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#norse paganism
ravenousnightwind · an hour ago
He's the ocean
Host of the gods
He has what they need
He makes delicious mead
He's Aegir
Lord of the Sea
King of the Oceans
Riser of waves
Maker of storm
Husband of Ran
He's ready to eat
He's going to host a feast
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0witchy-bitch3 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🐞🍓Nothing says midsummer in Hong Kong like blooming Sterculia lanceolata. Also called scarlet Sterculia, the tree can be found in southern China (including Hainan island) and Vietnam. It belongs to the genus Sterculia and the family Malvaceae and is easily recognisable due to its bright red pigmentation and rich glossy black seeds. Its leaves have roots in Chinese medicine, known locally as Honglangsan, the plant has been found to have antioxidant, anti inflammatory, antimicrobial and cytotoxic properties. 🍄❤️‍🔥
🌞✨To me these trees are a symbol of summer, and are closly tied to Litha and the Sunmer Solstice. The red stars are found dotted all over the island like natures own ornaments similar to our yule tree stars and borbles. Being as far as you can be from the winter solstice time wise its comforting to see the similarities. The connection between our human traditions and natures cycle are so apparent its heartwarming. The trees decorate themselves in the warmer seasons and when they can’t due to the cold we do it for them. Blessed Litha and happy Solstice xxx 🥰❤️
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stcrrysbucky · 2 hours ago
As a pagan I would like Disney to not copyright the name of an actual Norse God. They're trying really hard to copyright the name Loki....the God of Mischief and Change...a trickster God...the God of Fuck around and Find Out.
A deity who is actively still worshipped. A God I plan on worshipping and reaching out to when I am able to.
Do not allow Disney to trademark Loki, the fucking Norse and Pagan God.
They tried this with Hakuna Matata AND Día de los Muertos. All these things, including Loki, are NOT Disney or Marvel made.
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rowan-david-spells · 3 hours ago
Me: I'm finally feeling better, maybe I can get back into my practice again after this slump.
The Universe: Disney is copyrighting Norse deities, and due to the copyright laws in the US, this is a threat to modern pagans and even academics.
Me: W-what...?
The Universe: You heard me.
Me: ...
Me: Fuck this fuck everything I hate this fucking world someone give me a time machine and a shotgun I want to go say hi to Walt Disney!
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paganinpurple · 4 hours ago
Guys, I cannot even begin to explain my anger at Disney copyrighting the names of the Norse Gods.
These are not just fictional characters. The versions of them that feature in Marvel comics and movies may be characterised, and I like them, but they are not the only version to exist.
I am an eclectic Pagan. I actually worship Odin. To find the Allfather's name is now Disney property? I can't even react healthily to this because I don't know how.
What can we do? I don't know what we can feasibly do against a huge company like this, but there must be something we can do?
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theladyarwen · 4 hours ago
Anyway, there's this post going around talking about Disney making people take down Loki related things they're selling, whether it's Marvel related or not. Which I could write a whole novel about how fucked up that is. BUT, someone in the notes started going off about how it doesn't even matter because, "Any self respecting Norsemen wouldn't worship Loki anyway." Which is completely stupid to say in the first place.
I worship Loki. Loki is not some evil being that causes everyone harm. He literally wants you to take care of those less fortunate and take care of yourself. Especially when it comes to emotional support. Worshipping him is also about finding pieces of yourself that you've lost, or are trying to keep hidden. Loki wants you to improve yourself and those around you.
So like... What the fuck do you MEAN no one who respects themselves (or their religion) would worship Loki? Especially if you mean that in a serious manner. Some of you literally just say whatever comes to your head without taking the time or care to research it first. Lol.
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thoridsgewandung · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thanks for the great picture ❤️ #thoridsgewandschneiderei #gewandung #vikings #vikinglife #livinghistory #vikingstyle #etsy #thor #odin #vikingreenactment #vikingsofinstagram #larp #viking #medieval #etsyshop #medievaltimes #vikings #paganism #norsemythology #norse #vikingbeard #pagan #norseman #historyvikings #vikingage #heathen #vikingclothing #vikingspirit #vikingsofinstagram #pagansofinstagram (hier: Midgård)
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helvcgen · 8 hours ago
just spamming my loki playlist on here because im actually pretty proud of it <3 feel free to follow!
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dionysus-winelord · 9 hours ago
Happy Father's day to my deities!🥰
✨Primarily Loki, Dionysus, and Zeus✨
Love you guys!!
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lokidevoteespooks · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
loki said i could show off his candle, i need to get him a green one but i gotta wait to go outside again lmao we’re having a quiet 3am conversation with runes bc i just found out some rlly bad shit about my family and it’s rlly upset me
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ravensteadforge · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sunna! My axe! Happy Mid Summer everyone!. . . . #midsummer #pagan #witchcraft #pagan #magic #vikings #runes #summer #sun #sol #viking #norse #barbarian #heathen #blót #spells #axe (at Midgård)
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thor-the-asgardian-meme · 11 hours ago
Disney has trademarked the names of a bunch of Norse gods.
This is not okay.
These gods do not belong to Disney. They do not belong to Marvel. They belong to themselves and themselves alone, along with all those who worship them as the deities they are.
Thor, Loki, Odin, etc., these gods were not thought up by anyone at Disney or Marvel.
Stan Lee knew how sacred these gods are to those who follow many different Pagan traditions, how sacred they are to Scandinavian cultures to whom they are so important.
My best friend follows the Norse gods. She will be so bloody offended when she finds out about this. These are her gods, this is her religion. These are the deities she worships, the gods she prays to, the traditions she follows. She enjoys the Marvel portrayals of these characters, but they are separate from the gods she believes in.
Disney is stepping on her religion in an effort to gain more and more money.
Stan Lee did not trademark these names. He understood their importance and their sacred meaning. He was respectful enough not to do this.
These names are not the intellectual property of anyone. Neither the original names in runes nor the anglicised names that are used in Marvel's works.
They were around well before us (a whole ass millennium before us), and they will be around well after the greedy bastards who have decided to trademark religious symbols are dust.
It should be common sense and common courtesy not to trademark the names of religious figures, which all of these gods and goddesses are, even if you do not believe in them.
mod is not christian but you would never see me trademark jesus ffs it crosses a Line
If you agree, please sign and share the petition. If you can, please chip in to get this petition everywhere it can possibly go.
It is f**king disgusting that Disney is doing this.
It needs to stop.
Oh, and one more thing.
i want to throw up ive included a bunch of tags trying to get the norse pagans attention bc im sure they'll want in on this if u have an in with the norse paganism community on tumblr pls do tag everyone u can
im wondering now if they've done this to the greek gods too ughh that would show even more of a disregard for other people's religious views and past people's religious views ughhhh ok imma go look at the toilet bowl for a bit 😅pls sign it'd mean the world to me
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prince-cally · 12 hours ago
Hello all!
I wanted to make a bit of PSA for some events I recently found out about :
Our wonderful friends at Disney are trying to make money off of Norse Mythology. ( Surprised arent we ?). They have been trying to trademark the names Loki,Frigga,Odin,Thor along with a few others. They have also been sending Cease and Desist letters to small businesses and Etsy shops who make deity candles.
I'll link a couple of videos I saw explaining the matter better and a petition.
Video links :
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the-autumn-grove · 13 hours ago
Disney trademarking Norse Gods? More likely than you think.
We still eat the rich here right? Because Disney is back at it again with the bullshit.
They’ve most recently been trying to trademark Norse Gods/Goddesses names and copyrighting pagan creators on sites like Etsy or Red-bubble. 
Claiming revenue on top of it from a religion that predates Christianity, and getting these creators either banned or having their accounts reprimanded due to using the Gods names in their items. 
Please please please sign this petition, share it, and talk about it so the voices of the community are heard by Disney - so the people of this religion and community can continue to use the names of their Gods without fear of being taken to court and so that Disney has a sharp reminder of who is paying to watch their shows and movies, who pays for their wages, and who pays for them to even be able to make the films that they do.
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bjorn-odinson · 15 hours ago
The Thor in me wants to hammer Disney, the Loki in me delights at the panic yall should have felt from grimfrost.
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witchofwolfwood · 15 hours ago
Name something harder than being a Norse pagan who can't roll their R's. I'll wait.
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norse-punk · 15 hours ago
Enjoying this relaxing Sunday
Tumblr media
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