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#lilia vanrouge
flowerofthemoonworld18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look at him 馃槶馃挌
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murderous-bonesan hour ago
Lilia and Cater being friends is so funny bc one is a ancient being who served as a soldier for years and the other is a instagram bimbo
Lilia, covered in blood with a sword on his hand: hello "oomf" I had a "banger" time in the battle field today
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themadearlan hour ago
Just read the 鈥渨ay through MC鈥檚 heart is food鈥 and the Enjoying Lilia鈥檚 cooking ask while scrolling through on your blog on a quest for seeing good boys, then I got hit with huge amounts of serotonin at an idea I had!
Prefect enjoys Lilia鈥檚 cooking not because their sense of taste is warped, but it reminds them of home, their guardian had always been the shitty-cook. But they always tried putting their heart into the meal, putting love and devotion into it, so they always ate it like it were the best thing in the world.
Since they鈥檝e been transported to Twisted Wonderland they鈥檝e missed them. Felt so homesick, okay the cafeteria food (when they get to eat it) tastes divine! Surely, Trey offers to cook, and it鈥檃 mouth-watering but it doesn鈥檛 hit the same way.
It鈥檚 only till Malleus invites them to dinner at the Diasomnia Dormitory do they realize what they missed, when Lilia brings out a plate of God-Knows-What for their special guest. The other members try to stop them, not sure if a human that isn鈥檛 Silver could survive eating Lilia鈥檚 cooking... they think they鈥檙e being nice when you bite into the purple abomination of a stew. Sebek screams, Silver faints, Malleus roars. But when they bite into it...
Yuu openly weep and tell them it reminds them of home before they eat it all, not wasting a single drop, daring to even ask for the seconds the other dormitory members don鈥檛 eat.
(Every now and again Lilia sends the prefect bento-boxes filled with his cooking, they you happily take it. Though when Deuce and Ace see them eat it they wonder if Grim has been influencing the prefect with his strange eating habits.)
Sorry it got answered so late but real glad you got your dose of serotonin from that post!!! Also, this ask is such a heartwarming take, my heart melts a little. The portion below is slightly different from the ask but the ask is perfectly聽good as well.
After some time, the twst bois gets numb about seeing Yuu eat Lilia鈥檚 cooking
Yuu eating what Lilia whipped up was like a normal occurrence at this point
鈥淒euce, you want to try some?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚-um, no. Thanks?鈥
鈥淚鈥檇 like to live to see tomorrow. Thank you very much.鈥
鈥淢ore for me then.鈥
鈥淵ou sure Grim鈥檚 eating habits aren鈥檛 rubbing off you?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 eat rocks from the ground, Ace.鈥
No one bothered to ask more about why Yuu stomachs Lilia鈥檚 cooking, it was just chalked up to being from another world
Malleus was the first to ask after having some of Lilia鈥檚 cooking unknowingly聽
鈥淚t just reminds me of home, I guess?鈥
鈥淭he taste reminds you of home?鈥
Malleus almost looked concern on hearing Yuu鈥檚 answer聽
(Malleus: maybe I should call cps)
鈥淜ind of? My parents weren鈥檛 good cooks as well, there was always something brunt or weird in my meals. But, it was delicious because they always did it with all of their heart. Wounds on their fingers, spending nights finding a new recipe, all of these made the meals even better for me because it tells me about the love they pour in.鈥
By then, Malleus is looking Yuu like some sweet child who said something adorable and a cute puppy
He leaves but not without promising to invite Yuu to Diasomnia鈥檚聽
The next day Yuu receives a letter along with a box of macarons
Yuu reads the letter while snacking on the sweets she just received to find out that she has been formally invited to Diasomnia鈥檚 annual dinner
When Yuu reaches the dorm, all of Diasomnia鈥檚 students seems to look at her with a mix of sympathy and awe
She only finds out why when only her table has the mysterious purple and gelatinous stew
Lilia shoves more food onto Yuu鈥檚 plates and urges her to eat more as he has heard from Malleus on why she likes his food
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to worry about not being able to have my food. I鈥檒l send you some every few days!鈥
鈥淪ure. Thanks Lilia.鈥
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coffeeleafdepression3 hours ago
hey hey!! could i get headcannons with a nonbinary mc who basically dresses like Lilia with Lilia himself, Ace, Vil, And Malleus?? The relationship would preferably be platonic. Thank you, aeppermint my beloved 鈽猴笍 /p
Of course!
(My, I'm quite flattered to hear from you, anon. We've already responded to your other ask- well, apology. I find it pretty cute. It's alright, though. Perhaps that "beloved" was directed to the writer themselves. Anyways, I'm glad you enjoy their writing ^^ I'm sure they're flattered themselves!)
Hope you enjoy the headcanon! I'm flustered-
Non binary S/o who dresses like Lilia
Lilia Vanrouge
the man himself
You can say he's quite fond of his fashion senses,
and is surprised to see you having similar taste.
He's super happy!
Mind trying out some of his outfits?
They'll look good on you promise!
I like to think Lilia always wanted to dress up Malleus like that-
But Malleus didn鈥檛 like it-
So he gotta new child, you- >:))))
Jk jk, Lilia loves Malleus as his child still-
he just got a child to dress up with lmao-
so wholesome-
Ace Trappola
Let鈥檚 just say-
He had that type of phase of fashion you鈥檙e in-
But he just won鈥檛 admit it-
Lmao I-
You chicken little-
So when you ask him to dress up like you and just try it out,
he鈥檚 a bit hesitant.
He doesn鈥檛 wanna be embarrassed!
But slowly he got used to dressing up in your style,
or more of the fashion phase he used to be in.
Now ya鈥檒l are teasing and annoying Deuce-
Just straight up shoving your big ass jacket sleeves and just ruffling his hair all the time-
M A N-
Ace has fun dressing up with you
He couldn鈥檛 ask for a better friend other than you~ and Deuce-
Vil Schoenheit
So that鈥檚 what you鈥檙e into.
Honestly, he has his own personal taste in fashion-
But he鈥檚 not saying yours ain鈥檛 cool-
He actually thinks it suits you.
Kinda like Lilia
It鈥檚 weird, but it fits him.
That鈥檚 why it looks cool.
Same goes to you!
Honestly, I think Vil looks good anything a sexy clown costume-
So maybe he can dress up like you with you!
Maybe with more of his colors??
Purple, red and gold?
That be nice.
Ya鈥檒l gonna strut yourself like the true fashion besties you are-
B r u h-
Malleus Draconia
Excuse me,
鈥淲hy do you dress up like Lilia?鈥
Ok ok-
he鈥檚 got Lilia,
so he thinks your outfit is normal to him.
Like Vil, both your fashion senses are weird...
but they suit you both.
That鈥檚 why the fashion looks cool-
He doesn鈥檛 really know fashion trends in general-
and he鈥檚 curious.
Is Lilia鈥檚 fashion senses popular? Should he try?
Time to dress up our Gao Gao friend-
Next day, Malleus is wearing an oversized coat, high heel boots, with a purple veil thing on his waist-
Sebek is like聽鈥淲HAT鈥檚 GOING ON-鈥
Silver is just meh-
And Lilia is a proud dad-
Malleus thinks you鈥檙e a cool friend-
Good job, fam-
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araminta-lemontea3 hours ago
Lilia SR groovy spoilers!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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It is now canon that Idia and Lilia are online friends according to Lilia's bday personal story and Groom Idia's personal story! I think that's how Idia will connect to Diasomnia in Ep 7.
Tumblr media
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demikings13 hours ago
鈥淗ey, this is delicious. Really delicious. Okay, open your mouth.鈥 (For Lilia!)
Tumblr media
鈫掆櫕 Something about her tone seemed off but he wouldn't mention it. As he smiled, he knew it was delicious from the smell of it so there was no need to taste it. Besides, he was the one to make it so he was quite sure of it. Directing the utensil back to her, he seemed to chuckle.
銆 I insist that you eat more of it. I did make it just for you~. 銆
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seaberrydelights15 hours ago
Tumblr media
i realized my team makes a gradient :)
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simpingfortwst22 hours ago
Can The Twisted Wonderland Characters Skate?
Inspired by this roller skating event thing I went to a few days ago.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes on each character below the cut聽 聽
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Notes
Ruggie - He has never skated before so no one is sure why he got the hang of it so quick (got bored after a while and started tripping people up with his unique magic)
Cater - Really good at skating and floods the rink with clones to take pictures
Floyd - Skates around the rink clotheslining people who get too close with a deranged look on his face that only a mother could love. Eventually causes everyone to leave for their own safety. If you think he stops there you would be sorely mistaken, the dude also leaves, locks onto one poor fucker Riddle and chases them around like a heat seeking missile
Ace - Gets over excited and drags Deuce with him without listening to any arguments
Chen鈥檡a - Was he even invited? Gets a kick out of disappearing and reappearing in front of people to trip them up
Rook - He just sits there, staring at everyone with a camera in lieu of his usual bow and arrows because apparently 鈥榦ffensive weapons are illegal in public spaces鈥. Would usually just examine Leona but Malleus鈥 constant supervision makes him a far more interesting target
Kalim - Can鈥檛 skate but when has a lack of skill stopped him from doing something (forced Jamil to hold him the entire time)
Lilia - Can鈥檛 skate, he just can鈥檛. However he is a dab hand at salsa dancing and reminds everyone of it when they comment on him not skating
Vargas - I present to you the embodiment of fake it till you make it. This man has way too much confidence in his abilities and by the time that and his patience starts to wear thin he鈥檚 started to get the hang of this skating thing
Deuce - Had no intention of skating until Ace dragged him into the rink kicking and screaming (and then they were kicked out)
Vil - His famous last words were 鈥淗ow hard can it be鈥 before falling rather ungracefully and causing a pile-up of skaters
Jack - Is the asshole who skates right in front of you and stumbles. We get it, you can stay upright now please get out of the middle of the rink before you kill someone
Crowley - Doesn鈥檛 even wait to get the group signed in before disappering only to reappear 10 minutes after everyone left with only the smell of alcohol emanating off of him to keep him company
Epel - Was still getting his skates on when Vil fell over, needless to say he was forbade from getting into the rink
Trey - He can skate. I have no proof that he can. But he can, Trey just chooses not to so he can stop Riddle from blowing up at the next person who mentions he can鈥檛 skate.
Sam - When would he find time to skate when he鈥檚 too busy running 鈥楳r. S's Mystery Shop Lite鈥 in a storage room where none of the staff can see?
Neige - What he even invited? Pt2聽Choose not to skate because his fans chasing after him would cause a safety hazard
Jamil - Realised pretty early on that if Kalim is clinging onto him like a koala with abandonment issues he can go and put on his skates. Unfortunately the koala in question did not reach the same conclusion
Crewel - Pfft Him? Skate? And risk getting his coat dirty? Absoloutely the fuck not
Azul -聽 When would he find time to skate when he鈥檚 too busy running 鈥楳ostro Lounge Lite鈥 in another storage room where none of the staff can see? What do you mean he鈥檚 scared? Of what? The floor? (Octo is not scared, Octo is terrified)
Sebek - He does technically get onto the rink, in his shoes. Sebek, ever the paranoid guard, shadows Malleus the whole time in case he falls and can鈥檛 get up. Inadvertently causes Dear Tsunotaro to trip when he shouts at Jack loud enough to knock Malleus of of his feet
Idia - I was tempted to say that he could skate but insisted he couldn鈥檛 to others so he could leave but I would have been wrong. Ortho uses puppy dog eyes and a decent amount upper body strength to force Idia onto the rink before watching his brother immediately fall and crawl away shouting about how he proved he can鈥檛 skate (No one had the heart to tell him that he never had skates on in the first place)
Jade - Spends the first half of the afternoon helping Azul and the second half restraining Floyd. Very capable boyo (So capable that one might overlook how he just can鈥檛 skate)
Trein - He never actually showed up, this whole outing was Crewel鈥檚 idea and so he wanted nothing to do with it
Riddle - Riddle is a burnt out former gifted kid who can鈥檛 put up with anything that he isn鈥檛 immediately good at. Yes I know he is cannonically really hard working and realisically practiced for a week leading up to the outing. No, I don鈥檛 care
Leona - Sleeps
Silver - Sleeps
Malleus - He only found out about the trip the night before when Yuu mentioned it. When he gets there he doesn鈥檛 understand and uses magic to hover a milimeter or two off of the floor.
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twstpastaa day ago
romantic lilia + 馃導
Tumblr media
A clap of thunder shook your dorm, and you nearly shrieked when a shadow fell right in front of your face. Your blood ran cold, and your knees nearly gave out from underneath you, your heart dropping into your stomach.
Lilia wiped his drenched forehead, droplets of water clinging to both his skin as well as his clothes. The fae hung upside down from the ceiling, shaking his head and drying himself off. Cold flicks of water rained down on you as Lilia shook his hand off, dropping down to the floor as if it was the most natural thing. 鈥淥h, did I frighten you, my love? My apologies, fufu. It was raining so severely, and I couldn鈥檛 be bothered to make it all the way back to my dorm. I hope you don鈥檛 mind me stepping in.鈥
鈥淵ou nearly scared the life out of me!鈥 You gasped out, clutching your hand over your heart. 鈥淒on鈥檛 break into my house like that!鈥
鈥淚 promise that I won鈥檛 make it a habit, sweetheart,鈥 Lilia cooed, grabbing a nearby roll of paper towels to pat his face down. 鈥淢y, what an awful storm! I鈥檓 not particularly distressed by thunder, given that the Witch of Thorns herself excelled in thunder magic, but rain like this is enough to make even my joints act up! Be a dear, and help me warm up, won鈥檛 you?鈥
You eyed your boyfriend, but you still gave in. 鈥淎lright. I鈥檒l get you something warm to drink, but only if you promise not to come in without a warning again! Knock on my front door next time!鈥
鈥淵ou have my word, darling,鈥 Lilia laughed, his crimson eyes twinkling. He grinned at you, his fangs peeking out from between his lips. 鈥淚鈥檓 forever in your debt for your unending kindness.鈥
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lilyaceouspada day ago
Tumblr media
wanted to draw lilia in beans camo outfit but the body is kinda wonky
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tsuisutea day ago
i just realised gosumari Lilia is gonna have groovy holy shet
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tisafinedayforsimpinga day ago
Memes Part 1 of ??
I have a Mar PNG now and I've decided to make it everyone's problem
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More to come if I find any more good posts
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diasomniagirl24a day ago
Tumblr media
Diasomnia dorm plushies altogether
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thesunshinebunnya day ago
Hello! May I please request N/SFW headcanons of Lilia, Rook, Riddle, and Epel dating an F!MC who likes being face fucked and cummed on? I know it sounds very dirty, and you don't have to do it, but thank you very much!!!鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳
Ohhh shiiiit, daaaaamn that's graphic. I have never clung to a computer so much when reading an order like this, as I read it I got closer and closer to the monitor and a mischievous smile was forming on my face.
Uffffffff, of course I can. Buckle up, because it's time for +18
Tumblr media
Mama bear Lilia here is more than in.
Bring him the papers, conditions and clauses; don't forget the rules and limits, Lilia wants to know everything. EVERYTHING.
I firmly believe that fucking with Lilia would be a unique experience. The gentleman here has lived hundreds of years and must surely have a few tricks up his sleeve.
Every night, or day, or afternoon, or when he is up to have you in his arms, it's a blow up to your head.
And now with what you just said 鈥︹ UUUUH BABY, you just turned at a point of no return.
With Lilia, everything is a yes, you have to experience everything at least once in your life. A blowjob may have happened before, but not with the intensity in which you said it.
Lilia couldn't help but hide his enthusiasm all day, he even got to worry and raise suspicions among his dorm students. Our little one here was feeling like a child at Christmas, eager to unwrap his present.
When the moment of truth arrived鈥 Lilia was a bloody monster.
From the start, he knew exactly how to handle you, how to guide your pretty head from the bottom up, preventing you from breathing normally multiple times.
And let's not even talk about the amount of saliva you left as a sign of your beautiful work towards his cock. Yes, Lilia was a fucking sadist.
鈥淐om鈥檕n sweetheart, I know you can do better than that. Show me how much you like to be facefuck, m鈥檡eah? "
Anyway, as much as he loves to see your face covered in his cum, Lilia is a 1000/10 in aftercare. You would not spend two minutes with your face covered that Lilia is already wiping a wet cloth over your skin.
May o may not start a makeout session with your mouth full of cum.
Uh, ma'am, I hope you're prepared to be photographed because I think鈥 Rook just found a very beautiful image.
We know that Rook is a gentleman, so he wouldn't go straight to shove his cock into your mouth without asking your permission first.
Of the four, I think he would be the kindest at all times.
Asking if he is "doing it right?" "Is the speed correct?" "You like it?" and those things.
I also think that, if you have a praise kink, being with this mf would rise it to 1000000%
I'm not joking, all the time telling everything that he sees that it's beautiful in it's essence and form ... imagine listening to it every second of that moment.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e doing it so well, beautiful, taking me so so good. You like this, don't cha? Yeah you do, my sweet little girl "
Is it hot in here or is just me?
Occasionally, Rook would get out of hand a bit, but in the end, it's what you wants right? Let him be a brute by fucking your mouth until you can't breathe.
I recommend that you hide the camera from him, because I am very sure that he would take thousands of photos every time his cum paints your face beautifully. Not because he's going to paste it behind the wallpaper in his room, no no, simply to admire them and put them in an exclusive folder for that type of photos.
I don't think I'm the only one who would think that Riddle would be stopped at such a statement.
Let's see, I bet all my valuables that the poor man has never dated a girl in his life (thanks to his mother) and to have such a revelation of his first romance ... ufff, holly mother, the little one has a lot ahead of him.
Riddle might be a bit confrontational at first, let's also assume it would be his first time doing the do, so I don't see him getting into those kinks so early.
Already with months evolving in this "quiet relationship", one long night you brought up the subject again and Riddle gave a somewhat hesitant yes, but as all mothers say: "if you don't try it, you won't know if you like it"
Ohhhhhh, shit, Riddle had never moaned like tonight. Poor Trey heard all the wobble, please stop his suffering
At first, Riddle didn't really know what to do, where to put his hands, when to increase speed, etc.
You had to guide him, bringing his hands to your head, indicating that he could hold you at any time and when he felt that he needed more, that he could apply more pressure and move your head as he preferred.
What started with a slow pace ended with your head bobbing up and down awkwardly, but intensely, on his cock.
"Wait, Darling, I'm-I'm gonna cum"
Did Riddle turn your head away? No. Did you walk away alone? Also no.
Riddle came half in your mouth and half in your face, and let me tell you, your expression鈥 UUUUUUFFFF, it was worth every fucking minute of that roller coaster.
See your face covered with some jets falling towards your chin and mixing with your saliva, while you breathed aggressively through your mouth, letting to the naked eye see his cum slide down your tongue ...
Yes, new kink unlocked.
In the same way, that beautiful intercourse is not a daily bread. Riddle would use this kink as a method of discipline, improving his movements each time, to the point of making you cry.
Riddle definitely loves your fucked face.
Pikachu shook face.
Much like Riddle's reaction but not to the degree of cardiac arrest.
Yes, Epel was shook, but we all know that Epel has a bit of audacity, so let him process your statement for a few minutes.
When the waters are calm, the coast is clean to try those tastes of yours.
Epel may be a bit nervous at first, but I think that with communication and a few "classes" you can reach a result that benefits both of you.
He would use your mouth as an anti-stress method. You know, when exams time comes around and you're littered with books and little time鈥 well, instead of a slime ball to de-stress, Epel has you.
A good session of de-stressing sex can't start without first fucking your mouth like there's no tomorrow.
Your throat spasming every time the tip of his cock touched the end, your dedication trying to take it to the end before releasing and taking little breaths, then trying again and again.
The way your hands were placed on Epel's hip looking for support, or sometimes placed at your side, preventing you from touching him.
Your eyes filling with tears at the intensity in which your head was used as a toy, your lips swollen and a small trace of saliva falling down your chin to the ground.
If that's not an image that can fix a bad day, I don't know what it is.
鈥淵ou like when I manhandle you like this, don't you? 'course you like it, you like when I fuck your litle mouth like the whore you are "
It may be a bit rough, but you both get pleasure from it, so a win-win.
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