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fiddlysticks · 56 minutes ago
Witches, I need to say something.
Why is there such an emphasis in the modern witchcraft community on "finding your path/type of witchcraft"??
Everywhere you look online, there's always people telling baby witches that they have to decide whether they are a green witch or a kitchen witch or a grey witch or an elemental/sea/celestial/etc witch. I literally see so many young baby witches asking "can I be both [random label] and [other random label]?"
Like yes, of course you can, this isn't fucking Avatar! You can master all the elements! And it's even worse when people who naturally practice more than one narrow path are all lumped together as their own label, eclectic, even if we're trying not to use labels. It feels invasive sometimes.
I get that for some people, labels make them happy. And that's fine. Call yourself a kitchen witch or a fire witch or whatever if you want to. That's not a problem at all.
The problem, in my opinion, comes when we start telling everyone who's interested in witchcraft that "this is how it is, you have to choose a label of your 'path'."
This can be so limiting for baby witches, not to mention the fact that these labels didn't even use to be a thing. They're a modern invention I only ever see on things like Tumblr and tiktok. It's NORMAL to study different "paths". That's what spirituality is about-- learning-- not boxing yourself in so you can fit a specific aesthetic.
We need to stop burdening baby witches with this idea that they have to choose.
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dionysus-winelord · 2 hours ago
🔆 What on earth is Apollo Planning?? (😳A Pagan Tale Pt.2)
I just remembered something else. This is beyond freaky.
Apollo is the god of prophecy right? Oh boy, this is wild. Really wild.
So here's some context. My parents are Catholic. My dad works for the church as a Canon Lawyer. That just means he's a marriage lawyer of sorts within the church. Anyway, he and my mother had to go to Rome for 2 years so my father could study. (I just realized. Rome. Roman Gods. My parents also visited the old temples and the Pantheon while there.😳)
Anyways, at this point, my mother knew she couldn't have kids. But she really wanted a child. By this time, they were praying for...well, me.
At some point, they had an audience with the Pope. Pope John Paul the second. (dude's like a saint now.) When they got to meet the pope, my mother said he told her "Don't worry, you shall have your child."
Later on, sometime later, my mother said she had a dream of me at age 5 riding a pony. (In real life, the instance came about where the dream scene happened, but it was Bull. yeah. I rode a bull at a fair in Idaho. *Looks at Dionysus*) So she knew she would have a daughter.
About two years later, I was born and adopted.
My thing is:
Apollo is the god of prophecy. He only tends to do this when things are...well...dire. Huge.
I'm only repeating what my mother has told me and now that I'm pagan, this is weird.
Also, Zeus was the Patron god of Ancient Rome. All this in regards to me happened in Rome. That may be a tiny reason why I feel close to Zeus.
Anyways, all this is really really freaky. only gets weirder from here.
(Pt 3??)
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mythologicafolk · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Munknörr announced the release date for their upcoming new album, Shaman.
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muggle-born-princess · 3 hours ago
Any Wicca/Pagan/Witchcraft pages or blogs I can follow? If so, link it to me on here or in DMs please
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the-magick-man · 3 hours ago
So recently iv been trying to assign a horror movie to correspond with each sabbat of the year. For no particular reason other than abit of fun. What would everyone pick for their 8?❄️🕯️🐇🔥🌻🌾🍁🎃
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lavender-grimoire · 4 hours ago
Flora in Pop Culture Paganism
Tumblr media
Flora is the fairy of Nature, making her an excellent Earth symbol.
Tumblr media
Her energy can be helpful in the following ways:
Connecting with the Earth
Finding your element
Latinx ancestry
Tumblr media
All plants
Tiger's eye
Petrified wood
Pop rock
Frances Forever
Hutton Cordova
Harry Styles
Taylor Swift
Beach Bunny
Root vegetables
Leafy greens
Light proteins
Plant science
Pink, green
Tumblr media
Spell Ideas
Golden Pollen: An earth-based binding spell, earth elemental powder/salt, a dirt-based manifestation spell
Nature's Symphony: A musical spell to connect with/find your element
Bearing Branches: An earth-based manifestation spell, an earth-based home ward
Earth Cage: An earth-based binding spell
Nature Dust: Earth elemental powder/salt
Winter Rose: A spell to welcome winter, a spell to keep (inside) plants growing in the winter, a spell to keep warm/happy during the winter
Autumn Wind: A spell to summon the wind, a spell to welcome the fall
Spring Ring: A spell to welcome spring
Breath of the World: A meditative spell to increase empathic abilities
Natural Camouflage: An earth-based camouflage spell
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dionysus-winelord · 4 hours ago
I think 🔆Apollo and 🍷Dionysus have been with me my whole life. (A Pagan Tale😊)
(Pt 1) (?)
I just's true. Apollo and Dionysus may have well been in my life since...well...forever.
You see, I've had a few pendulum and tarot readings in the past. One was for Dionysus and the other (more recent) one was for Apollo. Both times, both have said that they've been with me my whole life.
It never really sunk in until recently. I look around my house and I now see telltale signs of their presence. Symbols of theirs that now make sense.
🔆1) My mom loves cows and anything cow-themed. We have cow mugs, cow kitchen towels, cow mini figurines, you name it! One of Apollo's sacred animals are cows.
🍷2) Bull symbolism and such keep popping up in my life. From radio stations I listen to, to my own sign (Taurus).
🍷3) There is purple stuff everywhere. From rugs to blankets. And not just any purple, it's royal purple, the shade that I call "Dionysus's hue".
🔆4) I have laurel leaf-designed accessories. From earrings to headbands.
🍇5) The drapes in the kitchen have grape leaves and clusters as the designs. I've been staring at those things my whole life and I just now noticed!
🔆6) My father bought me a guitar when I was little (I maaaay attempt to learn now that I have some time.)
🍷7) My mother used to buy my clothes for me and she always bought me purple or leopard print garments. (If that's not Dionysus trying to dress me up, I don't know what it.)
After I noticed these things, it hit me. There are more instances like this in my life. Plenty more that very well could have been signs of them.
🍇1) As a child, I was obsessed with anything grape-flavored or grape-scented. The scent and taste always seemed to calm my nerves and gave me a sense of nostalgia. Gave me a sense of security and, dare I day, peace.
🔆2) At a young age, I realized I could sing. People would compliment me in church when I sang and, when I got older, if I sat next to a kid during mass and sang, they'd stare at me or just smile. I remember one time (If I remember correctly) a little girl heard me sing and she whispered to her mother "Mommy! She's a princess!!". This gift allowed me to join the adult choir at a young age. I was 13, I think? I was the only kid there. One of my choir family (I call them family cuz I knew them for years.) noticed my gift and decided to give me personal lessons. That lasted 3 years until the choir director stepped down after the death of our pianist (Renee. I do still miss her. Her death was sudden and we all grieved. I'm still grieving to this day.). After that, I was kicked out of the group by the new director for being too young and for missing practice one day. I've hardly sung since then, but I still find small moments to hum along to some songs I love.
🔆🍷3) I used to have "Imaginary friends". But I never called them "Imaginary". I'd say "Invisible." cuz I could feel them. My mother used to say it was Jesus and/or my guardian angel. As I got older, I could distinctly sense that there were two. Two presences constantly around. I never felt alone, even when I was bullied and rejected, I always felt loved. One was smart and intellectual, their presence was always welcome and they would always keep me on track. (I struggled with ADHD, so whenever I'd get distracted I'd feel a nudge like "Get back to work, little one." ). The other was always cheery, always warm and always around. I heard that the gods can use any form and reveal themselves how they see fit. That being said, it's uncommon for them to interact with children in such a manner. It wasn't until recently that when I met them, or rather, encountered them again, that I recognized their presence, that I remembered them.
⚡4) As a kid, I used to pretend that I could control wind and storms. (This may be a Zeus thing, come to think of it.) So whenever I would take my stance and raise my hands up and exclaim "Wind Hear me!!" or something of that ilk, the wind would actually pick up. I used to do this all the time during recess and every time I got the same results. My classmates would actually freak out (which made the bullying worse). My parents at some point noticed too and said "It's the saints and God playing with you!!" Well, I have a feeling they weren't entirely wrong.
🔆5) As for the storm thingy, this one is weird and fairly recent. This happened about 4 years ago. I was on a hike with my youth group. It got stormy out, so we headed back down the trail. I have slight asthma, so I was losing breath real fast. Suddenly, a thought came to me. 'Sing to regulate your breathing.' You see, when you sing, you control your breath. The idea wasn't a bad one, so I tried it. The rain had stopped, but when I began to sing, the rain started up again. I got a bit tired at some point, so I gave my voice a rest. When I stopped, to did the rain. I found it kind of funny, so for kicks I started singing again. When I started, so did the rain. I tried it, like, 5 times and each time I got the same outcome. I was walking behind the priest and he even noticed. To the point where he said, "Someone up there seems to like your singing."
There are a few more instances, some very recent, but I might make a part two. Might.
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Watch "Firestarter - Official Trailer" on YouTube
I have such violent thoughts I direct premonitions of what I feel like physically doing to men when they piss me off especially disrespect me or laugh at me and I know it is felt and seen even to their vehicles I'm not lying help control me I'm like the "firestarter"
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theuntitledbard · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thor is the Norse God of Thunder. Defender of the weak. Defender of the Earth. When Ragnarok comes he will be at the ready to fight the world serpent with all his might, even though he is destined to fail.
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alchemingthestore · 5 hours ago
Smart Buys! Starting from $17.78 See more.🤓 Write down your dreams in style on these cool spiral-bound journals. Personalize it with a cool design to make them shine. These notebooks feature a thick gloss full-color laminated protective cover that is much more durable than the average flimsy paper covers. Made in the USA, the journal comes in 5x7 size with 75 pages of lined paper. .: Front, back and inside cover print .: 75 lined single pages .: Glossy laminated cover
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mythologicafolk · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hrafngrímr released a new single, titled Blót, the last song recorded with the late flute player and singer Mike Kadi.
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whitelapine · 5 hours ago
Current projects:
*Finishing altar - waiting for Hekate's statue but after that I'll still need to hang the shrines on the walls otherwise the altar will be crowded.
*Creating 2 servitors based on Pokemon to watch over my pups and kittens. I'm thinking of using Espeon for the kittens and Herdier for the pups.
*Figuring out where all the lust energy came from that has saturated our bedroom. I mean...I can guess but I haven't been aware of this issue until now. The sex smog has been distracting the spirit fam to a point where they have a very hard time communicating with me. I'm going to see if I can consume the energy first before I attempt a cleansing. I've heard cleansing my own energy from my spaces can make me sick or at least have negative side-effects.
*Establishing better rapport with my spirit fam, which would include finishing their tarot readings and recording the data.
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adri-le-chat · 6 hours ago
It is often observed that Greek religion possessed no denominations or central organization, no dogmas, no scriptures, and no creed. The lack of these features, which in modern religious contexts provide the basis for religious authority, along with the polytheism of the Greeks, might mislead us into thinking that individuals exercised a great deal of individual choice in the matter of religion. Instead, the gods one worshiped and the manner in which one did so were for the most part predetermined by tradition and enforced by the state. Participation in the cults of one’s family, tribe, village, city, and region was an important component of personal identity, while rejection of these cults was considered deviant, and exclusion from them was traumatic. Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood argued that the polis (and to a lesser extent, the ethnos or tribal state) “anchored, legitimated and mediated all religious activity.” Depending on how “religious activity” is defined, one might argue for numerous exceptions to this dictum, but her main point is valid: the polis not only exercised more religious authority than any group or individual, it provided the structural and conceptual foundations on which the system of worship was articulated. The construction of monumental temples, symbols of a city’s sovereign power as well as its piety, was only the most obvious manifestation of this communal religion. Greek assemblies and councils considered themselves empowered to enact all manner of religious legislation, from rules about dress and conduct within sanctuaries to purity laws and sacrificial calendars. Recent research on religious authority in the ancient world emphasizes that the modern distinction between religious and secular spheres, including the concept of a separate “church” and “state,” is anachronistic when applied to the Greeks.
Although the polis controlled the selection of many priesthoods, the oldest and most respected offices were inherited. Certain priestly families, such as the Eumolpidai and Kerykes at Eleusis or the Branchidai at Didyma, exercised special authority over their respective cults. A wide variety of religious specialists, from charismatic sectarian leaders to oracle-sellers and purifiers, operated more or less independently, claiming direct access to the divine and sometimes falling foul of local authorities. Other independent sources of religious authority were the oracles, particularly the Delphic oracle, which played an important role as arbiters of ritual questions felt to be beyond the expertise of citizen bodies.
— Ancient Greek Cults, by Jennifer Larson
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gonebeforespring · 7 hours ago
After a very long break from doing free readings, I’m going to open my books for 10 free oracle readings.
You may request additional cards from any oracle deck from this list, or I will default to just using Kim Krans The Wild Unknown: Archetype Oracle.
Goddess Power
Divine Feminine
The Wild Unknown: Spirit Animal
Amenti Oracle
If you are interested, please leave an ask in my box with a general question, a name or initials, and something about you like your favourite colour or astrological sign. All readings will be answered no later than 5-7 days after the ask is received.
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phaedoni · 7 hours ago
things i do as devotional acts for athena!
- studying !! i try to study every single day and i unfortunately need to do a lot of it due to my current educational situation but it’s always easier with athena’s help
- i often wake up early so i can read and it’s really comforting and nice and i’d say it’s a nice way to connect with athena
- i research!! right now, i mainly do research about hellenic polytheism and witchcraft because in the end i am pretty new to both of them, and this is something i do every day
- i also exercise !! i believe that exercising is a nice and healthy way to connect with her and it also makes you feel pretty good about yourself :)
- i wear clothes that are her colors or have her symbols on them
- i write prayers and poems to her
- i add songs to my spotify playlist for her or add pins to my pinterest board for her
- i give weekly offerings! here are some posts on ideas of what you can offer !! x x
- and most importantly, i take care of myself and my mental health !! this one is really important <3
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phaedoni · 8 hours ago
i was an atheist not that long ago and honestly? i hated it. i think i was only one to please my father but now that i’m not life is so much better. i can actually get shit done, i’m much more confident and happy, and the amount of comfort and safety i feel is just amazing. the gods have helped me so much, and i can’t explain how grateful i am :>
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p0ssumz · 8 hours ago
If you use Fae/Faer pronouns please block me.
Tumblr media
The Fae are very dangerous creatures that should not be messed with or joked around about. Some Fae are so dangerous that you can't even work with them like it's certain death at that point. All Fae are dangerous no matter what so using them as pronouns is extremely disrespectful. There are alternatives to these pronouns that don't have religious ties or anything like that if you're looking to switch.
I've seen Pixi/Pixie/Pixies which I believe is fine and other things like that.
But the Fae are not something to mess around with.
Please either change your pronouns OR block me and never talk to me again. Thank you. 💕
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