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doggypuppy · 4 minutes ago
just remembered about wubbzy. i never watched the show but I played the game all the time
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supertinytins · 6 minutes ago
Bruh my mum keeps talking to me about a boy in my neighbourhood, stuff like "you could walk up to school with him" and "I heard he's returning to do A levels next year." And i mean, he's a decent guy and all, but like
Mother. Your daughter is gay. Not a day goes by where she doesnt think about women.
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rothalion · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
@astherea​ said:       “I expect a good show.” -y'shtola
| → ❝DISHONORED sentence starters❞ | Accepting |
Tumblr media
  Rothalion laughed - despite the circumstances. He swung his spear from its place on his back, spinning it across fingertips before catching it in one hand and planting the dull end in the dirt.
  “Don’t I always?” he asked with a grin. Though they were about to enter danger, at least the two could find amusement and intertainment in the little things - Rothalion always enjoyed fighting at Y’shtola’s side. A talented mage she was, and oft would she save his hide from making some of the dimmer decisions a man could make.
  He wasn’t a tank but he sure tried to act like it.
  With a wave of his hand for his friends to follow he’s take the lead down the path, head bowing as the first wave of opponents drew near.  Red aether rose from the ground, caressing his limbs, torso and down the polearm he held tight in his grip. Eyes flicked up with a sharp exhale, and he jumped-
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mirokarosuu · 14 minutes ago
so far my experience with genshin co-op has been to go into lower level worlds, asks if they need help (usually with the new event), run around with them until they run out of resin/have to leave, and ask if I can take some qingxin before i go (cuz ya girl don’t steal)
and honestly yeah people are really sweet and co-op is kinda fun actually ////
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jackalopc · 16 minutes ago
me: man id love to get back into writing and rp...
me: -hasnt done rp in like a year, hasn't written in multiple years. rp blogs are in limbo bc I tried to reboot them and stopped halfway thru-
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gilbertgifs · 17 minutes ago
i am obsessed with your juno gifs! no-one else makes juno gifs so please if youre inspired please make more <3
omg thank you ,  i’m really happy to know someone finds them useful so this message made me smile ! i’m going to finish up the last half of vinyl and likely end up doing len & company or the pretenders at some point depending on what I can find so you’ll have that to look forward to :)
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lilgynt · 17 minutes ago
i know it’s the memory issues lying to me but i legit did not go through many social issues at all during my school years bc i was like. too crazy to actually care. and god said trust me baby you’re gonna go through it one way or another
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sodrippy · 19 minutes ago
You think you jop it
Oh, you think you jop it
But jopping just don't get it when there's nothin' at all
We jop together
Oh, we jop together
But separate's always better when there's feelings involved
my baby 💏 dont jop around ✋ because she loves me so 🥰
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actual-corpse · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I received "hate"! (I'm making them anonymous... But like... It's whatever)
I can retire now..
I know I may appear sarcastic, but this legitimately made my day... Like really... I'm so baffled and confused...
Yes, I've now managed to distract myself from the hilarity of getting "hate" and now I'm just baffled by the people who visit Dollar Tree...
Who tf barks at someone?
The people of Dollar Tree be fucking wild...
I'm like, "this item won't scan so I'm gonna scan this one two times because THEY'RE THE SAME PRICE and you need to be charged for this item."
Them:*looking at the little pin pad that for some fucking reason shows then what I've scanned* "I only bought 1 butt plug, but you've scanned two. Take one off."
Working in retail changes people.
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haru-senji · 24 minutes ago
ajdksk it always seems to slow down whenever i go back to the wips in my drafts lmaooo. i go there and my brain becomes completely blank and time goes as slow as possible so i’m just sitting there wallowing in self pity and shame 😐😐
MOOD istg i open a wip then curse myself internally more than i actually write 😭😭
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aro-aizawa · 24 minutes ago
lol i love dipping my toes into the fallout fandom but i feel like a fake fan sometimes bc honestly i don’t vibe w any of the factions at all so i hate making the choice to and eventually just end up going w the institute bc even tho they’re made to be super evil, the sole survivor is put in charge of the institute and controls it. no more mega evil bad guy.
#shut up danni#fallout#yes this includes your faves in the railroad#like realistically the only faction i like is the minutemen but it's just so TEDIOUS to play with that i almost never go to concord#like straight up i always bypass them directly and go to diamond city#and i love some of the companions i'd love some more if they weren't faction aligned tho#like deacon is one of my faves but the railroad are kinda pretentious#and DiMA's put down of them is true scaring synths into hiding and forgetting their struggles isn't freedom#and the brotherhood are dicks who force their ideals and beliefs on everyone otherwise they're put to death#not to even mention how backward thinking the brotherhood are when it comes to technology#'ah yes technology is dangerous and therefore only people who are in our organisation should use it'#????????#no?????#again would love danse a LOT more if he weren't so 'the brotherhood is perfect and infallible'#maybs i'm like this because when i thought of new vegas i always thought that house was the ideal ending#after all the legion are savage and the ncr is a military leadership#if anyone's gonna manage a nation like vegas successfully it'd be house#and i get the same kind of vibes w the institute except they're portrayed more as evil#and yeah they are evil but they're also where all the intelligence and safety in the commonwealth is#just get rid of the head honchos and put those weak scientists to work for you#like they've ALL been raised outside the courseness of the wasteland#if you take away their synths they've got nothing else to hide behind#anyways bc the fandom is all 'x faction of nothing!!!!' or 'if your go-to is institute you're evil!' i always feel like a fake fan lol#tdlr; the companions are fun and interesting but half of them need to stop talking abt their faction
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hangender · 25 minutes ago
i work as a nurse right and one of the elderly patients i take care of daily in her home had her daughter over yesterday, and i told the daughter i was in school on the side and she said "oh what are you studying :)?" and i told her im studying to become a nurse and she said 😟
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transjosephdesaulniers · 27 minutes ago
#original question: would Grell like horror movies? consensus: no... unless she's watching w/ someone else who is bothered  by#the anatomical discrepancies (?) in movies that pretend to be 100% serious + realistic + non-campy#(so - Othello or Undertaker. Unfortunately Angelina is 100% not alive at this point)#(Othello x Undertaker x Grell horror movie date night.... thinking emoji)#next question: how would Reaper Movie Nights go? consensus: If it's a horror movie - bad.#some of them like it - others don't really care - but Othello + Grell WILL talk bc they have ADHD and are used to watching movies together#(any other movie should be fine but they probably won't agree on genres - they gotta take turns on who picks)#next question: can they get around Grell + Othello? consensus: Yes! Discord calls. Grell + Othello are together so they can still banter#but everyone's muted so no one has to worry - they can also comment in the chat bc that isn't disruptive but it IS funny#next question: if they use discord. do they have a groupchat? consensus: maybe. havent thought too much about it#next question: would grell play horror games? mayhaps... stream? consensus: she might prefer it to movies#reasoning: a lot of horror games don't pretend to be realistic in how they portray gore - cartoony games are what she'd prefer#and also - you're directly involved so you have more adrenaline potential. you're more immersed in general#(she wouldn't be able to play through things like The Backrooms - she needs stimulation fast)#I think if she streamed it on discord she'd get a lot of her peers reminding her to Look At Things#Especially in games like Layers of Fear where you NEED to look at shit to understand the story
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