclynn-herondale @livvyheronstairs @itsdaughterofthemoon @khaleesiofalicante @darklingswhxore @imherongraystairstrash @lucian-evander @shadowhuntertrash @textrovert-01 @greenbriarxrose @reyna-herondale @wannabe-warlock @clockworkprincess19 @dark-artifices-only @adoravel-fenomeno @thewolfnephilim @pink-party-dino @chaoticthotsstuff @bombing-daisies @krystalliumm @ashley-luv @untowardflower @immortal-enemies @autumnangel20 @herondalesunsetcurve @clockworknights @radisv @revati3008 @clarys-heosphoros
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what-breaks-my-heart · 51 minutes ago
I was tagged by @storge to choose one from each option.
Enemies to lovers // Friends to Lovers
Tumblr media
Chosen One // The Corrupt
“There is no darkness as dark as a great light corrupted.”
Two against the World // Found Family
The corrupt, the castaway, the antagonist who otherwise find family in complete strangers is a trope I would gladly have for lunch.
Save the World // Save My Lover
The romance!!!
Time Travel // Alternative Universe
I know time travel would often hypothetically result in time paradox but imagine travelling back in time only to get the same tragic ending that motivated you to travel back in time in the first place, but you would still take that crumbs over losing your lover, so you go on that adventure every single time the tragic ending happens for an infinite loop.
The angst! The pain!!
Everyone Almost Dies // Everyone Gets Separated
Strangers to Lovers to Enemies // Enemies to Allies to Lovers
May I present to you, strangers to lovers to enemies to lovers this is essentially a summary of many romance story
Competition Rivals to Allies // Friends to Rivals
Friends to Rivals to Friends, because I love pain 😉 this is basically makjang lol
Protective Siblings // Protective Found Family
I mean this is basically the sixth course in my seven-course lunch!
Tagging: @kdramastuff @fierycavalier @dangermousie @belsmultifandommess @kimsunho @starfire-s   @its-chelisey-stuff @seonhotonin @blue-sappir @psalm40speakstome @cup-ah-jho @scoundrels-in-love @tomorrowsdrama @kuronekonerochan @outside-seoul @brainless-out @dramaintherain @outside-seoul @koreandragon​
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red-winters · 51 minutes ago
Tagged by @wafflehouse-enthusiast Thank you!!!
Last Song: "Before I Go" by American Authors Currently Reading: Rogue One Novelization Currently Watching: Loki TV Show Last Movie: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Currently Craving: Garlic Bread and Soup
Tagging: @tiny-dragons-castle. @valiantlydecadentsuit, @freenarnian, @corvidae-quills, @praise-the-lord-im-dead, @joan-of-heart, @mementojuicebox, @weirdpolis, @lilaccatholic, @vwnorton, @catsarepositive, @called-kept
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massgrav · 53 minutes ago
I've been tagged by @scat-cat-iv-xix to list five things that make me happy; thank you! ^^
1. Nature, especially the forest.
2. Spending time with my loved ones (it's even more precious when the opportunities are scarce)
3. Food... I'm a Hobbit deep at heart
4. Monsters, creatures, horrors that lurk in the corner of your eye... <3
5. Music and art altogether, be it practicing or experiencing it.
Tagging: @rusted-pipe-of-wisdom , @uneassasymphonie , @shame-of-the-eladrin , @lazyadmiral , @lyrium-spa , @jowanmancer , @cherry0rchid , @gazelle-des-pres , @itsokaytobefreak @just-a-kj-blog and @carolinelikesvampires - As always no pressure ^^
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scungilliwoman · 59 minutes ago
lol this one made me realize I only follow a handful of people whose blogs start with a d. my two favorites are:
@desertvvitch - a great writer and a very lovely person. red has some of the most interesting ocs and i’m always in awe of the edits they put together. everyone should do themselves a favor and get yourself a commission!
@dreamwritesimagines - i’ve been following them forever. they have some of the best x reader fic i have ever read! i remember following after “the punisher” came out and being obsessed with “bad habit”. she has works for almost every fandom and even got me to read a criminal minds fic! that’s how talented she is! definitely worth a follow.
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mrs-steve-harrington · an hour ago
A Fanfic Writer Interview
Thank you for the tag, @urisarang​ !
Name: Willow
Fandoms: Stranger Things is my main one currently, with the occasional The Babysitter/Happy Death Day/Power Rangers 2017 fic thrown in for flavor. Before that, my main was Supernatural. A couple tries at some Teen Wolf fic in the past as well.
Two-shot: I’m not even sure these qualify because they’re so freaking short? But in case they do, In the Cool Evening Air and Lead Me Anywhere are two Stonathan ficlets that go together.
Most popular multichapter: Oh, see, now that’s just. Really mean, man. It’s not fair because my most popular one has had 10+ years to gain hits and kudos... But okay, fine. If you’re going by hits and/or kudos, my most popular multichapter fic is Mystery Spot Misunderstanding. Because I have apparently always loved misunderstanding angst fics :D
Actual worst part of writing: The writing part. Having to come up with words to match the pictures in my head. It’s the fucking worst, bro.
How you choose your titles: Sometimes I find a line in the fic that works. Sometimes I want something a little more fancy and end up hating myself for not just...finding a line from the fic that worked. Sometimes I get lucky and someone else suggests the perfect title and I ask if I can use it.
Do you outline: God, I wish. I outlined my Stranger Things Big Bang fic and that was so much easier to write than everything else I’m working on right now. But in general, no, I do not. Because outlines are...I don’t know how to make one.
Ideas I probably won’t get around to, but wouldn’t it be nice?: I’m never going to finish the powers!Steve fic I started back when I first started writing ST fic. Also the one arranged marriage idea I had...
Was just talking about it today, but probably that Stonathan Happy Death Day au. I really, really want to. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to write a murder mystery. And I worry that I won’t be able to actually write the killing parts in general. Because Steve. (but, ughhh, the angst would be so good, steve just falling a little more in love with jonathan every time he wakes up at the byers’ house again and they’re all like a real family and he almost wishes he never finds out who is doing it because it will mean he has to go back to his empty house and empty life and i just AHHHHHH)
Callouts @ me: Like, calling myself out? Uh. You suck at descriptions and dialogue, bro. Hardcore.
Best writing traits: Well, I’ve been told that I handle emotions well. Even the occasionally complex one.
Spicy tangential opinion: People can write whatever the fuck they want and we’re all perfectly capable of leaving them the hell alone if we accidentally stumble onto something that squicks us out or makes us angry :D
Tagging (only if you want to take part!): @pterawaters @mrs-evadne-cake @equivocalrabbit
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2700lagostas · an hour ago
Tagged by @jazthespazz Thanks!
Enemies to lovers // Friends to Lovers 
Chosen One // The Corrupt
Two against the World // Found Family
Save the World // Save My Lover
Time Travel // Alternative Universe
Everyone Almost Dies // Everyone Gets Separated
Strangers to Lovers to Enemies // Enemies to Allies to Lovers
Competition Rivals to Allies // Friends to Rivals
Protective Siblings // Protective Found Family
Tagging: Anyone who is interested. 
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pagingevilspawn · an hour ago
rules: tag (five/5) people you want to get to know better/catch up with.
tagged by: @thedefinitionofendgame thank you bestie!!
favorite color: blue. 
currently reading: the words i wish i said (i love these kinds of books)
last song: teacher’s pet by melanie martinez
last movie: the hitmen’s bodyguard (watching it right now haha)
last series: just finished community a few days ago, now i’m watching scrubs. 
sweet, spicy, or savory: i’d normally go with sweet, but i’m on a diet rn, so... spicy!
craving: mmm, nothing really. 
tea or coffee: i don’t really like either, but if i had to pick one, tea. 
currently working on: my insane amount of wips, stretching, tumbling, and jumps for cheer. 
tagging: anyone who wants to do it!
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redyellowberry · an hour ago
I was tagged by lovely @justapayneaway 💘 thank you Rita for always tagging me in this games. I love them all, but sometimes I forget to participate, sorry ❤ this one though took all my attention, so here we go 💃
Rules: drop a screenshot of the top portion of your spotify home page, explain your playlists (if you have any), share your account and tag your mutuals to do the same!
Tumblr media
These days I'm a 100% Zayn's girl since there is a streaming party going on the Renaissance app (the goal is to achieve 500K streams, so go stream our king's music!)
1. THIS IS ZIAM MAYNE. I created this playlist for daily streaming the Payne-Malik family music.
2. THIS IS ZAYN, 3. THE Z COLLECTION - playlists I'm streaming these days for the streaming party (and I stream them daily too, not only for streaming events).
4. ZAYN. It's the page of Zayn where I go to when I ended these two playlists above, and just turn on all songs the page contains.
5. inspo - this my own playlist of songs that are good for inspiration and create that mood needed for fic writing.
6. favs - another playlist simply containing songs I love at the moment.
I'm tagging @chironmybeloved, @zentiment, @zayn, @icarusinterlude, @zqua1d to do the same and share with me and all of us your Spotify header, because it's very interesting. After all, there must be such a quote: "tell me what do you listen, and I will tell you who you are".
Feel free to ignore!
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maddieandchimney · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rules: post 9 photos from your camera roll that represent you
Tagged by @singinprincess
Tagging @lovelessmotel @stawp-i-coulda @hay-389 @lifeisahighway88 @buckbuckley @buttercupbuck @madneyfiles @shannon-diaz and anyone else who wants to do it 💕🥺
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