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hajimeme-hinata · a minute ago
If your yttd ship isn’t fucked up what’s the point
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txpsyy · a minute ago
Dad Bakugo Hc’s
dad!bakugo x f!reader
Tumblr media
cw: pregnant reader at some parts, reader breastfeeds, fluff fluff fluff fluff, swearing.
a/n: Hi! This is my first time doing headcannons so i hope y’all like it! here’s some dad bakugo in homage for father’s day (kinda self indulgent domestic bliss bc who doesn’t love a little bit of domestic bakugou)
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
As soon as he knew you were pregnant, his life turned upside down in the best way possible. He treated you as you were an ice sculpture, scared that if something wrong happened you would melt or break apart.
As your belly started to gradually grow, so did his adoration for you (which already was sky high) multiplied by 1000. He constantly praised you, whispering soft phrases coated honey and all of his love; “You’re so beautiful”, “I’m proud of you”, “I love you and — placing his big palm softly on top of your swollen tummy— you.”
The way he gently nuzzled his cheek against your belly, telling your daughter that “Daddy loves you more that you can imagine” and “I cant wait to meet you, my firecracker” sobbing at “firecracker” rn 🥺
When he held her in his arms for the first time, he didn’t let out a single tear. No. Instead, he full on sobbed and clutched your little girl closer to his chest, bawling his eyes out and saying how much he loved you two, and that he was the happiest man alive because he had both of the loves of his life happy and healthy.
During your babygirl’s first months, Katsuki was the first one (mostly the only one) that attended your baby’s needs. She’s crying at 2 am? He’s got it. She needs diaper change? He’s on his way. She’s hungry? He already has two different formulas ready in case you aren’t home to breastfeed her. As much as you ask him to “Sit the fuck down” or “I got it this time”, he always tells you “No. Lay down. I said no. I got this.” You can’t help to chuckle a bit at the sight of THE Pro-Hero Dynamight being absolutely whipped for you and your babygirl.
Talking about whipped, he is also protective as hell. No one is allowed to touch your babygirl except you and himself. Heck, he doesn’t even let Kirishima touch you or his baby. One time Kiri made the mistake to go for a hug, and Katsuki stopped him dead in his tracks and asked him if he had already gone completely dumb and “How DARE you touch my woman. She has just given birth, idiot.” “Katsuki, it has been 6 months-” “Hush.”
When your baby blurted out her first word, (it being a long string of mumbled “mamamamama” which Katsuki determined it was “mama”), he looked so proud of his little girl he could actually explode. He kept acting the same way when she took her first step, or when she said her first complete phrase, you name it. Better bet that Katsuki was flaunting his daughter around and telling everyone that she was a genius and how DARE people to doubt that. “She’s a Bakugo for fucks sake, of course she’s gonna be the best.” “Katsuki. Language.” “Hmph!”
Random dad hcs
He most definitely is one of those dads who make little grunts whenever sit down, or lay down or pick up something
He’s the one in charge of your girl’s bento box, and he definetly makes those cute bentos that moms make on Instagram, with rabbit shaped onigiris and pineapples cut as suns and little “i love you”s notes inside. And he didn’t stop making them even after his daughter begged for him to stop when she got in highschool
One time he got a call from the elementary school because her daughter, who was in third grade, punched a classmate in the face. When he asked her why she did it, she just flashed him the same smirk he has and nonchalantly told him “They were being mean so they got what they deserved.” Turns out the damn kids were flipping up her skirt and annoying her, so she got fed up and punched them in the face. Katsuki didn’t get mad AT ALL and puffed his chest proudly because his little girl didn’t stand up for no ones shit. Just like him.
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teenwolfmarvel-obessor · 3 minutes ago
Lost in your Eyes
Tumblr media
Request made by @tieddown-withbattleshipchains : Ohh yay 😊 Then I’d ask for a Bellamy imagine where you secretly love each other, but you’re both too stubborn to talk about it. So one day you join him on a hunt outside the camp, but then get surprised by the acid fog, but you can find shelter in the bunker Finn found. As candles are lit up and blankets are found, he cuddles you to keep you warm, which leads to something more and you sleep with each other but it’s all cute and lovable. Later on he still holds you confessing his feelings and asks you to be his? <3
A/N: I love that idea! Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you don't mind that I added some details.
Summary: Your feelings for Bellamy Blake grew instantly when you started to hang out with him after the landing on Earth. Your sister - Charlotte - knew about your love towards Bellamy, but I guess it's hard to be in a relationship on Earth when it's infested with Grounder people and poisonous fog. All of this tension between you and the brown eyed boy faded away when you went on a hunting mission with him.
A little bit of SMUT towards the end
Y/N/N: Your Nickname
Your best friend is Clarke
Scott and Jackson are not apart of the TV series
Warnings: A little bit of language
Bellamy Blake x-reader
The wind blew against my face as I sat up at the top of the drop ship. Charlotte sat beside me with her head leaning up against my shoulder, her legs swayed back and forth. The golden sun shined down on the camp grounds that we called our home. Delinquents rushed around the grass and dirt filled floors as they rushed to their assignments that Bellamy or Clarke had told them to get a move on. Bellamy glanced up from helping someone lift a log, making direct eye contact with me.
I gave him a small smile before retreating my focus back to the story I was reading my sister. Little tweets from birds flew over top the large oak trees that sat ahead. Charlotte and I could see large mountains lying motionless on the horizon, clouds hung above them. Charlotte looked up from her favorite book and saw the snowy tips of the mountains. "Do you think we'll ever get out of here?" she asked, lifting up her head from my shoulder.
I shrugged, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear. She leaned into my touch and smiled at me. "Who knows," I replied, "I have hope." Charlotte slowly nodded and closed the paperback book. The two of us heard Murphy begin to yell at another delinquent because he wasn't doing their task the way he wanted to. I rolled my eyes and scoffed at the douche.
"Leave him along, Murphy!" I yelled from up top.
The asshole whipped his head to me as he heard my exclamation. I could practically see smoke rising from his ears. Murphy's angered demeanor changed to a the 'I'm gonna kill you' kind. Charlotte nudged my shoulder as she saw that he had kicked the ladder down that we used to get up to the top of the drop ship. "Awe shit," I muttered. Charlotte chuckled slightly at the mention of her favorite cuss word.
"Murphy! What the hell!" Bellamy yelled when he took notice of the ladder lying on the dirt. Murphy scoffed and turned to look at his leader. Charlotte took the book from my lap then slipped it into the black satchel, she swung it over her shoulder. Murphy and Bellamy began fighting, Bellamy mainly taking me and my sisters side. Octavia was able to drag John Murphy away from my crush.
Charlotte and I stood up from the top of the ship, waiting for the ladder to be put back up against the side. Bellamy and Octavia grabbed the bottom of the makeshift ladder. I let Charlotte go down first with her the bag strapped to her side. Bellamy's sister helped my Char down on the ground.
I passed my bag to Bellamy. He caught it swiftly and set it beside the wooden later. Bellamy gripped the sides of the ladder as I began to climb down. "I got it, I won't let you fall," he called from at the last step. Bellamy grabbed my waist and set me down once I was close enough to the ground. "Thanks," I said, earning a small smile from him. "How's the view from up there?" Bellamy asked while the two of us walked away from the side of the drop ship.
"Pretty cool," I answered, "Charlotte likes to read up there."
"What's her favorite book?"
I brought a hand up, acting like I was petting a beard. Bellamy looked at me and chuckled from my motion. I felt my stomach do flips at the sight of his cheery smile. "You never answered the question," he said. "Oh!" I said, "It's um, Narnia. She reads whenever she's scared." Bellamy gave me a warm smile once we stopped at the front of the ship. Octavia stepped out of the front of the ship. "Hey! Y/N/N, Clarke needs you," my blue eyed friend said.
I gave her a thumbs up and waved Bellamy off. Clarke stood in front of one of the tables, organizing some medical equipment. Charlotte sat in one of the hammocks and read her favorite fantasy book. My best friend turned around, she gave me a small smile. "Y/N! Great, there's some weapons up on the upper level. I need you to bring them down here then put them into the weaponry tent," She said. I nodded and extended up the metal ladder to complete my assignment.
(Time Skip: Three Hours Later)
I wiped the sweat off of my forehead once I had set a black duffle bag underneath the table. The bright, golden sun shined down onto the tent. Octavia opened the flap of the tent, carrying another black duffle bag. I sighed in frustration as I watched her set it beside the other one. She patted me on the shoulder then left me alone with a bunch of weapons.
I sat on the ground then organized all of the weapons on top of the table. I neatly folded the black bags then set them into a crate underneath the table. Sweat slid down the back of my neck. I recoiled from the gross feelings and slipped off the black shirt I was wearing. I immediately felt cooler once I had taken off the t-shirt, now only wearing a marine green singlet. I tied my hair up into a ponytail to pull my hair out of my face that way I wouldn't overheat.
The entrance to the tall tent opened up, revealing my sister holding a cup of water. I looked up from the crate of weapons, making eye contact with Charlotte. I sighed at the sight of cool water. She walked over and handed it to me, I took it willingly and drank it all in one sip. Charlotte chuckled at my resolved thirst. She looked around at the different types of weapons, her eyes widening at the variety.
"Don't worry, they're just for safety," I reassured as I put an arm around her shoulders. Charlotte slowly nodded her head as she pulled her attention away from the weapons. She took my arm off of her shoulders and slowly walked towards the guns. Charlotte ran her finger over the labeling on the crate, rubbing the black bold lettering. "Can you teach me how to use one?" she asked as she stood up from the ground.
I looked at her, taken aback by her request. Charlotte grabbed the metal cup and stood in front of me. "I-I don't know, Char," I replied, "I'll think about it." She responded with a large smile, her eyes lighting up with glee. My younger sister ran over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist. I chuckled, putting her blonde hair to the side. Charlotte let go of me and grabbed my hand, leading me out of the orange weaponry tent.
Charlotte slipped her hand away from my grip, making her way towards Octavia and Monroe who played with a couple of the younger kids. I scanned over their innocent faces, beginning to grow angry at the Ark for sending such young children down to Earth. JJ - Charlotte's best friend - sound down beside her and leaned his head against her shoulder. Monroe walked over with Charlotte's favorite book. She sat beside the two 12 year olds and began reading the story.
I felt a tall presence beside as I looked at my sisters smile began to fall when Monroe read a solemn part of the story. Monroe set a hand on her shoulder, rubbing her thumb up and down to comfort her. I glanced up and saw Bellamy standing beside me as he looked at the young children as well, mainly admiring the way Monroe and Octavia treated the little ones. He looked down at me, glancing down to my eyes then to my smile (GIF Above).
I looked away from the group and caught his eyes. I then glanced back at my sister who flipped the page in the chapter book. Octavia walked over with a little boy - who was ten - she set the red haired kid on her lap. He looked up at O with the warmest smile.
"Charlotte seems to be enjoying herself," Bellamy said, pointing to Charlotte who was acting out the dialogue.
I laughed at my sisters failed attempts to make a small roar. Bellamy's eyes trailed to me. I saw him grin at the corner of my eye. The sound the curtains that seperated the outside of the drop ship from the inside of the ship opened up. Bellamy and I turned our heads to see who was leaving the drop ship. Clarke walked out with Finn trailing behind her.
"Bellamy, Y/N," she said, stepping towards us.
"We just ran out of food for the rest of the week," Finn informed once the two of them had reached Bellamy and I. Bellamy sighed in annoyance, he pressed the bridge of his nose in frustration. Finn and Clarke exchanged a look before looking back at my crush and I. "We might want to gather up a hunting party to see what we can find," I said, looking up at Bellamy who was way taller than me. He nodded in agreement then turned to look at Finn and Clarke.
"Meet at the drop ship entrance in five," Bellamy ordered.
The three of us gave him a quick thumbs up before making our way to our tents to prepare ourselves for the hunting trip. Charlotte caught sight of me when I entered my tent. "Y/N/N!" She called after me. I pulled out my backpack from underneath my cott, along with an extra jacket. Charlotte unzipped the entrance of our shared tent. "What's happening?" she asked, watching me pack my makeshift backpack.
"There's no need to panic," I answered, "Long story short, we're in dire need of food. So...." I trailed as I walked to the other end of the tent. I opened up the small duffle bag and neatly folded some bandages into my black backpack. "So, what?" Charlotte asked, getting antsy. "We're gathering up some hunting parties," I continued. I swung my bag over my shoulder and left the tent with my sister running after me.
"Can I come?" she asked.
"Fuck no," I countered, turning around to look at her. Her eyes widened as she stopped amid the dirt ground. I closed my eyes, regretting my choice of words. I rushed over to Char and knelt at eye level, setting the bag beside me. My younger sisters eyes were clouded with tears. I felt my heartbreak at the sight of her beginning to cry.
I set my hands on either side of my sisters face, wiping away her tears. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," I said. Charlotte smiled slightly and looked down at the ground. She shifted from one foot to the other, watching as the wind blew some of the twigs and leaves from underneath her feet. I threw my arms around Charlotte and ran my hand on her back in a comforting motion. I felt the sleeve of my shirt become wet from my sisters tears.
I let go of her and continued to look at her as her tears slowly began to fade away. Charlotte swept away some dirt that was on the sleeve of my blue rain jacket. She reached up and pulled a piece of my hair that had curled from sweat. "Y/N/N, come on!" Bellamy exclaimed. I looked over my shoulder and gave him a thumbs up before retreating my gaze back to my sister. "I'll be alright," I reassured, "I've got Bell." She nodded her head and kissed my cheek then ushered me to follow our leader.
I picked up my backpack from the ground and slipped my arm through the strap. Charlotte watched me as I joined Bellamy, Monroe, Murphy, and Scott at the camps entrance. I gave Octavia a quick nod and tilted my head towards my sister. She replied with an agreeing smile and walked over to Charlotte. Clarke and Finn closed the gate to the camp. "Meet back here in one hour, it doesn't matter if you got anything," Bellamy ordered.
The groups of three nodded in agreement. Bellamy directed where everyone should go, pointing in different directions. Sounds of birds filled the air around us as we walked down the dirt, grassy pathway. Monroe and Scott walked at the back of the group to make sure no Grounder would sneak up on us. John Murphy stood in the middle of the group, keeping a firm grip on the metal and wooden spear.
His eyes darted in every direction, jumping slightly at every sound that erupted. Occasionally, I would feel his eyes flash to the back of my head, glaring daggers at me. Bellamy looked over his shoulder and saw Murphy staring at me with the intent to kill.
"Murphy, back of the group," Bellamy ordered. JM grunted in frustration and switched sides with Monroe.
"You ever just want to punch the living daylight out of someone?" I mentioned, looking both ways. Bellamy let out a small chuckle at my rhetorical question. The rustle of the bushes rang from the plants to the left of us. We all stopped abruptly, our heads whipping towards the sound. Bellamy held up a hand to stop the three group members behind the me and him. His hand interlaced with mine as he pulled me closer once the group and I stood back to back.
I felt my heart began to beat rapidly almost as if it would grow legs and jump out, making its way back to camp. Scott's breathing began to become uneven, his eyes shifting towards the trees then to the bushes. Bellamy let go of my hand to pull the slide back on the gun, making sure the weapon was ready to shoot. I pushed my shoulder against his so that I wouldn't lose sight of him.
Two Grounders hopped down from a the large oak trees that sat in front of us. The branches swayed once the enemies weight was lifted off of the trees. Bellamy kept his gun pointed to the ground, making sure the Grounders didn't take the weapon. The two enemies took out matching daggers, flipping them around in the most comfortable position.
"Bell, got any ideas?" Scott whispered, turning his head to glance at him. Bellamy sighed and looked around them to try and search for an escape route. I slowly grabbed my gun that was strapped to my belt, letting it sit in my palm. Two other Grounders fell down from the other oak trees. My friends and I jerked our heads to the sight of the other to enemies.
"Fuck," Bellamy mumbled. A loud horn sounded in the distance, making us look up at the sky. The four Grounders turned their heads and their faces turned to a frightened expression. Without warning, Scott took the hint and ran forward, but was stabbed by one of the Grounders daggers. "Scott!" I yelled and jerked forward, but Bellamy grabbed ahold of my arm.
He brought me to his side, making sure his arm was around me to prevent any Grounder from getting to me. Monroe and Murphy caught sight of the yellow fog inching closer by the second. "Y/N/N, Bell," Monroe said, tapping my shoulder. My crush and I turned around heads to look at the acid fog.
"Go, Go, Go!" I ordered.
Bellamy grabbed my hand and pulled me forward making sure he kept an eye on me. The four of us ran for dear life; trying to escape the poisonous fog. I glanced behind me and saw Murphy and Monroe turn the other way. Bellamy caught up to me. "The bunker's this way!" he exclaimed. I felt the acid fog nip at my ankle, I hissed in pain and stumbled to the ground.
Bellamy heard me grunt as I fell to the ground. He rushed over and picked up from the ground. The skin on my ankle felt like it was on fire. Bellamy set me down beside the entrance of the bunker. He used all his strength to twist open the top of the shelter. After he had opened it up, he wrapped his arm around my waist and helped me into the bunker.
The shelter was pitch black once the two of us had managed to get inside. I leaned against the ladder, trying to keep pressure off of my ankle. Bellamy put his arm around my shoulders and helped me towards the pull out sofa. "Do you know where the candles are?" he asked. I slowly stood up from the couch and limped towards the desk.
I found the cardboard box that held all of the candles. The red and brown match box sat at the bottom of the box. I set out each candles and lit each of the ten candles. Bellamy walked over to me, he set the candles in different places so they lit the whole bunker. Bellamy ushered me to the pull out sofa. He set my ankle on top of a pillow, making sure my foot was elevated.
"The bandages are in the front pocket of my backpack," I said. He nodded and grabbed my bag beside the metal ladder. Bellamy had finally found the bandages in my backpack. He rushed over to me and undid the wrapping. I hissed in pain at the feeling of the bandage around the burn. "You okay?" he asked, referring to the sound of pain. I nodded as response, gritting my teeth.
Bellamy set the rest of the bandages on the table beside the sofa. I leaned back in my seat and rested me head on Bellamy's shoulder, digesting everything that had just happened prior to entering the bunker. "I know I just asked this, but are you sure you're okay?" Bellamy said, rubbing my shoulder.
"We had them, they were close. We could've gotten them," I said. I shifted my position and rested my hand on Bellamy's chest. There was a long pause between the two of us. I sense his eyes on my head, staring at me in awe. I looked up at him, wondering why he was staring at me. Next thing I know, Bellamy's lips are on mine.
I smiled into the kiss and leaned up, keeping my hands on his chest. Bellamy rain his hand through my hair, lightly pushing it to the side so he had access to my neck. He slowly rested his hand on my thigh, gently draping it over his lap. Bellamy's trailed down to my waist as he tried to slide my green singlet over my head.
Charlotte had been the only one I had told about my love for Bellamy Blake. My questions were answered when Bellamy deepened the kiss by lightly pushing me down to the armrest of the sofa bed.
My hand rested on Bellamy's chest as the two of us laid silently on the pull out sofa. A blanket was placed over me and Bellamy to keep us warm, but it wasn't really doing much. He kept an arm around me, making sure I was comfortable. Our clothes that we once wore laid about the floor in front of the couch. The sound of rain was all we heard while we laid there. Bellamy rubbed my back in a soothing motion.
I smiled at the sound of his heart beat. He lifted up my chin, pecking my lips softly. I snuggled into him with another smile creeping onto my face. The feeling of Bellamy's lips still lingered on my face and neck. "I was too stubborn to tell you that I love you," I said, breaking the silence. Bellamy smirked and sat on his side so he was looking at me. "I would say the same thing." he said, leaning in for another kiss. Lets just say we were lost in each other's eyes for the millionth time this year.
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blackswan18 · 3 minutes ago
Too Good To Be True - Ch. 44 | kth(m)
Summary: Kim Taehyung is a world famous idol in the hit K-pop group, BTS, and you are his personal stylist. Per your contract with Big Hit, he is absolutely, 100% off-limits, and yet, you are completely and hopelessly in love with him. You’ve spent years trying to shove your feelings down, but it’s getting harder and harder to ignore and hide them, especially considering the way Tae always treats you. He’s affectionate and protective and sometimes outright flirtatious, but that’s how he is with everyone, right? Confused, frustrated, and lovesick, you find yourself wondering if it might finally be worth risking your career and your heart to find out.
pairing: Taehyung x reader
genre: Idol! au, fluff, angst, eventual smut, friends to lovers, slow burn
rating: 18+
word count: 4k
warnings: cursing, sexting, bondage, implied sex
Chapter 44: The Best Boy
⇤ previous || next ⇥ || masterlist
It was nearly 2 AM and you were still awake, nothing but the sound of Tannie’s soft snores and Tae’s occasional mutterings to break the otherwise suffocating silence.
You’d say you spent the last several hours tossing and turning, but that would be a lie; it was impossible to toss, turn, or really move at all whilst in Kim Taehyung’s sleepy clutches. He’d fallen asleep rather quickly, leaving you alone with your tumultuous thoughts, something which you were trying desperately not to resent him for. The situation was uncomfortably reminiscent of the night in which this whole fake dating fiasco began: Tae beside you sleeping peacefully while you laid there wide awake, your mind racing. After hours spent contemplating everything - what you were told, what you believed, how you felt, what you should do - you had figured out precisely nothing.
With a defeated sigh, you decided you couldn’t stay in bed any longer. Gently extracting yourself from Tae’s koala bear embrace and stuffing your pillow into his arms instead, you quietly slipped from the bedroom. After turning on the light in the living room, you went over to one of the couches and collapsed down onto it, your head instantly falling into your hands. You don’t know how long you sat there, staring blankly ahead as you sifted through your endless thoughts, but eventually something on the bookshelf in front of you caught your eye.
It was a framed picture of Tae’s phone that showed his background set to the first photo you’d ever taken together, the one where he was trying to eat your pigtail. Since he obviously couldn’t have that photo be the background of his phone all the time, he figured having a picture of what it would look like was the next best thing. He gave it to you a week or so after you got back from America, calling it a ‘because I love you’ gift. You cracked up when you pulled it out of the bag, telling him it would have been easier if he just got you a framed picture of the photo itself, but he said that would have been too boring. It was such a silly, sweet, thoughtful gift, something that was so incredibly Tae. Looking at it now, you were reminded not only of how much Tae loved you, but of the infinite number of ways, big and small, that he went about expressing that love.
Him giving you the couple’s ring that matched his grandmother’s ring to assure you of his commitment. The fact that he made coffee for you in the mornings even though he didn’t drink it. How affectionate and passionate and generous he was when you were intimate. The way he kept the apartment slightly warmer than he probably wanted because he knew you were always cold. How he shared his vision for your future together and spoke of marriage and children without the slightest bit of doubt or hesitancy. When he pretended to be full because he knew how much you wanted the last dumpling. How often he lavished you with genuine praise, saying you were beautiful, smart, talented, strong, the woman of his dreams. How he spent three years writing you the most beautiful love song, one which he often softly sang to you at night as you were falling asleep.
Laying down on the couch, you pulled out your phone and started playing the original demo version of ‘Sweet Night’ Tae had given you. Once he started ‘dating’ Jisoo, his plan for re-recording the song without her on backing vocals unfortunately went out the window. It would make no sense for him to kick her off the song if recording it together is what led them to date in the first place. It was frustrating that she would be on the official version, but you had this one which you absolutely loved and that was enough for you.
As you lay there listening to Tae’s soft, soothing voice, memories from the summer when they were recording this song together washed over you. It had been an extremely confusing and difficult time for you, one marked by many sleepless, tear-filled nights. When you thought back to all the most heartbreaking moments, though, you realized there was an undeniable common theme:
Jisoo bending the truth to fit her own twisted narrative.
How she led you to believe Tae was taking her on a date when they were actually attending a dinner meeting with numerous other people.
How she pretended he had given her the dark chocolate-covered strawberries even though he had actually ordered them to go so he could give them to you.
How she made it seem like he had ignored you for a month because they were together when in reality he had been hard at work producing the song he wrote to confess his love to you.
Suddenly, the idea that you’d questioned Tae’s faithfulness for even a second seemed completely absurd. Whatever the reason for him not telling you about their time in her recording lab, whether because he truly did just forget or because he felt guilty about being in there at all, it was obvious now that Jisoo had purposefully misconstrued the situation. She wanted you to have doubts and to accuse him of cheating, knowing how absolutely devastated he would be if you did so. She wanted to drive a wedge between you and him, just like she did over the summer, and ruin your relationship.
Why? Because she was jealous, plain and simple. You had a committed, loving, absolutely wonderful partner and she was jealous. You didn't blame her, you had once been jealous of her when you thought they were together, but the way she was going about dealing with her envy was both cruel and pathetic.
But, no longer were you going to sit back and take it. No longer were you going to be intimidated by her or let yourself be poisoned by her toxicity.
It was time to stand up for yourself and fight fire with fire. If she wanted to shamelessly revel in and openly flaunt her fake relationship, then you would shamelessly revel in and openly flaunt your real one, in all it’s fluffy, steamy glory. You would show her, once and for all, that Tae was wholly and unequivocally yours.
With a newfound sense of calm and purpose, you rose from the couch and headed back into the bedroom, determined to get a good night’s sleep so you could begin taking your life back tomorrow. Climbing onto the bed, you found Tae had completely wrapped himself around your pillow, a sight which was painfully adorable. You tried gently prying it out of his grasp, but he was holding it with both his arms and his legs and it wouldn’t budge. Pulling a little harder now, it was just beginning to come free from his hold when suddenly he clutched it back tightly against his chest.
“No,” he mumbled sleepily.
“Mine,” he then added after you gave the pillow another tug, his words just barely understandable. “My Jagi.”
In that moment, you thought for sure your heart would burst. Even in his sleep, he called you his.
“Tae,” you whispered as you brushed his hair back from his face. “Tae.”
It took a minute of trying to gently rouse him before he finally started to stir.
“Hmm?” he hummed, clearly disoriented after being woken up in the middle of night.
“I left the bed for a few minutes and now you’re cuddling my pillow,” you whispered, smiling as you watched the realization hit him.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” he muttered as he let go of your pillow and put it back by your head.
“It’s Ok,” you said back with a giggle. “I just thought maybe you’d want to go back to cuddling me?
“Most definitely,” he replied as he held his arms open.
Scooting over to take up the space previously occupied by your pillow, you let him envelope you in his arms and pull you to his chest.
“Much better,” he said softly as he nuzzled his face into your neck. “My Jagi is back where she belongs.”
“Yes,” you called back quietly, already beginning to feel sleepy. “Yes, I am.”
You woke the following morning to the feeling of Tae pressing a feather-light kiss against your temple. From there, his lips made their way to your forehead, the tip of your nose, the apple of your cheek, and every other inch of your face. You pretended to still be asleep as long as you could, but when his lips finally found yours you were unable to contain your smile any longer.
“Good morning, beautiful,” he said sweetly.
“I’m not beautiful right now,” you mumbled sleepily, your eyes still closed. “My face is puffy and my hair is messy and I have eye oogies.”
“Your eye oogies make you especially beautiful,” he said with a laugh before kissing the corner of your eye, precisely where the offending oogies were located.
Finally opening your eyes, you found him lying beside you, gazing at you with the most adoring smile. In the soft light streaming in from the window, he looked nothing short of angelic, his fluffy, sleep-mussed hair framing his handsome face. No matter how many nights you spent together, you would never get used to waking up to this view.  
“You were in my dream last night,” he admitted shyly a moment later.
“Yea?” you questioned, loving the little blush that he was now sporting. “What did you dream about?”
He nervously bit his lower lip and looked away for a moment before responding.
“Umm, I might have dreamed that we were in the backyard of our theoretical future house playing with our theoretical future kids,” he said bashfully as his cheeks grew even redder.
Upon hearing his words, you felt the biggest, dopiest smile spread across your face. That might just be the most adorable, wonderful thing he’s ever said to you.
“Ok, you are too freaking cute,” you said, gazing at him with heart eyes.
“How many kids did we have?” you then asked, genuinely curious to know what his subconscious thought up.
“Honestly, I’m not sure,” he admitted with a laugh. “They were running all over the place so it was hard to get an accurate count.”
“Oh dear,” you said with a laugh of your own. “There were so many that you couldn’t even count them?”
“Theoretically speaking, it appears so,” he admitted, giving you a little smirk.
If there was any residual doubt in your mind after last night’s epiphany, it was gone now. The man literally had dreams where you had a family together, that’s how sure he was of your future. You were now more determined than ever to stand up to Jisoo and fight for Tae, your relationship, and that beautiful future he saw with you. And, you knew just how you wanted to do it.
While you and him spent the day lounging around and binging episodes of your new favorite show on Netflix, you secretly planned a special surprise for him for the following evening. It was one which you believed he would thoroughly enjoy and also one which would help make it crystal clear to Jisoo who exactly Tae belonged to. Since she had obviously failed miserably in her attempt to seduce him and having him lusting after her, you decided you were going to show her how it’s done. You were going to make it painfully obvious to her what it looked like when Kim Taehyung had it bad for someone, that someone being you.
Wanting him to be all the more eager tomorrow night, you exerted an enormous amount of self control and kept things PG all day long. That night, when Tae began kissing your neck and running his fingers along the waistband of your leggings while you were cuddling, his way of letting you know he was in the mood, you feigned being too tired to do anything. Given you rarely ever turned down an invitation for intimacy, you thought he might be surprised or disappointed by your reaction, but if he was he didn’t let it show. Always the gentleman, he immediately stopped what he was doing and reverted back to being a cuddly teddy bear, holding you affectionately but respectfully. It was extremely hard to turn him down, especially since his little kisses and touches had definitely gotten you in the mood, but you remained strong, committed to your plan.
You successfully warded off his advances the following morning too, though, it was certainly easier said than done. The two of you had an extremely healthy and active sex life, having literally not gone a single day without some form of intimacy since the night of your dinner date. Going almost 48 hours with nothing more than a few heated kisses was rough and made you all the more excited for this evening’s surprise.
You began putting your plan into action that afternoon once Tae left the apartment to head over to the dorms. The guys were having a meeting and then Jin was making dinner which meant he would be gone for several hours. As soon as he left, you got dressed and headed out to the mall, knowing exactly what store you wanted to visit and exactly what you planned on buying.
A couple hours later, you were back in the apartment, staring down at your purchases with a look of immense satisfaction. The lingerie set before you was incredibly sexy; it was gray, which was Tae’s favorite color, lacy, strappy, and almost entirely see-through. Up until recently, you never in your wildest dreams could have imagined wearing something so scandalous, but being with Tae had given you so much self-confidence. He made you feel like an absolute goddess whenever you were intimate, like every inch of you was beautiful and perfect. You genuinely liked the way you looked while wearing the set and were all but certain Tae would too.
After showering and shaving every last inch of your body, you did your hair in some soft curls and put on a bit of light, natural makeup. You then slipped the lingerie on, sat down on the bed, and texted Tae.
[5:11 PM] I decided to get out of the apartment for a bit and do some shopping.
You snapped a photo of the Victoria’s Secret bag sitting on the floor and sent it along with a winky face. Tae’s response came almost instantaneously.
[Taehyung 5:12 PM] Victoria’s Secret?! 😳
[Taehyung 5:13 PM] Is my Jagi going to put on a fashion show for me tonight? 👀
[5:14 PM] I might.
[5:14 PM] If you’re a good boy.
[Taehyung 5:15 PM] I will be. I’ll be such a good boy. The best boy.
[Taehyung 5:16 PM] Can I get a teaser photo? Pretty please? 🙏🏻
Laughing at him calling it a ‘teaser photo’ like this was some kind of BTS comeback, you laid down and propped yourself up on one elbow, resting your chin in your hand. You held your phone out in front of you and angled it so as to show off your cleavage and reveal a bit of the bra. Biting your lip ever so slightly, you then took a photo and hit send.
[Taehyung 5:20 PM] Fuck. Sweetheart.
[Taehyung 5:21 PM] You are gorgeous. Literally the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
[Taehyung 5:21 PM] Please let me see the rest of your beautiful body. PLEASE.
[5:22 PM] I will…
[5:22 PM] …once you get home.
[Taehyung 5:24 PM] You are minx. A siren. A seductive temptress.
[Taehyung 5:24 PM] And fuck if I don’t love it.
Getting up onto your knees, you took and sent another photo, this one from the side showing the thin straps of the panties and the curve of your ass.
[Taehyung 5:30 PM] That’s it. I’m leaving.
[Taehyung 5:30 PM] I don’t need the dinner Jin-hyung is making.
[Taehyung 5:31 PM] There is clearly a delicious meal waiting for me at home.
[Taehyung 5:32 PM] I told the guys there was an emergency which technically wasn’t a lie.
[Taehyung 5:32 PM] The emergency is that my sinfully hot girlfriend is alone in our bed right now wearing lingerie.
[Taehyung 5:33 PM] I’ll be home soon, Jagi.
[5:34 PM] I’ll be here waiting for you 💜
Twenty minutes later, which you noted with a chuckle was less time than it usually took to get home from the dorms, you heard the apartment door open. Not a minute after that, the door to the bedroom opened and Tae came bursting in, breathing heavily after clearly rushing to get to you.
You were sitting on the edge of the bed, legs crossed and a glass of wine in one hand. Wanting to keep the mystery as long as possible, you had thrown on the lingerie set’s matching satin robe. It barely came mid-thigh, though, and Tae was immediately drinking in the sight of your bare legs. Setting your glass of wine down on the nightstand, you stood up and strode over to him. His hands reflexively came out to rest on your waist, but you stopped him at the last second.
“No touching,” you said coyly, wagging your finger at him. “At least not until you prove you’re a good boy.”
He gave you an adorable pout as he slowly withdrew his hands.
“How do I do that?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at you.
“Strip,” you then said simply.
Clearly caught off guard by your bold demand, his eyes went wide for a moment before his gaze darkened and a sly smirk spread across his face. Slowly, and without breaking eye contact, he began removing his clothes. Once he was down to just his boxers, you instructed him to lay down on the bed. You then pulled two scarves out of the top drawer of your dresser and held them up for him to see.
“If you want to see the fashion show, you have to be tied up,” you said flirtatiously.
His pupils were blown out wide now, his expression one of unmistakable lust. The two of you had never experimented with any form of bondage before, but it was more than obvious that this was something he found arousing.
“Are you OK with that?” you then asked more seriously, making sure he was actually comfortable with what you had just proposed.
“Yes,” he replied instantly. “Absolutely.”
“You can do whatever you want with me, Jagi,” he added as his tongue came out to wet his lips.
“Oh I will,” you said with a mischievous smirk.
Once he was fully restrained, you began the fashion show. You started by untying your robe and slowly letting it fall off one shoulder, giving him a tiny glimpse of the gray fabric beneath. After shrugging it off the other shoulder, the robe then pooled around your waist, exposing the entirety of the nearly see-through bra. You stayed like that for a little bit, letting the robe slip lower a couple times only to pull it back up at the last second, each time causing him to mutter a breathy curse.
The way he licked and bit his lips when you finally let the robe fall to the floor, shamelessly letting his gaze linger on the strappy panties that covered close to nothing, sent a wave of arousal through you. However, nothing turned you on more than him pleading in a deep, husky voice for you to turn around and let him see you from behind. You obliged, but glanced back to find him looking utterly transfixed by the way the lacy fabric hugged your curves.
After striking a number of naughty poses at the foot of the bed, you eventually climbed onto it and crawled towards him on all fours until you were hovering over him. You then proceeded to tease him with hot, open-mouthed kisses to his neck and chest and stomach until he begged for you to untie him, whining that he needed to touch you. You sat down and straddled him as you contemplated whether or not to let him go, relishing the low groans you drew from him every time you gently swiveled your hips. After a few minutes of torturing him like that, you decided he had been a good boy after all and finally released him.
The second he was free he pounced, pinning you to the bed with the hungriest look in his eye you had ever seen. The beast inside him now unleashed, he spent the rest of the evening absolutely devouring you, worshiping your body in every way imaginable and wringing pleasure from you until you truly couldn't take it anymore. It was by far the most intense and erotic sexual experience you’d ever shared together, one that was certainly more than you bargained for, but which had definitely accomplished your ultimate goal.
“Jagi, sweetheart,” Tae said between pants as you laid together afterwards, limbs tangled in a sweaty, messy heap. “You’ve ruined me.”
“How am I supposed to act professionally around you tomorrow after this?” he then questioned, more to himself than to you.
“I’m going to be sitting there in my chair daydreaming about you tying me to it and riding me,” he went on.  
“That could be arranged,” you said coyly, leaning in to give him a lazy kiss.
“Fuck,” he groaned. “You’re going to be the death of me.”
“You love it,” you replied, biting back a smile.
“You’re damn right I do,” he growled as he rolled on top of you.
“How did I get so lucky?” he then mused as he gazed at you in wonder. “I’ve got a smart, kind, talented girlfriend who is also incredibly sexy and kinky as fuck who is one day going to be my wife and the mother of my children.”
“By the way, in my dream Friday night you were a total MILF,” he added as he leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on your lips before pulling back and giving you a wicked smirk.
“Tae!” you scolded with a laugh. “You can’t simultaneously dream about our children and about wanting to fuck me.”
“Sure I can,” he said, giving you a rather serious look. “That fact you were a hot mom that I wanted to fuck is obviously why we ended up with so many kids in the first place. Dream me clearly just couldn’t keep my hands off of dream you.”
“Ok well dream us clearly didn’t know about a little thing called contraception,” you replied jokingly.
“Speaking of which,” you continued, growing more serious and also slightly shy, “I’ve been thinking...maybe it’s time for me to go on birth control?”
“I would make things easier and more convenient,” you went on nervously. “But, if you would prefer we keep using-”
“No,” he said breathlessly, cutting you off. “If you’re comfortable going on birth control then you should do it.”
“I want to feel you, Jagi,” he continued, leaning his forehead against yours. “I want to be as close to you as possible when we make love. I don’t want anything to keep me from you.”
“OK,” you said quietly, overwhelmed by his incredibly supportive and romantic response. “I’ll make an appointment with my doctor.”
“OK,” he repeated with a little smile as brought his lips to yours in a sweet kiss.
“I love you,” he then added quietly as he pulled back and rubbed his nose against yours.
“I love you, too,” you replied, your heart absolutely overflowing with warmth and happiness.
This night may have begun as part of an elaborate plan to put Jisoo in her place and fend off her desperate attacks on you and your relationship, but it was ending on the tenderest of notes: Tae showing you, in yet another special, subtly meaningful way, just how much he loved you.
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stuckyxlb · 3 minutes ago
Stucky and I / Part 14
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters.
Summary: Bucky and Steve try and make the reader comfortable after Bucky takes his shower and cleans himself up after the mission.
Warnings: mentions of nudity but no descriptions.
Steve bounded into the room moments later, glass of water in hand. “She awake?”
“Yeah.” Bucky replied, still rubbing his thumb over the cloth on my forehead. “She isn’t doing too hot.”
Steve clicked his tongue in sympathy as he made his way to his side of the bed. Putting the water down, he gently climbed back into bed and sat next to me. Gingerly, Steve started rubbing my stomach in soothing circles. He and Bucky carefully watched my face for any signs of an impending episode.
“Maybe we should call Bruce?” Bucky asked, concern lacing every word. He had those little lines between his brows as his eyes shined in concern, similar to his kicked puppy look.
Steve sighed, rubbing the back of his own neck with his free hand. “I mean, we could, but we would be wasting his time. This is a stomach flu. Jarvis detected nothing else.”
Bucky nodded, looking down at me as I watched them both talk. We made eye contact and he gave me a small smile that I tried to return. “I just hate seeing you like this doll. I just want you to feel better.”
“She will Bucky.” Steve said. “We will be with you the whole time.” Steve said directly to me.
I reached up and gently squeezed the arm that Steve was using to rub my tummy in reply. I let my eyes flutter closed as we all basked in the silence, waiting for the inevitable or for sleep to take me under.
“Buck, why don’t you go change out of your tac gear and shower? I got her.” Steve said, reaching up to cup his lover’s face.
Bucky looked down at me and I gently pushed him as a sign that he could go. “Alright. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” As he went to leave, he leaned over to capture Steve’s lips in his before placing a kiss on my hand. He gently put my hand down and walked away.
Other than the sound of Steve’s hand moving on my stomach and our breathing, we could hear the tac gear being removed. The clanking of the buckles, the rustle of fabric, the thump of the vest and belt hitting the floor.
I could tell that Steve ached to go shower with him. Check Bucky for any untold injuries while making sure he was actually with us. I longed for it too, just deeper down under my illness. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife as we silently waited for his return from the shower.
When Bucky returned, he still had his towel around his waist as he searched for clothes. “So, what’s the plan for the rest of the day?”
“I want to see your whole body first.” Steve said. “I need to make sure you really don’t have any injuries. I know you hide them sometimes.”
Bucky sighed, but quickly complied. He dropped his towel and did a little spin to prove that he, in fact, did not have any injuries. Once he finished his turn, he slipped on some boxers and mumbled, “Happy?”
Steve chuckled in response, cheeks red, shaking his head and rubbing the back of his neck. “Very. Thanks for the show.”
“Any time.” Bucky flirted right back.
Once Bucky got dressed, he laid back with me and yawned. I snuggled carefully into his side, not wanting to disturb my stomach any more.
“Why don’t you guys take a nap? I’ll go start some soup for when you guys wake up.” Steve said, coming over and brushing the hair out of both of our faces before planting a kiss on our foreheads.
“Okay. I’ll do that.” Bucky said.
“Can you sing to me?” I asked Bucky when Steve left the room, giving him pout.
“Nat taught me a lullaby not long after I returned.” Bucky said, rubbing a hand up and down my back. “Steve got pulled away on a mission and I woke up screaming from a nightmare. Nat got me back to sleep singing this song. It’s called La La Lu. It’s apparently from a Disney movie that I’ve never seen.”
I started tearing up and looked at him. “My mom used to sing that to me.”
“It’s a good one.” Bucky hummed and kissed away my tears. “Nat taught it to me in Russian.”
“That’s okay. I’ll know what your saying.” I whispered, borrowing into the covers and attempting to relax.
“Comfy sweetheart?” He whispered. I nodded and he began to sweetly sing.
Ла ла лу, ла ла лу
Засыпай, малышка.
Звёзды там наверху сияют
Ла ла лу, ла ла лу
Но для меня, моя детка
Моя звёздочка - это ты
Ла ла лу, ла ла лу
Спи, о сладкое сокровище
И пускай небо бережёт тебя
Ла ла лу, ла ла лу
И твои сладкие сны
Ла ла лу, ла ла лу
Ла ла лу (leaving this here for reference y’all. ❤️)
Bucky sang it fully a few times before he felt me completely relax into a deep sleep. He wasn’t far behind.
In the kitchen, Steve stood next to the stove, the video feed from his room shining at eye level. Tears ran down his face as he watched the scene progress. Bucky hasn’t sang since before the war. It reminded him even more of home and how much Bucky was actually his home.
You brought the old Bucky out in a way Steve never thought was possible. Steve was content with the Bucky he had now. His best friend. His lover. His partner. Steve needed nothing more, but you brought so much more to the table and so much more out of Bucky. Steve had to figure out how to show you how grateful he was.
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tsumussweetheart · 5 minutes ago
ft: Iwaizumi, Atsumu, Aone & Osamu !
warnings: use of the word baby & baby girl. babies screaming
lil’ note: iwaizumis is kinda long, oops😔☝️
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi squatted down, amused at the sight of his baby girl's wide eyes peering back at him. “Hey, baby...”
His daughter was currently strapped to Iwaizumi's chest in a baby carrier, watching her father work out.
Since she awoke at the crack of dawn for whatever reason, he had made it a daily routine to take his daughter to workout with him.
His daughter concentrated on the mirror in front of them, babbling as Iwaizumi squatted skillfully.
“Push-ups next, princess,” he exhaled deeply, before smiling down at her.
Iwaizumi gently lifted her from the carrier and sat her on a blanket, laying next to her not too long after.
She sat and watched as her father began doing push-ups, gurgling everytime he grunted, as though she was trying to imitate his sounds.
“You trying to copy me, huh?” he joked. His daughter gurgled once more, which made him chuckle.
As Iwaizumi neared the end of his push-ups, his daughter crawled towards him, tugging at his hair, which made him grunt.
Her small hand was placed on his much larger one, his ear filling with the sound of her babbling. Iwaizumi grinned and kissed her forehead as he went down.
From then on, he kissed her forehead obnoxiously every time he went down, making the baby scream happily.
“We’re done for today, princess.” After finishing his last push-up, scooping his daughter into his arms.
Tumblr media
One of Atsumu’s daughters stared silently at the tv with large eyes, while the other tugged at his sweatpants, making atsumu chuckle and rub her head.
He wasn’t expecting his daughter whose eyes were glued on the tv, to suddenly scream at the sight of her father. “Jeez baby, coulda warned me before that..”
She bounced happily on his lap as she watched him play, babbling loudly when a raven-haired male spiked the ball he had set. “That’s Omi, sweetheart. Told ya about him before.”
The baby who was currently gnawing on his sweatpants turned her attention towards the tv, beginning to babble when she noticed her father. “Uh-huh, that’s daddy!”
She gurgled and raised her arms in front of him. He quickly picked her up, kissing her chubby cheek and pointing out his plays to his daughters.
Tumblr media
Aone stared at his crying baby with a frown on his face, unsure why she was crying.
He gently picked her up, laid her head on his shoulder, and began rubbing her back with his palm before resting in the rocking chair next to her crib.
When the baby quieted down, Aone moved her in front of him to see if she had stopped crying.
She stared at him with wide eyes, a small smile forming on her lips a few seconds later. She parted her lips and began to blabber nonsense, making Aone smile.
“Glad you’re feeling better, love..” he mumbled, gently caressing her head and beginning to rock back and forth.
She leaned into her father's embrace, blinking sleepily. At the heartwarming action, Aone was on the verge of tears, caressing her little forehead carefully
He took the pacifier from her changing table and gently placed it to her lips, smiling softly as she began sucking on it and completely closed her eyes.
“Sweet dreams, my love..”
Tumblr media
Osamu’s daughter was currently watching her father cook, beginning to flail her arms happily when he looked over at her.
Osamu smiled as she babbled and fed her a spoonful of her food, which she ate happily.
He returned his focus to the food he was preparing, his daughters babbling becoming increasingly louder.
“What’s up, babygirl?” Osamu questioned, his gaze falling on her.
“You wanna go up?” As soon as Osamu asked, his daughter began to scream in delight, making him cringe and hoist her up. “Alright, alright..”
She gurgled and curled up in her father’s arm, watching as he cooked, her eyes lightning up as the pan sizzled.
He grinned as he watched his daughter, who would periodically babble as though she was giving him feedback.
Osamu’s eyes widened when her little hand stretched towards the hot surface, his hand pulling her hand away. “No sweetheart,” she pouted and looked up at him
Her bottom lip wobbled as she whined. “Ya want ‘t help me out, baby?” He asked as he removed the pan from the skillet and turned his full attention to his daughter.
Her eyes widened as he sat her onto the counter, handing her a bottle of spices. She attempted to put the bottle in her mouth, which caused Osamu to groan and take it.
“Thank ya, princess,” he mumbled, taking the bottle and pretending to shake spices over his food. His daughter began to flail her arms, please she was able to “help” her father out.
Osamu kissed her chubby cheeks, smiling as she babbled. “Yer a natural pro, baby. I’ll have ya help me out more often, yeah?”
Tumblr media
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nctsplug · 6 minutes ago
Ever since you met johnny, you were never able to cum by yourself. You let out a whimpery whine as you fondle with your breast, the vibrator buzzing against your clit. “Mmm— fuck..” you moan aloud, putting more pressure on the vibrator. “Ooh johnny!” You whimper, your back arching off your back. You were desperately moaning, trying to get off at the thought of Johnny touching you and doing this to you.
“Mmm..” you whine, needing johnny more and more— “Having fun there, baby?” You squeak and sit up, the vibrator flying to the end of the bed. You clamp your legs shut as you see your husband standing by the door, a few of his buttons already undone. You were caught touching yourself, that was one of his rules, to not touch yourself.
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onlyfreds · 6 minutes ago
Finally | F.W.
Tumblr media
Title: Finally
Requested: Yes/No
Summary: On the way home from an investor meeting, when the car breaks down and it starts to rain, how will Fred and Y/N “cope” with sharing one bed.
A/N: This for “Day 2” @theweasleyslut’s 2k writing challenge. With the trope “only one bed” and the prompt: “if we get caught, I’m blaming you.”
“Well, that was a tough one.” Fred said with a small sigh as we drove down the highway.
He was, of course, talking about the meeting with some very important investors that we had just been to.
“You said it.” I said as I leaned back in my seat, “But, I’m pretty sure that you got the deal.”
He smiled, “I wouldn’t have done it without you.”
I chuckled, “Don’t downplay it Freddie. You were the one who talked to them and all. I just stepped in and helped a bit.”
We were driving on the freeway when the car suddenly came to a stop.
“Fred?” I asked, sitting up, “What happened?”
“I-I don’t know.” He said, glancing at the car’s dashboard, “Oh shoot.”
“What?” I asked, “What’s oh shoot?”
Fred gave a sheepish grin, “We’re out of gas.”
“I said-“
“I heard you the first time.”
I groaned, “I thought you said that the car didn’t run out of gas?”
He shrugged, “That’s what dad told me.”
“We got to get the car out of the way then.” I said as I opened the car door and got out.
I rubbed my hands together, “Help me push the car?” I asked as Fred got out of the car himself.
He cracked a small smile, taking out his wand from the pocket of his jeans, “Sweetheart, why in the name of Merlin would we need to push the car by hand when we could always use magic?”
A blush made its way to my cheeks at the nickname, hopefully Fred wouldn’t notice in the darkness of the night.
“But Fred, a muggle could see us.” I said.
His signature smile quickly transitioned into a huge grin, “It’s night darling. No one will see us. Besides, there’s not much of them around.”
I playfully rolled my eyes at him, “If we get caught, I’m blaming you.”
With a wave of both our wands and a single mutter of an incantation, the car started moving on its own accord, with both of us in tow.
“See?” Fred said, “What did I tell you?”
We were able to walk on for a few miles before we were met with another problem.
It had started to rain.
Fred immediately took off his jacket and draped it around my shoulders, “Here, this will keep you warm, and hopefully, dry.”
I tried to protest, “Freddie, you’re going to get wet.”
He shook his head, his fiery hair sticking to his forehead, “I don’t care if I get wet. Keep the jacket on and we’ll find a place to stay.”
Just our luck, we were able to find a little hotel. So, after parking the car, we decided to head inside and check in.
I immediately ran up to the receptionist, “Hi! It’s raining hard outside and we were wondering if there’s an available room or two that we could stay in for the night?”
The receptionist looked something up, “Unfortunately, we’re fully booked. But, there’s still a couple’s room available.”
I looked at the receptionist, “S-sorry, a couple’s room?”
“Yeah.” The receptionist replied nonchalantly, “You two are a couple right?”
Before I could open my mouth and give an answer, Fred beat me to it, “We’ll take it.”
He then shot me a wink as he took the key card from the receptionist, “Let’s go darling.”
Turns out, the couple’s room wasn’t so bad after all.
The air conditioning was brilliant, the bathroom was huge and the bathtub was surrounded by small candles: like the ones you see in a romantic movie. And the pillows, they were so soft, it was like resting your head on a cloud.
But, there was only one problem: there was only one bed.
“So,” I said, “I’ll take the couch and you take the bed.”
Before I could head over to the living room, Fred grabbed my wrist, “I won’t let you sleep on the couch and we both know that you won’t let me either. So, let’s just call it quits and share a bed.”
“But-“ I tried to protest.
“It’s only awkward if you make it awkward.” He said.
I rolled my eyes at him, “Fine.”
Both of us climbed into the bed, I turned to my side, my back facing him as his arm snaked around my waist.
“Is that okay?” Fred asked in a whisper.
I nodded, “Yeah.”
After a few moments of silence, I assumed that Fred was already asleep until he spoke up.
“You know Y/N, I know you’re asleep and you probably won’t hear me. But, I can’t keep this in any longer. I need to get this off my chest. I love you, princess. I love you so much and it hurts not to be able to tell you. I want to be able to hold close, just like this. I want to be able to kiss you. To show everyone in the whole wide world just how much I love you. But, I can’t tell you this when you’re awake because I don’t want to risk losing what we already have.”
I couldn’t stand it anymore so I turned to face him, “Freddie?”
He suddenly sat up as his eyes widened in shock, “How long have you been awake sweetheart?”
“I haven’t fallen asleep yet.” I admitted.
Fred started to panic, “I-I can expla-“
Before he could say anything else, I pressed my lips to him, cutting him off, “I love you too.”
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fleurminho · 7 minutes ago
fever - lee heeseung
summary: he longed for you, the lone queen of his kingdom but you were a human and he was a vampire
warnings: a bit suggestive, sprinkle of angst
word count: 2.6k
Tumblr media
"So we meet again, angel" He whispers into the cold night while admiring your face that glowed as the bright moonlight shines on you.
"Heeseung" You were always formal, hardly ever crossing any lines or going into uncharted territory
But that was his specialty, breaking the rules, going past the limits
Because for you, he’d do anything, whatever it took
He tilted his head to the side while awaiting your response, you took a minute to speak up, reminding yourself what you needed to say.
His face always distracted you, caught you off guard. You couldn’t help it though, you’ve never seen a more ethereal being than him but he begs to differ.
Always saying you were the one of breathtaking beauty and not him.
"The pact, it’s the deal. I know you mustn’t keep this much contact with a human but as you are very much aware I have to be careful of all negotiations when it comes to our kingdom".
"Our kingdom?" He says with a raised brow.
"Yes our, why do you always act so weird whenever I say that" He doesn't speak but looks at you, eyes sparkling.
One of the many things he loved about you was how you never referred to the kingdom as your own.
You were only the human who never feared his kind, never feared him. It was because of you his clan could reside peacefully in your kingdom.
You had set out certain rules but none of which were overbearing for any of the vampires.
When Heeseung first met you it was purely coincidental. You were a young princess, only 16, wandering around at night with no ones permission and all alone.
You hated staying in the castle, you wanted to meet people, observe life in the kingdom. A good queen must know her subjects you’d tell yourself often.
You weren’t too far from the castle but you weren’t exactly sure where you were either.
The moon was nowhere in sight and you didn’t have a torch with you either, maybe going into the forest at night without any source of light wasn’t such a good idea.
You turned around retracing your steps so you could go back but found yourself lost, you were going in circles and the branches were too tall to look through for any sign of the castle.
You sighed, you didn’t want to panic, it would make things worse. You took a deep breath while walking forward slowly but stopped as soon the bush in front of you moved.
You stopped and stood still. The only known creature that could be lurking this late at night would be a vampire. You knew it was dangerous so you brought a stash of weapons on a tool belt that was secured tightly around your waist.
You waited a moment before calling out "Hello".
You didn’t respect a response back immediately but jumped as soon as an unfamiliar voice spoke.
"Hello, princess" You could tell it was a male vampire, his voice was captivating and you knew he was using his charm, perhaps to lure you into his trap.
"What's your name?" You asked. You had no clue whether he’d respond or not but your plan was to stall him before he could do any harm to you. You couldn’t tell where he was standing or if he was standing at all.
You turned around when you heard some rustling coming from behind but immediately turned back as if you could feel his presence.
You couldn’t see much in the dark but you knew he was now standing in front of you, a meter apart maybe.
"My name is Heeseung and you seem like you’re lost, follow me. I won’t hurt you" He said while walking past you. You didn't have much to lose so you followed him without any hesitation.
It took only 5 minutes to get out of the woods and once you did you finally got to see his face. The moon provided some light and that was all you needed.
He was indeed the most beautiful thing you had laid your eyes upon. All the jewels and treasures surrounding you couldn’t even compare to him, not even a single flower.
His face held a small smile as you continued to admire him.
"You should get going, it’s not good to be alone at night let alone in the woods" You only got to glance at him before he disappeared within the blink of an eye.
You didn’t get to say thank you but somehow you felt as if he knew how you were feeling and he did.
He had only seen you from afar before that moment, you were the princess of this kingdom, the kingdom his clan had just stumbled into. His clan only drank blood from animals but getting caught was always a big problem.
Thankfully the kingdom was safe for them to reside in but they had to remain cautious and careful.
He always found you pretty whenever he got the chance to go to the castle. You were often in the garden or inside where he couldn’t see you. But whenever he did he felt his emotions heighten.
He could sense you were full of nothing but sincerity and light. You were glowing even in the dark. His powers allowed him to see and feel others' emotions and yours had been by far the most unexpected.
He didn’t think it was possible for a human being to be superior to a vampire but perhaps you might just be. Your heart made of purity.
He didn’t expect to stumble into you in the forest especially at night but as soon as he made himself known he didn’t feel fear from you but rather curiosity. You were so intriguing, he wished he could talk to you longer but he knew both of you would be in trouble if he didn’t get you back out safely.
He knew you’d come back, he could sense your presence as soon as you entered the forest the next night. You didn’t bring any weapons this time, you didn’t believe he’d harm you.
Becoming friends with a vampire was something you never thought of but with him it was so easy. There was never a moment where he made you feel unsafe in fact with him you felt a strong sense of security.
He was really one of the only friends you had. He watched you get married and as much as he hated it he was glad to see you be so happy about becoming a queen. He was there when you became a widow, the king passing away of unknown causes.
You didn’t feel sad when your husband passed away, you didn’t have much of an attachment to him either despite him being not too bad. It was merely his duty as the king to respect you which he did but that was all, there was nothing more.
Heeseung’s clan thankfully did not care too much about all of his not so secret meetings with you, maybe because there were way too many vampires to otherwise pay attention to him but regardless he was happy they didn’t question his friendship with you.
He knew he fell for you the moment he saw you in the forest that night but he could never do anything about it, after all he was a vampire and you were a human, soon to be queen of the kingdom which he and his clan lived in.
He was thankful enough that he was able to form a friendship with you but he couldn’t help wanting more.
The royal corp who managed all the things you didn’t were looking for a potential suitor from kingdoms outside of your own but were rethinking their decision considering how well you were doing by yourself.
You didn’t care too much either, busy focusing on yourself and your people. The king passing away didn’t do much for your kingdom thankfully, but it was you who took the hit instead. Everyone started looking at you with eyes of sorrow which you hated, they deemed you cursed and felt nothing but bad for you.
Heeseung was the only there for you through it all but with the vampire population increasing the safety of your subjects was at stake. You had made a pact with his clan leader but things were starting to get a little out of hand and you couldn’t risk anything.
Heeseung always met you on your balcony that was attached to your room at night. No one could see him but you feared getting caught so often than not you’d usher him into your room whenever you two met up.
This time was no different except it was getting hard for Heeseung to handle feeling your emotions at such close proximity. Your heart that was once full of purity now radiated lust, easily overshadowing the other emotions.
With every late night visit, your emotions would get stronger and it was getting harder for Heeseung to control himself knowing the cause of your desires.
"For once, I'm not sure what to do. I promised your leader, your clan, that they could stay under the given conditions but keeping yourselves concealed is hard and feeding on animals is starting to limit our food supplies." You say truthfully.
"Just banish us then, we don’t have to stay here. We'd leave the moment you say so" You look at Heeseung, a bit stunned. You didn’t expect that answer but then again you never knew what to expect with him.
"I can’t do that" You walk towards your bedroom and he follows.
"Why not?" He asks while you close the balcony doors.
"I can’t live without you" You bite your lip and look away from him. You can feel him moving towards you but refuse to look up until he gently holds your jaw to make you look at him.
"You really have to be careful with what you say, angel" He licks his lips and you think to yourself what would happen if you leaned forward.
He could feel your heat, the lust, the need, the desire all for him. As happy as that made him, he knew this was the one line he couldn’t cross.
But for you, this was the only line you could cross.
You leaned in, eyes glancing up at his own but close them as soon as your lips make contact with his. You expected them to be cold but it wasn’t, nor was it warm either.
He let himself indulge only for a second before quickly moving away from you.
"Don’t do something you’ll regret" His eyes were now piercing into yours.
Every time you came closer he’d take two steps back. As much as he wanted you, as much as he longed for your touch he could never have it, he’d never let himself have it.
He was gone within a second, you should’ve known this would happen. He was right though, he couldn't have you.
He didn’t come and visit you again after that night. He was setting clear boundaries, he was doing you good but you couldn’t help but want him. He didn’t need to use his powers on you, he had you in the palm of his hands the moment you first saw him.
You had only been to his clan's headquarters once but you didn't feel unsafe there either. They all respected you for giving them a home. You went there to discuss the current problem but more so to see if Heeseung was there.
They allowed you to enter and you went straight to business while keeping an eye out for Heeseung. He was nowhere in sight and when one of the clan leaders told you he wasn't here at the moment you left defeated.
Although you had come up with a fair solution to both of the problems, the main thing bothering you right now was lack of Heeseung.
You had never gone this long without him and you knew he wouldn't show up unless you did something drastic. You stopped midway in your tracks and rushed back to the headquarters. You quickly wrote down a note and asked them to give it to Heeseung when they got the chance.
You sat on your throne, alone with a book in hand after returning to the castle hours before. You were just holding the book, you didn't have the attention to even glance at the pages. You were tired but you'd sit there longer, for you were expecting someone.
Not even a second later Heeseung made his appearance, he looked almost angry but you knew this wouldn't last long. He could never stay mad at you no matter what you did.
"What's it going to take for you to stop?" He stands in front of your throne, the distance killing the both of you.
"Stop what? I'm not doing anything" You say, while placing the book down and looking away from his eyes that were like ice, glaring red.
He balls his hands into fists, his knuckles turning white. You know he's holding back what he truly wants to say but not much longer.
"My heart thirsts for you, I long for you every night. Every moment I'm not with you I'm thinking of you. No matter how hard I try to push you away, the fire in my heart never dies down, the ashes turn into flames again."
He pauses for a moment and you take it as your chance to go to him, your heart racing at his confession.
He steps back when you get too close. You sigh but he continues speaking.
"I'm drawn to you but I can't have you, I can never have you. If I am to suffer, then let me but only by your hands, by your doing. Only then can I take this distance between us"
He had a pleading look in his eyes, you knew he didn't want this. He didn't want to be away from you but there wasn't much either of you could do.
"Heeseung, just once.. let me do this" He stands still as you move closer to him.
His eyes were still sparkling despite the storm going on inside of him.
He let you make the first move but as soon as your lips were on his, his hands gripped your waist tightly. The moment that two of you had been waiting for, for the longest time, finally came.
He kissed you roughly but passionately, like this was all he needed to feel complete, to feel alive. He moved away from your lips and started to leave a trail of kisses down along your neck but stopped and turned back up to look at you.
Your breathing was fast, face flushed and hair a bit messy. He could look at you like this forever, to him you still looked so breathtaking.
"That's all I'll do, this is as far as I can go before I break. Y/N, please stop" He never called you by your name, it felt different hearing it roll off his tongue.
"You're acting as if you're the only one who's suffering. You can feel me, you can feel how much I want you but you never do anything about it. The distance between us.. I fucking hate it" You rarely curse but in that it felt right.
"We can't do anything about it Y/N, we're from 2 different worlds. Distance is the only thing keeping us together after all this time" His grip on your waist was loosening but you didn't want him to let go.
"No there's a way to make this work" You say while wrapping his arms back around your waist.
"And what might that be?" He leans forward just enough to feel your breath on his, he was desperate to know, desperate for any chance to be with you.
"Become my king"
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fictionalmenmakemecry · 9 minutes ago
Why am I so attracted to this Damon....
Tumblr media
Unpopular opinion, I loved Damon in season one. He was out of control, wild and dangerous. As the seasons went on... he got too settled and lost some of his crazy traits that made him... Damon
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serenityseventeen · 10 minutes ago
Love & Letter: To The Thirteen Boys I've Loved Before
The Fifth Letter
Tumblr media
To: Kwon Soonyoung
From: Y/N
Hello, Soonyoung.
It hasn't been long since we've known each other. I know that now, after the semester of Junior year ends, we won't be able to see each other. The only way I was able to see you was because we took a performing arts class together this semester. Next semester, after spring break, I'm taking music.
I want to tell you this but even now, during winter break, I'm still not sure. Maybe if we had more time to spend together, I would have the courage to talk to you and develop a better relationship with you. I'm not sure if you know, but I think I liked you. Or, I admired you at least.
Soonyoung, you may be the craziest boy I've ever seen in my life. When I took performing arts with you, you were timid at first, which I found cute. Now, you have no trouble talking to me at all. I realized that once you talk to a person once, you can talk to them a million times again. Thank you for talking with me.
You're cool. Whenever someone in the class feels discouraged because the teacher is being strict, you always remind them that it's fine and you nicely correct them. That happened to me too. I know that I'm probably not that good at dancing but because of your help, I could find the difference of very small details like which angle I'm facing, the angle of my hands, all that. You're sharp and concise when it comes to dancing and that makes you cool.
I appreciate you for helping me dance. I'm quite a hard worker so whenever I couldn't get something right, I would keep practicing. Everyone would be resting at the side when it was time to rest, but I couldn't rest unless I perfected a move. Thank you for always dancing with me. I know you're always tired after dancing but you manage to make it seem as if you're always full of energy and sometimes, you really are filled with energy.
I think the reason for falling for you was because of your personality and how you took care of everyone. You were a kind guy that wasn't afraid to stand up for other people. My heart especially fluttered when I saw you asking the teacher to stop yelling at the students for not getting the moves right. I like you a lot and respect you too, Soonyoung.
I also really liked how you danced. I still remember that first time our teacher put on some random music and asked us individually to freestyle. Almost everyone didn't know what to do so we just moved our bodies. I'm pretty sure I looked like a complete idiot while freestyling at first, right?
Well, compared to you, all of us seemed like complete noobs. The way you read the music and moved your body to the beat and rhythm of the song you heard for the first time was mesmerizing. Whenever I think about it, my jaw always drops. You were so cool and my heart was racing. Your hand movements were sharp and the amount of body control you had was truly amazing, Soonyoung.
That's the true reason why I wanted you to teach me to dance. That's the true reason why I asked you to watch my freestyle. I admired you so much, Soonyoung. I really respected you and your dancing. I felt so inspired by it.
I just know it, that day when I walked up to you in the classroom, fumbling with my hands, I must've looked like a complete weirdo, right? Since we didn't talk much, I didn't expect you to remember my name. I don't know if you saw me blushing, but I was.
“I have a request... Can you watch my freestyle?”
Your flustered expression was really cute. Your eyes widened a little and I think I saw your ears turn pink too. You went like “hm?”
When you watched my freestyle, I'm sure you were disgusted, but I'm thankful that you didn't walk say because it probably looked as if I had no potential to be a dancer (yes, this made me fall for you as well). You helped me learn to read beats and continued to tell me which parts of my freestyle were good. You taught me a lot of things regarding freestyle and quickly, I was able to find my style and improve overall as a dancer.
You also started recording me dance. I was shy at first, but I'm thankful you did it. I don't know if you still have the videos on your phone because we don't communicate outside of school, but I hope you don't have the ones when I was still beginning to freestyle!!! Gosh, it's like haunting me just thinking that you still have the videos!!!
I also want to thank you for this hehe... During the days when we were given free time to dance, talk, and practice, I saw you dancing to SHINEE. I want to thank you for that. I was just practicing my freestyle but then you invited me to learn a dance by SHINEE. When I first saw their dance, I was immediately hooked. You then taught me slowly, step by step, for the days when we had break time. Now I know so many SHINEE dances that I've begun learning to dance to different kpop songs in my room.
All this time, I've just been talking about how kind, caring, and cool you are because that's what I thought of you. You were so cool, Soonyoung. I admired you but I also know that I liked you. To me, you felt like a friend but at the same, it seemed like weren't close enough to be that. We were hovering in the middle of classmates and friends.
I'm pretty sure that you don't think of me the same way I think of you. To you, I'm probably like a pupil. We got along well though. I got to see your cool side through dancing and you also had a shy side too. When you finish performing your freestyle and realize everyone's looking at you in awe, you get so shy. I don't know but I find that so cute.
It was a bit of a pity that I only saw you once every few days a week. I wanted to see you more often and possibly, we could have been dancing buddies too. I've learned to love dance because of you. If only... Sadly, we aren't in the same classes this semester. I sort of predicted it.
The school is pretty big so seeing you isn't easy. Plus, aside from learning dances together and caring for each other as classmates, we didn't have anything special, did we? I mean, whenever you moved my arms while behind me, I'm pretty sure that I was the only one who had my heart racing. Seriously, you shouldn't do that to people! I don't think you're aware of how attractive you are, Soonyoung.
Each time you hover behind me and take my hands or stand behind me to help me adjust my arm's position, I always get flushed with butterflies. Like, you could do it from the front, but the back brings you so much closer to me that I get so flustered. Every. Single. Time.
You're close enough for me to smell your scent, hear your breath, and feel your breath on my neck. It's extremely ticklish too. Do you know that I like you!?
I find it to be a pity that we didn't have any classes together aside from the dance class. If we did, maybe we would have gotten a bit closer to each other. I don't only want romantic relationships that's not even my goal with you. I want to be your friend and dance buddy but we still aren't close enough for that, are we?
So, if I ever happen to bump into you again whether it's in the hallways or by pure coincidence, I don't think I'd be able to say something to you. Sorry, Soonyoung, I'm a coward. I'm constantly driven by the negative thoughts and the possibility that you don't think of me as a friend or dancing buddy but just someone who learned a dance from you. I'm still extremely grateful to you though and I won't care if your true intentions for teaching me were to train yourself. I still like you a lot even though I'm sure it'll fade.
To me, you don't seem like a bad person. You seemed to always be passionate and genuine about dancing. You're kind too. I liked you a lot because you were genuine, passionate, bright, and kind. You were cool, inspiring, and showed me so many new things.
I know this letter to you had mainly just been contaminated with me telling you how grateful I am toward you, but trust me, this is a love letter to you. I did like you. I liked you because you showed me new things and because of all your other qualities. I don't know, I'm a confusing fool.
In the end, we are probably just like strangers to each other, but that's okay. We only spent a semester together, meeting twice a week, so knowing you would have been equal to not enough time anyway. Because I'm sure you probably don't like me the same way I like you, I can rest assured in my head that this letter would just make you proud of yourself. Of course, you should be proud of yourself.
I'm glad that I met you even if it was just for a little while.
Time is seemingly hating me but I can end this letter off with a smile.
© serenityseventeen
6/20/21 - 7:10 pm
a/n: I'm going to post this love & letter series to my Wattpad as a separate book instead of in my seventeen imagines book. + I went down day6 memory lane and started listening to their songs again... I love them so much too + I'm excited for even of day comeback!!!
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angrythingstarlight · 10 minutes ago
Beefy! Bucky is always gentle and caring and gives forehead kisses, that's my daydream
Can we discuss Beefy Bucky for my birthday? I'm tipsy so excuse spelling errors (lmao like i don't do that daily) As always dont' copy, translate, rewrite or use m drabbles.
Beefy Bucky x petite Reader
Tumblr media
Bucky has a size kink.
He can't get enough of how big he is compared to you. Your hands are so small compared to his and he loves how his large hands curve around your soft thighs when he pulls them apart.
He'll wait until you're reaching for something and come up behind you and press his large body into yours, caging you between the counter and his firm, chiseled chest.
Pink lips drop to your ear and he slides his hand up your arm and past your hand. "I got you Peaches."
His deep voice rumbles against your sensitive skin and you shiver. Oh, he feels it, the way your tiny body shudders. He likes that so he devises more and more ways to get you pressed against him. Each time, he tells you. "I got you, let me take care of you."
When you're good, he'll stand behind you, one large hand on your waist, his other trails up your neck, his calloused fingerpads tracing designs over your skin until he reaches your chin. He pushes it up with one finger so you have to look up at him. And he brushes his lips over your forehead, murmuring softly that "you're a sweet little thing, he can't wait to ruin you, bet you're small and tight everywhere aren't you Peach?"
And when you're bad. Oof. He's hoisting you in the air so you have no choice but to grasp his soft, silky chestnut locks between your fingers. His mischievous blue eyes glancing up at you when your back hits the wall, a small gasp catches in your throat.
You can't take the way his lips and tongue are sucking and gliding through you. Those desperate needy noises drive him crazy and he goes feral until you're pleading and begging that you can't come again. You can't. It's too much. Oh please Bucky you can't.
"Oh Peach if you can't handle my tongue, how are you going to handle my cock?"
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crushkonoha · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
a quick doodle of them on the way to a movie for their date <3
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buttabomma · 16 minutes ago
And because I'm very very indecisive and in love with way too many colours and kpop boys, hazel and Sunghoon. Sorry lmfao I'm so excited to have you here with me cries into hands
a/n: honey you could ask me for the moon and i'd give it to you <3
type: drabble
tags: sunghoon x reader, fluff, idk man it's literally the softest thing i've ever written this is probably a personal fave of mine, love
word count: 0.3k
Tumblr media
the light that streams through your apartment window is hazy, almost blurry. it's far too early for you to be awake and yet, you can't seem to fall back asleep. the sun is just making her rounds across the lands, a gentle caress to each sleepy person, waking them us with the softest kiss of sunlight.
the figure next to you shuffles so that he's facing you, raven-haired beauty all mussed by the sleepiness on his expression. he looks peaceful, you muse, unable to pull yourself away from his warmth.
"good morning," sunghoon says groggily, opening his eyes slightly. the hazel knit sweater you're wearing is soft against his cheek, closing his eyes again as you run your finger up and down his arm.
"good morning, pretty boy," you whisper back, laughing when sunghoon nuzzles into your sweater-clad hand cupping his face, trying to bury the red of the embarrassment dancing on his cheekbones.
"'m not a pretty boy," he says, voice muffled by your sweater. it's his favorite one on you; made out of the fuzzy yarn that he likes so much and the his favorite color on you. hazel.
it's the same shade as the walls of your apartment, but the sunshine that leaps and bounds across the room makes it seem so much lighter.
"of course you aren't, sunghoon," you say, pressing a delicate kiss to his nose. "you're my pretty boy. the prettiest boy with the prettiest heart and the prettiest mind and the prettiest voice and the prettiest love."
sunghoon indulges in the gentle praises of your voice, fighting to keep the grin on his face from growing at your loving tone. you don't want to get up, and technically, you don't need to but something compels you to shift so that your head is perched on the heel of your palm, looking down at sunghoon with the softest gaze.
"you're beautiful, you know that?" sunghoon's voice is so genuine, so sweet that you can't help but press a kiss to his lips, wanting to forever wake up to this man and the love he gave you.
your hazel sweater is soft against his cheek when you wake up the next morning. and the next. and the next. and the next. and for the rest of forever.
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old-no7 · 19 minutes ago
Can you write something for fathers day with taker and shawn? Thank you in advance 💕
(Okay I had to jump to this ask because it's too cute.)
Undertaker x Shawn's First Father's Day w/Quinn
Fluff below the cut.
"Spinkles," Quinn says, shaking the tub up at Shawn.
"Oh, that's a great idea. Papa loves sprinkles!" Shawn encourages. He squats down and lifts Quinn up so she can shake the sprinkles over the pancakes she and Shawn had just made. The whipped cream is melting over the hot stack, and syrup coats it generously thanks to Quinn's hand.
"Done," Quinn says quietly, setting the tub down. Shawn sets her down and picks up the plate.
"Okay, ready? Let's bring this to Papa!" Shawn says excitedly. Quinn nods and holds on to Shawn's pajama leg as they walk upstairs, Quinn taking big steps up. Shawn's heart is warmer today than he ever remembers it being. He looks down at Quinn, who seems to understand the concept of the day somewhat. He told her it's a day to celebrate fathers.
"Daddy," Quinn says, tugging on Shawn's pant leg when they get to the bedroom door. She pauses, looking from the door to the plate. She's searching for words she doesn't have, so Shawn helps her.
"Do you want to carry the pancakes?" Shawn asks. Quinn immediately nods and points to her chest, then reaches up for the plate. He really shouldn't, but it's a special day. The first father's day the men get to spend together, a holiday Shawn honestly never thought they'd celebrate.
And then Quinn came along.
"Okay, hold its steady alright?" Shawn says. He hands the plate to Quinn and shows her how to hold it upright. It's a bit awkward, but the determined look on her face as she waits for Shawn to open the door makes him forget about the potential syrup stains on the carpet.
Shawn opens the door to the bedroom just as Undertaker rolls over in bed, his eyes slowly opening to see Shawn and Quinn.
"Hey," Shawn smiles, and Quinn totters up to the bed.
"'Ancakes!" she exclaims. "Spinkles!"
Undertaker looks over the edge of the bed, still waking up as he takes in the sugary monstrosity that is the breakfast his daughter is presenting him. Shawn lifts Quinn up under her arms so she can hold the plate out better to Undertaker, who moves to a sitting position.
"Pancakes and sprinkles? For me?" Taker asks, taking the plate and setting it in his lap.
"Ya," Quinn says. Shawn sets her down at Undertaker's side and she rests against him, a finger tracing the black letters tatted on his stomach. "Habby...hap..."
"Happy Fathers Day," Shawn says gently, sitting at Undertaker's other side and wrapping an arm around his back. Realization slowly dawns on Undertaker's face. Quinn pushes Undertaker's stomach and insists,
"Eat! Spinkles!"
Undertaker looks down at his daughter. His and Shawn's daughter.
They could celebrate Father's Day now. It strikes Undertaker in the chest much harder than he thought it would. He looks to Shawn, his smaller lover smiling up at him with the same softened expression that comes with parenthood hitting for the first time.
"Thank you, little one," Undertaker says, looking to Quinn. She nods and wraps her little arms as far around him as she can, smushing her face in his side.
"Love," she says. Undertaker swallows a lump in his throat, looking down at the little blond mop of hair that's embracing him. The little life he's chosen to protect. A new reason to live. He pulls Shawn in close, his other arm wrapping around Quinn.
"Thank you sweetheart. Why don't you tell Daddy happy Father's Day?" Taker asks. Quinn looks up at Shawn, then crawls awkwardly over the pillows behind Undertaker. Shawn twists and reaches back so that Quinn can fall into his arms, giggling as Shawn pulls her around into his lap.
"Happy!" Quinn exclaims, grabbing the sides of Shawn's face and kissing his forehead. She then 'stamps' it with her palm, a weird habit she picked up from somewhere that Taker and Shawn have caught themselves doing. "Happy Daddy," she says, almost getting all the way there. Shawn smiles and hugs Quinn tight, hiding the mist in his eyes.
Undertaker takes a bite of the pancakes and the sugar hits him immediately. It's coated in twelve different layers of everything sugar, meaning it's definitely a product made by his husband and daughter. He sees Quinn wiggle her way over to him, so he hands Shawn the plate to let him get in a few bites, and he pulls Quinn against him.
He lays a big hand across her small back, holds her close, feels her kiss his cheek. He didn't put much stock in the love of a child until Quinn looked at him one day and smiled, as if it finally clicked for her that they were keeping her, that this was her home, and she was safe with them.
"Thanks," Quinn says, her small hands now playing in Undertaker's black hair.
"For what, little one? We should be thanking you for being our baby girl. For choosing us," Undertaker says, rubbing Quinn's back.
"Thanks for...want me," Quinn puts together sloppily. Undertaker and Shawn look at each other when they're able to translate the special language Quinn uses to communicate. Shawn sighs softly and reaches out, rubbing Quinn's back with Undertaker.
"We love you, Quinn. You don't have to thank us for that. It's the best Father's Day present in the world to be your dads," Shawn says softly. Quinn sits back on Undertaker's lap and asks,
"Better than cakes and pinkles?"
Undertaker chuckles, but he still plays Quinn's words in his head. 'Thank you for wanting me.' It makes him tear up a little bit, and he wonders if having a child makes every one a little softer.
"Way better," Undertaker says, ruffling Quinn's hair. "Best present we ever got." Quinn lifts her hands and cheers, and the boys can't help but laugh over a shared plate of sugar bomb pancakes.
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jeanscowboyhat-levisteacup · 19 minutes ago
Cute little Clementine
Father’s Day special ✨
Jean X reader
“What are you doing up at 3 in the morning princess? Did you wanna wish daddy a happy Father’s Day?” You let out a little giggle, your sweet baby kicking her legs at the mention of her father. Scooping her up you mutter, “C’mon then let’s go see him.” Adorning her cute little head resting on your shoulder with a kiss you make your way to you and Jean’s bedroom.
A soft smile on your face as you gaze at your lover, messy hair sprawled against the green pillowcase… eyes closed tightly as his chest slowly rises and falls with each gentle breath. “Looks like daddy’s still sleeping huh? You can just lay with mama instead Clem.” Getting yourself comfortable you gently place your daughter on your stomach, her back held securely by your legs.
Brushing her little curls out of her face you whisper, “Ya know Clem you look more and more like daddy everyday.” Hearing the small giggle fall from her lips you continue, “You have his pretty hazel eyes, that long slender nose, pretty honey brown hair… that’s why you are so-“ Not even able to finish your sentence you hear the gravely voice of your husband, “Cute… Clem that’s why you are so cute, what a perfect little Angel we made.” Looking over you watch as your husband moves to sit up, hands reaching out for his little tangerine as soon as he is comfortable.
Settled comfortably on his chest her little babbles begin to fill the air… each one a reason why she loves him, a special gift for him on his special day. “I think she’s telling you happy Father’s Day Jean, she was pretty ecstatic to see you if you couldn’t tell.” Letting out a low chuckle he presses a tender kiss to his tangerines nose. “Thank you baby, daddy is so so grateful for you and mommy… this day is only important to me because of you. Thanks for choosing me to be your daddy I’ll never let you down you hear me?”
Another little giggle escapes her pretty pink lips, a loud yawn following in its wake. “I think it’s time we went back to bed Clem, what do you think?” Catching her little head as she dozes off, Jean gently lays her down against his chest. Pulling you into his side with his free arm he presses a sweet kiss to your lips, “Happy Father’s Day Jean… we love you so so much.” Giving you a tender smile he whispers, “Thank you Y/N for giving me your heart, for giving me her I’m so so grateful to you.”
Closing your eyes you drift off, your daughter holding a tight grip on your finger while you snuggle against Jean’s chest. He gazes at the two of you one last time, tears pricking his eyes as he looks at his little family. The start of his first Father’s Day… a day he always dreamed of but one that was far better than he could ever imagine. Closing his eyes he lets the chirping of the bugs lull him back to sleep… his two girls wrapped tightly in his embrace. Father’s Day was definitely his new favorite holiday.
Tumblr media
Alright I’m done with the Father’s Day post I promise
Just one last little Drabble for Jean 🥺🤍✨
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animebae100 · 21 minutes ago
captains favorite things to do with their children
Tumblr media
characters; daichi, oikawa, kuroo, bokuto, and ushijima
genre; pure fluff
summary; what the captain’s favorite thing is to do with their child/children
a/n; happy father’s day!! (fem!reader)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DAICHI SAWAMURA’s favorite thing to do with his two daughters is baking. it’s his absolute favorite thing. whether it’s making something from scratch or reading off a recipe he is down. he loves spending time with them. they try to go around the kitchen and grab all the ingredients while he starts the oven. them picking out the wrong ingredients and him having to get the right ones. taste testing and eating half of the ingredients before they make it into the mixing bowl. maybe burning a few treats in the baking process. having you be the final judge on how they did. he loves spending time with his daughters but baking with them is a moment he will never forget.
Tumblr media
TOORU OIKAWA's favorite thing to do with his daughter is shopping. we all know oikawa has a good fashion sense, so when shopping with her, he always helps pick out outfits. he is willing to carry her clothes around instead of her carrying them. definitely hyping her up when she tries them on, having her pose with her little outfits. even if they aren't the best options, he will still buy it for her. but he will definitely help pick them out. he let's her pick out whatever outfits, but makes sure they are too showy. your daughter doesn't even go with you anymore, only your husband. after shopping they always either go out to eat or go to the playground. shopping is definitely his favorite thing to do with his daughter.
Tumblr media
TETSUROU KUROO's favorite thing to do with his son is playing volleyball. kuroo would definitely want his kid to play volleyball. and he would obviously want his kid to start as soon as he could. even if he had a daughter he would want her to play. he would be even happier if his kid was a middle blocker and captain like his pa. he practices with him as much as he can, even dragging you along sometimes. always so happy when his kid learns how to do a new skill. congratulating the boy like there is no tomorrow. always brings you out to show you the new skill he just taught your boy. playing volleyball with his son has to be one of his favorite moments with him.
Tumblr media
KOUTAROU BOKUTO’s favorite thing to do with his daughter is playing dress up. we all know bokuto is the fun dad, so of course he would play dress up with his daughter. maybe it’s dressing up as her favorite princess/character, or taking all of your (old) fancy clothes and trying them on. definitely wearing your three inch heels in the process. making all over his and her face. of course there is a fashion show at the end with you as the audience. you giving bokuto dirty looks for going through your makeup and dresses. definitely ending with watching barbie or disney princess movies. these are definitely the times he will never forget with his daughter.
Tumblr media
WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA's favorite thing to do with his twin boys is going to volleyball games. yes, like kuroo, he loves teaching his twin boys how to play volleyball, but i think that only one or neither of his twins would be left-handed (or maybe both were lefty). if they weren't, it would be hard for him personally to teach them. so why not go to a game? it also helps him reminisce old times. but he enjoys it because his kids can at least get an understanding of the game and he can explain things if they don't understand, as well as tell them stories of his time. they enjoy it a lot and so does he, so these are definitely his favorite moment with his twin boys.
Tumblr media
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re4lm-ai · 22 minutes ago
could I request tendou and/or yachi comforting their s/o on father's day, cause like, their dad passed away- IK THAT SOUNDS KINDA SAD BUT I JOKE ABOUT IT ALOT I just am not feeling too swaggy today yknow buT dw about posting this today or anything whenever u have time is fine/srs :) I hope u have or are having a great day too btw :]]
Comforting S/O on Father’s Day
Tendou x GN!Reader & Yachi x GN!Reader (separately)
Word Count: 697 (total)
Fluff (angsty topic but handled with fluff)
Warnings: character death (not explicitly mentioned), celebrating deceased father on Father’s Day
a/n: if you made it this far, please please please please please tell me if the characterization for Yachi is okay! this is my first time writing for a female character and I really don’t want to write her wrong. As always I hope you enjoyed. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcome and appreciated <33
Tumblr media
Tendou x GN!Reader
You picked the frame up, a smile finding its way on your face. “Happy Father’s Day, Dad.”
“You two look great,” your boyfriend calls from the door.
“Right? Best father-child duo out there.” Tendou pushes himself off from the doorframe and settles right behind you.
It’s been a few years since the passing of your father, but there will always be a piece of your heart that was longing for him; the feeling much stronger today. “He’s still a loser,” you snort.
You can’t see it, but the smile on Tendou’s face drops a little. He’s always accepted the way you use jokes to cope, but he knows how especially difficult it is for you. You think you’re doing a good job at hiding it, but he knows better. Had he stayed quiet and hid behind the door, he can bet you would’ve started to cry.
He holds you by the waist and leans his head into the crook of your neck. “The genes are strong on your dad's side then, you’re a loser too.” You elbow him. “But I still love you,” he says while kissing you.
“Don’t do that in front of my dad, Satori.” You try to joke.
“Sorry sir.” He grabs the frame from your hands and slightly bows. “I just thought of the most wonderful idea, babe.”
“Oh? What do you have in mind?”
“Let’s make his favorite meal,” he says. “We’ll celebrate his day with his favorites. It’ll feel like he’s right here with us.” The tight hold on his hands let him know that you’re trying to hold it together. “We can have an empty seat right next to you, even though it should be reserved for me, but I’ll make an exception this one time.”
You cover up a sob with a laugh, holding him tighter. “I think he’d like that very much, Satori. You’re really sucking up, huh?”
He’d always do anything to make you happy.
Tumblr media
Yachi x GN!Reader
“Are you ready?” Yachi asks.
“Of course! I should be asking you that though,” you pout. “You’re about to meet my dad for the first time, you should be nervous.”
“Are you saying he won’t like me? Should I do something to change? Should I buy something else to offer him?”
Yachi is met with laughter at her little panic; you really enjoyed teasing her to no end. “Relax, Hitoka. We’re only visiting his grave, as long as you follow the rules he won’t haunt you- ah, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Don’t hit me.”
She lets out a sigh of relief. This would be her first time visiting your fathers grave and she wanted to make a good first impression. Yachi always caught on to how you made jokes about your fathers death, but it still worried her. She was determined to get herself together, she was going to be there for you in your time of need. If you needed to cry, she’d lend you her shoulder. If you wanted to scream, she’d let you scream at her (without freaking out). Anything you needed, she’d be there.
You finally reached his grave and the atmosphere immediately changed. Yachi stood back to give the two of you your space, catching onto the first thing you said, “Happy Father’s Day, dad.” When you finished, you motioned for her to come over.
“Hitoka, dad. Dad, Hitoka. This is your one chance, love. You mess this up now… you’ll be haunted forever,” you whispered the last part.
“Hello! I’m Y/N's girlfriend, Hitoka. It’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you… All good things!”
This was how the rest of the evening was spent, the two of you alternating, carrying on the conversation with your deceased father. You had to assure Yachi that she made a great impression. And when it was time to say goodbye Yachi noticed how difficult it was getting for you.
She held you close when you were close to crying, kissing the tears away when you couldn’t speak clearly. “Don’t worry sir, I’ll be here for Y/N. If I ever break that promise, which I swear I won’t, I give you permission to haunt me.”
a/n: I saw this request early in the morning and I really wanted to write it. Hi there anon, I am so sorry for your loss. I understand completely why today wouldn’t feel so swaggy. I hope this helps you feel at least a tiny bit better, take care and know that you are loved <33
Tumblr media
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