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Fun Fact
There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
#Relatable Quotes
pixy-the-life · 2 hours ago
I was trying to mend things for you... and never realized it was breaking me from within...
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insideoutofficial · 9 hours ago
It's all about you.
Believe in yourself and get out of the shit that affects you. And get in to the stuff that really makes you happy.♥️✨
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theempathswriting · 10 hours ago
"And as the blood flowed down his arm, he realized he couldn't feel the pain of the cuts, but the pain on his heart, the weight on his shoulders, and the war in his mind. And as he began to walk down his all so agonizing road, he left a trail of blood, as a reminder for his future self through the scars he wears. He can look back and know that he is alive, and that he can change the world no matter what scars he bears, and no matter how harsh his road will become."
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itsmeeeeehere · 10 hours ago
I guess they are changing
Changing into someone else
I may not know
They feel so different
Am I the reason ?
These thoughts are so disturbing
What happened ?
We don't laugh like we used to
Time is running
I want to ask them
Can I hold their hands ?
But wait
Why am I hesitating ?
I know them right ?
Silence is taking over
Head space is empty
Their priorities might have changes
I guess
I think twice before I say something
Am I changing ?
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