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#heart shaped bouquet
thetruehentai · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made a heart bouquet with some leftover roses💛
I hope my neighbours won’t mind me taking pics of their statues
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rachelsmoneytree · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Valentine’s Day.  Or as I call it, Singles Awareness Day.   It’s okay because all 10 of my villages and Isabelle mailed me Valentines.   I’m so glad this wasn’t leaked by the animal crossing community because I was genuinely surprised when I went to my mailbox this morning.  All I expected was a letter from HHA.   Thank you, Nintendo for making my Valentine’s Day special.
Tumblr media
Sprocket, don’t worry.  I love you.
Tumblr media
Maelle, I love you, too.  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.
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multifandomhellhole · 58 minutes ago
Lowell witnessing Toby buying Cursed flowers and attempting to tease him
Lowell was starring intently at a lily when her ears noticed a familiar voice, she drew her gaze up to see a familiar brunette currently muttering under his breath while poking at a lilac. she smirked as she caught the name cursed slipp from his lips. she casually walked over before chuckling "doing some valentines day shopping eeeeh~?" toby gave a shocked yelp before whirling around to shush her "God da-dammit you gave me a heart attack ... did y-you come alone??"
"why is this some cult i'm unaware of?" lowell said with a suspicious look around.
"any of the guys s-see me here and i'll never live this d-down"
"well you might wanna pick something out quick" lowell suggested while looking at the digital clock on the counter. " most of the creeps are gonna come by in about 15 minutes to get some of their own flowers for sally and the lot.
"I'm fucked" toby sighed while pushing back his hair
"How the hell does it take you more than 25 minutes to pick out a nice bouquet of flowers?" Lowell scoffed
"I actually already ordered the-them" toby said indignantly with a mock hair flip and nail check.
"well excuuuuuse me princess" lowell said with a sassy arm cross and neck movement
“so what-cha get her ?”  lowell said with a sly smile while elbowing Toby
“sunflowers and r-roses in the shape of the co-communist logo”
“ Oh My~~ so romantic” lowell said with a exaggerated eyelash batt and handclasp
“ I know.. I put romeo to sh-shame” toby sighed with self pride
the two cackled as they walked out with their flowers and  newer friendship.
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musebluebird · 4 hours ago
💍 + A SHIP ( sky and luc)
where they get married At the Vasile’s mansion garden. 
when they get married ( ie what time of day, what month and season etc. ) One afternoon in August
what traditions they include ( do they get married under a chuppah and crush a glass, garter toss, ‘something borrowed, something blue,’ etc. ) They didn’t do garter toss cause Lucian would kill anyone getting that closer to her. Skylar follows the traditional something old,  something new, something borrowed and something blue. 
what their wedding cake looks like THIS
….who smashes cake into whose face She doesn’t exactly smash cake into his face but she picks up some frosting with her finger and puts some on his nose as a joke.
who proposed to who first Skylar is the first to say that she actually believes that they have a future together and that she wants to marry him after everything they had been through, she says it casually in a midnight conversation that they were both having but she did not expect that the next day he would show up with a ring and put on knees to ask for marriage.
who walks down the aisle and who waits at the altar ( or neither ) Skylar walks down the aisle and Lucian waits. 
what their wedding dresses / suits / other look like THIS and THIS
what their wedding colour scheme is and what sort of decor they have THIS
what flowers are in the bouquet ( if applicable. bonus: what do the flowers mean?) Mainly daffodil and dahlias but also peonies and poppies. 
Daffodil: Represent new beginnings. The sunny hue of daffodils is as happy as can be. 
Dahlia: A cousin of the daisy family, the dahlia originated in Scandinavia and means "from the valley," making it perfect for a wedding with a garden theme.
Peonies: Symbolizes a happy marriage, and it's the ideal big, bold flower to make a statement in a beautiful bouquet.
Poppies: A red poppy is linked to pleasure. 
what their vows are ( eg poetry, traditional, improvised etc. ) traditional. 
if anyone’s late to the wedding 
who’s in the bridal parties / groomsmen / other Lorenzo would be the best man and Skylar would make Serena one of her bridesmaids for all the support during the wedding preparations.
what their bridal party / groomsmen / other are wearing THIS
who gives speeches at the reception ( bonus: what do they say? recount a sweet memory or two between them? tell an embarrassing story? ) The traditional wedding speech order goes father of the bride, groom, best man and other toasts. Lorenzo would give a speech as best man. 
who catches the bouquet( s ) One of Sky's cousins. 
what their wedding photos are like ( are they sweet, with the couple holding hands or kissing or ~gazing into each others eyes~? are they silly, with a snapshot of the ‘cake-smash’ moment? or are they artistic, with one of them facing the sunset or holding their bouquets? ) something like THIS and THIS
what sort of food they have at the reception Italian, a lot. 
who cries first during the ceremony Skylar, cause she misses her parents and after that she cries again cause she is happy of marrying him. 
how wild their reception gets ( who dances the best, who gets drunk first, etc. )   One of the things that all the wedding guests would remember would be the dance, everyone had fun and had a good time thanks to the DJ and the good music. Some of Luc's friends put Skylar in the air and she was definitely the first to get a little drunk but no one could blame her, she was having a good time. Luc also got drunk but he has a better resistance to alcohol than Sky.
what their rings are like THIS
what sort of favours they have ( heart shaped sparklers, mini champagne bottles, personalised candy etc. ) They do have heart shaped sparkles cause Skylar can’t help herself but they also have personalized mini champagne bottles (like THIS) and a gold rose bottle opener (like THIS) and macaroon boxes (like THIS)
where they go for their honeymoon Probably Hawaii, Bali or French Polynesian somewhere with a beach but it wouldn't matter that much either because they don't plan to leave the room for a week.
something memorable that happens during the party / ceremony ( do they run out of ice and someone goes to get it in full formal wear on foot, does anyone fall asleep in the middle of the party, etc. )  Lucian's grandparents nearly fell asleep during the ceremony before retiring, though Sky assures she saw his grandfather nodding off. Almost when the party was almost over, an unexpected summer rain began and they both ended up laughing in the rain for those fifteen minutes, both enjoyed themselves, and it simply didn’t matter how wet the dress got by the end (really really wet by the way).  
who officiates the ceremony a priest
what song their first dance is to A Thousand Years - Christina Perri 
who gives who away as they walk down the aisle  Skylar would not like to ask her uncle so casually she would ask Lorenzo, Lucian's brother, obviously she would clarify that he had no obligation to do so and in case he did not want to, she would simply do it alone but luckily for her Lorenzo agrees.
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wulfies-kpop-fanfics · 9 hours ago
All Over Again → Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
↳  Pairing: Jin/Reader
↳  Word count: 2,203
⁙  Summary: Seokjin has always been in love with you, even if at an early age you had been stricken with memory degradation and memory loss.
It wasn’t your fault. It was the way you were born, the way you had been destined to be. More than forgetful, more than scrambling around your house wondering where you had left your phone charger. It was forgetting things that just happened. It was forgetting about your friends, the things you loved and the things you wanted to do.
Your memory hadn’t always been like this. You had friends, you had a family, you had hobbies, likes and dislikes, favourite foods and favourite books, but over time things began to fall further and further from your brain. Eventually, a number of things you could remember were how to walk, eat, speak, read, and write.
One thing you always knew was that, no matter what, you seemed to make the people around you sad. You never understood why- you hardly knew anyone. People who came to visit you always had frowned when you asked their names and tears welled up in their eyes when you didn’t know the answers to any of their questions. It was so confusing. Why was everyone so… gloomy?
“Seokjin, I know how much you care about her, but… she doesn’t remember you,” your mother commented sadly to the boy standing outside your room with a bouquet of flowers. “She hardly even remembers us now. Her memory is too degraded.”
Seokjin, the boy who had loved you since preschool only smiled warmly in her direction. “That’s okay,” he replied. “I’d like to talk to her anyway if that’s alright.”
“Honey, be my guest, I think she would enjoy some company other than me.”
You turned your head away from your colouring book as the door handle to your room turned and clicked, the door soon opening. The light from the large window cast a bright and nearly blinding light into the nearly completely white room you were in, causing your visitor to squint as he walked in. You watched this new person enter with curiosity, enjoying the blast of colour that followed him in that took the shape of multicoloured flowers.
“Hi there,” he greeted, smiling over at you. “Mind if I sit?”
“Hi,” you say in return, shoving your book and pencil crayons off to one side. “You can sit down if you want. My name’s (Y/N).”
The boy took the padded seat next to your bed, gently placing down the flowers in your lap. “I know.”
“How?” You wonder aloud. “We’ve never met before.”
The boy smiled at you, and you saw something in his eyes that you had somehow seen before, but you couldn’t exactly place where you had. His plump lips were curved upwards in the most… how could you say… calming way, his fingers leaving the bouquet wrappings to the sheets of your bed, running a finger along the fabric. You blushed by only watching his movements.
“I’ve known you for a long time, actually. My name is Seokjin, but you used to call me Jinny. You’ve always been the only one allowed to call me that.”
“Oh.” You looked down at the flowers, smiling at them. “I like these, thank you.”
“You’re welcome. I knew you would like them, they’ve always been your favourite,” he said, his fingers moving back to the flowers, taking one of the yellow petals in between his thumb and forefinger.
“What are they?”
“They’re roses, painted in all the colours you like. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple,” Jin explains, and you look back at him with a smile.
“I love every colour,” you say proudly, sitting up a bit straighter.
“I know you do.” Jin’s smile faltered slightly. Tilting your head in curiosity, you watched him look down at his wrist, gently pull back his sleeve and look at a watch. The way he delicately did such a simple thing made your heart beat a little faster.
“What’s wrong?” You ask.
“Nothing, don’t worry. Say, what were you drawing?” He asked.
“I was drawing?” You wonder, looking to your left to find you book sitting next to you. “Oh.” You reach out to grab the book, flipping through to see your most recent drawing. “I guess I was drawing this.”
Your eyes widen as you look at the page. You never knew that you drew it, and the person whose face you drew looked familiar. You squinted at the page before holding it upright beside Jin’s face. You looked from him to the drawing, noticing that they looked nearly identical. An oval sculpted face, heart-shaped lips, thin, square eyes, round nose and tousled brown hair.
“Hey, (Y/N), are you okay?” Jin gently grasped the paper and flipped it over when you fully handed it over to him. However, his reaction to seeing what was on the page wasn’t what you expected. Instead of wide, stunned eyes, he just smiled, looking over your face again. “See? You’ve been drawing me. You’ve known me for a long, long time.”
“But how? I don’t remember you.” You say dejectedly. “I-I’m sorry.” For some reason, pain struck your heart. You wanted to remember him, you really did. You felt like there was something there, a feeling like you did really know him, enough to feel the twinge of nervousness and shyness in your chest, to know what it meant despite what was wrong with you. But, no matter how hard you tried, nothing came to your head, and nothing happened.
Jin placed down your book on your bed and raised his hands, noticing that tears were welling up in your eyes. “No, I didn’t mean to make you upset,” he cried. “I just want you to know.”
You sniffle. “Know what?”
“I want you to know that I love you,” he stated, leaning forward in his chair to rest his arms on your bed, placing his cheek against the sheets. “I love you so much, even if you forget about me every time I leave the room.”
Did he love you? Did he get the same feelings in his chest as you do as you’re looking at him right now? Does he find himself drawing you? Does he forget about you, too?
“Jinny,” you say, feeling a bit more at ease when you say his name that way, “I.. I, um…”
“Hmm?” He hummed, waiting patiently for the end of your sentence with a smile.
“I love you too,” you agree with very little thought involved. You know what this was, a deep-seated feeling that even you couldn’t forget. It was love. “Please…”
“What is it? Do you want some ice chips?” He sits up, ready to stand, and you only smile and shake your head, grasping his wrist for good measure.
“Please, don’t go… not ever. I don’t want to forget you.” Tears were now spilling over the rims of your eyes. You knew that if he left the room you would have to meet him all over again. You had done it so many times with your mother until her constant presence finally solidified her in your mind, but it seemed like Jin hadn’t made that kind of progress.
“You won’t forget about me,” he told you, reaching up to swipe a thumb at a stray tear. “You draw my face in your books and you remember my nickname even if I only mention it once. Once you love someone, you never really forget them. Alright?”
“Okay,” you agree, leaning into his touch, his hand now cupping your cheek gently. “Will you stay a little longer, though?”
“Of course I can.”
~ 4 hours later ~
You smiled at your newest masterpiece and placed down your charcoal pencil, holding up your sketchbook and admiring your handiwork.
“(Y/N), don’t you think it’s time you eat your dinner?” Your mother asked as she sat against the wall, returning Jin’s shrug as he could finally move from his pose. She gripped your dinner tray in her hands, it slowly growing cold from the passage of time.
“I only just finished,” you whine. “Can I eat after I put the seal on it?”
“(Y/N),” your mother called scoldingly. “Your charcoal won’t smudge if you leave it for a few minutes, now eat up.”
“You should probably listen to your mom, (Y/N),” Jin chimed as he stood up to stretch. “She can get pretty scary.”
You looked over at your mother, who was looking at Jin with a knowing smirk, but, she said nothing.
“But eating my dinner means that visiting hours are over and you have to go home, right?” You ask innocently.
“Yes, that’s right,” Jin replied cautiously.
“Then I’m never going to eat my dinner!” You declare, placing your sketchbook on the small table beside your bed, promptly crossing your arms and pouting in your mother’s direction.
“(Y/N), come on, Jin can visit tomorrow.”
“No buts.”
“Alright, fine.” You sigh dejectedly, nodding in the direction of your mother.
Your mother stands, satisfied at your compliance. She placed the tray on your lap as you sadly watched Jin stand.
He looks down at you with his soft smile, “I’ll come back tomorrow, okay?”
“You promise?”
“Of course, I promise,” he reassures you by nodding and crossing his heart. “Cross my heart and hope to die.” He begins to turn around, but you grab his wrist. “What is it?”
“One more thing.” You tug on his arm gently, and his smile grows wider as he figures out what you want. Before you know it, he’s bent down in front of you and placed a sweet kiss on your lips.
“I love you, (Y/N).”
“I love you, too, Jinny.”
Jin sighed as he exited the room, closing the door gently behind him. He knew as he walked down the hallway of the hospital that you’ve already forgotten about him, but he couldn’t bring himself to be depressed or sad about it.
He pulled out his phone to text his friends that he was coming home, a smile still present on his lips.
NJ: Hey, Jin, visiting hours ended like half an hour ago. Are you coming home?
TH: Yeah, we need you to make dinner.
SJ: You guys really need to learn how to cook for yourselves. Yeah, I’m coming home.
JM: How was the hospital? Did she…?
SJ: No, sadly.
 YG: :( We’re sorry
TH: Yeah… we know how much you love her.
NJ: Maybe one day she’ll remember you
SJ: I don’t care about that anymore, I’m not sad about it
JK: Wait, why not? You’re usually so torn up about it once hours are up.
SJ: I don’t know, I just noticed that every time I go to see her, it’s like she’s never seen me, and…
YG: And what?
SJ: And it’s like she falls in love with me all over again, every day. She never gets tired of it, she never gets tired of my face and she never wants me to leave once visitation is over.
TH: Now that’s what I call true love. She’s never freaked out at you?
SJ: No, never. I tell her that she knows me and she’s always a little confused at first but I always see that light in her eyes, I can practically feel the butterflies she gets. I just know that she loves me, even if it’s new to her every time I go in.
NJ: :) that’s the spirit!
YG:  I feel like I could write a million songs right now
TH: Me too :D
HS: That’s so beautiful T_T
JK: You should just pop the question every day to see what she says ;)
JM: It’s good that she has someone like you
Seokjin smiled to himself as he locked his phone. He would visit you every day, watch you fall in love all over again until one day he would finally be so embedded in your memory that you had one less thing to forget. So that he would never have to leave you, so visiting hours were never over.
~ The Next Day ~
“Seokjin, back again, are we?” Your mother asked, a smile on her face as she nursed a cup of coffee, leaning on the wall by the door to your room. “Seems like you’re freeing up your schedule.”
“I’m trying to as much as I can, Ms (L/N),” he says cheerfully, gripping a small gift bag. “Is she awake?”
 “Yep, and pretty energetic, too.”
“Oh, good. So, I can go in?” He asked, smiling at your mother.
“Of course, go on.”
The door made a small click once again as Jin entered the room, his smile becoming a grin as you looked over at him from your sketchbook.
“Hi there,” he greeted, smiling over at you. “Mind if I sit?”
“Hi,” you say in return, shoving your book and pencil crayons off to one side with a giant smile. “You’re more than welcome to sit down. My name’s (Y/N).”
Seokjin took toward the padded seat next to your bed, gently placing down the gift bag in his lap, deciding to present it to you before he left at the end of visitation. “I know.”
“You do?”
All over again.
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thehungrykat1 · 2 days ago
Hilton Manila Honors Mom with Lavish Dinner Under the Stars
Hilton Manila celebrates Mother’s Day by honoring all Moms with unique and indulgent dining options under the stars at the Vega Pool. We can still give mom a safe and special treat with these luxurious options. On Mother’s Day, guests are invited to dine with loved ones selecting from either the gourmet “Vubble” Premium menu or Cabana Deluxe menu.
Take pleasure in Executive Chef Benoit Chargy’s superb culinary creations while celebrating in style inside Hilton Manila’s unique air conditioned Vubble Pods or go al fresco at the poolside Cabanas. For a truly memorable evening, diners may also choose to order a bouquet of flowers, champagne, or a Mother’s Day-inspired cake. You can view the full menu at Prices start at P9,500 nett for two persons at the cabanas and P16,500 for the Vubbles.
For guests who would like to celebrate in the comfort of their homes, simply Bring Hilton Home and leave the cooking to Hilton Manila. Enjoy Filipino, Western or Chinese Family Platters highlighted by favorites like Crispy Bagnet Kare Kare with Bok Choy, Grilled Norwegian Salmon with Mushroom Cream and Fragrant Tea Smoked Duck.
Sweeten the deal with Mother’s Day inspired cakes and pastries such as the decadent Heart-shaped Macaron Cake and the ornate Mini Flower Pot Cup Cake selection. A minimum 24-hours pre-order is required. Bring Hilton Home is available for takeaway or via Delishvery. Guests may also order online through Pick-a-roo from May 7 to 9, 2021. Visit for more details on Hilton Manila’s Mother’s Day offers. For inquiries or reservations, please call +632 72397788 or +639178266442, or message them on Facebook through at Hilton Manila.
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xtramasala · 3 days ago
Best Farewell Gifts for Your Boss in 2021
Best Farewell Gifts for Your Boss in 2021
Too few of us have the pleasure of working with a good boss. 3-in-4 US employees report that the most stressful part of their job is their boss. 65% would choose a new boss over a raise. Employees who don’t get along well with their managers are 60% more likely to suffer a heart attack. Yeah. So it’s not just your day-to-day that’s impacted by your boss — it’s your life. So, if you’ve been lucky enough to have worked with a good boss, one whom you like and respect, you should certainly show your appreciation before parting ways. 
What to Get Your Boss When You Leave
It can be hard to decide what to get your boss when you leave the office for the last time. You probably wouldn’t get your boss the same gift you would a spouse or relative, right?
It would be a bit odd to get your boss a bouquet of flowers or buy them jewelry — instead, you’ll want to opt for something that is friendly, office-appropriate, and ideally suitable for one of the categories below — something fun, something cool, something relaxing or something useful. Down below we’ll run you through a quick crash-course on what to get your boss when you leave so the two of you can part ways as good friends if no longer co-workers. 
Best Farewell Gifts for Your Boss
Down below, we’ll run you through a few ways to frame your thinking when looking for the best farewell gift for your boss you can get — along with a few examples. If, by the end of this article you still haven’t found the right gift for your boss, well, you’ll need to put your thinking cap on. Luckily, we can help you with that too. At the end of this article, we sign off with a few notes about how to pair whatever you do get with an earnest goodbye that tells your boss how much you appreciated working with them. 
Something Fun
Just because you’re in the office doesn’t mean you need to be bored. During the in-between moments when your boss isn’t chasing down a deadline or meeting with clients, something small to fiddle with can be an effective guard against burnout. 
The Levitating Superpen
Price: $49.99
The Magnetic Levitating Pen has to be, pound-for-pound, one of the best office gifts of all time. It stands perfectly at the intersection between a cool desk toy, an actually useful pen stand, and a thinking aid. While a little pricey for a desk item, you can expect your Boss to be genuinely curious about it and expect to see it on their desk (if you ever happen to stop by the office again!).
Suspended entirely by magnetism, you can flick and tap the pen and watch it roll and bounce around over its platform like something out of Star Wars and, when a thought hits you, pop the cap and start writing because yes it’s a real pen. 
Shashibo Shape-Shifting Box
Price: $23.99
One of the #1 best-selling brain-teasers on the market, the award-winning Shashibo has been featured on daily news segments like the Today Show and is the fastest-selling puzzle toy on Amazon. So you know you’re in good shape already — and it’s at the perfect price point where it won’t have you wincing when you open your wallet nor make you feel like a cheapskate when you gift it to your boss.
The cube is constructed of 36 rare earth magnets that can be rearranged into over 70 three-dimensional configurations (and combined with other shashibos!), giving your boss something to fiddle with when killing time or working through a problem-solving session. 
Sand Pendulum
Price: $29.49
For centuries, sand pendulums have been studied and revered for the inexplicable ways they create dazzling, seemingly magical patterns in the sand as if guided by some external force. While science has caught to the mechanics of the sand pendulum, they remain no less alluring and mysterious.
All your boss has to do is give it a tap or pull and sit back while the sand pendulum goes about its business, slowly etching an incredible, geometric pattern in the sand. A safe, respectable and low maintenance gift that anybody would appreciate. 
Something Cool
It might be a little cliche, but if your boss’ desk isn’t inundated with kinetic sculptures and doodads already, getting them something artistic and pleasing to look at can help spruce up their workspace and make hard days a little easier.
Newton’s Cradle
Price: $29.95
You’ve seen it somewhere — whether in a movie, a meme about supervillains or on the desk of somebody who holds a lot of power lunches. This alone makes it a great gift for your boss, its minimalist beauty and calming perpetual motion mechanics aside.
It might be one of the most well-known of such devices out there, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Anybody and everybody’s desk wears a Newton’s Cradle well, which is why it continues to stand as one of the best farewell gifts for your boss. 
The Swinging Sticks
Price: $98
The Swinging Sticks miniature version might be the most expensive item on this list, but the dash of upscale class it adds to any office environment lasts forever — just like its unassisted, perpetual motion mechanics.
The Swinging Sticks’ dual pendulums spin and rotate, slinging momentum with slow, expert grace. In silence they spin, endlessly, making it a beautiful kinetic sculpture that a boss of good taste would certainly appreciate. If you’re willing to shell out, the Swinging Sticks desktop version is a farewell gift that leaves an impression. 
The Oloid
Price: $59.99
The Oloid might look and sound exactly like an alien spaceship, but it’s nothing more than a hunk of immortal, stainless steel with some pretty startling shape mechanics. It is, quite literally, just metal. What makes it special is its inexplicable ability to roll, like a sphere, with a linear center of gravity despite being composed of two separate curves.
Looking at it for the first time, you’d probably raise an eyebrow at the person who suggests you roll it across the desk — and then be stupefied as the Oloid, first discovered by Paul Schatz in 1929, does exactly that without being whatsoever round. An interesting, surprising gift and a great farewell gift for your boss. 
Something Relaxing 
Heavy lies the brow that wears the crown; being a boss is as stressful, if not oftentimes more stressful, than being an employee and having a de-stressor, however small, within arm’s reach can do wonders for their mental and physical wellbeing as they contend with the trials and tribulations of running a business. 
The Buddha Board
Price: $34.95
For the artistic bosses out there, the Buddha Board is a fun combination of zen practice and Sumi-e- style painting. Dipping the brush in water is all it takes to leave a mark on the buddha board.
Whenever the urge seizes them, your boss can leave a few strokes on the buddha board and then, with grateful acceptance, watch the work slowly fade away as the water evaporates. A tasteful, artistic addition to any workspace. 
Neck Massager Pillow
Price: $39.99
This one’s pretty clear-cut. Everybody likes a good massager. Whether it’s from bad posture, excessive stress, or a combination of the two, our necks and upper backs tend to soak up tension, resulting in lasting pain and discomfort. When a good, heat-powered massager finally gets digging into the mess of muscle knots we’ve accrued over long work days, the sense of relief is unlike anything else.
Giving your boss the Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager pillow as a farewell gift leaves them with a constant reminder of your time in the workplace every time they boot it up for some much-needed relief. 
Stress Less Cards
Price: $15.99
The Stress Less Cards deck is a collection of 50 different meditation and mindfulness exercises designed to combat the stress and anxiety that invariably accompany the trials and tribulations of modern life. Compounded by the responsibilities of leading a team and/or running a business, remembering to stop and smell the existential roses can be a criminally underrated component of a successful day.
Getting your boss the Stress Less original cards deck might be a nice gesture, as long as you’re sure they won’t take it the wrong way — if they don’t self-identify as stressed, or don’t care to admit it, maybe pass on this one. But if they’re the kind who appreciates holistic health measures like meditation, mindfulness and gratitude practices, this might just be the best farewell gift for your boss you could give them. 
Something Useful
At the end of the day, leaving your boss with something they can actually use might be one of the best farewell gifts for your boss. 
Perixx Periboard
Price: $39.99
The Perixx Periboard is an intelligently designed, budget-friendly ergonomic keyboard that can help take some stress off your boss’ wrists during long typing sessions and maybe save them from a trip to the physiotherapist.
More than the utility that the keyboard and its tented split keyboard design and elevated wristpads provide, giving your boss the Periboard (or any other ergonomic accessory for that matter) sends the message that you actually like them, and — as you would for a friend — want them to prosper down the road. 
SimpleHouseWare Desk Organizer
Price: $24.97
The SimpleHouseWare Desk Organizer is a pretty straightforward gift; if you’ve noticed your boss tends to keep a cluttered desk or has trouble finding things during a meeting, a quick and modest desk organization tool like this one will do wonders for their ability to keep up with themselves during a frantic workday.
Light, unobtrusive, and pretty easy to find space for, the SimpleHouseWare organizer might not be the flashiest farewell gift for your boss, but will dutifully get its job done for as long as it’s needed.
Desk Exerciser
Price: $46,99
Be careful with this one. Giving your boss a farewell gift centered around exercise can send the wrong message. That said, if they already take fitness seriously, the Vaunn foldable pedal exerciser can be a thoughtful top-tier gift that shows you know their interests and have paid attention to their off-work hobbies.
The pedaler fits snugly under a desk, providing continuous, zero-impact exercise throughout the day that burns calories and helps stave off the scourge that is our sedentary work-styles. In terms of quality, the Vaunn is the Amazon best-seller in the category, with a sturdy design and anti-slip rubber feet — basically the whole nine yards, a piece of equipment that will last for as long as needed.
Something Human
At the end of the day, you and your boss are just people. Say goodbye like a human being, expressing your thoughts at the end of your working relationship articulately and with class. As we mentioned at the start of the article, a good boss is an all-too-rare privilege nowadays and showing your appreciation with something more thoughtful than a simple nicknack is an essential component of a professional goodbye. 2
Something They Wanted
There’s a good chance you spent more time with your boss in however long you worked there than you did with your significant other — according to the mathematics of a 40-hour workweek, at least. During that time, there’s a good chance that if you paid attention, you will have some insight into the hobbies and extracurricular activities they hold dear.
If that’s the case, shop for them like you would any friend or relative — get them something they want. If they’re a gamer, maybe a game they can play on the sly, a new Stadia game, or a guide on how to win at Monopoly every. single. time. 
Something for the Office  
Your boss’s office is his/her domain. Giving them a gift doesn’t have to be something for their own personal use, or a little doodad for their desk. Maybe the office has needed something for a while — be it some plants to spruce up space or a piece of equipment that’s needed to be replaced. Leaving the place that you both occupied better than you left is one of the best ways to do good for the people around you, and leave in your wake a lasting impression of a thoughtful person. 
And a Great Big Thank You
At the end of the day, there is no better farewell gift for your boss than an honest goodbye. You likely spent a year, more likely several years, working with them on a daily basis, and simply telling them how grateful you were for the opportunity to learn and grow with them will bring a smile to their face more readily than any trinket could — however thoughtful.
When bidding your old boss and the office place you spent so much time in, make sure to highlight what you will be carrying with you in the next chapter of your life — be it the skills you learned, the connections you made, or the personal growth you accomplished.
Boss or employee, we are all jigsaw pieces doing our best to fit together and shape a complete, cohesive world around us — and when two pieces fit in well together, the whole picture looks a little better. If you were lucky enough to work with a good boss, tell them they were one. 
If you have any tips or suggestions for great farewell gifts for your boss, be sure to share them in the comments below!
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Meeting Your Other Half's Mother
For The HarringroveApril Challenge - Day thirty - lily of the valley - another one a day  late also the last oen🤷‍♀️
Meeting Your Other Half's Mother
Billy has nerves in his belly as he rings Steve’s doorbell at half past seven, eyes flicking to the unfamiliar car in the driveway next to Steve’s that Billy has never seen before. Worrying that Steve has changed his mind about tonight, about giving Billy a real chance, past messy late night make outs and heavy petting. Worried that this is all some ruse to mock him, that Steve already has a date waiting to return the favor of smashing Billy’s face in the way Billy had to Steve almost two years ago. 
 The doors opens and it is an older woman standing there silhouetted by the overhead light in the little entryway. Billy’s heart rate ticks up with a different set of nerves, she looks familiar, she looks like Steve, a similar speckling of moles, the same nose. Shit this is worse than if Steve did have an ulterior motive to get Billy back for that time he beat him up. Billy is not prepared to meet Steve’s mother, oh god he really hopes his father is not home as well. 
 Billy’s hands sweat around the little bouquet he is holding, he picked it out special for Steve, the bundle of small bell shaped white flowers and waxy thick green leaves binding them together holding a secret meaning for Billy. The woman looks over him with a critical eyes taking in his half buttoned up shirt, scars peeking out of the open v, jeans worn and frayed at the knees, his shorter than before curls, finally really starting to grow out instead of staying coiled tight and puffy, for six months he looked like he could be Dustin’s bother to both their chagrin. Billy gulps at the unmoving look, worried that the woman is going to slam the doors in his face Billy finally speaks “Is Steve here?” moving the bouquet up and down mechanically in his nervousness. 
 “Steven isn’t ready yet, why don’t you come in?” She says moving to only block one of the doors, arm dropping and spanning inside a gesture for Billy to move. He holds the flowers against his stomach, petals brushing against his scared chest, as he stomps his boots on the little bristle rug before moving inside, wishing he had taken Robin’s suggestion of better shoes more seriously, his scuffed worn boots feeling out of place.
 “You are Billy, yes?” She asks with just a hint of an accent as she closes the door and Billy suddenly feels trapped, like he needs to escape all of his buttons and break through a window if he wants to breathe again. He manages a curt nod, speech failing him, fingers going too tight on the leaf wrapped steams making them crunch together. Even the small smile that pulls at her painted lips does nothing to dim his nerves.
 "I'm sure he will be down shortly, why don’t you join me in the parlor room, take off your shoes, these carpets are imported." It is not actually a question she is already moving into the living room before Billy can get his wits about him. He quickly toes off his boots, nearly falling when the left one gets caught, the laces not loose enough and he ends up having to bend down and angrily pull at the laces until they loosen. 
Billy’s hands go back to clutching the little bouquet as he finally pads into the living room glad he made it a point to check his socks before he pulled on his shoes, the last thing he needs is a hole in the toe when meeting Steve’s mother. Mrs. Harrington watches him standing by the mantel looking elegant in her floor length dress, she does not look like she should be in little Hawkins, she looks like she should be some city people talk about with awe and Billy can see where Steve gets it from. Sometimes when it is just the two of them and Steve is all pretty and outlined by moonlight telling Billy the dumbest thing he has ever heard he gets a little struck by how out of place Steve is, how he belongs someplace bigger, where more than just Billy and some kids can realize his real worth.
 She flares her hand out like she is a model on Wheel of Fortune and the couch is one of the letters she is revealing. Billy stands there for a moment blinking at it a little surprised when it does not rotate to reveal his fortune. It remains stationary, plain, a dark buttery soft leather that Billy worries he is somehow going to ruin as he shuffles closer taking a seat by the arm, unlike his normal stance Billy keeps his limbs in, does not spread out and take up as much space as possible, keeps his posture straight and proper. He is positive he is being judged, a thought confirmed by the way Mrs. Harrington gives a small subtle nod like he has done well thus far, it makes the sweat of his palms worse. 
 “How long have you known my Steven?” She asks, dress trailing lightly behind her as she moves to the little bar in the corner.
 Billy licks over his lips thinking and worrying about what Steve has told her. Should he count from when he moved to Hawkins, or when they actually got to know each other after Starcourt when Billy was in the hospital and he actually apologized and they started spending time together? Billy watches Mrs. Harrington almost disappear behind the bar before popping back up with a can of cheap beer, the kind of beer Steve knows Billy drinks and there is something warm in his belly at the idea that Steve put it there with him in mind. “Almost two years.” He chooses the hospital apology, it is what Billy likes to count by.
 She hums, manicured nails, painted a deep red pop the can open, she grabs a fancy glass, titling it so that as she pours it the amber liquid hits the edge of it before sliding down into the cylinder, keeping it from being overly foamy. The glass looks expensive, tiny rainbows casting off of it and Billy realizes it is crystals, she pouring a pabst into crystal and Billy has a panic that it will somehow taint the glass, the same way he sometimes worries that he is tainting Steve, rendering him imperfect. His hands tighten on his bouquet again the little bell shaped flowers shaking as he grinds the steams together.
 “Perhaps you should put the flowers down before you damage them.” Mrs. Harrington calls, as she pours a deep burgundy wine from what looks like a vase into a delicate wine glass. Billy hesitates, what is he supposed to do with his hands if he is not holding them, he has forgotten how to act smooth and charming with the moms of Hawkins, that went out the window the first time Steve sent a genuine smile his way. He doubts any of his old tricks would work on Mrs. Harrington anyhow, she is probably used to better flattery and pageantry than Billy has ever been able to muster.
 Mrs. Harrington comes over setting her wine glass across the table from him and holds out his drink in one hand, her other hand out and palm up waiting. “The flowers” She says as he releases his firm hold on them, one hand moving to grab the glass, afraid he is going to drop it, shattering the glass and ruining the rug. He hesitates, fingers barely grasping the glass before he gives in and hands the flowers to her, grabbing the crystal with both hands as she quirks a small smile at him.
 “The way my son tells it, you’ve known each other longer.” She says holding the bouquet up to her face and taking a sniff of their fragrance as Billy chokes on his first sip of beer, hacking and coughing as it goes down the wrong pipe. She hands him a napkin before taking a seat in the lounge across from Billy, sprawling but dignified, the bouquet in her lap as she grabs her glass of wine and takes a small sip giving Billy a questioning raised eyebrow.
 “Well,” Billy licks over his lips, throat a little scratchy before he takes a sip of beer that thankfully goes down the right pipe this time. His hands clench around the glass and he forces them to relax, afraid to break the delicate looking glass, it feels solid under his palms but still the fear is there and now he is suddenly aware of how damp his palms are, afraid their slickness with leave dirty finger prints all over the glass or worse make it slip form his palms. Billy takes one more sip before lowering his hands to rest the glass in his lap where it will not fall. “I like to count from when we actually started getting to know each other.”
 “So not from when you gave my son that scar?” She asks her face an indifferent mask as Billy’s whole face crumples. He hates thinking about that, hates that he did that. He knows now what was really going on that night and even before that he knew he went too far, took an anger out on Steve that had nothing to do with Max and the lie. It is something Billy has apologized for time and time again, he doubts he will ever stop, every time his eyes find that scar he feels it crawling up his throat no matter how many times Steve brushes it off, telling him he is already forgiven.
 “No ma'am” Billy gets out around the lump of shame in his throat. She hums again, taking another sip of her whine, manicured nails, brushing over the little white bell flowers. There is silence in the room for a long few minutes as deep brown unreadable eyes stare him down, just the sound of gentle creaks form upstairs where Billy imagines Steve is still getting ready, never on time for anything.
 “I expect no further damage to my son by your hands.” She says simply and Billy flinches at the very idea that he would ever harm Steve again, it is a thought that haunts him some days. He will lay in bed staring up at the dingy water stained ceiling of his government funded apartment and remember Steve’s bloody beaten face afraid that he will do it all over again. His therapist says it is not wise to dwell on the past but Billy cannot quite get past the thought that he could snap again, will get up in a rush and wear himself out with his punching bag to get his mind off of it. “The consequences for such a thing will be lethal.”
 Billy blinks pulled from his thoughts by the simple comments, something sharp and deadly in her eyes and he believes her, collar feeling far too tight again despite all of his open buttons. “I wouldn’t, I… I wouldn’t do that not to Steve never again.” He says voice gaining firmness, as he speaks becoming more sure of it, he made a promise to himself before Steve ever gave him a real smile, before even Starcourt and monsters, not to hurt him like that ever again.
 “Good.” She gives him a smile that is just as sharp as the look in her eyes as she sets her glass down and leans forward “Should you make that mistake, I will have to inform Steven’s uncle, he doesn’t take kindly to anyone hurting his only nephew.” Billy gulps, Steve has mentioned his uncle a few times and though he has never outright said it Billy is pretty sure the man is into some shady business and very well connected, he understands the unspoken threat. “Do we understand each other?” 
 “Yes ma'am” Billy chokes out, hands tightening on the glass again, toes curling and uncurling in his sock as she keep staring him down and Billy is sure if he were a cat his hair would be standing on end as it is he has goose flesh pricking over the back of his neck. Even when she relaxes back again, hand falling to the bouquet Billy does not feel like he can relax, he feels like he is one wrong move from winding up in the river.
 “Good, I would hate for Steven to have to find someone else to complete.” She says with a laugh in her voice and another quirk of her lips as she brings the flowers up for another sniff. Billy’s eyes go wide, he had picked those flowers on purpose and he had not anticipated anyone other than him knowing the meaning, knowing what he was really saying by giving them to Steve. He might not be ready to put his feelings into words and tell Steve how much he cares, how gone he really is for him but he wanted to do something for his own piece of mine, his own secret meaning. 
 “My mother never told him too much about flower language, only those she grew in her garden but I believe he would be over the moon to learn what these mean coming from you.” Billy chokes again, this time on his own spit, he is not ready for him to know that, not ready for the talk that will follow because Steve likes to talk about his feelings and Billy still finds that a difficult task. Even the smallest admittance takes him weeks to work up to. “You are going to tell him at some point I hope, if you wait too long and it hurts him, well I’m sure you can guess what I’ll do.” Billy can guess that, that way also leads to a call to Steve's uncle and Billy swimming with the fishes.
 Billy drags the glass up two handed, faster than he should as it threatens to splash up over the rim but he is quick to get his mouth on it, thanking a few long swigs. He slowly lowers it back down, taking the time to get his wits about him before he finally says “Working up to it.”
 “Good then I expect no problems between you and my son.” She says and the sharp look lessons to more of a laughing thing as she smiles. “You can meet his uncle at the Christmas party, he’s excited to meet the man who Steven can’t stop gushing about.” Billy lets out a high nervous laugh, no doubt she means interrogate and he is feeling nervous and trapped but that does not stop the affection at hearing that Steve has been talking about him to his family from bubbling up or the hope despite the fear that he will manage not to muck things up before he is invited to the Christmas party.
 “I look forward to it.” He finally gets out after he quells his nervous laughter, resisting the urge to rub his slick palms on his pants, intent to keep hold of his glass rather than spill it. 
 Mrs. Harrington nods and stands as the stairs creak and she is moving, pressing the flowers against Billy’s chest until he grabs them before disappearing out of the room leaving Billy to his own devices and it is the first time he has gotten a full breath of air in since he got here. “You look very nice Steven, your suitor is here.” She says as the stairs give a few more creeks.
 “It’s a date mom, not a marriage proposal, could you lay off of it.” Billy cannot help cracking a smile at how annoyed Steve sounds and he would bet anything that Steve has a crinkle between his brows and his hands on his hips. “How long has he been here, god you didn’t do anything embarrassing like ask his intention did you?” Just the sound of Steve whining at his mother makes the tension drain out of Billy, makes it easier for him to bring the glass up without worrying he is going to break it and ruin everything because Steve would not hold an accident like that against him.
 “Of course not darling.” It is not technically a lie but it still makes Billy snort into his glass before he takes the last sip, setting it down on a coaster on the coffee table. He stands and straightens his clothes out as best he can without a mirror as Steve and his mother keep chatting, Steve worrying and fussing and her reassuring him. 
 Billy looks down at the bouquet in his hands, the lily of the valley he special ordered just for Steve, despite all the handling the little bell shaped flowers are all intact and beautifully delicate. The same cannot be said for the thick waxy leaf wrapped around their stems, cracked and a little damp as the leaf weeps softly. Billy uses the napkin from earlier to wipe at it gently, looking around for a trashcan and not finding one he shoves the napkin in his back pocket just as Steve and his mother come in.
 The rest of his nerves melt away as Steve smiles at him, bright and beautiful with a happy little “Are those for me?” Billy has a grin sliding across his lips, the sweat drying from his palms as he relaxes his posture and holds them out.
 “I wouldn’t buy these for anyone else pretty boy.” He means more than the bouquet of course he means these specific flowers, because he has never met anyone else who even comes close to making him feel the way Steve does. Billy cannot imagine anyone else completing him, he already knows Steve is the only person he will ever give lily of the valley to. Billy holds it out to him a little spike of worry that they will be rejected, a silly one because Steve makes grabby hands at them as he moves closer.
 “They’re really pretty thank you Billy.” Steve says grinning as he gets a hold of the flowers, smelling them and holding them delicately. “No one has ever gotten me flowers.”
 “That’s a shame and a surprise, Wheeler seems like the type of girl who would be thoughtful like that.” Billy says, only half joking, when he first came to town he did not think much of her, maybe a touch jealous that she was dating Steve but she has grown on Billy since then and he would not be surprised if she gave Johnathan flowers.
 “I don’t think I would have appreciated them the same from anyone else.” Steve says looking at Billy through his lashes with something warm that has Billy’s gut doing the best kinds of flips. Mrs. Harrington watches them with a much friendlier smile, no sharpness left to be found, Billy barely registers it as he only has eyes for his pretty boy. 
 Billy’s fingers itch to get a hold on Steve, to pull him closer and as Mrs. Harrington leaves he gives into it, catches Steve by the elbow and pulls him closer. "You look really good tonight pretty boy." Now that the terror of being alone with Mrs. Harrington is in the past Billy can say that and Steve does look nice in his baby blue button up, with too many buttons for Billy’s taste and khakis he hopes to see crumpled up later.
 “Thanks, you look good too big guy.” Steve says rewarding Billy with that killer smile and the nickname that never fails to get some heat boiling in Billy’s belly. “My mom wasn't too… much was she?” Steve asks, frowning as he worries, getting that crease in his brows. Billy reaches a hand up and smoothes his thumb over Steve’s brow, keeping the gentle rub up until Steve gives in and softens his face closer to a smile.
 “Your mom was” Billy pauses licking over his lips, he can read the visible nerves that well up in Steve leaning in and rubbing their noses together. “She was fine, gave me a beer while we waited.”
 Steve grins rubbing his nose back, tilting his face up and giving the tip of Billy’s nose a tiny kiss, arms moving as he goes to point in the direction of the bar, the little soft bell shaped flowers brushing Billy’s chin. “Oh what kind? I put some pabst in the bar, I know you don’t really like all that fancy shit and I know that you normally” Billy cuts Steve off with a press of his lips, just a chased thing pulling back quickly as a throat is cleared.
 “I brought a vase for your flower dear.” Mrs. Harrington says holding up a fairly simple but clearly expensive vase, Billy can tell it too is crystal a similar delicate partner to the glass that had been in his hands not too long ago, some sort of set.
 “Oh thanks mama” Steve says excitedly, already turning and out of Billy’s reach as his mother sets the vase down on the table, watching with amusement as the two of them go about undoing the bouquet and snipping the stems before arranging them in the water. Mrs. Harrington directing and second guessing every placements her son chooses, getting the huffiest little sighs but Steve still does exactly what she says. Billy just stands there quietly watching them unwilling to interrupt lest he get that sharp look from Mrs. Harrington again. “What do you think?” Steve asks, holding the vase in Billy’s direction.
 “They look very nice.” Billy offers they still look like flowers to him, a little more spread out than they had before no longer wrapped tightly, the waxy green leaf rolled and placed into the center of the vase making the whole thing look a little fuller.
 “Why don’t you put them on the bar for now darling, you can find the perfect spot for them after your date.” Mrs. Harrington pipes up from where she is lounging across the couch sipping her wine again. Billy just gives a nod, wishing he had a watch to check, if they miss their movie time they are out of luck unless they want to go to the city, Hawkins has not gotten another movie theater and the Hawk only has the two playing and Billy really does not want their first date to involve Anne of Green Gables. 
 Steve settles the vase on the bar before practically skipping over to his mom and giving her a kiss on the cheek with a “Don’t wait up.” She gives an amused laugh into her wine glass as Steve moves over to Billy grabbing his hand with a wide grin. “So you’re going to let me drive the Camaro right? I believe I recall an agreement to let me.” 
 Billy definitely did not agree to that despite Steve trying, winning smile or not Billy is not about to give in, until he catches the sharp look Mrs. Harrington shoots him as Steve starts tugging him toward the door. “Once, just this one, just to the theater and you had better not hurt my baby.” Billy says firmly Mrs. Harrington might be scary but this is Billy’s built back up from the burnt frame up car, this is a one time thing for sure. 
 Mrs. Harrington is outright laughing as her son makes an excited noise and Billy cannot help but feel like maybe it was worth agreeing for the excited smile he shoots him. “We’re taking the long way then” Steve announces and Billy does not have time for regret to fill him because Steve is pressing an exuberant kiss against his mouth and Billy is helplessly handing his keys over to the tinkling laughter of Steve’s mother as they put their shoes on.
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deadpoetscarpediem · 4 days ago
What the dead poets society boys get your for valentines day:
♡ Knox: takes you on a glamping trip and knitted you a beautiful scarf in your favorite color
♡ Meeks: takes you on an amazing stargazing date and gives you a bouquet of your favourite flowers
♡ Todd: gifts you a heart locket necklace with either a picture of you and him or a very short poem he wrote for you on the inside
♡ Neil: bakes you a lovely heart shaped cake and before you go to sleep that night you find the cutest handwritten letter laying on your pillow (it includes small reasons for why neil loves you)
♡ Pitts: takes you on a wonderful picnic date at the beach and surprises you with the most beautiful self made photo album full of all your memories together
♡ Cameron: gives you an enormous bouquet of flowers and a scented self made candle
♡ Charlie: acts as though he forgot all about valentines day but after a long and exhausting day, you come home to find charlie having cooked you your favorite dish
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unforth · 4 days ago
May Trope Mayhem Fill Day 1: Friends to Lovers
Fandom: Tian Guan Ci Fu/Heaven Official’s Blessing
Ship: Xie Lian/Hua Cheng
Rating: Gen
Tags: modern au, tooth-rotting fluff, 520 day, florist Xie Lian
Word count: 2,492
Cross-posted to AO3
The bell over the door rang and Xie Lian turned from the bouquet he was arranging, forcing his expression into a tired smile as he prepared to greet yet another customer. 520 was an auspicious day for love, and a great day for Xie Lian’s shop, but it was exhausting. His smile widened and became more genuine, though, when he saw his customer: Hua Cheng, one of the few regulars that Xie Lian knew well enough to consider a friend. 
Not that they’d ever met any place outside of “Buds to Blooms.”
Not that they’d ever spent much time together.
Not that they talked about anything other than flowers, at least not most of the time.
Not that they had really any relationship at all, no matter how much Xie Lian might want one.
Hua Cheng looked especially dapper for the holiday, tall, slim form clothed in black slacks, a red button up shirt, and a black suit jacket. Silver jewelry adorned his neck, an intricate filigree in the shape of butterfly nestled between the open buttons of the top of his shirt. His fingers were beringed, one looped with a red string that seemed oddly familiar, and sparkling chains were threaded through his long hair. Tiny chimes sounded every time he moved his head. As if his attire wasn’t enough to demonstrate that he had a date for the evening, his eye patch, usually plain, today was decorated with a red felt heart that Xie Lian suspected had been sewn on by hand.
He was gorgeous.
(read more!)
Something unpleasantly like jealousy curdled in Xie Lian’s stomach. If only he were the one that Hua Cheng got dressed up for...if only he were the one Hua Cheng wanted...if only--
“Xie Lian?” Hua Cheng asked.
Blinking, Xie Lian flushed. He’d been staring, a white rose stem still clutched in one hand, his trimmers in the other. With a shake of his head, he shoved the blossom into the arrangement he’d been working on, set the clippers down, and wiped his hands on his apron as he stepped out from behind the counter. 
“Good evening, Hua Cheng,” he said brightly. Being jealous of the man, woman, or genderqueer individual privileged to spend the evening with Hua Cheng was absurd. “You’ve got perfect timing, I was just about to close up for the night.” Xie Lian was under no delusions of what his actual relationship with Hua Cheng was - customer and businessman, with a splash of friendship. “Indeed...I’d probably be closed already, except I wanted to get a head start on tomorrow.”
“I know,” said Hua Cheng with a toothy grin. “I got tired of waiting.” Confused, Xie Lian tilted his head to one side. Stopping in the middle of the open store floor, Hua Cheng turned a slow circle, eye searching the decimated shelves and coolers. “Wow, you musta been busy.” Xie Lian usually prided himself on the profusion and variety of flowers he kept in stock, but closing time on the busiest day of the year saw him nearly cleaned out. 
“I’m exhausted,” Xie Lian confessed. With any normal customer, he’d never have admitted it - always have to be bright and perky and indefatigable for the clientele! - but Hua Cheng wasn’t a normal customer. “But 520 day alone pays my rent for most of the year, so it’s worth it.”
“I’m sure it is,” Hua Cheng murmured. “And I’m sure you need a break, so…” A decisive nod set of a cascade of beautiful music as Hua Cheng strode to one of the coolers and pulled it open. A few bedraggled bouquets and a single bucket full of stalks of cape jasmine were all that remained within. Every year, Xie Lian stocked up on the cape jasmine, tiny white blossoms nestled in profusion amidst evergreen leaves, and every year hardly anyone bought any. Xie Lian didn’t care. They were his favorite flower, and a small indulgence, and when no one bought them, he got to take them home and put them on his dining room table and imagine impossible things while he ate dinner for one on the most romantic night of the year.
Except apparently not this year, because Hua Cheng ignored the arrangements and grabbed the entire plastic vase of jasmine.
“How much for all of these?” Hua Cheng asked, hefting the container and letting the cooler door slide shut behind him.
Could he be any more perfect?
“Oh...uh…” Catching his lip between his teeth, Xie Lian looked at the flowers, looked at Hua Cheng, looked at the darkness outside his shop window, and sighed. “...just take them. You’re a loyal customer, and it’s not like I was going to sell them to anyone else tonight. They’ll be past selling by tomorrow, so…”
“No,” replied Hua Cheng firmly. Xie Lian frowned, confusion intensifying. “Name a price.”
“Look. There’s this person. I’ve tried everything I can think of to let them know how I feel, and nothing has worked. And I have a suspicion or three about why they won’t listen, so tonight is the night. They’re worth it, and I need them to know they’re worth it, and so I’m paying, and then I’m taking these flowers to them, and then - unless I’m devastatingly wrong about their opinion of me - we’re spending the evening together, and I’m getting them dinner, and maybe giving them a foot massage. So. Tell me how much I owe you, Xie Lian.”
No, seriously - could he be any more perfect?
Yes, he could...if I was the person he was doing all those nice things for.
Xie Lian heaved a sigh. “250 yuan,” he said. Hua Cheng lifted a suspicious eyebrow. Yeah, Xie Lian might have low-balled that number a little...a lot… “...okay, more like 400.”
“Perfect,” Hua Cheng announced. Setting the container down at his feet, he reached into a pocket, withdrew a billfold, and deliberately counted out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 100 renminbi bills.
“Hua Ch--”
“Zip it,” Hua Cheng said, setting the money down on the counter just behind Xie Lian. Because Xie Lian was still just standing there. With his hands at his sides. Staring. And feeling sorry for himself. “I’m taking the container too.”
“That still doesn’t cost--”
Oh, but he was so tired.
“This person is worth it.”
Xie Lian struggled to keep his exhale from leaving as a forlorn sigh; it whispered from him, leaving his shoulders slumped, his mind fogged, and his chest hollow. “Alright. Have a nice night, Hua Cheng.”
“I will.” There was an inexplicable intensity to Hua Cheng’s voice, but Xie Lian didn’t want to try to understand. What he already knew hurt enough, and he knew he was being absurd. Dwelling on it would only intensify his sadness. Hua Cheng lifted the bucket of jasmine again, hugged it close with apparent indifference to the damage it might do to his expensive suit, and walked to the door. “I’ll see you soon, okay?”
“Yeah, of course,” said Xie Lian, his voice empty, his heart empty, his store empty, his life...he shook his head and followed Hua Cheng to the door. Given Hua Cheng’s burdens, Xie Lian hustled and stepped before him, opening the door so he could leave without even more difficulty. “Thanks as always for your business.”
“My business…” Hua Cheng echoed. “Is that what this is?”
Xie Lian had no idea what Hua Cheng meant.
Xie Lian refused to think about what Hua Cheng meant, as Hua Cheng stepped out of the store, and Xie Lian closed and locked the door behind him, and Xie Lian turned and stared at his barren shelves, cast in deep shadow in the low evening light.
Tomorrow, he’d be up bright and early to receive his shipments, make the day’s deliveries, run the business, do all the work of owning a florist shop himself.
Tomorrow, he’d be collected, and calm, and professional.
A single teardrop made a wet, cool line down his cheek., he was being ridiculous.
Shaking off his melancholy, Xie Lian set about shutting down. There were cases to refill, vases to wash, coolers to clean. There was work to do, so much work to do, and he lost himself in the rhythm of it, in the simple joy it brought him. Minutes passed, the evening stretching later. Outside, he could hear as celebrators walked by. There was so much joy and jollity in their voices, and brought him a sense of pride to reflect and think - he helped make the day better for many people. His flowers brought happiness to dozens, hundreds, of people.
It was enough.
His flowers brought happiness to Hua Cheng.
It was almost enough.
It was--
A knock-knock-knock startled Xie Lian as he carefully swept bits of leaf and petal into his palm after wiping the cooler interior. Tumbling to his bottom, scattering flower bits over his lap, he sat there blinking. It was probably just some doomed boyfriend or husband realizing they’d forgotten to buy their love a gift. It was probably...but he glanced toward the exterior door, and there was no one there.
Knock, knock, knock.
Uncertain, Xie Lian rose and walked toward the back of the store. The knocking grew louder the closer he drew to the receiving door, and finally, baffled, Xie Lian went to it and peered through the peekhole.
Hua Cheng stood outside, smile suave, arms embracing the container of cape jasmine branches.
Xie Lian hesitantly unlocked the door and pulled it open. “Apologies, was there something wrong with…?”
“Oh, never,” replied Hua Cheng brightly. “I just got tired of waiting. Again.”
“I don’t…um...?”
“I told you, I have someone very important I want to see tonight, and they deserve to know how much I value them.”
Hearing it again stung. Did Hua Cheng really have to rub in how special this person was to him? What did any of it have to do with Xie Lian? Why was Hua Cheng here, instead of with them? None of it made any sense, and Xie Lian didn’t want to think about it, except how could he not think, and wonder, and mourn, with Hua Cheng standing in front of him once more?
“I’m sorry...I don’t…”
Hua Cheng rolled his eye. “Unfortunately, he’s not always the most observant individual, but I forgive him for that. To tell you the truth,” Hua Cheng whispered, leaning forward conspiratorially, “I’d forgive him anything.”
Was Hua Cheng implying…
Don’t think about it.
“Huh?” asked Xie Lian.
...but it almost sounds like...
With a hearty, gorgeous laugh that set flower bucket water sloshing to the ground, Hua Cheng threw his head back. “They’re for you, Xie Lian,” he managed between gales. “They’re your favorite, right?” 
Oh...oh, wow. couldn’t be.
Setting the container of flowers down beside the door, Hua Cheng withdrew one stalk, length heavily bowed with tiny white blossoms, and held it out for Xie Lian to take. Too tired, too bemused, too drunk on nascent hope to decline, Xie Lian took it. 
“I couldn’t exactly ask you out while you were on the clock,” Hua Cheng explained. “For a long time, I thought I’d been so clear about my interest, and that surely you’d pick up on it and, if you were interested, respond in kind. But even though you flirted back, you never, ever did, and I started to wonder...I was pretty depressed about it for a while there…”
“ stopped coming for a few months…” murmured Xie Lian.
“Yup, exactly - then. But I couldn’t stay away, and when I returned you were so happy to see me, and I couldn’t believe I’d misread your mutual interest so completely. And then it occurred to me...what if it wasn’t your interest I’d misread,”
“You’re so quiet.” Hua Cheng’s voice was fond, his expression gentle, and he reached out with a hand to cup Xie Lian’s chin. “You’re so kind.” The red string tied around Hua Cheng’s finger brushed Xie Lian’s cheek. “You’re so self-effacing.” The feel of it was familiar, and Xie Lian finally recognized it - it was one of his strings, from the store, the ones he used to tie bouquets. “You would never presume that I’d be more interested in you than in the flowers you sold.” Hua Cheng was wearing it like jewelry. “Not that I don’t love flowers - I do, truly.” That was so… “Almost as much as I love you.”…
...wait, what?
“Hua Cheng,” Xie Lian breathed, heart in his throat, tears in his eyes. 
“Will you go out with me tonight, A-Lian?” asked Hua Cheng, deep and rich and gloriously sincere.
Xie Lian opened his mouth, closed it, opened it, closed it, blinked away tears, and then smiled. “I guess it depends,” he said with a grin.
It was gratifying to see Hua Cheng look a fraction as confused as Xie Lian had felt most of the evening. “On what?”
“...did you mean what you said earlier?”
“Every word.”
“Even the part about the foot massage?”
“Especially the part about the foot massage!” said Hua Cheng. “When was the last time you sat down?”
“I don’t even remember,” Xie Lian admitted. “It’s been a long day.”
“I know, A-Lian.” Sliding a hand down Xie Lian’s neck, along his shoulder, and down his arm, Hua Cheng took Xie Lian’s hand in his own, clasped both their fingers around the jasmine stem, raised it to his lips, and gave it a gentle kiss. Jasmine petals rained down between them like spring rain. “So I hope you’ll forgive me for making it even longer.”
“Oh, Hua Cheng…” Joy bursting through his heart, Xie Lian allowed Hua Cheng to gently tug him out the back and pull the door closed behind them. “...A-Cheng…” The soothing scent of jasmine flowers filled the alley. “I’d forgive you anything.”
“Anything, anything?”
“Anything, anything,” Xie Lian confirmed. “Though--”
“Knew there’d be a catch.”
“--I’d appreciate if I could go home and change before dinner?”
“...that’s fair. Should I wait for you here?” asked Hua Cheng with a gesture to the narrow, dirty alley.
“Why don’t you walk me back?” Xie Lian suggested.
“Not nervous about inviting a strange man back to your place?” Hua Cheng teased.
“I think only a strange man would want to come back to my place…”
“As I suspected - you sell yourself far too short.”
“Then aren’t I lucky to have you to tell me your worth?” 
I do have you, right? You really think…
“You are,” Hua Cheng replied, unhesitating and firm. “And I will.” really do.
I was right.
“You’re worth everything to me, A-Lian.”
He really is so perfect...
“And you, to me.”
...we’re really perfect.
And, hand-in-hand, in a cloud of cape jasmine blossoms and a choir of chimes, they walked toward Xie Lian’s apartment.
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3rdgymbros · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
— title; you love him (the story still ends).
— pairing; crepus ragnvindr x reader (platonic diluc ragnvindr x reader, platonic kaeya alberich x reader)
— summary; in which your son’s birthday is spent at his father’s grave. 
— notes; happy birthday, diluc !
Tumblr media
Grave markers checkerboard the hillsides, rising above you with only huge old trees breaking up the expanse of lawn. Stone angels, cherubim, and lambs kneel, guard or pray by headstones. Some are so worn that they’re missing the tops of wings or hands, smoothed and softened by the elements. There are newer, shinier markers with etchings of faces, names, or personal things.
Bearing a wicker basket and a bouquet of Cecilias, your footfalls are slow and measured as you weave your way among the headstones, a granite and marble garden which seems to have sprung from the earth.
Your husband’s headstone is made of simple silver stone, which glitters faintly in the late afternoon sunlight. Crepus Ragnvindr. Beloved husband and father.
“Hello, darling.” You say, managing a smile through the sudden well of tears. Your white-knuckled grip around the basket trembles, and your breath catches in your throat. “I’ve come to pay you a visit.”
You place the flowers at the foot of his grave. The heat of the day brings them to their strongest essence, and the open blossoms are spilling out perfume. You open the wicker basket next, revealing a bottle of cider and a homemade chocolate cake, still warm from the oven. Crepus had loved your cooking, had fallen upon it with an eagerness that had always made you feel warm inside.
“I love you.”
You can still remember the last time you’d seen your husband. You’d watched him leave with your son. You remember exchanging a few meaningless remarks with him, Crepus promising that he would be back in time for dinner, and your answering laugh as you’d swatted at him playfully with the kitchen towel. You’ve always been haunted by the ordinariness of that conversation. You figure the last time you ever see somebody, something of significance should be said. But your husband exited your life with a quick smile and a long, lingering kiss, with a reminder to lock the door so that you would be safe while he was gone.
“Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can still see you smiling.” Your voice breaks. “You always did have such a beautiful smile. I can still remember the day we were married. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. You were so handsome standing there, and I swear the entire world slowed down the moment I saw you. And oh, the way you were looking at me when I started walking down the aisle –”
There at the end, your words jumble up and clog your throat. A warm tear slides down your cheek. You have to inhale, swallowing down the lump clogging your throat. 
“Our boys are doing fine. They’re so beautiful, and so healthy. They’re both keeping Mond safe, you know. We raised them well. You would be so, so proud of them.” Please keep them safe. Your heart constricts painfully in your chest. Cold stone presses against your skin, a poor substitute for the warmth of his skin and his embrace. Everything in you feels torn to pieces, and you know that any further loss will truly break you, and there will be no coming back. “Oh, look, there come our boys now.”
Diluc is the first to reach you, and his purposeful strides carry him quickly to your side. The day of his birth will forever be tainted by this loss, and you have to hold back the tears from falling again, this time in earnest. This close, you can see his father in him, in the fullness of his mouth and the square shape of his jaw. But there is anger in him, more anger than his father has ever known.
He bends, presses a kiss to your cheek, guilt flashing in his eyes for the briefest of seconds as he sees the wetness on your cheeks. “Mother.”
Kaeya arrives shortly after. He’s a far cry from the small wisp of boy that your husband had brought home one stormy night, underfed and malnourished. Now, he’s tall and vibrant and healthy, and his bright blue eye, usually sparkles with good humour, is unusually solemn.
Kaeya also drops a quick kiss onto your cheek, his voice softer than a sigh. “Mom.”
Your face melts into a smile. It’s broken, trembling at the edges, but it’s still a smile. No surprise, no questions, just love.
“My boys are here.” You say, and you open your arms.
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Watch "Space Ambient Mix 55 - Origins by Dreamstate Logic" on YouTube
Etc.,.ok.,.hear,here, a medical / with veterinarian labs...of a/ the Noah's Ark..into good start for a brighter future..and it is good...also it is in the basic cigar shape for announcement of/ for the birth of children..the flying dutchman clipped art into Dawntreader has a facsil.,.shape..etc.,.ok.,.and renderous with rama..has this shape of flying machine..etc.,.ok.,.oumuamua asteroid/[(:in)]whatever the shape..etc.,.ok.,.and captain nemo[( napoleon Bonaparte in pre-atlantean times..)]...the nautilus has a shape of a submarine.. such such for the spelling....With the witches pyramid that is..etc.,.ok.,.went to bouquet canyon central park,calif.,.and while walking regularly..start again after covid Santa Clarita/: saugus ...anyways awhile ago saw a track-n- field event there..and noticed something about the young adults/ adults competing on the open fields / tracts..jogging trails...the thousands of individuals all had skinny wrists in like me,with skinny if a specimens/ species of a culture of bone/ muscle build / physiques were separated and to the four corners of the world in what other cultures of multi- ethicity/ colored groups/ interfaiths...somehow retained their individuality..sort of everyone retained their own freedom of flight..pride of being healthy,happy,holy..inspite of /[(:in)]a contrary fact of ..the extermination/ extinction/ dispersing of our original culture with its people...etc.,.ok.,.through our individual effects we stayed together anyways travailing the distances with our own hearts..etc.,.ok.,.our cardio- exercises in of itself..a healthy heart will help us survive the final apocalypse with its end times...I love nature hiking for the mountain much so need to get a farm for the love of labour upon a farm...etc.,.ok.,.and I chose the i.s.k.c.o.n.,.and the vatican does not accept it not even as an if i needed one...etc.,.ok.,.being a Christian mystic monk with the advanced devotees of the i.s.k.c.o.n.,.believing great mother sanskrit is with more knowledge and wisdom of Christianity than Christianity knows and understands itself..etc.,.ok.,.
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jordansarena3633 · 7 days ago
6 Proposal Flowers Which Will Impress Your Crush
Want to impress your crush living in Vietnam? If yes, then keep it sweet and simple with a bunch of fresh flowers. Having a crush in your life is one of the best feelings and here your words are not enough to express each other's feelings.
This is the time when you can select the right gift for your crush and impress them. One of the best gifts that are perfect for expressing your love and feelings to your loved ones is the flowers.
By choosing the right flower delivery in Vietnam online, you can get a bunch or bouquet of fresh flowers delivered to their place and express your feelings that cannot be expressed in words.
If you are looking for a reliable online store to send gifts to Vietnam then Ho Chi Minh Florist is the right place. In case, you are wondering which flower will be best for your crush to express your feelings then just keep reading this blog.
Bowl of roses
Roses are one of the best flowers for all types of occasions. The bowl of roses is a perfect selection because you can select the roses as per your crush choice and make them feel special.
As per your requirement, you can easily personalize the bowl and add roses of different colors, making the bowl look attractive. If you want to add more beauty to this gift then you can further decorate it with different beautiful decorative items.
If you are looking for some different flowers to impress your crush then go for lilies that come in different colors as well as patterns. If you want to catch the attention of your loved ones at the first go then go for a beautiful bouquet which is made from lovely pink and white lilies.
Yellow roses
If your partner is a lover of yellow roses then a bouquet of yellow roses is the top choice. Always remember that yellow roses become the center of attraction and are also perfect for presenting to your crush. To surprise your crush or special one, make sure to add a personalized gift with the yellow rose bouquet.
A beautiful bouquet of pink roses
Do you want to impress your girlfriend? If yes, a bouquet of lovely pink roses is one of the best options. Most of the girls often love pink roses. You can also go for a pink combo that consists of pink gifts like pink roses, pink greeting cards, and a pink teddy bear.  
You can find a wide collection of gifts and roses at Ho Chi Minh Florist that also offers flower delivery in ho chi Minh city. However, as per your interest and your crush choice, you can customize the gift.
A bouquet of red roses
No matter what the occasion, the trend of red roses bouquets is followed for the past several years. Red roses are considered as the sign of prosperity, affection as well as the love that you can convey to your crush or loved ones.
With this bouquet, you can perfectly show your affection for them as these are some of the roses that are treasured always. By choosing the right online store you can send flowers to Vietnam and convey your love to the recipient.
Romantic Rhapsody
Now express your love by sending a beautiful and romantic rhapsody. It is mainly the two layers of flower-like red and pink roses that are perfectly presented in the heart shape.
So, now you have several options to impress your crush and make them feel more special.
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