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#spider man oneshot
kaylans-imagines · 4 days ago
In My Dreams
pairing: peter b. parker x fem! reader
synopsis: in which he meets her and sees her in his dreams 
↳based on the song by ruth b
warnings: none i can think of. lazy writing?
*gif credits to the rightful owner*
Tumblr media
Peter hated rich people parties. Galas, as wealthy people called them. Peter didn’t grow up with an abundance of money waiting to be thrown around at some fancy event that no one enjoyed, so when he got invited to his first one via the Stark Internship by Tony Stark himself, he was excited. But the more he attended, dread filled his bones whenever he thought of being forced to go. He hated how classy everyone was and how stuffy they made the room feel. He hated the fitted tuxedo he was always forced to wear and how expensive it was—that usually meant he had to be extra careful with what he ate and about what he did. It was limiting, and he despised it. But, he hated the fact that he didn’t fit in. Peter never did find a place amongst his peers in high school, he had his group of friends, and he was content with them. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t want people to know him as more than the ‘nerdy kid who’s so clumsy he can barely walk.’ He found peace with being regarded as a regular student when he graduated, and he was happy in college when no one cared about others. Being at these galas brought out the displeasure he felt when he felt like he didn’t fit in—because he didn’t; he wasn’t born into money, and he sure as hell wasn’t hellbent on pleasing everyone.
Peter left the main area as soon as he could find an exit. He wanted nothing more than to find a place to lean against the wall and not have to put up an interested front. He was sick of the fake smiles, the backhanded compliments, and the false praises he received whenever Tony introduced him to other wealthy people. Politely excusing himself from the lady pinching his cheeks, he stepped away and towards the open bar for a pick me up with a plan to hide away against the wall. That was the plan. That had been the plan. Until he leaned his back against the bar, and his eyes fell on her face. 
Her grin was brighter than any chandelier in the room and softer than any piano sounds echoing against the walls. He didn’t notice the bartender place the drink down next to him on a napkin or the way that he, too, had stopped to look at what had Peter so entranced. He had tunnel vision, and she was the light at the end, beckoning him closer and closer until he stood before her. 
“You should talk to her, pal,” the bartender spoke. He jumped at the sound of his voice and turned back to look at him. 
“I don’t know, what if I make a fool out of myself?” the bartender shrugged his shoulders and looked down at the drink in his hand before looking directly at Peter. Peter looked down at his glass before patting his pockets for spare change, pulling out a ten-dollar bill and giving it to the man. 
“What if you don’t?” he replied, slipping the bill in his pocket. 
“But she’s so out of my league,”
“You’re right,” the bartender agreed. Peter recoiled back and looked at the man with offense written on his face, “but maybe, she’s into guys like you.”
“I doubt it. She’s so gorgeous, and I’m so, not gorgeous,” the bartender, Adam, looked at him confused. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. 
“I think she’d be interested,” he replied.
“How can you be so sure?”
“Because she’s looking over here, and I don’t think she needs a drink or a man in a relationship,” Adam remarked before walking away and leaving Peter alone. True to his word, when Peter turned around, she was looking at him. Directly at him. It was like there was nothing else in the room but themselves. She smiled at him, and an imaginary pathway leading to her opened up right in front of him. To him, it seemed as if time and distance became something of the past. The bar seemed far away, and she got closer the more he got lost in his thoughts. It wasn’t until she was in front of him that he realized he hadn’t moved an inch. She came up to him. 
“Hi,” she smirked. She stood beautifully in a blue gown; it made her eyes pop, and it fit her perfectly as if tailored for her and only her, which made sense because, in Peter’s mind, she was the only girl in the world. He didn’t even know her name, and she already had him under her spell. Peter concluded that if she did, indeed, place a spell on him; he wouldn’t mind. 
“Hey-hello-hi,” Peter blinked in surprise. He wasn’t expecting to be smooth, but he knew he could do better than the word vomit he had spewed. She either didn’t notice, or she didn’t care because the next thing he knew, she was reaching to grab the napkin that once held his drink. Looking down at her watch, she cursed before grabbing a pen from her matching clutch. While she continued scribbling on the napkin, Peter took the time to admire her. He took in the way her hair curled around her face and the way the lights caused her skin to glow. Her makeup enhanced her natural beauty and there wasn’t an imperfection in sight. She was as gorgeous up close as she was far away. 
She handed him the grey paper napkin and closed her pen. Peter’s eyes trailed across the number and the words written on the paper. 
‘Don’t let my number go to waste ;)’
“What is this?” he asked, like an idiot. 
“Love at first sight exists; you just have to know where to look,” she said before looking behind her; with a sigh, she turned to him, “I have to go impress some rich, old people. Do as the napkin says.” And with that, she was gone. He grinned to himself and gently folded the napkin close, slipping it into his coat pocket for safekeeping. The rest of the night, Peter found himself unable to drop the smile on his face. For one night, one gala, the atmosphere he was forced into didn’t seem so bad. The fake praises, the false smiles, and the backhanded comments didn’t sting as bad as they usually did. For once, they were just words. 
That didn’t stop him from wanting to step away from the scene, this time to search for her. To find amongst the group of older men and women as they conversed with one another. He wanted to shout out her name, but he didn’t know it. He didn’t think to ask—too busy trying to keep his thoughts clear to talk to her like a human being—and the napkin didn’t say. He couldn’t go up to every woman with a blue dress—he’d get caught in too many conversations he didn’t want to be part of. For once in his 21 years of life, Peter Parker didn’t have an idea. 
“I’m taking off,” he told Tony, “I have an early class tomorrow.” With that, his mentor nodded and bid him goodbye. Peter walked down the museum’s stairs and waved at the driver that had brought him to the venue. Michael, his driver, opened the door for him and closed it before rounding the front to the driver’s seat. Peter took that time to take out the grey napkin and fiddle with it. The girl in the blue dress was enchanting and charming, and she was interested in him. But he had sworn to himself that after MJ, he wouldn’t let anyone get close. Their breakup was amicable; she had to follow her dreams, and he had to follow his; it hurt them both when they realized they would meet those dreams an ocean apart. The smile on his face fell at the thought of pain in his heart.
“You alright, Mister Parker?” Michael asked. Peter’s brown eyes met Michael’s through the rearview, and he nodded. 
“Yeah, it’s just, I met this girl,” he started. Michael looked back at the road ahead before looking at Peter again. 
“That’s great,” Michael smiled, “or it’s not great?” he asked after noticing the expression on Peter’s face.
“No, it is great, it really is,”
“I can’t help but think of what would happen if it ends up badly,”
“You can’t dwell on things that might not even happen, Mister Parker, that usually stops people from taking risks,” 
“I want to take the risk, but I don’t want to feel the heartache that comes with a breakup,”
“You’re young, Mister Parker; you’re going to feel pain and heartache; that’s the way of life. You’re going to go through all of that before you find the one who’ll put you back together again, but to do so, you have to take some risks,” Michael said as he pulled up beside Peter’s apartment complex, “I’ll tell you what, if you see her in your dreams tonight, you use that number she gave you and you take that leap. And if you don’t, we’ll forget it ever happened and never speak of it again.”
Peter nodded in agreement and bid Michael goodbye as he walked out of the car. The chances of seeing the girl in the blue dress were fifty-fifty; he either had dreams, or he didn’t. He couldn’t help but disagree with her, love, at first sight, can’t exist. There are too many things that make up love, and those things are built over time. A foundation needs to be laid; otherwise, the structure will tumble on itself, and the rubble wouldn’t be recognizable.
Deciding to end the night earlier than usual, Peter closed his eyes as soon as his head hit the pillow. He hadn’t realized how exhausted he was until he smelt the familiar scent of detergent his aunt used on the sheets and his pillows turned into clouds under his head. 
“Come on! I’ll catch you,” she sang, her voice as clear as day and as sweet as honey. Peter looked down over the edge at the abyss below them, beckoning him over. If he jumped the distance between the two building rooftops. He should have been used to heights and extensive lengths, being Spider-Man and all. But this was different. He didn’t have his suit or his webs. He was plain old Peter Parker in modern people clothes. But she was over there. The woman of his dreams calling him over.
“I can’t. It’s too far. What if I fall?” he called back, voice bouncing back into his ears. She only giggled, and he could see her silhouette shake her head in response. 
“Is that really such a bad thing?” she queried. Peter stepped back and thought about it. The obvious answer should have been yes, no one would ever want to fall into such an enormous chasm. As he thought about it, the answer became complicated. He didn’t know what was at the bottom, but one never knows until they take the chance. 
“I don’t know,” he answered honestly. He heard her hum in response and saw her figure get closer to the ledge and, consequently, closer to him.
“If you fall, I’ll fall with you,” she voiced. 
“With my heart,” he believed her. Walking backward and mentally preparing himself, Peter placated his nerves before running forward and jumping off the edge, leaping towards the other side. He didn’t think to look down, keeping his eyes on the gravel of the other building. With a grunt and an ungraceful landing, he was on the other side. Quickly standing up, his eyes scanned the area in search of her. They landed on her figure, standing in front of him, a smile decorating his face and donning a blue sundress. 
Taking his hands in hers, she looked at him, “I’ve been waiting for you.”
He smiled and moved to wrap his arms around her, “me too.”
Pulling away, he was caught off guard by the sight around him. They weren’t on the rooftop anymore. Instead, they were stood on the stairs of the museum, both wearing their fanciest clothes. The usually invisible moon illuminated their faces in a silver glow and stood amongst millions of small stars against the stark, dark night sky. 
“Would you care to dance, sir?”
“With you? Any day,” she grinned and took his hand in hers, leading the dance. They swayed to a beat only they could hear and the sound of two heartbeats becoming one.
“What is this?” she questioned.
“I guess love, at first sight, does exist,” Peter commented before speeding their movements up and getting lost in all that was her. The smell of her floral perfume, the small of her back, and the sequins on her dress. The way her body glittered and twinkled like the stars in the sky. She was here and in his arms, and that’s all that mattered. 
Peter groaned as light peaked through the sliver of light in between his curtains. He didn’t want to wake up and come face to face with reality. He hadn’t used her phone number last night. He could use it now; there was no time like the present. Stretching out of his bed, he looked around for the clothes from the night before. Grabbing the black suit jacket, his hand landed on the grey napkin from the bar. 
Feeling the adrenaline from his dream, he punched the numbers into his phone before pressing the green button.
“Uh, hi. My name’s Peter, we met at the gala last night, at the bar,”
“Hi, Peter. I’m Y/N, and I’m glad you called,” 
“Yeah, well, you were right,” he smiled, “love at first sight does exist.”
“You looked in the right places then?”
“Just one. I took a leap of faith,” 
“I’m glad,” 
He decided to bite the bullet, “would you like to grab some coffee with me?”
“With you? Any day,”
Peter smiled. For once, he didn’t mind being proven wrong. He was glad he leaped off the edge. And he was glad he saw her in his dreams wearing the blue gown that made her eyes pop and her beauty stand out.
Tumblr media
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parkerliciouspeter · 4 days ago
Peter Parker x Superhero!Reader
Tumblr media
requests are open!
word count: 2091 (long one 🥴)
warnings: swearing lmao
a/n: listen to obvious by taylor trensch from the dear evan hansen 😏🤏
Peter walked in his first class, rubbing his eyes. He only got an hour of sleep last night because of some burglars he chased for 18 blocks after they stole a few bags worth of jewelry.
“Glad to see that you’ve finally joined us, Mr. Parker.” His literature teacher gave him a tight lipped smile and gestured to the seat beside you. “You may take a seat beside Ms. Y/L/N, here.”
You gave him a nod. You were as sleepy as him, because you were the one who helped him catch the said burglars. But he didn’t know that. Because you did an actually decent job at making sure your identity was always concealed.
“Suh, Parker.”
He smiles and puts his head on his desk, mind drifting off to the masked hero who helped him yesterday. She was definitely a she, but no matter how many times he asked for her name she stayed silent.
“Whatcha thinkin’ bout, Peter?” You yawn, picking up a white marker.
He snaps out of his daze and quickly opens his notebook, hastily copying the notes on the blackboard. “N-nothing.”
You raised an eyebrow and lifted your legs on the seat so that your knees touched your chest, and scribbled a few stars on the bottoms of your jeans. He let his gaze linger on you for a while, before looking back up at the board.
When you get bored you draw stars on the cuffs of your jeans
He watched as you paid no attention to the teacher, even flipping open a magazine and scrawling on a few pages. Fidgeting with the necklace strung around your neck, you sucked on the end of a ballpen as you read the questions in a quiz that was sandwiched in the magazine you were reading. Peter swore he’d seen that necklace before, though he doesn’t know where-
“Still with us, Ms. Y/L/N?”
You nod absently.
“If so, what year did Shakespeare write-“
“Romeo and Juliet? He wrote it during 1591 to 1596, no one’s sure. Honestly, it kinda sucks. All the guys are either drunk or misogynistic and the girls exist to have-“ you let out a horribly faked cough that sounded suspiciously like “sex,” earning a few laughs from your classmates. Peter turned his head at you. You hadn’t looked up from your magazine.
You still fill out the quizzes you find in those teen magazines
At lunch, while Ned was ogling over Liz, he saw you out of the corner of his eye, messing around with your friends. He smiled to himself, he always found it so amazing that you could ignore the whole world around you, shut out the voices that tell you that you can’t do what you want.
And you dance like nobody's there
Awkward and perfect
You don't even care
“Dude, did you see the news yesterday? There was this huge robbery, and obviously Spider-man was there, but there was another guy there too.”
He turned his head to Ned so quickly, his neck cricked. “U-uh, yeah, I saw.”
“Yeah, people think she’s a she, but I’m not so sure,”
Peter bit on his lip, and he continued to wonder who was behind the mask.
At the end of the day, you skipped towards Peter in the hall, shaking him from behind. “PETER!”
You burst out laughing, eventually earning some badly kept in giggles from him. “Oh my god, your reaction was priceless!”
He scrunched his lips up to hide a smile, and punched you in the shoulder playfully. However, he realized that he had heard it before. Obviously, he had, because you were his best friend, but he could’ve sworn he’d heard it yesterday, even though you hadn’t hung out at that time.
“Peter? Earth to Peter?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah, h-hi.”
Raising an eyebrow, you shove a small paper bag in his arms. “Heard that May hasn’t been doin’ well lately, and she’s been having to do double shifts, so I hope this’ll help.”
Before Peter could reply, you were already skipping away. He opened the bag to find a wad of cash along with a small piece of paper.
Hey May!
Don’t forget to take breaks and take care of yourself!
Hope this takes care of things you needed to settle after Ben’s passing.
Love, Y/N ♡︎
He stared at the note in awe, and quickly counted the cash. A thousand dollars. You had given him a thousand dollars. He watched your figure skip away in awe, in awe of how someone could give so much even if they didn’t have a lot in the first place.
But that’s just you, and he should be used to it by now.
Something courageous, amazing, contagious
And kind
All combined
He heads to Delmar’s Deli-Grocery and picks up a few sandwiches, including one he’s planning to give to you as a thank-you.
Suddenly, the TV behind the counter switched to a news report.
“We’ve just received a report of a car chase near Midtown School of Science and Technology, four men have reportedly committed a grand theft auto and are currently being chased by our new unnamed superhero…” The news reporter droned on about the mysterious hero. Peter quickly snatched the sandwiches and placed some money on the counter. “Keep the change!” he yelled, while running out the door to the alleyway to change into his suit.
“About time you arrived, Spider-boy.” You sneered, wiping the blood off your busted lip.
He squinted, and proceeded to web up the criminals, but. He noticed that they had mild, fresh burn marks around their wrists.
“You gonna ogle at the bad guys, or actually catch them?”
The both of them didn’t say another word to each other, and decided to fight these criminals quietly. While Peter had knocked one out, his gaze flickered to the small silver chain necklace swinging around your neck. He could’ve sworn he had seen it before…
A swift punch in the gut disrupted his train of thought, the guy he had knocked out took advantage of Peter being distracted. The smell of smoke filled Peter’s lungs. Without warning, the thief started aggressively kicking, in an attempt to put out a fire that was rising up his leg.
He looked at the masked hero’s outstretched arm. “What? You gonna say thank you?”
Rolling his eyes, he webbed up his legs to put out the flame. “Rule number one of being a superhero, no one gets hurt. Not even the ones who commit crime.”
“Oh, come on, can’t I have a bit of fun?”
The two of you had finally caught the thieves, the red and blue lights reflecting off your black suit. You looked at the time, it was five-fifty, your parents expected you home by six. Ignoring the news reporters you looked at Spider-man, with a smug smile on your face. “Watch yourself, bug-boy. I might not always be there to be your knight and shining armor, or whatever.”
He watched you leap away into the distance. Then it hit him.
Washington D.C; After the incident in the tower.
“Peter!” You spotted your best friend and sprinted towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck. He turned red and did the same.
You pulled away, tear stains on your cheeks. You started to punch him everywhere you could reach. “You - are - such - an - ASS!” You cried, hitting him in between every word. Eventually, your voice broke and tears spilled out your eyes, head on his chest. He didn’t know that his disappearance would affect you so much, you’ve always acted like you thought he was annoying.
Wiping your eyes, you looked.. apologetic? No. Sincere. “I’m sorry Peter, I shouldn’t be mad. Ned said you weren’t feeling well this morning, I know how nervous you must be about the Decathlon.”
“N-no, no, you have every right to be. I’m sorry for not going.”
“I managed to calm Liz down and convince her to not get too mad at you.” You let out a broken chuckle. “You better watch yourself, Parker. I might not always be there to be your knight and shining armor, y’know.”
He mentally facepalmed himself. It was so blatantly obvious.
Why go stating the obvious?
It's so painfully obvious
How could you miss
Something that's this plain to see?
When it's glaring, and staring right at you
So obviously
Peter had quickly changed into his normal clothes but kept his mask on, and swung so quickly that he had almost hit a building on his way to your apartment. After a while, he landed on your balcony and knocked on your window.
You turned around, expecting to see Peter but was instead greeted by a pair of large white eyes on a red mask.
“AAAHHH!” You threw a book at the window but instead it bounced on the window and hit you in the forehead. “Fu- ouch…” You opened your window cautiously.
Peter held in a laugh, and pulled his mask off. Your jaw dropped open and you were about to yell something when he quickly clamped a hand on your mouth and jumped in your bedroom. “Dude, please shut up and don’t yell my name or I’m gonna hurt you.” His panicked face turned into a sweet smile and he released his hand.
“Wha- how- how long have you been- y-you know what? W-why didn’t you tell me?! I can’t believe you didn’t-“
Peter quickly shushed you and played with your fingers as he talked. “I know you have a lot of questions, and I’m really really really super sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier, I was just scared that you’d get hurt by bad people if they knew we were friends and-“
“Peter.” You whispered, a serious and stern look on your face. “Get to the fucking point, please.”
He froze for a second, and swallowed. “Y-y/n, were you, um, the- the girl who was fighting- uh- earlier? Near school? Just a while ago?
Your serious face doesn’t waver. “I- I don’t know what you’re t-talking about.”
“Y/n, I’m pretty sure it’s you. You-“ He played with your necklace. “You were wearing the same necklace.”
You become flustered, and a few tears streamed down your cheeks. “I don’t know what happened, I just- got really mad and exploded the microwave, then it got worse and worse and-“ Peter cuts you off by wrapping his arms around your body, rubbing circles on your back soothingly. The entire room was silent except for your deep gasps for air. Once you’ve calmed down, he continues to play with your hair.
“I have a feeling that that wasn’t the only reason why you came here.”
Peter was glad that you couldn’t see his reddening face. “Wh-what do you mean?”
You stayed silent—he knew exactly what you were talking about.
“Just so you know, I really like you, Peter. Ever since we met.” You pull away, eyes widening. “Please tell me you didn’t come here for some help with the homework, or this would’ve been very awkward.”
He laughed, and leaned in, hesitating. “C-can I kiss you?”
You smirked and kissed him hard, letting out all of your bottled-up emotions. You’ve been doing a pretty decent job of pretending you don’t like him, but there’s something about him that just makes you snap.
You pull away, the both of you are so close that your noses are just barely touching.
“I- I love you, Y/N.”
“I do too.”
You were just about to lean into him for another kiss when a loud and rhythmic knock banged on your door.
Your eyes widened, and you quickly pushed Peter off your bed and shoved him in your closet. “Shit, that’s my brother, hide!”
Your little brother opens the door, hitting it on the wall. “Y/N!! Oscar peed on my shoes again!”
“Fu- aargh, I forgot to walk him today, sorry, Tyler.” He wiped his nose exaggeratedly and stomped out the room.
Once you’ve made sure that he was gone, you closed the door and locked it, just to make sure there wouldn’t be any unwanted visitors coming in your room.
Peter pushed the door open slightly. “Is he gone?”
You laughed and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled and tackled you onto your bed, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “M’sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. We could’ve had weeks. Years, even.”
Tugging on his hair, you planted a kiss on his knuckles. “It’s alright, Pete. What matters is that we’re together now.”
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plutodexay · 5 days ago
You don’t hurt what’s mine
Tw: Blood, violence suggestion 
Peter imagine (550)
The suit was soaked with blood as he climbed through my window, my first thought being hope that it wasn’t his own. He ripped his mask off as soon as he saw me and from that moment I knew it was. Yet, he didn’t seem in pain or as if he had acknowledged the blood at all, all of his focus seemed to be on me. 
“I’m so sorry” Peter’s voice faltered towards the end, he was looking everywhere except for my eyes. 
“Why?” I step towards him, reaching my hand to pull his face to mine, forcing him to look me in the eyes. 
Which he did, his dark eyes bore into mine as the blood from his chin spread onto my fingertips as I gripped his chin. It only took a moment before he crashed into me, almost knocking me to the floor with the weight of him. Catching myself on the bed frame we fell back, allowing Peter to curl himself into me, sobs wracking through his body and into me. 
I moved my arms as best I could to try and comfort him, both of us somehow ignoring the blood still coming out of him and going everywhere he laid. His mumbled words and shaken movements distracted me from it all. 
“I tried so hard” One loud sob came out, causing him to press impossibly harder into me, his grip tightening around me in a mess. He looked so small like this, it was almost hard to process as he laid like this. 
“You always do”
“They know about you” Peter's voice immediately cut me off. I felt my own breath catch and all of my muscles tense, causing his own to match. “I tried so hard to make sure they didn’t find you, but they did” 
He always feared someone would find me, I didn’t really know why. I told him it was worth the risk when he told me about Spiderman yet he still seemed to only worry about me. Once again I tried to reach up to hold his face but he jerked away, standing up as if he hadn’t fallen on me moments before. 
“It will be okay” I stood up to follow him, reaching out again and this time he let me. 
“You don’t know that” A yell rang out from him, his hands reaching up to scratch at his own face causing more blood to cover them.
“You’re right, I don’t know” I pulled his hands away from his face, and held them in a tight grip. “But I trust that it will be” That seemed to calm him, after a minute he moved his hands to hold each other behind my waist, allowing me to lean into him. 
“I’m still sorry” He whispered into my neck, causing a small shiver to travel up my spine. 
“It will be okay, now let’s clean the blood off of you okay?” He nodded into my hair and traveled to the bathroom with me waiting behind. 
It will all be okay, I whispered to myself, looking to the corner of the room at my own mask that Peter had yet to see. I wasn’t going to let whoever hurt him get away with it, but he didn’t need to know that did he?
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moonjavaswriting · 8 days ago
want another drink? | peter b. parker x reader
TW: mildly dubious consent, alcohol / drinking
AO3 version
After a long day at work, you find yourself at the local bar with a friendly Peter B. Parker to keep you company.
(AFAB reader) (NSFW)
It was late by the time you finally managed to get out of work, not that you really minded. The hours didn’t bother you as much as it did some of your co-workers. If anything, you liked walking through the city streets at night. It was kinda peaceful to finally have silence in a place that was usually bustling with noise.
However, it was the weekend and you were feeling a little more sociable than you normally would. You thought about running to the liquor store around the corner for a bottle to share with yourself, but that sounded sadder than you cared to admit so you caved and found yourself sitting in one of the somewhat nicer bars in the area.
The tv was playing the local late-night news station, crime rates had been down for a few weeks so things were quiet. You sat near the end of the bar, putting some distance between you and the louder, drink-happy people that were spending their Friday with friends or dates. 
You liked this bar, mainly because it never got too much traction on weekends, though you guessed that was out the window considering how filled it was tonight. Plus, it was seriously annoying having to overhear parts of passing conversations that you didn’t want to be a part of.
This was the closest you would get to “going out” anytime soon and you weren’t even there with anyone. Though you were starting to bum yourself out, you ordered a drink and tried to tune more into your own thoughts and ignore the people around you.
As the night went on, the room gradually got more and more empty, the swell of laughter dying out would normally make the average person feel melancholy but it did nothing more than make you feel relieved that it was now quiet again. The bartender began washing and putting away glasses, and with an occasional clinking sound or two, the atmosphere was beginning to make your eyes feel heavy.
You noticed at some point that it was just you and a man left sitting at the bar. He must have been drinking there all night, but you hadn’t recalled seeing him before now.
The man swirled what was left in his glass around and looked over at you, looking tempted to say something before turning back and taking one last swig.
“Bad night?” His voice was low but once you got a good look at him it seemed like he was tired, or had just been drinking for too long. “I, uh, don’t wanna come off as pesky. Just curious.”
You weren’t normally the type to talk to strangers, but again you were feeling pretty bold.
Adjusting a little in your seat, you turned to look at him and cleared your throat before you spoke. “Not really bad. I got here after work on a whim that it would be more quiet than my apartment.”
“I hope I’m not disturbing that at all.” He was quick with a reply before gesturing the bartender back over for a refill of his glass.
You shook your head, smiling a little.
“Want another drink?” He looked back at you, smiling back.
Thinking about it for a moment before agreeing, you took off your jacket and draped it over your stool. “Sure, only if you pay for ruining my quiet time.”
Chuckling, the man threw some money on the table for your drink. He then turned to hold his hand out for you to shake before speaking again. “I’m Peter. Peter B. Parker.”
You shook his hand and told him your name, seemingly embarrassed by the fact, you felt a lot better than earlier. “It’s nice to make your acquaintance, Peter.”
Peter drank from his glass. “You too.”
The two of you sat and chatted for a while, sharing flirtatious glances between conversation every so often. It’d been a while since you last found interest in someone like this, not that you really minded. It was kind of exciting.
The two of you sat and chatted for a while, sharing flirtatious words and glances between conversation every so often until the last glass had been put away and the bartender had to kick you both out.
Peter held the door open for you as you stepped out into the dimly lit street, following behind and feeling the chill in the air. You stared up into the dark sky from the street, hoping to see a star or two with no luck.
“You really made my night a lot better you know.” You started, taking a deep breath before spinning around at Peter who was already looking at you. “So, thanks.”
Peter smiled, walking closer to you. “I enjoyed myself too. Hell, I should be the one thanking you for keeping me company so long.”
You threw your arms around his neck and giggled. “Is it bad of me to say that I’m not ready to go back home yet?”
He stood staring at you for a second. “Only if it’s bad of me to say I feel the same.”
Pulling him down into a kiss you were waiting for, the two of you clashed teeth and tongue, and already tasting the liquor from earlier on each other only made it that much harder to wait to taste him more.
Breaking from the messy kiss, Peter wrapped his arms around your waist. “God, you taste good.”
There was so much impatience in the way you touched each other, it felt like you were gonna burst. Maybe it was the boldness that came along with drinking, or the fact that you just made out with a man you just met, but you couldn’t wait any longer.
You grabbed Peter by the wrist and pulled him into the first alleyway you saw. “Woah, woah, we could get caught like this you know.” Peter was definitely trying to be the voice of reason here, but you weren’t interested in listening.
Reaching down to unbuckle and unzip his pants, you gave him one last kiss before getting down on your knees. “If anyone sees, let them have a good show.”
“Oh, fuck..” There goes the voice of reason.
You could already see he was leaking precum through his underwear. To tease him, you placed your mouth on the tip between the fabric, getting a surprised moan out of Peter.
“I bet you taste good here too.” Taking him out, you gave a small lick on the underside of his shaft before starting to kiss and suck him there. Peter took shaky breaths and placed his hand on the back of your head, gripping your hair in a fist to guide your pace.
“God, just like that,” He groaned out, bringing one of his hands up to wipe the sweat dripping down his forehead. “I’m gonna cum down your throat, okay baby?”
You popped off for only a second, messily kissing the tip again before nodding your head and going right back down on him.
Peter thrusted into you when he came, a quiet moan escaping his throat once he watched you swallow every last drop. Pushing the hair out of your face, he smiled at you and went to pull his boxers and jeans back up.
“Feel good?” You asked, standing back up and gathering yourself a little.
“Felt great.” Peter grabbed your face and pulled you in for a hard kiss, he made it obvious he wasn’t done with you yet.
Whining into the kiss, you popped off and breathed heavily. “Hey, at least give me a chance to breathe.” You put your hand on his shoulder, putting some space between you.
Peter’s finger traced your cheek and he bit his lip, looking up to the small bit of sky he could see from the alley.
“Can we go back to my place?” You let your hand move to his bicep, slightly squeezing it through his jacket.
You pulled on his sleeve, throwing yourself towards him, pressing yourself up against his chest. “It’s too cold out here now.”
He nods and the two of you start your walk to your apartment. The wind picked up as you got closer to your building, zipping your jacket shut and huddling closer to Peter kept you as warm as possible until you got inside. You didn’t really mind and Peter didn’t seem like he did either, you were both just excited for the rest of your night spent together.
Once you got to your number, you turned the key and opened the door. Aside from the flowers you got from your birthday a few months back and one or two pictures on your fridge, your apartment really didn’t look lived in at all. It still smelled like the vanilla candle you lit this morning while you got ready for work.
“It’s nice.” Peter awkwardly spoke, stepping inside and throwing his coat over one of the chairs in the living room.
“Thanks,” You replied, opening your bedroom door and walking in, holding your hand out to gesture for him to follow. “Make yourself at home.”
Throwing yourself onto your cotton bedsheets, you adjusted one of your pillows and flopped onto your side to stare at Peter, who still hadn’t gotten past your doorway.
He walked in and kneeled on the bed, reaching over to hold your face up to a soft kiss. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” He asked, backing off for a second.
You nodded and wrapped your arms around him, pulling him closer to you. “I’m sure.” 
Peter was so gentle with you now that the two of you were all alone. He strung his fingers through your hair and moved his hand to your hip bone and held it there, just hard enough to leave a small bruise. You moaned into his mouth as he kissed you once more, digging your nails into his back, you pulled on his shirt for him to take it off.
“God, Peter, take this off already.” You frustratedly groaned out at him, still pulling on his shirt.
He chuckled and put his weight back to his knees, pulling it up over his head and flinging it somewhere on the floor behind him. “Alright, alright. No need to get your panties in a twist.”
Meeting your lips again, Peter decided to move his fingers up to your breasts, cupping and squeezing them through your clothes. You continued to moan into his mouth, wrapping your arms back around his neck.
“Can I take this off?” Peter asked, pulling at the top of your work-shirt.
You breathed out and nodded. “Yeah, yeah of course.”
You watched as Peter unbuttoned you, starting from the top and working his way down. He reached a hand inside to help you slip your arms out of it once he was done.
“Cute bra.” He added, leaning down to kiss your collarbone while his hand stayed squeezing at your breasts.
His lips felt so hot against your skin, it felt like you were burning up from just his touch alone.
Peter reached down and started undoing your jeans to get them off of you. “Can you lift your hips a little for me, baby?” You did as he asked and he slid them down your legs and threw them to sit with the rest of your clothes on the floor.
Like this, you were left in your underwear while Peter had managed to keep his pants on. You reached down, grabbing at his bulge and massaging it through the denim. Hoping that he would get the picture that it was time for them to come off.
Peter groaned, looking at you with dark eyes before reaching down to unzip his jeans.
You reached down and pulled him out of his underwear once his pants were open, holding his dick in your hand you gave him a few light strokes before lifting your hips up and grinding yourself against him.
“That feel good?” Peter asked, gripping both hands down on your hips again to hold you there.
“Fuck, yes,” You thrusted your hips against him, already feeling how hard he is through your underwear. “I can’t wait to feel you inside of me.”
Peter bit his lip and thrusted up, surprising you a little.
One of his hands left your hip and moved to push your underwear to the side, giving him the access he needed to please you. “You’re so wet already and I haven’t even touched you here yet.” Peter commented, rubbing small circles into you.
You moaned out a little louder than before and grabbed his wrist to try and push his hand down further, noticeably getting upset when he brought his hand back up to his mouth, licking his fingers and sending another hot wave pulsing through you.
Peter looked at you for confirmation that you were enjoying yourself and smirked, moving his hand back down to slid it along your folds, prodding you before slipping one of his fingers in.
“Oh, fuck, that feels good.” You said, placing one of your hands on top of his shoulder, squeezing it.
Peter chuckled. “This is just the beginning sweetheart.” He replied before leaning down to playfully lick at you, his finger moving in and out of you slow enough to build up that sweet tension in your body. You were gonna melt.
After a moment or two, Peter slid another finger inside, this time curving them upwards and making you squeal out.
“Peter..” You moved your hand to his head, pushing it down into you.
You could feel Peter smirking against you as you threw your head back to hit the pillows, moaning out and completely losing yourself in him.
That familiar heat rose through your body and you squeezed your thighs in on him, one of your hands gripping the bed sheets while the other was deep in his hair. He thrusted his fingers in and out of you so fast you could almost see stars, Peter was good at this.
You would be lying if you said the wet sounds your body was making didn’t embarrass you but God, it felt too good for you to really care. Peter brought you to your climax quicker than any guy you’d slept with before.
Peter took his mouth off of you, pulling his fingers out and bringing them up to your own mouth to taste yourself, licking and sucking his fingers while Peter adjusted back onto his knees.
Once his fingers were clean, Peter moved his cock to meet your face, holding it out for you to lick too.
“My turn.” Peter said, watching you open your mouth and drop your tongue out for him.
You weren’t always the best with blowjobs, but you wanted to do your best to please Peter after the amazing head he just gave you. You slid your tongue along the bottom side of his shaft and kissed the tip, looking up at him with hungry eyes to let him know how bad you wanted this.
Peter gripped your head and looked down at you as you lined his cock with your tongue. You finally took all of him in your mouth and only slightly gagged at how far down you managed to get him.
He bit his lip, getting a fistful of your hair and pulling it in. “Am I allowed to fuck your face?” Peter asked, watching your face intently as you nodded for him to continue.
“Good girl.” He quickly added before he began thrusting in and out of your mouth. You weren’t sure if your throat could handle this but hell if you didn’t try for this man.
You moaned onto him, closing your eyes to focus while he held your head like a toy.
Peter groaned out a cuss word or two here and there before you felt him pause and pull out, stroking himself one last time while he waited for you to take your tongue out for him. You opened your eyes back up to see his face while he came in your mouth.
He sat back on his legs and looked at you. “Don’t feel obligated to swallow just for me, I know it’s kind of gross.”
You took a hard gulp and brought your hand up to your mouth to wipe your lips. “It’s not that gross to me.”
Peter pressed one of his hands onto the bed beside you, hovering his body over you and kissing you again. This time it was a lot messier, both of you were beginning to grow impatient for one another after all.
Using his free hand, he moved it down to your underwear and slipped one of his fingers into the elastic, tugging at them to come off.
You lifted your hips again and helped him pull them down your legs and watched as they disappeared behind him, leaving you bare and exposed for him.
“Am I allowed to really fuck you now?” Peter asked, fire behind his eyes while he looked at you.
You wrapped your legs around his waist and nodded. “Please.”
Reaching into your tableside drawer, you pulled out a condom and handed it to him.
Once he got it on, Peter lined his cock up to your entrance, waiting a moment before pushing in and joining you in moaning out in pleasure.
He waited a moment before he started to move, just to give you time to adjust to the feeling. Not that you really needed it, you were soaking wet laying underneath him.
“This good?” He asked, kissing your forehead.
“It’s great, Peter.” You replied, flinging your arms back over him to pull him closer to you.
The soft aroma of vanilla that lingered in your room was now replaced with a lewd smell that you knew would probably last the whole weekend.
Peter messily kissed you after he began moving, tasting every bit of each other was not something you expected to be a turn on, but there’s always time for kink development.
Your legs tightened around him and you moaned into his mouth, feeling so close to your next climax and you’d only just gotten him inside of you.
He sped up his thrusts, noticing how close you were already. You hid your face in his shoulder as he pounded into you mercilessly.
“God, Peter just like that!” You moved one of your hands to desperately grip at his hair while you reached your peak and moaned into his skin.
“Fuck, I’m close too.” Peter held you so tightly underneath him while you both shared a long orgasm, collapsing into each other with heavy breaths.
He toppled onto you, his sweaty skin slightly sticking to yours as you both laid silently with the other. You could feel how fast his heart was beating now that your chests were pressed together.
“That felt amazing.” You were the first to speak, your voice a little hoarse after all that.
Peter turned his head and met your gaze. “Yeah, it did.”
The two of you shared a passionate kiss before he pulled himself off of you, taking off his condom and tossing it in the trash can that sat in the corner of your room.
He sighed and laid back down beside you, wrapping one of his arms over you and pulling you in closer to him for a cuddle.
“You okay?” He asked, kissing one of your temples.
“Perfect.” You said, feeling your heavy eyes shut as you drifted off to sleep.
The morning sun leaking in through your blinds felt like it came too soon as you opened your eyes unwillingly and woke up. You yawned and stretched when you noticed Peter wasn’t beside you anymore, a little bummed out, you pulled the covers back over your eyes and tried to go back to sleep before you heard a small knock on the door.
“Are you up? Want coffee?” Peter asked from the other side in a quiet voice, obviously trying not to wake you if you were still asleep.
You slowly pushed your blanket back down and wiped your tired eyes. “You’re still here?” You asked.
Peter opened the door and walked in, holding two cups of coffee. “Good morning, uh, here, this is for you.”
You sat up, taking one of the hot cups in your hands and taking a deep breath. “Where’d you get the coffee from?”
Peter blew on his coffee and looked at you. “Oh, I went down to the café in the lobby of your building. I hope that’s okay.”
“You could’ve used my coffee machine, you know. I wouldn’t have minded.” You replied, smiling a little while watching the steam rise from the cup.
Peter sighed and sat down on the bed next to you. “Well, I didn’t know that. You were sleeping.”
“Next time, just wake me and I’ll make it.” You laughed a little before placing your drink down on the coaster on your nightstand, running your fingers through your messy hair.
He smiled and cocked an eyebrow. “So there’ll be a next time?” 
You froze, plopping your hands beside you on the bed. “Well, uh,” You looked at him. “If you want there to be.”
Peter chuckled and took a sip from his cup. “I’d love that.”
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swtltlmrvlgrl · 9 days ago
Accidents Happen
The story is set in an alternative MC universe where Tony Stark is still alive and is paying for Peter Parker’s college tuition fees. The college life is not really something that he looks forward to, especially when he’s far away from Ned and MJ. But luckily he was able to meet the reader!
This story is part of my one-shot compilations inspired by the song “You Shine” from the musical “Carrie”, wherein two people see the way each other shines.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warning: Fluff, awkward university students, accident, injury
Word Count: 2,906
First Day of School. Peter Parker cringes at the thought. It’s not that he hates school, he just feels uneasy at the thought that he’s new and he doesn’t have his friends, Ned and MJ, with him.
And I’m Spider-Man, I have better things to do, he thought.
If it wasn’t for his promise to Mr. Stark, to finish his college degree in exchange for full access to the Avengers Compound and all the tech that comes with it, he would’ve webbed his way out of the school before he could even get in the school.
Tony Stark, a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, initially wanted to enroll Peter in the most elite school in America but good thing Peter was able to convince him not too. With the looks of how the students dress up and the amount of cars outside the parking area, this would’ve gotten much worse if he followed Mr. Stark’s initial plan. Peter adjusts his second-hand, thrift-store-bought backpack and walks straight towards his classroom.
Before entering the classroom, he double checks the text written on his ID to see if it matches the name of the room. He slowly enters the room and lo-and-behold, a classroom that can be converted to an IMAX movie theater, welcomes him.
He scans the room and decides to sit on the desk located a few meters away from the exit door. With his elbow on the desk and his chin resting on the palm of his hand, he observes the students already forming groups amongst themselves. Peter made no attempt to join a clique or to join any group, just looking at his wrinkled plaid shirt over his 5-year old white shirt, he knows he doesn’t belong. But he knows that’s not enough of a reason to just stop making new friends.
You’re an Avenger, man. With all the courage that he could muster, he scans the room and tries to find at least one person who hasn't had any chance to make friends yet.
Before he could turn around to check if the seat behind him is also empty, you walk towards Peter’s direction. You were wearing a blue oversized sweatshirt. A tinge of reds were peaking through the gaps between the folds of your black denim pants and white sneakers also caught Peter’s attention.
This is my chance.
Before Peter could even speak with you, a voice coming from the professor disrupted Peter’s plans.
“Hi class. Good morning.” The professor flashes his name and the subject name on the screen of the projector. “For today, I will be discussing the syllabus, I think we’ll finish early. I won’t be sharing the soft copy of my slide, so please take down notes.”
Bummed that he wasn’t able to talk to you, Peter made a mental note to at least try to start a conversation with you after class. He then rummages through his things, only to realize that he wasn’t able to bring any pens. He vaguely remembers Aunt May borrowing it earlier, but he’s not really sure if she was able to return it. “Oh no.” He whispers and takes out his notebook instead.
Peter is in the middle of pretending that he’s taking down notes, when he feels a soft tap on his shoulders.
“You can borrow this if you want.” You offer a ballpen to Peter.
Peter is taken aback by this sudden interaction.
“Ah!” You exclaim. “Don’t worry, the case is pink but the ink’s black.”
“T-thanks.” Peter stuttered. “I - I don’t mind the color.”
I don’t mind the color?? What the hell does that mean?! Peter smiles at your direction while mentally cursing at his awkward self on the inside.
The professor finishes up his lecture and you start to fix up your things.
“Thank you for this.” Peter interrupts, while you were in the middle of putting your notebook in your black leather backpack. “I-I left my pen at home and -” With his left hand, he rubs his nape, as he hands you the pen with his right. “I’m Peter, by the way, Peter Parker.”
“Y/N. Y/N, L/N.” You respond and push back the pen. “You can have the pen for a while. You’ll probably need that for your next classes.”
“Oh. Uh!.” That… makes sense. Not gonna lie, Peter was a little surprised by your response, he definitely did not include that in his list of possible scenarios. “Right. I’ll just return this tomorrow.”
“Sure! What time’s your lunch tomorrow?” You ask, as the two of you walk out of the room. “My lunch time is...” He looks at the back of his ID, “a little early… 11:30AM. How about you?”
“Ow. Too bad. Mine’s 12nn.”
Your small pout wasn’t left unnoticed (and it was a little cute and Peter couldn’t help but smile.) “Wanna compare schedules?” Peter asks.
“Sure!” you answer excitedly.
“So…” Peter scans your schedule. "We’re classmates in… Literature… and…”
“History.” You add. The two of you looked at each other and smiled.
“I guess we’ll see each other a lot?” Peter comments.
“Yeah. I hope so.” You answer and smile at him.
The two of you started eating together ever since the day returned the pen to you. Seating next to Peter is probably one of the best decisions that you made in your life. Having someone to eat with during lunch time was a thorn out of your chest because eating alone is one of your fears.
Generally, it takes a long time before you can adjust yourself to someone (contrary to the popular belief that you’re “friendly’), but Peter’s obvious awkwardness and warmth just made it more comfortable for you. Knowing that someone is as shy as you, but still trying to converse with you is something that you really appreciate 0 it makes you want to try to converse too.
From having lunch together, you two ended up walking home together, as well. Some days you would wait for him, some days he would wait for you and then some days he has to go earlier because he had something to do for Mr. Stark. Walking home together wasn’t really something that you explicitly told each other to do, it just felt like a natural thing to do.
“Hey.” you say, one day. “Let’s go to the clinic on our way home.”
“Why?” Peter asks, his voice sounds a little worried.“ Do you feel sick?”
You don’t answer and continue walking instead. After arriving at the clinic, you open the door and Mary, the University nurse, greets you with a warm smile.
“Y/N! What’s up?” Mary inquires.
“Hi Mary!” You stride inside and Peter follows. “Can I have some of your bandages?”
“Sure! Why? Don’t tell me you got injured again.” Mary echoes your soft chuckle. “No, not me this time.”
Mary pauses whatever she’s doing and observes you, as you point at the empty chair to where Peter can sit while you look for the bandages in the cabinet. Peter looks a little confused. With a white square bag in one hand, you approach the chair where Peter was seated.
“Give me your hand.” You instruct Peter, he hands you his left hand. “Your other hand, you silly.” You smile.
“I don’t think -” The pain he felt after you touch his right hand stops him mid-sentence.
“Sorry.” You whisper. Peter was wearing a long-sleeved flannel shirt that you had to slide up. His hand is swollen as you expected.
“I-” Peter starts. “I fell from the stairs.” Of course that is a lie. Because, he, in fact, fell from a building because he was running late for Literature class. He didn’t really mind it, because it happens all the time and he knows he’ll heal eventually.
You gently place a cold compress on Peter’s hand. “I noticed that you were having a hard time writing a while ago.” You pause for a while and look at him. “You don’t have to explain anything Peter. Plus, since you injured your dominant hand, I just thought you might need help with wrapping this up.”
“My mom’s a nurse.” You mention, while wrapping the bandage around Peter’s hand. “We used to pretend to be injured and wrap bandages during play time.”
Peter hums, amused. “You’re amazing, you know.” He comments. “You’ve always been like this since the day we first met. It’s like, you can read my mind.”
You laugh. “I don’t know why, but I always get that comment about me.” You pull down and button up Peter’s Sleeve. “But I don’t think I’m amazing, though.”
Before Peter could say anything, you stand up, fix the chair and return the bandage to where you got it. “Let’s go home?”
Peter nods and you bid goodbye to Mary.
“Bye, Mary. Thanks.” Peter echoes and waves his hand briefly.
“Take care, you two.” Mary responds.
On your way home, Peter stops in his tracks and points at the ice cream truck by the park. “Hey. Let’s get some ice cream. Sit by the bench over there.” He pauses and looks at you. “I’ll go get you some. My treat.” He winks and runs towards the truck.
You sit down on the bench located under a tree, stretch your arms a little while taking a breath of fresh air. A few moments later, you see Peter striding towards the bench. He stops in front of you, with two ice creams in his left hand - his fingers strategically intertwined to make sure the ice creams won’t fall down. One of the ice cream was probably cookies and cream flavored and the other one was chocolate for sure.
“You know” You comment, as you reach out for what you assume as the cookies and cream flavored ice cream. “If you can hold two ice cream cones in one hand you should might as well try to write with it.”
Peter laughs and sits next to you and hands you a paper towel. “I’ll put that on my to-do list.”
You grab the paper towel that Peter handed you and the two of you proceed eating. You were silent for a whole minute until Peter started speaking again.
“I still think you’re amazing though.” Peter comments. While you were focusing on eating your ice cream, he looked at you briefly and looked away when you started laughing.
“Why are you bringing up that topic again?” A layer of ice cream got stuck on your throat making you cough a little, you clear your throat, and continue. “I don’t think being… hmm… how should I call this?” You pause to think for a second. “Sensitive? I don’t think it’s something amazing.”
“Why is that?” Peter was curious. “It’s like you’re a mind-reader! It’s amazing!”
You chuckle. “Why? Are you going to recruit me to the Avengers or something?”
Did she notice that I’m Spider-Man, too? “Hehe-he.” Peter laughs awkwardly and continues eating his ice cream.
“But seriously though.” You continue, while chewing some of the ice cream cone bits in your mouth. “As much as being...err...hyper-sensitive with other people’s non-verbal nuances is a good thing, especially when I have a friend like Peter Parker who tends to keep their struggles to themselves.”
“Hey! I don’t do that…”
You glare at him, smile a little and take a deep breath. “It’s not particularly amazing when I have to stand in front of many people…” You finish up with your ice cream and crumple the piece of paper towel on your hand. “...and notice every little change in expression each time you utter a word… Or when you sit alone in the middle of crowded places and just feel the eyes of people staring at you, judging you.” You look at Peter and smile a little more as you try to make it look like it’s not that big of an issue.
Peter had finished his ice cream as well. “Y/N…” Peter might not be as sensitive as you, but he looks at you as if he sees beyond your half-hearted smile. Peter moves and scoots closer to you while adjusting himself to face you. He takes your hand, opens it, and takes the balled up paper towel that you’ve been gripping while you were speaking. With his left hand, he puts the paper towel into his bag’s side pocket, while making sure that his right hand never left yours.
“I’m sorry… I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable.” You look at Peter. He was gazing at you, looking straight into your eyes.
“It’s fine, Peter. It’s not like you -”
“Y/N.” Peter cuts you off. “Whether or not I wanted to, I made you feel uncomfortable and I have to apologize. Okay?” Peter pauses. “Can you promise me one thing?”
“What is it?” You ask.
“I - I’m not as sensitive as you and I might not always notice whether you feel bad or not.” Peter continues. “If it’s alright with you… can you promise to not hide your feelings when you’re with me? I mean - it’s difficult, you know. Having to hide your feelings all the time. At least if you’re with me… even if it’s for a short time, you don’t have to carry the burden of hiding it.”
You smile at Peter, tears welling up on your eyes. “Peter…”
“But if you’re not comfortable with that, it’s fine -”
You release your hand from Peter’s hand, form a fist and raise your pinky finger. “I promise.”
Peter smiles and entangles his pinky finger into yours. “Promise.”
“Just promise that you won’t fall down the stairs again.” You joke.
Peter chuckles while reaching out for your face to wipe the tear that you didn’t notice fall from your eye.
“If you have presentations where you have to speak in front of the class, whether I’m your classmate or not, I’ll try to be there and maybe you can try to focus on me?” Peter clears his throat. “I mean… just to keep your attention out of the other people.”
You laugh and Peter joins you too. “Thanks, Pete.”
“I have something to buy at the grocery.” You tell Peter while the two of you are waiting for the traffic light to turn green. “You can go ahead.”
“Take care!” Peter shouts as the two of you go your separate ways.
“You too!” You shout back and make your way towards the grocery.
Peter waits until you’re out of sight before he goes to the alleyway to change into his suit and start his patrol. He webs his way up the building and gets a glimpse of you entering the grocery. He nods a little and webs away to find people he needs to help out.
Normal. That’s what Peter would probably describe the first hour of his patrol today - stopping thieves from running away, saving cats that got stuck on a tree and telling a lost man the directions. It was all just normal everyday, neighborhood Spider-Man things.
He was about to take a break when he felt the hair in his arms stand up.
Peter tingle.
“Y/N!” He exclaims as he hurries down towards the direction of the grocery where he last saw you.
I hope I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong. He repeats in his head. Y/N, please, please be safe.
You were on your way to cross the street when a running child and stumbled into you, causing your groceries to fall down. You squat to pick up the groceries, you look up to search for the child, only to find him still running.
Towards the pedestrian lane.
Red light.
Huge truck.
You stand up and dash towards the kid, leaving your groceries scattered across the pavement.
Will I make it?
You run as fast as you can.
I won’t make it. The truck’s too fast.
You run faster.
A little more.
You reach for him and you push him towards (what you think is) safety as hard as hard as you can. All the energy in your body had left you and the last thing you can remember was the loud honk from the truck and then everything was silent.
Your eyes are still closed when you feel an arm tightly wrapped around you. You look up only to find yourself swinging in the air while being held and carried by none other than Spider-Man.
The two of you reach what seems to be the top of some building, you're not even sure what building it is because everything happened so fast.
Spider-Man put you down at last.
“Thank you.” You tell him as you pat down and straighten your clothes. “I’m sorry you had to...carry me. Is the - uhm - is the kid safe?” You ask him.
Spider-Man chuckles. “You were literally about to die a while ago and the first thing you think of is the well-being of other people.” He sighs. “Are YOU okay?”
You pause for a second to the sudden idea that popped into your mind while you're face-to-face with THE Spider-Man.
Oddly familiar.
His voice is a little muffled, but you know that voice. You hear that voice every day. And that height. You take a step forward. That scent.
That warmth.
“Peter?” You step closer to the man that you’re 90% sure is your friend, Peter Parker, dressed in the Spider-Man costume. “Is that you?”
A/N: It's my first time writing for Peter Parker! How was it?? Haha. I hope I did his character justice.
I'm so excited to write five different stories with different pairings inspired from the song "You Shine". I haven't watched the musical but whenever I hear that song, I feel so encouraged and it makes me feel assured that somewhere out there, there are people who can see good things in me that I can't see for myself. Next up, Bucky Barnes x Reader! Look forward to it!
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sunshineandaisies · 13 days ago
Eight Letters
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Words: 935
Warnings: language, the briefest mention of sex, ANGST
Inspired by: 8 Letters - Why Don't We
Tumblr media
There are so many things that Peter loves about you.
He loves the way your tongue peaks out between your lips when you’re concentrating too hard on your chemistry homework. He loves the way you doodle in the margins of your notebook when you get bored in history class. He loves the way you draw patterns on the back of his hand absentmindedly during movie nights with Ned and MJ. He loves the way your nose scrunches slightly and your eyes crinkle when you laugh. He loves the way you look with nothing but his baggy t-shirt on.
He could go on and on.
There are so many things that Peter loves about you, but he just can’t bring himself to admit - to himself or to you or to anyone else - that he loves you.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to love you. It’s just that people he’s lost people that he loves.
He loved his parents, and they died. He loved Uncle Ben, and he died. He loved Tony, and he died.
Sure, there are plenty of other people that he loves - like Aunt May, Ned, and little Morgan - that he still has, but he doesn’t want to risk it.
Peter doesn’t want to lose you too, so he doesn’t say it, doesn’t acknowledge just how deeply he feels for you.
And some days he wonders if that’s fair to you, to deprive you of something you so freely have him months ago. The little 'I love you' had tumbled from your lips so easily as you laid tangled in the sheets beneath him, breathless and beautiful and so entirely too good for someone who felt as broken as he did. After that day, you spoke the words often, but you never expected anything from him in return.
You wait so patiently for him, and for that alone Peter wants to love you. You gave so much of yourself to him - your time, your body, your heart - and Peter wants to return the favor, but he just...can’t.
He’s come close to telling you what he knows you want to hear. He’s come so goddamn close, but every time the words are at the tip of his tongue, he swallows them whole and pushes the feelings down, down, down, down until they’ve disappeared from his mind completely. It’s like the minute he finally gives in to just how strongly he feels for you, you’ll slip through his fingers one way or another, and he’s not sure he could survive that.
He was still raw from Tony’s death, after all, and if he lost you now...
He’s pulled from his thoughts by a light flick on his forehead, and he lifts his eyes from his still blank assignment to see you smiling softly at him. “I can literally feel you thinking too hard, Pete,” you tell him, and though there’s a teasing lilt to your voice, he can see just how concerned you are in your eyes. “Wanna talk about it?”
He smiles at you in return, but the smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “No, it’s nothing,” he lies. You see right through him, just as you always do when he gets like this. He cups your face, the pad of his thumb brushing over your cheekbone tenderly. “I’m fine. I promise.”
You don’t push, you don’t prod. You never do. Instead, you give him the time he needs to sort through his thoughts and feelings, knowing that eventually he’ll open up. And when he does, you’ll listen closely, give advice if the situation warrants it, and reassure him that everything’s okay despite the worst of his worries.
It’s one of the many things that he loves about you.
“I love you, you know,” you say instead, leaning forward to press your forehead against his. Your breath fans over his face, smelling of the spearmint gum that you’re always chewing on, and the familiarity of it, of you, helps him relax just enough to forget his fears for a moment. Your fingertips trail down the length of his arm to his hand, entangling your hand in his.
You help ground him, anchoring him to you and to the present, and, again, he thinks you deserve to be loved in a way that he’s not sure he can. You deserve so much more than he can give you.
He wants to tell you as much, but Peter also wants to be selfish and never let you go.
So instead, he says, “I know.”
You don’t deflate when he doesn’t say it back. You don’t frown or rip your hand from his or run from the room in anger and frustration and sadness. Instead, your smile grows wider before you press your lips to his.
Peter feels the guilt creep in, slowly overtaking the fear, and he wants to just say it so badly. He wants to tell you, over and over and over again until you’re sick of hearing it. But he doesn’t. He can’t.
“Y/N, I-” He tries, he really fucking tries, but he chokes on the words. Why is it so hard to just tell you what you deserve to hear? Why is it so hard to say it back? He feels so frustrated and so, so goddamn undeserving of you, and it hurts to think that he could be hurting you by not saying it back.
It shouldn’t be this hard.
You press your lips to his again and squeeze his hand reassuringly. “It’s okay, Pete. I know.” Another kiss pressed against his lips. “I know. I promise I know.”
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sunshineandaisies · 21 days ago
Pikachu Problems
Words: ~1.9k
Pairing: Peter Parker x Avenger!Reader
Warnings: language, very minor sexual suggestions
Note: I am currently sick- thus, this was created. Also watched a bunch of Teen Wolf while writing this, so took inspiration from Kira’s thunder kitsune powers for the reader’s powers.
Tumblr media
It had started off as just sniffles – an occasional sneeze here and a blown nose there – but within the course of a few days, what you had hoped was just allergies had turned into a full-blown, misery-inducing cold.
Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if it were a normal cold, but because normal wasn’t in your vocabulary, you had been placed on quarantine to stop your sneezing and coughing from taking down an entire electrical grid in the city. Instead, you were irritating Tony every ten minutes as the lights flickered within Stark Tower and F.R.I.D.A.Y. updated him on the power outages throughout the building that your sneezing and coughing was causing. 
“Kid, I’m gonna need you to stop shorting the power in the lab,” he had told you over the intercom after your latest coughing fit had caused a slight blackout within that part of the building. “Do we need to get some lightning rods for you or something? Maybe pad your room in rubber? I’ll take any suggestions, kid. Anything that’ll help keep you from frying the equipment in my lab.”
If you hadn’t been absolutely miserable, his growing frustration may have been funny.
Your quarantine only made you more miserable. You hadn’t been to school in days – hell, you’d barely left your room. Your meals were brought to you, your supply of tissues restocked every other day when Bucky or Bruce would leave a plastic bag from the drug store outside of your door, and your communication with others was done solely through the intercom or with F.R.I.D.A.Y. serving as a messenger.
To make matters worse, on the third day of you quarantine a particularly powerful sneeze had shorted all the electronics in your room. F.R.I.D.A.Y. had been unable to access your room for three hours while Tony repaired the damage, your laptop had to be completely wiped in order to assess the damage, and your phone – well, your phone was fried.
That’s probably why, on the sixth day of your quarantine, a friendly neighborhood Spider-Boy showed up at Stark Tower, rambling on and on about unanswered texts and awkward voicemails – that you definitely needed to listen to once Tony sorted out your phone situation – and ‘why the hell weren’t you in school all week’.
“C’mon, Mr. Stark. Let me in to see her,” you heard Peter begging through the intercom after he had finally managed to track Tony down after trying and failing to get F.R.I.D.A.Y. to open the door to your bedroom for nearly thirty minutes. “I just wanna make sure she’s feeling okay.”
“Kid, the last thing we need is a fried spider,” was Tony’s response, making you roll your eyes.
“I won’t hurt him,” you defended, your throat sore and scratchy from days upon days of feeling like you would cough up a lung. “I just want some cuddles, and I don’t see anyone else lining up at my door to cuddle me.” You sneezed, and the lights in your room flickered. You hoped your sneezed hadn’t affected the electricity anywhere else or you’d never convince Tony to let Peter into your room. “Please, Tony,” you pleaded. “I just want to see Peter.”
“Please, Mr. Stark,” Peter joined your pleading, and you knew that with the combined efforts of the two of you, he’d crack eventually. “She won’t hurt me. I know she won’t.”
You heard the older man groan over the intercom, and after another second, the lock on your door disengaged. “Thank you, Tony!” you exclaimed at the same time as Peter happily shouted, “You’re the best, Mr. Stark.”
“Don’t make me regret this,” Tony warned, sounding just as exasperated as you imagined he was. You smiled widely despite knowing that neither Tony nor Peter could see you. Tony Stark was good at many things but being able to tell his protégé and his ward no when they both pressed hard enough was not one of those things.
Within ten minutes, Peter was at your door. He had a fuzzy blanket draped over his shoulders, a steaming bowl of soup in his hands, and his laptop tucked under one arm while a fresh box of tissues was tucked under the other. He beamed at you when you opened the door, but his smile quickly faded as he took in your appearance. “You, uh- you look like-”
“Shit?” you guessed, hating how nasally your voice sounded. You tried to laugh when you saw his cheeks tinge pink as he shrugged, but your attempt at laughing quickly turned into a coughing fit. The lights flickered again, and Peter’s eyed you skeptically.
“Is this why you haven’t been answering my texts and calls all week?” he asked, though you assumed he already knew the answer to that question. You cocked your head to the side and raised a brow at him, moving to the side to let him into your room and past you. “You killed your phone, didn’t you?”
“Can you kill something that was never alive to begin with?” you asked rhetorically. You crawled onto your bed and crossed your legs, waiting for Peter to join you. “Did I fry my phone and make it completely unusable? Yes. Did I kill it? No.”
“Sounds like you killed it,” he quipped with a teasing grin. “Here. Pepper made this for you.” He handed you the bowl of soup, and you happily took it from him, inhaling the steam that rose off the liquid and letting it warm your throat and sinuses. You sighed in relief as you felt it soothing the inflammation that made it difficult to breath and speak. The sound didn’t escape Peter’s attention, and he smiled softly at you before settling a hand on your bare knee. “Better?”
“I will be,” you reassured and returned his smile. You let him mother hen you as you ate the soup in quiet. He made sure you had enough water, made sure that you weren’t feeling feverish, made sure that a box of tissues was within your reach, made sure that you were comfortable – ‘Peter, you really don’t need to fluff my pillows again’ – and made sure that you had taken the recommended dose of cough syrup throughout the day.
Finally – finally! – he joined you on the bed after pulling the now empty bowl from your hands and setting it on the bedside table. “Someone asked for cuddles?” he questioned sheepishly – and oh so adorably – as he settled in the spot beside you.
“I believe that someone is me,” you returned. You moved closer to him, but something in the back of your mind made you stop. “Are you sure?”
His face twisted in confusion and his brow furrowed tightly. “Sure about what?”
“That I won’t hurt you.” Right on cue, you coughed, causing the lights to flicker once again. “I can’t control it, Peter. I could hurt you, and if that happens, I don’t know what I-”
Your train of thought was interrupted by a warm hand on your cheek and soft brown eyes boring into yours. “Y/N, I literally trust you with my life. Out there and in here.” His thumb trailed over your cheekbone, his touch igniting your sense. You really wished you weren’t sick. If you were healthy, you’d definitely pounce and show him your appreciation for him and his trust.
“Aren’t you worried about getting sick?”
He shrugged. “Seems like it’s nothing more than a cold, but your powers are making it, like, ten times worse for you.” His hand dropped away from your face, but his arms opened, inviting you into his embrace. “C’mere, pretty girl.”
“Pretty girl? Didn’t you say I looked like shit earlier?”
“In my defense, I never actually said that. You just assumed that that was what I was going to say.” You scooted closer to Peter and slumped into his arms, sighing at the contact after going days without. “But you’re always a pretty girl. Even if you’re sick and look like shit.”
You swatted at his shoulder and laughed, but another coughing fit soon took over. The lights flickered overhead and a mechanically buzzing in the walls could be heard for a few seconds before the room grew silent once more. Once you were sure that the need to cough had died down, you relaxed against Peter. “Can we take a nap? Please?”
“Yeah, of course.” He guided your bodies down to the mattress, settling your heads atop your pillow and pulling the blanket over your bodies. “You’ll tell me if you need anything?”
“Definitely,” you murmured against the skin of his neck, your eyes drooping shut. “Missed you.”
“Missed you, too, pretty girl,” you heard Peter respond before you finally let your exhausted body rest.
When you woke up a few hours later, your body shaking from your latest coughing fit, the New York skyline was lit up with different shades of pinks and reds and oranges as the sun sank below the horizon. Peter bolted awake beside you, a comforting hand on your back to rub soothing circles over the fabric of your t-shirt.
Again, the lights flickered, and the mechanical buzzing sound returned, even louder than before. This time, though, the lights grew brighter and brighter before your bedroom was eventually plunged into darkness.
“Peter,” you whispered, your voice hoarse. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” he reassured quickly. “I’m fine, but, uh-” He held up his phone, the screen remaining completely black as he pressed the home button over and over again. “I think you killed my phone.”
You groaned and flopped back against your mattress, covering your face with your hands. “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to-”
You were interrupted by Tony’s voice over the intercom, sounding just as irritated as you imagined he was. “Okay, Pikachu.” You rolled your eyes at the nickname. “Not sure how you managed to do it, but F.R.I.D.A.Y. can’t access anything on your floor. The locks, the lights, the elevator. All of it. Until I can figure out how to fix this, you’re not going anywhere. That means you, too, Spiderling.”
“But Aunt May said to-” The distinct click of the intercom disconnecting sounded, and Peter slumped against the mattress beside you, pressing his face into your neck. “I guess I’m stuck here.”
“You won’t hear me complaining,” you quipped.
You felt him smile against your neck while his arm wound itself around your waist. “I’m not complaining,” he defended. He pressed his lips to your neck in a soft kiss, and you sighed happily, fingers twining in his messy hair. To prove his point, he pressed kisses along the column of your neck, across your jaw and cheeks, and finally firmly against your lips. “I’m definitely okay with being stuck in my girlfriend’s bedroom. Even if she’s sick and unintentionally causing blackouts in the building.”
You smiled against his lips as he settled himself between your legs, and you whispered, “Whoever said giving you a perfectly good reason to stay the night was unintentional?”
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buckysbabygorl · 21 days ago
By Her Side (Peter Parker Fanfic)
Tumblr media
Authors Note: This was made by request of @lunarunreal I hope I you enjoy the fic; and I intend no offense if I misrepresented the situation. I wish you the best on your journey; stay strong ❤️
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: mention of hospital, cancer, chemo therapy symptoms, angst, hospitals
Summary: Y/N is undergoing treatment for cancer. While struggling to persevere, Peter stays by her side and encourages her. This was made by request of @lunarunreal​ I hope I you enjoy the fic; and I intend no offense if I misrepresented the situation. I wish you the best on your journey; stay strong ❤️ thank you to @babyblue-07​ for the creative help! Check out her page @babybluereads​ for fic recommendations!
Word Count: 2,078
Today, just really, really fucking sucked.
Y/N laid in her bed, waiting for everyone to come back. Her parents had stepped out to the cafeteria with May; they’d missed lunch on account of the procedure, they wanted to make sure Y/N was feeling alright before they did anything else.
“I’m fine,” she said, “Go get something. I’ll be good for a bit.”
Hesitantly, they’d parted.
Her parents had been hovering, which she’d appreciated but sometimes it was all a little too much. Too overwhelming.
She didn’t know what she wanted anymore; when she had been diagnosed… it hadn’t been easy. Obviously.
It was tough on her mind, tough on her body. She was tired all of the time, she felt sick, she felt pain…
She didn’t know if having everyone around made her feel better or worse sometimes.
So right now she needed a second alone, just a moment to think.
A knock came on her door, and she looked up from her book.
“Hey,” she said, a soft smile on her lips.
Peter stood in the doorway, knuckle still pressed to the trim of the door frame. A half smile reflected hers, and he shuffled in.
“Hey, how’d it go?”
She sighed, “Fine, well as could be expected.”
He nodded, pulling the visitor’s chair up beside her bed, getting comfy as if it were his own home. That’s one of the things Y/N loved about Peter; he always felt like home.
They had always been close, growing up in the same apartment building for years, going to the same school. When Y/N’s parents were out and May and Ben used to babysit; and when the roles were reversed, of course her family would provide the same courtesy to Peter. After a while it was like they were family, and the two quickly became inseparable. They did everything together, and they were there through everything too. When Ben passed away, Y/N and her family made sure the Parker’s felt cared for and supported. And when Y/N was diagnosed, there was no doubt that the Parkers would be right there beside her. Especially Peter.
He was her best friend; he was her rock.
Yes she wanted to be alone; but the only exception for that was him.
Peter didn’t feel like another expectation to meet; another task to fulfill; one more thing she had to worry about… no.
Peter was easy; he was comfortable. Safety, home…
Sick… very sick.
“Oh shit,” She muttered, covering her mouth. Peter reacted immediately, grabbing the waste basket from beside the bed as she lurched forward. He caught her throw up just in time, and as she continued to retch into the bin he rubbed small circles on her back. He wanted to do more; but this was all he could manage. Reassurance, and being there when she needed it.
Puking or otherwise.
She sat back slowly, the action taking more energy out of her than she thought it would. He wiped a few stray hairs from her forehead, matted with sweat. He ran his thumb underneath her eye; she looked tired.
He wanted to make it go away; make it easier if he could. But he settled for caresses and smiles, it seemed to make her happier.
“Pete, can you grab the nurse for me?”
“Yeah of course.”
His hand dropped as he quickly scurried out; he waved down a nurse in the hall and smiled sadly as she stepped in. The door closed behind her, and Peter found himself leaning back against it. A long sigh escaping his lips; he surprised himself when he nearly found himself crying.
God, get a grip.
Nothing had happened but it felt like everything. He was frustrated; he hated that they couldn’t sit at the Thai restaurant like they used to, they didn’t beg the librarian to keep the place open for just a little bit longer. He wanted her to be healthy and happy; he wanted his Y/N back.
This thought almost made him cry more; she still was his Y/N, she was still her in every way. That beautiful, bright and strong woman he’d grown up with. He just knew this was hard for her, of course it was. And even though she was still that incredible woman; he knew she was losing hope.
He ran his hands through his hair, glancing around the hallway for an empty chair to wait in.
Alright, you know the side effects are hard. But she’s okay, she’ll be okay. Just let her rest, give her some space.
He plopped himself in his chair as a voice called for him.
“Hey kid.”
Peter turned his head to see Happy coming in his direction; snapping shut a flip cell phone.
Most people carried around normal phones, but Happy insisted on the dated technology for personal life calls and whatnot. Then again, expecting Happy to do something normal wasn’t really rational.
“Happy, what are you doing here?”
“I was around; wanted to stop by and check in.”
He nodded towards the closed door of Y/N’s designated room; “How’s she doing?”
Peter huffed, shaking his head.
“Today’s not really a good day; I think she just needs some rest.”
Happy nodded; it was to be expected. Not every day went by smoothly, but they had to take these bumps in the road to get Y/N back to the right place.
He didn’t really know what to say; he wasn’t always the best at reassurance. When it came to superheroes saving the world; sure. He could give them a quick jab, a motivating speech, get Tony’s or Peter’s head screwed on tight and send them back to the battlefield. But this wasn’t that; this was a scared kid with his best friend, and an uncertain future.
“Well, let me know if you need anything. I’m going to do everything I can to help; I’m here for you both.”
“Thank you, Happy”
He knew that something else was weighing on Peter; it was the drop in his shoulders, the tense biting of his inner cheek. Eyes somewhere else; yet nowhere.
May and Happy talked, of course. They’d been dating for quite sometime now; he had become her confidant and she, his. Happy knew how the kid felt for Y/N, they all did. It was no secret how they teased one another; how they kept to themselves; how they made sure to put time in their lives for one another.
May was worried; Peter had been wanting to say something for such a long time, she knew it. But now… she didn’t think he ever would.
“He probably thinks it’s selfish, knowing him. He never wants to…” she said to Happy, rubbing her hands nervously, “He never wants to be a burden.”
He wasn’t, of course. No one saw him that way; and Happy knew Y/N of all people would never think that.
He’d come to like the young girl; seeing her around the Parker apartment many times. She was an absolute delight; he couldn’t find a flaw in her. Maybe the need for independence; that fear Peter and her both shared, never wanting to be selfish, always thinking of someone else first.
But they both needed to be happy; and loving each other openly could be a step to that.
“And kid?”
Peter looked to him, waiting as Happy chose his words carefully.
“Don’t be afraid to tell her how you feel.”
Peter shook his head, “It’s not the right time Happy...”
“I know. But, someday it will be. You guys don’t have to start now, but when you feel ready and it feels right, don't hesitate kid.”
The nurse interrupted them, smiling as she waved to the young boy. “You can come in, she’s feeling better.”
He nodded, standing up beside Happy.
The older man nodded once more to the door, “You go ahead. I’ll wait for May.”
“Thanks Happy.”
Happy looked down at Peter, clasping a hand on his shoulder. “Anytime kid. I mean it.”
He smiled back at him, before slipping back into her room.
As he came in; he noticed how she wouldn’t look at him. The young girl looked to her lap, feeling the tears building.
“Y/N--what’s wrong?”
She looked up, choking back a sob. He saw it in her face; the anger, the sadness, the fatigue. Today just really fucking sucked.
“I can’t keep doing this,” she said, “I fucking hate it. I wanna go home.”
As she breathed out an exhausted cry, he rushed to her side. He pulled her into him; gentle but strong. She sobbed into his shoulder, as he mumbled reassurances into her ear.
“I’ve got you, it’s alright. Let it out…”
“I’m scared Peter; this is so hard—”
“Hey, hey. I know Y/N... I-I know it’s not easy. But you’re going to get through this. You’re the toughest person I know. And…”
He pulled away to look at her; he needed to see her when he spoke. He wanted to speak from his heart; for once he wasn’t scared to do so. As he stared into those beautiful eyes he’d found many moments of comfort in, the face he’d fallen so deeply in love with; he felt his mind begin to race. He wasn’t sure if what came next would make sense. But it would have to do.
“...Your life matters. Sometimes the things that matter most are... the hardest things we have to go through. So, for some reason you got dealt this. It’s not fair; but the fight is still worth it.”
As a tear rolled down his cheek, she reached up to wipe it away. He cupped her hand against his face as he looked into her eyes.
“Think about everything before this; think about all the memories we’ve had. Your family, everyone at school, every place you’ve been, every picture you’ve taken, every book you’ve read, every smile you’ve given—” He felt crazy; what was the point? What was he trying to say?
“All of those moments you’ve made, that you’ve had are beautiful. You’re so beautiful--so, so beautiful… there’s going to be so much more that you have to fight towards. I’m so proud of you for what you’ve done and how far you’ve come. You have to keep going; you have to keep trying. Your life means too much for you not to.”
He clutched her hands in his, holding her as if it was the only way his words would get across. Neither of them knew what would happen; but she knew she would fight, she knew that she had the love and support she needed to keep going. She knew that drive within her wouldn’t go away. Not when there was so much more for her moving forward.
“No matter what happens, I’ll be right here beside you.”
She nodded, she felt it. She felt his honesty; she knew his promise wasn’t only words. It was a bond; it was love… Tired, so tired…
He smiled sweetly, stopping himself from chuckling at her drowsiness. “Getting tired?”
“Mhm.” She mumbled.
He saddled up beside her, pulling her to him gently in the bed. They might get in trouble; but he didn’t really care. He wanted to be close to her; and she certainly was not opposed.
“TV on? He asked.
“Yeah,” she muttered, “Something stupid...”
As he grabbed the remote, clicking on the TV, he could’ve sworn a soft kiss was placed on his shoulder. His heart fluttered, but he let the moment pass as he sifted through the channels. Maybe it wouldn’t be today; or tomorrow. But someday, they wouldn’t be here. They’d be in each other's arms in another place, holding each other with sweet “I love you’s” breaking the silence. But tonight; she would fall asleep in his arms to the laugh track of a show neither of them could name; love unspoken, but prominent and indefinite. No matter what; he would be there. Always by her side.
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loveaffaire · a month ago
She Doesn’t Even Know
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Peter and you have been best friends all their life. When one night, you and Peter make plans to study at your place for the upcoming exam, Peter finds a used condom in your bin and loses his shit because well. . .
Warnings: angst, mention of sex, profanities, Peter crying :( and just some cute fluff! - 18+ (MINORS DNI)
Word count: 2k+
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Can you believe Flash really finally asked Gwen out?” you said as you and Peter entered your cold room, putting your bags at the small couch near your bedroom window. You both had that dreadful chemistry exam next week that you couldn’t wait to get over with and Peter was godsend because he was here to help you with it.
“No way! Did she say yes?” Peter asked with wide eyes. He used to have a huge crush on Gwen Stacy back in junior year and you never stopped joking about it. Peter never said anything to Gwen and that stupid little crush died down as you both started getting closer.
“I think so, that’s what Flash told us anyway” you shrugged your shoulders, “Why? Are you jealous?” you narrowed your eyes at him in a jokingly manner, biting your lip.
“W-what? No! Why would I be jealous? I used to like her in junior year. That’s like 3 years ago or something” he quickly said. His cheeks turned a sweet shade of pink.
You loved how sensitive Peter’s body was. Whatever he was feelings would be reflected on his body and you thought it was the most adorable thing ever. It was almost like he was hyper sensitive to everything around him. His pale skin would turn shades of pink multiple times a day and you loved every shade of it that would settle on his face because of one thing or the other.
“Alright, I believe you” you whispered, not looking at Peter but rather busy taking out your chemistry books and setting them on the table. You were busy revising the syllabus in your head, making sure you wouldn’t miss anything. You really needed a good grade on this test and you were determined to get that grade.
While you were too distracted thinking about that exam, Peter was looking at you intensely. With his hands buried deep in his jeans pockets and a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, he was just thinking about how pretty you were.
He knew he liked you, he really did but he didn’t want to make any moves. He didn’t plan on it and he probably never will, he promised himself. Your friendship was too precious to him and he would die before he decides to mess that up. As much as he would love to kiss your lips and cuddle you to sleep, he promised himself to bottle up these feelings and take them to the grave. He can go as far as saying that he loved you and he was comfortable in that thought, after all this was you, his angel-
“Peter?” your voice startled him as he was pulled out of his thoughts.
“Yea- yes?” He says softly, clearing his throat. He was scared.
“You were looking at me like you’re planning to kill me. Are you okay?” you joked but concern was evident in your voice. Walking up to him, putting your hands on his shoulder, you shook him slightly.
“Uh. Yes, yes I’m fine. Sorry I was thinking about something” Peter said as he sucked in some air, his chest tightening. You were so close to him, he could see your eyes so clearly, your pale lips because it was too cold and your cherry earrings that you’ve just bought last week. You smelled like vanilla even after a long day, your hair looked so soft-
“Okay then I’m going to make some tea before we start, do you want a cup too?” you asked as you started reaching for your bedroom door, swinging it open.
“Yes, please” Peter said as he watched you slip out of the door. He started following you but then he felt that mint wrapper in his pocket. He pulled it out and walked to the bin that you had in your room, tossing it in. He briefly turned around as he stopped in his tracks and looked back inside the bin.
A shiny blue packet of some sort was in there and Peter knew exactly what it was. His mind told him to look away but he couldn’t. It was torn open, he could see a used something shoved inside it. His chest tightened again but not in a gushy, ‘I’m in love with my best friend’ kinda way but in a heartbreaking way.
Who is she sleeping with? Why didn’t she tell me? Why do I feel so angry? She’s not even with me? Are my feelings justified? Do I know this boy who is getting in her bed at night? Why did she hide this from me? Fuck-
“Peter!” your voice rang through the empty flat, cutting his thoughts short for the third time today.
Peter felt short of breath. His palms were sweaty and he doesn’t know if he’s ever felt this way. He was scared and wanted to go home and never come back. His heart was crushed and it was all because someone else was making you feel in a way he wished to.
Peter gained some strength in his knees and dragged his heavy feet to the kitchen. His mind was in a daze and he probably wasn’t thinking right as he just stood at the kitchen doorway.
When you were done pouring the tea into two mugs, you looked up at Peter and your face fell. Peter only realised how not okay he looked, with his face pale and his eyes red, when he saw you put the mugs down and rush to where he was standing.
You and Peter have always just been touchy friends. Holding hands or kissing each other’s cheek as a goodnight was normal to you both so when you kept your warm hands on his cheeks, it didn’t feel awkward.
“Honey, are you okay?” you were concerned, you heart was in your throat and you were feeling empty. Peter was sensitive, you knew that but here he was looking white as a ghost and you were scared of all the worst possibilities.
“Who are you sleeping with?” he whispered looking down at you. You flinched when you heard him ask that. He flinched when he saw you flinch because he realised what he has just asked you. But it was too late now, the words were out there and Peter really didn’t give a shit right now.
Peter was angry. He was angry with this situation. He was even more angry with his feelings and how he knew you didn’t feel the same. He knew he had to keep his feelings to himself but he hadn’t realised how bad his heart will be crushed when you’ll get with someone else. His feelings had only started to develop into something more the previous year and that whole time you weren’t dating anyone so it was easy but this? This was far from easy.
“Peter, just sit down” you said avoiding his eyes. You pulled his arm towards the kitchen chair. Your heart was thumping, your throat dry and the room was filled with so much tension that you could put a knife through it.
“Will you tell me then?” Peter’a voice was so low and soft, it made you shudder. His gaze was so strong, his eyes a dark shade of brown. He’s never been like this. You’ve been friends for years and yes, you’ve seen him upset or angry but it was never like this. He looked betrayed, hurt and disappointed and you were confused.
You’re so fucking naive. Did you really think she’ll stay single forever? You lost your chance, oh you never had any. You love her and she doesn’t even know, she doesn’t even know, she doesn’t even know-
Peter’s mind filled all these mean thoughts in his head which he so desperately wanted to get rid off, he desperately wanted you to help him ease that pain.
“It didn’t mean anything” you whispered, almost like you were ashamed to say those words.
That’s when you heard the first sob that cracked through Peter’s lips that he was so desperately trying to keep in. His shoulders coming down as his eyes spilled all the tears he was keeping in.
You were quick to react, your arms going around his whole body, engulfing him in a hug as you started to ramble.
“It didn’t mean anything to me, Peter. Him and I just met at a party and it just happened, doesn’t mean anything. I didn’t even saw him after that night, I don’t even have his number-“
You stopped talking as you felt him gripping your body close against his. You didn’t know what was happening and you were pretty sure this wasn’t how friends act.
Friends didn’t cry about their friend sleeping with someone else, friends didn’t explain why they slept with someone else with tears in their eyes. But with this situation, with Peter sobbing in the crook of your neck and you rambling about your one night stand with tears in your eyes, you both were far from friends.
With that thought, you pulled away. Your back hit the kitchen counter and Peter looked at you with teary eyes and it broke your heart.
“Why are you crying about it, Peter? Because I didn’t tell you? It didn’t mean anything to me, it wasn’t important so I thought-“
“I love you”
Oh now Peter really didn’t give a shit.
The words that he whispered felt so loud. They felt heavy, so heavy that you could fill rooms and buildings with it. They were sincere and you knew it because when he said it, you saw his eyes soften, the pretty brown colour coming back.
“I’ve loved you for so long but you. . . you don’t know and when I saw that used condom, I felt so sad because- because I don’t want anyone touching you. No one but- but me-“ Peter rambled on, his lips quivering.
That’s when you reached out and put both your hands on his cheeks, your forehead resting on his.
“Shh, calm down” you said softly as you continued to brush your fingers on his cheeks with a soft smile.
“Why- why are you smile- smiling?” Peter said in between hiccups, confused.
“Because I love you, you idiot”
Your lips slightly brushed on his lips, your nose bumping into his. That shade of pink you loved so much settling on his cheeks and the tip of his nose again and you were so thankful for that.
“But-“ Peter pulled away, still not believing the words he just heard.
“I slept with that guy because I was being reckless. It was Saturday night, I was alone and I don’t know why I did it but we’re nothing. I love you, I wanna be with you” you said as you ran your fingers through his curly brown hair, trying to ease the stress.
“What?” Peter sniffled, a smile breaking on his face. His hands travelling from your waist to your face, pulling you in.
He didn’t give you a chance to say anything back as he put his soft lips on yours. The kiss was soft and brief. Just lips innocently touching and you liked how romantic it felt.
“I love you, I love you, I love you” Peter repeated his words as to tattoo them in his head, a reminder that this has happened and you were here in his arms with your lips on his.
“You’re gonna be mine?” Peter whispered as he looked lovingly in your eyes, his hands in your hair. He still couldn’t believe you were so close to him, telling him you loved him.
“Only yours” you whispered back as you kissed his eyes, almost like a way of saying sorry for making him cry.
Peter nearly broke out in another fit of tears from the happiness. His heart was so full, he couldn’t contain it.
“Hey, baby. Shh, come on- see, do you want a muffin?” You said as you quickly reached out for the muffins that you’ve pulled out for Peter a while back when you were making tea.
Peter threw his hand back as he giggled at your attempt to make him stop crying.
You smiled as you looked at him, the guilt still in your chest about the way he found this out.
“I’m so sorry you had to find it out this way though. I feel awful” you said as you broke a piece of the muffin and fed it to Peter.
“I’m just happy about us” he simply said, happily munching on the muffin.
“I promise the next time something like this happens, I’ll remember to take the trash out” you said as you went to take a bite of the muffin but it was snatched out of your hand and you were pulled into a rough kiss.
“Don’t say that” Peter said. His voice was tough, like an order. You immediately felt guilty and took it back.
“I’m sorry. I was making a joke. . . I’m all yours, I promise” you said sincerely as you watched Peter’s eyes soften.
“You better remember that” he said softly as he gave you another kiss because he could finally do that and obviously because he couldn’t get enough of it.
Tumblr media
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Thank you!! ❦
© loveaffaire
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devotion · a month ago
crazy about you → p.p
Tumblr media
summary: after what feels like decades, peter has the guts to tells you he loves you.
requested: @cocoamoonmalfoy prompt in bold. <3
notes: listen, my arse somehow... procrastinated on revision and...... pls help. i love this tho but i need help.
word count: 843 ♡ | p.p masterlist
you and peter are inseparable at heart. on the face of it, everyone knows that too─no matter if they're your neighbours, friends or family, they notice how much the two of you mean to each other.
but nothing - absolutely nothing would change the way he becomes flustered whenever he scores a chance to tell you how he really feels. he supposes that it's because being your best friend makes it worse, given that he doesn't want to ruin anything between you both.
and then he has ned - his other best friend who keeps poking him to make a move, knowing full well that peter has a soft spot for you. 
it was all clowning about at first when ned found out - the same time he and peter were talking about how he's moving in together with betty. peter still hadn't found the courage to tell you his feelings even in the first year of college where he started finally going out with you. except you knew full well that he really really liked you.
luckily enough however, with the start of the summer break being spent together now as a couple, peter hasn't been putting up with the pressure of avoiding his feelings for the past few months. rather, he truly notices them flooding back. and with that, he takes advantage of that opportunity to fully fall in love with you all over again.
it's one of those unusual nights that there's a dramatic swing in temperature compared to the day where it's unbelievably hot in new york. which means it's tremendously cold. and that only alludes to one thing: cuddling.
even though you and peter love to send each other super-unflattering snapchats, even without warning sometimes, you also love to cuddle. probably a lot.
usually, it's you who's spooning peter, in effect making him the smaller spoon. it's more than endearing seeing him snuggled up in your arms, snoring away when he falls asleep too quickly, and definitely more sweeter when you have your head tucked in his shoulder.
there'd be those times where you're both on the verge of falling asleep, moreso mumbling rather than talking. then, you'd have the need to peer at him, observe the freckles that are dotted around his nose, count them until you fall asleep. but that's when you'd catch him already staring at you too, naturally making the two of you break into a fit of giggles.
despite that, peter has gathered up the nerve to be the big spoon tonight, noticing the way you're shivering, still with his sweater, and teasing you about how he could warm you up with his "human heater" that he's blessed with.
it's like everything falls into place without intending to. he senses the nervousness that bubbles up in his system when he finds that it's the right time to confess his love for you. but he pushes the feeling aside, pressing a kiss to your neck that's oh-so-pleasant and gentle.
the words are at the tip of his tongue, relaxed and soft, "i love you, y/n."
the smile you previously wore because of the neck kiss drops slowly, body becoming stiff without meaning to. you feel peter's arms slowly unwinding because of it, but you breathe out just in time to lay hold of his wrists to let them stay where they are.
you're suddenly more awake than ever, becoming aware that you're actually giddy inside at his revelation. shocked but… for sure, delighted.
so when you shuffle to turn your body towards him, you're met with a tense and shy-looking peter as if he's said something that he shouldn't have. but the blush on his cheeks is highly unmistakable, making him all the more adorable than he already is.
"peter," you casually say, leg coming over his hip to bring you closer to him. you place your right hand on his cheek, which is red and very warm under your touch, becoming entranced by the second to give his nose a peck. so you do, making peter flush crimson even harder.
you whisper when you draw near to his lips, smile widening at the very sight of him, "i love you too," pronouncing every word with much heartfelt emotion like he seemingly did.
peter's heart skips a beat, but still continues to look at you bashfully. before you get to say anything else, he shakes his head, groaning, "i wanted to say i love you for the first time without blushing."
"but that failed, didn't it?"
he pouts, in which you finally meet your lips with his to stop yourself from laughing. although surprised, he complies, head tilting and hand reaching your back under your sweater. the heat he radiates has you feeling more warmer than the temperature in the whole apartment.
it lasts only a few seconds, given that you were meant to be sleeping a while ago, but it does as much as you hoped it would have -- leaving your heart in a sweet mess that he originally created years ago. 
perhaps... even sweeter.
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delusionalwriterr · a month ago
Hello and welcome to my 400 followers event! I’m sorry for being extremely inactive on this account, school works are really taking a toll on me 😭 But I’m here now, and I’m opening requests again! This time, I wanna practice writing some of the most famous tropes out there so here are the mechanics:
First, tell me which character do you want me to write for! For now, it’s only limited to characters from the MCU.
Second, pick from the following tropes listed below:
Friends to Lovers
Enemies to Lovers
Stuck Together
Second Chance
Fake Relationship
Secret Billionaire
Unrequited Love
Friends with Benefits
Forbidden Love
Third, tell me if you want it to be angsty or fluffy or both! Unfortunately, I don’t do smut just yet (tbh I’m just scared to try) so I won’t be entertaining any requests for smut.
Fourth, tell me if you want it to be a oneshot, blurb, or headcannons! For now, I will only be writing these three.
Lastly, this is optional, but if you want something specific to happen plot-wise, feel free to tell me! Makes it a lot easier for me to make sure that you’ll like the piece!
I promise to write as many pieces and entertain as many requests as I can! Thank you again for 400 followers, I still can’t believe so many of you enjoy my writing ❤️
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cherrycheridarling · a month ago
chemistry test | t.h.
tom holland x actress!reader
warnings: fluff and acting..?
summary: you're auditioning for the role of silk in the new marvel film. they've already chosen their spider-man and now it's time to see how much chemistry you two have.
wc: 1.9k
Tumblr media
"Hi! I'm here for the Marvel auditions?" you greeted the lady who sat at the front desk.
"Hello! What's your name?"
"Y/N Y/L/N."
Nerves were running through your veins at lightning speed. The lady gave you a kind smile and told you to head to room three hundred and sixteen. You returned the smile before heading to the elevators.
Upon entering, you were faced with at least fifteen other women who were also auditioning. All with black locks and brown eyes. You'd be lying if you said you weren't slightly intimidated. Sure, you had done some small films here and there, but looking at the competition now was frightening. A lady came and handed all of you a small script. At least it was a distraction. You spent the entire time reading your lines and trying your hardest to memorize them.
You sat in the waiting room for at least fourty-five minutes before your name was finally called and you were escorted into another space. Once you entered, your eyes were immediately drawn to the long table where the producers, casting crew and directors - who you've met hundreds of times in your previous auditions - were sat. You shook hands and gave greetings, the usual.
"Y/N, meet our new Spider-Man." Kevin gestured to the brunette boy at the front of the room.
He was cute. Dangerously cute. His small curls that laid messily only seemed to add to his appeal.
You smiled and walked over to him, "Hi. I'm Y/N Y/L/N. It's great to meet you." you offered your hand.
He returned the grin before shaking your hand, "Tom Holland. It's a pleasure." you noticed his British accent and couldn't stop yourself from the confused expression that took over your features.
"You're British?"
He nodded with a smile, "That I am, but," he switched to an American accent, "I can turn it off, too."
Your smile grew, impressed by his ability, "That's so cool. I would try a British accent, but I feel like I might offend you."
He laughed with you for a bit, his hand still holding yours. You both noticed the predicament and quickly withdrew your hands. Sheepish grins showed on both your lips.
Joe Russo cleared his throat, "A little background information in case you're not familiar with Cindy Moon's story."
You silently thanked him for this since you were not at all familiar with whatever the character entailed. Only getting small glimpses of her personality and behaviour before you got thrown into the mix of auditions.
"Cindy and Peter went to the same school and got bitten by the same radioactive spider. A man took Cindy and trained her, but also hid her in a bunker when her powers became too much for her to control. Her Silk Sense – which is her version of a Spider Sense – is incredibly powerful. Stronger than Peter's. In this scene, Peter is saving her from the bunker. Understood?" he spoke so quickly that you nearly didn't catch it all, but nevertheless, you nodded your head.
"Got it." you put the script to the side and took off your jacket.
"Now," Kevin spoke, "Remember, this is a chemistry test. So we want to see – not just how compatible your characters are – but you guys, as well."
Your palms began to sweat. You already knew that they were looking for chemistry, but being put on the spot made your anxiety sky rocket. You nodded again in understanding.
"Sounds good." Tom went to the other side of the room, "Good luck." he sent you another frustratingly attractive smile.
You nodded with your own grin, "Thanks, Spidey."
You spotted a small cot beside you and made your way over, laying with your back to Tom. Ready to start the scene.
Before any lines were given, you lifted your head, but kept it facing the wall. As if you were listening for something, waiting for something.
"Spider- Boy? Guy? Spider-something." you spoke to the wall and a second later, Tom's footsteps were heard behind you.
"I prefer Spider-Man." Tom's voice filled your ears as he leaned against the wall. "Nice to meet you, Cindy Moon."
You held a hand to your head, as if a painful migraine had just arrived. "Your presence is causing me pain. Who-" you looked up at the man, recognition dawning on your features, "Peter."
"W-what? N-n-no, no, no. Who's Peter? I'm Spider-Man." he insisted rather poorly. Deepening his voice.
You turned your body around, hanging your legs off of the cot, "I-I feel it. I remember you. Parker from my science class. Left row, three seats behind me. And my math and history. Front row in history. Middle in math. You always had a new backpack every week."
"Eidetic memory." he mumbled under his breath.
"Hm?" you furrowed your eyebrows.
"Nothing. Never mind. We can discuss this later. You need to get out of here. And I have come to save you from whatever this place is." he eyed the space with disgust.
You eyed him suspiciously, "Is this some Disney movie? Is there a magical horse drawn carriage waiting outside?"
He showed a boyish grin, "I guess you can call me your knight in red and blue spandex."
You scoffed and stood up, "Okay, Parker. How'd you know I was here?"
"Oh! This awesome dude, Tony Stark, he knows, like, everything! A-and he told me that you were here and sent me on a mission– Which is so cool! But yeah, he told me to come and save you. And that is what I am doing." he jumped up and down like an excited child.
You eyed the space around you, "Wait. M-my powers. I can't control them. I-I mean, I'm trying, b-but it's still—"
"—We can focus on that later! Right now, the richest and sickest guy on the planet is requesting you. C'mon." he grabbed your hand and, as scripted, you both locked eyes immediately.
You tried your best to look like you were falling in love. And as you stared into his deep brown eyes, you found that it wasn't that difficult. He stared back into yours. His hand still wrapped around your fingers. Your free hand travelled to his face, as if you were about to pull his mask up. Resting your palm on his jawline. His other hand that wasn't grasping yours, rested on your hip. A light pressure that nearly sent you into a haze. You both began to lean in and it no longer felt like acting until you squeezed your eyes shut, shook your head and pushed him away rather aggressively.
You put a hand on the wall, drawing heavy breaths in and out, "W-what are you doing to me?" you looked at him through heavy eyelids.
Tom was in a similar position, back against the wall, hand over his chest, "Mister Stark said that m-might h-happen." his head was thrown back against the wall, showing off the expanse of his neck as he swallowed. "Something- Something about our senses causes a strong- How do I say this? I-Intimate attraction between us."
Your eyebrows furrowed, eyes narrowing, "A-an attraction? An intimate attraction? To you? Ew."
He pushed himself off the wall, "Glad to see you haven't changed one bit, Moon." he walked away from you, "We really need to get going. You- Oh! I've been wondering this: Where's your webbing?" he looked around as if he was searching for it.
You stuck your hand out and pretended to shoot a string of silk out of your finger and onto the wall. Tom followed your movements with a starstruck expression.
"That's sick! I have to make mine." he frowned, "We got bit by the same fricking spider and yours is in your hands? Let me see!" he came closer and attempted to grab your hand again before you quickly put it behind your back.
"Don't touch me." you spoke slowly, "I-if this attraction is caused by physical touch. Please, do not touch me."
He plastered on a playful smirk, "Oh, it's more than physical, Moon."
You rolled your eyes and stepped away from the wall, "Dream on, Parker. Are we going to this Mister Stank or whatever?" you waved your hand with a limp wrist.
Tom gasped, "He's Iron Man! It's Mister Stark! Stark! Not stank! And you need a suit. Mister Stark has one ready for you at the compound, but you need something to wear on the way there." he looked around for one.
As if it had just dawned on your character that you were finally leaving the bunker, your attitude changed. A smile gracing your lips.
"I think I can do a little something."
You gestured your hands around yourself, pretending to create a suit from your silk. Tom watched with amazement, "Hey, how are you doing that?" he bent down and examined your body from head to toe.
"I had a lot of free time on my hands. Costume on-the-go. You like?" you smirked as you continued your movements.
Tom nodded his head as he came back up to stand beside you, "I could've saved so much time and money by doing that."
You finally completed your gesturing with a grin, "Ta-da! A bit sticky, but I think it'll do." you pretended to stretch around in the costume.
"Okay, let's go, Moon—"
"—Nope. Nuh-uh. When I'm webbed up like this, call me Silk." you smiled triumphantly.
And with that, the scene came to an end. The producers and casting directors all stood and clapped for you and Tom. You smiled widely at how successful it had gone. Before you could even react, Tom pulled you into a hug. Arms wrapped around your waist. Without a second thought, you wrapped yours around his neck with a laugh.
"You were amazing!" Tom praised you with a wide grin.
You couldn't help but to smile, "Thank you! It helps when you have an awesome scene partner."
His cheeks turned a shade of scarlet at your compliment before Anthony Russo spoke, "That was amazing! Thank you, Y/N."
You shook your head, "Thank you for having me."
Joe came and shook your hand, "Expect a call on Monday. Keep your ringer on." he smiled.
"And that wraps up the chemistry tests! Great job, everyone!" Anthony announced as you handed the script back to them and threw your jacket on.
You swung your bag over your shoulder and made your way to the door.
"Wait!" Tom called from behind you.
You stopped in your steps and turned around with a kind smile.
He held out his phone, "Since we're going to be working together, might as well get to know one another." he had a timid grin.
"Don't jinx it, Holland." you let a light chuckle fall from your lips.
He shook his head, "It's not jinxing, it's manifesting and you were by far the best Cindy Moon. You've already got the part." he insisted making you shake your head.
"We'll see about that." you punched in your number and before you could add your name, Tom took his phone back.
"Wait." he quickly typed away.
You smiled at the contact name before offering your phone. He typed in his number and took it upon himself to put the name.
"I'll see you around, Y/L/N." he gave you a little salute making you laugh.
You nodded, "Definitely, Holland." you turned around and walked out of the door.
Both of you were so engrossed in your interaction that you didn't notice the producers and casting directors watching from afar. Proud smiles dawning their lips.
They found their Cindy Moon.
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disartrous · a month ago
Mature — Peter Parker
summary: you’ve always had a childhood crush on your father’s mentee.
a/n: this is the messiest thing I’ve ever written. i may end up adding to it later on, idk. also low key feel like they wouldn’t date after this, just become really good friends, but again, idk.
content: angst, death, gendernetural!reader, stark!reader, precocious crush
Tumblr media
"Y/n/n?" Tony called out in the tower for his child. You stopped sparring — really just Natasha pretending to have her ass beaten by a ten year old — and popped your head out of the training room and into the hallway,
"Yeah, dad?"
"Who's that spider thing you've been obsessed with? On YouTube?" Your eyes lit up,
"Spider-Man!" Despite being surrounded by heroes all the time, you admired Spider-Man more than any other. You were a small kid in a really big world — galaxy — and the red and blue sweatshirt wearing hero emitted the same energy.
"Yeah, that one. You said he's in Queens?" You excitedly nodded,
"Are you going to make him an Avenger? Is he going to live in the tower?" Tony shook his head,
"I don't think so... he'll probably just be recruited for one mission." You bounced on her heels,
"Can I meet him?" He chuckled,
"Sure, kiddo."
"Alright, Y/n/n break out the colored pencils, we have a suit to design,"  Tony pulled a chair in his lab out for you to sit in. 
You weren’t quite old enough to grasp all of the mechanics behind the technology — although, you did have an incredible understanding for her age — but your artistic abilities came in handy.  You pouted,
"Dad, I'm not a kid anymore I don't use colored pencils."  Tony rolled his eyes and handed you a tablet,
"Fine, break out the stylus, we have a suit to design." You opened a drawing program and pulled up pictures of Spider-Man, looking at his homemade suit,
"Why does he have weird googles?"
"Enhanced senses, including eyesight. They help him focus his eyes, but they are a nightmare to look through if you're normal." You frowned,
"Like me?" Tony ruffled your hair — making it a mess to brush through later — and kissed the top of your head, his beard tickling at your scalp,
"You're extraordinary."
You grinned, turning back to the screen in front of you and gripping the stylus in your hand. You drew a messy sketch then sectioned off the suit where it would be red versus blue. After that, you drew in the eyes, making them white just like in his current suit. Then you added final details, the web shooters that your father told you about, the web lines that went across the whole suit, and a little spider silhouette in the center of the chest. You passed the tablet over to Tony,
"Finished." He nodded in approval before turning to his workbench and started making the suit.
You sat off to the side, pitching in ideas — yelling ideas over the music — like the spider logo being a drone and having as you put it, seat warmers but like, for the whole thing. He also bounced ideas off of you, should I add a parachute? You would nod, you should always add a parachute.
When the sunlight faded to darkness, Pepper came down to the lab,
"Time for bed, Y/n/n."
Tony lifted his welding helmet and awkwardly waved at Pepper. Normally he would argue with her, but they were already on rocky terms, her believing that he was too obsessed with being Iron Man. He knew keeping his child up late to build a suit would only make things worse. You looked to your father with pleading eyes. He sighed,
"You heard her, time for bed." You rolled her eyes and hopped off of a stool,
"I'm too old for a bedtime." Pepper laughed,
"It's past your father's bedtime too, but there's nothing I can do about that."
"You can't take them to Germany!" Pepper protested when she learned of Tony's plans. "They'll be fighting in Germany!"
Pepper Potts wasn't your mother, but she sure acted like it. Tony shook his head,
"No one will be after them, it's people we know, people we trust there. And they really want to meet the spider kid."
"Spider-Man," you corrected. Tony sighed and turned around to face you,
"You're supposed to be packing."
"Finished." He glanced at his watch,
"Then we can leave an hour early. Get some cheeseburgers." Pepper gave him a disappointed glare,
"You can't just feed them cheeseburgers. You're in Belgium, get Belgium food."
"Chocolate, waffles, and fries!" You grinned. Tony placed a hand on your shoulder,
"Great idea, we'll get chocolate, waffles, and fries. You’ve got a great mind." He looked down to you, "And did you hear Pepper? She gave up and admitted you're going to Germany with me." Pepper sighed and shook her head,
"Go have fun."
You sat in hour hotel room, very full of the Belgian food as you waited for your father to be done with his stupid airport battle. You watched tv, not understanding a word of German that was spoken. When you heard the snores of Happy in the common area of the suite, you laughed, turning the television off and sneaking out of the hotel room, only to hear a familiar voice about to turn the corner.
"They got away, I can't believe they got away."
You panicked and scrambled back into the suite, into your bedroom, and turned the TV on again, acting like you were there the whole time.  You looked up when your door clicked open,
"What happened?"  Your father sighed and sat down next to you on the bed,
"Nothing good." You turned the TV off — again — and sat up,
"They got away?"
"Yes, they got away." You hummed, not sure what to say. "Do you think I'm doing the right thing?" You fiddled with the hem of your shirt,
"I don't think it's necessarily nice chasing after Steve. And it's a possibility that less saving will get done with the accords signed. But if it's done right, I think it'll save some more lives."
"I feel like you avoided the question."
"Yeah, I think you're doing the right thing by signing the accords. Chasing Steve down is more questionable.  He's your teammate and friend."  Tony put an arm around your shoulder,
"Why do you have to be so reasonable?"  You shrugged,
"I don't know, it's certainly not how I was raised."  He rolled his eyes and playfully shoved your head forward.
"Peter," Tony started.  "This is my child, Y/n—"
"Y/n Y/m/n Stark," Peter interrupted.  "You're Mr. Stark's kid!  That's awesome!  What's it like living with the Avengers?"
"I—it's alright, I mean, there's barely any Avengers left now,"  you frowned.  "But before it was cool.  Um, except for Vision not understanding what a door is... or this one time Thor left Mjolnir on my homework, and I couldn't do it...”
"Who's your favorite superhero?"  He leaned down to whisper in her your,  "Mines your dad."  You giggled and looked up at your father,
"Really?  He's not that cool."  Tony placed a hand over his heart,
"That one hurt, Y/n."  You rolled your eyes,
"What?  You don't have powers or anything."
"Natasha doesn't have powers and she's your second favorite."
"Nat's cooler than you.  She can do a backflip.  And break most bones in the human body."
"I can do a backflip..." Peter mumbled.  Tony laughed,
"Yeah, that's why you're their favorite hero."  You glared at him,
"They talk about Spider-Man all the time, it's like they have a little crush on you."  Your glare only grew more intense.  He put his hands up in defense,  "You said I wasn't cool."  Peter's eyes glistened,
"I'm your favorite hero?  I'm someone's favorite hero?"  You shyly nodded.  "That's epic!"
"Hey Parker,"  you acknowledged Peter when he entered the new Avengers facility for the first time with Happy. 
"You can call me Peter, you know."  You shrugged,
"Maybe I like your last name."  Your father placed a hand on you shoulder,
"Alright, Y/n/n.  Peter and I need to talk."  You smiled before walking off, already knowing that Peter was going to be offered the title of Avenger.
"Hey, Y/n/n," Peter walked by you as you sat in the kitchen, copying down notes for your online school. You looked up,
"He's in the lab." Peter nodded and opened the fridge,
"I know. I was just down there. He told me to get snacks."
"I could call Happy, ask him to stop by Burger King." Peter shook his head,
"S'okay, kid." You cringed at the name, but he didn't notice, too busy searching the fridge. "See? Sandwiches," He pulled out a large plate of turkey sandwiches that you prepared the night before, knowing that Peter would be up here looking for food.
Ever since he took down the Vulture, Peter's been coming up to the Avengers facility with more and more frequency. Now, a few years later, it was completely normal. Your phone dinged, notifying you of a text. Peter slid a bottle of chocolate milk across the counter to you,
"Who's that? Last I checked, you don't have friends." You rolled your eyes as you opened the bottle,
"Brad Davis. I met him at a park last week." Peter raised a brow,
"And you gave him your number? Bold. I could never." You nodded,
"I know."
"But you've always been bold. Do you like this, Brad?"
"Not all, I like someone else." He opened his own bottle of chocolate milk,
"There's the boldness. I'm too old for you." You shrugged,
"Maybe now. But one day, you'll be twenty five and I'll be twenty, and five years won't look like as much." He took a swig of the drink, leaving some of it on his upper lip,
"I'll still be more mature than you." You stifled a laugh as you slowly nodded,
"Yeah, real mature, Parker."
You were supposed to be asleep.  But how could you be when your father was supposed to come home right now.  You stood by the window, and ran out when you saw a glowing lady — Carol Danvers — carry a spaceship down. 
Pepper had just pulled away from a hug with Tony when you finally ran across the field and attacked him with a hug of your own.  Your tears dampened his shirt as he held you close.
"I— I thought that maybe—"  He shushed you and stroked your hair,
"I know."
You grabbed the suit you’ve been building over the past five years and put it on the second Pepper left in her Rescue suit.  You felt a tap through the metal on your lower back.  You closed her your,
"Shit..."  When you turned around, Morgan was giggling,
"Shit!"  You rolled your eyes,
"You're supposed to be playing doll house with Happy."
"Happy fell asleep.  And you're supposed to be doing homework." 
You sighed, you liked going to actual school, it was nice because with everything that's happened in the last five years, a Stark child in a physics class was nothing.  But you did not appreciate the schedule that it created.  You kneeled down, allowing Morgan to be taller,
"If you don't tell anyone, I'll get you that new dolly, alright?"  Morgan's eyes widened,
"But Mommy said I have too many dollies."
"That's why it'll be our secret.  Just like this, right?"  Morgan nodded,
"Right."  You stood up again,
You weren’t exactly sure how you’d get to wherever it was that everyone ran off to, but you didn't need to because the second you stepped out, a golden ring formed in the air, showing you where the heroes congregated.  You stepped through, no one noticing the last portal closing as they all looked ahead, waiting for a signal.  It promptly arrived in the form of Steve Rogers reaching his hand out,
"Avengers!"  Mjolnir flew to his hand. "Assemble!"
After taking down a considerable amount of aliens, you saw a familiar red and blue shine that you helped to design five years ago.  A large creature raised its weapon, about to bring it down on Peter, but you shot an energy beam straight into the back of its neck, where there was no armor.  It's body went slack as it fell forward to Peter's feet.  He looked up at you from his place on the ground,
"Thanks."  You nodded, your movements a bit limited as you weren’t yet able to make a suit as intricate as your father — especially without him noticing,
"Anytime, Parker."
"Parker..." he repeated, mumbling to himself. His head jerked up, "Y/n/n?" But you had already flown away.
You had won.  It was over.  But it had taken too much, Nat and now your father.  You slipped your helmet off and tossed it to the side, letting your hair fall loose.  It clung to your skin, from sweat and soon tears too. 
"Dad?"  You ran forward and kneeled down next to Pepper.  You reached for Tony's hand and held it in yours as his eyes closed, breathing slowed, and arc reactor went dim.  "D—dad?" 
Your vision became blurry as you let your head rest on the cold armor on his chest.  Pepper lightly pulled you back, caressing your face,
"You aren't supposed to be here."
"He wasn't supposed to be here.  He was done, he retired."  Pepper nodded,
"I know, darling."
You kept a straight face as you looked ahead, watching as a wreath carrying an arc reactor at it's center floated off in a lake. As people dispersed, Morgan tugged at your hand,
"Is Daddy gone?" You pressed your lips together before bending down and scooping Morgan up in your arms. You brought her to the garage, which Tony had left a mess, full of scrap parts and unfinished projects. You placed her on top of a workbench,
"Yeah, sort of gone."
"How can he be sort of gone?" You sat down on a stool,
"Well, remember two months ago, when Mommy had to go on a business trip? And you were sad because you wouldn't see her for a week?" Morgan nodded. "Well, it's like that. He's gone, and we won't see him for awhile, but when the times right, we'll meet him again."
"With all my heart."
"I'm hungry." You softly chuckled and helped Morgan hop down from the table,
"Go find Happy, I'm sure he'll take you to get cheeseburgers."
"You're not coming?"
"No, I think I'll stay her for a bit."
Morgan nodded then ran out the garage door. You ran your fingers through her hair, letting tears fall again as you tried to keep your sobs down and breathing steady. You picked up the nearest item — a wrench — and threw it. Peter ducked, letting it fly over his shoulder,
"Woah." You wiped tears onto your sleeve,
"Sorry, guess that wasn't very mature." He picked the abused tool up and set it down on a nearby table,
"I thought you were pretty mature." You weakly laughed,
"Yeah, that means so much coming from the boy that still plays with Lego sets."
"That was like five years ago." There was a beat of silence before you spoke,
"What was it like?  Death?  Did it hurt?"  Peter sat down next to you,
"I don't know what happened afterwards, but it only hurt emotionally."  You scoffed,
"Thanks, that made me feel better."
"But, that's because I wasn't ready.  He was.  Like you said, when the times right."  You nodded,
"Thanks, Parker."
reblogs are always appreciated!
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summerlovingbaby · a month ago
A Little Help PART 2
part one
Peter Parker carried Y/N’s limp body off the roof and down the stairs, his mind confused about what just happened and what he saw. Then Y/N began to stir, her eyelashes moved slightly and her eyebrows furrowed. Her relaxed body tensed slightly. Abruptly Y/N threw herself out of Peters arms.
“ Let go of me.” She tried to yell, but it came out as more of a strained whisper.
She landed on the floor unaware of her surroundings, she walk away, but struggled to stand so it was more of a pathetic crawl. She was gasping for air, and she was holding on to her throat. Her vision was still blurry and white, so she couldn’t see that she was crawling to a wall. Peter would have thought it was funny under another circumstance. Y/N only stopped when the ringing stopped in her ears and she heard a familiar voice.
“ Peter? Is that you?” Y/N said through strained gasps and gags. 
“ Yeah, it’s me.”
Then Y/N threw up, and her eyes snapped shut, her muscles relaxed as she fell unconscious. Y/N’s eyes snapped open, and for a moment, one small moment, Y/N was calm. But a few seconds later Y/N became aware she realized that she had no idea where she was. She was laying on something soft, and squishy and upholstered. She saw bright lights and a popcorn ceiling.
Y/N’s body rose quickly as she took in more of her surroundings. She tried to stand, but clutched her stomach and grabbed at her stomach. She felt a pair of her hands at her shoulders. Panicked and confused she pushed at the hands, but when she heard the calming voice of Peter Parker she stopped fighting. Instead she sat down on the couch, still holding her stomach. And she started coughing madly. Y/N heard May coming from the kitchen and saw her holding a damp cloth.
“ You’re up...thank god.” She said handing the damp towel to Peter who pressed it to her forehead. Y/N would have moved but she was nearly catatonic. “ I was just about to call the police, but Peter said you were burning up so I ran to-”
“ No, no, no,  no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No cops.” Y/N said snapping back to reality.
“ Y/N you were just assaulted, you need to file a police report so they can catch the guys...or something.” Peter said clearly panicking 
“ You can’t call the cops, and I know who did it.” Y/N said her eyes were glassy“
“ What, why can’t we call the cops?” May questioned.
Y/N looked to Peter, her glassy eyes pleading for help. She looked ike she wanted to say something but couldn’t. Like she was holding on to the biggest speaker of her life.
“ I can’t say.”
“ Why not?” May began to question, but Peter seeing and sensing Y/N’s clear distress and discomfort.
“May.” He said shaking his head. May looked on to Peter and nodded quietly.
“ I’m won’t call the the police, but at least call your parents.” May said handing Y/N the phone, where Y/N just pushed it away. May running high on confusion and concern to Y/N. “ What’s your dad’s number?”
“ He’s in prison .” Y/N’s eyes grew ever so tired and droopy.
“ And your mom?” Peter asked with empathy.
“ Hopefully in prison...probably dead, which is arguably... worse.” Y/N said, her eyes dropping silently in shame.
“Who do you live with?” May said, her voice laced with confusion.
“ I’m emancipated...look I can walk home it’s really no trouble.” Y/N said, she stood up and stumbled over a bit, Peter stood up to support her and stop her from falling. He helped her sit back down.
“ No, you can spend the night here. Peter can help you home tomorrow.” May said walking away, to tired and stressed to continue.
Y/N would have put up more of a fight, but she was fighting just to keep her eyes open. She mumbled a quick “ I don’t want to be any trouble.”, then her eyes closed for the rest of the evening. Her body slouched over and her head leaned on his shoulder. 
Peter picked her up, and placed her sweetly in the top bunk. He fetched a spare blanket from the linen closet, before asking May to put her in some fresh pajamas, witch she did happily because her clothes were matted and torn. Peter used the cover to tuck Y/N in. He quickly got a damp cloth for her head, hopefully cooling her quickly rising body temp, before he took the cover and placed it at the edge of her feet.
After that, he promptly tried to call Happy, but like usual he got no response. He sighed with concern, he knew something was off. He turned to Y/N who looked to be peacefully, ,he smiled at her. Then he turned  to his laptop to began typing away, but before he did he took one last glance at Y/N who looked to be sleeping peacefully. But little did he know that her dreams she was being haunted by her nightmare’s.
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starkerstucky · 2 months ago
History, Cuddles and The Great Depression?
Peter is stressed about his distort homework and his two favourite fossils come to help.
read here on ao3
Peter sits hunched over the kitchen table, pen in hand as he scribbled out the last sentence he wrote. He had been doing it for an hour, and each time he just couldn’t get it right.
It wasn’t that he didn’t know the content, it’s The Great Depression, of course he knows it. But it’s just one of those days when nothing seems to work for him. He kept getting the dates wrong, messing up the names of the presidents.
He sighs and as he goes to close his book Steve and Bucky walk in, holding hands.
“You okay, son?” Steve asks, always concerned.
“Yeah,” Peter mumbles, “just homework.”
“What homework?” Bucky asks in the gruff yet calming and sweet tone of his
“History, The Great Depression,” Peter answers and at a questioning look from both of the men he rushes to add, “I know the content and all, it’s just not working,” Peter tells them and embarrassingly he starts to tear up, his face getting red.
“Hey, hey,” Bucky says, letting go of Steve’s hand to hurry over to the nineteen year old. “It’s okay, it’s confusing stuff, what do you need help with?”
Peter feels a few tears running down his face and he rubs furiously at his eyes, not realising that Steve has moved to go to the refrigerator.
Bucky sits next to him and wraps his metal arm around the boy's shoulder and pulls him into his chest. He strokes his soft wavy hair and pushes his lips to the boys crown. “It’s okay, Pete. It’s stressful, but we’re here now, we’ll help you out.”
Bucky always had a soft spot for Bucky. When they first met the man's hard, cold eyes melted right away as he said, “Hello Mister Winter, Barnes, Bucky, Mister Soldier.”
Bucky had just huffed and said, “it’s just Bucky, kid.”
Steve came back a few minutes later, with a plate of cookies and cakes and a mug of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. God bless America.
Steve sat on the left side of Peter and placed his hand on the small of his back, rubbing up and down in soothing motions. Then, Bucky grabbed Peter's pen and started a new page. He scribbled ‘Peter Parker’ at the top in almost an exact replica of Peters chicken scratch writing.
“What’s the first question?” Steve asked.
“What caused the Wall Street Crash and what year was it?”
“It was 1929 and the crash was caused by everyone selling their shares at once which caused them to be worthless,” Peter answers and Bucky writes it down.
“Have a cookie, kid,” Steve tells him. Peter reaches for the cookie and honest-to-God nearly cries when he shoves it in his outs. Who knew a cookie could evoke such passion.
“Which President was for laissez-faire, Hoover or Roosevelt, and what is laissez-faire?”
“Uhm,” Peter stutters, “It was Hoover, because he was a republican and laissez-faire was when the government wouldn’t get involved with businesses or the economy, the opposite of active government.”
The cycle of Bucky asking, Peter answering then eating a cookie continued until they had gone through all twenty questions.
That took about an hour and by the time they had finished Tony walked in clad in gray sweatpants and a faded AC/DC tee shirt.
“Isn’t this cozy?” He teases when he sees his boyfriend smushed between the two super soldier’s chests, “hang on, i’ve got to show this to everyone.” He takes out his phone and snaps at least a hundred photos before finally feeling satisfied.
“He okay?” Tony asks, head nodding towards the young man.
“Yeah, just tired,” Steve replied, “He had a bad day.”
“What happened.” Tony asked, brows furrowing in concern.
Bucky opened his mouth to tell Stark about what happened but before he could, Peter’s sleep addled voice, muffled by Steve's chest, called out, “Tony?”
“Hey baby,” Tony says in a gentle tone, coming over to Peter and kissing his forehead. “Shall we get you in bed?”
Peter nods his head and Steve gets up and lifts the younger up with him. Tony wanted to scowl but we all knew that his back wasn’t as good as it used to be. They walk over to Tony’s room, pull the covers back and place Peter onto the mattress. He burrows further into the bed, drowning in the many blankets he likes to keep in there and before he shuts his eyes, he grabs Tony's hand and pulls him in with him.
“Alright sweetheart, just let me get changed,” and Tony does, in record time and before Pete knows it, his older boyfriend is back in bed with him, moulding against Peter’s back.
Tony slips his hand into Peters and they get dragged into a deep sleep.
this is my first oneshot/fic i’ve posted on here lol, vvv nervous
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summerlovingbaby · 2 months ago
A Little Help
Y/N was out for a nighttime stroll, well at least it started out as a stroll, then she “accidently” took a wrong turn so then she just had to take the long walk back home, then on the long walk back home she saw a familiar deli and stopped because she had a strange craving for a panni and a certain brunette haired boy.
Half of her stopped at Delmar’s Deli because she wanted a snack, the other was because she wanted to see Peter Parker. She knew it was a long shot to see him this late at night, but the city never really slept and this city street was always quiet so Y/N held on to a little bit of hope, but holding on to that hope remained fruitless.
She payed for her panni and left Delmar’s a bit sad, but overall happy because she had a mouthful of bread and tomatoes. She began the kind of long walk home content. Her mind distracted by the gallon of strawberry icecream and excited corgi waiting for her at home.
Maybe that’s why he was able to sneak up on her, because her mind was elsewhere. She was walking on a street, which was abnormally empty, and past a dark alleyway that was oddly quiet. 
All of sudden a tall man popped out of the alleyway grabbing Y/N by the waist and covering her mouth so her screams would be muffled. But Y/N was prepared for this moment, before he could drag her far she elbowed him and the stomach. He grunted and dropped Y/N in surprise which gave her the time to turn around and kick him between his legs. His hands went to protect the area, then she took the wasp spray that she kept on her keychain and spritz him in the face.
Having beaten her attacker, she took off out of the alleyway. She was almost out of the alleyway when another man stepped in front of her. She managed to knee him in the stomach, and spray him before he smacked it out of her hand. She pushed him out of the war narrowly escaping the mans grabby hands.
She left the alleyway in a fast jog to see a few more men standing there, like they were waiting for her. All she could think was “ Crap. I don’t want to do this.” She tried to walk calmly, but the men were circling her like vultures. They were closing in on her nd Y/N hated being cornered. She kicked one of them in the chest causing them to stumble backwards just a bit, one man charged at her but she grabbed his shoulder and swung him into two more guys. One man swung a punch and missed her, she pushed him into two more men, but the crowd seemed to be getting bigger. When she took one down, three more seemed to pop up in their place. Despite all of Y/N’s prowess she knew she was fighting a losing battle. She took another man down before she took off in a random direction.
Despite her best efforts Y/N was still being chased. She twisted, turned and weaved but ended up going in circles. She was in a somewhat unfamiliar neighborhood, running out of breath, and out of options. She was planning out her next move when she saw a familiar apartment building.
She didn’t want to do this, but she couldn’t think of anything else, so she broke threw the lobby doors, and dashed up the emergency stairs. She ran up three flights of stairs and beat on the door number 714.
Peter was in his room doing his homework, when the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. His head snapped up, looking for the danger that set off his spider sense. Then he heard desperate beating on the door
“Who is that?” May said pausing the TV to listen.
Peter popped his head out of his room, his eyes widened as he heard a familiar name begging for help.
“Peter....PETER PARKER. It’s me..please let me in... I need help... PET-”
He ran to the door and threw it open. May yelling added to the chaos. All Peter could see was Y/N being held by the waist, and someone covering her mouth. She was kicking, and her fist were being thrown in the air. She looked like she was trying to scream loudly, but they ended up being muffled by the large hand covering her mouth and nose. 
Peter and May watched in horror as Y/N was dragged through the hallway, and around the corner and up on last final flight of stairs. Peter took off after despite Mays pleading and protest.
Peter chased the men to the roof to an absurd scene. Peter came to help Y/N, but looked to not need it. Though there were 3 men, she was still winning the fight. The first man was holding his stomach and coughing, the second one was yelping and whining in pain. The third one was holding his nose, and blood looked to be dripping from it. Unsure of what to do Peter yelled for her.
“ Y/N.” Parker yelled, Y/N looked in his direction, distracting Y/n for a moment. But a moment was all it took, one of the men took Y/N by the hair and slammed her face down in the pavement over and over again. Her nose was dripping with blood. Then picked up her by her hair once more , and delivered one last blow to her face. And then Y/N’s world went black.
part 2
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myoafflowerlight · 2 months ago
Left Flustered
Pairing: Peter Parker x fem!reader
Summary: Peter goes to Mr. Delmar’s to order his usual but after he orders his left flustered.
A/n: I had this idea for a while now, enjoy :)
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Tumblr media
The bell rings meaning someone just entered the shop, “Morning Mr. Delmar” and that someone is the same kid who orders the same sandwich every time his here.
“Hey, Mr. Parker,” Mr. Delmar replied “number 5, right?”
“Yeah, um, and, uh,” he pointed at the deli clerk “with pickles, and can you smush it down real flat? thanks.” Peter gave the man a tight-lipped smile.
There’s an audible “You got it boss.” before he got to work
“How’s your aunt?” Delmar asked
“Yeah she aight.”
“La tía de é les una italiana muy bellissima.” “¿Ah, sí?”
“¿Cómo está tu hija, eh?” a smug smile pulled at Peter’s lips.
The deli staff hoots behind the counter. Delmar’s grin fades.
“I’m good, thanks for asking Parker” y/n walks up beside her dad
Peter’s smug smile vanished, replaced with wide eyes and parted lips with red shade on his cheeks.
y/n chuckled at his expression.
“ten dollars.”
“it’s five dollars dad.”
“for that comment, ten dollars.”
“papa.” y/n said curtly
she huffed “He was only joking,” she pulled out her wallet.
“Besides you started it.” pulling five dollars out, she handed it to her father.
“Here’s five dollars,” she looks over at Peter “I got it.”
She winks at him going back into the storage room.
Leaving peter with a flustered smile.
“Aye, don’t get any ideas Parker.”
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arachnidsgirl · 2 months ago
do you trust me?
Tumblr media
pairing: spider-man x fem!reader
word count: 1.4k
notes: fluff and sliighhhtt angst, italics mean flashback, second pov! gif is not mine.
a/n: my first fic ever!!! so excited and so happy with all the warm welcomes and encouragement i received from some of my favorite writers ever, you all are the best 🥺
you don’t know how you he fell into your life just like that. it was like you were blessed right then and there. but god, he’s like a flame, and just like a moth he drew you in. with four simple words.
you were waitressing at the top of one of the highest buildings in new york, at this high-end restaurant, full of powerful yet entitled rich snobs. that night, to not only your surprise, but everyone’s, spider-man made an appearance.
you were the one to direct him to table along the porch with some big terrifying man, who of course you didn’t know of. you knew all these faces, from articles to news channels, but you never minded them. spider-man nodded at you, as if you could see the warm smile underneath his mask. you smiled briefly back before walking off to gather other orders.
once you came back to that table, things went downhill. you witnessed that very blunt man holding spider-man off of the ledge of the building. gasps and screams emitted from the crowd and like an idiot you ran toward the two. “no!” you cried out and reached out for the beloved vigilante. the man scoffed at your pleading and shoved you off the side of the building with spider-man.
a piercing yell left your lips until a firm grasp on your wrist snapped you back to reality. “hey! hey, look at me. look at me. i got you,” spider-man grunted with reassurance while sticking onto the edge of the building. blinded by the tears welling up in your eyes, you could only whimper in response. then came, those four simple words. “do you trust me?” the hero exhaled loudly while tightening his grip on your hand. you winced a bit but looked up at him desperately and nodded. 
how did you get into this situation? possibly by your recklessness, but who’s to say? you were too kind hearted not to throw yourself in the face of danger in an attempt to save someone else’s life. you were only doing your job you tried to excuse yourself yet spider-man thought otherwise. he picked you up easily and held you close against him, throwing the two of you off the side of the building.
that was when you felt bliss. exhilaration. pure freedom. too shocked to scream, you held onto the hero for dear life and watched the blurry lights flash by your eyes as you both swung from building to building. like most things, the fun came to an end as he landed onto a rooftop. he placed you down and brought his hands up to your shoulder, “hey there miss, are you okay?”
your eyes searched for another pair of eyes to look at but you were only met with wide white covered ones. you were still holding onto him tightly, the slick and cold feeling of his suit tingling your fingertips. you gulp and pull away, hugging yourself out of nervous habit. “y-yes, yes. i’m okay. i’m- wow. i’m so, are you okay? what? i don’t, what just happened.”
he sighed deeply and took a step back, placing his hands on his hips. “i’ll be honest with you, what you did was really stupid.”
immediate offense washed over you. “excuse me?” you retorted as your eyebrows knitted together quickly. he only nodded to reply. 
“yes, i mean i get it. i was being held off of a building, but did you forget that i have webs? and can, swing from buildings,” he coughed and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. you pursed your lips and scowled in annoyance, knowing he was right. “but i appreciate it, nice to know someone cares,” he attempted to lighten the conversation.
“of course i care. who wouldn’t care? you’re spider-man,” you muttered and glanced at the floor, avoiding what felt like his gaze.
“you’d be surprised.”
“well, i care.”
“it seems so. look, i should take you home. you up for another swing?” he asked kindly while glancing back at the city.
you sighed with slight disappointment that your moment with the well-known superhero was coming to an end. but like everyone says, all good things come to an end. you smiled timidly and nodded, “yes.”
after another fit of shouts and giggles, he soon brought you to the address you gave him. “alright. don’t go playing hero too much, you hear me?” he placed you down gently. 
you blushed from embarrassment and grumbled, “whatever you say.” he took a moment to admire you and nodded for your acknowledgment, about to swing off until you stopped him. “mr. spider-man. will- will i see you again?”
he laughed softly at the name, he’s never heard of that one but he did like it. “please ma’am, spider-man’s just fine. and honestly? yes, yes you will,” he winked and swung off into the night.
he keeps his word till this day. a couple of months has passed since that very moment and the two of you have grown quite the relationship. though the blossoming friendship was wonderful to share with the hero, the intimacy between you two grew faster than you both expected. though, he’s never revealed his identity to you nor did you expect him to. it’s a very important thing for him to keep and you understand that. 
so to make up for not knowing his name, you enjoy creating nicknames for your beloved friend. “bug boy?”
“yep?” he groans at his least favorite nickname, while slipping through your window and closing it.
“white or red?” you grin and turn towards him as he enters your place, holding up the two bottles. 
he hums and squints at you to observe closer, “red.”
“how am i not surprised?” you joke and put down the white wine. after pouring the two of you glasses of red wine, you sit next to him on your couch. you hand him his glass and cuddle into his side as he drapes his free arm around your shoulder.
he lifts up his mask to reveal his lips, that look ever so soft and inviting. you snap out of your enamor and mentally scold yourself while bringing your glass to your lips. “you’re staring,” his unfiltered voice startles you.
you sputter on your drink and flicker your eyes towards his masked one, “and?”
he smirks at your quick reply and takes a quick sip. “at my lips.”
“it appears so.”
“oh no, don’t tell me. i forgot to put on my lipstick?” he gasps dramatically, smiling as he manages to make you laugh.
you shake your head and glare at him playfully. you place your wine aside and bring your hand to his face hesitantly. you look at him for permission and he nods. you swipe his bottom lip with your thumb and hum, “i guess you did.”
“ah. can i borrow yours?” he asks and leans close. 
your eyes flicker between his eyes and lips, your breath hitching as you response faintly. “yes.” before you both knew it, your lips were moving against each other. his hands are soon on your face, caressing your skin lovingly while his lips continuously brushes against yours. he begins to pull away and a soft whine falls from your lips as he does. he smirks at you, a bit surprised at the noise you let out. “s-shut up,” you mutter and avoid his cocky stare.
“i didn’t say anything,” he snickers and pulls your body close to his, cupping your cheek in his palm. “is it on?” he grins cheekily.
you glance at his lips that are now slightly painted with the lipstick you’re wearing. “yea,” you nod and lean in once again, pecking his lips tenderly. 
he complies and threads his fingers through your hair, massaging your scalp as he deepens the kiss. “y/n?” he mutters and barely pulls away so his breath fans your face.
“do you remember, the night we first me?”
you close your eyes and let the memories flash through your mind. you smile uneasily and chuckle weakly, “like it was yesterday.”
“remember, what i asked you?”
“do you trust me?”
“yeah,” he whispers and continues to caress your face, while tucking a hair behind your ear. this time, you feel like the flame. your entire body completely on fire with his dangerously enticing touch. you really feel like you could melt right then and there. “well, i trust you.”
“i would hope so,” you tease and kiss his hand that’s cradling your face. 
“no, seriously. i trust you,” he tilts your face up towards him.
you nod slowly with acknowledgement, “i’m glad you do.”
“with my life,” he brings his other hand to the edge of his mask, slowly pulling it up. 
your eyes widen and to his surprise, you quickly stop him. “webs, you don’t have to.”
“oh but miss, i want to,” he reassures and pulls off his mask, revealing his enticing, soft yet pretty face. his eyes bright and endearing, his hair soft and inviting, his cheeks pink and freckled. god, he is everything you imagined and more.
“you’re absolutely beautiful,” you blurt out. not expecting that kind of response, he flushes almost instantly at your compliment.
“thank you.”
“no, thank you.”
“be mine.”
“thought you’d never ask.”
annnnd the end. please let me know what you think!! kinda scared and excited? lmaoo, i just jumped into this one bc i’ve been wanting to write 😭
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