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#twst malleus
asobou4u · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Diasomnia x crayon shin-chan ver.
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canon-twst-quotes · 7 hours ago
lilia, banging on the door: malleus! Open up!
malleus: well, it all started when I was a kid...
silver: no, he meant-
sebek: let him finish
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majesties-palace · 7 hours ago
grim crawls on top if your chest, orb balancing in between the space of his ears, giving it a blue hue. "taking care of the sick dorm leaders," he announces. "this time it includes kalim, vil, idia, and malleus."
Tumblr media
with jamil taking care of the mess that had made kalim sick, that left you to take care of him. he's pouty and restless. if he begs you for something and you say no, expect puppy eyes. do not give in. "sick kalim causes even more problems than regular kalim." is one of the first things jamil tells you when you enter his room to play caretaker. "he'll get the impulse to buy something.. absurd.. like a country or some sort."
he didn't buy a country, thankfully. he did buy a an entire stadium and filled it up like noah's ark under the guise of wanting to show you a world that's less likely to make jamil have a breakdown [which happened regardless]. kalim's impulse control and common sense would lower whenever he's sick, so most of the things he buys during this period would be for you if not to try and show off. he'll get sad if you don't take them, try to return it, or tell him off.
find some way to keep him distracted if you don't want him to bother you in every way possible. i suggest putting on a single movie and staying in there so he won't feel lonely. he'll be out within the first fifteen minutes if you play your cards right. if you can't get him to focus on the movie, play some game that involves some brain power. "'m sorry—" he'll yawn, "— this game just seems to really make me tired.."
kalim wants attention, but he also doesn't want you to get sick. this creates a great dilemma in his mind. having you in the room close to his bed gives him some sort of relief, but he'll take what he can get. as mentioned, just put on some movie or play a game with him and you should be fine. on the off chance that he doesn't want you around him, just make sure to hang close enough to where he's staying in case he calls you back in.
his brain is running on a small amount of the sleep it needs while kalim is sick. he wants to stay awake and see what everyone is doing, not lay around in bed all day! be sure to give him updates on all of his friends, jamil will come in every five hours to tell him about the dorm if he feels it's necessary. if you ever have to leave for something like class, be sure to tell him all about it! he'll just live through you if you're comfortable with it.
if you can get over kalim's impulse buys, you should be fine! keeping him entertained is also important, so be sure to bring some type of game [or book. a riveting story will always keep kalim's interest on you]. to jamil, you'll be a godsend, so expect some of sort of feast sometime soon.
kalim looked like a kicked puppy. having been told he would have to stay in his room all day had put an extreme damper on his mood. the dorm leader's pout made you heavily sigh and toss your phone to the side. "cater and lilia said they would bring your instrument not to long ago, so they should be here soon." you relay to the bedbound boy, leaning your head over the head of your seat. "why don't you teach me how to play it when they drop it off?"
this seemed to lift kalim's mood. he sat up on his elbows, eyes lighting up as he thinks of different songs to teach you. "is there anything specific you want to learn?"
shaking your head, you let out a laugh. "no, nothing in particular. i'm fine with whatever you first think of." VIL SCHOENHEIT
vil takes his sudden illness seriously as to make sure that he doesn't trickle into something worse. he's an important figure, he can't risk anything when it comes to his health. while vil is concerned about your health, he comes first in this scenario. do him a huge favor and just stay out of breathing distance.
if you want keep rook away from you, just pull him off to the side and tell him that you want to be romantic. he'll understand in a less than a heartbeat and backs away to keep epel in line. in the case that you do need his assistance, he'll either give you advice or come in whenever you're struggling.
vil isn't a fan of being coddled. at all. let him do what he needs to do! step in when it's apparent he can't do something himself, he asks for help, or if neige shows up with a bouquet of flowers. you don't have to spoon feed him some soup or pour out his medicine for him, just hang around in case he does show signs of struggle.
as mentioned, neige will be showing up, no doubt about it. vil's a celebrity; if the public knows, neige was one of the first to know. do vil a huge favor and lie. tell the ravenette that whatever he has is contagious and doesn't want to risk anyone else catching it. he might leave a little saddened, but it's not enough to put a damper on your own mood.
assist him with his routine! face washing, hair masking, fingernail trimming, all of it! he isn't all to keen on getting out of bed, but doing it outside the bathroom can make a mess. you might as well join him while doing this. just sitting and watching him do this can't be good for your eyesight. as much as vil would love to take over because "you're supposed to go counter-clockwise, darling," vil is aware that touching your face while sick doesn't do anyone any good.
vil is probably the best one to take care of when sick seeing as he wants this to be over as soon as possible. he won't be a brat and will be much more comprehensive than his peers from before. depending on how doting you are, vil might become a little snappy but other than that? there's nothing for you to worry about.
vil allows his body to sink back into his pillow once you re-enter his room, eyes glaring harshly at the group of flowers in your hand. "burn them." he speaks abruptly. "give them to rook and have him turned to ash."
"i'm sure they'd go nicely with your.. other.. gifts.." you reluctantly reply, eyes shifting to look at the pile of stuffed animals, letters, and balloons from his fans.
the blond turns on his side with a scoff. "if it's from neige, i'm positive it'd make my condition worse."
you shake your head mutely, placing the flowers on his dresser before sitting on the edge of his bed. placing your hand on his calf, you lean over so you're able to see his face. "they'll be gone soon enough," vil's attention is now on you. "isn't it time for another dose anyways?"
no one can be surprised when idia catches something given his unhealthy habits. make sure he doesn't try and sneak his way to his computer, he'll be there until you or ortho pry him off. "what am i supposed to do when you take as long as a loading screen with bad wifi?" he'll try to make excuses as to why he should be able to game in between your little check ups. just tell him that staying hunched over like that will only make him feel worse.
ortho will be there to help [regardless if you want him to or not]! use this as an opportunity to give idia some sort of entertainment unless you want him to be depressed the entire week. watch some sort of gameplay, preferably something that he's already done a 100% playthrough of so that he can judge them harshly. listen to him tear into their attack strategies before rushing to give him a glass of water because his throat also got torn up.
seeing as idia won't be able to check in on his afk farm, guilds, and whatever else he said, you'll have to be the one to do it. he'll backseat game if you have no idea what to do so you don't have to worry about anything. if he starts getting to obnoxious just threaten to shut the game down without saving, he'll stop real quick.
an absolute menace when it comes to medicine. tell idia that resistance is futile and will result in his games being unattended for even longer. he'll down it reluctantly and request for something in return. be nice and give whatever you think is fitting, he'll appreciate it greatly and might even give you something in return!
idia's guaranteed to stay in bed and only his bed during this time which means you'll have to worry about him finding some way to use all of his pent up energy. seeing as he mostly gets fired up when playing some type of game: make him play some uno! make it fun and add some rules of your own to make him get real invested!
if we're ranking the dorm leaders on a scale of best to worst when sick, idia's certainly one of the lower ranked ones. he could care less that he's sick. he just wants to get back to binge watching the latest summer anime! who cares if his eyes begin to worsen and there's a pounding migraine in the back of his head! threats [subtle or not] seem to be the only thing that get to him while he's sick, so use them to your advantage and don't be afraid to carry through with them.
after looking at idia's self-pitying pout for the past eight minutes, to say you were beginning to feel aggravated was an understatement. after unplugging the cords that led to his pc in an attempt to get his focus off of his games, any attempts at conversation resulted in a cold shoulder.
it's not as though. he just needed you to understand that all actions had consequences and your result just so happened to be idia ignoring you.
finally giving in, you heave a sigh and extend one of the controllers you had confiscated in order to get him to sleep. "we can get in one round before ortho comes back in with something to eat," you state, watching as idia sits up and takes the controller from you with the excitement of a child.
"that's enough time to get back in and check on my warriors and do another set of tasks." he hums, booting his system back up and opening up his laptop back up.
he doesn't take this cold seriously because [one] he's been alive for more than a hundred years. if a cold as simple as this killed him, he was unfit to become the king of thorns; and [two] getting special attention from his very own beastie? a privilege indeed.
if anyone [sebek] insisted on helping you take care of malleus, there's no need to fear! lila will give him small tasks until the prince is feeling better. of course, you'll have to give him updates. "did anything interesting happen while we were gone?" the old fae will ask, voice lilting in hopes that you'll catch onto what he's saying.
malleus doesn't act any different when he's sick, not wanting to take advantage of this time or you. he'll only do those sick i'll only take the medicine if you give me a kiss scenarios if you're okay with it or in a relationship. on the off chance that he doesn't jump onto an opportunity like that, it's because he's to shy and finds things like that to lewd.
speaking of medicine, malleus doesn't really need it. he's lived for more than a hundred years and is a powerful dragon fae; his immune system has been through much worse. if you do request that he downs the horrid drink, he'll do so without question. "although it does taste horrid, it's much better than lilia's cooking." he'll note with furrowed brows.
as vulnerable as he may look while he's sick, malleus is still able to hold his own. though, he would get quite the laugh out of it if you were to tell him about your perilous mission of keeping rook away from diasomnia. bonus points if you make it even more dramatic than it actually was! being forced to stay inside his room all day without the chance of seeing you had made him quite depressed. seeing you so animated made him feel much better.
in the end, malleus is probably the third best dorm leader to take care of when sick because he doesn't put up any fights, isn't a brat, and loves your attention. spoil him like the prince he is and he'll be like that piece of putty that won't leave the inside of your nail no matter how how much you try to wash it. unfortunately, he does lose points for not eating the food lilia slaved over so you might as well just take another one for the team and start preparing meals for all of them
malleus looks up from his position in your lap, eyes gazing up at you with an emotion you couldn't yet place. "what's wrong?" you ask while using the back of your palm to feel the fae's forehead. it was lukewarm, which thankfully meant that his fever had gone down over the last few hours you'd been there.
"is this not dangerous for your own health, child of man?" he finally speaks up after a few moments of staying silent.
shaking your head, you his bangs so you can see the entirety of his face. "i could care less, sweetheart," you hum while leaning down in order to kiss the exposed skin. "your health matters the most to me."
a look of offense crosses malleus' face before he sits up and gently nudges you away. "and yours matters the most to me.." he gives you another nudge when you refuse to stand. "now leave before you catch this illness as well."
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anekogia · 7 hours ago
Leona does not approve
Leona: So, are you two dating now?
Malleus and MC/Yuu: Yes.
Leona: Why?
Malleus: I happen to find Child of Men very appealing.
Leona: Yeah, I get that. I'm trying to figure out what wrong with Herbivore here.
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bzlefty · 8 hours ago
Lilia Vanrouge (Adult Form)
Finally here he is! This masterpiece is for my fellow Grandpa Bat Fvckers and since I’m still a beginner in digital art, it took me almost a week to finish this. My neck and back hurts but it’s all worth it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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piochin204 · 8 hours ago
So yeah I just removed this from my fic got me questioning QwQ 💔 Welp reread it again~ ♡
Tumblr media
_______________( ~Click Here~ )_______________
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osiriatinted · 14 hours ago
(Typing on mobile, I apologize-! Something quick from someone who can't sleep)
Content: In which reader/mc can't seem to fall asleep.
Pairs: Malleus x Reader, Malleus x MC
It was night-time, way passed 2am and nearing 3am. Another restless night so it seemed. You couldn't help but wonder if it was homesickness or if you had too many thoughts in mind. "Maybe a walk would do me good..." you thought to yourself briefly as you looked around the dark room. Who in their right mind would walk around near 3am? Getting out of your bed slowly and slipping your shoes on, you didn't care much. You couldn't fall asleep anyway and had no classes the following day so you made your way outside the dorm.
As you stepped out, you were greeted with a gentle breeze. Having come out with just a small and pretty light blanket, you sighed quietly. It was dark out, but you could still see the visible trees and pathways; from a distance you see a man with horns walking nearby. "Oh?" The man had caught notice of you sitting alone just outside your dorm. "Child of man? May I know why you're out here so late into the evening?" He was actually aware that you hadn't been sleeping as much lately. "Oh...hello Malleus..." you let out a quiet sigh and did your best to flash him a smile the best you could. "I'm fine, please don't worry about me! I'll head back soon." He looked at you, eyes with concern and clear worry.
"(Y/n), it's as clear as day, or well; night for this matter, that you are troubled. Please let me know if I can do anything to help." You knew he was worried and though you didn't want him to, it showed someone at least cared. If you were being honest to yourself, you were attracted to him. It had been a couple months since you've started to speak wih each other, and you do so pretty frequently whenever you can. "Thank you, Malleus...I appreciate it a lot." you smiled up at him as he sat down next to you, a reassuring and firm hand being placed on your shoulder. You rubbed your hands together finally feeling the cold get to you, slight shivers and trying your best to stay warm with such a thin blanket around you. Maybe it was time to head back in is what you thought to yourself.
Suddenly you feel the hand that was once placed around you pull you in close. "You're shaking like a leaf." He stared down at you, worried and pleading that you wouldn't catch a cold from being out at such a late time. Malleus had actually also started developing feelings for you, but you didn't know. "Perhaps it's time for you to try and get to sleep once more, (y/n). You're more than welcome to come call for me if you need someone to speak with." He was right, for it was colder and you did start feeling sleepier. You said your goodbyes and thanked him for accompanying you for a bit. With that, he nodded his head and disappeared.
Yawning, you walked back inside the dorm and head back to your room. Grim having been asleep and not noticing your absence, you head back to bed. Once back in your bed, your eyes felt heavier and your mind felt a lot more at ease. "Mmm..." you hummed quietly and felt yourself drift off into a peaceful sleep that you hadn't had in a long while, small glints of green dancing around you as your eyes had closed. "Goodnight, (y/n.)"
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mouisorange · 19 hours ago
☰ yandere MBTI
 〔Malleus Draconia〕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia is ﹝RAMS﹞.
❚ Reverent 
While Malleus isn’t one for worshipping his Darling, he does adore them greatly and holds them in high regard. He respects Darling and will show them double the respect they show him, even more-so if they’re ‘officially’ (and willingly) his. He does become a bit condescending if Darling is being difficult, but usually will just brush such behavior off as them having a lover’s spat. He is aware when it’s a serious matter but honestly he has all the time in the world to improve their behavior and fix whatever’s causing it so he’s not keen on making a big deal out of it.  He prefers to be in their presence as much as possible, finding his Darling to be much better company than the majority of those around him. Who else will make him smile, laugh, or be willing to have a normal conversation with him if not his dear Darling? 
❚ Aware
As mentioned in the headcanons I previously did for Malleus and earlier in this post, he is very aware of his feelings, his behavior; such awareness extending to his Darling’s feelings as well. The prince is oblivious in the beginning, as he’d never experienced romantic love before, but will get over it once he understands the new emotions. He will also want to understand his Darling’s feelings, Malleus may actually scare some types of Darlings off by how straight-forward he becomes after realizing his adoration. He won’t hide it, nor will he actively try to hide the more worrying feelings/thoughts he has. Darling could possibly brush off his phrasing most of the time, he does tend to speak rather formally so it’s not exactly hard to think that the way he says certain things could come off as more intense than he meant. It doesn’t help that he’s willing to twist the truth/what he actually meant if he senses any negative quirks when Darling questions him about his wording. 
❚ Manipulative 
Malleus toes the line between Honest and Manipulative, and while he is very honest with his feelings (among other things), he has no issue with throwing some manipulation into the mix. He doesn’t see a need to flat out gaslight or otherwise pull out any extreme manipulation, though that’s not to say Lilia won’t step in with some choice wording if he wants to. After-all, Darling likely has already formed some sort of emotional bond with the prince. This with the fact that he’s one of the most powerful people in Twisted Wonderland, is there really any solid reasoning as to why he’d have to pull on every word he says? Malleus would rather be honest with his sweetheart, but, of course, it’s not his fault if something came off as manipulative. He is a fae, and he’s still learning human customs! Darling just has to understand, he’d never mean to sway their thoughts or actions, right? 
❚ Strict
He definitely isn’t the one of the most strict yanderes in Twisted Wonderland, but he isn’t about to have his Darling think that they can just up and leave him. That being said, he’s actually fairly lenient most of the time. It’s when Darling starts giving him reasons not to trust them that he begins to drift into ‘rules’ and directly telling them (or just manipulating them) why they should(n’t) do something.  Malleus really only starts to get intense in a few situations; A.) Someone he genuinely considers a rival starts to steer too far into his territory, getting too close to his Darling. He doesn’t necessarily enjoy enforcing rules onto them, as he wants to view them as his partner/equal, but there are situations where he can’t just scare someone else away.  B.) Darling is actively rejecting him and starting to avoid him. This is especially unacceptable if they’d been ‘courting’, and then they refuse to become his spouse. Did they think they could just court the Crown Prince of The Valley of Thorns and then leave? He couldn’t even fake propose to a ghost, what makes Darling think he would court someone for the fun of it? 
Tumblr media
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nuitthegoddess · 20 hours ago
Aurelian: Is something burning?
Malleus: Just my love for you.
Aurelian: Malleus, the toaster is on fire.
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nyabiitwst · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So cute and they light up! Even the instructions are cute!! ❤️
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nyabiitwst · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LOL cute, just like pikachu plushies
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Sorry if you have done this before but, may I request Malleus, Vil, Leona, Idia, and Cater react to seeing their Crush Reader with another (perhaps a mob student) on a "date", a fake one meant to attract mob-san's crush. They don't know this however, so how do you think they'll react? Will they crash the date disturb it? (Mob is also touchy, with Reader's consent of course.) I might request the other dorm heads though! Sorry again if you have done it already ^^"- ⏳Anon
Canon fodder Octa A time—
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Of course, Malleus is saddened that you’ve chosen another--but as a nobleman, he holds himself to high standards and saves the sulking for private. It’s hard for even Lilia to pry Malleus out of his room when he’s feeling this gloomy...
Sometimes, he’ll be having tea with his dorm members, when a stray tear trickles down his face as he remembers how lonely he is. (This leads to lots of agonized shouting from Sebek about how “THAT HUMAN IS BLIND AND DEAF IF THEY CANNOT PERCEIVE THE YOUNG MASTER’S INFINITE CHARM!!”)
He tries to play the role of an encouraging friend in public, just as any dignitary would, even if the state of his nation--or his emotions--is in shambles. Malleus will smile and nod when you speak of Octa A, even lingering a few paces behind when you hang out with him, just to show his support. What I’m saying is Malleus is a third wheel--
He actively tries to make friends with Octa A (even if his overwhelming presence terrifies the mob student). Malleus’s royal upbringing has taught him that, regardless of his personal differences, he needs to make an effort to understand all sides of a situation... so even if a part of him resents Octa A for taking you from him, Malleus does his best to act mature about it.
When the ruse is finally revealed, Malleus can, at least, feel relieved. He commends himself for keeping composed under stress--and happily flocks to your side once more, tucking his hand in yours. When you ask what he’s smiling about, he responds with, “Fufu. Let us say... that something most precious to me has returned, Child of Man.”
Tumblr media
At first, Vil’s definitely perplexed by your choice of partner. That guy? Really? Some random mob student? Surely you can do better than that, especially when you’ve caught the attention of THE Vil Schoenheit.
He would be jealous, but... the longer he observes, the more apparent it becomes to him that it’s all an act. And, if he is to be frank, a rather poor one. As a professional actor, Vil knows novice acting when he sees it, but he has the tact to not confront you or the mob student about it.
... Well, he tells himself he shouldn’t be jealous over some poor acting stunt, but as the days pass and you continue with the ruse, Vil feels the swell of envy in the pit of his stomach. Why keep this up? he wonders--but he doesn’t have to wonder for very long.
Rook--that sneaky man--appears to have been snooping around, and he reports his findings to his queen, which clues Vil in on your little scheme. “Hmm, so that’s the game you’re playing, potato. Admirable, but not a venture that proves to be immediately fruitful... No matter. In due time, it will resolve itself.”
Vil’s a patient person, so he steels away that brewing jealousy and resolves himself to shine brighter than ever, so you can’t resist his allure. When you finally help Octa A get with his crush, maybe then you’ll recognize what you’ve been missing out on all along: Vil.
Tumblr media
Leona’s irritated (to say the very least) to see some other guy with his greedy paws all over you. Obviously, that punk doesn’t understand that Leona’s already got his eye on you, and that he’s encroaching on a lion’s territory.
He’s quick to cut in on your “date”, wedging his broad body between you and Octa A--almost so harshly that it breaks your held hands. Leona casts a menacing look to the mob student, then to you, and gives a lazy greeting. “... Oi. What are you herbivores getting up to so early in the morning?”
Octa A tries to take charge of the situation by stammering that you’re on a “date” with your “boyfriend”, but he can’t manage to get through the entire explanation. Leona’s stare intimidates him, causing the mob student to shrink back and whimper. (”A-Actually, I think I left the oven on...!! S-Sorry, (Y/N)-san, m-maybe another time...”)
Once the mob student has cleared up, Leona lets out a long sigh, as if he has finally been freed from a bothersome pest. You excuse yourself to go after Octa A--but Leona leans his weight against you, causing you to collapse onto the grass.
“Chase him later,” he growls, laying his head on your lap. “All your flirting from earlier woke me up. You can pay me back for the sleep I lost by being my pillow for the afternoon.” You open your mouth to protest, but he has already fallen fast asleep, soaking up your presence all for himself.
Tumblr media
Idia’s absolutely crushed--but he’s not surprised, either. Even dating a lowly background character is more appealing than dating a gross otaku nerd like him, right? He totally understands your choice. Idia wouldn’t want to date himself, either.
If he was a recluse before, it somehow gets even worse. He only ever sneaks out of his room in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Everything else he could ever need is delivered to him. Idia wants to minimize his chances of running into you and your S/O--because he knows if he sees you, it’ll make him feel awful.
His video gaming habits shift toward visual novels and dating sims--maybe to fill in the void left in his heart. Idia’s usual video gaming buddies become concerned as he almost vanishes off the face of shoot’em up lobbies and MMORPGs.
It gets to the point where Ortho becomes seriously concerned and drags you over to Ignihyde (against Idia’s wishes) to come clean to him! When he learns about the real reasoning for being with Octa A, a huge wave of relief washes over him, and he can’t help but start giggling to himself.
“Hihihihihi, i-is that so? Th-That’s good... th-that you care so much about your friends, I mean... S-Sorry for misunderstanding, sometimes my gloomy thoughts get the b-better of me...” It’s like a game restart, and this time, Idia makes a promise to himself to clear the level and win your heart.
Tumblr media
Cater doesn’t buy it for one second--nope, not at all! He’s pretty good when it comes to reading others, and he can tell, plain as day, that the “love” you and Octa A have isn’t a genuine one.`
Even though Cater knows he has nothing to worry about, he’s curious to know what’s really going on... So he does some social media sleuthing and talks to his online circles to get up to speed on gossip. Luckily, he manages to get in contact with some mobs that know Octa A, who feed Cater the tea on the situation.
Cater schemes up a plot to help Octa A get his crush’s attention: catfishing! He immediately sets up a fake Magicam profile posing as Octa A and starts to populate it with aesthetic as heck posts (all in the character of Octa A, so Cater swings by the Mostro Lounge a lot to grab convincing pictures). Cater also ropes Octa A into a few group selfies to really make the page seem authentic (though he also uses filters to make Octa A seem more handsome).
Pretty soon, “Octa A’s” DMs are blowing up with interested singles--including, surprise surprise, his crush. With a laugh, Cater gives the real (and very confused) Octa A the login credentials to the Magicam account. “No need to thank your beloved Cay-kun, just have fun, you lovebirds~”
With that obstacle out of that way, you’re now freed up to hang out with Cater again! The first thing he does to celebrate his “win”? Invite you on a little date to the Mostro Lounge, of course. “We can pay a visit to your ‘ex’!” he teases you with a wink.
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crazyaboutto · 22 hours ago
With Euro 2020 going on and most characters being based on European countries, I’m imagining them during the Euros 😆 It would be chaotic
Rose Kingdom based on England so Riddle, Trey, Ace and Deuce
Village of Harvest is either based on England or Germany so Epel
Land of Pyroxene based on Germany so Jack, Vil and Cater
Isle of Lementation based on (Mythological) Greece so Idia and Ortho but they are not qualified
Coral Sea based on Denmark so Azul, Floyd and Jade
Valley of Thorns is based on Russia Germany
Rook is French enthusiast but he is from Afterglow Savannah so not sure if he would be counted 🧐
We would have at least 4 major teams in the school. I can’t imagine the excitement the passion on match days 😆 except Idia, he is just brooding somewhere and supporting the teams that didn’t cause his team’s elimination
At least none are facing each other in the groups except Valley of Thorns. It’s doing friendly fire
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m1ndbreak · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✔︎ featuring : Malleus Draconia + Floyd Leech + Aoi Akane + Rantaro Amami + Tsukasa Yugi
✔︎ warnings : just fluff <3
✔︎ form : headcanon
✔︎ published :
✔︎ request : hello :) can I request how Malleus, Flyod, Akane (male), Rantaro, and Tsukasa would court/woo their crush? thank you in advance! ❤️
✔︎ pronouns : gender neutral
✔︎ authors note : I’m so sorry these are pretty short, and I’m sorry the last three a little different ^^,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lilia probably taught him about courting— so his courting is probably very dragon/fae traditional. (Lmao hope that makes sense)
Malleus is either uneasy or confident while trying to court you no in between. Like does he tell you his name—? Most people fear him after that.
Ok but like what if you were able to get him to play Animal Crossing or some two player game together—? Please idk it sounds cute ><
He’s probably never really had a crush before like most of Diasomnia (besides Lilia maybe)
Probably watches you from a distance and try’s not to seem like a stalker ; poor boy :(
Tumblr media
Please this man says you’re his once he notices his crush on you or Jade points it out.
Tries to be as close to you as he can at any given moment— please he’s so clingy
If you choose to date him you better be ready for the affection and how much he says how squishy and cute you are. Probably shows you off to everyone to :o
Man probably tries to get courting advice from Jade and Azul— but Jade mostly helps him and his advice I feel like would be either really bad or really good no in between
Lmao Floyd getting mad at Jade because his courting techniques didn’t work 💀
Probably cause Jade said ‘be yourself’ or something cliche like that lol
Tumblr media
Rantaro Amami, Mr. mysterious. Probably really mysterious while trying to court you by sending letters and other things like that. If you meet and became friends with him he would be kind like he always is—! If you start to know him well you could maybe help him if finding out his ultimate. If you enjoy having your nails painted he could possibly yours (of course only if you’d like him to). He’d probably buy you gifts to!!
One more thing is after you became friends with him (part of his courting) he could introduce you to all his sisters ^^
Tumblr media
Extremely affectionate towards you! (Just kinda how he is towards Akane) very protective of you—! Ok now onto his courting techniques, affection and protection as I mentioned! If someone was trying to bully you are be mean towards our here comes Akane! If you’re feeling sad and you need a hug here comes Akane! From helping you and showing affection he hopes you start dating him!
Tumblr media
Generally acts how he does towards Sakura towards you to very energetic and optimistic. He probably tires to get courting advice from Sakura. He would spy on you or something for fun, he talks about you a lot btw. Would love to be around, always gives you something while he’s around you! Like some cake, flowers, chocolate ; etc!
From him talking about you constantly Sakura probably knows like everything about you
Tumblr media
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canon-twst-quotes · a day ago
yuu: i really like this whole ‘good guy, bad guy’ thing you guys have going on
leona: it’s not an act, it’s just that i’m mean and malleus isn’t
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