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#pippin x reader
tolkien-fantasy · a day ago
Okay, so I just got another idea for a potential fanfic, and I wanted to get some ideas and thoughts for it.
I've talked before about the Hobbits with a Strong S/O, but what about all the Lotr and The Hobbit Character with a s/o who's supernaturally strong. Like, can lift 1000 pounds and fling someone across the room like a frisbee kinda strong. Maybe she was granted that power by a God or something, so she's just got really impressive muscles and is super inhumanly strong.
Can you imagine how they'd all react to that?
Like maybe, in the Mines of Moria or the Stone Giants scene, a boulder or some debris falls on someone, but she just catches it, lifts the 5 ton rock above her head, looks down at the person about to be crushed like "You might want to move" and then just flings it a hundred feet away. Can you just imagine the look on their faces?? Merry and Pippin would have a lot of fun with that, I'm sure, as would Fili and Kili. The hobbits would probably have her lift them like weights. 🤣
@lady-latte, @moony-artnstuff, @simbxlmyne, @lothloriien, @beenovel, @thewhiteladyofrohan, @iwenttomordor, @claraofthepen, what do you all think? I think this would be hilarious, and have a lot of potential for character dynamics
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fairytalelover33 · 6 days ago
LOTR/ Hobbit Incorrect Quotes #24
Aragorn: “Where are Merry and Pippin?”
Legolas: “In Merry’s room, they said they were composing a sad song, so I left them be.”
Aragorn: “How sweet! They’re more cultured than we gave them credit for.”
Meanwhile, down the hall
Merry and Pippin singing: “ what’s the point of bein single when you break up alONE, yo chicken nuggets on the floor, and yo b**** is a hoe.”
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celeste-clearwater-06 · 9 days ago
So here's a face reveal for my loyal and amazing followers because you all deserve it!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sorry my camera quality is AWFUL and I have shaky hands but YAY!!
Thank you all so much, I cannot express my gratitude for all of you!!
And thanks to my 100th follower, @ineffablebean 💜💜
I love you all so much, and as an extra celebration, I'm posting random headcanons for Thorin's company!! <3
Thanks again, see you all soon!!
Also PLEASE let me know if you want to be a part of my tag list!!! 💜💜💜
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randomfandomimagine · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Playfully teasing Pippin
Requested by anon
“Y/N” Merry called you, motioning with his hand so you would get closer to him. “I didn’t tell you, but I think you should know: Pippin likes you... a lot” 
Surprised by this revelation, you turned to look at Pippin. He was calmly eating as he talked with Frodo and Sam. Given that you had stopped in the path, you had some time to kill.
“Perhaps I like him too” You muttered to Merry. “But I think it’s time to tease our dear Pippin, don’t you?” 
“Precisely what I was thinking” Merry grinned, intently watching as you approached your friend.
“Hello, Pippin” You greeted him, earning a quiet hum from him as he continued eating. “You look very cute today” 
He immediately stopped chewing, raising his eyebrows in surprise. Merry was already chuckling, and you couldn’t help but fondly smile as well.
“What’s gotten into Y/N?” Sam muttered as he and Frodo observed you.
“Nothing” You sat by Pippin, leaning against his side. “He just looks adorable today”
“I do?” He replied, gulping down his food.
“Yes! Your hair looks soft and your eyes are shining under the sunlight”
Pippin paused for a moment, watching you in confusion. After a moment, his eyes lit up with realization and he glared in Merry’s direction.
“You told Y/N, didn’t you?” He exclaimed, making to stand up. Even if you laughed a little, you held on to his arm to keep him by your side.
“Calm down, Pippin” You chuckled. “I might be teasing you a bit, but I like you too”
He settled down, still throwing daggers at Merry. Still, he resolved to just sit by your side and enjoy your company given that the secret was out.
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn / @wonderlandfandomkingdom / @dancewaterdance02​ / @fortheloveofbenyandtom​ / @of-stardust-and-dreams​ / @caswinchester2000​ / @ikemencrossedmyth​ / @bravelittlesunflower​ / @lxncelot​ / @ta-ka-shi-ma​ / @okay-j-hannah​ / @suenami3​ / @swanimagines​ / @lovinghufflepuffgirl​ / @fedorable-killjoys​ // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, send me an ask!! // Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
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randomfandomimagine · a month ago
hello, maybe you can do LOTR headcanons? Being Pippin and Merry's friend, and dating Pippin would include?
Hello, and thanks for requesting! I also wrote a ‘Dating Pippin Would Include’ if you want to check it out, so this might be a bit shorter since it’s similar. Hope you still enjoy it!
Tumblr media
You had been hanging out with Pippin and Merry for years
Best friends and partners in crime, you three were never apart
The three of you would always be up to no good
People always knew you were together, that you were inseparable
So if they saw Pippin or Merry, they knew you’d be close by
The dynamic changed slightly when you started dating Pippin
Surely, the three of you were still friends, but it wasn’t quite the same
You and Pippin were now slightly closer, and this bothered Merry
Because you would whisper things ot each other and giggle
Or just do couple things that inevitably left him out 
Merry would also tease you two a lot since you’re so sappy
“You two are making my stomach upset, I won’t have second breakfast”
“Really, Merry?” “No, I wouldn’t let you ruin it for me, lovebirds”
It’s all in good fun, of course, even when the dynamic changes
Because at first things are a bit weird, but you’re all very close
And since you adore and trust each other, Merry would speak up
Say that sometimes he feels left out and that you’re very close to Pippin
Not wanting him to feel like that, you two would make an effort
And try to keep the sappy couple stuff for when you were alone
Even if you still had small gestures like kisses on the cheek and such
After that, the dynamic mostly returned to normal
Even if you do deliberately become sappy to annoy Merry
You would be sitting at the Green Dragon and you would kiss Pippin
And exaggeratedly say cute things to each other to wind him up
And Frodo and Sam sometimes as well, even if they’re on in the fun
And just laugh when Merry becomes pouty and annoyed
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn​ / @wonderlandfandomkingdom​ / @dancewaterdance02 / @fortheloveofbenyandtom / @of-stardust-and-dreams / @caswinchester2000 / @ikemencrossedmyth / @bravelittlesunflower / @lxncelot / @ta-ka-shi-ma / @okay-j-hannah / @suenami3 / @swanimagines / @lovinghufflepuffgirl / @fedorable-killjoys // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, send me an ask!! // Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
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elvish-sky · a month ago
How Gandalf and Pippin Put Aside Their Differences for the Greater Good {Faramir x Reader}
A.N: OK GUYS- i literally tied my hand to my sister’s to figure out some of the logistics of movement for this. She thinks I’m crazy now. But I loved this request! I’m currently catching up on requests and also dealing with some personal issues, and I haven’t been happy with anything I’ve written in a really long time, but I’m really happy with this! It would mean so much to me if you guys liked it too, I put so much work into this and I’m so proud of it!
also- a thousand thank you’s to @gossip-girl-of-middle-earth for giving me an idea for this fic. i appreciate you letting me use it so so much. thank you.
Requested by @raineeace on Tumblr: Your recent request you wrote was beyond cute! You’re an amazing writer, so catch me reading the rest of your LOTR content !! I also wanted to request something as well! Can you do a Faramir x Fem!Reader and Gandalf and/or Pippin try to get them together? I loved the how you wrote Aragorn as cupid, and I wanted to ask if you could make these two matchmakers as well? Lots of fluff please and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! :)
Word Count: 2,334
Pairing: Faramir x Reader
Summary: You and Faramir have been mooning over each other for months, but nothing has come of Pippin’s efforts to get you together. What happens when Pippin enlists the help of a certain wizard?
Warnings: Fluff, Humor
How Gandalf and Pippin Put Aside Their Differences for the Greater Good {Faramir x Reader}
Pippin leaned over the banister, watching you and Faramir walk together below. You smiled at something the man said, then nodding your head goodbye and walking away. The hobbit watched as Faramir stood there, watching you go, looking oddly lonely.
Pippin had been watching/trying to get you and Faramir together for a while now. He had first noticed the chemistry and romantic tension between you when everyone was gathered waiting for Frodo to heal, and decided to do something about it. Now, months later, nothing had happened. Pippin thought that at this point neither of you was ever going to confess your very obvious feelings for the other.
At least, not without some extra help.
“Come on, Gandalf, please?”
The wizard shook his head, “I cannot believe you are still going on about this.”
“They need the help,” Pippin told him, “Plus, getting them to admit their feelings to each other would help them, and ease your exasperation with the two of them for walking in circles around each other!”
The wizard shook his head. “I’m not going to help you with this!”
“It’s for the greater good! Can you really stand to see the two of them mooning over each other all the time?”
“That’s true. It’s getting ridiculous,” Gandalf sighed, “Fine. I’ll help. Where do we start?”
Back in your room, you lifted your head from your desk as a loud, hobbitish whoop rand through the air. You chalked it up to Pippin hitting another elf, probably Legolas, with an apple, and returned to your work. You hoped that it wasn’t Legolas that Pippin had hit, because the last time that happened Legolas had promptly eaten the apple, and Pippin had bemoaned the loss of his snack for weeks.
That night, you left your room, closing the door behind you and setting off down the hallway. You’d barely made it fifteen feet when another door opened right in front of you and Faramir came rushing out, crashing into you.
“Y/N!” he exclaimed. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there, I feel terrible!”
“It’s okay!”
You shuffled your feet, nervous to be so close to the person you’d been in love with for months.
It was also weird how close your rooms were- Aragorn had given everyone from the Fellowship and friends special quarters after his coronation. You could understand why the hobbits’ rooms were so close together, but wondered why Aragorn had placed you and Faramir almost directly across from each other. Probably because the two of you worked together the closest on negotiations with the other kingdoms.
Eventually, Faramir broke the silence with an awkward laugh.
“So, late to dinner?”
You smiled, glad he’d spoken first.
“Yeah. I got so focused on drafting that new trade agreement with the Iron Hills that I didn’t realize how low the sun was.”
He nodded. “I completely understand, I’ve done that far too many times, working on something like that or staying outside the city for far too long.”
Laughing, you looped your arm through his. “We should get to dinner before Aragorn yells at us.”
You entered the hall together, pushing open the doors to see your friends all seated around the high table. Dinners with the group had started when everyone was waiting for Frodo to heal and wake up and had just continued on, everyone reluctant to give up the time spent together.
Letting go of Faramir’s arm, you took your usual seat between him and his brother.
“What prompted you two to arrive together?” Boromir winked at you as he whispered.
“Huh? Oh, we just bumped into each other in the hall.”
“Sure, sure,” he smirked as he spoke.
“Pass the potatoes, please, Boromir.” You were determined to change the subject, and, happily, it seemed to have worked.
What you didn’t notice was Gandalf staring intently at you and Faramir, muttering something under his breath as Pippin watched gleefully.
You yawned, pushing your empty plate away with a groan.
“I’m stuffed. And tired. I think I’ll head to my rooms.”
Everyone said goodbye, and you pushed back your chair and went to stand.
But you couldn’t.
There were handcuffs on, one on your wrist, and the other on Faramir’s. And they hadn’t been there a moment ago.
“Who handcuffed us?” You were bewildered.
“Gandalf…” Faramir glared at the wizard.
Gandalf glanced behind himself, and, seeing no one, turned back around with an innocent expression.
“What could I have done to make this happen?” He gestured to your hands, still handcuffed together.
Faramir said, “I don’t know, but it had to have been you!”
“Ask yourself this, Faramir. What motivation could I have possibly had? I think one you probably just ran astray of something else?”
You sucked in a deep breath.
“Okay, then, how do we make it stop?”
“Only time will tell,” the wizard nodded sagely.
“What are we supposed to do until then?” You exclaimed.
“Just stay together? Do everything together?” Pippin looked all too pleased by this.
“Fine. C’mon Faramir.”
The man rose, and together you marched out of the hall, handcuffs clanking, never moving further than five inches apart.
Once in the hallway, you turned to Faramir, panicked.
“What do we do? We’re stuck five inches, or less, apart from each other for Eru knows how long, we both have important duties.”
“And there’s going to the bathroom, and sleeping, and eating..” he was just as freaked out as you.
You turned to each other.
“What are we going to do?!”
“Y/N, Faramir, chill.”
You tried to turn, but the clanking and tug on your wrist stopped you as you spun the wrong way, twisting yourself with Faramir.
“Ok, no wait,” he backed up, accidentally taking you with him.
“Here, go this way, move your hand left.”
“No, no, my left, my left.”
“Spin this way?”
“You go under, I go over?”
“Aha! Yes, that worked!” You high-fived each other clunkily, and turned, making sure to bring your arms over your heads so that your hands fell back again.
“Oh, Pippin! What were you saying?”
Pippin smiled at Faramir. “I can help.”
“Would you mind telling us how?”
“You just have to accept it!”
“WHAT?” You screamed in unison.
Back in the hall, Aragorn winced at the echo of the yell.
“Are you sure this was a good idea?” He questioned the wizard.
“Of course not,” Gandalf replied, “but it was not mine. It was all Pippin, and if anything goes wrong that’s who we’ll blame.”
Legolas chuckled. “Alright then. We’ll leave it all on Pippin.”
Boromir raised a mug of ale. “TO-”
He was cut off by a resounding shush, and, chastened, began again.
“To Y/N and Faramir”
Everyone echoed the sentiment, quietly, and clinked their mugs.
Back in the hallway, you and Faramir were glaring at Pippin.
“You want us to just live like this?”
“Yes! You’ll be fine, maybe it’ll wear off soon, and maybe you’ll learn something.”
“Ughhhhhh,” you stormed away, dragging Faramir behind you.
Approaching your door, you were suddenly stopped when Faramir halted behind you.
He shuffled his feet. “Whose room are we staying in?”
You considered. “Which one is bigger? We’ll need all the maneuvering space we can get.”
You walked together over to your doorway, poking your heads inside before moving back to his.
“Mine?” He asked.
“Yeah. You have more space and a bigger bed. Let’s just go back to my room so that I can grab a few things if I’ll be staying with you indefinitely.”
“How are we going to do this?”
You stared at Faramir’s bed.
“I have absolutely no idea.”
You hadn’t thought this situation could get any more awkward, but there it was. The crown jewel of awkwardness, coming out to torment you. It had been bad enough attempting to change into your nightclothes, which you’d managed by turning your backs to each other to put them on, and only wearing one sleeve. But this was worse.
You decided to just go for it, and climbed into the bed, sliding under the sheets. Your movement pulled the handcuffs so that Faramir went with you, and you ended up on one side of the bed, him on the other, hands cuffed together in the center.
“This is not very comfortable,” Faramir observed.
That was true. You were lying flat on your back when you always slept on your side, and you were literally handcuffed to another person. Unable to stand the absurdity of it all, you broke out into laughter.
Faramir joined in, and you laughed together until you had tears in your eyes. His smile was so bright in the dimly lit room, and you could listen to his laugh for a thousand years without getting sick of it.
When the laughter subsided, you decided nothing could be more uncomfortable than the position your body was currently stuck in.
“Do you usually sleep on your side?”
Faramir nodded, looking a little confused.
“Ok. I’m going to try something, it’s going to be really awkward, but we might actually be able to sleep.”
“I trust you, Y/N. Whatever you’re going to do will be fine.”
You smiled at him, internally still freaking out that you were sharing a bed with Faramir. But there was no time to panic, your shoulder was killing you.
Taking a deep breath, you flipped so that the handcuffed arm was now underneath you, chain stretching up to where Faramir’s arm hovered.
“Would you be alright with putting your arm over my waist?” You wanted to make sure he was comfortable with all this.
Craning your neck, you saw a faint blush creeping up his face in the dusky light.
“Only if it’s ok with you,” he seemed nervous.
You were too, but you nodded and felt him slowly settle his arm around your waist.
Once it was there, his hand gently hanging near your stomach, you both relaxed, letting out sighs as the tension left your bodies simultaneously.
And then you giggled. Again, because this was just too ridiculous.
He laughed too. “You alright?”
You nodded, the movement of your head bumping into his chest as he sucked in a breath.
“I’m good.”
It took a while for each of you to fall asleep, brains spinning with thoughts of the person next to you. But eventually, you did.
It was the best you had slept in years.
The next day, the two of you began to figure out how to go around with your hands stuck together. You ate by spooning the food into each other’s mouths one at a time, which you were pretty sure Boromir was sketching to memorialize forever.
You blinked your eyes open the next day to sunlight streaming through the windows, and soft breathing behind you. Carefully, you turned around so that your hands now rested between your bodies.
Faramir’s face was glowing with the light of the morning sun, hair spread on the pillow. You’d never seen him so peaceful, and he looked gorgeous like some Vala come across the world to Gondor.
Unable to resist the impulse, you leaned in and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek.
You quickly moved back, only to notice that the weight on your hand was gone.
You looked down.
The handcuffs were gone.
“Faramir! Faramir!” You shook him awake.
“What, Y/N?” He asked groggily.
His morning voice was perfection itself, and you had to bring yourself back to reality.
“The handcuffs are gone. Look!”
He shot up at this, looking down at his now-free hand.
“Wow! We should probably go let Gandalf know.”
You nodded. “Meet you in the hall in ten minutes?”
He gave you a thumbs up, and the last thing you saw as you closed the door was Faramir marveling at his now-free wrist.
Later, in the room that Gandalf had claimed as his office right next to the large hall where you usually ate, you sat together.
The wizard inquired, “What exactly happened?”
“The handcuffs were gone when I woke up,” Faramir told him.
“That shouldn’t have just happened. They were supposed to disappear when a physical manifestation of your affection for each other happened.”
“You did this?” You were outraged.
“Yes, Y/N, I did.”
Sensing that you were about to interrupt in outrage again, he added on.
“It should have been a physical manifestation of affection that was not circumstantial because of the handcuffs.”
You sighed, knowing what it was.
Faramir turned to you. “Do you know what it could have been?”
You stared straight at the floor.
“I… kissed your cheek when I woke up this morning.”
He blinked at you, shocked. Gandalf discreetly slipped out the door.
“You just looked so handsome in the sunlight with your hair glowing and I couldn’t resist and I’m so sorry and I’ll leave Gondor right now and never come back and what you must think of me no-”
You stopped rambling, looking at Faramir. He leaned closer to you, and in the depths of his eyes, you saw nothing but love. He paused for a moment, head tilted as if asking for your permission.
You nodded your head.
Faramir moved closer, tilting your chin up so that his lips met yours, kissing you oh-so-gently. Then somehow you were standing, lips still touching his as he surged closer and kissed you harder, like all the passion and feeling in the world was just pouring out of him and into you.
Finally, you broke apart, smiles on both your faces.
“I think I love you.,” you said, then clapped a hand over your mouth.
Faramir smirked. “It’s okay, Y/N.”
He pressed his forehead to yours. “I love you too.”
You gazed at each other for a few moments, before you grabbed his hand.
“Now, let’s go kill a wizard.”
Opening the doors to the hallway, you saw said wizard suddenly disappear.
You corrected yourself.
“Let’s go kill that wizard once he returns from wherever he’s hidden himself.”
Faramir laughed. “Let’s kill Gandalf later. For now, would you like to go for a walk?”
You smiled at him, looping your arm through his and pressing a kiss to his lips.
“Lead on, my love.”
Everything tag❤️: @entishramblings @itgetsatadhazy @boyruins @anjhope1 @kumqu4t @katbby16 @thewhiteladyofrohan @kirstenscaffeinateddisaster @beenovel @shethereadinghobbit @guardianofrivendell @hey-its-nonny
Fic tag: @eru-vande @annkdarar @lust4crust @the-reformed-ringwraith @ethereal-earendil
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randomfandomimagine · a month ago
They Cheer You Up (Lord of the Rings Preference)
Characters: Frodo, Sam, Legolas, Aragorn, Eomer, Pippin, Merry
Fandom: Lords of the Rings
Requested by anon: Hi, could I please request a preference with Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Legolas Greenleaf, Aragorn, Eomer, Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck cheering the reader up? Thank you!!
A/N: Sorry if it’s a bit short, today I’ve done so much writing that my brain is kind of fried, so I hope you still like and enjoy this anyway! 😅😋
Tumblr media
Frodo would just speak his mind, and give you reasons he honestly believes could cheer you up. He also compliments you, quite earnestly, and remind you why you are great and why he holds you so very dearly and close to his heart. He might also take a walk around the forest with you, hoping a chat and a calm evening outside will lift your spirits.
Tumblr media
With Sam, it comes naturally, so he has no problem in being optimistic and saying things to hopefully cheer you up. He reminds you of the good things in life, how beautiful the sun is as it shines high in the sky and how warm and comforting it is, or how lovely it is to see the little animals moving around in the grass, or how delicious food is and how there’s always something good and worth getting through your bad days for, and it warms your heart and makes you smile.
Tumblr media
Legolas doesn’t really know what to do, so he just stays by your side and promises himself not to leave you until you’ve at least smiled once. You spend the day together, chatting and walking and it seems to distract you enough that your mood improves, and Legolas’ stories of elves also help quite a lot ot keep your mind busy.
Tumblr media
Aragorn is incredibly intuitive, especially when it comes to you since he knows you so well. He’s also very empathetic and soon realizes why you need cheering up. For that reason, he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better and what to do to comfort you and he’s happy to provide you with affection and words of comfort.
Tumblr media
Eomer mostly gives you courage. You feel defeated and alone, so he reminds you that it’s not the case. At first you don’t listen, knowing that he cares too much about you to be objective, but then his words start sinking in. He says that you’re strong and brave and that not only you can live through that bad day and many others that may haunt you, but that he will also be ever at your side so you don’t have to suffer through them alone.
Tumblr media
Pippin is kind, emotional, sensitive and very empathetic. He makes you feel understood, he comforts, makes you feel like you’re not alone, like he can understand what you’re feeling and that it’s perfectly okay to feel that way. He doesn’t have a problem showing his emotions, and less so you talking about them, so he will listen to you if you want to talk and maybe even sing you a beautiful song to cheer you up.
Tumblr media
Merry would goof around. He’s not quite as emotional as Pippin, even if he too can be sensitive, so he prefers to make you laugh instead. Of course, if you want to talk he will intently listen, but he knows his jokes and playfulness will most effectively cheer you up and he keeps saying silly things and tickling you to get you to smile or laugh at him.
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn​​ / @wonderlandfandomkingdom​​ / @dancewaterdance02​ / @fortheloveofbenyandtom​ / @of-stardust-and-dreams​ / @caswinchester2000​ / @ikemencrossedmyth​ / @bravelittlesunflower​ / @lxncelot​ / @ta-ka-shi-ma​ / @okay-j-hannah​ / @suenami3​ / @swanimagines​ / @lovinghufflepuffgirl​ / @fedorable-killjoys​ // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, send me an ask!! // Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
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lilyofthesword-writes · a month ago
Continue - Part 3
Summary: You have been ripped away from your world and tossed into one that is supposed to be pure fiction. You know the stories, how they are supposed to go. Despite your knowledge, you are unable to change the fates of the Fellowship you had grown so close to.
Pairing: Legolas x Modern!Reader
Word Count: 1,957
Warnings/Disclaimers:  Violence, mentions of blood.
A/N: So this one turned into a beast. I wanted to write in some of the Battle of Helm’s Deep to try something different. Hopefully, this worked out, and I didn’t jump all over the place too much.
Tumblr media
“Please, reconsider,” Legolas pleaded with you. “What if the binding magic activates, again? If we are separated, you will be defenseless amongst the chaos.”
You chewed on your bottom lip. He had a point, but still...
Squeezing his fingers, you tried your case again. “Legolas, I understand. I truly do. But I want to help you all on the field, not hide away in the caves. In a battle like this... Every person counts.”
Thunder from the impending storm nearly overshadowed the elf’s sigh. He unlaced a hand and cupped your face, stroking the apple of you cheek with his thumb. “There is that endearing determination, again.” Pulling you forward, he laid his forehead on yours. The tenderness of the action made your heart flutter. “I will not be able to convince you, will I?”
“Not this time, no,” you breathed, a ghost of a smile adorning your face.
With a light huff, Legolas pulled away to help you secure chainmail and light armor. If he couldn’t coax you into staying safe inside the caves with the others who were unable to fight, then he would at least ensure you would have some protection. The goal would be for you to stay by him as much as possible in the upcoming battle, but both of you knew that most likely would not happen.
Just as you remembered from second movie, there was a commotion at the gate. With knitted brows, Legolas took your hand to head outside where you met with Aragorn and King Théoden. Before you stood an elven army, Haldir at the forefront looking as stoic and regal as ever. Relief and hope visibly flooded the Ranger’s body. So much so, that he pulled the elf into a hardy embrace.
Out of all the characters you knew of, the Marchwarden was the only one whose fate was up in the air. There was no mention of his death in the books. Then again, he had not led an army to Helm’s Deep. The second film added drama with his appearance and fall. But… Could that change?
This version of the world seemed to meld the two forms of media together. You had been able to meet Tom Bombadil and his wife Goldberry after leaving the Shire which definitely hadn’t happened in the movies. And then there was the time when Frodo had to be rushed to Rivendell after being stabbed with a Morgul blade. That played out like the film with Arwen cradling his weakened form and speeding away on her horse. You had only caught a glimpse of Glorfindel after meeting Elrond. So maybe… Just maybe…
It wasn’t long after Aragorn released Haldir from the awkward hug that orders to get into position were sent out. Squeezing your hand, Legolas motioned for you to join him with Gimli at the higher parapet where you all could use arrows until the enemy tried to clamber up the walls. Lightning cracked the sky as you reached your station, the accompanying thunder booming off the stone. Your elf had placed you in between Gimli and him. Despite the dwarf not knowing of the magic that tethered you, he cared for you like family. It was almost like you had your own bodyguards.
Checking your bow one last time, you noticed Gimli struggling to see over the wall.
“What’s happening out there?”
“Shall I describe it to you?” Legolas turned his head towards the dwarf who met his gaze with a hum and arched brow. “Or would you like me to find you a box?”
And there was that lopsided smirk that partly caused Gimli’s boisterous laugh. It wasn’t often you saw that kind of smile sneak its way onto Legolas’ face. You bit back a chortle just as the rain plummeted down on the battlefield.
Then the chaos began. An arrow was loosed early into the throng of Uruk-hai and orcs, sending them into a frenzy. Between firing attempts and dodging projectiles, you didn’t notice the ladders hitting the walls.
A sweaty, snarling orc head popped over the edge next to you. It was close enough to smell its rancid, putrid breath. Swallowing your shriek, you took the arrow you were about to notch and shoved it into the creature’s throat. A gurgled screech tore from its mouth as it feel backwards off the ladder. What moment of triumph you had was short lived as a new round of orcs quickly followed. You opted for your sword instead, strapping your bow on your back for later.
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure when you ended up on the ground level. It was all a blur. You were fairly sure you had fallen from the stairs at some point, probably in the middle of defending yourself. You at least remembered laying the mud and scrambling to reach your feet to dodge the next blow before lodging your sword in the orc’s side. Another orc rushed towards you, leaving no time to gather your bearings or look for your companions. After barely managing to take down that opponent, an explosion rumbled from the other side of the keep.
Adrenaline coursed through you, blood pounding in your ears, as you sprinted off in that direction. By the time you reached him, the ranger was mostly back on his feet. You had only been able to make sure he regained his balance just as an Uruk-hai bulldozed its way to you from the newly breached wall. Jumping away from each other to miss its crudely forged blade, Aragorn and you then lunged forward with your swords, the steel penetrating the thick flesh not hidden away by armor. The Uruk-hai fell into muddy water, its black blood nearly indistinguishable from the muck.
Now focused on containing the breach, a handful of soldiers joined you and the ranger. A mess of Uruk-hai and orc were pouring through the opening. It wasn’t going to be enough. Aragorn called for everyone to start falling back. Just as you were headed off, a flash of red caught your eye. Your breath caught in your throat. Haldir was still on the upper level, making sure his soldiers were able to escape, and he was being surrounded rapidly.
Ripping the bow from your back, you shot at some of the orcs rushing up the stairs. You at least nailed a few of them. Your throat constricted lightly as you fired, either from your exhaustion or the magic warning you about interfering again. You weren’t quite sure at this point. Then, Haldir was hit, his entire world thrown off kilter. He spun wildly to defend himself from the onslaught. An Uruk-hai was readying his blade for the Marchwarden.
Magic be damned. You couldn’t just stand there and watch. Not again.
Sucking in a breath, you closed your eyes and raised your bow. Your chest tingled as you pointed in what you thought was the general direction. Flinging your eyes open, you made a last second adjustment to your aim. Just a touch to the left…
You were able to let go of the arrow just enough to let it fly from your fingers when your lungs froze and muscles locked you in place, leaving you unable to do anything but watch the following events. Your arrow hit the Uruk-hai’s bicep - non-fatal, but enough to cause it to falter. It also recalled Haldir’s focus, enabling him to dispose of his attacker.
He turned to find his savior, his eyes widening upon seeing you. At first you thought he was just surprised, but then you noticed movement in your peripheral. The binding magic still had you rooted to the spot and had ramped up. Your breathing was thin and ragged, vision blurring at the edges. You couldn’t even adjust your gaze to see what was approaching you at such a speedy gait.
An arrow whizzed past your face. A squelch sounded as it pierced the flesh of your supposed attacker. As the orc dropped to its knees, the spell chaining you down released. Gasping and choking on a torrent of oxygen, your burning muscles loosened and you fell back on the tower behind you.
Your head was pounding, muffling out the sounds of the battle still taking place. Warm hands encased your face and lifted your gaze. Panicked blue eyes bore into yours.
Legolas breathed your name. “Are you all right?”
“Yes,” you hoarsely replied while nodding, your throat feeling like coarse sandpaper.
The sound of more Uruk-hai and orcs stole your attentions. Legolas let go of your face and snatched up your hand instead, pulling you along with him. The Marchwarden had made it down the stairs and joined you in the retreat. With the three of you, you were able to brute force your way to the inside of the keep.
Tumblr media
Cheers and laughs echoed through the Golden hall. The Battle of Helm’s Deep was over. Saruman had been defeated, locked away in his tower with his lackey Wormtongue. Merry and Pippin were safely back with the company, celebrating the victory with the rest of Rohan. You, however, had chosen to go outside near the beginning of the festivities. There had barely been a moment’s rest between everything. All you really wanted was to decompress.
The cool breeze caressed your skin as you breathed in the clean air, your lips tugged lightly into a smile. You had done it. You had managed to bypass the stupid binding magic that kept you from changing anything. Albeit barely and your muscles still ached from how tightly the curse had wound them, but you still did it.
Leaning on the railing, you looked up at trillions of stars in the night sky. This world was truly beautiful. You could get used to living here if you were never to return to your own. Maybe by then, the curse would ease or end completely.
You swung around, facing Legolas who had been standing almost directly behind you.
“Legolas!” you gasped, before sniggering. “You always manage to sneak up on me!”
The elf laughed along with you and joined you at the railing, resting his hand on yours. “Are you well?”
“Never better.” You rested your head on his shoulder. “Thank you, by the way.”
He hummed questioningly while nuzzling your hair.
“Back at the keep. You were right about the binding magic. It did almost get me killed. If it weren’t for you, I may not be here right now.”
Tiny tears began to sting your eyes. This was just as real as your world and you could die just as easily. Legolas and the others had been vital in keeping you breathing. And you just had to try. It was only a fraction of a second that stood between life and death for both Haldir and you. It could have all gone wrong within moments.
Lacing his fingers with yours, he spoke softly, “I will admit, I was terrified when you disappeared. Even Gimli was unable to say what happened. I managed to find you when the air changed again. Seeing you frozen with that orc so close… My heart nearly stopped.” His voice nearly broke at the end.
“Just promise me,” he stopped you, turning to where you were facing each other. “Promise me, you will be more careful.”
Gingerly cupping your face with his free hand, his thumb stoked your cheek.
You nodded, “I promise.”
Legolas then kissed your forehead. “Now, you did save the Marchwarden’s life, did you not?” He pulled back, tugging you with him to head inside. “That is added cause for celebration.”
“I guess it is,” you laughed and allowed him to bring you back to the party.
Tag List: @thisbreakableheaven​ @beakami​
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akaneryk · a month ago
Y/N: *falls into Middle-earth*
Fellowship:*stares confused *
Y/N: There is nothing I hate more than being in the center of attention, and yet here I am all eyes on me
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Dating Pippin Took would include…
Idk this is just something I came up with while I try to continue Clear Waters, Volunteer, and another one-shot. So imma just shove this down your throat teehee
Dating Pippin Took would include…
- Hugs from behind. Lots of them. 
- Late nights out and sleeping in, cuddling until almost midday. or doing other things ;)
- He makes the best cinnamon rolls, and if he’s feeling very nice, he will give you the one with the most icing.
- You are the one person he doesn’t prank. He will fool anyone else, but not his sweetheart. Whether it’s because he’s scared of you or he just loves you, no one knows. 
- Sometimes, you will help him with his pranks. Mostly when they are directed towards Merry, because Merry is a little shit most of the time (much love to him, but he can be annoying, as well as Pippin if we’re gonna be honest)
- Pippin still has a hard time believing that you love him because after all, you are perfect. So he tries his hardest to make sure that he is worthy of you.
- He may be oblivious at times, but he does notice the little things so that he can make you happy
- When you’re having an off day, he doesn’t know exactly what he should do at first, but he figures it out along the way, and is very considerate
I know this is kind of short, but I feel like I’ve been kind of dry with what I've been posting lately so here ya go. Let me know if you want any other headcanons, these are actually pretty fun.
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randomfandomimagine · a month ago
They Confess (Lord of the Rings Preference)
Characters: Pippin, Merry, Faramir
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Warnings: None
Requested by anon: Lord of the Rings preference for Peregrine Took, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Faramir telling the female reader they want so be with the female reader forever/confessing their love to her? Bonus points if the reader is insecure and shy! Please and thank you ♥♥♥
Tumblr media
Pippin was very nervous about it, and he thought it twice many times. It wasn’t until his friends encouraged him to do it that he finally found the courage to confess to you once and for all. He went to see you like he did many times, but this once the words he had mentally rehearsed so many times kept swimming in his thoughts until it came the time to tell you. He said he needed to tell you something and bashfully held your hand. “Y/N? I... I really like you, and I was wondering if you felt the same for me”. You had your suspicions about his feelings, but when he finally spoke them, you did something you had been wanting to do for a long time: you kissed him.
Tumblr media
Merry would kind of blurt it out. He hadn’t planned it, and it wasn’t on accident, but it just occurred to him. You were hanging out together, joking, laughing and having fun as usual. At a certain moment, he felt a wave of fondness towards you that reminded him of how flustered he sometimes was around you even if most of the time he was so comfortable around you that he forgot. Instead of dwelling on it, though, he turned to you and smiled, speaking casually. “Y/N? I think you’re great and I really like you”. You smiled back. “You’re amazing and I like you too, Merry”
Tumblr media
Faramir wanted to make that moment special. He had been considering whether to tell you or not and when he finally made his mind up, he wanted it to be perfect. He wanted you to see how much he cared about you, how intense his emotions were. One day you took your horses and wandered around, riding through beautiful fields and watching the sunset with Faramir. It was very romantic. You spent hours chatting as usual, until the stars appeared. He finally seemed to find the perfect moment, and so he lovingly stared at you and delicately took your hand. “Y/N? I am deeply in love with you, and I needed you to know” “It took you quite a bit to say it” “You knew? But-” You smiled and cut him with a kiss on the lips.
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn / @wonderlandfandomkingdom /   @dancewaterdance02​ / @fortheloveofbenyandtom​ / @of-stardust-and-dreams​ / @caswinchester2000​ / @ikemencrossedmyth​ / @bravelittlesunflower​ / @lxncelot​ / @ta-ka-shi-ma​ / @okay-j-hannah​ / @suenami3​ / @swanimagines​ / @lovinghufflepuffgirl​ / @fedorable-killjoys​ // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, send me an ask!! // Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
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celeste-clearwater-06 · a month ago
Hey everyone!! I know I've been gone for quite some time, as im taking a momentary break to deal with some personal at home stuff, and I really appreciate all of your patience and kindness with my time away!
I'm not sure how much longer I'll be gone, however, don't fret, because all of your requests are being worked on and edited as we speak! Just need some time to reevaluate and get back into the swing of things! Thank you all for your patience!! 💜💜
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errruvande · a month ago
Mysterious dust (Pippin x Hobbit! Fem! Reader)
Word Count: 1, 435
TW: brief mention of blood, injury
AN: Here's my first piece for my sweet boy Pippin, hope you enjoy it
Tumblr media
It’s been days since Gandalf had arrived at The Shire and, mysteriously enough, there wasn’t any trouble since then. Old Bilbo offered him a room, leaving the cart full of Gandalf’s things near Bag End.
What a foolish decision of theirs, fool of a Baggins, fool of a Gandalf.
“Hey, Y/N, come, quickly!” Pippin was standing in the doorway of your Smial - cheeks red, hair wet-ish, his breath was trembling as he looked at you with the gaze full joy and fear at the same time. “C’mon, c’mon, c’mo-o-on, Y/N!” He came closer in one jump, grabbing your hand and pulling you out of the bed in the middle of the night, not giving you time to even dress up properly.
“Pip! Wait! Pip, ouch, PIPPIN!” He was dragging you after himself, not noticing you stumbled on the doorstep. Pulling your arm from his palm to steady yourself and soothe the pain by pressing your palm flat to your foot you cried on top of your lungs. “What’s the hurry? Where are we going?”
“There’s no time for explanation, my bean, just come with me I have something to show you!” His face was shimmering from how excited he was about whatever he had in mind. Pippin gestured to you to come with him. “Hope we are not late!”
You ran after Pip, down the hill, from the Tuckborough to Hobbiton, you had to stop for several times ‘cause your little feet couldn’t run as fast as Pipin’s.
“Finally, you are here, Pippin…” before you turned the corner, following Pippin, you’d heard a familiar serious voice of Merry. “Oh, you, of course, brought Y/N with you, of course you did!” He stepped forward, forcing a smile. There was a fabric bag in his hands that was thrown to him by Pippin carefully from the top of the Gandalf’s cart. “Hello, Y/N, if you are here, mind to help us?” Merry pointed towards the Bag End’s door and his eyebrows knit together. “Keep a lookout, please.”
You nodded, not even bothering yourself to ask them what in the sake of blackberry tart they were doing.
Merry put his foot on the little box under the cart, lifting his upper body to observe the filling of the vehicle. “Pip, there is it!” Merry pointed at another bag with some round vessel in it. ‘Take it, Pip, hurry!” Merry jumped off, glancing around in panic, unbuttoning his vest to hide the bag, Pippin had given him earlier, behind it. “Go now, Pip, Y/N, go!”
When everything was in their hands, Pippin was standing on the ground with his bag, smiling and giggling, all three of you ran towards the nearest pack of trees, down the road, over the hill.
“Okay, and what’s now?” You stopped and bent in two, rested your hands on your thighs, gulping air eagerly. “What is that, Pip? You stole something from Gandalf again!”
“Yes we did,” You twitched as Pippin walked near you, unpacking his bag. “Look what we have: this weird Gandalf’s dust, some matchstick, a rope and this vessel”
You squated to take a better view of all of those things. The way this dust looked terrified you, and you rubbed Pippin’s shirt to get his attention.
“Pip, I don’t like it, what are you going to do, is that dangerous?” your face is so innocent, Pippin tilted his head to knock your forehead together with a silly smile, then said with your favorite smooth, thick accent of his. “We don’t know yet, but if Gandalf knows about it, that definitely would be dangerous”.
Merry giggled, grabbing the bag with mysterious dust and putting it in the vessel. He caught, waving the particles of this dust from his face. When he ended putting the dust into the vessel and tucked the rope into it, Pippin started wrapping the vessel in the fabric - he has been ripping the bags in several pieces to cover the vessel in it while Merry was busy with the dust.
“It’s done!” He stood - arms in the air high above his head. The vessel now looked more like a pillow with a rope stick out of it. “Let’s do the thing!”
You three kneeled around the vessel, made a circle, and Merry lit the fire on the free end of the rope. For a second you were sitting motionless, hypnotized by the little tongue of flame slowly sliding down the rope. When between the flame and the vessel were mere inches, Merry leaped back.
“Hide now, guys, it’s time to hide!” He vanished, taking his place behind the tree trunk.
“Y/N, come one!” Pippin shouted for you, but you were captivated by the light. You always loved lights, flames, something in it had a power over you so you couldn't tear your gaze from it. “Y/N!” He wrapped his fingers around your wrist and pulled you closer to him, away from the vessel.
Gandalf woke up from the horrendous clatter.
“Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brendybuck!” He growled, sliding off the bed Bilbo had offered him, and going to the next door to make sure Frodo wasn’t with these terror twins.
You were lying on the grass, ears hidden under your palms, and Pippin was lying on top of you, one arm was placed around your chest, another - wrapped around your head. His breath was shaking and he was scared to look at you, hearing your tiny squeals.
“Pippin, Y/N!” Merry rushed to you, tearing Pippin’s hands off of you gently to be sure neither of you had hurted. “Pip!” He gasped, the blood on his cousin’s hand caught him off guard. “The blood, Pip, is everything alright?”
Pippin nodded, not daring to look at you while you were still weeping silently. The blood on his hand wasn’t his, it was yours. The vessel had exploded and a piece of a glass it was made of stuck into your cheek.
“Y/N, Y/N...Y--” The tear dropped on your face, watering the wound, and you jerked your head in bitter pain. “I-- I-- I’m so sorry, Y/N, I shouldn’t have bring you here, I--”
You gathered your strength, placing one of your hands down your back and pushing your upper body up, trying to sit. “Pip…” your voice was quiet and hardly understandable, for you had tears rolling into your mouth. “Pip, it’s alright, I’m alive, I’m just slightly injured”. You pressed your palm flat to Pippin's cheek - his face, eyes squeezed with tears on his eyelashes, mouth curled into a wavy line, shaking with every breath he took - he was so scared for you…
“You two, again, why I’m not surp--” Gandalf was furious, but he kneeled before you and Pippin as soon as he saw your bloody face. “Y/N....” He shook his head, darting glazes at both Merry and Pippin for pulling you in this another game of theirs. “Come with me, girl, come home.”
Another day Pippin came to your Smial to check on you, finding Gandalf was still with you, healing your wound.
“Ugh…” Pip cleared his throat to get Gandalf’s and your attention. You smile at him while Gandalf only furrowed his eyebrows. “May I share a moment with Y/N alone, please?” His gaze begged for a little bit of privacy with you, he felt terrible, broken, he berated himself for putting you in danger.
“Sure, my foolish friend, I was about to leave little Y/N”. On foolish Pippin tilt his head, sniffing imperceptibly.
When Gandalf had closed the door behind him, Pippin almost crawled to your bed, eyes glued to the wooden floor.
“Pip?” You grabbed his hand gently, fiddling with his fingers as he handed you some flowers.
“Your cheek looks horrible” he muffled, you closed your eyes, another hand grazing under the blanket. You smiled at him, throwing a pillow out under the blanket and Pippin almost fell, loosing his balance for a second. “I’m happy you’re feeling better”.
“Pip, stop, it was not your fault”
“But it was exactly my fault” He lifted his eyes to meet your warm gaze.
“You're not responsible for that,” You pointed at your face, the reddish cut on your cheek almost healed. “For I knew with whom I am starting my new life” Pippin raised his eyebrows, pupils flared. “I love you still, this little accident didn’t change anything”
“I don’t deserve you, beam” His cheeks lifted up, showing his tiny teeth. Pippin bent over to you. “I love you, Y/N, and I am sorry.” He knocked a kiss on your other cheek, and you nuzzled into his neck.
AN this is partly based on a real story my co-worker told me and couldn't help myself but associating it with these terror twins. Btw hope you liked it, and if so I'd highly appreciate your comment or repost, it'd make my day💕
Forever tag: @bonjour-rainycity
Tag: @wishingtobeinadifferentuniverse @spacebabe51 @gossip-girl-of-middle-earth @girl-ln-green @hobbitkin-journey @otakudreamer
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errruvande · a month ago
Hey hey, I'm writing a tiny fool of a Took drabble, so if you wanna be tagged, feel free to leave a comment/like on that post 💕 I hope to post it later today
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Matchup for Anonymous
Tumblr media
Dear anon, thank you for being so kind, and thank you for your request. Oh, a QPR, I'm so excited! Here we go!
For The Hobbit:
Tumblr media
I think you and Kili would go together very well.
Because of your shyness, he will be a bit hesitant to approach you at first: he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable. But one day, around the fire that the Company has set for the night, the dwarves start telling horror stories, and convince you to tell one too. Kili is baffled when he discovers the passion and skill with which you tell your tales, and will ask you questions about this interest of yours later. He doesn't understand much at first, but he loves to see your excitement and would listen to you for hours just to see that spark that lights in your eyes. As time passes and you talk more about your interests, he'll slowly become interested in horror and true crimes too (definitely not to use them as fuel to tell better scary stories when he babysits dwarflings), and also spirituality. Despite his cheerful nature, he strikes me as somehow a sensible guy, and he will be happy to keep alive the hope of seeing the loved ones he has lost once again.
Once he gets to know you better, he becomes fascinated with your passionate and curious nature, that pretty much resembles his. You like to explore abandoned places? Kili and Fili have a list of locations to visit, and will be delighted to have a new companion in their adventures! During this excursions, he gets to see your more playful and funny side, which he didn't expected for a person who used to be so quiet. He will decide, then and there, that you're the perfect addition for his and Fili's little group of troublemakers. From that moment, you three are always seen in each other's company, terrorizing Erebor with your shenanigans, becoming infamous among old dwarves but admired by the little ones.
While on your adventures Fili, always the observant brother, has noticed Kili has taken quite the liking to you, so he'll make occasional excuses to leave the two of you alone. To pass the time you can introduce Kili to videogames, he'll be definitely fascinated with the concept: the brightness of the screen, the colors, the possibility to put his good reflexes and dexterity to good use without the risk of anyone he loves getting come no one had told him about this before!? He takes the game very seriously: throwing a party when he wins and getting very sulky when he loses, but if it's against you he'll be secretly happy to see you celebrate your victory. The kind of person to get so hooked up in a game and stay there for hours on end until he beats it. You want to accompany him during this all night marathons? He has snacks, kindly provided by Bombur, to bribe you into it more easily.
At the end, you become so close that Kili has to ask his brother for advice about what to do next. Fili suggests beginning a courtship, but that's not quite what his sibling needs. He ends up talking it out with you (as he should have from the beginning) and you explain the concept of a QPR to him. Oh, he'll be extremely happy and relieved to have a word for the kind of relationship he wants with you. He will be the most honored to be called your partner (with Fili's blessing, and eventually Thorin's too) and, to seal the deal, will ask for permission to braid your hair. Because he knows you like jewelry, now he won't hesitate to shower you in the finest dwarven pieces, specially those decorated with sapphires and aquamarines because (he says) they bring out the color of your hair. Will definitely get ecstatic over having you as a partner, and will embarrass you telling everyone you're the new Princess of Erebor if you don't stop him.
Tumblr media
I match you with Merry!
He will probably be the first one to approach, fascinated by the glimpses of playfulness and loudness he has seen from you on a few occasions in the Green Dragon. He also probably likes that, despite being one of the Big People, you're a bit on the short side, so he doesn't feel that intimidated trying to befriend you. He knows he will have to gain your trust before he gets to see that side of you more often, but he's down for the challenge. His strategy is, of course, getting you involved in one of his and Pippin's schemes, and is delighted to learn that playing around is one of the things that you like. He loves your curiosity that matches his and his best friend's, but also the logic you mix with you heart when taking decisions, and that prevents you from getting into trouble as much as they do. He'll be sure to have found a friend for life.
He loves spending time with you, but will always make sure not to get overbearing and give you the space you need. The times you want to spend with him, though, he makes it a big occasion! You want to go on a picnic and bask in the sun? He's already got the spot, the basket and the snacks ready, that if Pippin didn't discover and ate them all first. You feel more like having a calm afternoon inside? No problem: he has his house at your disposition, and a modest collection of tiny animals for you to pet in his barn. When you introduce him to science fiction he'll become a fan very quickly, and go around the Shire talking to the neighbors about outer space, aliens and technology, as the rest of the hobbits start to believe that he's finally lost it. When you feel like shopping, he'll take you to the local market and bargain his way into buying anything you may need or want. But you, on your part, are not one to pass on a good opportunity to spoil him with fresh vegetables, pipeweed, and any snack that catches his eye. You'll always make a mandatory stop in the little stall where a nice old hobbit lady sells sweaters, so you two can try on the most beautiful (or the ugliest, if you're in the mood for a laugh).
I have the sensation that Merry will be more quick to grasp the concept of a queerplatonic partner, and will be happy to have you as his. The day it becomes official he celebrates with a great dinner in Bag End: Sam helped with the food, Frodo put the place and the decorations, and Pippin will sing the best songs of his repertory, and also dance when he's drunk enough. Merry will end the evening with a toast, and a bundle wrapped in colorful paper that contains a beautiful vintage dress of your favorite color.
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lilyofthesword-writes · a month ago
Continue - Part 2
Summary: You have been ripped away from your world and tossed into one that is supposed to be pure fiction. You know the stories, how they are supposed to go. Despite your knowledge, you are unable to change the fates of the Fellowship you had grown so close to.
Pairing: Legolas x Modern!Reader
Word Count: 853
Warnings/Disclaimers: Boromir’s death. Anxiety issues.
A/N: Direct sequel of Continue. So I guess this will kind of be a series now. My thought is to hit specific scenes rather than rewriting the whole book series.
Tumblr media
Pulling the boats ashore, the blonde archer kept true to his word and was sticking close to you, helping you unload the small amount of extra baggage. Now that the Fellowship was away from the safety of the Golden Wood, things could go south quickly, and should the binding magic activate in a battle again, you would be defenseless. Legolas was not about to let you be hurt over something you could not control. It was certainly a weight off your shoulders that someone else knew and understood. Now if you could just get him to be a bit more subtle.
In the lineup where Galadriel was gifting each member their special items, he had made sure you were between him and Aragorn, earning looks from everyone. Merry and Pippin were especially curious, unable to tone down their excited whispers. When it came to boarding the boats, he had you in the same boat as him and Gimli. The dwarf merely chuckled at Legolas’ antics.
With the last bag settled on the ground, you turned just in time to see Frodo meander into the forest. Another pivotal moment in the story was about the play out, a light tingling in your chest to remind you about attempting to interfere. The feeling washed over your entire body, your heart stuttering, when Boromir entered the forest under the pretense of gathering wood. The confrontation that would take place between the man and hobbit was necessary, you supposed, but you still felt for the both of them. Your heart broke a fraction just thinking about their own internal turmoils and how this would push them to the brink.
A feather-light hand grazed your lower back, grounding you in reality. You hadn’t realized how long you were staring off at nothing in particular, or that you were doing it in the first place. Legolas’ blue eyes held a curious worry.
You tried to tell him you were fine, but no sound left your throat. The magic wasn’t choking you this time, just a warning to spur you away from temptation. Clearing your throat of the lump that was forming, you gave him a small smile.
The gears in his head seemed to click into place. Legolas’ gaze locked onto Aragorn across the way with such an intense seriousness that you were surprised no one else noticed. The ranger seemed to understand and slinked away into the forest as well.
Tumblr media
The Uruk-hai and orcs had thinned out and disappeared amongst the trees when Legolas, Gimli and you found Aragorn kneeling beside Boromir’s near lifeless body. It was still happening. Despite Legolas stepping in for you, the Steward of Gondor’s son was still trading his life for that of the hobbits who had grown so dear to him.
This hurt worse than when Gandalf fell. He would return, reuniting with you all in Fangorn Forest. Boromir would not. He would never return to Gondor. He would never see his brother or father again.
Legolas somberly watched the scene unfold at your side. Lacing his free hand with yours, he squeezed gently to break your reverie. You reciprocated his grasp and glanced up at him, his form a touch blurry. That was when you noticed the tears about to break free. Wiping them away with your sleeve, you let out of quiet huff.
From where you were standing, you had a clear view of the two men of Gondor. Boromir’s mouth was curved... up? He was smiling? That was different.
“He’s thanking Aragorn,” Legolas spoke low so only you could hear him.
Your brow furrowed as you stared at the elf.
“For preventing him from making a mistake,” he answered your silent question.
Tumblr media
Legolas was beside you, holding your hand again, the pad of his thumb comfortingly gliding over your knuckles. The now funeral boat was ready to be pushed offshore, Gondor’s pride adorned with his sword and armor. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say he was in a peaceful slumber.
Aragorn rounded the boat and sidled next to you.“Thank you,” he started quietly.
Was that directed at you? “Pardon?”
“It’s fairly clear you know a few things. If it hadn’t been for you and Legolas, Boromir would have met with Frodo. I fear what the consequences of his actions would have been had I not been prompted to follow.” He patted you on the shoulder solemnly before returning to the other side of the boat.
So he did manage to prevent their skirmish... And Frodo... Frodo was able to deal with his own inner demons, deciding for himself to leave without being pushed over the edge through the Ring’s induced betrayal. Did he feel more at peace with his decision than he would otherwise?
Boromir’s body was sent down the river and over the waterfall. Frodo and Sam still separated from the group, heading for Mordor on their own. Merry and Pippin were still carried off by the enemy. The end result was still the same, but the sting of it all was dulled. At least there were still some events that could change.
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randomfandomimagine · a month ago
A/N: I really fell in love with Pippin during this rewatch I did of LOTR, he’s so soft and so gentle that I constantly want to hug him! So here’s this little thing, I hope you lovelies like it!
Tumblr media
Character: Peregrin ‘Pippin’ Took
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Tags: Hurt / comfort, injury, angst and fluff
Word Count: 838 words
Title: Don’t Call Me That
Though warm interactions were abundant and an unbreakable bond existed between each and every member of the Fellowship, sometimes it wasn’t enough to make you feel completely safe. Though it helped. Some more than others.
“Peregrin” You playfully told him, noticing how nervous he was. “It will be alright”
“Don’t call me that” There was the exasperated response you were looking for. “It’s Pippin”
You only smirked at him, and he had to chuckle in the end. Even though mostly everyone called him Pippin, you made it a habit to call him ‘Peregrin’ to fondly annoy him. This time, however, you weren’t sure the lighthearted exchange was enough to calm his nerves.
“They’re coming!” Boromir warned the group.
You allowed yourself to linger on the eye contact with Pippin for a second longer. When you nodded at him, he nodded back. He then drew his sword, and you did the same.
Despite your confident facade, you wished you could be a skilled warrior like mostly everyone else in the Fellowship was, yet you felt as unexperienced as the restless hobbits. Ignoring your racing heart, you gave it your all. Charging with a battle cry, you ran at your enemies and wildly swung your sword.
Many sounds surrounded you, hurting your suddenly sensitive ears. Blades clashing. Roars echoing. Bodies colliding. Ragged breaths. It all multiplied when those sounds of your own joined the ones of your friends.
“Y/N, look out!” Aragorn shouted, already running to your aid. He wasn’t fast enough, and neither were you.
Before you could turn around, a sharp blade had pierced your side. Blood started pouring out of it, and you were left frozen by shock as you observed your first battle wound in a daze.
“Y/N!!!!” Pippin shrieked, rushing beside you and taking you by the arm.
A flying arrow told you that Legolas had taken down your opponent to save you from further harm. But it was too late. As you felt all your friends surround you, some still fighting to protect you and others tending to your wound, the world began fading.
Whether it was from the shock or from the blood loss, you felt yourself sinking into uncosciousness. All you were aware of was Pippin crying next to you as he desperately held on to your hand.
A smile spread across your lips before you could open your eyes. You awoke to Pippin holding your hand still. It felt like they had been joined for a long time. When you looked at him, Pippin gasped and hurriedly wiped his tears.
“Y/N, you’re awake” He exclaimed, even though his eyes remained watery. He quickly turned his head to the side. “G-Gandalf!!”
“Don’t worry, Peregrin” You squeezed his hand and tiredly smiled at him. “I’m alright, there is no need to cry”
“Pippin” He corrected, smiling in spite of himself. “And I wasn’t crying”
You lovingly took his face in your hands and squeezed it with the little energies you had. The wound had certainly claimed your strength, but you didn’t have the heart to look down to the bandage that you felt tightly wrapped around your torso.
“How are you feeling?” Pippin whispered, wiping his tears away.
“Weary, but alright nonetheless” Your fingers caressed his cheek as you let go of him. He heaved a shaky breath as he visibly relaxed under your calming touch.
“I told you it would be alright, did I not?” 
“You did...”
Although you winced as you did so, you moved to allow him some room in the bed next to you. Pippin quickly stood from the chair he had been sitting in.
“Careful!” He begged you. “The wound is still-”
“Would you sit by my side, Peregrin?” You interrupted him, playfully smiling at him through your weakness.
“Don’t call me that” He couldn’t help but to smile, fondly exasperated with you.
“Would you like to sit with me, Pippin?” 
“It sounds just as awful when you say it like that”
“I know”
He finally chuckled. The tears that still hung on to his eyelashes shined when his eyes acquired a hopeful spark. He moved gingerly, being mindful of your wound as he sat at the edge of the bed with you.
Just as you sat up and he leaned closer to urgently hug you, a silly thing occured to you. Pippin had called out to Gandalf, but the wizard hadn’t appeared. 
You had the feeling that, despite hearing his name being called out, Gandalf knew he should give you a moment alone. Pippin had certainly been terribly worried about you and he had earned some rest now that the relief that you were alright rid him from the exhausting concern.
As Pippin’s arms delicately wrapped around you, a smile grew on your lips. The pain from your wound was nothing, not when he provided you with such warm affection, and the haze that clouded your thoughts became small when he chuckled next to you ear, asking you to never scare him like that again. 
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Matchup for @armin-ocean-eyes
Tumblr media
Thank you so much, @armin-ocean-eyes! Don't worry, it's no bother or trouble whatsoever, I just hope you enjoy your results. Here we go!
Tumblr media
You're getting a two-for-one special, because I'm sure both Frodo and Sam would absolutely adore you! Both of them are also kind of quiet before you get to meet them, not to speak of Sam being wary of anyone he doesn't know well in fear they'll be a threat to Frodo, but once you get over the rough beginning you'll fit perfectly with them. If Sam can be cold and even aggressive with strangers, he becomes a real softie with his friends. And Frodo, well, he has always secretly liked you from afar, so he'll be delighted to finally get to meet you for real.
The young Baggins will read books with you. He'll invite you to Bag End and will lend you one of his favorite volumes (which it didn't take him ages to decide on because he wanted you to like it, of course not, who said that?) and you'd sit comfortably in a sofa, reading silently and sharing a cup of tea and sweets. Other times you'll bring your own books, and he'll be extra careful not to bend them. Later, he'll work up the courage to ask you to read outloud with him. At first the experience is a little awkward, but, as you get more comfortable around each other, you start dramatizing the scenes and making different voices for the different characters until you're both laughing so much you end up forgetting about the story.
Also, Frodo would be the most honored to hear you play the violin. He'd sit and listen mesmerized, and when you finish he'd be silent for a second, before asking you if it is okay for him to invite some friends over on other ocassion, so they too can enjoy your music. If you don't agree he'll be respectful, and treasure every piece he gets to hear you play dearly. If you do, he'll organize a full blown party around it, hobbit style, with lots of food, friends and some mandatory Gandalf's fireworks. Maybe, with time, you two could even compose something together: there's no way this boy hasn't inherited some of his uncle's musical abilities.
Sam, on the other hand, would love to spend time cooking and baking with you. You two will explore all the sweets recipes available in the Shire, and invent some new ones when you run out of options. And if you like to garden, Sam is absolutely the guy for you! He knows everything about the Shire's plants: their names, where they grow, what's the best way to get an abundant harvest and beautiful and healthy flowers. I'm sure he can talk about gardening for hours on end, so I hope you're ready! He also loves animals (Bill the pony, we'll always remember you), and would love to have a nature documentary marathon with you, with homemade snacks made specially for the occasion. He'll be your number one supporter when you become a wildlife veterinarian, and will bug you a lot asking about animal facts and, maybe, if he's feeling bold, will ask for permission to meet some of your patients.
While hobbits aren't the most athletic people either, Frodo and Sam will be ready to try out roller skating if it's with you. You'll first have to find a skilled craftsman and describe what skates look like for them, but after all of you have yours on, let the fun begin! I imagine the Shire must be a good place for skating, with all its hills, twisted paths and ups and downs. Sam specially would probably end up falling on a bush or knocking over the cart of some merchant in the market the first times, but after a few embarrassing situations he'll get the hang of it. Even Pippin and Merry will want to join, and that is when chaos ensues. It is enough for the rest of the neighbors to see you five skating from afar to lock themselves in their houses until the storm passes. There will maybe be complaints and threats to kick you out of the Shire, but Sam and Frodo will never let that happen. If things get bad you three will have to resort to plan B: make a trip to the Misty Mountains and figure a way to ice skate there.
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cas-kingdom · a month ago
"Aragorn, do you think elves are ticklish?"
“Aragorn, do you think elves are ticklish?”
Aragorn paused in his momentary cleaning of his sword. He glanced up at the two curious hobbits stood in front of him, intrigue glinting in their eyes. It was Pippin who’d asked the question, but Merry had just as much interest, he could tell.
He briefly flicked his eyes over to where Legolas was helping you with your placement when shooting from a bow. Did he think elves were ticklish? Oh, he knew elves were ticklish.
Of course, he hadn’t had many opportunities to test that on his friend, but you, his sister, had fallen under his hands many a time, and though you were Peredhel, he doubted the hobbits would find reason to care.
Merry and Pippin had began to shuffle their feet a little, not at all awkwardly, more like they were waiting for information which could potentially put them to some tremendous advantage. Which, if they used it correctly, it most certainly would.
Smiling and shaking his head to himself, Aragorn continued in cleaning his sword. “If my years as a good friend and older brother have told me anything, then yes, elves are ticklish. Though don’t tell anyone I said so, or I may prompt them to ask the question of whether I think hobbits are ticklish, too.”
send me the first sentence of a fanfic and i’ll write the next five, except i don’t know when to stop writing so i guarantee there’ll be more than five
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