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anna-hawk · an hour ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Punisher (TV 2017) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Frank Castle/Reader, Frank Castle/You, Frank Castle/Original Female Character(s) Characters: Frank Castle, Reader, You, Original Female Character(s) Additional Tags: Originally Posted on Tumblr, Slice of Life, Established Relationship Series: Part 15 of Always time for coffee Summary:
Frank sprained his wrist and needs help with his beard.
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perevision · 2 hours ago
Wow, people really liked Sad Senior Setters, thank you! I have drawn a follow up, it’s just waiting to be scanned and put together properly (after my deadlines hahaha)
Thanks again for the likes and reblogs! Please check out the free BokuAka zine DEVOTION which is up till May 5 - it’s full of wonderful art, comics and fic from devoted BokuAka creators!
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dracobellatorregina · 4 hours ago
"The difference between a winner and a loser is in what they do after a failure."
- dracobellatorregina
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dracobellatorregina · 4 hours ago
"A curse and a blessing are often the same thing."
- dracobellatorregina
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dracobellatorregina · 4 hours ago
"Live like a king but know how to thrive like a peasant."
- dracobellatorregina
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shatterflowerdemon · 5 hours ago
You can find this here:
Warnings: Cursing. Slight name calling. Mentions of dead/absent parent.
Characters: Gaster. Riverperson. GN Reader
"See what happened was-"
"Your biological mother promised me her firstborn, but then got a witch to cast a notice me not until your eighteenth birthday. So I couldn't find you. But now I have."
"I'm a witch who she ALSO promised her firstborn. She got my ugly ass sister to cast the curse and then didn't say shit. So I cursed her for not paying up. That's why she's so discontent with her life, if she isn't dead already."
"She's very dead," the demon pipes up.
"I think I need a moment." You slide the backdoor open, crossing over to your cooler and grabbing a cold low alcohol margarita mix.
"I know you have your own father already. Just think of me like an uncle, or something!"
You look up at the goopy monster hanging upside from the roof of my porch. "Right okay. Uncle goop." He chuckles.
"You remind me of my youngest, a bit, but my eldest too. I'd think you'd get along."
You picture it, two other gooplike creatures with flat, round faces and goofy looking eyes. "You have children?"
"Oh yes. They're quite older than you in literal years, but close enough developmentally."
The robed figure silently enters, robes swishing around them. No feet in sight. They sit down across from you. Uncle goop rightens himself, plopping down with the noise you'd imagine jello does on wet cement.
"How you doin?" The witch asks "Call me riverperson. I ain't ya mama, no offense. More like an aunty kinda situation. Don't call me uncle."
"None taken. Im a bit old for new parents."
"Very true," gaster pipes in, "think of us like your..friendly neighborhood supernatural monsters!"
"Right. Okay," you agree, "what do you want with me?"
"Why! To teach you, of course. And marry you to one of my sons. Perhaps both?"
You spit out your margarita mix on reflex. Damnit! You liked that flavor. Riverperson snorts. "At least your sons are likeable. Good luck getting the short one to do shit, though."
"What the fuck?!" You exclaim. Goop shrugs, black mass giggling along, minus the bit that ripples on the ground.
"They've never been interested in anyone long term, especially Sans. My original plan was to have you as an apprentice of sorts, and make the introduction to see what happens when you reached a good age. We'd have traveled. My boys are so busy these days. They have no time for my antics."
"Sans does various jobs and is in a comitted relationship to any surface he can nap on."
Goop chuckles, flicking a dark look to riverperson. "You don't know my son very well."
"Okay! If this fucked up family thing is going to work, we're not doing this passive aggressive bullshit. Leave that shit outside." To stress the point, you walk inside, slamming the sliding door as you do so. It's a wonder of a stress relief that doesn't involve laughing so hard you lose your voice.
What the fuck have you been roped into?
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vanoss-luigi · 6 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Banana Bus Squad Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Evan Fong & Jonathan | H2ODelirious, Evan Fong & Brian Hanby, Brock Barrus & Evan Fong Characters: Evan Fong, Jonathan | H2ODelirious, Brian Hanby, Brock Barrus Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Friendship, Horror, Haunted Houses, Haunting, Fear, Fluff, Comfort, Holding Hands, Minor Evan Fong/Jonathan | H2ODelirious, One Shot Summary:
Brian wants to go into a creepy haunted place, so Evan and his friends humor him.
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infinityactual · 7 hours ago
I have....Plans(tm) for Pride this year......
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Trans sword trial cut to see how difficult is is to do pride flags, since it's just stripes. Answer is, not very!
I may not be able to do lesbian or aro pride in holo, since they have different shades of the same color and holo/iridescent colors are somewhat limited in shade :/ But I'll keep an eye out.
Trans sword up for 20usd.
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jobrookekarev · 9 hours ago
Interruptions Be Damned
Chapter: 1 of 5ish, but probably more?
Words: 3254
Summary: All the times Alex and Jo got caught having sex and the one time they didn’t. Or Jo and Alex are very horny at the hospital, much to the dismay of their co-workers.
Chapter Summary: Meredith interrupts their time together in the conference room and demands that Alex scrub in on a surgery with her.
Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy
Relationship: Alex Karev/Jo Wilson.
Characters: Jo Wilson, Alex Karev, Meredith Grey.
Rating: Explicit.  
Additional Tags: Not for the Kids! Lemons, Sexy Times, Conference Room Sex, (More tags to be added) 
Read at AO3
Read at FFN
Jo smoothed over the blouse and skirt she was wearing as she watched everybody filter out of the conference room. Jo had worn the skirt and a blouse because she and Meredith were giving a presentation for their mini liver research that was now in trial phases. She had seen Alex's eyes on her that morning as she got dressed and the way he followed her around the loft. His eager hand grabbed at the edge of her skirt before she pushed him away, with a promise of letting him have her later. 
However, Jo hadn't worn the skirt just because of the presentation. Koracick was doing the rehiring interviews from the Pac North merger today. Alex had been dreading it as it meant his role as chief came to an end so Jo thought she'd cheer him up afterwards. 
“Hello, Dr. Karev,” Koracick easily smiled at her as he passed.
She didn't know why Tom liked her when he disliked so many of her colleagues, but he was kind to her so she easily smiled back. She slipped into the conference room and Alex was thankfully alone. Jo shut the door behind her but lingered by the door looking over at him.
“Hey,” Jo said softly as she tilted her head and scrunched up her eyebrows as she looked at him.
Her simple hello caught his attention from where he was staring at the wall deep in thought. He looked over at her and let out a sigh before his eyes softened.
Alex gave her a small smile before he reached out for her. “Come here.”
Jo didn't hesitate to walk over and sit in Alex's lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he pressed his forehead against hers and leaned in for a quick kiss. 
“So how did it go?”
“Well I get to be the co-head of pediatrics with Hayes, and Bailey offered to let me take over for her as chief on days when she needs a break or a vacation.”
“That's good,” Jo said, tilting her head but still noticing the sadness in his eyes.
“Yeah, I’ll get to see you more often too, that’s good,” Alex said, with a nod and a small smile. 
“But?” Jo said, noting the sad look still on his face and how his smile quickly disappeared. 
“But I'll miss it. I really felt like I was doing something important over at Pac North. I was making things better, making a real change, and coming back to Grey-Sloan ends all that and I just feel like a failure.”
Jo sat up and shifted so she was straddling his lap and held his face so he would look at her. “You are not a failure. It's not your fault that Catherine Fox bought the hospital and shut it down. It was just a weird fight between her and Webber. It does not reflect on you. You didn't fail, Alex. You took that hospital from being ranked last in the county and you turned it into a real place of medicine where people could go and receive quality treatment that you provided. You handled crisis, after crisis and I have never been more proud of you.”
As she spoke, Alex's frown disappeared and he began to smile as he looked at her, before he leaned in and properly kissed her again.
“Thank you,” Alex whispered against her lips before kissing her again.
Jo just smiled into their kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. It didn't take long for things to get heated and Alex’s hands trailed up the inside of her skirt. 
“No panties,” Alex asked, pulling back with a smirk as he moved his hands to her inner thighs.
“I thought you could use a little pick-me-up,” Jo smirked back as she moved her hips against him creating friction between them.
Alex hummed as he leaned in to kiss her again. “You always know how to cheer a guy up.”
Jo giggled as she sat up to give him more access as her own fingers trailed down his chest. His hands moved back to her hips and pulled her forward. It was a bit of an awkward position in the chair, but neither of them moved. She smiled against him, feeling his erection pressed through his pants and up against her bare slit. She knew she was probably getting the front of his pants wet, but he didn’t seem to care. She made quick work of opening his shirt just to feel his bare skin under her palms for a moment before her fingers trail down to his pants 
Jo moved her head back to undo his zipper and pull his cock out of his boxers. She trailed her fingers up his length and gave his cock a few pumps with her hands before she moved her hips over him. She held the head of his cock and moved it between her slit, collecting her wetness over the head before she lined him up with the entrance to her pussy. 
Alex was a mess under her, moaning and groaning as if he was about to cum. He was completely at her mercy as she slowly sank down onto him. Then it was her turn to moan. As soon as he was completely inside her and their hips were flush against each other, Jo took a moment to enjoy the fullness of him inside her. She felt him all the way up against her cervix. She felt so wonderfully full of Alex as she threw her head back and let out a small moan despite the fact that they were in the middle of the hospital.
Alex pulled her back in for a kiss and rolled his hips up to gain some friction between them despite her weight on top of him. Jo smiled as she rolled her hips before slowly moving up. She started out slowly going up and down on top of him. Alex withered underneath her completely lost in the pleasure she gave him. Jo loved knowing that he was completely at her mercy even though his fingertips dug into her hips and he could easily pull her back down and bounce her on his lap. She decided to have a little fun with him and slowly went up and then down, keeping the slow pace for a little while longer.
“Oh dear God Jo,” Alex whispered before he let out a whimper as she went back down, taking him fully inside her
She felt their hips meet again and sat back to look at him. Jo took in the sight of her husband, so worked up even though she was barely moving on top of him. 
“You like that Alex?” Jo asked already knowing the answer as Alex only moaned before she started to bounce. It was only for a few seconds before she stopped and sat in his lap. 
The entire time his eyes have closed, but they flew open when she stopped bouncing. She giggled and gave another roll of her hips as Alex stared at her lips and gave a low groan. There wasn’t much pleasure in it for her, but the way he moaned made her want to keep it up until he cums inside of her. She put her hands back on his neck and pulled him in to kiss her as she slowly went up and down again. 
Just as she was about to go back up, the door to the conference room opened and Meredith walked in. They both froze and stared, wide eyed as they watched her slam the door behind her.
“Alex, thank God you're back, Hayes is absolutely crazy.” Meredith started off as she waved her hands around and continued ranting about Hayes, completely oblivious to their position and how he was buried inside of her. 
“Now's not really a good time Mer,” Jo said, she could still feel him twitch inside of her as Alex hid his head in her shoulder.
“I need you to steal this case and scrub in with me,” Meredith continued as she paced, completely ignoring her. “I can’t listen to Hayes being all smug and going on about how his approach is the right one.” 
Jo knew that there was nothing she could say to make Meredith go away. Although she hadn't interrupted their intimacy in a long time, Meredith would still crawl in their bed in the middle of the night. These days Meredith didn't kick her out and would occasionally continue to complain to Jo when Alex fell asleep or was unavailable. Over the years she had come to accept Meredith and Alex’s codependent friendship as they now included her, but there were times when she put her foot down.
Jo pulled Alex's head back from where he was hiding in her and leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Make her go away, or I won’t let you cum.”
“Okay Mer, I'll do whatever you want to give us a minute,” Alex said, still digging his fingers into Jo’s hips and trying to hold back.
“Look Alex, you can be all sad and mopey and have Jo comfort you later. I need you right now,” Meredith insisted, pausing from where she was pacing back and forth. 
They had been walked in on by Meredith enough times that Jo could sit there for as long as she needed to. She sighed and involuntarily squeezed her cunt around Alex’s cock. He twitched inside of her before he groaned and closed his eyes. 
“Mere please,” Alex begged and Jo squeezed Alex again, just to tease him. 
“No, I need you Alex. You're supposed to be my person and you said I couldn't just pop over whenever I wanted to at home, but this is my hospital and I need to steal you back just for a few hours.”
“Fine by me, I think my legs are cramping up anyway,” Jo said, her knees are aching from their position and she shifted in his lap. 
Alex looked over at her and Jo just raised her eyebrows and squeezed him again, giving him a little incentive. She moved her hips back to pull him out just a few inches but Alex grabbed her hips and pulled her back down. 
“Mar get out now!”
Meredith paused as she finally looked between the two of them. Jo knew that her position on Alex’s lap, with their hips flush against each other and her skirt riding up, were all clear evidence of their intimate activities. To be honest, she was surprised that Meredith didn't figure it out sooner. Especially with the way Alex had been withering in her lap. Meredith finally caught on and smirked before she laughed. 
“Okay, Karev,” Meredith said, clearly addressing Jo. “Just be done before 4. I want Alex to meet the patient and go over the case with me before surgery.”
“Oh I'm sure he’ll be done by then,” Jo said, smirking at Alex before she squeezed him again and Alex turned a lovely shade of red as he buried his head in her shoulder again. 
They exchanged a look before they both laughed. Meredith turned to leave and was sure to lock the door behind her. The second she slammed the door shut, Jo rolled her hips again, but Alex had other plans. He picked her up and set her on the conference table. 
“I love it when you tease me, but I really need to cum inside of you,” Alex said, absolutely desperate for her as he thrust back into her. 
“Okay,” Jo quickly agreed with a nod as his hands pushed her skirt up and Jo kicked off her heels.
She put her feet on the table as well and sat back, holding herself up with her hands. As they settled on the table, he leaned in and kissed her. Alex hadn't left her for a second and he put one hand on the table and the other around her waist pulling her into him. Jo knew that she was absolutely about to be wrecked as Alex quickly slammed into her. He thrust deep inside of her, hitting her cervix as Jo held back a cry.
She quickly recaptured his lips again as they both moaned into each other’s mouths. Alex set a quick pace, drumming in and out of her, going as fast as he could. His pace sent her wild, as nothing felt better than having Alex thrust in and out of her, rubbing right up against her G-spot and hitting her cervix every time. Every time he did this to her, she went out of her mind with pleasure and she easily got just as worked up as he was. They both chased their release and Alex moved his hands from holding her back to reach in between them to rub her clit. 
Before she could get lost in her own pleasure, Jo gave Alex a singling to roll over and switch their positions. She wanted to be on top as she wanted to do the work and make Alex feel good. They easily rolled over and Alex laid back on the conference table as Jo sat on top of him. She put her hands on his chest as she started to bounce and smiled as she watched him throw his head back and arch up into her.
He seemed to get lost in her movements for a moment before his fingers resumed their circles on her clit. Jo moaned and faltered in her movements before she started back up again. Alex smiled up at her, it was a little lazy and soft as she easily smiled back and leaned down to kiss him. It didn't take long for the familiar coil of her orgasm to tighten up inside of her. She didn't know how Alex had held off for this long. He usually held out for her, but she wanted him to go first for a change so she squeezed him again. 
“You going to cum for me?” Jo asked as she reached up with one hand to hold his cheek and ran her fingers over the little hairs of his goatee and short beard.
All Alex could do was moan as his hand faltered for a second. She knew it wouldn’t be long before Alex was coming and increased her pace and squeezed him hard with an extra roll of her hips.
“I'm coming,” Alex cried out and pulled her in as they crashed their lips together as he kissed her.
His hand stilled as he came and she paused as she sunk down, but continued to clench around him. She could feel him twitch inside of her as he continued to moan and groaning against her lips. She worked him through it until he relaxed and pulled back. 
They took a second to breathe after he came. Alex stared at her and had a lazy smile across his lips. Jo lifted off of him as he went soft inside her and despite how she was still worked up she laid down next to him. The table was hard and uncomfortable, but she curled up against him and laid her head on his chest. She clenched up and pressed her legs together, trying to keep his cum inside of her, lest they have a huge mess to clean up. 
Alex of course never left her unsatisfied and rolled over to kiss her before his lips trailed down her neck. His fingers moved up her leg as she parted her knees and he dipped his fingers in between her folds. He thrust in and out with three fingers. It was enough to fill her, and he made sure to rub her g-spot. He also moved his other hand to rub her clit and really satisfy her.
With his talented fingers on her clit Jo was coming faster than she imagined. Jo let out a cry of his name that he quickly quieted with his lips against hers. Her legs shook and her back arched as she pushed her hips into his hands. Her orgasm was over too quickly and Jo lied back as her legs dangled off the table. Alex rested his head against her shoulder and pulled his fingers away from her sensitive clit and pulsating pussy.
They both caught their breath and stared up at the ceiling of the conference room. Usually, they would cuddle up against each other, but sometimes they would just lay there in the soft afterglow as they came back down. Eventually, they both move to sit up and get off of the hard table. Alex tucked himself away although he’s still soaked in their fluids and she can feel it on her thighs. 
Jo looked around for anything to help clean up their mess. There was coffee and snacks set up on the other table along with napkins and hand sanitizer. It wasn’t soap and water, but it was the best they had. Alex was slow to get up so Jo moved to stand but her legs were still shaky. He wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her back to sit on the table as he got up instead. He handed her a few napkins to wipe herself off as he tucked himself back into his pants and cleaned off his hands. Her legs finally took her weight after she cleaned herself up and she pulled down her skirt from where it was bunched up at her waist. He squirted a generous amount of hand sanitizer on the table and Jo helped him wipe it down. 
Once the cleanup was done and everything had been thoroughly sanitized, Jo looked back to where Alex was standing and staring at her. 
“Did that make you feel better?” Jo asked as she smiled back at him. 
“I love you,” Alex said, letting out a breath as he smiled wider.
It wasn't a real reply, but Jo loved it all the same. Especially the way Alex looked at her with that smile. He looked so happy and he smiled in the way he did after a long day at work. It was a happy, yet tired smile that was a little lopsided, yet full of love and adoration. He usually reserved that smile just for her and it made her heart flutter in her chest.
“I love you too,” Jo said, going over to give him a quick kiss before she pulled back and smacked his ass. “Now go help Meredith with her surgery so she doesn't interrupt us again tonight.”
“Again tonight?” Alex said with a smirk. 
He pulled her back in and kissed her again as he trailed his fingers down her sides. Jo knew him and she knew that if she let him, Alex would get her worked up again for round two. However, neither of them have time for that and Meredith would certainly interrupt them again and she wouldn't let them finish.
“If you wait till tonight, I’ll wear something nice for you,” Jo said with a smirk as she put a hand on his chest and took a step back. 
“Did I ever tell you that you are a very good wife,” Alex said, reaching for her again.
Jo just shook her head and turned around to open the door. Yet, she turned to glance back at him, his eyes were glued to her ass and she swayed her hips as she walked away. 
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loonelybird · 11 hours ago
Will you draw Hashimada again? <3
Certainly I will, I have some ideas. But when ? No idea for this...
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captainkimlip · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
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volpinarena · 12 hours ago
Words Unspoken
Chapters - 1/?
Updates every Sunday
Chapter One
Word count - 2,782
Uploaded - 4/18/2021
Marinette flopped on her bed with a heavy sigh. The dress she had been working on for months was finally finished. And her hard work seemed to have paid off, or at least she hoped it did. 
"Marinette!" A voice squeaked, causing the girl to sit up. 
"What's wrong Tikki?" She questioned, but quickly realized what the kwami was going to say before she said it. Alya, Nino and possibly Adrien were coming over to collect her for a trip to the movies and she could hear their footsteps coming up the stairs. They couldn't see this dress, it was supposed to be for Ladybug to wear to the upcoming Hero's Day Masquerade Ball. She scrambled to her feet, rushing over to the mannequin, but of course she tripped and slammed right into it just as the hatch to her room opened up. 
As Alya and Nino poked their heads into her room, they were greeting with the sight of Marinette struggling to hold the mannequin  the dress upright.
Alya held back a snort. "Girl, why is it every time I come up here you're in some kind of mess?" She questioned, helping Marinette right the mannequin and get to her feet. 
"Don't rag on her Alya, she's lucky Adrien isn't here to see it." Nino teased, slinging his shoulder around Marinette with a grin. "Whose this for anyway dude? I didn't think you had time to go to the hero's day party because you promised to babysit Nadja's kid so she could go." 
Marinette stiffened, mind racing trying to find an answer to his question. How could she explain without revealing her identity? She opened her mouth, fumbling over her words before Alya cut her off. "Obviously it's for Ladybug!" She announced, grinning at Marinette. "Am I right? Did Ladybug really commission you to make her dress for the ball?" 
Marinette swallowed hard, barely having time to process what just happened, let alone the fact that Adrien would not be joining them. Nodding her head, Marinette finally found her words, "Yup. . .haha that's exactly what happened! Ladybug asked me to make her a dress for the ball after seeing my work at Gabriel Agreste's hat competition!", She managed to squeak out, praying that it sounded normal enough. Her two friends seemed to buy it, Nino giving her a thumbs up and Alya taking in every detail of the black dress. 
It was a knee length, black, slightly glittery, dress with red and gold frills at the bottom. Simple and sweet, something that wasn't too eye-catching but also showed regality and poise. Sitting on the dresser next to it was the mask, intricately designed with red blacks and golds, large enough to cover the majority of the upper half of one's face but not enough to fully distort the look. 
"This is gorgeous! And I thought the dress you made me was stunning!" Alya turned away from the dress, grabbing Marinette's hand and pulling her out of the room. "Come on then it looks like you could use a break. It's movie time!" She declared triumphantly, pulling her best friend and her boyfriend out the front door of the bakery.
When Marinette got home later that evening, she found her parents were gone. They left her a note explaining they went out for dinner together like they had planned earlier that day. She headed up to her room, enjoying the peace and quiet. 
The girl settled into her desk chair, beginning to sketch out a few more designs. She sat content for what seemed like hours before a knock on her balcony window was heard. Marinette glanced over, rolling her eyes as a certain leather clad cat hero grinned cheekily at her. She set her pen down and headed to the balcony, opening the window and crawling out. 
"What brings you here today, purrincess?" Chat said, amusement dancing in his eyes. 
"I live here Chat, why are you here?" She threw the question right back at him, a fierce blush on her face as he stepped closer, pressing his nose to hers. 
"To see you of course. . ." He drawled flirtatiously causing Marinette to push him back.
"Stop that." She muttered, trying to hold her ground, but it seemed impossible whenever Chat Noir was around. She practically melted in his paws anytime he came near and for the life of her she couldn't figure out why. 
Chat frowned, and moved to the edge of the balcony, leaning over it. He didn't comment on her actions, instead completely changing the subject. "The Hero's Day party, er ball? I guess? Is coming up next weekend, are you going?" 
Marinette bit her lip. Technically she was going, and the want to spill everything to her partner welled up in her throat. She couldn't.  Her story had to be kept straight with everyone, even if it was a lie. She wasn't really going to be watching Manon for Nadja, she just couldn't be Marinette and Ladybug at the same time. "No. I'm not going, I've got obligations that day I have to see to." She stated as firmly as she could, trying not to flinch as he looked back at her, his bright green eyes a softer color in the fading sun. 
"That's ok, I won't be going either, I'll be wrapped up in other things. I feel bad for letting Ladybug down, but my civilian life is a bit more hectic than I'd like. . ." He muttered, but said nothing more on the subject. "I saw that dress through your window, if you aren't going, whose it for?" 
She blinked for a moment, finally realizing what he was asking. "Oh. . .it's for Ladybug. She asked me to design her dress for the ball. . ." She tried acting as sheepish as she could, hoping it would hide her nervousness about the situation at hand. Much to her surprise, Chat didn't seem to notice anything off about her behavior. 
"It's gorgeous. I knew you were talented but I didn't know you were already at a professional level! You could be a bigger success than fa- Gabriel Agreste!" He beamed at her, motioning for her to join him at the railing. "Why don't you apply for an internship there? I heard he's got a spot open." 
The thought of being one of Gabriel Agreste's interns made her stomach churn, not only because then she'd see Adrien more regularly but because Gabriel wasn't the nicest man to his son, and that didn't seem to prove him to be a good boss. "I dunno, I'm not sure working under Mr.Agreste would suit me, his son - Adrien - isn’t treated the greatest by him and I'm not sure I could just stand back and let that happen." 
Chat's expression turned a bit dark, but quickly brightened again. He changed the subject once more, holding his hand out to Marinette. "Since we both can't go to the ball. . .why don't we dance now, together?"
Marinette hesitated for just a moment before gently taking his hand. "I guess it couldn't hurt." Her voice was soft as Chat gently pulled her against him, a grin on his face. 
The two gently swayed to the setting sun, making idle conversation here and there about various things, heavily avoiding the topic of the Hero's Day party coming up. What seemed like hours of gentle silence passed between them, that is until Chat Noir gave Marinette a twirl causing her to giggle. She pressed her hands to his chest to steady herself, looking up at the black clad hero. "It's getting late, I better head home before it's too dark." 
His voice was soft, like honey, as he spoke to her, and she found herself drawn in, whether it be from the moment they shared dancing or because she was slowly falling for this cat's charms, she didn't know.. Marinette frowned, opening her mouth to protest but no words came out because at that moment Chat was in front of her, one hand under her chin, the other wrapped around her waist. He kissed her, gentle as ever, as if he were afraid she might break. Marinette's eyes widened but she didn't fight it. Most of her didn't want to fight it, but a small part of her was screaming, yelling that her heart belonged to Adrien, and Adrien only, and yet somehow this felt. . .right in a way that she'd never felt before. 
Marinette leaned into the kiss, but it was seemingly over as quickly as it started. "I better get going." Chat mumbled, looking away and readying his baton. "I'll see you later, Marinette." 
The next day at school was agonizing for Marinette. Between Alya showing off the pictures of the dress of Ladybug she had gotten this morning when she picked Marinette up so they could walk to school together, to Adrien giving her odd looks and asking vague questions about Chat Noir of all people, she hadn't gotten a break all day. And to top it all off, she and Chat Noir had just finished taking out a particularly nasty akuma. 
She swung her yoyo, letting it clasp the akuma inside it. "Bye bye, little butterfly" she muttered as the tiny, white insect flew off. She picked up the baseball bat that had been used as her lucky charm and threw it into the air. "Miraculous Ladybug!" 
With one shout, the city was fixed, and everything was back where it belonged. Ladybug sighed in relief, turning to face her partner. "Thanks for your help, Chat, but I have to get going." She held out her fist, a friendly smile on her face. 
"Pound it!" They said in unison, before Ladybug swung off, disappearing into the Paris skyline. 
Marinette ducked behind an alleyway near their school, detransforming and feeding Tikki before heading back inside. 
Most of the class had made it back after the confusion of the attack, and things resumed normally once more. Marinette zoned out as Ms.Bustier began to teach again, her head far away, drifting off into thoughts about Chat Noir, and how gently he said her name, how much love had been laced in every syllable. Marinette. . .marinette. . ."Marinette!" 
Marinette flinched as she realized whoever was saying her name was not in her head at all. She glanced around, blushing heavily when it was Adrien she noticed, looking concerned. "Marinette, are you alright? We've been trying to talk to you for 10 minutes." 
Alya faked a cough, trying to cover up her laugh to no avail. "I told you not to worry about her, she's daydreaming about who knows what, maybe about a certain local cat hero? Hmm?" The girl teased, throwing a wink Marinette's way. 
"What are you talking about?! I don't day dream about Chat Noir!" She squeaked out, face turning cherry red. 
"Maybe not before, but certainly after last night you will be." Alya cooed, glancing at the two boys sitting in front them and then directing her gaze back to Marinette. 
"Nothing happened last time!" 
"That's not what Nino and I were told."
Marinette opened her mouth, as if to object but Adrien spoke for her. "I saw him on your balcony last night. I finished a photoshoot late and happened to pass by. I was going to have the Gorilla stop so we could get some croissants. . " he rubbed the back of his neck, looking a bit embarrassed, "Well I didn't want to interrupt you."
A few small noises came from Marinette's mouth, sounding like whimpers. What the hell had she gotten herself into? Adrien, of all people, was the last entity on earth she wanted to have seen that. The girl slammed her head into the table, letting out a groan. "Can we not talk about it? It's bad enough it happened." 
"Wait, why is it bad it happened? Dude, you kissed one of the heros of Paris! That makes you famous by default!" Nino interjected, getting a glare from Alya. He shrunk in his chair, avoiding eye contact. 
Marinette practically jumped from her seat, picking up her bag. "I gotta go, promised mom I'd help in the bakery during lunch!" She rattled off her excuse, dashing out the door. 
"Doesn't she know schools out for the day? Lunch was two hours ago. . ." Alya wondered aloud, following her best friend out the door. 
Adrien watched as the two girls left unsure of what had caused the sudden shift in mood. Sure he had told a little lie about seeing Marinette with Chat Noir, but he wanted to see if she'd elaborate on her feelings for him, ultimately his plan failed, miserably. 
The boy stood up from his chair, giving Nino a quick wave before heading out. His mind was whirling, thoughts about Marinette were stuck at the forefront. His feelings for her had manifested through Chat Noir last night, and whether that was a good thing, or a bad thing, he couldn't quite tell. He knew how he felt about her - or at least he thought he did - but what was he supposed to do about his feelings for Ladybug? Could you be in love with two people at the same time, was what he felt about Marinette even really love, or was it just his longing for Ladybug manifesting itself as feelings for the person who reminded him the most of her. Marinette was the 'everyday ladybug' of Paris, he had said so himself. 
Adrien put his hand to his head. His brain hurt, what did he know about the concept of love anyway? After his mother vanished his father showed nothing but coldness towards everyone around him, and even before then the only love Adrien himself got was from his mother, and he knew that just wasn't the same. 
He was jerked from his thoughts when the car door suddenly opened. He was home. Exiting the vehicle, Adrien practically bolted up to his room, opening up his bag and letting Plagg out. 
The black kwami grumbled, heading for the nearest stash of cheese. "What's got you in such a mood? Upset your girlfriend didn't respond well to you bringing up personal information?" Plagg teased, shoving a whole square of camembert in his mouth. 
"Shut up Plagg. What do you even know about how she feels?" Adrien made his way to the window, glancing back at his kwami, "Hell, what do you even know about love? From what I can tell you know nothing." He huffed, echoing a sentiment he had spoken a few years prior to Plagg. It seemed as if he couldn't get anything through his thick skull. 
"Whatever, kid. All I know is that if you keep going through things this way, you're going to end up hurt." 
Across town, Marinette sat on her bed, head buried in Alya's chest. Alya couldn't tell what was running through her friend's head, but she'd be there for her none-the-less. "Mari, girl, what are you upset about? I know it's rough having Adrien see what happened, but. . .have you ever considered maybe, just maybe you're, I dunno, moving on?" 
A sob wracked Marinette's body, and Alya let out a heavy sigh. "I just think that this might be a good thing, y'know. . . ?" Things fell quiet for a while, Marinette being comforted by her friends embrace. 
"I don't understand, Alya, I never in a million years thought I'd be kissing Chat Noir of all people." Alya blinked as Marinette spoke up, looking down at the girl nestled in her arms. 
She kept quiet, waiting for her to speak more. "I thought I loved Adrien, we were going to get married and have three kids and a hamster and -" she cut herself off, lifting her head up. "And it isn't going to happen, is it?" 
She looked like a wounded puppy, and it made Alya's heart break. What was she supposed to say, that they all knew it might not ever work? That Adrien didn't seem interested, even these few years later? She couldn't do that to Marinette, not with the state she seemed to be in. "I wouldn't say it won't happen, but in all honesty Marinette, you moving on from him, it's not a bad thing. I'll be here for you, whatever you choose to do, and you don't have to make up your mind right away. . . Things change, but that doesn't mean you have to change just as quickly." she gently began to rub the back of Marinette's head, the two falling into a soft silence.
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Chapter three is here, a couple emotional moments here followed by possibly the most awkward kiss scene I could have written
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Transylvanian Vacation, 2019
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Little sketch of Nadia & Portia (I think that the first time I drew Nadia 😅)
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Kingdome Come
AN: a little break before the final few chapters of Seven devils. Its not that exciting but PLEASE leave a comment if you can, i know I sound like a broken record but oh well lol. AO3   <<<Previous
Chapter 2:
The knight’s canteen was bustling with the supper rush. Just the smell of the food alone made your stomach grumble. The staff was well fed at the palace. You wormed your way through the crowds looking for your friends. You needed advice for your new job and your friends were the perfect people to ask. Zoe waved to you and you made your way over. You sighed and put your tray down, hoping your face showed exactly how you were feeling. “Long journey?” she asked. “Too long,” you replied. Zoe was the personal knight of Princess Madison. You were sure her duties went beyond just simple knight duties, but that was an unspoken rumour. “I’ve been reassigned,” you started, stopping to take a drink. “I’m babysitting the palace’s new guest.” “Well, good luck then, I’ve heard my own fair share of stories,” she replied. You sighed and shook your head, aggressively stabbing your food. “I was hoping for some advice, but instead you offer me this,” you laughed. “All I can say is stay vigilant really. You will also have to do some tasks not on the job description. I’m assuming you’ll have to sneak a lot of people in and out.” “Maybe I can request a transfer to the coast, I think it’s about time I had a change of scenery.” Zoe playfully kicked you under the table as a reply. The conversation became more casual, letting you temporarily forget about the situation you were put in. You enjoyed how casual your job had been. A stroll through the gardens and you could call it a day. The thought of actually being entrusted with protecting someone and their life scared you. This is what your training was for, but you never thought you would have to use it. What worried you the most however, was that your charge was up to something, and you really did not want to be involved in any potential coup or overthrow. You knew that a man that thought he was wronged would go to any lengths to get what he thought he was owed.
//// Your first task was accompanying the Lord to dinner. He would be dining with the whole family tonight and you were expecting something to go wrong at some point. Your task was made slightly difficult as your loyalty was with the Crown first and foremost, you were unsure of how far you were allowed to go to protect Lord Langdon. The walk to the dining room was silent, you could feel the nerves radiating off the man. As soon as you reached the door, his nerves seemed to dissipate. His head was raised higher, his expression was stony, he looked like a force to be reckoned with. The doors swung open and all chatter in the room stopped. All eyes were on him as he bowed to the King and was ushered to his seat. You followed suit and stood behind him. The King gave the signal to start serving dinner. The sound of tableware and cutlery filled the room, but still no one spoke. The King began to eat, and the rest of the table followed. Some were enjoying their soups while others were furiously gulping away at their wines. You looked and Zoe who was opposite you, hoping your eyes showed the disgust you had for the open gluttony in the room. She mirrored your expression. “So father,” the Crown Prince began to speak, “It seems that you’ve become charitable, you know bringing in stray mutts and those of the sort.” He gestured towards Michael, not sparing him a glance as he pointed his fork towards his half-brother. His wife made sure to make her giggle obvious, as if her husband were the funniest man on Earth. You watched as Michael’s knuckles went white around his cutlery, you were surprised it didn’t snap. He didn’t hesitate however, continuing on with his meal as if the comment had never been made. “You out of all people should not question me on my decisions, do not do it again,” the King replied, shutting down any further comments from the family. The room was silent again, until one of the wives chirped up (there were far too many spouses for you to keep track of, but this was prince Alister’s wife; the King really got around in his prime). “So, Lord Langdon, do you have a wife? A lover?” Michael wiped his lip, “I’m afraid not your Highness, not many have caught my eye.” “Ah now that is a shame, I’m sure I know a few suitable ladies I could introduce you too,” she smiled, attempting to seductively sip her wine. Her husband glared at her from the corner of his eye, but he was not going to start a scene at dinner. The crown prince spoke again, “Well, that’s good, I don’t think the palace is prepared to become a children’s home just yet.” “Enough Jeffrey! I will not warn you again!” the King snapped, slamming his fist on the table. The room fell silent again. Everyone had stopped mid conversation or mid bite. “Now that I seem to have your attention anyway,” the King cleared his throat, “The palace will be having a ball in two weeks. I expect you all to be there and that you all leave your grudges at the door. Am I understood?” A collective ‘Yes, Your Majesty’ echoed through the room. The rest of dinner was uneventful, the younger siblings seemed more eager to make small talk with their guest, the older siblings made some snide remarks here and there, making their stance clear on their half-brother. You watched as Alister’s wife continued to steal glances at him, making a show of licking her lips after her wine, and sucking her fingers during dessert. //// The journey back to Lord Langdon’s chambers was equally as silent. It was as if the nerves before dinner didn’t happen at all. Despite the verbal abuse from his older brother, he seemed more confident than ever, walking through the Palace halls as if he ruled them. You were relived as you reached his door. It would mean that your shift would be taken over and you could sleep. However, you would be going to bed a lot later than you thought. “I’m having a visitor tonight and I want you to keep watch,” he turned to you. You were about to protest and explain to him how a shift system worked, he shushed you by placing a finger on your lips. “This guest is important, and I trust you to not kick up a fuss when she arrives. I’m sure you wouldn’t want a bad review now, would you?” he adjusted your collar as he spoke, he was already treating you as a pawn. “Of course, my Lord, I’ll re-adjust the shift timetable for tonight,” you replied. “Good girl,” he patted your shoulder before entering his room. You didn’t enjoy the condescending nature of the conversation. You quickly spoke to the changing guard, giving him the night off until you were ready to leave your post. You had your suspicions on who exactly this visitor was. Your suspicions were confirmed a few hours later. Alister’s wife walked down the hallway, barefoot and in a sheer, white nightgown. She looked over her shoulder to ensure no one was following her before speeding up towards the door. She spotted you and shock briefly flashed across her face before she recognised your uniform as just a simple knight. “You there,” she whispered to you. She pulled you towards her with your collar, “No one is to hear about this or else I’ll have your head for treason or something of the sort. Do you understand?” she spat. You gave her a nod and proceeded to knock on the door for her. The door opened to reveal Michael in a loose white shirt, he looked artfully dishevelled, like a poet who writes by the candlelight. “Ah, Lord Michael, I hope I’m not disturbing you. I just thought we could discuss my earlier offer,” she spoke, the tone far too sickly sweet. “Please your Highness, how can one be disturbed by someone like yourself,” he replied, taking her hand, and placing a kiss on her knuckle. You rolled your eyes and were glad that they couldn’t see the look of disgust on your face. “Please, do come in, I’m sure you’re freezing out there.” With that, the door was closed, and the lock clicked shut. It was that night you learned that some people could be far too loud.
//// The sun was beginning to rise, and you were startled awake by the door opening again. The woman stumbled out of the room, seemingly unable to hold herself up. Yet the expression on her face was one of pure bliss. “I’m glad we could have this discussion your highness, I’m sure my knight over here can escort you back safely.” He lightly pushed the woman onto you, making you scramble to hold her up. This wasn’t part of your contract at all. He shut the door behind him. Not even acknowledging your presence. You grumbled before wordlessly taking the woman to her room. You weren’t expecting to do a stealth mission so early in the day, but guards and hallways had to be avoided before she was handed off to her own knight. Your shift was finally over, and you collapsed on your bed. You were determined to not see the troublesome man tomorrow, choosing instead to catch up on your sleep and complete some ‘compulsory’ paperwork.
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Week 15 was the first week I got behind but I'm caught up. I love lilies so this one is a favorite.
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