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#steve rogers x male reader
lillywillow · a day ago
Healing Hands
Summary: When you take on a new job working at a hospital, you’re surprised to see the attending nurse is a blast from your past
 Word Count: 1385
 Square Filled: Hospital AU
 Pairings: Nurse!Steve x Doctor!Female Reader
 Warnings: Mild angst, death mentioned, giving birth, hospital themes, slight sexism (not from Steve)
Written for @star-spangled-bingo
 You had recently been transferred from one hospital to another. At the moment you were waiting for someone to show you around the place.
 “Hi, are you Doctor... wait... Y/N?”
 You turned around to see the face of Steve Rogers whom you hadn’t seen since your high school days.
 “Steve! It’s so good to see you,” you smiled, giving him a hug. He smiled and hugged you back.
 “So you’re a doctor now?”
 “Board certified and everything,” you grinned. “And you’re a nurse?” You had remembered from school that all he had ever wanted to do was become a nurse, just like his mother was. A lot of people had made fun of him and insisted that he become a doctor instead but he was adamant in which direction he wanted to go. Much like yourself really. You felt a sense of pride for him that he accomplished his dream.
 “That’s right,” he smiled. “So, let’s get started.”
After orientation, Steve took you in to see your first patient. You started by asking the old man a few standard questions but he would look past you and answered the questions to Steve. Whenever you said something, the man would ignore you completely and look to Steve as if checking to see if that were the correct answer. You were about to check his IV drip but he pulled away from you.
 “Listen, sweetheart, why don’t you let the doctor do his job here? If you really want to make yourself useful, why don’t you be a good little nurse and give me a sponge bath?” You were mildly shocked at his audacity when Steve stepped in.
 “No, you listen old timer. Y/N here is your doctor, I am your nurse and if you ever disrespect her again, I will put in a request that you have a catheter for the duration of your stay.”
 The patient’s face soured and he grumbled under his breath, allowing you to do the procedures necessary.
 Once he had been tended to, the pair of you headed out of the room.
 “Thanks for that, Steve.”
 “Anytime, Y/N. I’ve never liked guys like that... I was wondering if you wanted to catch up sometime. Maybe grab a coffee in the cafeteria or something...”
 “I’d like that,” you smiled.
 “Great! See you later!”
 As Steve walked away, one thing you had to admit, he did look great in those blue scrubs.
 A few weeks went by and you had gotten to know Steve a little bit better. He was still the same charming and kind guy you remembered from high school.
 One night, you were on call and decided to try and get some sleep in the hospital’s bunk room while you were able to. The moment you walked in the door, you saw Steve sitting on one of the beds. He looked up at you, his eyes puffy and red from crying.
 “Steve? What’s wrong?” You immediately rushed to his side.
 “One of my elderly patients, she... she just passed away...”
 “Oh, Steve, I’m so sorry...” You wrapped your arms around him and rubbed his back. Steve hugged you and buried his face in the crook of your neck.
 “It was a long time coming and I had prepared her family... They were all there when it happened...” He held you tighter as he quietly sobbed. You knew this was always one of the hard parts of being in the profession you were in but it was still heartbreaking nonetheless.
 “Can you just... hold me for a while?” he whispered.
 “Of course, Steve.”
 You both laid down and made yourselves as comfortable as can be, staying there until the next emergency called you both out.
 One stormy afternoon, you were talking with Steve as he was taking a cart of medical supplies to one of the upper floors.
 “Hold the elevator!” A heavily pregnant woman called, waddling in a hurry to get to it before the doors closed. Steve held the door open for her so she could get there in time.
 “Maternity ward, please,” she panted, holding her bulging stomach. She was clearly in labour. You pushed the button for the right floor and the elevator started moving.
 Suddenly, the lights went out and the elevator stopped moving.
 “What... what’s happening?” she whimpered.
 “Storm must have hit a circuit breaker...” The woman cried out in pain as a contraction hit her.
 “Ma’am, how long have you been in labour?”
 “About... thirty minutes... I didn’t realise I was until the... pain got too intense... my husband is... on his way...” she managed to get out.
 Fortunately, the backup generator went on but it only had enough power to switch on the emergency lights, bathing the inside of the elevator in a red glow.
 “Y/N, see if you can get through on the phone,” Steve instructed, helping the woman onto the floor.
 You tried calling for help on the phone but they told you it could be some time before anyone could come.
 “Looks like we’re on our own...”
 The woman cried out in both pain and fear.
 “What’s your name, ma’am?” Steve asked, crouching down to be near her.
“S-Sarah,” she breathed. Steve couldn’t help but smile fondly at the name.
 “Hi, Sarah. My name is Steve and this is Y/N. We’re going to do everything we can to help you deliver this baby, okay?”
 “Okay... okay...”
 Steve cleaned his hands with sanitiser from the cart and got into position.
 “What are you doing?” Sarah questioned, moving a little away from him.
 “I have had expert training in midwifery but if you’re more comfortable with Y/N doing this, it’s okay...”
 Sarah looked between the two of you before allowing Steve to continue. You held her hand as Steve directed her when to push and when to hold back. Time passed by and eventually, a beautiful little boy was born. You cut the umbilical cord with a pair of sterile scissors from the cart as Steve handed the wailing infant to Sarah.
 Finally, power was fully restored and the elevator started moving again. The moment the doors opened, you were able to get Sarah and her baby to the maternity ward where they could both be properly cared for.
 A few days later, you were getting ready to out to lunch with Steve when you were unexpectedly stopped by Sarah and her husband who were taking their baby boy home at last.
 “Dear, these are the people who helped me when I was trapped in the elevator,” she smiled.
 “Allow me to shake your hands,” her husband beamed. You both shook his hand.
 “Steve really helped me to stay calm and guided me through it. I don’t know what I would have done without him...”
 “You a doctor here?”
 “Actually, I’m a nurse, sir,” Steve corrected. The man stared at him in utter surprise.
 “A... male nurse?”
 “Yes, Steve is a man and yes, he is a nurse but he’s good at what he does and he’s one of the best,” you supplied.
 The man looked at his wife and newborn son, his face softening a little.
 “I guess it must be true otherwise...” He turned his attention back to the pair of you and shaking Steve’s hand again.
 “Thank you, again.”
 “Just doing my job, sir,” he smiled. The couple smiled and headed off with their new baby.
 As they walked away, you couldn’t help but smile. This was one of the best parts of the job.
 “Y/N, I was wondering...”
 “If maybe you wanted to go out sometime... like an official date...” You couldn’t help but smile at him.
 “I would love that Steve.”
 Life in a hospital was never easy. It had its ups and down, good and bad moments but it was never boring. The important part was that you had that special someone who could help you navigate the ever changing rapids that came with working in such a busy place.
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softboy5393 · a day ago
I saw this comic meme so I made it with a soft dom reader and Steve Rogers
Steve: oh please please don’t stop y/n
Y/n: *stops*
Steve: *whines* baby whyd you sto-?
*looks down at his tummy to see a bulge
Steve: ohhhhh fuuuu-
Y/n: *starts thrusting*
Steve: *immense pleasure*
Oh...oh my😳
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caradoc-dearborn · 2 days ago
Hello there! You're just the one I was looking for. If you could, Could you write Tony stark, Doctor Strange And steve Rogers x shy male who's sick? Like feverish or something not serious. Thank you
You know it's hard to find some mxm writer, you must be a blessing
Avengers x shy, sick, male reader
Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, and Steve Rogers headcannons
Warnings: none
It can also be gender neutral reader! I didn’t really use pronouns for the reader at all.
Tony Stark:
Okay, since the reader is shy, I’m guessing he’s not gonna want to reveal that he’s sick
but Tony Stark is a genius. He’ll figure out something’s wrong (eventually)
You usually come down to his lab to hang out while he works on a few projects because he likes to chat and work at the same time 
Except today you didn’t visit him? 
Tony figured you were just busy or something, so he didn’t mind your absence 
But then the next day you also didn’t come down.
And Tony, despite his terrible time management skills, does notice when he goes more than 48 hours without seeing you. So, he heads upstairs to look for you.
He finds you in your room, laying on your bed and he pretty much immediately assumes that you just didn’t want to hang out with him (which does hurt his feelings but he’s Tony Stark, godammit, and he will not let himself show that he’s upset)
so he tries to laugh it off, “Oh, I guess my sparkling personality is too much for you handle, isn’t it?”
You quickly assure him that there was a reason you’d been avoiding him, “I’m staying in my room because I’m sick, Tony. I wouldn’t want you to catch a nasty cold, now would I?”
Well, now that he knows, Tony doesn’t hesitate to buy you antibiotics and anything else you’ll need
He offers to watch a movie marathon with you to distract you from your symptoms (and because the man deserves a break. he works hard)
He’d probably even let you pick the movies. Unless it’s “something tasteless, like Teen Beach Movie” (come on, you and I both know he would be a High School musical fan instead)
Once you’re well again, he’s happy to see that everything goes back to normal, because he missed chilling with you in his lab. 
Stephen Strange:
Alright, so. Stephen seems like he likes to be busy all the time, so I doubt he’d notice anything wrong right away
You get sick on Thursday, and he doesn’t see you until two days later, on Saturday, so when you two meet up, you’re already sneezing and coughing
“Do you have allergies?”
“…, I’m sick”
He seems like a pretty sanitary person, so if you aren’t already wearing a mask, he’d tell you to
“Oh, is that what the doctor recommends?” you ask him, grinning.
“I’m not that kind of doctor,” Stephen replies with an eye roll
Despite “not being that kind of doctor” he’s pretty eager to tell you what to do
He decides that he needs to stay with you to make sure you can take care of yourself
(which you’re already able to do on your own. and he knows this. let him have his excuse to hang out with you)
You end up washing your hands more in the next few hours than you ever have in your life.
Stephen would rather interact with you than watch movies or TV, so you two play 20 questions and chat for a few hours. 
He tells you various stories about people who he had to preform emergency procedures on, like the guy who accidentally shot a BB pellet into his ear
at the end of the night, he says goodbye and promises to return tomorrow
He does, and he continues to keep you company until you recover
Steve Rogers:
Since Steve used to get sick all the time before he got the serum, he’d recognize the signs pretty easily
He would just ask you if you were sick
Once you admit you have a cold, he makes you some soup. It's what his mom (and Bucky, once Steve's mom passed away) used to do when he got sick
Actually, let me revise my previous statement: Steve tries to make you soup. He is not successful
He burns the soup which he didn't even know was possible, what the fuck??
At least it makes you laugh, though.
you don't have to worry about getting him sick because the serum strengthened his immune system, so.. cuddles.
no but honestly, he's such a huge guy. I'd give anything to hug him
So you two just snuggle and you show him a few classic movies that he doesn’t know about
this means Steve Rogers, Captain America, the symbol of patriotism does have to watch a few hours of whatever show you’re obsessed with (consider: making him watch the Clone Wars. that shit’s GOLD.)
Anyway, you get to hang out with him until you’re better (and it’s so sweet and domestic that you almost want to stay sick just to spend time like this)
I hope this was okay! Sorry it took so long to write, BUT it’s nearly summer and I’ll have loads more free time then. 
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Request! 😸
Pairing: Steve Rogers & Son!Reader
Plot: [events of "Age of Ultron" reimagined with reader included]
Ultron arises and attacks the Avengers Tower (attacking reader first). After that, he proceeds to go to Johannesburg to get vibranium from Ulysses Kaule. With Pietro and Wanda as recruits, Ultron kidnaps reader and makes Wanda manipulate him into fighting against the Avengers. The group of heroes were already on their way to Johannesburg to stop Ultron when reader was kidnaped - so they don't know it happened. Reader, who has been secretly working on his own fighting suit, appears by surprise at the battle - eyes blood red due to the spell cast by Wanda - and attacks the Avengers, including his own father, Steve. The battle goes on with reader skillfully taking down others (Clint being his first victim) until Wanda is defeated by Steven, making the spell break and freeing reader from the spell. Ultron ultimately wins the battle though (like in the movie), and the Avengers go back home in their jet with reader with them this time. A lot of talking takes place during the flight back home between father and son about how did he get there, what had happened and how and when did reader make his equipment/suit. It's more of an action-focused story rather then relationship-based, but the father and son relationship is still there! ☺️
A/n: Steve Rogers is protective tm, which is a mood. Thanks for the request darlin! I hope you like it :3
Tumblr media
Plot: Requested
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Son Reader
Y/n: Your name
N/n: Nickname
E/c: Eye color
H/c: Hair color
Warnings: Cussing, fighting, mentions of blood and injuries, mind control, reader is kidnapped, protective dad Steve, Steve’s POV
Word count: 1482
When Steve came out of the ice, he never imagined having a kid, or being on a team of superheroes who regularly saved the world. He had been lonely after coming back from a 70-year nap and had decided to look into adoption, where he had found his wonderful baby boy Y/n.
He loved his son more than anything else, if he lost his son, then Steve would lose himself. He never imagined truly getting to be a father and had never realized how terrifying it truly was. He constantly worried for his son, and he constantly worried that he wasn’t a good dad.
It was hard to control those feelings, but something easy to control was refusing to allow his son to join the team. He knew damn well that Y/n was a genius, he was exactly like Tony, constantly building and improving everything he could get his hands on.
He knew that the teenager would fit well on the team and would be damn useful, but he vehemently refused to put his son in the line of danger. That had caused many arguments between the father and son, one that had ensued the previous day.
The team had gone to a Hydra base to get the scepter, something far too dangerous to be in the hands of a deranged organization. Y/n of course wanted to come, but Steve had refused to allow it, which only got worse when Clint came back injured, and Y/n made the statement of if he’d been there that wouldn’t have happened.
It was hard having a son that was so stubborn like himself, but it was also a trait about his son that he greatly admired. Thankfully the fight had soon died down as the concern for Clint was too much for the teenage boy. The team was his family and he’d do anything for them.
Clint thankfully had the cradle and was able to heal quickly, much to the team’s relief. Because of the previous day’s victory, the team was celebrating. Of course, Tony invited a number of people, and the loud chatter and laughter filled the common room.
Steve could see his son hanging at the back of the room, not really interacting with any of the strangers. In turn he was just chatting with Bruce, a fellow introvert on the team.
He kept his eyes on the H/c haired boy throughout the evening, a bad feeling stirring around in his gut. The party eventually died down, and all that was left was the ragtag team of heroes, making jokes and conversing.
The night had gone to shit when a robot of some kind had attacked them, and the entire team had begun to fight the creature and its minions. Much to the father’s displeasure, his son joined in on the fighting, protecting Hellen from getting hurt.
The night only got worse when it was brought to the light that Tony and Bruce had created the monster, Ultron they had called it. Things between the team were tense at best, Steve was raging at the fact that Tony had created a killer robot that had tried to destroy them.
He’d sent his son off to bed, even though the teenager had argued with staying and helping the team. Things only got worse from there, the team had to go all the way to Johannesburg to get to a black arms dealer named Ulysses Kaule. It hurt Steve to leave his son behind, especially on bad terms, but he refused to let his little boy get hurt.
Unknown to the father or the team, the tower had been infiltrated by the two enhanced individuals that Ultron had enlisted. Pietro and Wanda were specifically looking for the teenage boy, having Y/n on their side would turn the tides in their favor.
They found the teenager lying in his bed, eyes closed and headphones fir snuggly in his ears. Thankfully he didn’t seem to notice they were there, and Wanda easily manipulated the boy’s mind, causing him to gasp and his eyes flew open.
His E/c eyes turned to a glowing red, any emotion on his face melting into a neutral and blank look. As Wanda spoke to the boy, forcing him to pack up the suit he’d been working on and follow them.
Back with the boy’s father, he was fretting over his son. He still had a bad feeling that he couldn’t explain, but he somehow knew this mission was going to go sideways.
As they arrived and began to interrogate the criminal the feeling only seemed to get worse. The feeling was proven right as Ultron arrived with two enhanced individuals by his side. It was Wanda and Pietro, the two teenagers they had been warned to be wary off.
A battle began to ensue, the super soldier fighting with Ultron as his fellow avengers dealt with Wanda, Pietro and all of Ultron’s minions. The fight seemed to almost pause as a boy dressed in all black dove down from the ceiling.
His eyes glowed an unnatural red as he grabbed Clint with ease and threw the assassin as though he’d weighed nothing. Something about the boy was painfully familiar but Steve couldn’t understand why.
The newcomer was a brutal fighter, punching, kicking and doing whatever he had to, to get the other person on the ground. He’d taken down both Clint and Thor before he was prowling towards Steve.
He honestly didn’t want to hurt the kid, he was absolutely terrifying, first of all, and second of all he exuded teenager vibes. He probably was no older than 16, and God he really didn’t want to hurt a kid.
The captain shifted the shield on his forearm, taking a breath as he prepared to fight the boy. He heard almost silent footsteps behind him, causing the man to slam his arm back and straight into the head of Wanda, who was trying to get behind him and put him under the same spell she had on many other team members.
The woman went down like a bag of bricks, her brother quickly coming to her aid. As the witch went down, so did the mystery boy, his eyes fluttering as he collapsed in front of Steve.
The super soldier skillfully caught the boy, his heart jumping to his throat as the familiar E/c eyes looked up at him, full of confusion.
“Dad?” His voice sounded so small and innocent, it nearly crushed Steve. Part of him wanted to question his son, why the hell he was there and why he was fighting his family like they were the enemy, but right now he was more concerned with his health.
“Hey kiddo, it’s okay. I’ve gotcha.” Steve soothed his son, easily picking up the boy. His eyes wandered over the black suit, he had to admit it was all rather impressive. Steve had no idea his son could fight, let alone take down two of the Avengers.
As the father and son made their way towards the Quinjet they got many looks from the team members, most of them confused on how Y/n had gotten to Johannesburg, and why the hell he was fighting for Ultron.
Steve gently sat his son down in one of the seats, his eyebrows furrowed with worry. He hated how tired and defeated his son looked. Steve’s fingers gently raked through his H/c locks, a soft sigh leaving his lips.
“Are you okay?” Steve spoke quietly to his son, almost as though he was scared of breaking him with his voice alone.
“No.” Came an honest reply, voice thick with unshed tears. “One second I was at home and now I’m here and judging by the way the teams looking at me I wasn’t here on friendly terms.” The boy curled into himself, arms wrapping around his stomach.
“Oh N/n…” Steve moved forward, pulling the boy into his chest. The father pressed a kiss against his hair, letting out a soft sigh.
“We know you weren’t in control, none of us blame you for what happened.” It haunted Steve to think about the way his son’s eyes glowed unnaturally, he looked so lifeless.
His son curled closer to his chest, sniffling a little bit. He felt awful for hurting his family, even if he couldn’t control himself. Y/n just hid his face in his father’s chest, eyes falling shut with a small whine.
Steve cupped the back of Y/n’s neck, bringing him closer. He wished his baby didn’t have to go through this pain, and he’d fight till his dying breath to make sure this never happened again.
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lazydoodlesandfanfic · 7 days ago
Missing Warning Signs Pt 2 (Natasha Romanoff X Male!Reader)
Characters: Natasha Romanoff X Male!Reader
Universe: Marvel, Avengers
Warnings: Mention of torture and death
Request: Black widow x reader part 2: It's been years but Natasha still thinks the r is dead. That's until she's on a mission to rescue prisoners and she finds the reader. Although the reader memory has been erased, Natasha tries to bring his memory back. In the end she does and proposes to him.
Tumblr media
“Natasha?” The call of her name snapped Natasha out of her thoughts, her head shooting around to Clint. “You okay?” He asked. She put on a smile, and nodded. Clint clearly didn’t believe her, but smiled back, and motioned his head to the quinjet that was being warmed up for take off, and she followed after him to get on board, where Tony was checking systems on board. He glanced up hearing them board, and did a double take when he saw Natasha. She saw the hesitation in his expression, and she understood why. 
It was currently half way through the two week period of your disappearance and subsequent being pronounced dead anniversary, notably the 5 year anniversary. Those two weeks were always hard every year, especially for Nat. She lost her best friend and her unrealised love, and she was only able to process her love for you after you’d already died. For the first three years, she’d been granted holidays or at most desk work since she’d usually shut down, barely speaking and barely looking after herself. In the 4th year she tried to work as usual, but ended up having a breakdown and had to take even more time off. No one held it against her, and there was even a silent rule among the Avengers that if anyone tried to attack her for these times off and that she still wasn’t over your death, that they’d personally ensure that person faced hell. 
This year was the 5th year, and that was a big number. If it was the anniversary of something nice, maybe you’d throw a little party, so the fact that Natasha had shown up to work and was going on a mission had both Clint and Tony cautious, making mental notes to keep an eye on her.  
“Who else is coming?” She asked, them, taking a seat in the passenger seat in the front of the jet. 
“Steve’s coming as well, he’s the Captain after all.” Clint informed her. She hummed, looking at the controls and making sure everything was up and running, and she heard the footsteps of someone else getting no the plane, and she didn’t have to guess who. 
“You coming with?” Steve asked her, noticing her immediately. She hummed again as confirmation. Clint and Tony looked at him, having a silent agreement. Watch her. Have her back. Be prepared for her to not be able to complete the mission. “Alright. This is gonna be a simple one. We know where this hideout is, and we’ve identified they’re probably gonna have hostages judging by the medical equipment we intercepted the other day.”
Natasha was determined to not break down. To succeed in this mission, and it seemed easy enough. She made herself feel numb as she charged the base, focussing purely on the task at hand, not even making small talk over the comms with the others, except to update them on her location and findings. It was only when she reached a hallway she let herself slow down and feel a little bit. She knew what she’d found, judging from the cell-like doors, and the sound of people sobbing and moaning in pain and the smell of blood and other fluids. She pressed down on the button of the earpiece in her ear. “I’ve found the hostages. There’s a few.” She said walking over to the front door, opening the flap on it and peering inside, seeing someone laid on a thin mattress in the corner, curled up. 
“On my way.” Steve announced to her. 
“Clint go as well, I’ve got this. What are their statuses?” Tony asked her as she moved to the next cell, finding something similar.
“They’re in a bad state- definitely going to need medical help. There’s about 20 rooms, and I think they’re all occupied. They’re not acknowledging me.” She noted as she continued to check each room. She wasn’t going to let them out yet, knowing she had to be sure who she was releasing to ensure that they weren’t going to be a threat, and also to make sure the evacuation was organised and not chaos. 
Steve and Clint reached her, also checking the rooms, until Clint peered into one and stayed, looking, frozen. “Clint?” Steve noticed first, his comment catching Natasha’s attention as well. He hesitantly looked away, turning to Natasha. His expression lacked emotion, all of it stored in his eyes. He almost looked scared, and also apologetic, which baffled her. Why was he trying to apologise? She walked over, pushing him out the way and looking for herself. Steve watched her breathing get hitched, before she stood back, shooting the lock off the door, and swinging the door open and charging in. “Nat!” He called after her, though Clint grabbed his arm to stop him, though let him step into the doorway to finally see what made Natasha break protocol. 
“Y/N!” She called your name as she slid onto her knees to sit in front of you, her hands holding your face as she tried to make you make eye contact with you, but you seemed to just look right through her as if she wasn’t there. “Y/N. Hey-hey, look at me, please look at me.” She begged, lightly tapping your face to make you focus, and you finally seemed to snap out of it, at least somewhat, blinking at her, taking in her features, as if she was a stranger. She could see that you didn’t recognise her, and she felt that familiar feeling that she had felt when she realised 5 years ago that you loved her, and she loved you. She felt part of herself die a little. Despite this, she didn’t break. She couldn’t. Despite this, there was one positive thing- you weren’t dead. “Come on, let’s get you somewhere warm and safe. Does that sound good?” She asked you, getting an absent minded nod as she guided you to stand up, wrapping your arm around her so she could make sure you wouldn’t topple over. 
Bruce examined you as soon as you got back while the other hostages were treated separately, and Tony, Steve and Clint informed everyone that you were alive, but clearly something had happened as you didn’t recognise them or Natasha. Bruce came back with a verdict an hour later, and no one was surprised by the diagnosis: Natasha’s ex boyfriend hadn’t in fact killed you, but had kidnapped you and tortured you before sending you to this hide out to be experimented upon, and one of those experiments included wiping your memory several times, leaving you an empty husk of a person. A shell. 
“So...what now? How do we help?” Thor asked. 
“Can we deduce if the technique used to wipe his memory is similar or identical to what happened to Sergeant Barnes?” Vision asked. 
“He has a point. Bucky was able to remember with time and exposure.” Steve backed up. 
“It’s worth a shot… I say put Natasha in charge of his care.” Tony suggested, a chorus of agreement following. 
It had taken a few days for any sign of progress to show in you. Natasha had moved you into her home as soon as you were well enough, and you barely interacted with her. She’d ask you simple things, like if you’d like a certain food for dinner, or if you were hungry or cold or tired and it was a rarity that you’d actually look up and adknowledge she’d asked you something and actually receive a response, though nothing more than a movement of your head. It was only after a bad nightmare you actually talked to her. Your voice had been quiet, mumbling little bits about what your dream was about.
Recovery was taking a long time. You were barely starting to talk to the other people and form relationships with them again, and so far the only memories you had gathered had been in those 5 years with HYDRA, the oldest was a vague memory of Natasha’s ex, which broke her heart, especially since you didn’t remember him exactly and what he did, but enough to ask her if he was a bad person and if he’d ever hurt her- not you, her. She brought this up with Steve, who pointed out that your concern for her being hurt was a good sign- a sign you were in there. It seemed after that point that your progress sped up. You talked more with not only Natasha, but all your old friends, even cracking little jokes, and sometimes even making inside jokes about something from before your kidnapping, even if you didn’t understand yourself the context of your words. You even started working for SHIELD again! Despite all this however, everyone knew that you weren’t all there. A part of you was still missing. Well, it was missing, until one night. 
Natasha had gotten home from work, it being a quiet day for the most part. You’d had the day off so had stayed at home, though you’d kept in regular contact with her with text messages, though she’d noticed you stopped texting her about 2 hours before the end of her shift. She thought maybe you got distracted or took a nap or something, but when she came home, she came home to an oddly quiet apartment. Immediately, she was on high alert. 
“Y/N?” She called, having one hand already on the gun tucked into her jeans as she walked deeper into the apartment. She heard movement from your bedroom, before the door opened and you emerged. She could immediately see something had happened. She removed her hand from the weapon, walking over to you. “Hey, what’s wrong?” She asked, coming closer. What she wasn’t expecting was for you to wrap your arms around her, and hold her tightly.
“I remember… I remember everything…” You sobbed, holding her tightly. Her heart stopped, holding you back just as tightly. 
Natasha waited a few days before she was going to tell you what happened in the two weeks following your disappearance. You of course already knew that you had been presumed dead, but now you knew who did it, and luckily knew what happened to him. You were still in shock however. When you finally settled enough, Natasha spoke with you. “You know… he told me things… when he admitted to killing you… he said you had some final words and in them… you said you loved me.” She brought up. You looked over at her sheepishly. “Is there any truth behind that?” 
“...Yes.” You admitted quietly. 
“Do you still love me?” She asked you. You hesitated for a moment, before nodding. Natasha smiled, partially with relief, before she lent in, giving you a soft kiss.
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in! 
*Not my gif
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chaoticgaysstuff · 9 days ago
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures | Yandere Tony and Yandere Steve x Male! Reader
Tumblr media
Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.
Are two men with very different and very strong personalities. Both tend to get into arguments and didn't really have things in common. Well, until you came along and managed to steal the heart of Iron Man and Captain America. 
You, Y/N L/N. The newest member of the Avengers who was in your mid-20s and graduated from SHIELD academy, and ended up being recruited by Fury. 
And from the first day they laid their eyes on you, you've managed to turn everything around with just one look.
Created a dark, possessive monster inside the Billionaire and super-soldier. 
They loved every part of you and the sole purpose of their lives was to get you to be one of theirs forever. 
Of course, this has caused them both to argue more frequently than they did, and the other Avengers were getting fed up with it. So, they both resorted to doing many different things to gain your love and affection. 
Tony resorted to spending his wealth and luxuries. He's constantly spoiling you with gifts and even took you flying in his private jet with just the two of you.
Steve wasn't from this time, but he knew that if he wanted you, he needed to be himself, so that's what he did. He took you out to your favorite restaurants and other places to your liking. You seemed to be having a good time, which made Steve think he is winning against Tony. 
They wouldn't stop until they both succeeded in winning your heart. 
You and Steve were currently training in the gym after punching the punching bags. Though you didn't need to train, you liked training with Steve. Tony watched you both train through the cameras he had installed to make sure that Steve didn't try anything with you. 
Steve was a little more skilled in fighting than you, but he should learn to never underestimate you. Without warning, Steve threw a punch at you and missed as you did a special move and flipped him on the ground as he groaned. 
"How did you manage to do that?" Steve asked breathlessly from underneath you, blushing from the position you both were in. 
"Because I'm awesome and amazing." You said cockily with a nonchalant shrug of your shoulders as you smirked down at the super soldier, "Guess I'm stronger than you." 
In a split second, Steve flipped you over and pinned your arm down as your eyes widened in surprise. That damn super Soldier serum strength. Steve was now smirking down at you, "I'm still stronger."
He put his hand on your cheek, startling you slightly as you felt heat crawl up to your face. Steve decided to get a little bold and leaned down, slowly closing the distance between you two, but the sound of your phone blared throughout the gym. You both jumped, and you got up from underneath Steve to check it. 
Crap, I was so close to kissing him. Steve thought as Tony clenched his fist in his hand, feeling a sudden urge to call for his suit and shoot a lot of repulsors at Steve. 
I can't believe I almost kissed Captain America. What is wrong with me? You thought and shook your head, checking to see who called you and the unread message. 
Seeing the message made you let out a huff of annoyance. Steve frowned and walked over to you and placed a hand on your shoulder, causing you to look at him. 
"Are you alright, Y/N?" 
"Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Just fine."
Steve didn't believe you, but he'll let it go for the time being, "Hey, are you hungry? I can make you something or we can go out to lunch." He smiled at you. 
"I would love to go out to lunch with you, but I promised Tony I would help down in the lab after I was done training." You sent him an apologetic smile. 
Steve clenched his teeth at the fact that you were spending time with Tony. He didn't want you to be alone with him. He hoped at least Bruce was in the lab with you, but then again, Tony would still try to make a move with Bruce there or not. 
"Mr. L/N, sir would like to see you in his lab now." Jarvis said. 
"Okay, I'll see you later, Steve." 
You left the gym, not knowing that you left behind a jealous and fuming Steve. 
You took a shower and changed as quickly as possible, running to the elevator and nearly bumped into Tony who had a coffee mug in his hand. 
"There you are, Y/N! I was wondering what was taking you so long." Tony said, stepping back into the elevator along with you and taking a sip of his coffee. 
"Just need to take a shower and change first. Training made me very sweaty," You replied, "So, what are we working on today?" 
"We aren't working on anything today." 
The elevator stopped and you both entered the lab, as you looked at Tony in confusion, "But I thought we were-" 
"Nope! You are going to try on the new suit I designed for you." He presses a button, which brings out the suit. 
"Wait. I'm actually getting my own suit?" You asked, trying to keep the excitement out of your voice, but failing miserably. 
Tony nodded, "Yeah, and with this suit, you'll have full optimal protection along with other special modifications. It'll be good for future missions as well." He boasted proudly of his new design. 
"It's perfect! Can I try it on now?" 
"I don't see why not. Go ahead!" 
He takes the suit out of the package and you took it, running into another room to get changed, but not before planting a kiss on Tony's cheek. He still stood in the same spot and blushed, taking a deep breath in. 
The suit felt amazing on your body. It was quite comfortable and nobody can ever say that you don't look good in this suit cause that would be a lie.
This black suit could help you blend into the environment better and look good at the same time. 
"I can't believe you tried to kiss him! And then show up down here in my lab!" You heard Tony speaking to someone in a hushed tone and you decided to listen in. 
"Mellow out, Stark. Don't act like you haven't tried to when you're alone with him." You heard Steve's voice spoken in a hushed tone as well. 
"Doesn't matter. I do what I want, and I want you to stay away from him." 
"I don't have to listen to you!" 
"I'd strongly suggest you do." 
"Hey, how do I look?" You step out and show them how your suit looks on you, putting an end to this unnecessary argument as they both looked at you. 
Both, Steve and Tony's mouths fell open slightly at the way you looked in that black suit, "...Hot." Was the word that came out of their mouth simultaneously and you chuckled. 
"I know. Thank you." You responded. Just then, you got a message on your phone and resisted the urge to sigh, "Sorry, Tony. I have to leave right now." 
"What? Why?" Tony narrowed his eyes as Steve stood next to him, waiting for your answer. 
"Well, one of my friends from SHIELD Academy wanted to meet up with me." 
"And what's their name?" Steve asked.  
"His name is Tyler and I forgot we made lunch plans together, so I'm going to go and get ready. I'll see you guys later. I won't be gone for more than an hour."
Quickly, you walked out of the lab and left behind two people together in a room with one sole purpose. And they realized that someone else might be in their way. 
Around twenty minutes later, you were done getting dressed, wearing a casual outfit. It was probably a little much for going out with a friend. Oh well. You always dress to impress. 
"Where are you going looking that good? A date, perhaps?" You heard Natasha ask and turned around to see her in the doorway with Clint, smirking at you. 
"If you must know, I'm not going on a date. Just going out with a friend." 
"Oh c'mon. There's no way you're going out with a friend when you look that hot. It's totally a date," Clint said, "I bet you fifty bucks he's gonna have sex." 
You rolled your eyes, letting out a snort, "It's not a date and I won't be having sex. Tyler just wants to know what's been happening in my life and how I fit in around here." 
"Well, make sure to tell him that you fit in just fine around here. This is your home." Natasha tells you. 
"Home." You whispered in a flat tone, putting on your jacket and shoes. 
"Yeah! You're an Avenger now. It might not feel like home since you're still pretty new here, but it will soon." Clint chimed in and you nodded with a smile. 
You went down to the living room where all the other Avengers were sitting and said your goodbyes. Then, you walked out of the tower to go and meet Tyler. 
"Come dance with me, Y/N." Tyler asked, placing his drink down and offering you his hand with a smile. You two went out to lunch before coming out to a bar. You two had an interesting conversation. 
Even though you said you would be gone for an hour, that turned into three. 
"Um, right now?" 
"No, when we are old and gray. Of course, I meant right now." You rolled your eyes but took his hand and he led you onto the dance floor where other couples were dancing as well. 
Soon, you were wrapped in his arms, swaying to the rhythm of the music, "Remember what I told you to do. Take out the Avengers before it's too late." 
You let out a sigh, not wanting to have this conversation right now or at all for that matter. Unfortunately, some Hydra agents did invade SHIELD and recruited Tyler. They were trying to recruit you too, but you didn't want to be a part of that. 
You didn't want to hurt or kill the Avengers. You actually liked them and saw them as family. You wanted to protect and help people, not hurt them. 
"I don't want to have this conversation right now." You stated and lifted your head up from his chest to see that he looked like he was struggling to breathe and frowned, "Tyler? You alright there?" 
Suddenly, Tyler collapsed onto the floor, passing out as some people came over to see what happened. You were about to check on him when a Hydra Agent came over and placed a hand on your shoulder, "Get back to the tower. You have a job to do. Don't forget." 
You let out a dramatic huff but walked back to the tower. When you got back to the tower, you went straight to the bathroom and splashed some water on your face, drying it with a washcloth. 
Fuck it, you decided that you aren't killing any of the Avengers. You were basically a member now. You get to save people's lives and that's what you wanted to do. Hydra would have to kill you before you think about hurting the team. 
You entered your room at the exact moment someone knocks on your door. Ugh, seriously? You wanted to blast your music and read a book or something. Who the hell is knocking at your door? 
You opened the door and Tony and Steve were standing in the doorway, "Hey, Y/N. How was your date?" Steve asked, voice dripping with bitterness. 
"It wasn't a date," You corrected, and sighed in slight exasperation, "But I had a good time. What are you guys doing here?" 
"Cap and I came here to ask you a question." Tony spoke up confidently. 
"What is it?" 
Suddenly, both Steve and Tony grabbed one of your hands, startling you slightly.
"Y/N. We really like you. A lot."
"And we want to know who you like back." They pulled you closer to them, gripping your waist in a possessive manner. 
You looked back and forth between both of the men standing before you, clearing your throat roughly. You've known for some time now that they had a crush on you. It wasn't hard to tell. 
You liked both these men a lot. Though the way you liked them was different than the way they loved you. Their obsession ran deep and there wasn't anything they wouldn't do for you. 
"...I kinda like both of you." You said and watched them closely for their reactions
"Well, we don't mind sharing you," Tony declared, "You want to be ours, right?" 
"Yeah, I'll be both of yours." Oh, you didn't know what saying those words would do to the genius and the blonde.  All you wanted to do was take a nap after the crazy day you had. 
And that's what you did. 
You fell asleep in a matter of minutes as Tony and Steve laid on both sides of you, cuddling with you in content. 
"Didn't I tell you that everything would work out perfectly?" Tony questioned. 
"I hate to say it, but you were right, Tony. And I'm glad that you were right." Steve responded, wrapping his arm tighter around your waist and kissing your neck.
Once you left the lab, Tony and Steve could only think about the fact that you were going on a date with some guy and they couldn't let that happen. 
They didn't want to do this, but they created a partnership of sorts to make sure that no one else could have you. They didn't want to share you. Both of them wouldn't stop trying to win your heart and kill each other. But, you know what they say. 
Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. 
Everyone wants to at least fuck you. I mean just look at you, so they needed to work together to make sure you were theirs, and theirs alone. 
Tony had placed a 24/7 tracker on you when you first joined the Avengers with audio and video. He was able to track and see you all the time. 
Watching as you laughed and talked with Tyler like he was your whole world sent both men bubbling with anger. 
Using his connections and wealth, Tony hired someone to put a drop of poison that he created himself in Tyler's drink which would kill him in a few minutes. 
Steve ended up killing the person who Tony hired to do it. They couldn't have him telling anyone about what they did. 
You messed with their minds with only a look and they couldn't help, but love it. 
Tony has been with plenty of men in the past. None lasted long since he was a playboy, but no one ever made him feel this way and he couldn't let you go. 
Steve was pretty much familiar now with the concepts of same-sex couples. And when he first laid eyes on you, a man, he knew that you needed to be right in his arms. 
And now, you have given yourself to both of them. Oh, you didn't know what you just did because you were with them forever now. 
Escaping is impossible and they would do anything to make sure you belonged to them. They had no intention of ever letting you leave them.
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fading-light · 11 days ago
Devil's Warrior
-Okay so i keep seeing different things about bucky's age when he joined the military but apparently in the first Captain America movie he was 28 and steve was 25? So in the comics steve was older by three years and in the mcu bucky was one year older. fuck this i'm too stupid to calculate the math. and so bucky was 16 when he 'joined' oh shit damn he's shirtless and hot. cough anyways and i don't know so let's just say that reader is as of now twenty three and trained bucky. it'll make sense later i promise.
"Hey Steve,"
Bucky pulled aside the short blond.
Steve looked up at Bucky, confused.
"Stay away from him."
Bucky pointed at you going towards Peggy, your dark clothing mixed in with your surroundings.
You seemed harmless, he had never seen you before.
"He's called the devil's warrior for a reason."
Memories of you ruthlessly killing and training soldiers flashed in his mind.
"He doesn't look like a devil."
Your skin and hair glowed in the sunlight, to Steve you looked more like an angel.
"Looks can be deceiving."
Looking at Steve, you grinned at seeing him get the flag. Peggy looked at you with a knowing look in her eyes. "He interests you, doesn't he?" She asked. "He does. Like Sergeant Barnes did and does." The woman poked your cheek with her finger. "He's like twenty-eight and you're only twenty-three. You're five years younger yet trained him when he was twenty-three and you were eighteen." She said just as Steve got in next to you.
Peggy was talking to you about training the new soldiers making Steve gulp, t didn't go unnoticed by you of course. "Oh and (y/n), sergeant Barnes wants to speak to you once we get back." She said once more making you nod.
You saw Bucky waiting for you. "Sergeant Barnes, you wanted to talk?" You asked, Bucky bowed his head. "Yes, thank you for coming. But, you have trained me when others thought I would be useless. Is that what you're going to do for Steve?" You sigh. "He's fragile that's for sure. In the future maybe I will. Who knows, I'm being sent on another solo mission and this could take up to a month. Maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't."
What you said stuck with Bucky after the serum was given to Steve you disappeared that night. "Hey, Sergeant. He left something for you." Peggy said.
As my student and comrade,
You will always be in my mind, from the sleepless nights you gave me to always wanting to train. Remember? You broke into my tent and made it a living hell, from dumping water on me while I slept to endless training hours.
Stay safe...okay?
- (Y/n) (L/n).'
"And he wanted you to have this," Peggy murmured, holding out a necklace you always wore. The yang part to your yin and yang necklace. Bucky held it tightly before putting it on and not bothering to hide it inside his uniform. Memories flashed in his mind that night. "I never said I'd lie and wait forever, if I died we'd be together. I can't always just forget her, but she could try."
You always sang the same song every time you went out, Bucky easily had it memorized.
Three months passed,
You were nowhere to be seen until
"Sergeant Barnes, Sergeant Major (l/n) is outnumbered badly. He's bleeding from multiple wounds." Bucky could not describe the relief he felt, a group of men had quickly come to help you. Only then you had collapsed in Bucky's arms, smiling up at him.
"Okay well damn Howard you have a son now." Somehow still alive, after Bucky fell off the train and Steve was iced, you'd grown closer to the Starks. Howard, Maria, Bucky, and Steve were the ones who knew of your 'abilities.' Similar to James Howlett, aging was slowed. You still looked to be only twenty-three, by the time Tony would be around forty you'd look like twenty-five.
Ah yes being an alchemist and slow aging person in the military, such a good combination. Did you really think I was gonna let you go without adding something? Anyways.
"Howard please calm down."
"My wife is in labor-" Que her screaming and yelling curses at Howard.
"And by the looks of it you are either gonna pass out or I'm gonna make you pass out." You said, yeah it was the former. Catching his limp body, you placed it awkwardly in a chair before "Mr.Stark, your wife wants to see you." In all your years of living, you had never seen someone get up so fast, go in a room, and faint again.
Laughing, you pressed the 'stop recording' button on the camera. Oh lord would this make for a good story for Anthony later on. After a few minutes, Howard came out looking at you, "Come and meet your godson."
You saw that Maria didn't let Howard carry Anthony just because she was scared he was gonna faint with Anthony in his arms. Instead, you held him securely in your arms with Howard right next to you. "If we lay a strong enough foundation we'll pass it on to you, we'll give the world to you and you'll blow us all away someday."
"Where could you be hiding? Under the bed?" You heard a six-year-old Anthony giggle in his closet as you looked under his bed. "Hm, perhaps behind the curtains?" You looked behind the curtains as the closet door opened. Turning around with your eyes closed, Anthony tackle-hugged your legs with a white blanket over him. You faked a gasp. "A ghost!" Picking him up he was laughing now as you gently threw him on the bed and tickled him.
Tony threw off the blanket making you gasp again. "Tony Stark, you're the ghost?"
You tried to spend all of your time with Anthony, from telling Howard to spend more time with his son to taking on spy missions from Shield. Whenever Howard and Maria died, it was you and Tony. You assured him it wasn't his fault, and so you had shown him videos of him when he was younger and the famous video when Maria was in labor.
Although after that, Tony engrossed himself in work leaving you to take more and more missions. Having your own two floors in his towers as well as your own level which only he and Rhodey had. It wasn't until whenever Steve woke up when Tony figured out your past with him, when he asked before your eyes turned darker before changing the subject.
If you weren't taking missions, you were with Steve catching him up with current life. You helped him settle in as well as training him up to your standards since you couldn't back then. Quote on quote "Training with you is literal hell, how could Bucky stand it?" "Simple, he couldn't."
The day you saw Bucky again, it was chaos. He was still the Winter Soldier but he broke when he saw you. "Hey darling," You muttered in tears, his arms wrapped tightly around you. "Please don't leave me..."
When the whole 'civil war' started, you sided with Steve and Bucky. "I'm sorry Tony, but what you want is for people like me to be chained up. Still love you." After becoming literal fucking war criminals, you had stayed in Wakanda with him.
And then Thanos happened, you had used your alchemy to cut HiS hAnD rIgHt oFf. "Why- Why didn't anyone else think of that?" Yeah you were disappointed in them and let them know. "Oh my god he's giving me the glare-" "What glare?" "The glare he used to give me whenever I ate candy before bed-" "I'm sorry what?" "I said what I said."
"Anthony Howard Stark get your ass over here!"
Que Tony running down the hallway screaming.
"James Buchanan Barnes! Steven Grant Rogers!"
Never before have they seen the two super soldiers plus billionaire run so fast, they swore they saw Tony activate his nanotechnology. "We're sorry!" Steve yelled out.
"You fucks literally poured cold water on me while I was sleeping! And you James are fucked!"
Now Steve and Bucky were hiding behind the couches.
"Why did you pour water on (y/n) out of all people? you could've done it to Clint." "Hey!"
"I just wanted to relive some memories!"
"...Do we want to know.."
"yes and no."
"James Buchanan Barnes!"
Bucky paled. He was going to die.
"Don't you think I forgot about you Tony, Steve!"
"Better hide."
-Silas Here
So I didn't really like how this came out but I was working on something else too. not proofread obviously.
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icesnaps · 13 days ago
Running away: Bucky x male ex-hydra reader
Warnings: cursing, light description of gore
Requested: yes! You know who you are betch
Spell checked: nope
A/n: this is a little Drabble for a friend of mine
A drawn out, tired sigh escaped my pursed lips, the hot air bouncing back into my face due to the mask covering it, I pushed open the door to my shared home, almost falling in, I was able to stay up long enough to close the splintering door behind me. I stumbled around, leaning against the flaky grey walls for support, despite the fact I didn’t even really think the thin wood could take my weight, but it managed if by some will of god, I followed the wall in the darkness of night to the home stairs, dragging myself up them, and to my bedroom. As I made my way into the pitch black bed room, I gained enough confidence in my strength to pull myself off the wall with a quite grunt, I gripped my injured arm with the other carefully, making my way to the bed through muscle memory. I felt the bed frame bang my foot, I took a few steps to the side till I hit another thing with my foot, the bedside table, I turned to it and I carefully placed the glistening silver knife down on the old, scratched and banged up bedside table, next to the bottle of PTSD pills, my fingers felt broken... tonight was much more stressful then I would have liked it to be. I lifted the hand of my unhurt arm to my face, and pulled off the bloody mask, it was getting far to warm, I opened the draw of the bedside table and chucked it in without as much as a word. I sat on the bed with a small bounce, I wanted to just lay down and stop feeling the pain in my arm... but I couldn’t... it hurt... so much... damn it! I should have been more careful! I can remember the events that lead up to my arm getting slashed so clearly, I should have been better... never mind, I can learn for next time, adapt, be better... for the sake of beating hydra... for the sake of Bucky... we only just escaped the horrible organisation, luckily for us he was already becoming his own person! Slowly but surely.
I started tending to my injury, calmly disinfecting it and bandaging it up, the cold cotton against my burning skin caused me to flinch, I almost flinched again when I felt something on my skin... blood, and a lot more then I though... well isn’t that just fucking dandy!?! After my arm was patched up I preyed that I would be able to lay down, but as I attempted I felt a shock of pain shoot through me, electrifying me, the current pain was worse then the actual slash! With a defeated sigh I stood back up off my bed, it was pointless to try and sleep, at least without taking some pain meds, and the only pain meds I have are in Bucky room. I stumbled back out my room, doing my best to keep myself up by once again leaning on the wall, the blood loss was making me light headed, I felt so dizzy, and like my brain was going numb slowly. I soon made it to my friends room and opened the door quietly “James, are you up?” I ask with a curious inflection to my voice, my voice was no more than a gentle whisper as I made my way to beside his bed, I waited a second for him to respond... he didn’t. With a small smile I chuckled to myself, looking at his heavily shadowed figure in the bed, I couldn’t help but think about everything that led us here, to tonight, we were out of our depth trying to do this... a ex-hydra weapon and a ex-hydra assassin trying to take down hydra on their own? Why did we think we could do it easily?!? Thinking about that horrible organisation... I can’t help but think of one thing they did that was good... they brought me and Bucky together, I look back on the day fondly, even knowing we were the bad guys of that day. I was tasked with keeping track of a target, though I was ordered not to kill them... not yet... I was to let the new weapon have a go at killing them, it was his first test run in a real situation, as expected he did well and killed the target, but he left witnesses, and those I dealt with, before reprimanding him for it “that was sloppy, a rookie mistake! Do you even know what your doing?” I huffed at him, putting a finger in his face, he looked slightly upset by my words and went to respond but I cut him off “don’t even, just don’t be sloppy next time... that being said you killed your target well, impressive” I complimented with a smile, to which I saw his face light up for a second “thank you sir!” And from there our friendship blossomed to what it is today... can I even call it friendship anymore...
Our... ‘friendship’ has changed... at least for me it has, I don’t even know when or how it turned into... it turned into... I pushed the though out of my head, my feelings don’t matter... I’m just here to help him get back on his feet, take down hydra, meet with Rogers again then vanish as I always do... it’s one the good thing I’m good at, running away... I ran away from my family, I ran away from my home, I ran away from my old gang, i ran away from the scenes of my crimes, I ran away from hydra, I just ran away from a near death experience and I’m planning to run away from Bucky, maybe that’s just my superpower... no use dwelling on it. I broke my eyes away from buckys sleeping form and onto the bed side table, my eyes now being adjusted to the dark allowed me to see what was on the table, his gun, that he didn’t even let me touch, a photo of him and Steve that was framed, and a photo of me laying down next to it... over my face was a packet of pills, the pain medication I was looking for, I quickly snatched it up and started digging my finger nails into the foil cover, getting two pills out before putting the package back and placing it over my face once again. I took one last glance at Bucky before turning away from him and making my way back to my bed room, I took a seat on my bed, and chucked the pills into my mouth, swallowing them dry, it hurt a bit and felt odd but I couldn’t really give a fuck right now! I sat on my bed in silence for a second, waiting for the pills to start numbing the pain... and when they did, I lay down and closed my eyes, preying it wouldn’t be long till the grasp of sleep took me into its realm of peace, a thing I haven’t got to have much of for the last few months, hell years!!!
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fvckme-sir · 13 days ago
stress relief
i’m gonna make a smutty version of this too
steve walked into the bedroom where you were on the phone with your parents with your head pounding. yet another call with yet another guilt trip. delicious.
he snuck in and looked at you gently and saw the fingers massaging your temples out of distress and the phone on speaker in your lap as your family grumbles out complaints and whatever else.
he sighs sadly. nothing breaks his heart more than to see the ones that should love you the most do all this to you, over the phone no less.
he walked up to the side of the bed as you glanced over at him and gave him a weak but still gentle and kind smile. that hurt even more. you were still kindhearted and loving. he couldn’t bear to watch this. he sat down and pulled you right into his lap. he wraps his muscular arms around your waist and buried his face into your neck, inhaling your intoxicating scent.
you relax in his arms gently, your body going limp as you have had enough too. you pick up your phone and interrupt your parents, and they try to complain like they haven’t done that hundreds of times to you, but “they’re adults”.
you say a sharp and blunt goodbye and hang up, and you slide your phone off the side of the bed, and he gently massages your hips in his large and calloused hands.
“good job sweet boy. i hate to see that happening to you.” he said into your neck, both the intimacy and the vibrations from his sweet words shot tingles up your spine, in a good way.
“well it’s gonna be the last time. they take up enough time and energy that should be dedicated to you, steve rogers, my love.”
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happygowriting · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
This is something new I'm gonna start doing at the end of the month hopefully if I don't forget because I realized I post a lot during the month and I want people to be able to catch up easily.
Here's a list of fic's and edits I posted in May and links so you can easily get caught up! Thank you for reading my stories!
Poet Bucky Masterlist Edit Series (FINISHED, 8 Edits and poems in total)
When he's Alone: Bucky x Reader, where Bucky gives himself self pleasure as he thinks about reader.
I need you: Stucky, where Steve has a bad day and he just needs Bucky.
A Boyfriend for Hire Chapter Six: Ducky (Bucky Barnes x Dayton White), where Bucky rewards Dayton for his win.
Ransom Drysdale Moodboard
Just the Night: Mickey Henry x Female!Reader, where Mickey and Reader fuck on the beach
Ducky (Dayton White x Bucky Barnes) Edit:
Leave before you love me: Frank x Female! Reader, where Frank has a one night stand and reader thinks for a moment they can change him but he still leaves before the morning.
New Beginnings Chapter One: (NEW SERIES) Frank x Female!Reader. Series summary: Before Daphne, Frank had never had his heart broken and after, he’s left with a void that he doesn’t know how to fill. Trying to navigate these new feelings, he escapes from Los Angeles in search of a new start someplace where nobody knows his name. Coming across a small town in the middle of nowhere Frank settles, hoping that the change from the big city will help him overcome the heartbreak. That’s where he meets you, someone he wouldn’t have expected to have such a big impact on his life or his heart.
Do the drugs still get you high? (Part three in the HDIMYLMA Series: In which Frank loses himself in someone else hoping to forget the memory of how Ransom feels, and how he makes Frank feel.
Happy Accidents: Bucky Barnes x Male!Reader, in which Bucky Barnes walks in on you masturbating in his bed.
Always You: Ducky (Bucky Barnes x Dayton White) In which Dayton has a picture of Bucky on his dashboard after all this time. Whenever he races he’d glanced at it. Then he gets into a wreck when Bucky came home from army basic.
1K Thank you Post
The Hat Draw Challenge: My 1k writing celebration challenge!
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autumnrose40 · 15 days ago
Don’t Touch My Boy
Tumblr media
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ransom Drysdale/Male Reader As requested by MANY of you, here you go loves <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You were on cloud nine as you clung to Ransom’s side. Your new engagement ring on your finger, following months and months of dating after that afternoon he took you in Harlens office. Despite how rude he could be to most others, to you, he was only ever sweet. Even when he dommed you, got more bossy, he checked in, too care of you. He didn’t want to hurt you, he only wanted to make you feel good and love you, praise you and lift you up.
He steps away only for a moment, it’s a family party, so he doesn’t like you leave you alone if he can help it, his family was vile, but Meg and Marta wanted to throw this for you two, the only ones in his family he liked besides great grandma Wanetta.
You stay in the background if you can help it, which means you are closer to the hallway. It means when a hand grips your bicep hard and drags you to a nearby room and slams the door, it happens out of sight.
You push the person away knowing it’s not ransom by smell alone, when you look you see it’s walt and he looks drunk as hell. You swallow thickly when he locks the door behind him, glaring at you. He’s never liked you but then most of the people didn’t, they hated Ransom being bi like he was.
You go to the door and try to push him aside and it just earns you a gut punch, you choke, gasping for air as you go down to your knees, feeling him lean over you a second later, “If you know what’s good for you, you will leave Ransom before something happens to you, I’ll see to it myself, I know people who will gladly do it for me.”
Tears fill your eyes at his words, the fear that fills your veins is strong, but so is your anger, you ram your head up, hitting him in the chin, knocking him back and to the ground, you don’t waste time getting to your feet and unlocking the door, running out into the hallway, you run to the bathroom and lock yourself in.
Ransom looks for you, he doesn’t like how he can’t find you, putting the drinks down randomly, he looks around and when he see’s walt missing too, his gut tells him that isn’t good. He runs into the very man as he’s looking for you, he’s holding his jaw and Ransom just....knows...somehow he just does, he grips his uncles sweater and slams him into the hallway wall, “What the fuck did you do?”
Walt starts to say something but stops when he see’s the anger on Ransom’s face, in his eyes, “Nothing.”
Ransom narrows his eyes, “I know you’re lying and when I find out what you did, you’ll be sorry.” ransom shoves him away and goes looking for you.
Your breathing is under control now, but the fear, would this put Ransom in trouble too? There’s still tears in your eyes when he finally finds you, “Honey?”
His soft voice through the helps calm you a bit, sniffling you get up and unlock the door, standing back as he comes in and takes you in, his worried eyes look at you before pulling you into a embrace, you hug back, burying your face in his sweater, “What happened sweet boy?” ransom finally whispers, his hands running up and down your back.
“Walt...cornered me, dragged me into a near by room, he....he punched me in the stomach and told me he would have me killed if I didn’t leave you.”
God just saying all that outloud is.....knowing how far Walt would go, you start shivering again, Ransom quickly takes off his tan coat and wraps it around you, before hugging you tight again, the rage in his eyes, as he kisses the top of your head, keeping his voice soft despite his anger at Walt, “I’m so sorry sweet boy, i’m so sorry he laid hands on you, threated you, I’ll deal with him, don’t you worry, this won’t happen again love.” he whispers into your hair and you sniffle nodding, knowing Ransom always kept his word.
It takes a bit of time for Ransom to get everything in order to deal with Walt, so over the course of the next week he spoils you extra hard, stays home more from working with Harlen, he fucks you good and long.
“Ransom....oh ransom...oh fuck!” you nearly scream when he grabs your cock jerking you off in time with his thrust.
Other nights he makes love to you, sinking into your body and holding you close as his cock brings you more pleasure then you’ve ever known.
With you at home, sated and warm under the covers, their guard dog on duty while Ransom is away, he puts his plans into place. He calls who he needs too, and then stands outside the house and waits.
When a dark tinted car pulls up, Ransom turns to look as the local mob boss gets out, his shaved head and dark eyes, tailored suit and just all around dark look makes even Ransom a bit nervous, when he comes over to Ransom, his bodygaurds behind him, one blonde and huge, and one brunette and deadly looking, Ransom knows this is not someone you fuck with, not even a little bit.
Ransom offers a small smile as he shakes hands with the guy, “Mr Everett, he’s just inside, so is his wife.”
The guy nods, “Call me Curtis, did good, I owe you one and I don’t say that to many.”
Ransom nods, “Understood, it was a pleasure.”
When Curtis nods and moves towards the house Ransom knows he’s been dismissed, he turns and goes back to his own car knowing by sunrise Walt won’t even be alive anymore, was never wise to owe money to the mob.
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Thanks for answering my last ask about the requests! 🥰
If possible I'd like to request something: male reader is Steve Roger's adopted son (adopted after he came back from being frozen lmao) and the reader is secretly dating Peter Parker!
I don't know if it's too specific or too complicated, but I was imagining something like: reader is like an avenger too. He doesn't have powers but has fighting skills and is a very sneaky and swift fighter much like Black Widow. He fights occasionally but his father is always hesitant on letting him participate in highly dangerous missions, he's very protective of his son. That would all just be like background information just give the story some base, but the plot itself i was thinking was just about Steve discovering his son is dating Peter - and, with that, discovering reader is gay - and he gets protective, possibly interrogates Peter and stuff like that. Obviously very fluffy at the end with everyone happy but I guess you can just work on it how you think it's best! If it's too vague or too complex I can try to rewrite the request if you'd like ☺️
Maybe Steve discovers that during a mission! I think that would be interesting - if you like it of course!
Plot: Requested
Pairing: Steve Rogers & Son reader + Peter Parker x Male reader
Y/n: Your name
N/n: Nickname
H/c: Hair color
Warnings: Fighting, cursing, blood, protective dad TM Steve, character injury, coming out, supportive Steve, adopted reader, fluff, slight angst, kinda Steve’s POV
Word count: 1236
Tumblr media
Being the son of Steve Rodger’s, aka Captain America had never been an easy feat. He had adopted Y/n after he got out of the ice, needing someone to have in the complete mystery the world was to him. He immediately loved the spunky boy, who was outspoken and reminded him of his younger self.
On many occasions’ Y/n came home with bruises littering his body, but a boyish smile adorned on his lips. The boy just seemed to find trouble without even trying, so Steve decided to teach his son how to fight. It was quite a surprise when Y/n was a complete natural, able to take his father down after a few weeks of training.
The teenage boy’s confidence only seemed to grow with training and fighting, and much to Steve’s displeasure his son ended up joining the avengers. It was one of the only times the father and son argued, going from screaming at each other to the silent treatment for days.
Steve had to admit, his son could kick some serious ass, even beating Clint during a spar, leaving the assassin on the mat groaning in pain and eventually tapping out. Then came in Peter parker, in all his geeky glory, immediately drawing his son’s attention. Steve was hesitant about the boy; he didn’t want Peter causing more trouble for Y/n in the long run.
The father couldn’t deny that his son seemed happier when Peter came into his life, spending most of his time with the young genius and his friends. It was like a moth to a flame, Y/n gravitated towards the boy in a way Steve couldn’t place a word to. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think his son was enamored with Parker. He promptly reminded himself that his son wasn’t gay (There was no issue if he was though) Steve just assumed his son would tell him if that was the case.
That belief was completely changed on a mission though, Y/n and Peter accompanied the team, taking down one of the last HYDRA bases that was left. He had to admit that the kids were holding up well, he could see his son flying around, adorned in all black, including the black mechanical wings on his back. Y/n had made those himself, claiming that they needed more air support than just Tony, Rhodey and Sam.
Every time Steve watched Y/n fly around he felt his heart jump out of his chest, he knew his son could handle himself, but damn it, it was a paternal instinct. “How are we looking up there?” Steve called over the comms, watching as the three flying beings fought off any air support, and diving down to help when needed.
“Well pops judging by the fact that we’re all heading towards the ground for support I’d day good.” Came his sons sarcastic reply, and Steve had to hold back a small smirk. Usually, he’d reprimand someone for talking like that, but Y/n was a special case.
“N/n could you head my way, kinda getting swamped over here.” Parker’s high pitched and young voice rang through the comms, and Steve watched as his beloved son took off once more. He could hear the two young superhero’s grunting and making banter back and forth over the comms as the fight continued.
What took the captain off guard was the sound of his son crying out in pain and the panicked sound of Peter calling out “Y/n!” It felt like someone had grabbed his heart and ripped it out of his chest as he heard Peter call “We have an agent down! Y/n’s down!” Never in Steve’s many years of life did he move as fast as he was right now. Anyone who got in his was down before they could even raise their weapon.
When he saw Peter cradling Y/n against his chest, fingers brushing through his son’s H/c hair, the panic only worsened. The mask Y/n wore was ripped off, lying on the ground beside him; and Steve could clearly see the blood leaking from his son’s side.
As the super soldier got closer, he could hear Peter rambling quietly. “It’s okay baby, I know it hurts.” The teenagers voice sounded so broken; it made his chest tighten even more. “Your dads coming and then we’ll get you to med bay, you’ll be good as new.” He reassured Y/n. Steve couldn’t even bring himself to care when Peter leaned down and pressed a kiss to Y/n’s lips, giving the other boy a tight smile.
From there everything felt like a blur, Steve carried Y/n to the jet and next thing he knew his son was in recovery, a tired smile on his face as Steve entered the room. “Hey pops.” Y/n’s voice sounded so tired and strained, it made Steve want to break down and cry.
“Hey kiddo, how’re you feeling?” He questioned, sitting in the chair beside his son’s bed, immediately holding his hand. “Like I got shot twice.” Y/n deadpanned, giving his father a cheeky grin. Steve huffed out a tired laugh, eyes running over his son’s bruised body. “Yeah, yeah that makes sense.” The soldier chuckled lightly, giving Y/n’s hand a squeeze. The two sat in comfortable silence for a few moments, the only sound in the room was the rhythmic beeps of the heart monitor. After a few moments of psyching himself up, Steve spoke.
“So, you and Parker huh?” He kept his voice light, eyebrows furrowed slightly. His son’s cheeks flushed, looking away from his father. “Oh, uh yeah.” He could hear the beeping increase slightly. “Why didn’t you tell me kiddo?” He questioned, feeling a bit hurt that his son had kept something so important from him.
“I didn’t know how you’d react, being from the 40’s and all...” Y/n trailed off, eyebrows furrowed a bit. Steve felt his stomach twist a bit. Y/n was scared he wouldn’t accept him being gay? “Oh sweetheart, I don’t care if you’re gay, I love you no matter what, you’re still my baby boy.”
The smile Y/n gave him put the sun to shame, making a smile spread across his own lips. “How long have you and Peter been together?” He questioned lightly, his thumb brushing over the teenagers’ knuckles. “6 months.” Y/n replied shyly, flush darkening under his father’s questioning. That continued for about an hour before Peter entered the room, and immediately the protective dad mode came out.
“So, Parker what are your intentions with my son?” Y/n let out an indignant sound, slapping his dads’ arm. Peter’s entire face flushed bright red, looking like a deer caught in headlights. “T-to make him happy, sir.” Came Peter’s shy reply, glancing over at his boyfriend for help.
“Pops, seriously? Leave him alone.” Y/n gave his father an annoyed look, making Steve shrink back slightly, his kid was slightly terrifying, okay? The father watched as the two boys interacted, watching them for a few moments, before excusing himself from the room. If he came back later and the two were curled up in bed together asleep, well he wasn’t going to say anything.
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saidrolav · 19 days ago
Laundry virgin
Steve Rogers x gn!reader
Summary: You meet a really sweet guy while doing your laundry.
Warnings: none! pure fluff 🧡
A/N: Hiii! I don't know why i wrote that, just feeling in the mood for some fluff! As always feedback is always appreciated 🥺 Have a good read!
Tumblr media
not my gif!
You had a very small appartment. In the middle of Washington D.C. The building wasn't new, you could tell by the walls that were.. questionables. Walls were thins, people had dogs, kids, without lying, you couldn't sleep at all. When it wasn't the big road you were living next to, it was a teen throwing a party just above your head that was keeping you awake. You were tired and today was no difference. You woke up tired after waking up a couple of times during the night. You quickly made yourself something to eat, dressed up then you checked what you had to do for the day. You sighed. Laundry.
As i said in the beginning, small appartment, which meant, no washing machine, which also meant, taking your huge bag of laundry at the laundromat. It wasn't pleasant because you would loose at least one hour of your time without counting the walk to the laundromat. You prepared yourself, putted on your jacket and took your huge bag of laundry, almost falling in the stairs with it. Well today was a shitty day.
When you arrived at the last corridor of your building that lead to the outside you putted your bag of laundry against a wall and putted on your headphones. As soon as you did so you met the eyes of your neighbor, Mr Nakajima. You immediatly flashed him a brilliant smile even though you were exhausted and took back your bag of laundry, then he returned your smirk.
"Hi Mr Nakajima how are you doing today ?" You took off one of your earbud to listen to his answer, still wearing that big grin on your lips.
"I'm doing fine Y/N, thanks for asking. Where are you going with that huge bag ?" He pointed your bag and you gave it a quick glance before focusing your gaze back on your neighbor.
"M'just gonna do the laundry, do you have some? I could take those with me if you want." You arqued an eyebrow with a soft smile.
"No i'm fine! I made a new friend just across my appartment, his name is James, he took my laundry just yesterday!" Your heart melted at the sight of the old man being this happy.
"Already replacing me as i see!" You chuckled. "Okay Mr Nakajima, i'll go, have a great day!" You putted back your earbud on, gave him a small wave that he returned quickly and with that, left the building.
You listened to your favourite playist the whole way to the laundromat. When you arrived, your favourite song of Marvin Gaye was playing and a simple smile appeared on your lips. There was not a lot of people in the laundromat and you putted your bag of laundry on a washing maching, waiting no time to start separating the coloured clothes from the white ones.
You still had your headphones and you didn't heard the familiar bell telling you that someone had arrived in the laundromat. You were too focused on separating your clothes and preparing your laundry that you didn't even saw a tall gorgeous blonde walk in.
He joined you at your right and you putted all of your clothes in two different washing machines. You putted your own detergeant in it then paid the two machines. Once they started working you sat down on the closest chair. You tilted your head up and you catched the sight of the man that were not too long ago standing next to you.
He was wearing simple clothes but he still looked stunning. He had a simple white t-shirt with beige trousers. He finally turned around, you met two ocean eyes and you drowned in them. He had short blonde hair and a sharp jaw line, you were so mesmerized by him that you didn't even saw that he catched you staring, a soft pink tinting his cheeks.
You quickly looked away and blushed deeply. You felt him sit next to you and you took your phone to stop the music that was still in your ears. You took off your headphones and gave him a quick glance, your eyes met and he fastly looked away, not wanting to make you feel uncomfortable.
As soon as he walked in the laundromat his eyes were on you, he watched you from afar for a couple of seconds before taking all the courage he had to do his laundry next to you. He had never walked in his laundromat, it was his first time, but if he could see you everytime he did his laundry he would always come here. While sorting his clothes he detailled your face, your eyes, your nose and finally your lips which made him blush slightly. He thought you looked like a real angel and he has never been this hypnotized by someone, so when he catched you staring at his back only a couple of minutes earlier, it gave him chills and a tiny bit of hope that you were feeling the same way about him.
He was still feeling your eyes on the back of his head so he turned around, gave to you his ten million dollars smile and extended his hand towards you.
"I'm Steve Rogers." He watched your lips turning into a big grin and it made his heart melt. You took his hand, shook it while looking him in his eyes.
"Y/N L/N." You finally let go his hand. Steve Rogers. You definitly heard that name somewhere but you had no time to think because you had to start a conversation. "I never saw you around here. You're new ?" He laughed slightly while scratching the back of his neck.
"I usually make my laundry at work," you gave him a strange look and he laughed even harder, "I mean, my work place is also where i live, a huge building, but i took an appartment not too long ago." You nodded your head while smiling.
"So you're a laundry virgin ?" You chuckled and he quickly joined in.
"I guess i am," he shrugged, "I used to do laundry back in the days..", he looked afar with a hint of nostalgia and you laughed.
"Back in the days ? Come on it's not like you're one hundred years old." Steve refocused on you and grinned at your comment, oh, if you only knew.
"And, how do you know i'm not ?" He cocked an eyebrow in your direction and you laughed even more.
"Well look at you, no white hair, no wrinkles and you're pretty handsome for an old man don't you think ?" His eyebrows shot up and yours too, your mouth talked before you could think and you became a deep shape of crimson. As you were about to apologize for this akward flirting he laughed out loud and you felt yourself relax a little bit.
"Thanks, for telling me that i'm America's handsomest grandpa." You joined his laugh quickly making your cheeks hurt of how much you smiled this day. Your two laughs died in silence and it was only you and Steve looking at each other with huge smirks plastered on your faces. You gave Steve's lips a quick glance and bit your lower one. The blonde looked at your lip that was caught between your teeth and he thought it was incredibly hot. As Steve was about to approach his lips from yours you were cut by a strident sound telling you that your laundry was over. You mumbled a quick "sorry" before getting up and taking your laundry out of the washing machine.
"Do you need help ?" You heard behind you. You turned around just to be met with Steve which made you smile even though you were quite destabilized by the height of the man in front of you. "I thought you were the laundry virgin here ?" He rolled his eyes as you laughed before starting to help you with your laundry.
"You'll be quite impressed by how experimented i am, actually." He gave you a wink as he grinned. Damn that man knew what he was doing and that conversation was going somewhere you only imagined in your dreams. You didn't realized you had stopped in your tracks until your sweatshirt fell from your hands. You quickly continued your work and took back in your hands the sweatshirt.
The both of you finally putted all of your clothes in your bag and you realized that you had to leave because Steve's laundry was far from ending. He gave you a quick look and you looked at him too, you putted your bag on your shoulder and approached him to give him a quick kiss on his cheek, he blushed. "So this is goodbye then ?" He asked, looking down while playing with his fingers. "I guess so.." You answered softly while giving him a sad smile. "Goodbye Y/N." "Goodbye Rogers."
You got out of the laundromat, feeling terrible at the thought of never meeting Steve again. You tried not to focus on that too much but he was the only thing you could think about. You quickly putted on your headphones to distract yourself, so you didn't heard the blonde running after you and calling your name. You felt a hand on your shoulder and you turned around quickly while taking off your headphones that you uust putted on, you were at like 1km from the laundromat, how did he ran so fast ? He didn't even looked exhausted.
"Steve ?" "Call me." He gave you a piece of paper with a phone number on it and you smiled like you never did before. "Okay i'll do, i promise." As you started walking on the opposite direction that he was you heard him shouting behind you.
"Don't worry if i don't answer! I'm an old man, smartphones are hard!"
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syiano · 21 days ago
Sorry y'all but I only see a little bit of golden boy in Nomad Steve-
Anyways this is probably shorter than my usual headcanons cuz this is like my first time writing for Nomad Steve-
Steve x Male!Reader
Nomad!Steve Headcanons
Tumblr media
☆You're probably one of the few people who can atleast get a smirk out of him.
☆Serious boi intensifies-
☆Saying he's protective of you is an understatement. Seriously, he glares at anyone who even looks at you the wrong way.
☆He's more dominant than he used to be.
☆He won't hesitate to pin you down or man handle you if you start acting like a brat (he don't have time for that).
☆Oof, if he scolds you? The way looks at you somehow pins you in place as he crosses his arms, telling you exactly what wrong you did.
☆There's still a little of that golden boy in there, though. Like that one time he looked away from being flattered when you would compliment his beard (called it).
☆And how he's always checking up on you to see if you're alright.
☆He's more touchy, but he can still be gentle with you. He puts you in his lap,  kissing your neck while his hands slowly roam all over your body.
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andysbubba · 21 days ago
Loving you
Andy Barber x Gender neutral (?) reader
-> the one where you’re tired of andy’s igorance towards himself
Note: Angst diffusing into fluff, the typical andy-kitchen scene i used in my candlelight loving fic— except there’s no smut, ++ feedbacks welcomed as always! and reblogs and likes are more than appreciated <33
“Andy, baby. Will you please take a break?” You exasperatedly sigh when you see Andy still hovering over his desk in his study after the fifth time you told him to take some time to rest.
“I know, I know. Just a little more, honey. I’ll join you in bed in a bit, okay?” He only looked up at you for barely a second to reply before his eyes were back on the stacks of case studies and folders on his desk.
Truth be told, you were completely done with his bullshit.
You huff in frustration, rolling your eyes the slightest bit and muttering to yourself as you distanced yourself from Andy’s home office with full annoyance. “Fucking lawyers.”
Andy’s been fully hung up on work ever since one of his co-workers took a vacation off work just last week. Meaning that his already-extensive workload just got an upgrade. Also meaning that he’d drag his workload home and continue working his ass off in his study. Which really- there’s nothing wrong with your boyfriend being all diligent and assiduous.
But it really doesn’t seem all that glorifying when you’re the one having to deal with all his crap. You could’ve probably list down all the times he put fucking paperwork above you, and the list would probably have been as long as Article 1.
Unbeknownst to you, Andy caught onto what you said right before you left his study. He felt guilty, alright. All he’s done is to be a complete work-addict while you’re out there being the best lover one can ever ask for. And all he wants to do is to chase after you and apologize and stay in bed and order in pizza with you. But the never ending workload on his desk was the one thing keeping him away from having you all snug in his chest.
He shakes his head, eyes glancing back down at his work. He was beyond exhausted, the pot of coffee you made him and the hope that the earlier he wraps his work up, the earlier he can shower you with all the love you deserved, was his only motivation to keep reading though the files and trying to get as much work done.
You groggily rubbed your eyes as you tried to feel around the sheets for Andy. And honestly? You weren’t even surprised that he wasn’t there. It was 7 in the morning, and it was too early for Andy to be up if he actually went to sleep last night. You could only assume that he never even went to bed, no matter how much you wished otherwise.
You head out to his study, the door’s still opened as it was yesterday and the faint noise of keyboard clicking tells you that Andy’s still working inside.
“Babe?” You knocked on the wooden door, trying to get his attention.
Andy’s hunched in his seat, eyes switching between his laptop and the files from time to time as he typed. He glances up at you, just a little surprised.
“Did you get some sleep, honey?” You asked, even though you knew you’d only receive the answer you dreaded so much.
He glances at the digital clock on the wall, only realising that it’s been 6 hours since you last came in to check on him. He scratches the back of his neck as he shook his head and mentally cursed himself. “I—”
He considered lying, but he already felt as bad for leaving you to sleep alone the whole night and breaking his promise on joining you in bed. And knowing you, you’d probably see right through his lies anyway.
You sigh, shaking your head and disappointedly rubbing your face. “For fucks sake, Andy-” You turned away before you could allow yourself to get even more pissed at him. Which most probably would’ve been impossible.
Caffeine. God— caffeine sounds fucking amazing right now.
Andy’s beyond guilty. So much more than what he felt yesterday. And his heart burns when he sees you so disappointed and pissed at him. The kind of pain where it feels like it’s being crushed and squashed.
He didn’t even realise that he went a whole night of work without sleep. Nor did he realise the time. Or that he forgot to keep his promise to join you in bed. Or the fact that he never paid attention to you for more than 5 minutes in the last 10 hours. Or that he didn’t join you for dinner. Or— okay, the list is long alright. And Andy knows he’s hurt you- the one person who’s patient enough to deal with him and the one person he loves above anything else in the goddamn world.
He ditched his laptop and stood up. Stretching his legs and working out the kinks in his muscles.
Andy trailed behind your footsteps, leaving his study for the first time in almost a day. It really took you to be angry at him just to get him out of the study. Andy knows his sorry isn’t enough. And you truly deserved every right to be pissed at him.
You were sorting your morning tea out when he came into the kitchen. Andy couldn’t help but smile fondly at you- or rather, your back really. For goodness sake, Andy’s head over heels in love with you. With every inch of you from head to toe. It is truly indescribable.
He steps up behind you, arms wrapping around your shoulders, and his chin resting on the tiny area joining your shoulder and your neck.
“Hi, baby,” He pressed a soft kiss on where his chin was before.
He wasn’t surprised that you stayed silent and continued doing your own thing. He knows damn well he deserves the silent treatment, alright.
“Honey,” He trails off as his thumbs rubbed circles on both sides of your shoulder. “Talk to me please, baby.”
You let out a heavy sigh, unwilling to turn and look at him, but you knew stirring tea wasn’t enough to occupy the next 3 minutes of your life, let alone the next few hours.
Andy turns you around by your shoulders, one hand shifting your mug to the side so he doesn’t accidentally mess up more and end up spilling hot tea all over you. He picks you up by your sides and sets you down softly on the counter.
His head was around your chest level now. As much as Andy wanted to bury his head in your chest and stay there forever, he knows he has to say something because you definitely won’t say it first. He takes your hands in his, bringing it up to his lips and kissing your knuckles, his pretty blue eyes staring up at you the whole time.
One look and you know he’s sorry. His watery eyes bring you to that conclusion.
“I’m sorry, honey.” He sighs, guiltily holding your palm up to the side of his face. “I know I hurt you. I was just so focused on the case that I didn’t even realise I hurt you, baby. You deserve all the right to be mad at me and ignore me and- fuck. I really messed up, Y/n.”
Andy shakes his head, “I just thought that if I wrapped up all my work, I’d have more time with you.” He chuckles humourlessly. “I know what I did was wrong, baby. You gave me more than enough chances yesterday but I messed up every one and I left you.”
He glances into your eyes desperately, his hand gripping onto your palm on his cheek tightly. You know it’s a silent plea for you to respond and do that thing he loves about your touch.
You find yourself surrendering to his silent plea, and your thumb brushed the side of his face. Soft and repeatedly. The comfort it brought Andy was beyond words. He leaned into your palm, seeking more of your touch.
“You’ve been nothing but understanding and caring and I just kept on taking advantage of that.” Andy was grateful he had someone as amazing as you. “ I’m so sorry I hurt you, honey. I know I j- just completely left you alone— and shit, you don’t deserve that, my love.” The crack in his voice broke your resolve.
You breathed deeply, bringing your other palm up to the other side of his face. “Baby, you really don’t get it, do you?” You paused, searching his eyes before realising that Andy didn’t truly understand why you were upset in the first place. “Andy, everytime I came up to check on you— that was for you. I wanted you to get some rest, honey. You looked exhausted every single time I came in, and I hated that you just ignored your own health.”
“You skipped dinner, bub.” Your hands shifts down to the back of his neck, pulling him in closer. “All this overworking and sleepless nights— I just wish you’d take care of yourself more, Andy.”
Andy sighs, hands shifting down to your hips and he leans in, burying his head in the middle of your chest.
You felt his lips moving against your his shirt as he murmured. “I know, ‘m sorry.” Andy inhaled deeply, your natural, comforting scent piercing through his nose. “I missed you, bubba,”
You run a hand through his hair. “I missed you too, love.” You lean down and kissed the top of his head. “You wanna go wash up or get some rest while I heat up yesterday’s dinner?”
“Wanna stay just like this.” He mumbled into the fabric of your his shirt.
You laughed heartily, “Go nap on the couch, Barbie.” He pulls away from your chest. “Or at least, please go brush your teeth. I’ll fix up somethin’ for you.”
“And sleep with me after?” He arched a brow, and you took the time to scan over Andy’s face. He looks so fucking exhausted. The dark circles under his eyes and the barely noticeable strands of gray hair among the luscious black is a simple message that he was stressed. And god, you wanted nothing more than to take care of him and make sure he’s all healthy and— lord.
“Anything you want, baby. As long as you don’t step foot in the study till tomorrow afternoon.” You pressed your forehead against his, lips touching into an easy kiss.
You were both exhausted— Andy with his lack of sleep and you having to worry over him almost every 45 minutes. You both needed the rest. And some time together where it’s just the two of you and no one else exists.
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kanataka-san · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
"tony you wont be able to lift the hammer even with your suit."
*try to lift it anyway not success *
"told you."
"ok mr. Smarty Pants, you try to lift it."
"thanks but no, unlike you i do the work i have myself so- later."
"gusy stop trying to lift mjolnir you will hurt yourself sooner or later. Now we have a city to save."
"we will stop if you try one time."
"are you serious Clint? We have people to save and all of you - wait Steve, Nat and Bruce are gone- never mind.- we got to go NOW.
"(Y/N)-" *Clint, Tony and Sam spoke together. *
*pull out his hand, hammer goes right into his open palm*
"now drop it"
*hands it to confused but smiling god of Thunder and walks away* 
"i know you were worthy"
*Thor shouts loudly*
It came out shitty🤷🏼‍♀️
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icesnaps · 27 days ago
Avengers with a YamiKawaii model male reader
Warnings?: none
Requested?: nope
Spell checked?: nope
A/n: first of I’m gunna say my friend @yandereseptilper just started writing their own fiction so please check them out! They are knew to the whole thing so keep any requests as tame as you can!!! Secondly I’ve not been in a good place of late, abs haven’t found motivation to write, I ended up forcing myself to write this, hope you can’t tell!
Information for reading: YamiKawaii is a type of fashion that mixes themes of cuteness with themes of sickness, and it’s my personal fashion taste! Note that YamiKawaii isn’t just fashion but I’m going to stick to fashion and the main values of YamiKawaii only for this!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~•at first the avengers only saw you wile on missions or at meetings to discuss said missions
•as such they only saw you in a standards boring old Shield uniform, or your hero outfit, which was built to suit your power and stealth, being high tech and printed shades of black and grey, much to your disappointment
•but sooner or later Steve and Tony are able to convince both fury and you that you do enough work with them, and are close enough friends with them to be considered friends (ignoring any crushes that may be brewing that is) and as such should become a member and move on with them
• so you moved in with the avengers a week later!
•you set up your room by yourself, and when you went to eat with the avengers that night you wore a simple shield issue hoodie and joggers for comfort
•during the meal you mentioned that you had to get up early in the morning tomorrow to do your second job, the one you do when your not a shield agent
• “what do you do (y/n)?” Steve asked with a smile as he started picking at his salad “oh! I’m a model!” You couldn’t help but smile wile saying it, you loved your job after all
•it checked out with the team, in their opinion you did look like a model “I mean with a body like that of course your a model!” Tony chuckled with a wink added on at the end to get his message across
•he got a elbow in the ribs from nat after that “what agency do you work for? I would love to see your work” she hummed kindly “ I work for Byōkidakedo kirei magazine”
• none of them could speak Japanese, so they didn’t know that Byōkidakedo kirei meant ‘I’m sick but pretty’
•in the end they decided it would be cool to see your work, so when you were at work that next day, Tony went out and bought a bunch of Byōkidakedo kirei magazines
•they passed them around and looked for you, skimming the other models until their eyes landed on you
•wearing a black bunny hoodie with a pink needle graphic on front, matching with your pink jeans, that had black stains all over, your wore a chocker with a blood drop charm, in your hand was a bright pink gas mask with cute jewels on it, your eyes were red and irritated at the corner, and your cheeks seemed pale
•they didn’t expect this to be the kind oh fashion you did, but they weren’t really disappointed at all! In fact they loved it! Well for the most part
•Tony never seen this kinda fashion before!
•it made sense though, the Japanese influences were clear to see, very different to American fashion he was used to
• he finds the fashion interesting and really cool!
•he knows that it’s not meant to make fun of mental illness and illness, in-fact it seems that you bring attention to it with your modelling
•and he finds out that YamiKawaii isn’t all about mental health and illness despite that being the main points of it
•he gets you to wear it more around the tower and in public, he might even try to sneak elements of YamiKawaii into your hero outfit-
•whenever he’s shopping or out and he sees something related to medicine, syringes, death or just something cute in a morbid way he will buy it for you on the spot!
•expect to get a few very limited edition clothes and alike
•he will actually start wearing little bits of YamiKawaii himself, though only small, he might cover up his eye bags less to get the sick look, and he wears a cute syringe with pink liquid pin you got him
•he gets you in contact with much bigger modelling companies, and helps you grow your social status, a very important thing for a model of any genre, even more so such a niche one as YamiKawaii
•expect Tony to be front row at all if your live fashion shows from now on!
•after he will take you out for a ‘friendly’ and flirty dinner as a congrats for a job well done
• Clint is in complete and total awe!!!
•like... since when could anyone be that cute?
•he ends up subscribing to your magazine company, just so he can get photos of you as soon as they come out! He thinks it’s creepy at first but you insure him it’s normal
•he’s hella supportive, in the very fatherly way, he always tells you that your doing what makes you happy, so your doing the right thing!
•he would also support you if you wanted to quit the avengers to model full time
•Clint likes when you wear more formal looking YamiKawaii outfits, think pastel suits with black skull pins and virus patterns detailing, it makes you look so proper
•he also likes the more revealing outfits, you can guess why
• finds them super hot
• that all being said he doesn’t like the eye Blush makeup you often do with all your looks
•he full understands the make up is meant to make you look ill, drained and sickly... and that’s why he doesn’t like it!!!
•he hates the idea of you being ill, even if much of YamiKawaii fashion is inspired by illness... lord help if you get a cold-
• on a happier note... his daughter will see one of your photos and go “he’s so handsome!!!”
• Clint just ends up saying “agreed~” and then he introduced her to you and you get her into a little bit of YamiKawaii
•he has a room at his home styled for you if you ever want to come over for a night
•he invited you a few times!
•Natasha is used to dark colours, she wears mostly black after all, and no one in the team wears pastels... well until you that is
•so Nat is kinda like... why is it so colourful... yet the inspirations of illness is so dark?
•after she gets over the fact she feels like she looked into the sun after years trapped in the basement-
•she really loves it!!! And will actually maybe adopt a few little bits of YamiKawaii into her fashion
•but nothing more then a necklace or a lazy t-shirt, and all in darker colours then the common pastels you wear
•anyone who gets on your case about your Choice in clothes is getting a death glare
•and they will get a death threat if the reason they get on your case is your gender, she hated when people say guys shouldn’t wear such ‘girly’ or colourful clothes
•Wanda sees your model shoots and is so overjoyed-
•she finds your style so cute and unique, she hasn’t seen anything like it before! And she loved that about it!!!
•she will 100% buy herself a few bits and pieces to wear, if not borrow a few items from you
•you would find yourself going out with her wile both of you are in YamiKawaii
•she’s very curious as to how you got into YamiKawaii
•she would ask stuff like when did you find out about YamiKawaii? How did you find out about it? who was your biggest inspiration? And so on!
•she tends to come to your live shows with Tony Just to watch you work close up and in real time, a lot different to looking at all your photos
•and to say she in impressed is one hell of a understatement!
•she gob snacked... like she didn’t expect you to come down the stage so powerfully with this aura of confidence
•she ends up asking you to teach her how to do the model walk... and then she randomly dose it around the tower much to everyone’s amusement
•she also finds it funny that you accidentally do the model walk wile on missions-
•she understands it’s muscle memory and all, but still-
•like you knocked out a hydra agent that had been causing the team trouble... and then just... model walk away!
•she can’t help but laugh when she sees it, it almost makes her unable to pay attention to her powers when it happens
•Pietro loves your taste in clothes
•he had seen it once or twice before when he took a quick run to the fashion district in Tokyo
•though he had never seen a male model of it until you, and he finds you adorable!!!
•that being said...
•he would never wear YamiKawaii, it’s just not his style in the slightest!
•that being said...
•if you beg enough he will let you and only you see him in one of your YamiKawaii outfits... only if you give him a kiss in return
•you can decide if that’s a negative
•he will take you to Tokyo to buy clothes at proper YamiKawaii shops!
• he would claim you owe him big time for it, but in reality he just wants to see you smile and you don’t actually owe him anything
•but if you ask what you owe he will just say “a kiss” if you actually Kiss him he’s flustered as hell for the rest of the day
•he’s doing laps to calm down
•Bruce’s reaction isn’t really much of anything
•the most unfazed by it
• he gives you a good about of compliments
•will pick up a copy of a magazine your in if he sees it in the shop
•still hella supportive!!!
•now onto the one person who have a... less then impressed reaction
•that would be Steve, he finds the whole YamiKawaii thing a bit childish
•with all the cutesy bright colours
•and contradictory, like he doesn’t get why you would pair topics so loaded as mental illness, illness, death and more with such a overly cute style
•he doesn’t get that the fact they contradict is half the point of it!
•he asks you to wear it less and says that that fashion isn’t for men... to which the whole team gave him a death glare
• you end up being the one to show him a lot about what is now allowed
•it takes him a bit... but he sooner or later comes to not hate YamiKawaii
•he doesn’t really like it, even if he’s learned about it, it’s just not his kinda thing in the slightest
•that being said he dose complement you and let you wear it whenever you want
•he dose find it kinda cute on you
•Bucky on the other hand loved your choice in clothing a whole hell of a lot, he wasn’t as stuck in his time as Steve so it made a bit of sense
•he would shower you in compliments whenever he could, and I mean whenever
•he wouldn’t actively go out and try to find YamiKawaii for himself to wear, but if you gift him something he won’t hesitate to wear what ever it is
•he likes your model persona, he finds it kinda funny how you can go from your usual self to a walking doll with enough confidante to scare some people
•he also kinda likes when you slip into the persona by accident and just take control... then realise Half way through that you are In your persona and then get flustered
•Thor thinks your cute!
•that’s all I really got for him
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captainfanfuck · 28 days ago
I know Steve has made some amazing progress, adapting to the 21st century and getting on board with their culture and beliefs, buuuuuut, how about a Steve Rogers who seems cool and with it, until he has sex with you once and is now trying to get you to move in with him and quit your job so you have more time to plan the wedding. Things were a little rushed, but Steve intends to take full responsibility over your sudden union. 
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