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imanuglywombat · 5 days ago
Love In a Time of North Korea: Get Lucky
Tumblr media
Love In A Time Of North Korea Masterlist
Non-Dark Masterlist
No under 18s thank you
Summary: Part of the Love In A Time Of North Korea series. When the sex is this good, why just stop at lunch time? Ransom pays you a visit and helps christen the new furniture. The new expensive furniture that replaced the last set he destroyed with his dangerous sex moves. He didn’t expect to make this startling discovery. 
Pairing: Ransom/Reader
Warnings: Smut. Multiple orgasms. Bad language. In which office property gets destroyed. Multiple positions. Role play. The feels. If you squint, does Ransom have a breeding kink? Glorious oral sex.  
Word Count: 4.2k+
Notes: Thank you @caffiend-queen​ for betaing like a queen. We are getting close to the end. Cliff the dinosaur, the handsome one in the moodpboard, comes courtesy of the Boston Museum of Science. The Sex Positions. There’s a lot of them. They’re ridiculous. I did a bad thing. I’ve literally used every position from the “Is That Even A Sex Position” Challenge because it’s Ransom and IMHO, only Ransom would be stupid and arrogant enough to think he could do them all. And he did. And I need to stretch.
“That is one big pile of shit.”
The ringtone, though deep and luscious with Jeff Goldblum’s sexy AF voice, draws a long and frustrated groan from your lips. Inching the cellphone further away from your keyboard and further out of tempting reach, you turn your attention back to the article in front of you.
“That is one big pile of shit.”
The talented dick is persistent. Like a dog with a T-Rex bone, he will not give up. You’d barely made it back to the office after a spur-of-the-moment quickie in the back of the beemer in a secluded park at lunchtime before he was sexting you. God, you want to cave in and tee up another romp. Sex with Ransom lately has been mind-blowing. Literally, mind-blowing after an incident involving a cabinet door and a mild concussion.
Maybe it’s the anticipation of your approaching special night in the woods. The only night you will ever get to control and dominate the alpha prick. Your one chance to give the asshole a taste of his own torturous medicine.
You know it’s unlikely that because the carefully constructed and well-manned territory lines drawn between the two Koreas, aka your feelings, are beginning to weaken and you just know this hate-sex relationship will eventually blow up in some spectacular and catastrophic event.
But he is a drug and you’re addicted.
“That is one big pile of shit.”
You growl, picking up the offending phone and shoving it in the bottom drawer of your desk, ignoring the little bubble of excitement forming in your lace panties. As much as you would love to drive out to the suburbs and spend the evening hate-fucking and dying from orgasms with your enemy-slash-fuckbuddy, there is an article to finish.
And it’s not just any article.
Following the positive feedback from your temporary promotion last summer to head up the department, you’ve been given the opportunity to write an article for The National Geographic. The education program that the museum had implemented three years ago to encourage children to engage in science, in particular young girls, has been incredibly successful. It’s been your dream project come true. The paleontologist community is small and thanks to your part in the project, you’ve already been approached by three other museums to interview for more senior roles.
Looking down at your haphazard scrawl of notes, the little speck of bright orange catches your eye. The twist in your guts is a rage of regret, guilt, and remorse. Not that he deserves to know that you’re thinking of moving away from Boston. You’re not a couple. This is just sex. Amazing, hot, steamy, mind-blowing sex between two people pretending to hate each other…
“It’s for the best, Roger,” you tell the sweet little tangerine brachiosaurus. “Clean break. He won’t even notice we are gone.” The pang of shame is quick to come and slow to leave, persistent as you try to focus on the paragraph you’ve been writing and rewriting over the last two hours.
“Well, good to know you’re not dead.” You force the grin on your face to recede but god damn. “Thanks for replying to my messages,” Ransom gruffly, the sarcasm literally spewing from between his teeth, “because I know you would hate to think I was worrying.”
You scoff, totally disregarding the little pulse of warmth in your heart. “Oh please, you weren’t worried, you’re just wanting to get your dick wet again. In case you haven’t noticed, I actually have a job because I need to pay my bills. Unlike you, I don’t have anyone funding my outrageous life.  You clearly know the way out.”
He comes to a stop before your desk; leaning over your laptop, and Peter the bunny ear cactus already missing an ear thanks to the hot blonde. “You look a little stressed there, princess, and I just so happen to have the cure.” The smirk drips with arrogance.
You know you should firmly tell him no, that this article should be your main priority. It’s a lost cause though, he’s a man on a mission. The dog with the T-rex bone.
So, you sigh, defeated. You’ve been battling the article for the last five days, something invisible holding you back, and you haven’t been able to shake the feeling of his tongue and teeth destroying your panties at lunch. “Fine, but make it quick, I have shit to get done.”
The smirk on his lips tells you he’s not going to be quick about this. His eyes are darting around the spacious office as he begins to remove his clothing, forming an evil and cunning plan. You’re starting to regret agreeing to this already but the train is already in motion and there’s no getting off.
Unlike Ransom, you do not take the time to fold your clothes as you remove and place them neatly on Carla’s desk. Instead, you haphazardly and with a flourish of aggression throw them over your shoulder. You’d hoped by just ripping them off would encourage him to pick up the pace. Clearly, this is not part of his scheme.
Like a jaguar slinking through the jungle hunting its prey, he’s moving towards you. The filthy, dark look in his eye has your heart in your throat and your feet moving of their own accord.
Thank whatever God that may or may not be out there, that there is no one in the museum, except for Stanley the sweet but lazy security guard, who no doubt has a box of donuts for his silence courtesy of the animal stalking you around the office.
“I mean it, Ransom, we’re not drawing this out into a Lord of the Rings marathon of sex. I don’t have the time or the money to christen the new furniture I had to replace like the last time you ruined me in here. And broke Kyle’s Harry Potter lamp. He will never let me live it down.”
The smug look on his perfect face sends a flurry of arousal through your core and you suddenly find yourself pinned against the wall, the Jurassic Park III poster beside you. “But I want to play a little game, princess. Unless, of course, you’re scared. Which would be an awful shame,” he purrs, drawing his long finger over your cheek, “because that would, by default, mean that you wouldn’t be able to handle all of this,” he gesticulates down his long, naked body, “under your thumb. You do want to top me, don’t you?”
The bastard has you cornered. Literally and figuratively. “Ugh, fine, but nothing gets destroyed. I can’t afford to replace a single piece of furniture, and no,” you aggressively throw your hand over his mouth as he goes to quip, “you are not funding it. I’m not your sugar baby.”
Ransom scoffs, wrapping his fingers around your wrist and bringing it to his lips. A breath stutters from between your teeth as pillowy kisses dance along your skin. Crystalline eyes lock on yours as he scents your wrist, his fingers tenderly locked around you.
“Is that any way to address your God?”
You cackle, deep from within your chest, but painfully aware of the way his thigh comes to rest between the juncture of your thighs. “My God? Oh really? Okay, well, which god are you? The God of Assholes?”
He chuckles, pushing his thigh up against your, apparently, wet and traitorous pussy. Fucking Benedict Arnold. You’re seriously going to have to have words with her.
“No, but let me give you a hint. I am the God that makes you tremble and I light up your whole fucking world. I’m really fucking handsome and women drop to their knees begging for me to sow their seeds.”
You scoff, though he remains unperturbed. “Thor? As in the Norse God of Thunder? I’m much more of a Loki girl myself. Maybe I should go find him to play with,” you purr teasingly, gently edging your fingers along the length of his hardening cock.
Your hand is ripped from the delectable cock and you find yourself pinned to the wall. Trapped and very aroused.
“I should punish you for your insolence and blasphemy. No, you need to be taught who is your true and superior God.”
You offer him a coy smirk, languidly drawing your eyes down his chest and stomach to the very aroused dick slowly dragging through your folds. “And what is my God’s command?”
The way his eyes simultaneously brighten and darken is magic and ignites a fiery blaze in your core. A hand gently cups your chin and you’re forced to drown in a glassy sea of blue.
“I command you to pay homage to my greatness by taking my big, fat cock in your mouth and praying. Perhaps if you please me I will return the favour.”
Lying back on Kyle’s desk, he narrowly misses the new and very expensive Harry Potter lamp, which is quite frankly an eyesore in the dinosaur-themed office, however, god forbid it broke, again. Kyle would never let you hear the end of it given the fate of its matching predecessor. And he still mentions the Dinosaur Earl alarm clock Ransom threw against the wall and destroyed months ago. Every. Damn. Day.
As you take a seat on the very comfortable chair, making a note to swap it with yours later, Ransom swings his legs over your shoulders and rests them on the backrest. He’s completely on display and this visual became food for thought for your domme night. Safely filed away in your mind, you lock your arms around his gloriously thick thighs and go to town before the prick can open his mouth again.
A flurry of filthy expletives beautifully cascades from between his perfectly kissable lips as you take him further into your mouth. Flicking your tongue along its base and teasing the sensitive flesh of his balls, you relax your jaw as the tip of his cock grazes the back of your throat.
Blow jobs. Fellatio. Slob knob. Sweet dome. Or knob goblin.
Giving head has never been your favourite bedroom activity given your weak gag reflex and previous partner’s lack of enthusiasm for hygiene. But with Ransom - you hate to admit it, and he could never find out - you love to worship him.
Glancing up to gauge how much you can torture the poor fool, you’re instantly drawn into crystalline pools. There’s a hunger in his eyes, a desperate pull in his jaw as he watches you intently. The needy furrow in his brow as he leans up on his forearms is fuel to the growing fire only he can keep aflame.
“Lick my balls, princess.”
And the moment is ruined.
Painfully slow, judging by the intense whine that emerges from his lips, your tongue ascends the hard ridge of his cock.
“Don’t be a tease.” The growl has a visceral effect on you but he’s too far gone to even notice.
“Don’t be so bossy,” you hum, eyes locked on him as you press slow, heated kisses to his weeping tip, before descending.
“You like it when I’m bossy,” he purred between a lazy smile. “You need to be commanded, my little slu…”
The word is lost in a guttural shout as you take his clean balls into your mouth, caressing the soft skin with your tongue like a sweet treat, teasing his perineum. Yes, that magic line of nerve is a sure-fire way to shut him up.
Wrapping your hand around his sizable cock, you slowly tease him as you maniacally and frantically lick, tease, and suck his tender globes. The juxtaposition between deranged and languid was a beautiful surprise one night in the back of the private theatre. The poor staff. Those poor, poor staff.
“If you want to feel the power of my cock you better stop now princess.”
As much as you would like to torture the idiot, that’s for an entirely different night. All this talk of being punished has you all hot and bothered.
Pulling off, you lean back in the chair, patting your legs to display your very damp and aroused pussy. Sitting up, he takes in the view.
“You’re going to be the death of me,” he growls from the depths of his chest; guttural and oh, that has a visceral effect on you, the sharp-tongued retort dies on your lips. “Such a pretty little sight. I bet you taste delicious.”
He would know, having spent most of your lunchtime with his head buried between your legs in some uncomfortable variation of a 69 position in the backseat of his beemer. “Would you like a taste, my princely Thor?”
He stalks you towards- well, you’re not entirely sure. Despite spending a good portion of your day in this office, you’re blind to where he is luring you towards, your gaze fixated on that dark glint in his eyes. You only come to a stop when the backs of your knees hit something you hope to Loki isn’t the lego table.
Thankfully, it isn’t. You find yourself on your back on the brand new ottoman that really doesn’t serve a purpose in the office, that is, until now. Ransom drops to his knees before you as you balance yourself by placing your hands onto the ground beside you. Thankfully you find that balance quickly because the prick isn’t waiting for you. He’s a man on a mission, a sloppy one at that, furiously setting his tongue upon your embarrassingly wet pussy.
Your body is so quick to give in to him, the very sight of him in his overpriced clothes and that egotistical smirk turning your panties into Phlegethon.
He’s like a man starved, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of your thighs as he fucks and licks you with his unfairly talented tongue. You nearly lose your balance as he suddenly latches onto your already humming clit and he drags two fingers through your folds before entering you.
A raucous symphony of expletives fall from your lips and you’re too far gone to care if you have colleagues still on the floor. Ransom chuckles at your performance, all too well-knowing how the vibrations are likely to set you over the edge. Which is why he moans like an animal when you come, drawing out your orgasm with his vibrating song and dexterous fingers caressing your g-spot.
The asshole knows your body better than you know it yourself.
“Fucking beautiful,” he hums, dragging you up into a steamy and debauched kiss and you can taste yourself on his tongue. “You’re better than a four-course meal at The Menton.”
And you could have him eat you out all day, in fact, he has on many an occasion, however, you can’t be stroking his ego right now. “Shut up and fuck me.”
Ransom grips your thighs and is pulling you up. Wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his stupidly broad shoulders, your kiss is messy and a little too sloppy. All tongue and teeth, there is a hungry desperation lurking in the shadows, and you are too far gone to try and fight it.
A sickening clatter resonates through the room as he drops down onto the table, and out of the corner of your eye, you see Rexy the lego tyrannosaurus fly through the air before you’re haphazardly thrown around and forced into some strange and uncomfortable version of a handstand.
About to berate the idiot, your words are cut short as you feel his fingers pull your lips apart and heated eyes examine you closely. “Your body was made for me,” he purrs, and oh god if that doesn’t cause you to shudder.
Your legs between his thighs, he grips your legs as he slowly pushes his flushed cock inside your weeping channel. Giving in to the strange position you’ve been forced into, you can only yelp as a hand spanks your soft sphere.
“Mother fu…”
The sharp curse is literally cut short as he juts against your g-spot. Over and over again. And by the grace of Odin are you seeing stars, the bastard chuckling as you clench and come on his thick cock.
“Oh princess, you’re so easy to please when you’re all riled up,” Ransom teases, slowing his movements purposefully. “Maybe I should drop by for lunchtime fucks more often. So fucking responsive.”
It’s all a haze, the orgasms totally throwing you off your tightly-wound and controlled equilibrium. He’s the only man who can turn you into sex jelly. And just before you feel yourself thrown again into the orgasmic galaxy, Ransom is pulling out of you, an embarrassing trickle of arousal seeping down your inner thigh.
Heady kisses distract you as he drags you over to the new couch, throwing you down onto the soft cushions. Like pliable colourful putty, you allow him to bend your knees towards your face before standing over you.
“I saved this special position for last, princess. It’s called Thor’s Hammer. I hope you’re prepared to be banged into the cosmos,” Ransom grunts with a maniacal grin. “If you don’t want to get thrown off the couch I would suggest you hang onto my shin. I’m about to take you on a wild ride.”
The cocky pric… You howl as he crouches, pushing his cock into your very needy pussy. Grasping for his leg, you can’t do much besides enjoy the feeling of his cock driving in and out of you. It’s been a while since he has been this athletic in your fucking and he is more than making up for it.
“That’s it, squeeze my hammer with that pretty pussy. I’m going to fill you with my sacred seed and bless you with a child.” A child? Is he for real? “Oh, to see your tits full and ass round…”
You smack his ass hard. “Just shut up and fuck me, you idiot. You’re totally ruining the mood.” Ransom, being Ransom, just chuckles. “Oh, ruining the mood am I?” He pulls out of you and runs his fingers over his cock before placing them in your mouth. “That doesn’t seem like someone who is having the moment ruined.”
Before you can argue back he is fucking you harder than before, his pelvic bone gyrating against your clit expertly. And it’s good. So good. This shouldn’t be so good, your neck uncomfortably stretching as he gloriously fucks you into the couch.
“I’m so close,” he gasps, slowing his hips and dropping to kiss you, “but I wanna see you come.”
You’re so lost in the sudden wave of emotions you can’t stop yourself. “Anything, Ransom, fuck, please.”
Your desperate plea sets him off down that path to the border he knows you should both stop toeing. More kisses, less messy, and more heartfelt, you find yourself pulled off the couch and up onto his lap, his cock buried deep inside you. Kneeling on the rug, he encourages you to squeeze your thighs around his waist as he slowly moves in you.
“You are so beautiful,” he confesses, his voice heavy with something warm and deep. His eyes lock onto yours as he grips your hip with one hand and buries the other in your locks. “I can’t breathe without you… I love…”
No. No. This can’t happen. No.
“Fuck, I’m going to come so hard, Ransom,” you breathlessly cry. You kiss him furiously, driving your hips forward and back to encourage him. “Come inside me. Fuck, I need to feel you.”
And come he does. With you. In tandem. Crossing that North Korean line with fingers intertwined and synchronised movements and locked in gazes.
There are no lazy kisses after your high, you just lay beside one another on the hard floor, gazing up at the ceiling.
The office is in shambles. Papers lie scattered on the floor beside a few stray pieces of lego. Poor Rexy, not long completed but much loved, now in pieces, scattered around the room; a claw painfully digging into your kidney as you lie on the floor, also shattered.
The goddamn bastard has finally broken you. Chests heaving, naked bodies glistening with sweat and well, a chaotic mix of bodily fluids, you cannot bring yourself to do anything other than try to catch your breath.
“Fuck me,” Ransom groans from beside you, completely oblivious to the way his fingers curl around yours. “That was… fuck. We should do that again.”
“If you keep fucking me like that I will never be able to sleep with anyone else for the rest of my life. You’ve ruined my sexpectations. Might as well put me out to pasture.”
The blonde looks over at you longingly, trying to read your face as you stare up at the wall. You know he’s staring but you dare not look over, the fear of falling for those puppy dog eyes overwhelming. You’re both toeing that border again; the blockaded fortress around feelings and that unattainable, unworthy chance of love. If you look over now, you’re going to open your big old mouth and ask him to be the only man you fuck for the rest of your life like you’re in some stupid romantic movie…
But you aren’t Meg Ryan and Ransom is definitely not Tom Hanks.
The last thing you had ever anticipated from this enemies-with-benefits arrangement was falling in love with the prick. You’re on a bullet train on track to imminent disaster and you’re too much of a coward to jump off now.
Snatching the stray claw from your back you push aside all those perilous feelings and thoughts, busying yourself as you carefully start collecting the Lego pieces. “Poor Rexy,” you mutter under your breath.
As much as he loathes to admit it, the image of you putting the stupid block dinosaur back together warms his frigid heart. You were only meant to be a one-night stand; literally, fucking you against the glass enclosure of the butterfly garden in a steamy chance encounter. But that chemistry, that flicker of flame ignited was intoxicating and he is stuck. Ransom had never thought himself capable of feeling anything other than disdain and hatred for anyone. Least of all you and your smart-ass mouth and gorgeous brain.
Moving towards your desk, he drops down into your chair, the leather creaking under his weight as he sighs. A small smile etches on his lips as he spies the small orange brachiosaurus. You’re a drug, the cure to the ponderosity he is forced to bear thanks to his fucked up and venomous family. He knows he doesn’t deserve you, he will never be worthy of your heart.
The grumble in his stomach pulls his attention back to you, bent over the small table as you try to piece back the white T-Rex. He should feel guilty but goddamn if the memory of your walls quaking around his cock doesn’t send him hard again…
“Hurry the fuck up,” he grunts, “I’m starving. I’ll order some Chinese to be delivered to your place.”
You scoff, attention still focused on the Lego. “Make it Thai and you have to help tidy this place up.”
He snickers, “Fine. Get that cute ass moving then.” Tapping the space grey trackpad, he can’t help but scan over the article you’d been working on. A wash of warmth and pride blankets his gut as he reads.
Pulling open your web browser his heart pulls as he spies your work email. A job interview. In fucking Tokyo. Glancing over, he sees you busily trying to fix the chaos that is Kyle’s desk. Surely you’re not meaning to move. Right? You wouldn’t…
He can’t process this. He can’t look at you, naked and glorious, and ignore the pure sadness bubbling in his gut. He…
“Hey, dickhead!” In an instance, the storm of thoughts and hate ceases as he looks over to you. “Don’t forget the crab fried rice.”
A sad, small smile forms on his lips. “Of course not, what do you think I am?”
Eight spring rolls, more crab fried rice than he dares confess to eating, Ransom cannot sleep. Curled up against his chest, you sleep peacefully. He loves the heat of your skin against his, as you unknowingly cling to him late in the night. He loves feeling the light patter of your heartbeat against his rib cage. It’s more comforting than he would ever admit.
The email weighs heavily in his mind.
In his heart…
He knows he should let you go because goddammit if you don’t deserve better. Better than him. Ransom could be selfish and fight for you. Beg you to put your life on hold for him, stay for him…
But deep down, he knows he’s done nothing to earn your trust, your loyalty… your heart.
Looking down, he’s captivated. Your skin, lightly sheen in the bright light of the moon, is captivating. He’d give anything to spend every waking hour tasting and claiming you as his.
Almost anything.
He has to let you go. But dammit if he isn’t going to enjoy you while he still has you.
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chuckbass-love · 12 days ago
Hi! I know you only just posted it but would it be possible to request 33&36 from the prompts with Ransom please?❤️
A/N: Thank you for your patience on this one, i really hope when you read it that it was worth the wait. Also thank you for requesting in the first place, it means a lot that people ask me to write fics for them.
Prompt #33: "Pushing back against my fingers already? How pathetic"
Prompt #36: "You'd better watch your fucking mouth"
Disclaimer: My work is not to be translated or to be posted anywhere else other than MY Tumblr, Wattpad and Ao3 without my permission. However, reblogs are welcome.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader
Warning: Smut! Unprotected sex, vaginal fingering, swearing, daddy kink, implied alcohol consumption and use of the word slut/degradation. 18+ everyone....
Word Count: 2,191
GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @twerkforambrose go check them out 💕
Your Filthy Addiction
Tumblr media
Five more minutes, you’re going to give that arrogant son of a bitch five more minutes before you toss the food you’d made earlier. You’ve spent all dam day slaving away in that kitchen of yours to make sure Ransom had a decent home cooked meal to come back to after a long day working with Harlan, and what does he do? He doesn’t even show up.
You might love him but if you didn’t get annoyed at least once a day with him then life wouldn’t be right. He’s always doing something to mess you around.
And today is testament to that, it’s testament to the fact that no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t help but let you down. Maybe now you’ve had enough of sitting idly by and letting him walk all over you.
So when he eventually stumbles into the house, his tipsy state as clear as day, your cage is well and truly rattled.
“Where the hell have you been?” you snap, standing in front of him with your hands placed firmly on your hips as you take in his flustered cheeks. He’s very drunk indeed, probably due to the bottomless Jameson supply at the bar across town.
You’ve tried your hardest for years ever since the night you first met Ransom to help him with his obvious drinking problem but to no avail. And now you see why your solutions to his problems never worked, it was because despite his constant complaining about said problems, he loves having just a tiny bit of conflict in his life. Mostly with his good for nothing family who only treat him like dirt. But he gives as good as he gets, always has and always will.
“I was just out with Harvey” the way his shoulders move up as he shrugs only seems to bother you all the more. His lack of care for his actions have always created issues for your relationship but this takes the cake.
To some, your pouty and bratty behaviour may seem pathetic and unnecessary, but to you it’s more than him missing dinner. It’s about the fact that he always seems to let you down, over and over.
“Oh so you prefer his company over mine then? Because i made us a lovely meal so that we could eat together after a week of not being able to and this is the thanks i get? For my so called boyfriend to be swanning off with the master of one night stands” your voice is low, your stare dark and angry, your stance even more so and he can definitely see how badly he’s fucked up.
However, if you know Ransom well enough, then you can certainly see his change in attitude coming a mile off.
“You’d better watch your fucking mouth” he barks, his finger pointed directly in your face as he stalks closer to you. You find yourself stepping back, intimidation controlling you.
“Or what? You gonna make me? Judging by the way you’ve been acting you don’t have a leg to stand on” you say matter of factly as you shake your head in disgust at his nerve. How dare he boss you around when he’s the one who’s been out of line all this time.
“Maybe i will” he pokes his chin out as he stands tall, hands by his sides. He looks awfully confident as he inches closer. His index finger slips underneath your chin as he forces you to look directly into his menacing eyes.
You feel your breath catch in this moment. The knowledge of him doing whatever he wants to do to you just because he can is causing your entire body to shiver with anticipation. Despite how he makes you feel sometimes, you’re a sucker for him and everything he does.
He says jump, you say how high.
“What?” you murmur, wanting him to use his words just like he always makes you do.
“I said, maybe i will make you. Bet you’d love that, slut” you wince at the horrid nickname. It’s moments like these when you always try your hardest to avoid thinking about how his degradation of you makes you feel, your mind is objecting but your body is giving him the green light.
How is that?
How does he always manage to do that?
Must be some kind of mind control as you absentmindedly follow him through to the kitchen, his hand barely holding onto your own.
Before you can even make sense of things, he pushes you over the kitchen counter forcefully.
His hands splay across your ass cheeks as he lifts your dress up, bunching it at your waist before yanking your ruined panties down your bare legs. Next thing you know his fingers are toying at your dripping wet hole.
“Would ya look at can try all you like to act up sweetheart, but you and i both know why this cunt of yours is soaked”
There he goes again, spewing filth to get you to give up the jig. You know you have to remain strong and stable but it’s so hard to do that when he....wait! Is he inserting his fingers? Fuck, they are so thick inside of you and two already? He must be a mind reader to know how this makes you feel, he must know what gets you keening because now here you are pushing back on them like a needy little brat.
“Pushing back on my fingers already? How pathetic” he tuts, his tone mocking as he chuckles a little. Still, his fingers remain as they twist and turn inside of you, scissoring you open before he adds a third.
Fuck, this is delicious torture. The man you’re supposed to be mad at but you can’t bring yourself to be when he makes your body feel so good.
The undeniable and powerful pleasure that he provides is just too good to quit. You could never let him go even if you actively tried to which by the way, you’ve attempted it a hundred times at least.
But every time you try he just lures you back in with his sexual prowess, his high libido and those dashing good looks. His sweet talk isn’t too bad either.
When will you ever learn to strengthen yourself up and walk away? Because he’s never going to change but oh shit, the way he’s pumping his fingers in and out rapidly is enough to cause the coil in your stomach to tighten one last time.
You move to meet his fingers, hips gyrating in circular motions slowly as you reach your hand between your legs.
Of course he pushes you hand away, insisting on using his own. His thumb presses down on your pulsating clit and the breathy groans that are escaping him let you know that he can sense your impending orgasm.
“Come on, baby. Cum for daddy” he urges, rubbing firm circles on you clit as his fingers curl inside of you, pushing against that spongy spot deep within. The one that will have you seeing stars in, 3...2...1.
“FUCK RANSOM” you scream out, hands gripping the kitchen counter so hard that it turns your knuckles white, his fingers continue to drive into you over and over as he rides you through your intense high.
“That’s my girl, just like that. Let go, baby” you can hear the smirk in his voice, the smugness he feels knowing that yet again he’s prevented you from walking away.
He’s convinced you to stay just by pleasuring you with his filthy touch, his sinful thick digits.
You may be weak, but with a man this good, a man capable of making your pretty little pussy cum over and over, why would you want to be anything else?
As soon as you come down from the high, you stand up, straightening your posture as you turn around to face him. The proud look covering his face lets you know that it’s all a game to him.
You pull your dress back down so that it’s covering up your modesty before pulling your panties up.
“What’s wrong, sad eyes?” he pokes, his hands resting either side of the counter, caging you in.
“You know what. You can’t just keep using sex to keep me around, Ransom” you huff in defeat, bothered by your lack of strong will.
“Sure i can, and what’s more, you’re gonna enjoy it too” he raises his eyebrows as he spins you back around, keeping your back arched by yanking your head backwards.
Every inch of your skin turns to gooseflesh as he trails his finger down the curve of your back before reaching your tail bone and pushing your dress up. He undoes the belt around his slacks before popping open the button and slipping them down along with his boxers, freeing his erection from its tight confines.
He slips your arousal covered panties to the side before smothering his eager red tip in your mouth watering pussy juices. Once he catches on your entrance he slams inside of you, but before you can jerk forward he hooks his arm into both of yours as he holds them behind you firmly.
You can never leave him, even if you truly wanted to, you’re stuck in an ongoing loop of orgasms and rough sex.
A frantic whimper slips off your tongue as his pace now renders on animalistic, hard and fast, just the way you both like it.
Of course the real pleasure comes from the slow and hard thrusts, the ones where he gently pokes at your g spot as he lays on top of you. Your legs wrapped around him, his face in the crook of your neck. But now is not the time for gentle and slow, now is the time for rushed and needy.
He’s desperate to achieve that orgasm just as much as he is to provide one for you. To feel your legs shaking as your head lulls back to rest on his chest, eyes rolling to the back of your head, it’s something he can never and will never get enough of. The way your walls are clamping down on him right now should be illegal as he can feel his balls tighten with the impending release.
“Fuck. Keep tightening those walls baby, let yourself go. Just. One. Last. Time” his voice desperate as his breathing turns ragged, matching yours. Your chest starts to rise and fall before your head falls back to rest on his chest just like he loves. He can feel your entire body tremble in his hold as he loosens his grip and pushes you over the counter.
“Gonna fucking cum, deep inside of this pussy. Gonna fill you up with my cum, baby” he growls, his voice deeper than before. He’s so painfully close, as are you.
And as you flutter around him one last time, he spills his load inside of you, causing you to stand up onto your tip toes with your head pressed into the marble counter.
He paints your walls with thick white ropes before twitching as he slows down his thrusts, then he stills his hips.
All that can be heard in this kitchen is heavy panting before the sound of your pussy squelching as he pulls out distracts you. He pulls his slacks back up, making quick work of his zip, button and belt whilst you toss your panties into the hamper by the laundry room and pull your dress back down before heading up to your bedroom.
New panties are a must.
“Now do you get it?” he asks, leaning on the open doorway to your room and causing you to turn and face him once your fresh panties are on.
“Get what?”
“Your mine and you always will be, until i say otherwise” he states, shocking you.
“I’m not your property, Ransom”
“Oh but you are, those soaked panties in that hamper prove it. So get used to it, because you’re never leaving me, especially not now”
You’re well and truly fucked... held captive by his intoxicating smell, intimidating demeanour and his undeniable skills in the bedroom.
Guess you should have known from the day you first met Hugh Ransom Drysdale that you’d never make it out alive if you were to run.
But the real question is, do you even want to leave him? He’s everything you detest but still you stay and continue to crave more of him.
And the answer to that question would be no, no you wouldn't want to leave.
He may be a prick, an arrogant asshole and a cocky son of a bitch but he is an addiction...your filthy addiction, and you wouldn’t have it or him any other way.
General Tags: @deadlymistress24 @coffeebooksandfandom @chris-butt @holtzkinnon @mychemicalimagines @llamadelreyx @haus-of-bitch-talk @buckstaybucky @thewinchestergirl1208 @chrissquares @patzammit @dummiesshort @cevans-fics @americasass91 @toni9 @aaliferous @bradfordmyworld @thereisa8ella @candlefics @yassspose @randomsevans @fanficforfun
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𝔟𝔯𝔞𝔱𝔱𝔶 𝔰𝔞𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔡𝔞𝔶𝔰 (✿˶◕‿◕˶人◕ᴗ◕✿)
hey bbies!! my new url has inspired me hehe,, i want to get to know you guys more and interact!! so every saturday i’m going to hold a little gathering!!
so all day, send in asks and little requests for me to write (only hcs and blurbs because i won’t be able to do full fics for everyone😣— i can’t guarantee that i’ll get to every request but i’ll try my best) for any daddy of your choosing — as well as concepts and ideas you have <3 and also tell me stuff about yourselves!! i want to hear anything u have to say as well as if u want to ask me anything, i’ll be more than happy to talk💞
as the name suggests, it’s ddlg themed and will consist around the theme of brattiness (my favourite😌)
it will run from 9am - 9pm GMT (but i don’t mind getting them a little after, just use whatever time zone is good for u loves) — they may be cut short some weeks due to personal obligations etc...
i want to hear from as many of u as possible so keep your asks coming😚😚
it will start this saturday, (it’s monday now so get ur asks ready my loves)
see u soon!!😚😚
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chuckbass-love · 18 days ago
It’s Over | Ransom Drysdale
A/N: So this is a fic i’ve had written up for a year, yet i never bothered to upload because i didn’t think it was good enough. But after re reading, editing over it and finally feeling like it is good enough, here it is...
Also i have another writing challenge coming out soon as part of @afriendlyblackhottie​ ‘s 2k challenge and sooner than that i have a Nomad Steve request on the way too. So please keep an eye out for those. 
Disclaimer: My work is not to be translated or to be posted anywhere else other than MY Tumblr, Wattpad and Ao3 without my permission. However, reblogs are welcome.
Summary: Ransom has broken your heart for the last time.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Mentions of cheating, swearing, mentions of sex and heavy angst. Not many. 18+
Word Count: 2,304
GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @ed-gamble​ go check them out💕
Tumblr media
Weeks of fighting and awkward silences. 
Weeks of sleeping back to back without even so much as a ‘goodnight’ or a ‘love you’ before the two of you dozed off. 
And now you’ve had enough.
Being with him was draining all of your energy, he was sucking all of the life out of you like a vampire sucks blood from a human, still you stay.
But why do you stay? With a man who has no care for your feelings or care of how much he’s breaking your heart into a million more pieces as each day goes by.
He quite literally disregards you and all of that the second you call him out on his actions, his infidelity.
It all started a month ago, when you and Ransom had made it to your 3 years year anniversary. Everyone had been pestering him with questions on how he managed to keep a woman like you. You’d wave them off and giggle as he told them “it’s easy to keep a woman when you figure out all she wants is food, sex and just to be treated with respect” of course he always mentioned sex. It’s his thing, his addiction.
It’s also what led you to the position you’re in now.
It was the night of that party, you had one too many porn star martinis and he had barely been drinking. He watched you let loose on the dance floor, his dick hardened a the sight of his girlfriend of 3 years. The woman he ultimately wanted to marry. Of course, that was then, a huge difference to the reality you’re now living.
Once he dropped you home to the house you shared, his house originally. He informed you that he was going to his study to do some work, you mumbled I love you’s and goodnights to him as you drifted off, barely registering his words.
You were blissfully unaware of what would later be the reason that you are now on the edge of a mental breakdown.
You awoke to find that the space next to you in the bed hadn’t been slept in, it was cold so you scooted off the bed and wondered down the stairs.
“Ransom” you called out, your voice hoarse as you continued to call his name and look around. But you couldn’t find him anywhere so you started calling his phone, no answer.
Time was ticking by, seconds to minutes and minutes to hours. You couldn’t bring yourself to eat or get dressed as you called and worried for your boyfriend.
Just as you were about to call the police, you heard the door open and slam shut. 
Ransom stumbled in, shirt untucked, the top few buttons undone and his hair a mess.
“Where have you been?” you sighed, rushing into his arms to pull him into a tight embrace but as soon as you did, that’s when you smelt it, another woman’s perfume. And when you pulled away you saw another thing, red lipstick on his collarbone.
“What’s that, did I get lipstick on you last night?” you tried to laugh it off but it was no use.
He just stood there, head bowed. Almost like he was ashamed. But if you knew Ransom like you thought you did, then you’d know that he wasn’t ashamed. 
Surely he could never feel anything if that’s how he chose to treat you after having you in his life all those years.
You just backed away from him, your faked naïve smile and words faded. You just shook your head as he looked at you.
And in that moment. You knew, that he had cheated.
And now…
You tried to forgive him, you tried until you felt sick of trying. He begged you that morning, to forget it, telling you that it was just a slip up. 
He went back out with the guys as soon as he put you to bed and he had a couple of drinks. He told you he wanted to make sure you had fun before he did because you had a stressful week at work. But as soon as your fun was over, his had just begun.
You didn’t scream, or yell, or even try to fight him when he revealed the events and how they unravelled. You just stood there, numb to it all. It’s like it went in one ear and out the other.
It was all good with forgiving at first, you were doing okay. You were just about coping until new accusations came to light.
Your phone lit up as a new message on Instagram came through. A message from a woman, a model.
This isn’t going to be easy to say but It’s best that I tell you So that you’re aware. I met Ransom on a night out last Saturday, we got to talking, flirting even. He made some comments about how I looked in my dress of course I enjoyed the attention. We eventually got past the point of tipsy, I kissed him, he kissed me back and we almost went back to my place. But I shut it down, I had work the next day and a son at home that I didn’t want witnessing anything. He asked for my number, so I gave it. Only after he left the bar, was I informed about you. He was acting single the whole night I’m sorry about all of this and for even playing into it but at the time I didn’t know about you but I’m still deeply sorry.
I hope you’ll find the time to really think about all of this. You deserve better.
I wish you all the best.
Andrea x’
You can feel your heart plummeting, It’s sinking faster and faster and you can’t control it. You suddenly can’t breathe, your air flow is restricted as all of the promises he made feel fake. Everything about him, fake. All of the kisses to your forehead, the morning cuddles and mumbled I love you’s, all fake. He was no longer yours.
He was changing before your eyes.
After you agreed to put his ‘mistake’ behind you and move forward, he was acting different, more affectionate.
Your brain naturally raced through the events of last Saturday. And now that you think about it, he came back around midnight that night, stumbling into your shared bedroom and waking you up. He kept on kissing you until you eventually turned around.
And when you did he crashed his lips to yours, pulled your body flush against his. Large calloused hands touching you everywhere, not a single spot abandoned.
“God I want you so bad” he groaned, getting off the bed to undress whilst you slid your panties off. He wasted no time in pushing into you, you gasped at the stretch and feel of him.
It was the first time you had been intimate with him since the cheating scandal.
“So god dam sexy. I fucking love you so much Y/N. You know that right?” he murmured frantically, his face buried in the crook of your neck as he dragged his cock in and out slowly, at a romantic pace. It felt amazing. You couldn’t control your moans as he continued until you were both just a panting mess on the bed.
You feel sick now just thinking about it. All those words. Fake. You could have been anyone to him at that point. 
Unless the reason for the slow and romantic sex was because he had realised, he’d taken another woman’s number, kissed another woman and almost had sex with another woman. He felt bad, maybe?
You laugh as that thought quickly dissolves. Ransom Drysdale, feeling bad? No chance. He doesn’t have it in him. 
If there was any trace of a working heart or even a soul inside of him then he would have thought everything through before he did any of this.
The front door opens and shuts “sweetheart, guess what I got for u-“ his voice trails off once he spots you, tears sliding down your cheeks, phone on the coffee table.
He rushes over “what’s wrong baby?” you stand up and shove the phone into his chest, letting him clutch it before you rush up the stairs.
Clothes are being shoved into an old duffle bag, your toothbrush too. All of your belongings in fact, well the ones that are most important for now that is.
“She’s lying baby, I wasn’t even at a bar last Saturday” after everything that’s happened, 3 years of happy memories and he still thinks he can lie to your face.
“Don’t fucking bullshit me. I’ve had it Ransom. I’ve had enough. I thought we were moving past all of that but you’re doing it again. Not even a month after the last time”
He started pulling clothes from your bag, preventing you from leaving “Ransom, let me go” you choke, tears flooding your eyes as you start sobbing.
“I love you. Please. Don’t leave me” you shake your head in response “you’ve gone too far. That’s twice now. Twice. You know you came home that night and fucked me right? Was I some last resort because you couldn’t have that blonde woman? The second best choice?” he grabs a hold of your hands. Denying everything.
“You’re never second best. Ever. You’re all I want. Please”
“Then why Ransom? Why after 3 years have you done this? You’ve done nothing but shatter my heart. I don’t understand how after everything we’ve been through that I still clearly mean nothing to you”
“You mean everything to me”
“Then why the fuck would you kiss some other girl, screw another girl and then attempt it again, even after I forgave you?” he just shrugs, no answer.
“FUCKING ANSWER ME YOU SELFISH PRICK” his head shoots up, you never shout.
You start pushing him until his legs hit the bed and he falls on it. You hit out at his chest, punching at it as you cry.
He wraps his arms around you, stilling your movements.
“Shh, come here. I’m sorry” he coos, but that’s a lie. He’s not sorry and it’s unforgivable this time.
“No, let go of me” he doesn’t, his grip tightens. His strength is no match for you.
Seconds later you look into his eyes. His gaze flicks over your face before landing on your lips.
He wastes no time in taking them, biting and sucking as he waits for your guard to fall.
You can’t stand how good he makes you feel. How well he knows you and your body. 
You moan, your mouth hangs open and he takes the opportunity. You give in, kissing him with the biggest amount of hatred and an equal amount of passion.
“Please don’t leave me” he begs as he lays you down on the bed, his mouth all over your neck before he slowly moves to your chest.
You arch your back to let him remove the white shirt.
He’s like a drug that you can’t quit but you need to. However that’s when you come back to reality.
“Stop, stop” you mumble, pushing him off and moving off the bed.
“I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep letting you fix things with sex. It’s not working” you stand tall, although it’s crushing you inside. You put the shirt back on, continuing to pack. This time he just sits there, watching.
“You don’t love me Ransom”
“What are you talking about? Of course I do”
“If you really loved me, you wouldn’t even need to look at other women and as much as that hurts, it’s the truth. I can’t keep staying here, putting it behind us and pretending like it didn’t happen”
“I know I’ve fucked up okay bu-“
“But nothing Ransom. I need to go. I’m gonna stay with my parents for a couple of days. I need to get away from you” you zip the bag up and head downstairs, he follows closely behind.
“I’m begging you, please”
Even now, his tears are fake, crocodile tears. He doesn’t love you and he never did. He just loved how familiar you were, how attentive you were to him. You were always there when shit hit the fan and it was convenient.
“It’s over. I have to go Ransom. I’ll be back at some point to get everything else” he tugs at your arm but you rip it away and leave. 
You toss the bag into the trunk of your car before getting in and speeding off, away from him.
What Ransom would never tell anyone is that he does love you. He wasn’t lying when he spoke those words. He meant them. 
But deep down, he’s messed up. 
All the hurt that he’s caused, all the pain. He’s ashamed of it but he can’t help himself. There is some part of him that never felt good enough for you. So his eyes wondered. He buried his insecurities and went with other women. He needed a reminder, that he still had the looks and the charm to get other women and by proving that, he lost the one woman that he wanted to be with
General Tags: @deadlymistress24​ @coffeebooksandfandom​ @chris-butt​ @holtzkinnon​ @mychemicalimagines​ @llamadelreyx​ @haus-of-bitch-talk​ @buckstaybucky​ @thewinchestergirl1208​ @chrissquares​ @patzammit​ @dummiesshort​ @cevans-fics​ @americasass91​ @toni9​ @aaliferous​ @bradfordmyworld​ @thereisa8ella​ @candlefics​ @yassspose​ @randomsevans​ @fanficforfun​ 
Just Chris & Characters Tags: @onetwo3000​ @sheofthegarden​ @whiskeytangofoxtrot555​ @mrsbbarnesrogers​ @princess-evans-addict​ @stxvercgersslut​ @chris-evanslover​ @bval-1​ @thejemersoninferno​ @denisemarieangelina​ @janeyboo​ @evansphnx12​ @dwights-new-plague​ @whxre4cevans​ @cherry-gemz​ 
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chuckbass-love · 22 days ago
Only Love Can Hurt Like This | Ransom Drysdale | Part 9
A/N: Whaddup everyone, back for another part and i really hope that as always, you are continuing to enjoy this series. This part isn’t a long one but that’s only because the next one is going to be longer...
Disclaimer: My work is not to be translated or to be posted anywhere else other than MY Tumblr, Wattpad and Ao3 without my permission. However, reblogs are welcome.
Summary: Ransom sneaks behind your back to meet with his old friends, but will it end well?
Warnings: Swearing as per usual, fighting and talk of sex. Not many warnings for this one guys, still 18+ though.
Word Count: 3,566
GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @cevanswife​ go check them out❤️
Tumblr media
As he watches you walk away from him, all the anger he’s collected for his so called friends consumes him. 
He completely understands why you want to confront them, they continuously mocked what the two of you previously had and they played on his weaknesses to get him back to his reckless ways. But in doing so they ruined what was quite possibly the greatest thing in his life as well as yours. Now Ransom is certain that there isn’t a chance in hell that they’ll get away with how they acted. 
However, he also knows that as of right now, he can’t afford to even let you loose on their arrogant and inconsiderate asses. This is something he needs to do himself.
So he picks his phone up to respond to the text, agreeing to meet James in two hours. As soon as he presses send, he can already feel the anger that you’re going to unleash on him later on but it’s the price to pay, he fucked up by listening to them in the first place so he’s going to make it right. 
You pick up the next manuscript of the day, trying your best to push Ransom and his friends to the back of your mind, the situation is entirely out of your control here and there’s nothing you can do until Ransom picks you up later. 
There’s no use working yourself up into a frenzy over it and Ransom would only second that, he’d pull you close, press a kiss to your forehead as he whispered soothing words into your ear. 
The manuscript you’re working on currently is an enemies to lovers trope, one of your all time favourites. The girl is stubborn and bossy as she’s forced to work with the guy, neither one of them caring to be civil or professional. 
As the two of them are hired to work a secret mission, the girl starts to realise just how wrong she was about the boy, her feelings start to grow. You can recall fantasising about your own enemies to lovers story as you were a teenager, wondering if you were ever going to get that dramatic love story with an even more dramatic ending, 
Then you met Ransom....and so far, it’s been even more thrilling than you ever wished for. 
Whilst you’re burrowing your head deep into this story, losing yourself in the long chapters, Ransom is taking a seat in a run down diner/bar. 
James strolls in, two minutes later than the time they had arranged, not that it matters and following slowly behind him was Nate.
“What do you want?” Ransom scowls, the sight of him causing his stomach to churn. How he ever survived being friends with them, he’ll never know. 
“Loosing your cool already, Drysdale?” Nate’s eyebrows raise in question to him, testing Ransom’s patience to its limits, limits that are dam near about snap into a million pieces. But that’s what happens when you trust people and get close to them, they learn your triggers, and what makes you angry. 
And although Ransom only let people see him walking tall, broad shoulders and expressionless face intimidating everyone in his sight, Nate still knew him more than he’d ever realised. 
But you knew him better...
You always have done. 
“Look, i don’t want any shit...” Nate begins, taking the seat opposite Ransom in the booth before nodding to James to sit down too. Ransom could see the false sincerity a mile off, it was a ploy to achieve forgiveness. 
Luckily, Ransom is wiser and has become more aware of the issues that still linger in his old friendship group.
Out of everyone, Johnny was the only one to comfort him and dish out his famous tough love. Everyone else just sat idly by and allowed him to wallow rather than wanting the best for him. It’s crystal clear that they were jealous of what he had with you. They saw him happy and wanted to nip it in the bud.
Nate had a girlfriend once before too, her name was Angel and she was just that in every sense of the word, an angel in the form of a woman. She’d tried tirelessly day after day, week after week to get through to him, to get him to stay with her. 
But alas, he cheated, he always cheats.
Like a dog with a bone, whenever a newer bone came along, he’d chase it, crave it. Just like he once craved Angel. She eventually realised she was worth so much more than him and left. 
This was at a time in Ransom’s life when he too would fuck anything that moved, sometimes he’d wake up the next day ashamed of what he’d done just for a quick blowjob or a 5 minute hookup with a woman who quite literally resembled a walking hedge. They always looked rough the morning after. 
But one morning after Angel and Nate had stayed the night, she tip toed bare foot into the kitchen to find Ransom sipping some coffee alone. She was clad in Nates dress shirt from the night before and she looked stunning. 
Sure, her hair was messy but she was beauty in every sense of the word. 
Ransom had done some careless things in his time, messed girls around, used them for sex and even broken his fair share of hearts but even he couldn’t understand why Nate threw Angel away like she was nothing. 
So when Ransom introduced you to his friendship group, he could spot the jealousy in Nates eyes instantly. 
Or maybe it was regret, regret that he once had his own version of you in the form of Angel, he threw it away and let her slip through the cracks of his fingers without putting up a fight. 
And it made him bitter, just maybe. 
“Then what do you want?” Ransom spat, his rage slowly calming but it was still there, just underneath the surface, almost spilling out.
“I want to apologise, i didn’t realise all that i’d done to sabotage you and Y/N, or at least not until it was too late. I guess i just didn’t understand what you had because i never bothered to cherish it when i had it”
He knew it, this was about Angel.
“...Angel by any chance?” he knew that by speaking her name that it would evoke something inside of Nate and when his eyes shot up to meet his, the anger was prominent.
“Don’t talk about her, okay?” he seethed, warning Ransom.
“Tough shit, you gotta deal with it sooner or later Nate. If you don’t you’ll be sabotaging yourself for the rest of your pathetic life”
“Watch your fucking mouth Drysdale” Nate pointed his finger in Ransoms face, giving him a second warning, Ransom just scoffed, not caring for the potential consequences.
Nate stared for a couple of seconds whiles James’s gaze flickered back and forth “can you pussies just make up already, this is silly” 
“Not as silly as he’s gonna look after i re arrange his face”
“Oh yeah? Let’s go then, right now. You talk a huge game Nate but what happens when you lose? Who will look silly then? HUH?”
James sighed before giving them both a stern look “enough”
“All this over some whore who will probably end up leaving you again anyway, is it really worth it?” Nate adds in, infuriating Ransom further.
“She’s worth more than any of the sluts you bring home and you fucking know it”
“That’s exactly why i’m clueless as to how you even have her in the first place”
“You know what, this friendship was over a long time ago. I don’t think there’s really any point in hashing it out and making amends” Ransom declares, standing up before bidding the two gentleman goodbye, trying his hardest to keep calm.
But just before he leaves, he turns to face them... deciding to dish out one final blow to Nate.
“Oh and Nate, just to let you know, i saw Angel after you broke up and i fucked her. She was soooo wet for me” 
But the latter wasn’t true, or at least it wasn’t all true. He did fuck angel, but it was way before she even dated Nate. It was a one night stand and the moment Nate brought her around, showing her off to the group, he recognised her and she recognised him. 
It wasn’t awkward though, Ransom was fine around her. She only had eyes for Nate at that point to which Ransom liked. It was nice seeing Nate happy until he fucked things up, turning the situation sour.
As Ransom opened his car door, Nate ran out screaming.
“What did you fucking say, Drysdale? Come back here and finish this”
So he did, he slammed the car door of his beamer shut rather aggressively before taking long strides over to where Nate is stood.
He took one look before punching him so hard that he stumbled, almost falling. 
Once he recovered, it was Nates turn to dish a punch out, but as soon as he did, Ransom fell to the floor. He got up almost as quickly though, punching at Nate once more, then again, then again. 
By the time he got back in his car and sped away, his knuckles were fucked, his face bruised and he was filled with more than just rage.
You pull up the file on your computer to document your review of the latest manuscript, your freshly manicured nails tapping away on the keyboard as you fly through it. But when a presence in the doorway catches your attention you immediately glance up to find Ransom.
A bruise on his face alarms you instantly causing you to rush to your feet so fast that you feel dizzy but even then you don’t care. All you care about is if he’s okay.
“What happened?” you whisper yell, forcing him further into your office before you close your door.
“You met them without me” the offence you feel, hearing that he did the polar opposite of what you asked of him, it stings. You wanted to be there for numerous reasons but mostly to stop shit like this happening. 
Ransom is hardly one for keeping a lid on his temper at the best of times and the events of this morning have proven you to be right, yet again.
You sit him down on a chair whilst you get the first aid kit to see to his cuts, his knuckles are battered and his palms are grazed. 
“For what it’s worth, the other guy is a lot worse off” his boastful tone irritates you greatly, causing you to sigh disapprovingly. How can he brag and joke when he’s gotten himself into more trouble?
You’ve met guys like Nate before and you know that they wouldn’t lash out unless provoked and they also won’t stand for Ransom’s cockiness without ending it with a law suit. 
“Ransom” you warn, raising your brow at him as you shake your head, your way of telling him to cut it out. But rather than listening he pulls his hands from your grasp, pushing the chair back as he stands.
“Y/N, i tried taking care of it the regular way but his smug face was pissing me off” he explains, hands rested on his hips.
“Yes but what did you say to earn a punch because i know you said something” you push, stepping closer to him and urging him to come clean.
For a moment he just sighs, looking away from your piercing gaze, clearly taking the time to think about if lying to you or withholding information is worth it or not. Eventually he decides that he’s already lost you plenty of times. 
Honesty is key here.
“Fine. I told him i slept with Angel” 
“YOU WHAT?” your lid has well and truly flown off, your anger consuming you. 
“It was before us, i never did it behind your back but yeah, we slept together. It was a one night stand, before she met him but -”
“Does he know that?” you snap, unable to control your frustration with him. 
“Well, no not neces-”
“Ransom” you grumble, slumping down into your chair and tutting. Sometimes you just wish he’d make better decisions rather than fretting over having the last word. It’s a huge flaw of his, because even when you’ve argued with him, he’d say whatever to get back at you and have the last word to render you so speechless that you couldn’t even quip back with some snappy comment that would win you the argument. 
And he’s pulled the same shit with Nate, stooping down to his level once again. 
“Y/N, he was getting angry over nothing. I tried to reason with him but he threatened to fight me, what was i supposed to do, just take it?”
“No, but you could have said anything but that. I never met Angel but even i know how sensitive he is when it comes to her. You fucked up”
Ransom can’t believe what he’s hearing, his girl taking his enemies side. It shouldn’t be happening.
You’re only trying to be that voice of reason but that’s not what he needs right now, right now he needs you to side with him and understand why he picked a fight with Nate. 
Whether it was impulsive and unnecessary or not, he will never apologise to that prick, never feel bad for how he acted and he’ll certainly never speak to him again.
You just sit there, focusing your attention back onto your computer at your desk and using this time to finish your work, ignoring his presence altogether.
He takes his own seat on the couch in your office, staring around the room before his eyes land back onto you.
For him, there’s nothing sexier than your gorgeous face concentrating on your work, glasses on to prevent the harsh and sight damaging lights of the computer screen from spurring on your migraines. 
Every time he sees you like this or just in general, he’s reminded just why he loves you.
You’re his world, nothing feels right without you and having you upset with him is the worst feeling. 
So he clears his throat, “look, i’m sorry. I just hate him, i hate how he made you feel, i hate that i listened to him so easily and followed his orders like some puppy dog. He’s a constant reminder of how badly i fucked up and the smug smirk he gave me, it set me off. But it’s over with now, he’ll get over it and we’ll move forward together”
Hugh Ransom Drysdale apologising, someone really needs to pinch NOW! 
“I know, but throwing punches isn’t going to solve anything. Trust me, i hate him just as much but i don’t want you hurting yourself anymore or wasting another second on him” 
You stand up and strut over to him, taking a seat on his lap. You wrap your arms around his neck loosely, nuzzling your head into the crook of it as you hum “how about we get some lunch together now, i can take an early break” your suggestion causes a smile to creep up on his serious face.
This is the Ransom you know and love, the one who’s smile causes you to smile, the one who simmers down for you, forgets his temper to make you happy. 
You clap your hands together as you stand up, walking over to your desk to lock your computer before informing your boss about your early lunch. 
Ransom decides to pick up some sushi for the two of you to share before sitting in his beamer and tucking in. You eat in comfortable silence before Ransom’s phone buzzes, a text from Nate.
You notice it before he does as you wipe your hands and mouth with a napkin. And once you pick it up, you read the text out loud.
‘After the stunt you pulled today, you better watch your fucking back Drysdale because if i so much as bump into you, you’re in for it and that includes your whore too’
The beat of your heart picks up, your chest rising and falling as you look out of the window and away from the eyes of your boyfriend. 
He caused this. If he had just cut those guys off and avoided meeting up with them then none of this would have happened. 
The cold sensation of his hand on your arm causes you to jolt out of shock before you face him. Your warning glare lets him know just how fed up you are, how exasperated. It’s tiring being the girlfriend of Ransom Drysdale sometimes. It’s like a full time job. The man has a long list of enemies, a long list of ex hook ups and girlfriends that you’ve had to avoid for years. Now another has been added and you don’t know how you’re going to cope.
“Y/N” he murmurs, waiting for you to respond but you just stare at him.
“Y/N” you close your eyes, throwing your head back onto the headrest of the seat, just wishing things could be good for once. You just got him back in your life and already people are sabotaging things. 
It’s bringing you to the point of second guessing. After years of back and forth, on and off, things are still fucked up. Is it life’s way of telling you that you don’t deserve happiness? Or perhaps life is telling you that Ransom isn’t the one?
But if that’s the case then how come time stops when he’s near?
How come you shiver every time his hands touch your body?
How come fireworks and sparks fly every time he kisses you?
If he’s not the one then why does it feel like the missing puzzle piece is in place whenever his hand intertwines with yours?
He’s the one, he has to be. And you refuse to give him up for anything, especially not for a stupid prick with a grudge.
“Look at me” he urges, his voice laced with worry as if he’s begging to see your eyes, the same eyes that drew him in all those years ago in that club.
So you do, your eyelids open, eyelashes fluttering as you meet his dreamy blue orbs, they search his, pleading for some reprieve, pleading for him to save you from this nightmare.
“I’ll handle this, okay? I won’t let him do anything to you” his voice certain, his words an unbreakable solid promise. You can rely on him, no doubt about it. 
“Okay” you mumble, biting down on your bottom lip, something you only do when you’re either turned on or anxious. Ransom can see which one it is, easily. His hand grabs yours, squeezing just enough to soothe you, his thumb stroking your soft skin.
“I love you, Ransom” 
“I love you too, princess” 
You continue to spend the rest of your lunch break forgetting all about your troubles as Ransom distracts you with neck kisses and make out sessions but unbeknownst to the two of you, Nate is hatching a revenge plan.
“I don’t think this is a good idea, the fight is over and he walked away, just leave it now” James said, voicing his concern as he sits in Nates house.
“I don’t think so. This is far from over. He slept with Angel behind my back James. He is never getting away with that. So it looks like i need to get even”
Nate whips out his phone, clicking onto the guys group chat.
He taps away on the touch screen a couple times before eventually pressing send.
‘How about we head out tonight guys, could go to that new club downtown? Heard great things, get back to me’
Floods of texts come in, all agreeing to meet tonight. However, there’s one more person that needs an invite and he’ll make sure to get her there.
After all, the guest of honour can’t miss out, not when she’s the most important part of the plan.
Another text is typed out...
‘Did you get her address?’ it reads
The response: ‘Sure did’ 
Just like that, a location comes through. Tonight won’t be one to miss, that’s for sure.
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LMK if you would like to be added to any of my tag lists.
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buckyownsmylife · 28 days ago
A request for headcanon sunday: Tiny reader and Ransom (sex in the bathtub):
The reader is very touchy, Ransom and reader are invited to a family party and they will also stay over the night. The reader always touches Ransom in some way. Walt makes a comment about that.
Thank you for your request! Like I’ve said before, I’ve adapted my request guidelines so I won’t be accepting any specificities to the reader from now on (so more people can identify with my writing) so I wrote this for any reader and not just necessarily a tiny!one.
Sinday is here! Send me your ideas for headcanons or scenarios related to my fics for drabbles, I’ll be writing all day!
Tumblr media
If it was anyone else’s family, you probably wouldn’t have thought twice about it
But as it were, your nerves were already on fire about meeting Ransom’s family
He’d warned you about them, of course
Which is precisely why you’d been so nervous, so dependent on Ransom’s closeness to feel okay
“Are you alright, dear?” His mother asked, eyebrows raised high as she took notice of the way you clutched your boyfriend’s bicep
“Oh… yes, ma’am.” You sheepishly smiled at her critical expression
But you were already so on edge that you didn’t even notice it
All you cared about was Ransom
You left all of your attention to him since you knew that he was also nervous about spending the night at his grandfather’s place
And this way he became a distraction to you too
But of course, eventually, he had to leave you alone
Even if just for a second
“I’ll be back soon,” he tried to reassure you as he kissed your knuckles before leaving to Harlan’s study.
But the second he was gone, you were alone with the wolves
“So…” Walt started, giving you a once-over
“You’re very needy, aren’t you?”
But you just laughed, not at all bothered by what Ransom’s uncle thought of you
You were worried, however, about what your boyfriend thought of you
That’s what prompted you to question him once you were both taking a bath together before bed
“Am I too needy?”
But Ransom laughed, pressing his chapped lips against your shoulder before asking where the hell that came from
After you told him, Ransom had to restrain himself not to leave the bathroom and go after his family
But he had to take care of you then
It was way more important
“That’s just because they don’t understand us, baby. They don’t know you’re my own personal whore.”
You moan at the name, but also at his fingers who had now found their favorite resting spot: inside of you.
“That’s alright, though…” He whispered, achieving his goal of distracting you.
“Let me be the needy one now. I’m gonna touch you all over, baby.”
Come touch me, Ransom 😏
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rodrikstark · a month ago
rodrikstark’s 1k follower celebration!
send me a character + a first time!
requests: CLOSED
Tumblr media
💕 thank you so much for 1k!! i just jumped over a very big hurdle in my personal life and i truly wouldn’t be here without the support of my incredibly kind and lovely followers 😖💕💕
💕 let’s celebrate!! send me a character + a first time! (unless specified, i will decide whether it’s the first time for the character or for the reader)
💕 i hope to have all headcanons written and published within the next two weeks. thank you for your patience!
💕 fluff or angst! no explicit smut requests pls :)
💕 cap at 25 prompts
— s. rogers + first time trying new foods — f. adler + first “morning after” — s. rogers + first “i love you” (after an argument) — n. romanoff + first time feeling nervous around you — s. rogers + first boba drink — n. romanoff + first touches — s. rogers + first time cuddling — b. barnes + first time staying over — j. torres + first anniversary — c. shea + first time being tipsy — j. mace + first unexpected period — j. torres + first meeting — w. maximoff + first time sharing a bed — j. torres + first date — s. rogers + first time going to bed angry — s. wilson + first time meeting his family — f. adler + first tutoring session — s. wilson + first time dancing — a. barber + first time swimming together — f. adler + first time meeting mary — h. cho + first hurt/comfort — f. adler + first time adopting a pet — b. russo + first fight and make up — s. wilson + first welcome home — s. rogers + first time meeting the team
— — —
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buckyownsmylife · a month ago
daddy issues - final chapter
The one where Ransom doesn’t feel ready to become a father, but he should have thought about it before sleeping with a complete stranger.
When Ransom’s latest one night stand lets him know that he’s going to become a father, he finds himself looking for the qualities he never believed to have so he can become the parent he never got to witness as a child.
for general warnings and author’s notes, please go to the fic’s masterlist.
A/N: this is it, everyone! Thank you for following along for the ride. This series is now officially completed, but I will write an epilogue for it eventually (it most likely won’t be coming out next Tuesday). If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see in it, please let me know!
Tumblr media
Y/N’s P.O.V.
The gentle sunlight dancing through the sheer curtains woke me up. I did not understand why anyone bought these types of curtains - maybe for the living room, sure. But to place them inside a bedroom?
The aesthetic purposes weren’t as important as the usefulness and as far as drapes go, these were pathetic. I had told Ransom about them before, and all he did was chuckle and agree to call his interior designer to ask for something made of a better fabric.
Yawning, I sat up on the bed and stretched out my arms, moaning softly at the pleasurable pain on my muscles. I was still half-asleep, mind not yet connected to anything when I felt a sweaty hand slip from my stomach to my thigh, and I realized it was naked.
I was naked. All at once, the memories from last night returned and I whipped my head to the side to check on a sleeping Ransom, face turned to me as he snored gently on the pillow.
I remembered everything then. The fight, the insecurities, the reassurances, the physical reassurances… The way he told me he loved me…
I wanted to say it back. I really did because I knew I felt the same way about him, but I hadn’t anticipated it would happen during sex after what was probably one of the worst evenings of our lives.
It felt too real. Too much, too soon. I needed to get out of here.
In my rush to leave the bed, I dipped the mattress too abruptly considering there was someone else slipping on it - someone I didn’t want to wake up. So that’s precisely what happened.
Ransom’s P.O.V.
I inhaled deeply as the slumber slowly left my body, memories of the night before rushing in as I exhaled into a smile. God, that was the best night of my life.
Opening my eyes, I was hoping to find her body right next to mine, close enough that I could reach over, touch her and maybe repeat some of last nights best moments until hunger forced us to leave the bed.
But my fingers didn’t find anything and when I looked up, it was to find her frantically trying to put on some clothes as she fumbled from one side of the room to the other.
“What’s going on?” My voice came out harsher than I intended, throat hoarse from last night’s activities and the sleep that still somewhat dominated my body. Upon hearing it, she froze, keeping her back to me while my mind raced, trying to make sense of what I was seeing.
And then I understood it.
“You’re trying to leave me.” She didn’t deny it, but guilt must have been inside of her, fighting for dominance over her fear because she turned around to face me, a pained look on her expression.
“Ransom…” I knew that tone. I hadn’t even employed on anyone before because I never cared enough about someone to feel bad when I broke things off with them, but this feeling was universal.
I rushed to leave the bed, uncaring of the fact that I was still naked when I crossed the distance between us and took her face in my hands. “Don’t do this,” I pleaded. “Don’t lock me out again.”
Tears dominated her eyes and she blinked them away, forcing them out so they could run over her cheeks. Frustration was clear on her every feature, she shook her head as best as she could considering my hold on her, squeezing her eyes shut for a second like she was trying to think.
“Why the fuck can’t I control myself around you?” She burst out, and immediately the angst I was feeling escaped my body, letting me go now that I knew what was bothering her.
Taking a deep breath, I brushed her hair away from her face, gazing deeply into her eyes so she’d know how much I meant what I had to say.
“Because you like being with me just as much as I enjoy being with you.” She couldn’t counter that, but when she tried to avoid it, I called her out, “It’s true, you can’t deny that!”
She bit on her bottom lip, trying to contain herself, trying to get a hold of her emotions that must have been all over the place. I could understand that, considering… well, everything. Not only her pregnancy and our emotional connection, but the array of feelings we went through last night.
One thing remained true. I loved her and after what she did for me, I knew she loved me too.
“Your head’s trying to talk you out of it,” I recognized, hoping now that I was showing the problem she would acknowledge it too. “But you know this in your heart, just like I know on mine!”
Once again, she didn’t oppose it, and that gave me all the confidence I needed to keep going.
“We’re supposed to be an ‘us’, sweetheart,” I breathed out, hope and longing evident in every single word I uttered, as well as my eyes, that never strayed from hers. “Please, give this a try.”
Silence followed. She was calmer now, more rational. Her breathing was slower but she still looked weary, still looked scared. So I let her go, separating my skin from hers even though it was the exact opposite of what I wanted to do, so I could give her as much room to think as possible.
But I was going to lay all of my arguments because this was the battle of my life.
Y/N’s P.O.V.
I felt cold without his hands on my body, his presence towering over me. Hugging myself, I hesitated between leaving the room or staying there, when he started to talk again, making the decision for me.
“You know it makes sense.” He was talking about him and I, I knew it. And I agreed. There wasn’t a single cell on my body that could deny this - not anymore. Still, my brain persisted, stuck on idiotic reasonings that had no place ruling something so important to my heart. “It makes so much sense.”
The fact that he was willing to fight for this, to fight for me was making this even harder on me. It was clear on the way he spoke - on every word he said - that this mattered to him and I felt comforted in the knowledge, but even more frustrated that my stupid insecurities still haunted me.
“I know I’m not easy,” he acknowledged, leaving me even more frustrated with myself. “And I definitely don’t deserve someone like you. But if you want me, I’ll be here.”
I had to say something. I couldn’t just let him think so low of himself, not when he was being the perfect partner and my only reason to hold back resided exclusively on myself.
“I do want you,” I managed to admit, my voice tentative as I played with my own dress. “I want you Ransom, and you do deserve me but I…”
That was enough to get him near me again, hands once more cradling my face as he dipped my head so I’d look him in the eye. “I know you’re scared,” he recognized, tongue wetting his lower lip as he rushed to try to calm me. “I know you’re scared of loving me, and I was scared too.”
A chuckle escaped his lips, he sounded almost guilty. “I still am, if I’m being entirely honest. But I’m willing to give this a try because the other option… well, the other option is simply unacceptable to me.”
Silence laid heavily in the room as I contemplated what he was saying, thinking about the other option myself. I didn’t want to live it. I didn’t want to go through this alone and love Ransom from a distance.
The fear of losing him brought me the courage I needed to push through and tear down the last wall I was stupidly trying to keep against him and I.
“You’ve done so much for me,” I recognized, trying to keep the shame in my voice to a minimum. “So much to prove to me that you’re worth it.”
The light coming through the curtains made the atmosphere almost romantic somehow, and now I found myself enjoying them because this way, I could see the sparkle of hope that twinkled in Ransom’s deep eyes.
I needed to say it. It was time for me to say it. “You’re the only person I want to be with,” I started, dipping my toes in the water while I prayed that the sea wouldn’t take me. When Ransom smiled, thumbs brushing over my cheeks, I felt comforted that if a wave should swallow me, I’d die happily in its embrace. “Ransom… I love you.”
His lips connected to mine, my heartbeat loud on my ears but I wasn’t anxious anymore. All I could feel was happiness, blinding, hopeful, bright - taking over my entire body when he parted and rubbed his nose against mine, cocky grin on his lips as he teased, “I know.”
Snorting, I allowed him to pull me back to bed, perfectly content on his embrace as I was suddenly reminded of something. “Oh, but if you ever cheat me, I’ll cut off your balls.”
It was my payback for his response to my love confession, but also my way of admitting my biggest insecurity. Ransom knew it, and so he pulled me back to lay against his chest so he could rub my back calmingly.
“You really shouldn’t worry, baby…” I knew from his tone that he was joining in on the light banter, but whatever he was going to say would be a truthful reflection of his feelings on the matter. “I don’t think anyone is more attractive than you.”
That sent me into a fit of giggles, aided by the fact that he took advantage of my distraction to start tickling me. Once he was done and I was trying to catch my breath, I caught him staring at me with those deep, emotion-filled eyes again.
“Besides…” he continued, like he had never even paused. “I’ve never wanted anyone half as much as I want you.”
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thicccsimp · a month ago
Undivided Attention
Summary: After cutting a night out short with his jealous brooding, Ransom makes sure he will be the only thing left on your mind.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: 2,815
Warnings: 18+ Smut. Explicit Sexual Content. Jealousy. Possessiveness. Spanking. Overstimulation. Oral Sex (F Receiving). Fingering (F Receiving). Unprotected Vaginal Sex. Slight Degradation/Name Calling.
A/N: This was written for @iraot‘s 1.1k Wheels of Debauchery Challenge! Congratulations on hitting such a huge milestone! I also want to thank you for making such an interesting challenge, it really pushed me to write something outside of my normal comfort zone. The kinks I got from the wheel were Possessiveness, Spanking, and Overstimulation.
I’d like to thank @celestial--valkyrie for beta reading this for me, I don't know what I’d do without your help! Any and all mistakes are completely my own!
I also owe a huge thank you to @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​ for being a literal ray of sunshine and hyping me up with this piece and convincing me not to just scrap the entire thing. You always being my cheerleader means the world to me!
As always I appreciate any feedback any of y’all would like to give me. Please feel free to like, comment, and reblog if you feel inclined to.
Tumblr media
The music comes blaring from the speakers around you loud enough that you can feel the bass reverberating in your chest. You lose yourself in the upbeat rhythm, your body swaying in perfect time with it. Your eyes lazily half open as you glance around the dark room, the flashing neon lights only providing you with momentary glances of your boyfriend looking sour as ever watching you from against the far wall. His arms are folded in front of him and his jaw clenched tight, you can feel his pissy mood from all the way across the room. You roll your eyes and let yourself fall deeper into the music; you feel the occasional hand caress or grab at your body but you merely dance away, uninterested in their attention. You can’t help but let your mind wander as your body moves naturally to the beat. 
I don’t know why he suggested going out tonight if he was just going to get all pissy and ditch me after 10 minutes to go and brood in the corner. Oh well. He’s not ruining this night for me, I wanted to have a good time and his little tantrum isn’t going to change that.
You spend the next couple hours dancing to your heart's content, only occasionally stopping to grab another drink from the bar. Your eyes meet Ransom's a few more times through the night but his face never softens once, he just continues to watch you from a distance, nursing the same glass of whiskey he got when you first arrived together. 
Your eyes are blissfully closed as you move along to another song when you feel a hand grab onto your waist. You can’t be bothered to open your eyes as you go to slide out of the strangers grasp only to be surprised when their grip tightens instead. Your eyes spring open, ready to tell the bastard to fuck off, only to find that the hand belongs to Ransom, his hard face looming over you. He leans down a touch and speaks slowly and clearly, being sure you’ll hear him over the music, “It’s time to go.”
You shake your head at him, annoyance clear on your face, you start to back away from him as you shout over the music, “No. I’m not ready to leave Ransom. I’m actually enjoying myself. Feel free to go though since you clearly don’t want to be here with me, I’ll get my own ride home.”
His grasp on your waist is suddenly ironclad as he pulls you roughly against his body. He leans down so close to you that his lips brush against your ear as he speaks, his voice laced with challenge, “I said it’s time to leave. Don’t make me throw you over my shoulder and carry you out. You know I will.”
The severity of his tone sends a shiver down your spine and makes your core clench with arousal, as maddening as his possessiveness can be, it was also undeniably attractive. You roll your eyes but comply, turning on your heels and beginning to make your way toward the exit. Ransom's grip on your waist slowly makes its way up your back until he places a firm grasp on the nape of your neck causing you to stand up straighter as he begins to steer your body through the crowd with ease. You shoot daggers up at him, he knows how much you hate when he marches you around like a parent leading their toddler. His head angles down at you, his eyebrow cocked up, as his grip tightens, silently daring you to say or do something. You have to swallow down the words that dance on the tip of your tongue, knowing with certainty that he’s not above causing a scene; you settle for rolling your eyes and grinding your teeth together in irritation.
Once you're both seated in his BMW, you expect him to be all over you, pawing at you while giving you an earful; but instead he keeps his eyes set on the road and his grip tight around the steering wheel. You’re not sure if it’s the alcohol coursing through your bloodstream or just purely because it was so unexpected but you find yourself irked that he seems to have no interest in you at all. You angle yourself in your seat to face him as you reach over and place a hand on his thigh, sliding it towards his crotch before one of his hands leaves the steering wheel to push your hand away without so much as a glance. Your eyebrows knit together as you try again, letting his name roll needily from your mouth, only to be met with the same standoffish reaction. You turn in your seat once more and huff as you look out the window, utterly vexed that this man not only had the audacity to make you cut your night short but then to not give you the time of day after.
The car comes to a halt outside his home after what feels like an eternity, you open your car door and head for the door, your heels clacking angrily against the cement of the driveway with every step. You quickly fish the spare key he had given you from your clutch and unlock the door, storming inside and slamming the door shut behind you as you kick your heels off and make your way towards the stairs. You freeze in your tracks as you realize you never heard the slam of the door you were expecting. You look back over your shoulder to see Ransom has caught the door and is calmly shutting it before he turns his attention to you, his eyes stormy and menacing. He closes the space between you in mere seconds, his hand coming up and grabbing a fist full of your hair by the root. He turns you quickly to face him, the sweet ache on your scalp making you swallow hard as he walks you backwards until your back meets the wall with a soft thud. The hand in your hair vanishes and swiftly makes a new home against your throat, squeezing just enough to make your head begin to swim in the most intoxicating way.
“I’ve had enough of that fucking attitude, Y/N.” Ransom growls out at you as his chest begins to rise and fall a bit faster than it was a moment ago. “You think you have the right to be pissy after you ignored me all night to dance around like a little slut while all those guys laid their hands all over you?”
Your eyes bulge indignantly as you reach up, grabbing at his fingers against your throat, loosening his grip just enough to be able to talk a bit easier. “Excuse you!? I ignored you all night? You were the one who got all put out for no reason and left me alone on that dance floor! Why do you even care? You didn’t seem to want my attention then or just now in the car!” You shoot back at him, words laced with venom and just a bit of hurt. 
“That’s not how this works. I don’t just want your attention when you feel like throwing me a bone. You seem to have forgotten, you’re mine.”  The emphasis on his last two words make your core clench around nothing. You open your mouth to retort but his hand around your throat tightens once again, keeping the words trapped inside. “No. I’ve heard enough out of you. It’s about time I remind you who owns this.” He growls out as his other hand snakes between both of your bodies and under the skirt of your little black dress to cup your pussy firmly. Your eyes roll back into your head at the sudden pressure, you know that despite your frustration with him, he already has you dripping and now he knows it too. He releases his hold on both your neck and your pussy and wraps a rough hand around your delicate wrist and begins tugging you after him as he makes his way to the sofa. You suck in the air your lungs have been demanding as you stumble behind him. He takes a seat on the edge of the couch before roughly pulling you down to lay across his lap; your dress has been shoved up around your waist and your panties pulled down around your ankles so fast you can’t even comprehend it before his hand makes contact with your ass. 
“Aaahh! Ransom wa-” you begin to whine out before another sharp smack to your ass cuts you off. You attempt to wiggle out of his lap but his other hand pressing firmly down on your back keeps you securely in place. 
Ransom tsks his tongue at you as he rubs his hand over the swell of your ass, speaking steadily and firmly, “The only words I want to hear coming from your mouth are numbers as you keep track, got that Princess? We’re going to twenty three, one for every man you let touch you tonight. You utter a single word that isn’t a number or you miss one, we’ll start over. Don’t test me on this, Y/N.” 
The tone of his voice leaves no doubt in your mind that he means every word, you swallow hard and just nod your head. You bring your hands up to brace yourself, one clinging to his thigh while the other grasps his calf; you hold your breath in anticipation of the smack you know is coming. His hand makes contact with your ass once again and the sting makes you groan, “Three”. As soon as the word leaves your mouth, you feel the sting of his hand once again, “Four”. Ransom keeps up the pace, not allowing you a moment of rest between each smack to your ass, which becomes exceedingly sensitive with each and every strike. By the time you hit twenty, your legs are shaking, your arousal running down your thighs, your voice hoarse and strained as you continue to count out the final slaps. The sound of the last smack registers in your ears before the sickeningly sweet, overwhelming sting sets in, “Twenty three!” you manage to choke out. 
Ransom pulls you up, holding your body against his for just a moment before laying you out on the sofa, you hiss softly as your red raw ass makes contact with the deliciously cool leather as it grants you the slightest bit of comfort. He drops to his knees at the edge of the couch before reaching out and wrapping his strong sweater clad arms around your thighs before swiftly pulling you towards him until your ass is about to fall off the edge. His head dips down between your thighs, peppering them with swift kisses and gentle bites, inching closer and closer to aching core. He finally licks a long stripe along your dripping slit before his thumbs come to gently spread your soaking petals, fully exposing you to him. His tongue prods your entrance before beginning to greedily lap up all the sweet juices that are flowing from you, he lets out a moan from deep in his chest as your taste takes over his mouth. “So fuckin’ sweet baby” he whispers huskily into your sex as his lips find your pulsing bud, quickly encapsulating it and sucking gently. You let out a needy moan as your hands fly to his hair, tugging at it harshly as you grind into his face, desperately chasing your own release, trying your best to ignore the sweet sting still biting at the sensitive skin of your ass. 
Ransom suckles on your bud harder as you grind into him and you feel the coil in your stomach finally burst, your climax rushes over you like a wave. Breathy curses flow from your mouth freely as you ride out the sweet release your body had been craving so desperately. As you begin to come down from your high, you go to scoot yourself away from Ransom's mouth which was still working overtime on you. He immediately locks your thighs in with his arms, keeping you pressed firmly against his eager mouth. 
“Ransom.. baby.. I need a- aaah! I need a second,” you whine out breathlessly as you writhe under his grasp. 
He finally lifts his head from between your thighs, looking up to you with lust blown eyes and his face glistening in your arousal, “What's the matter, Princess? Weren’t you just upset you didn’t have my attention earlier? Well don’t worry your pretty little head over that. You’ve got my undivided attention now and I don’t intend to stop until my mouth is the only thing you can think of.” His tone dripped with derision as his lips curled up into a mischievous smirk. “You wanted all my attention and the attention of every guy in that club tonight, I’m going to show you just what greedy little sluts like you get.” Ransom immediately dives back in between your thighs, his lips closing in around your throbbing bud again, sucking on it harshly pulling another hasty orgasm from you. 
You whine and moan breathlessly as you continue to try and squirm away before finally resigning to the fact that you are no match for his sturdy arms, you are ultimately helpless. You feel another climax beginning to crest and his name begins to fall from your mouth like a mantra and even you’re not sure if you’re begging him to stop or to keep going at this point. Your legs shake and your breath is ragged and hoarse as another orgasm claims your body. Your vision is beginning to swim as you stutter out, “Pl-please… Ra-Ra-Ransom… I n-need-” 
Ransom lifts his face away from you, looking up at your face, reveling in how your makeup runs down your face and your bottom lip quivers, “What’s that Baby? You need more? I think so too Princess.. I know you have more for me.” And with that he returns to his assault on your sensitive aching clit, you feel one of his arms release its grip on your thigh but the other still holds you firmly in place as you feel two of his fingers plunge deep inside of you, curling into your walls in a way that makes you see stars. Your voice is nearly shot as you cry out as you feel him coaxing yet another orgasm from you; you feel your walls clench around his fingers, keeping them in place as you ride out yet another wave of earth shattering ecstasy. 
Your body goes limp like a rag doll, your chest rising and falling alarmingly fast now. Ransom finally rises from between your trembling thighs, peeling off his sweater and undoing his belt as he looks down at you, admiring what a mess he’s made of you. Your eyes stay lazily open watching him as you will yourself to even out your breathing, you watch as he grasps your hips firmly and lifts them effortlessly off the couch, lining your entrance up with his cock before burying himself to the hilt with one powerful thrust. The sound that comes ripping from your chest is guttural and primal, your entire body aches in the most intoxicatingly painful way as every inch of you buzzes with overstimulation. 
“C’mon baby.. just one more. I want to feel your greedy little cunt milk me.” Ransom's voice is husky and harsh. His strong hands begin to glide you along his cock with ease, setting a deep brutal pace, every inch of your body is consumed by a blinding combination of equal parts pain and pleasure. Your head lulls off lazily to the side, unable to even keep it up on your own anymore as you watch his face contort with pleasure as he fucks your oversensitive cunt with reckless abandon. Moans and curses escape both of you wildly and your orgasm hits you like a train, sudden and intense, your eyes roll to the back of your skull as you whimper helplessly as your walls contract around him. You feel his cock twitch before spilling his warm seed deep inside you while he growls out your name, his eyes squeeze shut and he throws his head back in pleasure. Ransom gently pulls out after a moment and sets your hips gingerly back down on the couch. He leans down, placing a large hand on either side of your head as he hovers just above your face, “Now remind me Princess… who do you belong to?” 
“Y-y-you. On-only you, R-Ransom” you stutter out quietly, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, he truly owes every bit of you and you wouldn't want it any other way.
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Tumblr media
Updated: 05/15/2021
Check out my Request Prompts!!!!
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This page is 18+ ONLY!!!! NO MINORS!!!! Because I like to use foul language and about 99% of my writings are smut. I do NOT write dub-con or dark fics. I’ve had a horrible past with stuff like that, so I’m not going to write it. I do write fight scenes and graphic violence. Especially with Marvel writings. I will try to add graphic violence warnings at the beginning of a fic that involves violence. If I forget please let me know, and I will fix it!!!!
I write reader insert fics but sometimes if I feel like it I will write one of my OCs in a fic. {List of my OCs} I prefer to write either Marvel or Supernatural characters. When I write reader insert fics I write vague descriptions of them. But for aesthetic purpose I will sometimes add-on some body modifications like; piercings, dyed hair, and tattoos. I will also write wlw fics, so look out for those. I also welcome constructive criticisms. So please let me know. 
I am taking requests and asks! There are a few things I won’t write;
~ Sub Females (I just can’t get in the mindset)
~ A/B/O Dynamics
~ dub-con/rape
~ underage
~ blood play
Okay, onto the links! I will work on adding the other characters Masterlists, when I finish them. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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TikTok who?
anyone also obsessed with tiktok pov's?
I am currently trying to edit some of my own, if you're interested in having a look! I was always more of a visual type when it came to writing my stories, I base it on what I see in my head and try to describe it. Now- I never thought of bringing it to live like this! Go easy on me- I'm just getting started and trying to see what works best :)
Here's a little example:
My name on there is mrs_capsicle 💜
Let me know if you also have an account on tiktok, I'd like to follow you!
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buckyownsmylife · a month ago
daddy issues - chapter xvi
The one where Ransom doesn’t feel ready to become a father, but he should have thought about it before sleeping with a complete stranger.
When Ransom’s latest one night stand lets him know that he’s going to become a father, he finds himself looking for the qualities he never believed to have so he can become the parent he never got to witness as a child.
for general warnings and author’s notes, please go to the fic’s masterlist.
A/N for this chapter: once again unedited. Will probably come back and make sure everything makes sense in the future 🔥 one more chapter and then just an epilogue, you guys! If there’s anything you’d like to see in the epilogue, please let me know!
Tumblr media
Y/N’s P.O.V.
The drive back home was silent. A lot was going through my head - too much, in fact. My heartbeat was so out of pace, it felt like I had just finished a race. But I hadn’t. Because the race in my mind was only just starting.
At least Ransom seemed as lost in his thoughts as I was, so I didn’t have to feel even guiltier about ignoring him or not giving him the attention he deserved. A part of me still wanted to weigh me down, though - asking me to snap out of my own thoughts to focus on him and try to make him feel better. I could only imagine what was going through his head right now, and it couldn’t be nice.
But I had to focus on myself first if I wanted to have any ability to help him. So that’s what I did. I thought about everything that happened back at his grandfather’s house and how I felt about it. And by the time we walked through the front door and I heard it close behind our backs, I knew what I wanted to do about it.
“Ransom,” I called out for his attention, keeping my eyes on the floor as I heard him hum behind me. “Would you take me to do a paternity test tomorrow?” Silence followed my question, and I held my breath at the lack of any sounds that indicated where he was or what he was doing. Finally, his figure stood before me and he cradled my face so I’d keep my gaze on his.
Ransom’s P.O.V.
“What the fuck are you talking about?” I knew that despite the harsh words, it was clear by my soft tone of voice that there wasn’t any anger at her. I was just genuinely confused, not understanding how after everything that had happened this is how she wanted to deal with it.
“I don’t want any doubts living in the back of your head,” she breathed out, clearly nervous and confused. I was nervous and confused too, but not about her, my feelings for her or for the baby that grew in her belly.
“I don’t have any doubts,” I assured her, but she was already shaking her head, trying to pull aways from me. I wasn’t having any of it. Quickly, I seized her wrists and used my grip on them to pull her against my chest, making sure she’d keep looking me in the eye.
“I’m just trying to give you some peace of mind.” Her voice was small when she spoke,  looking up at me from under her eyelashes and my heart clenched at the realization of just how fearful she was.
“There’s no war inside of it.” I was enthusiastic in the way I shook my head, pulling her to me every time she tried to push herself away. “Darling, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you stay.”
She stopped fighting then, directly staring at me with a vulnerability in her stare I hadn’t seen her sport before - not even in the night she admitted how terrified she was of this pregnancy.
I hated that my family was the one to blame for putting these insecurities on her. But I was here for her, just like she’d been there for me back then. I’d make sure to wipe any hesitancy away from her beautiful, brilliant mind until there was nothing left but the certainty of my love for her.
Because I did love her. And I needed to make her see it.
“I don’t know how you can ever imagine I’d let you go - child or no child,” I began, slowly pulling her towards our bedroom, keeping her eyes on me as I backed through the hallways. “No one has ever defended me before, especially not to my entire family.”
“I don’t think I can ever live without this… this support anymore.” My confession was hard on me because I was exposing one of my deepest fears. What would I ever do without her, should she decide to leave me?
We were in the bedroom now and I held one of her hands against my chest, her palm spread over my heart. I was sure she could feel its beating against it. Her other hand rose up to my cheek, thumb brushing it softly as she assured me, “You won’t have to, honey.”
I lost my breath when I considered what she was really saying, even if it wasn’t explicit yet. This was enough. It would always be enough, just as long as it was the truth.
“I don’t have any reasons to pull away from you, Ransom. Not anymore.” I felt like I could fall to my knees in gratitude and excitement, breathing heavily as I tried to calm down my heart so I could listen to her speak. “Even after how I treated you… Even despite how hard this entire situation is, you’ve never done anything to make me doubt you. I’m not going to push you away anymore. I promise.”
Y/N’s P.O.V.
He seemed paralyzed, but that was okay. I still had a lot to say. “Honestly, honey… I just want to be here for you, whichever way I can. Now that I’ve met your family, I’m impressed how you managed to be as well-resolved as you actually are.”
He snorted, hands still covering each of mine on his chest and cheek. His eyes were glossy but they never strayed from mine. It made my heart ache as I considered just how lonely this man must have felt through most of his life.
“Would you like a hug?” I offered, laughing slightly - but it was a wet sound. I’d started crying sometime in the evening without even realizing, and when Ransom repeated the same broken note, I noticed his own tears had begun to spill.
“Yes,” he whispered, nodding enthusiastically. “Yes, please.” My arms enveloped him immediately, finding some solace in holding this man close to my chest, offer him the support he very clearly craved but had never gotten.
“Ransom, babe,” I called out to him after a few minutes of caressing his soft hair. “Listen to me.” He pulled away from my body just enough to connect our eyes once more, the trail of tears still clear on his cheeks. “It’s not because you’re related that you have to deal with shit like that, okay?”
He nodded, but it was still a bit hesitant, so I rushed to voice everything I had to say. “I’ll be your family now, alright?” I asked, watching his eyes sparkle when he took in my offer. “I mean…” My tone was teasing now, as I glanced at my belly, separating our torsos. “We kinda already are.”
I saw the second that the desire awakened inside of him. It warmed up my body until everything felt scorching hot, fingers itching to take off my dress. “Please, let me kiss you,” he quietly begged, to which I nodded.
“Please, kiss me.” He started by rubbing our noses together, then gently pressing his mouth against mine. Gentle didn’t last long, though. There was a deep hunger in both of our beings, a hunger only the other could sate.
“Let me please you,” came his second request. “I- God, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted you more than I do right now. And believe me, I think about bending you over the nearest furniture and having my way with you all of the fucking time.”
He was panting, fumbling over his own words now and it only added to the fire in my lower stomach, panties drenched by now. “But seeing you mad… telling off my mother… God, that made me so fucking hard,” he admitted, making me inhale sharply.
“Then take me,” came my own plead, keeping my eyes on his so he’d see how badly I wanted him. “Take me, Ransom.” He didn’t need another word. In a simple movement he had me in only panties on his bed, a growl escaping his chest when he saw how drenched my underwear was.
“Jesus, you’re so wet.” I could only whimper in response, whimper that became a whine as he took off that last piece of clothing and spread my legs for his gaze. “’Ve been dying to taste you,’ he confessed just before he leaned over and licked me open, humming in delight against my pussy.
“Delicious.” I lost control of my own reactions, all I knew was that my legs trembled in Ransom’s hold as he ate me out into an incredible orgasm. I couldn’t help but praise him. “You make me feel so good, honey,” and the way his entire being lit up at the recognition only made me wetter for him.
Ransom’s P.O.V.
I shivered when I finally fused us together, hands searching for hers so I could interlock our fingers as I bottomed out. “Is this okay?” It was quiet in the room and yet my whisper almost got lost while I took in the sight underneath me. Her, filled by my cock, panting in desperate need for me.
“Yes, god, babe, please!” She cried out, thrashing underneath me in an effort to make me move and how could a man hold back after that? I tried to keep my thrusts deep and slow but it seemed like she had a different idea.
“Sh…” I tried to calm her down, pressing kisses down her jaw until I could suck a bruise on her neck. “Let me make love to you, sweetheart.” Panting, I could feel the reality I’d been trying to ignore climb up my throat, making me sputter as I tried to push it back down. “Let me… Fuck… Let me…”
Her hand traveled up my back, fingers tangling in my hair. I grounded myself in that feeling as I kept moving, opening my eyes to meet hers. “I am so in love with you,” it escaped me, flowing freely in the room, a sentence I couldn’t take back.
I wouldn’t. Even if I didn’t originally want to say it like this, mixed up with the sexual hormones, allowing her to believe I could be confused about something of this magnitude. I wouldn’t go back on my own words because they were the truth.
I was gentle this time as I fucked her. I had never made love like this before, and it filled places inside of me I didn’t know I could get satisfaction from this sort of connection. But then again… it could just be her.
“Taking me so well…” In the end, after I’d pushed her over that edge again and ran to meet her there, I cradled her to my chest, unbelieving of the fact that this time, we’d truly be lying in this bed together. Not two people sharing a bed but being apart. Truly, together.
If this was a dream, I remembered thinking just before sleep consumed me… Then I don’t want to wake up.
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buckyownsmylife · a month ago
daddy issues - chapter xv
The one where Ransom doesn’t feel ready to become a father, but he should have thought about it before sleeping with a complete stranger.
When Ransom’s latest one night stand lets him know that he’s going to become a father, he finds himself looking for the qualities he never believed to have so he can become the parent he never got to witness as a child.
for general warnings and author’s notes, please go to the fic’s masterlist.
A/N for this chapter: this is 3.2k of unedited drama and I am so fucking proud of it. I wrote this entire thing today, and it’s easily one of the pieces I’m most proud of. So I haven’t been able to fit a proper conversation between the reader and Harlan - I couldn’t make the scene justified if his presence was there, since he does seem to be the one thing that keeps the family on the line - but that means I had some ideas of how I can make up for it in the future! Extra chapter? Perhaps. We are approaching the end though. I only have two more chapter planned for this fic and an epilogue. We’ll see how that goes!
Tumblr media
Y/N’s P.O.V.
“Hey!” I got into the car excited to see him again, but I tried to reason with myself that it was all because of his visit to his grandfather’s publishing company, of course. I wanted to know how that went and I was curious as to what Harlan’s plans were, that was mostly it.
The fact that I had genuinely missed the man by my side after spending just four hours away from him had very little to do with it, or so I tried to tell myself. I didn’t know how to deal with depending so much on someone yet.
But I was trying to.
Ransom’s silence alerted me that something was different. I stopped trying to fix myself to look to the side and find him staring out the window, face expressionless and eyes void of any sentiment.
“Ransom, what’s wrong?” Reaching over, I squeezed his thigh to get his attention, and he jerked as if he was genuinely surprise by my presence in the small vehicle. “You look stressed,” I clarified, eyebrows furrowed in worry as I reached over to push away a strand of hair that had fallen out of place.
He just stared at me for a while and still I couldn’t read what he was thinking. Was he mad at me? Had I done something wrong? After what felt like eternity, he sighed, gripping the steering wheel as he looked on his lap and admitted, “I’m gonna have to go to this family dinner on Friday.”
Immediately, I breathed deeply in relief, suddenly realizing just how worried I actually was that his mood had something to do with me. But then I was reminded of the little that Ransom had told me about this family - even that little felt like too much.
I could only imagine the anxiety he was feeling, and my heart ached to soothe him as best as I could. “Do you want me to go with you?” I asked, running my digits over his nape calmly, keeping my voice as soft as possible to help him relax.
Still, his head snapped up so he could meet my eyes, his wide as two saucers as he struggled to process what I’d said. “… You’d do that?” He sounded so surprised, so genuinely shocked by my offer, that I couldn’t stop myself from giggling, taking both of his hands on mine and squeezing them gently.
“Of course I would, honey.” Ransom’s eyes were so soft as they stared into mine, even as my heart doubled its size in its effort to reach out for his, I found myself justifying, “You went with me to see my parents!”
The way his smile dropped at my explanation had me feeling cold and empty, desperate to see him look at me the same way he was doing only seconds ago.
“Besides,” I forced myself to admit it, trying not to sound as breathless as I felt while I opened my heart to him. “I-I don’t want you to go through that alone. I wanna be there for you, like you were for me.”
Immediately, I felt rewarded on my effort to open up by the smile he gave me. “Thank you, baby.” He squeezed my hand this time, and when he leaned over and connected our lips on a quick peck, my heart skipped a beat.
I was in love with this man.
Ransom’s P.O.V.
I sighed as we stood in front of my grandfather’s front door, trying to adjust my sweater that suddenly felt uncomfortable. Beside me, she seemed to be doing the exact same thing, fingers pulling on the end of the dress she was wearing, making me smile.
The dress highlighted her bump - it was now undeniable that she was pregnant and even if I’d never been particularly attracted to women in this stage of life, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her now.
It was like she shined from within. Her beauty amazed me, and so when she noticed me staring and stopped fiddling with her clothes, straightening herself up to ask, “Do I look okay?” I had to stop myself from laughing.
“Yes.” More than okay. “But are you sure you won’t be cold?” We’d gone through this argument before leaving the house, so I was prepared to see her rolling her eyes as she reached out to take my hand in hers.
“Unless your family has the habit of dining outdoors regardless of the weather, I think we’ll be alright.” I chuckled, rubbing my thumb on the back of her hand, but it sounded nervous even to my own ears. It didn’t surprise me that she noticed it. “Are you ready?” She questioned, voice in that soothing tone she used whenever she noticed my stress.
“Not at all,” I admitted, but in all honesty, the prospect of joining my family for dinner didn’t seem as bad as it usually did. Not with her by my side.
“I’m here for you.” Hearing her say those words meant more to me than I was able to properly express at that moment so I just stared at her, taking in the fact that this incredible person actually cared about me.
“Just… don’t leave me alone, okay?” Her immediate nod had me smiling. It prompted me to once again lean over and connect our lips, only this time, when I tried to pull away, she kept me close with her hand on the back of my neck.
Who knows where this kiss might have led us if the door hadn’t open right at that moment, revealing my lousy uncle who stared from me to her with wide eyes?
“… She’s pregnant? With your baby?” A groan was all I could muster as a response, tugging her into the house with me. “When were you going to tell your family?”
“For fuck’s sake,” I cursed, looking around the living room for the bar. “Where’s the goddamn alcohol?” There was no way I’d be able to survive this night without it, as much as I wanted to be supportive of Y/N.
“I think that’s a bottle of scotch,” I heard her whispering next to me, pointing towards a corner of the room, and I sighed in relief at her understanding.
“Thanks, sweetheart.”
Y/N’s P.O.V.
An hour into the evening and I had already understood why Ransom was the way that he was - and why he liked his grandfather so much, despite how he felt about the rest of the family.
Harlan was gentle where all of his children were… prickly. In fact, he was the only one who addressed me at all, but I found myself feeling grateful for it, since when the dinner actually started, I wanted the rest of the family to forget about me completely.
“I am so sorry,” Harlan apologized, rubbing his hands nervously as he stared at the rest of the family who was walking towards the dining room. “I sleep early, everyone knows that, but this is the only time they could all gather and since they didn’t know you were coming…”
I waved away his apologies, offering him a hug as I wished him good night. “Just as long as you’ve had your dinner, Harlan. Thanks for welcoming me into your home.”
He accepted my embrace easily, taking advantage of the proximity to whisper in my ear, “Just hang on to him, dear. I promise it’ll be worth it.” I smiled when we parted, nodding in confirmation to his words.
“It already is,” I assured him, but he only sighed.
“Make sure to remember that during dinner…” Now I understood why. It started with a simple question, one of the maids offered me some meat, and when I hesitated to answer…
“God, are you daft, girl? Have you never eaten lamb?” My eyes widened in surprise, but before Ransom could have the chance to throw himself at his mother, I just squeezed his thigh.
“I was going to ask her if there was any oregano in the sauce. It’s been making me feel sick.” I didn’t need to add why - the reminder of my situation, of what led me to be there with them in this dining room was very clear in me.
And still, that didn’t stop them.
“That’s a pretty necklace…” Ransom’s father commented before we could even grab a bite. I chuckled to myself, immediately catching onto what he wasn’t saying.
“Thanks, I got it at a little boutique back home. It was a gift for myself after I got my first paycheck.” I could feel Ransom’s gaze on me, the waves of pride rolling from him in waves. It made me smile, but it was just the calm before the storm.
“Ransom, have you contacted a lawyer?”  This question came from his uncle’s wife, Donna - I think that’s what she was called. Not that she tried to introduce herself to me or anything, but Harlan made sure I knew everyone’s name as soon as I stepped inside the house.
“Why?” Ransom’s tone was vicious and his squinted eyes alerted everyone that he was prepared for a strike, but the fact that he still hadn’t anticipated what was coming almost made me laugh.
Even Donna herself hesitated, unbelieving that he was going to make her say it. “There’s no way you’re that stupid.” And just like that, the doors to hell were opened up.
Ransom’s P.O.V.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but then again, was I really surprised?
“You should make sure to draw a prenup,” Donna insisted, while the rest of the family pretended not to hear, undoubtedly coming up with their own ways to insult Y/N. “Something that will assure only your kid has access to your money.”
I could hear Y/N quietly laughing to herself next to me, but while she was able to find the irony in the situation amusing, all I felt was blinding rage.
“God, do you even hear the shit you say? I never asked for your input, this, right here, is precisely why I didn’t tell any of you all about my baby.” I saw Y/N flinch from the corner of my eyes before I heard my mother’s fork drop against the precious porcelain dish she was pretending to eat from. I knew this was the sorest topic of discussion for her. I knew this was why she had been pretending Y/N wasn’t even there, hadn’t even been invited to dinner with me.
“Fair enough,” she spoke, lying back against her chair as she finally raised her eyes to meet mine. “I don’t know if we even should learn anything about this child, considering it most likely isn’t even yours.”
It was like someone had thrown a bucket of ice over me. Y/N was oddly quiet now, seemingly as frozen as me - and when I realized that, my anger returned with twice its power.
“Watch your fucking mouth,” I warned, just as my mother retorted, “Don’t you talk like that to me.” I didn’t even have the chance to talk back when she stroke again. “You fuck so many ransom desperate chicks, I’m surprised this is the first you knocked up.”
This was as insulting to her as it was to me, and it also struck a chord in me because of how I feared this was just reinforcing Y/N’s views of me. “Don’t say shit like that,” I threatened, to no avail. “Don’t talk about her like that.”
“Ransom…” Her sweet voice tried to intervene, but I was too far gone to hold myself back now. I couldn’t stand the thought that I was hurting her because I was the reason she was here in the first place.
“You know nothing about her, and yet you feel comfortable judging her,” I continued, ignoring her completely. “She’s a lawyer, actually. You would know it if you had even bothered to talk to her. If there was ever the need for a prenup, I’d have her draw it.”
Maybe they thought I’d stop at that - I thought so myself, until I realized there was still so much I wanted to get out, and I was going to do that now.
“And you know what? I trust her more than I trust you, and I came out of you. So maybe you should consider that before you attack the one person I try to introduce to my family.” I hated everything about this. I hated how they still managed to get to me, how the fact that my own mother, who I didn’t even respect, still managed to make me feel inadequate about the one thing in my life that made me excited.
I knew I’d always lose with them. They just had this way of inciting the beast in me - they brought out the worst in me, and I felt helpless to fight it.
“Okay, so she’s not some random skank,” my uncle oh-so-helplessly interrupted, immediately making me want to punch him in his stupid face. “But this just means she’s the one playing you.”
“Oh, shut up!” I threw my hands up, pushing my chair away from the table, fully intended to storm out of the room until Meg was the one who stopped me dead in my tracks.
“Did you even get a paternity test, Ransom?” She seemed almost uncomfortable to voice it, eyes darting from me to Y/N, but I could read her apologetic smile perfectly.
She just didn’t want someone else to get Harlan’s attention and interest because that would potentially mean less money to each and everyone of the people in this room, as he’d add one more person to his aid list.
My father took advantage of what Meg said, waving in her direction. “Don’t you know how important this family is? How quickly she could rise in any job because of a connection to us?”
My mother scoffed, finally ready to interfere again. “Knowing she’s actually smart leaves me even more surprised that you’ve relented and decided to become someone’s little plaything until this baby pops out. I’m assuming a few months with a screaming kid and you’re just gonna abandon her anyway. Which is fine by me, I won’t have to pretend to be a grandmother for long.”
Y/N’s P.O.V.
All I could think was how grateful I was that I had accompanied him to this dinner tonight. As I watched his chest heaving with fury, I could not imagine how he would have felt having to deal with all of this on his own.
“Ransom,” I tried to catch his attention, pulling him back to his seat. “Ransom, it’s okay,” I tried to appease him, but he was too fucking gone to care.
“No, it’s not okay, he pushed my hand away, getting up from his chair to lean over the table, both hands on top of it as he stared at his mother.  “What the fuck is wrong with you?” He yelled, making me flinch, although Linda hardly seemed bothered by it.
Then, much to my surprise, Ransom straightened up, running a hand through his hair as an emotionless chuckle escaped him. “No, you know what? You’re right. You’re not gonna be a grandmother. I’m gonna be a father, Harlan’s gonna be a great-grandfather, but that’s it. I’m not gonna keep taking your shit anymore, Linda, you know why? Even if this child wasn’t mine, I’d still want her and this kid.”
My heartbeat pumped out of control as he continued, “She’s not just someone who’s carrying my child. I care about her. And if you can’t respect her, than I guess I was right in keeping this pregnancy from you.”
I held my breath as Ransom apparently caught his, my head swirling with the different emotions running through me - my infatuation for this man, who had so fiercely defended me from his entire family, the adrenaline from witnessing such a vicious argument.
I truly believed this would be the end of it. I didn’t know where they could go from here - that was, of course, until Linda decided to attack him.
“Oh, and you think you’re going to be so great with it?” My blood boiled when her words turned against her own son so easily. Attack me and my dignity? That was okay, these people didn’t know me.
But seeing her attack Ransom was just too much for me.
“Do you think she’ll want to keep you around once she realizes she’ll be raising two children with you to weigh her down?” Ransom visibly faltered, like she had slapped him, and that’s when I had enough. “You’ll never be able to give her the emotional support that she needs and you know that.”
I rose to my feet at that, holding onto my lower back as I softly slapped Ransom’s back in an attempt to calm him down. “I got this, babe.” He was so surprised - and still so hurt by his mother’s statements - that he didn’t even try to stop me. In fact, I think he didn’t even realize what was going on until I turned to Linda and started talking.
“Do you really think that poorly of your son that you can’t believe he has anything to offer in a relationship?” Now she was the one who looked up at me with an expression that looked like I had physically hurt her.
“Is it that unbelievable to you, that someone would be able to like him for him?” She didn’t seem to be able to find anything to answer to me, and when I turned to Richard, I was also met with silence.
Ransom’s P.O.V.
“Well, I do,” she announced, like it was the single most obvious thing, the simplest fact to deduce in the world, while I stood back watching her with my mouth hanging open. “I like him enough to be willing to open up to him even if one day he might leave me because to me, he is worth any possibility of future pain.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’d never had anyone defend me like this, not even Harlan - not even my parents, when I was a kid and the bigger children decided to bully me.
No, back then all I got was a talk about how “real men don’t cry” and if my father ever caught me cowering from someone else again he’d give me a real reason to be afraid.
“And I do say possibility,” she continued, not having raised her voice for even a second and still to effortlessly able to catch the attention of everyone in the room, assure herself the ground to speak her mind without the fear of interruptions. “Because Ransom’s actions have never given me any reason to think that outcome is even remotely probable.”
“So maybe you think about your own opinions of your son’s character and see if they don’t reflect your own more than they reflect his actions.” She turned around after that, tiny hand encircling my wrist as she began to yank me in the direction of the front door.
“Let’s go.”
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buckyownsmylife · a month ago
daddy issues - chapter xiv
The one where Ransom doesn’t feel ready to become a father, but he should have thought about it before sleeping with a complete stranger.
When Ransom’s latest one night stand lets him know that he’s going to become a father, he finds himself looking for the qualities he never believed to have so he can become the parent he never got to witness as a child.
for general warnings and author’s notes, please go to the fic’s masterlist.
A/N for this chapter: this chapter’s coming to you unedited because I am honestly emotionally exhausted and the only reason I even got this done is because “playing” with these two makes me happy. So yeah, I’m officially stretching the story a bit more (next chapter is the one I’ve been referring to for a while) and after it we’ll be pretty close to the end!
Tumblr media
Y/N’s P.O.V.
Ransom had been a weird mixture of nervous and excited ever since he picked me up from work after visiting his grandfather. I knew they had a good relationship - from what I gathered, it was the only truly peaceful relationship he kept with his entire family - so I didn’t understand what the anxiety was about until he admitted, almost blurting out, “He asked me to visit the publishing house with him tomorrow.”
It was impossible to contain my smile. “That’s great, honey! He really does trust you, huh?” But Ransom didn’t even nod, just kept looking at me with eyes filled with a heavy emotion I couldn’t name, so I tried to occupy myself with other stuff.
“What time are you leaving? Do you want me to book a car to take me to university or will you still be able to give you a ride?” When he didn’t immediately answer me, I raised my gaze from the pile of essays in my hands to check on him, and the moment our eyes met, he seemed to snap out of whatever it was that was keeping him immobilized.
“No, I should be able to take you. Don’t worry about it.” I wasn’t worried, but I knew Ransom enough by now to be aware that he wouldn’t relent, not wanting me to go to my workplace without him, so I just smiled.
“Okay, babe.” The petname escaped my lips so easily, I froze when my own ears processed it, but I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Out of the corner of my eye, I could still see Ransom’s frame paralyzed where I had left him, so I just focused on my work and pretended like nothing different had happened.
“I should be up in a minute.” I tried to act as nonchalant as possible. I didn’t look at him again, but I saw him nod from my peripheral vision before turning around and leaving towards the staircase, allowing me to breathe deeply again. What the hell was going on with me?
Ransom’s P.O.V.
She never came to bed when she did decide to call it a night. Well, she did stop by my bedroom, but chose to remain by the threshold until I caught sight of her figure, and when our eyes met, she smiled and wished me a good night.
I sighed when I realized that I was going to have to sleep alone. I didn’t like that, I didn’t want it. But there was nothing I could really do about it. She wasn’t my girlfriend, she was just the mother of my baby. At least to her own eyes.
Having her so close and then seeing her pull away was tearing at my heart, which is why when I got up in the morning to find her in the kitchen, breakfast already made while a packet waited next to my plate, I felt like I would physically melt.
“What is this?” I asked, already reaching out for it. I opened and checked to find a few sandwiches - homemade - before she could confirm what my eyes were seeing, but I was still struggling to process.
“I-I fixed you a lunch bag. I don’t know how long it’s going to be with your grandpa, didn’t want you to starve.” I just stared at her, unblinking, while this warm feeling spread over my chest, even turning me on.
Because I understood what this was. I understood what she meant by this. This was her, recognizing she had taken two steps back yesterday, and compensating with a gesture that moved us even closer to where I hoped to take us.
My heartbeat picked up at the realization that she did want something more. She did, she just needed time to adjust. And I could give her that - I could keep giving her that, just as long as we kept moving forward.
“It’s okay if you don’t want it.” I’d taken too long to answer, she had approached me quickly to snatch the bag from my grasp. “It’s stupid anyway.” I stopped her, both hands on her waist before she could fully turn around.
“No, give me it!” I know it sounded whiney, but I didn’t want to risk being without my lunch bag. Once it was in the safety of my hands, I put it to the side for just enough time to cradle her face and force her to take in what I had to say. “Don’t you ever say anything you did for me is stupid. I’m not used to having people do things for me because they thing I’d like or need them. This means everything to me.”
The soft smile she gave me, the way her eyes looked up at me from under her eyelashes had me feeling like I was on a rollercoaster and the fall had just begun. I suppose, in many ways, it already had.
The little gesture didn’t leave my mind the entire day. I caught myself smiling at nothing, becoming easily distracted while Harlan tried to explain something about the presses to me, but every time I ran a hand over my face and apologized, he just gave me a knowing smile.
I didn’t even feel embarrassed about it. I was almost proud, really. I had spent an entire life having to pay for what I needed - and I did it, unashamedly so. And now there was this incredible woman who wanted to take care of me. I could barely believe it.
I couldn’t believe that this woman that I didn’t even know a few months ago was now everything I thought of, everything I wanted in life.
Everything was going well, too well. I should have known it was only a matter of time until something ruined it.
I first noticed it because Harlan’s face suddenly fell when he raised his gaze to meet mine, instead settling on something over my shoulder. When I turned around, I quickly understood why.
It was my mom, and by the way she marched in our direction, she clearly wasn’t here to do anything cheerful.
“Was I supposed to know about you having a baby through my own father?” I cringed, even visibly flinched at the knowledge that she now knew about my kid. “Have you no respect for your mother?”
My snicker said everything she needed to know, and when she raised a finger to shake it on my face, it took Harlan to control us both. “Okay, alright, that’s it. This is still my place of work, an extension of my house, I won’t have you two disrespecting it’s sanctity.”
I huffed, adjusting my coat as I turned my back on her to focus on my grandfather again. He was the reason why I was there, and the only reason why I didn’t just leave upon seeing my mother.
“Now, Linda, if Ransom didn’t tell you about something this important in his life, there must be a reason for it. What do you think it is?” My mother turned her face from her own father, seeming particularly interested on her own high heel shoes now. We both knew she wouldn’t relent, so with a sigh, Harlan met my eyes, silently asking me to be the bigger person here - I knew.
“How about this, I’ve been meaning to have you all for dinner for a while, it’s been a long time since the family gathered for anything other than a holiday. Is Friday good for both of you? You can bring the girl, if you want.” That last part was directed to me specifically, making my eyes widen. I could only imagine what she would say if I suggested a family dinner with my entire family, especially considering everything I had told her about them - and why I wasn’t excited to tell them about the baby in the slightest.
“I’ll see, but she might be busy.” My mother snickered, making me narrow my eyes at her, thinking about a very important reassurance I needed to get before I even considering attending that dinner. “If I do end up bringing her, I don’t want to see any of you all treating her as anything less than a princess, is that understood?”
Of course, Harlan knew I was speaking more to my mother than to him, and that I expected the message to be extended to the rest of the family before Friday rolled around, but seeing as my mother was still brushing her already perfectly clean skirt, he was the one to answer.
“Of course, Ransom. We’re all excited to meet her, she’s a welcome guest in my house.” The warning was there for the both of us. And even though it was my mother that would need to keep that in mind, I already knew I was the one who would end up leaving the only place outside my house where I felt safe because as long as she was there, there was no way I’d feel okay.
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buckysnumberonegirl · a month ago
Flash forward- Finders Keepers
Part 7
Read parts 1-6here
Warnings: plot development, fluff, angst
Parings- past!Hugh Drysdale x Reader, Gabe Jones x reader
Hi hi everyone who's reading this, I know this series is a long one and I appreciate everyone being patient with me as time passes. I’m quite happy with this chapter
Word count 1.4K
You weren’t sure what time it was when you got to Base camp. Walking into the building you ran into Howard who told you how sorry he was for your loss. “I met James a few times, he was a good soldier and a great man” Howard patted you on the back, excusing himself.
Gabe and the other commandos were all sat together having a drink. He stood and walked over to you when he saw you enter their room “Y/N what are you doing here are you okay?” As soon as he said it he regretted the question.
“Of course you’re not okay I’m sorry for even asking, come sit down with us” he walked you over to the table where the rest of the men were, pulling you onto his lap. You put an arm around his neck as the men all talked about your cousin. You thought back to when you were children.
With little wooden guns you ran around your grandmother's backyard, on a top secret mission no one really knew the point of. Bucky took the lead as you crossed the log that fell across the creek. Running up into the woods the three of you giggled. You heard Bucky “ come on Steve you can’t slow down or we’ll get caught!”
‘Bucky he needs to breath’ you rubbed Steve’s back before he shot up “I can do this all day” he took off deeper into the woods. The three of you made your way into the old treehouse, hidden deep within the woods, a safe haven for you. You all sat on the floor pushing aside leaves and dust that had settled. Bucky gave you a wicked grin as he pulled out a pocket knife “ I read in a book once this thing called a blood pact, I think we should do one” he looked between you and Steve. “How do we do it?” Steve seemed nervous about the whole thing, he looked at you and you blushed. “Well we cut our finger and then we shake hands and say a saying or something that we’ll be together forever”
‘I like it let’s do it!’ You reached for the pocket knife making a small cut on both your index fingers, Bucky and Steve followed suit the three of you shook hands together giggling about what you were doing. “I know what our saying should be guys, I’m with you till the end of the line”
You and Steve repeated the phrase and you all agreed. You pulled a tiny first aid kit from out of your pocket handing everyone two little bandaids. You heard your grandmother calling, so the three of you scurried down the later before taking off. Bucky shouted like a war cry “the three of us! Till the end of the line!”
You looked down at your hands, they were folded in your lap. Holding out your two index fingers a tear fell as you saw the small white lines that matched up.
You wondered if Steve could see the same thing.
‘Gabe honey I should get going’ you kissed him before sitting up waving goodbye to the rest of the group. They met you with a chorus of goodbyes and condolences. “I’ll walk you home Y/N, it’s late.”
You didn’t argue, walking silently through London. When you got to your apartment game kissed you goodnight “are you sure you don’t want me to stay?” He looked into your eyes, and for a moment you felt the weight of the sadness you carried lift. ‘I’m sure, go home Gabe, I’ll come by in the morning’ you kissed his cheeks and smiled at him as he walked away.
You twist the knob to your apartment doorways to slide your key into the lock, but it pushes open.
You walk inside, an aching feeling washing over you along with a sense of dread. Something is wrong. You go to flip on a light when you see a dark figure sitting at your table. “You know Dove I’m hurt that you’d move on so fast”
The voice was dark but you knew ‘Hugh what are you doing here’
“Oh please, You were mine first” he spat on your floor. “How many night has he been here Y/N. I can’t believe I believe you when you said you wanted to wait until marriage. I hope he was worth it” you felt panic rise in your throat. You remember Peggy telling you there was a button installed under your kitchen counter, if you could get to it you would alert base camp that something was wrong. ‘Hugh I don’t know what your talking about, Gabes spent the night but we never’
Hugh shot up from the table, walking over you in less than 4 strides. “Don’t lie to me dove, it’s unbecoming of a woman” he walked into your kitchen, opening the cabinet he pulled out two wine glasses. You took this as your opportunity, walking into the kitchen with him and hitting the button while he reached into the fridge for a bottle of wine.
When you slid your finger off the button it made the tiniest click.
Hugh looked up at you and sighed, pouring the wine and handing you a glass “drink with me dove we don’t have long now until your friends get here” he took a sip from his glass. “What did I just say, drink” his voice was angry. You took a sip, Hugh grabbed the bottom of the glass and tipped it up forcing you to finish it.
“You know my plan was to keep you here, my own little pet as the world fell into place. We captured your cousin to use him as motivation for you when you stepped out of line but of course your captain America saved him. Had I known that I would have picked a different location. You see little dove you never had any control over this. We needed you and your cousin to weaken the Captain. But you, you have exceeded my expectations by also getting one of the commandos to fall in love with you. The team will fall apart when you go missing” he stopped speaking, your head felt like it was full of water. You dropped the wine glass and felt Hugh grab you. “What a shame that your lover will get here to find you gone. But do not worry my little dove I don’t plan on killing you, just hiding you away until we get rid of some of our problems”
You passed out shortly after that. Hugh carried you to his car and watched the outside of your building with glee. Steve arrived first, running at an almost inhuman speed into the building. Followed by a car with Peggy and Howard. Peggy jumped out gun in hand and ran in only to come out seconds later Steve following her. In Steve’s hand was the note Hugh had placed.
Hydra is always one step ahead Captain Rogers. Give up now and the girl will remain safe.
You woke up in a cold room. Your clothes had been changed and you were alone. You had no idea how long it had been but you knew everything felt wrong. Hugh walked into the room, smiling. “Your captain is Dead my dear, gone from this world after his plane crashed.”
You screamed hitting Hugh in the chest with your fists until he grabbed you, pushing you against the wall of the room. “ Do not test me girl I am the only reason you are alive, anger me and they will kill you” a gunshot rang throughout the room. Hughs weight fell against you three men entered the room two of them lifting Hughs body and carrying him away. You looked at the trail of blood and felt tears stream down your face.
The man in the room offered you a tissue. “ I apologize my dear, he was a poor representation of what we are, although he is correct in that your Captain has been dealt with.” You looked at the red skull embroidered on his suit... Hydra. Another man entered the room looking at you. “What should we do with her sir”
The man who had given you a tissue gave you a smile “she knows too much I’m afraid, but she will be helpful in controlling the wolf…” he paused “put her on ice and bring her to Serbia we will use her if Soldat gets out of hand”.
You were grabbed and dragged down the hall. You screamed and begged to be let go but there was nothing. They restrained your wrists and placed you in a small glass cylinder, it was cold enough that the touch of the metal stung where it touched you. You felt it get colder and colder within a matter of seconds you could no longer move. Just before everything went dark you swore, that soldier looked just like Bucky. A thought crossed your mind as you felt the knives of ice press into you you smiled a faint almost peaceful smile, So this was the end of the line. Then, everything went black.
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lavendercitizen · a month ago
𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐲 𝐛𝐨𝐲
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x reader
Word count: 910
Summary: Ransom looks simply ravishing from your place at the dining table, and you are not one for self-restraint. Not when it comes to him.
Warning: Kissing, light sexual themes: 18+! Minors dni.
A/N: Idk what exactly it is, but this gif make me go feral. Just imagine getting all hot and bothered while Ransom is reading something, so you come up to him, take the mug out of his hand and kiss him till he needs to pull away for oxygen.😏 yes. very much yes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mondays were always lonely days for Ransom. With you having a job and him living of his dad's money, not bothering to stoop to the lowly task of working, he was bound to be alone for a good part of the day.
Did he understand why you were so keen on your job, when he told you several times that he could take care of you? No, not at all. You'd never have to lift another finger again and yet—
"No, Ransom. You know this is important to me," you explained to him while putting the finishing touches on your hair and makeup.
A long whine dragged itself out of the sulking man next to you. He really didn't get it, because Ransom would never even think of defending this proud need to have a job. Yeah, he definitely couldn't care less. But you and Ransom come from very different backgrounds, and it showed.
What if money would be tight one day, what if something would happen— No. That's why you leave every day (except for the weekend), to make sure you had a backup, a source of income, something to fall back on, just in case.
Eventually his whining stopped, he knew he couldn't convince you, not when you were so hellbent on keeping that damn job that had you trudging back home so tired and spent most days.
Ransom learned to cherish the mornings especially. Sometimes it was like you didn't recognize him when he was right there making you pancakes for breakfast (one of the few things he can actually make without burning the house down) and blabbering about something he had seen on the news.
You thank him for breakfast and finish quietly, observing him: his stupidly handsome appearance, the way his light blue sweater covers his hand halfway, and his ruffled brown hair. It makes you want to do things you can't even begin to describe. So far he hasn't noticed your radio silence, and you gladly take that as an advantage.
With a few strides you reach your goal—him—gently tugging the mug out of his big hands, silencing his protests easily as you run your fingers through his silky hair.
Cerulean eyes look up at you, curious as to what you're doing. You haven't said a word yet. Standing next to his sitting form, you decide to free him from his anticipation. The hands in his hair turns into a fist, lightly grabbing the brown strands, tugging his head back a bit so he tilts it, your other hand comes up to his cheek, and with that you lean forward clashing your lips against his. Ransom groans into the kiss while you were moving to straddle his lap.
"Pretty boy," you whisper breathlessly in between kisses; he quirks an eyebrow at that, one of his typical smug smirks makes its way onto his face.
All you do is smile back. His teasing might work on everybody else, but not you, and in a way it intrigued him as much as it irritated him. Every time he thought he knew all that there is to know about you, he found out something new, adding to the mystery that is you. So as you're here, straddling him, admiring the view and not bothering to hide the possessiveness that tinged your voice and glazes over your eyes, Ransom can't help but stare at you.
Leaning forward, your fingers dig into his broad shoulders, as you murmur, "Cat got your tongue, baby?", proceeding to trail kisses along his strong jaw, nipping just once or twice. You want to frame this moment, keep it with you forever— because, god, he looks like a painting, like a work of art under your searching fingers. His brow is furrowed; with concentration? With lust? It fuels something deep inside you, makes you feel powerful, and you love it.
Then, you decide, you want to hear him. With a smug smile adorning your lips you grind down on him. He bites into the soft flesh of his lower lip.
No, that won't do.
You grind down once more, tilting his head in your direction with your hand lightly gripping his chin, gaining your own pleasure, and you can't contain the little "Oh" that leaves your mouth.
His reaction is instant; a beautiful low moan escapes him, and it's like music to your ears. Fuck, you can't keep him at distance anymore. Hungrily your lips press against his, licking his lower lip for access, which he grants you without hesitation. His large hands press against your shoulder blades, trying to push you as close as possible to his awaiting body.
In between kisses you coo words of praise, and Ransom is positive his brain is short-circuiting. Your hands are running through his brown strands, nail are scraping at his scalp, and you're pressed so close to him, it's like the two of you are melting together.
Eventually, you pull away, admiring your work. Your boyfriend is absolutely flushed, his hair is even messier than before (thanks to you) and, well, his pants are quiet strained— his bulge undeniable.
Your urge is satisfied, mission completed you could say, and you get off him. Checking the mirror once more, you fix your hair, before you leave. Throwing one last glance at Ransom, whose right hand is gripping the arm of the sofa so hard, his knuckles are turning white, you bid him a devilish goodbye, knowing that you were in for it.
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buckyownsmylife · 2 months ago
daddy issues - chapter xiii
The one where Ransom doesn’t feel ready to become a father, but he should have thought about it before sleeping with a complete stranger.
When Ransom’s latest one night stand lets him know that he’s going to become a father, he finds himself looking for the qualities he never believed to have so he can become the parent he never got to witness as a child.
for general warnings and author’s notes, please go to the fic’s masterlist.
Tumblr media
Ransom’s P.O.V.
As excited as I was about her accepting my proposal, I couldn’t deny that I was nervous about it, too. Being with her during a trip to her family’s house was one thing - actually living together was something else entirely.
One month in and all of my anxiety had disappeared, though. We easily settled into a routine and although she didn’t accept to move into my bedroom, she wasn’t against ending up there when the baby was keeping her awake or she wanted to get something off of her chest.
That was my favorite part about having her as a roommate, actually. Her voice being the first thing I heard in the morning and most often then not, the sound that I listened to as I fell asleep every night.
Even if we hadn’t been… intimate ever since the trip, the very nature of our relationship seemed to have changed in a way or another. Now, I felt more comfortable being flirty with her without the fear of crossing a line. It seemed like I’d learned what was appropriate to do with her and what wasn’t, but I liked to think that she warmed up to my ways a bit, as well.
“Are you sure you don’t want to get rid of the night shirt and come to bed completely nude, darling?” I asked her one of the evenings she patted towards my mattress after I’d already dimmed the lights, only to hear her warm chuckle as she slipped underneath my blanket - unfortunately, still dressed.
“Not tonight, honey.” I didn’t say anything else because I still struggled to admit just how much the petname affected me. And any night I managed to fall asleep with her in my arms, my hands over my child, was a win for me, even if I was having to ignore my cock much more than I’d ever had to do before.
I was okay with being patient, though. Especially since I was reaping the rewards from it, even if they were completely different from the things I had grown accustomed to look for my entire life.
“Ransom, your phone’s ringing.” Her sweet voice pierced my concentration easily, getting me to finally realize the device had been buzzing right in front of me for at least a few seconds without managing to catch my attention.
“Thanks, sweetheart.” Looking over the blinking screen, I was surprised to see my grandfather’s name staring back at me. “Hello?” I greeted, intrigued about why he was calling but not all that surprised since it did happen once or twice a month.
“Ransom?” He confirmed like he usually did, making me smile.
“Yeah, it’s me.” I could hear the rustle of papers in the distance, it made me picture him in his study, surrounded by his books and pens, his natural habitat.
“I was just calling to check in on you. It’s been over a month since you last came to visit.” It was like a bucket of ice had been dropped on top of me. He was right. Usually, I’d visit him weekly, or once every two weeks - but ever since I traveled with Y/N to her parent’s place, I hadn’t visited my grandfather or even sent him a message or anything.
“Oh, shit!” I cursed, running my fingers through my hair as I smiled to Y/N so she wouldn’t think anything too bad was happening when her eyebrows flew up in surprise at my reaction. “Well, I’m about to leave the house to take Y/N to work, how about if I stop by your place on my way back home?”
Silence followed my question, making me furrow my eyebrows. Then, as my grandfather answered with his own question, I realized just how hugely I’d screwed up.
“Who the hell is Y/N?”
Harlan’s P.O.V.
Ransom was trying to act as nonchalant as possible when he got out of the car, which meant that he was seriously nervous about talking to me today. He knew me enough to be aware of how I watched everyone arrive at my house from the windows in my study, and so he tried to come accross as calm and collected but missed it by a mile.
“Hey!” He greeted after knocking to announce his entrance. I was surprised to notice the little differences in his appearance - how his hair was a bit longer, like he hadn’t had the time to give it a cut or hadn’t really cared to do so, how he kept trying to hide a small smile that seemed to be permanently etched into his expression now.
This wasn’t the same Ransom I’d always known. The Ransom I’d known had carefully constructed a mask that sported a scowl since he left his childhood, whereas this one seemed to have rediscovered the joy he used to be filled with when he was young, while still carrying some of the weight of adulthood over his shoulders.
A month ago, I wasn’t even sure Ransom knew that adulthood was supposed to be heavy.
“Hello!” I greeted back, waiting for him to occupy his usual chair before me. “It’s good to see your face again. It seems like so much has happened in your life since the last time you paid me a visit.”
The guilt was clear in his expression - another thing I wasn’t used to seeing in my grandson. It only added to my curiosity, my desire to understand exactly what had happened to make such an impact on Ransom.
“I’m sorry for forgetting to call, life’s been crazy,” he explained, to which I nodded patiently.
“So it seems… Care to tell me more about it? Is it because of the baby?” Ransom finally raised his gaze to meet mine, expression stuck between fear and excitement, and it made me smile. He looked so much like a kid, thinking he might have done something wrong, but that something was so fantastic to him, it made it worth the risk of being caught.
“Yes… and no.” And so he launched into an explanation of what it was that he’d been doing the last few weeks he’d been absent. The more spoke, the brighter his eyes became, the more energized his movements were. So by the time that he was done retelling the tale of his pursuit of a closer relationship with the mother of his child, one thing was abundantly clear.
“You’re in love.” He fidgeted on his seat at the affirmation, averting his gaze once more, but didn’t deny it. It had me opening up a smile, barely believing what I was clearly seeing. “Well, this turned out better than I had hoped for.”
Ransom’s head whipped up to find me genuinely happy with what he had shared, and I could see that a weight left his shoulders when he realized that I wasn’t against the incredible changes that he was going through in life.
“What you have found with that woman is something very precious, Ransom. Now, you have to be careful not to lose it.” He gulped, visibly concerned about the possibility, and it only made me more aware of just how deeply he felt for the woman. “I can see that you’re trying. That’s more than you’ve been willing to do your entire life.”
It took him a while to find the courage to say what he wanted to voice. It was clear something was stuck in his head, running in circles, worrying him. “It’s just so hard to look at her and have to remember that she’s not mine.” He hesitated a bit before admitting, “I-I’m terrified.”
“That’s how you know that what you feel is love.” I smiled as patiently as I could to my grown-up grandson who was just now figuring out what life was truly about. “If you weren’t scared to lose her, it wouldn’t be it.”
I knew there was more that he wanted to ask. Now that he’d seen that he didn’t need to be scared to open up his heart, it didn’t take him as long to question, “How do I make her fall in love with me too? She’s so… different from me. Much better than me.” A self-conscious chuckle gave away just how dark his mind was when it came to himself. “She’s almost innocent, in contrast.”
I gave him a smile that I hoped would offer some comfort, reaching over my desk to grasp his wrist. “If you keep being patient, it’s only a matter of time.” From what he told me, it was clear that the girl actually liked him, and was just having a hard time giving into the feeling - much like he was.
“Say, I’ve asked you this about a thousand times since you’ve become of age, but I’m getting the feeling this time you might give me a different answer. Would you like to accompany me to the publishing house later in the week? I want to get your opinion on some of the different projects we’re starting for the next quarter.” I watched him take a deep breath before giving me an answer, and I knew what was going through his head. He was thinking about her and what she would think of his decision when he nodded and said the words I’d been hoping to hear for the last twenty years.
“Yes, I would very much like that.”
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drysdale-barnes · 2 months ago
you’re mine | r.drysdale
w/c: ~800
pairing: ransom drysdale x f!reader
warnings: seriously toxic relationship, manipulation, gaslighting, angst
summary: ransom breaks up with you but doesn’t want you to move on.
masterlist - requests are open :)
Tumblr media
You rake your hands through your hair, attempting in any way you can to compose yourself. Your face is blotchy and red and your throat is raw from sobbing, and yet you can’t find it in yourself to stop. Thundering under your ribcage, your heart feels as though it’s threatening to claw its way out of your body. You cling to the edge of the table to steady yourself; you shakily walk to a chair and collapse into it with a whimper.
“God, look at yourself, you’re ridiculous.” his smug voice drawls from across the room and it takes everything in you not to run back to him like you want to so badly - because anything is better than this- because he’s familiar and safe and he’d never hurt you. Right?
“I know,” you barely whisper it but somehow he still hears. Sauntering, he makes his way over to where you’re sitting and perches himself onto the chair next to you.
“Go-” your voice cracks into a broken sob, “-away.” He tuts and reaches over to move a strand of hair out of your face; his fingertips brush against your cheek, making your breath hitch in your throat.
“How pathetic,” he smirks cockily at you, “I barely touch you and you fall at my feet,”
“Do not for one second think that I need you, you asshole.” You stand up, a newly regained defiance coursing through you, “you’ll be begging to have me back once you’ve realised the mistake you’ve made. We’re not together anymore. Why won’t you leave me alone?” You turn back once you have reached the wall only to find him blocking your means of escape, one arm on either side of your head. His eyes meet yours with blazing rage; his breath coming out in ragged pants. “Move.”
“I said move! Get out of my way!” You scream, and your throat cracks under the pressure as you silently sob, pummeling your fists against his hard chest. “Why would you do this to me? I never want to see you again.”
“You don’t mean that,” his gaze softens for the first time that evening, and he almost looks remorseful, “no, you don’t mean it, you love me, you said so yourself!”
“You wish.”
He pushes you further up against the wall, until your bodies are so close that you can feel the anger radiating off of him. His hand snakes down to your waist and the other hovers over your shoulder.
“What are y-” Suddenly his lips are on yours, pressing against you with a force that you’ve never felt before. As much as you don’t want to, you practically fall into his embrace and you can feel him smirking against your lips.
You wrench free of his grasp, gasping for air.
“Don’t you dare fucking touch me.” you seethe, heart hammering in your chest.
“Kitten, come on. Please.” he feigns guilt as he desperately tries to make you stay. He doesn’t want you, but that doesn’t mean that he wants anybody else to have you either.
“You don’t love me. So leave.”
“I do love you. I do.” He steps towards you and you stagger away like he’s poisonous - because he is.
“Liar. You’re a fucking liar.”
When he realises that the fake regret isn’t getting him anywhere, he turns to anger.
“Nobody loves you like I do. Nobody will ever love you like I do!” he roars, making you cower.
“You left me, Hugh! You told me I wasn’t good enough for you. This is your fault. You can’t leave me and then expect me to come running back like nothing happened.”
“You’re mine!” He grabs your wrist hard and presses a bruising kiss to your lips, holding your body flush against his own as you writhe in his grip.
“Let me go.” you thrash violently against him until your lungs burn from the exertion. Collapsing limply against him, your breath comes out in ragged pants and you sob brokenly into Ransom’s chest. “I hate you.”
“You don’t mean that, kitten. You love me.”
“Not anymore.” You try to sound sincere but you know you’re lying to yourself and him - and he knows it too. He cards his fingers through your hair, shushing your quiet whimpers as you huddle into yourself, trying to hide from him. You know you’re not strong enough to resist him anymore and you absolutely hate yourself for it.
“Why do you keep doing this to me?” you cry.
“It’s for your own good, kitten. I’m the only one who will treat you right. I know you better than anyone. You are mine. You understand?” he punctuates his question with a smack to your thigh, making you whimper pathetically. You nod in response, because as much as you deny it to yourself, it’s true. You’re his. Every part of you belongs to him.
“Yes. I’m yours.” Your shoulders slump in defeat and you mould your body against his own, resting against his chest as you accept your fate.
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velvetcardiganbucky · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
VelvetCardiganBucky’s Recommendations 2021: Week 16 | April 11th – April 17th
Welcome to week 16 of my recommendations, if you would like to be featured on a future list, I follow the hashtag #VelvetCardiganBucky, message me, tag me in your future works, or reblog this post and link to your story, one-shot, Masterlist, writing challenge, etc.
Be aware some if not most stories and writers on this list are meant to be consumed by an audience of those 18+. My blog is also an 18+ blog.
✨Page breaks are made @firefly-graphics✨
«Last Week
Week 17»
My Masterlist
My Fic Rec List of Mafia/Mob Bucky/Sebastian & Steve/Chris/Andy
Stuff I Posted This Week:
Tumblr media
Lee Bodecker
Rough Love by @ladyfallonavenger » Lee Bodecker x Reader — Lee wakes to his wife getting ready for the day. This work is inspired by the song Poker Face by Lady Gaga. | So very hot. 🥵
I Can’t Wait To Meet You by @not-a-great-writer » Lee Bodecker x Pregnant!Reader — Request: Lee doesn’t want to leave his pregnant wife’s side. | I summarized the requested one-shot up. It’s very fluffy and domestic and sweet. I say we petition for the user name to be changed not a great writer to a fantastic writer!
(Mini) Series:
*Give In 🎡 Pt.21 🎡 Pt.22 by @not-a-great-writer » Soft!Dark!Lee Bodecker x Shy!Reader — She didn’t think she was anything special. So when the intimidating Sheriff takes an interest in her, she can’t help but feel a little unsettled. Her boring life is about to get a little interesting. | Can I just say this story is just *chefs kiss*? Lee Bodecker? *chefs kiss* Reader? *chefs kiss* It’s just all so perfect and so is the smut.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
I’m In The Water by @nsfwsebbie » Dark!Winter Soldier x Reader — He’s in the wind, and you’re in the water. Nobody’s son, nobody’s daughter. | Read the tags, this is extremely dirty as well as dark, but I honestly enjoyed it. Sabrina really blew my mind with this one.
Show A Little Gratitude by @thicccsimp » Bucky Barnes x Reader — You discover a new kink with Bucky after making a bad call during a mission. | Hot, Hot, Hot 🥵
Just Wondering by @infernal-fire » soft!dark!Buck Barnes x Reader — Reader is pregnant and has some mixed feelings. | This is sort of adorable, and pregnancy hormones really come out in this.
Sunday Kinda’ Love by @msmarvelwrites » Bucky Barnes x Reader — You weren’t sure when it happened, falling in love with Bucky Barnes. | Brontë is such an amazing writer who wrote something that made my heart squeal while the rest of me just thought it was really hot.
Don’t You by @pagesoflauren » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Bucky sees you for the first time after breaking up with you. | Taylor Swift and Bucky Barnes what more could you ask for in life?
(Mini) Series:
Just Like Dad 💋 Pt.2 by @ladyfallonavenger » Bucky Barnes x Reader — The Reader loses Bucky in the snap and life presents a whole new challenge. | It’s got your angst and your fluff, everything you need for a perfect one-shot.
Sweet Dreams Pt.3 ✨ Pt.1 ✨ Pt.2 by @jedimastermelkor » Bucky Barnes x Reader; Mystery Avenger x Reader — Your daily routine involves waking up in the morning, going to work and sulking at night. But then you meet the man you’ve fantasized about for your entire life, Bucky Barnes. At the same time, you’ve caught someone else’s eye and his first step in winning you over is to cook you breakfast. But will you be welcoming of that person’s affections? | You can tell Bucky really likes the reader in this and the reader has a crush on Bucky. Now you add Peter who you know has a crush on the reader. It's sort of adorable. I highly recommend it. It will keep you at the edge of your seat and your jaw hitting the floor a couple of times along the way.
Tumblr media
(Mini) Series:
The Miracle Pt.3 ✨ Pt.1 ✨Pt.2 by @heavenhatesme » Soft!Dark!Stucky x Reader — When infertility threatens mankind with extinction and there hasn’t been a baby for almost 18 years, what happens when two certain super soldiers fall for the same woman and accidentally impregnate her? | Heed the tags folks. I want to call them soft!dark, but they are pretty dark, but it’s up to you the reader to decide. The smut in this is great, and the storyline just as good, it also pulls on your heartstrings.
Vampires Will Never Hurt You by @missgraceomalley » Steve Rogers x Darcy Lewis; Bucky Barnes x Darcy Lewis; Steve Rogers x Darcy Lewis x Bucky Barnes — Darcy's been hiding something and Steve can't pin what it is. Can the serum help him? Or will he be compelled away? (AO3)| I love stories that take you on twist and turns, I also love vampires, add in Damon Salvatore plus the two Super Soldiers? You make me very happy!
*Brooklyn Wars by @world-of-aus » Mob!Steve x Reader, Mob!Bucky x Reader / Eventual Mob!Stucky x Reader — Childhood friends pulled apart by a move and a rivalry between families, will a shared promise of ‘till the end of the line’ be enough to keep them together. Or will a deal struck up gone wrong, and an indecisiveness to choose who your heart loves be the ‘end of the line.’ | I spent my Saturday morning re-reading this and loving every part and wishing for more. @world-of-aus is such a fantastic writer that doesn’t get enough recognition in my list.
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
(Mini) Series:
*His Koala Bear by @kinanabinks » Dark!Steve Rogers x Innocent!Reader — You and steve have been best friends since you were 5. for the longest time, he has wanted so much more from you. and it’s getting harder for him to stop himself from taking it. | Prepare for the emotional roller coaster this story is going to take you on and to change your underwear or perhaps to take a cold shower, maybe both.
*Lipstick and Crayons 🖍 Pt.5 by @oneoftheprettynerds » Dark!Mob!Steve Rogers x Single Mom!Reader — Steve can’t ever repay you for what you did. After meeting you, Steve believes his broken family is the missing piece in the puzzle of your own wrecked one. Indebting the crime lord to you has been the biggest mistake of your life, cause now you can’t get rid of him, no matter what. Loyalty and favours go a long way in the mob. | This story makes you feel like you are watching a Dark!Mob Romantic movie staring Steve Rogers. It’s just that good and I love it.
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale
Sugar by @chrissquares » Ransom Drysdale x Reader — Reader sees Ransom in his glasses for the first time. | Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ransom in his glasses more often, especially if he looked like that.
(Mini) Series:
Stolen What’s Mine Pt.1 by @wanderinglunarnights » Ransom Drysdale x OFC!Charlotte Callahan — Charlotte and Ransom are up for the same promotion at the publishing house. She hates his handsome ass, especially when he steals the job as editor in chief out from under her nose. | Charlotte is sassy and she isn’t going to take any of Ransom’s nonsense, I love it! You can tell it’s going to be a good one!
Tumblr media
Andy Barber
I’ll Be Here by @candlefics » Andy Barber x Reader — Jacob grew up with you around. What happens when he’s convicted of murder, and his family falls apart? What will your relationship with Andy turn into? | I like this take on a show I have still yet to watch. It was sweet and emotional, a must read in my book.
(Mini) Series:
*Moment’s Silence Pt.3 🥞 Pt.1 🥞 Pt.2 by @syntheticavenger » Frank Adler x Reader; Andy Barber x Reader — The tumultuous relationship between twin brothers Frank and Andy takes a turn for the worse when Andy offers to wipe out Frank’s debt by asking for the one thing Andy wants that Frank has. | This story has me wanting to bite my nails in anticipation even though I can’t. So freaking good!
Tumblr media
Good Behavior by @syntheticavenger » Dark!Andy Barber x Reader; Soft Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader — Andy’s special delivery arrives with a familiar face. | This is hot in a way you wouldn’t expect it to be, and I’m sort of wishing for a part 2.
*Distractions by @rebelwrites » Jax Teller x Reader — I requested “Can you please put a shirt on?” | Let me just say this prompt was just so well written and it put a smile on my face. I would welcome Jax as a distraction any day, as long as he threw one of his signature panty dropping smiles my way.
Tumblr media
Seal Team
I’m Not Good Enough by @rebelwrites » Sonny Quinn x Reader — “So, we’re just going to ignore the fact that you drunk-dialed me to tell me you love me?” | This broke my heart than it fixed it. 💗
No Damsel In Distress by @rebelwrites » Clay Spenser x Reader — #3 and #13 for Clay Spenser. “Even when we were kids, i always kicked your ass!” And “How is my wife more badass than me?” | So hilarious and badass.
You Aren’t Allowed To Be Sick by @rebelwrites » Clay Spenser x Reader — “What do you mean you’re sick?! You’re my partner in crime!” | Clay can buy me flowers and take care of me any day.
230 notes · View notes