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#sam x reader
kanataka-san · 11 minutes ago
Bucky: shit were going to die
*Said the white wolf feeling watter got higher than before and didnt stop flowing into the room they were in*
Sam: now, I don't wanna hear that negative attitude. Look on the bright side!
(Y/N): Yay, we're gonna die! Woooo!
Sam: why am I on this mission with you two
(Y/N): to be honest I dont know either but im starting to like it- never in my live I though I'll die this fast-
Bucky: are you ok doll-?
(Y/N): never been better- but seriously lets get out of here-
Sam: if you dint notice already I am trying, while you two just stand there!
(Y/N): just grab the door knob and twist it
Sam: you think its that eas- oh- holy shit!
(Y/N): just go with the flow Sam!
*Bucky gripped a pole with his metal arm while holds his boyfriend in place not letting the escaping watter take him away*
Bucky: you knew that from the start didn't you?
(Y/N): no- but I though it might work, didn't though about that opening them will make some kind of river that will take us- well only Sam- away.
Tumblr media
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loomontoia · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I did the *draw this in your style challenge* by artsybellepepper on ig
*The original idea for the drawing it's hers* but i wanted to post it here :)
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l-r-christian · 40 minutes ago
Okay new series time ☺ so I will kinda loosely follow cannon timeline. The only thing of Y/N's appearance I'll name is eye color.
Title: Tied; The Huntress and The Original
Warnings: Fluff, angst, future smut, Elijah gonna be falling hard y'all, overly protective siblings, Y/N dosen't talk about her feelings
Summary: A Prophecy spoke of a powerful child would be conceived between old noble blood and a warrior that had been to both Heaven and Hell. The Angels don't want the child born while demons do so they could use the child. As an old magic had tied Elijah Mikaelson to another while Y/N Winchester is dealing with both Heaven and Hell coming after her.
Part one - soon
Part two - coming soon
Part three - coming soon
Part four - coming soon
Part five - coming soon
Part six - coming soon
Part seven - coming soon
Part eight - coming soon
Part nine - coming soon
Part ten - coming soon
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comfortbucky · 54 minutes ago
no cause like how bad would it be if i just released chapter 3 of true north today instead of saturday….. 😳😳😳
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comicbooksidecharacter · an hour ago
Hiraeth pt 34
Bucky Barnes X OC (Amelia Stone)
Hiraeth: (n.) “longing or deep yearning for a place, time, feeling or person long gone; or that never was.”
Summary: Bucky realizes the OC is much more to him than just a friend.
Tumblr media
The government had got wind of the Russian's death, which led to scrutiny that maybe they would try to retrieve Dr. Kauko. As fate would have it, it was fortunate that Amy and Bucky were not with the team, because the Avengers and the "rogues" were being followed.
The Ishohi government had placed a few agents in Wakanda, who were selling "medical equipment" made of Vibranium to various hospital all over the country. What Wakanda didn't know was that these infiltrators were actually smuggling these to Ishohiland to aid in making various biochemical weapons. The equipment weighed a few micro grams more than usual, to allow for more vibranium to be smuggled off-land, millions of them. Dr. Kauko was forced to apply his prior experience with the metal to their recent research.
When news reached that his survival from the plan crash was no longer a secret, they had to move Dr. Kauko from a high security location in the capital to a small rural town close to Wakandan border. No one would suspect that he is so close to the border, and secondly, transport time for vibranium to get to the labs was greatly reduced, operations could be quicker.
It took a long time for Amy and Bucky to convince a local to “visit” one of these medical facilities as a transporter. He would then transport the supplies to their major customer, only half of the journey. Next, another man was given the responsibility to plant a small signaling device as the metallic clip of an ID badge. A little accident, the driver’s badge falls, they change it quickly, hand it back and the driver basically takes it to the camp where the doctor is kept, three days later the device is replace again, destroyed. The two helpers then placed in another town while the operation takes place.
This was where Bucky and Amy had to step in. Their three month long search was coming to a finale. They were planning to retrieve the doctor but security was very tight, and since it involved the border of two countries, they had to be discreet. The danger of the mission elucidated on Bucky that he had to call Steve.
"I can sense some underground activity", she spoke into the comms, her binoculars raised in the direction of the small collection of huts up north. She was hiding in a small cave nestled among the southern mountains.
"Don't use your abilities", Bucky muttered into the comms, "The disruption can raise alarms."
"I have been practicing, Sergeant", she said, looking around the huts as well.
"True", he replied, thinking of the nights she spent practicing with him. He had been helping her learn how to focus her energy on just one object. She couldn’t fool him perfectly, yet, but she could disrupt extremely sensitive electromagnetic equipment with prowess.
She looked at her watch, which also communicated to a drone that overlooked any suspicious activity. "Okay, No.23 just dropped the last cargo of the night and he's leaving the gate. That's it. Now we can go."
"You are staying back", Bucky announced casually. He was staying in a small inn just west of the establishment. He straightened up and began to equip himself with his weapons: guns, knives, fiber wire.
"I am coming with you", she bickered over the comms, "Don't be an idiot. There are at least 50 men there. You can't take on them all alone."
"I'm not all alone", he announced, "I have guns... a lot of guns. YOU, on the other hand, have compromised physical function. Your shoulder….”
"I am not disabled, Bucky. I have abilities", she said, sliding out of the cave and preparing herself as well. "I'm joining you... just you wait."
Bucky almost slammed the comms on the ground, but controlled his temper. He quickened the pace of his preparation and left the inn.
As he closed in, he felt a faint tingle in his left arm... she had arrived as well. The first thing she did was to cause distortions in their communication, cutting them off from their partners. However, she knew their headquarters would be quick to see this as a threat and respond. Time was of utmost importance.
"They are coming in within 15 minutes tops", she announced, looking at her watch.
Bucky was quiet as a shadow, feeding off of their fear and silence. When he was on a mission, one had to see him to believe that such clarity was possible. He was one with the shadows, a beetle could be louder than his footsteps, extraordinary since he was a heavy built man. His arms was strong and equally fast. His movement brute and ferocious. He could take down 4 people at once.
"FUCK", she muttered under her breath as the drone warned of an inbound projectile. A missile.
She also jumped into action and began to fight some people. Her right arm was well enough to hit people, and she used her abilities to stop bullets aimed her way. The sound of men falling began to ring throughout the perimeter.
A blast in mid-air caught everyone's attention. The missile aimed at them had been intercepted while still afloat, familiar red wings stretched across the horizon signalling help.
Within a few seconds, Steve, Natasha and Wanda were there as well, joining the fight. Sam was in the air, looking out for any trajectory.
"How did they..?"
"I called them.."
It was too sudden, the blast. A noise swept through the air like the ripping of a very thick cloth, and she found herself on the rocky ground, inhaling dust and gravel. For a few moments, she could hear nothing, not even the debris that was falling on and around her.
" WHAT HAPPENED?", Bucky's voice began to fade into her ear, replacing the loud buzzing. Dust had permeated into her nose, eyes, ears and mouth. She felt her throat and nasal cavity dry up because of the dust. It was horribly dry, positively suffocating, plain terrible.
"I'm okay", she panted, feeling rocks in her throat. "I'm okay..." She looked around, Natasha was plastered against a broken wall. Wanda had deflected the attack so the missile landed a few yards away but she was also out of her senses for one second.
Seeing a few drops of blood come out, "Shit", she hissed.
"What happened?", Bucky asked.
Bucky and Steve quickened the pace of fighting. Pretty soon he could see where they were, sprawled on the floor, while Wanda was protecting the two of them while they regained posture. She felt dizzy, and it seemed like the arteries in her head were trying their best not to burst open.
"You know what?", she could hear Wanda whisper, "I have had enough of this shit.."
Within seconds, a bright crimson wave seemed to wipe through the area, turning everything to fragments. She also put the last of her energy into the air around her. The guns from the guards flew into the air and Wanda’s force-field made crumbs out of them all, giving them the moment to subdue the enemy.
While the ruckus continued outside, Steve had easily broken into one of the huts and found Dr. Kauko nestled in a corner; he looked 50 pounds lighter and 50 years older.
"Dr. Kauko... I'm Steve Rogers. We are here to take you home, sir."
A black jet was waiting for them, Wakandan by origin. As soon as they entered, they were welcomed by the soldiers of Wakanda, accompanied by the nurses and a doctor. As soon as the door opened, the medical staff took the two girls away to the medical attention section. Steve, Bucky and Wanda were only marginally hurt. Sam was panting, taking his wings off. Smoke and dust lingered in their nostrils as well, as if they had never left the field.
The trip to Wakanda was relatively short, thanks to Wakandan technology. Steve had taken to the comms, trying to stay updated on the status of Ishohiland after this rogue undertaking. T’Challa had decided to release a statement as soon as they had the doctor back in the country, which is why the doctor was being tended to most urgently, in case they need to show him to the world media. Steve asked some food to be sent for the doctor.
There was a long, strange silence in the jet, like when a bus is taking its course through the night and everyone is asleep, except you. The exhaustion of the mission seemed to have overcome the need to talk about things, to celebrate, to complain, to be angry. Sam was busy unwrapping his wrists free of the protective wrist bands under his gloves.
“How’s the girls?”, Sam asked Wanda who was just coming back from the medical area. She hadn’t been hurt as much, owing to her powers.
“They need medical attention”, she replied, biting her lip as uneasiness set in. “Natasha broke 4 ribs and her elbow. Ellie had a force field around them but the blast was a little too close, I think she has internal bleeding they need to tend to.” She almost threw herself on a seat, wanting to rip her clothes open and just lie on her bed.
The doctor had contacted the airport to have two ambulances ready, calling for emergency imaging tests, blood, electrolytes, coagulants. It was a part of the job, but it didn’t mean it wouldn’t worry the team. They looked through the window on the door to the makeshift medical wing. Natasha was talking to Ellie about something and she was laughing at her, pain evident on her features. They also ended up laughing painfully on each other’s faces, looking ashen and blank like a sheet of paper. They noticed the three boys standing in the window and gave them a smile. Ellie knew Steve would kill her; if the bleeding didn’t of course.
“I told her to stay away”, Bucky muttered under his breath,  finally tasting the dirt in his mouth, which he had been trying to spit out and wash. He felt as if some metal was somehow stuck inside his skull, just around the nose. It began to dawn on him how hot his body had become after the brawl.
Thankfully, the pilot announced they were over Wakandan airspace and they heaved a sigh of relief. The nearest airport was a small, domestic one, 30 minutes away.
“You alright, Buck?”, Steve asked, putting his hand over Bucky’s shoulder.
Bucky nodded. “Then what are you thinking about?”
“I told her to stay away”, he said.
“Hey”, Steve said, “If this incident teaches us anything, it is how stubborn Ellie can be. It was a foolish move, what she did. But you were with her, and you’ve done your best.”
“Captain Rogers, King T’Challa would like a word with you, please. Gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts as we are about to land.”
Bucky watched his back as he walked into the cockpit and Sam took his place.
“But I couldn’t protect her.”
“Are you kidding me?”, Sam heard him and broke in “You have been with her every step of this stupid-ass mission that she took upon herself. You have protected her from all sorts of danger, from herself and her crazy decisions. Don’t blame yourself for this; it happens.”
“I just.. I don’t know. I told her to stay back, her shoulder…. and she really isn’t that great with physical combat with it… I told her not to come with me. But she wouldn’t listen. I mean why does she have to be this stubborn?” Bucky was talking more to himself than to Sam. His mind kept replaying how the men were kicking and punching her whenever they got lucky. He remembered the heat from the blast, the dust, her voice as she convulsed in pain.
“You are getting all wound up about this…”, Sam reassured, “You saw them. They are doing fine. Relax a bit.” Would they? Internal bleeding isn’t a good thing. What if the wounds are deeper than expected. “They are going to run tests and take them to the hospital. Wakanda is GREAT at stuff like this.”
He looked at Bucky who was carrying the usual brooding, lost expression on his face. He didn't speak after that too. Sam could see that his thoughts were running deeper than theirs. Of course they cared about their teammates too, but Bucky seemed to be having a worse time. All they could hear was the engine as they approached Wakanda.
The sound of the gurney interrupted his thoughts. There were ambulances ready to take the girls to the hospital. Bucky saw as the nurses were quick to rush the gurneys to the ambulance. Natasha was soon to follow. He swallowed a lump as he looked at the ambulance doors close, time moving slower than he remembered. He turned his eyes to Sam, who was walking towards T’Challa.
“Besides”, Sam said, over the noise of the helicopter in which T’Challa had come to receive then. “Why are you so worked up about it?” Bucky could only stare at his back as he walked away.
“Because I’m in love with her... and I don’t know what to do about it.” he whispered in a defeated realization.
PSA: Yes I write stuff in detail. I’m SORRY *ugly sobs*
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multiplums · 2 hours ago
appreciation post to my favorite mutual mcu fic writers🥺🥺. this does not mean that i don’t appetite EVERY fic writer that is out there b/c i do. i just wanted to give love to my close mutuals :)
@wkemeup KAS!! no guys fr, her fics are so good!! first off they're so long that it can be like a series but IT'S NOT. the way she writers for bucky is just so freaking amazing
@barnestuff derin my bestie, i am soso glad i found your account. she writes the best bucky fluff EVER!! everytime i get a notification from her taglist i run to tumblr
@babycap my little angel dev. her fics are so homey??? truly don't understand how she can put out these masterpieces for us but okay.
@wicked-mind tay’s bucky fics are amazing also!! they’re also so long and the way she writes in detail is fucking amazing i swear.
@moonlight-onyx TRIN BABY! first off, her mcu!college series she is writing rn is gold, so go read that rn!! but trin is amazing her blurbs are soso good, idk how she is able to write that quick but.
@bucksfucks if yall want good ass smut, go read her stuff. she does all the smutty tropes for our h-word selves. the way i stalk her account and read her masterlist a lot is a problem
@ritesofreverie my bby mae’s sammy sundays give me life first off. idk how she does it but the fact she gets all of them done is amazing. i love scrolling her account to read them.
@multifandomwriter allison is the best!!! she updates every couple days and i love being on her taglist sm. her requests are always open i swear and she gets so many, and always gets to them.
@mickey-henry mel ily! my favorite work by her is probably her bookstore au with bucky!! she also writes the best headcanons ughh. and her account is so fluffy
@sunmoonandbucky yall. her peter and bucky series changed me life. i read both of them on separate nights and didn’t go to bed until i finished. it was so worth it tho!! i definitely didn’t cry during both of them
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scarletdawnxx-blog · 2 hours ago
Nightmares Chapter 1
Bucky Barnes Reader Insert.
AN: This one will be more of a short story with multiple chapters.
It started shortly after Bucky arrived at the compound upstate. You were asleep in bed when the screams pierced through the quite of the night. You shot up quickly tumbling out of bed as the sheets tangled at your feet. Grabbing the gun from your bed side table and rushing into the hall. It was quiet and dark, then you heard the screams again. They were coming from Bucky’s room. Creeping quietly towards his door, opening it slowly, gun at the ready as you looked over his room. He was laying on the floor. Bed made neatly except for the pillow he had beneath is head. He was tossing and turning, having a nightmare. You could feel the fear seeping off of him. Lowering your weapon and placing it on his dresser, you knelt down trying to wake him, instead you were met with a metal hand right around your throat.
“Bucky” you chocked out but realized he was still asleep. His hand an involuntary reflex. Your heart broke for this man. Taking as relaxing breath as you could you placed a hand gently on his cheek and allowed your power to flow from you to him. Taking his fear and pain and replacing it with a calm, safe feeling. Soon his hand released your neck and he stilled, falling into a deep peaceful sleep. You stared at him for a few moments. You knew the stories, of what he had done, or you should say what had been done to him, what he had been forced to do. Your fingers lightly traced the scars where his metal arm met flesh, sighing and picking yourself up off the floor, grabbing your weapon and making your way back to bed. You laid staring at the ceiling for a long time before you finally found sleep again.
The next morning you woke, feeling exhausted despite sleeping later than usual. That’s how it always was though. Opening yourself up and using your power was draining to say the least. When you were younger you had always found crowds of people exhausting, never really understanding why until one day, when working a shift in the E.R. You were stitching up a young child that fallen from a tree and had a nasty gash on their forehead. You could tell how scared they were, placing a reassuring hand on them and felt their fear moving up your arm as if you were physically pulling it from them, he was instantly calmed. You pulled your hand back quickly as if it had been burned. From that moment a switch had been flipped and you could feel EVERYTHING. It was overwhelming, you thought you were losing your mind. Like you were drowning and couldn’t get your head above water. A very long road later, and a few break downs learning about this ability you had, you joined the Avengers. Your powers had developed from being able to just take people’s feelings, to being able to manipulate them. You could calm, confuse, take pain away or cause it, and even make people trust you so much they would tell you their darkest secrets. Which came in handy with interrogations. You had learned to not have it on all the time. Allowing you to function somewhat normally around people. It was just so damn draining.
You groaned rolling out of bed, making your way to the bathroom, your throat dry and in desperate need of water. Turing the faucet on and filling your hands with water bringing it to your lips. You wiped your mouth and looked at yourself in the mirror. Dark circles under your eyes, hair a mess, and a very bruised throat. Bucky’s grip has been tighter than you thought. Your fingers traced over the bruises wincing slightly at the tenderness. Not having the energy to try and cover it with makeup, you crawled back into your bed and picked up your phone and sending a text to Nat, knowing she had a high necked tank top that you were hoping she would let you borrow.
Yeah, sure, everything good. She responded. You told her everything was fine but could she please drop it by your room.
A few moments later, a knock came at your door and Nat walked in, seeing you still laying in bed.
“Y/N, is there a reason we are hiding today” she asked coming over to sit on the edge of the bed. You sat up and took the shirt she offered. Her eyes widened when she saw your neck. “What...the....hell?”
“Sorry, I didn’t want the whole team seeing this,” you motioned to your neck. “Barnes was having a nightmare, he didn’t know what was happening. I calmed him down, didn’t know he had such a tight grip.”
“You’re lucky he didn’t crush your windpipe,” she said examining your neck. “If you need the day to recover, there isn’t much going on today. I’ll bring you something by to eat.” She placed a gentle hand on your knee and gave you a soft smile.
“Thanks, but I should get up and move around.”
“Alright, don’t push yourself though.” Nat got up and you nodded thanking her again for the shirt. Natasha had taken on the role of caretaker when you arrived at the compound. She was your closest friend and confidant.
You finally managed to get yourself presentable and made your way to the kitchen. Sam, Steve, and Bucky sitting around the table. You said a quite hello to them before pulling a cup for coffee down and rummaging through the cabinets for something to eat.
“How you settling in Buck?” Steve asked sipping from his own coffee mug.
“It’s been fine.” He said “First couple of nights were rough, last night seemed to be a turning point, best sleep I have had in a while.” You looked over at him from the corner of your eye. Trying to make it look like you weren’t paying attention. He did look more rested. A light coming back to his vibrant blue eyes. You tugged at the neck of the shirt Nat had given you, making sure it was fully adjusted still and hadn’t shifted to expose your discolored neck. Collecting your food and coffee you made your way towards the hall.
“Not joining us?” Sam asked seeing you go.
“Oh no, it’s ok. I don’t want to interrupt.” You said with a small smile, trying to sound pleasant and not utterly beaten.
“Stay, Bucky needs to get to know more of the team,” Steve said getting up and pulling out a chair for you. You took a deep breath and put a pleasant face on before turning and heading to the seat Steve had pulled out. “Y/N here has been a key addition to our take down of hydra.” Steve boasted making you blush as you sipped from your coffee. You could feel Bucky looking you over. He may no longer be under Hydra’s control but he was still a trained assassin and sharp shooter. Always being alert, considering everyone a threat at first. No wonder he was so uptight.
“Please, you guys go out and do the real work,” you said pushing your food around.
“So what do you do then?” Bucky asked leaning back in his chair crossing arms.
“Oh no, you gotta see it, shit is way cooler than a metal arm or super soldier serum,” Sam said and you just stared at him, like really, why does he have do that all the time.
“Don’t oversell me Sam,” you said with a slight warning tone. But he wouldn’t let up, so you placed your hand on his sending a jolt of pain up his arm.
“Damn, I meant for you to do that to him,” Sam groaned as he pulled his arm away quickly. You just sipped your drink again, and couldn’t help but feeling a little smug, you loved Sam but sometimes he just wouldn’t shut up.
“So you can cause pain?” Bucky asked amused.
“Kind of,” you said with a shrug.
“She can control emotions and brain waves. Its impressive to watch her work.” Steve added giving more and an explanation. “Speaking of which, I think Stark is inbound with a Hydra agent today. You’ll get to see Y/N in action.”
“When did this happen?” You asked, Nat had said there would be nothing today. You already felt drained from the night before.
“Early hours of the morning, I thought you knew, I saw you heading back to your room shortly after the intel came through.” Steve said, getting up and gathering his dishes.
“Uh, No, couldn’t sleep and I had just gone for a walk,” You lied gathering up your things and putting them in their proper places, Stark liked everything in the compound to always stay tidy.
You started to make your way to your room, when you felt someone walking up behind you.
“Why were you in my room last night?” Shit. Bucky.
“I wasn’t,” you said continuing on.
“Your scent was lingering when I woke up this morning,” He whispered in your ear sending a shiver down your spine.
“Really, I don’t know what you are talking about, and I don’t have a scent,” You fired back feeling a little offended. He chuckled at your annoyance.
“Sure doll, whatever you say,” he said leaving you at your door cursing yourself. Next time he can just lay on the floor and scream, you thought to yourself knowing deep down you wouldn’t let that happen.
Entering your room you put you head phones on and started your interrogation playlist to get you in the right mind set. Closing your eyes and losing yourself in the music. You must have fallen asleep because you were rudely awakened with Stark tossing a file on to you.
“What the hell Tony” you said sitting up quickly ripening the headphones off.
“No time for napping, you’re up kid” Tony said walking out and giving no explanation for his behavior. Typical Stark. You picked up the file and started to go over the intel as you walked to the interrogation room. You had all kinds brought into you, but this one was different. A higher up from deep with in Russian Hydra, the same cell that had created the Winter Soldier program. You felt anger swell in you, hot and red, thinking that these were the people who had tortured and brainwashed Bucky. The man in the room just down the hall from you that now screamed from the memories turned nightmares and couldn’t even stand to sleep in a normal bed. You were going to have fun with this one. This one would know Bucky’s pain and fear. It still clung to you from the night before, ripe and ready to use against him.
“You brought me a good one to play with today,” You said looking in to the interrogation room through the two-way window. Tony, Steve, and Bucky also looked in. Nat was in there warming him up, playing the good cop. That was usually your go to, make them feel safe and comfortable, and their secrets spill from their lips, but today, today you would be their worst nightmare.
“I don’t like that tone Y/N,” Steve said side eyeing you. You just kept staring ahead at the man in the room. He was large, muscular, he had seen his fair share of fights you could tell. Even from where you stood his arrogance seeping off of him and it disgusted you. He wasn’t scared or worried at all. Like he wanted to be caught, and you didn’t like that. You looked over at Bucky, gaging his response. Outwardly he was stoic, but you could feel his uneasiness, anger, fear. Pressing the intercom to tell Nat to come on out you made your way to the door, lightly brushing your fingers against Bucky’s hand, giving him a sense of calm before entering the room. You calmly placed the file on the table in front of you and took a seat.
“Send the red head back in, she at least looked like she knew what she was doing,” The man said in a thick Russian accent.
“Не суди книгу по обложке” (Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.) you responded catching him off guard with your Russian. Good.
“You think because you know a little Russian I’ll open up to you,” he scoffed.
“Not at all, I am curious though, how someone so high ranking could get taken so easily,” you said coolly opening his file. “You come from a long line of Hydra thugs, but your predecessors were much more impressive than you. Other than being brute muscle, what good have you really been to them,” He was getting angry and defensive, no matter how much training someone has, ego always gets in the way. “Maybe Hydra doesn’t have a use for you anymore, I’m guessing even for your high rank you don’t really know what’s going on. A curtesy rank and title, for your families long service.” You picked at his pride more, it was always the downfall of men like these. He however just sat in his smugness. Which you were very over. Your powers usually required you to be touching the other person, but sitting across from this real POS in front of you, your powers began to leak out from you, moving like long tendrils from you to the man across from you, worming their way into him. You could see the change in his eyes. You never broke eye contact with him. “We could let you go I guess, turn you over to the authorities, since you aren’t going to have anything useful for us.” You picked the file up and stood.
“Wait,” he said, and you smiled to yourself. People can only handle so much fear before their fight or flight kicks in and the amount you were feeding to his man would make even the hardest criminals wet themselves.
“Did you have something you wanted to share?” you asked sitting on the edge of the table you were both sitting at.
“Yeah, go fuck yourself,” he said before launching himself at you, fight is then just like you had hoped it would. You dodge him easily using his momentum against him, you sent him sailing into the wall. You heard a crack, probably his nose, followed by pain. It was nothing compared to what you were about to unleash on him. His own fear now mingling with what you had forced on him was almost intoxicating. He turned and swung wildly, you grabbed his arm and easily got him to the floors, straddling him you grabbed his face and sent waves of pain into him, his screams echoing off the walls filling the room in terror and he clawed at your arms trying to pull your hands off him. You pushed everything Bucky had felt under their years of torture into him, and then multiplied it. You had never felt this strong in your power before, melting this man’s mind into madness. Your nails dug into his skin causing small halfmoon cuts that began to bleed. It wasn’t to long before he was a broken whimpering mess under you. He had even actually wet himself, you really hated it when they did that. You stood looking in disgust at the man on the floor. Your adrenaline leaving you and looking up. Bucky standing in the doorway, Steve behind him with shocked looks on their faces, not realizing Bucky had burst through the door thinking you were in danger.
“He’s all yours,” you said beginning to sway from exhaustion. Everything started to go black, and the last thing you remember were strong arms catching you as your legs gave out.
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3rdgymbros · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
— title; you had to kill me, but it killed you just the same
— pairing; kazuha kaedehara x reader
— summary; in which kazuha runs away with you, but things take an unexpected turn.
— notes; this story is based on this post by the lovely @primogenshin
Tumblr media
The two of you run for what feels like all night. It feels like the world could have ended and there’s nothing left but this path, and these trees, and this snowy darkness. You and Kazuha stop to catch your breath, but the frozen air offers little relief to your gasping lungs. The two of you are cold and exhausted, and still the wind rages.
“Take my cloak.” Kazuha says, sliding it from his shoulders and passing it to you. Ever the gentleman, you think, but your eyes don’t miss the tremor overtaking his limbs.
“I’ll be fine.” You say in response, though passing the cloak back is one of the hardest things that you’ve ever done. With how badly your teeth are chattering, you don’t expect that you’re being very convincing, but Kazuha ties his cloak back around his shoulders once again, eyeing you in unspoken concern. “Let’s keep moving. We’re almost at the harbour.”
You feel Kazuha kiss your forehead. But even his normally warm lips have gone cold. You pull him close, bury your face into the crook of his neck, and try to bring some semblance of warmth back to his body and yours.
“There are blankets on the ship.” Kazuha says, pulling away, but your teeth are chattering so badly that you can’t answer. “And fresh clothes.”
You take a deep breath and begin to move, slowly, painfully. The frigid wind freezes the joints in your body, making it hard to move, but you push through it, struggling through the snow with Kazuha. You know that you need to move faster, especially with Vision Hunters on your trail, but you can’t. Even this feels like it will kill you.
Loud, guttural shouts cut through the air, accompanied with dogs barking; footsteps thud and grow louder with every passing second as a flurry of activity heads in your direction. Next to you, Kazuha lets out a string of curses – only about half of which you’re familiar with.
“We’ll be fine.” Kazuha says, tightening his grip on your hand. “We’re almost there. By the time they catch up to us, we’ll be gone. It’s fine.” You get the feeling that he’s assuring himself more than you.
“Kazuha,” You say softly, your footsteps slowing as the wet cold seeps into your skin and makes you grit your teeth. Your voice is almost carried away on the wind, but he hears it and turns to look at you. Worry etches lines into his face, but for you, he tries to smile. In spite of everything, he’s ready to embark on a new adventure, ready to leave his country with you in search of a better future. Ready to stand by your side no matter what.
You wish it were that simple.
“We’ll be fine.” Kazuha says, still smiling reassuringly at you.
You shake your head. Ice trickles down your spine, and your heart thunders. There is only one path in front of you now, and you can see it clearly lit. It is an awful path, one that you hate. You will never be able to forgive yourself for walking down it. You will not come out the other side the same.
But it is the only path you can take.
“Ayaka!” You cry, loud enough to be heard over the wind.
Recognition spreads across Kazuha’s face, and he’s quick to draw his sword, but he’s still weak from travelling, and the combination of the cold and the shock slows his movements. Ayaka disarms him in minutes, and Tohma shoves him down onto his knees and drags his arms behind him, binding them with a length of rope.
You’re frozen in place, unable to do anything but watch. Baal’s commands are absolute, you remind yourself. It’s the right thing to do. Still, seeing Kazuha unable to fight back breaks your heart, causes guilt to rise in your chest until you can hardly breathe.
The boy on his knees before you isn’t the one you’ve known for the past few months, the one you looked at the stars and the moon with, the one you laughed and talked with. That Kazuha was beautiful and light and was always smiling around you, but this boy has red-rimmed eyes and an expression like ice. There is no emotion in his eyes, which is just as well. Your entire body is numb.
“Take him to Baal.” You say, surprised that your voice comes out level. Even your shivering has stopped. “I’m told that she’s been wanting to meet him.”
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balenciagabucky · 3 hours ago
oooo can i request one with sugar daddy!sam where y/n sends a mirror pic wearing his favorite lingerie while he's in a very important business meeting??
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐢 𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐞˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
Tumblr media
pairing ☽˚⁀➷。 sugardaddy!sam x fem!reader
word count ☽˚⁀➷。 1,062
warnings ☽˚⁀➷。 sending pictures, business meeting, making out, female oral receiving, cuddling, sugar daddy
authors note ☽˚⁀➷。minors dni, 18+ content, 18+ blog
It had been a rather tough meeting that day - a little too warm, a little too much work, that kind of thing. Negotiations were tough, and most in the room were demanding - all of them against him, or so it seemed.
You were so different - he was intrigued by you. It was difficult to keep his mind on matters at hand - you were absolutely gorgeous, and the picture you sent to him proved that. Sam was in the middle of a meeting to open up another hotel in the city, possibly the biggest one he’d have all month and you sent him the most distracting photo ever.
Wearing his favorite color, in his shirt that was clearly too big for you, but underneath it he could see the outline of the lacy black thong you wore. The pictures of you in different poses. The meeting adjourned with a resolve to continue the next day. Impulsively he scribbled a quick note and slipped it in her hand as they were leaving the boardroom "Y/N"
A few minutes later he packed up his case and left the building. As he walked to his car his mind was consumed with thoughts about you and the treat he was about to give to you.
"I missed you," you said, almost in a whisper, as he walked into our bedroom after the meeting.
Your voice was loving and warm, the eroticism of the moment heightened by a slight rasp in your voice. He paused to admire the woman he loved and had missed.
You were kneeling on the bed,  legs spread slightly. Your hair was down, framing your face and your beautiful [color] eyes.
He walked across the room, putting his hands firmly on your hips. He drew you close and you laid your arms around his neck. You touched your foreheads together, grateful to be.
"I missed you too," I replied. "You’re a fucking tease you know that right?"
He could feel your warm breath on his lips as you drew closer. You kissed gently. As he moved his hands, slowly up your back, pulling you closer, your lips parted and your tongue darted across his. He kept gently caressing your back as you kissed more-and-more passionately.
He drew your waist to his so that you could feel the arousal through his pants. You let out a quiet moan.
He began playing with the skin on your thighs, almost tickling you, but not quite. He ran his hand up the inside of your leg.
You drew a deep breath.
He laid his open palm on your mons, pressing his fingers onto your warm, thong-covered sex. You moaned loudly as he felt your wetness, rubbing your labia and clit.
After a while, he broke away. You bit his lower lip lightly as you tried to stop him, but gave way as he ran his hand back up your side. This time, taking the shirt with it. He pulled the shirt over your breasts, grazing your nipples with his thumbs, and over your head and cast it aside.
He kissed your cheek, your jaw, your neck, your chest, and, finally, your breast. He ran his tongue in circles around your nipple. Occasionally licking it, kissing it, and sucking it gently into your mouth. All the while he pulled your hips to his as you wrapped your hands around his head, moaning in encouragement.
After he reluctantly pulled away from your breast, he gazed into your [color] eyes. They betrayed lust perhaps as much as love at this moment. You greedily grabbed his belt, loosened it and his pants, dropping them to the floor.
You laid back on your bed and pulled him with you, back into your embrace and your kiss.
As you continued to kiss, your tongues mingling, occasionally nibbling on one another's lips, you pressed your wet crotch into his. You ground against each other like you had before he let you first please him, before you had exposed more of yourselves to one another.
Your moans became more pronounced and you bit firmly on his lower lip in pleasure.
"Please," you said. "I missed you so much, daddy"
He shook his head. "I want to taste baby, you teasing daddy like that? I should at least be able to taste my diamond."
He lowered his head first to your neck, then your breast, then your stomach. He breathed on to your inner thigh, drawing a short gasp from you. Then, finally, he pressed his face against your panty-covered sex and drank in the sweet taste of your arousal.
For a while, he licked your labia and clit through your soaked thong and ran his hands up and down your splayed legs. Then he pulled aside your thong and traced his tongue from just below your vagina, along your swollen, wet lips, ending at your clit, which drew a loud cry from you, who was clutching the sheets tightly in your fists.
Unhindered by the thong, he focused his tongue on your clit: rubbing it with the broad surface of his tongue, flicking it, sucking on it. As your moans and cries grew louder, he placed his middle-finger at your entrance. He could feel it pulsing, drawing him in.
"I missed you so much!",  you exclaimed as he penetrated you with first one, then two fingers.
He continued to pleasure your clit and thrust his fingers into your pussy quicker and quicker. You released the sheets from your stranglehold and grabbed his head, pressing him into you.
As you orgasmed, you cried out his name loudly. Your legs spread even wider, your hands clutched his head firmly, and your pussy clenched around his fingers. The evidence of your pleasure was smeared all over his face and soaked his fingers, as he began to lick just above your clit, where you were less sensitive, bringing you down from your high.
She sighed with content and pulled him up next to you.
You turned your head and kissed him, to his surprise, tasting yourself for the first time.
"I missed you," you repeated.
You cuddled and talked and kissed, catching up and making up for lost time.
You chuckled when his hard penis graced your hip and left a trail of precum that had accumulated during your play.
"Don't worry," you said, "we're not done yet, daddy."
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bi-bard · 3 hours ago
Question for the Supernatural Fans
The finale of Supernatural was okay. There was really only one part that I really didn't enjoy.
So, like a good fanfiction writer does... I decided to change it.
For those of you that missed it, I have an original character for Supernatural. I have quite a few pieces of that character's story planned out.
I have a new version of the finale planned and partially written. However, since it's my original character, there are elements that wouldn't make a ton of sense without other imagines being up.
So, should I wait to upload my version of the finale until I post more imagines or should I just post it once it's done and then continue writing my other imagines after?
Please help me out with this! Thank you!
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swan-of-sunrise · 3 hours ago
Civil War (Chapter Four)
Tumblr media
Summary: In the aftermath of the U.N. bombing, (Y/N) receives a call from Steve and is ‘invited’ to the Joint Counter Terrorism Centre in Berlin for questioning.
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader
Word Count: 3k
Warnings/Disclaimers: None
A/N: I’m not too sure about this chapter, it’s all over the place and I’ve rewritten it twice so I can’t tell if it’s good or not lol thank you for reading, I hope you all enjoy!
Chapter Four (Previous Chapter)
While the paramedics finished fastening the bandage around her head, (Y/N) sat in the back of the ambulance and silently watched the chaos unfolding. A fire crew was busy hosing down the still-smoldering ruins and a medical helicopter flew overhead as different government agencies began setting up their base camps on the outskirts of the caution tape. The CIA agent who’d questioned her about the incident had informed her that a large-scale bomb had gone off next to their building, injuring over seventy people and killing twelve; she’d gone on to explain to her that if not for T’Challa’s last-minute warning, many more people would’ve perished in the blast.
Poor T’Challa, (Y/N) thought to herself with a pang of sadness. His father, King T’Chaka, had been the closest person to the blast and was killed instantly. The paramedics completed their work and she thanked them before quickly getting out of their way, knowing that there were many others who still needed to be helped. Shoving her hands into the pockets of her ash-covered blazer, she walked along the edge of the crime scene towards where she’d last seen Natasha and T’Challa; different international news reporters were documenting the tragedy and as she passed by one of them, their words almost made her stop dead in her tracks.
“Officials have released a video of a suspect who they have identified as James Buchanan Barnes, the Winter Soldier. The infamous Hydra agent, linked to numerous acts of terrorism and political assassinations…”
(Y/N) continued walking, afraid that she’d be recognized if she lingered too long, and finally sat down on an empty bench near the CIA’s base camp. Once she got over the initial shock of learning the suspected identity of the bomber, she couldn’t help but feel confused; Bucky had been on the run for over two years, ever since the Battle at the Triskellion and the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., and there hadn’t been any sign of him since. Steve and Sam had tracked down every single lead they could find but to no avail. To her, it didn’t make much sense that after all that time, the wanted man would suddenly decide to do something as massive as bomb the United Nations.
The buzzing of her cell phone in her pocket jolted her out of her thoughts; pulling it out and glancing down at the screen, her eyes widened in recognition and she was quick to answer it. “Hello?”
“Are you hurt?”
“Um…yeah, a little. My right eardrum ruptured from the noise of the blast and my lungs feel like crap, but other than that I’m okay…” She trailed off, listening as Steve let out a shaky sigh of relief. Try as she might, memories of their recent fight came to mind but she forced aside her irritation with him as she continued. “Listen Steve, I just heard about Bucky and I-”
“You’re gonna tell me the same thing Nat did: to leave it up to the Task Force and stay home.”
She blinked, taken aback by the shortness of his tone. “Well, I think she has a point about staying out of it but what I was actually going to say is that-”
“I’m the only one who can bring him in alive, (Y/N), so that’s what I’m gonna do. I just wanted to call and tell you myself so that you didn’t believe I was hiding things from you.” Steve abruptly interrupted and after a moment of tense silence, the hard edge in his voice softened a little. “Look, I’m…take care of yourself while I’m gone, okay? Don’t forget to change that bandage of yours every few hours.”
The call disconnected as (Y/N)’s head snapped up in shock and she hurriedly scanned her surroundings, but the super-soldier was nowhere to be seen. “Bastard.”
“(Y/N)!” She looked over in time to see Natasha striding over to her, her brow furrowed in worry. “(Y/N), I just got a call from Steve a few minutes ago, and-” The spy stopped herself short as she examined her assumedly-angered expression. “I take it you got one, too.”
“Yep, and I’d rather not discuss it right now if that’s okay.”
Natasha nodded. “Fine by me, hot-shot, but we should be going; our presence has been…um, requested in Berlin. At the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre, to be precise.”
Frowning, (Y/N) stood and walked alongside her. “Our? What’s all this got to do with me?” The spy gave her a pointed look and she exhaled through her nose. “Ah, yes, my ‘association’ with Steve Rogers. They’ve guessed that he’d be the first one after Bucky and since I’m his fiancé, they want to hold me for questioning.”
“Pretty much…but there’s another reason that I’ll let Tony tell you about himself when we arrive. It was his bad idea, after all.”
By that point, (Y/N) was well and truly sick of flying; they’d taken the Quinjet to the Berlin-Tegel Airport, where a car had picked them up and drove them to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre. If her head hadn’t hurt so much and she were in a better mood, she would’ve taken the time to admire all the historical landmarks they passed by. And here I thought that week we spent dealing with Ultron was exhausting, she thought with a humorless smile, getting out of the car and walking alongside Natasha as they entered the parking garage’s elevator.
“When you’re questioned by an agent, be sure to answer as honestly as possible.” (Y/N) glanced up from her dirty sneakers and met Natasha’s serious expression. “Cooperation’s the only thing that’s gonna help Steve and Sam out right now, (Y/N). Don’t let the agent get inside your head, though; make sure that you’re the one in control of the situation, just like I’ve taught you. If I know them like I think I do, they’re gonna try and get more valuable intel out of you than just Steve’s whereabouts.”
She nodded after a brief moment of hesitation and the spy’s shoulders relaxed a little. The elevator stopped at the top floor and its doors slid open to reveal two men; one was Tony Stark, dressed stylishly in a dark-grey suit with a tense smile on his face and the other was an older man with salt-and-pepper colored hair that she didn’t recognize. The stranger stepped forward and shook Natasha’s outstretched hand. “Miss Romanoff, thank you for coming in so quickly.”
“Of course,” Natasha replied before glancing over at (Y/N). “(Y/N), this is Everett Ross, Deputy Task Force Commander of the CIA. Agent Ross, this is (Y/N) (Y/N).”
Agent Ross smiled and shook her hand, but (Y/N) got the distinct feeling that he was studying her expression and analyzing her behaviors. “I wish we were meeting under better circumstances, Miss (Y/L/N); my niece and nephew are big fans of your novel.”
(Y/N) murmured her thanks and followed the trio as they walked down a covered sky-way, not noticing that Tony had fallen into step beside her until he quietly asked, “How’re you holdin’ up, Austen?”
“Let’s just say that I’ve had better days.” She remarked, glancing over at the billionaire with a raised brow. “Nat mentioned something about a bad idea you wanted to run by me?”
“Oh, I have a couple of ‘em, but I’ll let you get changed before I go ahead and tell you. When I heard about the bombing, I figured that you and Romanoff would need clothes so I packed some before I left the compound.”
Touched by his thoughtfulness, (Y/N) allowed him to lead her to a private bathroom and quickly changed out of her soot-covered clothing; she felt a little bit like her usual self as she emerged from the bathroom, but the comforting feeling her change of clothes had inspired soon disappeared when the billionaire ushered her into a glass-walled conference room in the middle of what she imagined was a control room.
“Sorry if it seems like we’re sitting inside a fish bowl but this is the only place where we can talk without being overheard.” Tony sat down across from her at the long table, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms over his chest. “And I’m sorry about the civilian consultant thing, Austen. We all found out about it last night when Secretary Ross called to ask who’d decided to sign; he seemed crankier than usual when we told him that we didn’t know what you’d decided to do.”
(Y/N) rolled her eyes and leaned her elbow onto the table, resting her head in her hand with an exasperated sigh. “What, does Ross think that if I sign then that’ll make Steve suddenly change his mind and decide to sign too?”
“Pretty much…but truth be told, he’s not the only one.” Her brow rose in surprise as Tony sat forward in his chair, an uncharacteristically subdued expression on his face. “Look, (Y/N), none of us wants to see Rogers gone. The team needs him and we both know how much he needs the team, so…I was hoping that if you signed, you’d be able to convince him that he’d be doing the right thing by signing too. Once Rogers signs them, then Wilson and Maximoff should follow suit and we’d have our Earth’s Mightiest Heroes all back together again in no time. What do you think?”
“You make it sound so easy…and I wish it was, Tony. I really do.” She stood and walked over to the glass wall, her eyes trained on a large computer monitor that bore her fiancé’s photograph on a wanted poster. “But you and I also know that once Steve’s made up his mind about something it’s impossible to change it. I tried telling him that refusing to sign might put our future together in jeopardy, and do you know what he said?”  Turning back around, she met the billionaire’s gaze and mirthlessly smiled. “He said that he couldn’t afford to be selfish and he left it at that.” A lump formed in her throat as she blinked away her tears and shrugged. “He respects the hell out of you, Tony, so maybe you’ll have a better change at convincing him. I’ll be there when you do, but…since I haven’t decided what I’ll do yet, I honestly don’t know how much help I’ll be.”
Just as Tony opened his mouth to reply, the glass door of the conference room slid open and none other than Sharon Carter poked her head into the room. “If you’re ready, Agent Ross would like to ask you some questions.” (Y/N) stood and spared Tony a final glance before following the agent down the hall, pointedly ignoring the jealous pang in the pit of her stomach as she did. “Romanoff mentioned that you weren’t much of a coffee drinker, so I brought you some hot chocolate instead.” She looked over to see Sharon holding out a to-go cup out towards her, a hesitant but friendly sort of smile on her face. “Might help settle your nerves before your talk with Ross.”
She accepted the beverage with a murmur of thanks and took a sip as they continued down the hall; giving the agent a sideways glance, she cleared her throat before saying, “I’m sorry about your aunt, Sharon.”
“Thank you…and thank you for everything you said in your eulogy. Actually,” Sharon stopped beside the stairwell door and gestured towards it. “We don’t have much time, but do you mind if we talk for a quick sec?” (Y/N)’s brow furrowed a little but she nodded and followed her into the stairwell, watching as she leaned back against the wall and shuffled her feet. “You meant a lot to Aunt Peggy, (Y/N), but I don’t think you know just how much she appreciated you. Back before her dementia got worse, she’d call me after her visits with Rogers and we’d talk for hours; she worried about him, always telling me that he was deliberately keeping himself from embracing his new life and that there wasn’t anything she could do to help. But then you came into his life and from what she told me, it was a night and day difference; knowing that you were there for Steve, as a friend and then as something more, gave her piece of mind. She really liked you, (Y/N), and she really respected you. I just thought that you should know that.”
“Thank you, Sharon, that…that really means a lot to me.”
The agent nodded, suddenly looking a little uncomfortable. “I would’ve told you all that after the funeral but you and Steve were sort of…well, you know…arguing. I swear I wasn’t eavesdropping, it’s just that you both were kind of loud and the cathedral has crazy-good acoustics.” (Y/N) started to reply but Sharon cut her off with a firm head shake. “You’ve got nothing to apologize for, (Y/N). I’m not exactly a fan of the Accords but just between us? I think that Steve was out of line back there.” Unsure of what to say, she nodded once and took another sip of her drink as the agent looked down at her wristwatch. “C’mon, we should get going before Ross starts looking for us.”
The two of them left the stairwell and continued down the hallway to an office; Agent Ross was seated at a desk and reading through a file, looking up from his work with a friendly smile. “Thank you, Agent 13, that’ll be all.” With one last glance, Sharon turned and left them alone. “Please, take a seat.” (Y/N) sat down in the chair across from him and crossed her leg over her knee, trying her best to remain cool and collected. “Miss (Y/L/N), we have reason to believe that Captain Rogers plans on interfering with the apprehending of the Winter Soldier; can you tell me when you last spoke to your fiancé?”
“A little over three hours ago in Vienna. He called to ask if I’d been injured during the bombing and then he warned me that he was planning on bringing in Bucky himself. That’s all he said.”
Ross nodded and gestured to the bandage wrapped around her head. “And are you okay?”
“Yes, it’s only a ruptured eardrum; the bandage is just keeping the ear from becoming infected.” (Y/N) shrugged, taking another sip of her drink before setting it down on the desk. “Truth be told, I’ve had worse.”
Nodding again, the agent picked up the open file on his desk and scanned its contents. “Yeah, it seems like you have. In March of 2014, you suffered a moderate-grade concussion, GSW on your left thigh and a severe muscle contusion on the other thigh; it also says here that you even needed an emergency blood transfusion upon arrival at the hospital.” He looked back up at her with an arched brow. “Sounds like a lot for a civilian to go through.”
(Y/N) blinked in surprise. “I-it was-”
“And according to witness statements from the Avengers, the Artificial Intelligence known as Ultron targeted you last year because of your close relationship with Steve Rogers, is that correct?” Nodding, she struggled to keep her expression neutral as her fingers began reflexively tracing along her old gunshot wound. “It looks like you were just a pawn in Ultron’s plan to break the Avengers apart, and it very nearly worked.”
Her first instinct was to snap at the agent but after recalling Natasha’s earlier warning, she swallowed her frustration and gave him a fleeting smile. “The CIA certainly cares a lot about historical fiction novelists, doesn’t it?”
Ross chuckled and leaned forward in his seat. “Only the ones engaged to rogue super-soldiers, of course. Speaking of super-soldiers, can you elaborate on the nature of your fiancé’s connection to James Barnes?”
“There’s nothing much to say that hasn’t already been said; Steve and Bucky were childhood friends who fought together during World War II and when S.H.I.E.L.D. fell, Steve and Sam tried searching for Bucky but they never found him.”
Nodding, the agent reached over and moved his computer monitor to face her; on the screen was a blurry image of a man wearing dark clothing, obviously taken from grainy security camera footage. “And is this James Barnes?”
“Yes, although I’ve only seen him in person once and this photo’s a little blurry.”
“Okay, let me see if I’ve got this straight: Steve’s old pal bombs the U.N. meeting that you, his fiancée, was attending and instead of rushing to your side like any other partner would do, he decides to leave the country to apprehend Barnes himself. Does that pretty much sum things up?” (Y/N)’s jaw clenched tightly and she stared silently at the agent in front of her, who tilted his head to the side as he considered her. “You see, the CIA knows that you and Captain Rogers are close but what we don’t know is how far you’d go to protect a man who doesn’t sound like he’s got your best interests at heart.”
Before (Y/N) could finally lose her temper, another agent poked his head into the office. “I’m sorry, Agent Ross, I know you said that you didn’t want to be disturbed but this is urgent.”
“Fine, fine…”
Ross stood and followed the agent out into the hallway, leaving the office door cracked open just far enough for her to make out some of what they were saying. “Rhodes…all of them arrested…Bucharest…ETA in less than six…”
Thank goodness they’re all right, (Y/N) thought as relief washed over her, they’ll both be charged with obstruction of justice but at least they’re alive. Some of her elation disappeared as her mind drifted back to Agent Ross’ line of questioning; Natasha was right, the CIA was taking the golden opportunity to get intel on Captain America with the knowledge that what they were doing was protected under the Sokovia Accords. The thought of being manipulated and used that way infuriated her but what angered her more was that this all stemmed from Steve’s unwillingness to consider the consequences of not signing the Accords. You’re in control here, she told herself with a calming breath, just do everything Nat told you to do and you’ll be okay…
Agent Ross reentered the office and sat back down with an expectant smile on his face. “Well, now, where were we?”
A/N: This story’s a little more challenging to write than The Winter Soldier or Age of Ultron, there’s so much angst to deal with and writing these chapters really takes a lot out of me, so any likes, reblogs and comments are really appreciated ❤️
Thank you all so much for reading and commenting, you guys are truly amazing! I’ve created a Spotify playlist inspired by this series, and I’ll be updating it every time I upload a new chapter. Enjoy!
Spotify Playlist:
Civil War Masterlist
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fangurk · 4 hours ago
Here Comes the Sun (Same Uley x Fem! Reader)
Y/n - Your Name Y/l/n - Your Last Name
Y/h/c - Your Hair Color Y/e/c - Your Eye Color
Prompt (given to me by @jessicas-underground ): Hi! Could you do one where the reader just moved to Forks from sunny California and hates it there because of the weather. She’s Sam’s imprint and he tries to change her mind about the town.
Reader Gender: Female (She/Her/Hers)
Summary: Forks, Washington is positively dreary, and the Reader hates it-- she misses California, misses the warm sun and the way it didn't constantly rain. But now, because of some supernatural force, she's had to make it her home, and maybe, just maybe, she can find the warmth she so missed in the stubborn werewolf who sleeps in her bed...
Warnings: kind of seasonal depression-y, mostly just fluff.
A/n: idk why my tagging is being all weird, but i'll figure it out. also the line about his smile is the best thing i've ever written...
Word Count: 850+
Tumblr media
You’re hiding, scowling, underneath the portico of your home. Your boyfriend Sam Uley stands a few feet in front of you getting absolutely drenched in the downpour, his hand extended to you in silent invitation.
“C’mon…” He says with a smile that brightens his whole face.
It should be considered unlawful, that smile of his. Rare and completely reserved for you, it only seems to come up when he needs to sway you in his favor-- because how can you say no to that smile?
“You’re crazy.” You mutter matter-of-factly, placing your hand in his.
“Only for you, baby.” The cheeky bastard lifts your hands to his lips and kisses you on the knuckles as if he didn’t know he’d win.
Rolling your eyes, you step out from beneath your protection. The rain quickly engulfs you, rolling off your jacket and soaking your head; Sam sees the way you wince, your nose wrinkling at the feeling, and has the audacity to laugh.
Hand in hand, you and your wolf run to his truck. Water kicks up underneath your feet and splashes up your legs, effectively chilling you to your core; you practically rip the door of the truck open, clambering in and rubbing your arms to warm up. Sam watches you adoringly, turning up the heater even if he really doesn’t need it.
It stops raining by the time Sam parks the car on the side of the road, finally arriving wherever he wants to go. All of it looks the same to you— alive and green and wet— but it must be special to him because there’s a strange, childlike excitement in his eyes.
“I told you I knew it would be fine.” He says, closing your door after you.
“Being a shapeshifter doesn’t come with weather-telling abilities— you guessed.”
He rolls his eyes half-heartedly and takes your hand, helping you over the road barrier.
“It was an educated guess.”
“Still a guess.”
The ground is soft and squishy under your feet as you start to walk deeper into the trees. Sam purses his lips at you, but doesn’t say anything more; for a short while, there’s no sound but the sounds of nature and your panting from the exertion.
“Just a few more steps-- and here we are!”
He sweeps his hand out and your eyes follow it. In front of you is a large clearing in the trees, a hilly plot of land absolutely blanketed by tiny purple flowers; they only come up to your ankles and they fill the air with a sweet aroma.
It’s a breathtaking sight.
“Woah-- Sam... “ Your words are stolen from you, and he’s smiling again.
“Pretty isn’t it?” Pretty is an understatement. “Ever seen anything like it?”
You can only shake your head.
Sam launches into a long talk about the field. He talks about the flowers and the grass and beautiful things. He’s looking at the field. You’re looking at him.
“Hey, babe!”
Begrudgingly getting off the couch, wrapped up in a thick woolen thing Sue Clearwater gave you, you trek onto the porch to find your wolf. He’s sitting on the steps, listening to his radio-- shirtless, somehow.
“What’s up?” You lean on the doorframe, wrapping your arms around yourself.
He turns to look at you, his eyebrows furrowed.
“They say it’s been a solid ninety all week where you’re from.” Sam says it as if it’s the most preposterous thing he’s ever heard.
You want to say ‘your body runs hotter than that’ but you don’t, all you do is snort and smile.
“It gets way hotter in Death Valley.”
You sit with him, tucked under his arm, and he listens happily to your explanation.
The boys help keep your mind off things. Cooking and cleaning give you something to do, and they’re always nice and goofy and just an overall good time.
Sam still worries. Of course, he does.
Slowly, more and more, you start leaving the house.
One of your boys is always with you, but it’s an accomplishment nevertheless.
The sand at First Beach is soft on your feet-- and almost dry.
Sam’s holding your hand, half dragging you down to the little fire pit that’d been set up and the excited werewolves bustling about. Half of them are playing soccer off to the side, half were trying to figure out the fire; when Kim sees you both, she waves.
“Hey, guys!”
You’re swarmed as soon as you put down the coolers with food, given brisk ‘thank you’s and side hugs that make you laugh.
“I’m starting to think that they only want me for one thing…” Kim laughs at your comment as you sit next to her.
Sam immediately joins the boys, completely in his element as he kicks a ball around with his pack.
A big part of you chronically misses California; it misses the warm, dry air and the constant sunlight. It hates Washington more than anything.
But a bigger part of you is in love with Sam Uley.
He smiles bright and he's warm. He can be your sun, he has the capacity.
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Tumblr media
“When the Curtain Falls…”
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isleofhawk · 6 hours ago
hey up there! ⋆ ࣪.* ࣪.⋆
summary: hawk wasn’t a thief, but he loved sneaking into his friends’ house and trash around the place. coincidentally enough, you were there to witness most of it, but why were you there?
content and words: fluff ! | 4.8k +
Tumblr media
it was high noon when the girls began to shriek bloody murder, racing towards the window where numerous masked figure’s scurried over to, like bugs that scatter when the lights were on.
“oh fuck you hawk!” moon yelled, throwing her empty cans out the window with a sidearm delivery, aiming at the boys outside of her front porch who began starting the cars.
exasperated and frustrated, moon sighed irritably and stomped towards her bed, collapsing face first onto the pillows that devoured her fully, accepting the defeat. leaving you heels raised as you looked over the window ledge, you narrowed your eyes darkly at the boys’ behavior.
you were just as frustrated, but it was a long day. it was tiresome, and you were looking forward to a goodnight’s rest. however, the sight that appeared before you quickly took your mind off your fatigue.
you know a mohawk when you see one. despite the dusk that ascends, shadowing over the figures that laughed like hyenas in the open, you were able to make out the slightest tinge of red along with the shadows of his hair that were casted onto the pavement.
you’re never really tired, are you? you mumbled under your breath.
the engines were gearing, the stereos were cranked with music that blasted lightyears away—he looked over to the window where you sat, sharing a sheepish smile as he waved.
“hey up there!” he mouthed, narrowing his eyes.
“hey down there.” you mouthed back before bursting into a chuckle, waving at the boy.
rolling the windows up halfway, he made sure that you were still there, looking over at him to which you still were. gazing at the girl through his squinting blues from far down and away, he left you with a wink and drove off before you could reply to the gesture.
you were so sure that he left you with more than just a wink, and this event had happened numerous times.
like that one time you stayed over sam’s.
“what the fuck is his problem?!” sam yelled, crawling on living room floor avoiding the traps that hung above her, outstretching her arms.
or that one time in demetri’s.
“…and he drew a dick in my family picture…” demetri sighed, casually wiping the frame as if it has became a routine for the boy.
and it just kept going on…
“y/n…did you like…by any chance…steal my whole stock of toilet paper last night when i wasn’t around?”
“no sam, i did not steal your whole stock of toilet paper last night.”
and on…
“he took my fucking death star lego model!” demetri whined sharply, knees collapsing to the floor.
“…and my doctor who figurine!”
and on, like an endless cycle….
“if you’re gonna ask me why i look like i came out of rupaul’s drag race, i’m aware…that you guys know the answer.” miguel told, smothered in glitter and sequins like a walking disco ball.
while you watched in bore. you must admit, it was quite odd for him to trash his friends’ house who’d usually join in on the heist sometimes.
but never have you expressed your ‘frustration’ in words. never have you batted obscenities at that boy.
“hey up there!” hawk yelled a considerate volume, waving at the girl who sat on the window meters away.
you were usually the person who was up for confrontation. sure, you’ve talked to him once or twice about the situation, but most of the time,
“hey down there.” you chuckled, covering your smile with your freehand as your other held a piece of crumpled up paper.
“whatever it is you’re holding, that better be a love letter just for me because you’re driving me wild!” hawk grinned, lightning quick that lit his face, making your heart rate spike.
there was just a deep feeling in your gut—something was on the way you were quite unsure of; you just couldn’t bring yourself up to do it. your conversations were simple, yet very meaningful sometimes.
not that the boy was a thief, but every night he’d sneak inside houses of people who joined miyagi-do and set up marks and jokes around their place and laugh at the kids who’d get caught up in them the next morning, showing their frustration in school. the typical jackass move you’d expect.
but what really was your life if there weren’t any plot holes.
moon wasn’t in ANY dojo. she was a free bird which left you confused with his decisions. sure, every now and then you’d hear stories from demetri and sam, squabbling and all about the strings and mild vandalism they got caught up in the early hours of dawn.
thing was, those stories were only told once or twice in a week. however, it felt strange because it seemed to you like an endless nightly routine everytime you stayed the night over at sam’s or moon’s.
his house-hopping decisions never bothered you. maybe he just misses his ex-girlfriend this time?
“…and you’re always so quiet during lunch.” demetri nudged, snapping you out of your trance with your physics textbook on your hands.
“you’re also…usually so chatty here in the library.” he always knew when you were deep in your thoughts. its always how your eyes moved and how you drummed your fingers. the more intense it got up there, the harder they drummed against the white painted wooden table.
they drummed in a pace, like how it’d sound when wood-hungry chainsaw wielders would start them up.
minutes were spent bluffing, you stood up as the school bell rang signaling the end of the school day. walking through the eerie silence and peacefulness of the hallways had never felt so long…but sometimes, time only goes by so fast when you’re enjoying something.
across you in the barren hall stood hawk, gazing down at the floor with his strut. and a little bit of attitude when he looked up and began to saw you coming his way. your stomach began to twinge in protest.
and the second you guys crossed paths, you both subconsciously shared glances, making you stagger a bit.
“what’s the rush, y/n?” he smirked, grabbing a hold of your arm.
“w-we were walking on the same pace.” you cleared your throat, hoping your reply didn’t sound strained.
letting go of your arm, he stepped backwards and stood infront of you, chuckling at your remark.
“…so why’d you fall?” he bent his head down, making it so that you both were within same eye level.
your eyes flashed as you opened your mouth to say more, then snapped it shut, looking away quickly towards the boy who was giving an icy stare.
“so whose house are you trashing tonight?” you clicked your tongue and switched topics, regaining eye contact with him.
“hmm…well yesterday i think we did bert’s, but now we’re just unsure. going alone tonight.” he shrugged, eyes wandering at the familiar architecture of the school as he told.
“you think…?”
“i mean, yeah…these addresses are completely random. you just pick one outta the box and…” he gesticulated with his hands, performing a whole broadway with his fingers that lasted for seconds.
“well, am i on there?” you grew concerned, pressing your lips together.
“why, you feelin’ lonely tonight?”
“hawk.” you deadpanned.
“look, i don’t know where you live…yet,” he paused, causing you to roll your eyes, “but i won’t trash your place. how’s that for a discount?” he chuckled.
“if you trash my place, i swear i’ll-“
“IF i unknowingly do so, then…we’ll go get yogurt together.” he grabbed your hands and held them dearly, placing them on his chest. “all on me…and a free ride.” he added.
“woah, my hands were made to fit into yours. that’s all there is to it.” he held them away from his chest, examining your hands like they’re the dearest thing in the world, grazing them softly with his thumb.
you froze and blanked out for a second, because the next thing you knew, your hands that were on his were now positioned to cup his face out of your control—he melted into them, sending your mind to reel.
“haha Ok!” you batted your hands from his face and back to your zone, making him pout out of the loss of contact. “…just don’t draw dicks in my family picture.” you chuckled, tucking pieces of your hair behind your ear.
“i won’t.”
“great, thank yo-“
“i’ll draw a heart.”
“you just…don’t give up, do you?” you scoffed, walking away from the conversation which left a subtle smile that began to form on your face as his eyes trailed to your direction, following your every mesmerizing sway with his pair.
“i’ll see you up there!” hawk joked, cupping his hands around his mouth.
“and i’ll see you down there!” you turned back to his direction, joking back at the menace.
well whatever the fuck that was you mumbled under your breath. and really, whatever that was, you’ve successfully granted access for the jerk to wander into your house at any given night.
the rest of your afternoon was spent doing your assignments and cooking meals for yourself and your grandma. your parents were away on their business trip, to which your grandma offered to stay. you’ve reassured multiple times that you were capable of taking care of yourself, but she insisted to ‘protect you from any danger’.
it was funny, she’d always miss the glass whenever she pours her water jug…inches away from where she poured. you figured she’d protect you from the dangers of grandma reaching for the next water jug.
tucking your grandma to her bed in her room downstairs, you rushed up the stairs and burst your door open, collapsing onto your bed. sheets from the bed clung to your clammy skin and your forehead was matted with sweat, but you were too tired to clean yourself.
fuck, i’m disgusting you mumbled, pillow muffling your voice.
the clock read 10:00.
you grew incredibly sleepy, you closed your eyes since they grew incredibly heavy to keep open, letting your brain replay your waking experiences. so sluggish, drowsy, and dozy.
you wonder what hair gel hawk uses to get his mohawk stay up like that, this would mean that he’d spend hours raking it all off his hair in the night time and washing it by 1 am…unless he keeps it on while he sleeps in a human sized freezer.
can they catch on fire? call that the hunger games…catching fire…
you mumbled subconsciously.
“why, you feelin’ lonely tonight?”
hell yeahhh…
“these addresses are completely random.”
expected nothing per usual. out of a box, that’d be one in a million.
one in a thousand? no.
one in a hundred? hmm, come closer.
one in twenty maybe…
your body jerked in a spasm, making you fall off the side of your bed. you rubbed your eyes and froze on the floor. crawling to your feet up to the chair infront of your desk, you sat there, half-awake, you groaned aloud and started with affright at the sound of your own voice.
you giggled at yourself.
damn, i couldn’t even tell the differences of a dream and real-
your eyes widened. you felt a certain wrongness in the air and the hairs on the back of your neck stood up. maybe that’s just meemaw in her late sleep walks-
maybe she slipped-
ARGH!!! a groan roamed throughout the living room downstairs, seeping through the cracks on your door.
that’s definitely not meemaw.
your breath was warm and tickly on your neck, forming goosebumps along your arms as shivers ran down your spine. taking a deep breath, you muster up the courage…part of it to go downstairs and inspect of that mysterious silent roar.
“oh, right.” stepping back inside your room, you grabbed the nearest combat object on plain sight, your 600 paged physics textbook, and slammed the door shut.
not your brightest idea.
with every step you took going downstairs, you made sure they were quiet and steady. making it at the edge of where the stairs started, you traced back to your memory, thinking about where you think the source came from.
the kitchen…maybe.
now of course you weren’t stupid to go directly into the kitchen with such non chalant…maybe you were considering it by a bit—a thought quick to leave when your knees began to involuntary touch for the floor, you were now crawling.
crawling your way to the kitchen, you froze.
the experience was an intense thrill, because the source of the noise was apparent at first sight. you pulled yourself back to the wall which covered you, not too far from where he stood infront of you facing away.
a hooded matte black figure stood. hoping and praying that it’d turn and show a tinge of red, it was pointless. literally, pointless.
the very idea that it might’ve been a lean figure of a boogey monster or an unknown spirit sent to your place to haunt your family, your heart began to race. you weren’t gonna die now, at least not this way.
you crept up towards the figure who looked like it struggled to zip a jacket as you avoided the spots that squeaked, tightening your grip on the textbook.
“YOU’RE NOT MY MEEMAW!” he collapsed onto the floor, groaning with hands clasped on his head.
firing a headshot half awake, you rubbed your eyes so harsh and quickly that you might better see God. with the figure that twitched a couple of times on the floor, you took that as an opportunity to fire up a deadly pounce on it.
“GET FACE BOOKED MOTHERFUCKER!” raising the book above your head, you paused in response to the sudden abruptness of its motion.
“h-hold on!” the figure put his palms out in defence, slowly raising onto his knees, then to his feet with his head bent down.
you stepped back as it began to unwravel its hood, revealing a strand of hair that fell on its face…a red-streaked strand. slowly stepping into the light where the moon and stars had shined upon, you gasped at the sight.
“yes, hello.” he chuckled, raking his fingers through his hair. “look, trust me when i tell—“
“YOU’RE A CON! A DECOY!” you yelled, taking a voluntary step forward and back to corner the hawk decoy, staggering slightly. “YOU’RE NOT USING A FAKE MOHAWK!”
“y/n are you se-“
“TELL ME SOMETHING I’D KNOW!” you furrowed your brows, fixing your stance.
“TELL ME NOW OR…OR..” your eyes wandered around the kitchen to the nearest object that would do some amounts of damage, “…OR I’LL SHOVE THIS SPATULA DOWN YOUR THROAT!” you motioned with the spatula that was now on your hands.
“o-ok! give me a moment…” his hands were up in defense, eyes glancing quickly around the kitchen to get his gears turning up there. “well uh…weeks ago i trashed moon’s place while you were there, and sam, a-and demetri’s…” he stood with a sheepish grin, “a-and that moment i took sam’s toilet paper stock ok?! and demetri’s star wars razer clank lego—“
“it was a lego death star!”
“fuck, sorry! i just lost count of how much i took!” he giggled.
your head bent down deep in thought, with uncertainty that roamed before you bit your lip mid-protest with yourself, suppressing the uncertainty as you grew more certain.
what started as giggle you tried hiding behind your hands, you couldn’t help but burst out laughing.
“oh well,” he scratched the back of his head, looking down on his shoes, “we really have to stop meeting like this…”
 “oh yeah yeah sure definitely…if you would stop BREAKING INTO HOUSES LIKE THIS!”
“hey, you better keep it down, there’s something in the other room and it’s scaring the shit out of me.” he bent down making sure he was eye level with you. “i-i thought you lived alone, and now i’m more scared.”
the growl began to grew stronger with every breath it took.
“that’s my grandma, you boogey monster!” you laughed, softly punching his shoulders. you found it funny how he mistaken her snore for a snarl of an unknown creature.
you glanced over to the clock, it read 01:00.
“see? i’m not a decoy after all.” he cracked after a few seconds of silence. he stepped towards you, subconsciously tucking a strand behind your ears.
“hey up there.” he cooed, softly tapping the temples of your head, giggling at the slight reds of your cheeks he could make out of under the moon’s light.
“hey…” you grazed his hands that hovered not too far over your head, tilting and positioning so that you’d melt on his hands. “down there!” you hooked his calves, making him stagger as you giggle.
minutes were spent joking around in a considerate volume, looking at eachother droopy eyed all dozy and clumsy. safe to say, you weren’t half-awake anymore. you pulled the boy into your arms, making shushing noises as you lead him upstairs in your room, avoiding all spots that squeaked.
you grasped the doorknob and turned them slowly, just wide enough so that the both of you would fit to slide through, not wanting it to squeak the wider it opened.
“no, you sit there.” you pointed to the chair as you sat on the edge of your bed, “you’re all filthy and everything.”
“all it takes is for me to take this sweater off right?” was all he said before he took them off swiftly, stretching and flexing his arms out that strained his black tee.
of course, you looked the other way, but your eyes cant help but peek at the corner of your eyes.
“i’m not naked you know.” he giggled.
chuckling at his remark, you made some space beside you and pat that spot down, allowing access for the boy to lay over. you had only seen this boy from a distance and even if you were close, you’d look away.
but this time you didn’t when you turned to his direction, gazing at his side profile.
only had you seen this boy from a distance, and that was enough. but now that you were inches away where it’d be perfect for a peck on his cheeks, you had never been more determined to see him up close.
“take a picture, it’ll last longer.” he sensed, raking his hair subconsciously, peeking to where you rested just inches away. you scoffed, turning away from his direction and gazing at the ceiling. “so…you grew fond of this new look?”
“there’s a reason i went alone. so darn lazy to style this shit-“
“so it’s not fake?” you reached out for the strands, twirling them in your fingers and laying them so that they’d frame his face.
“no!” he laughed. “it’s not easy to preserve the smooths, princess.” he told. before you could re-adjust yourself, you felt as his head tilt to your direction, resting them on the crook of your neck which sent your mind reeling and your heart racing.
“you didn’t trash anything right?” you asked, “or drew on anything?” a condescending tone left you to which he giggled in response.
“nahh. i kept slipping on your floor, it was so slippery i didn’t even wanna continue.” he chuckled while telling his master plan, adjusting himself to a more comfortable position. “i wanted to leave but i had troubles zipping my jacket, but that was until you-“
“slammed you with the power of gravity.”
“yeah. pretty much.”
you laughed at the fond recollections of his mischievous plan that failed due to the dangers of your grandmother’s hands whenever they reached for the water jug.
hawk began to talk about all the other houses he’s trashed before yours to which you respond slack-jawed because he had very mischievous set ups. he stayed true to his words, and to whichever address he received, he wouldn’t even dare to make a slight difference to the position of your welcome mat.
“hey…hawk.” you scratched your head, considering that maybe you shouldn’t ask this, afraid it’d open something out of your business, “…so why’d you crash over at moon’s?” but they left your lips in a wink.
and for awhile, you felt as his body began to tense up slightly before he relaxed, leaving you worried and anxious.
“i-i’m sorry,” you rose from the bed making him heave off your shoulder, “that was very fucking stupid of me. it’s almost 2, maybe you’re—“
“what’s the rush, y/n ?” he held your shoulders, brushing his fingertips on your cheeks as he grew concerned.
“no because that’s non of my business. very insensitive of me-“
“but what if it was…your business?”
he sat legs crossed on your bed and as much as it bothered you that his filthy legs were on your sheets, it didn’t matter now. all you wanted to know was whether if it really was your business or not, or if he felt pressed.
“y/n…this whole time, i thought you knew…”
“knew what…?” he sensed a uncommonly serious tone in your voice, probably expected the worst out of something.
definitely was not that.
“because you were there.” he spoke softly, lapsing into a thoughtful whisper. “i like you, y/n and of course, i’ve never made an assumption that you’d return the same…”
your blank stare revealed your dumbfoundedness, and he knew that you had no idea about the meaning of what he had just said.
“…but sometimes, that’s the most i can make it,” he softly held your hands, “a reason to see you would make my night, whether it be from the front porch or the windows, i think that it’s totally worth it…as long as i get to see you.” he poured his heart out, unknowingly cupping your hands to his face as the red took over his face.
you could only let out a nervous chuckle to his hearts content, but he was serious when you’d expect him to crack—seconds of your laugh dissipates to a sudden realization that he was in fact dead serious.
for the longest time, you’ve felt something too, but because you were so caught up with other things in your life, you were never really able to make out of those feelings. now, you were looking down at your feet, deep in thought when they begin to bombard you.
many ways that you can connect the dots of his supposed love for you, you began tracing back your memories to when he first appeared and to your current encounter.
no fucking way you thought.
yes, you’ve shared your glances through the hallways everytime you passed and maybe talked once or twice, but you swore that it was more than just that because you were so certain, that no sane boy would ever look at a friend like that.
because no sane boy would dare trash his ex’s house, just because you were there on the window, anticipating his next gesture for when he saw you.
“ah, fuck.” and now he was afraid that he’d pour too much of his heart out, for somebody he didn’t want it. and if that’s what it was, he was wrong.
totally wrong.
“i’m sorry…so so sorry..” he returned your hands as his eyes trailed along, “forget i’ve said any of that for me will you?” he formed a wistful smile. to his surprise, he’s never experienced a sudden qualm of deep and genuine regret.
just as he turned his back on you, he stopped to the sudden grab on his wrist.
“no. i don’t think i will.” the slight tug on his wrist was enough to get him to face you, forgetting that he was ever going to leave you. how stupid he must’ve felt to even consider it, that he’d go to church and repent for it.
your eyes locked on his, subconsciously rose to your knees as you bit your lip out of anticipation. his hands snaked its way under your shirt, caressing the curves of your body. the next thing he knew, your lips were pressed against his and stole a quick kiss.
gently, you pushed on his chest, making him collapse into the bed as you hovered over him, sitting on his stomach before you leaned in for his lips. his hands began to make their way from your neck to your hair, tangling them as your bodies were squished against eachother.
the voice you left your lips surprised you by the way he parted your lips with his tongue, exploring all there is. hawk swore internally that he’s never been this lucky in his life, to be kissing you at the night of his heist in your room, that it was all just an accident waiting to happen in order to bring you two together like the natural forces of earth.
he brings you closer, grinning like an idiot between the kisses as he tugs on your bum, bringing you closer to him. it was as intimate as it could get, but was then interrupted when your noses bumped together, causing you both to giggle at the awkwardness.
you parted the kiss, looking down at the boy.
“hey up there.” he tucked the strands behind your ears, trailing his hands all the way to cup your cheeks.
“hey down there.” 
 the sudden tilt of your lips made his heart flutter in his chest as butterflies stirred in his stomach.
you heaved off his chest. you sat down on the edge of your bed, watching him as he wore his jacket, indicating that he’d be leaving soon. you frowned at the action.
you stood up and walked towards your window, opposite to where hawk faced. out the window, where tall trees shadowed over your fence, you spot a matte black motorcycle where few light rays were casted by the moon—it definitely belonged to him.
“that’s your bike?” you asked.
the sudden warmth that wrapped you from behind made you melt to the touch, laying your head on the surface of his chest.
“yeah…you like it?” he rested his chin on your head, gently pulling you closer to him.
“yeah…i’d like to ride on it some day…if it’s still free of charge of course.” you joked, resting on the arms that buckled you from behind.
“for a girl like you, yeah. anytime.” he twisted your body so now that you were facing him. “my girl.” he held you by your chin and planted a kiss on your nose, causing you to crinkle your nose at the sudden gesture.
“yeah, i’ll use the window.” he told. you whined from the sudden loss of contact as he let go. he was racked with so much hesitant when he sat on the ledge, one leg in the house and one leg out.
“well, i’m gonna head out to a 24 hour restaurant. so damn hungry.” he grinned, grabbing a hold of your hand like it’s the last time he’d ever see you.
just as he was about to leap off the ledge, you clasped his wrist, making his eyes sparkle when he looked back at you.
“hey…if you…you know, ever want to ‘trash’ my place like the little thief you are…” he tilt his head, forming a cheeky grin on his lips to your comment, “you know where i live now…” his hand reached out for your face, knitting his eyebrows.
“and i’ll definitely make you something to compensate for your hunger.” you laughed.
“you don’t have to,” he told, “you’re enough for me, princess.”
you felt his smooth, warm fingertips graze the underneath of your chin and gently lift it, so that your eyes can meet once more. you felt as your face began to heat up with pure excitement, but frowned to the thought of losing him tonight.
“hey, you know what I’m thinkin’?”
“all the star’s are suddenly so pale…compared to you.” he told, making you roll your eyes to his remark.
he pecked a quick miss on your lips before leaping off the window and over the fence. just when he was meters away from his bike, he turned back to your direction, stepping backwards; you were the last thing he wanted to see before he left.
“hey up there!” he shouted, cupping his hands around his mouth, stepping backwards into the pavement, all eyes fixed gaze on you.
“hey down there!” you shouted back, growing teary eyed.
turning the keys, he started his motorbike and shifted in the seat as he put on his matte black helmet. before he took off, he looked back his shoulders once more, and blew a kiss to you through the black tinted shade of his helmet’s face shield.
you returned it, giggling happily as he drove off.
——— ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏 * .♡ *:・゚✧ ———
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rust-rusty-thedoctor · 7 hours ago
Sleep paralysis. Pt.1
Request by : @supernerdycookietrashblr : I had a fic idea based off the sleep paralysis demon I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader is younger Winchester sister she around (16-17) whatever up to you and has sleep paralysis and is always waking up with different scratches/bruises and while they think it’s her doing this to herself in her sleep, one night it goes too far and she sees her sleep paralysis demon and she almost dies but the next time she falls asleep TFW is ready to take down the demon
Warnings : Death, strangulation, and a shit father please dont read this if you’re sensitive to bad parenting. 
A/n : Im sorry this took soo long i had just finished the exams and i had a lot of things to do. I hope you liiike it, though. 
“Morning, sunshine.” A voice echoed into the library. “How’d you sleep ?” 
You scratched your hair, dragging your feet up the two stairs. “Good.” You lied, a lie that Dean saw through very easily. 
He bitterly sipped his beer, causing you to cock an eyebrow. 
“What?” He gently spat out. 
“Dean, it’s 9 in the morning.”
“Yeah, well...You’re not the only one who slept good last night” 
You rolled your eyes , walking over to him. You stood with your back facing him and lifted the back of your shirt up a little. “Check.” 
You shivered under his gentle touch. You’d think you’d get used to it after a week, but each day felt like the very first time. 
“Would you stop squirming ?” Dean grumbled, prompting a huff from you, which caused Dean to violently spin you around. “Stop. Squirming.” He extended a warning finger out as he stared at you. 
“What’d you find, Dean ?” You asked in a mumble, terror apparent in your voice. 
“Nothing you need to worry about, bud.” Your brother’s concern washed off after a few seconds of silence, which meant that he was hiding something. “Move.” He tapped the side of your thigh to motion for you to move and walked away, avoiding eye contact. 
You hurried up to your room, turned so that your back was facing the mirror and pulled your shirt up, drawing a sharp breath in and letting go of the shirt. A fresh scratch ran all the way from your waist to the bottom of your back. How the fuck could you have done that to yourself ? You trailed your finger over it, it was inflamed but not an open wound. Explains why you didn’t feel it. 
Later that day, you laid uncomfortable on your bed, two pairs of eyes peering at your from both sides of the bed. You pursed your lips, staring at the ceiling as sleep slowly drifted away from you. 
“I can’t do this.” You shot up, pressing a palm on the bed to keep yourself balanced.
“Why can’t you ? It’s not like you’ve been sleeping for the past week” Dean squited his eyes at you. 
You scuffed. “I don’t know, Dean...Oh yeah, maybe it’s because two grown-ass humans are staring right through my meatsuit and into my fucking soul. Maybe that’s why.” You faked a smile as you narrowed judging eyes at Dean, who slightly gasped in response. 
“First of all, language.” Dean’s warning index was pointed at you. “ And second, you better close those sweet little eyes of yours and sleep or I promise you I'll knock you to sleep myself.” 
You breathed out a small huff, rubbing your eyes together. “I can’t do it. Can one of you at least lay down with me until I fall asleep ?” 
“I’ll do it.” Dean didn’t hesitate. He plopped on your bed, bringing his arm under your head. “Don’t be scared. I’ll be here with you.” 
You watched Dean as he smiled at you, his eyes silently reassuring you. Yours fluttered. And before you knew it, you drifted to sleep. 
“Baby...Come here” A voice, that you recognized immediately, echoed around you. You spun around, smiling as hope flitted inside of you. “Dad ?” You kept spinning around, the space around you suddenly turning white. “Dad, where are you ?” 
“Come...Kiddo, You’re going in the right direction. Just close your eyes and keep going.” John’s voice called again. You did as you were told and started sprinting forward, coming to a forced stop. 
You opened your eyes, to find yourself face to face with your dad. “Daddy, hey.” You whispered as you ran your shaky fingers across his face. 
“Did I ever tell you how much…”
“How much, what, dad ?” 
Your dad placed his hands on your shoulders. “How much I hated you.” In a fraction of a second, they caught your neck,gripping it tightly. 
You tried grasping at his shirt as you gasped in agony. But you couldn’t hold onto anything.  Your body went limp as tears welled up in your eyes. but before they fully closed into darkness, a sudden pressure struck against your belly like lightning. And you shot up, a woeful scream flaring fire through your throat. 
“Hey, hey, hey” 
You clutched your stomach as you took a deep, painful breath in, turning towards the voice. 
Sam was staring at you with watery eyes, cupping your cheeks as he reassuringly nodded at you. “It’s just me...It’s me.” 
“My belly...Wh-what hap-happened- what-” You exhaled a chuckle through the sniffs when you realized. “Did you actually punch me in the belly, Sam ?” You didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The pain was definitely rooting for the latter, but all you could think about is the amount of stress they were put in, to save your from d-
“Death..I almost died..” Realization hit you, causing a lump to quickly grow in your throat. “I almost died, Sammy.” You choked on a sob that quickly turned into uncontrollable crying.
Sam sat on the bed, bringing your head to his chest. He carressed your hair, pulling it away from your tears as he shushed you.
“You’re okay, now, honey. You’re okay”
Yall are welcome to leave a comment iif you liked it. ❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹
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squirrels-writing · 8 hours ago
Tea and Turkish Delights
So I know that the title doesn’t exactly match the character but when you read I hope you’ll understand, so enjoy this fic! Stay safe and be kind lovelies!
Apologies my lovelies, I meant to post sooner, but I’ve recently got a job and I’ll also be quite busy on the weekend, so I may not get around to posting as much but I do have fics ready to go, I will upload when I can, Stay safe and I’ll try to post before the end of june!
Warnings: fluff, comfort, oblivious!reader, jealous!Bucky, not much else but if I’ve missed anything be sure to let me know ^_< 
Summary: Zemo teases reader, Bucky whisks the reader away... read and see...
Tumblr media
*gif is not mine
In Riga Bucky had made sure to keep an eagle eye on Zemo, he didn’t want the man to get away, well that was Bucky’s reasoning anyway, not the fact that Y/n had been kind to Zemo and although Bucky knew that it was her nature to be nice to anyone no matter what they had done, it caused Bucky to worry and watch Zemo almost constantly.
Sam watched with slight amusement, knowing that the only reason Bucky was burning holes into Zemo was for the simple fact that... Bucky was jealous. It was well known that Bucky had a crush on Y/n, but she was oblivious to his attempts at flirting with her.
Y/n, accepted the teacup from Zemo, smiling at him, a polite shy “thank you,” falling from her lips.
     “Turkish delight?” Zemo offered with a soft smile.
Y/n looked at him accepting the candy. Zemo watched her, curious about her, he honestly found her to be a breath of fresh air, it had been so long since he had been offered any kindness, after all, that had happened, but he knew he’d have to tread carefully with Bucky’s cold stare on him twenty-four seven.
     “I think James might like you,” Zemo whispered to her, making Y/n choke on her tea, she seemingly sipped at the wrong time.
Bucky had looked away for a mere minute and Y/n had choked on her tea at something Bucky guessed Zemo had said. Getting up Bucky joined and stood beside Y/n who had a blush on her face and Zemo was amused by her flustered expression.
“Y/n, can you come with me for a moment please?” Bucky asked, trying to keep calm with Zemo smirking behind his teacup.
“Sure Buck, I’ll be back,” Y/n smiled, letting Zemo know.
Y/n smiled blissfully unaware that Bucky was filled with jealousy, Sam and Zemo watched, knowing that something was bound to happen now, with how pissed Bucky was with Zemo unintentionally making her blush.
Bucky led her to his room, Y/n stood awkwardly in his room, while Bucky closed the door for some privacy.
     “What did you want to talk about Bucky?” Y/n inquired with her gentle voice.
     “Uh...” Bucky mind blanked for a moment, he hadn’t had an excuse, well besides wanting to have Y/n to himself, to make her smile, laugh and blush.
     “Bucky...” her angelic voice called out, making him snap back to the present.
     “Well... Y/n... Doll, you see, I had this... thing I wanted to show you, but I think I forgot it,” he attempted to fabricate the best lie he could but when he saw her sweet innocent eyes his lie crumbled and even to him wasn’t even believable.
     “It’s okay Bucky, do you mind if I ask you something?” she flushed again, bowing her head in an attempt to hide her face from him.
     “Sure doll, anything,” he replied, staring intently at her, as though trying to will her to look up so he could see her blushing cherry face.
     “Um... Sam said something a while back and uh... recently Zemo said something and I wanna know if it’s true...” she started a little unsure.
     “What is it doll? You can ask me,” he stepped closer to her his right hand reaching out to lift her head so he could look her in the eyes.
     “Do you like me? Like ‘like me, like me?” she asked with such an innocent gaze.
Bucky smiled and lowered his forehead to hers, “Yes, sweetheart I ‘like you’ like you,” her eyes widened a smidge and then her face turned even redder than before.
     “What is it doll face, what’s got you blushing like that?” he teased, wrapping his arms around her.
     “I’ve liked you for a while, but I didn’t think you reciprocated and then Sam and Zemo said you liked me and... I’m embarrassed,” she brought her hands up and covered her face.
Bucky let go and reached to remove her hands from her face. “Doll, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, I think it’s cute, your innocent nature, your big e/c eyes and your gorgeous,” he smiled, listing off the things he had come to love about her.
     “Thanks, Bucky,” she mumbled, shoving her face into his chest to hide again.
     “It’s okay, doll,” he smiled down at the top of her head, “When this is all over, I’m gonna take you out on a date, how does that sound?” he planned, a grin on his face.
     “That sounds good Buck,” Y/n replied, “Oh!” she suddenly chirped, “I need to finish my tea,” she remembered abruptly. Bucky frowned, knowing that if he let her go, she’d probably talk with Zemo again.
     “Why don’t you stay here, for a little longer doll,” Bucky held her firm against him, securely trapping her.
     “But Bucky, I need to finish my tea and try that Turkish delight, Zemo offered it and it would be impolite of me not to,” she reasoned, but Bucky was having none of it.
     “Nope, doll, I need you here,” Bucky fussed pouting at her.
     “Bucky, we can come back later, why can’t I go drink my tea and you can help Sam with Karli,” she tried once more to reason.
     “No, I’m... jealous,” he mumbled shoving his face into her neck.
     “You’re jealous of what?” she inquired innocently.
     “You and Zemo, he’s not allowed to make you blush, plus I don’t trust him,” Bucky said, placing a kiss on her neck, “You’re mine now and I’m gonna hold onto you,” Y/n simply blushed at his admission.
     “Well, can we go out, and I’ll bring my tea with me and I can sit next to you,” she smiled, knowing that she had found a solution.
     “I suppose that could work, do you promise to come and sit next to me, or is this a trick so you can talk with Zemo,” he teasingly inquired.
     “I promise,” she giggled, holding up her pinkie finger, “Pinkie promise,” Bucky gazed at her sweetly, loving this refreshing childlike nature of hers, he wrapped his pinkie around hers, “Pinkie promise,” he repeated.
     “Now let’s go, I have some tea to finish!” Y/n cheered, holding Bucky’s metal hand, pulling him towards the door. Bucky laughed at her little fist pump she did and led him out.
Sam was relaxing on the couch and Zemo had just finished his tea when the two re-joined them. “I take it you had a good talk,” Zemo simply stated smugly, Y/n nodded with a big smile and Bucky glared at Zemo.
Sam huffed, trying to keep his humor under wraps, watching Y/n and Bucky. Zemo paid no mind to Bucky, and Y/n grabbed her tea and led Bucky away from the kitchen and to the couches where he finally relaxed, with Y/n leaning into his side.
     “See, I promised,” she grinned and sipped on her now warmer tea.
     “Yeah, doll, you did,” Bucky whispered to her, leaning his head onto her shoulder. It was safe to say that the peaceful atmosphere was not to last for long, but they enjoyed the bit of peace they would have for now.
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its-your-girl-savy · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Adopted Stark
Real name: Isabella Stark
Species: Human/Unknown
Citizenship: Sokovian, 🇺🇸 American
Gender: woman
Date of birth: February 10,1976
Title: Co-CEO of Stark Industries, Avenger, Agent, United Ststes Navial Captain
Affiliations: MIT, United States Navy Seals, Stark Industries, S.H.I.E.L.D.
Isabella “Izzy” Stark is a billionaire industrialist, a founding member of the Avengers, and a Co-CEO of Stark Industries. A headstrong but brilliant inventor along with her adopted brother Tony Stark. Stark is sokovian born but before the sokovian bombings on March 30, 1999, Isabella’s birth parents had their youngest daughter put up for adoption because her father feared American involvement in Sokovian matters. So he had his rather enhanced daughter to be adopted by a rather wealthy man who also has experience in human enhancements in America, Howard Stark. America would give his daughter full range to be whoever she wanted to be and with Stark money the way to achieve it. Isabella Stark was adopted right before her fourth birthday in January of 1980 almost 19 years before the Sokovian bombings and 11 years before her adopted parents died. Isabella (15) and Tony (21) when their parents died, Tony finished his schooling and began to take over their fathers company all the while taking care of Isabella until she turned 18 when she joined the United States Navy.
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teebarnes · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Updated: 24/06/21 ( NZST )
⤑ Welcome to my writing masterlist, here you'll find all my current fics.
⤑ All fics are my own, please do not copy, repost or translate my work, sorry!
⤑ I write for the MCU cast and their characters, more will be available soon.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them 🥰
Much love, Tee.
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