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octatriolovers · 28 minutes ago
I just made A fake Chat Twst Version featuring Song My R (cover by rachie) ♡
it's the first time i made this, so im sorry if not good xDD the resolution a bit bad too, but i hope you guys like it x") thanksss
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wolken-himmel · 3 hours ago
In which the five Heartslabyul boys turn into hedgehogs due to a certain catboy messing with their tea.
Now, (Y/n) has to take care of them while making sure to not accidentally step on one.
Idea by @rosebe3.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Helloo? Is someone here?"
The garden of Heartslabyul was eerily silent as you trudged inside, making sure to close the creaking gate behind you, lest some hedgehogs or flamingos manage to get out again. Your eyes drifted around the area, and you could feel confusion bubble up in your dry throat when you could find no one occupying the small table filled with all sorts of treats and cups for the by now cold tea kettle.
Cautious on your feet, you ventured closer with the intention to investigate the curious sight. Indeed, the kettle was already cold, and the cups were still half-way filled and the treats still untouched. In the middle of the table stood a pinkish flask with a sign attached to it, reading: Drink me! On second inspection, the tea cups seemed to have a strange pinkish tint to them aside from their usual deep brown.
You furrowed your eyebrows and put your hands on your hips.
"Hm... where is everyone? Aren't they supposed to have a tea party right now?" you whispered to yourself while once again gazing around the vast garden of the dorm. Between the bushes, you swore you could see small shadows dart from one hiding place to another, always staying hidden from your watchful eyes. Eventually, you just shrugged and exhaled in feigned disappointment. "Oh well... whatever— it's better this way..."
Even with no one watching you, you felt like a horrible criminal as you advanced towards one of the rose bushes and crouched down to run your fingers across the smooth petals of a rose still left white and unpainted. Innocently whistling to yourself, you got out a gardening scissor from the pocket of your blazer. "So— I need a couple of roses since Headmaster Crowley just gifted me a vase..." you muttered to no one in particular, still hesitant and nervous. "And... if no one vocally objects in the next five seconds, I'll take it as a 'yes' to me taking just a few roses!"
Your other free hand cupping your ear, you listened intently for a reply — and when you received none, you giggled in mischief and brought your undivided attention to the rose about to be plucked from its bush. "Well— I can't hear anyone, so it should be alright!" And indeed, nothing and no one tried to stop you as you tugged at the flower and brought the sharp blades of the scissor closer to the green stem. You didn't get much farther: A pain soon spread through your index finger. Screaming, you recoiled. "Ouch! What the—"
Upon further inspection, you soon found a hedgehog stuck to the tip of your index finger, his teeth ferociously clamped down onto your poor digit. A whine escaped your lips at the way you had landed on your bum rather ungracefully, but you had more important things to worry about — like the angry red hedgehog glued to your finger.
"A... hedgehog?" you whispered under your breath as you carefully wrapped a hand around the small creature, careful to not hurt yourself with his spikes, and gentle eased him off your finger. The little guy seemed to relent eventually and merely watched in contentedness as you sucked on your injured finger. Once that was taken care of, you turned to him to shoot him a furious glare. "Ugh, you didn't have to bite me..."
The small hedgehog's lips curled up into an innocent smile as he endured your glare without a trace of fear — on second inspection, he actually looked very amused. For moments, your (E/c) eyes bore into his grey ones, and you were able to sense something akin to familiarity in that gaze of his. And then, it dawned on you, causing you to gasp. "Wait. Those angry grey eyes..." you murmured as you raised the animal to your eyes. "You look exactly like Riddle! How hilarious!"
Your words caused the small animal to squeak loudly and thrash around with his small legs — so small that you could barely see them underneath his round body. It seemed like there was something he wanted to tell you; sadly, you were the worst in your animal language class, resulting in you furrowing your eyebrows in confusion and worry at the small guy's growing anger. Much to your surprise, a total of four hedgehogs — all coloured in different hues — shuffled out from under the rose bush in front of you and climbed onto your outstretched legs.
A small giggle escaped your lips when you lowered your angry friend to the grass, which made him whine in frustration, and took the opportunity to gaze at the five hedgehogs resting on your legs — some of them dozing off, and some of them looking up at you with large button-eyes.
"Woah, and you look like Trey!" you cried out while picking up the green and orange hedgehog, one having a clover and the other a diamond on his forehead. Giggles escaped your lips as you cuddled them close to you, and they seemed eager to be drowned in attention, too. By then, your voice was sweet and high, and you were pretty much babbling at this point. "—and you! You remind me of Cater."
Yet, your cuddling session with the two was short-lived since the green hedgehog wanted to be let down, so that he could console the angry red hedgehog. The orange hedgehog on the other hand wormed his way out of your arms and dove into your left blazer pocket where you kept your phone. It was only then that you noticed a blue and another orange hedgehog fighting by your feet — well, it was more like the blue one wanted to sleep while the orange hedgehog wanted nothing more than to prevent that.
They both let out squeals of surprise when you grabbed them with one hand each and plopped them down onto your thighs, smiling down at them widely. "Deuce and Ace have look-alikes, too?" you cooed as you ran your hand over their soft spikes, although the mischievous orange one sometimes snapped at your finger — be it in a playful way. Not paying the troublemaker any mind, you continued to coo at the five hedgehogs. "What a coincidence."
Yet, you soon stopped in your tracks once you took a closer look at those five peculiar hedgehogs that reminded you of your five Heartslabyul friends. Ace huffed and puffed in anger when you stopped stroking his little paws, but you ignored him and merely stared holes into the empty air. "Coincidence..." you muttered more to yourself that to them. Pursing your lips, you furrowed your eyebrows in suspicion. "What if this isn't a coincidence? What if you five are actually— oh, what am I thinking..."
Soon, you were back to your old giddy self when you simply couldn't resist anymore at the way the blue hedgehog tilted his head at you and looked up at you with wide and dumbfounded eyes. Letting out a wistful sigh, you swooped all five of them up into your arms and cuddled them close to you. "Aw, all of you are so adorable! I could cuddle you all day long!" Yet, your glee died down when you peered down at the red hedgehog, your eyes unforgiving. "As long as Mr. Angry doesn't bite me again..."
The red hedgehog huffed in a way that you couldn't figure out whether it was a playful or an offended one; but you took his pacifistic reaction as a good sign. One by one, all of them weasled their way out of your grasp — all but the green hedgehog who seemed content just staying in your arms. As you were busy cradling the calm animal in your arms, your gaze trailed off to the blue and red hedgehog fighting over that place inside your crossed legs.
The usually so calm blue hedgehog looked like he was about to scratch the other one's eyes out — and you were worried, truly. Sighing, you set the green hedgehog aside and pulled the quarreling blue and red ones aside before they could tear each other's throats out.
You giggled and shook your head in a chiding way. "Hm? Oh— Ace-hedgehog! Don't be so mean to Deuce-hedgehog!" you cooed, watching in amusement as they glared at each other and seemed to have their small arms crossed. They began hissing when you pulled them into a tight embrace, their faces pushed up against one another in your arms. "Come here, my babies~!"
The red and blue hedgehog seemed to have calmed down soon when you could sense the faint feeling of small claws scratching against your pants and the sound of scratching reaching your ears. You looked down to find that other red hedgehog that had bitten you earlier pawing at your clothes in an attempt to gain your attention. Luckily for you, whose hands were full, the green hedgehog soon came to your rescue and calmed down his red friend enough for him to cease his attempts of turning your clothes into scraps of fabric.
"Trey-hedgehog, you're doing such a good job at calming down Mr. Angry!" you cooed, and the red hedgehog immediately perked up in anger and began to growl at you. He would have attacked you if it weren't for the green hedgehog, whose head you now patted eagerly. "You're just as gentle as the real Trey is!"
The next distraction was the sudden sound of something colliding with the soft floor, followed by another gentle thud. You peeked down to find the orange hedgehog happily laying on your phone, doing a surprisingly good job at turning the device on and opening the camera application. Not attempting to stop him in the slightest, you simply watched the orange hedgehog — the blue and red one still in your arms — as he snapped pictures of himself while posing in multiple poses that made you swoon.
"Cater-hedgehog? Oh? How did you unlock my phone and activate the camera?" you cooed, giggling. "I see— you're just as photogenic as the real Cater is!"
The orange hedgehog seemed even more exhilarated upon hearing your words and continued snapping pictures at the speed of light. The blue and red one begrudgingly stopped fighting as they enjoyed that special place in your arms. The green hedgehog was still busy consoling his red friend before the latter would explode.
"Forget stealing roses—" you muttered to yourself with a silly smile on your lips. "I'm in hedgehog heaven..."
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otomes-world · 6 hours ago
Shining Objects
Tumblr media
Little raven did not know how he acquired the ability to think. At some point, “consciousness” became a part of everyday life, because the bird took it for granted. He left the nest long ago, settling near a small village. The bird was attracted by the noisy conversations of people. This he loved the most. Hear wandering merchants share stories of their travels, of what the world is like.
Perhaps, being by nature quiet and rather meek, the little crow immediately fell in love with the old people, who often fed the bird. In this regard, he was more fortunate than the fox, whom he noticed quite recently. It was immediately clear from the look that he also began to find food for himself early on. The raven sometimes wondered if the fox would have behaved more friendly, whether the villagers would have treated him well. Although the answer was obvious, foxes were their natural enemies.
Nevertheless, he often watched from the branches of trees at the red light, creeping between the bushes and dragging food, cooling down on the windowsills.
Stealing is not good, the raven understood this at once. However, when the choice stood between morality and starvation, there was no choice. Therefore, the little raven only silently watched another inhabitant in the neighborhood and sincerely hoped that he would not be caught.
At some point, he noticed that the fox primarily eats offerings that people left in the temple when they prayed for rain, a good harvest, or something similar. At this moment the little raven noticed small sparkling coins. Deciding that no one would miss one or two of them, he carefully planned and took several in his beak. The fox lifted his muzzle, snorted in displeasure, and returned to his meal. So the thieves' duet was formed.
In the hollow, which the chick chose, there was barely enough room for new finds. Why did he need them, the raven himself did not know. Perhaps he just wanted to support a new friend. Therefore, sitting on a branch and waiting for the start of a new sortie, he looked down at the fox, whose tail sometimes flickered among the green grass.
"It seems we have arrived at the place. According to the denunciations, things disappear in this village."
Suddenly, a man with wings like a bird sank down very close.
Little raven barely restrained a cry of surprise, he always believed that wings were just the prerogative of birds.
"The place is it, but you could carry me more carefully, Trey-chan~!"
The second man had animal ears and four tails. Starting to panic, the bird increasingly began to lower gaze downward at his friend, who was still hiding in the bushes. As soon as he moves, two strange people will notice him and catch him. It doesn't take a genius to understand - they came for them. Recently, the fox has begun to let the bird closer to him, sometimes sharing offerings from the temple. Therefore, the little raven did the first thing that came to his mind. He glided down and grabbed the glasses of one of the pair with his beak.
"A! Cater, what is this?! Unhook him from me -..!"
Hearing how the man panicked, the bird almost loosened his grip. However, if it helps buy some time for the fox to escape, then so be it. He had long been tormented by a sense of guilt for the stolen things. If they decide to judge him, as people said, then he will take the sentence in all seriousness.
The young man soon decided to take off his glasses, the blue raven froze from surprise, which the man with the wings took advantage of and grabbed him in his arms. Looking around, he noticed that the fox did not run away, but pounced on the second man with tails, still not releasing the object. During the time spent in the village, he managed to understand that glasses are a very expensive item, because the owners often take care of them. If he now opens his beak, they will fall and break. The bird has already attacked a person, the least he can do is temporarily support them.
"Listen!" Not wanting to risk and loosen his grip on the bird, the green youth tried to help. "You're hungry, right? I know a place where there is a lot of delicious food that you don't have to steal!"
The bird noticed the fox snort, but that was enough to the man twisted him and calmed him down.
"Caught you! Thank you Trey-chan~! Something tells me that we have found the culprit. Now, just what can we do with them?"
These words made the little raven uneasy. Apparently, there really will be judge for crimes. The fox glared at him with displeasure, urging him to fight further, but he did not feel the threat from the man holding him. At some point, realizing that the case was over, they turned towards the mountains.
To be honest, the little crow has not been to these places, so he with curiously twisted his head, considering the unusual views.
"How wild you are!" Despite the offended tone, the man with tails did not loosen his grip, trying to ignore the bites and scratches from the claws.
The fox had other thoughts on this matter, because he tried to complicate the life of the carrier to the maximum.
“You were the same,” as opposed to him, the man with wings walked lightly, mentally figuring out that making a concession was the best decision. "I am sure Grimm will gladly tell a couple of stories about your childhood."
Bird listened with interest to the conversation between the two, hoping to find out if there were many more such unusual people. Unfortunately, the man with tails did not have time to answer.
“I thought what could have delayed you so,” another man came out to meet them, two small horns protruding from his head.
"Has a tough time, huh" Next came a man, on whose head flaunted a pair of cat ears, enveloped in flames, and a forked tail swaying behind his back. "Evokes memories, I remember you two-.."
"Wa-wa!" Apparently man with tails really did not want to remember his childhood once again. He immediately interrupted the nekomata and drew attention to the two animals, which they still held in their hands. "We found weak yokai, they would have a little time to become full-fledged!"
Yokai? Raven turned his head in surprise and looked at a man with wings, he, despite his shabby appearance, smiled encouragingly.
"How can you interrupt the Great Grimm?! There is no respect for elders at all! I-…!"
"Since there is no other choice, we will leave them here. Since we have future kitsune and tengu, I entrust you two with mentoring over them." Man with cat ears was not as authoritative as he himself believed. Oni easily interrupted him again, getting back to business. "Names.. as I understand, they do not have it.
"Cough! Since I was the one who nobly gave names to you trios. This time, I will also make newbies happy! Listen here," the cat turned to the animal. Surprisingly, no one has ever said a word to a nekomata. "Since I noticed you first, you will be Ace, and you, quieter, will become the second Deuce. Welcome to Heartslabyul Temple~!"
The bird turned back once more, looking at the man holding it, he smiled again and allowed himself to pat him on the head.
Life in the temple took on new colors. The man with the wings, as he later introduced himself, was called Trey. He awkwardly stretched out his hand, trying to take points, but not daring to take away by force. Gently nesting fragile object in his open palm, "Deuce" bow his head a couple of times, trying to apologize for what happened. The man with horns watching this - Riddle - coughed slightly, saying that he saw such a well-mannered bird for the second time in his life.
After some time, taking on a human form and articulate, Deuce first rushed to the green-haired mentor who had been caring for him from the moment he arrived.
"M-man with wings Trey!" The young man shuddered from unexpectedly a flown-in child with familiar features. "S-Sorry for the glasses!"
"Huh? Is that you, Deuce?" Blinking, the young man laughed, ruffling disheveled hair of a former bird. “You and I are tengu, although “people with wings” is also a good description.
After the incident, the elder raven gave the younger one a tour of all kinds of yokai, replacing "man with..." with the historical name. So Cater became a kitsune, Riddle became oni, and Grimm became a nekomata. He also, laughing, assured that no one would judge him and Ace for the stolen food and belongings. If they promise not to do so in the future.
Having met with the former fox, Deuce immediately became shy. They used to communicated by glances, and, having met face to face, the tengu did not knew what to say. Although the kitsune turned out to be more talkative, almost bringing the little raven to tears and getting hit on the head from Trey for it.
Soon they were assigned teachers, whose duties included educating young yokai about the world. He may not have understood the concept yet "Master-Familiar", but the very feeling of being needed for someone could not but rejoice. What Ace did not share, always trying to sneak out of class and getting scolded by Riddle.
It took a long time before Deuce was able to become a full member of the temple. Although most of his duties included maintaining order and small errands from the senior tengu who received the second pair of wings. The young man always looked at his mentor with pride, secretly hoping that in the future he would be able to also majestically wear wings.
"What wings, you would learn to fly with one pair, your bird's head," as always shirking from assignments Ace, lowered his friend from heaven to the ground. "That's when you can fly at least a meter without dropping the object from your paws, then we'll talk."
"I could fly half a meter with an apple!"
"And what happened to the poor fruit, tell me? If my memory serves me, it was scary to look at it- ... Ouch!"
"Ace, did I ask you not to tease Deuce?" Trey's Strong Palm abruptly sank to the top of the kitsune's head, drawing attention. Without giving to say the words to that, the tengu headed in the other direction. "Deuce, I leave the steps on you"
Despite Trey's support and Ace's venomous comments, the raven himself understood that he was still very, very far from a real tengu. If he wants to serve his master faithfully, he should roll up his sleeves and put in even more effort. All in order not to put the future head to shame!
Even though he wasn't as confident as the others, Deuce remembered lessons of senior tengu. They are the keepers of the hearth, those who protect the earth, in contrast to kitsune. They have a great responsibility to maintain order. Therefore, the first task was to observe others and try to guess their emotional state. To predict whether someone needs some help.
Trey handled it ith closed eyes, while Deuce hardly could tell the feelings of one yokai from another. All this served as proof that he was not yet ready to meet the master.
"Eh? If ADeuce leaves the temple with the owners, I will cry! "Let Cater always answer such questions in a joking manner, Deuce felt something more behind the feigned joy. At such moments, Trey always came and took matters into his own hands, sending the younger tengu to do less complicated matters.
Grimm's disappearance hit the temple especially hard. Ace took the blow deepest, while the others consoled the younger ones, saying that a nekomata never stays in one place for long. Much more surprising is the fact that the cat decided to settle down after finding Ace with Deuce. However, there was no denying that Grimm had long been a part of the family and the temple's talisman.
Once Trey told another part of their work: often yokai fall into despair, having lost their master, or vice versa have not yet met. Their task is to keep track of such cases and maintain their sanity for as long as possible. When he asked why this is happening, "there was no case when the yokai did not meet its master," the tengu just patted the student on the head, silently suggesting that he find the answer himself. Noticing how cleverly the mentor handles Riddle and Cater, Deuce all that remained was to apply even more strength in training.
Grimm's return with human was like a bolt from the blue. True, not everyone took this news with joy: Ace, throwing a broom on the stone steps near the temple, rushed off in direction only he knew, ignoring everything in the world. Trey, to whom the tengu crows, who had not yet had time to obtain human form, had already informed about the guests, sent Deuce for the kitsune.
"It would be a really pain if they set a forest in fire"
Deciding that it would fly faster, the tengu soared into the sky, simultaneously trying track the location of a friend. However, fortunately, there was no fire or even smoke, which could not but rejoice.
After making a couple more circles around the forest, Deuce had already decided to glide down to look for a nekomata below, when something pierced his entire being, dragging him somewhere. The last thing the tengu realized was that he wasnflies down following an internal compass. The landing was hardly soft, although Ace undoubtedly softened the fall.
The displeased groans of the kitsune, who together with his friend drove a good few meters on solid ground, were easily ignored, as soon as the raven met the gaze of Grimm and the man standing next to him.
Is this his master?
Hundreds of thoughts swarmed in my head like angry bees in a hive, one of whom clearly insisted that he was not ready yet. That he is not experienced enough yet.
However, they all faded into the background, as soon as a person bend over and, smiling approvingly, inquire about his health.
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r0setarts · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
See? Not everything I buy has to do with certain lizard.
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kurokiesimping · 10 hours ago
Ace: I won't listen from small guy
Everyone in Heartslabyul: GASP
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Birthday from the boys (NRC)
Something to know for reading all of this is that I’m going to try my best to write platonic relationships that can be implied as romantic. Because some people may like a character but not feel romantic feelings towards them but still would like to know how they would act on their birthday.
Part two is the teachers and RSA
Tumblr media
He would prune the garden himself, regardless of the queen of hearts laws he would paint the roses your favorite color
He would lead you to the garden where the two of you would have tea and talk for hours
Eventually taking you around the garden
Out of all of these boys, he’s the one that’s most likely to forget your birthday
This man did not write it down
He overhears you talking with the other first years and them saying happy birthday. Then it finally clicks and he remembers that today is your birthday and he plays it off like he remembered
He’s not being mean in any way he just honestly doesn’t remember birthdays well
He talks with the first years while you’re not around and plans a little sleepover of sorts at your dorm
When you come back to your dorm for the night you find all of the first years there and they’re just kind of chilling in the lounge
They bring out a cake for you saying that they all baked and decorated it themselves but with the experience that the first years have it’s a strange-looking cake but it does it taste all that bad it’s just a lot of frosting and decorations because each one of them wanted to add a personal touch.
You guys have fun run around the dorm causing trouble
Then once it turns 12 you guys decide to settle down for the night and plot twist you don’t actually go to bed but instead play Mario kart till 3 AM
He would try his hardest the whole day to make it the most perfect and kind of relaxing day ever. But utterly fail
In his eyes, he failed but it’s not that big of a deal
He’ll try to hold the door open for you or carry you around for fun and either, drop you, or trip
He feels really bad the whole day that he keeps messing everything up and it keeps getting less and less romantic
At the end of the day, you assure him that you had the best time and it was very fun. Which he doesn’t really believe because again he feels like he failed but he’s glad you had a good time.
He also stays the night hanging out with you until you fall asleep.
He would bake you a cake from scratch and decorated it with little flowers of your favorite color
He’s a really sweet guy so he would invite a couple of your close friends maybe three or four of them so that you’re not alone on your birthday and you also won’t have any leftover cake because you’ll eat it all.
A very nice and sweet get together messing around having fun
The morning would start very easy with the simple happy birthday and him taking you skateboarding you don’t have to go to a skating park or anything like that he’s just gonna teach you a couple of tricks.
But progressively throughout the day, it gets more centric and fun
At the end of the night can you both watch fireworks after you’ve just got done bungee jumping...
Tumblr media
He’s not going to skip his morning to afternoon nap to tell you happy birthday even if he does care
A prince got to get his beauty sleep
When he wakes up he goes and attempts to find you and if he doesn’t he just goes man and gives up but if he does find you he tells you happy birthday and then walks off
Depending on your relationship with him he could be very distant and not caring but if you go and hang out with him during the afternoon when he’s not sleeping he’s pretty chill about it not really caring that you’re there if you have a negative disposition towards him he might care and tell you to leave.
He would take you shopping for the day
You might think he doesn’t have any money but those are jobs that he’s been working aren’t for nothing
He took all of the money he could for an entire month of work and saved it up spending it on your birthday
“What?! this is only part of my savings, not my entire Life funds” hehe...
Since magic mirrors make travel very easy he decides to take you back to his hometown
Not to meet his parents or anything but just to hang out because he talks about home a lot and wants to take you. What better time than your birthday
He takes you around his town and tells you about all of these places that he has memories that as well as putting you in the general direction of where he lives
He takes you to do all the fun things you can think of where he lives
When you both go back tonight NRC he quickly takes you by his dorm so he can grab something
He comes back with his gift to you which is a little cactus for you to take care of.
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t have a birthday party for you
He would however have you meet him in the lounge
you two would have dinner together
Just the two of you...
you’ll take a walk through dorms halls just to talk in this moment you share alone
He would hang out with you if you wanted him to if you didn’t want him to he would tell you to go hang out with your friends since it is your special day
He would give you some sort of terrarium or if you’re not into those he would give you a rare plant for you to take care of as a gift
If you did want to hang out with him and you didn’t care where you went he’d invite you to a botanical garden for the day.
Whether you like it or not he’ll probably talk on and on about each plant and its properties in medicine and poison
He would throw a great surprise birthday party for you
He’s got all of your favorite foods your favorite drink an awesome cake
And somehow he surprisingly kept this under wraps until the time of your birthday party
It would be in you’re dorm, and don’t worry afterward he would help you clean up the mess
When you walk in the door he has everyone holding confetti launchers... which he 100% is going to help you clean up after a lot of convincing
Tumblr media
This man knows how to throw parties and that’s terrifying
He would throw a massive party for you
He’s inviting all of NRC as long as they’re friends with you. Hell if you had friends in RSA he would invite them too.
He would have one of your other friends distract you for the day because it’s going to take the entire day to set up this banquet
He’s got everything a giant cake, fancy lights, a lounge area, a DJ, a chocolate fountain anything and everything that you would need for a successful party
Throughout the day if you try to go see him at all somebody’s always there to stop you and to distract you
You guys party for the whole night
He would not throw a birthday party for you
As we all know he’s not really a people person
Chill about it passes you in the hall and says happy birthday
He offers to make you dinner but if you want to you can always decline
Although there is one thing you can’t decline and that’s the magic carpet ride he wants to take you on
He wouldn’t ask to borrow the magic carpet he’d just do it
Tumblr media
He would throw a big banquet for you regardless of what you want
He’ll probably say something along the lines of “Fufufu do you think I have the time to do all this? someone else said it was a good idea and they did all the work it’s not as if I care or have time to.” But we all know he cares
He about all of Pomefiore if you have to invite any of your friends outside of the dorm he would be a little irritated and save fine I guess you can about your “other friends”
It would be the beginning of the day and he’s down the hall in spots you. He would immediately not yell your name but scream it and run to you yelling happy birthday. It would make quite the scene but he wants everyone to know that it’s your birthday and also Vil would probably hate the fact that he just screamed.
He asks you if you’re ready to “rock and roll” (for anyone who doesn’t know this is just a saying to ask if you’re “ready to go”)
He’s taking you on a trip to go do a bunch of fun stuff in town and to probably prank some people because why not.
Wouldn’t throw you a party instead he would probably stop by your dorm and announce his presence and sing you happy birthday.
Bring you some sort of small gift
He would tell you that he will follow you the whole day and you can do whatever you want with him
Rook is rather chill compared to some of the other boys. However, if you want him to he can take over because he’s kept note of what you like to do so he would take you to do things that you like.
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t do anything special for your birthday
In fact, he’d probably have Ortho buy three slices of cake only, for the three of you
Throughout the day he doesn’t say anything about it
When you go to his dorm later he tells you happy birthday you guys eat the cake together
He kind of half-heartedly apologizes for not being able to throw a proper birthday party for you and that he’s sorry but his anxiety kind of got the best of him.
To make up for it he offers to play games with him until you want to leave
Before you leave he gives you a flower. An Asphodel The primary symbolic meaning of the Asphodel flower is peace after death and the afterlife, but this is not the meaning that is implied it is a white flower which generally symbolizes purity also it’s a symbolic flower of Hades
He throws a big party at your dorm (if your dorm is Ignihyde he’d take it somewhere else), not ignihyde. Because the students are quite antisocial and it would be very disruptive.
He would invite all of your best friends
It is the cutest surprise birthday party ever
There would be fireworks, trick candles, and so many fun childish games that you would play at a party
Tumblr media
Malleus is somewhere in between depending on what you want so no this won’t be a surprise birthday
He’ll either throw a big party for you in the diasomnia dorm inviting basically everyone from all the dorms as long as they know you
Or if you’re more on the reserve side or you want a smaller party he’ll have a couple of your close friends join him and going to your dorm and having a get-together little party for you.
If you want to though he is 100% okay with just you and him hanging out for the day
This man is crazy
He wrote down your birthday and planned weeks in advance
He would write down everything that you like in hopes that when it becomes your birthday he has everything that you could ever want on that day
He tries his best to bake a cake but then realizes that he’s actually really good at it
On the day of you’d think that he be really loud and excitable and overbearing but in fact, he is the complete opposite being very considerate and not quiet but an inside voice because he doesn’t want to stress you out or seem disingenuous.
He doesn’t host a party for all of your friends it’s just you and him. The reason for this and putting in so much effort just for you and him is because he’s rather shy when it comes to not just romantic feelings but platonic feelings as well not showing people how he really feels especially when it’s around other people as well. So it’s kind of to make himself feel more comfortable as well
Silver isn’t the party kind of person so he’ll probably get you a cute little gift like a bouquet of roses specifically white roses to symbolize purity or maybe a charm bracelet.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to throw you a birthday party it’s just that he doesn’t know how to go about it since the only parties ever really celebrated is his own because of Lilia when he was younger.
If you say something about not having a party or a cake he’ll get a little sad thinking that he might have failed you.
He’ll probably just follow you around doing whatever you wanted for the day as long as you didn’t have class.
He would also have a cute little lunch with you of food that he made before. You guys would probably go sit in the courtyard and eat next to a tree. Be careful though he may or may not fall asleep...
You might have to wake you’re sleeping, Prince
He’ll invite you to a concert and then right as the performance is about to start he’ll say something like he has to use the restroom or he’s going to get a drink and he’ll be right back he promises.
As the performance is starting and the lights turn off you start to worry that he’s going to miss it
And then as the stage lights turn on and you see him on stage getting ready to perform
He’s going to perform an entire album that he and the light music club came up with for you as a birthday gift
Knowing him at the end of the performance he’s probably going to get off the stage to go and kiss you (Not necessarily on the lips if it’s a platonic relationship it’s probably on the forehead with the cheek as a sign of affection no love).
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readdressmeasduchess · 10 hours ago
↠Night cuddles
Tumblr media
˝You must be tired, please rest well...˝
Summary: The nightly routines, cuddle habits and sleep patterns of your lover is something easily engraved into your mind
Word count: 2.4k
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Ship: Dorm leaders X Reader
Tumblr media
He has a nice pair of comfortable pyjamas. One is a matching set white with thin red vertical red stripes that from a distance looks pink, they’re silky and smooth against his skin. The other is a mismatch that he wears if the first one’s in the wash, a plain white cotton shirt and a pair of pyjama pants he got from Cater as a gift. Baby blue in colour, with a pattern of white rabbits and strawberries with weird golden pocket watches thrown in, they’re silly and a bit stupid, but they’re ridiculously soft- it’s the reason why Cater has matching ones in orange.
Riddle goes to bed at a reasonable time, he tries really hard to have a nice responsible sleeping schedule, he’s not used to staying up late and by the time 10 pm comes along he’s ready to sleep. He goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face before he promptly curls up in bed.
He likes to think he’s not of the clingy sort, by extension in his mind that includes cuddling. However, Riddle always seems to wake up much closer to you than he remembers laying down. He’ll fall asleep on his side of the bed and wake up suspicious on your side of it. He’s a little embarrassed, but reasons with himself that it’s not a bad thing.
More often than not he finds himself craving some of your warmth during the night, some mornings you wake up holding hands or with your backs pressed against each other. If you’re willing to indulge him by spooning him, Riddle wakes up the next morning barely managing to get up at a reasonable time to not be late, he’s scolding himself for melting into your embrace for too long, he almost made himself purposely late, but it was rather nice cosying up to you...
Greets you in the morning with a sleepy ˝..good morning...˝ and nuzzles your shoulder or cheek, whatever is closer. While he’s still not wide awake he might lean into your touch if you cup his cheek, he’s a lot more receptive to affection when in that sleepy state. If you’re combing his hair with your fingers, he’s basically melting, unknowingly smiling and cuddling closer for more.
Tumblr media
Sleeps shirtless, no matter the weather.  Considering Savanaclaw is warm this is more than acceptable, but even in colder climates he still sleeps shirtless, just with a nice warm blanket over to shield him from the outside world. Reasonably he owns pyjamas, but he only ever wears the bottoms, if that at times, in the height of summer he settles for just wearing his underwear and that’s not going to change even if he has a guest in his bedroom. It’s his bed and he’s going to be comfortable as he sees fit.
Doesn’t matter what time it is, Leona can and will fall asleep anywhere and anytime. His head falls on the pillow and he’s out like a light. There’s hardly any question, he’s asleep in 0.3 seconds. He does drag his feet to the bathroom to brush his teeth though, it wouldn’t do good for his canines if he didn’t take care of them promptly.
He’s not too picky, but if you’re there he’s going to take advantage of it, using you mostly as a pillow. His arms around your waist, maybe spooning you, sometimes with a hand over your chest holding your shoulder, other times preferring to have you pulled to his chest, he doesn’t care for the position all that much, just craving the simple comfort of your body near his. He likes having his arms around you though, something about feeling like he’s protecting you while you’re asleep and whatnot.
Leona’s a pain in the butt to wake up in the morning, at times he’s even fully awake just unwilling to move from his comfortable position. He likes sleeping on the side of the bed the windows will reach in the morning, not because the sunlight will wake him up, but because no matter how much he prides himself on being a lion, Leona’s still very much a big cat and enjoys bathing in the extra warmth.
Tumblr media
He probably owns a few nice pairs of pyjamas, all in random patterns. Those patterns include purple polka dots, blue squiggly lines and lavender seashells among many others. Though there are nights when he goes to sleep in a shirt from his mother’s bistro, it’s oddly comforting even though it’s several sizes too large for him.
Tries his hardest to go to bed on time, and while he has an okay sleep schedule there are times when he goes to bed late simply because of work or studying, it’s a habit he’s been meaning to break, but just can’t seem to help.
No matter how late it is though, he always makes sure to shower before bed, it’s how he sleeps best, something about it lulls him to sleep faster.
Is a big cuddle bug in bed, your limbs are entangled with each other as soon as you enter the bed and while he might have been a little embarrassed the first few times that quickly dissipated. He likes attaching himself to you as soon as you enter the bed, hugging you or spooning you at the first chance he gets. It's such a nice position for him to sleep in that when you’re not there, Azul finds himself troubled as to how to sleep. He’ll hug the pillow for comfort, but he’ll still find himself comparing it to your warm body pressed up against his own.
He wakes up a little whiny, not much of a morning person, but definitely responsible enough to get up to not be late. That won’t stop him from squeezing as much cuddle time in bed with you as he can manage. He rather enjoys the feeling of hiding his face in the crook of your neck, so he’ll hug you close to bury his nose there, inhaling your scent and enjoying the blissful domestic peace that comes with waking up next to you.
When he finally does get up though he is already making plans on how to maximize the time next time you find yourself sleeping in his arms.
Tumblr media
He owns nice pyjamas, though it’s simply a miracle how he can never find a pair that matches, it’s always a different bottom than the shirt because one is in the laundry or simply lost in his room. He has a pair in almost every colour, after hearing Floyd’s nickname for him he even bought a pair with a sea otter pattern on them, those just might be his favourites.
Jamil tries his best to force him to sleep properly in his bed at a reasonable time, but so many parties, banquets and flying carpet trips can really wreck a schedule, but he does try...when he remembers what time it is. He means well and that’s what counts right?
He’s a ball of energy and sunshine during the day, so as long as he’s properly tired out for the day he falls asleep relatively quickly, if not it will take some gentle coaxing and a cup of warm tea or milk with honey to make him drowsy and ready to succumb to sleep.
When he does fall asleep though Kalim is a person who naturally shifts a lot during sleep, not only that, but he also sprawls out on the bed, taking up a lot of space. Lucky for you that his bed is huge and you still have plenty of room, but he somehow always manages to crawl his way over to your part of it. He likes it when you lay on his chest, that way he can stretch his arms and legs out like a starfish while still having you close, it also helps him not move throughout the night.
Kalim really likes burying his nose into your hair, something about having you there and so close makes him all giddy on the inside.
He’s rather childish when it comes to waking up in the morning, hugging you close and begging for just 5 more minutes, if you indulge him for too much time though you’ll quickly find yourselves almost late if not for Jamil or a well-timed alarm, Kalim’s puppy dog eyes are just too powerful.
Tumblr media
Vil probably owns a few pairs of really pretty designer silk pyjamas that cost a fortune, he only ever wears them when he has both top and matching bottom available. He really likes being punctual even with small things like these. It also makes him feel a strange sense of satisfaction.
Has an entire routine before going to bed. He tries his best to go to bed at a nice time, most of the time he’s on schedule, but there are unfortunate times when his work gets the better of him and his perfectionist side pushes him just a little too hard, but it never makes him neglect his bedtime routine. It’s very specific and intricate, it’s the whole reason his face is as beautiful as it is, or at least that’s what he tells himself. All kinds of things are used before he can be sure his skin is properly moisturized and healthy in preparation for the next day. He also brushes his hair thoroughly and ties it up in a little bun or ponytail before going to bed, less any pesky tangles form.
Vil normally sleeps on his side, slightly curled up with a hand under his pillow, sometimes he’ll shift positions or even turn sides, but it’s not common. He likes being both the little spoon and big spoon, it all depends on his current mood and of course, what his lover is feeling up for. Admittedly one of his favourite positions is sleeping with you hugging him from behind, preferably with your arm slung around his waist or holding the front of his shirt. There’s just something about feeling your breathing over his shoulder that makes him so aware of your presence, so aware of the heat radiating from your body that it makes him fantasize about snoozing or even ignoring his alarm despite knowing he shouldn’t do that.
When he wakes up, he’s a little gentler with you unless you’re difficult with him, still, Vil wants to pamper you in the morning, something about caring for his lover makes him incredibly happy. So please allow him to love you and care for you by helping you with your morning routine, won’t you do that for him?
Tumblr media
Boy sleeps in his everyday clothing, if he’s in his usual hoodie and sweatpants what’s stopping him from just sleeping in that? It’s not like he was going to wear something different in the morning anyway...Finds himself sleeping in a lot of weird anime shirts, especially in the ones with the ahegao faces, since he can’t exactly wear them outside…
His sleep schedule is absolutely whacked, the number of energy drinks and coffee Idia intakes on the daily would leave any person jittery and practically paranoid for hours on end, yet Idia somehow still persists in being amongst the living. When you do force him to sleep properly though he does his best to properly catch up, almost immediately passing out once his head hits the pillows.
He’s one of those people who mumbles a lot in his sleep, it’s absolute nonsense most of the time, but there are times when he’ll unknowingly say something hilarious. Oftentimes he’ll even admit to some weird thoughts he had during the day subconsciously. ˝...I’m sorry maid-sama...I can’t go with you to the Neko cafe...I have someone waiting for me at home...˝ 
He remembers none of it the next morning, but it’s adorable so you keep it to yourself. Another one of his sleeping habits is drooling. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes he’ll fall asleep with his mouth open and wake up with dried drool on the corner of his lips.
He’s a big fan of cuddling, if he had to pick a favourite position it would be any position that allows him to rest his head on your chest. You wonder to yourself about the reason at times, because sometimes Idia makes a lovestruck expression while remarking about the sound of your heartbeat lulling him into a peaceful sleep while at other times he’s blushing straight from his neck to the tips of his ears and you can’t help, but ask yourself if the reason is something more perverse.
Weirdly enough is very obedient when he wakes up, perhaps he’s too tired to realize what he’s doing himself, so he’s a lot more honest and accepting of whatever you tell him in his half-conscious state.
Tumblr media
Malleus has a few pyjamas, they’re high in quality but really simple at first glance. A few simple black and white sets, but when you look closer they all have golden embroidery at every seam and button, not only that but also a big M.D. is elaborate cursive on the breast pocket.
Considering his bad habit of wandering around at night looking at abandoned buildings and admiring gargoyles his schedule isn’t something to be proud of it, but then considering he's a dark fae and how their view of time is extremely warped, you wouldn’t be surprised if he told you that he didn’t sleep, but he does, rarely as you find out, but Malleus does sleeps nonetheless. 
He makes the effort to sleep with you at the time you do if only to make you less lonely is his reasoning, but you wonder if it’s more for him or you. Either way, Malleus shuffles his body closer to yours, hugging you close to him and resting his chin on top of your head. Since it takes a while for him to feel drowsy, you’ll usually find yourself falling asleep to his hand gently stroking patterns along your back or petting your hair. Sometimes you’ll even hear him softly humming an old lullaby from his childhood and it’s an instant remedy for your tired soul.
When it comes to waking up, while Malleus is a prince required to be punctual and proper, he’s also a dragon, which means he’ll horde all the time he can with you curled up in bed if he can help it. He has you locked in his embrace and he doesn’t feel happy about having to get up, even if he’s realistically aware of the fact that he can’t keep you forever. 
A few kisses and well-chosen words are enough to make him loosen up though, so it isn’t as big of a deal as some cabbage haired guard is making it out to be. Lilia is amused more than anything else.
Tumblr media
Thank you everyone for being so patient with me during my somewhat break from writing, I’m back now~!
My apologizes for any and all mistakes, if I find any I’ll be sure to correct them
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Quick June Event!
Hello and Happy Pride Month!
I’m so sorry this is late, some things have been happening in my life that affected my mental health, and I struggled to have motivation as a result. I’m doing better now, and will get back into posting.
I’d still like to do something for June, so from today until the the first of July, I’ll accepting requests from these prompts. Some of these just came into my head, other are from blogs that I can’t remember at the moment:
1. Favorite thing about their s/o
2. Favorite date spot
3. Favorite flower
4. What if their s/o asked them to match outfits?
5. General domestic headcanon
6. What gift would they give their s/o?
7.  What made them fall in love with their s/o
Since these are more romantic asks, underaged characters aren’t allowed. However, I will allow teachers for this event.
Other rules:
Send the character’s/characters’ name(s) and the number(s) of the prompt(s) you want
Two prompts per character
Three characters per ask
I’m sorry this isn’t much, but I hope you all enjoy these! 
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simpingfortwst · 16 hours ago
Can The Twisted Wonderland Characters Skate?
Inspired by this roller skating event thing I went to a few days ago.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes on each character below the cut   
Ruggie - He has never skated before so no one is sure why he got the hang of it so quick (got bored after a while and started tripping people up with his unique magic)
Cater - Really good at skating and floods the rink with clones to take pictures
Floyd - Skates around the rink clotheslining people who get too close with a deranged look on his face that only a mother could love. Eventually causes everyone to leave for their own safety. If you think he stops there you would be sorely mistaken, the dude also leaves, locks onto one poor fucker Riddle and chases them around like a heat seeking missile
Ace - Gets over excited and drags Deuce with him without listening to any arguments
Chen’ya - Was he even invited? Gets a kick out of disappearing and reappearing in front of people to trip them up
Rook - He just sits there, staring at everyone with a camera in lieu of his usual bow and arrows because apparently ‘offensive weapons are illegal in public spaces’. Would usually just examine Leona but Malleus’ constant supervision makes him a far more interesting target
Kalim - Can’t skate but when has a lack of skill stopped him from doing something (forced Jamil to hold him the entire time)
Lilia - Can’t skate, he just can’t. However he is a dab hand at salsa dancing and reminds everyone of it when they comment on him not skating
Vargas - I present to you the embodiment of fake it till you make it. This man has way too much confidence in his abilities and by the time that and his patience starts to wear thin he’s started to get the hang of this skating thing
Deuce - Had no intention of skating until Ace dragged him into the rink kicking and screaming (and then they were kicked out)
Vil - His famous last words were “How hard can it be” before falling rather ungracefully and causing a pile-up of skaters
Jack - Is the asshole who skates right in front of you and stumbles. We get it, you can stay upright now please get out of the middle of the rink before you kill someone
Crowley - Doesn’t even wait to get the group signed in before disappering only to reappear 10 minutes after everyone left with only the smell of alcohol emanating off of him to keep him company
Epel - Was still getting his skates on when Vil fell over, needless to say he was forbade from getting into the rink
Trey - He can skate. I have no proof that he can. But he can, Trey just chooses not to so he can stop Riddle from blowing up at the next person who mentions he can’t skate.
Sam - When would he find time to skate when he’s too busy running ‘Mr. S's Mystery Shop Lite’ in a storage room where none of the staff can see?
Neige - What he even invited? Pt2 Choose not to skate because his fans chasing after him would cause a safety hazard
Jamil - Realised pretty early on that if Kalim is clinging onto him like a koala with abandonment issues he can go and put on his skates. Unfortunately the koala in question did not reach the same conclusion
Crewel - Pfft Him? Skate? And risk getting his coat dirty? Absoloutely the fuck not
Azul -  When would he find time to skate when he’s too busy running ‘Mostro Lounge Lite’ in another storage room where none of the staff can see? What do you mean he’s scared? Of what? The floor? (Octo is not scared, Octo is terrified)
Sebek - He does technically get onto the rink, in his shoes. Sebek, ever the paranoid guard, shadows Malleus the whole time in case he falls and can’t get up. Inadvertently causes Dear Tsunotaro to trip when he shouts at Jack loud enough to knock Malleus of of his feet
Idia - I was tempted to say that he could skate but insisted he couldn’t to others so he could leave but I would have been wrong. Ortho uses puppy dog eyes and a decent amount upper body strength to force Idia onto the rink before watching his brother immediately fall and crawl away shouting about how he proved he can’t skate (No one had the heart to tell him that he never had skates on in the first place)
Jade - Spends the first half of the afternoon helping Azul and the second half restraining Floyd. Very capable boyo (So capable that one might overlook how he just can’t skate)
Trein - He never actually showed up, this whole outing was Crewel’s idea and so he wanted nothing to do with it
Riddle - Riddle is a burnt out former gifted kid who can’t put up with anything that he isn’t immediately good at. Yes I know he is cannonically really hard working and realisically practiced for a week leading up to the outing. No, I don’t care
Leona - Sleeps
Silver - Sleeps
Malleus - He only found out about the trip the night before when Yuu mentioned it. When he gets there he doesn’t understand and uses magic to hover a milimeter or two off of the floor.
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Finally maxed out Riddle's Magic 1.
Tumblr media
I shall raze my enemies to the ground!
Tumblr media
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ellarossi · 20 hours ago
Hello hello 👀 could I request a fic in which Riddle wants to confess his feelings to (Y/n), but must follow some strange rule that says that he has to defeat (Y/n) in a croquet match before he can confess to them? And now he's on a quest to win a croquet match against them lmao. You know, shenanigans like in the Alice in Wonderland movie where Alice's flamingo and hedgehog purposefully made her lose against the Queen of Hearts!
Hope you like this idea, Ellie! 💕
Rule No. 265: Croquet Match Love Declaration
Summary: Riddle wants to confess his love to you, but he needs to win a croquet match against you in order for him to do that.
This contains: Nothing but fluf
Note/s: Riddle fluff for my soul since i'm in pain 💃🏻
Note again: im so sorry if it's not that good but i tried hh
The tea party is about to begin~ Relax and enjoy your tea~
Tumblr media
"Are you sure we should this?" You asked confusingly as you relctantly took the hedgehog into your palms. "Of course. It is in the rulebook of the Queen of Hearts, is it not?" Riddle countered. This made you think a lot as to what could have possibly led you to this. Recently, Riddle has been acting up strangely around you yet you can't pinpoint on what it was. You tried asking the Adeuce duo about it, but neither of them could answer. They told you to go ask Trey or Cater to find the answers you seek.
Well, you did ask. It was when you caught both the Heartslabyul third years by themselves chatting, so you decided to cut in. Cater and Trey shared a knowing look as Trey's lips curled up in a small grin. "Why don't you ask him? After all, I think he's in need of assistance. It'd be appreciated if you can help him out, we've been busy recently so I guess we can't be available." He explained.
A mix of confusion and curiosity flooded your thoughts as soon as you thanked bid goodbye to them for the day.
So here you are right now; standing with Heartslabyul's prefect as he seemed nervous and shy around you.
"And what rule is this again?" You clarified. "Rule number 265 states that..."
He paused mid-sentence and trailed off. It was a good thing he stopped himself because if he didn't, then that would ruin his plan of winning then confessing to you. He cleared his throat and shook his growing anxiety that was pooling in his gut. "I suppose I should teach the basi...Y/N?" He called.
But, you didn't turn your attention to him immediately. Rather, you're busy starinh and cooing at the small hedgehog in your hands. "Aww, you're cute," you let out a giggle before stroking its spiky back. Riddle on the other hand? He admired the way you were smiling and being carefree.
He knew that you were rather stressed from all the previous tasks given. So when you told him that you had freetime and wanted to spend time with him, he immediately jumped at the chance to invite you over for a mini, private tea party and a round of croquet. Yet another part of him was that he was secretly seething with jealousy. No, it's not at another student. It's the hedgehog grabbing your attention and praise that made him grumble to himself.
It should be him recieving all that affection! Not some random hedgehog that managed to steal you from him! Ah, but that's when he remembered: he hasn't confessed yet. That's what holding him back. Did he really forget that he didn't tell you how you feel? That struck him painfully in the heart. Riddle shook his head, taking you by the hand. Well, that made the creature almost fall from your hold.
"Come on, I'll be teaching you how to play." His voice seemed calm, but you could notice the tremble in his tone if you listen closely. Now remembering Trey's advice, you took the chance to ask, "Pardon if I may be intruding your personal space Riddle, but are you feeling alright?"
"O-Of course, why wouldn't I be?" Riddle replied, voice being hushed. You scanned his face, and you can't help but stare at him. His eyes are like a cloudy sky that you could get lost into willingly. Your heart raced faster when he shot you a reassuring smile. And that's where you wanted to facepalm at your own oblivious and forgetful self. For fuck's sake, you have a crush on Riddle Roshearts for a long while!
You even asked the other Heartslabyul members on how to get close to Riddle. How did you forget about your own crush? Actually, scratch that. Your love for him? You planned your confession many times, but never go through it because anxiety got to you first. 'What if he doesn't feel the same way?' is the question haunting you each time you tried to pursue and go through with your plans.
Hell, you may have not noticed it, but your friends did. They picked up your dying love for Riddle before you even did.
The way you seem to talk about him in conversations. The way you ask on how to get close to him. What he likes and dislikes. Most importantly and obvious sign, your question of what Riddle looks in a friend...or a lover. You tried to push your feelings down. Yet it always resurfaced when you're with him, like right now. What you don't know is that he feels the exact same way. Riddle loves spending time with you, and when you leave, he misses you already.
He feels safe, a feeling he never found around someone for so long....until now.
Meanwhile, even if you had a load of tasks to do, you always try to make time for him. Riddle appreciates it but doesn't want you to stray away from your responsibilities...and that other half disagreed because he craves your company and affection.
Back in present time, Riddle dragged you towards the croquet area. He took his position, placing down the curled up hedgehog and slinging the flamingo on his shoulder like it was a baseball bat. "Now, this is what you should do." You nodded and watched him intently as he demonstrated. From a mile away, the hedgehog stopped rolling eventually. He stepped away from his original spot for you to take his place.
He instructed you on how to swing it accurately, practicing a few times. Once he can see that you're starting to get it, he told you to try hitting the hedgehog. "Eh...Are you sure they won't get hurt?" You asked hesitantly. Riddle shook his head and placed a hand on your shoulder. "It will be okay. Trust me, Y/N." You got distracted by both his gesture and his soothing tone. You grew shy as a blush lightly coated your cheeks with a pink tint.
Riddle's face began heating up as well. To not get stray away any further, he cleared his throat. "Now, hit the hedgehog." You winced slightly at his rather blunt words. You took a breath in, raising your arms and gripping the flamingo's legs securely.
The impact of the hit sent the hedgehog flying across the small field. It hit the red croquet arch and stopped. "Not bad for a first time." He commented. Your heart raced as he held the back of your hand while pushing down his growing giddy emotions that danced in hus heart. "Although, there a few pointers I'd like to give to improve your accuracy." He added.
It took quite a while, but you finally getting the hang of it. You weren't exactly as good as him yet, but it's a good practice for a beginner. He hummed, almost grinning. "Now that you have learned to play, we can begin our match." He declared.
Riddle huffed with pride as he checked the current scoreboard. He was in the lead while you were points behind him. Well, it's not that bad since you're only five points or so away. You sulked, groaning. "I get that this is my first time playing croquet, but why is this so difficult?" His grin returned once more, but this time it was a soft and reassuring one.
"Don't worry about that. You'll improve eventually, if you practice with me more..." The last part turned into a mumble. He hoped that you didn't hear it, but to his dismay he did. "Well, once I do all other things off my to-do list, I more with you..." His ears turned a moderade shade of rose red.
" weren't supposed to hear that...!" He squeaked before collecting his composure.
"Ah, well I meant. Let's get back at the game now, shall we?" You shrugged and smiled at him. "Sure."
Once again, he was still in the lead with you behind him. If it was anyone else, you would've felt discouraged to continue. But because it's Riddle, it urged you to catch up to him. While his words may seem not entirely comforting and blunt, you know he's trying his best to make you feel better about it.
It seemed like bad luck decided to strike because you accidentally hit the hedgehog at the wrong angle, even sending it flying and bouncing off the croquet field. You were confused as to why that happened but brushed it off.
However, you were feeling quite rebellious and bold to mess up intentionally since you kinda got bored. Well, of course you don't want it to be obvious.
At first, Riddle didn't catch up as to why you didn't play properly. He thought it was because you were tired that made your movements slow? But he promised one last round before ending the game. You intentionally stumbled to the side then hit the hedgehog, which still touched the metal arch but only by an inch.
To round up the final scores, Riddle checked and your hedgehog didn't touch.
"Well, that means I win." Riddle declared. You smiled and awkwardly gave him a hug. "Congrats! That was fun~" Riddle went stiff for a moment before returning it. He pulled away, taking you now to the bulding. He was glad he won, but worry took control of his body and mind once he realized. He had to do this. There's no backing out now.
He stopped in his tracks as his head hung low nervously. "Y/N, may I talk with you?" His voice became shaky. Worried, you held his hand in yours. "Riddle? Is something wrong?" He didn't dare look at you. With a quivering sensation, he hesitantly gazed into your eyes.
"Y/N, you know why I asked you to come here?"
"You said you wanted to hang out, right?"
"You are correct but..."
His throat became dry. How can he tell you? How? He has no experience in romance, and he thinks he's gonna fail.
"The reason why I asked you here because...I...I...I wanted to confess."
Your heart raced rapidly. What was he gonna confess about? A hidden secret he kept? Your thought was right and confirmed when he slowly spoke his confession.
" you. I loved you for a while, but I could never identify this feeling. I get jealous when you talk to someone like Ace, or even Trey, or someone I think better than me. I love you. But if you...,"
Riddle had to pause to avoid letting his incoming tears from falling. With pain in his heart, he heavily blurted out, "If you don't feel the same way...then I understand."
Riddle wiped away his sorrow and turned his back, not wanting to find out what could possibly happen next. "Who am I kidding? Why would you even like me?" You can hear him scolding himself. Breathing out gently, you called his name.
"Riddle? Can you look at me?" He didn't budge. So you forcefully turned him around to face you, which caught him off-guard but was unprepared when you pulled him in for a messy, genuine kiss. His face faded into a darker shade of red and was left speechless when you pulled away. "Hah...I guess it's my turn to confess as well."
"I love you too, Riddle. Yet I was scared to tell you because you have your responsibilities to deal with. I didn't want to burden you with this. I tried to ignore my crush on you but eventually I couldn't do it...You stole my heart and that's okay with me as long it's you. But, why me? I don't belong here. I'm literally magicless. I'm no one special and I'm just a waste of your ti- Mmph!?"
Riddle pulled you towards him and smashed his lips against yours in an attempt to shut you up. Cheeks glowing red, you slowly melted into it. You both stayed like for a while before moving back to catch your breath. Riddle cupped your face in his hands as he sighed. "You're special to me. And you're not a burden, understand? I can understand that you may feel that way but that doesn't mean it's true. You are certainly not a burden to me."
Your eyes widened at him. You didn't know how to react or reply. Seeing how astonished you were, Riddle once again pulled you close to his chest and placed a kiss on your forehead. "I love you." He muttered. " you too..." You answered back.
Riddle separated from your embrace. " broke the rules of the game." He mentioned. You took a step back. "Eh?! You noticed??" He nodded.
"Mhm. Just what did you think by using the flamingo's head was part of the game?" You shrunk under his intimidating gaze. "Ehe...uh..."
Riddle crossed his arms. "You broke a rule, so now I have to punish you." A bead of sweat rolled down the side of your face as you put your hands in front of you in defense. "Now, won't collar me...right?" You tensed up when he shot you a smug smile. "No. Rather, you will be taking care of the flamingo for a week. And... you owe me affection." He pouted and you found it cute.
"Fine, fiiine, anything for my adorable hedgehog~" He puffed his cheeks out and glared at you.
"You don't get to leave until I say so. And if you dare expose this to anyone else, there will be consequences. Understood?"
You nodded as you held his hand and entered the building.
Riddle would tell you to take care of the flamingo, but he craved your attention and affection so much that he'll let it slide for today. After all, you've got him starved for cuddles and love.
It was a love he longed for. And now, he finally has it. A heart for him to keep. And a heart for you to cherish.
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casual-unknown · 22 hours ago
Dorm Leader Meeting, planning an event.
Leona: here's an idea. We put mistletoe there, and instead of kissing we have to fight whoever is under it.
Riddle: we are not doing that.
Idia: Mistlefoe.
Vil: stop.
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Tumblr media
Ace said he really liked cherries so this came to my mind :>
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Diluc Rosehearts
Tumblr media
so sorry for disappearing on the face of the earth once more, suddenly i got bombarded with work to do so have a peace offering for the mean time 
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im sorry i only post these at 2am but thats when im at my funniest
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
[Proxy] Twisted Wonderland - Plush Release (June)
Here are the list of plushie release on June: 
Lab Style (16cm) : Octavinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde
Uniform Style (mascot 10 cm): Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Pomefiore 
Nesoberi: Jack, Ruggie 
Handmade Style Plush (28 cm): Heartslabyul 
(Item in bold are ready stock after 25th June)
All crane game prize, price might vary between character. Ready stock.  DM me to place your order. 
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Tumblr media
Aw!! Riddle and Gwen!!
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