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#alpha!steve rogers
amarriageoftrueminds · 6 hours ago
speaking of stealing plots from goldie hawn movies:
Stucky Overboard Omegaverse AU
where TWS omega Bucky is washed ashore with even more amnesia, and alpha CapSteve (holed up at a cabin while hunting for TWS Bucky) pretends to be 'his' alpha in order to get the hospital to release him
omega Bucky being extremely horny on main because this is his Alpha and he definitely gets the feeling he was DTF before
and awkward gentleman Steve, Gary-Coopering his way out of Bucky's Sexy Situations because, actually, they weren't together before but oh god he wished they were
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sweetflowerdreams · 23 hours ago
Scenting Home (21)
Pairing: Alpha Steve Rogers x Omega Reader
Warnings: 18+, a/b/o dynamics, heat, fluff, nudity
Chapter summary: Steve taking care of you, after your “special time”.
Word Count: ~1,270
Author’s Note: Just a little something, nothing special.
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Tumblr media
Something damp and cool on your forehead gently woke you up. After blinking several times, you saw Steve sitting next to you. He had his typical sweet smile on his lips when he saw you slowly waking up.
You tried to turn a little towards him, but your body went on strike. You felt sore. Every muscle, especially your thighs and your core. Thus, you just stayed still on your back.
“How long did I sleep?” you mumbled sleepily with still half-closed eyes.
“Almost 24 hours.” Steve answered with a low voice, while he still wiped the sweat from your forehead with the cold and wet washcloth.
“So long?”
“You were pretty worn out after our little action and after a few hours the next wave of your heat hit you. I thought I'd let you sleep as long as it helped you.”
“Thank you”. You leaned into the touch of his hand, and he softly stroked your cheek.
“How do you feel?”
“Tired. Even though I've obviously been asleep for so long. And sore.”
Steve couldn't help smirking a little at your last word. As an alpha, it was exactly what he wanted to hear, but he knew it wouldn't make you feel any better.
But his smile soon gave way to a worried look again. You had slept for almost a day and had hardly eaten anything since your heat began. Your body had to go slowly to its reserves.
“What?” you asked him, noticing something was going on in his mind.
“You really should eat something. You haven't eaten anything properly since we got here. Even if it's just a few crackers”
“But I am not hungry.” you countered.
Steve gasped audibly . He wasn’t angry, but he didn’t know how to help you. “I know, but your body needs the energy. You can not underestimate how consuming a heat is. Drink at least a little bit of water.” His finger pointed to a bottle of water standing on the nightstand.
You sat up, reached for the bottle, and took a few generous sips. Only when the water flowed down your throat you realized how dehydrated you were.
Half the bottle was empty when your thirst was finally quenched. A relieved sigh escaped you.
“I would like to take a cold shower. I am…..dirty”
“Mhm… yes you are” Steve playfully commented with a smirk and twitching eyebrows. That was so cheeky that you poked him in his ribs with your finger.
“Ouch… stop” he responded and chuckled. It didn't really hurt, but it wasn't pleasant either. But he probably deserved that, teasing you with your choice of words.
Tumblr media
Steve accompanied you to the bathroom. You stood there a little lost. Completely exhausted and tired. He decided to help you and pushed you tenderly by your hip into the shower. Since you were both already naked, you were at least spared the undressing.
Steve held you lovingly in his arms while he turned on the cold water with one hand behind your back. You loved being snuggled against his chest. No matter if you were standing in a shower, sitting on a table with your legs spread or cozy lying in a bed.
When the first rays of cold water hit your heated body, you winced, goosebumps formed, and your nipples stiffened. It wasn’t too cold. It was perfectly right. Only the temperature difference was a bit high at the beginning. It was as if you were going into the cool sea or a lake, totally overheated on a hot summer day after hours of sunbathing.
But you got used to it quickly and now it was almost not cold enough. Nevertheless, it helped to ease and relax your heated body and your sore muscles. For the first time since your heat has started, you had the feeling that your body temperature returned to normal.
Steve’s hands wandered over your tired body, caressing your skin in every place. However, there was nothing sexual about his little full-body massage. He just wanted to be a help to you in this moment. He spent some special time massaging your neck, your shoulders, and the area around your shoulder blades, after you stretched your neck several times. You were probably a little stiff from lying down for so long.
You couldn’t deny that his strong and big hands were made for massages and mentally noted this for asking (forcing) him more often to do so.
Steve even helped you spreading shampoo on your hair and put you right back under the shower head to wash it out. While the water run down your and his bodies, he made sure you let your head hang back, so that the shampoo did run smoothly down the back of your head and not into your face.
For a while, the two of you just stood there under the cool water, your head resting again on his chest. You hoped that it was not too cold for Steve. But he had already gone through quite different things with you, like the night in the lake or waiting in the car without heating after you were hiking and completely soaked by the rain. The thought of it made you smile a little. He really only ever tried to protect and take care of you.
You glanced up into his eyes. He just looked a little clueless, while he briefly tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear before you pressed a little innocent kiss to his soft lips.
Tumblr media
After your shower you allowed Steve to change the sheets of your nest. You weren’t really happy, but it was soaked in your sweat and after you were showered you didn’t lay back into this mess.
While Steve got to work, he insisted that you at least tried to eat something. And so here you sat at the table, wrapped in a bath towel, forcing down some fruit and a few crackers.
You watched him and observed his fingers closely. It had taken you a little while to put all the pillows and blankets the way you wanted them and Steve would probably mess everything up now.
And unfortunately, that's how it was. That was certainly not his intention, but when you crawled back into your nest, you meticulously and somewhat panic-stricken rearranged everything. As long as you did that Steve was not allowed to help you, you condemned him to sit down on the couch or somewhere else and let you fix everything in peace.
This hurt Steve a little, but he knew how sensitive omegas were about their nest and just tried to let you do it.
Only when you were happy again you allowed him to join you and you couldn’t wait to snuggle against Steve’s side.
Tumblr media
“Will it always be like this?” you asked Steve out of curiosity while playing with his chest hair with your fingers.
You didn't have to mention it, Steve knew what you were talking about. “Yes” Steve did not want to lie to you, it wouldn’t become less painful, but you would be able to handle it better after some time. “But you'll figure out the best way to deal with it. What your body wants and needs. How and where you like to build your nest. What you like to eat and what you don't. Whether you prefer to be with someone or alone.”
His words were not what you wanted to hear, but they gave you hope that you would really learn to deal better with your future heats.
Tumblr media
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carelessannie · 4 days ago
Dark/Hydra Steve x Bucky - Breeding kink/ Cum denail (a/b/o)
Thank you anon for the horniest prompt I’ve gotten so far— I honestly sat up last night just thinking about this.
(I didn’t do the cum denial though... hope everything else is pretty satisfying...)
Plus, I’m really excited to write some Stucky, so thank you anon!
Warnings: general Hydra Trash Party warnings, dubcon and coercion, omegaverse, forced heat/rut, drugging, captivity, breeding and forced pregnancy, identity porn, mild violence
“The Omega’s in there."
Bucky hears the muted instruction, and tried to shrink against the wall. The cell they threw him in is small, mostly white with tall walls and chrome vents. He’s not sure how long he’s been here, how many hours or days since he was taken from his and Steve’s apartment— drugged and brought here.
He’s well versed in enduring captivity, he has to be. Three tours with the Army Rangers and a day job working for Nick Fury don’t provide him room for anything else. He’s more concerned for his mate— the sweet, beefy Alpha who is more than likely captive in a nearby room, an innocent bystander in Hydra’s nazi quest to dominate... humanity, probably. Bucky’s lost track.
Five men file into the room, and Bucky studies each of them, surprised when the last one is devastatingly familiar.
“Steve! Thank god you’re alright. Did they hurt—"
He’s kicked in the side roughly by one of the Hydra agents, throwing him violently back to the cell floor. He coughs, hacking up a wad of blood that he spits at their feet. Rude.
“Quiet, Agent Barnes, and listen. We’ve brought you the perfect Alpha, able to provide us with the vital results we need. He will stay with you until extraction."
The man speaking nods to the others, quickly backing away and out the door until it’s just Steve left standing in the cell, face drawn and conflicted.
When the door shuts, Bucky stumbles to his feet and into Steve’s arms. The Alpha scents so clinical, distressed and empty, but Bucky still burrows close and holds him tight.
“I’m so sorry Steve, I should have told you... I should never have put you in danger."
Steve strokes his hair and presses a kiss into the crown of his head, “It’s okay Buck, we’ll get through it."
They end up sitting together in a corner of the cell, wrapped in each other’s arms as Bucky fills him in, sharing details about his job and the possible rescue that could be coming for them. Steve listens and nods along, his face drawn and worried as Bucky keeps explaining, trying to comfort him.
“I know Director Fury will assume Hydra took us. They’ll probably come for us in the next 48 hours."
“What if they don’t, Buck?” Steve holds him closer, scenting under his ear, “They told me what they want extracted."
Bucky stutters, “O-oh, what... what is it?"
There’s silences as Steve ducks his head, face riddled with an array of emotion, “They want a pup."
“So... vital results is actually code for..."
“A baby, yes. They told me... if we don’t fuck by Friday, they’ll send in another Alpha to do the job."
There’s an underlying growl to Steve’s words that makes Bucky shiver, wiggling closer at the possessive display by his Alpha.
“We’re gonna be okay, Steve. Shield will come for us tomorrow or the day after, and we won’t have to think about that."
It will be fine.
They take Steve from him soon after, injecting both of them with a blue liquid before leading Steve back out the door, away from Bucky. It’s probably a day later when Steve is dumped back in his cell, thankfully unmarked and mentally sound. He feels half way to insane in this white cell— he can’t imagine how a civilian would feel.
It’s a few hours before they take him again, and both of them spend it wrapped together, finding comfort in each other’s arms. They inject the blue liquid again before leaving, taking Steve away and leaving Bucky alone.
Day three is when Bucky starts to worry. He wakes up sweaty, his stomach in knots and heart pounding— usual signs for his heat, even though it isn’t due for another month. Dammit. Not only that, but there’s been no sign of rescue, not even a hint of being saved. Bucky spends most of the day pacing the room— looking for a way out and trying to work a plan of escape.
He keeps getting distracted, thinking of the steady heat building in his gut, and curses his damn Omega biology.
It only gets worse when Steve’s thrown in with him. Bucky’s hair stands on end, crouching low as the scent of Alpha rut hits him full force. There’s no where to go, no where to run.
“Omega,” the Alpha rumbles, stalking closer and pinning Bucky up against the wall. He tries to resist his instincts, telling him to submit and roll over and show his throat. He growls in response and tries to shove the Alpha off— Steve, it’s Steve— but his wrists are easily trapped above his head, displaying the full length of his body for the Alpha to take.
His Alpha ducks down and fits his teeth over Bucky’s neck, right where they’d planned on putting a mating bite during his next heat. Fuck, “Steve, Alpha,” he whimpers, already drowning in his instincts, “I think they drugged us, Steve."
Steve nods, still holding Bucky in place, and he murmurs, “M’sorry, Buck,” against his pulse point.
Bucky pulls back, holding his Alpha’s face in his hands, “It’s okay. Not your fault. I was ready to be yours anyways."
A tear trickles out of Steve’s eye, betraying his despair and emotion. He gives Bucky a sad smile, a brief moment of humanity, before turning them and pushing Bucky to the floor.
The rough movement shocks Bucky’s instincts. Both of their scents flare, combining together into a viral, fertile mix of Alpha and Omega, perfect for each other. Bucky lands on his hands and knees, stretching his back temptingly as he feels Steve hook fingers into his waistband, ripping the cotton pants clean off his body.
“Alpha, please,” he begs, high and whiney, as Steve yanks him closer, baring his dripping, needy hole to the cool, cell air. There’s a wet slapping noise— most likely Steve touching his own dick— before a blunt pressure pushes at his rim, forcing it’s way inside.
Bucky cries out, half in shock and half in pleasure. He knew an Alpha’s rut could get violent, but he didn’t expect the abruptness, the complete lack of prep as Steve starts shoving himself in. He pulls Bucky back with a snarl, spearing the Omega open wide on his cock, before withdrawing and snapping himself back in, hips pressed flush together.
They both howl this time, Bucky’s body desperately clenching against the intrusion as his Alpha sets a relentless pace, fucking into Bucky harder and faster than they have done in the past. After having a moment to adjust, Bucky goes limp in Steve’s bruising grip— sinking into the floor and arching his back instinctively.
His smaller, Omega cock is dripping steadily onto the floor, betraying the insistent arousal of his heat. Steve’s knot is steadily expanding and teasing Bucky’s rim, so close to filling him, to blowing wide inside.
There’s an arm around his chest, pulling him up on his knees as Steve’s thrusts slow, grinding his knot against Bucky’s entrance until it slips in, locking them together. The width of it settles against Bucky’s sweet spot, pressing incessantly, as he pants in Bucky’s ear, “Come on, come for me, Omega, come on."
Bucky shudders, a sudden pain blooming in his shoulder as Steve bites down, bonding them together, and he falls over the edge. He trembles in his Alpha’s arms as they come together, their orgasms working to synch their emotions, their souls, into a sweet harmony.
They settle together on the ground, Steve curled up behind him. Bucky can feel him pumping load after load into his womb, filling him, putting a pup in his belly. He breathes deep and settles back into their bond— horrified to suddenly feel despair, agony and guilt radiating off his Alpha.
“S-steve? What’s wrong— are you okay?"
A sobbing hiccup follows, and Steve holds him tighter, whispering a litany of, “I’m sorry, Buck— I couldn’t... I’m so sorry, Omega,” into his hair.
It’s concerning. Bucky lets his Alpha hold him, trying to send reassurances through the bond as the knot goes down. He can’t imagine what has the Alpha so upset, feeling responsible, but they promised to get through this together. They will get through this together.
Almost the moment his knot deflates and they pull apart, the cell doors are opening, allowing five Hydra agents to file in. Steve jumps in front of Bucky, guarding his vulnerable mate from the agents.
“Stand down, Captain."
Steve freezes, looking between the agent and Bucky, before lowering his guard and standing to his feet. He tucks his softened cock back into his pants and stands at attention, and Bucky just stares, horrified.
“... Steve?"
They ignore him, turning to his Alpha, “Well done, Captain. You may return to your quarters."
“Alpha!” Bucky yells, trying to get Steve’s attention as the Alpha walks towards the door, eyes wide and expression devastated.
Before he leaves the room, Steve turns, suddenly, and meets Bucky’s eyes, “I didn’t have a choice.” They push him from the room before he can say any more, and Bucky can feel the deep, devastating guilt through their bond.
Bucky shakes his head. No. There’s no way his Alpha, his Stevie, could be working with Hydra.
His horror must show in his face because the agent in front of him laughs, “We thought you were better than this, Agent Barnes. But there is a reason why Captain Hydra is our greatest Asset."
They leave him there, in a puddle of their shared release, alone and undressed. And he gave them everything, told Steve everything. His mate for almost a year was just building trust, getting close, and now they have him. By the new mating bond bleeding from his neck, by the seed most likely catching in his womb, tying him to Steve with their shared pup.
He feels furious. He feels defeated. Everything in him wilts, melting in a heap of grief and anger in the same corner Steve just breaded him in, knocked him up and left him.
But most of all, he feels Steve’s guilt, strong and deep through the bond, calling to him. Begging for his forgiveness.
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holylulusworld · 5 days ago
Rumlow’s bride (1)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mobster!(Alpha) Steve Rogers x Omega!Reader
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Thor Odinson
Rating: Mature
Summary: Steve likes to mess with Rumlow, even more when he can steal you. Will he be even crueler or your savior?
Warnings: angst, language, kidnapping, a/b/o, a/b/o dynamics, scenting, mentions of arranged bonds, scared reader, Steve is scary as shit for a moment, mentions of toxic relationship, mentions of arranged marriage, implied attempted sexual assault (it gets mentioned but there is no description)
Word Count: 2,3k
Square Filled or @star-spangled-bingo​​ (SSB2021): ‘We gotta get you cleaned up’
Star Spangled Bingo 2021
Part 1/?
Tumblr media
“Sit over there and don’t you dare to run or even move,” the tall blonde kidnapping you barks. He rolls his shoulders while eying you warily. All you can do is to scramble away and cower in the corner of the room, awaiting your end or worse. “Can’t believe a girl like you would willingly let Rumlow mate you.”
“Rumlow?” mumbling the name of your soon-to-be mate, the man your uncle wants you to marry, you frown. “What does he have to do with you and your attack on me? I thought you wanted to steal my car.”
“Your car?” the man sneers, stepping closer to look down at you. His intimidating size and strong scent scare you, so you curl into a ball, whimpering in distress. “Do I look like someone who steals cars?”
“No?” you wonder.
“You’ll stay here, and I’ll make sure your fine alpha knows Steve Rogers got his sweet little omega in his clutches,” the tall alpha crouches down next to you to fist your hair. He forces you to look at him, smirking when your lips tremble and fresh tears roll down your cheeks. “Did you listen?”
“Y-yes,” you sniffle silently. “Please don’t hurt me. I won’t cause any trouble to you. I’m a good omega,” Steve nods thoughtfully at your obedient behavior, liking you try to please him. “Please.”
“Be good, sit here and wait for me to come back. Rumlow will never see you again,” he leans closer to nudge your cheek with his nose, inhaling your scent deeply.
“He won’t miss me,” whispering you hope the alpha won’t hurt you. “Please, I don’t know why you took me, but he’ll hurt me. Brock will think it’s my fault you stole me.”
“Stole you, huh?” Steve grins when you look at him with doe eyes. “Why didn’t he claim you? Your mating gland is still untouched, omega.”
“He didn’t want me,” while the alpha noses his way down your neck your body trembles. Scared you push against his chest when Steve grazes your mating gland with his teeth. Brock will not hesitate to kill you if the stranger breaks the mating gland and marks you.
“If I bite you, he’ll go rampant. I bet he’ll try to kill me if I do so,” pushing you off him Steve snarls in your direction. “Don’t think I’ll not kill you only as you are an omega. Rare or not, you will not poison me with your scent.”
“I didn’t do anything,” you cry, shaking in fear at Steve’s demeanor. “It was you kidnapping me. Why did you just take me?”
“Not another word or I’ll gag you,” the alpha threatens, and you slump into yourself. “You are nothing but a piece of shit to me. If you only blink, I’ll kill you. Got it!”
He stares daggers into your skull. Hands balled into fists the alpha waits for your reply. His chest heaves up and down and you know, he’s no one you should mess with.
“I asked you a question and expect you to answer,” he growls, nostrils flaring.
“I got it,” you whimper again. “I’ll not blink or even breathe.”
“Good. Stay there. Do not move. Shut your mouth,” he walks toward the door, growling when you start to cry. “I said shut your mouth.”
“’m sorry. I can’t stop it, alpha. I’m scared,” curling into a ball onto the cold floor your hide your head under your arms. 
“Scared,” he almost feels pity for you when your body starts to shake. Silent whimpers catch his ears, and he swallows thickly before he turns away from you. “Even better.”
Steve slams the door shut; makes you flinch at the force.
Tumblr media
“Anything from Rumlow yet?” Steve looks at his phone, frowning deeply. “Why doesn’t he reply? We got his omega.”
“I hate to break it for you, darling,” Tony sneers, looking at one of the monitors to watch you cry uncontrollably, “but Rumlow never wanted the girl. I heard rumors about a deal being made between him and her uncle. One condition was that Rumlow takes care of his niece, but that bastard was more into someone else.”
“What the actual fuck!” Bucky rams his metal fist into the wall, growling low in his throat. “I kidnapped the poor girl for nothing? Why didn’t you give us the damn information before I went out there to grab the girl?”
“I didn’t know you would go after her,” Tony huffs when Steve checks on his phone. “Anything yet from our favorite bastard?”
“He sent me a message,” growling low in his throat Steve slams the phone onto the table. “Rumlow says I can keep her. Or do him a favor and kill her. That sick bastard thinks it’s funny to toy with the girl’s life.”
“I told you he’s not going to give in anytime soon. Not for an omega,” Stark rolls his eyes when Steve gives him a dirty look. “Don’t look at me like that, boss. Not every alpha would kill or even die for an omega.”
“I would’ve killed and died for Peggy,” for a moment Steve allows himself to be weak and remember his first omega, the one Rumlow killed when he tried to blow Steve’s car. “What now? I can’t let the girl go.”
“Uh—I’d like to have a new omega. Jane and I broke up again. Give the girl to me, boss,” Thor rumbles. “I liked her scent. She’s sweet and obedient. A perfect little thing to claim and fill with pups.”
“You won’t lay a finger on that omega,” Steve is in Thor’s face seconds later. He pants heavily, even growls. “If anyone claims and knots that girl, it’s me. Keep your greedy hands to yourself.”
“Whoa, calm down, punk,” watching his friend poke his index finger into Thor’s chest Bucky smirks. “If you want that sweet omega, just tell us so. Rumlow doesn’t want her back so, have fun.”
“Steve, you shouldn’t have fun with that girl,” Tony warns. “You know, her uncle won’t be amused hearing Rumlow let you kidnap and hurt her. What if someone tells him you saved the girl and keep her safe?”
“I must say,” Steve smirks devilish, already grasping for his phone, “you don’t look like much, but you are smart, Stark. Now call her uncle and tell him his sweet niece is safe in my arms or bed. Whatever he prefers…”
Tumblr media
“Stop shaking and blow your nose,” Steve barks when you hide in the corner of the room, praying he’ll not hurt you as Brock did before. “Fuck, come here and sit on the bed.” 
“I’m good over here,” you whisper, eyes darting from Steve to the still-open door. “Will you hand me over now?” tears roll down your cheeks when Steve steps closer, holding out his hand for you to take. 
“I won’t give you back to that bastard,” the alpha huffs when you jump up to wrap your arms around his waist. You bury your face in his chest, crying uncontrollably. This time the tears are tears of joy. “He’s a bastard, don’t be sad.”
“’m not sad,” you shyly look up at Steve, giving him a cracked smile before holding tight onto the tall alpha for dear life. “Everything is better than being with Brock. He’s a monster.”
“Doll,” the alpha whispers, carefully parting you from his warm body. You whine, wanting to feel his warmth for longer. “What did he do to you? Did he hurt you?”
“He always told me that I’m only alive to keep my uncle happy,” you grasp for Steve again. This time the alpha gives in and lets you hide your face in his chest to inhale his scent. “Why do I feel calm even though you scared me?”
“What did he do to you, omega?” Steve watches you rub your cheek into his chest, moaning when you catch his scent. “Answer me.”
Your head whips upward to meet the alpha’s gaze. “He kept me locked away most of the time. Rumlow always told me he doesn’t want me. Yesterday I sneaked out and tried to escape and that’s when that guy with the metal hand jumped onto my car and ripped the windshield off my car.”
“Did he touch you?” a guttural noise leaves Steve’s throat when you shake your head. “He didn’t knot you? Why?” looking at you cling to his body Steve frowns. “Omega, answer me.” 
“Rumlow barely was at home. When he came back to the place he called my new home Brock always was with a woman. I don’t know her name but she’s beautiful,” you mumble. “She had flaming red hair and smelled like an alpha, not an omega.”
“Rumlow likes to fuck alphas huh? Interesting,” Steve carefully grips your shoulders to get a better look at you. Your hair a mess, face, hands, and legs plastered with scratches, and your clothes dirty you look like you got under the bus. “Do you have more information for me?”
“He does business with my uncle, but I guess you already know that,” he runs one hand over your hair, tries to pat your head but you flinch away at his touch. “Please don’t—”
“I won’t hurt you, doll. We gotta get you cleaned up,” Steve furrows his brows, realizing he doesn’t even know your name. “What’s your name, omega?”
“Y/N,” you whisper shyly. “Can I go now? If you don’t want to give me back to Rumlow, can you not let me go?”
“Sorry, but you’re safer with me,” the alpha hides he wants to get into your uncle’s good graces but those are unimportant details you don’t need to know. “I’ll show you the bathroom and you can clean yourself up. Let me get you some clean clothes too. It’s late and you need sleep.”
“I’m not a kid,” you growl, eyes narrowed. “Why does everyone believe they can walk all over me and push me around? I’m an omega and should be treated better. We are rare and precious.”
“Little kitten showed her claws,” Steve cups your chin with his large palm, forces you to hold his intense gaze until you shyly drop your eyes. “How about you have a shower or a bath and I’ll not spank your ass until you can’t sit properly.”
“Cute,” he muses while swiping his thumb over your lower lip. “I think you need a strong hand to tame you, wild little kitten. I guess you are my omega from now on. Rumlow can’t have you back. Now be good and clean yourself up. You reek.”
“I do not—” you cry. “That maniac dragged me out of my car, forced me to run through town, and pushed me into your arms. If I reek it’s your men’s fault. I stink like alphas and smoke.”
“Go. And. Have. A. Shower,” Steve enounces every word, finger poking your chest. “Be good and you’ll get something to wear. Be bad and you’ll sleep naked next to me.”
“You’re cruel.”
“I can be even crueler if you don’t stop arguing. Where is the scared girl from before?” you shrug, eyes glued to your feet now. “Don’t lie to me!”
“I’m still scared…”
“Good. Now go to the bathroom…”
Tumblr media
Steve purrs low in his throat when you step out of the bathroom, wearing one of his shirts. It’s much too big for you but to him, you look adorable in the worn-out fabric.
“You smell much better,” he grins when you give him an angry look. “Come here and sleep a bit. I need to keep an eye on you. I dare you to try anything.”
“I’m not stupid,” you slowly walk toward the bed, looking at the tall alpha. “You’re big, bulky, and strong. How should I ever stand a chance against you? Alphas are aggressive and deadly. I don’t want to die.”
“Bulky?” laughing Steve pats the empty side of the bed. “I would call myself well-built or muscular, not bulky.”
“Well-built,” giggling you sit on the bed. Steve seems to switch moods every five minutes. One moment he’s angry and aggressive and the next, he looks at you with soft eyes. “He tried to—once.”
“Tried what? OH—that bastard,” the alpha balls his hands into fists when you tell him Brock tried to force himself on you. “I should kill him. Maybe I’ll rip him apart limb by limb.”
“Why do you hate him that much? Did he steal your car or something?” you ask, glancing at Steve whose features sadden. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”
“He killed my mate, my Peggy. We were newly mated and married days ago. Rumlow put a bomb under my car. That day, Peggy’s car didn’t start, and I gave her mine,” Steve’s voice cracks, and you jump at him to wrap him in a hug.
“That’s so sad,” you sniffle. “It must’ve been painful to lose your mate. You must’ve loved her so much.”
“How do you know?” Steve asks when you curl on his lap to hide your face in his chest. “Y/N, you should not get used to me. When this is over, you are free to go.”
“You are still wearing your ring, that’s how I knew you loved her so much,” sliding your fingertips over the golden band you sigh. “No one will ever feel so much love for me. I’m a bit odd.”
“Odd—right,” Steve clears his throat, not wanting you to know he likes to feel you against him. “Let’s sleep and we can talk about bringing Brock down tomorrow. I want you to know that no one is going to hurt you at my place but, I’m in charge. If you only breathe wrong…”
“I’m dead, I got it,” Steve scares the shit out of you but this doesn’t stop you from sniffing at his neck before you move toward your side of the bed. “I won’t mess with you…”
>> Part 2
Tumblr media
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Respect 3/3
Tumblr media
Summary: Your body started displaying physiological symptoms and it was your body telling you that Ari was your soul tie. Fast-forward, you decided to surprise Ari at work and you were the one that ended up surprised.
Notes: mention of Alpha!Steve and Beta!Bucky, A/B/O dynamics, 18+ Smut,
Ari drives you back to the house and even though you didn't leave the car yet, you felt a longing for him. Both of your hands were intertwined and resting on your lap while you look out the window. You two sat in comfortable silence and he brings your hand up to his lips for a soft kiss.
"I'm not crazy, right? You feel this too?" He asks, breaking the silence. "It's like a compulsion to constantly be around each other, right?" "Perfectly said, yes." He says. "Yeah I feel it too." "Have you ever felt this before with your previous partners?" He asks.
Shaking your head, you gently touch over the mark he left on your shoulder this morning during sex. He asked to mark you before he did, of course. He's definitely risen your expectations of others. "So what does that mean for us?" He asks, his eyes ghosting over yours.
"You might have met your mate, Mr. Levinson." You say with a smile and you felt his scent spike. "You think so?" "Let's see." You pull away from his hand and set his hand back in his lap. "See if you can't touch me the entire ride home," you add.
"But we're fifteen minutes from your house." He whines. "Exactly." You hike your left leg up and shift your body towards the door as you looked back out of the window. "Y/N," "Yes," you say innocently, not looking at him.
"Damn it." Glancing over at him, he has a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel. A small smile plays on your lips and you rest your chin on your palm. He was really struggling and honestly, you were too. Which kind of proves your point.
He pulls into the driveway and your body started to tremble weakly. He opens the door and you stand from the car. He walks you to the front door and you said, "Thank you for the date. I had a lot of fun." "I had fun too," he says, reaching for you chin but pulled away with a growl.
You walk through the door and wave goodbye before closing the door. With your back pressed against the door, you notice the entire pack and family staring at you with large smiles plastered on their faces.
"Look at her, she's glowing." You heard someone say. "His scent is strong on her," "He smells amazing," "I wished he picked me," "Enough!" Your Alpha snaps before returning her gaze to you with a smile. "How did the date go?" She adds.
"A lot better than I expected," you say, kicking off of the door, your body trembled a lot worse now. She notices and asks, "Is that from the sex?" "No, I.. I think we're bonded."
"What? From one night?" "I don't know, okay. I made a bet that he couldn't touch me the entire way home to test out the theory and now.." you trail off to look at your trembling hands.
The next thing you knew, you were running to the door and opening it to find Ari raising his hand to knock on the door. "Baby," he says and you rush into his arms.
Someone closes the door to give you privacy and Ari gently pushes you against the sidings of the house.
His hand shakes against your skin and he asks, "Can I scent you? "Y-yes." He holds onto your waist and pulls you against his warm chest.
He buries his face into you neck, just above your mating gland. Both of your bodies slowly stopped shaking and you turn your face to kiss his skin along his collar bone.
"What the hell is wrong with us?" You ask. "You were right, we're bonded," he says pulling away only a little. He rubs his nose against yours and your hands find his chest.
"So that means we can't be apart?" "I guess so." He runs his thumb over your mating gland and his eyes snap to yours.
"Do it." "I want to wait until tonight." He ghosts a kiss over the mating gland before pressing a warm kiss to your lips, humming when you nip at his bottom lip.
It's been about a month since Ari mated you and the trembling after being away from each other faded. I guess that was your body's way of telling you he was the one for you. You went to surprise him at his job as a CEO when you overheard him talking amongst friends.
"I don't know how to explain it guys. It's like my body only knows how to function when she's around. I mean the trembling stopped but my mind goes to the same place when she's gone." Ari explains. "Sound like she's more than your mate, Ari. She might be her soul tie." A man answers.
"Soul tie?" Ari repeats. "She saved my life guys. I thought I was going to forever alone or settle for a woman I didn't geniunely love and now I met her." "I appreciate every little thing about her. Like she would go out of her way to make sure the coast is clear everywhere she goes." He continues to rant to his friends about you.
Tears prick your eyes, you've never had someone verbalize their appreciation to you before. They mainly take advantage of it and don't reciprocate. The only ones that dont do that is Ari and your Alpha.
The door opens and Ari walks out. "Baby, did you.. how much did you hear?" He asks, cupping your cheeks to kiss away your tears. His friends file out of his room and he pulls you into his room before locking it.
"I heard enough," you say with a sniffle. "I'm sorry," you add. "You don't have to be ashamed of your emotions, Y/N." He says, motioning you to sit down. Sitting down next to you, he places a comforting hand on your leg.
"I wanted to surprise you at work, but I guess you surprised me instead. No one's ever told me anything like that before." You explain, tucking a few loose strands behind your ear.
"It was all true," he says, lifting your chin and kissing you warmly. You lean back into the sofa and he follows you down, hiking a leg over his waist. You moan when you feel his hard on against your clothed bundle.
You unbutton his dress shirt he pulls your tank top and bra over your head. He kneads your nipples with his thumbs and you arch your back, yelling out when he sinks his teeth into your mating gland again.
You pull his dress shirt off his shoulders and groan when you see his black tank top that you love so much. Unbuckling your jeans, he pulls them down your legs and kiss up your legs warmly. He unbuckles his slacks and takes out his throbbing length.
Tearing your panties off, you wrap your legs around his waist. The force shoves him inside your slick and your mouth hangs open. "Look at you, so needy for me. Aren't your baby?" He teases, licking between your breasts.
"Ari, please." You encourage. Your nails dig into his hair and back when he drives into you hard and fast. He leans upwards to lean one of his hands on the arm rest before snapping his hips at a different angle that hits that spot over and over again.
Your eyes fluttered closed when he circles your clit with his thumb. "Fuck," he grumbles when your walls fluttered with your orgasm, pushing him off the edge. "I love you," you say breathlessly. "Marry me," he says, resting his forehead against yours.
"Y/N?" You turn your head to see a very angry Steve and a worried Bucky. You all stare at each other, waiting for someone to say the first word. The silence was deafening.
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Respect 1/3 (Ari Levinson)
Tumblr media
Summary: You are a Beta that belongs to an all women pack. You and your pack were originally from Virgina but drove to visit family in Boston. You spent hours on the rode and stopped by a bar and grill to stretch their legs. Ari smelled you as soon as you stepped foot outside of the car, he wanted you but he used something that you rarely experienced before.
Characters: Steve Rogers x reader (platonic), Bucky Barnes x reader (platonic), Ari x reader (romantic)
Notes: Heidi is my own character, A/B/O dynamics, mentions of Alpha! Steve Rogers, Beta!Bucky Barnes, Beta! Natasha Romanoff, Beta!Thor Odinson and Alpha! Tony Stark, GIF is not mine
*Y/M/N= your mates name
*Y/A/F/N= your alphas first name
*Y/A/L/N= your alphas last name
Knocking on Steve's door, Bucky opens the door with a wide smile. "Come 'er, ya squirt." He says, wrapping an arm around your neck and pulling you into the house.
"Get off of me, Bucky." You say with a giggle. He drags you into the living room where Natasha, Bruce, Thor and Tony all resided.
Your playful behavior soon shifted when you notice an unfamiliar scent. "Who else is here?" You ask, your voice loaded with alarm. "Relax, Y/N. This is Roma, our new omega," Steve says with an arm around her waist.
"Clearly she's more than just a new omega, she's your omega." You taunt, making Steve growl in warning. "Relax, Steve. I'm just yanking your chain. I'm Y/N honey, nice to meet you." You say with a respectful nod.
"You're friends with a lot of Alphas," she squeaks, making everyone in the room laugh. "Yeah, well what can we say. He has charm." Natasha purrs and you shrug in agreement.
Feeling a sharp pain in your chest, you cry out and collapses to the floor. You claw at your chest as you rest on your knees. "Y/N, what is it?" Bucky asks frantically as he kneels down next to you.
When he places a hand on your shoulder, your head snaps forwards with your eyes glowing an empty blue. Your teeth shifted into your wolf set and you whine in pain. "What's happening to her?" Roma asks but Steve tells her to be quiet.
You're seeing through your mate, Y/M/N's, eyes. He was looking up at an Alpha and a Beta punching and kicking down at him. He put his hands up to cover his face and curl into a ball to block the blows.
Your body spasms when reacting to the blows they were landing on Y/M/N. Tears flood your eyes when you could no longer see through his eyes. "Where are you?" You ask telepathically.
Standing from the floor, everyone was now crowding around you. "Corners Street," he says weakly. "I'm coming baby, just hang on a little while longer." You say, before dashing to the door and ripping the door open.
"Steve we have to go after her. She'll kill somebody." Bucky reasons. "Alright," Bucky grabbed his coat and rushed out the door, Steve going the same. You shift into your wolf form and dash through the streets as fast as your four legs could take you.
Slowly approaching your Y/M/N's lifeless body, you nudge his face with your snout. And his eyes snap open. "Oh thank God," you say in your head. You look from side to side before shifting into your human form.
"It's okay, baby." "Y/N," Bucky calls from Steve's truck and your head snaps to him. Pulling Y/M/N up from the ground, he winces as he puts all of his weight on you. You drag him into the truck and tell them, "Take him to the hospital and keep an eye on him."
"No, you're coming with us. You're bonded and he needs you right now." "I'm going to find them and pull out their entrails. And don't you dare stop me."
You threaten and Steve gets out of his truck angrily. Grabbing your shoulders, he pulls you closer to him and lifts your chin so you're looking up at him.
"You're coming with us." He says, pines and needles litering your skin. He was using his alpha command and you hated it.
"Get in the car," he adds before pulling away from you. Piling yourself in the car, Bucky tried to touch your hand but you growl at him and he retreats.
Steve hops into the driver seat and pulls out into the highway. Your hand latched onto Y/M/N's hand and you really wished you had the ability to take some of his pain away.
His body trembles with pain and you telepathically say, "I'm sorry, Y/M/N." "It's not your fault," he says, squeezing your hand tightly.
Steve looks at the two of you through his rearview mirror. Arriving at the hospital, the nurses put him on the gurney and roll him into the ER to operate. You wipe some sweat from your forehead with your blood stained hands.
Bucky tried to touch comfort you but you push his hand away. Steve and Bucky watch as you pace through the waiting room. Both of them wanting to say things but knew you would shoot them down. Once your anxiety reaches its peak, no one can calm you down.
Hours later, a crew of doctors and nurses came in with disappointed looks on their faces. "Oh God," you say, clutching your chest. A broken howl leaves your lips and Bucky catches you when your knees buckled.
"Y/N," you wake up with a growl, scaring everyone in the car. "Sorry," you mumble. "Had another bad dream?" your pack mate, Heidi, says. You nod in response. It's been a year since Y/M/N died and even longer since you broke contact with Steve and Bucky.
They were good friends and had positive intentions. But whenever you think of them, you think of Y/M/N.
And your heart hurt too much to think about him. Pulling your phone out of your pocket, you scroll through your messages until you saw Bucky's name.
"Come on, doll. Don't shut us out. Not when you need us the most."
"It's okay to let go, Y/N. I understand." He says a couple weeks later and that was the last message you had from him.
Moving onto Steve's messages.
"If you're going to be mad at anyone, be mad at me. Just don't shut Bucky out, Y/N/N. I was the one that forced you with the alpha command, and I'm sorry for that. Just don't take it out on him."
"Y/N, please. At least let us know you're okay."
Your fingers hovered over the keyboard. "I'm doing fine. I found a new pack that makes me feel at home." You started typing, but then you delete your text and shove your phone back into your pocket.
"You guys hungry?" Your Alpha asks from the driver's seat. There were a few scattered yeses but you chose not to say anything.
What you wrote in the text was true. The pack did make you feel at home. You just chose to stay quiet and keep to yourself. Only put your opinion in when asked but when you feel that someone is disrespecting your pack, your family.
Your words tear them to shreds before you need to sink your claws into them. "Y/N, honey, you hungry?' she asks, glancing at you.
"I need a drink, so sure." "Alcoholic drink or regular drink?" She asks. "Both," you say, smiling when you notice her smiling.
Your Alpha recognizes your past and knows that you can step up when she needs her to. And for that she respects her more than the rest of the pack, though she'll never admit it. Pulling into a gravel parking lot, your Alpha parks in the front row and you open the door.
Hopping out, you step out of the way so the remaining nine people can come out. Your bones pop when you lift on your toes and twist your body side to side.
A pack was sniffing in your general direction. Out of the 12 of you, 7 were mated and claimed. The remaining 5 were free reign, or so they thought.
Those five were minors except yourself. You snap at them and all of them looked away from you. Your Alpha was at the front of the line and nods to you, and you stand in your rightful place as the tail. You all walk in and some of the chatter died down a little.
"Nothing to see here, mind your business." Your Alpha states. "A table to twelve please. Could you put two six seaters together?" Heidi asks. "Sure thing, follow me." You all follow the hostess and shot glares at the Alphas that were eyeing your pack.
Sitting down, Heidi passes a menu to each of us. You felt a pair of eyes on you but chose to ignore it. You were not in the mood for another alpha trying to stake their claim on you. "I have to go to the bathroom," "Yeah me too," more agreements grumble in the group.
"I'll go with them," Your Alpha says, standing from the table. You stay with the remaining five women and they converse among themselves about the menu. Hearing a chair scrape across the hard wood floor, you just know that you had to put someone in their place soon.
"Hey there beautiful," a man says, brushing a few hairs behind Heidi's ear. She squeaks and cowers into her chair. "Don't be scared, sweetheart. I'll take good care of you." "She's a minor, you pedo." You snap. "I'll just wait for her to turn of age then," "No you won't. Leave the table."
He places a hand on either side of Heidi and looked down at her. You stand from the table and approach him. He reaches out to touch your chin and you grab his wrist. Digging your claws into his wrist, you twist it until you heard a pop.
He yells out in pain and cradles his broken wrist in his hand. "You see that's what's wrong with you men, you never take no for an answer.. until you're put on your ass." You say loud enough for the whole bar to hear.
"Approach us without common sense and I'll slit your throat." You add, scanning the room for any contenders. This time you find the man who's been staring at you. It's an attractive man with a broad shoulders and chest.
His black button up stretches around his swole biceps and brings out his skin tone pretty well. He had a well groomed beard and a strand of his long, dark brown hair was resting on his forehead and his eyed you amusingly.
A small smile was perched on his lips but before you could say anything, you heard your Alpha crying out in pain. You, Heidi and the three other betas rush towards the bathroom where an entire pack was pinning them down. Your heart races when you see blood trickle down from where they were being held.
You flip over a chair and broke off two of the legs. You plunge each leg into a back and the men collapsed to the ground, struggling to pull it out. Another man run towards you and you drop kick him into the wall. You grab another man's head and slam it against the wall.
Getting a running start, you jump on his shoulders and use your momentum to throw him to the ground. You go into a somersault and kick two men in the face. You felt a hand on your shoulder and turn to see a man swinging at your face.
The next thing you knew, a strong hand grabbed his wrist before it hit you. The man from earlier stepped into view and growls at him. He punches him in the face and he falls to the ground.
Eyeing him suspiciously, he cracks his knuckles and reaches out to grab the throat of a beta trying to run away after trying to violate one of your betas.
The man from earlier hold the beta in front of you and you use your claws to slice open his chest. The beta drops to the floor and you look over your shoulder to see your Alphas pinning the other Alphas by the throat.
"A female pack can't even get food anymore." She retorts. "Ridiculous," she adds, dropping them so they could scramble away. "Are you alright, guys?" Your Alpha asks. You suffered from a few scratches but nothing too serious.
Glancing around the group, the suffered similar injuries. "Hi, I'm Ari. Ari Levinson." He introduced, holding a hand out to your Alpha. "Y/A/F/N Y/A/L/N," she states. "They're did a terrible job representing Boston packs. I'm sorry about that." Ari explains.
"Thank you for helping. It was appreciated." Your Alpha says. "Well it seems like you had it under control," he says, making eye contact with you. "Miss Y/A/L/N, I would like to take your beta out to dinner." He adds.
Who is this guy? You've never had an Alpha ask for your hand before. An Alpha never ask permission for anything, period. Your Alpha ponders for a moment before saying, "She's all yours. What day did you have in mind?"
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Broken Bonds 2/2
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve takes Y/N to the doctors and finds out that Y/N and Steve are soul ties. They wanted to announce the new to their current partners over breakfast but the news got out earlier, and how they have to deal with the consequences.
Notes: Cain is my own character, A/B/O dynamics, GIF is not mine, implied sex 18+
"Is everything okay with her, doc?" I ask, placing a comforting hand on Y/N's back. She leans into my touch gratefully. Kaelan and Cain are waiting outside in the common area.
My heart bleeds for them. It doesn't feel right to just push aside the people that we spent the last two years in our lives.
But we didn't know that each other were out there. The only way through it was to move on. "I've never seen anything like this before. Well I've only seen one occurence where the mating gland rejected the mates bite. But it's odd that it occured years later and no instantaneous." The doctor starts.
"What occured before the pain started?" He asks. "We were.. scenting each other," I answer. "And are you her mate?" "That's where things get tricky. We've mated before, but due to certain circumstances, we had to separate and live separate lives. Her current mate is in the common room." I explain.
"And it was his bite that your body rejected?" The doctor asks Y/N and she nods nervously. Her eyebrows are knitted together with concern and she takes her bottom lip under her teeth. "Has your body every rejected his bite?" Y/N shakes her head no and the doctors emits a low hum.
"What do you think is happening, doctor?" Y/N asks. "Well I do believe you're more than just soulmates. You're soul ties. Every other lineage since the beginning of your descendant line, you've been together. It's why your body rejects any other bite besides his." The doctor explains.
"Soul ties?" Y/N repeats to herself, her lips twitching into a smile. "Right, thank you, doctor."
After spending the whole day at the doctor, we were all exhausted. We came back to Y/N's loft after sundown and the only thing we wanted to do was rest.
Y/N and I decided to announce what the doctor told us to Cain and Kaelan over dinner tonight. We've done no future planning whatsoever, like who's getting which house, are we staying in my house or hers, are we getting a new house and selling our own.
We have no idea what our next step is, but as long as we have each other, we'll be okay. Y/N, Cain, Kaelan and I have been sleeping in four separate rooms.
We don't want to increase the wedge between our previous partnerd by sleeping together, but chills run up our spines when thinking about sleeping with someone else and not each other.
An intoxicating aroma breaks through the walls of the room and slaps my awake. My body started to tremble, producing more sweat to trickle down my back.
Taking a deep breath, I figure out the smell is coming from Y/N. She started her heat. Hearing a soft moan echo through the halls, I spring to my feet and burst into room, thinking that Cain was in the process of knotting her.
But I barge in to find Y/N with a hand in her shorts and her back arched. When she notices my presence, she gasps and pulls her hand away from herself. Embarrassment pinches her cheeks and I sit down at the edge of the bed.
She watches me with wide eyes as I grab her hand and lick her juices off her fingers. Hearing someone else in the doorway, I look over my shoulder to see Cain. "She's in heat," "Yeah, I noticed." My eyes drift to his sweat stained shirt and his shaking hands.
Desperation was oozing from him, he was starting his rut. From the looks of it, he's been hiding it for a while and with Y/N being in heat, he looks crazed. "Look, I know you're in your rut and everything but you're not touching her." I say, standing from the bed and crossing my arms across my chest.
"Bullshit, I'm still her mate." Cain snaps. "Actually... She's not anymore. Her body rejected the bite." I answer. "I don't believe you," "Y/N show him your neck," she pulls her hair from her shoulders and exposed her neck to reveal that it was completely bare.
"What did you do!" He snaps, lunging towards me. I duck under the punch he tried to land and come up to grab his throat.
Slamming him against the wall, I squeeze his throat tightly. His eyes glowed a golden brown as he sinks his claws into my shirt. Growling in his face, I say, "Stand down. She's mine."
"No, she's mine." "I'm her soul tie, beta. You have no comparison." His face was starting to turn blue from the lack of oxygen but I still chose not to let go.
A strong hand grabs my wrists and pushes me away by the chest. It was Y/N. I forgot how strong she is. She is an Alpha after all.
"Enough, go to your rooms. I'll be fine when I make my nest." "What about me? Us? Isnt it coincidental that I started my rut and you started your heat at the same time? We're meant for each other, Y/N." Cain starts. I growl and step towards him but Y/N barks to silence me.
"I'm sorry, but we're over Cain. I wanted to tell you tomorrow." She trails off and he rushes out of the room, bumping into me on the way out. "I didn't want you to find out this way." She calls after him but I hold her back.
"They were going to find out someday," "I know, but I wanted it to end differently," she says as I pull her into my chest.
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Broken Bonds 1/2 (Steve Rogers)
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve thought that you died, but really yours parents made you fake your death because they didn't approve of him. You both move on and found your own mates until the cross paths at a gas station.
Characters: Steve Rogers x reader (romantic), Cain x reader (romantic),
Notes: Cain is my own character, A/B/O dynamics, GIF is not mine
Steve's POV
Jolting awake, sweat drips down my chest as I swing my legs over the edge of the bed. I peer over my shoulder at my girlfriend, Kaelan, with her arm draped over her face. There's something about her that makes me smile every time that I look at her. All I've had were positive memories.
The thought of mating her has crossed my mind but whenever I would try to bite her mating gland when we have sex, I get a flash back of Y/N. Y/N smiling and dancing around in the rain that she loved to do every time it rained. She didn't care if she had a cold soon after, she would always say that she felt like she was cleansed.
I never knew what she meant by that until she dragged me with her. Y/N was the love of my life and her death hurt worse than shifting for the first time. Losing her was like being cut in half with a chainsaw. There's not a day that goes by when I don't think of Y/N in the morning.
"You okay, baby?" Kaelan asks. "Yeah, I just had a nightmare." I say, running a hand over my face. I feel a shift on the bed and she runs a hand over the dip on my back. She wraps an arm across my collarbone and peppers kiss down my face.
Holding onto her arm, I turn slightly and press a warm kiss on her lips. "You've been having alot of nightmares lately. You wanna talk about it?" She asks. I grab her hand a press a kiss on the back of it but don't respond to her question.
"Well can you at least tell someone about it. Even if it's not me?" I nod and she pulls me back on the bed, lifting a leg over my waist. Laying there with my arm tucked behind my head, looking up at the ceiling, I think of having a road trip.
It'll be good for me and Kaelan to get out of the state for a little while. "Let's go on a road trip," I suggest. "A road trip? To where?" "Anywhere. What's a place you've always wanted to visit?"
She contemplates for a moment before answering, "I've always wanted to stay in a cabin in Colorado," "Is that right? Colorado it is. Let's start packing."
We're about five hours in when we decided to stop by Love's gas station to grab some food and stretch our legs. Kaelan wanted to go to the bathroom while I pumped the gas but I know better than to let an unmated Beta roam around by herself.
Not with the amount of Alpha's sniffing in her direction since we parked here. I held off on the gas and accompanied across the street and into the gas station.
This gas station is huge compared to what we're used to in New York. A perk from being in the countryside, there's more room for luxuries like these.
Two alphas block the door with their eyes fixed on Kaelan. She naturally descends behind me and holds onto my arm for measure. Poking out my chest, a growl rumbles in my chest.
"Back off," I spit. "You should know better than to go around flaunting your unmated Beta. She smells too sweet to pass up." One of them retorts.
They both step closer to us and I snap at them, making them chuckle. "You really think you can take both of us by yourself?" "Who says he's alone?" An authorative, female voice booms from behind them.
No one could see her from behind the two men. They were easily beyond 6 feet and they had thick toned muscles that were barely contained by their shirts. What were their parents feeding them? Human hearts for breakfast?
"You've got to be kidding me right?" Another man says with a deeply chuckle. "You'll be surprised." The woman says. I was so caught up with being the barrier between the Alphas and Kaelan, that I didn't even pick up the familiar scent that is currently filling my nose.
Y/N steps out from behind the two Alphas with a marked Beta has her side. My mouth falls open in disbelief. She died right in my arms. I heard her heart stop, there is no way she's alive.
"Y/N?" I say but she doesn't look to me. Her eyes narrow at the two Alphas, rolling her shoulder back. She was posing to intimidate.
"Hey, take whatever this is outside." The clerk says. They glance to him before Y/N pushes passed them with her hand conjoined with her mates. Pain pierces my chest when I see the bite mark across her mating gland. Even her scent smells a little different.
She's alive and she moved on without me. "Let's go, you can find another gas station." She says without looking at me. "Steve," Kaelan says, pulling my arm. Looking into her eyes, her scent spikes as fear weighs on her face.
She makes herself small under the Alpha's gaze and Y/N opens the door and her mate walks through. She keeps the door open and motions us to walk through with her head. Kaelan drags me outside and I continued to stare at Y/N who refuses to look at me, and it makes my blood boil.
She growls at the Alphas before closing the door in their faces. She grabs her mates hand and quickly advances towards her car. "Y/N, stop!" I find myself saying and she stops in her tracks. I let go of Kaelan's hand but she follows close behind.
"Where have you been?" I ask her and still refused to look at me. I grab her chin and make her meet my gaze her Y/E/C eyes dilate into saucers. Her spiked scent encapsulates my nose and when my eyes glaze over the bite on her mating gland, my jaw clenches.
"Look at me, where have you been?" I say softly. "Let's talk at my house," she finally says. I nod and she pulls away from me, giving a glance at her mate before they both pile into the car. She waits until Steve was behind her to pull out into the driveway.
We pull on to a white paved driveway that led to a black loft surrounded by trees. Y/N hops out of the car with her mate close behind. He looks over at me and keeps a possessive arm around Y/N's waist.
"Who is she?" Kaelan asks. "She was my first mate," I say, she scoots towards the edge of her seat and further away from me.
She crosses her arms around her frame and asks, "I thought she was dead," "She was. I.. I thought she was but clearly isn't, and I need answers." I explain.
Hopping out of the car, I advance towards the open door and look over my shoulder to Kaelan. She stays in the car and I turn around to get her. "Come on, honey," "What if you fall in love with her again?" She says, rubbing the sides of her arms nervously.
"You'll still be in my life, Kaelan." "Is that why you didn't mate me yet? Because you're still in love with her?" Tears brim in her eyes and guilt weighs on my chest. "Honey," I start. "Go inside, I'll be there in a minute." She interupts, turning away from my touch.
A heavy sigh leaves my lips before I close the car door. I give her one last glance before walking into the house. There was a soft scent of vanilla in the house. Looking around, the walls and counter tops looked more bare than what I'm used to. Everything was minimalistic. It looked lifeless.
I walk down the hallway and turn the corner into the kitchen to see Y/N putting a pan full of boiling water on the stove. "Y/N, can't we just talk alone?" I ask, leaning my back against the counter. "I can't," "Why not?" "Because I have a mate now. And I can't just abandon him."
"I was your mate first," I say, making her eyes narrow at me. "But you won't be abandoning her. I just want answers." Y/N sighs and matches my body language.
"What happened, Y/N?" "My parents.. they never liked you and they believed you would bring shame to our family and believe I would bring shame to the family by bringing you in the first place."
"So they made you fake your death?" I ask and Y/N nods, her curly hair bouncing slightly with the movement. "And they think that beta is better for the family image than me?" I ask. She bites her bottom lip nervously and says, "That beta has a name, and it's Cain."
"You didn't answer my question." "Look me in the eyes and tell me that you love him more than me." I add and she furrows her brow as she crosses her arms over her chest. "When did you compare yourself to people?" "When they took the love of my life away from me," I snap.
"I've built a life with him, Steve." My eyes widen as they travel down to her stomach. "No I'm not pregnant," she answers. "Then what's holding you back?" I ask, boxing her against counter in one stride.
"Steve," she warns but I just couldn't help myself. Her hands press back against the countertop and growled defensively. "Stop it. Stop fighting what your body is telling you," I say softly cupping her cheeks and rubbing my nose against hers.
Her growl seized to a purr as she buries her face into my neck and inhales my scent. Burying my face into her neck, she chirps when I softly kiss her pulse point. "I missed you," she whimpers and she wraps her around my neck.
She winces and she fell to her knees. "What's wrong?" "It hurts" she cries out, clutching her mating gland. "Let me see," I say and she hesitantly pulls away. I blink various times when seeing the bite on her mating gland disappeared into her skin.
I run my thumb over it and felt no grooves of a bite mark. It was like the bite never existed. "What happened? What did you see?" She asks. "Your mark, it's gone." "How?" "I don't know, let's call the doctor."
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sweetflowerdreams · 8 days ago
Scenting Home (20)
Pairing: Alpha Steve Rogers x Omega Reader
Warnings: 18+, a/b/o dynamics, heat, SMUT, SMUT, SMUT, oral (f receiving), fingering, unprotected sex, knotting, fluff
Chapter summary: Your heat is getting worse and the only thing you need is him.
Word Count: 2,220
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Tumblr media
Yay! Scenting Home is turning “20” today!!!!!!!
Even though you were so infinitely warm and sweating like you never had before, his closeness was all you wanted. His soft skin on yours. His tender but demanding hands on your body. His soft lips and tongue devoted to your wet core.
And you felt it. You felt him. His hand on your belly to hold you still while his head hovered over your sensitive folds. His breath was warm and came close. You could already feel his beard tickling, the tip of his tongue touching your clit...
You jump up. You didn't realize what had happened and looked around, puzzled. Steve was standing in the kitchen area with squeezed eyes.
It was just a dream.
What must have once been a glass now lay in shards in front of him.
“I just wanted to get a quick drink” he said with a visibly guilty conscience.
You let yourself fall back into the pillows, which you had adjusted in the meantime, a little disappointed. Steve had been right. Your instinct to build a nest had kicked in as soon as you were able to do so. It was like a compulsion. You didn't know what you were doing, but your body, your inner Omega had guided you.
It may have been just a dream, but it had real implications. You were arching with desire.
Already the previous night was hard. Bruce medication helped ease the symptoms, but the effect was limited. The need to feel an alpha, the desire to be taken as nature intended, put you in incredible pain from arousal. Steve noticed that. Cuddling alone was no longer enough. But you were also too shy to touch yourself in front of him, and since you weren't asking for him, he knew that you weren't ready to actively involve him in dealing with your heat. With a little excuse, he then left you alone to take care of yourself. And as soon as he had left the cabin, he heard your soft moan.
Also now Steve did not miss your strong smell. He could scent the dampness between your legs and heard how hard you pressed your legs together.
While he was kneeling and collecting the broken pieces, he had to take several deep breaths to concentrate. Which was somewhat counterproductive because he smelled you even more.
He had himself well under control. But he also had his limits. And currently he was about to cross them. You were just too tempting.
Focused on catching all the shards, he didn't notice you coming over to him until he saw your bare feet right in front of him. He followed your legs with his eyes until he got to your panties. Seeing the little wet spot, he had to swallow hard and bite onto his bottom lip. His breathing accelerated.
How could you expect him to behave while you were standing in front of him like that. Only in a slip and your bra, so aroused. So wet. But you didn't expect that. You wanted him to lose his control. So, you took another step closer and put your hands on his strong shoulders, while he looked intensely into your eyes from below.
“I need you alpha” you whispered begging and pulled him by his shoulders closer to your lower body.
That was enough for him. He quickly pushed the dustpan with the broken pieces aside and wrapped his arms around your legs. Since he knelt in front of you, he had the perfect height to take your cheeks firmly in his hands. His nose was right in front of your wet panties and finally he could sniff you directly.
When the tip of his nose lightly nudged your still-clothed core, you already had to let out a sigh.
You could hear the alpha growl. His appetite was awakened. He just had to do it and pressed a kiss against your hidden clit.
The friction caused your legs to become increasingly weak. Steve now stood up and pushed you with your butt against the edge of the dining table, so that you had to sit on it inevitably.
Steve grabbed your knees to spread your legs so he could stand between them. He captured your head between his hands and brought you to him.
Without further hesitation, your lips met for a wet French kiss that would end in an intense make-out session.
Your hands grabbed Steve by the side of his chest under his arms and squeezed him even closer. But that was not enough. Your legs also wrapped around him. And oh what you felt made you moan into the kiss as his hard length nestled against your heated core.
Steve let his hands move from your cheeks over your neck and breasts to your back. At the same time, his lips also went on a journey, too. First they sucked tenderly but firmly on your neck. You were so focused on them that you didn't notice how he unhooked your bra.
You whimpered sadly as you had to let go of his strong muscles so he could take off your bra completely. As soon as your boobs were free, Steve pushed you back on the table kissing his way to your stiffening nipples. While his lips were devoted to your breasts, you suddenly felt his fingers pushing your panties a little to the side and they slowly passed through your wet arousal.
He couldn’t believe it and his deep voice sounded in your ear “Ohhh sweetheart. Look how your body is craving me, how wet you are”
Completely unable to say anything, you acknowledged his words by pushing your pelvis towards him and began to rock your hips slowly.
Your hands grasped the blond hair of the strong alpha who was completely lost in you. His fingers kept sliding teasingly over your clit, turning you into a moaning mess.
“Steve…..ohh… please” you begged him when you were close to tears of lust. You needed more.
And it disappointed you when shortly after he took his hands off you and just gave you a mischievous grin and looked at you, lying in front of him on his table.
He stood bending over you breathing fast as he said “You are so beautiful. You are perfect.”
His fingers gently stroked your lips, which he then kissed again, before he wandered along your curves towards the south and caressed every inch of your skin with his large hands. Until he ultimately reached your panties. His fingers were fast to hook in its hem to pull it down in agonizing slow speed.
You gently lifted first your bottom and then your legs to allow him to take off your panties. Your legs rested against his chest while he gleefully slid the panties along them. You saw how much he enjoyed this moment. His eyes never left yours and his tongue moistened his lips.
Only when he pulled your panties over your feet his gaze was on your arousal.
He put one leg on each shoulder and kissed his way down to your thighs. Steve moved piece by piece, closer and closer to your cunt.
And there it was, just like in your dream.
His hand on your belly to hold you still while his head hovered over your sensitive folds. His breath was warm and came close. You could already feel his beard tickling, the tip of his tongue touching your clit, followed by his lips sucking on your sensitive bundle of nerves.
“ Ohhh alpha” you cried out when he fully dived into your heated core. Not knowing what to do with your hands, you searched desperately for his head. But he grabbed your hands with one of his and fixed them on your abdomen, while his other hand went south to your aching hole.
Without warning, Steve inserted two fingers into you, which made you scream a little. Not because it hurt, you were too wet for that, but out of pure pleasure.
You were already close to your climax even without his fingers, but when he started to move them and pump them in and out, there was nothing holding you back. The knot in your abdomen tightened more and more.
The rhythmic moaning and groaning from your mouth became louder and faster. Steve knew you were close. The grip of your hands became tighter and tighter
One last suck on your clit and a curl of his fingers to massage your most sensitive spot in your channel was enough to finally send you over the edge.
Steve spoiled you with gentle movements of his tongue to let you slowly come down from your climax. Only when your grip loosened, and your breathing calmed down he stopped and looked at your satisfied figure.
You sat up to give him a thankful kiss and caressed his slightly damp beard.
But you were not as satisfied as he thought, because when you felt his hard erection, the desire returned immediately.
“I need to feel you Steve” you whispered into his kiss.
He broke the kiss for a short time to question your words “Are you sure?” but you interrupted him by pressing your lips back to his.
“I know I’m a hormonal monster right now, but I want you. I've wanted you for so long.” you assured him and hooked your fingers into his boxers to pull them down.
Your hand stroked tenderly over his aroused cock before you fully enclosed it and let your thumb move playfully over it, spreading the leaking precum on his proud tip. You remembered your first night, yet it surprised you again how big he was.
“Mhmmmmmm” came relaxed from Steve's throat as he rested his forehead against yours.
But Steve knew he wouldn't last long if you kept this up and took your thighs in his hand to get you as close to him as possible.
His arousal now streaked directly over your sweet pussy, and he captured you lips again for an intensive kiss. You felt the tip of his cock slowly entering you tight hole. Breaking the kiss you leaned your head against his shoulder, sighing at the feeling and clawing your fingernails into his chest.
Steve experienced the same thing and breathed “Fuck…. Oh you’re so tight omega”.
For a brief moment, you were completely silent. Embraced in each other, while you sat on the edge of the table and Steve stood united with you in front of you, you just felt each other. As if there were only the two of you in this world.
“Steve, you’re so big………I-… I need you to move” you whimpered against his chest, and he gladly fulfilled your wish.
Steve began slowly to thrust in and out of you tight channel, looking down at where the both of you were connected. His veiny cock was slicked in your arousal, and you even heard the wetness working.
“Honey, you feel so good… your little pussy was made for me”
You both felt the urge to go faster. You opened your legs a little wider and lay back to give Steve the space he needed to increase his pace. You supported yourself on your forearms to continue watching Steve fucking you with his cock.
“Yeah, you like watching my cock pounding into you…”
Steve grabbed you by your hips and pushed harder and faster, hitting every time the right spot when he entered you.
“Oh baby, are you already close?…. I feel your little pussy clenching around me….”
“Yes alpha….”
All you could hear were your moans and the slapping of your bodies as Steve rammed into you again and again.
“I’m cumming…”
“Cum my sweet girl. Cum around my cock.” he cheered you on as he mercilessly slammed into you.
And you exploded with a loud moan and his name on your lips “ohhhhh Steeeeve”, while you got back up to grasp onto him and you slang your arms around him.
The new angle also got Steve close. A few more fast thrusts and you felt Steve’s knot forming in your cunt, his cock spilling his white cream deep inside you, while Steve groaned loudly into your ear.
He hold you close, and you nestled your head into his neck. And there it was. FINALLY. The smell you longed for so much. Spring in the mountains. You finally could scent Steve. You couldn't turn your nose away from him. You had waited for this moment for a long time.
Steve picked you up as soon as he got his breath back. His knot still inside you, he was extra careful as he got into bed with you and laid the both of you down. You lay on his chest buried your head back into the crook of his neck.
Your nose drove slowly over the skin of his neck, and you could finally enjoy his smell to the fullest. His scent relaxed and excited you at the same time. Steve also took the opportunity to scent you. He knew your smell from the beginning, but he wouldn't get enough of it.
Like an embrace your both scents enveloped you and gave you peace and hope.
It felt like your very own Scenting Home.
Tumblr media
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If I Fall: Part 3
The roof in the bedroom was made entirely of polished wood that came to a point, in a cathedral ceiling with a light fixture at the highest point. The light fixture looked like a painting pulled from deep within the forest. The light was made of metal and was cut to show images of a mother bear and her Cubs, with the mountains in the background, sunset and the peaks of trees, with the physical light at the bottom of the metal piece instead of the middle.
Underneath the light fixture was a lounger that sat before the bed, the black leather had a textile blanket with a gingham pattern adorning the material, the ends fringed and frayed, a sign of its good use.
Beyond the lounger in front of the bed was a set of windows that arched, the clear glass giving way to the views beyond the place you were in. The mountains surrounding were in sight, the snow-capped peaks a foretelling of the cold weather setting in, while the snow on the ground was melting from the last few days of sun that would be hot enough to melt the frozen precipitation.
Your focus came back on the bedroom to the bed you were sleeping on. Made of oak, the bed was massive and could have easily allowed three grown adults to sleep on the top without being squished or without room to move. The bed was a four-poster, with each thick support beam stained naturally with knots adorning the wood.
There was a closet to the left of the bed; two double doors closed with a glimmer of light from the floor appearing beneath the doors. To the right of the closet, a few feet away, was a fireplace set in stone and grout, the red and orange flames dying into vibrant embers at the base.
“Where am I?” You mumbled, moving the blankets off yourself. You shifted your body and came to sit at the edge of the bed, your legs dangling off the side, your toes brushing against the floor.
“What happened?” You questioned yourself on the bruises that littered your arms and legs, the bruises that marred your skin, a combination of blue/black and yellow. The mix of bruises that were both healed and fresh, the bruises that appeared to come from the trauma inflicted to your persons by some unknown means.
You lowered your head, your gaze coming to rest on the shirt that was not your own. It smelled strongly like an alpha, a scent that brought you comfort and made you shudder all in the exact moment.
“Omega,” you point to yourself and then grabbed the shirt with your forefinger and thumb, “alpha shirt.”
You placed your hand on the side of your neck and brushed your fingertips against your flesh, feeling the lack of a bite that would’ve claimed you like the mysterious alpha who had dressed.
“Alpha’s,” you corrected yourself and placed your feet on the ground, steadying yourself when you swayed, “two alpha’s.”
You were unaware, or so you had thought, of any alpha’s who could be near each other for extended periods, and yet these two alpha’s had not only lived together but their scents were intermingled.
“Chopped firewood and smoke, raw honey and sandalwood, gear oil and leather, black ink and charcoal?” You shuffled toward the door separating the room and yourself from the rest of the house. “Who are these alpha’s?”
You had not known fear yet; it had not struck you with intensity, the scent of the alphas. It seemed aged, a few days old and there had yet to be any fresh scent lingering.
Were you alone? Had they come and moved on? Or maybe this was your secluded area? Perhaps this room was neat for you?
“Don’t panic…” you placed your hand on the knob and twisted slowly, pulling the door open as you creeped out inch by inch. The floor creaked under the weight of your footsteps despite your attempts to keep your movements as light as possible, and while you were aware that alphas were here, at some point, their scent still seemed to be days old.
You left the bedroom and were halfway down the hallway when a picture hanging on the wall caught your eye. You stopped moving and turned your head, your eyes studying the monochrome image of two men side by side, their frames and heights alone being conductive of alpha’s, albeit one was larger and a little taller than the other.
“Alpha’s,” you leaned in, your eyes searching the bottom of the image for a date or a name, any indication that could tell you anything about the men in the photo or the year, “1944.”
You tore your eyes from the photograph and fixated them on the large hallway and the wooden logs that encompass the home's structure, while the floors were a mix of carpet in the bedrooms and wood floors throughout the hallway that you could see anyway. However, when you glanced over the balcony overlooking the kitchen, you saw a clear divide of tiles to break up the wooden floors.
“There are at least two bedrooms up and two bathrooms,” you spoke of the ensuite that was attached to the room you were in and the bedroom you’d passed on your way to the hallway. A staircase led down to the main floor, although you could see another staircase that led to an upper floor on the other side of the house.
“What is this place?” You mumbled, placing your hand upon the railing to take you down to the lower floor, every step you took making it harder to breathe.
The railing was wood and iron, the grates keeping anyone from falling were carved metal in the image that matched the light fixture, focusing on the nature of the surrounding mountainsides.
Panic was settling in. Anxiety was becoming a lead weight on your chest, crushing your lungs and making it nearly impossible to catch your breath.
The alpha’s scents were strong. They were not faded as you had expected but relatively solid and potent.
They were here. Or, at least they had been a few hours ago.
You tried to recenter yourself by focusing on the living room at the bottom of the open stairs and carried on into the kitchen.
The living room was designed with one leather sectional and two matching live seats, and a chaise near the stone-built fireplace, losing its flames and turning to ash.
The cupboards were black with white marble tops that shone from the light fixtures above them. The kitchen was massive in size, with a built-in pantry near the fridge, and not one but two cooktops, one gas and one electric.
Built into the left side of the house was a set of doors that led to an enclosed deck, with French doors that were stained and painted to match the cupboards, and through the glass, you could see a dinette set up to the left and a few porch swings to the right.
Beyond the deck, maybe 100ft, was the forest line, the thick and dense cluster of trees that extended beyond your vision, obscuring any path that could’ve been beyond the density.
You turned away from the French doors and focused your attention on the right side of the kitchen to the door that led to what looked like a study, and beyond the kitchen was a small hall that led to another set of double doors.
You took a step, your foot sliding on the wooden floor before you stopped like a deer caught in headlights.
The front door opened with an audible creak that broke the silence and introduced you to the two scents that you had thought were faint.
They entered the cabin and were distracted by the arms full of wood and the torrential downpour of rain that hit suddenly. Yet, when the door was halfway shut, you’d slid your door back and drew their attention to yourself.
“Hi,” one of the alpha’s with dark brown hair had spoken to you, balancing the wood in his arms, “you’re awake….”
The blonde alpha stood behind the brunette with a look in his eyes that spoke to your flight risk. He knew you were going to run; he could sense it.
“Don’t-“ he spoke one syllable, and you were gone.
You ran past the brunette to the open door, sliding between the wooden frame and the door that led to the outside. You could hear them; you could listen to the wood falling to the floor and the sudden jolt of the door as it was ripped open.
You could hear their heavy footsteps as they followed you, the treading of their feet as they trampled through the woods.
The bruises covering your arms and legs were fresh and faded; you had no memories of who you were or how you got here. You were in the presence of two alpha’s, who, by pure speculation, could’ve caused the bruises.
“Stop!” A voice called behind you, his footsteps getting closer to you, even with the rain and your head start. “Please just stop!”
You looked back over your shoulder, catching the glint of metal and piercing blue eyes. You turned around and took a sharp right, sliding in the dirt and mud, managing to hole yourself under the coverings of low-hanging branches. You pressed yourself against a massive rocky Boulder that shielded you from behind; your hands outstretched to grip the rocks. Your chest was rising and falling with each rapid, frightened breath as the footsteps drew closer.
“It’s okay,” the footsteps stopped in front of you, and a voice called from beyond the low-hanging branches, “we’re not going to hurt you.”
The alpha that smelled of charcoal and sandalwood, firewood and cloves, was in front of the tree. But it was the alpha who had smelled of gear oil, smoke, firewood and leather, who had stretched out his hand under the tree for you to grab.
“We helped you,” his hand was not flesh and bone, but of metal, “we found you half-frozen in the river.”
“Lion with the thorn in his paw,” you were scared, terrified even, but you got a sense that they were not the ones who did this to you. You were comforted by their scents, you were comforted by their mere presence alone, and that was enough for you to stretch out your hand and place it in his.
Flesh meeting metal.
** **
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Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 12 days ago
If I Fall: Part 2
Small fragments of wood went flying as the axe struck down into the wood, splitting the thick dried piece of a tree trunk in half. As the flakes fell and the wood was chopped into two, the axe was temporarily set down while Bucky grabbed one of the two and set it on the chopping block. He turned it once, adjusted it to sit where he wanted, and then he picked up the axe again. He wrapped his hand around the handle of the axe, flexing his fingers around the cushioned grip before he lifted the chopping tool and swung it down again.
There was a dense thud as the blade sunk deep into the wood, splitting the half-block into two smaller pieces.
Bucky repeats the same process for the half-block of wood, and when the thick and large piece was cut, he picked up the discarded bits and stacked them under the shelter with the rest.
As he stepped back and lowered the cover of the shelter, he raised his hand and wiped the sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his flannel. He took pause when he caught the brief and faint scent of something and someone new. The scent carried with the chilling breeze, the wind pushing the notes of lavender and citrus, mint and sage, toward Bucky.
He stopped and set the axe down on the ground, the blade partially hidden by grass, as he tried to distinguish and isolate what exactly he was smelling and if that was a genuine product of omega or simply the trailings of one day or weeks old.
He wait; he had to wait for the breeze to come again and bring the scent or leave it stagnant.
He only had to wait a few moments, and then the wind picked up, bringing forth the scent that was now impossible to ignore. The wind carried it through the trees toward their cabin, along with the smell of glacier-fed freshwater that clung to the omega’s scent. The freshwater aroma was more robust than the omega’s, making Bucky believe that the omega was in or near water.
Could it have been an old scent? Could the omega have comes and go in passing? Was it possible that it was all in his head? The desperation causing him to sense what wasn’t there?
“Bucky,” Steve spoke from behind him, an emergency kit in his hand and the keys to one of their off-road vehicles in the other.
“You smelled the omega, too?” Bucky’s voice was wavering, his gaze locked with Steve’s, their eyes searching each other’s for any lies or the ultimate truth.
“And blood-“
“-mated or not, we need to help.” Bucky lifted the axe and swung it, the blade penetrating and neatly cracking the chopping block in its entirety.
He stepped around the nearly broken chopping block and reached for the stash of weapons he kept near the woodshed. They knew that an omega this far in the woods was neither an accident nor without warrant.
There was either an alpha trying to disclose an omega from their presence by attempting to kill them or an omega running from an alpha who would give chase. Either way, there was an omega who was alive, whose scent was still radiating, and the smell of blood.
The omega was hurt, and they needed to help.
Bucky needed to help. He required to undo all the shit he had done to all those omega’s in the past.
He couldn’t allow another omega to suffer.
“I’ll meet you by the river,” Bucky secured his weapons and swiped the first air kit midair as Steve threw it.
While Steve would be driving the ATV, he would have to manoeuvre down the trails and through the trees, a cumbersome event that would take the time that could be spent trying to help the omega.
Bucky could be there in no time, weaving in and out of the trees as he made his way to the river and the injured ‘mega. He could beat Steve, and he could assess the injuries and have them taken care of by the time he arrived.
Bucky held tightly to the bag and began the mad dash. He ran like his life depended on it, effortlessly weaving in and out of the trees to miss the massive trunks, ducking when he came near low branches and even hurtling himself over a mass of dead trees purposely blocking a path.
He landed on his feet with the first aid kit still tucked under his arm. He drew himself closer to the scent that had grown in potency, the smell of the omega stirring a profound reaction within Bucky. He had, upon a time ago, had to ignore the basic and primal instincts every alpha had when it came to protecting and omega.
All omega’s should be protected and kept safe, especially considering their rarity, but Hydra was never one to submit to that idea. They craved power. They craved control.
And Bucky had to help enact that control, and he had to give up the instincts that pushed him toward a place where he kept the omega’s safe.
But not anymore.
Now he was free, and now he could exude all the instincts that came with being a powerful alpha.
“Omega.” He broke through the tree line, coming to the rocky shore of the river, a shallow and slow-moving portion of the body of water that contained the scent of the omega.
Bucky stepped into the water and bent down, spying the flecks of dried blood on one of the rocks under the water. The blood was stained, barely on the stone, but it was enough for him to pick up on.
He stood again, studying the left side of the shore, looking for more signs of where the omega could have gone. He took one step to the left before he stopped and whipped his head around to the right side of the shore. He caught the scent again, but that was not what stole his attention.
It was a whimper.
Bucky bolted toward the sound, the first aid kit smacking against his side as he followed the sound and the scent. He ran through the river; the glacier fed water lapping at his boots in an attempt to wet his feet. He kept on his path until he came to a dead stop; his crystalline blue eyes widened when he saw the omega they’d smelled.
“What the hell?” He muttered, his eyes roaming the omega’s body from the bare feet that were scratched and bruised, likely from running to the bruises littering both arms and the gash on her head.
The omega was laying half in the water and half out, her eyes closed yet whimpers still being emitted from her mouth. She lay there so motionless that Bucky almost thought she was dead.
“Bucky!” Steve drove the ATV as close as possible and then flew off the back, rushing to meet him.
“Her entire body is bruised.” Bucky slammed the first air kit down and unzipped the top, reaching for the emergency blanket.
“She’s going to freeze,” Steve picked her up and held her to his chest, “you need to drive back. Give me the blanket.”
Bucky exchanged the blanket for the keys, but not before grabbing a wrapped cloth to stop the bleeding. Once Steve had both, Bucky bolt back toward the ATV and shoved the key in, starting it again. Steve was quick to get in the pull behind the trailer, clutching the omega to his chest.
“She’s weak, Bucky.” Steve urged him to hurry, bracing himself as the ATV took off from her river.
“She’ll survive,” Bucky called back. “She has to. Just make sure she stayed warm!”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mmimagine-40 · 13 days ago
Pup Taglist
Hello everyone!! Firstly I wanted to say a big thank you so much for being here and sending so much love! When I first started to write I never thought it would get this big! I know my up loading has been slower, but now that I'm done with school I promise to be writing more and more.
Okay now to the real point. I had my notifications where off so I have missed a few people being asked to be on the tag list. So please tell me on this post if you would like to be on the tag list for Pup so I can make sure you are all tagged!! For the next part is coming out really soon.
Thank you y'all again so much , much love - MM
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buckyscoldbeans · 13 days ago
Alpha!Steve getting a rut during a mission and taking you back to the hotel and fucking you into the mattress while purring into your ear about how he’s going to breed you so good and how pretty you’re going to look full of his baby
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sweetflowerdreams · 14 days ago
Scenting Home (19)
Pairing: Alpha Steve Rogers x Omega Reader
Warnings: a/b/o dynamics, angst, fluff, slight smut
Chapter summary: Steve grants you your wish and takes you back to the cabin where you stayed together in the beginning. Will you be able to reconnect there?
Word Count: ~1,800
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Now that he saw you snuggled up so peacefully, Steve understood why you wanted to come here. This place was the most familiar to you. It was just you and him - alone. The niche where the bed stood, was perfect for building a nest. He had heard that omegas subconsciously choose a place where they would build their nest.
It surely wasn’t the reason, why your ran away. He knew, he was the reason. He alone caused all the pain. But maybe that was part of the explanation why you ran in this direction.
The other alphas had said goodbye shortly after they dropped you off here. Nat, however, came back later and brought you the necessities so that you would be well taken care of in your heat. This included not only food and drinks, but also blankets and pillows so that you could build a proper nest. Right now, you were certainly too tired for that, but Steve expected that this instinct would kick in as soon as you were a bit fitter.
She also brought a medication from Bruce that was supposed to weaken the symptoms so that you would survive the heat without the help of an alpha. Steve was fine with that.
Your first heat had hit you with full force, without any warning. Steve would like to help you more. Snuggle up to you. Take away your pain. But he had to earn the privilege of that intimacy again.
He didn't even know if you wanted him to be here with you. But in your condition it would be irresponsible to leave you here alone.
So, he was glad to have at least the medicine.
The advantage of you being unresponsive at the moment was that Steve had easy access to you. He was sure you would have fought and romped as you didn't want to be touched by him. Especially since there was no close bond between the both of you recently.
Although there was the possibility to force an omega to give in and they would do it after the right stimulation, that was in the nature of heat, but that was out of the question for Steve. He was not like Rumlow.
He had freed you from your sweaty clothes beforehand, so that you were at least a little more comfortable. All he had to do was disinfect the spot on your arm and inject you the medicine.
But of all things, when he applied the syringe, you came slightly to consciousness. Steve prepared himself for you to instinctively resist, but you only looked at him, tortured by pain. The soft moans, the sobs and the tears running down your cheek hit him to the core.
“This is a medicine developed by Bruce. It is supposed to alleviate the pain and other symptoms. I thought it would help you.” Steve explained in a low voice. You could hear the remorse in her. He meant it sincerely, you could see in his depressed expression and sad eyes.
“Rumlow…” you murmured sleepily.
“Is gone. He didn't hurt you, okay? You can sleep peacefully. Nothing happened.” he reassured you, trying not to show his anger when he heard this name.
The medication began to work immediately, pulling you back into your dreamscape of mountains, forests, and a lake.
Tumblr media
When you woke up later, Steve wasn't there, or at least you didn't see him. You were so incredibly hot, even though you were naked except for your bra and a slip. Steve had probably undressed you like the first time you were here in the cabin.
You felt weak and disoriented. Your arm hurt a little from the injection. And on top of that came this desire. Such a strong desire as you had never felt before.
You were still mad at Steve, but yet you wanted him here with you. Skin to skin. Unintentionally, your head started its own movie.
You wanted to feel his breath and the tickling of his beard on the sensitive skin of your neck, while he slowly wandered with his lips further down, leaving no spot untouched. He would lovingly travel between the mound of your breasts, before he devoted himself to one of your boobs with his mouth, gently caressing your nipple and meanwhile massaged the other one with his strong hand.
Your hands slid down your body, imagining they were his.
Your fingertips were already touching the hem of your panties, ready to caress your already wet lips, when suddenly the door of the cabin was torn open, and Steve stood in the middle of the room.
You flinched and quickly pulled your hands away. It took Steve a moment to understand what he had just interrupted, but when he realized it, he quickly turned around out of shame, hoping you wouldn't see how much his cheeks flushed.
“I am soooo sorry. I mean. I could have thought of that. You're in heat and that's part of it and I thought.... I wasn't prepared for it. I didn't mean to bother you. I didn't...” Steve stammered, visibly embarrassed.
His stuttering made you chuckle and somehow you actually felt sorry. You could have thought that he could reappear at any time, but the compulsion made you lose all control.
“It’s ok, Steve” you said to him in your sweet voice. Oh, how Steve had missed that sound. And to relieve his agony, or maybe rather to relieve your desire, you asked him “Come here?” and looked at him with you begging eyes, waiting for him to turn around.
And when he finally got himself together, turned around and your eyes met, you both realized how much you missed each other.
Steve took off his jacket and shoes and came straight to you, kneeling on your bedside. But you didn't want him on the bedside but with you in the bed and tried to pull him closer to you by his shirt. His lips were hovering over yours as he nudged his nose lightly against yours.
You wanted to kiss him so badly, but he pulled away surprisingly.
“I am glad that the medicine is helping you. But we should talk to each other first.” he said in his usual soft and deep voice, while he grasped your cheek in one hand and gently stroked it with his thumb.
You knew what he meant, and he was right.
At that moment two feelings came together, the anger about how he had behaved and the disappointment of your inner omega about how he was behaving now. You understood that it was reasonable to talk first, but your inner omega started to whine about the sexual rejection. You really had to force yourself not to start crying right away.
“Y/N, what I said... I did not mean to say that. I am really very sorry. It must have hurt you incredibly. You have to believe me, it was never my intention to hurt you.” He told you sitting next to you, never losing eye contact.
“Then why did you say it?” you asked him directly with a low voice.
“I wasn't thinking. And it was... it was very, very stupid to say that.”
“There's another reason, right?”
You had probably hit a sore spot with the otherwise so strong alpha. His body language and his look changed abruptly. Despite your heat you were clear enough, to know that it was now you who had to give him time “Never mind. Just tell me when you're ready for it.”
Steve was so thankful for your reaction. You had always been so empathetic, and he just had to press a little kiss on your cheek.
“Just tell me. Did you really want to run away?” he asked you with so much pain in his voice.
“No. I mean yes. I was so hurt by your words. But I didn’t actually want to run away, like in “run away”. I was so confused, and something was going on inside of me. I ran and later my inner omega told me to come here. I don’t know why” you tried to explain, even if didn’t make any sense.
“You were looking for a safe place. That makes sense. But didn’t you feel any symptoms of your heat before?”
You shook your head no. “The days before not at all and then I was just sad, and felt like I lost you”
Steve had an idea of what might have happened. Sometimes omegas also got their heat to attract their alphas back. It is rather rare, but in your case it could be like that. And somehow he was glad. Without your intense smell, he wouldn't have found you.
But now Steve had to ask you what had been on his mind for so long “Can you forgive me? I will do everything I can to make it up to you and regain your trust.”
“I thought for a long time after you introduced me to your pack that you did it only out of pity and not because...” you began to reveal your feelings, which wasn’t actually an answer to his question. “Somehow I had the feeling that maybe you didn't want me as an omega. And then you said this.”
Steve was shocked to hear those words. He never intended you to believe that he was not attracted to you as an omega.
He let his hand gently wander down your side, his fingertips stroked your skin like a feather. Slowly he pushed you to the side with his body weight, so that you lay on your back. Steve hovered slightly above you, enveloping you with his strong body while he supported himself with his forearms next to your head. His hands meanwhile stroked through your hair, and he looked directly into your eyes.
“You're not just some pack member to me. I would love to be your alpha. But I didn't want you to feel forced into it.” he spoke lovingly “I thought it would be better to give you some space and a retreat. So, I gave you your own room. That doesn't mean I don't want you to be with me.”
You put your hands on his waist, a little anxious to feel him. As much as you wanted to know more about the network and why he kept it a secret from you, your heated body was longing for him, and your hormones drove you crazy because all you wanted was to feel the alpha above you. To cuddle with him and more.
“Promise me that no matter how angry you are, you'll never say that again.”
“I promise. And I will do everything so that you forgive me. Just tell me what I am supposed to do.”
“It would be a start if you took off your clothes to cuddle with me.” you demanded confidently.
Steve wanted nothing more than that and sat up to take off his shirt. He was just about to lie down properly with you when you stopped him “Pants too, please”.
You both knew there was a lot to work out, but now your wellbeing was the first priority and Steve was just happy that you still wanted him with you.
Tumblr media
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angrythingstarlight · 15 days ago
Alpha Bucky or Alpha Steve?
Let's discuss Alpha Steve since I already wrote Bucky!
Tumblr media
Alpha Steve is more of a disciplinarian. He loves his omega and he loves showing you off to world, mostly to let other Alphas know that you belong to him. He has no problem ripping anyone to shreds if you ask him too. He's more traditional in that aspect. He takes his role as an Alpha seriously, his primary goal is to ensure his girl's happiness and safety.
He can switch between being a tender lover to aggressive headboard breaking sex sometimes within the same session. He only let's his guard down when his knot is locked inside you. Cherishing how you feel resting on top of body, fingers laced together as you talk to him in the quiet candle lit room. Scenting you while you giggle.
But you both know that you can bring the large man to his knees with one throaty whimper. He may be the man of the house but you are his queen and he worships at your feet.
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sweetflowerdreams · 15 days ago
Scenting Home (18)
Pairing: Alpha Steve Rogers x Omega Reader
Warnings: a/b/o dynamics, angst, dark-ish elements (bad thoughts of bad men!), mentions of violence
Chapter summary: Steve has a lot to make up for after his mistake, but he's in for a bad surprise
Word Count: ~2,800
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Wanda was lounging comfortably on her couch when her cell phone rang.
“Hey Steve”
“Hey Wanda” he greeted her depressed, so that Wanda also noticed from his voice that something was wrong.
“Y/N does not answer the phone and does not respond to my messages. Would you please check on her? It has been two days now. Yesterday I just thought she was still angry because we had a fight. But I'm starting to get really worried."
Wanda was shocked. She didn't expect you guys to fight. You always looked so harmonious. But without wanting to know the details, she confirmed “Yes, of course Steve. I’ll check on her immediately.”
“Thank you, please let me know afterwards that she is doing well” Steve said and hung up directly. Wanda was surprised to hear nothing more and looked at her cell phone display in confusion. Steve was rarely in such a bad mood, so she wondered what the argument was about.
Tumblr media
Wanda stood nervously in front of Steve's house. She rang the doorbell, but no one answered. She rang again, several times in a row. But still no response. Wanda had a bad feeling, so she used the spare key Steve gave her for emergencies when you moved in. He knew he would be away sometimes and had made provisions for emergencies.
When she entered the house, she was greeted by an eerie and oppressive silence.
“Y/N?” Wanda shouted through the house. But still nothing.
“Y/N?” Wanda's voice echoed again and again, louder and louder, as she ran through the house, searching room after room, floor after floor, for you.
But you were not here. She didn't know if she should be relieved at first. At least you weren't lying injured and helpless on the floor somewhere. But not knowing where you were also worried her.
When she tried to call you, the ringing came from your room. The cell phone was here. Just like your ID, your clothes and other things. You had taken nothing with you.
The display of the cell phone told Wanda that you hadn't been on the phone for a while. The messages that Steve had sent were still unread on the display. In addition, the battery was slowly running out.
But it could also be that you just hadn't touched the phone since Steve left out of anger and maybe you were just taking a walk right now. But when Wanda came back into the kitchen, she noticed that your keys were still on the kitchen counter.
Steve's concern seemed to be justified.
Tumblr media
Everyone has this situation in their life. The cell phone rings, and you know right away, even before you pick it up, that it's not going to be good news. That's exactly the feeling Steve had when he read Wanda's name on his display.
Bucky also suspected from Steve's facial expression during the phone call that something was wrong. And when he ended the call and rushed to his car without hesitation, Bucky knew for sure. Bucky as Steve's best friend, just had to follow him and stop him from a rushed action.
“Steve, what’s going on?” he asked while following quickly. When he didn’t react, Bucky shouted “Steve!” to finally get noticed.
“Y/N, she ran away” Steve said shortly.
“Wait, what?” Bucky was visibly confused. He knew that the last conversation between the two of you hadn't gone very well. Steve's mood in the last two days made that more than clear. But he had no idea that it had escalated like this.
“We had this really stupid argument before I left.”
“Are you telling me that this petite and lovely omega, is running away just because you guys had a fight?”
Steve’s gaze told Bucky, that there was something Steve was trying to hide.
“What are you not telling me?” asked Bucky finally, knowing that whatever had happened was more than a simple argument.
“And so what, I am not your alpha.” he threw at your head without realizing that these words were destroying everything in you.
“I probably said the stupidest thing I could have ever said” Steve admitted, and continued with a heavy breath “In my rage, it slipped out that I am not her alpha.”
Bucky thought he had misheard “Ohh Steve you stupid, dumb ass… What did you think how she would react to that?” Now he understood what was going on. Y/N was still very suspicious and had taken a long time to open up. He was certainly not the most sensitive person, but even he knew that the psychological damage caused by these words was enormous.
“I… I didn’t think at all” Steve tried to say something about it. But there was no justification for it.
Bucky did not know what to say, but he knew what they had to do now “No you really didn’t. But we have to go home now. We need to find her before someone else does.”
Only now did Steve realize the real danger you were in. In his panic, he didn't think about the fact that you could have left the pack's property in the meantime. You could be anywhere. Somewhere in the forest. Trapped by the government or Rumlow.
“I quickly tell the others. We will find her in time. I'm driving, get in the passenger’s seat.” Bucky literally ordered his pack leader.
Tumblr media
On their way back to their property, Sam, Nat, and Bucky were already trying to gather as much info as possible and think of all the possibilities. Steve was suspiciously quiet. His thoughts were only with you. It was his fault that you ran away. If anything happened to you because of that, he would never forgive himself. While his thoughts followed you, he stared lost out of the car window and listened only with one ear to the conversation of the other alphas.
“I checked the monitoring system. There was a border crossing. Just a few minutes ago. However, not to the outside, but someone entered.” Nat said from the back seat, still typing rapidly on her laptop.
But Sam questioned the new finding “It can't be her, that wouldn't make sense.”
“Unless she is still on our property, and someone has come to get her. That part of the property borders Rumlow's land.” Steve spoke up for the first time in this conversation in a relatively calm voice. It was not the normal, gentle, soothing nature of his voice. The other alphas looked at each other urgently while Steve continued to stare out the window. They knew he was right.
Tumblr media
When Steve, Sam, Bucky, and Nat arrived at the region of the border crossing, there was a lot of territory ahead of them. They didn't know if you were even here. But it was their only hint.
Steve was about to suggest splitting up when the light breeze carried a gentle scent to him. It was a familiar scent that he would never forget. Because it was yours. He was sure of that, even if it had changed a bit.
“I can scent her” he said so quietly that the others hardly noticed. He wasn't sure where the scent came from at first and had to concentrate to find its origin.
“I do not smell anything” Sam remarked, exchanging brief glances with Bucky and Nat, but they too shook their heads.
“No, I am sure. It is her. This way” Steve went ahead without waiting. He didn't know what it was, but your altered scent triggered something in him that he had trouble to control. He had to get to you as fast as possible. Your smell literally pulled him, as if by an invisible cord.
Tumblr media
You didn't know where you were going, but you really needed to get away. Simply away. Without taking anything with you, wearing only leggings, a shirt, shoes, and a jacket, you literally ran out of the house where Steve had left you only minutes ago with the words "I'm not your alpha".
I'm not your alpha
I'm not your alpha
I'm not your alpha
I'm not your alpha
Those were the words that kept repeating in your mind, making you run further and further into the still dark forest with tears in your eyes.
Only when the sun rose did you stop at a tree, completely exhausted, and began to cry and to sob.
You didn't know how long it had taken until you had caught yourself to some extent. It could have been an hour or maybe even five.
It hurt you deeply, but you told yourself in your mind that you had been fine on your own until Steve took you in.
And you would do that again. You would manage your things on your own again. Alone, in the woods, on the run from the government and the alphas.
Although it was already close to the first snow and bitterly cold, you became hotter and hotter as you slowly wandered through the forest without a destination.
After hours of running, you were so exhausted that you just wanted to rest for a while, because you could no longer stand on your feet and the sweat was running down your forehead and your entire body.
Stumbling and with blurred vision you had tried to find a place where you could rest, until you fell into a small hollow in the clammy ground with damp leaves. Too weak to get up, you just lay there, and the tears began to run down your cheeks again until fatigue finally won, and your eyes fell shut.
Tumblr media
Rumlow was a miserable scum. As soon as he smelled the sweet scent of the little omega he so desired, he set off. He knew you were alone. He couldn't smell Steve. It was solely your sweet scent, near the border of the properties. He couldn't pass up this chance.
So, he headed to Steve's property, knowing he didn't have much time because the monitoring system would register him.
But he didn't have to go far because your scent was so strong. Almost like the last time he had almost grabbed you. Only this time he had the advantage that the river was not near. This time he would get you. You would not be able to escape from him.
It wasn't long before he was so close to you that he could smell your scent clearly. As if you were standing right next to him.
He just had to follow your scent.
And there you lay. He saw you, your lovely figure and suddenly your smell hit him in full force.
Now it was clear to him why this scent attracted him this time even a thousand times stronger than the last time.
You were in heat.
You were alone.
You were his.
“Look who we have here. Mhhh how you smell and how lovely you are. Without your protector” Rumlow approached your motionless body.
You were obviously unconscious from your untreated heat.
He knelt down next to you and stroked with his fingers your hair sticking to your forehead with sweat from your face.
“Yes without alpha this heat will kill you my dear. But I am here now and can help you. Actually, I wanted to wait until we are back on my property, but if I have you here so defenseless in front of me…”
Tumblr media
Steve sped up as your smell got stronger. He had now also recognized what had changed. And he knew that this only put you in more danger.
Even the other three alphas could no longer miss the sweet smell.
Steve hurried down the slope in front of him when he saw you lying on the ground, Rumlow bent over you.
He was about to put his hand under your shirt when Steve shouted threateningly “Keep your filthy hands off her or I will personally see to it that you do not leave this property alive.”
Rumlow let go of you directly and turned to Steve “What? She obviously ran away from you. And that although she is in heat. This shows me that she really does not want to stay with you”
“Get off my property – now!”
With the words “Of course, but not without a souvenir” Rumlow turned to you again and outrageously tried to pick you up right in front of Steve's eyes to take you away.
That was enough for Steve to finally freak out and rush at Rumlow, grabbing him and pinning him against a tree by his neck. “You will keep your filthy hands off her. Do you really think I'm just going to let you leave with her?
While Steve kept Rumlow away from you, Bucky took the opportunity to carry you away. He also found it difficult to control himself in your presence, but he had learned to do so over the years.
What no one had noticed so far was also that Rumlow's men had arrived, and they had drawn their weapons. But Nat was just as fast, thanks to her training and Sam did the same. So, it was an eye for an eye situation. If one would shoot, the others would shoot too. No one would get away from here unharmed.
Steve saw from the angle what had happened. Fortunately, he also saw Bucky, who leaned over you protectively and shielded you as best he could. Still, there were way too many Alphas here for Steve to have you, his dear little omega in heat. He had to make sure as soon as possible that he could get you out of here. You were unconscious for who knows how long and if you didn't get help, it would be fatal for you.
“I'm going to let him go now and you're going to get your asses off my property. This is the legitimate property of Roger's pack, and you are not wanted here now or ever in the future. Next time it won't end so well for you.”
Careful that none of the others defied this order, Sam and Nat watched the men slowly retreat.
Steve gave Rumlow another firm punch in the pit of the stomach before letting go of him and turning to rush to you.
He knew it wasn't the last time he had seen Rumlow. He would never give up unless he was caught or taken out, but now he had to get you to safety.
Bucky made room for Steve to take you in his arms and watched with Sam and Nat over the retreat of the uninvited intruders.
“Phew, that just turned out well. So many alphas around a young omega in heat, it could easily have been deadly - for many of us.” Nat told Bucky when he stood next to her.
Sam watched, Steve cradling you gently in his arms and giving you a little kiss on the hair “Let's get out of here”.
Tumblr media
All the way back to the car, not one spoke a word. You were still lying unconscious in Steve's arms. He only hoped that he had not found you too late.
Maybe he should have actually paid more attention to you. He hadn't noticed any signs that you would soon go into heat. Otherwise, he would never have left you alone.
Is that why you were so emotional on the day of your fight?
He blamed himself insanely. He should never have said that to you, then you would never have gotten into this situation. You would be safe at home.
Only when you arrived at the car and after Steve forced you to drink some water, you woke up enough to hear the conversation between the alphas.
His hand lovingly stroked through your hair as he held you tightly in his arms while sitting in the back seat of the car.
You were still totally dizzy and couldn't stay awake for long, but when you heard Steve “We need to get her home as quickly as possible” you couldn't help but say your wish. You gathered your last strength and pulled on Steve's shirt to make yourself heard, because you didn't have the strength to speak out loud.
“Not home…” you whispered to him.
Steve was glad to see that you were awake at least for a short time, but he could not follow your wish “Sweetie, I know you're mad at me, and you really have every right to be. But we need to get you home so you can get through your first heat in safety.”
“No, I want to go to the cottage by the lake”
Steve looked down on you sweetly as your tired eyes closed again. The cottage was not too far from where they found you. So that's where you wanted to head to. Surely your inner omega had wanted to lead you there to experience your first heat. Steve wanted to fulfill your wish and ordered that you be taken there immediately.
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 15 days ago
If I Fall: Part 1
A/N: Trigger warning for mentions of abuse and un-aliving, nightmares and traumatic memories
** **
“Gotov podchinit'sya.” (Ready to comply)
“Go.” The order was given, and he was sent on his way.
He stalked toward his target, a Bowie knife in his left hand and a thick, twisted rope in the other hand. His blue eyes were rimmed with black paint to give him the appearance of a phantom, of a monster that rose from the darkness to terrorize those he lurked over. “Take it.”
He stepped over the lifeless body of the alpha that was lying at his feet, his eyes wide and his mouth part as blood dripped from his nose and his mouth. He stepped over the alpha and stalked toward the omega cowering against the alley with her back pressed against the ridged and texturized brick that kept her trapped in a figurative cage.
“Now.” He was ordered, and through the blank stare that was pointed directly at the cowering and mated omega, he sensed her fear and resentment.
He felt the fear that changed her scent, the fear radiating from her in thick, dense waves that edged him toward her. There was still a part of him, engrained so deeply in him that made him want to comfort the omega.
And for a moment, he hesitated. For a moment, he stayed his hand and put his weight back on his heels. He gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw, the basest instinct still coursing through him despite all the training and the manipulations to turn him into a weapon for their needs.
He was in the presence of omega, and that omega needed comfort, and it was in his instincts to provide for the omega.
“Now, Soldat!” When the order was barked, he reached out and grabbed the omega by the front of her jacket with his vibranium arm.
She fought against him; she kicked and screamed with every ounce of strength she could muster after seeing him kill the alpha that had marked her. She pulled back her leg and slammed the ball of her foot into his chest, the impact absorbed by his massive broad chest.
He turned the omega and slammed her front into the back of the SUV, keeping her pinned down with his vibranium hand while he grabbed the twisted rope and wrapped it around her wrists, tugging the cord tight to prevent her from moving. He was ruthless and relentless, keeping her tied down and bound as his keeper watched everything unfolding.
“Get rid of the body,” he has pushed aside, “I’ll take care of the little bitch.”
He turned on his heel and stalked away from the SUV and the crying omega. He stood before the alpha and kicked his leg before he bent down and picked the dead alpha up from the wet concrete and threw him over his shoulder.
“YOU KILLED HIM!” The omega cried once, and then he heard the crack of a hand meeting the omega’s flesh, followed by whimpers both pained and saddened as low grunts began.
Bucky shot awake, sweat dripping down his neck and back. His blue eyes were wide and filled with fear, his breathing unsteady as he relived a moment that pained him, a moment in time that had gone against everything an alpha should’ve been.
“Bucky,” Steve woke when he did and placed his hand on Bucky’s left shoulder, his lips tracing the back of his neck as he soothes his lover, “you’re okay.”
Bucky’s shoulders shook when the unsettling guilt that he felt for his role involving mated and unmated omega was plaguing him with nightmares.
Every horrible act he had committed had to be forgiven. But this…what he had done to the omega in the past…
“I can’t forget,” Bucky’s voice shook, his vision blurred by tears that were threatening to roll down his cheeks, “I can’t forget what I did to them.”
Steve slid behind Bucky; he wrapped his arms around his waist and held him tightly as Bucky let loose the barrier, the salty tears rolling down his cheeks. He pulled his bottom lip into his mouth and hit down on his flesh.
“You weren’t given a choice-“
“I still did it!” Bucky’s hands gripped the blankets, his nails digging into the mattress. “I hurt them, and I allowed them to be hurt.”
“You were under Hydra’s control, Bucky-“
He threw himself from the bed, his chest rising and falling rapidly, his breathing growing more unstable. His heart was beating as a war drum, thrashing against its cage. Bucky was a mess of tears, of guilt that riddled him unable to breathe, unable to forgive himself for the pain he had inflicted on the most precious.
He threw open the door and stalked out of the bedroom. He grabbed the handrails and threw himself down the stairs, landing effortlessly on the main floor, the impact of his hand cracking the wood floor snd creating a splintered dip in the wood.
“Bucky!” Steve called after him. “Bucky please-“
He needed air. He needed to feel the cold wind of the fall nights on his skin. He needed to feel something.
He didn’t stop running until he was outside, he didn’t stop until he stood in the middle of their front lawn with his bare chest and feet. He didn’t stop until the wind whipped against him, unleashing a chill that cut through the lingering nightmare.
“Hey,” Steve caught up to him and grabbed his wrist, “talk to me, Buck.”
He kept his eyes forward. “I hurt them, Steve. What Hydra did to those onega’s-“
“That wasn’t you.”
“I was part of it,” Bucky felt another surge of emotional turmoil rising in his chest, “I helped them…I helped them…hoarde these omega’s-“
“You didn’t have a choice, Bucky.” Steve squeezed his shoulders and kissed the nape of his neck, trailing his lips across the right side of his neck to his mark.
“I still….” Bucky shook his head, his bottom lip trembling. “I would be a good alpha…I would be good to an omega.”
“I know that, Bucky. We also know how rare it is to come across an omega who’s unmarked.” Steve mumbled into his neck.
“Hydra didn’t care about the state of an omega’s relationship. They didn’t care if they were marked or not.” Bucky lift his hand and wiped his tears with the back of his hand, his eyes rimmed red and his heart clenching with want.
“God,” he scoffed, “I would be a good alpha. I just want a chance Steve. I just want a chance to undo all the shit I did to them. I want a chance to redeem myself. I want a chance to prove that I could provide for an omega. I want a chance to prove that I can keep one safe-“ Bucky’s voice trailed off again.
“You are the best alpha I know, Bucky.” Steve kissed his mark softly and tenderly. “There will be an omega for us, one day.”
“I want to prove myself. I need to prove myself, Steve.” Bucky lost his strength and his resolve. He crumbled to the cold grass, falling to his knees, with Steve still holding him, comforting his mate.
“I just want-“
“I know,” Steve crooned and stroked his hair, “I know, Buck.”
** **
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Tumblr media
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boxofbonesfic · 16 days ago
Remember to Stretch
Title: Remember to Stretch
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Alpha!Steve x Omega!Reader
Summary: Steve is ready to take things to the next level with his Omega, but she requires a little convincing.
Warnings: A/B/O, Manipulation, Breeding kink, controlling behavior, stalking, breaking and entering, public sex, a splash of humiliation, needy Steve is NEEDY
A/N: I kind of thought I was done with the Brooklyn Girls series, but as it turns out, it’s not done with me 🥴. This is a direct sequel to Feel the Burn, but you don’t need to have read it for everything to make sense. Enjoy, please let me know what you think in the comments and reblogs. Special thanks to @syntheticavenger​ for subtly encouraging me to get this down! 😂❤️ 
This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! MINORS, DNI!
 “Shh, doll. You want everyone at the party to hear you?” Steve couldn’t help himself. He’d never been particularly indulgent, always believed in the value of hard work and the sweet reward that came after. But not when it came to her. He couldn’t wait, couldn’t be patient, couldn’t hold back until they were alone—
 Which was why he was currently pumping two fingers into her tight, sopping pussy; her dress rucked up around her waist and cute, lacy panties shoved to the side. Steve dragged his teeth down the side of her throat, savoring the taste of her skin. A whimpering little moan tore it’s way out of her throat, and she reached up to tangle her fingers in the fabric of his suit. 
 “Such a good girl for me, peach,” He whispered hotly, laving his tongue over the spot where her mating mark would have been had he had the patience to wait for her next cycle. It had faded in the weeks since he’d first had his sweet little Omega at the gym, but that didn’t stop Steve from hounding her every chance he got—in the gym showers, the parking lot, the changing room; even the front steps of her apartment, though that had been risky. 
 I still owe Nat for deleting that CCTV footage. 
 “Come on, sweetheart, don’t you want to cum for Alpha?” He purred, circling her throbbing clit with a firm thumb. If her head wasn’t buried in his chest, surely someone would have heard the sob he wrenched from her. Steve scissored his fingers, groaning. It didn’t seem to matter how deep he buried his knot into that perfect pussy—she was always so tight around him, milking him so sweetly. “Be a good girl and cum nice and hard for Alpha.” 
 She did, with a high pitched whine as her head fell back against the door with a soft thud. 
 “Oh god, oh god, oh fuck,” She mumbled feverishly, her chest heaving as Steve slowly slipped his fingers from her soft, wet folds. She watched him clean her slick from his fingers with long passes of his tongue, his eyes locked on hers. He’d invited her to Tony’s birthday party with the intention of showing her off, but when she’d shown up in that goddamn dress, he’d had no choice but to drag her off before she’d even managed to meet even a single member of the team. 
 “Let’s get back to the party, doll.” He said softly, nuzzling the side of her neck affectionately as he smoothed the wrinkles out of her dress with a careful hand. He resisted the urge to sink his teeth into the soft flesh again—there would be no hiding that, and he didn’t much feel like explaining why he had to keep marking her. 
 “Okay. Maybe this time I’ll actually get to meet them.” She giggled, and he growled, kissing the tip of her nose. Attending the party had been Steve’s idea, but suddenly the thought of his peach surrounded by the many, many other Alphas Tony hung around with made him uneasy. 
 “You stay here for five minutes, and I’ll make sure the coast is clear.”
 “Did you have fun, doll?” Steve asked, his arm around her shoulders as he walked her home. She’d had just a little too much to drink, and was giggling, swaying beside him as she walked. 
 “Totally. Scott’s a riot,” She said, smiling up at him. “I had a good time. Thanks for inviting me.” Steve’s chest tightened as she leaned forward on the tips of her toes to brush her lips against his cheek. He couldn’t resist the urge to bury his nose in the lion’s mane of her hair, a pleased little grunt emanating from his chest. She placed another kiss on the other side of his jaw before smiling prettily up at him. “I’ll see you Monday?” She asked, cocking her head. 
 Steve frowned. “Am I not coming upstairs with you?” He asked, narrowing his eyes. He’d come to expect it, spending the night in her bed, drowning in her scent. In fact, Steve couldn’t even remember the last time he’d slept at the compound. She could sense the change in his demeanor, and instinctively cocked her head to the side, submissively exposing her throat. “Are you working this weekend?” 
 Is it someone else? Steve hadn’t considered himself particularly jealous, but now he found himself wondering if there was something his peach was hiding from him. She hadn’t kept herself from him, not since he’d made it clear she was his, but… things were admittedly progressing slower than he’d hoped. She hadn’t gone into heat yet, not once in the three months they’d been dating. 
 “No, it’s my sister’s bachelorette party this weekend.” She said, squeezing his hand placatingly. “I told you weeks ago.” A little pout formed on her lips. 
 “Oh, right. I remember, doll.” 
 He didn’t. He really didn’t. Steve tried to be attentive and caring, and all of the things a good Alpha should be, but it was so fucking hard not to just ram himself into her at every available opportunity. So sometimes… he missed things. He wasn’t happy, either. He hadn’t really prepared himself for a full three days without his Omega, and he especially wasn’t pleased to have her out of his sight so long, not without a permanent mark on her neck, and his scent entwined with her own. 
 “And that means I can’t… come up now?” He asked, pouting a little. He knew she found it hard to resist when he looked especially miserable, but this time she found the strength. She put a gentle hand on his shoulder. 
 “No, Steve.” He knew she didn’t know how close he was to just coming up anyway, but he tried to tamp down the urge.
 “Guessing that means I can’t come too.” 
 “I’ve got to get some sleep and pack. Besides, didn’t you have enough of me at the party?” She giggled, and Steve smiled back, though it quickly devolved back into the displeased pout he’d worn only seconds before. Not enough. Never enough. “It’s no guys allowed. Just us girls.” She waggled her finger at him, and Steve was tempted to nip it for her sass. 
 “Great. My girl’s leaving me, and I don’t even get to say goodbye.” He crossed his arms over his chest, and she sighed. “Can I…?” He lifted her wrist to his nose. He’d cum in her so many times, he was surprised she didn’t permanently carry the tinge of his scent, but at least if he scented her before she left, it might stick. She nodded, hmm-ing with pleasure as he rubbed his face over both of her wrists, dropping soft kisses against her skin. 
 Mine. Only mine. Always mine. 
 He smirked against her as her scent bloomed around him, the taste of her arousal heavy on his tongue. He dropped her wrists and she tried to shift away, but Steve stopped her with a firm hand on her shoulder. “Alpha’s not finished yet.” He tugged her flush against him and pressed his face to the scent gland at the base of her throat. He didn’t resist the urge to let his hands wander, brazenly cupping her ass through the material of her dress. 
 “Ste-eve,” She moaned, her head lolling forward to rest against his chest. He chuckled. 
 “Sure you don’t want me to come up, peach?” 
 “Y-yes. I mean no. I mean you should stay down here, you know I can’t think with you like this,” She moaned defeatedly. “If you come up, I’ll leave with three left socks and no panties.” 
 “I like you with no panties, peach.” He murmured, raking his teeth against her flesh. She keened, and pushed against his chest weakly. Steve didn’t have to let her go, he was stronger than she was, and he knew she would enjoy it immensely if he just took her upstairs and made her cum again and again until she was too tired to make her flight. “And maybe I don’t want you to leave at all.” 
 “It’s my sister’s bachelorette party! I have to go,” She said indignantly, putting her hands on her hips. It was adorable, really—which was the only reason he allowed her to get away with it. “You said you were fine with it.” The little pout on her sweet lips became a full fledged frown, and Steve relented. He wanted her pleased with him and pliant—he’d been waiting to broach the topic of moving in together, waiting until the odds were in his favor. He sighed with irritated acceptance. 
 “Yes, I did.”
 “So I’ll see you Monday?” She tried again, and Steve nodded stiffly, before tugging her forward for another searing kiss. She whimpered against his mouth, opening immediately for his tongue. 
 “You’ll be a good girl for me, won’t you Omega?” He asked against her lips, growling. “I don’t want to have to punish you.” 
 “No Alpha.” She kissed him again softly. “I’ll be good.” 
 By Friday night, Steve had called and texted her about twenty times throughout the day. They’d started innocently enough.
 Steve: Did your flight land okay?
 He’d just wanted to know if she was safe. 
 Steve: Having fun?
 Sometimes women fought, didn’t get along. He was just checking in. 
 Steve: Miss you. 
 Standing in her apartment, surrounded by her day-old scent wasn’t enough, not when he was used to having her near as often as he could. When Fury had called them all in for a briefing, he’d finally broken, scrubbing his hand down his face frustratedly. He was normally attentive and present during these meetings, but all he could think about was his peach; what she was doing, who she was with, was she being a good girl? 
 Steve: Send me a pic, peach
 Of course his Omega hadn’t disappointed, snapping a shot of herself at the pool. Her curly hair was loose around her head, and the little black bandeau bikini made him salivate. True to her word, there were no men in her photo with the girls, all leaning out behind her to wave into the camera. 
 Steve: Such a good omega for me. Send me one of you alone. 
 She didn’t respond for a few minutes, and just when Steve was worried he might have to call her, she sent him another. She’d gone into the bathroom and sat herself on the counter, that perfect tight little ass perched just on the edge. 
 Is this good, Alpha?
 Steve clenched his fist on his thigh as his cock throbbed under the table. 
 Steve: So good, doll. So good. Let me see those pretty tits, sweetheart.
 She sent him a picture of her cupping one of her breasts, pinching her tawny nipple between her fingers. Steve licked his lips, flicking his eyes perfunctorily around the room. His work was important, he knew it was, but fuck if he didn’t want to just hop on a quinjet and meet you in Phoenix. 
 He looked up. Suddenly everyone was looking at him, and for once, he hadn’t been listening. Natasha was looking at him expectantly, and he grimaced. 
 “Sorry. Can you go over it one more time?”
 Saturday was worse. 
 Steve’s cock woke him, pulsing incessantly, throbbing as it reminded him that were things as they should be, he would have woken up beside his Omega, and subsequently have buried it deep in her tight, twitching cunt. 
 But as things were, his hand would have to do, and as it turned out, was a poor substitute for the wet warmth between her thighs. He was starting to feel like she was testing him. 
 Steve: Good morning peach
 Steve: Can I see you?
 i look like crap 😅 we went out last night and i think i drank too much
 Steve: You’re always beautiful. Please, peach, I’m dying here
 He facetimed her then, uncaring when she sputtered, dropping the phone for a few seconds onto the bed. Her voice was raspy, but not from sleep as she greeted him sheepishly. “God I miss you, peach.” He said, his eyes hungrily raking over every bit of exposed skin he could see. She was laying on a bed, her phone resting against the headboard. He could see the cocoa-butter-smooth skin of her thigh poking out to the side, her foot pointed gracefully. 
 “It’s only been two days, Steve,” She teased, smiling at him. “I’ll be home soon enough. Day after tomorrow.” 
 “Not soon enough.” He grumbled. He pointed the camera down at the throbbing length of his cock, barely contained by the briefs he’d slept in. “He misses you too.” As if on cue, his cock throbbed, wetness staining the fabric at the tip. He heard her groan.
 “Steve. See, that’s exactly why this is good for us.” When he turned the camera back up to look at her, she was staring bashfully off to the side in another direction. “All we do is fuck.” Her voice sounded...sad. He frowned.
 “You’d think after all that you’d be marked by now,” Steve joked, trying unsuccessfully to lighten the mood. She didn’t smile or laugh though, her frown deepening as she looked up at the camera a little guiltily. 
 “Yeah, that’s… I’m on suppressants.” 
 Steve almost dropped the phone. “You’re what?” He couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t smelled them on her, that sweet, peach scent still emanating strongly from her whenever he inhaled. “No you’re not.” He couldn’t detect the chemical tang that usually came with taking them, not in her scent or on her skin. He clenched his fists. 
 “They’re low dose, but… they’re enough.” She looked back at him. 
 “Why? Why would you take those?” He couldn’t help the angry, accusatory tone he took on—he didn’t want to even entertain the possibility of her with someone else, someone other than him. “Are you saying you don’t want me?” Steve said quietly, his voice eerily void of emotion. She saw it too, rushing to placate him. 
 “What? No. Steve, it’s… this is new. I don’t know if it’s...going anywhere with us.” She tucked a loose curl nervously behind her ear. 
 “Of course it is. We’re going to have a family.” He replied decisively, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. It was—why pretend when he knew what he wanted? Who he wanted? If anything, it was his peach’s inability to commit to him fully that was dragging this out. 
 “See?” She said with an exasperated sigh. “This is exactly what I mean! If I wasn’t on suppressants, I mean I bet I would be pregnant right now.” She swallowed audibly. “Steve I don’t want to fight, please.” Her tone was pleading, placating. “So let’s talk about this when I get home, okay?” It only made Steve more upset. He’d been certain the moment he scented her—how could she not be sure? This wasn’t the sort of thing you talked about later. 
 “No, I want to talk about this now. What makes you think I’m not right for you? Haven’t I been a good Alpha?” 
 “Steve I want… I don’t know what I want! I’m twenty-four! Okay. Okay.” She held her hands up. “I don’t want to aruge, I really don’t. Okay? I’m sorry. Let’s talk about it when I get home on Monday. Everyone’s getting up now, and I don’t want them to wait on me.” 
 Steve growled. “Don’t hang up on me. We’re not done.”
 “Steve, we will talk about this later.” 
 The screen went dark. Immediately he tried to call her back, but she declined it. The tightness in Steve’s chest grew overwhelming. He tried again and again, and finally when he’d called fifteen times she picked up. 
 “Steve, I’m going to mute your calls. I’m not doing anything you need to worry about, but honestly I think we both need the space—”
 “If you hang up on me again, I’m coming to get you.” He warned, and he saw her expression pale. 
 “Steve, if you do that… we’re over. I’m done.” He was taken aback. She was normally so sweet, so giving, but her little voice was firm, even if her expression was a bit unsure. “I’m serious.” 
 “So am I.”
 She ended the call again, and when he called one last time, there was no response. 
 His next call was to Tony.
 “I’m borrowing a quinjet.” 
 It didn’t take long to get himself together and get to the jet. He didn’t care what Tony told Nick, and he’d turned off his comm long before the jet even took off. He was bringing her back—kicking and screaming if need be, but he was bringing her. First the suppressants—that was bad enough, but to ignore him… And to treat this like it was something larger than just… a bump in the road. 
 She’d said it herself—she didn’t know what she wanted, and Steve was happy to make that decision for her—for the both of them. 
 It took even less time and effort to track her down: he’d never gotten rid of the tracking software he’d put on her phone, and it only took a press of a button to find her. She was at the Airbnb they’d rented, and laid out by the pool. So pretty. Steve knew he’d picked a good one, and he wasn’t going to let her slip away, not without really giving them a chance. If she had, she would know that he knew what was best for them, trust him to know what was best for them. He called her again, watching angrily as she ignored the vibrating of her phone. 
 Steve resisted the urge to crush the phone in his hand. 
 “Girl, you need to block him or something. That’s like the tenth one today.”
 He watched as she sighed, shaking her head. “I don’t want to block him, Jaz. He’s sweet, really, it’s… I mean, he can be a little controlling, but what Alpha isn’t?” 
 “I dunno. That sounds like an excuse to me.” 
 “No. Ugh. Probably. But I’m just going to take the rest of the time we’ve got to just… chill.” Steve watched her lay back against the day bed. “We’re going to handle it when I get back.” Jaz—her sister—leaned forward, patting her shoulder. 
 “I think you needed this trip.”
 A third woman butted in, pulling her sunglasses down as she whispered conspiratorially. “Oh we’ll be chillin’ alright. I got some entertainment coming in a couple of hours.” She giggled, and he watched as his peach pursed her lips in that cute way she did when she was annoyed. 
 “Really, Gina? Strippers?” Her tone was incredulous.
 “What? I’m single, Ashley’s single, You’re practically single, and it’s a bachelorette party for chrissakes. Live a little.” 
 “I’m just trying to enjoy my vacation. Jaz, are you actually cool with strippers?” There was a note of uncertain resignation in her voice. “And I’m not—it’s complicated, Gina. God.” 
 Like hell she’s single, Steve thought vehemently, growling. He shoved his phone into his pocket. 
 “I can look as long as I don’t touch the merchandise. That’s the good thing about a nice, beta husband. He’s not crazy jealous.”
 She sighed. “Fine, if I’m the only one who’s feeling a way about it…”
 “Yay!” Gina clapped excitedly. “I’ll get the singles.” 
 It was all he could do not to charge down there and throw her over his shoulder like the cavemen they’d come from—maybe even fuck her in front of her friends, just to let her know who she belonged to. Let them know, too, so they knew not to challenge his decisions ever again. And then, he was going to crush every single one of her fucking pills and flush them down the toilet.
 And then sink his teeth into her throat while he knotted her, and god dammit it was going to stay this time. It took all of his patience to wait until evening, making his way around to the front of the house a few hours later. 
 He rang the bell, waiting impatiently on the doorstep, tapping his foot against the paving stones. He could hear the women giggling inside, tittering as they waited for the entertainment to enter. Gina was the one to answer, swinging the door open with a flourish. 
 “The party has arrived—oh shit.” He looked past her straight to his little Omega, who was refusing to meet his angry, accusatory glare. “Um, girl, your man’s here.” 
 “Thanks, Gina.” She said sarcastically. “Steve, I—”
 “Let’s go talk somewhere private.” He cut her off.
 “Yes, let’s.” Instead of turning into one of the bedrooms, she led him outside, closing the sliding door. She took a deep breath, her expression pained as though she were about to deliver bad news. “I’m—”
 “No, no, doll. I’m going to go first. I’ve been thinking, and I want to apologize.” Her mouth dropped open, and she looked at him skeptically. 
 “Y-you do?”
 “Oh yeah doll. I’m sorry I’ve been so lenient with you.”
 “Lenient?” She said, a flabbergasted expression gracing her features. “Steve, I’ve not even been gone thirty six hours.” His ears picked up the sound of a second knock, and he almost smiled—her friends would be worried, but now sufficiently distracted. 
 More than enough time to convince her. 
 “Omega, you promised you would be good for me.” He stepped forward to catch her chin between his thick fingers. “Strippers, doll?” She bit her lip embarrassedly.
 “It wasn’t my idea,” She mumbled, not meeting his eyes. “But Steve, you came all the way here—”
 “For you. For us.” He breathed. “I love you, and I want to mark you and marry you and start a family with you.” He brushed his thumb across her lower lip. It was easy for her to defy him when he wasn’t in front of her, his scent strong in the air around her. “Please say you’ll give us a fair shot.”
 “B-but Steve, I’m not—I don’t—” She sputtered, and he tugged her against his chest, her hands warm through the fabric of his shirt. He watched with a pleased grunt as she bit her lip. 
 “Come on, doll. You know how good we are together,” He murmured against her hair, inhaling her scent deeply. He still couldn’t detect it, the sour tang he knew would indicate the presence of the suppressants. He was kicking at the remaining wall of her resistance, and he could feel it crumbling brick by brick. “Let me remind you.” 
 He tilted her chin up and captured her mouth with a kiss, his teeth pulling at the soft flesh of her lips until she was panting. The little yellow halter dress she wore was no match for his searching hands, and her embarrassed little moans were only spurring him on. He pulled eagerly on the tie at the back of her neck, and she gasped, peeking back at the sliding glass doors and into the kitchen beyond. 
 “Steve, not here—”
 “Everywhere, Omega. Anywhere I want.” He growled, running his tongue across her lips. Her nipples were hard, pressing insistently against the soft fabric of her dress. “I bet if I checked, you’d be soaked, wouldn’t you peach?” He whispered against her jaw, and by the way her breath caught, he knew he was right. He stroked the bare skin of her shoulders with reverent hands, and he knew he’d won when a small, miserable little groan worked its way out of her throat. 
 He groaned audibly, his cock throbbing in his pants. 
 “Good girl.” He backed her against the little outdoor table under the umbrella, tugging at her dress until he’d freed her breasts, her skin pebbling in the cooling evening air. He knew he should make it quick, but he couldn’t help but admire her—all smooth buttery skin and soft curves that even her profession hadn’t smoothed away. Steve fingered the hem of her dress before pulling it up and groaning at the sight of her wetness glisteing shamefully on her thighs, soaked through the plain black thong. “Knew you missed me too, doll.” 
 He knelt quickly between her thighs, draping them over his shoulders. Steve licked the slick accumulation of her arousal from her trembling flesh with slow, deliberate strokes. She gasped, her hips bucking. Steve slowly peeled her sopping, ruined panties away from the throbbing folds of her pussy before sinking his tongue into her tight hole.
 So fucking sweet.
 “Ah—Steve!” She whined, and he could hear the strain in her voice from trying to stay quiet. “Please-!”
 “Please what, doll?” He murmured against her, savoring her frustrated whimper. “You want Alpha to make you cum, doll?” He grinned. 
 “Fuck, yes, please-! Please, Alpha!” She was whining and grinding her hips into his face, and Steve reached down to loose the belt on his jeans, before stroking the length of his cock through the fabric. It felt so good to hear her begging, to taste her on and against his tongue. Fuckin’ perfect. 
 “I want to make you feel good, peach.” He said, licking his tongue up her folds. “Am I your Alpha?” Steve could feel her hesitation in the way her body tensed, and he growled. “Am I?” 
 “Y-yes, Alpha!” He gave an approving swipe at the swollen bud of her clit, and she keened, her thighs tensing around his head. He slipped a thick finger into her cunt, groaning at the tightness.
  “Gonna fuck you open on my knot, Omega,” He growled, nipping the flesh of her inner thigh with his teeth. She mewled, her hips rocking into his hand, as he added a second finger, stretching her open. He hoped her friends were still distracted with their entertainment, because he had little intention of allowing them to interrupt. 
 “Fuck, fuck—” He loved taking her apart, seeing her eyes roll heavenward as his name left her lips like a goddamn prayer—there was nothing better than this. Nothing he wanted more than to see it as often as he could. He slipped his fingers from her as she came, her broken moans probably just a little too loud as they echoed across the pool. Steve practically ripped his jeans down, stroking her slick across the leaking head of his cock before pushing it against her. 
 Without preamble, he pushed in, groaning as the head of his cock forced her open. Slick, tight heat surrounded him, and Steve braced his hand against the table, the metal groaning in his grip. “Always so fucking tight, peach,” He panted. She was moaning, angling her hips up toward him so that he pressed against her when he bottomed out. “Like goddamn velvet inside.” 
 Steve relished the wet, sucking noise as he pulled out, only to slide in again, pushing the breath from her lungs in a whine. “So good, Steve—”
 “I know, doll.” He purred. “ ‘S’why I don’t understand why you’d try to take it away from us.” She whimpered. “I—fuck—just wanna take care of you, peach.” Her pussy was clamping down and sucking at his cock like her life depended on it, and her glassy eyed stare as she nodded breathlessly at him told him he had her. “Gonna let Alpha take care of you?” 
 “Nngg—Yes, Alpha!” Her nails were raking red trails down the planes of his chest, her already hoarse voice strained from her cries. Steve didn’t bother trying to quiet her—he didn’t care. He looped his arm under her back, pulling her flush against his chest as he continued rutting into her cunt. 
 “And you’re gonna go off those fucking pills for me, right peach?” He panted against her throat, his teeth scraping over the gland at her throat. “Gonna let me fuck some babies into this sweet pussy, right?” She was shuddering against him, sobbing against his chest as her fingers dug into his shoulders. 
 “Oh god—yes, Alpha! Anything!” She cried, and Steve groaned, throbbing inside her at her admission. He growled, gripping her hips hard as he thrust into her, her wetness leaking down his cock to stain his thighs. 
 “Fuck!” He cursed, throwing his head back. “Can’t wait to fill this pussy up over and over till you’re bursting, peach.” He panted, hips stuttering as her cunt spasmed around his cock. Her teeth sank into the flesh of his shoulder, his blood leaking out around her lips as her eyes rolled shut and a guttural moan ripped from her chest. She was still trembling as he laid into her, his cock bumping her cervix with every thrust until he was cumming too, holding her hips tightly against his own as his seed coated her throbbing walls. 
 He felt the base of his cock swell, and he didn’t bother pulling out—leaving her stuck fast on his knot. She groaned at the stretch, resting her sweaty forehead against his arm. Steve reached down to wipe the stain from her lips with a gentle thumb. She looked up at him with lidded eyes. 
 “Shh, doll.” He absently touched the mark she’d left—not a mating mark, but that would be easily rectified during her first heat. “Let’s not fight anymore.”
 “I just hope no one saw us,” She muttered, and he stifled a laugh. How could he tell her that all three of her friends, including her sister had walked into the kitchen as he’d fucked her? 
 Better to let that one lie.
 “I’m sure it’s fine, peach.” He kissed her again, soft and slow, the way she liked. “Now about those pills…”
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imaginedreamwrite · 16 days ago
If I Fall
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Summary: They had retired from the fight and they’d staked out their peace in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by a thick and dense forest, and the nearest town nearly an hour and a half away.
They found their peace in the woods and with each other. As Alpha’s, they took the company of beta’s but had never settled with one, ever hopeful to one day come across an omega.
But omega’s were rare. Most omega’s had been claimed or went into hiding when their population was on the decline, to avoid being hoarded and passed around like animals.
Omega’s, if found and mated, had two alpha’s to keep them safe and secure against the violent and crazed unmated alpha’s who would stop at nothing to have an omega for themselves. Steve and Bucky almost gave up entirely on finding an omega.
And then, in the crisp fall morning before winter set in, a scent blew across their property. The scent was invigorating and inviting, addictive and had nearly sent them into a rut.
Upon arriving at the source of the scent, they find an omega unconscious laying in the shallow edge of stream with bruises covering her arms and her legs. The omega bears no mark, no lingering scent of an alpha.
And the omega will die if they don’t help her.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Everything Has Changed: Part 15
“How are you feeling?” Peter craned his neck and watched you, his brown eyes studying you with heightened interest and care, before his eyes briefly moved to your baby bump.
“I’m fine,” you smiled and leaned back against the bench, your eyes closing momentarily, feeling the breeze carrying a mix of scents that distracted you from Steve’s smell hovering close, “the morning sickness is gone.”
“You’re five months?” Peter asked, his brown eyes moving toward the protruding baby bump that would no longer be able to be hidden.
“Yep,” you popped the ‘p’ and opened your eyes again, a yawn coming and going, “although considering who the father’s are, the baby is going to be big.”
You placed your hand on your bump and smoothed your sweater down in soft circles, feeling the quickening of your child.
“Would you like to feel your niece or nephew?” When you asked Peter and happened to glance at him, his brown eyes were caught deep in thought, his hand reaching out toward your baby bump. “It’s okay, Peter.”
“He won’t mind?” Peter asked of Steve, who was on a phone call a few feet away from you, his phone pressed up to his ear and his voice a whisper.
“It’s not just his child, Peter,” you grabbed your brother’s hand and placed it on your bump, moving his hand accordingly, “besides, Steve may be one of my alpha’s, but he’s not like that.”
You were focused, concentrating intensely on moving Peter’s hand along your bump until you found your little rascal and all their movements. As your baby moved against Peter’s hand, you crooned softly to your unborn child.
“I’m sorry to hear about your experiment. I know you were looking forward to it.” Peter removed his hand after a minute and placed it back in his sweater pocket. His hoodie was from his school, with the name scrawled across the front in bold block letters, while his jeans were scuffed with a bit of dirt at the knees, a by-product of being the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.
“There’ll be other experiments. Besides, I can still work on it, and I can’t be in it.” You shrugged and stole a glance over your shoulder, watching Steve holding the conversation. “He wants to stay home, Peter.”
At your words, Peter had also looked over his shoulder and then he turned his attention to you. His eyebrows were furrowed, and his lips were pursed, confused and a little taken back by your words.
“Home?” Peter asked, “Captain America wants to retire?”
“They told me I could do whatever I wanted. I want to be a mother and have my career. Steve said he would stay home. Steve said he would love to stay home with our baby.”
At the mention of his name, you knew Steve’s conversation would have ended, and he would’ve shoved his phone back into his black trousers.
“I don’t want to sacrifice one or the other. They want me to be happy, and…” You sighed. “I’m really happy, Peter. I’m going to be having a baby, and I don’t have to sacrifice all those years of hard work.”
“I’m happy for you,” Peter squeezed his hand and let go when Steve approached. Peter wiped his hands on his jeans and stood, addressing Steve with a small smile and a quick ‘Cap’ before he scooped his backpack from the ground.
“I’ll talk to you later, Y/N.” Peter threw his backpack on and secured the hat on his head before stepping away from the bench. “I don’t want to make you late for your appointment, Cap.”
“See ya later, kid.” Steve addressed him with civility and courtesy; any awkwardness from the moment Peter found out about the mateship and the pregnancy was gone and replaced with mutual understanding.
“So, Mr. Rogers,” you slid your hand up to his chest until your hand cupped the side of his neck, “what was the surprise?”
Steve’s touch was equally tender. One hand was resting on your baby belly, and the other was resting on your hip. He was staring at you with such endearment, and it nearly made you melt into the wooden bench. He was such a kind and strong alpha; both of them were.
“Tony said he has a gift for us, and we’re going to be late.” Steve leaned in and kissed you softly, gently pulling you toward him.
“Where’s Bucky?” Your softly spoken words quickly morphed into laughter as Steve started kissing down your neck, tickling your sensitive skin with his beard. You slapped your hand against his shoulder to get him to stop, though the two of you were on such a mutual sort of high from the affection and endearments that you hadn’t pulled away.
“I’m going to pee!” You finally pushed him away and gasped for air after laughing so long. “Stop! You’re going to make me piss myself!”
“Are you okay?” Steve asked with a laugh, helping you stand. “I’m sorry, baby.”
You brushed it off and shrugged, adjusting your sweater as it stretched to its limits with your baby bump. It was one of the last clothing items you could swear that wasn’t maternity, and you were desperately clinging to it. You weren’t ready for maternity clothes, nor were you prepared for the swinging and rather wild cravings that were close to setting in.
“I’m fine.” You smiled and then lightly double-tapped his shoulder. “We leaving or what? We don’t wanna be late for Tony’s big surprise.”
** **
The elevator doors opened to a massive open floor set up with a series of couches by the window. A giant flat-screen TV attached to the wall above a fireplace with a secure metal screen that could be moved to protect from the heat. To the left was a long bar with a series of alcohol bottles arranged in an aesthetically pleasing design.
“What’s this?” You stepped in further, your eyes roaming the cathedral ceilings and the crystal light fixtures. As your gaze wandered to the left side of the floor, you saw a curved staircase that led to an upper floor and a long hall with a series of doors on either side of the aisle. There was a balcony accessible through a glass door close to the living room furniture, and if you had to take your best guess, you’d assume that the kitchen was off to the right beyond the bar.
“This is yours,” Tony spun on his heels and motioned to the penthouse condo, “a little gift for the first-time mother.”
“A little gift? Mr. Stark, this is a mansion!” You kept walking toward the open floor plan living room and the bar, your wide eyes taking in all that you could.
“You need a place close to the lab and your baby. Having your place at Stark Tower will give you both.” Tony crossed his arms over his chest; his arrogance and usual cockiness were replaced with genuine care and happiness for the two super soldiers and yourself.
“Where’s Bucky?” You questioned.
“There’s another surprise upstairs.” Tony nods his head in the direction, moving toward the exit. “I’ll talk to you later, Steve, about your last mission before you retire.”
“Last mission?” You looked over your shoulder, pausing to walk up the stairs to ask Steve what Tony meant.
“Tying up some loose ends before I pass the shield off.” Steve stepped up with you and leaned in, brushing his lips against your temple. “One last mission before our baby comes.”
You rested your hand on your belly and smiled softly. You wanted this baby and were delighted to be pregnant, especially since Steve and Bucky had offered to stay home with your child while you went to work and kept your career.
They were helping you become a mother and a career woman.
“Our baby,” you cooed to your baby in your belly, “moving more every day.”
Steve hummed and slipped his arm around your waist, flexing his fingers and gripping the side of your sweater lightly as he supported you when you started up the stairs again. When you had reached the top, he dropped his arm from your waist and grabbed your hand instead, interweaving your fingers.
“So there’s a surprise?” You questioned Steve, following him n the second floor until you came to a door.
“Just wait and see….” Steve opened the door and stepped in first, shielding you from seeing the room until he stepped aside and the nursery came into view.
You stepped inside and studied the features of the room, from the painted wall depicting a scene of small baby avengers, all miniature and in tiny costumes, to the stuffed cute mobile of the superheroes you knew well, spinning above a secure and sturdy dark wood crib.
“I know we should’ve waited,” Bucky called from the rocking chair in the corner, a wrapped blanket in his lap and a pillow behind his head, “but we just wanted-“
“I love it!” You squealed and picked up a small stuffed bear wearing a costume that looked exactly like Peter’s Spider-Man suit. “This is so adorable!”
You spied a similar bear with a similar uniform to Steve’s, and besides his was Buckys. Your vision was blurred by I shed tears, your bottom lip shaking as you fought the urge to cry in ethereal happiness, seeing the entire room decorated and prepared for your unborn child.
“Sweetheart, are you okay?” You clutched the bears to your chest and turned.
“I’m more than okay,” you were well aware that you were crying, but it was all in happiness and joy, “this is perfect. We’re having a baby! And I’m holding a little stuffed Captain America!”
“We’re having a baby, darling.” Bucky crossed the distance and swept you into his arms, kissing you softly and tenderly. When he pulled away, he kept his arms around your waist and began to hum softly into your neck, effectively scenting you and making you feel more secure and safe in his arms than you ever thought you could be.
** **
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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