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#idia shroud
twistedtexts · 7 hours ago
You know this app loves to hold events, right? And yes, I know what you're thinking "But Nana you're still posting spicy weekend requests" and YES I KNOW, but don't you like my spice?
Whatever, I'm here to ask you what do you want for the next event since this app is very close to 400 users!
READ THE OPTIONS AND COMENT YOUR FAVORITE, the option with more votes will be the next event:
🏡 Domestic boys (you living together, married, kids, etc)
☔ Angst (we like pain here, yesssssss)
😂 Pranks (because we wanna have a good laugh)
🦄 AU (Everything can be possible!)
And you, you, the little shrimp reading this, what are you waiting to follow this blog, eh? Join the app and send your texts! 💕
Tumblr media
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call-me-aesthetic · 8 hours ago
Wanted to do a Scooby-Doo AU for a while but didn’t know which gang would fit well so I’ll let y’all decide 👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, just wanted to add the fact that our Savanaclaw boys were made to have the role of Scooby–
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mamushroomoracorn · 9 hours ago
Idia Shroud/Reader•yuu
Author Note' Me and a friend decided to write on the same plot/prompt so don't be a Dick towards them.
Also this is my first time doing a X reader. So sorry if it is bad.
But please give criticism
Tumblr media
Idia said under his breath, as he looks across to his "companion" being 'Heroic' Yuu.
Yuu....sitting down, Dressed nicely...
"Yuu is with You" As Azul will say it
Ah yes Azul, CAPITALISM screams all over his features.
From his shoes to his god awful fedora.
Azul set him up for failure, for profit.
No Shit, You're literally in his restaurant paying, for his plan for his fake dating show, practicing with a fake date.
Azul recommend him to be one of the contestants since he complains too much with getting "no game" and how he wishes for a "player two".
"No wonder we are in his restaurant" Idia mumbles
Azul is a con man, a trickster!
As even Idia questions himself on why he talks to the sly scammer. Often his friend Azul will just use him on club nights to draw out money with bets, schemes and cheats...
Azul is a Capital•A•Dick like anyone else in this godforsaken school.
But no one wants to die alone
So he said yes to Azul offer.
When he should of stayed back...
A "hello?" assaulted his ears, it sounded like yuu.
Yuu.... Huh? Oh RIGHT YUU
Idia jumped, a quick "sorry...." came out of his mouth and a blue hue flood his pasty cheeks.
He held his clammy hands together and start shivering.
It been 5 minutes
He hate it here...
he hated the
The LOUD, The BUSSLING sounds, and The...people...
Fakeness intoxicated the air Everywhere
He sees it
He sees
He is a fucking hypocrite
Himself too knew it, he is fake too... Only agreeing to be in the dating show, because he was...NO scratch that!...because he was... WRONG
He was feeling
Feeling Lonely.... And
He hated it too
10 minutes has pass with nothing
Other than the, "How are you?...Seen the weather? Have you... Have you's...?"'s.. Yuu?
Ah yes
"Yuu..." it rested on his blue tongue and lingers with his blue head.
It Colored like his feelings, Colored like his hair.
A negative color
'You...myself is useless' he thought.
Yuu on the only hand is a star, a heroic figure. Defeating Blots like a RPG character and saving the day defeating bosses, saving people.
That's So Cool...
But why would they talk to him...
Maybe this is a side quest! Yeah..., getting paid madol as they simply help this pathetic noob. It is a easy and quick task, it is quick money....
He- I feel like crying
Well... The food is here too late to dip
I waited too long
Blue lips open as a gasp came out.
"S-so any games you prefer? "
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wildnya · 14 hours ago
the gamer boys having fun~
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twstpasta · 19 hours ago
idia + 🙏, romantic / platonic both ok, please and thank you! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ and congrats!
Tumblr media
“What in the world are you doing?”
Your voice broke the stagnant silence of Idia’s room, and the dorm leader didn’t seem to even acknowledge your presence. Narrowly avoiding a stack of haphazardly stacked manga books, you drew nearer to where Idia was crouched down in the corner of his room, far far away from where he would normally be seated at his gaming monitors.
“A-Are you praying?” You asked, noticing that he had his eyes shut, his eyelids scrunched up like he was concentrating really hard. In front of him, you were quick to recognize his little shrine for his favorite video game character. He had his hands clasped as well, lifted to his forehead, and he was down on his knees as well. 
You pinched the bridge of your nose, a defeated sigh escaping your lips. “Don’t tell me… A new gacha banner was released featuring your oshi?”
Idia finally lifted his head, the beat-up look in his golden eyes unmistakable. “I wouldn’t be doing this if there wasn’t anything to pray for. You know how much I need their cards.”
You laughed softly, patting his shoulder. You crouched down next to him, making yourself comfortable on the floor. “Man, that’s gotta be tough. Here, let me join you.”
“You’ll pray with me?” He asked quietly. You shook your head.
“No. Me praying probably won’t have an effect, but I’ll still be here for you,” you replied. You glanced at him, smiling smugly. “Besides, if prayer fails, I know something that’s for sure guaranteed to bring your favorite home.”
The Ignihyde student raised an eyebrow. “Which is?”
You bit back a haughty laugh, taking your gaze away from him and back to the shrine, filled with cute figurines and rolled up posters and sparkling pins and whatnot. “Whaling.”
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wolken-himmel · 21 hours ago
In which Idia reluctantly takes (Y/n) to his home to meet his parents during school break.
There, his mother seems especially smitten by (Y/n) and even, much to Idia's embarrassment, begs her not to leave him in fear that her son will never find a girlfriend again.
Request by @elenatheartist18.
Tumblr media
"Is it always this cold and dark here, Idia?"
The hallway that stretched out in front of you was eerily dark and cold, too. The Shroud Estate sure was no homely place — at least not to you; Idia seemed unbothered by the creeping cold and the utter darkness. Well, at least Ortho's and Idia's hair did a good job at illuminating the darkness, so you weren't completely blind if you made sure to stick close to the two pair of siblings.
The tips of Idia's hair flickered with how tightly you clung to his slim arm, and he suddenly considered himself lucky that he wore his extra-thick jacket today in fear that the slightest trace of your hands running over his exposed skin would have made him faint right then and there. You, too, were happy that the jacket he wore was fluffy enough to accommodate for your comfort, as well.
Idia shrugged, yet still was worried when he saw you visibly trembling and exhaling raggedly. "Yeah. I guess I just got used to the cold—" Idia explained and was about to return his attention to his phone when your eyes flashed in mischief. In one single swoop, you detached yourself from his arm and reached out to carefully take his long tresses of flaming blue hair into your hands. Idia, shocked, almost dropped his phone. "H-Hey! What are you doing—?"
Laughing at how he froze, you simply continued to collect most of his hair before wrapping it around your neck to act like a scarf. And indeed, you let out a blissful sigh once you could feel the comfortable warmth his hair exuded warming up the skin around your neck-area. "I'm cold, and your hair is fire," you cooed upon finally turning to the boy whose hair you were using as a scarf. "It was the only logical thing to do, Idia."
Idia's hands were trembling in surprise. "You could have warned me—!" he whined and shakily put away his phone before he could accidentally throw it at the wall.
"You know how sensitive Big Brother is." Ortho giggled, who had been quietly floating next to you, carrying your luggage, until now. "You wouldn't want to break him, would you?"
"Ortho," the flustered boy complained, "I'm not weak!"
The young boy giggled once again and shook his head innocently. "I didn't say that—"
"Hush, you two," you cut in as you buried your face in the impromptu scarf you had made out of your boyfriend's hair of flames. The two males' eyes turned to you, and they looked at you expectantly, although Idia couldn't really bear to look you in the eyes in fear of melting at the adorable sight of you using his hair as a scarf. "Aren't we late on meeting your parents already?"
Before any of your companions could say anything, a foreign yet soft voice said, "Yes, you are."
Before you could process what was happening, Idia's hair was promptly unwinded from around your neck since a small figure zoomed forward and latched onto the boy standing next to you. The gust of wind sent you tumbling, but Ortho caught you with inhuman reflexes before you could fall over.
"M-Mother—" Idia cried out as he tried his best to push the woman away that was hugging him with a vice grip — or maybe Idia was just weak. A large frown appeared on his face when the woman with brown hair got onto her toes to cover his pale face with kisses. "Please... remember what I told you about body contact?"
Mrs. Shroud giggled and shot her son an apologetic smile before she detached herself from him to join her husband's side again, a tall and intimidating man with the same blue hair and pale complexion that Idia and Ortho possessed, although Mr. Shroud's hair was much shorter than theirs. Mr. and Mrs. Shroud were a curious pair, you noticed; the beautiful and bright brunette with a large smile on her face didn't look like she belonged to such a dark and depressing place as this.
"Oh, dear children!" Mrs. Shroud cried out as she pulled Ortho into a hug that the robot-boy eagerly returned. "We missed you so much!"
Mr. Shroud nodded, a small smile on his lips, as he looked down at you from his tall height. "Welcome home," he said curtly, his voice deep and gruff, a large contrast to his wife's.
You were so focused on staring at your boyfriend's father, feeling a little bit squeamish in his presence, that you didn't notice his mother approaching you with an excited sparkle in her shimmering green eyes, the only bright thing here aside from the others' hair. She quickly grabbed you by your shoulders and looked you up and down, causing a startled yelp to escape your lips. "Idia, is this your girlfriend?" Mrs. Shroud asked joyously, and although she made you feel slightly uncomfortable, she was the only one in this place that made you feel welcome somehow. Soon, she began gushing over you. "Aren't you a pretty one? And you're sure you want to be with our son—?"
Idia furrowed his eyebrows, offended. "Hey!"
"Oh..." Mrs. Shroud, completely ignoring her sons's weak protests, narrowed her eyes in worry when she could feel you trembling with how her hands still lay on your shoulders. Tilting her head to the side, she softly mumbled, "You seem cold, dear—"
You nodded sheepishly. "Y-Yeah— it's so cold here..." Nonetheless, you could still feel Mr. Shroud's pressing gaze lingering on you, and his wife seemed curious and excited to know more about you, too. So, trying to cease your trembling, you put up a smile and exclaimed, "But it's nice to meet you! I'm (Y/n)."
"I can only say the same!" Mrs. Shroud laughed in a warm way, warm enough to comfort you somehow. The difference in aura between Idia's parents was clear as day and night — and it threw you off horribly. The small brunette giggled as she slung an arm around you, and you could feel the warmth she exuded. "Let me tell you, when I arrived here, I was horribly cold, too, at first. You get used to it, though! And my husband made sure to give me lots of blankets and cloaks. Oh— also, eating that pomegranate really helped getting used to the cold down here!"
"By chance— could I have one, too?" you asked, a little bit embarrassed — but at least her friendly demeanour made you less shy and awkward. "A blanket, of course... not a pomegranate."
"Of course you can," Mr. Shroud replied politely, and his eyes softened when he gazed at his wife ever so affectionately. "Dearest, will you procure our guest something warm?"
Mrs. Shroud nodded eagerly, although she simply kept on rambling while taking off her own coat to drape it around your shoulders without a second thought. It was only then that you noticed that her dress consisted of bright colours like orange and green — a large contrast to her husband's black and dark blue gown. She didn't seem to mind your flustered expression at all and simply kept on talking and talking, as innocent as a child.
"Oh, I used to live somewhere warm with my mother before I became betrothed to my husband," she said, laughing softly. "I get to visit my mother every spring... although I do miss her quite a lot— and now our children are gone all the time, too! Not as if things were really lively here with Idia around— but I'm sure you staying here will make this place much more bright! You'll stay for a while, won't you? We always have a few spare guest bedrooms! And I'm sure Idia would be happy, too."
Idia, who had been trying to disappear within his oversized jacket, peeked out when he finally couldn't take it anymore. "Mother, no—" he cried out, close to sobbing already.
Mrs. Shroud, as energetic as ever, clasped her hands together and shot you a desperate look, one that made your heart sink in pity. "So, please don't leave our son—" she exclaimed, and her husband joined in with a small nod. Idia's hair by then was flickering around wildly in anger and embarrassment. "We never ever thought our son would have a girlfriend with how he never left his room— but now you're here!"
Confused, you merely managed to croak out, "Ma'am—"
The way Mrs. Shroud was smiling from ear to ear prevented you from saying anything that could wipe that smile from her face. "Take good care of our son, alright?" she asked softly, genuinely overjoyed with your presence, which touched you greatly.
"Mother!" Idia hissed furiously and looked at his father for help. "Stop embarrassing me like that!"
Much to Idia's dismay, his father was of no help and only made things worse by throwing in, "I do have to say that I certainly did not expect you to bring home a girlfriend, son." A humoured smile decorated Mr. Shroud's pale face as he watched his wife fuss all over you from the corner of his eye, his attention lingering on his son. "I thought you were jesting when we got your letter."
"Stop it!" Idia yelled out, but his parents wouldn't stop with their efforts to embarrass the poor boy any further. Ortho, having pity on his older brother, patted his head in an attempt to calm him down again. Idia had his face buried in his trembling palms. "I shouldn't have brought you here, (Y/n)..."
"No no! Don't say that!" Mrs. Shroud playfully glared at her son for saying such a thing and merely led you away from him and down the corridor. "Now we have plenty of time to spend with our future daughter-in-law!"
Mr. Shroud followed closely behind, quite happy as well. "Let us begin the festivities at once."
Idia stood frozen in his place. "I want to die. Now."
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masasei · a day ago
Tumblr media
cats won’t shut up until you put a mic in front of them
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jhoudiey · a day ago
Hello, dear! You've been visited by the random character question fairy! :D ~☆
What is a conversation like with your character? Do they have a go-to story or joke to share? Do they tend to actively participate in the conversation or are they more passive?
Conversation with Yoru is.... Painful. She's socially inept as hell so unless she knows who you are, or desperately needs something she's likely not going to talk at all. Her friendship with idia started with them awkwardly staring at each other for a minute, then coexisting in the same space without talking for months. If making conversation is up to her, that's about how it's going to go.
If someone she doesn't know is talking to her, if she's interested in the topic she'll at the very least listen until the end, otherwise she's just flying away mid sentence.
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senhoritaroselume · a day ago
💗Dorm leaders slowly falling in love with MC / (y/n) Pt.2
Part one is here: Pt.1
👑Vil Schoenheit
For his personality is difficult for someone catch his standards
So you probably would be adorable and submiss him or be extremely badass not caring about others opinions
He’ll be thinking “ She’s not that bad” but will say “ Barely tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me ( yes, Mr. Darcy <3)”
✨“She’s beautiful but I’m more”✨
Will treat you like a princess
Saying that you’re doing something wrong just for help you and gets close to you ( in his way, even if you’re doing it right )
“ I’ve never seen anyone look so cute and ridiculous at the same time”
Asking you to come over to Pomefiore for a Spa Day so then he can touch you and have a good time together
Sometimes bringing you healthy snacks
💀Idia Shroud
Watching you from distance on his tablet
In his head it’s fine you never notice him because he feels that he’s liking the strong female lead of a novel
However, once you see that tablet floating in the air, you get extremely curious and excited and start making questions “ Woah ! It’s you, Idia - senpai right? How did you make this float? It 's so cool! Can you teach me? I’m pretty bad when it comes to technology” you finished with a laugh
IdiaShroud.exe stopped working
At first you two met online until he gets courage to meet you in person
On yours first face-to-face meeting he can’t look you in the eyes and he’s so nervous on the other way, you’re so happy for finally meeting him
Clearly there was a tension between you two, it was silent but a comfortable one.
“ Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that ( > //// < )”
He’s very ironic, so sometimes you find it funny
🐉Malleus Draconia
It all started when he discovered you don’t fear him
You were so friendly with him, so he felt that he was part of something, invited to be friends with you
He’ll start to visit you frequently and spend more time with you
Long night talks
Will talk more about you to Lilia and others, about how you’re interesting and unique
Sometimes will bring you little gifts to show his gratitude
Will joke more around you but his jokes are terrible like “ How dare you do this you’re really audacious don’t you fear what I would do next? Haha just kidding”
“ You can call me whenever you want, even if you don’t have a reason to”
When he realize his feelings ( with Lilia’s help ) he’ll eventually need to tell you. Believe me, it’ll be the cutest and the most romantic moment ever.
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bubbledumbbinch · a day ago
Reactions of the dorm leaders hearing their gf get in trouble for beating a someone's ass bc they were being sexist( like girls shouldn't do this or you can act like that?) Thank you😘
A/N: this piece of writing is SFW/fluff!! Please keep in mind before you follow me, I post SFW and also NSFW! Please do not follow me unless you are 18+
Pairings: Dorm Leaders x Fem! Reader
Riddle Rosehearts x Fem! Reader
Riddle would be horrified to hear you would get in trouble! Since when did his rose think it was okay to hit another student?
Once he finds out the reason though, he also gets angry at the student who harassed you based on your gender. When he finds said student who was still in pain after you beat him up, it’s “Off with your head!!!”
Riddle would lightly scold you about not letting your emotions get the best of you - he knows how it feels all too well and it doesn’t feel good for anybody afterwards.
However, he is proud of you for being able to stand up for yourself.
Leona Kingscholar x Fem! Reader
Leona widens his eyes and lets out a small scowl when you showed him your bruised knuckles and told him you got detention.
“Tch, what did you do that for, herbivore… seriously, getting yourself into trouble?”
When you argued that it was for good reason because the student was provoking you, telling you “You’re not strong enough to be at this school, especially as a girl”, you just about had it.
Leona smiles when he hears you proved the sexist student wrong, hearing about how the student had to be taken to the infirmary because you beat his ass like he deserved.
Leona considers taking Ruggie to the infirmary to pay the student a little visit later to ask if he’s learned his lesson yet.
Azul Ashengrotto x Fem! Reader
When Azul hears a commotion going on in the lounge from the VIP room, he didn’t expect to see you being held back by Jade.
“My, what’s the matter here?” Azul’s voice rose, making everyone silent.
Azul found out that while you were serving tables, you had been repeatedly harassed by a particular student in a big group. The student was trying to touch your hand, grab you by the waist, and his stare was unforgiving as he scanned up and down your body. Finally, when he said “Come on back to my dorm baby, you don’t need to be working with these lame guys!” you had enough and decided to punch him right in the jaw.
Azul heard your story and simply beckoned for Floyd to “get rid of him as he seems fit”, causing the eel to laugh maniacally and the student to scream as he was dragged out of the lounge.
“Angelfish, I’m happy to hear you were able to defend yourself. Next time this happens though, please let Floyd, Jade, or I know so we can get rid of the student quietly.”
Kalim Al-Asim x Fem! Reader
Kalim heard from Jamil that you were currently in detention and the boy practically jumped and ran to wait outside of the classroom where you were! You got into a fight?! His precious darling?!
Once you finally got out, Kalim was waiting for you with tears pricking his eyes and a big pout on his face. Seeing him so sad shot a pang of guilt through your body.
“Why, Y/N? What happened?” He simply asked you. After filling him in on how a student wouldn’t stop following you around and harassing you because you were a girl, Kalim wiped away his tears. “Why would someone do that?” He could only muster out as his cheeks turned pink.
Kalim feels a bit mad, but mostly disappointed at the student who did you wrong. He wants to find the person to make him apologize to you, but he realizes you might just want to let it go when you don’t want to talk about it anymore.
Kalim would comfort you with cuddles, sweet treats, and some love to help you try to feel better! He would kiss the bruises on your knuckles to hopefully make them feel better too!
Vil Schoenheit x Fem! Reader
Vil sighs in disappointment once he is told by Rook about your fight. The hunter describes the way you fought in perfect detail, telling the dorm leader how you thoroughly bruised and bloodied up the other student’s face and body.
Vil was growing increasingly upset until Rook told him WHY you had gotten into the fight. When Vil understands you did it to protect your reputation as a girl at a prestigious school, he wasn’t as angry.
Instead, he texted you immediately to come to see him. Once you do, you hang your head in shame, not wanting to meet your boyfriend’s gaze. It wasn’t until Vil lifted your chin up gently that you met his gaze with tear-filled eyes.
“I- I’m sorry, Vil… I know this could ruin your reputation so I’m sorry…” Vil would wipe your tears away and coo at you, telling you it was okay. He already sent Rook off to threaten deal with the student again.
Vil tended to your wounds and decided to try to lift your spirits by making a loving post about you on Magicam, calling you talented and strong person. Hundreds of thousands of people commented and called you beautiful, gave you words of encouragement, etc. !
Idia Shroud x Fem! Reader
Idia saw it for himself - well, if you count the video feed from Ortho’s cameras installed in his body - you slapped a student so hard in the face it left a red mark.
Ortho played back the video for Idia, showing his brother that someone was harassing you and calling you names and saying really awful things based on your gender while the two of you were on the way back to Ignihyde.
Ortho couldn’t do anything but get angry at the student so imagine his shock when you landed a hit! Idia also moved back, almost falling out of his chair!!
Idia would be surprised with you but also didn’t want you to keep getting in trouble. He doesn’t want you to get detention or anything since Ortho might start thinking it’s okay to use violence.
Idia would secretly be impressed, “Is this unlocking her delinquent skin/cutscene?”
He secretly likes how you could be tough if you wanted to be…
Malleus Draconia x Fem! Reader
The fae prince. He can only chuckle in amusement once he’s heard what you’ve done from Sebek!
“Well, my child of man was simply trying to prove her honor. I see no wrong here…” Malleus only grinned, making Sebek angry.
Malleus would still take you on a nightly walk to discuss why violence is not always the best answer. As a future king, he needs to have a mindset that squabbles can be taken cared of in a diplomatic way.
“But Tsunotarou-,” Malleus only hushed you. He told you he wasn’t upset with your actions. If anything he was surprised in a good way!
He told you that you just need to be careful because there can be evil magic users that would ultimately try to hurt you worse than you did. Malleus is only worried that you wouldn’t have a good way to defend yourself.
“Hmph, I guess that means you need to be there to protect me then!” You tutted back. Malleus could only pat your head lightly. For you, he would defeat anybody that dared stand up to hurt you.
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britishassistant · a day ago
So for the ignihyde division we’ve got the leader Charon, the sidekick Hermes, and the fates as secretaries, I love it. In terms of roles what do ignihyde B-chan and her sisters do exactly? I imagine her older sister’s the head robot designer, B-chan’s the head programmer, and the youngest is the head builder and mechanic, of course the three of them can kick butt if they need to
Thank you for the ask, dear anon!
And kind of? Ignihyde Henchpeople A, B, and C all senior members in the programming division, following the theme of the Fates they’re based off of directing events to fall in a certain pattern rather than interceding actively.
In general, A-chan is in charge of programming the harpies and other actively agressive bots, B-chan oversees the hydra and other information gathering/analysis drones, while C-Chan’s pride and joy are Cerberus and other defensive measures in the lair itself.
Charon himself designs nearly all of the robots though, including the robots which build and help him maintain other robots. He tried working with human mechanics, but that meant people he had to interact with and who’d argue with him and—ugh, just thinking about it is making him reach for his freeze ray.
They can kick butt if they need to…in a computer/technological based medium, of course. They were hired more for their skill with those than because they were brawlers, after all.
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star33dust · a day ago
Azul and Idia's ship name should be electroswing
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fairestwriting · a day ago
title: crow masks and closed gates
word count: 1635
summary: After being sucked into the world of the game she played before bed, Phoebe wakes up at an infirmary with seven pairs of eyes pinned to her — And two glowing dots hidden behind a mask.
another piece commissioned by @invederphoeb ! working as a sequel to this previous one ^_^
guidelines for commissions are here, in case anyone else is interested
Tumblr media
There’s noise all around them, muddled voices and movement, they’re the first things trickling into Phoebe’s mind along with the consciousness, first mostly incoherent, but soon beginning to take discernible shape.
The faces around… Phoebe squints drowsily, trying to make out who these were, there were a lot of bright colors standing out among stains of black and purple, the room mostly dimly lit. Are they home? Was the dream over? They try to move—
“They seem to be waking up.” A voice says, quiet and polished. Phoebe feels like they recognize it, although from where— “Everyone, please stay back.”
With seconds of effort to open their eyes, the world finally becomes visible around Phoebe. Another unknown, fever dream-like room, with multiple people around them — No, not just anyone, those boys from the game their friend had convinced them to play.
Still in the daze of just waking up, Phoebe’s gaze trails along the circle around them — They’re on a bed, laying down, limbs still heavy like they’re made of lead — It’s a dream, right? It had to be one. But she counts them clockwise, a tall boy with dark hair and horns, one with glowing blue hair that seemed to hide behind the group, one with meticulous makeup and blond locks fading into purple, one tan, white hair bringing out the shine in his red eyes, one with a sharp gaze behind glasses, one with longer hair, scar across his eyes, that redhead…
“Are you…” Phoebe mutters, her mouth feeling like it’s full of cotton, dry and immobilized at once. “You’re… I’ve seen you, in a game.”
“They still look confused.” The red haired boy mutters, his face scrunching up into displeasure. “Where’s the headmaster? He really should be here for something like this…”
Ah. That was—
“Rosehearts!” The headmaster’s, Crowley’s, voice echoes across the room, Phoebe jolts a little, unable to even jump fully. “Step away from the new student. I shall check up on them, as I’m so kind!”
That had been Riddle. He makes a yelp when he’s pushed aside, and between him and the taller, scarred one, the headmaster inserts himself, hair in disarray even under the hat, eyes glowing slightly in the darkness.
“You!” He says, pointing at Phoebe. “It seems there has been some sort of mistake as the carriage brought you to the school. How are you feeling?”
“I…” Phoebe mumbles, looking around. “Carriage? What?”
“You’re a new student, yes?” The boy with glasses, narrowing analytical eyes at Phoebe, asks.
“There may have been a mistake in your transportation. Even though it’s the first time that has happened…” Crowley laments, gripping his own chin. “Either way! You’ve arrived safely here, you will proceed to the sorting slightly later than your fellow first years, but…”
“Wait, what? I’m not a student here?” She stammers. “This… this isn’t even my world? I don’t know how I ended up here, I was playing this game, and…”
She’s attempting to stand up, to talk to them, to make this make sense, but the headmaster’s gloved hand is upon her shoulder, pushing her lightly.
“No, it wouldn’t be wise of you to move too much now! You were going in and out of consciousness when you appeared in the Mirror Room.” The headmaster scolds, and she sighs.
“I guess so.” It comes out in a mutter.
“But I feel something on your chest…” He leans in closer, the hand that had been on Phoebe’s shoulder moves nearer to their sternum, tapping onto what had been under her shirt. “Is that metal?”
“Ah!” Phoebe jumps a little. “It’s just… something I bring around, to listen for sounds in the body and all.”
Crowley hums, finger continuing to trace around the covered metal, like he’s not sure what to do with it exactly. Phoebe shrinks into herself a bit, all those seven eyes still upon her, staring with too much attention. She keeps getting dragged into strange dreams. If she didn’t feel so sluggish, she’d be terrified—
“What world do you hail from?” A voice she hadn’t heard yet, deep and with an intimidating edge, surges from the group around her. Phoebe blinks and looks towards it, at the boy with jet black horns on his head.
“Um.” She murmurs. “Earth?”
“Earth.” He repeats back, the ghost of a smile tracing his lips. “How curious.”
“That’s unheard of.” The one with purple lowlights says.
“I don’t recall seeing that name anywhere.” The headmaster speaks, sounding pensive as he takes his hand off Phoebe and crosses his arms, looking down for the moment when there’s a pause. “Not in any book, not in any… are you sure you’re a student?”
“Yeah, that’s the point, I’m not!” Phoebe retorts. Crowley mutters something to himself, shaking his head.
“Can you use magic, at least? Maybe you’re really a student, but being transported here affected your memories?” Riddle suggests, halfway placing a hand onto the mattress.
“Something like this has never happened, even for as long as the school has existed…” Phoebe catches Crowley mumbling, gripping his own chin again as he looks away, deep in thought.
“I don’t think I can do anything like that…”
“...wasn’t that thing you brought just glowing?” The scarred man suggests, leaning in closer for a moment, when Phoebe sees — Are these a lion’s ears on the top of his head, poking out through a cut on the hood?
“Pip!” She almost tries to get up again, only to be pushed down again. “Where’s… where’s Pip? Give me…”
“No need to fret, we wouldn’t separate you from such an item!” Crowley announces, and he takes the bear from the nightstand, placing it back into Phoebe’s arms. Like a reflex, she hugs it and breathes in deep as she does so, a sliver of comfort in that surreal situation. “Are you sure you have no magic? The bear seems like an important clue…”
Nervousness gathers at the pit of her stomach, she swallows dryly. “It’s just that we have a sort of connection.” She mutters, and they seem like they expect for more, but soon drop that when she doesn’t give it to them.
“I don’t understand how it would start glowing if you have no magic.” The headmaster tilts his head, inspecting the bear in her arms from every angle. Squeezing it tighter, Phoebe feels her head clear just slightly.
“What sort of world is that one you’re from?” The boy with horns queries. Phoebe releases a sigh.
“It’s…well. There’s a lot going on there, always. We have schools too, like yours, but no one talks about doing magic. You were supposed to be a part of a game, I remembered I played it just before I went to bed…”
“Ah, we were in a game?” The white haired one perks up, eyes wide “Like, we were characters?”
“T-That’s… breaking the fourth wall, definitely.” The one with the glowing blue hair speaks, but still hides behind the one in front of him, who hums, seeming to question the story.
“I swear it’s real. I know how weird it sounds, but it’s what happened.” Phoebe speaks, her thumbs trace along Pip’s plush body, keeping it close to her chest. “This isn’t a dream, right? I feel like it should be.”
“To be transported to another world through a dream…” The one who’d asked her the question hums. “How strange.”
Should she even mention the link with the Disney movies she so often watched? The question swirls around Phoebe’s mind for a second before she decides against it. That tall boy with the horns looked just like Maleficent, like he’d been her son or younger brother, she remembered Riddle spewing out the Queen of Heart’s phrase, the one with the lion ears was just like Scar, even having what had been his namesake… she didn’t want to confuse them any more, it wasn’t relevant to what they were trying to figure out now, but the thought was very much there.
It’s all surreal. Entirely surreal. Even the thought of waking up from the dream seems unlikely now.
“You know that doesn’t exactly matter now.” Riddle speaks up, sighing in exasperation. “I’m sorry we hadn’t asked before, but what is your name?”
“I’m...Phoebe.” She speaks, rather quietly. He nods.
“Phoebe.” Riddle repeats, and shakes his head. “This is a strange situation, so we haven’t been able to properly introduce ourselves. Please do forgive us. I’m Riddle Rosehearts, I’m the dorm leader of Heartslabyul.”
She knew that. But she still nods.
“To my left side… Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Kalim Al-Asim, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud and Malleus Draconia.” Riddle explains. The flurry of names is slightly confusing even when she’d heard them before, but Phoebe just nods again.
“Yes, thank you for the introductions, Rosehearts.” Crowley adds on. “I am Dire Crowley, the headmaster of the school, which is Night Raven College. Are you following that?”
“Yes, sure...”
Her eyes turn to the headmaster and to Riddle back and forth as they speak, trying to hold focus.
“Now, we’ll be trying to sort out your situation soon.” Crowley informs. “But first, I may ask, how are you feeling?”
“I’m…” Phoebe mutters, and he stops. Suddenly, the emptiness of his stomach makes itself known. “I’m okay, just sort of hungry.”
“Then we’ll provide!” The headmaster’s hand meets his chest, right over the glittery vest. “While I cannot allow non-students to spend their time in the school’s premises so easily… my heart as an educator would not allow me to simply throw you into the streets. We shall find a way to keep you safe while we attempt to bring you back home.”
Phoebe swallows. “Sure.”
It seemed it’d be a while until the dream ended — If it ever truly did.
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