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#azul ashengrotto x reader
drac0nia · an hour ago
May I rq headcanons reactions for Lilia, Azul, Idia, and Epel with a crush who tends to be a total goody two shoes, but one day they just skip class and starts causing some mayhem around campus?
— 𝐒𝐨 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐲𝐞𝐭 𝐬𝐨 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞
Tumblr media
Pairing ; Lilia Vanrouge x Reader, Azul Ashengrotto x Reader, Idia Shroud x Reader, Epel Felmer x Reader.
Tw ; -
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➝ Azul was peacefully doing some paperwork in his office until Floyd comes barging in his office about shrimpy making chaos.
➝ It was Jade that alerted him about the outburst of chaos somewhere around the school and of course he has to step in because he does not want Crowley to put him indebt from property damage to possible school students injured by your actions.
➝ He does not care whether you have an excuse for skipping class to make chaos around the school, you are taking remedial classes whether you like it or not; consider this your punishment.
Tumblr media
➝ He either joins you in with the chaos or tries to stop you from being expelled... again.
➝ As much as he likes the energy you made at the cafeteria, he is not going to let Vil torture him with a month of doing skincare every night (or help clean up the place).
➝ If he joins then you are both at Vils's mercy because one; you made Epel join you and got him messy and dirty, and two; do you know how much effort he put on his makeup because he refuses to?
➝ It's really depends whether Crowley wants punish you by cleaning everything with your boyfriend who failed to look after you or Vil whips you; it does not matter how much you protest, if it's the whip he chooses, it's the whip you'll get.
Tumblr media
➝ Idia was at peace in his room, watching some anime until Ortho goes in his room and alerts him about what tomfoolery you committed.
➝ His iPad will go out with Ortho to stop you from further causing destruction to the campus, not to mention to save you from expulsion if you get on Crowley's nerves.
➝ He'll look into the drone's camera later (that he didn't possibly send out because he was testing it and found you) and rewatched the clip you reck havoc, of course he had some food for the whole thing, he was quite entertained.
Tumblr media
➝ Lilia was possibly the one who made you lose impulse control and started creating chaos, he actually didn't expect you taking it seriously though.
➝ He giggles from afar but he will eventually stop you from burning this school to ashes; he places you somewhere high and hidden where you both watched it all happen as if it was a movie scene.
➝ What's your punishment for the possible injury or property damage? You will consume Lilia's famous cooking!
Tumblr media
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coffeeleafdepression · 3 hours ago
this with malleus, azul, rook, and deuce
i’m begging you
Lmao sure- Sorry for the really late reply ;-;
TWST T-pose in front of them (2)
Malleus Draconia
You wanted to do it to see his reaction.
you did.
Malleus was quietly looking out of Diasomnia's dorm window,
just minding his own business,
wondering what his precious s/o is doing
and then-
Malleus turned around to see his s/o standing there...
a weird pose..?
"I am t-posing to assert my dominance. And because I am the more dominant of us in this relationship we have created, I demand to have cuddles with you."
Malleus blinked in surprises,
before he chuckled softly,
rising from his chair and bringing you into his embrace,
gently stroking your hair.
He gazed at you.
"My little beastie, you surely are strange. It's quite endearing sometimes."
He rested a hand on your shoulder, guiding you to his room.
"Well then, shall we go to a more private area to cuddle, my dominant little beast?"
Azul Ashengrotto
Being Octavinelle's dorm leader ain't easy.
Especially while running Monstro Lounge and tackling with school.
You swear he's never got out of his seat until MIDNIGHT
with the knowledge you have possessed in your world,
you know,
this is the right time to unleash it.
Walking up to Azul in his office who was still drowning himself with work on his desk.
You unleashed the beast.
“S/o, what are you doing?”
“Azul. I am T-posing to assert my dominance. And as the dominant one in this relationship, I demand you drop your work and sleep.”
Azul was slightly caught off guard,
but he ended up sighing, before he chuckled.
He stood up to ruffle your hair,
before placing a gentle kiss on your forehead.
“Alright, alright. I’ll sleep.”
Honestly, Azul,
you were the sub to begin with
Deuce Spade
During the Star Sending Event
Deuce put in a lot of hard work to make sure he’s got it.
He didn’t want to mess up,
and he wanted it to be perfect.
He’s the one in charge of sending the wishes after all!
Except with Trey, Idia and Ortho...but that’s not the point!!
He’s been putting his very best in this!
And he’s still not sleeping!
unleashing the knowledge
you have acquired from your world,
you went up to Deuce
and strut your very best T-pose..
“Um- S-s/o?? W-what are you doing??”
You cornered him to a wall, T-posing in front of him.
To be honest, you were already the dominant one in this relationship.
Comforting him and reassuring him he’s a changed man.
“I am T-posing to assert my dominance. And as the dominant one in this relationship, I demand you take off that outfit of yours and go to bed to cuddle with me.”
Deuce was so embarrassed-
his face was redder than Riddle’s hair-
Jk jk-
Unless 0-0
He hesitantly agreed,
you took him by the hand, and lead him to his dorm.
Honestly, I can’t tell who’s cuter in your relationship-
you or him? I don’t know~ <3
Rook Hunt
Being Vil’s henchman vice dorm leader of Pomefiore ain’t easy-
In general,
being Vice dorm leader isn’t an easy task.
Rook’s still smiling throughout the day.
But you can tell he’s getting kind of exhausted.
All the vice dorm work thrown at him, schoolwork, SO MUCH-
It’s quite fascinating and admirable that he’s still keeping a smile on his face.
No matter how tired he is.
But you are his s/o,
you ain’t letting YOUR MAN fake he’s not tired-
you WILL get him to
It is time-
“Hm? Mon Cheri? What are you doing??”
“Rook, I am asserting my dominance. And as the dominant one in this relationship, I demand you take a break and stop faking you aren’t tired. You must relax with me, and ‘no’ is not an answer.”
Rook was slightly taken aback.
Looks like his s/o is very observant.
He knows you aren’t gullible,
but he didn’t expect you to notice detail.
He smiled, dramatically posing as he scooped you in his arms.
“Mon cheri! I’m so moved! Of course I will!”
You’re just so adorable!
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stopluca · 8 hours ago
✧ 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐚 𝐛𝐢𝐭 𝐭𝐨𝐨 𝐥𝐚𝐳𝐲... || 𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐦 𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬
REQUEST FROM ANONYMOUS : How would the dorm leaders react to an s/o who falls down the stairs, breaks a leg, and just stays there for the day cause they were too lazy to get up?
...So this is why you missed all your class today. He just stared for a moment before quickly sliding beside you and taking a look at your injury, he’s got his phone whipped out and ready to call an ambulance too! One of the staff have almost miraculously appeared as well, and with that, Riddle’s able to calm himself down from the anxieties that had built up ever since he saw you injured. Whilst help was on the way, he found it an appropriate time to talk a bit. “Y/N, how long have you been sitting here for?”
Riddle was not the happiest camper, pretty understandably. You had sat there nearly all day— early in the morning ‘till now night with a broken limb! And seemingly, you didn’t think once about calling him or one of your friends to come help you! His mind was just jumbled with concern. The thought can’t help but cross his mind.. how long would you have rested there before taking any kind of action?
“Y/N. Not only have you been careless and broken your leg, you completely ignored the fact like it was trivial and sat there for nearly a whole day- a whole day! What’ve you got to say for yourself?” It’s moments like these where Riddle seems to act like an angry mother..
He understands what being lazy is like, he knows how he himself is a huge slacker- but you? My god, you’re giving him a serious run for his money.
He was in a rather bad mood, given he hadn’t seen you all day- naturally, he wondered what was up, so he set out to find you! It took a bit before he got the sense to check Ramshackle; well, he found you! But needless to say, he wasn’t all that thrilled. Not at all, actually. “Oh, fuck..”
The trip to the nurses was quick. He wanted to get your leg patched up as soon as he could, but he was able to give you a small question on the way there. It was just one question, the elephant in the room : “What happened?” Your response kinda just left him stunned. If anything, just laying there due to being too lazy to do anything about it sounded more like something that he would do, but then again, Leona’s sure that even he would get up if he broke a damn leg..
Leona’s not great at taking care of you when you’re injured aside from fetching you some snacks or a glass of water, but he still sticks around in the nurses’ office with you- probably making fun of you for all of this; but in all seriousness, if this ever ends up happening again, he wants you to call him.
Azul was just horrified at the sight of your broken leg- he almost felt his own two legs get a brief rush of pain when he first saw it. In a moment of panic, he calls for the Leech twins to carry you to the nurse’s office, and they’re there in a flash. Azul urges as hard as he can for them to be gentle when carrying you, and they try. They end up hoisting you up a bit too roughly, one holding onto both of your arms with the other holding onto both legs like you’re a human stretcher. They’re definitely getting their salary decreased for that.
While the nurse was patching you up, Azul felt no desire to watch, but couldn’t help but stay and look on for your sake. If the nurse allowed for you two to talk, he’d definitely take the chance to ask about how you broke the leg.
To your response, he’s... a bit dumbstruck to say the least. He tried imagining what it might’ve been like going through that, then cringing- you sat with a broken leg for hours upon hours before he found you.. it sounded like a nightmare, yet you seemed to take this like it was all normal. Anyone else would have been yelling for help seconds after they’ve realized they’ve broken their leg... you’re a strange one, Y/N.
Before you know it, he’s yelling for help from whoever he can get it from. Pretty quickly, a group of Scarabia residents, and of course, Jamil, have flocked over. In what seemed like seconds, you had a group of students gawking at your injury and seeking for further help. Poor Kalim’s in a fit of tears, hugging and assuring you that everyone would help you get better. The next couple of minutes were simply you sitting there awkwardly with Kalim affectionately holding onto your arm while the both of you waited for the nurse to come by.
Kalim was much too caught up in his emotions and trying to comfort you from your pain (though, you don’t seem to be in much pain, with a complete stone face like that..) to ask about how the incident happened. Therefore, it ends up being the duty of the Scarabia residents who had come by to see what was going on to ask. Needless to say, everyone was just bewildered... a bit astonished too!
Kalim really, really disliked the fact that you’d been there for so long and didn’t call! But above all, he was super frustrated with the fact that it took him so long to come looking for you— waah, if he’d searched earlier, you could have had your leg patched up by now!!
You would probably break your other leg if it would make Vil stop looking at you in such a way. You’ve never, ever seen the man more disappointed than now- and probably won’t ever see this disappointed of a face again, that is, unless you decide to double down and do something more shocking! (Don’t! It won’t be good for you and probably even worse for Vil, his heart may not be able to continue!)
You can probably feel the most ultimate form of anxiety just from the way he’s staring at you right now. His gaze on you while you explained what’d happened made you sweat bullets, and it was even tougher waiting for his response to it all. The only thing you’d heard so far was him sighing heavily nearly a million times. I think this time around, you’ve run him nearly speechless.
“Do you have no care for yourself?” he muttered, putting a hand up to his face. “I feel as though you’re unable to discipline.. however, I cannot drop this. I will not allow you to keep this kind of thing up!” You bet he’s gonna keep his word.
God, if it weren’t for Idia’s little brother, you could be sure Idia would be dead from all the heart attacks you gave him. Making the poor guy panic was routine for you at this point, and to Idia, it felt like the situations just kept getting more chaotic with each one. But to everyone’s relief, Ortho’s been the rescuer to all of the incidents.
Idia freaks when he sees the broken leg, and as per usual, it’s up to Ortho again to come to the rescue- he’s never healed a broken leg before, but he’ll do his best! Idia, once coming back to his senses, intently watched the healing process from a distance, not wanting to be a disturbance, yet not wanting to leave you alone at the same time. When Ortho asked him to help, Idia panicked once again, having all the things he could mess up run through his mind before declining helping.
When you’re all patched up, Idia offers to hang out with you to (hopefully) put your mind off of the pain from the broken leg. Idia doesn’t think of asking the details of how it happened, he’s fine with being unaware since you’re alright now. Though if he were to find out, probably through the security cameras, he’d be shocked! You sat there?? All day??? And you didn’t even attempt asking for help?! Idia.. might consider asking Ortho to take a look at your brain to check if it’s okay or not..
Malleus has heard many talk about how excruciatingly painful breaking a limb is, so he of course panicked hard at seeing you laying at the bottom of the stairs with a clearly busted leg. You’re expression made him worry even more- you looked so calm, like you were totally numbed and have been there for hours already... which you were. He had you swept up in his arms without a moments noticed, ready to get you to a place that could fix this terrible injury since he wouldn’t tolerate you being in pain for a second more.
You two end up having a long, complicated conversation soon after the fracture was dealt with. “Child of man, I must ask.. I’ve heard that breaking a leg was a painful experience, but you seem to not be experiencing much pain at all, as far as I’m able to see from how calm you are.” “Oh, breaking a leg is hellishly painful, Mal. Take my word for it.” “Is that so? Then why is it that you don’t seem to have much reaction?”
The conversation above is just a teeny, tiny fraction of the full one. So, so much back and forth chatter between the two of you... and poor, highly confused Malleus- he wasn’t able to understand at all why you would stay sitting in pain when you could’ve called for the help of someone. Humans have such complicated minds, don’t they?
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fairestwriting · 9 hours ago
This is my first time requesting so I hope i don't mess up :') . Can I request the dorm leaders (anyone you want or comfortable with rlly) visits MC's world cuz they're interested/curious/etc. since there is some difference between their world and MC's. How would they react to our world? I hope I don't confuse you much with this request since I never do this lol. I understand if you ignore this if it doesn't follow any of the rules. Aside that- I hope you're doing good and taking yourself! Luv u
its all good! you didnt do anythin wrong. and thanks so much, i hope youre doing well too anon n__n<3
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle feels like a shy kid, coming to your world. All that backbone he has when scolding his dorm members is just gone -- And all because he's just... painfully aware he doesn't know the cultural customs, so he's genuinely afraid to do something wrong.
He loosens up a bit as he learns, watching others, but still keeps trying very hard to be polite. He wants to give off a good impression! Especially if you're introducing him to people you know...
He's mostly passive, just taking in whatever information you decide to give him, sometimes questioning here and there about how certain things work without magic, but mostly, he's just putting on effort to not be a troublesome visitor.
Leona Kingscholar
He's still low energy as always, he's never been very curious about your world, honestly. Maybe one or two things have sparked his interest, but in general, he just feels meh about it.
That opinion changes when he realizes how out of place he is, being a beastman, and you ask him to wear some kind of hat and hide his tail. Now he feels awkward about it too, and that means he gets irritable.
If Riddle is trying to not be a troublesome visitor, then Leona is trying to be that troublesome visitor. He's just annoyed that he needs to hide like this, his usual grumpiness turned up to eleven. You bicker through the entire visit, but that aside, he adjusts to Earth habits rather easily? And if you manage to catch his interest with something, his mood improves considerably.
Azul Ashengrotto
Similar to Riddle in that he's worried about coming off as maladjusted, but he doesn't show that nearly as much. Azul lets you lead the way and takes mental notes on everything, making sure the image he shows your world is a good one.
He's interested in learning the differences between Earth and Twisted Wonderland, but in that business-minded way of his. He wants to know if you have any new strategies he could mimic, so whenever you visit some sort of establishment, Azul's brain is just going a mile a minute, wondering how he can do something like that when he gets back home.
Introducing him to people you know is... not the best decision. He'll be polite to them, but he's also always looking for more profit, and being the only one who's capable of magic in a magicless way... he's gonna try to rope your friends into some contracts, so watch out.
Kalim Al-Asim
You're expecting this but, well, Kalim is very excited. He's bouncing around in excitement, everything looks so new and interesting to him, even if it isn't that different from what he knows in Twisted Wonderland!
Asks you all sorts of questions about everything, pretty much, but he focuses a lot on what you probably think is very unimportant stuff. Like, he wants to know if your carpets can move on their own too, he gets very invested in how you do certain things without magic.
Also wants to see how you have fun and hang out with others in your world! Kalim will beg and plead to meet all your friends, and then to bring them all over to Twisted Wonderland one day, so he can throw them a big party!
Vil Schoenheit
Asks you questions about your world before letting you take him there, but in the way someone would research about a place they're vacationing to. He wants to have a good idea of how he should act before doing anything, just so he doesn't make a fool of himself.
Treats it like a vacation to another country, in general. He's done it before, so he adjusts rather well. He'll mostly let you lead the way when it comes to what you're doing, but if he finds something that piques his interest, he'll ask you to show it to him too.
Actually finds all the differences and similarities in culture interesting and ends up having a good time. He's decently used to not relying on magic too much, so the lack of it doesn't bother him much. Though he's still as picky and judgemental as ever, not afraid of telling you when he thinks something is just bad.
Idia Shroud
Terrified. Genuinely. You've probably had quite the argument about bringing Idia to your world, he keeps going on about how he'll stand out so much with the flaming blue hair, and that's what holds back his visit the most, really.
If you manage to drag him there, he won't be too keen on leaving the house, but that's just regular Idia. He's still curious about things, though, so if you want to stay home and show him things through the internet or something, he's open to it.
You should take him to some sort of anime convetion! He might argue against it at first because of how inhuman he looks, but once you remind him that cosplayers exist, you manage to convince him. He'll actually have fun, learning about how otaku culture is like in your world, and you two will probably have a lot to binge watch together when you get home.
Malleus Draconia
Another one with an appearence problem... Malleus is open to visiting your world, sure, but shouldn't he do something about the horns? You end up settling on using some magic to hide them, and you're stuck with horn-less Malleus for a couple days. A strange sight.
He wants to see whatever you want to show him, his curiosity being very general. Though he can't lie he leans towards things that have some sort of personal connection to you the most, like the places you played at as a child, or where you hang out with your friends.
Anywhere you take him will feel entertaining to Malleus, being so unusual to him. From museums to your favorite ice cream shops, he wants to see them all! Speaking of ice cream specifically, though, he'll be very impressed with the variety you have around, it's nothing like what he gets back at the Valley of Thorns.
Tumblr media
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shampoocifer · 16 hours ago
Hewwo, for the emoji stuff could I have 💝 and 💋 with Azul please? Thank you~ - Nyanon
💝 - Are they more likely to fall for someone if they’re friends first?
I'd say not necessarily. I think what really sells Azul on wanting to date someone is being shown affection, appreciation and support by someone he likes and could potentially have feelings for. Someone who's actions towards him radiate "Hey, I care about you a lot, you're pretty amazing and it really matters to me that you're happy". And I don't think it matters for that whether he's known you for a couple of weeks or has been friends with you for a long time. Being friends with you would however help him be more likely to take the initiative and romantically approach you.
💋 - How do they kiss?
I'm still 100% convinced that Azul is a hopeless romantic deep down and it shows in the way he kisses you. His kisses are full of emotion, he pours all of his love for you into them. He likes slow kisses that last for a while and he holds you very close while he's kissing you. You're his treasure and he doesn't want to let go of you. Not after realizing how happy being close to you and kissing you makes him. He also tends to give you quick pecks on your lips if you pass each other in the hallway, when he heads to work or when he sees you being happy about something like getting a good grade or for a new movie coming out. He just adores when he sees you smile or getting excited that he can't help but give you a kiss. He's so proud to have you by his side and it shows.
Here's the link to the ask meme! Feel free to send some in! 💕
You can also join the Twisted Wonderland server I'm modding in here! 🌺
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Tumblr media
@snlangford This is part 3/3 And now I write this for Idia and Azul
Tumblr media
Idia would be very sad even though he was secretly waiting for this.
He would be very sad about this because he wished you were already in love with him.
Idia cries as he tries to find you through the internet.
Ortho also helps his beloved big brother find you.
They shouldn’t go very long before they know your location.
And then Ortho picks you up back to his big brother.
Idia will be very happy when he gets you back
He can't be angry with you.
Idia will most certainly install a tracking chip on you so he always knows where you are.
Say goodbye to your own time as either Idia or Ortho will be in control of what you do in the coming weeks.
Ortho is also trying to come up with "fun events" for you and Idia so you can get Stockholm Syndrome faster.
"I know that you don't like me but if you play this board game with me Ortho will be really happy"
Tumblr media
Azul is a destroyed mess.
As soon as he notices that you are gone he starts to cry and hyperventilate
Tweels have to look for you because Azul really can't do it.
And we can only hope they find you quickly as Azul is very strenuous.
He just cries, repeats your name, and clings to everything that moves with his tentacles.
Once the Tweels have found you Azul will hug you and not let go.
And that's where you two are for many hours.
But don’t worry because you will get the punishment later.
And Azul is even more clingy and dependent after this incident than he is normally.
R.I.P your free time
He will definitely force you to sign a vague contract
" Do you love me right? You don't want to leave me anymore, do you? Hahahahahahahaaaaa. "
It is best to answer these questions in the affirmative
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emyluwinter · 19 hours ago
Enjoy my dear ones! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
It turned out so sweet at the end. I'm confused. (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) Earlier in the morning, the sun is already softly illuminating the entire room even though it is under water. Azul bedroom had a large window with a view of the ocean floor. This gentle sound of the waves always magically calmed Aschengrotto's thoughts, no matter how confused and hazy they were.
The alarm clock on the phone had already started playing a tune, and Azul reluctantly buried his nose in the pillow. How I did not want to get out of a comfortable and soft bed in the morning. Especially early in the morning.
- Azul.. Azul.. Telephone - a soft voice gently pulled him out of his sleep. But it was even pleasant. The sound of the gentle sleepy voice was more pleasant than the sound of the alarm clock notification.
- it's a damn alarm clock.. - Azul muttered, not wanting to get up for another minute. Getting up early was always hard. Someone moved on the bed next to him, and gently leaning over him, gently brushing a lock of hair from Azul cheek, barely touching his snow-white skin with the pads of his fingers, gently and lightly kissed his cheekbone. Those light kisses were ticklish, but they were damn good.
Waking up was becoming more pleasant.
- Mmm.. Good..I'll definitely get up now. - Azul chuckled as he moved closer from his seat and wrapped his arms tightly around someone's waist, nuzzling his stomach. Soft and warm.He could break the hands of anyone who dared to touch this sacred place for him.
- it's a good morning now. - Azul purred, rubbing his cheek against his stomach. Feeling light strokes on the head, Azul breathed out blissfully. God, he wanted so much to stop time and be surrounded by affection and love like this. Drag it into your octopus pot and be bound to it forever.
- Well, that's good. So the day will be wonderful.. Did you sleep well?
- Yes...very. Did you wake up at night again?
- No. Today, the sound of the waves wrapped me tightly in sleep.
Azul took his glasses from the nightstand and put them on. For some reason, he could not see the face of this kind and gentle man, without greed, without plans and intricacies.
The fog before his eyes cleared and he could see Yuu's still sleepy face with delight, her hair was disheveled and in complete chaos, just like his. He liked this morning's lack of perfection and carelessness. It had its own charm. Sitting on the bed, Azul turned off the alarm on his phone. There was still a little time left.
- Good morning ~ - Yuu smiled, still a little sleepy, and rubbed her eyes with her fingers. It was still hard for her to get up so early from her unaccustomed time. Azul would have liked to spend more time with her, but it was an impermissible idleness with a loss of profit. In addition, he was ashamed of the fact that she woke up next to him even though she had a different daily routine. But he was grateful for her concern.
- Good morning. - Azul chuckled as he leaned over Yuu and stole a kiss. What could be sweeter than this. The morning was becoming the best.
- And another one for good luck.- Yuu smiled and wrapped her arms around Azul neck, stealing another kiss and then peppering his cheeks with short kisses. She always kissed his cheeks and left an insistent kiss on his birthmark. He was terribly embarrassed that he was so pampered.
- That's not a fair move, miss. - Aschengrotto smiled slyly - you know that now I will not let you go so easily until I get my percentages ~
In retaliation, Azul began showering Yuu's neck and collarbone with kisses. Yuu started laughing and tried to pull the blanket over her.
- Noooooo. Azul stop it! It tickles!!
Her soft, cheerful laughter filled the large room. Her tenderness chilled to the very tips of her fingers and her warmth, so pleasantly spread throughout her body.
Abruptly opening his eyes, Azul sat up in bed. The room was still dark. The sun hadn't even begun to shine yet... It was all just that... Sleep.
Azul tried the empty space next to him where Yuu had just been lying. The fabric was cool. The whole room was in semi-darkness and so cold, empty and completely without life. Was she always like this?
- What a stupid dream... - mumbled Azul, hiding under the blanket and trying to fall asleep. No, it was just a strange dream, nothing more. Don't think about it, don't worry about it. In the morning, there are so many things to do in the restaurant and to deal with the lessons.
Wearily walking into the room, Azul notices Yuu on the couch, surrounded by books, apparently she was doing homework. How much information she had to catch up with.
Taking off his shoes, he silently lay down next to her, putting his head on her lap. They were the softest and so comfortable after a hard day. There was no rest from work and the twins, and right now he just wanted to rest.
- Welcome back, Azul.. - again that gentle tone that envelops you like a warm blanket on a cold day.
- Mhg.. I'm so tired.. - Azul replied, closing his eyes and relaxing. When he was terribly tired and without any strength, his real character would slip out.As much as he'd like to hide it. He was hungry for touch, for love, and for all the things that could fill his empty, tortured heart.
Yuu carefully took off his hat and scarf,and carefully pulled off his coat and jacket. She untied the bow tie and undid the top two buttons. She tried to be careful that nothing was dented
- Rough day?
- It's awful.. I want to lie down like this until we go to bed..
- All right. Aren't you hungry?Can I make you some tea? - Again, this is a selfless concern. It is impossible to miss it, not now, when it is so desirable. After that, you can offer to give something in return for this. Azul don't have the energy to think about it now.
- Eating at night is bad. in addition, I can get better and it will be my nightmare..don't want..
- You won't get well, then, rest my dear. You've worked very hard.
Azul was willing to sell the restaurant if only Yuu wouldn't stop doing what she started. Massage the neck and shoulders while he is lying down, even if it is a little uncomfortable. But damn it, those fingers gave him goosebumps. And when she runs his fingers through his hair to relieve the tension... Azul was already thinking about something very expensive, for the sake of this bliss that he gets with ecstasy now. Her gentle-looking hands were surprisingly strong, pushing and kneading each tense muscle and relaxing it. Azul skin crawled like waves in a storm.
- In the name of the Great Sea Witch......just don't stop.. - Azul whispered softly, almost melting. He turned into a relaxed jelly in a couple of minutes ,enjoying a massage and a caress. Yuu always somehow knows what he wants to hear and it won't be flattery it won't be sycophancy. It will be sincere and pure like nothing else.
Yuu always seemed to know in advance how to relieve all his tension and fatigue. Calm him down and get his thoughts back on track.
- Azul... You'll fall asleep in your suit, Azul.. It would be better to change into your pajamas and go straight to bed.
- Well, let it be..
- Come on, Azul. Let's go to bed. - Awkwardly smiled Yuu trying to disinhibit a little Ashengrotto that was not very successful. Sometimes he was a little moody.
- Will you stay with me tonight? - Azul asked abruptly after he had changed and brushed his teeth. Yuu looked a little confused and confused.
- Mr. Ashengrotto, you're monopolizing me at this rate.
- And I dare say I'm good at it. - Azul smiled proudly, pulling the girl to him and putting his arm around Yuu waist. Showering her neck with sleepy kisses. Damn it, Azul wanted to return all that she gave him in five hundred times the amount. Her light sighs as he brushed her skin with his lips, careful not to leave any marks. Oh, how he wanted everyone to see that she was with him now!!Her slight tremor as he touches the line of her waist and lower back. it made his heart beat dangerously fast.
- Please, Yuu.. stay here..
- Azul.. You know I don't want any bad rumors going around about you because of me.
Yuu closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on her thoughts. But Azul did his best to convince her otherwise. It's hard to say no every time, when Azul makes her blush and catch her breath. It was as if he knew which strings he needed to tap to send the vibration through his entire body to the tips of his fingers.
- I know.. But illogically and selfishly, I want to capture you for today. I want it so bad..every time I'm afraid that you won't come back to me..
- Azul..
Taking Yuu by the hand, Azul squeezed her hand tightly and gently and gently touched her palm with his lips. How he loved those soft, soft hands. Sometimes rough from the calluses of hard work. With a faint smell of paint and charcoal. Such a strange combination.
- I know that this is wrong, I know that it shouldn't be like this... but. Yuu...we...we both know you can't stay.. But there is still time.. I beg.. The twins and I will deal with the rumors and gossip later. I won't ask you to stay when you need to go to your own world... I promise.. I can even sign a contract if you want.
Azul spoke seriously, his eyes were silent and pleading, and he hoped that it would reach her sensitive heart. Yuu just hugged him tightly. Oh, how nice it was to feel her warmth and the way she gently hugged. Not like the twins or anyone else did. It wasn't even a hug.
- No need for Azul... I don't need a contract to trust you..
- I'm too full of villainy for you to trust me that much. It's reckless.
- You're wrong, Azul... You know better than to mess with me. - Yuu smiled slyly and lightly touched her lips to Azul's neck. He seemed to feel a slight electric current pass through his body, but it wasn't painful at all. How does she manage to do this with such unsightly things?
- I daresay it's a complete folly.... then..for such attacks, I will ask for compensation in full. With percentages - Azul gently lifted Yuu's chin and stole a brief kiss. He liked their little game to distraction.
- Oh, I'm afraid I can't pay with percentages - Yuu laughed softly as she returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around Azul's neck and pulling herself closer to him.
Taking a sharp breath and opening his eyes, Azul covered his face with his hands.
Another strange dream.
For almost a week now, he's been dreaming about something like this..
Once again, his bedroom is cold and dark, and once again, it's like he missed something important.
- it's just a stupid dream... It's just a dream. The deception of my mind, which is loaded with work.. - Azul tried to convince himself every time he woke up from such dreams. Somewhere a part of him was thrashing in despair. Sometimes he wished it wasn't a dream..
But he will have to, and the relationship is too economically unprofitable. But is it so?.. Important? Yuu didn't ask for anything expensive or unthinkable in his dreams. And all this love and tenderness was like this... Desirable? For Azul, it was something strange, he did not fall in love, he did not value someone. His whole life was just a quest to become better than those who mocked him. And these dreams showed him a completely unknown side of him, his thirst, his desire.. His desire to be someone needed. To be perfect for someone, even in the morning, when you are disheveled and still very sleepy and rumpled. Not perfect, vulnerable. Defenseless.
For a moment, there were tears in Azul's eyes. He cursed the dreams and would have given anything for them. It was like excruciating torture.
But he had to hold on.. All these feelings and emotions were something strange and unclear. Unknown that could not be explored.
- Maybe she used something on me... There is a love potion.. It will not be difficult to make it..
Azul mused aloud sadly. Oh, damn it, he knows how this potion works, and it was so stupid to think that Yuu would put so much effort into having these dreams haunt him!! It didn't make any sense!!When she released the 225 dummies under his control, she got nothing!! Moreover, Yuu almost suffered from his serious overblot. And she treated him without any malice or envy. And with respect...understanding. Yuu recognized his intelligence and hard work...
- Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!! What nonsense!! - He picked up a pillow and pressed it to his face. It was unbearable to think about the options where he was being so hideously tortured. Worse, they play on his feelings. And he can't do anything about it. It couldn't be stopped at the snap of a finger. It couldn't just be put out of one's heart.
- I want to stay in these dreams... How stupid.. - Azul almost howled before falling back into sleep. For the first time, he didn't want to wake up for as long as possible.
Yuu looked around the VIP room in Monstro Lauge with bewilderment and looked at Azul expectantly. This time the conversation was without the twins, which was very strange.
- Azul-san.. Is something wrong? You suddenly called me out so abruptly.. - Yuu was beginning to worry that something serious might have happened. Headman Octavinel wouldn't just call her that. So he needed something. But what could it be?"
- Yuu-san, I'm grateful that you so kindly agreed to come..I have a serious conversation with you. Which will be strictly confessional.
- O.. okay...
- Not one can find out about our meeting today. You are not stupid, and you understand your position..
Yuu suddenly interrupted him. - Let's get straight to the point.
Azul smiled matter - Of-factly, so much the better.. I'll ask you and hope to hear the truth. I wouldn't want to draw on the unique magic of Jade in this case...Yuu-san...did you use some kind of love potion or whatever on me, or did you ask someone for help with a charm spell?
- Ha? - she could not believe her ears at first thought that this was some kind of stupid joke
- Of course not! Why would I do that? - Hearing Azul, Yuu was completely taken aback.
- Then how do you explain the fact that you've been coming to me in my dreams for almost two weeks? - Azul decided to go all the way until he found out. Maybe a little too direct for his taste.
And it was at these words that Yuu finally fell into a stupor. Her? Did you dream? Azul?!? She would rather believe that Epel had been transferred to Savanaclaw, or that Leona had taken up ballet, but not this.
-h... Hah?!
- Don't make that surprised expression. You should be well aware of this.
Azul didn't lose all his determination and was even a little too sure that Yuu had arranged it. He was even slightly angry about the whole situation.
- But Azul san... I would never even dream of doing something like that. You know that very well without me. M-may I assume that I... how exactly am I torturing you? I don't know what words are appropriate here, what am I doing in your dreams? Maybe it's because of the consequences of the overblot...
- I will only say that you are mercilessly torturing me, and the overblot was a few months ago, enough time has passed for me to recover completely from it.
- Then I don't quite understand..
- What is difficult here? You somehow get into my dreams and do not give me peace.. This is not normal and I have to demand that you stop doing it.
- But.. Azul-san. I don't do anything like can I stop this without even knowing where it all started?. In truth, maybe I'm just too much for you ...hated? I don't know exactly why you don't like me so much.. But... then I could try to loom less in front of your eyes.. Do not appear in Monstro Lauge ever again. If it makes you feel better, I can try. Until you feel better
Azul suddenly couldn't stand seeing that innocent and so familiar faint smile again. Her kindness again.
- In dreams, you always speak very kindly and sincerely about me, my achievements and work... You always seem to see right through me, knowing what I want. You always touch me very gently, not wanting to hurt me, as if you're afraid it will bring back bad memories.. You've always stayed close, like you were trying to make me feel like I wasn't alone in my octopus house anymore..- Azul took out the handle to block the door from the inside and took off his hat leaving it on the table That I am someone desired and loved without self-interest.. Without any intent..
Yuu doesn't know what to say as she watches wordlessly as Azul walks over to her and bends down to take her face in his hands.. Which.. For some reason... They were trembling..
- Azul .. San..?
- Yuu san.. Please...I don't want to wake up with this cold and empty inside anymore.. Stop taking all this stuff with you when I wake up.. Stop this torture..
- Ah... Azul ... san.. Wait.. But.. It's.. The Same.. love... - Yuu was confused and was so red that Azul thought for a second that she was going to run away. No, he couldn't let that happen. Enough dreams where he is left alone with nisch this time everything will be according to his script.
Grabbing Yuu's wrists and forcing her onto the couch, Azul studied her terrified, confused face.
- Azul-san.. Please wait.. This is not...I really didn't mean to interfere with your dreams.. And bring everything to this.. Truth.. Let go.. . please...
- Calm need to be so afraid and panic. I won't hurt you. - Azul's voice suddenly softened. He realized that this was probably too abrupt a move for her..
- Please Yuu, you don't need to be afraid of me. I give you my word as a gentleman that I won't do anything to hurt you. I'll just ask you one question. I didn't mean to scare you.I apologize.
Yuu relaxed a little as Azul looked at her guiltily. Loosening his grip on her arms a little. He waited.
He waited patiently for her breathing to even out a little. Azul really wanted to be with him not out of fear, but out of mutual love. He was willing to do anything to convince Yuu that he wouldn't use her. His tone was not businesslike and strict, nor was it flattering. He was...sincere and guilty.
Calming down, Yuu realized that Azul really didn't want to get so angry at her right now. He really wanted to just sort it out. Dreams are very dangerous, they can both give hope and mercilessly kill it.
- Okay....what was your question? - Yuu stared at Azul, trying to figure out what was going on in his head. Although even he didn't know exactly what he was doing.
- Can i...can..i.kiss you?
Yuu turned into a red mess in a split second. Azul thought she looked insanely cute right now.
- Eh?!Do you really want to?!
- If you don't mind, I wanted this conversation to be just a small misunderstanding and no one knew about it. I'm not forcing you Yuu. It's just your decision right now. I've read that consent is a very important sign of trust.
Yuu was momentarily distracted by the way Azul was trying to be gallant. He even asked for permission and looked like a puppy who sees a delicious food but does not know whether it is possible to take it or not and is waiting for a decision. And he asked for consent!! Like a real gentleman!!
- Oh, and sweetly ..
Azul smiled shyly.
- See what you're doing to me? It's horrible. please stop doing this I don't want anyone to see me like this.
- Well, maybe it's my unsurpassed charm and charisma? - Yuu laughed softly and shyly.
Azul stared at her in surprise. When had he become so spineless and weak in front of her?When did he miss the whole situation? But the girl's cheeks became more rosy and she added softly.
- Azul san...I think...can try.
Swallowing nervously, Azul leaned over Yuu. From this angle, Yuu looked amazing. He wanted to shower kisses on every inch of her body, to drown her in affection, in care. treat her to everything he can think of. A petal bath?Jewelry? It doesn't matter.Carefully taking Yuu by the cheeks, Azul approached a little more. It was quite exciting. There was no such scenario in the dream. He was terribly greedy, but he would have given her everything without a second thought.
It was a light and gentle kiss. A little tickly from breathing, and a little clumsy from inexperience. It seems that Azul felt his head spin from the realization of what he really did.
This time, Azul could enjoy the kiss as much as he wanted. And it wasn't a dream that could end..
Because now he will control everything himself.
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fairestwriting · a day ago
How would Azul, Vil and Ace and Deuce react to Yuu drawing them?
Azul Ashengrotto
Blinks, kind of confused. You're...drawing him? That's okay, but why? Does he look weird or something? Logically he knows that's not it, but that not so suave part of his pokes at him cruelly. Azul generally doesn't enjoy people staring at him too much when he's not prompted them to do that.
On the outside, Azul just tries to keep his pose, but allows himself to tilt his head and smile, speaking up to mention how pleasantly surprised or flattered he is that you'd want to draw him, asking if you needed him to change his pose or stay still.
He stays there until you're satisfied with the drawing, then asks to see it, sparing you some cool-sounding compliments as he looks over your shoulder. Then he names his price for the impromptu modeling he's just done, because nothing comes for free in this world.
Vil Schoenheit
Well, of course you'd want to draw him. Have you seen him? He's not that shocked to see you looking him up and down, squinting while you hand gets to work on the sketchbook.
But... is this really the best pose of him you can get? He'll want to see how the sketch is going before he really lets you give it too much detail. Bluntly and suddently asks you, without moving too much, to show him the drawing, he wants to know what angle of him you've gotten.
It's a bit of a weird interaction, he gives you sketch a good look when you show it to him, then tells you about how that's passable, you can keep going. And of course, he perfectly holds down the pose he previously was in, then asks to see the drawing again, which he reacts to with a proud smile and rare praise, I'll have to give credit where credit is due.
Ace Trappola
Ace doesn't really sit still, so whatever distracted moment you caught him in that made you start doodling will end soon, and he'll notice what you've been doing on your sketchbook. Tilts his head, "You're drawing me?" He asks, with a smirk.
Teases you for it like the bastard he is. Eh, do I look that good, I'm flattered, or something along these lines, whether he makes your life easier by holding the pose and letting you finish the drawing or just changes it completely to mess with you depends on the day.
Either way, by the end of it, he wants to see how you made him look! Ace jumps behind you, looking over your shoulder, and whistles as he looks at the art up and down. That actually looked pretty good? He'll let you know he thinks that, and asks you to have the drawing. If you say no, he'll try to annoy you until you give to him, which might work or not?
Deuce Spade
Kind of flustered. Just doesn't get why anyone would want to draw him? He doesn't think he looks like anything special. In his startlement, Deuce completely changes his pose, posture straightening as he asks "Are you drawing me?!" and... there goes your sketch.
When you complain about him changing poses, he hurriedly apologizes and tries to go back to his previous stance, but isn't really able to, which just ends in more apologies.
The drawing is probably left half finished, and he doesn't know if it'd be impolite to ask you to see it or not, but ends up doing it anyway, on impulse, and when you show him, he's really impressed at you talent! Deuce will praise you for your art, while apologizing again for ruining the potential full piece.
Tumblr media
if you wanna support my work, you can buy me a ko-fi or commission me!
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riddlesimp · a day ago
Hope your feeling better if your reading this and decide to come back! Can I request some fluff of gn!reader cuddling and scratching jacks ears?
(Edit:This is a draft just so everyone knows and I’m not coming back yet :))
Yes of course
“Jack”y/n called Jack came to y/n “yes y/n” I wanna scratch your ears”y/n says Jack blushes “Y-you can scratch my ears and cuddle”Jack says blushing “Yay”y/n says laying on the couch and Jack lays down right after them y/n scratched jack’s ears and he was blushing a lot y/n giggled and after they were done scratching Jack’s ears y/n cuddled into jack’s chest making Jack blush even more but he wrapped his arms around them smiling.
(Edit:Sorry this took forever I did this right after I got the request but I’m not coming back yet hope you all understand see you all when I’m gonna come back)
Hope you all like this
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torikaku · a day ago
May I ask for the dorm leaders reacting to a androgynous mc? Anytime someone asks their gender, they just reply "yes"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For Leona, it doesn't matter how you look or identify; he loves you anyway and finds you attractive for you being you regardless others think about you. He hasn't really thought much about you looking androgynous; the most important thing for him is your intelligence, not your look. However, he finds your appearance cool, you can wear anything and look like anyone. Leona just smirks anytime you reply with a simple 'yes' to the question and he'll just play along with you if someone asks him about you.
Tumblr media
To some extent, Vil looks androgynously as well or pretty feminine, and he used to be mistaken for a girl. But he shrugged off these mistakes and just corrected people. However, it's quite amusing how you respond to such questions. In any case, he's glad you can express yourself and you don't care about what others think. Also, Vil finds androgynous people quite attractive, such people usually become models, since any clothes look nice on them.
Tumblr media
Azul finds your style and appearance really cool and beautiful. It's the first time he comes across a person with such a unique appearance. He loves that you express whatever you want, not worrying about looking different from the standards. Though he doesn't really get what your answer means, is it the way you joke? If you explain to him, he'll understand everything and will play along with you.
Tumblr media
Riddle doesn't really think about your appearance, of course, he finds you beautiful, but he will never judge you based on your looks. He himself looks and dresses quite gender non-conformingly, so for him, the most important thing is your comfort. Though Riddle doesn't really understand your answer to the question or what you mean by it, he will try to ask you about it, even if he doesn't really get it, he won't stop supporting you in your expressing yourself.
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flooyds · a day ago
finding out darlings habit of not wearing a bra.
riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, azul ashengrotto, kalim al asim, vil schoenheit, idia shroud & malleus draconia. yandere, suggestive/slight nsfw.
warnings. yandere content, slight explicit content, mentions of having a flat chest, kidnap mentions, slight pregnancy mentions.
request. darling has a habit is don't wears bra, because she have a flat chest and no one will know it. T-then, I want a request that the Dorm leader's reactions when they find out?
a/n. i don’t like going too in depth of how the reader looks, so i only did a few mentions of her flat chest, sorry! ┐(‘~`;)┌
Tumblr media
riddle rosehearts.
Tumblr media
- riddle is a bit taken back once he learns of your habit, his mother had never gone without one when he had lived back at their residence, so he had always assumed every girl wore one. he orders you to put one on as he doesn’t want to be seen with somebody who can’t even bother to do something like that. he’ll be breaking the habit soon.
- he gets that you have a smaller chest, but doesn’t find that an excuse. his ‘partner’ will only be the best of the best, and if he has to break it into your mind, he will. he’ll make sure you’re also wearing other necessities, such as underwear, so don’t give him any complaints when he’s lifting your skirt throughout the day to make sure you’ve put them on. and he’ll also be looking down your shirt and poking at it to be sure you’ve remembered your bra, even though he does watch your dressing process from then on.
leona kingscholar.
Tumblr media
- oh? is the little herbivore trying to seduce the big, bad beast? too bad, your small chest isn’t anything he’s interested in. he doesn’t mind if you prance around without any bra covering your tits, just know once he finds out, he’ll be pulling you aside in private — or maybe public just to have your embarrassed and begging face — areas. his teasing will get worse. especially with the name calling, and how you don’t even have to wear a bra because your boobs are so tiny.
- leona honestly prefers this, it’s super easy access and he doesn’t have to take the trouble to tear it off. he does growl whenever somebody’s to touch your chest area, knowing they could easily feel you don’t have anything covering it. he becomes a lot more touchy — though he still very much was before — and also rougher. if you want to seduce your kidnapper, go ahead princess.
azul ashengrotto.
Tumblr media
- azul doesn’t find it that odd, though he thought it was a custom for all girls to wear bras on land he doesn’t think much of it. under the sea, girls only wear tops since they don’t have legs and most of them look like what landfolk call ‘bras’. he does see it as a more sexual action to not wear a bra, so he’ll be more clingy, even if the reason is just for a small chest. you wouldn’t deny him, right? not unless you want a crying octopus and dangerous and threatening eel twins.
- he thinks it rather cute of you to not wear them, he does get a bit embarrassed the more he learns about the.. nastier things he can do easier, but he sees it as more of an invitation than anything. he’ll let his hands roam around your chest area more often and constantly tease at your nipples, always staying close and being clingy — not anything different — and telling anybody who might get a little too close to figuring it out to back off. since you’re his, and only his.
kalim al asim.
Tumblr media
- at first, kalim thinks it’s an issue of not being able to buy any, so he’ll buy you loads! only the best for his darling, after all — even though most of the time he has you locked in a cage. letting you pick out a few, but he chooses most of the ones he finds soo cute! he has you model them all and even buys matching underwear for some of them! when you tell him it’s just a habit because it’s not noticeable if you wear one or not, he just shrugs it off. that’s cool, it’s not really anything he’s worried about — because even if the whole school knew, nobody would touch kalim’s darling — and he has lots of habits as well!
- he might be a little more protective, though. making sure that there’s always somebody near you, usually jamil since he’s the one kalim trusts most. however, if he’s too busy with kalim, he has no problems with making sure you’re put back in your luxury cage room, completely swarmed with guards to make sure you don’t go anywhere and nobody can get in to do nasty things to you and take advantage of your habit! it’s probably for the best that you try to break it, unless you enjoy being locked away, of course.
vil schoenheit.
Tumblr media
- absolutely not. what is wrong with you? has your potato body and features also infected your brain?! vil’s buying you luxury, best quality bras, you’re not going without one ever again. he doesn’t care for his darlings silly little habit, you’re not getting caught dead without one ever again around him. it’s getting broken instantly and you’re getting punished for even trying to bring shame and humiliation to him as his ‘lover’.
- vil will start dressing you himself. obviously the freedom rook had managed to convince him into giving you wasn't a smart choice. everything from your undergarments to your makeup will be done by vil himself, and you'll never be able to do things that cater to your outer appearance again. similar to riddle, throughout the day vil will make sure you're still dressed appropriately. you're lucky he's so forgiving, you know? he could've done a lot worse, and if this habit somehow continues, he'll let rook have a little fun with hunting you in the woods.
idia shroud.
Tumblr media
- oh.. oh. to idia, this is like a dream come true, a girl never wearing their bra is like something a female hentai protag would do! he doesn't care for your habit, and if anything he just becomes creepier. whether you want him touching you doesn't matter, if you're keeping your bra off while around him, you must be comfortable and willing to get sexual! those are the thoughts that go through idia's anti-social, incel brain.
- idia encourages you to keep up your habit of not covering you chest, he enjoys thinking about the bare surface underneath your shirt.. he'll even have ortho try and encourage it too! ..not in a weird way like idia, but in a 'you go for it!' type of way. he'll creep his hand up your shirt whenever you two are alone, pinching and teasing at your nipples with a smirk on his face, watching the way you try and push his hands off and squirm around. he doesn't mind if you think he's even more horrible, because it makes him even more obsessed.
malleus draconia.
Tumblr media
- malleus.. doesn't really mind your habit that much. he has a few habits as well, none like going without an undergarment, but habits. he'll let you continue it if lilia has no problems with it, but if he does and offers malleus advice on why you should wear them, you'll be bought top notch bras from only the best brands (by sebek because, "YOUNG MASTER CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO DO THAT!!!!").
- habits don't really matter to malleus.. bra or no bra, you're still his darling and future queen. he'll only force you to break it if lilia finds a problem with it. like idia, he sees it as some kind of invitation to mate, to give him an heir early on. in private moments (usually in his bedroom, but also when nobody is around) he'll swipe his fingers over them, sometimes taking things a bit further if he becomes too excited. and when that happens, you might as well count on giving him an heir early because he isn't one to stop no matter what you say.
Tumblr media
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nanamisflowerfield · a day ago
Hi hi! A new follower here and I already enjoy my stay here :3 can I request courting hcs for the sea food trio + lilia? Thank you and good luck with all your wrinting, Nami-san!
btw, can I be 🍦 anon? uwu :3
Heyaaa!~ Enjoy it as much as you want, sweetheart! Thank you so much and thank you for following me!❤️❤️ I hope that you like it and have a great day, dear 🍦 anon!❤️
Tumblr media
🐙 Azul will try to be the world greatest gentleman alive in hopes to court you correctly.
🐙 He doesn‘t know how to court humans, but he will read many books to figure a good way out.
🐙 But then it happened... You were maybe too oblivious or just playing with him. Was his flirting bad? Couldn‘t you get it?
🐙 Holding doors open for you, trying to help you whenever he can, complementing you always. Please, get it or else the sweet octopus-like man will get upset as hell!
🐙 When the tweels persuade him to flirt more with you, he will blush and wants to try it out, only to chicken out and storming away with the most reddest face he could possibly have.
🐙 When you try to court him, he will get all blushy and tries to hide his face. “P-Please, don‘t tease me...“ He stutters out.
Tumblr media
🐬 Oh, Jade is a total pro in it! He knows how to do it perfectly and how he can make you fall for him in an instant.
🐬 But at first, he will try to be subtile. Making eye contact, holding your hand, brushing your hair away from your eyes, so he can stare into them.
🐬 If it helps and you blush or feel a small tingle, he will smirk to himself and get out the big guns...
🐬 Kissing your hands, sometimes even your cheeks and holding you close to him in hopes, that those actions might help him to court you.
🐬 But maybe you tried the same things? Could it be possible, that you were trying to do the same thing and that you might have feelings of love towards him too?
🐬 If you will do it, he will smile and accept your feelings in a heart beat. Going to your side and tell many students to walk off, so they could leave him and his great s/o alone.
Tumblr media
🦈 Is he even trying to court you? He won‘t even realize at first, that he has some feelings for you. Floyd is an energetic eel, full of fun and mischievous!
🦈 Out of the sudden, he realizes that he has those strange feelings deep down and asks his dear brother and best friend about it.
🦈 They tell him that Floyd should court you and then his strange feelings will get stronger and makes him super happy.
🦈 Eager to get what he wants, Floyd will run to you and tries every advice his friends tell him.
🦈 Hell, if that won‘t work, he will be so direct to you and even asks you how you would wanted to get courted. “Shrimpyyyy! I don‘t know how to court you! You don‘t get anything... Tell me how...“ He will pout and grab your wrist to get your attention.
🦈 “You don‘t have to try anything, Floyd. I already like you a lot.“ You giggle, making him smile brightly. He will hug you so tight, that you can‘t even breath properly... “Good! Then I don‘t need to do so many exhausting things!~ Let‘s go, shrimpy! I want to play basketball!!“
Tumblr media
🦇 Oh Lilia... Smart, mischievous, small Lilia... Emphasis on smart, because hell, does Lilia knows many ways of courting people.
🦇 He is old, like super old and even wrote a book; 'How To Court The One You Love', which is laying in Malleus desk, hidden from any person in Diasomnia.
🦇 He will use the advices he wrote down. Show his crush that he is interested, be friendly, nice and try to show every sign that he is courting them and many more...
🦇 The old fae even tries to befriend your friends in order to be closer to you!
🦇 But who would have guessed that his sweet little troublemaker would be interested in him too?
🦇 Smirking at your tries of courting the old fae, he will place his hands on your cheek and kiss your nose. “Good that we both wanted it. Fufufu~“
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twstpasta · 2 days ago
happy one year! may I request a romantic 🥰 for Azul? thank you!
Tumblr media
Love was an odd thing to Azul; he had always considered a folly of sorts, a thing that could drive even the greatest of people into a stupor so elaborate that he could weave fantastical tales to lure in the weak hearted. Love wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as Azul had people he loved too, but the concept of an idea so great and so pure that it could drive anyone to glory or ruin fascinated and terrified him.
Love was something he had a complicated relationship with. Sometimes accepting, sometimes denying, nothing was ever stagnant enough for him to grasp fully. He often wondered if you would be the key to understanding such a thing, but even then, he wasn’t sure.
“Do you love me, Azul?” You asked. Cradled away safely in his arms, soothed over by the steady rhythm of his heartbeat, you glanced up curiously at him. Innocence was scribbled all over your face, and Azul leaned down to press his lips to your skin.
He blinked, his touch still lingering on you. “Why do you ask such a thing?”
“Because I love you,” you simply replied, the sheepish look on your face making his heart skip a beat. “I want to hear you say that you love me too.”
Azul loved you very much, that much was true. A lump formed in his throat from your generosity; you would always stay by his side and show him your heart, regardless of how tumultuous Azul’s mind was or how smoothly things were sailing. Because you weren’t one to settle for whatever was easiest at the time, Azul carefully took your hand.
“Of course I love you, my dear,” he murmured, squeezing your palm gently. “If you ever want to hear me say it, just let me know.”
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torikaku · 2 days ago
Hello! Can I request some fluffy comfort headcanons for Azul, Kalim, Rook, and Trey? For when their S/O has to get surgery done but they are really scared and nervous about it because they've never had surgery done before? Thank you and I hope you have a good day.
Tumblr media
Azul is sitting near you in your ward and, taking your hand, caresses it by rubbing small circles on it with his thumb. He smiles sympathetically and kisses your hand, promising you to be there. He knows you're afraid, and so he is, but doesn't show it, since he doesn't want to make you even more nervous. He just tells you some stories about some of his previous days for you to distract you from negative thoughts.
“You’re in a professional’s hands, and you are brave, you can overcome this surgery. I love you. See you later.”
Tumblr media
Kalim looks no less nervous than you, but he tries to hide it. He wants to be supportive of you! He reassures you, hugging you and running his hand through your hair carefully, that everything will be okay, and he will mentally be with you during your surgery. And when you open your eyes, the first thing you see will be him; he promises to visit you immediately after the surgery is done. He's also telling you some jokes to lighten the mood.
"I know you're in good hands. When you open your eyes, I'll be there in the recovery room with you, so don't be afraid. I wish you the best!"
Tumblr media
Rook absolutely sympathizes with you, but understands that this surgery is very important for your health, so he supports you as much as he can and wishes you a successful surgery! He showers your face with a lot of kisses to calm you down and to make you smile. He promises to visit you as soon as possible.
“Waking up with a loved one is the best thing in the world. So I wish us to be at home as soon as possible and to remember these days and how great they ended.”
Tumblr media
Trey is calm in your presence; he knows you're scared, so with his calmness he wants to show you that everything will be okay and he believes that you will be able to overcome it. Because he knows you're strong. He kisses your forehead and promises to visit you after your surgery and bring something tasty for you.
“Know that I love you so much and you're not alone: I'll be here as soon as possible. And I promise to make a lot of your favourite pastries when we return home. So get better soon!”
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flooyds · 2 days ago
trying to seduce darling nude after seeing her nude part two.
epel felmier, jack howl, riddle rosehearts & azul ashengrotto. yandere, nsfw.
warnings. yandere content, explicit content, implied dub/noncon. all characters are aged 18+.
request. I can ask part 2: trying to seduce dear when naked after seeing her naked, with the yanderes! Epel, Jack, Riddle and Azul
Tumblr media
epel felmier.
Tumblr media
- well… this is quite the situation, isn’t it? epel had just been stopping by to say that vil needed you for something — much to his dismay — and here you are, fresh out of the shower and completely nude right in front of his eyes. a smirk graces his lips as he watches the way you try and cover up your body, rushed words asking him to leave. he will, though, but expect him to bring it up again just to tease you.
- epel isn’t one to plan things out, and this isn’t any different. he might mention wanting to meet at his very specific time and it has to be right then. he’ll quickly throw off whatever he’s wearing the minute he hears you knock before announcing that you’re coming in. and when you do, well, you’re definitely more embarrassed than he is — mostly because he isn’t embarrassed one bit.
- he’ll give you a smirk and ask you why you’re staring. maybe it’s just from his manly aura that you can’t help but be drawn to him.. and he doesn’t mind at all. look all you want, and don’t notice him locking the door. that part isn’t important, ya know? you should be more focused on the meeting you got called here for.
jack howl.
Tumblr media
- jack had just been stopping by to snag a few items of yours when he’d walked in on the scene, your naked body being all his eyes could go to as he feels his mouth become dry.. he’ll stutter out an apology once his senses return, shutting the door and thinking of your embarrassed face and cute reaction, remembering to snatch up the panties you’d worn before the undressing later.
- he isn’t one to avoid or play around with the topic of getting you to see him in that state as well. it wouldn’t be uncommon for him to hop out of the shower after work out.. and if you just so happen to come to hang around that time, well that’s your problem because jack is very much enjoying it. he has everything planned out in his mind, and though a little embarrassed and a teensy bit nervous while asking you to hang out in his bedroom around then, it’s not obvious he’s planning anything. just seemingly normal tsundere jack.
- and when you do enter his room, his towel is on the floor near him, a small remainder of water dripping off him from his hair, and his tail strangely sticking straight up.. you go red and tell him a ‘sorry’ before attempting to leave and shut the door behind you, but jack only grabs your wrist, telling you how he doesn’t mind if you stay… even if you don’t want to.
riddle rosehearts.
Tumblr media
- as usual, riddle goes as red as the hair on top of his head. screams at you to put on clothing, which isn’t what he wants but it’s mostly a reflex at this point. he’s taking in every part as his eyes scan you, wetting his lips with his tongue as he swallows hard. you hurriedly throw on clothes as to not disappoint your dorm leader and get yelled at, but he can barely restrain himself as to not order them off again.
- he’ll force you to meet in his room later that evening, freeing up his schedule so he can go through with this plan. though he’s a bit concerned about how it’ll play out, he doesn’t have any doubts he can force you to stay no matter what. he’ll quickly jump into the shower so that he looks refreshed and clean at least, though he might become ‘dirty’ again… he gets out once he hears you knock at his door and announce your presence, quickly drying some of the water off as he walks into his bedroom.
- when you notice the state he’s in, you’re immediately apologizing for walking in at such a time — you don’t want your head chopped off! — a smile is on his face as he stares at your teary eyes as there is a noticeable embarrassment in your features and movements. he orders you to close the door and come closer, and by now you should already know what you’re in for.
azul ashengrotto.
Tumblr media
- unlike other yanderes, azul backs off a bit. sure, he loves seeing you in such a form, completely nude only in front of his eyes and his alone. but, he understands some people can be insecure — he himself is very much — and he wouldn’t want to make his darling uncomfortable in any way, that could ruin any kinds of chance he may have without kidnapping, drugging, or threatening you! he’ll say his sorry’s as he backs out of the bedroom, but there are thoughts of the moment circling his mind the rest of the day.
- azul is a bit nervous when jade/floyd brings up the idea of you seeing him naked as well, it’s only fair! and does azul want to be a corrupt businessman like that? a lot of time goes into the thought but he eventually accepts it after talking himself up in the mirror, and when he’s ready, he’s incredibly excited and hoping to see a good reaction. he’ll invite you for a one-on-one business deal nobody could decline because it’s such a steal!
- when you walk in on him ‘changing’ he probably feels more embarrassed than you, roping you into comforting him and he’ll take advantage of the kindness. manipulative words fall from his lips as he somehow gets you into his bed with him and next thing you know it’s the next morning and you feel exhausted everywhere. you know you won’t be going anywhere, you showed so much kindness to this sad, pathetic octopus anyways! you must love him.
—thank you for your request! i hope you enjoyed..~
Tumblr media
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bubbledumbbinch · 2 days ago
This time I have a stupid scenario in my head so pls indulge a little- some reactions for dorm head when their drunk S!o kisses them in front of their dorm mates ft. the other guys too😂 cant even imagine Sebeks reaction after seeing his waka sama be frenched by y!n
Hi hi!!! This was so fun to write LOLL
A/N: some of this is kinda suggestive, but this is SFW. Stuff I write is mostly NSFW so keep in mind before yall follow!
Riddle Rosehearts
He turns bright red when you lean over to kiss him passionately on the lips! He would probably kiss back for a second but then pull away once he realizes who he's in front of!!! Riddle would not kiss you, especially not in front of other people!!! It might ruin his reputation as a dorm leader! He’s still so bright red as he touches his lips and remembers what you did…
ADeuce are both HORRIFIED. They knew you guys were dating but they are like so sick to their stomachs. I mean they're happy for you but get a room!!
Trey is happy for Riddle that he's found someone! But kinda looks away embarrassed, he doesn't want to stare and wants to give you some respect.
Cater would try to take out his phone to snag a cute picture or is it blackmail? Only to be upset when Riddle has already pulled away from you. He wished he could get a cute memory of you guys!
Leona Kingscholar
He is shocked but isn't pulling away. Leona deepens the kiss with his tongue and you moan into his mouth, causing him to smirk. After a few seconds he stops which makes you whine. He teases you about being so bold in front of other people. He tells you he’s the only one who should see you this passionately.
Ruggie would say "Blech!! Get a room..." and walk away. He felt like seeing that ruined his appetite and he is annoyed for at least half of the day.
Jack would be silently shocked and just turn away, a small blush coating his cheeks. He would excuse himself and leave too.
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul knows that face you’re making at him. Those are bedroom eyes and your face is headed for his! You smash into his lips, pulling his head closer to yours. Azul is extremely embarrassed because you did it right in front of the twins! He pulls away which leaves you whining. Azul’s glasses are foggy as he whispers in your ear that he will indulge you later.
Jade’s eyebrows raise and he lets out a “Fufufu~” when Azul pulls away. He is happy that Azul has someone to care about him but he wonders if you know any decency! Then he remembers all the drinks you “sampled” at the lounge and doesn’t mind.
“Eeh, Shrimpy and Azul are so close!! She’s practically squeezing him!” Floyd giggles furiously. He’s amused at the sight, especially Azul’s blushing!!
Kalim Al-Asim
Kalim feels you tug on his shirt at a party at Scarabia. Once he finally turns around he’s met with your lips smashing against his own, your tongue already asking for entrance. Of course Kalim indulges you! He’s giggling into the kiss and you are happily tugged into a hug where he wraps his arms around you.
Jamil sits shocked with his mouth open!! He has to tap Kalim on the shoulder to remind him to not do this in public with so many dorm members watching. “Huh?! Whyy?! But I love Y/N~” Kalim would whine incessantly as Jamil dragged you both into Kalim’s room to finish where you left off.
Vil Schoenheit
Vil would simply stop you. He is not going to let you ruin his makeup right in front of his dorm members, and ESPECIALLY not Epel! Vil is trying to teach him how to be a gentleman, so you will not be able to make out with him until you’re both in the privacy of his room.
Rook praises your boldness and loves the way you are ready to show love to Vil so easily! Doesn’t perceive that you were drunk, just thinks you really really love Vil at the moment :)
Epel stares with wide eyes in horror when you lean in to kiss Vil. He sighs a breath of relief when you are stopped though. He doesn’t really need to see PDA, for him it would be like a kid saying “Eww!” to their own parents kissing lol
Idia Shroud
Idia pauses his game to look over to where your face was and is met with a kiss! He instantly turns pink from blushing when you try to deepen the kiss. He’s flustered but likes the intimacy, but he stops you because he remembers. Ortho is there. Idia worriedly whispers to you he doesn’t want Ortho to see him making out with you, even in your drunken state you can understand that.
Ortho giggles. He’s happy for Idia! He doesn’t realize the intimacy you two were about to get into, no thoughts head empty for lil ol Ortho.
Malleus Draconia
Malleus hears you say his name seductively. He turns his head to see you giving him bedroom eyes - to which he smirks at. Quickly you lean in, no - actually dive into, his face. Malleus smiles into the kiss and returns the same amount of passion you started with, holding a hand on the small of your back and pulling you closer.
Malleus doesn’t realize the PDA is so bad until Lilia has to stops him. Lilia has a hand on Malleus’s shoulder to silently tell him to retreat to his dorm room. “Oh, young love!”
Silver is silent but blushes lightly at the sight. He’s happy for his young master and you. He hopes one day he could find a love like that, or at least dream about it soon…
Sebek. Is. HORRIFIED. How dare you become so well acquainted with the young master?! He can’t take it. He’s about to stop you until he sees Malleus himself take initiative to deepen the kiss. He gasps audibly and watches in shock! Lilia laughs at him and tells him it’s okay. It’s not okay for him!!!
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coffeeleafdepression · 3 days ago
For twisted wonderland: reader/mc asking the octavinelle trio "is water wet?"
Lmao I- Sure, this would be interesting! Hope you enjoy!
Is Water Wet? (Octavinelle x Reader) (crack)
"Hey, can I ask you three something?"
"Sure, what is it?"
Lounging at Monstro Lounge when service was over, you laid yourself on the couch of Azul's office, lazily scrolling through Magicam.
There was literally nothing to do and you were getting bored.
"Is water wet?"
Floyd looked up away from his paper to see you, smiling,
"Water is wet~"
"Actually," oh, a second party, "if you think about it water only makes things wet," Jade butted in.
"Water makes things wet."
"There is no other way."
Floyd frowned. "Well, since you say water makes other things wet when the water comes in touch with another object, water is also technically touching other water, and it-"
'That doesn't make sense, Floyd-"
"Excuse me," all three of you turned to face Azul.
"What in sevens are you all talking about?"
"Is water wet, Azul?" you repeated the question.
"Well Liquid water is not wet, but can make other solid materials wet.
Wetness is the ability of a liquid to adhere to the surface of a solid, so when we say that something is wet, we mean that the liquid is sticking to the surface of a material.
Whether an object is wet or dry depends on a balance between cohesive and adhesive forces. Cohesive forces are..." Azul went rambling on with his "scientific explanation, leaving you, Jade and Floyd to just tuner out and be left stumped.
"I'm starting to regret asking."
Jade looked at you unamused, simply just resorting to lightly pat you head.
"In the mean time, me and Floyd will-"
"I'm not in the mood."
"Floyd, are you seriously mad that I disagreed with you?"
"Oh you got to be-"
You sat there in the midst of chaos, Floyd and Jade having a squabble, and Azul still rambling about with his explanation, completely oblivious.
You sat on the couch with a blank face.
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neapoinwonderland · 3 days ago
Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes: .:4:.
Leona: idia, bring your ass on. I’m trying to get back to the dorm and take a nap
Vil: I know that right, I’m ready to take my beauty rest. Idia where you at? You were talking all that mess online.
Leona: Come on out you little internet bully!
Vil: Don’t run scared now keyboard gangster!
Azul: What I missed? I’m sorry I’m late!
MC: So you want me to hide your big brother in my dorm because he were trashing both Leona and Vil behind their back?
Ortho: Yes, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
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simpingfortwst · 3 days ago
The Dorm Leaders Finding Out You Prefer The Hero (Jamil instead of Kalim)
Wow if i knew that falling off the face of the Earth would get me to 100 followers I would have done it a lot sooner 😅
But seriously, thanks 🖤
Anyway on with the long overdue content. Bon appetit
Tumblr media
The dude seem to be calm but it’s still strange how often you end up with extra chores to do around scho- hey where’s that copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?
(Haha I really don’t know what to write for him)
So I see you’ve chosen death
Hey it’s your fault, you prefer that brat over the guy who is way more fit to be king
He can be cute two you know, just watch, he’ll be the cutest kitty you every saw
And if he’s not, well, i’m sure no one would miss the little rat too much
He’d like to think that he hid how he felt about it well
But in reality his change in expression was as easy to spot as hay in a haystack
He can’t wrap his tentacles around why you would prefer the selfish mermaid who abandoned her family at the drop of a hat over the generous sea witch who devoted her life to saving poor unfortuate souls
Well when you phrase it like that--
Really bodies the bargining stage of grief
He’s fine
Really he is fine
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion
But as he said, it’s fine, just calm down and look into his eyes.
Oh no
Abort mission aboRT MISSION
Why did you think that would end well? Vil hates Neige more than any of the others hate their counterparts
You know those dramatic scenes where a couple is arguing and one of them throws a vase
You guys recreate that
Vil accepted that Rook prefered Neige but to hear it come from you as well...
...good luck trying to get close to him again 
It doesn’t matter how casually you slip it into a sentence nor the context to the conversation
You are getting kicked out of the Man Cave™ without a second thought
“well I guess it makes sense, Hercules is stronger, more handsome, more athletic, more famous...”
You’re gonna need to employ Ortho to kick the door down if you want any chance at shutting him up
Why do I hear boss music?
Okay but I can see him either reacting terribly to the statement or keeping it together long enough to get back to his dorm to cry into Lilia’s shoulder go to sleep
“It’s not fair Lilia, Silver doesn’t even stay conscious long enough to receive their affection”
It’s a good thing that Silver tends to sleep in random and hard to find places or else he would have found himself ripped in two at the hands of an angry lizard
Yandere Malleus? Yandere Malleus
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riddlesimp · 3 days ago
Here’s my discord so you guys can talk to me when I’m offline and I will be back when I feel better
Goodbye for now guys see you in the discord maybe
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