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#samwise gamgee x reader
randomfandomimagine · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Planting a tree with Sam to celebrate your wedding
Requested by anon 
The day had been like a dream. A dream come true. You had married the love of your life and celebrated and shared your love with your friends and loved ones. 
After the dreamy and fairy-tale like wedding, it was now you and Sam alone. You stood before your home, holding hands as you paused and thought. The two of you exchanged a look, and twin grins grew on your lips. 
“Ready, my love?” Sam showed you the seed, a small thing that barely took space in his palm.
“Ready” You squeezed his free hand, going with him to an empty spot in the garden.
As your friendship grew, Sam had once told you a very personal thought of his. He had admitted that he wanted to plant a tree with someone, to see it grow besides that special person and watch it flourish at the same time the relationship did. At that moment it had felt like a very sweet sentiment, but now it was the most romantic thing in recent memory. Because, as your friendship evolved to romance, that thought lingered and became a hope. A light that would give you strength during hard times. A destination. And after going through all that you had lived together, the moment had finally arrived.
The three would develop slowly but surely, becoming bigger until it completely grew, just like your love. It would end up being tall and strong, enveloping almost. Just like your love.
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randomfandomimagine · a month ago
They Cheer You Up (Lord of the Rings Preference)
Characters: Frodo, Sam, Legolas, Aragorn, Eomer, Pippin, Merry
Fandom: Lords of the Rings
Requested by anon: Hi, could I please request a preference with Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Legolas Greenleaf, Aragorn, Eomer, Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck cheering the reader up? Thank you!!
A/N: Sorry if it’s a bit short, today I’ve done so much writing that my brain is kind of fried, so I hope you still like and enjoy this anyway! 😅😋
Tumblr media
Frodo would just speak his mind, and give you reasons he honestly believes could cheer you up. He also compliments you, quite earnestly, and remind you why you are great and why he holds you so very dearly and close to his heart. He might also take a walk around the forest with you, hoping a chat and a calm evening outside will lift your spirits.
Tumblr media
With Sam, it comes naturally, so he has no problem in being optimistic and saying things to hopefully cheer you up. He reminds you of the good things in life, how beautiful the sun is as it shines high in the sky and how warm and comforting it is, or how lovely it is to see the little animals moving around in the grass, or how delicious food is and how there’s always something good and worth getting through your bad days for, and it warms your heart and makes you smile.
Tumblr media
Legolas doesn’t really know what to do, so he just stays by your side and promises himself not to leave you until you’ve at least smiled once. You spend the day together, chatting and walking and it seems to distract you enough that your mood improves, and Legolas’ stories of elves also help quite a lot ot keep your mind busy.
Tumblr media
Aragorn is incredibly intuitive, especially when it comes to you since he knows you so well. He’s also very empathetic and soon realizes why you need cheering up. For that reason, he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better and what to do to comfort you and he’s happy to provide you with affection and words of comfort.
Tumblr media
Eomer mostly gives you courage. You feel defeated and alone, so he reminds you that it’s not the case. At first you don’t listen, knowing that he cares too much about you to be objective, but then his words start sinking in. He says that you’re strong and brave and that not only you can live through that bad day and many others that may haunt you, but that he will also be ever at your side so you don’t have to suffer through them alone.
Tumblr media
Pippin is kind, emotional, sensitive and very empathetic. He makes you feel understood, he comforts, makes you feel like you’re not alone, like he can understand what you’re feeling and that it’s perfectly okay to feel that way. He doesn’t have a problem showing his emotions, and less so you talking about them, so he will listen to you if you want to talk and maybe even sing you a beautiful song to cheer you up.
Tumblr media
Merry would goof around. He’s not quite as emotional as Pippin, even if he too can be sensitive, so he prefers to make you laugh instead. Of course, if you want to talk he will intently listen, but he knows his jokes and playfulness will most effectively cheer you up and he keeps saying silly things and tickling you to get you to smile or laugh at him.
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn​​ / @wonderlandfandomkingdom​​ / @dancewaterdance02​ / @fortheloveofbenyandtom​ / @of-stardust-and-dreams​ / @caswinchester2000​ / @ikemencrossedmyth​ / @bravelittlesunflower​ / @lxncelot​ / @ta-ka-shi-ma​ / @okay-j-hannah​ / @suenami3​ / @swanimagines​ / @lovinghufflepuffgirl​ / @fedorable-killjoys​ // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, send me an ask!! // Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
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angst-fairygodmother · a month ago
sam gamgee comfort fic w reader that suffers w nightmares please?🥺👉👈
A/N: Hello my love. I hope this is what you’re looking for and that you feel better soon. 💙
Word Count: 722
Rating: G - brief descriptions of nightmares, references to The Scouring of the Shire
You sat up sharply, breath coming in short gasps as you covered your mouth with one hand to contain your sobs. You glanced over at your husband, sleeping soundly beside you and breathed a small sigh of relief.
It had been a little over a year since Sam had come home, since the monsters that had scoured the Shire had been driven out again and life had, mostly, returned to normal. But every once in a while, you'd wake up late at night from dreaming about those blackest days — days in the “Lockholes”, days when you thought Sam was dead and you would never see his smiling face again. Tonight your dream had been about your family’s home being burned by those ruffians (a thing you had been lucky enough to escape, if narrowly so) and it shook you badly. 
Not wanting to disturb your husband, who was peaceful for once instead of restless with his own nightmare-plagued sleep, you slowly crept out of bed and off to the kitchen to put on a kettle.
You were just pouring yourself a soothing cup of tea when you heard a noise in the hall. Exhaustion and adrenaline made monsters of the shadows and you yelped, nearly dropping the delicate ceramic vessel. 
“Y/N?” Sam’s voice was sleep-roughened and confused. “It’s only me.”
“Oh, Sam!” you exclaimed, pressing a hand to your chest. “I thought...well never mind what I thought. What are you doing up?”
“I woke and you weren’t in bed. I could see your candle out here.” He frowned, reaching out to wrap his arms around your center and pull you against him. “Are you having more bad dreams again?”
You shrugged, torn between relaxing into his touch or squirming away. “It’s nothing. Not compared to you and Frodo. Don’t worry about me.”
“That doesn’t make them less real, or important.” He pressed a soft kiss to your cheek. “Finish your tea and come back to bed. Please?”
You nodded, throat tightening as you choked back tears from his caring, gentle treatment of you, no matter how commonplace it had become. 
A few minutes later, you were crawling back into your cozy little bed, and already feeling a little sleepier than you had been. You weren’t sure what you expected, but it wasn’t Sam, still awake and waiting for you. His arms circled your waist once more, and he drew you in, cuddling you and making you feel warm and safe.
You settled with a contented sigh, hopeful that sleep would come more easily and be filled with nought but happy dreams, making you all the more surprised when Sam’s chest began to rumble beneath your ear. 
You pulled back in shock and confusion. Slowly you started to recognize the tune of a popular lullaby, though unsurprisingly Sam was improvising his own lyrics, about you and him and your love together. He hadn’t sung since his return from his journey with Frodo, and you had been beginning to suspect he never would again. 
The realization, the sound, brought unbidden tears to your eyes, and you hastily reached to wipe them away before they rolled down your cheeks to wet his nightshirt. He noticed the gesture and stopped singing.
“Y/N? Dearest, what’s wrong?” he asked, voice laced with concern.
“Were you...were you singing?” you whispered, haltingly and awed. 
“Y-yes. I can stop if you like. I just used to compliment my songs when we were young and maybe if I could sing one for you again, it would help you sleep? I’m sorry. I’ve upset you.”
“No!” you were vehement, the word coming out more forcefully than you meant. You smiled sheepishly at him in the darkness. “I just never thought I’d hear that again. It was beautiful.”
“Would you like me to keep singing then?”
“Yes, please do. Just having you here helps, but your singing voice might be even better.”
“I’ll only sing, if you lay back down and rest, dearest.”
You nodded your assent, settling back into a comfortable spot against him. His fingers settled on your scalp, massaging small circles in time with his stanza and lulling you. It was mere moments before your eyes were fluttering again. 
“Thank you Samwise Gamgee, for helping me sleep again,” you murmured sleepily. “I love you.”
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randomfandomimagine · a month ago
Romantic Drabble for Samwise Gamgee, where he gives the reader some flowers from his garden, please?
My sweet Sam, I adore him! 😍 Thank you so much for requesting, sweetie, hope you like it! 😊
Tumblr media
Character: Samwise Gamgee
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Tags. Fluff
Wod Count: 297 words
Title: Garden Of My Heart
A knock at the door interrupted your calm day. Wondering who it could be, you walked to the front door and opened it to reveal Frodo Baggins.
“Good morning, Y/N” He greeted you with a smile, putting an arm over Sam’s shoulder, who accompanied him. Your eyes were directed to the other hobbit.
“Hello, gentlemen” You smiled back, glancing from one to the other. “What brings you here?” 
“Actually, Sam wanted to give you something” Frodo’s grin widened, creating an excited spark in his eyes. “You should have seen his smile as he picked them up” 
“Mr. Frodo...” The aforemention averted his gaze, violently blushing as you fondly peered at him.
“Picked what up?” 
Sam took a deep breath before revealing something that he had been hidding behind his back. You gasped at the sight of a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers.
“I’ll leave you two alone” Frodo wouldn’t stop smiling, enthusiastically patting his gardener’s shoulder. “And remember to tell Y/N that line, Sam” 
He gawked at Frodo as he walked away, stuttering and dreading to face you from the embarrassment. You chuckled, both in fondness and amusement.
“What line is that, my dear Sam?” You encouraged him, taking the flowers from him and holding on to his hand with your free hand.
“It’s that I... I...” He dared to look up at you, still blushing. “I picked the best flowers from my garden because you’re the best flower of the garden of my heart”
You gaped at him, nearly melting at the adorable words just as much as his flustered demeanor. Still recovering from the unexpected line, you could only squeeze his hand. 
“T-Thank you, Sam” You finally uttered. “They’re beautiful”
“They can’t really compare to you, Y/N” He smiled, finally seeming to relax a little.
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Matchup for Anonymous
Tumblr media
Dear anon, thank you for being so kind, and thank you for your request. Oh, a QPR, I'm so excited! Here we go!
For The Hobbit:
Tumblr media
I think you and Kili would go together very well.
Because of your shyness, he will be a bit hesitant to approach you at first: he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable. But one day, around the fire that the Company has set for the night, the dwarves start telling horror stories, and convince you to tell one too. Kili is baffled when he discovers the passion and skill with which you tell your tales, and will ask you questions about this interest of yours later. He doesn't understand much at first, but he loves to see your excitement and would listen to you for hours just to see that spark that lights in your eyes. As time passes and you talk more about your interests, he'll slowly become interested in horror and true crimes too (definitely not to use them as fuel to tell better scary stories when he babysits dwarflings), and also spirituality. Despite his cheerful nature, he strikes me as somehow a sensible guy, and he will be happy to keep alive the hope of seeing the loved ones he has lost once again.
Once he gets to know you better, he becomes fascinated with your passionate and curious nature, that pretty much resembles his. You like to explore abandoned places? Kili and Fili have a list of locations to visit, and will be delighted to have a new companion in their adventures! During this excursions, he gets to see your more playful and funny side, which he didn't expected for a person who used to be so quiet. He will decide, then and there, that you're the perfect addition for his and Fili's little group of troublemakers. From that moment, you three are always seen in each other's company, terrorizing Erebor with your shenanigans, becoming infamous among old dwarves but admired by the little ones.
While on your adventures Fili, always the observant brother, has noticed Kili has taken quite the liking to you, so he'll make occasional excuses to leave the two of you alone. To pass the time you can introduce Kili to videogames, he'll be definitely fascinated with the concept: the brightness of the screen, the colors, the possibility to put his good reflexes and dexterity to good use without the risk of anyone he loves getting come no one had told him about this before!? He takes the game very seriously: throwing a party when he wins and getting very sulky when he loses, but if it's against you he'll be secretly happy to see you celebrate your victory. The kind of person to get so hooked up in a game and stay there for hours on end until he beats it. You want to accompany him during this all night marathons? He has snacks, kindly provided by Bombur, to bribe you into it more easily.
At the end, you become so close that Kili has to ask his brother for advice about what to do next. Fili suggests beginning a courtship, but that's not quite what his sibling needs. He ends up talking it out with you (as he should have from the beginning) and you explain the concept of a QPR to him. Oh, he'll be extremely happy and relieved to have a word for the kind of relationship he wants with you. He will be the most honored to be called your partner (with Fili's blessing, and eventually Thorin's too) and, to seal the deal, will ask for permission to braid your hair. Because he knows you like jewelry, now he won't hesitate to shower you in the finest dwarven pieces, specially those decorated with sapphires and aquamarines because (he says) they bring out the color of your hair. Will definitely get ecstatic over having you as a partner, and will embarrass you telling everyone you're the new Princess of Erebor if you don't stop him.
Tumblr media
I match you with Merry!
He will probably be the first one to approach, fascinated by the glimpses of playfulness and loudness he has seen from you on a few occasions in the Green Dragon. He also probably likes that, despite being one of the Big People, you're a bit on the short side, so he doesn't feel that intimidated trying to befriend you. He knows he will have to gain your trust before he gets to see that side of you more often, but he's down for the challenge. His strategy is, of course, getting you involved in one of his and Pippin's schemes, and is delighted to learn that playing around is one of the things that you like. He loves your curiosity that matches his and his best friend's, but also the logic you mix with you heart when taking decisions, and that prevents you from getting into trouble as much as they do. He'll be sure to have found a friend for life.
He loves spending time with you, but will always make sure not to get overbearing and give you the space you need. The times you want to spend with him, though, he makes it a big occasion! You want to go on a picnic and bask in the sun? He's already got the spot, the basket and the snacks ready, that if Pippin didn't discover and ate them all first. You feel more like having a calm afternoon inside? No problem: he has his house at your disposition, and a modest collection of tiny animals for you to pet in his barn. When you introduce him to science fiction he'll become a fan very quickly, and go around the Shire talking to the neighbors about outer space, aliens and technology, as the rest of the hobbits start to believe that he's finally lost it. When you feel like shopping, he'll take you to the local market and bargain his way into buying anything you may need or want. But you, on your part, are not one to pass on a good opportunity to spoil him with fresh vegetables, pipeweed, and any snack that catches his eye. You'll always make a mandatory stop in the little stall where a nice old hobbit lady sells sweaters, so you two can try on the most beautiful (or the ugliest, if you're in the mood for a laugh).
I have the sensation that Merry will be more quick to grasp the concept of a queerplatonic partner, and will be happy to have you as his. The day it becomes official he celebrates with a great dinner in Bag End: Sam helped with the food, Frodo put the place and the decorations, and Pippin will sing the best songs of his repertory, and also dance when he's drunk enough. Merry will end the evening with a toast, and a bundle wrapped in colorful paper that contains a beautiful vintage dress of your favorite color.
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lilyofthesword-writes · a month ago
Continue - Part 2
Summary: You have been ripped away from your world and tossed into one that is supposed to be pure fiction. You know the stories, how they are supposed to go. Despite your knowledge, you are unable to change the fates of the Fellowship you had grown so close to.
Pairing: Legolas x Modern!Reader
Word Count: 853
Warnings/Disclaimers: Boromir’s death. Anxiety issues.
A/N: Direct sequel of Continue. So I guess this will kind of be a series now. My thought is to hit specific scenes rather than rewriting the whole book series.
Tumblr media
Pulling the boats ashore, the blonde archer kept true to his word and was sticking close to you, helping you unload the small amount of extra baggage. Now that the Fellowship was away from the safety of the Golden Wood, things could go south quickly, and should the binding magic activate in a battle again, you would be defenseless. Legolas was not about to let you be hurt over something you could not control. It was certainly a weight off your shoulders that someone else knew and understood. Now if you could just get him to be a bit more subtle.
In the lineup where Galadriel was gifting each member their special items, he had made sure you were between him and Aragorn, earning looks from everyone. Merry and Pippin were especially curious, unable to tone down their excited whispers. When it came to boarding the boats, he had you in the same boat as him and Gimli. The dwarf merely chuckled at Legolas’ antics.
With the last bag settled on the ground, you turned just in time to see Frodo meander into the forest. Another pivotal moment in the story was about the play out, a light tingling in your chest to remind you about attempting to interfere. The feeling washed over your entire body, your heart stuttering, when Boromir entered the forest under the pretense of gathering wood. The confrontation that would take place between the man and hobbit was necessary, you supposed, but you still felt for the both of them. Your heart broke a fraction just thinking about their own internal turmoils and how this would push them to the brink.
A feather-light hand grazed your lower back, grounding you in reality. You hadn’t realized how long you were staring off at nothing in particular, or that you were doing it in the first place. Legolas’ blue eyes held a curious worry.
You tried to tell him you were fine, but no sound left your throat. The magic wasn’t choking you this time, just a warning to spur you away from temptation. Clearing your throat of the lump that was forming, you gave him a small smile.
The gears in his head seemed to click into place. Legolas’ gaze locked onto Aragorn across the way with such an intense seriousness that you were surprised no one else noticed. The ranger seemed to understand and slinked away into the forest as well.
Tumblr media
The Uruk-hai and orcs had thinned out and disappeared amongst the trees when Legolas, Gimli and you found Aragorn kneeling beside Boromir’s near lifeless body. It was still happening. Despite Legolas stepping in for you, the Steward of Gondor’s son was still trading his life for that of the hobbits who had grown so dear to him.
This hurt worse than when Gandalf fell. He would return, reuniting with you all in Fangorn Forest. Boromir would not. He would never return to Gondor. He would never see his brother or father again.
Legolas somberly watched the scene unfold at your side. Lacing his free hand with yours, he squeezed gently to break your reverie. You reciprocated his grasp and glanced up at him, his form a touch blurry. That was when you noticed the tears about to break free. Wiping them away with your sleeve, you let out of quiet huff.
From where you were standing, you had a clear view of the two men of Gondor. Boromir’s mouth was curved... up? He was smiling? That was different.
“He’s thanking Aragorn,” Legolas spoke low so only you could hear him.
Your brow furrowed as you stared at the elf.
“For preventing him from making a mistake,” he answered your silent question.
Tumblr media
Legolas was beside you, holding your hand again, the pad of his thumb comfortingly gliding over your knuckles. The now funeral boat was ready to be pushed offshore, Gondor’s pride adorned with his sword and armor. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say he was in a peaceful slumber.
Aragorn rounded the boat and sidled next to you.“Thank you,” he started quietly.
Was that directed at you? “Pardon?”
“It’s fairly clear you know a few things. If it hadn’t been for you and Legolas, Boromir would have met with Frodo. I fear what the consequences of his actions would have been had I not been prompted to follow.” He patted you on the shoulder solemnly before returning to the other side of the boat.
So he did manage to prevent their skirmish... And Frodo... Frodo was able to deal with his own inner demons, deciding for himself to leave without being pushed over the edge through the Ring’s induced betrayal. Did he feel more at peace with his decision than he would otherwise?
Boromir’s body was sent down the river and over the waterfall. Frodo and Sam still separated from the group, heading for Mordor on their own. Merry and Pippin were still carried off by the enemy. The end result was still the same, but the sting of it all was dulled. At least there were still some events that could change.
Tag list:
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randomfandomimagine · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Sam cheering you up when you’re sad
Not requested 
You couldn’t hide anything from Sam. He was observant, he noticed the little things. But most importantly, he cared about you. He saw the slight change in your demeanor, he could sense the unease growing inside you.
As he passed by to return home, he stopped and stared at you. There you were, sitting in the grass and absently looking up at the starry sky. When you heard footsteps and looked down, your heart skipped a beat at the sight of Sam.
“It’s late” Was all he said as he approached you. “You should get some rest”
You only shrugged, also shrinking over yourself as the chill of the night made you shudder. Sam sighed, noticing of all this. He didn’t hesitate to take his coat off and gently put it over your shoulders. 
“Is something troubling you, Y/N?” 
You paused, busying yourself with watching him as he lowered himself down to the ground. Once he was sitting beside you, a sigh escaped you as well.
“Sometimes it feels like darkness looms upon us” Your eyes returned to the sky, overwhelmed by the big void of it all. “Like there is no light left”
“That’s because it’s night now” Sam simply said, making his optimism look easy as always. “The light of the morning will always arrive”
“But the nights are long...” You uttered, saddly huddling under his warm coat that was slightly too big for you.
“There’s still always light, even in the darkness” He smiled at you, then pointing up to the sky. “Don’t you see the moon?”
A wave of fondness washed through you as your eyes followed that direction. Indeed, the moon shined bright in the sky. It illuminated you and the darkness that surrounded. Despite it all, Sam’s company felt even greater than the uplifting moonlight.
“I see it, Sam” You finally smiled, gently placing your head on his shoulder. “I suppose I forgot it was there”
“I...” He bashfully chuckled. “I will always be here to remind you” 
Your smile widened as you snuggled closer to him. Sam stood very still, afraid that it would break the absolute perfection of that magic moment if he were to move an inch. That only made you grin harder.
If the moon was your light during the night, Sam was like your own personal beacon of light. Even in the deep darkness of the night, he was bright like the sun. Always by your side, and always just as warm.
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn​ / @wonderlandfandomkingdom​ / @dancewaterdance02​ / @fortheloveofbenyandtom​ / @of-stardust-and-dreams​ / @caswinchester2000​ / @ikemencrossedmyth​ / @bravelittlesunflower​ / @lxncelot​ / @ta-ka-shi-ma​ / @okay-j-hannah​ / @suenami3​ / @swanimagines​ / @lovinghufflepuffgirl​ / @fedorable-killjoys​ // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, send me an ask!! // Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
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Matchup for @armin-ocean-eyes
Tumblr media
Thank you so much, @armin-ocean-eyes! Don't worry, it's no bother or trouble whatsoever, I just hope you enjoy your results. Here we go!
Tumblr media
You're getting a two-for-one special, because I'm sure both Frodo and Sam would absolutely adore you! Both of them are also kind of quiet before you get to meet them, not to speak of Sam being wary of anyone he doesn't know well in fear they'll be a threat to Frodo, but once you get over the rough beginning you'll fit perfectly with them. If Sam can be cold and even aggressive with strangers, he becomes a real softie with his friends. And Frodo, well, he has always secretly liked you from afar, so he'll be delighted to finally get to meet you for real.
The young Baggins will read books with you. He'll invite you to Bag End and will lend you one of his favorite volumes (which it didn't take him ages to decide on because he wanted you to like it, of course not, who said that?) and you'd sit comfortably in a sofa, reading silently and sharing a cup of tea and sweets. Other times you'll bring your own books, and he'll be extra careful not to bend them. Later, he'll work up the courage to ask you to read outloud with him. At first the experience is a little awkward, but, as you get more comfortable around each other, you start dramatizing the scenes and making different voices for the different characters until you're both laughing so much you end up forgetting about the story.
Also, Frodo would be the most honored to hear you play the violin. He'd sit and listen mesmerized, and when you finish he'd be silent for a second, before asking you if it is okay for him to invite some friends over on other ocassion, so they too can enjoy your music. If you don't agree he'll be respectful, and treasure every piece he gets to hear you play dearly. If you do, he'll organize a full blown party around it, hobbit style, with lots of food, friends and some mandatory Gandalf's fireworks. Maybe, with time, you two could even compose something together: there's no way this boy hasn't inherited some of his uncle's musical abilities.
Sam, on the other hand, would love to spend time cooking and baking with you. You two will explore all the sweets recipes available in the Shire, and invent some new ones when you run out of options. And if you like to garden, Sam is absolutely the guy for you! He knows everything about the Shire's plants: their names, where they grow, what's the best way to get an abundant harvest and beautiful and healthy flowers. I'm sure he can talk about gardening for hours on end, so I hope you're ready! He also loves animals (Bill the pony, we'll always remember you), and would love to have a nature documentary marathon with you, with homemade snacks made specially for the occasion. He'll be your number one supporter when you become a wildlife veterinarian, and will bug you a lot asking about animal facts and, maybe, if he's feeling bold, will ask for permission to meet some of your patients.
While hobbits aren't the most athletic people either, Frodo and Sam will be ready to try out roller skating if it's with you. You'll first have to find a skilled craftsman and describe what skates look like for them, but after all of you have yours on, let the fun begin! I imagine the Shire must be a good place for skating, with all its hills, twisted paths and ups and downs. Sam specially would probably end up falling on a bush or knocking over the cart of some merchant in the market the first times, but after a few embarrassing situations he'll get the hang of it. Even Pippin and Merry will want to join, and that is when chaos ensues. It is enough for the rest of the neighbors to see you five skating from afar to lock themselves in their houses until the storm passes. There will maybe be complaints and threats to kick you out of the Shire, but Sam and Frodo will never let that happen. If things get bad you three will have to resort to plan B: make a trip to the Misty Mountains and figure a way to ice skate there.
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Request guidelines
Hello everyone! Thanks for being here. Please read before requesting:
🖤 I'll do platonic matchups. When requesting, please specify which kind of platonic relationship you're looking for (brotherly, queerplatonic...).
🖤 Please send in a description of yourself: personality, hobbies, interests, whatever you think can be important. Physical description is optional. The more specific you are the more you'll help me write the matchup.
🖤 OCs more than welcome.
🖤 Please send a request with the headcanon you're looking for. And please specify the characters you'll like to see featured.
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nightingalehobbit · a month ago
Frodo Baggins x Reader/AU PART 2: Frodo returns home from Mordor and meets his baby for the first time
A/N: Hey guys! This is a continuation of this as the title implies. I hope you enjoyed that first part. I enjoyed writing it and I like how it turned out. It helps my writers block clear up to write little things like this. I don’t know why I feel so weird about it though haha. I guess for whatever reason, I feel like a 22-year-old mom is “too old” to be writing fan-based shorts like this, but who cares, right? There are some more Easter eggs in here based on my daughter’s birth. I only changed up a little bit, especially the part where the birth was not a c-section lol. Please keep in mind this timeline is not going to match up with the LOTR timeline since this is an AU and is just for fun. Anyways, let me know what you think and please, enjoy yourself!
Pairing: Frodo x Reader
Warnings: none
Thirty-six hours of labor and one hour, twenty minutes, and fifteen seconds of pushing were worth hearing the overwhelmingly blissful cry of your sweet baby boy. You cried harder than you ever have, despite not having the energy to. The midwife immediately placed your son on your chest as she cleaned him off and congratulated you. After being cleaned up yourself and placed into a clean bed, you asked for some alone time to bond with your new baby. After a little struggle with the latch and position, you were finally able to feed him, at which moment, he opened his little eyes that were identical to his father’s. You got the chills throughout your spine as your son looked into your eyes. Suddenly, you couldn’t hold it back anymore and sobbed. Too many emotions were riding on your back - childbirth, breastfeeding, and your husband wasn’t there with you to comfort you and feel some of your emotions for you like he always volunteered to do. It broke your heart to realize that Frodo missed the most important moment of his life. It hurt to realize your son was missing out on skin-to-skin bonding with his father. ‘Oh, Frodo.... my love... please, come home. Please, return to me soon,” you cried.
Frodo felt an electrical surge rush through his heart, causing an irregular beat for only a brief moment. He gripped his chest and stopped in his tracks. ‘Is everything ok, Mr. Frodo?’ Sam asked, noticing Frodo’s sudden change of demeanor.
‘It’s my wife. She’s hurt. I can feel it,’ Frodo said with melancholy.
‘We’re almost home, Mr. Frodo. Surly, she’ll be quite alright until then. Don’t worry too much about her. She needs you back calm and strong.’
‘Yes, Sam.... but, somethings weighing heavily on her heart. I always feel it in mine. Somethings changed.’
‘Well, I reckon it is about time the baby is born. Do you think she’s given birth yet?’ Sam asked curiously.
‘I don’t know, Sam. Think it selfish of me, but I hope the baby waits until I return. I desire greatly to witness the birth. She needs me there with her. Was it a mistake to go on this journey?’ Frodo cried.
‘Sometimes the things we have to do don’t always feel right, but we can find good things to take away from it.’
‘What good can come of this, Sam? My wife has went through her pregnancy alone! I abandoned her when she needed me the most! How could I have done such a thing to her?’
‘Don’t talk like that, Frodo! Don’t you talk like that! Look at what you’ve accomplished! You saved Middle-Earth! Had it not been for this ring, your wife and child wouldn’t be here! We wouldn’t be here! Everything you’ve ever known wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you! She’s your wife... she knows your heart. She knows this wasn’t abandonment - this was bravery,’ Sam exclaimed with Frodo’s face in his hands.
‘Oh, Sam... you’re right. I’m sorry,’ Frodo sobbed.
‘You’ve been through a lot, Frodo. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Now, let’s get you home. It’s been too long.’
You laid your son down to sleep while you stepped outside for fresh air. You looked into the sky and watched as grey clouds slowly drifted into your gaze. Rain began to sprinkle over The Shire. This was an omen - an omen of luck. You spread out your palms as the rain dripped onto them. ‘Could it be him?’ You thought to yourself. The sun just barely peaked through the clouds of grey as the rain came down harder. You took off your wedding ring and held it against your heart as you slowly began to give in to your worst thought - he’s gone. You laid flat in the wet grass as the rain drenched your clothes. Just as you began to shed a tear, you could feel a familiar aura walk up to you and kiss your forehead. You opened your eyes to see the one you were losing hope in seeing - Frodo. At last, he was home. You stared in disbelief as he took your wedding ring and placed it back on your finger. ‘You’ll be needing this, my love. I’m not going anywhere,’ He said as he smiled tearfully.
‘Oh, Frodo!’ You cried as you slowly stood up, with his assistance, and held him tightly.
He kissed your cheeks repeatedly and never stopped saying he loved you. You pulled away and said, ‘Come meet your son.’ He smiled proudly and followed your lead. You walked him into the bedroom where your son peacefully slept. You carefully picked him up and introduced him to Frodo. ‘I have yet to name him. I thought I’d give you the honor,’ you said tearfully as you slowly handed him to Frodo.
Frodo tried to refrain himself from crying, but allowed a few tears to fall. ‘I’ve never seen anything so beautiful... so sweet. I can’t believe he’s ours,’ He cried. ‘I think I know what his name shall be; Sam. Samwise Baggins,’ Frodo smiled as he looked at Sam Gamgee proudly.
Sam tearfully smiled, ‘We can call him Little Sam,’ he said.
‘That’s a noble name... after a noble friend,’ you said, smiling at Sam.
He knew how thankful you were to him for keeping Frodo safe and being by his side during the most trying time of his life. If it wasn’t for Sam, Frodo would not have come back the same man like he promised, or worse. Sam kissed you on the forehead and asked to have a moment with Frodo alone. You took Little Sam back into your arms and rocked him as he woke up for another feeding.
Sam and Frodo had a meaningful conversation before they bid farewell. ‘She was right, Sam... about how I wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t stay by my side. I don’t think I would’ve come back alive. I am forever grateful to you, Sam,’ Frodo said happily.
‘Bringing you home to your family was the best reward, Frodo. I’m just happy to see you standing here in front of me after all that we’ve been through. I was so scared I was going to lose you...’ Sam chocked up on his words.
‘My dear, Sam.... you won’t lose me,’ Frodo pulled Sam in for a warm hug. Sam sobbed on his shoulder, thinking about the torment and the trauma they endured on their journey to Mordor. There were days they weren’t sure if they would wake up. There were days Sam didn’t even recognize Frodo. He had never been so terrified in his life. He didn’t want to lose the greatest friend he’s ever had and return home to tell his wife she was a widow. Sam was just grateful the outcome was not like his thoughts. Frodo kissed Sam on the forehead and said, ‘I’ll always be around, Sam. In your heart and in the flesh.’
Sam smiled and walked out of Bag End with his head high, knowing that he had a home in the heart of the Baggins family forever. Frodo came back into the bedroom and smiled at the sight of you sleeping in the rocking chair with your son peacefully sleeping on your chest. He gently woke you up and told you to get some sleep more comfortably in your bed while he watched Little Sam. You slowly handed Little Sam to Frodo as he kissed your cheek and helped you into bed. ‘Sleep well, my love,’ Frodo said sweetly. He sat back down in the rocking chair with Little Sam and just thought. He thought about the day he first met you; it was raining, just like today. You were working at the market, bringing out fresh-baked bread from the bakery and wrapping them in tissue paper with little bows. Frodo was asked by Bilbo to buy a couple loaves and Frodo, who was not a shy person, found himself with a lump in his throat. He couldn’t figure out what it was about you that caught his tongue. Perhaps it was your genuine charisma and kindness that made him fearful of your rejection. Or maybe it was that he was so lost in his imagination that he couldn’t think in his own reality to find the proper words to say to you. All he knew was he wanted you to think fondly of him, or rather just think of him often. Frodo wasn’t usually the type to care about whether or not somebody liked him. But with you, he truly did care about making a positive impression. He found you interesting, as he would often stand by the market and listen to what you had to say. You always knew he was there, but welcomed his presence discreetly. He, of course, found you strikingly beautiful. Not just what you presented on the outside with your, what he called, “angelic features”, but with your heart; your soul. You would often read stories to the children when the crowds died down just because you wanted to; because it brought you joy to make children happy. You would help the elderly bring their food into their homes and put it away for them. You thought that’s something you’d like someone else to do for you when you reach that age and it made you feel good to do a deed for someone who could no longer do it as well as they’d like. You helped Bilbo with his book. Even though it’s context was taken from things you’d only dreamed of experiencing, you helped him word his story to keep the reader wanting more. Frodo just adored everything about you. He took things slow. His first goal was to be your friend. And that he was, a very good friend indeed. Frodo waited two years to finally kiss you and profess his love for you. He wanted the time to be just right. He wanted everything to feel right for you. He was an old-fashioned romantic. On walks, he picked flowers and placed them in your hair. He wrote you poems. He sang to you as you drifted off to sleep in his arms. He was at your bedside whenever you were sick. He asked if you felt comfortable and safe after you had sex with him for the first time. He absolutely loved taking care of you.
This is why he felt so guilty for leaving. In his wedding vows, he promised to always take care of you. He promised he would always be by your side. He loved you more than anything and he was always so proud to show you off. If anyone were to ask for one thing they should know about Frodo, it would be that he loved his wife deeply, unconditionally, madly.
Frodo cried with so many different emotions attached to the tears as he gently caressed his newborn son’s cheek. Little Sam cooed in his sleep and gripped Frodo’s thumb in his tiny little hand. Frodo quietly chuckled and kissed Little Sam’s hand. ‘My dear, son.... so sweet and so pure. I’m so proud to be your father. I always will be. It’s who I was meant to be...’ ‘It’s who I was meant to be,’ Frodo said as he happily reassured himself. He kissed Little Sam on the forehead and cried as he looked into the fireplace and watched the calming flames as they soothed his son to sleep.
Tumblr media
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abeautifuldayfortea · a month ago
Birth Pt. 1
Summary: Rosie delivers her fourth child, SR 1427. Tolkien barely writes about women. also read as: we need some strong women characters. Written with my OC Estella (by canon, Merry’s wife), but you can change her name to YN if you wish (InteractiveFics or Word Replacer II). Written hastily, will not edit till next week.
Warnings: Childbirth, blood, mentions of death
A/N: A self indulgent fic about the use of ergot as a vasoconstrictor before the advances and application of oxytocin in modern medicine to control severe postpartum haemorrhage. Severe postpartum haemorrhage is considered to be an obstetric emergency and time is of the essence. Historical use of vaginal douching, ergot or ‘labour tea’ as it was known and vaginal packing with rags  are recorded to reduce the mortality rate of women experiencing PPH. Blood transfusion was also an effective method of treating PPH, but I doubt that hobbits would have known about this as they were fond of simple things and disliked machines more complex than a mill. 
Fun fact: LSD also happens to be derived from ergot alkaloids. Ergotism was also known as St Anthony’s Fire. Don’t do drugs.
You can read more about the historical management of PPH here:
Words: 1411
The air hung low in the artificial darkness of the room. It felt too small, as if she was a burgeoning whale growing until the walls of smial that cradled her would shudder and the earth about them collapse. On the bedside table the preparations had been made. The linens and towels, each meticulously washed were pressed and folded. Upon the floor, a bucket of water rippled to the rhythm of soft padding of feet outside the room. She smiled, Sam had always been the more anxious of the two of them and where he could not follow, his feet would bore ruts in the floor. This was not at all Rosie’s first child. In fact, it was her fourth and at this point she rather cheerfully opted to call herself an ‘experienced amateur’ on the process.
This time, she had not felt the warm fluid run down her leg until her visiting friend, Estella had gasped at the liquid pooled by her feet. In a whirlwind that Rosie barely remembered she was swept up in her husband’s strong arms and laid her upon the bed before he was shooed out rather unceremoniously.
Then all too soon for her liking, it began. The one thing that Rosie certainly did not miss was the pain. As she pushed, she moaned with the feeling of being rended from the inside out with a rake, of tearing and burning as if her skin could no longer contain the spontaneous combustion within. The contractions came and went like the coming and going of the tide, only much faster. She felt as if the world about her continued to spin at a dizzying speed. Round and round the stars in her mind roared past and the aging of the world unravelled as the room filled with scent of her sweat and tears, hanging stagnant.
The brief feeling of a cold cloth applied to her forehead every so often was a temporary relief. The heat and the stuffiness of the still air nauseated her and the urge to throw up bobbed just below the surface of her sanity. Distantly, like white noise underwater, she registered the sound of encouraging words formed on familiar lips, but the language itself was lost to her and in that moment, surrounded by familiar faces of her friends, she was truly alone, walking upon a road of motherhood with not much at all to guide her. Rosie was not afraid, but that did not make her fearless and though she was alone, not once did she cower at the journey. Instead, she pushed forward with grim determination.
How much time had passed, she did not know. With a final push, the child slid free of her and Rosie sobbed silently into her wet pillow with the heaving exhaustion and the feeling of emptiness that filled her. “Another beautiful bairn, Rosie! A lovely, sprightly lad! May I?” Estella asked as she gingerly passed to Rosie the new life that lay, squalling, wet, red and wrinkled beneath the muslin towels. And seeing his tiny form cradled there in her arms Rosie was enthralled in the wonder of that singular moment. She nodded as she nursed her newborn, half awake in bliss and tiredness, knowing what Estella was asking permission for. The sensation of something being tugged and the wet mass of the placenta slithering out of her and against her thighs.
Someone had left the room and invited in the light and the fresh air and with it came Sam. In half a moment he was by her side and behind him toddled little Elanor Fairbairn, a spry four years old and curious as a fox. Her siblings were surprisingly sound asleep in the breaking dawn.
A slight smile came to Estella as she turned her attention away from the loving couple, leaving them to their quiet whispers as they tended to their love. The labour was a long one and lasted all through the evening and to the morning. Like a garden it flowers, she mused as she ran her fingers over the placenta. It was whole. She let out a breath of relief. Everything was progressing just fine.
And yet she paled at the piping voice of Elanor. “Mummy’s bleeding.”
The sheets were stained with a growing pool of red and Rosie cried out in surprise. Never had this happened to her before in her other children. Sam looked searchingly at Estella for answers and his eyes held her in that plea of desperation.
Save her.
But Estella did not have time to explain as she looked him evenly in the eyes. Her breath shuddered as she clamped down on the visceral fear in front of her. “Sam, I need you to boil the water and brew some ergot tea. Keep it in the water for three minutes, but not more. Get me as many towels as you can.” Her hands shook slightly as she fumbled with the jar of ergot, struggling to find the clasp on its lid. The dark contents in its clear container defied her, so close and so far, mocking her in her incompetence. Measuring out the ergot hastily, she handed it to Sam who took it wordlessly and disappeared to the kitchen.
An aide ushered Elanor out of the room.
“You’re going to be just fine, Rosie. I need you to lie back down again and slow your breathing. Can you tell me what you see on the ceiling?”
They had attempted to douche Rosie at first but where they cleaned, the blood seemed to return and so they resorted to packing her with rags torn hastily from the manchester. The flood kept coming even as Estella frantically stuffed the pushed the cloth into her and yet the red bled through like an overgrowth of deathly flowers.
The iron tang of her blood filled the air and it struck Rosie then with the very real fear that she would die then. She wanted to send for her husband then so that she may say goodbye, but the air from her fluttering lungs would not carry her words.
Her breath came in quick huffs now and the vision began to blur. Her pulse quickened. The warm grip of a calloused hand on hers that she recognised as Sam’s comforted her and though she could barely see him then, she could tell by the warm liquid on her face that he was weeping.
How cold you are, my Rosie! He seemed to be saying as he rubbed her arms.
But something warm was on her lips, a liquid trickling into her mouth and she swallowed wordlessly as someone ladled tea for her. She did not know what it was, but she did not have the strength to refuse it.
In the dark of her blindness and the room about her Rosie was suspended in time, between the world of the living and the warm pull of a long sleep that swathed her. It was as though she herself were back in the womb of her mother, only it was the smell of iron and earth that surrounded her. She had a thought then that perhaps death was not so bad after all. The drum of her own heartbeat filled her ears as she slipped from the waking world.
Beyond her knowledge, Estella checked her pulse and was relieved to find it had slowed back down. They had weathered the worst of the storm. She eyed the soaked rags at the foot of the bed and between her legs. Now began the long and anxious wait to see if septicaemia would take hold of her. Quietly, as Sam held Rosie and her newborn in a loose embrace, she began the long and tedious work of cleaning up. The bedsheets and the towels she gathered into the now empty bucket to be burned and the jar of ergot left uncovered on the bedside table she recovered, praising Eru as she did so. She was thankful that no convulsions plagued Rosie, for the use of ergot had many undesirable and often life threatening side effects.
Leaving the couple be, she gathered her things and retreated to the guest bedroom. Left behind in their shared room, Sam blearily opened his eyes, swollen from crying and briefly registered a shadow that rounded the corner of the door. A croaking ‘Thank you’, chasing after their form. 
Closing her door gently with a click, Estella waited a moment to make sure she was alone before casting herself onto the floor. With a silent ferocity, she wept. Trembling, she fell then into a careless sleep and through many dreams that she would not remember afterward.​
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yn-incorrect · a month ago
Matchup request uwu. Lotr and clones wars please! I'm a gay trans man. I love to draw and make little crafts. I've got bad anxiety but once I get to know someone really well i become very out going and will want to spend lots of time together. I love cuddles and am very small so i tend to just curl up on top of the other person. I love learning about new things especially animals. I'm the type of person to get really into the lore of any content I'm consuming. I think if i lived in a fantasy world I'd be a lore keeper and have a familiar of some kind, most likely a snake.
Thank you for your request!
For Clone Wars, I ship you with Cody!
Tumblr media
• Sure, he seems like a stern, ragged soldier, but he’s a cuddler. Definitely. 100%. Loves to snuggle. He likes to hold you, soothe you, run his fingers through your hair- he loves it.
• Is amazed by your crafts. He once tried to help, as he has a very steady hand, but he quickly lost concentration when things didn’t work out for him. It’s one of his flaws, but you don’t mind really. He appreciates your art nonetheless.
• Loves it when you’re very passionate about something! He can listen to you talk for it for hours. It makes you so happy, and honestly, your smile makes him very happy, so win-win.
• When things get too overwhelming for you, he’ll get you out of there. At first, he’ll ask how he can help you in a way that you’re comfortable. Can he hold you or do you prefer to be alone for a while? He’ll do anything. He’s so patient, it’s adorable.
For Lord of the Rings, I ship you with Sam!
Tumblr media
• If it wasn’t already obvious, he gives great hugs. He’s so gentle and loving, it just makes your heart melt. He loves it when you crawl on top of him. It makes him feel loved. It’s enough to make his day, really.
• You give him little sketches from time to time that he keeps in an own little notebook. You don’t know he has it, but he treasures it like it’s his dying breath. He will definitely show it to others just to show them how proud he is of you.
• Falling back onto the hugs, his love language is physical touch. He always has the need to hold you. Whether it’s a hug, a quick kiss or just holding your hand; he needs to be sure you’re there with him. He doesn’t like to admit it, but when he lost Frodo in Mordor, he had never been that frightened before. He’s terrified it’ll somehow happen to you, hence the always checking up on you.
• He can talk with you for hours. You usually talk about yourself and what you love, but sometimes you’ll discuss other matters, such as things that happened that day. Sam is a great listener, so he will pay attention to every little detail you say while just smiling at you.
There you go! Hope you liked it and stay safe during these times❤️
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nightingalehobbit · a month ago
Frodo x Reader/AU: You and Frodo are having your first child and he doesn’t know until he leaves on his journey to Mordor
A/N: this is my first time writing anything like this since I was probably 14 or 15 and I’m 22 now so I feel awkward about it but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! I wrote this on my breaks at work and In between texting my husband so hopefully it doesn’t come off as rushed. Little bits of pieces will be based off of my own reactions to my pregnancy with my daughter lol. Little Easter eggs for ya. I’m a little rusty too because I haven’t written much since my daughter was born, so some constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated!
Pairing: Frodo x Reader
Warnings: None
A year has passed since your wedding, the day that felt the most surreal in your whole life. Nothing could ever top it. Everything went exactly the way it should and everything has since then; however, one morning, you felt different. You had been tracking your menstrual cycles on your calendar and you noticed you were a few days off. ‘Hmm... maybe it’s just stress,’ you thought. Things had been a little tense. Bilbo had been acting more strange than he usually was and it was worrying Frodo. If Frodo was worried, the energy rubbed off on you.
You made yourself a nice breakfast and some tea because you thought you deserved some peace to ease your worries. Shortly after eating your eggs, a wave a nausea filled your stomach and the worst heartburn came creeping up your throat. “Damn... I feel like hell,” “Maybe my eggs weren’t cooked enough,” you said under your breath. But your eggs were fine. Nothing was raw. Nothing was runny. Nothing else you ate had ever bothered you before, so why would it now?
The thought finally clicked in your mind, ‘Am I pregnant?’, ‘Am I?’, ‘No, I couldn’t be... when was the last time we...’ It clicked. No matter how much you tried to debunk and deny, it clicked. There was no doubt you were pregnant. You were approaching 6 days past your expected cycle, which is something that’s never happened before. The math of the last time you and Frodo had sex added up.
A huge cluster of emotions overcame you. You cried and you didn’t know if those tears were sad, angry, happy, excited, terrified, or all mixed together. It was a bit earlier than you wanted to have a child and you were not prepared to face pregnancy and childbirth. The thought of something going wrong terrified you. Bilbo came in the room and noticed you softly crying. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”, he asked concerned.
“No... well, kind of. I don’t know how I’m feeling about it yet, but I think I’m pregnant.”
“You are?! That’s wonderful news! Does Frodo know?”
“No, I only just noticed signs today. Don’t say anything yet. I need to confirm that I really am and tell him myself. I also have some.... emotions... to process,” you said with doubt in your voice that you knew Bilbo noticed.
“Having a child is the scariest thing anyone can do. It’s also the most beautiful thing anyone can do. Having doubts is normal and I’d take you for a fool if you didn’t have any,” Bilbo winked.
You smiled and thanked him for the words of encouragement. You went to see a midwife to have her confirm that you were indeed with child. After double-checking the math and having your belly examined, she confirmed you were pregnant. She congratulated you and told you that it was very important you tell Frodo as soon as possible. A lump in your throat formed and had you feeling so suffocated on words. You tried to tell yourself; ‘this is my husband. I trust him. He won’t judge me and he’ll be there for me. What am I so afraid of?’ But nothing could calm the nerves and you realized, you weren’t afraid of his reaction - you were afraid of yours. You still haven’t really processed just how much everything is going to change. Your body is growing another little hobbit inside of it. Deep down, you were happy and elated to be a mother, but you were also sad and frightened to see your old life slowly walk away from you; the life that was just you, Frodo, and all the time in the world to do whatever you wanted together, whenever you wanted to. The life that was never having to worry about how every little action affected an impressionable little one and no matter how much you own up to your mistakes, you still feel guilty and think about it way too much. You knew the way you saw the world was going to change and you were scared of what you were going to see it as. You had to find Frodo and tell him. His words and comfort were sure to reassure you of your safety.
You returned home to ask Bilbo where Frodo was. He mentioned something about Gandalf returning for Frodo and his birthday party in the evening. You had completely forgotten that a huge party was being thrown for their birthday. You were so wrapped up in the news of your pregnancy that the party went completely over your head. Sam walked past and noticed you were asking for Frodo. “I saw him run off into the woods not too long ago. Go right and you’ll probably find him.” He said.
“Thank you, Sam!” You said.
“Is everything alright, Mrs. Baggins?”
“It will be once I find him.”
You ran as quickly as you could, despite not feeling well. You knew exactly where Frodo would be, but just as you reached the tree, he had already hopped into Gandalf’s wagon. You felt hopeless and a little foolish. You decided you needed to relax and tell Frodo when the time was right. You went home and cleaned yourself up for the party and decided it was best to tell Frodo after the party, before you two went to bed. Besides, after a long day of stress, you just wanted to spend time with your husband and your close friends. You wrapped your gifts for Frodo and Bilbo and headed out to enjoy the party. Frodo spotted you from afar with a huge smile and a twinkle in his eye. “There’s my beautiful bride!”, “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you all day!” He exclaimed.
“I’ve been around... you know... helping the party planning.” Frodo could instantly tell something was off and his smile faded a little.
“Are you ok, darling? You seem a little detached.”
“I’m alright. Just didn’t sleep well last night is all...”
You didn’t want to lie, but you also didn’t want to make it abundantly obvious that you had something to tell him. You reassured him that you would be ok and to enjoy the party. Although he took your word for it, he still kept you close the whole night and held your hand tightly. You were able to forget about your worries and your tension for just a moment when you were dancing under the stars with your husband. When it came time for Bilbo to make a speech, he looked at you with a little pressure in his eyes. The kind of pressure that said, ‘if you don’t tell him, I will.’ Bilbo usually never made you feel threatened, but something was different. You noticed him fiddling his hands behind his back and wondered why. What was going on? All of sudden, Bilbo disappeared into thin air in front of everyone, causing a panic.
Frodo went out to search for Bilbo while you stayed behind to help everyone calm down. You helped the women calm their children kid and read them stories before they went to bed. In the heat of the moment with everyone on high alert and anxiety, you felt so overwhelmed, the nausea was just too much to handle. You snuck out by a tree to vomit, where Merry and Pippin saw you and asked if you were ok. You told them it was just too much food, but they gave a look and you knew exactly what that look was saying. “You know... when my mother was pregnant with me, she would throw up mostly at night, too,” Pippin said.
“Mine too. She said it was from all the reflux. Although, she didn’t have that right in the beginning, so you must be what? 7 weeks? 8 weeks?” Merry said.
“Please.... please, don’t say anything to Frodo. I haven’t told him yet. I just haven’t had the right time and then there was the party and -“ You muttered until Pippin cut you off.
“Hey, it’s ok... it’s ok, my lady! We just wanted to make sure you were alright. Of course we won’t say anything to Frodo! We’re here to support you; anything you need.” He said with a warm hug.
You thanked them and headed back home to see how things were going. You noticed the door was open and you quietly walked in to hear Frodo and Gandalf talking in the other room. You snuck around the wall and listened behind it as you heard them discussing a ring Bilbo had left behind for Frodo. “Take it, Gandalf! Take it!” Frodo exclaimed nervously.
“No, Frodo, no.”
“You must take it!”
“You cannot offer me this ring!”
“I’m giving it to you!”
“Don’t tempt me, Frodo! I dare not take it. Not even to keep it safe. Understand, Frodo, I would use this ring from the desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.” Gandalf exclaimed.
“But it cannot stay in The Shire!”
“No! No, it can’t!”
“What must I do?”
“You must leave and leave quickly.”
‘What? Leave? Frodo’s leaving? Just when I need him the most?’ You thought with much worry. Where was he to go? How long would he be gone? Would he be back in time to witness the birth of his child? Thinking of going through all of this alone became too much. You ran into the bathroom and sobbed quietly. Your heart fell out of rhythm as thoughts of bad things happening while Frodo was gone flooded your mind like a storm. You couldn’t control it and you didn’t have the power to regulate your feelings. It was all just too much. ‘How am I to tell him now?’ You thought doubtfully. You heard a soft knock on the door. “Honey, is everything ok?” Frodo asked sweetly. You were crying so hard, you couldn’t speak. He got down on his knees and held your hands. Once again, he asked what was wrong as he softly brushed your hair back with his hand.
“You’re leaving The Shire?” You asked tearfully.
“I have to. If it was my choice, I would stay, but I must do this. Come with me! Come with me and that way, we won’t have to be apart so long. We can go on this journey together -“
“Frodo, I’m pregnant.”
His eyes froze as he stared in shock. “You’re sure of it? When is the baby due?”
“I’m due in June. Just promise me one thing...” you said as you caressed Frodo’s face.
“Yes... anything.”
“Come back to me the same man I fell in love with.”
“I won’t let him go anywhere.” Frodo whispered as he leaned in to kiss you.
Later that night, Sam and Frodo headed out into the woods to make their way to Mordor. It was to be a long journey. You knew that this meant Frodo would miss the birth of his child. It meant you had to care for yourself for nine difficult months. It meant there was a chance you would never see Frodo again. There was a chance this baby would never know their father; their wonderful, sweet, bright father.
You were looking through memorabilia and came across the first ring Frodo ever gave to you. You held it close to your heart and impulsively decided to chase him down in the woods and give it to him for good luck. You saw him several feet away and ran to him, calling for him. He turned around and tightly swung you around in his arms as he kissed you passionately. “Take this. Keep it closer to your heart than that one,” you said as you placed the ring in his hand. He tearfully smiled and placed your ring in his breast pocket. He kissed you one last time and slowly walked away. An eerie breeze filled the air and made you feel empty. You made sure to get home before too late. You went to sleep that night knowing that you would be ok and your baby would see their father someday. Maybe not when you want it to happen, but you knew, it would. Frodo walked proudly, knowing he was coming home to the love of his life and a beautiful baby to call his.
Tumblr media
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yn-incorrect · a month ago
Hello darling. I was reading your Match-Ups and couldn't resist asking for one myself - if they are still open of course.
Fandoms: Hobbit and Lord of the Rings please
I'm very short, no more than 5ft. I have blue/grey eyes, pale skin with freckles, and very long red hair that goes down to my hips. My personality is shy and reserved - it takes a lot to get me out of my shell and open up so I only have a few close friends.
I'm female and prefer to be shipped with a male please.
I enjoy reading, drawing, and occasionally spending time on my own. I'm not very outspoken, but I'm good at listening. My favorite color is basically any shade of blue.
Please let me know if you need anything else! I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Sorry this took so long. I have been working all day so i haven’t really gotten the time for my requests. Thanks for your ask!
For the Hobbit, I ship you with Bilbo!
Tumblr media
• He is taken away by your hair, really. Red hair is rarely found amongst hobbits, certainly in your height. Will 100% try to braid it or do something like half up, half down. Loves to play with it in general. It’s something special.
• He’s a very loveable and gentle person, so he’ll take his time with you really. He knows you’re shy, but he’ll let you pick your own pace. Of course, he’ll sometimes ask you to tell him something, but he can easily take no for an answer.
• There will be evenings spend in front of the hearth, just reading to each other. Maybe Bilbo finished another book and he’ll read it to you, or you’re so in love with a certain story that you’ll recite it to him. Whatever you do, it’s your favorite passing of the day as it’s so incredibly relaxing.
• He’s a busy hobbit and he gets stressed very easily, so he’ll often need someone to rant or talk to. And that someone is usually you. He knows you will actually listen and over him advice, which is a great relief to him. These moments are often closed with amazing cuddles where his worries will, quite literally, just melt away.
For the Lord of the Rings, I ship you with Sam!
Tumblr media
• This sweetheart is so incredibly patient, bless his heart. He loves you. He truly, deeply does so he’ll pretend to have all the time in the world to slowly let you talk to him. He himself is very shy around people that he likes, but he comes out of his shell quicker than you do.
• He adores your sketches! He is so fascinated with them, that he’ll hang those to the wall he loves the most. He’s very proud to show them off and tell him it was his S/O that made them. He always has this amazing smile on his face that just makes your heart melt.
• He is a great gardener, so he’ll plant the prettiest, blue flowers for you and offer you bouquets weekly. Unfortunately, he’s great at keeping them healthy, so you have at least five cases filled with blue flowers in your living room. It does have a way of decorating, so you’ve grown to love it.
• Sam doesn’t really have a lot to complain about, but he loves talking to you. It could be about anything really, he’s just happy to be with you. You always make him so happy without even realizing it perhaps. He can’t get enough of your voice nor your laugh, so once you’re talking, he’ll try to keep you talking for hours.
There you go! I hope you liked it! Stay safe during these times❤️
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beenovel · 2 months ago
The fellowship responding to you, a gen z that fell to middle earth, saying “I’d die for you”
Aragorn: *grabs you by the shoulders and looks deep into your eyes* "You will not, I promise you that"
Legolas: *visibly confused* *thinks he misheard you* "I- what?"
Boromir: *Hugs you tightly to his chest* "I would rather you didn't"
Gimli: *Looks sort of frightened and puts his hand over yours*
Frodo: *immediately starts crying*
Sam: *staring at you with mounting horror* *whispers* "please don't*
Merry: *the facial equivalent of "?????????!?!?!?!?!"*
Pippin: *nervous laughter* "What the fuck?"
Gandalf: *you’re not entirely sure how but he knows the meme* Then perish
Rest of the fellowship: *staring in horror as you cackle*
Part two
Inspired by this amazing post by @trxblemaker.
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lilyofthesword-writes · 2 months ago
Continue (Legolas Oneshot)
Summary: You have been ripped away from your world and tossed into one that is supposed to be pure fiction. You know the stories, how they are supposed to go. Despite your knowledge, you are unable to change the fates of the Fellowship you had grown so close to.
Pairing: Legolas x Modern!Reader
Word Count: 1,378
Warnings/Disclaimers: Starts off with angst but there is fluff at the end.
A/N: I didn’t realize what I was really doing until I was about halfway through. This is entirely self-indulgent, pulling bits of my life into the writing. Not sure why both of my Legolas oneshots have been starting angsty. I guess writing with him in mind is helping through my own chaos?
Tumblr media
The calm breeze that flitted through Caras Galadhon cooled your skin but did nothing for your mind. It all hurt so much. You knew what would happen to Gandalf - how he would fall. The books and movies all depicted him returning as Gandalf the white. Yet, it did nothing to soothe the torment you felt as he spiraled into darkness with the Balrog. You knew and could not do anything to help the wizard who had taken you in when he found you on the roadside.
Only one person truly understood your plight: Lady Galadriel. As she locked eyes with each of you when you had arrived, entering your minds, she stayed in contact with you the longest.
You have forbidden knowledge...
Your mind would not answer her back. All you could do to confirm was stare back with pleading eyes.
You are not from Middle Earth, and yet you know for certain what has yet to pass.
As your company was released to go and rest, Galadriel had stopped you, wishing for a continued audience with you. Who were you to deny her?
You didn’t miss the way your friends worriedly watched you depart with her, especially Legolas. Both he and Aragorn were highly observant. You knew they could tell something was off with you, but they were trusting you enough to say something when you were ready.
Galadriel led you across various stairways to her private space containing her mirror. Nervous anxiety washed over you as she circled you intently.
“You knew Gandalf’s fate, yet you did nothing. Why?” Her voice was cold, understandably so. They had been close for hundreds of years. Of course she was upset when she figured out that you could have saved him and did not.
“I couldn’t,” you spoke softly, afraid to raise your voice in case your body decided to revolt.
Her head angled as she observed you, soft blonde hair gliding across her shoulders. “Tell me, what is the future of the ring?”
“Fro-” Your throat immediately closed up, nearly choking you in the process.
Galadriel’s hand flew to her chest in surprise before she rushed to your side. “Breathe, child,” she spoke barely above a whisper as she urged you to sit.
Once you were able to take in air without it feeling like sand grinding within your windpipe, Galadriel started again. “I have not felt magic quite like that before...”
“I want to tell you, tell you everything,” you rasped, trying to keep the tears at bay. “But... I can’t.”
The ethereal elf in all her grace settled before you. “This form of binding magic is not one I can undo. It is not of this world. When I learned you were not of Middle Earth, I hardly imagined you were of an entirely different realm.”
You stared at the lush grass and moss beneath you and chuckled. “You know... Thousands upon thousands of people where I’m from know the stories of this world. Most would give anything to live it. Maybe fix things. Bet none of them ever thought about this.” You gestured to your throat. “If I can’t change anything, then why am I here?”
Taking your hands in hers, Galadriel beckoned you to meet her gaze. “No, you may not be able to change what has been written. Perhaps your true purpose lies where the story has ended.”
Tumblr media
Your meeting with her ended shortly after, and she escorted you herself back to your companions. They had all waited for your return before retiring to bed, or at least they all tried. Pippin was the sleepy straggler. When you thought they were all out like a light, you quietly meandered off to the river in a more secluded area which is where you found yourself currently, staring at the water continuing down its path unhindered.
“What are you doing all the way out here?” a soft voice came from behind you.
“Legolas!” You sucked in a breath and chided, “Don’t scare a person like that!”
“My apologies,” he sniggered, taking a seat next to you. “My question still stands.”
“I guess... I guess I just wanted to think,” you sighed, returning your attention to the river.
“Think about what?”
Without even looking, you knew his eyes were sparkling with curiosity. They always were when he spoke with you. Although you suspected that this time that curiosity would be at least partially dimmed by recent events.
“Gandalf and what comes next...”
Legolas fell silent as though he already anticipated that answer. As you lost yourself watching the shimmering water, a warm hand laid overtop of yours on the grass beside you.
“Do not blame yourself, Mellon nin. We all regret his fall, but... For his sake, we must continue onward.”
You couldn’t bring yourself to answer or even look at him, feeling the tell-tale tightness of your throat. You desperately wanted to tell him, warn him of the following events, but that was not going to happen.
“There it is, again,” he muttered under his breath.
Chancing a glance at him, you chirped, “What?”
“I-it is nothing. Nothing you should concern yourself over.” His smile did little to hide his concern.
“Legolas,” you warned.
“I- I don’t-,” he stumbled over his words. “I didn’t want to worry you. At certain moments, there is a change in the air about you... Almost as though it is constricting your being...”
Your eyes nearly bulged out of your head, and you turned away from the river to face him directly. “You can feel it?”
His surprise painted his porcelain face. “Yes... I did not wish to say anything for fear of frightening you in case you did not realize what was happening.”
“Lady Galadriel called it binding magic. It makes itself very well known...” you shuddered.
“By keeping you from acting on what you know will come to pass?” he finished.
“How did you-”
“It was more of a guess, and you confirmed it. Back in the mines, there were multiple times where you would have revealed yourself but that magic stopped you. I felt the energy when you turned to Frodo as he was attacked by the cave troll. It was the same, if not amplified, when you tried to run after Gandalf as he distracted the Balrog. Your actions seemed... Early. Though I suspect Aragorn may have been the only other person to take notice.”
You turned away, guilt rising in your stomach. “Are you... Angry with me? Angry that I didn’t save him?”
“No,” his answer was immediate. His free hand found purchase under your chin, turning you to look at him again. “It’s not that you did not save him. You could not save him. When you froze going to Gandalf’s aid, the look in your eyes... It was not fear for your own life but fear for his. Had it not been for the magic that binds you, you would have been at that bridge before we could stop you.”
Closing your eyes, you pulled in a deep breath. “So, what comes next?”
“I suppose that depends on you. What do you want to come next?”
“I... I want to continue ahead with all of you. Lady Galadriel may be right. My real purpose may be what happens after all of this is done. I want to be there for it.”
Legolas’ hand moved from your chin to your cheek, stroking it with his thumb. A bright smile painted his lips. “Always so determined. You have fascinated me since Imladris.” The hand that remained on yours traveled to the other side of your face. “Should you wish it, I will remain by your side to help you through whatever the fates have in store for us and what may come even after all is said and done.”
Heat rose up your face to your ears. The elf you had fangirled over in your world was saying these things to you, lifting you up from the creeping depression that threatened to over take everything.
“I would like that.” You smiled as he rested his forehead against yours, thinking of the Lady of the Woods’ words.
Life continues beyond a story’s ‘Happily Ever After’ and ‘The End’. You decide what happens from there.
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ipostsmut · 2 months ago
hey there! could i request some fluffy smut with samwise?? some sleepy morning kisses that turn a lil more intense?🥺
Hi and thank you so much for your request! This was my first time writing for Sam and I loved it, should do that more often!
Waking up (Samwise x reader)
Warnings: 18+, smut, NSFW
I hope you like it ♡
Tumblr media
After you woke up, you left your eyes closed for a few more moments.
You enjoyed the warmth of the sun on your skin shining through the window across from your bed, and the feel of your husband's arm that lay on your stomach.
You could feel Sam's quiet breaths on your naked shoulder, and from outside, soft birdsong sounded through the closed window.
Slowly you opened your eyes and turned to Sam, smiling.
Sam's gaze was already directed at you, he also had a smile on his lips that immediately widened as you looked into his eyes.
"You're already awake," you mumbled, still a little sleepy.
"Yes, but I didn't want to wake you, you look beautiful when you sleep".
You laughed "When I wake up I normally look like a mess". Sam giggled at this statement and gently stroked your cheek. "You are beautiful".
You were about to reply when he put a finger over your lips "I don't want to hear any back talk!"
"Fine", you answer with a smirk on your lips "Then your beautiful wife goes to make breakfast now".
You leaned over him and gave him a kiss, you were about to turn around to get out of bed when Sam's arm went around your waist again and pulled you back into bed.
"What are you doing?" you asked, laughing as Sam lay down on top of you and started kissing your neck.
"Don't get up yet," he mumbled between kisses.
You relaxed again and put your arms around Sam to pull him even closer to you.
Thanks to the events of last night, you both fell asleep naked and arm in arm, so now you could feel Sam's already hard cock on the inside of your thighs.
Sam's kisses slowly moved from your neck down, over your breasts, your belly until they arrived between your legs.
Sam knew exactly what to do to make you forget everything else.
You closed your eyes and concentrated fully on Sam's tongue swirling around your clit while his fingers moved slowly inside you with pleasure.
The sun that shone through the window now shone on both of your naked bodies and left the feeling of pleasant warmth.
When Sam's lips finally met yours again, you let your hand move down to place his member at your entrance.
Sam slowly pushed himself inside you, both of you let out a low moan until Sam was completely immersed in you.
His thrusts were slow and each one felt so intense.
Your legs were wrapped around his hips and your arms hugged him as he gently teased your nipples between his fingers.
The soft mattress beneath you made a quiet squeaking sound with each of his thrusts and Sam's soft moans and the feel of his naked skin on yours soon brought you to your climax.
Sam didn't need much longer after that before he came as well.
You stayed like that for a long time, Sam on top of you while you played with his hair and while he told you about the new flowers he wanted to buy today.
After a while Sam separated himself from you.
"Stay here", he said as he stood in the doorway and turned around to look at you, "I'll bring you breakfast".
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tolkien-fantasy · 2 months ago
The Fellowship with a Chronically Ill! S/O
Note: I tried to include as many types of symptoms as I could think of, but I’m obviously most aware of my own symptoms and conditions, so that’s mainly what this is based on. I hope you don’t mind, and are all feeling well physically and mentally. Take care, lovelies
Tumblr media
He immediately goes to Elrond, and takes to researching your conditions quickly
He looks it up and tries to find out everything he can about it
Especially its treatments
When you’re absolutely fatigued, he carries you to bed so you can rest
And if he sees you up, he will confront you about how much rest you need to be getting
He’s dead set on taking care of you
“If the hands of a King are the hands of a healer, let’s see how much of a King I really am”
If you have to get any surgeries for it, he’s right there when you wake up
And he holds you when you’re in pain, singing to you and telling you stories to keep your mind off it
Aragorn knows his way around herbal remedies, so he’s one of the best here at taking care of you
He’s always worried for you, but he won’t voice his concerns since he knows that might make it worse
Constantly checking that you have the right medication, making sure you’re alright
He’s so gentle with you, and if anyone gives you a hard time for your conditions, he will see that it’s dealt with
Often personally
And you get lots of soft kisses in bed afterwards while resting, so that’s always nice
Tumblr media
He’s got the biggest puppy dog eyes when you tell him
Being mortal, Legolas already knows that his time with you is limited, so you being ill only makes him more worried
He vows to cherish you for as long as possible, caring for you every step of the way
Legolas feels really terrible when he can’t help
He often confides in Aragorn and Gimli about this
He treats you like a frightened woodland animal
Like if he’s not gentle enough you might disappear right then and there
He gets SUPER concerned when your symptoms act up
You’re in pain? Straight into his arms as he scrambles to get your medication and tuck you into bed
You’re fatigued? Straight to bed for rest, no questions asked
You can’t breath? Takes you to a place with better airflow and does everything he can to help
You stop breathing in your sleep? Actually panics. 
He’s run into Aragorn’s room multiple times to get help when your sleep apnea acts up
And he cuddles you when you can’t sleep, no matter how late it is
He just has the BIGGEST soft spot for you basically
Tumblr media
Frodo was so very worried when he found out
Immediately studies up so he knows as much as he can about them
He’s too nervous to ask you about the symptoms personally, unless he absolutely needs to 
It becomes quite the routine for him to check in on you, taking care of you
When you’re having trouble breathing, he immediately goes to make you some hot black tea, since that always seems to help
Sidenote, black tea is like the BEST for Asthma attacks, take note if you have it
He’s been known to run to your room at night when you wake up from nightmares
He eventually starts sleeping with/next to you so he can check to see if you’re still breathing
And he makes you tea and cuddles with you when it hurts too much
He’s legitimately started crying before because he hates seeing you in pain
He always makes sure to dim the light in his home to make you more comfortable, since he knows you are sensitive to light
And he often reminds you of things when your executive dysfunction starts acting up
He’s always there for you, because you’ve always been there for him
It’s a sweet little relationship you two have
Tumblr media
Sam is already the type of guy who’s ready to work his ass of to support your life together
So you can bet your ass he’d be right there for you
He’s such a worrywart, it’s adorable
He’s lowkey known to pester the nurses for any way they can ease your pain more
Sam has such a kind way of calming you down during panic attacks
He takes your hands and just starts kissing your knuckles, petting your hair and letting you lean into him for support
Whenever you have a nightmare or can’t sleep, he sleepily takes you in his arms
“I’m right here, and I ain’t going nowhere sweetie.”
He will legitimately fight anyone who dares to insult you
He is eternally ready to throw hands
“Was it those bloody Sackville Bagginses? I’ll give them a piece of my mind!!”
He hates seeing you in pain so much, he just hates it
He often goes and cries to Mr Frodo about how he feels like he can’t help you
He really just wants to take care of you
Sam is basically your rock at this point
Tumblr media
Immediate concern when he finds out, more so than Pippin
Starts asking a lot of questions about your health and conditions, so he can research them and know how to help
Gets very freaked out when he realised the severity of some of them
Is always trying to help, no matter what
He and Pippin will often sleep on either side of you to make sure you keep breathing during the night
And he’ll often send you right to bed and come cuddle with you when you’re fatigued
He likes to bring you gifts too
He often brings bouquets of flowers for your room when you struggle to get outside
Merry hates it when you're in pain, he absolutely can't stand it
He and Pip will often pester the nurses and doctors to ease your pain more, in any way possible
He gets VERY upset when you’re mistreated by medical staff
Sees to it that you get the best care possible after that
When he doesn’t know what to do, he kisses you deeply and tries his best
Because he loves you
Tumblr media
More just confused when you tell him
But that confusion quickly turns to worry when he finds out you’re ill
He spends as much time as he can with you after that
He often plays with your hair while you’re cuddling in bed, fatigued
He also likes to wear your shirts because they remind him of you
“Pippin..? Why are you sleeping with me??”
“I have to make sure you keep breathing!”
He cries when he finds out your Sleep Apnea may cause strokes or heart attacks, he just gets so so worried 
“I can’t lose you so soon, (Y/N), I can’t!” He sniffles, head buried in your neck
You get lots of hugs from him when you’re feeling unwell
And many gifts too
He confides in Merry a lot about how hopeless he feels when helping you
Pippin just wants you to feel okay, he honestly does
He kisses you through the pain and struggle, and is always there for you and getting you what you need
He loves you, truly
Tumblr media
Is very confused and upset at the news
His love? Suffering like this? Unacceptable, who must I fight
Gimli HATES how there’s nothing he can really do about your pain, so he tries to stay on top of things as best he can
Medication? Check
Reminders for executive functioning? Check
Cuddles? Double Check
He is absolutely prepared to break the kneecaps of anyone who dares insult you
Because hell no is he letting anyone diss his ill wife, no siree
He often tells you stories about Erebor and his life back home to take your mind off things
He loves how willing you are to listen
And he always gives you a kiss on the forehead before sending you off to bed to rest
His love for you is surprisingly soft
Tumblr media
Oh he feels awful about this
He just wants to comfort you so bad
Boromir’s already a comforting, protective figure
And he takes up that role tenfold when it comes to you
He often carries you when you feel fatigued
And he cradles you in his lap and kisses you when in pain
When you struggle to breath, he makes you stop and always keeps your medication on hand, just in case
He always keeps an eye on you during the nights
His greatest fear is waking up to find that you’ve stopped breathing for good
And he holds you through the nightmares and reminds you why he’s here
“I love you, (Y/N). I really do, and I need you to know that.”
He hates how helpless he feels when you’re in pain
So he always tries to make it better
Because he loves you
This man is so starved for affection, he is going to do ANYTHING to make you feel better
He’s affectionate as fuck
He often cuddles with you when you’re fatigued
And Faramir has no problem taking over your duties when you’re unwell
He hates hates HATES when you’re in pain
So he always has the best medicine and healers on hand for you
He likes to kiss your knuckles and bury his face in your hair while you rest 
And he WILL make sure you get your rest
Mark his words
Faramir often serves as a walking reminder for when your executive functioning fails again
And he frequently brings you books from the Gondor Library and infodumps to you about topics he thinks you’d enjoy
You comfort him, he comforts you
It’s a very loving and affectionate dynamic
He just wants you to be alright, and he’s more than willing to fight for your love
Tumblr media
She’s so sweet with you, o my lord
She will fight for your love till the end
Arwen loves lying in bed with you
Though she will purposefully stay awake to make sure you keep breathing
Plus she loves seeing how relaxed you are too
She brings you many books and flowers from the library and gardens as gifts
And always makes sure you have medication and healers on hand
She’s surprisingly good at kissing away your pain
Must be that Elvish Healing she keeps talking about
She makes you a nice cup of tea for when you’re short of breath
And when you feel well enough, a stroll to the library or around the gardens of Rivendell
She’s so thoughtful of you
So gentle, everything is done with the most utmost care and love
She loves you, darling
253 notes · View notes
celeste-clearwater-06 · 2 months ago
Imagine Teaching the hobbits how to swim...
Little swimming headcanons for out little hobbit boys! Let's just assume they dropped in from Middle Earth at some point for an AU!
Tumblr media
Unsurprisingly, Frodo was very nervous
Because DUH hobbits can't swim!
It's how he lost his parents after all
However, with some gentle coaxing, you had finally managed to get him in the water
Frodo insisted that he wore floaties like a little toddler
Which was absolutely adorable-
He stayed relatively calm whenever he had his wittle hands around your arm
And finally when he got to the point where his feet didn't touch the bottom of the pool
Frodo was flailing his arms around and splashing like crazy
He got so stressed and started crying
You were trying to help hold him still and finally pulled him above the water, and he saw that it was just a little above your waist
You had to hold him up by his hips while he practiced strokes and fought against the water
And thankfully after a while of trying
And failing
The ringing bearer soon became a decent swimmer!
It wasn't really his favorite activity in the world
But he would probably agree if you asked him
And frodo would get exhausted so fast
He would probably take a nap on the way home
Frodo could never say no to you :>
Tumblr media
Oh Sam
Poor Sam
He tried to seem happy and calm when he was walking down the steps of the pool, but his little hobbit legs were shaking with terror
And why wouldn't he be?
HE had almost drowned after chasing Frodo halfway through the lake back on their journey
However, you were undeniably patient with him
Sam was a lot less panicky than Frodo when he got to the "deep end" (which was actually only 4 feet tall)
Although he was still struggling for breath above the water
You held out an arm for him to grab onto and moved it along the surface of the water as he kicked his hairy feet
Sam had never been used to much physical activity
Maybe this is just me, but I think sam would prefer wearing a swim shirt and trunks because he's afraid he'll get sunburned very easily
And swimming drained him so fast, so you rewarded him with a nice big lunch afterwards
Overall, Sam was a very good swimmer, although it took him a bit longer than the others to learn how
Very sweet hobbit boi
Tumblr media
Ah yes
Meriadoc Brandybuck
A troublemaker
He was used to running through the creek and catching frogs or wading past Brandywine River with Pippin, so water wasn't foreign to him
Merry seemed a lot more proud and brave than the others
He wouldn't admit that he was a pretty awful swimmer, and every time he sunk beneath the water, he would bob back up without a hitch, spluttering the chlorine water from his mouth
He also found it quite enjoyable to splash you in the face
And then you would threaten to let go of him and he'd quickly apologize and knock it off
Also, I'd like to think that Merry is up for just relaxing in a floaty or something if he's in a good mood
Every time you taken the hobbits to the beach or a place to swim
Only because he's ROWDY and being below the water hardly phases him
And everyone immediately yells
Though I can't really say the same for the others...
Surprisingly, when it comes to swimming, Merry is much crazier than Pippin
Which is saying A LOT
And it's also scary how well he can use a water gun-
Very well...
Tumblr media
Pippin was all talk
That is until he jumped in
You tried to tell him he would probably need help
"Are you sure Pip?"
"Aye, I'll be fine! I am a Took after all!"
His little chest was all puffed out and then he cannonballed into the 5 foot (1 and 1/2 meter) end
And that's when he freaked out
Poor Pip was shrieking and doggy paddling and you had to lift him above the water just like Frodo
He was embarrassed to say the least
But still, you had helped him every step swim of the way
And for some reason, he has this... fascination with goggles
I think it's because he likes to see the bottom of the pool and what's going on underneath him for some reassurance
But all the time
"Have you seen my goggles?"
"Where are my goggles?"
"Sorry Merry, these are my goggles."
He also likes to use them to go under the water and scare the others by grabbing their feet and legs
And if you ever went to the beach, Pippin would be a GOD at making sandcastles
He would try and recreate Gondor-
He loves when you give him piggyback rides in the water 🥺
Way too many splashes fights, but you always end up winning because of your comparably sizeable arms.
Pip would be just fine with wearing swim trunks/ swim shorts
And also, like Merry, he is terrifyingly good at using water guns
swimming is his favorite thing to do besides eat, and it keeps him distracted for a while
In the long run, Pippin still has a lot to learn, but you know he'll turn out to be an excellent swimmer
Tumblr media
Bilbo HATES swimming
He just hates getting wet
If he ever went with you, he'd hardly get his ankles past the water
Usually, you'd have to carry him in while he protests
And he'd never go in past his neck
Bilbo would always freak out if something other than sand or the bottom of a pool touched his feet
One time he swore there was a fish in the pool after your foot brushed past his own
And like Sam, he definitely likes wearing a swimming shirt unless he's tanning/sunbathing
He is SUCH a drama queen, and would much rather sit in a floaty than swim around
*cue sunglasses and cocktail*
However, he doesn't hate all of the beach
He always wants to collect cool shells and rocks with you 🥺👉👈
And once he discovers something called a metal detector, he HAS to get one so he can find treasures!
He also likes holding your hand and walking down the shoreline wif you or watching the sunset
And he HATES seagulls as well
He just wants to enjoy his quiet dinner by the ocean/lake/pond etc.
And those "silly birds" come down and harass him
Being at the pool has also particularly bothered him if there were little kids there
"Too much splashing for me. I'd rather sit in peace and enjoy my drink thankyouverymuch 😡"
And on occasion, Bilbo will swim, though he's not the best at it
He'll wrap his hands around your shoulders and let you swim around while he kicks his feet
Also, I feel like he would HATE the smell of sunscreen??
I don't know, maybe it would make him gag or something 😂
Also terrified of getting water in his very sensitive ears
Also likes to sunbathe, but would have to use a lot of sunscreen
Sassy Baggins
6/10 when swimming, but is usually very enjoyable company
Overall Headcanons For Hobbits (Bonus)
Tumblr media
I have a feeling that the hobbits would burn in the sun pretty easily, especially in a sun that's not as gentle as the one in the shire
So lots of sunscreen for sure
Their big feet would definitely be beneficial when swimming
And they would all have a problem with brushing out their curly hair after swimming at a pool with chlorine
Which you would happily help them with
I think it's safe to say each of them are equally amazed to see how long you can hold your breath and touch the bottom of the pool and open your eyes underwater if the conditions seem fit
They all look like little toddlers when they swim around but that's okay because you're like a proud hobbit mother and it's the cutest thing ever
Their ears are also extremely sensitive, so it's important to try and keep their heads above the water as much as possible (though Merry and Pippin have many protests against it)
And they would all get tired very quick since swimming is a tiring activity for anyone
Just imagine seeing a little group of Hobbits trailing behind you, or one or tel holding your hand and wearing sunglasses and bucket hats as you walk to the pool or beach
Or seeing all of the little hobbit bois wrapped up in towels and yawning while you walk home 😖🥺
Or their thick curly hair sticking to their faces and over their eye because of the water
And taking nice long naps after eating a filling lunch 🥺
I think swimming with them would just be an absolute blast and blessing
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mrsmidnight15 · 2 months ago
Hi hun! Thanks so much for the Matchup, I absolutely LOVE my results! I was just out taking a walk with my Mom and it got me thinking about an idea for some headcanons, if you'd be fine with writing them. Which Characters from Lotr and the Hobbit wouldn't mind a s/o who's constantly messy? I know that I LOVE going outside and getting covered in mud and paint and getting wet in the rain and everything. And maybe the ir s/o is a gardener or works on a farm, some sort of outdoorsy or travel job, so they’re always messy like that? Who do you think would be fine with that, and how would they deal with it? Thanks so much, sorry if that seems like a weird request! Hope you’re doing well hun!
I'm glad you liked it! I don't mind you sending this, I was actually thinking about opening requests for headcanons recently. Feel free to send in any other ideas you have!
Lotr/The Hobbit with a Messy s/o
Tumblr media
He doesn't mind and joins in with you quite often. Though, being raised by Bilbo he's quite particular about not dragging mud or alike into the house.
Tumblr media
Sam has been working as a gardener for years so getting covered in mud or soaked with rain doesn't faze him. He'll be very glad if you work in gardening, hoping he could be able to work with you or at least have someone to relate to and talk about gardening.
Tumblr media
Aragorn doesnt mind at all, he's spent most of his years running through the woods and regularly not bathing, a bit of mud or paint won't deter him.
Tumblr media
He's glad you're happy, just as long as you dont get to touchy. He try's not to come of as arrogant or anything he just doesn't like getting dirty unnecessarily.
Tumblr media
It takes him awhile to get used to it and a bit of coaxing if you want him to join in. He much prefers to take a bath with you afterward than be directly involved.
Tumblr media
He much enjoys joining in with you, taking walks in the rain and unafraid to get a bit dirty. He would prefer if you were a bit more careful with the paint though.
Tumblr media
He thinks it's a delightful quality and is more than eager to get down an dirty ever so often.
Tumblr media
She finds it charming, its something she hasn't done much since she was an elfling and takes much joy joining in with you.
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