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#bakugou x reader
cocozumi · 37 minutes ago
When Bakugo likes someone...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fuck Bakugo being a complete tsundere. Bakugo would say straight to your face that he likes you. It's common in the fandom to assume he's a lil bitch who can't confess his feelings but Bakugo is always direct about what he wants, and if he wants you, he'll let you know. He doesn't like blabbering or beating around the bush. He never lies, he said it before, if he believes in something he'll stand by it. If he wants something then this man will get it. I think it'll take time for him to guarantee his feelings but once he's sure of it, he would be shameless. Like how he announced that he's going to win in UASF, just straight to the damn point.
He's a perfectionist and man is territorial. He wouldn't let anyone beat him to confessing first. He never cared about other people's opinions, so i dont think it would matter if he shows his affectionate side with people around. He doesn't people please. Bakugo is too authentic for that. Expect raw, unfiltered love from him. No games and no hiding. That's how Bakugo is.
Tumblr media
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babymilkawa · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
it’s a hot summer day and the two of you are in your backyard, sprinklers on with the sun penetrating through, casting rainbows in water droplets.
you’re in your swim suit, a newly purchased one that he’s just recently bought for you, his “hot summer babe.”
no doubt he knows you’ve got enough for the hottest days of the year but he’s insistent on seeing you in different, vibrant colors.
your yard is big, big enough to fit a low, flat bench where the two of you often lay and sunbathe, reading a manga or two. you’ve got a jacuzzi in the corner but all of the money in the world would not be enough to make you step near that thing.
you had insisted on just getting a pool built in, it would’ve fit. but no, he wanted the romantics of having a bathtub with you instead of just a pool, bleh. really, he just wanted the jets and to see your body covered in bubbles.
now he’s laying on the bench, sunglasses covering his eyes as he reads the latest release of his favorite manga. upon hearing you walk out, he immediately places it down, marking the page.
“hey babe want me to make us drinks?”
“sure, that sounds nice.” you sigh and take his spot on the bench.
this is nice, you think. sure, the weather is much too hot for your liking but it’s better than being cooped up inside, wasting the day away with the same old routine.
he had asked you your preferred drink but you only replied with, “surprise me, hun.”
the two of you had spent your spring together well and filled the empty beds that lined your yard with flower pots. each selection was carefully chosen by the two of you. he wanted you to walk outside and be greeted by what exactly reflects you and your beauty. he wanted you to smell the air and be reminded of the laughter you shared as you both got your hands dirty, soil sneaking under your fingernails.
the yard was covered with fake grass because he knew you liked the tickling feeling of them under your feet but he wanted it to be low-maintenance for you. often times you’d opt to nap in the grass if the wood on the bench was too hot.
the door slides open and he comes out holding two glasses. handing you your favorited iced drink, he sits beside you and looks at you from head to toe.
“what?” You giggle, taking a sip. He made it perfectly, as always.
“Just admiring.”
you took the chance to imitate and look at him up and down as you feel the cold liquid cool your throat. his lips tug upwards, eyes never breaking eye contact.
I could do this all day, you think. Really, it’s not that hard. I mean he’s too handsome to not look at.
This is too easy, he thinks. I could stare at them all day, for free. do they think they’ll win?
“Hey baby,” you say, putting your glass down. “I bet you won’t kiss me for a 100 bucks.”
“100? That’s it? Didnt Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration hug Phyllis for a thousand?”
“Something like that,” you say, lips breaking into a teasing smile.
“Just say you want a kiss, boo.”
“Nuh uh, you gotta work for it.”
“I gotta work for it? To kiss you?”
too sweaty and needy to bicker with your logic, he stands up and starts to head inside.
“hey, where you going?”
“You said a 100, right? I’ll rise you a 1000.”
Tumblr media
a/n: kinda wanna make a ‘your fave’ series where no specific character is mentioned and it’s just drabbles. mostly cuz I cant decide which character to do bc I only only think of bakugou oops
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prettyboykatsuki · 42 minutes ago
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
 winner takes all | k. bakugou 
➳ tags ;; fluff, fem!reader
➳ wc ;; 1k
➳ a/n ;; ari stop posting fics at 2am challenge failed.
➳plot ;; you and katsuki make a bet. it doesn’t go how you hope. 
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
“This is a stupid,”
You frown at him, arms crossed over your chest. Bakugou looks down at you with an unimpressed expression - not budging. His scowl deepens at your stubbornness, watching with disdain as you clasp your hands and bow your head. 
“It’s not, you’re just no fun”  you insist. 
He glares at you even harder and you flinch a little under his gaze. 
“I won’t hit a woman unless their heroes or villains,” he replies, smirk evident. You smack his chest. 
“Hey! I’m a hero, what the hell?” 
He sighs. You’re an idiot he thinks to himself read between the fuckin’ lines. 
He doesn’t say any of that though, simply ignores you as he brushes past and continues walking. You’re supposed to be on patrol right now - you know, being heroes like you’ve mentioned. But you’ve spent the last 30 minutes pestering Bakugou about making a bet. 
It’s simple really - if you can top him on the rankings this week (where he’s been sitting pretty at 12 for the last 3 weeks) you get to flick him as hard as you want on the forehead. It’s a childish bet, yes - but the pure joy at the thought of flicking thee Dynamight on the forehead is a good motivator. You’ve been wanting to get your ranks up anyway. 
“And anyway, you’re not really hitting me perse - it’s just a little flick on the forehead,” you remind him. You pause, giving a dramatic gasp before you cup a hand over your mouth “Surely, you’re not scared you’ll lose right?” 
Bakugou stops dead in his tracks, glowering at you. You and that shit-eating grin plastered all over your face because you know how fucking easy he is to irritate. You look around innocently, hands tucked behind your back as you walk away. 
“No no, I’m sure that’s not it, right? Our dear Dynamight would never be afraid of lil ol’ me -” 
He snatches you back to his side with the collar of hero outfit, clicking his teeth at you. You stumble back, still shocked by how strong he is. 
“Damn brat,” he huffs “Fine. You wanna be like that, I’ll do your stupid fuckin’ bet. Don’t come cryin’ to me later, yeah?” 
You jump excitedly next to him as he walks away from you, itching to catch up. Bakugou forces himself to bite down a smile opting to roll his eyes instead. 
“You’re so annoying,” 
“You love me” 
Obviously, you damn dumbass 
God, or whatever other thing resides and controls the universe, has not been on your side lately.
You and Bakugou made a deal that you had two weeks to climb the charts, plenty of time since they update almost daily. It should’ve been a piece of cake really - just pick up the slack on your work a little bit and hustle to get those points in. You know Bakugous schedule like the back of your hand and while it wouldn’t have been the easiest thing ever, it was super doable with some patience. 
It would’ve been, anyway. It would’ve been except for the fact Bakugou got himself into the sticky situation this week. 
There was a shootout on the lower east-side of town - a villain raid of a small group that the police had been apparently tailing for months but failed to catch. Not only did Bakugou take out the full, armed group - but he also broke a record for least civilians injured in a raid of that size. 
No property damage either, he quite literally set a new record and shot from 12 to number 4. It’s the highest he’s ever made it thus far. It’s literally in every single newspaper and on every story - he’s gotten about a hundred interview requests. 
You are the only other person aware of your own crushing defeat. You’re happy for him, obviously - but you can’t help but hope he’d forgotten about your silly little deal. 
Who are you kidding. Of course he didn’t. 
You chuckle nervously as you watch him take off his gauntlets and pull his mask up so it looks like a headband on him. He stretches his arms out in front of you, very dramatically practicing his flicks. 
You frown. 
“...Is all that really necessary?” 
He scoffs, flicking off some sparks from his fingertips with a cocky grin. You flinch, backing away from his. 
“Tch, ‘course it is princess. A deals a deal and I never do anything half-ass,” 
Your frown deepens as you cross your arms over your chest as Bakugou dramatically reanacts the flick. He pauses, stretching his arms over his head once more for good measure, before signaling you towards him. 
You stiffen - awkwardly shuffling towards him until you stand facing him but still too far from his reach. He narrows his eyes at you until you stand closer and closer and closer. You stop once his fingers are within flicking distance. 
He bites back a laugh. 
“You ready?” 
You brace yourself for impact, screwing your eyes tight as you nod rapidly. You can feel the presence and warmth of his hand radiating - heart racing rapidly as you become more and more nervous. Seconds start to feel like minutes as you tap your foot impatiently. 
“Cmon, cmon, cmon - d-do you’re worst damn it,” 
“You asked for it, brat” 
You suck in a sharp breath and hold it, preparing yourself for whatever comes next when you feel the softest little tap on your forehead. 
What the fuck?
Your whole faces falls, brows furrowed in confusion as your eyes snap open. Bakugou is already putting his suit back on, gauntlets and all. You wave your hand infront of his face but he doesn’t seem to react at all. 
“Hey, what the hell? What was that?” 
Bakugou sighs at your little tantrum, pausing before staring at you with his arms crossed over your chest. 
“Hurting potential romantic partners is domestic abuse, ya fuckin’ dweeb. Move before I make you move,” 
You blink owlishly, watching with wide eyes as he moves past you back into the hallways. You inhale a sharp breath, a warm flush painting on your skin as you take in what he just said, rushing to the door. 
“Potential romantic - oh my fucking god, wait! You can’t just drop that on me what the hell!” 
Faintly, you hear Bakugou’s snickering down the hallway. 
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
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sunshine-honeybaby · an hour ago
Tumblr media
A/N ; it's pussy eating day so you know what that means? Enjoy the main 3 + Kirishima when they realize exactly what today is.
Warnings ; fem!reader, semi-public in bakugou's, lots of pussy eating, unedited
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When he learns it's pussy-eating day he immediately gets nervous. 
It's not that he hasn't done it before or anything, but he just doesn't know how to ask you to let him.
So when he comes home and you're just casually browsing your phone, sitting languidly on the couch, he freezes
You're just so pretty and so amazing, he doesn't deserve you.
He doesn't say hello, he doesn't ask permission.
He makes his way to you, pulls you to the edge of the couch and smiles up at you
"Wh-what are you doing, Izuku?" You ask, eyes wide and blush forming.
He licks his lips slowly and pulls your bottoms off, tossing them aside and leaving you exposed.
He wastes no time diving in, holding your thighs open with his strong arms and licking eagerly up and down your folds.
When he feels your hands fist in his hair he moans into you.
"F-fuck..izuku….hahh wh--what-" You whine as he plunges his tongue into your needy core.
One hand moves to rub small circles into your clit, making your back arch off of the couch and your grip tighten. 
"Fuck such a good boy for me," You moan, feeling yourself grow closer, "you know just what I need mmmmm"
He switches places, now suckling on your clit and scissoring his fingers inside of you to press against your gspot in just the way to make you come unraveled.
He rides you through your high, rubbing soothing circles into your thigh as you come down.
"Wh-what was that for?" You ask breathlessly.
"Just needed to taste you, lovely."
Man's knows what's up when he hears his co-workers talking about what today is. 
Immediately gets an evil idea
Whips out his phone and tells you to meet him at the agency for lunch in his office.
Little did you know, you were the lunch
As soon as you walk in the door, he shuts it, locks it, and draws the blinds so that you were completely secluded.
"Katsu-" You start but he eats your words with a searing hot kiss. 
Pushes you back until you hit the edge of his desk, rattling the contents and knocking over a picture of you two
Hoists you up by your thighs, planting you on the wooden surface and hikes up your skirt
He smirks at you and revels in the way you squirm and blush
Takes a seat in his office chair and rolls it over to you so he's at perfect pussy-eating level
Pulls your panties off and takes a moment to just admire how wet you are already
"Be quiet or they'll hear you."
All but pulls you onto his face, lapping and sucking all over you, making a mess
Swirls his tongue around your clit before diving into your core, tongue fucks you for a moment then drags back up to spell his name on your sensitive bud
He wants you to know who is making you feel so good.
You writhe and bite the skin on your knuckles to keep from moaning as he goes to town
Katsuki knows just how to work your pussy, just what you like, what spots to hit to have you convulsing and creaming all over his tongue and chin. 
Kisses you deeply after, letting you taste your own sweetness
Praises you for doing so good being quiet and Immediately after gets called away on an emergency, leaving you panting and reeling
He is a pussy-eating God.
Literally, did so much research to be ready for you and it paid off
You know he keeps track of all the dirty holidays, so he knew what today was the moment he woke up.
You rolled over, slinging an arm around him and kissed his neck sleepily.
"Are you awake?" He asks quietly 
"Mmhnmm" you mumble into him
Suddenly you are wide awake as he's dragging his body down the bed, beneath the blankets to situate himself between your thighs.
"Shouto- what?"
He hushes you with a string of kisses up your thighs, and a slow lick through your panties.
You gasp and spread your legs further, only to have Shouto hook your knees over his shoulders.
Pushes your panties aside and trails a finger up your sloppy slit, humming at how wet you are already
Makes a show of slurping up your folds, flicking his tongue out before plunging it deep inside you.
Uses both hands to spread you open so he can really work his magic.
Runs his tongue up and down, dipping just slightly inside and flicking gently at your clit.
"Sh-shouto please- ah need to- need to cum, please."
He obliges, plunging two fingers into your weeping core to grasp at your spongey spot while mercilessly attacking your clit.
Between the nips, flicks, sucks and more, you fall over the edge of pleasure embarrassingly fast.
He's very smug about it, but keeps it to himself as you ride out your pleasure. 
"What was that for…?"
"You're just so pretty, I wanted to start your day off right."
He's got the day off, thankfully. 
Doesn't actually realize what today is, he's just hungry for your pussy.
You're just relaxing on his bed, making out as usual when he pulls you on top of him.
"Please sit on my face!" He asks as you are already hovering over him.
He sounds so desperate, so you oblige him, shifting your panties off and hovering just over his mouth
You feel his hot breath ghosting over your slick, making you shiver.
He whines in anticipation, "baby….please…."
Slowly you sink down onto him, supporting yourself on the headboard
Eijiro is in heaven. You taste so good, you smell so good, he wants to suffocate in your cunt
He nurses at your clit first, suckling and swirling his tongue in slow circles, mindful of his teeth. 
Then he opens his mouth wide to take as much of you in as possible, snaking his tongue down to tease your entrance.
You moan above him and grind your hips down on his face, which draws a moan of his own out
Reaches around with one hand to massage your ass while the other plays with your sensitive nub.
His tongue is buried deep inside you, lapping and licking and swirling, everything he can do to hit all the right spots.
When you cum, he moans at the sensation of your walls fluttering around his tongue, and you grind down further onto his face.
He wraps his strong arms around you while you convulsed above him to steady you.
When you finish, Eijiro expects you to cuddle with him, but instead of stopping at his side you make your way down between his thighs.
Tumblr media
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todoshoki · an hour ago
— mean.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
minors dni, 18+; have this katsuki thing i just whipped up ‘cause i love him mwah. i don’t know the wc because i wrote it in tumblr drafts. there are no major warnings for this, reader is afab and katsuki is mean </3. katsuki is a pro-hero and his hero name, dynamight, is mentioned one time.
Tumblr media
katsuki’s nothing but a big ‘ole meanie.
all full of scruff and brawn and brute, a big man that always has this scowl on his face and his eyebrows furrowed, like he’s angry at something. he’s mean, ‘nough to make you cry, and he bites; he pushes and prods until you snap, and his bark is far worse than his bite.
he’s mean enough to sting and it settles, simmering right underneath the surface of your skin and bubbling in the tears that fall whenever it gets real bad. but he loves you; he does, and he doesn’t mean to make you cry. there’s always a flash of panic in his eyes when he sees it, ‘cause he never means to. he always forgets to tone down the mean ‘cause you’re sensitive, and he doesn’t want to hurt his baby; not now, not ever. and when you bite back, it stings him too.
when the pain pricks his heart, he feels how you feel.
katsuki makes it up to you. sometimes crying with you or refusing to let you go until you stop crying, holding your head in his chest and putting his strong arms ‘round you so you can’t leave. so you can’t leave him. keeping you there ‘til you let him make it better. let him fix it. the rough pads of his thumbs wipe your tears away, brushing against the smooth skin of your cheeks, and sorrowful red eyes stare into yours, begging for you to forgive him. he’s sorry.
he can’t make it up to you in words—they’re often lost on him—but actions are something he’s familiar with; he’s gotten the grasp on them over the years, ‘n he knows what you like and what makes your toes curl. he apologizes to you when his tongue is flat on your pussy, lapping and licking at you where you’re all sticky and dripping—needy for him; clawing at his shoulders and givin’ him little weak pushes when he overstimulates you. you’ve given him two orgasms already, but he wants a third. he needs a third.
he makes it better by having you unravel by his doing—his mouth, his hands, his cock, whatever you need that’s part of him. it’s his way of making up for it, all of it.
Tumblr media
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plutospanda · an hour ago
You Cry in Front of Them
Midoriya // Bakugo // Kirishima
Genre: fluff, comfort, slight angst and hurt in Bakugo’s
Warnings: swearing, self deprecating thoughts, a pre established relationship in Bakugo’s, light fighting in Bakugo’s, lots of touching in Kirishima’s
Izuku Midoriya
Tumblr media
It had been a long day. First I’d woken up late, then someone spilt water all over me at lunch. I honestly didn’t understand anything any of the teachers said today and I was so behind on homework.
I just needed to breakdown. I needed someplace quiet and subtle that I could go and cry. I could use the janitors closet, but the risk of getting caught there was high since so many students used it to make out.
It was the last period of the day. Maybe I could wait it out and cry in my dorm, someplace no one was bound to walk in.
If I do that I’ll just end up crying in class. I needed to cry now. The need had been strong all day but now I could feel tears forming.
I was walking beside Midoriya, and that didn’t help things. He was talking about heroes, something he talked about constantly. Right now it was something about some hero defeating some villain, but I was really only focused on crying.
“Sorry, I gotta go,” I managed out before I walked away swiftly, head down. He stopped talking, watching as I left but he just stood there.
The library would be quiet and no one really went. It wasn’t perfect but it would do the trick.
I pushed open the door and headed to one of the empty rooms available for studying. Shutting the door behind me I immediately collapsed and started sobbing.
The day wasn’t going well, and I felt like shit for leaving Midoriya like that. God I was so stupid, such a bad friend too. I can’t get anything right.
A knock. I stopped, wiping my face before moving away from the door. I was such an idiot just running into the room like that, you had to sign them out.
Sighing, I opened the door. Expecting to see a librarian or fellow student, but I suddenly become confused when I locked eyes with Midoriya’s green ones.
“H-Hey,” I said, sniffling. He studied my face, then his eyes went wide and his mouth opened slightly.
“Have you been crying?” He asked softly. I wiped my tears more and shook my head, holding back the tears of both sadness and embarrassment now.
“No, sorry, I just needed to study someplace.” I said. It was clear in my voice that I had been crying, it was raspy and tears had stained my cheeks already. My nose was blocked and stuffy, I couldn’t breathe from it.
He just looked at me, his eyes filled with empathy and a hint of sadness. He hugged me, walking in the room and shutting the door behind me.
“It’s okay to cry,” he told me. His arms stayed tightly around me and i pulled my arms around his neck.
Burying my face in his neck I let out a small sob. His grip tightened and my knees buckled. He caught me and we went down to the ground, slowly and softly.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, arms still tight around me while I cried on his shoulder.
“I didn’t wanna bother you,” I said. “You were talking and it’s just been such a bad day, Izuku.”
“Tell me about it?”
I nodded.
Bakugo Katsuki
Tumblr media
Something in me had snapped. I was alone, in my dorm luckily. I curled up on my bed, letting the feelings of today come out is tears.
What Bakugo had said was hurtful. Sure, he was an aggressive guy and he could be mean, but this one hit home.
His words rattled in my brain. I can’t help that you have problems, if you don’t like this relationship then fine, we’re done.
Did we just break up? Did I no longer have him? Or anybody? My head hurt from how hard I was crying, eyes watering quirked then I could blink and my eyes were blurry.
My nails were digging into my skin, I felt cold, no amount of blankets could warm me now. Something was wrong, something was missing.
I wasn’t crying loudly, but I never heard the door open, or his steps towards me. I just felt his hand, resting on my shoulder.
I looked up through blurry eyes, his figure barely able to be made out but I could tell it was him.
“Bakugo?” I asked him lightly, sobbing once I knew. He looked down, his face wasn’t in its usual snarl, but a frown. His eyes weren’t fiery, they were sad. His touch was gentle, light on my shoulder.
He hadn’t been crying, but he was close to it. I could see small tears in his eyes that he was blinking away.
“Hug me?” I asked him. For the first time since he walked in he looked at me, nodding and sitting next to me in bed.
I felt his arms around me. They weren’t tight, almost like a feather. I leaned onto his shoulder and cried, he let me, even let out a few of his own sobs before remembering what he came to do.
“Y/N?” He asked. A voice that was usually loud and rough was now soft and angelic, like water in a dry desert. His voice was all I needed to hear.
“Y/N, I’m sorry.” He continued. “I should’ve listened I’m so sorry.” Sobs now came from him on my shoulder.
“Bakugo?” I hugged him tighter.
“I should’ve listened and now I’ve lost you.” He was crying harder now. “I had planned my whole life with you and one sentence ruined it.”
I can’t help that you have problems, if you don’t like this relationship then fine, we’re done.
“I’m not gone,” I told him. “I promise.”
“I pinky promise, Bakugo. I’ll never be gone.”
Ejiro Kirishima
Tumblr media
There’s a feeling I get when I need to cry. Nothing bad has to happen, there isn’t a known trigger, yet for some reason I just needed to cry.
That feeling was happening now. I sat in my dorm, wondering, what could’ve made me feel this way?
Everything in my life was perfect. I was in the course I wanted, my grades were higher than ever. Not only that but I had friends, real friends for the first time in so long.
But something was making me sad, something made me unable to choke back the sob that I’d felt coming up my throat.
Once the first one was out, the rest only followed and I knew there was no stopping it. Tears streamed down my face and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
I wasn’t being loud, soft sobs as tears flowed and music played in the background.
I heard my door open and looked up to whoever was there through tears. Red spiky hair fell into my view and I held my arms out to him.
“Kiri...” I trailed off. Not long after he shut my door, running up to me and pulling me in for the hug I’d asked for.
His arms hugged tightly, face buried in my neck, close to my ear as he whispered soft words to me. My tears wet his shirt, but he didn’t care.
“What’s wrong,” his whispers came. “Why’re you crying?”
His voice was genuine, laced with worry and hurt. I felt him lift me up off the ground and I wrapped my legs around his body, hands holding my thighs in place.
“It’s okay,” he whispered. “I’m here, it’s okay I promise.”
“I don’t know,” I choked out. “Why I’m crying.”
“It’s okay,” he whispered again. “It’s okay, Y/N, I’m not leaving.”
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plutospanda · an hour ago
If we Weren’t Heroes - Bakugo Katsuki
Summary: You and Bakugo had been hooking up for the past year, yet you never knew his true feeling until now.
Genre: Angst, hurt, slight smut
Warnings: swearing, mentions of small sexual content, some small sexual content, can be slightly more feminine reader (as much as I did try to keep it gn it can come off as a female reader)
Tumblr media
—I huffed as I sat down on my couch. It wasn’t often I got time to myself, between hero work and dealing with fans or friends, my alone time had grown lesser and lesser.
I did get days off, but it was often I got called in for a job because they needed more hands. Sometimes I wished the villains just gave us a day or two off.
When I did get time off work I spent it with others. Some days I would go out and meet with fans, signing autographs, taking pictures, showing off my quirk in cool, fun ways.
Other days were spent with friends, other pro heroes I’d accumulated a friendly relationship with, old friends from UA, and people I’d just met.
Today I had no plans, no one to see, nothing to do. It felt amazing.
I pulled on my sweatpants and plain shirt before settling down on my couch to turn on some of the episodes I’d missed. It was hard to keep up with new anime episodes when I didn’t have time to watch. Luckily that also meant less time on the internet so I’ve rarely had an episode spoiled.
It wasn’t long before I found my eyes get heavy and felt my body slip into sleep.
Of course I’d fall asleep on my only day off, I thought before drifting into dreamland.
—I was still on my couch when I woke up, sweatpants on and shirt slightly twisted around me. I felt the softness of one of my blankets, which I didn’t remember tugging on.
I felt the fabric and thought for a moment before a voice spoke up.
“Finally your’e fucking awake.” The voice was harsh, yet had a softer tone to it.
“Bakugo,” I realized aloud. “Why’re you here?”
“Had the day off,” he shrugged. “Thought maybe we could have some fun.” He smirked at that statement.
I remembered the fun he was referring to. His hands travelling my body, lips sucking and biting harshly at skin that’s not easily exposed. Feeling his fingers, feeling him, the overstimulation that he made me feel.
I hummed at the thought, already feeling myself grow aroused. “It’s my only day off.”
He scoffed, “and that’s never stopped you when?”
“Why do you have to be such a dick sometimes?” I grumbled while sitting up. It was true that he could be an ass, sometimes saying stuff that really got on my nerves. And I wasn’t feeling it today.
“What’s gotten into you?” He asked me.
“You’re sitting in my living room uninvited.”
“You say that like it’s not something you’ve indulged in as well.”
I looked at his eyes, the red hues that stared at me with lust. It was a look Bakugo gave me often, at hero parties, during fan meet ups, when we’re alone.
“Look I’m really not in the mood today,” I told him. “I’m not feeling good.”
He moved over next to me. “Then let me make you feel better,” he whispered in my ear.
I felt him come closer, softly touching my neck with his hand before bringing it up to my cheek.
“Can I kiss you, Doll?” He asked me. I didn’t answer, but he took it as a yes anyways.
His lips pressed against mine, softly, as to not alarm me. His hand traveled back down to my neck as the kiss grew more heated.
I felt his tongue pushing my lips apart before slipping in my mouth. I didn’t even try fighting for the dominance, I knew he would win.
His tongue swiped mine as his hand went up my shirt, feeling me up. I moved my hands to his shoulders and moved myself into his lap, not breaking the kiss.
“Nice move,” he said against my lips. He didn’t taste bad, just like the mint toothpaste he used this morning.
I moaned lightly as his hand brushed against my nipple, grabbing it in his fingers as he rolled it lightly and activating small explosions.
“Do you even know the things you do to me?” He whispered in my ear before moving his hand down.
He played with the hem of my shirt before attempting to take it off.
My hands stopped him, holding his own, sweating hands in my own.
“I’m really not feeling it, Bakugo.” I told him again. “Honestly, if the only thing you came here for is sex, then you better leave.”
I got off his lap before turning my television off. Sure, I was turned on, but it was my only day off and I’d spent most of it sleeping. I had better things to do than sleeping around with some hero boy.
“Well I’m not leaving,” Bakugo grumbled.
“Well I’m not having sex with you.” I grumbled back.
“Okay so then what’re we doing?”
I looked at him blankly. “What do you mean?”
“Like what do you wanna do? I’m not going home.”
“You’re staying here?” I asked. “And we’re not having sex?”
“Well no, not unless you want to.”
“Why would you do that?”
Bakugo usually came around to sleep with me, then he’d leave and steal some of the food I had in my fridge. He never offered to stay knowing he’s not getting pleasure out of it.
“Nothing else to do,” he answered.
“Okay.....” I sat back down next to him, reluctantly. “You like Haikuu?”
“It’s alright,” he shrugged. I put the show on before settling back onto my furniture.
About halfway through the episode I felt his arm around me. I tensed up, he never touched me, at least not like this.
“Why’re you doing that?” I asked him.
“Oh my god will you just shut the fuck up?”
I sat up harshly, grabbing the remote and shutting the tv off.
“What is your problem?” I turn to him. “Why did you stay? Why are you touching me?”
“Do you not like it?” He asked me. “I’m sorry if you want me to go, I’ll go.”
“No! I don’t want you to go!” I groaned. “Bakugo I want to know why you’re here. Why you stayed even though you know I’m not doing anything. Why the sudden change, why’re you playing with me right now?”
“Playing with you?” He chuckled. “Y/N I haven’t slept with anyone other than you in the whole year we’ve been hooking up.”
I was shocked to hear this. He wasn’t a man-whore, but he sure wasn’t innocent and I assumed he was seeing at least one or two others.
“So before you go assuming my intentions as purely sexual then I suggest you ask me how I feel.” He was angry now.
“Bakugo.... I’m sorry I—”
“You what?”
“I can’t tell what you’re thinking!” Now he had me mad. “You go around with your stupid tough attitude and pretend that you don’t care about anyone and then go and say that? Like I was just supposed to look at the way you treated me and think, hey!! He doesn’t just want me for sex!”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means you come in here, unannounced, sitting in my living room as I’m asleep waiting for me to wake up just so you can get your dick wet!”
“That’s totally not true!”
“Oh is it not? So you’re telling me the way you treat me is how you treat those you love? Because you treat me like shit. You come in here, fuck me until I can’t walk, until I can’t breathe, and then you leave after cleaning me up, helping me into some clothes, and stealing my food.”
“You think I helped the rest of them with their clothes?” He asked. “No, all they got was a clean up and I was gone. I never helped them the way I do you, I wash you off with a hot towel, telling you how good you made me feel, and then I wash the towel before I leave.”
“And that’s the extent of your aftercare?!”
“You never said you’d wanted more! How was I supposed to know how you felt, since you never told me that there was more you needed.”
I looked at him. “Bakugo, do you love me?”
His angry, red eyes softened and he started walking towards me. “Yes, of course I fucking do, Y/N.”
“They why didn’t you say anything? Why did you leave me in the dark, just thinking you wanted sex, just thinking you liked my body, how I made you feel.”
“Because....” He looked down. “I can’t be with you.”
“Why the fuck not?!”
“Because, I’m a hero! I’m a pro hero not a shitty one. I spend everyday I have working and the days I don’t work you do, so it would never work out.”
“You won’t even try?” I could feel my tears coming. “You won’t even try to love me? In a proper way?”
“If we weren’t heroes,” he started. “I would love every inch of you, in every way possible.”
“You’re an asshole, Katsuki.” I chuckled as a tear left my eye. “You can’t just come in here and tell me that.”
“You brought it up, and now you’re mad?”
“You can’t just tell me how you feel and deny me! You can’t say you love me and then not act on those words. You’re a horrible human being.”
His eyes flared up in anger again. “Well don’t expect to see me again, if that’s how you fucking feel.”
He turned, leaving me staring him as he left and slammed my door.
My emotions crashed all at once. Maybe it was just how tired I was, maybe it was how much information I just received, or maybe it was the fact that the person I love the most just left.
For good.
My knees buckled, my sobs got louder. I couldn’t wipe away the tears at a quick enough pace.
He was gone.
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endeavours-firey-pubes · 2 hours ago
Content Warnings: Angst! Major character death! This is short as fuck but it's Katsuki-
“It's always about you!!!!”
You and him had had an argument the morning before he's scheduled to patrol. It was a big one, he started it, one that sent him and you off in an angry huff to start your days.
You know he's out on patrol but it's your day off so you're busy taking care of the apartment and doing some self care. You're still pissed off when he calls you, you don't even listen to the voicemail.
You're just folding both of your laundry, now calmer when the Television cuts to breaking news.
'Prohero Dynamight dies in a villain attack'
Picking up your phone you look at your notification. You decide to listen to that voice mail, just to hear his voice one last time.
'Hey, I know you're probably still mad at me, but I'm sorry. I'll be home tonight and we can actually spend time together alright babe? I love you.'
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miggiisdumb · 2 hours ago
Thinking about Bully Bakugou that is actually a big perv.
cw: dubcon, bullying, coercion
Goes around flipping your skirt in the middle of the hallways and laughs boistrously at the panic and embarrassment on your face when you quickly hold the fabric down after getting your ass flashed to a handful of students.
Don't even think of wearing short, he had threatened. Otherwise, bakugou will corner you in the bathroom, forcibly peel your shorts and painties, sweaty hand clamping your mouth shut and telling you to swallow your tears before he gives a real reason to cry, your legs shivering at the knuckles brushing up on your slit. When he finally grants you mercy and let's you leave mostly unscathed, he's got his eyes rolled back and your panties fisted around his swollen cock, licking his palm that caught your salty tears and groaning at the ropes of cum splattering on the tiled floor. What he'd give to paint your face with his load.
Bully Bakugou is borderline staklish. Has an entire album of you doing mundane stuff or seriously questionable that one would wonder how and when he took them. Uses such comprimising evidence to coax you into giving him your lip balm or panties, then much more when ruining your garments wasn't enough anymore.
He'll leave the phone on his table, open with a picture of you half naked and mid change, his cock stuck in your cunt and having your twitchy walls squeeze him and drip cream down his balls. You're in nothing but your skirt, his hands gone under the hem to pinch and twist and rub yur abused clit, sticking a finger in your already full pussy.
"Go on, delete the photo. Now's your only chance ain't it?" He'll mock in your ear, rub your clit faster as your shaky hands reach for his phone. He's chuckling at how you miss the delet button several times and bites his smirk on your shoulder, watching you like a fearl animal. "Can't do it, sweetheart? I can see why- you look fucking mouthwatering in that picture. Wanted to just barge in and bend that pretty ass over, grind you up"
Your dropping his phone with a broken moan when he grinded you forward on his cock, underside pressing on your gummy spot painfully good. Bakugou keeps his grip tight in bruises on your hip, moves you back and forward, back and forward, back and forward until his shoving you on the table, gripping the back of your neck and making you drool with his rough thrusts, hard jabs bullying your poor cervix like his everyday torment isn't enough.
Bakugou fucks into you like a dog, and pants in your like that too, his entire body following his thrusts to shove his dick in you as deep as possible.
"Fucking hell, your cunt is a goddamn trap. Gotta make it drip with my cum so no other fucker gets any idea. Yeah? Gonna make a mess out your stretched out princess pussy. How does that sound, sweetheart?"
It sounds like gibberish in your putty brain. Your too busy creaming rings on his dick and staring drunkenly at the bridge of your nose to feel him arch you up and snap photos of your cockdrunk state.
Gotta document these important moments, y'know?
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jubilee40 · 2 hours ago
I will write NSFW, SFW, and certain types of Dark Content. I will put a tags/warnings on each post. I am new writing fan fiction, so I am definitely taking request.
If I do not feel comfortable with writing your request(s), I will reject it.
Right now I only write for BNHA and HQ.
Minors will be blocked.
Will not tolerate any racist or homophobic comments.
Fantasy (AU)
Character x Female Reader Only
Certain Types Of Dark Content (Yandere, drugged, step incest, and manipulation)
Breeding Kink
Scat and Piss
Teacher and Student
Domestic Violence
I will not accept your request, if I am not comfortable with it.
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shinhoeskitten · 2 hours ago
Straddling Bakugou on the couch after he has been a huge brat all day.
Your right hand on the nape of his neck, roughly grabbing at the short hairs and pulling hard as you guide his face to look up at you.
“If you’re going to be a brat, you’re going to be punished like one.” You whisper, your hot breath ghosting his face as you smirk at him.
Sometimes you swear he acts like a brat on purpose.
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mshomestyle · 2 hours ago
Im just imagining bakugos daughter being able to make explosions with her mind, and poor dad trying to deal with a tot that thinks scaring dad with random explosions is hilarious
His daughter would definitely be rambunctious like that!
-As Bakugo dropped his stirring spoon on the ground, forcing himself not to curse like he instinctively would usually do, he knew that he had nothing but himself to blame for this.
-All that could be heard from his “attacker” was a cute little giggle as she rushed from the room.
-Bakugo was the proud father of a five year old girl.
-The day she got her quirk, which was a very heroic one of being able to cause explosions with only her mind, Bakugo celebrated, praising his daughter and congratulating her.
-He already began the training (with your permission, of course) once his daughter shown interest in it.
-But none of that was why he was blaming himself for the fact that his daughter had gained a fancy for purposefully scaring him with random explosions.
-No, it came from him knowing that she possessed a lot of his genes.
-And Bakugo could easily remember when he used to literally blow up on people, though those times had mostly been out of anger.
-Bakugo nearly jumped back as another explosion happened right in front of him.
-”Got ya again, daddy!” the baby girl yelled.
-While Bakugo was proud that his daughter had such a handle on her quirk, the last thing he wanted was for her to end up hurting people.
-So, without further thought, he scooped his little girl up, ruffling up her hair. “Hey!” she whined.
-”I told you not to do that, you little tot,” he said, messing with her hair once more. “Do it again and daddy will challenge you.” Raising up his free hand, he let out some little sparks, which seemed to get his little girl excited.
-”Challenge accepted!” she said before wiggling out of his hold.
-Of course, Bakugo let his daughter win, but the real loser was the now burnt furniture.
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Can I request Barbarian!Bakugou entering a competition for princess!reader hand in marriage?
Like lowkey he’s just there for a good fight and show everyone that he’s strongest there is and if he gets a cute princess in the process? So be it💁🏾‍♀️
I imagine that he completely obliterated everyone else and he keeps running his mouth about how, “none of those extras even stood a chance against me, you should all just bow to your new king now!”
Your father may or may not lock him up for fraudulence, racketeering, and conspiracy to murder😬
And you may or may not break him out before his execution and run away with the barbarian🥴
Sorry if this is random Barbarian!Bakugou has been on my mind😭
You know what I thought of when you sent this in? That scene from the movie Brave 😩
Barbarian!Bakugo is nothing but a brute and he’s always thirsty for war. He can’t go a single day without bashing a couple of heads together just to get it out of his system. So when he heard about your village hosting an all-out brawl for your hand in marriage, he didn’t even let the messenger finish reading the invitation letter cause all he heard was the word ‘brawl' and accepted immediately with a vicious smile.
You, the cute, bubbly princess of your village groaned in annoyance as you sat upon your throne between your mother and father. You weren’t interested in marriage but your mother insisted that “A soon to be Queen must have a king”
Preparing for this ridiculous event was hell. You were forced to wear a dress that felt like it was squeezing the life out of you and a corset to add on to the agony. Your hair was fluffed out to perfection with an added headpiece to top it all off.
Sighing, you decided to take a peek down at all the men standing in the muddy arena to see what you were working with. They all seemed so bland and stuck up, you were just so uninterested.
However, there was one particular ash-blond man down there that caught your attention. Leaning over the wooden railing to get a better look, you notice how the man’s rippling muscles flexed as he stretched, preparing himself for the fight that was about to begin. Blood-red eyes shoot up at you, making you blush slightly before sitting back in your seat as the competition commenced.
The competition soon comes to an end, quickly too, as Barbarian!Bakugo stomps out the last opponent before howling his victory for all to hear. The look in his eyes was murderous as he yelled, teeth bared showing off sharp canines. “What did you all fucking expect, huh?! None of those extras stood a chance against me! You might as well bow down to me right fucking now!”
His confidence and brute strength seemed to please both of your parents greatly. You were impressed he took out all 6 of those poor men by himself that had to be carried out one by one in stretchers. He was just so...beastly and primal. That shit turned you on.
Standing up, you smooth out your dress before speaking down to him.
“Please state your name as you are the victor at this year’s competition for my hand in marriage”
Is that why he was here? Sweet
You and Barbarian!Bakugo lock eyes and he proudly states his name, voice booming throughout the arena as his chest puffed out.
Afterward, you’re left alone in your living quarters while the maids were out preparing a dress for your wedding
Barbarian!Bakugo stumbles in, mistaking your room to be the dining area where a feast would be held to celebrate his victory. You stare at each other for a while before Barbarian!Bakugo steps all the way in, closing the door behind him.
The maids soon come back to an empty room and the entire village is in panic mode because they can’t find you nor Barbarian!Bakugo
I hope this is to your liking queen 🙇🏾‍♀️💕
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candy-hime · 3 hours ago
the dare; bakugou katsuki x reader
mina's dare is simple: steal a pair of boxers from your least-favorite senpai's bedroom. what could go wrong?
tw: smut, sparring, senpai tames his bratty kouhai😔😔✌️✌️
“I dare you to steal a pair of Bakuguo’s boxers.”
Your jaw drops in disbelief as your friends squeal with laughter, shaking you wildly and laughing, “Oh, you’re in for it.”
“Mina!” you protest. “That’s so mean! You said tonight was going to be a wholesome girls’ night.”
“That was before you told me to send a panty shot to Eiji.”
“You two are dating!”
“I feel like this counts as hazing,” Kasumi squeaks. “Bakugou hates Y/N. Like, really, really hates her.”
“Yeah, he does kinda have it out for her,” Ochako muses.
You cross your arms, scowling petulantly. Really, you wouldn’t have a problem with Bakugou- if he wasn’t such an insufferable ass.
The entire country had been enthralled with Bakugou Katsuki since he was in high school. The media portrayed him as a brazen anti-hero, online forums discussed his ingenious quirk strategies, and- in more recent years- every gossip magazine and Buzzfeed listicle had stuck him on top of their “Most Fuckable Heroes” list. Naturally, he’d coasted through U.A. and landed straight in Japan’s top hero university.
Bakugou knew he was the best. And yeah, he loved his friends and wanted to protect society and all that- but shit, the ego boost he got from his peers fawning over him was intoxicating.
Dynamight was the top of the top, a prodigy who’d managed to overtake most professional heroes. Damn right he deserved respect.
And then you entered Plus Ultra University the year after him, all cocky grins and flashy attacks and snide remarks. You’d practically laughed in Bakugou’s face when he tried to teach your class a battle maneuver.
Despite how many times he blasted you across the room, kicked you to the floor, and hissed insults that made your classmates gasp, you always had that unwavering, infuriating overconfidence. It hit a little too close to home.
Three years later, your mutual hatred still ran deep. Bakugou was graduating in six months, off to work at Endeavor’s agency with a six-figure salary. You were counting down the days until you’d never have to sit through a class with him again.
But you’d have to survive Mina’s dare to make it to graduation.
It takes a few kicks for Bakugou’s window to give. When you’ve finally managed to kick it open, you nimbly slip through, landing on all fours on his living room floor. It’s pitch-black and eerily silent; he must be out clubbing with his friends, sticking his tongue down some hapless girl’s throat. A shudder of disgust runs through you at the thought.
“This is so easy,” you scoff, sauntering into Bakugou’s bedroom. It’s a little tricky navigating his furniture in the darkness, but you’re pretty sure the closet’s next to the dresser-
A rock-hard arm snakes around your neck and jerks you backwards.
Years of strength training and quirk practice instinctively kick in; you don’t even hesitate when you jam your elbow into your captor’s solar plexus. He lets out a soft grunt of pain- you take the opportunity to throw a jab at their head. They dodge your attack, bringing their leg to twist behind your ankle and pulling your leg off the ground.
You barely manage to recover your balance as you fall, lithely somersaulting away as an explosion blasts into the air inches away from your face. The orange-gold flames momentarily illuminate the room, throwing light on a familiar figure sneering down at you.
“What’s the matter, princess? Weren’t expecting company?”
That aggravatingly familiar voice- that obnoxious nickname- causes your lip to curl in annoyance.
“Aw, sitting alone in the dark on a Saturday night?” you respond, your voice dripping with syrupy condescension. “That’s a low even for you, Kats.”
A furious growl rips from his throat as he flings another wall of flames in your direction. If your quirk didn’t give you superhuman mobility, you’d be toast. Thank god his room is fireproofed.
“And breaking into my house is better? Fuckin’ bitch- I’m gonna torch that smirk off your face. Stompin’ around loud enough to wake me up-,”
But then you plant a mean left hook on him, causing him to let out a grunt of pain mid-sentence. You use his momentary hesitation to throw a cross-jab combination-
And that’s where you fuck up.
The darkness throws off your aim- Bakugou is further to the side than you realized, causing you to slightly stumble forward. That’s all he needs; in the next moment, your arms are violently grabbed and twisted behind your back, body slammed onto the bed and knee shoved between your legs.
The room suddenly floods with soft yellow light as Bakugou finally turns on the lamp sitting next to his desk.
“Who’s laughin’ now?” he drawls, his heavy form looming above you. He’s dressed in a black muscle tee and boxers, putting his well-built arms on display. You struggle to escape from his grasp, but that just causes you to squirm atop his knee.
Bakugou’s smirk widens.
“Okay, congrats,” you snap. “You win. Now let me go, psycho- ah!”
Bakugou has shoved his leg even harder against your pelvis, his hands gripping your wrists so tightly they feel like they’re going to snap.
“It’s pathetic how weak you are. How long did you last- five minutes? Must be a record.”
Tears spring to your eyes as he squeezes your hands even harder. “Ow, Bakugou!”
“Bakugou? What happened to Kats?” He lowers his face to yours- he’s so close you can see the flecks of amber in his vermillion eyes, feel his warm, minty breath on your cheek.
“Look- I’m just here because of a stupid dare,” you tell him, trying and failing to keep your voice from trembling. “I’m sorry, okay? Just let me go.”
Bakugou lets out a harsh bark of laughter. “Oh, I don’t think so, princess.”
You blink up at him with wide eyes.
“Y’know, I should’ve put you in your place years ago,” he continues. “Walkin’ around in your short little skirts, actin’ like you’re the queen of the world when you haven’t won a single fight against me.”
“I said sorry-,”
“Sorry isn’t gonna cut it. I’m tired of your fuckin’ antics.”
And despite yourself- despite how much you loathe Bakugou- his words cause shivers to run down your spine. It’s impossible to ignore how attractive he is at this proximity, the sheer power that ripples through his muscles. He could break you if he wanted. Snap you in half with no effort at all.
Tense silence hangs between the two of you. The hot, needy ache in your lower stomach intensifies with every passing second.
And then Bakugou’s eyes slowly trail over your flimsy cami, pausing at your breasts. He shifts his grip so that only one of his hands circles your wrists.
“Huh,” he muses, thumb coming down to slowly circle a pebbled nipple. “Knew you were a fuckin’ bitch, but didn’t know you were a whore too.”
Your face grows hot with mortification. “I- it’s ‘cuz I’m cold, not- hng!”
He harshly tweaks a nipple, causing your pelvis to jerk up in response. A cruel laugh tears from Bakugou’s throat.
“So if I reach down here-,” His fingers shove past your running shorts, sliding over your panties, “-you won’t be wet?”
Ragged gasps leave your lips as Bakugou lazily moves his hand against your slit. His knuckles push against your panties just the slightest, firm enough so you feel him, but too light to be enough. You let out a needy mewl as you rut against his calloused palm, trying to heighten the friction-
But Bakugou abruptly pulls his hand away, laughing viciously.
“Bakugou,” you whine. “Come on.”
“Oh, no, no, sweetheart,” he cooes. “You break into my apartment, and you think I’m gonna get you off?”
“Like you haven’t wanted me for the last three years. You’re not very subtle when you’re staring at my ass.”
Bakugou growls, baring his teeth, but you don’t miss the flush that creeps up his neck. Suddenly, he lets go of your wrists.
“Okay, princess,” he utters. “You’re free to leave.”
You stiffen. Frustration rises up in the pit of your stomach as you glare up at him. The seconds tick by; Bakugou’s mirth grows as you stay frozen on the bed.
“That’s what you asked for, right? Go.”
“You’re such an asshole,” you hiss.
“Why? You don’t want me at all, right? So just- mmph!”
You’ve launched yourself into his lap, smashing your lips on his in furious desperation. He immediately clasps his large hands around your waist and tugs you closer, reciprocating with equal force.
Your kiss is passionate, intense, all angry tongue and teeth and stubborn refusal to yield. Bakugou’s hands rip apart your cami like it’s butter, greedily massaging your breasts like he can’t get enough.
“Oh, fuck,” you gasp, grinding against his rock-hard bulge.
“What did I say?” Bakugou says mockingly, pushing you off him. “You’re not getting off before me.”
And for a moment- when you peer up at him with a wounded gaze, your lips bruised and wet- he almost relents. Almost.
But a twisted sense of victory washes out every other emotion inside him. It’s so satisfying seeing you like this. He’s tried everything the last few years to break you down- shouting at you and overpowering you and blasting you to the wall- but nothing has reduced you to this whimpering, needy mess.
“Aw. Look at you.” The condescension oozes off his voice. You’re clumsily pulling at his boxers, fingers tugging the band down to reveal his thick, erect cock. It’s enthralling, almost; the prominent vein that snakes down his length; the salty precum trickling from his swollen red head; the strangled groan that leaves Bakugou’s mouth as you gently lay kitten licks around his shaft.
“Can you handle it, angel?” he murmurs, staring at you beneath hooded eyes.
“Of course. I’ve had... b-bigger.”
“Really?” Bakugou cocks a lazy eyebrow. “Don’t have to hold back, then, hm?”
Your lips gently wrap around his tip, tongue tentatively lolling around his length. There’s something about his musky scent that intensifies your arousal; you’re gripped by a wanting need for him, a desire to feel him entirely filling your mouth, stuffing himself down your throat until the only sensation in your mind is the heavy girth of his cock. It’s exhilarating as you slide down his length, drool dripping over his skin as you take him in his entirety.
“Oh, sh-shit,” Bakugou swears roughly, fingers threading through your hair. “Yeah, fuckin’ pathetic- are you so cockhungry you’ll suck off the guy you hate the most? Just need t’be a cumdump for anyone?”
Shit, you look so precious like this, gazing up at him with teary lashes and pitiful eyes. You’re hollowing out your cheeks as you bob up and down his length, soft hands pumping around the parts of him you can’t take in. You can’t get enough- sticky strings of precum and spit hang from his cock to your chin as you move down to his heavy balls. Your hand works at his length as your lips wrap around them, sucking and teasing at his velvety skin.
And that’s when Bakugou’s resolve snaps. He thrusts into your mouth, causing you to gag on his length in surprise.
“Come on, take it, take it,” he chants. “Thought you’d had bigger, thought this was nothin’.”
Your nails scrabble against his thighs, finding purchase as you accommodate to his pace. The sloppy sounds of your saliva and tears and precum lewdly squelch through the air as he uses your mouth, thick head pounding into the back of your throat. The sensation of you choking on his length makes his heart race wildly- this was the stuff of his dreams, the late-night fantasies he’d fucked his hand to hundreds of times.
You finally manage to stretch out your jaw to accommodate Bakugou’s size, relax your throat until you’re able to handle him fucking your mouth. The way you’re swallowing around his dick coaxes coarse groans from his lips. His head thuds against the wall, mouth agape as he rasps, “Close- keep goin’, take this fuckin’ cock-,”
You love the way he unravels when he releases. Perfect, untouchable Bakugou Katsuki, falling apart in front of you. It feels like you’re finally pulling him down to your level, an unreachable star in the sky that’s finally fallen to Earth.
A cry leaves his lips as he spurts thick ropes of cum down your throat and paints your pretty pink mouth in white. You swallow down on his cock while keeping your eyes locked on his.
“Christ,” he says hoarsely, pulling out of you. “Finally put that bratty little mouth to use.”
You don’t respond, slumping down on his sheets. Your chest rises and falls shakily.
Unexpectedly, a hand comes down to stroke your hair.
“You took that like a fuckin’ champ,” Bakugou murmurs, rubbing gentle circles between your locks.
You look up at him hopefully. “Y-Yeah?”
“‘Course.” He brushes the hair out of your face. His features are arranged in a shockingly tender expression. “You’re always so damn pretty.”
And it’s the way your face lights up at his praise- the way you’re so desperately yearning for his approval- that thrills Bakugou the most. You’ve never cared about his opinion. Always scoffed at his advice.
But here you are, hanging off his every word.
“C’mere,” he says gruffly, and captures your mouth in a kiss. It’s sweeter than the first time, deep and languid with an intensity that leaves your head spinning. When you smile against his lips, he chuckles quietly.
“Alright, princess.” Bakugou lays you down on his plush pillow. “It’s your turn.”
“You’re the best, Kats.”
Bakugou glowers up at you, his head between your legs. He’s gotten your running shorts and underwear halfway down your thighs, leaving your bare cunt exposed. “Don’t push it.”
Anticipation grows in your chest as Bakugou lazily plays with the slick gathered at your entrance. “So wet from suckin’ me off.” You moan as he blows a cool stream of air on your slit.
“D’ya like it when I’m rough with you?” he continues, fingers teasing around your clit. “Do you get off on being my cockslut?”
“Hurry up- ow!”
Bakugou has slapped your pussy, causing pain to radiate through your lower body.
“Talk to me like that one more time, and I’m throwing you out,” he utters. “Do I make myself clear?”
He’s so hot and cold, but somehow, this unpredictability heightens the thrill. When you don’t respond immediately, he smacks you again. A cry of pain tears from you.
“I said, do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, Bakugou.”
But he hits you again even harder. You whine in protest.
“Call me Katsuki,” he says brusquely.
“What was that for?! I didn’t know-,”
This time, when his hand comes down, you finally learn your lesson.
“Y-Yes, Katsuki,” you whimper, your lips downturned in a pout.
“Aww. Is my little slut sad? Wonder why she got wetter after I punished her, hm?”
You mewl blissfully as he finally delves into your folds, slurping and swallowing like he can’t get enough of your taste. Bakugou’s nose rubs against your clit as he coaxes his tongue into your hole, slowly pushing faster until he’s relentlessly fucking into you.
Everything in your mind’s going foggy, his fingers playing with your clit as skillfully pounds into your gummy walls. You’re blubbering incoherently, strangled moans of feels s’good and Katsuki please the only intelligible phrases streaming from your mouth.
Your orgasm comes too fast, releasing the tension that’s been building in your stomach since Bakugou first overpowered you. But he doesn’t relent; he simply replaces his tongue with his fingers.
“Ah, Katsuki- t-too much-,”
“What’s the matter?” Bakugou sneers, his thick fingers scissoring and curling into you. “Thought you could handle it.” He angles his fingers upwards, switching the spots he’s hitting at a pace you can’t keep up with-
And then he crooks his fingers just right and you let out a strangled moan, your back arching up off the bed.
“Looks like I found something my fuckin’ girl likes, huh?”
“Kats- please, I- I can’t-,”
But then he moves down to lap at your puffy clit and your words are lost in a wanton shriek.
“Yeah? Were you saying something?”
The pain of overstimulation entwines with the heady buildup of your second orgasm- you can’t think at all, can’t keep any thought in your head except Katsuki, Katsuki, Katsuki-
Bakugou looks up at you, his lips dripping in your slick.
“Cum for me,” he hisses.
And so you do, shudders wracking you as your orgasm tears through your body. You’re nearly sobbing- whether from pain or pleasure, you don’t know- and when Bakugou draws you into his chest, you’re still shaking.
“W-Want you inside me, Katsuki,” you whimper after you catch your breath.
He laughs harshly. “Wasn’t enough for you? Christ, how needy can you get?”
But he complies, his hand firm on your hips as he slams you down on the bed. He yanks your legs over his broad shoulders; you gasp as he slaps your dripping cunt with his erect cock.
“Who does this sloppy little pussy belong to?” he taunts.
There’s no challenge in your voice when you breathe, “You, Katsuki.”
“Dumbed out and desperate, huh?” Bakugou digs his fingers in your windpipe. “Next time you get mouthy with me during training, I’ll remind you how stupid this dick can make you.”
Anticipation skitters through your chest as he lines himself up against your entrance. Before he enters you, though, Bakugou pauses.
“You sure about this?” he asks, the spite gone from his tone.
You nod vigorously. “Wanted this for forever- please, Katsuki, just fuck me-,”
He pushes into you in one swift movement, bottoming out without giving you a moment to adjust. A high-pitched keen tears from your throat; fuck, your body is throbbing around him, stretched out in the most satisfying way possible. You swear you can feel him in your stomach.
“Shit,” Bakugou swears quietly, his jaw clenched. Everything about this moment- from your pussy fluttering around him, to the drool dripping down your cheek, to the wanton look in your gaze- it’s all absolutely perfect.
He slowly draws out of your cunt, his length scraping against your warm velvet walls. A whimper falls from your lips as he buries himself to the hilt inside you again.
“You good?” Bakugou murmurs. His hand snakes down to circle your clit, causing the tension to slowly leak from your muscles. Pleasure finally begins to overtake the pain; you whisper, “Yeah, ‘m ready, Katsuki.”
And then he starts picking up his pace, thrusting into you slowly and then moving faster when he hears your mewls grow louder. “Y’like that?” he growls. “Look at the way you’re rutting against me- fuckin’ hell, princess.”
“Don’t stop, please,” you beg, practically going cross-eyed at the way he’s pounding into you. Your ankles lock around his neck; he’s hitting you so deep, your position letting him hit angles your fingers could never reach. “Feels so g-good, I can’t...,”
Bakugou sneers. “Your greedy little pussy’s suckin’ me in- god, gonna fuck your stupid little brains out, want you to remember this.”
You’re fervently chanting his name, pupils blown wide open as he rams into you. His hands are everywhere; kneading at your sensitive breasts, pressing against your stomach, rubbing your clit through your slick. A familiar crescendo is building up in your core again- you’re embarrassed at how little it takes for Bakugou to pull an orgasm out of you. He feels you tightening around him and smirks.
“Gonna cum for me?” he pants, sweat dripping down his face. “Go on, then. Fall apart on my cock, slut.”
And in the next few moments the coil of tension snaps; a strangled whine leaves your lips as you convulse uncontrollably around his length, black spots filling your vision as you crest through your release. The sensation of your walls milking him causes Bakugou to tumble over the edge as well. He hastily pulls out, his hand squelching over his shaft as he furiously pumps toward his release.
“Stick that fuckin’ tongue out for me, princess, lemme make a mess of your face- shit!”
Thick white cum gushes from his dick. You obediently catch his semen all over your mouth, letting it drip from your cheeks down to your neck.
There’s a lazy smile on Bakugou’s face as he stares down at your ravished figure, your features filthy with sticky cum and sweat and tears. He’s intoxicated off the high of seeing you submit to him, the addicting feeling of breaking you down completely.
Gently, Bakugou detangles your legs from around his shoulders. He slumps down next to you, his eyes momentarily fluttering shut.
You were everything he dreamed of and more. Half of him is still in disbelief about what just happened.
Bakugou can’t stop at just this.
He turns, hand reaching for you-
But comes up with empty sheets.
“Wha-,” he mumbles, pushing himself off the pillows.
“Thanks for this.” You’re standing by the window, hair unkempt and face still sloppy. Despite your frazzled appearance, though, you’re practically glowing with triumph.
“Wait a minute,” Bakugou growls, peering at the wad of fabric in your hand. “Are those... my boxers?”
You shoot him a wink. “See you around, Kats.”
theres no part 2 but ya y/n and katsuki totally get together after this LOL. i wrote this for my old blog but it wasn't super popular? i hope yall like it tho!!
tagging: @fallxngstarr @hotwings0203 @keigoswifeforlife @girl-who-likes-cold-bois @beastybunnie @the-casual-hedonist @seagullcrisps @choke-me-levi @diamond-3 @lmaosupertuff @pocky-writes @maxi8898 @evierena @biscuit-buddy @kodzukens-thighz @cinnamon-n-roses @lonleyweeb77 @shaytroll
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aot-humanitysfaith · 4 hours ago
Someone help
I was reading an amazing imagine someone wrote, but I can not for the life of me find it again. I know it was a NSFW, a guilty pleasure, and it was a response to an ask someone sent. 
It was about a poc!chubby!reader who avoids sitting on bakugo’s lap because she was self concious. both were proheros and she was best friends with Mina 
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mhascenarios · 4 hours ago
1A Boys with an S/O with a Vampire Quirk
Not ALL of the boys bc I don’t feel comfortable writing for a few of them but here’s at least half of them lol
I kin toga and a vampire (Anju from Karin but none of you know that show lol) leave me alone
- CONSTANTLY offers his blood if you need it.
- No he will not shut up until you drink some.
- His blood is super sweet. Kind of like adding straight up sugar to water.
- Acts like he’ll never allow you to drink from him, but if he sees you in pain due to not feeding for a while, he won’t take no for an answer. DRINK IT.
- Speaking of “Drink It”, his blood DEFINITELY tastes kind of caramel-y. Similar consistency too.
- If people walk by you two when you’re feeding, and they make a remark about the scene being “hot” or “weird”, Katsuki’s blowing their ass up.
- NO SHAME. He doesn’t care if anyone sees you feeding from him.
- He prefers offering his wrist for you to drink from bc his neck is lowkey ticklish.
- Similar to Deku, WILL NOT SHUT UP until you drink from him.
- Also no shame.
- And if Shoto heard anyone say otherwise, he’ll respond with something along the lines of “It’s natural for vampires. They need to feed to survive. I wouldn’t be a good boyfriend if I didn’t let my own partner drink my blood.”
- He gets curious one time when you were feeding and asked if he could taste his own blood. After he found it to taste metallic, he just got confused on why you liked his blood.
- I swear, it’s like drinking from him is a ritual. He’d complain every time you’d hang out together that he doesn’t feel like you were officially dating until you’ve fed from him.
- And when you finally do, Denki will tell EVERYONE about his vampire partner and how they fed from him. Even to complete strangers.
- Purposefully watches vampire shows/movies with you, point to the vampire and just say “it’s you”.
- He’s be lying if he didn’t say that he LOVES you drinking from his neck. He feels closer to you compared to if you drank from his wrist.
- He always compliments your fangs. Especially if he feels them during kisses or feeding sessions.
- Got blood packs made for you to drink from if he can’t come over. He tries to be there whenever you need another session, but somethings happen that are out of his control.
- As soon as you started dating and he knew about your quirk, he made a rule that you should drink from his arm or shoulder most of the time, especially in a public space.
- Only allows you to bite his neck when in either of your rooms.
- Even in private, he still gets flustered during a feeding session.
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xoxo-teddybear · 4 hours ago
Boyfriend’s Best Friend - Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou x f!reader (ft. Kirishima)
Warnings: CRACK, Fluff, Cursing, Frisky moments
Summary: This was not how Bakugou wanted to spend his weekend. Trapped inside his best friend’s body?! Hell no. What makes it worse is that before he can tell you, you’ve already smothered Kirishima (who is in Katsuki’s body) with more than enough attention. Attention that belongs to the angry Pomeranian. And what does Kirishima think about all of this? Fuck nitroglycerin and boners.
A/N: This shit is gonna get real confusing so KEEP UP and STAY FOCUSED
After fighting off that petty thief on their way back to school, the two best friends took a look at each other after feeling a throb in their heads. But something wasn’t right. Bakugou was looking at..Bakugou and Kirishima was looking at...Kirishima???
“WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!” The red blonde headed boy asked. Kirishima made a face at his now very deep and gruff voice. He looked down and noticed his tan skin was the slightest bit paler and his clothes had changed. He turned his gaze towards the position where is best friend should be but only saw..well, himself.
“Argh, shut the hell up Shitty Hair. My head is pounding.” Bakugou said while holding onto his now red hair. He looked towards his friend to see a frantic look on his face. “Quit making me look like a bitch, Kirishima.”
“I can’t help it!! Not after what just happened!!” Kirishima said. Bakugou rolled his eyes and huffed before walking over to his friend and dragging him to a reflective window.
“We switched bodies you idiot. That damn thief must’ve hit us while we were distracted.” Bakugou took a look at his new body and cringed. Not that he thought Kirishima was ugly or anything, but he wanted to be in his own body. It just felt wrong having someone else’s dick.
“Well then we should get back to the dorms and find Mr. Aizawa. Maybe he can help.” Bakugou agreed and the boys started their journey back to the dormitory. As they walked, they took notice of a few things.
“Ugh. All these damn extras are staring at my hair.”
“My palms feel so sweaty.”
“Fuck! I keep biting my inner cheek. Stupid shark teeth.”
“Why the hell am I getting a random ass print?!”
“Nitroglycerin works like viagra Shitty Hair! Just fucking get used to it and learn how to control it!”
“I have your hair man! Does that mean you have shitty hair?”
“.....Is that..*sniff sniff*...caramel?”
“You’ll be back to normal in 2 weeks.” Aizawa bluntly said.
“2 WEEKS?!?” The boys screamed.
“Wha- HOW DO YOU KNOW?!” Bakugou screamed, trying to jump onto Aizawa with Kirishima holding him back. To anyone else, it would look like Bakugou holding Kirishima back. Oh how the tables have kinda turned.
“I know because officers have been trying to catch this thief for some time now. Even I’ve run into him on some occasions. His quirk is is called ‘Swapped.’ He takes your soul and spirit and places it in a different form...obviously. It doesn’t do much harm but it lasts for some time. Don’t worry though, you’ll be back to normal eventually.” Their teacher explained. “‘Till then, just tough it out for the next 2 weeks. Dismissed.”
The boys groaned and walked back to the common room floor. They walked in to find a few other classmates who thankfully didn’t seem too suspicious of anything. The boys went their separate ways, going to their own dorms to soothe their still aching heads.
Kirishima was the first to come out of his room. After contemplating whether he should take a shower or not, he chose the latter. He could survive the rest of the day without one, he’ll just worry about bathing later. Besides, he doesn’t mind smelling like a sweet treat for the next few hours and you know…not having to see and wash his best friend’s body and dick.
He walked down into the kitchen to find it empty. He was glad he wouldn’t have to explain his situation to anyone. If anyone saw Bakugou acting like the sweet bean that Kirishima is then I’m pretty sure a lot of people would have questions.
Looking around, he saw a batch of brownies left on a tray. He couldn’t help himself and went in to grab one. Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of how chewy they were and after taking a few chomps, he realized the treat was as tough as glue. He couldn’t even open his mouth! And just to his luck, Bakugou’s girlfriend had walked in, seemingly back from her training session.
“Hi baby.” Y/N said. She went up to who she thought was her boyfriend and gave him a hug along with a peck on his cheek. “How was your day?”
Kirishima grew nervous. He didn’t know how to handle this situation. He would totally tell Y/N that it was actually him in her boyfriend’s body but the brownie sealed his mouth shut! He resorted to going with the flow and just nodding with a nervous smile. A very Bakugou smile.
“Tiring?” Y/N asked. Kirishima nodded his head. “Umm..okay. Well, same for me, but I still have enough energy for movie night, so I’ll see you in the common room. ‘Kay?”
Again, the now blonde nodded his head again. You smiled at him and went in to give him another hug. To your shock, you felt something poking you when you gave your boyfriend a hug. You looked down and noticed a pretty impressive print through his sweats and smirked. You looked up to your “boyfriend” and gave him a sly look. “You sure you’re tired Suki? Cuz your friend down here says you’re down for something else.”
Kirishima began to shake due to his nervousness now. He couldn’t help the damn boner! One, nitroglycerin is apparently 12x stronger than viagra, and two! He can’t relieve himself! Looking at and touching his best friend’s dick was wrong! And weird! Even if it was attached to him now!
What Kirishima wasn’t prepared for was you being so willing to help relieve his stiffy. On the bright side, he’d relive his hard on. On the not so bright side, he’d be fucking his best bro’s girl. Big no no. He definitely wasn’t prepared for your hand to travel down his torso and grab onto his Bakugou’s dick. “You still tired Suki?”
Kirishima couldn’t help himself. It felt too good to stop. He threw his head back and enjoyed the stimulation, even though he knew it was wrong. All he knew was that if he let this whole thing play through, he wouldn’t have to worry about walking around with a huge ass boner. A blush grew on his face as he moaned. He felt you peck at his neck a bit before stopping all your motions. The now blonde looked towards you in confusion and saw your laughter.
“Hehe, sorry Suki. Save it for later tonight, okay? I’ve gotta freshen up but I’ll see you later, Love.” You said before giving him a sweet peck and walking away. Once you were out of sight, Kirishima fanned his face to try and get rid of his blush. He then quickly ran to the fridge and chugged a few gulps of milk down to wash away the brownie.
“Fuck.” Was all that he said. Did that really just happen? Shit. Should he have let that happen? At this point he didn’t know. The man in him said HELL NO, but the nitroglycerin said otherwise. All Kirishima knew was that apparently he had a movie date to get to.
So now here we are, Y/N and Kirishima (in Bakugou’s body) all cuddled up on one of the common room couches during the late hours of the night, watching a movie. Kirishima thought Y/N looked really tempting in her booty shorts and tube top. The way her plush chest pressed up against his own as she watched the screen with a smile wasn’t aiding Kirishima’s mission to relieve his hard on.
Throughout the whole movie, Kirishima watched from time to time how Y/N would rub her legs together. It seemed she was growing some urges as well. Kirishima couldn’t shake his ALL.
Finally. It was almost the end of the movie. Kirishima had almost made it. All he had to do was finish the last 10 minutes and he could go..well honestly he didn’t know yet but he’ll figure it out later! Unfortunately, the universe had different plans. Kirishima watched as Y/N sat up to grab the remote and turn off the T.V. She placed the object down on the table and faced who she assumed to be her boyfriend. She wrapped her arms around his neck and went to straddle his groin.
“Uh-..Y/N?” Kirishima asked with a shaky voice as he gulped down a nerve. You smirked at him and leaned down to leave kisses all over his neck. Kirishima shook a bit and let out a shudder at your soft lips.
“Relax Suki. We won’t get caught. ‘Sides, when have you ever been afraid to fuck in public?” You said. You then went up to start off your session with a hot kiss to “Katsuki’s” lips. Kirishima had wide eyes as you took in his lips, but eventually, your sweet taste and bouncy lips made him succumb to your wishes.
He placed his hands on your waist as he kissed you back. When he opened his mouth you slid your tongue in as your hands entangled themselves in his hair. The kiss was fiery and passionate and eventually you and “Katsuki” both began to moan into the kiss. His hands traveled to your ass and gave in a firm grip which made you release a loud moan. Things were definitely heating up now.
When Katsuki came back to the dorms, he had already been exhausted by the entire situation. The only thing on his mind was getting some rest to ware off the headache, hours had passed and he eventually woke up in the middle of the night.
“Shit, how long have I been out?” He stretched and yawned a bit before he got up. The mirror hanging on his wall reminded him of his new body. “Oh, right. I’m in Shitty Hair’s body......gross.”
Bakugou felt his mouth become dry and so he planned to get a glass of water from the kitchen. As he walked down the halls, he couldn’t help but think about you. His precious girl. The love of his life who’s been with him since childhood and who he’s been dating since their second year in junior high. You were with him through it all and he couldn’t help but feel a little bad that he had to miss movie night.
‘Fuck, did I even tell Y/N I wouldn’t make it to movie night? Crap,’ he thought. Oh well, he’d just have to make up for it later. As he walked near the common rooms, his ears picked up a sound. And not just any sound, it was a moan. And he knew exactly who’s moan it was, for he had been the cause of those exact sounds and he’s heard them time and time again.
Bakugou ran to the common rooms to find his girlfriend and his body making out and slowly grinding on each other on the couch. He watched “his” hands travel to grope Y/N’s ass and bit his lip when he heard his girlfriend’s pleasured moans. He wasn’t gonna lie, the scene before him had turned him on, but what became a huge turnoff was the fact that Bakugou knew it wasn’t him in there and he knew exactly who was in his damn body!
“THE HELL?!” Bakugou screamed in Kirishima’s voice. He watched the two of you jump away from each other in shock and saw a look of fear flow through Kirishima’s his own eyes.
“Jeez, Kirishima. You scared us.” You said to your actual boyfriend without knowing it. Bakugou fumed at the fact that you were just making out and were probably about to fuck his best friend but he couldn’t blame you. You called him Kirishima so you must’ve not known about the switch.
“Can I talk to Bakugou real quick, L/N?” Bleh. Calling someone else by his name was weird and calling you by your family name was very uncomfortable.
“Umm..we’re kinda in the middle of something so maybe if you could jus-“
“Thanks.” He said and dragged “Bakugou” away behind a hallway corner. He pinned his body up against the wall and got in Kirishima’s face as he held the man by his collar. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING KISSING MY GIRLFRIEND?!”
“IM SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO! SHE CAME ONTO ME!” Kirishima explained while being held against the wall.
“NO SHIT SHE CAME ONTO YOU! YOU’RE IN MY BODY! YOU’RE ME! I’M HER BOYFRIEND! SHE THOUGHT YOU WERE ME SHITTY HAIR!” Bakugou screamed. Kirishima just laughed nervously as Bakugou continued to fume. After venting, Bakugou finally dropped Kirishima back on his feet and pressed the bridge of his nose with 2 fingers. “Okay. Why THE FUCK did you not tell her about the quirk?”
“Because man! .....Your quirk has built in viagra!” Kirishima said in defeat as he threw his hands in the air due to the pent up frustration. “I’ve had a fucking stiffy ever since I got put in your body! So I thought-“
“You thought you could relieve yourself with my girl?!” Bakugou asked with big, angry eyes.
“ALRIGHT!” Kirishima sighed. “Well what now?”
“We go out there and explain to her what happened so you don’t end up fucking her!” Bakugou explained as he tried to walk back to you but Kirishima pulled him back.
“Okay but what about my fucking boner?” The pent up boy asked.
“Just rub it out!” Bakugou exclaimed.
“No way! I’m not touching your dick!” Kirishima rebelled.
“Why not? I’m clean. And big! Just saying, I got a pretty dick dude.” Bakugou said with both hands up in defense.
“Yeah, fair.” The ex blonde said. The boys thought about it for a bit before something hit Kirishima like a train.
“Wait..if you’re so okay with me seeing your dick..does that took a look at mine?!” He asked while shaking Bakugou’s his shoulders.
“What?! Gross! No! I was napping all day Shitty Hair so relax! And get your damn hands offa’ me!” Bakugou said while squirming out of Kirishima’s hold.
“Alright, fine whatever! Let’s just go out and explain to L/N.” Kirishima said.
“Goooooodd!” Bakugou said more dramatically. The two boys finally made it back to you and instead of your boyfriend’s body taking a seat next to you, it remained standing. Meanwhile, “Kirishima” took the seat “Katsuki” previously had. You looked towards the red head and then to your boyfriend in a confused tilt.
“Suki? Are you gonna sit?” You asked to “Bakugou.”
“I am.” “Kirishima” replied. You looked towards the muscular boy sitting next to you with a raised brow.
“What?” You questioned.
“Listen, L/N, we got something to tell you.” The actual Kirishima said. You looked to your “boyfriend” with almost a hurt look on your face as to why he was calling you by your family name. The real Bakugou took notice of your sad voice and softened his eyes at your now upset demeanor. “I’m actually Kirishima...”
Your face grew in surprise and then silence hit the room. The boys gazed your looks for a reaction but got nothing other than pure shock. You couldn’t even say anything other than “Eh?!”
“Yeaahhhh..I’m your actual boyfriend.” The red head said. You looked to Kirishima and inspected him closer.
“Uh..Suki?” You said while zooming in of his face.
“Tch. It’s me Teddy Bear, relax,” Bakugou said while looked away with a blushed face as he pushed your face away. You grumbled at his push and took his hand off.
“Yup. That’s you.” You said, relaxing. “’re Katsuki..and you’re Kirishima?”
You watched the boys nod their heads and you were settling down until another thought came to mind. “ I was-..on the couch-...I thought-...”
“Yeah, you were making out with Shitty Hair but in my body..” Bakugou said with a hand behind his neck. Your face jumped in shock once more until it was replaced with anger. You watched as Kirishima’s new face became nervous and gave a shaky chuckle.
“Kirishima...” you seethed with slanted eyes before you attempted to jump onto the new blonde. Mid-jump, Bakugou grabbed onto your waist and pulled you back onto his lap. You fought against Katsuki’s hold on you but alas he was too strong.
“Nope! No, settle, settle.” Bakugou said with an iron grip on your waist. You finally calmed down until you took notice you were sitting in BASICALLY Kirishima’s lap. Feeling uncomfortable you scooted off your boyfriend and sat next to him. Bakugou looked at you with a confused expression that demanded an explanation.
“Heh..sorry um, Suki. But I’m not sitting on you or doing...anything else that’s lovey dovey until you’re back to your own body.” You explained.
“Wha- that’s not fair! You were all over here grinding on him just a few minutes ago!” Bakugou whined and pointed at his body.
“Because I didn’t know it wasn’t you!” Bakugou just grumbled and groaned at you. Your reasoning was fair but he just wanted his girlfriend.
“Okay, whatever. Be pouty. Just- When is this quirk gonna wear off?” You asked. Bakugou continued to pout with crossed arms but luckily Kirishima answered.
“2 weeks.” He said.
“Alright then!” You said while clapping your hands and standing up, gathering Katsuki’s attention. “For the next 2 weeks or until you go back to normal, Suki, no touching, no kisses, no overly-friendly hugs, no cuddles, no lap-sitting....”
Bakugou listened to you list all the things he couldn’t do. As you went on, his jaw dropped as he realized he wouldn’t be able to do all the things he usually does to you for the next 2 weeks. The list went on and on until you finished it with one final detail. “...and finally. No sex.”
“WHAT?!” Bakugou said while standing up now. “WHY?!”
“Katsuki. I’m not fucking my boyfriend’s best friend’s body. No offense Kiri,” you said to the other boy.
“None taken!” He said with his winning smile. Just less shark-toothy. Bakugou just mumbled about until you cut him off.
“Anyways! I’m going to bed. After this long and frankly awkward day, I think we all should.” You said and the boys agreed. You all walked to your respected dorms but when Bakugou tried following you into your dorm while he was still in Kirishima’s body, you stopped him with a hand on his chest.
“Uh, sorry Suki. You’ll be sleeping in your own dorm for the next 2 weeks. No sleeping together either.” You watched as Bakugou became much more agitated as he huffed. He grumbled as he reluctantly walked all the way to his own dorm room. You giggled as you watched the now red head walk away and shut your door. You couldn’t help but laugh as you laid down on your bed but 10 minutes passed and before you could fall asleep, a knock was at your door.
“Suki, I said we can’t sleep on my bed together.” You said once you opened the door, finding Kirishima’s body holding a pillow and blanket.
“I know it’s just- *sigh* look, if I can’t cuddle with you can I at least sleep on the ground and hold your hand?” He said, looking away with an embarrassed blush. “I know you said hand-holding isn’t allowed but you won’t be seeing me since I’ll be out of your sight and on the ground.”
You smiled at how clingy he was being. It was adorable and you just had to give in. “Fine, come in.”
Katsuki perked up with a small smile and happily followed you into the room. You got comfy on the bed while he set up his little pillow and blanket. You finally dropped your hand down so he could hold onto it and his warm hand held a strong grip on your own.
So now here you were, late at night, “cuddling” with your boyfriend. In a way. You smiled as you held onto his hand and couldn’t help but giggle when you felt his lips place a sweet kiss to your knuckles. Oh well, I guess there was nothing wrong with holding hands with your boyfriend’s best friend. As long as it’s your boyfriend who’s in his best friend’s body.
You couldn’t believe this was gonna be your life for the next 2 weeks.
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*Denki flirting with Y/N*
Denki (To YN): You remind me if the 20 letters of the alphabet.
Bakugou : There’s 26, Dumbass.
Denki: I’m sorry, how could I forget the U.R.A.Q.T?
Bakugou: Because your an idiot that can’t count that’s 25.
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Speak Easy Part 6
Bakugo x Reader, Dabi x Reader
Words : 4954
Reader has a siren quirk and has spent the past several years of her life as a captive being experimented on by “heroes” Now that she’s out she needs protection and safe place to heal. Who will be the one to put her pieces back together?
Words with ‘this’ is dialogue written in her journal rather than said out loud and and words with ~this~ is dialogue said in sign language rather than out loud.
You had attempted to rush off to your room, but you hardly made it back into the house before your knees gave out. It wasn’t even because your legs were tired. If that were the case, you would have gladly crawled just to get away from him. No, you fell because your head was spinning.
You couldn’t seem to catch your breath as the world spun around you. You curled up on your side and let the tears silently stream down your cheeks. You didn’t know how to make it stop because you didn’t even know what was happening. Were you having another panic attack? Was it a side effect of drowning? Was this what it felt like to break Cogernot’s quirk?
Regardless you did as Dabi taught you. You closed your eyes, you took as deep of breaths as you could manage, and you counted.
You heard him step into the house and you could feel the heat radiating off of him as he sat next to you. He made no attempts to touch you or say anything. Which was probably for the best because you could feel yourself on the verge of a mental break.
This was going to be the thing that pushed you over the edge. The whole time you’ve been here you’ve kept your shit together. In all fairness it was mostly due to Dabi’s strict routine. He didn’t give you time to wallow of feel sorry for yourself. From day one he focused on your recovery. But it wasn’t until now that you realized you never talked to him about what happened to you. It was almost as if he thought if the two of you didn’t talk about it, you would just somehow magically forget it ever happened. You bottled it up and pushed it away, but it was still there. Threatening to explode all over the progress you had made. Today just might be the day.
“I know you want nothing to do with me right now… but –“
Your eyes shot open to see him reaching a hand out to you. You smacked it away. ~Don’t touch~
Dabi visibly flinched. Why had you just signed at him? Had he not just broken you free of that shitty quirk? Had he failed? Was this all for nothing? He almost started to panic himself but then he remembered you HAD spoken. Even if your words dripped with hatred and your eyes cut him to the bone. You spoke… out loud…
He desperately wanted to pull you into his lap. To calm you down. To praise you and comfort you. But he knows he can’t. He’s lost that privilege. You don’t even need him anymore. You’re starting to walk just fine on your own now. You don’t need him… and he was the one who helped you get there.
The thought upset him more than it should have. He didn’t even want you here to begin with. How had you managed to crawl under his skin so much? You had wormed your way into his life and now every thought was consumed by you. Taking care of you, feeding you, making you strong again.
You slowly stood up and gave him one last glare before storming off to your room. Well in your head you stormed off, but in reality, it was more like a drunken wobble. You were still soaked to the bone and you were starting to shiver. You had made a puddle on the kitchen floor where you had been lying, and because that was just the kind of day you were having you slipped right through it.
Dabi was on his feet and hovering behind you. His hand gripped your elbow to steady you. You activated your quirk and let him feel the rage bubbling inside you. You wanted him to know how angry you were, how hurt and betrayed you felt. At first he gripped you tighter, but eventually your emotions overwhelmed him and he had to let go, just so he didn’t have to feel them anymore.
You ripped your arm away the second he dropped it and continued towards your room. You threw the door open and slammed it behind you. You slumped to the floor and did something you had needed to do for weeks now. You screamed. You let all of it out. Your anger, your fear, your heartache. You screamed until your throat was raw and your head pounded.
When you were done you took a deep breath, picked your head up, and let the numb wash over you. You stripped out of your wet clothes and hoped into a warm shower. The whole time the only thought in your head was ‘Why?’
The next few hours passed in a blur. You managed to get out of the shower and get into bed, but you couldn’t sleep. Your adrenaline was pumping. You couldn’t convince your body you were safe enough to sleep. It remained in fight or flight. You sat there in silence hugging the pillow to your chest.
It was so quiet that the creek of the floorboards outside you room made you jump. “Y/n… I know you’re mad at me… but you still need to eat something.” You heard him shuffle around a bit. “I’ll just leave it out here by the door. I’ll be in my room….”
You didn’t move from your spot on the bed until you heard his door close across the hall. Part of you knew that you needed to eat. But a larger part of you just… couldn’t. You didn’t understand. The food was right there, you just needed to open the door. But for some reason you just couldn’t make yourself do it. So instead you rolled over and pulled out your journal.
There was something ironic about you didn’t really need it anymore, yet now was the time you were most desperate to write in it. So you did. You poured your thoughts out page after page. Everything you wanted to say to Dabi, everything you wanted to say to Katsuki, to Izuku, to Todoroki and Kirishima. You started writing down memories of what had happened to you, in as much gory detail as you could remember. You wrote and you wrote and hours passed as you hunched over your notebook just looking for the right words to take the pain away. What would it take? What did you need to do to make yourself feel better?
It wasn’t until there was a soft knock on the door that you realized how deep into it you were. “Y/n… Be mad at me all you want, but don’t take it out on yourself. You need to eat something. Please. I made lunch. I’ll leave it here.” You heard the scraping of a plate being put on the floor outside your room.
How was that man capable of being such a monster, and yet so soft? He literally tried to kill you and now here he is worrying over you because you’re not hungry? Funny how dying tends to fuck with a person’s appetite.
You began to really think about Dabi. His motivation in all of this, what did he gain from helping you? Was he just doing his little brother a favor? Sometimes he treated you like his bratty little sister, and then there were nights like last night… You felt your face heat at the memory of you riding his thigh. It had felt so right at the time, but now it makes your stomach twist.
“Y/N! Can you at least say something, so I know that you’re fucking alive?”
The audacity of this fucking man. He wants to make sure you’re alive… after he almost killed you….
You picked up a cup that had been sitting on your nightstand and threw it at the door. It shattered on impact and it had felt to fucking good. There, that should be enough confirmation for him.
“GOD DAMNIT! ENOUGH Y/N! I’ve let you have your pity party. I don’t care if you’re mad at me. I don’t care if you want to throw a fucking tantrum. But you WILL eat something. This is getting fucking ridiculous.”
You picked up the lamp and threw that next. It was sturdier than the cup had been, so it wasn’t as satisfying but it got your point across none the less.
“Y/n… open the door please. We can talk about this.”
He had to have known your door wasn’t locked. It was one of the laws. It was one of your laws. Yet he made no attempt to open it. He remained on the other side with your uneaten food.
“Well if that’s how you want to be then fine. I guess I’ll just have to sit here and talk to the door then.” You heard him slide down the door as he sat down, leaning against it. “I’m sorry. I fucked up. I need you to know that. I need you to know that I realize how fucked up what I did was. I don’t want to make excuses, but I do want to explain. And I want to do it when you can look me in the eye, so you know I’m not lying.”
Again, he was met with radio silence. He sat there for a long time. Finally, after what felt like hours he stood up, “I guess I’ll go start dinner then…”
You looked at the clock on the wall and was surprised to see how late it was. Usually around this time you’d be finishing up with the pool, you cringed. Yeah safe to safe you won’t be getting back in, probably ever.
Dabi forced himself to leave your door, carrying your second uneaten meal of the day with him. He woke up his laptop and started up the video for today’s lesson for sign language. He watched it as he cooked, but he didn’t absorb anything. He was too focused on trying to find a way to fix this.
His hands kept clenching and unclenching. He knew what he needed to do. But it was going to suck. If it would get you to eat though then he didn’t care.
He wasn’t an idiot. He knew you wouldn’t die from not eating for a day. He was more worried about the psychological part of it. When he got out of the league, he had started messing around this hot shrink. She had a real savior complex, but the one thing she got right about him was his need for control. After being abused for so long he had to have control over every situation. Which sometimes when he really felt helpless included his eating habits. When everything else felt out of control, at least he could control that. At least he could decide when and if he ate. He was nervous you were pulling the same shit. He didn’t want to see you waste away because you were desperate for something you could control.
He’d swallow his pride. He’d do this for you.
A knock on the door had you groaning.
“Hey dork. It’s me. Dabi called and said you weren’t feeling well. I made some spicy ramen with pork… You gonna let me in before it gets cold?”
You jumped to your feet and ran to the door. You cracked it open at first to make sure it really was Katsuki and that he was alone.
He smirked at you through the small gap, “Don’t worry he’s not with me, now let me in before I kick the door down.”
He opened it enough for Katsuki to enter and then quickly shut it again. He waited and followed you over to you bed and took a seat at the foot of it. “So, Scarface was a little vague on the details, but he said you were mad at him and refusing to eat.” He placed the warm bowl of ramen into your hands, “Want to talk about it?”
Your stomach started to rumble at the familiar smell of Katsuki’s cooking. You couldn’t deny yourself any longer. You took a huge bite and almost moaned at how good it tasted. You quickly took a few more bites before wiping you mouth on your sleeve and sighing. You needed to talk about it, but was Katsuki really the best option for that? The chances of him blowing up the house was pretty high.
You reached a hand out and put in on top of his and released a calming feeling. “Uh oh…must be bad you’re already trying to calm me down.”
You gave him a halfhearted smile, “Uh… well…” The sound of your own voice made your skin crawl. It sounded wrong, even though you were pretty sure that’s how it always sounded. It made you pause for a moment to collect yourself.
In that brief pause Katauki’s eyes almost bugged out of his head, “Wait a fuckin minute! You’re talking again? Since when? Holy shit!” You could feel his excitement bubbling up along with pride and admiration. It was sweet, and it gave you the boost you needed to keep going.
You played with a strand of your hair, “Since…. Now…. I guess.” You averted your eyes embarrassed, “Or well… since I… well I kind of drowned… briefly.” You looked back up and saw fire behind Katsuki’s eyes and anger was coming off of him in waves.
“And where was Dabi when this happened?”
You knew you were practically signing Dabi’s death certificate but telling Katsuki this, but you weren’t going to cover for him either. “He was there….”
Katsuki’s fist clenched, “Don’t tell me the bastard watched you almost die and didn’t help you.” You bit your lip. “Y/n… what are you not telling me?”
You put both hands on him now desperately trying to overwhelm him with calm emotions. “He was the one who held me under…”
His hands tore away from yours as they crackled with a very real threat of explosions. He stood and stomped towards your door, not even bothering to ask you to elaborate. You knew you needed to stop him, there was no scenario where this ended well for anyone. “Katsuki stop.” He ignored you as he reached for the door. “Katsuki… please.”
He froze with his hand hovering over the doorknob. His voice was dark and oddly low,“Y/n… there is nothing you could possibly say to me right now that would change my mind about killing the mother fucker.”
You couldn’t believe you were actually about to defend Dabi, but it wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t at least tell Katsuki the whole story. “Even I told you he did so I could talk again?”
He turned to look at you and signed as he spoke, “I still don’t care! You were learning sign… you were communicating just fine.” He threw his hands up in exasperation, “Why was him drowning you even fucking necessary?”
Katsuki was starting to take that familiar condescending tone with you and you honestly were not in the mood for it. He had done this a million times growing up. He’d make up his mind about something and make you feel dumb until you agreed with him. “Look I’m not saying that what he did was right. I’m not saying I’m not furious with him. Me not speaking was because of some guys quirk.” You stood and made your way over to Katsuki and began pushing him away from the door. “Dabi knew the guy and said if my brain thought I was dying it would somehow reverse the quirks affects.”
He stopped walking and it was like pushing against a brick wall. “You could have fucking died y/n!”
“Do you think I DON’T KNOW THAT?” You pushed on him again, “Do you think I’ve just been sitting here all day twiddling my thumbs? Today has been fucking awful! I don’t need you to talk sense into me. I don’t need you to kick the shit out of Dabi. What I need if for you to just sit down with me, and just- just let me be. I don’t know!” You gave him one final hard shove which lead to him sitting back at the end of your bed.
His eyes were a mixture of sadness and hurt. “I’m not trying to make this harder on you, I promise. But he put your life at risk and that’s not just something I can just be okay with.” His hands reached up and cupped your cheeks and brushed away a tear you hadn’t even realized was there. “I don’t know if you’ve realized this yet, but I would kind of prefer you to stay alive… you aren’t allowed to die before me. Especially at the hands of some ugly sociopath.”
You leaned into his touch, “Please, for me. Just let it go for now. Let this be between me and Dabi. Be mad all you want, believe me I’m pissed, but you don’t need to get involved. I’m a big girl. I can handle myself.”
He pulled you towards him and moved one hand to cradle the back of your head and pulled you into his arms. He pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “Only because you said please. But I hope you know this means I’m coming to check on you more often now.” His fingers carded through your hair. “Actually… if you’re not comfortable here anymore… You could always come stay with me.”
“I thought that was too dangerous, what with heroes and villains alike apparently looking for me.”
He chuckled, “I’d love to see someone try. They’d have to go through me.”
“Yeah, but you can’t always be around… you have a job to do. An important one.”
He gave a sad sigh as his grip on you loosened enough for you to pull back and look at him, “Yeah… I do.” There were a few tense moments when your eyes connected, and you could see the way his eyes drifted to your lips as he licked his own. Ever so slightly he started leaning in closer to you.
Your breath hitched in your chest, as your brain went a mile a minute. Sure, you always had a feeling things might end up this way between you and Katsuki. There was a time when you went to bed every night fantasizing about the moment he would finally break down and admit he liked you. You had known him since you were children and there was always this feeling that if ever given the opportunity the two of you would end up together. But, for some reason it felt… off.
You leaned your forehead against his. “I don’t think right now is the best time for this.” You watched his eyes close as he tried to school his emotions. “It’s not that I don’t want to, because believe me I’ve thought about it. But right now, my life is in shambles. It’s not your job to fix me. That’s my job. And I need you to let me do it. Okay? I need you to let me do this on my own.”
He groaned but nodded as he pulled his head away from yours. “I don’t like it, but I get that I have to respect it.” His thumb rubbed soothing circles on your thigh. “I don’t want you to have to do this alone. I’ve always… Fuck.” His cheeks tinted the lightest shade of red. “I can’t stand to watch you struggle. It sucks knowing you’re out here stuck with him, dealing with so much shit that you should never have to deal with.” He hung his head low, “I just wish I could fight your demons for you. I wish I could lock you away and keep you safe from all the evil of this world.”
You pulled his chin up to make him look at you. “Katsuki you have always been there for me. There hasn’t been many problems in my life that I haven’t solved leaning on you for help.” You saw a glimmer of pride in his eyes. “But this isn’t something you can punch away. It isn’t something you can yell at until it stops hurting. I have to do this on my own.”
Tension was thick in the air. You knew there was so much he wanted to say. You could tell he was ready to fight you on this. But he surprised you by nodding and untangling himself from you. “I need to get going. I have a lot of work to do.” You could see the subtle sting of rejection in his eyes but he quickly covered it with his trademark smirk. “You say you don’t want my help but I’m going to anyway. I’ll help by locking up every single shithead that anything to do with your kidnapping.” He stood up and gave you one more, quick hug. “And that’s a fucking promise.”
You followed him as he left your room, intent on walking him to the door. You wanted to make sure he actually left instead of picking a fight with Dabi. But luck never had been on your side. You exited the main hallway and Dabi was sitting in his normal recliner. He looked up eyes cold as they landed on Katsuki, much softer when they found yours. You tried to give Katsuki a push in the direction of the door, but he stopped dead in his tracks.
“Oi! When I gave you the fucking list of things to do to help her with her period, I don’t remember drowning her being on it!”
Dabi’s eyes returned to Katsuki’s agitated one and for a while you thought he wasn’t going to answer. “Did you get her to eat something?”
“Don’t avoid the subject. You’re fucking lucky she begged me not to hurt you. Otherwise your ass would be dead.”
You something like surprise flash in Dabi’s expression. “Bold of you to assume that I am the lucky one here. It seems to me she was just trying to protect her little pet Pomeranian from getting hurt.” He grinned at the way Katsuki’s hands popped in anger. “But thank you for getting her to eat. She had me worried.”Bakugo lunged at him but you quickly stepped in the way and put a hand on his chest. You looked him in the eyes shaking your head and have him a shove towards the door.
Dabi could feel his stomach sink at the fact that the only words he had heard you say was “fuck you” He knew you had been in your room chatting away with man boobs and it stressed him out. Even now you refused to speak in his presence, and it killed him. He was the reason you could speak again and yet you refused to speak to him. That idiot Bakugo had nothing to do with it and yet gets to reap the benefit of Dabi’s sacrifice.
Dabi’s blood began to boil. He knew Bakugo would never in a hundred years have the balls to do what he did. He wouldn’t have the nerve to go through with it. Dabi did what he did for you, even if you refused to see it that way. Does he hate that he had to do it? Yes. Is he sorry, of course. But does he regret it… not really.
He watched as you pushed until Bakugo was successfully out of the house. As soon as the door was closed you turned and started to run back towards your room “OH NO YOU DON’T!”
He stood up and chased after you. “We are talking about this weather you want to or not. You can’t hide from me forever. You can’t mope around all day, not eating and expect me to just let that go. Law number seven we eat three full meals a day!” He got to your door just in time for you to slam it in his face. He had been so patient with you today. Not once had he forced himself into your room even the door was unlocked. He respected the fact you needed space. However, when he reached down and noticed that you had locked the door, he didn’t feel so bad about what he was about to do.
“Law number six! No locked doors!” His pressed his palm flat against the wooden door and burned straight through it. He burned a hole big enough for him to reach his hand through and unlock it from the inside.
He carefully avoided all of the broken glass on the ground from earlier. And stomped over to where you were trying to ignore him. You went through your dresser, picking out what you planned to wear to bed. You took a step towards the bathroom, but he stepped in your way.
“Y/n. Can we please talk about this?” You tried to step around him, but he just moved to block you again. “FINE! We don’t have to talk about it, but you will listen to what I have to say!”
You crossed your arms over your chest stubbornly and avoided making eye contact with him.
“I know what I did sucked. But I HAD to DO IT!” His voice was steadily getting louder. “You had to think you were dying. What did you want me to do? Hold your hand, tell you everything was going to be fine, and then pretend to drown you? It wouldn’t have worked!” He leaned over you and grabbed your chin forcing you took look at him. “I knew you’d be mad. I knew it might fuck up all the progress we’ve made. But I did it anyway! I did it for you!”
You slapped his hand away. “You DID IT FOR ME!? YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!”
There it was. Your voice. It hit him like a truck and it was enough to spur him on. “Yes for you! So you could talk again! So you could start to take back what those fuckers took from you! I decided you liking me wasn’t as important as you being able to talk again. Go ahead and hate me, but I need you to understand why I did it! What I was willing to sacrifice!”
Your eyes bore into his and it honestly almost sent shivers down his spine. “I understand just fine! You see me as this sad little broken girl. You thought I was so broken that you were willing to risk my life to fix me. Let that sink in Dabi… you gambled with MY life. How the hell were you sacrificing?”
“YOU!” His voice dripped with emotion. “I was sacrificing any chance I had with you so that one day I could watch you take back your life and get revenge on the people who hurt you.” He ran a hand through his white hair. “I would literally burn every single one of those monsters and piss on their ashes if I thought it’d help. But I know it wouldn’t! That’s a privilege that only belongs to you and I’d do anything to be able to watch you do it. Because I know you’re not broken! You’re a badass who doesn’t need anyone’s help. You are one strong bitch!”
There was pain in his eyes “I didn’t gamble with your life y/n, because I was so sure I wouldn’t let anything happen to you I was so sure nothing would go wrong.” He reached a hand out to touch your cheek, and surprisingly you let him. “Go ahead and activate your quirk. Feel what I feel. Feel what it was like to think I killed you. Feel what it was like to think that I am the monster everyone thinks I am…”
You activated your quirk and was hit so hard with anguish that you practically choked. He was grieving, even now, and somewhere buried under all his pain was something else entirely. But you weren’t ready to address that. “I hate what I did to you, but I don’t regret it, because it worked. It made you stronger. And in this fucked up world, only the strong make it out alive. So yes, Y/n… I did it for you.”
You felt you heart pounding in your chest. This was either the most fucked up or romantic thing you had ever heard, and you couldn’t figure out which one it was. Your hand came up to his that was still on your cheek. For a while you just stood there. Absorbing each other’s presence, then out of nowhere his lips cashed to yours.
Some animalistic instinct took over as you immediately wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer. He leaned over cupping your ass in hands and picking you up until your legs wrapped around his waist.
His lips pulled away from yours to start kissing down your neck nipping at your ear before returning to your lips. You squealed when his hand lightly slapped at your ass.
He made his way to the bathroom and sat your ass on the counter, his hands sliding up your thighs as he pulled back to look at you. “Law number thirteen?”
Part of you wanted to say no. You were still furious with him, but all your brain could think about was the orgasm you had just from riding his thigh. Your body was aching to be touched and from the look he was giving you, he was aching to touch you.
You slid your hand under his shirt and so lightly he almost didn’t hear it you muttered, “please.”
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