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#took forever to get close enough to her though
adobe-outdesign · 29 days ago
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[8/11/20] Twelve-spotted Skimmer (F), Libellula pulchella.
This pretty girl was out sunning herself.
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lexosaurus · 15 hours ago
Everything Was White Part 13
[see all chapters]
read on: [ffn] / [ao3]
General Warning: From this point on this fic is going to deal with reoccurring themes that may be triggering to some. Please check out the ao3 tags if you’re unsure.
Muffled voices pulled him from the comfort of unconsciousness, shaking his mind awake despite his feeble attempts to brush them off. For a moment, he thought about trying to tell the voices to keep it down, but that would have been too much effort, and he was so comfortable in this blanket and pillow…
...the voices rose in volume, this time gaining clarity, shape. Almost words. Close, but not quite. Not yet. Danny wasn’t ready. Five more minutes, he was so tired…
What was that?
His eyes fluttered open, and he immediately took stock of his unfamiliar surroundings. He was...not in his bedroom. He was in his living room, on the couch where he must have fallen asleep after his almost mental breakdown over a glass of water.
How embarrassing. Danny hoped that no one spotted the water glass on the rug. Or, if they had, they hadn’t thought anything about it. Hadn’t figured out that it was on the floor because Danny tried to get water from the sink without using his wheelchair.
Maybe they wouldn’t connect the dots. Honestly, the thought of seeing that pitying expression on their faces as they watched him fail to do a stupidly simple task made him want to fall into a coma.
Oh well. He was awake now. Might as well go get something to eat to make his family and therapists proud.
Just as he was about to toss the blanket off his body, Jazz’s quiet voice sounded from the kitchen. “You can’t keep the truth from him forever.”
“We can, at least for now,” his dad said.
“It’s not going to work.”
Danny froze, the last of his fatigue zapped from his brain.
What truth? What were they talking about? What was going on in there?
He debated standing up and announcing his presence, but the blossoming sense of dread in his gut kept him still.
Whatever was going on, he had a sinking feeling that it was about him.
His mother spoke up. “We have to. It’s for his own safety.”
“It’s wrong,” Jazz countered. “It’s wrong to keep secrets like this.”
“I know, Jazz. But if we told Danny, he…”
His eyes widened, his breath catching in his throat.
Tell him what? 
“Jazz, you have to understand. With Danny in the position that he’s in right now, there are just certain limitations that we need in this house in order to stay on top of his recovery,” Jack explained.
“But cutting him off from his core?”
It was as if he were punched in the gut. He clenched the blanket, balling the edges in his fists. His instincts were screaming at him to jump up and demand the truth, but he buried that part of him back down inside his mind.
They would never tell him. They didn’t trust him enough. He wasn’t human enough.
But they always trusted Jazz. They favored her. She was the ideal child with her perfect grades, perfect ambitions, perfect brain.
Even if they wouldn’t tell him, of course they would tell her. 
“We have to do it, honey. We have no choice,” Maddie said.
“You see how he’s reacting to this though, right? He’s not himself.”
“We know, but it’s what needs to be done. He can’t be given access to his core, not right now.”
Why though, Dad? Tell me why...
“This is cruel,” Jazz said.
There was a brief pause, each second like a knife in Danny’s chest. He wanted so badly to snap, but he forced himself to stay still. To stay silent.
To listen.
There was a sigh, and Maddie broke the silence. “You have no idea how much it hurts us to see him like this. We know it isn’t right to keep a ghost from its core the school that day. Jazz, I’ve never seen him like that. And it terrified me.”
Danny felt his blood drain from his face. His body turned ice cold.
He knew what they were talking about, and he assumed that that day was a distant memory in the past, something that would never be talked about again. And yet, here his parents were, digging up the most humiliating moment in Danny’s life, throwing it at his face like a weapon of why he couldn’t possibly be allowed his ghost half, why he needed to be shut off from himself.
“He’s come a long way since then.”
“Not long enough.”
They didn’t know. They didn’t understand what it was like. They weren’t there, they weren’t the ones who were cut open, who were beaten, who spent all day in and out looking at white walls, white floors, white suits, white ceilings, white equipment.
He hadn’t been himself that day at the school. He’d just come home from the hospital, he was coming off of a cocktail of heavy pain medication, he was physically exhausted from the PT and mentally exhausted from everything else. 
Okay, so he snapped in the locker room. He’d been pushed back into school, pushed into being around people, pushed into acting normal, like nothing was wrong, and the world was warping around him and he just fell apart. He freaked out, he broke a mirror, Dash and Kwan found him, and he paid the consequences for it.
“I don’t think he’d do that again.”
“You don’t know that, Jazz.”
“But his Obsession—”
“It’s protection. Phantom will make him do whatever it can in order to protect itself. Even if that means…”
The word echoed in Danny’s head.
You’re an it.
Something inside him cracked.
His vision glazed over, and suddenly the two students in Casper he’d hoped to never cross paths with again were standing over him, approaching cautiously, as if he were a wounded animal.
“Give me the glass, Danny,” Dash had said. “You don’t need it. Just give it to me, I’ll hang onto it for you. I’ll keep it safe.”
He looked down, and blood trickled through his fingers, splattering onto the white tile.
It was red. Why was it red?
Maddie’s voice faded back into his consciousness. “We just can’t risk it.”
“So what, your genius idea is to keep lying to him about why you won’t take the chip out? Feed him some bullshit excuse about the lab? Danny’s a human but he’s also a ghost! You can’t keep him from his core and expect him to turn out okay!”
“We know that.”
“No, you clearly don’t!”
“Keep your voice down, hun. He’s asleep.”
“Then stop lying to him. Tell him the real reason why you won’t give him Phantom back.”
Danny couldn’t breathe.
His parents. The people who had gone to court for him, who fought so hard to get him home, who assured him that they’d go to the moon and back if it meant keeping him safe. 
He trusted them.
And they...they just…
“You know we can’t do that,” his father said. “You said it yourself, Danny’s just as much human as he is ghost. Ghosts don’t have the capacity to think rationally about something like that.”
They just…
“Kwan, get Lancer.”
He didn’t understand. Why were those two here?
“Please, give me the mirror, Danny.”
No, they didn’t get it. He needed this. This was the only thing he could do, it was the only way out. He couldn’t let Operative O take his body again.
They were afraid, he realized. They thought he was going to hurt them. He was a rabid animal, wasn’t he? And they thought he would attack them?
Another drop of blood splashed onto the tile.
Jazz scoffed. “I cannot believe you would just—”
“He’s fragile, Jazz!” Maddie protested. “Whatever happened in the government facility changed him. He’s not the same boy he used to be, something inside him is fundamentally different now. Frankly, we have no idea how that has affected his Obsession.”
His head spun.
They lied to him.
“What, so the better option is to just cut him off from his core altogether and force him to play human all day? Great plan, Mom.”
“If that’s what we need to do to keep him safe, then yes, that is the better option.”
The mirror shattered, the pieces raining down, echoing as they bounced against the tiles. He watched with unfocused eyes as everything around him crumbled.
His heart pounded in his ears, drowning out the arguing voices in the kitchen. He fell to the floor and clutched a broken shard. 
He needed...he needed to...
Danny saw red. 
His lips moved before he could stop them. “I thought you’d accepted me.”
The argument from the kitchen came to a screeching halt. 
“Danny! I didn’t—”
“No!” Danny pushed himself to a seated position. 
They kept him from his core on purpose. 
His parents, after all those painstaking hours in family therapy, all that talk about how they were a team and how they needed to work together, had lied to him.
They weren’t a team. They had never been a team. Danny was just…
He was just a ghost to them.
An irrational, stupid, ectoplasmic creature. 
They scrambled from the kitchen, moving into the living room with fear strewn across their faces. 
They hate ghosts. You know this, Fenturd. They hate you.
“We do accept you, Danno. We love you.”
They didn’t love him.
“We were just trying to protect you. Please understand, Danny,” Maddie begged.
They’re scared of you. They don’t know what it means to protect. They’re lying.
“Danny, you need to understand—”
“SHUT UP!” Danny gripped his hair with his hands, covering his ears to quiet the hurricane of emotions devastating his mind. “Shut up, shut up!” 
He didn’t know whether to laugh, scream, or cry. After all this talk, his parents had never accepted him as a ghost at all.
“I’m so sorry, son,” Jack said.
“I can’t—I can’t!” Danny spat out. He had a thousand different responses swirling through his brain, so many things he wanted to say, but he couldn’t. His brain wasn’t working, his voice wasn’t working, and everything he saw was painted in blood.
They lied to him.
“Danny, you need to breathe,” Jazz said, but Danny could recognize that tone. That was the same voice she used when trying to calm down the neighbor’s hyperactive dog that had a bad habit of finding ways out of its fence.
Danny ripped his head out of his arms, swiveling up to meet the concerned gazes of his family. “Shut up! I’m not a fucking dog!”
“Danny, I never—”
“Stop treating me like a fucking animal! I’m not—I’m not!” Danny attempted to grip the coffee table to push himself up, but he only succeeded in falling back onto the couch. He cursed and blinked away the mist that clouded his vision because he was not crying right now. His parents did not get to see that.
Maddie jumped forward. “Careful!”
“No, shut the fuck up!” Danny yelled. “You don’t get to—to be concerned! You don’t get that!”
Maddie stepped back, looking as if someone slapped her across the face.
“Danny, please, calm down,” Jack tried.
If anything, the red lining in his vision only deepened. “No! I won’t, and you don’t—don’t—ah!” Danny hit his forehead with his hand, frustration clawing at his throat.
There was so much he wanted to say, but he physically couldn’t get it out. He couldn’t stand, he couldn’t talk, he could only sit here drowning in rage.
His body was betraying him.
His parents could fix this right now if they wanted to. They could take him down to the lab, remove the chip, give Danny any semblance of freedom back. They could do that.
But they stood there doing nothing. 
They like you like this. Helpless. Grounded. Easy to control.
“You lied to me! You knew—you fucking—my core isn’t even damaged, is it?”
Jack wrapped his arm around Maddie, who hadn’t even bothered to wipe away the tears that had spilled on her cheeks.
Because of him.
They hate you. 
“Is it?” Danny pressed, but he didn’t need a response. He knew the answer. He knew the truth.
It was written all over his parents' faces.
“Was my core ever damaged? At all?”
“It was, but—”
Danny shook his head in disbelief. “Cores are self-re—self-regenerating. I—I knew that. I knew that! It—it was healed before I left the hospital, right?”
His parents refused to meet his eyes.
“You lied to me. All this time, and—and just…” Danny tried to stand up again, but failed. “I’m so fucking sick of this!”
“Danny, please understand. We only did it because we needed to protect you.”
“Protect me?” He let out a sardonic laugh. “You thought—you seriously thought you were—you were fucking protecting me? Do you not...even see? I can’t—I can’t even fucking stand up! I can’t stand! I can’t do anything! And you thought you were protecting me? Are you serious?”
Jack’s lips thinned. “Danny, do you not realize how close we were to losing you? And I don’t mean to the government. You blasted a school mirror and then tried to use one of the pieces to kill yourself! I mean, come on, son!”
Danny lurched back, stunned. “I wasn’t trying to kill myself!”
“Then what were you trying to do, huh?” Jack shouted back. “Because not even a few hours after we dropped you off back at school, we get a call from Mr. Lancer saying a few students found you in the locker room threatening suicide because you thought you were back with the government! What do you expect us to think, Danny? We’re your parents.”
“Shut up!” Danny squeezed his eyes shut, trying to block out the flashes of memory that threatened to surface.
“No, Maddie—”
They hate you. 
His throat burned. “Shut up!” 
It wasn’t fair. His parents weren’t being fair. That incident—that was a fluke. An anomaly. And yet they were punishing Danny for something that happened weeks ago, before he went through the painstaking ordeal of inpatient and psychiatry and the PHP and the whole other host of therapies he’d been forced into.
“What was the point in sending me to—to inpatient then? If you were just going to keep treating me like a stupid animal?”
“Danny, we’re not treating you like an animal.”
“You sure as hell got me caged up like one!”
“Don’t talk to your mother that way!”
“Jack, honey—”
“Everyone, please calm down!”
“Stay out of this, Jazz!”
“Danny, I think—”
“I don’t care what you think!”
“I NEED MY CORE!” Danny screamed, the sob finally tearing its way out of his throat.
His family fell into a deafening silence, and Danny could feel their stares as ugly sobs overtook him, ripping down any semblance of an emotional wall he’d managed to construct over these weeks.
His tears boiled on his skin, and he dug his hands in his hair in a desperate attempt to ground himself. But it didn’t matter, his body shook uncontrollably, his emotions burning through his throat leaving him gasping for air.
All while his parents stood there ten feet away from him. Frozen, unwilling to approach. Because he was a halfa, a monster, broken, unstable, trapped, feared. He was the demon that parents warned their children about, the thing that his parents had dedicated their careers to developing weapons against, a creature so dangerous that the government had funded an entire group to research and exterminate.
And up until two months ago, it was legal for him to be vivisected, to be experimented on, to be tortured to the point of paralysis.
He rocked back and forth, struggling to piece himself back together. And when he could make it through a shuddering breath without breaking down again, all he could do was croak out, “Why…”
His parents remained unmoving, faces pale, arms by their sides. Tears streaked his mother’s and sister’s cheeks, and his father’s unblinking gaze bore down on him.
But their silence wasn’t good enough, their sorrow and tears weren’t good enough. An invisible wall was growing between them with each passing second and they couldn’t even see it.
They know. They’re doing it on purpose. They don’t care about you.
“Why?” Danny insisted. “How could—how could could you do this to me? I’m...I just…”
“We had to, son,” his father said. The moonlight cast a shadow over his face. “It was for your own safety.”
No. Danny was done with the lies. Done with the excuses. 
He was done.
Flaring his eyes, he bit back, “My safety, or yours?” 
His parents flinched, and Danny couldn’t find himself to care. They’d lied to him, they’d dug their hole, so now they had to live in it.
“Danny, please…” Jazz stepped forward. “Don’t do this.”
“No! You—don’t you get it?” Danny pleaded. “I can’t—Mom, Dad, I feel like a prisoner. I’m trapped in my body. I can’t—I can’t live like this anymore! I can’t fucking do it! You have no idea...and you don’t even care!”
“Of course we care, Danno.”
“Then why? Tell me the truth! Please, tell me why because—” His voice broke, and his head fell back into his hands. “Please...tell me why…”
Jack sighed. “It was just the decision we felt we needed to make. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t something we did because we wanted to hurt you. We love you, son. And we just wanted to know that you were safe.”
“We love you so much, sweetie.”
But they were blind because he wasn’t safe. And he was never going to be safe again. There would always be someone out there who had power over him, who wanted to control and erase him.
If they loved you, they would have listened.
They’re scared of you.
He glanced up to see Jack putting his arm around Maddie, pulling her in close. Jazz stood behind them, allowing their shadows to overtake her body.
Jazz said something, but Danny wasn’t listening. He didn’t care. He was trapped and completely alone. There would be no protests, no online petitions, and no jury on his side. No one to rescue him.
“Then give it—give me my core back.”
Jack shook his head. “I’m sorry son. We’ve made our decision.”
“I’ll find a way,” Danny insisted. “I know some ghosts. I’ll get them to—to take it out. You can’—you can’t stop me.”
“Danny, I don’t think even Frostbite could—”
“You don’t know that, Jazz! He could—he could do it. He would figure it out if I asked.” 
His parents exchanged a look, one reminiscent of the exasperation when Danny would tell them that the detention hadn’t been his fault, that he did try to do the homework assignment, that he would try harder next time.
They didn’t believe him.
“He’ll do it,” he reiterated. 
“Danny, we’re not going to let any ghosts near you right now.”
“Like that ever worked before,” he retorted.
There was a pregnant pause, and Danny looked away. He felt nauseous, and anxiety speared through his chest.
“Please, I can’t—I can’t live like this. I can’t…” 
He knew how desperate he sounded, but for once he didn’t care. His parents were going to kill him by keeping his core locked up. 
Right now it was about self-preservation. If he couldn’t protect himself, it was over.
“Graduate from the PHP program first,” Maddie finally said. “Once you’re back in school, then we can talk, alright? We’ll talk about...about removing the chip.”
Danny whipped his head up, his eyes searching for any signs that she was lying, that she was going to pull the rug out from under him again.
But her face betrayed nothing.
“Graduate?” Danny breathed. “I just have to...graduate?”
“Yes. Show us that you’re okay enough to go back to school, and you can have your ghost half back.”
“I…” He tugged at his hair. “But that’s...that’s weeks…’
Maddie crossed her arms. “Those are my terms.”
Time slowed, and the distance between them only seemed to grow. He knew he was already behind leaving the PHP center that he was almost certain there was talk of shoving him back into inpatient.
But they didn’t get it. It wasn’t his fault, it was the government stalking him. It was Vlad. He had no choice, and he would never be able to graduate PHP. Not without his core.
“I—but—but, Mom. I need—”
“Son,” his dad said sharply. “I understand how difficult this is for you, but you’re not in a place where we can trust you right now. This is our compromise. Show us we can trust you, and you can have your freedom back.”
His eyes stung, and his throat was starting to squeeze shut.
“Do we have a deal?”
This was impossible.
Even if Frostbite had a way of removing the chip, Danny had no way of finding him. Not without Clockwork’s interference, who didn’t seem to have any interest in contacting Danny as of late. 
The thought of Clockwork left a sour taste in Danny’s mouth. He hadn’t thought of the ancient ghost since his nights in the government compound, his body splayed out like a rag doll, shivering from shock. He remembered staring into the pitch black abyss around him begging for Clockwork to come help him.
But his calls were never answered.
Danny knew Clockwork could have freed him whenever he wanted, government ghost shields be damned. But he didn’t. And that made him just as guilty as everyone else.
And now Danny was alone, bound by his human physiology and his ghost hunter parents.
He had no choice.
“Okay. It’s—it’s a deal.”
His body was cold, dead, with waves of trembling coming in and out in spurts. Every breath hurt, and he wasn’t sure if it was because of the burning in his chest, the soreness in his throat, or the way the alien warmth in his core seemed more overbearing than ever. 
He could feel it, the hand reaching between his ribs, gripping his core with its warm, gloved fingers. It was revolting, violating, how the hands invaded his body, tearing off his skin and ribs as if he were nothing but a rotting carcass.
He felt dizzy. Lightheaded. He put a hand on his chest, crinkling his shirt in his fist. It was his core, he needed to protect it. 
But he was useless. Nothing. He was at the mercy of his parents who were all but holding a loaded gun to his head while telling him to trust them. Who lied to him that they accepted him, that they were there for him. 
That they loved him.
He was stupid, so stupid. After all the months of hearing them enthusiastically discuss the ways they’d love to rip him apart, what made him think they’d love him just like that? 
Their acceptance was conditional, and their conditions were impossible for him to meet. How the hell did they expect him to graduate from PHP and reenter society like a normal person while they were drowning his core like this? Did they not see how badly he was suffocating? How much he was screaming, thrashing in the ocean for air, desperately trying to fight the undertow pulling him further and further away from his sanity?
He wasn’t going to make it. He was going to fail, he was going to drown. He couldn’t do this.
But there’s one way, a small voice in his head whispered. You’ve done it before and you were fine. It helped you.
His eyes trailed over to his nightstand with his old model rocket sitting proudly on top. He had never flushed the oxycodone. 
It can help you again.
He just needed to graduate the PHP program and he would get his core back and then everything would be okay. He could work on his problems the right way later. The way he was supposed to be doing it, that he couldn’t do right now because he was still missing half of himself.
Two weeks. That was all he needed. Just two weeks worth of medication, and then he’d be on his way.
You need this.
He pushed himself up as if he were a puppet on strings. Everything was bleak, gray-washed and oppressive. Nausea rolled over him in waves and a hand gripped his throat, pulling the oxygen from his body.
The nightstand glowed in the moonlight, and like a moth Danny felt himself drawn closer to it. Tunnel vision took over, and the world morphed into a series of photos in a time lapse. Snapshot after snapshot flickered past his eyes until a hand—his hand—was pulling the drawer open to reveal an orange bottle inside.
You’re ready.
He couldn’t live like this anymore.
The fear, the anxiety, his core. It was all so much easier before, back in the hospital. Back when the only thing he had to worry about was what constellation he was going to draw that day. Back before he had to face the public, his family, or Vlad. Back before he knew that the government had his phone tapped and was watching his every move.
Back before he knew that his freedom was only temporary.
He was a sitting duck, a kid trapped in no man’s land with no weapon, no armor, nothing to keep him alive.
“Two weeks,” he whispered. Two weeks and then he would be okay. He would graduate from PHP, he would get to go back to school, he would become a regular person again. He just needed to get there first.
He opened the bottle and shook out a small white pill into the palm of his hand.
Two weeks.
Tilting his head back, he tossed the pill into his mouth, took a sip of water, and swallowed.
It was done.
Thank you @imekitty for beta-ing the fic as well as helping me organize my plot better!
Thanks for reading!
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alexspinkhoodie · a day ago
Hey girl! Congrats on 200! You totally deserve it.
Can u write something about Carrie writing a song about Flynn or vice versa?
Congrats again!
Ok, so I’m really sorry this is so late, and you also probably wanted something with a lot of fluff, but my brain said “angst,” so, I’m sorry. 
Story under the cut. Warning for major character death
It had been five years, but Flynn still constantly thought about that night constantly. It was the night her life changed forever. That night something very important was taken from her. Something she couldn’t get back.
Now, she looked at the photos, the videos, and the songs. There were so many songs. At first, Flynn had felt bad reading through the songs. They felt so personal, so heartfelt, and it made Flynn feel like she was reading through a diary. 
She always circled back to one song, though. Although it was unfinished, it was probably the most heartfelt and heavy of them all, and Flynn could practically feel the emotions radiating off the page. There were tears staining the page. Some of them were Flynn’s, but not all.
“I miss you,” Flynn said, hugging the page closer to their chest. “I miss you, Carrie.”
Flynn looked at the song once again. For years now she had told herself she was going to finish it, but she never had. Now, once again, she stared at it, pen in hand, ready to write the next verse.
Except she couldn’t. 
Out of all the ideas that floated around their brain, they just couldn’t put any of them onto the paper. They just weren’t good enough. 
Flynn sighed. She listened as the rain poured outside her apartment window and listened as the clock ticked with every second that passed. Still, she sat at her desk writing nothing.
For years she had thought that maybe the reason she couldn’t write anything down was because Carrie didn’t want her to write anything down, but that was ridiculous. Kayla had told her Carrie would want her to finish it. So why was it so hard?
Flynn put her head on their desk. A million thoughts ran through their head, and tears welled up in their eyes.
“This is for Carrie,” She reminded herself. 
She looked at the paper once again, and took a deep breath. She realized that maybe the ideas she had weren’t terrible, and maybe she was avoiding completing the song because that would be the last memory of Carrie. That would be the last thing Flynn would have from her, and, then, she had no idea what she’d do. 
Flynn tapped their pen against the desk. Then, they started writing down any lyrics that came into their head. They put all their feelings into the verses and their tears began to fall on the page. They didn’t limit themselves this time, they just let themselves pour every emotion out, and, for the first time in forever, they felt satisfied, they felt okay.
Flynn wrote until the sun came up and her hand was sore. Then, she sat back and read the lyrics to herself. It was the perfect combination of happiness and pain, anger and sadness, and healing and grieving, and the only indicator that Flynn had finished it for Carrie was the difference in handwriting. 
“I love you, Carrie,” Flynn said, hugging the song close to her chest. She hoped that finishing this song helped Carrie find peace, or maybe even helped her to cross over. She smiled. Maybe this song would help people know Carrie the way Flynn knew her. Maybe this song would give Carrie the recognition she deserved when she was alive. 
“And I know I’ll see you again,” Flynn continued. “And I can’t wait, but I also know I have
to live my life. I know that’s what you would’ve wanted, and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for being there.”
Flynn smiled, and felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulder. She set the paper down and went to call Julie. Maybe Flynn would be able to record it soon. Until then, she’d just read it to herself at night, glossing over the page and thinking about what could’ve been and what, now, never would be.
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chockfullofsecrets · 2 days ago
OK I haven't watched Shadow and Bone just yet BUT I'm watching it today with my bf so I'll send some headcanons your way after~! In the meantime, what're your own thoughts 👀 (since I already know the characters, it's his fav series akjddk) ~eldritchtickles
yes join me. and yes i have thoughts!
Alina and Mal are so close, and growing up together they definitely know each other’s worst spots - Alina’s ticklish in a lot of places but it’s especially bad up the insides of her biceps and under her arms, and if she gets her hands on Mal’s sides/hips and squeezes them enough he will straight up cry
they keep swapping who has the upper hand in tickle fights - they’re pretty even as kids bc neither of them have any physical strength to them but Alina tends to be the ler more often, and then when Mal joins the army and learns how to fight properly he becomes the tickle monster and bane of Alina’s existence for the next few years. unfortunately for him Alina has her Grisha training now and is fully intending to pay him back the next time they have some peace and quiet :)))
i’ll save the Darkling hcs for people who like to write mean tickles but let’s just say Alina is very fortunate to always have been wearing her thick keftas around him
we have a canon ticklish!Matthias scene I don’t know what to tell you. Nina is very, very aware that he’s ticklish literally everywhere from the waist up and she just hasn’t gotten the opportunity to try his other half yet
he tries so hard to fight it and stay stoic but he just can’t, especially bc Nina is a mercilessly teasy ler. she will climb on top of him and scrub her knuckles all over his ribs while teasing him about how cute he looks and how she doesn’t even have to tweak anything with her Heartrender abilities to make him howl with laughter, and all he can do is lie there and take it
Nina’s also fairly ticklish, but she can turn it off when she needs to. that being said, she’s very weak to raspberries (both the tickling kind and the waffle topping) and when she’s in the mood she’ll let Matthias bury his face in her tummy and nuzzle and tickle until she’s all floppy and giggly and so sensitive that she has to beg him to stop
crows my beloved
Jesper likes to tell himself he’s a ler but he’s a switch at best - he’ll tease and poke at people until they’re whittled down into little giggly puddles but if anyone turns the tables on him he’ll practically climb into their lap to ask for tickles. he’s most ticklish around his neck, but it’s easy enough to get him to laugh by tickling anywhere
in the S&B future, SoC present, he and Nina run tickle attacks on each other a lot
oh, Kaz... with him and Inej it’s practically impossible to tell. Jesper knows that they trust him as much as they trust anyone else in Ketterdam, but even he isn’t privy to that particular secret. and Inej is layered up in hoods and her leather sheaths (and the knives. can’t forget the knives) and enough bad associations with being involuntarily prodded at that it’s impossible to catch her off guard. she is a pretty devastating ler, though, when she’s in the mood for it, darting in out of nowhere and disappearing into thin air after every poke and wriggling finger until her target is laughing too hard to fight back when she goes in for the kill
(her knees are ticklish. no one knows except Kaz, who tried to squeeze her knee once to comfort her and nearly sent her tumbling backwards out a window)
Kaz has ticklish palms. no one knows this, not even Kaz
thank you for indulging me and i’m sorry this took me forever to respond to <3
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matbarzyy · 3 days ago
prompts 5 & 14 for mat for blurb night! (always so excited for everything you put out omg)
A/N: I am so sorry it took me this long to reply to this!!! I’m still trying to clear out my inbox of all my requests, so even though it’s been a long time I hope you’ll like this little bit of softness <3 the prompts were “Tell me I’m wrong. Just say it.” and “He/she told me I’m an idiot if I don’t ask you out after all of this.”
Word count: 1472
“Mat! Finally you’re here!” You called out to your best friend and he walked over to you with a smile.
“I’ll have you know I’m exactly on time,” he rolled his eyes. You were the organised one in the group, and as sloppy as Mat was, today was special so he did his best to follow your instructions.
“Yeah, yeah whatever. The suit looks good on you and all that, but you need to go see Ames because she’s getting nervous,” you glanced at your notepad and scribbled something on it. “I tried talking to her but I think she needs to be distracted and I still have a lot to sort out.”
“On it, where is she?”
“Second to last door on the left of that corridor,” you gestured towards it and Mat briefly rested his hand over your shoulder before heading there.
You sighed in relief and found a couple of other people to order around to make sure everything would be in place. Amelia had been one of your closest friends since you were kids. Now, you were her maid of honour and that meant there was a lot for you to do on her wedding day. You had formed a trio with Mat since you were teenagers, pulling pranks on each other and doing all sorts of stupid things that got you in trouble all the time.
Mat could barely believe that she was getting married today, but when he walked into her room and found her in a white dress sitting by a vanity with makeup littered everywhere the reality of it all hit him.
“Wow, how many brushes do you even need to put makeup on?” He closed the door behind himself.
“Mat! Oh wow, that suit is perfect,” her eyes widened when she saw him. She could already see the blue of the suit would compliment your dress perfectly.
“Thank you,” he looked down at himself and adjusted the jacket.. “A little birdie told me I should come distract you, so what’s up?”
“I can’t sit still anymore, and I want to see how everything is set up out there,” Amelia sighed and fell back into her chair.
“It hasn’t changed much, but there’s fresh flowers everywhere and everyone is all dressed up.” Mathew said as he sat on the small couch. He had already seen the venue yesterday when he helped you set it as you had planned, and Amelia had been there too to check that it was going according to her plan. “Your maid of honour isn’t going to let any detail go unchecked, you know how she is,” he reassured her and reached for a glass to pour himself some juice. If he was going to be at this wedding hours early, he was definitely going to take advantage of the free food and drinks.
“I can see you two getting married one day,” Amelia began moving a brush over her cheek again as she smiled at Mat in the mirror. The brunet almost choked.
“Are you drunk or something?” He coughed out a few drops of juice in a napkin, mindful of his suit even though his eyes were about to bulge out of his head.
“Don’t be ridiculous. I can see right through you, you’ve been in love with her forever,” Amy rolled her eyes a little but her playful smile remained.
“I don’t think I’m the ridiculous one right now,” he scoffed but his cheeks turned so red that they almost seemed brighter than the roses on the table next to him.
“Tell me I’m wrong. Just say it.” She dropped the makeup brush and turned to look into his eyes.
“I’m not- ugh fuck Amy,” Mathew groaned. “Being her platonic date at your wedding is hard enough without you telling me this could be us someday.”
“It could if you stopped hiding it from her,”
“I can’t tell her, okay?” Mat sighed. He seemed to have effectively relieved Amelia of her stress, but now he was the one having a crisis. “First she was dating that Sarah girl, and then Thomas, and that other stupid one, and now apparently that dumb Evan coworker of hers is asking her out. She’s not interested in me,”
“Or, you haven’t shown any interest in her so she’s dating all those other people to distract herself from the fact that she’s in love with her best friend.” Amy countered.
“She’s not in love with me, Ames,” he denied one last time with a defeated sigh, but she wasn’t about to give up.
“If you could see the way she looks at you when you’re not looking, you wouldn’t be saying that.”
The ceremony was beautiful. Mat watched you tear up and you held his hand so tight that he thought you’d end up crushing his bones. He was emotional too, though he was a little better at hiding it, and Amelia’s earlier words were not helping.
Mathew was in over his head with you. He had thought of holding you, kissing you, being the one to love you, but the idea of being married to you was a whole other world. It didn’t even scare him, it was all he ever wanted, but he was scared of you not wanting it too.
“Dance with me?” Mat nudged you with his elbow later during the night to get your attention.
“You know I’m a terrible dancer,” you gave him a look but he got up anyway, holding his hands out for you and waiting for you to take them. He paired the demand with his best puppy eyes, and there was nothing for you to do but give in.
“It’s okay, you can step on my feet,” he chuckled as he pulled you up and walked you over to the middle of the room.
“Well I feel a lot better now,” you gave him a pointed look and put your arms around his neck while he rested his hands on your waist.
Mat didn’t say anything when you rested your head on his shoulder, swaying with him gently to the rhythm of the music. You had taken care of a lot of the preparation and now that everything had gone smoothly you could feel the exhaustion wash over you. It was nice to get to rest against him like that and let him lead you wherever he could have wanted to.
“You know,” he broke the silence after a few minutes and waited for you to react. For a moment, he thought you might be sleeping while still standing with him.
“Mmh?” You pulled yourself out of your thoughts and lifted your head to meet his eyes.
“I had… an interesting talk with Amy earlier,” Mathew began as he tried not to melt at the sleepiness he could see behind the glittery makeup you had put on.
“What was it about?”
“You,” he smiled, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear.
“What do you mean?” You wished you could have had another second to lean into his touch, but the warmth of his hand was already gone from your cheek.
“She told me I’m an idiot if I don’t ask you out after all of this.” Mathew came to a stop in a corner of the room where you hadn’t even realised he was leading you. “So um, would you… maybe want to get dinner with me next week? As a date?”
“You-you’re really asking me out on a date?” Your jaw nearly dropped to the floor and you had to take a step back from him.
“I guess?” He let go of you and scratched the back of his neck. “You were so busy earlier, I didn’t want to bother you in the middle of the wedding but I’ve just been waiting to ask you for a long time, and now the night is coming to an end and I can’t go home without telling you how I feel about you.”
“Mat… I’ve had a crush on you since you were teenagers. Of course I want to go on a date with you,” you felt your bottom lip quiver. With all the emotions you had gone through today, this was a lot to process.
“I was thinking maybe Tuesday night?” Mat bit back a grin, taking your hands in his when you nodded rapidly. “I could come pick you up, knock on your door and the whole thing, y’know?”
“I’d love that,” you threw your arms around his neck again and pulled him closer to you.
Mat responded by hugging you even tighter, his chest shaking with a laugh. Further into the room he locked eyes with Amy, and a grin appeared on her face while she gave him a look that could only mean ‘I told you so.’
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated <3
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dudeandduchess · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Yakuza!Kyōjurō x F!S/O: Sugar and Spice (Mafia!AU, Modern AU, NSFW Series)[Chapter 7]
Summary: Kyōjurō and (Y/n) meet at a party, only to find out that their lives would change forever— since they had been arranged to be married.
Warnings: Smut, Vaginal Fingering, Teasing, Pussy Spanking, Thigh Fucking, Shallow Fucking, Creampie, There’s Only One Bed Scenario, Dark Themes
||Sugar and Spice Masterlist||
With how beautiful the sunset had been, and how romantic Kyōjurō had been acting, (Y/n) never expected that the night would take a turn for the worse. It was so bad that she was stressing out about it, even though she was completely taken care of at the Rengoku clan’s mountain villa.
She had a nice yukata to sleep in, and all the food that she could want in the kitchen, and people at her beck and call— if she even chose to ask for their help with anything.
The only problem was that she knew her mother was going to be furious once she got home.
Kyōjurō had taken the liberty to call her mother while (Y/n) was taking a shower— ‘to relax’ as the blond had said, before practically pushing her into the bathroom— to explain that he wouldn’t be able to bring her home, since it had begun to rain heavily. Heavy enough to pose as a hazard for driving down the dirt road.
If he wanted, he could have an off-roading vehicle sent to get them, but he wasn’t alone. He didn’t want to risk getting (Y/n) into an accident, when they could just wait things out until the morning.
That, and he figured that it would be nice to actually spend the night with her… and maybe give her a bit of pleasure, since they had been disturbed earlier.
Safe to say that (L/n) Akari wasn’t happy with how the situation had panned out, and had been about to lash out at Kyōjurō. Until, of course, he finally lost the polite and cheerful façade— after checking if (Y/n) was still in the bathroom.
Slowly, Kyōjurō sat down on the end of the bed in his room, before loosening his tie and stretching out his neck. He took his sweet time in making the older woman wait for his response to her threat of having (Y/n) fetched; especially when the venom in her voice suggested that a lecture was the least that she would give (Y/n).
He feared that Akari might even keep heaping on more political tasks on to (Y/n), all to keep her from seeing him. It wasn’t a secret that she didn’t like him for her daughter, after all.
“Don’t forget, (L/n)-san, I…” Kyōjurō began softly, with a sharp edge to his tone that warned his future mother-in-law to listen well to his words. “…can take away everything you love, if you break our agreement. It would be best if you remembered that the moment that my family put you where you are, you signed your life over to me.”
Silence reigned over the line for a couple of minutes, with Kyōjurō relishing in how he had managed to slowly protect (Y/n) from her own mother.
Of course, he knew just how horrible and selfish the woman was. It was why he wondered just how his cute future wife turned out so well. And maybe it was his own fault, but he had delved even further into the file he had on her, and couldn’t help but be completely enamored.
However, he was ill-prepared for the intensity of the real thing. She was so much more than he had thought she would be, especially after he had hung out with her a few times.
“I think it would be best if you cleared my wife’s schedule, and start letting her get to know her future husband better,” Kyōjurō continued after fully undoing his tie— letting it hang around his neck, as he finished up his conversation. “After all, she won’t be living under your roof in a few months.”
With that, he dropped the call and tossed his phone onto the bed. He then heaved a heavy sigh, letting the air fill his lungs, as he closed his eyes and exhaled all of his tension away.
He didn’t want (Y/n) to see that side of him; ever, if he could help it.
“Kyōjurō?” The aforementioned woman’s soft voice rang out from the bathroom and when he looked up, he had to immediately make an effort to not let his tongue hang out like a dog, as she looked so enticing in that red yukata that he’d had someone to get for her. “I’m done. You can take a bath now.”
And with that sweet smile she aimed right at him? Partnered with how cute she looked with her hair still a little damp? He really had to try to keep himself in check.
After all, he didn’t want her to think that he was a monster; in all senses of the word.
(Y/n) wasn’t exactly sure how she had ended up the way she had, but it was too late to ask that question. Especially with Kyōjurō smelling so good behind her, while his right arm was wrapped around her middle— with his feet intertwined with hers.
She had tried to ask why they were sleeping in one bed, but all she had gotten from that was a simple ‘the other rooms are locked, and I already sent the head maid home’. It was a poor excuse, but she chose to just buy it— instead of fighting Kyōjurō and dampening the good day that they’d had together.
After all, it was all innocent cuddling… at least at first. As the minutes ticked by, Kyōjurō’s hand had begun caressing up and down her stomach, until it drifted lower to her pelvis.
She could feel his fingers toying with the seam of the yukata— slowly bunching up the material, until she could feel her pussy get even more exposed than it already was; what with her going commando beneath the garment.
“You’re not asleep. Are you, princess?” Kyōjurō whispered in her ear; the words making her feel warm down to her bones, even though the air held a biting chill that came with the rain pouring outside. “I want to make you feel… amazing.”
The way that Kyōjurō breathed out the last word had her clenching her thighs together— and the movement didn’t go unnoticed like she had wanted it to. So, she found herself paying for it with Kyōjurō leaning in even closer and teasingly nipping at her ear.
(Y/n) had it in her mind to say no at first, only to change her tune when the blond finally let his hand cup her pussy; dragging his middle finger up her slit and finding that she was already wet.
In her defense, it was because he smelled so good and felt so amazing against her— especially with his erection brushing against her ass every once in a while.
“Oh? Did I already make you this wet, baby?” Instead of answering, however, (Y/n) merely bit down on her tongue and closed her eyes— especially when Kyōjurō pressed two fingers to her clit, before beginning to circle them around the sensitive nub.
The action had (Y/n)’s hips bucking involuntarily, which brought a grin to Kyōjurō’s lips as he leaned in and pressed a kiss to her cheek.
“Come on, baby girl. Tell me that you want to feel good too.”
But when silence kept hanging in the air, the blond lifted his fingers from her cunt— all so he could bring them down on her sensitive flesh. The spank was weak, compared to what he could have done, but it elicited his desired reaction.
He wasn’t done though, and landed another light spank on his lover’s cunt. It had her hips bucking once more, while a quiet and breathless moan escaped her lips. And finally, a really enticing, “Please make me feel good, Kyōjurō.”
“Good girl.”
His dick could only get harder once he pressed it up against (Y/n)’s ass— relishing in the feel of her warmth beneath the yukata, as he bunched the hem of it up. And once it was already out of the way, Kyōjurō gently wedged his calf between her own calves— if only to lift her leg up the tiniest fraction for what he wanted to do.
Once that was all settled, the blond freed his cock from his own yukata; holding his length at the base and guiding the tip up to start rubbing it up and down her slit.
He smeared his precum all over her pussy, focusing on circling his head at her clit, and really drinking in the quiet and pleased moans that kept flowing from (Y/n)’s mouth— which only got louder when he pressed the top of his dick flush against her pussy to coat it with her wetness.
And, knowing that was barely enough lubrication, the blond lifted his right hand up to (Y/n)’s mouth. He then pressed the tips of three digits to her lips, prompting her to open her mouth— which she did. All the while, he kept rubbing his dick against her pussy, so tempted to just push into her pussy, but wanting to make her extra needy for him before he gave in to his own urges and fucked her.
“Get them nice and wet, princess.” He’d have tried to make her wetter by playing with her nipples, but he had slid his arm under her head earlier— for her to use as a pillow— so it was laying there, much to his regret.
When his fingers were already wet, he pulled them out of her spent mouth and pressed a kiss to her cheek once more. All while he brought his hand down and used his spit-laden fingers to get his cock even wetter.
The moment that he had managed to get his cock relatively wet, he removed his leg from between (Y/n)’s own pair— moaning aloud when her thighs clamped down tighter around his dick. “Oh, fuck, baby.”
Kyōjurō wasted no time then, placing his hand back on (Y/n)’s clit and playing with it— circling, rubbing, pinching, and gently tugging on the sensitive nub— while he moved his hips to start fucking her thighs. It was made hotter and easier with how her wet she kept getting for him— enough to coat his cock and her thighs entirely with her juices.
That wasn’t the best part, however; it was when Kyōjurō pulled back a little bit too far and had accidentally pushed the tip of his cock inside her pussy— out of reflex.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Kyōjurō cursed through breathless moans, deciding to torture himself even more and push just the head of his cock inside her tight pussy. And he begun to thrust shallowly in her, losing himself in ecstasy just from that.
And he almost lost control and pushed in to the hilt, until he felt (Y/n)’s legs beginning to quiver, while her moans steadily got shakier and shakier. “Please, Kyō! Please fuck me!”
He had half a mind to finally give in to his own needs, but he managed to sway himself from that decision at the last minute. Instead, he began to rub (Y/n)’s clit faster— which had her ultimately coming apart around the head of his cock.
Her entrance was clamping down on him so amazingly, and he could feel her walls fluttering around what part of him was inside her, which made it so hard to pull out and only thrust in only up to the end of the head of his cock.
Kyōjurō felt himself getting so close to his orgasm, losing himself so much in (Y/n)— that he had even leaned down to start sucking hickeys onto the spot behind her ear just to last a little bit longer.
However, the pleasure finally got the better of him and had him instinctively pushing his entire length inside (Y/n)’s sopping cunt. All sorts of curses ricocheted within his head at that, but he didn’t regret what had happened.
Especially when he came so hard and filled her up so well, with his dick buried in her to the hilt.
There went his plans of making her crazy for him but, oddly enough, he couldn’t shake the feeling that what had happened just felt right to him. If she got pregnant from it, then he was prepared to raise their child together— no other thoughts or trepidations swirling around in his mind, like they had before.
With (Y/n) next to him, he felt that he could conquer the world.
Besides, little did he know that she was well on her way to getting positively crazy for him. Addicted: heart, body, and soul.
Especially with the way that she had overheard him standing up for her against her mother.
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tobealostwanderer · 4 days ago
Fight Night
Frankie x GN!Reader
Your best friend promises her brother's friend to fight him in the ring. You go to cheer her on, worried for her safety, but leave with forever friends and a crush
Tumblr media
"Are you shure you wanna do this though? You never did matches before.. You can get seriously hurt" the nervousness in your voice was unmistakable but that didn't stop your asshole friend of laughing at you. "Love, I need to teach these men a lesson" she said with a tone of mischief. "And you will get laid. Which will be payment enough for me. Because gosh you are tense. Anyways when will you be here?"
"I'm getting in my car now. I will get there in 15 ish minutes" you answered her. You gave your normal goodbyes before you hang up and threw your phone on the passenger side with a sigh.
Maddie, your best friend, was a boxer and could absolutely kick ass. Her brother, Jack, kept pestering her how she should take her skills to a proper ring and knock some guys out but she always said no. Until a few weeks ago. When she met one of Jack's friends and he dared her to fight him in the ring. And being a hotheaded person, she took up that deal without thinking. And now it's Friday, just after work, and you were on your way to support her with Jack.
The relatively short ride was spend singing along to some Fleetwood Mac songs. Your old car only played CDs and so your dash was full with them. And as you drove up to the ring, belting along with The Chain, you spotted Maddie and Jack's cars and managed to park close by them. Turning down your car, you send a quick prayer to whoever God was listening to keep your friend in one piece, grabbed your phone and went in.
The place was packed. People were screaming, making bets, watching the two persons go at it on the elevated ring. The place smelled like sweat, cheap beer and blood. It made you a bit uneasy, especially being surrounded by mostly men, so you set off to find Jack as quick as possible. Which was hard, with only the spotlights on the ring being a source of light, the rest of the room being dimmed by some wall lamps, faces were hard to see.
In fact, Jack saw you before you saw him. Suddendly he was in front of you, grinning. "C'mon! I saved us a seat next to my friend's friends. They are pretty cool" he yelled over the noise. He grabbed your arm and dragged you to a bench with four men. All were holding a beer and all were reacting differently to the fight.
The first one, a slim, tan guy with black hair was totally invested. He kept yelling and cheering when the guy he was rooting for managed to hit his opponent. He looked slightly drunk, but he wasn't being annoying as of yet.
Next to him was a taller and broader guy. He sat there, seemingly unamused. Probably waiting for his friend to get in the ring. He didn't look too approachable.
The third guy was like the first one but a bit more toned down. He cheered every once in a while but wasn't as hyper like the first guy. He had blonde hair and a mischievous sparkle in his eyes.
And the last one... Didn't look like he belonged at all. He was silent, although not in a threatening way like guy nr. 2. He didn't seem uncomfortable, just seemed like he didn't want to be in such a rowdy and busy place. You couldn't blame him.
"Guys" Jack called, making them all look away from the ring and to the two of you. "This is my sister's friend" he introduced you. "And these are Santiago, Tom, Will and Frankie. They are Benny's friends, but Will is his brother." Jack explained. You nodded and smiled at the bunch.
After a beat of uncomfortable silence between the group and you, you decided to sit down next to the silent one, Frankie, and you smiled kindly at him. "What is someone like you doing in a place like this?" He asked, a bit awkwardly. Is he trying to flirt? You thought. No.. can't be.
"Gotta make shure that my best friend isn't torn to shreds. I have faith in her but you never know" you said with a grin. "If she loses, however, I might need to kick her ass. For doing this. Because sometimes she barerly has any braincells" to that Frankie laughed and his eyes shone a bit more than the dull brown they were when you first quietly observed him.
Conversion with Frankie after that came surprisingly easy. Especially since you weren't much of a talker. It was a great distraction from the two guys that were beating eachother to bloody pulp no more than 5 meters away from you. Frankie was kind and made bad jokes to which you laughed. You learned that he was currently a car mechanic but classifies himself as an "all in one handyman", meaning he could basically do anything according to him.
You in turn told him about working at the local library as their barista for their in-shop coffee nook. It was the easiest and calmest job you ever had, since most people that came to a library were already calm people so you didn't have to deal with a lot of "entitled bitches". Again Frankie laughed, but before he could say anything the new fight was announced and it was Maddie against Benny.
You turned to the ring, seeing your friend standing there tall and proud. A lot of guys wolf whistled at her as she got ready. Opposite of her was Will's brother, Benny, and they truely were look alike. Or it might be their equally blonde hair. He had a big smile on his face, like he couldn't wait to fight her.
After a few minutes of preparation, the bell went and the two went ham on eachother. You had to give it to them both, they were strong and fast. Equally matched. From your right you heard Santiago call "I am betting 20 bucks on our Ben". To which you almost immediately replied "I am betting 40 on Maddie". He looked at you in shock, and as your eyes turned up to Frankie, you saw him looking in shock as well.
Before Frankie could protest though, Santi had jumped forward and shook your hand. Yelling a loud "Deal" before returning to his seat and starting to cheer for the younger Miller.
Frankie held your gaze, at first he looked like he wanted to say something, but then he shook his head and just smiled "Tell you what" he said "If Ben wins, I get you a drink. If he loses, you get me a drink. Deal?" To that you grinned and shook his hand "Deal."
The fight took a while, because the two were well matched, until Benny got a few good hits in and it didn't look well for Maddie. You heard Santiago cheer and chant "Go Benny Go!" With Will. Maddie however came back with more fire than before and managed to hit Benny in a few weak spots and within a minute, he was groaning on the floor and called out.
You and Jack cheered and Maddie locked eyes with the two of you and grinned. She then helped Benny up and clapped him on the back as they both went back to the dressing rooms. "I think you owe me money!" You yelled at Santiago and he grouchy pressed a 20 in your hand. With that in hand you went to the bar to get two beers for you and Frankie.
This was just one night in many to come. You came in with only worry for your best friend, and left with forever best friends and a crush on a certain curly haired, hat wearing man. And you wouldn't have it any other way.
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ariesborn · 5 days ago
CH. 5
Tumblr media
"One day Kaji. You said one day, not six hours. - Are you complaining? Besides, who says I had anything to do with it? "
He handed her a coffee. Kyoko had just emerged. She was still a little tired, but Kaji was watching her from the corner of his eye. At the hospital, they would have kept her for 24 hours for observation, but he had her covered. Her job would have been done if it had been known that she had investigated on her own without the authorization of her superiors. Fortunately for her and to limit potential problems, she had not used her quirk.
" I'm not going to ask you..." she sighed and grimaced, putting her hand on her shoulder. I didn't want you to go alone. Look how smart I look now. - A real genius. But you're the one who decided to knock on my door so take your responsabily, Kaji smirked. "
Kyoko smirked in return, her eyes in Kaji's. A part of her suspected what was going to happen. Underneath his workaholic, asthmatic, short-sighted and withdrawn lawyer looks, there was something else in him.
" Thank you for being here... whispered Kyoko. - What was that ? I can't hear ya. - Thank you for being here ! Having my back and everything. I know you don't like heroes and heroes-like. - I signed up for Heisuke's case, nothing more. The rest is on your hands, that's your job. And part of it is also to stay alive. - I don't promise anything, but I'll try my best, said Kyoko with a smirk. "
Kaji rolled his eyes.
"Sleep. You look like crap," Kaji then ordered. "
He stood up and before leaving, noted something he didn't like. He pushed Kyoko's hair behind her back and frowned. The gesture startled her, but she didn't say anything. She was slightly burned, and he recognized that kind of injury.
"Sleep," he punctuated one last time. " He didn't even give her time to answer as he closed the door of the room behind him. Kyoko probably hadn't seen the state of her back yet, but the pain was there judging by her ache. He took out his cell phone and seemed to hesitate for a moment. This was not the time to lose focus. He had to concentrate on Heisuke's case. Moreover, unlike his friend, he had not signed up to get involved in stories of heroes and villains. No thanks, he'd leave that to the relevant departments and, somewhat by default, to the still-active heroes.
"Kaji-san? Is Miharu-san here because of me?"
Kaji then looked up at the young teenager with blonde hair. He had calmed down and let Shin pig out in the living room, but he still seemed a little tense. They glared at each other for a moment and Kaji sighed, running a hand through his hair and putting his phone away.
"It's her job to investigate. Don't let this go messing with that little head of yours. - I know, but I'm... I'm ashamed," Heisuke said, looking away. People have always looked at me badly because of my parents. To say that it's because of them that I turned out like this is embarrassing. I barely know them, and it's like they've been ruining my life forever, and Miharu-san's by extension. " Everything about Heisuke exuded shame, from his bowed head to his fists clenched into white. Kaji might be a lawyer, but he could sound very sharp in his words. He seemed to think for a moment and was tempted to hand the young teenager over to Kyoko, but then thought about it. Why had he become a lawyer in the first place ? When did he get the urge to help people, especially children ? Heisuke was like him except that he was not lucky enough to have an awesome mother and a decent father, although he was often absent due to his activity.
"We don't do this to have a quiet life, Kyoko and I. We do this because it's what any decent human would do. When Kyoko saw you in that interrogation room, handcuffed like a future convict, do you think she called me out of the goodness of her heart? No, she called me because it was the natural thing to do. I'm not going to lie to you: it won't be easy, but it could be worse. What I can assure you though, is that you will never be alone again. Kyoko has already paid for you to take the U.A. entrance exam, she wouldn't do that if she didn't believe in you. "
The announcement shook Heisuke, like a train being launched at full speed. His eyes widened, and he looked at Kaji in shock. The lawyer smirked at the young boy's expression.
"She has... Really? What if I screw up? - Don't screw up," Kaji replied. - But what if I screw up?! - Don't screw up, Kaji repeated. You better get used to it. This is what it feels like to be a hero. People put their trust in you. "
Heisuke wasn't nervous anymore, he just smiled like crazy now. He was proud and excited. At least now he knew what he was getting into.
" Watch me then. I'm gonna be fucking amazing. "
And with those nice words, Heisuke returned to the living room where he would go to study with Shin. Kaji only hoped he hadn't lit a flame that would get out of control.
Tumblr media
© Kaji is @dabiboy’s character
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sheppardsautumn · 7 days ago
full name: Autumn Sheppard, She her, bisexual
age: 26/872
date of birth: April 30th
occupation: unemployed/ prospective librarian
species: vampire
language spoken: french/english/italian
hair color: brown
eye color: hazle
notable scars or tattoos: na
2 positive traits: intelligence, hardworking
2 negative traits: Hotheaded, Blunt
likes: blood, food, people doing what she says
dislikes: being challenged
habits: throwing darts
father: decesed
mother:  decesed
siblings:  A brother (vampire as well)
children: a boy (vampire)
Born April 30th 1157 in what would become York England, Autum was one of two children to the Duke of York. Her family raised her to be a lady. Her and her older brother got along quite well, both of them playing in the mud when father wasn't around to scold her for getting dirty. Her best friend happened to be a boy who worked in her family stables. and married her off at the age of 18 to a man who was twice her age. She gave birth to two stillborn children and her husband grew tired of her and started neglecting her. She was 25 now and lonely, still living in her husband's home and playing the lady. When their stableman died and they were in need of another one she invited her childhood friend to work for them, they quickly started an affair, and she fell pregnant. She gave birth to a baby boy not long after. "Not, thank God, her husband's child" unfortunately her husband was not as bad at telling time as she thought. He was irate when he accused her, he beat her and she wound up dying. However unknowingly her lover had slipped her blood in her wine earlier that day, he had gotten it from a witch in town, scared for their safety and she had told him it would let them be together forever, he took it as well and killed himself to complete the ritual.
When she woke up the house was empty but for her crying child and her hunger was out of this world. She smelled a delicious smell and followed it, a maid had cut her finger. The maid made no sound as she drained her. She felt in control enough to take her baby and run, she ran faster than she thought possible to the stable to find her lover in the same state as she.
They chose to go back to her family house, not knowing the full extent of what they were. The sun burned now, which was remedied by another local witch who gave them rings. She soon found out her blood could heal. Her brother came home from the current war (he had been ever so kind to let them stay while he was away.) They took him to the medicine lady who knew about her condition. She told her it could heal but to keep close watch for 24 hours and make sure nothing ill befell him in that time. Or he would be like her forever. However Autumn was selfish she gave him the blood and slit his throat. Feeding him a servant girl when he woke. She would keep her family together. They already out their parents.
Years later after her brother got over being angered at her for granting him this curse. They found out it let's you not age as well, but comes with hunger for blood, though servants were never in short supply. Thry sustained themselves. When her son reached the age of 18 she turned him, didnt ask just did it. He looked more like he could be her brother than a son now so thats how they lived. They eventually had to leave York when people started catching on to the whole no aging thing. They moved every 20 years after that.
Now she's in New Orleans, a librarian for the local library and still hungry, for blood and power.
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stayarmytinyzenmoa-l · 9 days ago
Fate’s Gamble [Ch. 2]
Tumblr media
Royalty AU; Reincarnation AU; Idol AU
TW: Unsettling Themes, Mentions of Suicidal Thoughts (Non-Explicit), Mentions of Murder (Non-Explicit), Rifle, Saber, Gunshot, War, Descriptions of Blood
Genre: Drama, Angst
Pairing: Park Seonghwa x Reader, ft. Choi Yeonjun
YN Pronouns: Female (She/Her)
Summary: In a time where to love a knight was considered high treason, a life of chaos was brought to a swift end with your fairy tale ending nowhere in sight. But when the knight plead to Fate, she took pity on him, and thus formed the gamble that would rupture the Heavens.
(2/?) [Previous]
[Main Masterlist] | [Fate's Gamble Masterlist]
Word Count: 4.7K
Notes: Hoooooo finally finsihed this! Sorry for the wait, everyone! I hope you all enjoy this chapter, this is where a lot of the story changes from the original so I hope it’s okay haha. Either way, I’ll see you all soon!
This is a rewrite of my previous series A Tricky Game of Fate
Disclaimer: Please remember that this is an AU and a work of fiction, obviously the idols mentioned/written about in this story would never partake in these actions. The idols mentioned in this work are meant to be seen more as face claims rather than the actual idols themselves.
Tumblr media
Seonghwa's heart nearly jumped out of his chest when he heard someone banging at his door. He turned to it, watching the old thing shake on its hinges. How long had he been under house arrest? How many “cells” has he been moved to? Every time either he or the others would mess up he’d get transferred to some other unknown location in some inhumane fashion, it was tiring. He was tired. Had he not been doing something more… important, he wonders if he’d have given up already. Seonghwa sat up on the old bed, the barely healed-over scars aching at every movement. He dragged a tired hand down his face when the unknown person banged on the door again
“Seonghwa! It’s me, open up!” Seonghwa’s ears perked at the familiar voice, and he jumped up to answer it, seeing the face of his adoptive brother put him at ease, but the crude sling scared him. “You look… horrible…”
“The King is all but kind,” Seonghwa says, his voice hoarse from lack of use. “And you look worse.”
“It’s not getting any better, Seonghwa,” San shakes his head. He looked down at his broken arm briefly before continuing, “it took us forever to find you this time,” San says as Seonghwa stepped aside to let him in. He looked outside and saw the guard knocked out. “He was asleep when we got here… Wooyoung put something into his drink,” San laughs, it sounded more pathetic than it did joyful, while the remaining four members of the previous Templar knights enter. The six men stood around the table, each of them having different injuries that would’ve usually sent the ex-knight into a spiral of guilt.
“Sorry,” Seonghwa mumbles. Mingi closes the door behind him and Seonghwa walks to the stove, lighting the fire inside of it. “Tea?”
“We won’t be staying long,” Hongjoong says. “Just here to give some updates…”
“How’s the Southern Kingdom?”
“The King has gone missing in battle,” Yunho narrows his eyes on the ground. He rubbed his hand over the bandages stained in red, they were likely the only things keeping his wrist together. “He fought well though, from what we saw.”
That was answer enough, the Southern Kingdom was falling apart. War-Torn and driven to bankruptcy, just like many other kingdoms no doubt. The Northern King called it a move for reunification of the continent, but everyone else saw it as a complete reign of terror. The Western and Eastern Kingdoms have both been conquered alongside a few of the smaller kingdoms in between and the ones under their protection. There were only a few left now, a few independent kingdoms that were smart enough not to sign any defensive pacts with the larger ones. It was now where Seonghwa noticed the absence of someone rather important, he had thought that they left him outside, but no one mentioned him.
“Where’s Yeosang?” Seonghwa asks. An uncomfortable silence falls over the group and Seonghwa deduces what has occurred. The last time he felt this heaviness was three months ago, when the Northern King’s engagement was announced. Wooyoung shifted in his seat, the mention of his childhood friend was obviously one he hadn’t been expecting. He must’ve been long gone at this time.
“I have something for you,” Wooyoung speaks up, wanting to naturally change the subject, and hands a rolled scroll to Seonghwa. “It’s from (Y/N)… you can open it after we leave.”
“How’d you..?”
“I work in the kitchens, no one knows I’m from the Southern Kingdom so it was easy but…”
“How is she?” “Not… not good,” Wooyoung shook his head. The group fell back into another bout of silence.
“Be careful, Seonghwa, we’ll come visit again soon but with the war raging on the Southern Kingdom has fallen into shambles. Captain Jeon has taken over power for now but it’s only a matter of time until there is a complete annexation of the Southern Kingdom,” Hongjoong informs. “No telling how long martial law will work though. They need a monarch, and with their next in line being engaged to the King who killed theirs it’s all messy, no one knows what to do.”
“And the Resistance?” Seonghwa thought back to the disjointed group of twenty-three that had been scattered throughout the continent. They were instrumental in the relay of messages, but he had long realized that everything had slowed down.
“Decimated. The Northern forces found Kun and Taeyong and had them both executed. Anyone else who was in the Resistance was either killed or went missing after. Everything’s working against us, there’s just us now and the branch in the Winter League, the Northern forces have been unable to advance past the mountains.”
“Is King Sangyeon paying attention to the matter?”
“From what Juyeon’s been telling us, yeah. He was close with (Y/N) too so he asked a special favor but… no clue,” Hongjoong’s voice was tired and dreary. Seonghwa pulled out a scroll from under the table and handed it to Hongjoong.
“This is our last plan,” he says. “One more push.”
“One more,” Hongjoong nods. Mingi holds the old revolver in his hands.
“Are you sure? There are so many things that could go wrong,” Mingi stammers. “If we screw up, the Northern King might lash out on (Y/N)…”
“He wouldn’t do that, he holds her to this unattainable pedestal.”
“He wouldn’t touch her, but he’d do something to those around her. It’s just too risky,” Mingi continues.
“I actually agree with Mingi on this one, we don’t want a repeat of what happened to Jongho,” Yunho says with a shaky voice. “Our goal is to get her out as soon as possible. Having King Sangyeon wage war on the Northern Kingdom is inadvisable at best. Even from an economic standpoint, there’s no reason.”
“So find someone who’s already at war with them,” Seonghwa offers. “There’s bound to be others, right?”
“Out of the ones that haven’t been entirely taken over?” Wooyoung looks over at San. “There is… there is the Kingdom Tenebris, they’ve been on the defensive though, but King Taeyang might be more willing to talk to us.” The vampire king flashed through Seonghwa’s memories, they had only met a couple of times while on diplomatic visits, but he had an eye for strategy when not clouded by envy. He owed him a favor, at the very least.
“Tell him I sent you, he’ll definitely accept your audience if you do,” Seonghwa states.
“It should buy you enough time,” Hongjoong reasons. Mingi looks down at the revolver in his hands, he spun the barrel and shook his head.
“Fine. But don’t screw this up, Seonghwa.” Mingi stayed behind while the Templar moved out, it was just him and Seonghwa sitting around the table. “This is… this is ridiculous. How many more people have to die in this war? Fine. Just don’t do something stupid, alright? And… if you are, find us first. Don’t take all the stupid with you,” Mingi stood up now and left, Seonghwa watching him leave. Mingi shut the door behind him. Seonghwa didn’t flinch when the bang resounded, it was only a matter of time until he had his next guest, and even with that, there was a half and half chance that it would be who he needed. He unrolled the scroll given to him by Wooyoung. He traced over the smudged ink, a small smile on his face. He knew your writing from anywhere. Written on the parchment was a fable, one he had heard you tell him many years ago.
Allow me to tell you the story of Fate.
You didn’t love him, that much was clear. You wondered if he knew, the king whose intellect was rivaled only by your brother’s. Sometimes it felt like he could read your mind, it felt like he could just pry into it and know your thoughts. Maybe, maybe if something was different in the past, you could’ve been lovers. You could see why you would’ve fallen in love with him in the past. What you feel right now, you weren’t sure what it was exactly. Was it pity? Were you just trying to reach out with a false hope that things will change? You didn’t know. But the ring on your finger seemed to symbolize ownership more than affection.
Yeonjun dozed off and you removed your hand from his face. Turning over in the large bed and facing the wall. You stared at the sapphire ring on your hand. The gesture was sweet, asking for your hand in marriage in the gardens, in any other context, it was sweet. But your memories recalled it differently. With the blood and the… dead bodies. You shook your head, trying to erase the nightmare from your head. It was horrific, every time you looked at your hands it was all you thought of. You couldn’t help but think it was your fault. Maybe if you didn’t try to escape that day you wouldn’t be haunted by Jongho’s ghost. You thought that Yeonjun didn’t notice, you thought he believed that you were just taking a walk in the night, but no. You were horrifically wrong.
Again your hand wrapped around the dagger hid beneath your pillow, the thought alone was mere temptation, you wondered if it was worth it. There were so many pros and cons to weigh on your situation, but you couldn’t help but internalize that had you not run away in the first place the continent wouldn’t be in turmoil. Never did you think that you would be important enough to a misguided king to start an entire war and forceful reunification, it was ridiculous. You wanted to rip Yeonjun apart, yell at him for being so rash and impulsive, you wanted to curse him to the end of his days for ruining the lives of many. But no matter what you did, he would still look at you like he did no wrong. He did all of this in your name, and you were certain that the kingdoms above your reach understood that.
It was your fault. Maybe if you just owned up to your fate you could have avoided this mess of whatever this was. The raging guilt inside of you, you wanted to get rid of it all. You wanted a redo, you wanted a way to reset everything and make things right. You didn’t want to say that you had regrets, you didn’t want to say that you wished that you didn’t allow your selfishness to take over you. Because, truly, the last nine years prior to this were some of the best you had ever lived and never would you want to trade it for the world, but still the guilt remained.
You closed your eyes, some sleep is better than none.
Watching the carriage leave, you turned around and walked back into the castle, Seonghwa trailing far behind. You turned a few corners, wondering if he’d follow, and sure enough, he did. Every time you’d look over your shoulder he’d stop in his tracks and wave awkwardly. You didn’t want to sound rude, but it was rather annoying that he acted this way, it was only your manners that stopped you from outwardly insulting the knight-in-training, plus, you found it rather endearing. The other kids in the castle tended to stay away from you out of fear of the Queen, but this one was contractually obligated to follow you. Might as well get used to each other, right?
“Why do you stand so far away?” You asked him. He froze. “Come on, if you’re learning to be a knight then I guess someone has to show you the ropes,” you conceded. Seonghwa jogged up to you with hopeful eyes.
“You know how to be a knight?” He was amazed, you wonder how exactly Minho described you to him.
“I used to sit in while my brother’s templar trained because I was bored,” you explained rather nonchalantly. You and Seonghwa walked over to your room. “Wait out here,” you entered your room and closed the door behind you. Seonghwa kicked at nothing in particular while he waited for you to walk back out. You reemerged with a much more comfortable outfit and walked past him. “Well? What are you waiting for?” You turned around and Seonghwa got the idea to follow you. “You have to teach me how to play jacks some time, I always see Juyeon and the other boys play it so I’m curious! But they don’t want to teach me.”
“I can teach you once your free, your highness.”
“Ew, don’t call me that when we’re alone, it sounds weird. Just (Y/N) is fine when it’s just us, okay?”
“Okay, your highness—” he catches himself, “(Y/N),” he corrects quietly.
“You’ll get used to it,” you playfully pushed him and he smiled awkwardly. You both arrived at the training grounds while a couple of the other knights were in training, you recognized them easily.
“Mr. Hoseok!” The aforementioned knight turns around with a wide smile.
“Little princess! And… hello,” Hoseok looks down at Seonghwa with a confused look. “Oh! Captain Choi’s son!”
“Hello, lieutenant, that’s me,” Seonghwa nods his head.
“Ah, I was just talking to your brother,” Hoseok nods. “Park Seonghwa, right? You’re a lot cuter than I was expecting.”
“That’s right, I’m Seonghwa,” he says.
“So you want to be a knight. Came to the right place, that’s for sure, you lucked out! If it was Yoongi in charge of training he might have turned you away, but I’m open to all students. I’ll take him off of your hands now, little princess!”
“Wait! But I want to watch,” you rocked on your heels and Hoseok shrugged.
“Well, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Hoseok took a smaller sword from the wall and tossed it to Seonghwa. He fumbled the sword in his hands until it ultimately fell onto the ground. “We’ll, uh, we’ll work on that,” Hoseok says with a concerned chuckle. You sat down on the bench.
“Keep your form up, Seonghwa!” You encouraged him. Seonghwa immediately straightened his posture and took a deep breath.
“You’re the captain’s eldest son, don’t let that get to your head though, your younger brother looks up to you a lot so I’m expecting the most,” Hoseok instructs while he circles the young knight. “The princess is right, form is everything,” Hoseok corrected Seonghwa’s footing. “If you can’t get the foundation, you’ll never advance,” Hoseok now corrected the way Seonghwa held onto the sword.
“You’re doing great!” You reassured Seonghwa.
“Focus! Although the princess is your priority, there are times you have to focus on other things,” Hoseok sounded stern, you weren’t used to hearing that tone from him. He was always more kind and playful whenever he watched over you for the day, but you were interested to see him act this way, when he was in “business mode,” as he puts it. “Now observe those two knights, their forms aren’t perfect, but observation is key for perfection,” he says.
“Lieutenant Jung,” your mother walks into the training ground. The training knights all came to a stop and saluted at her presence. She held her hand up and all the knights relaxed. “Haven’t you better things to do than barking orders at a child?” She gestures towards Seonghwa with an icy tone.
“Your majesty, it is by request of his father and the princess that I do so,” Hoseok explains. “What brings you to the training grounds?”
“I was looking for her,” she now gestures towards you. “I always seem to find her in the most roguish of places.” You sank into your spot in the bench. She walks out of the facility and you knew well to follow, waving a quick goodbye to Seonghwa and Hoseok. Hoseok lets out a loud breath he had been holding and Seonghwa relaxes.
“She’s terrifying, isn’t she?” Hoseok asks him. Seonghwa nods cautiously, having a strange feeling that he was being set up, Hoseok senses this and laughs loudly. “Don’t worry, none of Namjoon’s entourage likes her… including Namjoon. Alright then, your father told me to pay special attention to your training, so let’s get along with it.”
“Where’s my brother?”
“Miss Jihyo is watching him right now, he said he wanted to see his options before settling on knighthood. But you seem very set in stone on this.”
“I am.”
“Mind if I ask why?”
“It’s kind of childish…”
“Are you not a child?” Hoseok looked off in a thought.
“Well… yes, but my father says there’s no room for childish hope in the Templar,” Seonghwa turns the sword in his hands and Hoseok breaks into laughter once again, Seonghwa seems to relax.
“Really? Wait until I introduce you to Jungkook,” he says. “Now, form up. Let’s see what your father has taught you.”
You listened in at the entrance of the facility, you were worried for Seonghwa, no doubt about that. It’s not every day someone decides to be a knight out of nowhere, and you knew the Templar to be strict in their training. From what you saw of him so far, you were afraid he’d get ripped to pieces on the first day, but he looked to have strength in his resolve, and you lucked out with Hoseok being the trainer of the day. Surely, there would be nothing to worry about when it came to Seonghwa, such was a relief.
“(Y/N)!” Your mother’s shrill call sent you running to where you belonged. You stopped dead in your tracks when you heard her conversation beyond the greenhouse’s doors with a voice you only recognized as Minho’s.
“You will accompany her to the Northern Kingdom, make sure she doesn’t make an embarrassment of our family.” You felt your heart drop at her words.
“Pardon me for asking, your majesty, but is it not possible that you or the King accompany her? Or even his highness the Prince?”
“We are in the middle of negotiations with the Western Kingdom, it would be impossible.”
“Might I request that I bring my son then? My eldest, that is. I won’t be around forever, your majesty, and I’m training him to take my place.”
“Under whose jurisdiction?”
“His Majesty the King ordered me to do so.”
“Is that so? I suppose that is allowed then,” your mother fell silent. “(Y/N). I know you’re out there. Come inside already.”
Seonghwa placed the letter down, he had heard this story many times already, it was the one you’d tell him, it was the one you’d tell the little children in the village, and it was one you often found solace in. He had it memorized, maybe he even knew it better than the Templar’s Oath, for goodness’ sake. He knew what this was, but he couldn’t think that part of it was ridiculous. Relying on a story now of all things. Or maybe you meant that there would come another time, or another world where you would’ve been together. He wiped away the tear that fell down his face, your vows echoing in his head, he rested his arm on the table and felt his heart shake. There was another knock at the door and Seonghwa prepared himself for the worst, he wiped his tears away, expecting it to be someone from the Northern Forces, but the voice beyond it proved him wrong.
“It’s been a while since you’ve invoked my name,” the deep voice was one Seonghwa hadn’t heard in years.
“Come in.” The door opened and the mysterious king entered.
“The display you left outside for me is one I wouldn’t have expected you to be capable of,” Taeyang chuckles. “Who was it?”
“The blood-bearer,” Taeyang laughs. “I’m a fan of his work. What can I help you with, old friend?”
“I need you to confirm something for me,” Seonghwa pulled a chair out for the vampire before taking his own seat. Seonghwa slides your letter towards Taeyang, and he takes it carefully, delicately tracing his hand over the aged paper.
“A letter from the melancholy princess, correct? I can feel it from the handwriting. Paper holds stories, and ink holds emotions, they’re very powerful tools, you should know,” Taeyang murmurs while he skims through the letter. His face grows grim. “Whatever you’re planning, know that it is a foolish move to trifle in matters that you are not capable of comprehending.”
“That’s why I called you here.”
“You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, accursed knight. I barely escaped the hands of the wretched three myself. Why do you think I reside in Tenebris? Because I’ll, what is it you mortals say, melt in sunlight? Sheer idiocracy. It is by Nyx’s grace alone that I’m still alive. If you think you could beat any of them at their own game, you are horridly incorrect and stupidly naive,” Taeyang’s eyes had a quick flash of red, his anger growing from his tirade, before he calmed himself down and continued. “Pardon me. You want to know where to find the trio, right?”
“I do.”
“I’m still trying to deduce if you are a noble hero or a misguided idiot,” Taeyang scoffs.
“I wouldn’t call a king over for nothing,” Seonghwa continues. Taeyang frowns and finally sighs.
“I may or may not know how to get to them. But whatever happens after that is of your own accord and jurisdiction, I cannot give you anything more,” Taeyang says. He places a vial on the table. “Call this a failsafe. Should you anger either of the three, drink it in one go, and you will find yourself in the safety of Tenebris.”
“What will you do about the Northern King?”
“The Northern Behemoth would be ignorant to launch an all-out attack on Tenebris, his forces would fall prey to the darkness within moments. Do not take our defenses lightly,” Taeyang says in his well-known smoothness. He stands up. “Take care, Knight, you will soon find yourself in a labyrinth of troubles and you will then be the center of a trial of tribulations. I hope you are prepared for that. Not many are,” Taeyang snaps his fingers then gestures to the table in front of him. Seonghwa looks down and sees the ornate case laid on it. “A gift from the previous chancellor of the Western Kingdom. He asked that should I ever run into you to deliver it. I was about to send Chanhee but I figured I’d do it instead. Go on then, open it,” he says. Seonghwa obliges, pulling the golden locks open. A rifle with golden embellishments lay across it, resting in a bed of satin. “Chancellor Ju-ne sends his regards. I took the liberty of, er, modifying it for you. You will find it to be rather helpful but know that there are only eight rounds. Use them wisely,” Taeyang pushes in his chair and is about to leave before Seonghwa spoke up again.
“Is there anything else I need to know?”
“Keep your wits about you, all three of them will be working against you, no matter what you witness, remember that you are the only thing alive within that forest.” Then Taeyang was gone. Seonghwa slung the rifle over his shoulder and walked to his old and falling apart bed, then he reached under the old boards under it, pulling out an old case. He opened it quickly, staring at the weathered saber inside of it.
“Hello, old friend,” he took the sword out and spun it around in his grasp a few times. “You’ll have to help me once again,” he buckles its hilt around his waist and sheaths it with precision. “Onwards,” he says to himself. He exits the small cottage and walks down the dirt roads, clutching your letter in hand. First destination, the river’s edge.
The Northern Kingdom, without a doubt, is a beautiful place.
You ended up leaving the room, you couldn’t sleep, your heavy mind prevented you from doing so. Instead, you figured, you’d go for a walk around the castle grounds. It was the middle of the winter, and the snow was thick on the ground. It chilled you to the bone, but you didn’t mind it. You enjoyed the blanket of white and the fluttering bits of snow that adorned the flora. The vast amounts of ice, you found, had a hint of warmth in them. They comforted you more than the heat of the indoors. You stopped by a patch of azaleas and sat down at the stone bench there.
You remembered the first time you came to the Northern Kingdom as a child. You thought it to be a wonderland, you had never seen such a large amount of snow. Sure, you fell ill within a few days just from not being used to the temperature, but it was still some of the best times of your life. You and Yeonjun were so young then, playing in the snow without a care for the world and its politics, without a care for the kingdoms beyond. Just two kids doing what two kids did.
Now, whenever you looked at this vast landscape, all you could think of was the horrors beyond it. Your hand brushed the ground, pushing aside a blanket of snow, and you pulled out the silver chain that was buried in it. So no one has come here since that incident? You held it in your hands with the same amount of care one would have with a piece of glass. The silver necklace represented much. The chain itself came from your kingdom, silver being a large export, the circular pendant represented the Templar, and the gem inside represented the Princess’ entourage. You wondered when Jongho had the time to take it off or the time to hide it. You just remembered him saying to meet him by the azaleas.
You held the pendant up to the moonlit sky, the alexandrite stone reflecting in every which way, then you noticed something peculiar about it. You turned the pendant around in your hands, then you saw it, there was a small notch in between the gem and its holder. You carefully pried the gem out and a small piece of parchment fell onto your lap. You unraveled it carefully and read the message inside.
‘When you find this, meet me at the river’s edge.’
The message brought chills down your spine, then again, you were sitting in the cold so it could be that too. You wondered who it was from, you didn’t recognize the handwriting to belong to Jongho, at the very least. You stared at it longer, tracing your index finger over the letters, but soon you noticed a very familiar scent that it had adorned, it held faint scents of lavenders and you knew. Your hands shook slightly, was it true? You had heard that he was killed, but you didn’t want to believe it. You flipped the note around, surely he would have left another indication if it was true, and then again he may have been smart enough not to should someone else have found the note before you. You wondered if it was true, if your brother had truly found a way to find you, and although you wanted to hope for the best, your time in the Northern Kingdom has taught you to become cynical, to be more careful of what you saw and what you heard.
But you were more concerned about escaping the castle to meet this unknown person. You looked to your bedroom, it was still late in the night, you could make the trip fast and return home before the King awoke. The river wasn’t as far as many would think. You pushed the gem back into its spot and clasped it around your neck and left the Gardens, a clear destination in mind.
Tumblr media
General Tag List: @vickylamore​ @yeongwvnhi​ @mizzdivagirl7-blog​ @sehunnies-hunnie96​ @roses09020617​ @bat-shark-repellant​ @cloudreads​ @raeincitizen​ @here-aeth​ @lofied​ @moonlight1897​
Fate’s Gamble: @lovely-manette​ @gaiyofanfiction​ @shiningstar-byulxx​
If you want to be added to either tag list just send me a reply to this post, and ask, or a DM and I’ll add you as soon as possible!
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yourlocalpanicattack · 9 days ago
Character’s: Bokuto Koutarou x Akaashi Keiji, Kuroo Tetsurou
Summary: Bokuto and Akaashi adopted a daughter. They had been planning to go see Kuroo, after all he is her uncle. Though on the first night there holds an unexpected conversation.
Warnings: Discussing topics that some people may find stupid (I wish to take away those people’s kneecap privileges :3), fluff, fluff, extra fluff, and did I mention fluff?
A/N: d/n = daughter’s name, gm/n = generally masculine name, m/n = male name, s/n =son’s name, dd/n = deadname, n/n = new name. Sorry for not posting for so long, I'm a slight idiot and break a lot of things, but have this, I'm actually proud of this, somewhat ;3
Word count: 1060
Saturday 18:23 (6:23 pm)
Since Bokuto told Kuroo that he and Akaashi would be adopting a little girl he’d wanted to meet her, he is her uncle after all. Finally the day had come where Kuroo could wait at the airport for their flight to get there. He couldn’t stop smiling, couldn’t wait to see his high school friend’s new family. He’d tap his feet and pat his lap in anticipation, just waiting to see how adorable the family is.
After waiting for what feels like forever, he hears someone yelling his name. He looked around to find a little girl, around 5(five) or 6(six), running in his direction.
“Kuuuuwwwooooooooooo!” she yelped, a worried Keiji following while Kou was walking proudly with a couple bags hanging from his arms. The girl’s definitely got Kou’s spirit, without hesitation she jumped up for a hug once she’d gotten close enough. She was laughing, her arms wrapped around Tetsu’s neck. Keiji sat down to catch his breath while Kou stood proud of his little angel. She was wearing an Black Jackals hoodie to match her dad's jersey, along with light gray sweats.
“Hey, hey, hey, someone happy to see her uncle Kuroo” Kou jokes. Kou and Tetsu talk for a little before Keiji suggests to get something to eat.
20:45 (8:45 pm)
After a filling dinner, full of laughter and catching up, it was dark out and far past d/n’s bedtime. Kuroo paid for dinner and then they headed off to his house, he’d set up the guest room for d/n, and then Bokuto and Akaashi would sleep in Kuroo’s room while he slept on the couch.
Sunday 00:26 (12:26 am)
Kuroo had finally managed to get comfy on the couch and was fully ready to pass out when he heard soft footsteps waddle over to him. He opened his eyes to see d/n staring into his soul which very quickly fled the scene.
“Why’re you awake?” he mumbled sleepily, rubbing his eyes and sitting up.
“I’m thirsty” her voice was nothing but a whisper as she squeezed the owl plush in her arms. Kuroo pulled her onto the couch.
“Want me to get you some water?” she shook her head.
“How bout some juice?”
“What kind” of course the offering of juice would be effective.
“Grape or mango”
“Grape, please” he smiled at her and got up to get her juice.
When he turned back around, cup in hand, d/n was barely awake. He handed her the cup, it was small and plastic, he was honestly surprised he even had it, but it fit perfectly in her tiny hands.
D/n finished off the grape liquid and handed it back to Tetsu, she was using her plush as support for her small head.
“Sleep time, Owlet?” Bokuto = owl, Bokuto’s kid = owlet ;3.
“I don’t like that name”
“What name do you like?” she took a minute to think before answering with a smile.
“gm/n!” a quiet gasp shot from Kuroo.
“Why would you want that name?” he asked, brushing her hair over her shoulder.
“Because it sounds like a good boy name” she gleamed, she’s so pure it hurts.
“Do you wanna be a boy?”
“Boy’s are cool! Daddy’s a boy, he plays volleyball on TV! Papa’s a boy, he writes pretty poems” she happily explains.
“A girl could do that too y’know” he poked her cheek, a frown tugged ruthlessly on the corners of her mouth.
“I don’t like being a girl” she sputters out.
“Do you like it when your daddy calls you his daughter?” she shook her head. Kuroo questions if he should be the one talking to her about this, too late now.
“Here, pretend I’m your daddy” d/n nodded, Kuroo took a breath in.
“So nice of you to come over…” he began, imagining there were people coming over, he may have felt silly but d/n laughed a little, and he knew he was doing a good thing.
“This is our son, gm/n. He likes playing volleyball and writing poetry” he looked down to see the youngster smiling brighter than the sun.
“Do you like being called a boy?” he nodded confirmation, Kuroo smiled.
“Do you want me to call you m/n now?” he nodded again, Kuroo chuckled.
“Well how ‘bout we go back to bed and then tomorrow we can tell your daddy and papa, sound good?”
“Yeah!” s/n stood up on the couch and gave Kuroo a hug, who then took the opportunity to lift him up and carry him to the guest room. By the time he got through the door, s/n was completely asleep. Not wanting to wake him up, Kuroo crept in the dark to get to the small bed in the corner of the room. He may have stubbed his toe and had to make minimal sound, but it was worth it to make sure he didn’t wake anyone up.
Kuroo tucked s/n in, he was about to leave but s/n hugging his hand with his owl plush. Tetsu pulled up a chair and just let him be.
Sunday 8:31
“What are you doing in here?” Bokuto was right next to Kuroo, whispering in his ear.
“Well thank you for the heart attack, much appreciated” he grumbled once he’d calmed down from being woken up to this giant man hovering over him.
“Why’re you in here?” Bokuto repeated, he wasn’t angry, just confused.
“Oh, last night your kid came out to get something to drink, we talked a little and then I came in here and tucked ‘em in. I must’ve fallen asleep” Kuroo explained, avoiding misgendering Kou’s son with the talk they’d had that night.
“Oh, well Akaashi’s almost done making breakfast if you want some”
“Sure” Bokuto went around him and carefully woke up his son.
“Good morning dd/n” he chirped when his son rubbed his eyes.
“Daddy I don’t want that name anymore” he blurted, Koutarou was again confused.
“What do you mean you don’t like that name?”
“I like n/n, because I’m a boy, just like you!” Bokuto, without missing a beat, picked up his son, spun him around in a hug then ran out of the room yelling:
“Akaashi we have a son!”
A/N: I am a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and to anyone who doesn’t like this or the fact that members of the community exist I will be revoking your kneecap privileges ;3. The only reason I really wanted to write this was because I thought it was adorable I dunno ‘bout you ;3.
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meetthefundies · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
(Callie POV)
WEDDING planning has begun! Our family traveled to Oasis Springs to fellowship with the SUTTON family and start planning this BLESSED day for our children. The Suttons took us to their favorite FAMILY FRIENDLY restaurant on our first night. In order to protect our children’s PURITY, we have to get these lovebirds married QUICK. I can still remember how HARD it was to maintain GODLY self-control when I was engaged to my amazing HUBBY! After dinner, I had the IDEA to take a photo of we moms kissing the cheeks of our kids. It turned out to be such a SWEET photo we’ll treasure forever. Only kisses from mama for now!!! 
(AN: thanks Jill for this cringey pose idea)
Tumblr media
The highlight of our trip was wedding dress shopping with the BEAUTIFUL BRIDE, Naomi. As the mother of the GROOM, I made sure to GUIDE Naomi in picking a dress that Taylor would find PLEASING since I know better than anyone else what my SON likes. I know she was grateful for all of my INPUT. It’s such a shame wedding dresses have lost all sense of CLASS. It’s so hard for MODEST, God-honoring women to find enough options. I can never understand why a woman would want to look SLUTTISH on the day she’s supposed to look her most beautiful and become her man’s HELPMEET. I kept pointing out potential options for Raina, whenever that day COMES and reminded her to keep praying for her FUTURE husband. 
(AN: I spent so long on this one pose and you can barely see the details like Harry reaching for his sistermom, Amanda looking unenthused, and Callie’s over the top face as she no doubts steal the entire show)
Tumblr media
And in two short months, the wedding day is UPON US. Though they will live in Brindleton Bay CLOSE to us, they held the wedding in Oasis Springs at Everlasting Arms Baptist Church. Taylor actually didn’t mind Naomi wearing her hair UP instead of down, as most men PREFER, and she looked BREATHTAKING. Of course, she had to add MODESTY lining and sleeves to her dress but PTL the boutique had that as an option for GODLY brides. I cried my eyes out in the front row watching my FIRSTBORN son wed the love of his life. He VOWED to cherish, protect, lead, and be faithful to her. In return, she vowed to respect, OBEY, honor, and be faithful to him. And then they both vowed to leave the amount of CHILDREN they have up to the Lord! Finally, they had their VERY FIRST KISS and became man and wife!! What a testament to doing things GOD’S way and NOT the way of the SINFUL world. It was so TOUCHING to watch the beautiful result of the INVESTMENT Axel and I have made in our son’s life. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is a photo of their very FIRST time PRAYING together as a MARRIED COUPLE!!! We have TRAINED Taylor to be a strong man of FAITH who LEADS his wife and children in the WAY of the LORD and it’s so heartwarming to see how seriously he takes his GOD ORDAINED role as a HEADSHIP over Naomi. 
Tumblr media
We’ve become such CLOSE FRIENDS with the SUTTONS through this relationship and are thrilled to call them FAMILY now. I’ve known of Kyle and Leah very casually through GROWING up in IHF, but they’re a bit older than me and lived far away from where I grew up in Windenburg so our families never fellowshipped together and we hadn’t had time to get to know each other until now. But I knew of the good REPUTATION that the SUTTONS have as God HONORING people and have only seen that to be TRUE. God is SO GOOD. 
Tumblr media
Naomi has such a heart for children, we can’t wait to see how the LORD works in their lives and the BLESSINGS he gives them. She’s 20 years old and Lord-willing, will have many years of childbearing ahead of her! I can hardly wait for my first GRANDCHILD!! Her youngest brother, Jacob, and my youngest son, Harry, were her CUTE little ring-bearers. 
Tumblr media
Axel and I were reminded of OUR OWN wedding day. All of our precious MEMORIES came flooding back and we just PRAISED God for the life He’s given us with our TEN BLESSINGS. We’re still praying that I can be expecting with my PRECIOUS daughter-in-love at some point!!
(AN: writing from Callie’s POV is exhausting. I almost had her pull a Molly @are-they-all-sims​ and wear a white dress but then forgot and it was too late to go back lol)
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arolla-pine · 10 days ago
New York, New York
A/N: Spoilers alert (NY Special)!
The flight back from New York seemed to last forever. Adrien couldn’t wait to land in Paris. Sure, he didn’t miss so much his father or being closed at home. He didn’t miss fighting classes with Kagami either. He just wanted to see the city and assess the damage during his absence.
Somewhere at the bottom of his heart he felt the need of rehabilitation. He wanted to prove Ladybug that she could rely on him.
No, wait… He didn’t have to prove her anything. She’d forgiven him. So… Why did he feel like someone took his heart and threw it away somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean?
“Someone’s in love…” Plagg laughed between bites of his favourite camembert.
“Nothing new…”, Adrien shrugged.
Kwami looked in surprise at his holder, but soon after he laughed and rolled his eyes.
“Ah, that irony… I looove it!”
“What are you talking about?”, Adrien asked.
“Nothing…”, Plagg played innocent. “Do you have more cheese?”
“It’s my father’s plane. I’d bet you’ll find everything in that fridge…”
Plagg didn’t wait for the rest of the sentence and immediately flew for more camembert. He needed to focus on eating just in case he blurt something out. You never know when Adrien starts analysing his love problems. Judging from the boy’s sighs another crisis was coming… Soon…
“I’m not sure if all that cheese is enough for the whole Atlantic Ocean…”, kwami muttered under his breath, and just in case he decided to chew slowly.
Meanwhile Adrien put his chin on his hand and stared through the window at the sunrise. That view reminded him the journey to New York and the moment he was watching the sunrise with Marinette. Now, it seemed to happen ages ago. Like in another lifetime. So much had happened since then.
He sighed again.
“You’re not thinking about Ladybug!”, Plagg discovered suddenly.
“What?”, escaped from Adrien who blushed terrible.
“Nothing of the kind!”, the boy denied.
“Riight… Because watching sunrise and dancing in the moonlight is saved for no one special…”
“Not ‘no one special’ but for your best friends!”
“So, when did you dance with Nino last time?”, Plagg muttered in an amused tone. “Or with Kagami…”
“Kagami… It’s something different…”
“I’d bet she wouldn’t mind… But I can feel with my seventh sense that if you had to choose someone for the moonlight dancing you would stay with your beloved pigtails…”
“Not ‘beloved’!”
“Not at all…”, Plagg agreed ironically. “I’m sure if you repeat it a million times, probably you would convince someone… But first… Let me ask you a question. Which exact moment of your New York trip do you remember the most?”
Adrien stared at his kwami. He knew the answer at once. The most emotional and memorable moment of that trip was when he had had to get in the car leaving the class. And leaving Marinette. Who didn’t do anything to keep him there. Even though he hoped she would say something that made him stay.
And suddenly he realised why he felt as if his heart was left somewhere behind. It stayed. With Marinette…
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lup-laguz · 10 days ago
hey my brain isn’t working and I can’t think of characters, but pick however many OCs you want to answer for 6, 15, 22, and 32 for the OC ask meme
blink for the love of god. you can’t send questions but not an oc. that’s the worst possibility. b l i n k. XD
hhh imma go with alex/leone/clover/ian cause of pat’s recent xcom campaign sorta forcing em to "the folks i'm most fixated on atm" spot, but still. blink plz.
6. what is/would be your oc’s phone wallpaper?
tbh Leone would probably just keep a phone background as whatever the default is. He wouldn’t really care enough to change it, as he’s not really the sort who would use a phone more then needed and so just sorta figures “If i’m not gonna be staring at it for long, then why do I need to make it all customized and pretty?”
Ian definitely changes his background a lot, but it’s always some selfie he dragged someone he’s close with into; sometimes it might be him and a current partner, sometimes it’ll be him and Lynette, sometimes him and Alex... Mitch is the only person close to him who has evaded this, purely cause dragging Mitch into selfies is nearly impossible
Alex keeps hers as a nice pic from before her parents passed away; specifically, a pic of her mom helping her stay steady on her first motor bike. That’s her forever background, it WILL stay on every phone she ever owns
Clover’s definitely changes every now and then too. It’s always some sort of gothic imagery, though it’s usually something vaguely puppet/marionette based. There’s been some funky arts she’s made using spiderwebs patterns as marionette strings though.
15. what part of your oc’s development took you by surprise?
for Ian... this probably isn't what this is talking about, but younger laguz would just be so caught off guard by the whole direction of Ian today. Music + Loyalty to loved ones has always been a huge aspect of his character, but it was a lot more... stoic back in the day when I first made him. Sorta like an anti-social anti-hero tbh. He got friendlier when i fleshed him out a bit more, but it really wasn't till SC that I decided to make him like... FRIENDLY friendly. so.
Clover's an easy answer; that friendship with Anita sure was not something I saw coming. Didn't think goofy ball of chaos was gonna be close with someone like Anita, but alas, that sure happened. and that sure effected a lot of what I thought about doing with Clover in Phantom Manor, back when I expected Phantom Manor to be a proper thing.
Leone and Alex though, I don't think I have an answer here for em? They have not really had enough RP opportunities for the sort of character development I wouldn't just be able to plan out on my own and thus they don't have anything that's reatly surprised me? not that i can think of anyways.
22. if your oc has scars, where are they and how did they get them?
Clover wouldn't have have any sorts of serious, long-lasting scars. It's not super unusual for her to have a few cut-scars on her hands from getting snapped by puppetry wiring or some artistic accidents, but nothing that wouldn't heal up fine and be gone for good in a week or two.
Ian wouldn't really have any sort of scar either; the guy doesn't really get up to anything that'd lead to scars, so..
Alex definitely has a few on her though; nothing super serious though. One mark from a bike-crash when she was first learning to drive motorbikes, a bruise or two earned from slipping while rock-climbing that doesn't hurt anymore but is just kinda still there, ect ect.
Leone definitely has some battle scars; the boy wants to live life as a hero in an apocolyptic world, which leads to all sorts of scraps, so of course that sometimes leads to some permanent scars. You'd rarely get to see 'em since he tends to keep himself dressed pretty modestly most of the time, but he's got a ood few scars all over himself
32. what is a justification your oc uses for their bad choices that they don’t really believe themselves?
Clover's the easiest answer ever here! Attention. She's not a dumb gal, deep-down she knows the realistically, that's an awful reason for a lot of her stupid actions. She knows it's stupid and a bad idea. But also this girl is so attention starved that she simply decides she does not care.
Ian's a tough call cause he doesn't excuse much? He just... Does. He acts without thinking, but he's honestly well aware that's not always great. Nine times outta ten, he isn't gonna try to excuse stupid decisions he makes once he realizes it's a bad choice, so...
Alex's consistent bad decision would have to be alcoholism, so her personal excuse is a method of coping without having to dump her problems on others. life's rough, we all need something to take the edge off, and she sure as hell has a lot on her plate, so she isn't wrong that she needs something to help her destress. But not all coping methods are healthy, so...
Leone's bad decisions tend to come from biting off more then he can chew and take things on more solo then he should, cause he feels very inferior to the folks he's closest with and very much does not wanna be second-fiddle in a world that needs top-tier fighters to help it out, so... His excuse for that stuff deep down is pretty "I need to work up to being able to handle stuff as effectively and independently as possible to live up to the exepctations I've set on myself" but that's the side he actually believes. "I can definitely do it myself so it's fine" is the excuse that he doesn't 100% believe but will keep telling himself anyways
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cloudylevi · 11 days ago
You're so pretty like this.
pairing: levi x reader
summary: you own a tea shop and Levi can't help but let himself fall for you.
WARNING: some spoilers about the last chapter of the manga.
GENRE: fluff, one shot.
Tumblr media
<<I wonder if this war will ever come to an end>> you said to Gabi, looking out of the window of your tea shop.
It was early in the morning so there was no sign of any clients yet. It was over-crowded in the afternoon though: people saw your tea shop as a place of reunion, important conversations took place between what could be seen as "important people" as well as simple chit chats between friends or sweet little nothings being whispered into lovers' ears. Everyone found peace at your place and you loved your job because seeing all of those happy faces always enlightened your day.
<<The worst is now over.>> said the man next to Gabi. The girl and the man always came by your shop first thing in the morning and while you always spoke with Gabi, the man was rather quiet. However, you came to notice that he was growing fond of you. Whenever he spoke, it was generally to make subtle compliments about either your appearance or how good you were at your job. He always stood up for you whenever a weird man was hitting on you and a day hadn't gone by where he didn't ask <<how are you today?>> sincerely, because everything he said came from the bottom of his heart. You two weren't close at all but during some moments one could say that you had known each other for an eternity.
You, however, were already done for the second you laid your eyes on him. There was something about this man that immediately struck you. He had two big scars on his face and was on a wheelchair, but those were things that you didn't notice until later. There was something about his gaze that just pierced through you and you wanted, no, you had to know more.
At the beginning he didn't speak to you at all, only Gabi's voice filling the walls of your teashop, but after a few days he said: "By the way, the name's Levi".
Levi. You never missed a chance to call him by his name once you saw his reaction: seeing him flustered was your biggest guilty pleasure.
Someone called Gabi from outside the tea shop. <<Coming!!>> said Gabi, with her usual cheerful voice. She too had something special in her eyes: she seemed insatiable, tireless and someone who was always ready to fight, especially to protect what she believed in.
<<You know, I'd very much rather tell you this instead or her>> started Levi. <<Gabi was the one to suggest to come to your tea shop but I was the one insisting to keep coming back. There's something about this place... no, I'm not going to lie, y/n. There's something about you that I just can't get enough of. Is it okay if from now on I come to the tea shop by myself?>>
Levi was nervous. What were you going to say? Were you going to think he was being a creep? Were you going to reject him? Did he even convey his feelings well enough?
<<I'd love to.>> you said, with the brightest smile on your face, your heart pounding heavily into your chest.
Tumblr media
Two weeks had gone by, and you came to learn that Levi was once Captain Levi. You respected him with every last bit of yourself and even though his past still remained a big question mark you didn't mind him taking things slow. You wanted to savour every single bit of him, and so did he.
<<Y/n>> he murmured, with a hand raised up to your hair, softly caressing it. Every single touch felt like it was going to last forever, nothing was ever too hurried and when your rendezvous came to an end, you held the memories you made very dear and close to your soul, if there even is a thing like that. You were never a spiritualist person, but the fact that Levi was placed so precisely and neatly into your life at that moment made you think: it truly has to mean something.
You wanted to thank Levi for teaching you to live with no regrets, to always choose and never look back or be a bystander in front of your own life, you wanted to thank him for all his gentle touches but your relationship remained for the most part unspoken: and that was the fun part of it. Sweet whipers into his or your ear were far more significant than "any of that nonsense that people spend their lives talking about", as Levi liked to call it. Levi taught you how to live in the present, how to savour this moment.
To say that Levi was a touch starved man was the least, and you noticed that early on into your relationship: every time you would lay a hand on him to caress him, he would almost flinch and it look a long time for him to initiate things. You wanted to make him feel loved.
Levi and you were sitting at a table inside your coffee shop and it was the late evening so it was pretty crowded. People were screaming, dancing, laughing, but to you none of that existed: you were just looking at the man of your life, who was looking at the stars from the window.
Suddenly, he smiled.
<<You know, when I went out during my first expedition outside the walls I thought that the sky seen from there was the most beautiful I had ever seen. That was until I could look at the same sky with you.>> He turned to you, eyes fixated directly on yours. <<Thank you, y/n.>> Levi never once said "I love you" because thanking you was his way of saying it, and you didn't mind because it only made your heart flutter more.
<<'re so pretty like this.>> you said, without even thinking.
He immediately turned around in what seemed like an attempt to hide his face. He was blushing.
<<'re such a brat>> he replied.
You smiled.
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franniebanana · 11 days ago
CQL Rewatch - Episode 7
Tumblr media
Their first vow together. So nice! I actually do like the parallels here between Lan Yi and Wei Wuxian, and Baoshan Sanren and Lan Wangji: you have one set being reckless and untamed (I said it) and the other set trying to restore order. It’s kind of funny that the ancestors are switched, though. So here we have Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji vowing to bring all the Yin Iron pieces back to the cold spring pond to neutralize them, and of course Lan Wangji’s first reaction is, “None of your business.” It’s cute how Lan Yi takes Wei Wuxian’s side and has a sense of pride for her close friend’s disciple. I think he’s an honorary Lan in her eyes.
And then Lan Yi gives them a warning to not make the same mistakes she made. Wei Wuxian’s like, “Yep, got it, I promise.” But we all know from the beginning that this obviously doesn’t go well for him, since he dies in the first five minutes of the series. He will go on to make some questionable decisions, most of which are driven by his emotions, which are often not in check. Side note: I love this series, but I don’t like how they took a great grey character like Wei Wuxian and turned him into a character where many of the things that went wrong were caused by other people.
Another side note. That fucking Yin Iron fell on the guqin so many times, and it didn’t dent it at all. Is the guqin made out of iron too? I thought it was wood. If I did that to my violin, I guarantee you the violin would not fare very well.
Tumblr media
Forever a favorite moment. It was great enough that they were tied together by Lan Wangji’s headband, but even better that Wei Wuxian fell on him. So great—such a tease to the audience. And this is as close as we get to the scene in the book when Lan Wangji uses the body binding spell to keep Wei Wuxian on top of him all night (ooh, my heart skipped a beat when I read that).
Also, taking the screenshot, I noticed you can see the impression of the little metal piece from Lan Wangji’s headband. Little things like that interest me for some reason. I wonder if it bothered Wang Yibo—did it press too hard on his forehead? I remember him saying he’d get tan lines from the headband.
Tumblr media
I love this little smirk he does. A moment when Wei Wuxian’s gift to gab really pays off. Instead of letting Lan Wangji talk and explain the situation, Wei Wuxian keeps speaking, lying about what they were doing. I’d like to think he does it in part to protect Lan Wangji and to stop him from breaking any of his clan rules, but likely it’s another chance for him to prove himself as someone Lan Wangji can trust. And I take Lan Wangji’s little acknowledgement of him there as his silent “thank you.” It says a lot, I think, that Wei Wuxian is willing to lie to Jiang Cheng in order to protect the Lan Clan’s secrets.
Tumblr media
I’m sorry, but every time I hear Nie Huaisang say, “You were gone a whole day and night,” my mind immediately goes to the gutter—like the implication is that they were doing something inappropriate during that time. I keep expecting a sex joke, only to remind myself that this was on Chinese television and that would, of course, not happen. Jiang Cheng says a similar thing (and my mind goes the same way that time too), but in that case, canon book Jiang Cheng does later accuse them of having a more-than-friendly relationship, and he does not say it in a nice way.
Also, throughout the scene that precedes this, where Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are discussing what to do next with Lan Qiren and Lan Xichen, it really feels like wangxian just want to go on a buddy road trip together, and they are so disappointed when they are turned down. Oh, I didn’t screencap it, but Lan Wangji has the saddest sad face at the end.
Tumblr media
I think Lan Wangji is a little impressed here but he doesn’t want to admit it. Wei Wuxian has a great gift to come up with ridiculous stories and lies at the drop of a hat. I love that Wei Wuxian doesn’t have to come up with a scary snake story when he could have just told Nie Huaisang what he’d already told Jiang Cheng and Wen Qing, but he does anyway. Mad respect.
This also kind of amuses me because Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji can never really have a moment alone. They keep getting interrupted by other people when I think they just want to talk about what they experienced. Instead we just have all these shared glances. Nothing like a big fat secret to get close to each other, right?
Tumblr media
Omfg Jiang Cheng is so jealous! I thought maybe I was imagining it or just projecting my own ideas onto him, but NO—he is jealous! He’s all like, “If you like Lan Wangji so much, why don’t you marry him?” I mean, that basically happened. I’ve gone on about this before, but I love the tension between Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji, and the fact that it continues even after Wei Wuxian dies makes it even better. Jiang Cheng is so stubborn and continues to hold a grudge against Lan Wangji, and it bothers the fuck out of him that there’s someone out there devoted to Wei Wuxian, by whom Jiang Cheng feels so betrayed.
And, I mean, by this point, it’s already started. As soon as they get to the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian starts paying more attention to Lan Wangji than he does to either Jiang Cheng or Jiang Yanli. And Jiang Cheng likes to say, “You’re worrying my sister, you’re hurting my sister” when he really means, “You’re worrying me.” His stupid pride gets in the way of having a good relationship with Wei Wuxian. And I don’t think Wei Wuxian would ever put Lan Wangji above Jiang Cheng, who he considers his family—at least not at this point. It’s not until the second half that things switch, and really, even then, in the CQL-verse, the two are probably equal in Wei Wuxian’s mind. He backs off from Jiang Cheng due to Jiang Cheng’s attitude toward him.
Okay, Jiang Cheng’s jealousy aside, I love how steadfast and supportive Wei Wuxian is of him. As soon as he catches on that Jiang Cheng is jealous, he immediately starts trash-talking the Cloud Recesses and talking up Lotus Pier. It’s very cute, very sweet. He’s a good brother to him, really.
Tumblr media
Now who’s jealous? Just kidding. I love his wistful expression here, as he watches them go off. Anyone who’s read the book knows that Lan Wangji does get jealous at times and certainly frustrated with Wei Wuxian’s coquettish behavior. I would say he is more longing at this moment, maybe even wanting to get closer to Wei Wuxian, without really understanding why himself. There’s such an isolation to his world: even though he’s surrounded by other disciples, he doesn’t have any friends. He’s maybe regretting how quickly he refused to the invitation to Lotus Pier. I think, on the one hand, Lan Wangji has found one person in this world who not only shares a secret with him, but who has similar goals—on the other hand, his code of ethics are all over the place. His heart and mind are conflicted: he wants to get closer, but he doesn’t want to make the wrong decision. To his Gusu Lan Clan mind, Wei Wuxian is all wrong, but his heart says otherwise. And I’m not saying he loves him already—but he is already seeing a kindred spirit in Wei Wuxian, someone who he can rely on, someone he can trust, someone who has his back, even if it means bending a few rules. And in a relationship, you have nothing if you don’t have trust.
Tumblr media
I never noticed that they were communicating telepathically here. Or something. I dunno. I guess it’s not that clear.
Also if it feels like I’m ignoring all these parts with the Wen Clan, it’s because I am. I mean, not really, but this is all the Yin Iron stuff that I don’t really care about. And I’m not in the Xue Yang fan club either, so I’m not going to spend time on him until he’s actually in it in Yueyang (possibly) and Yi City. Actually, confession: I’ve never watched the Yi City flashback episodes. I read it, so I know it, but I never watched it hahaha. I will this time around. I made that pact with myself.
Tumblr media
Ahem, excuse me. This is too fucking cute, though. The rabbit lantern that Wei Wuxian drew just for him, his cute baby smile, and the Wei Wuxian pointing it out with a grin. Cuteness overload—my heart can’t take it.
But I also had a sad thought that if Wei Wuxian hadn’t come over, Lan Wangji would be sitting here alone. He’d make his lantern all on his own, send it off into the sky, say his own prayer to himself, and never hear Wei Wuxian’s, which likely sends Lan Wangji over the edge with his feelings. Everything he thought about Wei Wuxian was true, and maybe it’s okay to like him, maybe it’s okay to consider him a friend, maybe it’s okay to trust him that way.
Tumblr media
Just a shot that I liked. Enjoy.
Tumblr media
I feel so bad for Jiang Yanli here. I also feel bad for Jin Zixuan, even though he’s a complete dick. I understand how they both feel here—to be tied to someone you don’t know, from the time you were small children is incredibly unfair in my eyes. That being said, I know this still happens in other parts of the world, and it’s implied that it’s common in our CQL/MDZS world (which would make sense, of course). I like the feeling of siding with Wei Wuxian, wanting to come to Jiang Yanli’s defense and protect her honor, while also still having an understanding of how Jin Zixuan must feel about the whole thing. His choice has been completely taken away. And he’s, what, 17 here? What 17-year-old boy wants to be reminded constantly about how he’s already engaged? It’s not typically a young man’s dream to settle down and get married—not that it can’t be! But the implication here, with all the girls tittering about it, is that they’re all excited about marriage, and he wants nothing to do with it. Of course, Jiang Yanli isn’t either. I think she really just wants to get to know him and spend time with him, before even thinking about marrying him.
Tumblr media
Ah, a momentous occasion: the first time Lan Wangji tries to stop Wei Wuxian from getting himself into trouble (not counting the first time they met, when he was literally trying to police him while breaking Cloud Recesses rules). I like this shot, because you have Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji on either side of Wei Wuxian, and Jiang Yanli in the front, literally putting her body between him and Jin Zixuan (actually this parallels her final scene). It kind of shows the depths of their relationships (or at least what the director wants to show us). You have Lan Wangji, who grabs onto Wei Wuxian to try to stop him from further brawling; Jiang Cheng, who stands beside him, but isn’t really involved otherwise—standoffish, in a way; and then Jiang Yanli, who physically gets in the way. She’s the quintessential big sister. And I’m not saying Jiang Cheng doesn’t care—he does, but I think his first thought always has to do with the honor of the Jiang Clan and, while he’s standing beside Wei Wuxian, it’s almost as if he doesn’t want to show any involvement with this brawl, because that would look bad.
Tumblr media
Ah, the old dudes meeting, while Jiang Cheng stands off to the side awkwardly, wondering if he should be there or not. At the outset, this meeting to decide their children’s future seemed kind of bad, but it actually turned out nice, with them agreeing to call off the engagement. Very progressive, I thought.
Tumblr media
Two things I learned in this scene: Wei Wuxian doesn’t want to marry a woman and he doesn’t want to leave the Cloud Recesses yet (TL: he doesn’t want to leave Lan Wangji). He seriously looks so disappointed when she says they’re going home soon.
Tumblr media
This feels like a mixture of “I’m worried about you” and “I don’t want to be left out.” We already know at this point that Wei Wuxian doesn’t want to leave the Cloud Recesses (more that he doesn’t want to leave Lan Wangji, because he doesn’t like all of the rules, obviously). He also is very interested in what’s happening with the Yin Iron, as he has also vowed to protect it with Lan Wangji. He is very perceptive—he knows something is happening, that Lan Wangji is going to go off on his own, and he wants to go with. It’s kind of hard to say if this is more out of duty or his adventurous spirit, but either way, he wants to help Lan Wangji.
Tumblr media
“After his leave, things will be as quiet here as before.”
Look at how sad he is! The only person he considers a friend has just left, and at this point, he doesn’t know if he’ll ever see him again. It’s possible, sure, but then only at clan gatherings, and that’s if Wei Wuxian and Lang Wangji even happen to attend the same one. I believe we know from the book that Lan Wangji doesn’t typically attend gatherings (when he’s older), he often skips them. And Wei Wuxian isn’t necessarily important enough to even be invited, so he would have to be a guest of Jiang Cheng. Obviously we all know that they do go to gatherings and see each other again, but this is what I’d be thinking if I were Lan Wangji, okay? Like, when am I going to see him again? Will I ever see him again?
Tumblr media
I leave you with a wholesome picture of Wei Wuxian and a rabbit. Also adorable that he contemplates bringing the bunnies back to Lotus Pier, but doesn’t because Lan Wangji might get lonely. MY HEART!
Other episodes: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |
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elisaphoenix13 · 11 days ago
Adjusting To Change
This takes place way back before (during) Conflict just an FYI!
School was let out early and students were urged to go home on account of another alien invasion. Harley had to walk which wasn't a huge deal since the alien ship wasn't on his usual route home to the tower, but people still panicked since it was possible more were on the way. He didn't bother looking for Peter either. He knew the younger teen had a field trip that day and was either already on the way to the museum or had suited up and went to go check out the situation. Maybe even both.
But Harley walked home. It took a little longer than usual because of the panic, but when he got home, the only people in the penthouse (and possibly the entire tower) were Pepper and Happy. They had both stayed behind to watch Diana who was contently dozing in her little bouncer chair, and that was enough to tell Harley that his parents were already checking out the alien ship. He greeted both Pepper and Happy as he sat on the couch and he sort of ignored Diana to focus on doing the homework he had been given so far. He didn't really mean to ignore the baby, but seeing her was still a little bit of a sore spot for him even after six months had passed since she was born.
Harley loved her but she reminded him of the little sister he lost just a couple months before Diana was born and he was afraid to get attached. He was afraid something could happen again that would rip his new family away and he didn't want to go through that pain again. There was even more of a chance of something happening with this family because they were the Avengers. Risk was part of their everyday lives so it made it harder for Harley to let himself get attached. Even though it happened anyway.
After the fire took his mom and sister, Tony was the only person he could think of to ask for help and the engineer dropped everything to pick him up in Rose Hill. He even covered the costs of the funeral and made sure Harley's family got taken care of before they even got on the plane and he had been grateful. Tony took him in and made him a part of his family, and he was welcomed by Stephen and Peter.
Stephen was another person Harley didn't want to get close to for similar reasons. The sorcerer gave him space when Tony first brought him home, but he also made sure that Harley ate and knew that they were there when he was ready to talk. He took care of him like he was his own and that was what scared Harley. Stephen really was a mom and the teen didn't want to lose another one. He pushed back so much even though his heart didn't want to, but still, Stephen took care of him. Even took a bullet for him. That was what scared him into accepting what Stephen was so freely giving him. Harley figured that he'd rather experience more of that love than to forever push it away and regret it later like he almost did, so he had never been so happy when Stephen survived the gunshot wound.
Peter truly wormed his way into people's hearts so Harley never had any problem with him. They were friends by the end of the first day they met since they had a common interest, and Peter was the one who had been skeptical at first. But with Diana? Harley just...he couldn't seem to let himself get attached. At least not right away. When they came home that one day and discovered they had a sister, Peter was excited but Harley wasn't. The loss of his sister was still fresh on his mind and to make it somehow worse, Tony and Stephen understood and didn't try to push the baby onto him. They let him bond with her at his own pace. A bond that was very slowly forming, but it was happening nonetheless.
Like now, Harley couldn't help but reach over and finally wipe off the small trail of formula that had been sitting on her chin with a nearby bib. Pepper probably missed it when she fed the baby but it happened. His parents missed spots of formula on occasion too.
Of course, while he wasn't very close to Diana, he would still make sure she was safe. If Pepper or Happy told him to take her and get out of the tower, Harley would do it in a heartbeat. He'd take care of her until someone he knew and trusted could take over. But didn't that mean that he was closer to Diana than he thought? Or maybe he would do that for any baby. Still, the thought of losing his new baby sister made his heart twist in pain and that was what clued him in to how in denial he had been. There were just some things he wouldn't do for other babies that he would do for Diana.
When he turned in the tv to see if there was any update to what was going on, he realized that he might actually need to take care of Diana when he saw the headlines on a news channel displaying that Tony was missing. One moment he was fighting in Greenwich Village, the next he was last seen flying after the alien ship and that had been the last anyone heard from him. When Harley questioned Friday about Stephen's whereabouts, she confirmed that not only were his parents on the ship, but so was his brother.
And they were out of the AI's range.
All Harley could do was wait. Wait until they came back from space and keep himself prepared to react at a moment's notice. Pepper and Happy were too busy trying to figure out what was going on but he knew they would tell him as soon as they knew anything.
There was radio silence for the next few hours. No sign of his family returning, and no response to Happy and Pepper. Harley had long since finished his homework and he occupied himself with keeping Diana taken care of and happy when she woke up from her nap. He fed her, changed her diapers, and even played with her blocks with her despite the amount of drool covering them. He felt it was his responsibility to stay calm for her. Of course, it helped him in the long run too. It kept him occupied from thinking about the what ifs.
If his mind got to think about the what ifs, he might have actually had a breakdown. So he remained steadfast. He took care of Diana, kept one ear out for any new information, and eventually...he took his baby sister up to his parents room for bed. He changed her one last time before he put her in her crib, read her a bedtime story when she seemed to refuse to go to sleep (which was valid since their parents still weren't home), and "tucked her in" when she finally settled down enough to sleep. Harley put the book down and when he grabbed her teddy bear off the nearby nightstand to give to her…it fell from his hands.
Harley looked down at the bear in confusion and then at his hands, and that's when he saw himself start to disintegrate into dust. There was no time to even panic about it. He just remembered looking back at the crib to find Diana sitting up again and watching him disappear with a scared whimper, and all he wanted was to reassure her. To keep her from getting scared.
But his world went dark before he could.
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lexidigredi · 11 days ago
Married at First Sight - Day 14
Cory is not usually an early riser however with today’s visit to his family playing on his mind he found himself unable to enjoy his usual lie-in.  Fortunately Riley was once again there to provide a listening ear and reassure Cory that everything would be fine.  For all this couple’s struggles to communicate with each other, Chesney does seem to have the ability to at least get on with most people.
Tumblr media
Not long after this Julian was up and came to chat with Riley as he prepared a meal for later in the day.
Tumblr media
For her part, Chesney decided to prepare for the visit to Cory’s family by calling her brother Carlton and checking if there was anything about how she comes across to strangers she should keep in mind.  She seemed reassured, and when Riley and Julian tried to offer her some tips she politely but firmly told them she was confident she knew what she was doing.
Tumblr media
Back in Lauryn and Julians apartment Lauryn could not get enough of Julian’s painting.  She shared that she found it a helpful focus for working through her thoughts and feelings about her relationship with her partner.
Tumblr media
Family Visit - The Knapp Family
Tumblr media
Location: Family House by Maelan_le-bg
Arriving at the Knapp family residence in Oasis Springs Cory briefed Chesney on what to expect from his family.
Tumblr media
She did not seem to need his guidance, though, and remained not-so-quietly confident!  Cory was not so sure what to make of this.
Tumblr media
Once inside, Chesney wasted no time getting to know Cory’s brother Edmund and his youngest daughter Mindy.  Not entirely sure how to act around small children, Chseney very bluntly explained to Mindy that she was not going to be a little kid forever and that she would most likely find the realities of adult life disappointing and stressful.
Tumblr media
For whatever reason, Mindy found this hilarious, and decided that Chesney was her new best friend.  Not quite the reaction Chesney had been expecting…
Tumblr media
Soon Cory’s father Westley arrived, followed by Edmund’s wife Dorothy and their eldest daughter Mia.  As the whole family sat and chatted in the living room Cory watched from the kitchen, suddenly feeling like an outsider in his own home.
Tumblr media
For whatever reason Chesney and Mindy continued to get along famously.  Apparently Chesney’s sociable nature far outweighed her general dislike of children, and when Mindy wanted a hug from her new favourite person Chesney was more than happy to oblige!
Tumblr media
Whilst this had been doing on Cory had retreated upstairs to take his frustrations out on strangers on the internet.  Westley and Mia went to find him, but they knew him too well to try to persuade this loner to come back downstairs.  Instead they decided to make his trolling a team effort, offering numerous suggestions for derailing conversations and imaginative insults!
Tumblr media
Mia decided that she wanted to have a go herself, and Cory was a little alarmed at how quickly she got drawn into the flame war!
Tumblr media
Deciding that things had gone far enough, Westley encouraged Mia to go to her room to cool off, and both he and Cory headed back downstairs.  After Chesney excused herself to use the toilet Cory’s family were quick to capitalise on the opportunity to ask him about how he saw his relationship with Chesney progressing.  He may have gone a little over the top in his assurances that things were going great, and they did not look entirely convinced…
Tumblr media
On her way back from the toilet Chesney decided to take a brief tour of the unattended rooms upstairs and with no one else around she quickly helped herself to one of Mindy’s picture books. The book only cost a few simoleons brand new, was clearly very worn, and of course has little intellectual stimulation to offer Chesney, which really demonstrates how her kleptomania is a compulsion fulfilling some deeper psychological need rather than a deliberate action born of financial necessity.  Perhaps after bonding with Mindy earlier that day she took the book so that she could continue to feel emotionally close to her once she had returned to the apartments…  This could provide an interesting gateway into examining the drivers for Chesney’s stealing more generally, but this is a reality television show not a forensic psychology documentary.
Back downstairs, Mindy wanted to hear a story.  Super-confident Chesney decided that Mindy would rather hear one of Chesney’s own true life tails than whatever inane drivel was in her picture books… and it seems she was right!  Mindy is basically entranced by anything Chensey has to say.
Tumblr media
Deciding that she might get more out of Cory one-to-one, Dorothy persuaded him to let her mix him a drink at the home bar.  She tried not to let her concern show as Cory explained that whilst Chesney seemed nice there just did not seem to be any physical connection between the two of them.
Tumblr media
The whole Knapp family (and particularly Mindy) think that Chesney is great, so they were sad to hear Cory say he felt it might not work out.
Back at the apartments…
As the film crew arrived back Melany could be heard on the phone to Kenzie, excitedly discussing plans for her wedding to Briella.
Nathaneal dropped by again to have dinner and talk to Lauryn and Julian about their relationship.  This was a more relaxed visit than his previous one, but Lauryn once again showed a laser-guided knack for saying exactly the wrong thing.  Julian already knows that this is going to go badly…
Tumblr media
To her credit, Lauryn immediately realised her mistake, but it was too late to take it back, and Nathaneal promptly started listing the reasons why he did not think this relationship was going to work.
Tumblr media
For the fourth day in a row Riley had had a bad day at work.  Despite what he may have told Cory the previous day, he does not seem to be coping well with the increased responsibility, and an embarrassing incident earlier that evening left him anxious about facing his colleagues the following day.  Fortunately Venkat was there to listen, act appropriately shocked, and provide reassurance.
Tumblr media
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animebw · 11 days ago
Big Massive Yuri Manga Recommendation List
So, I’ve been reading a lot of yuri manga lately. Like, a lot of yuri manga. Outside of One Piece, yuri manga basically makes up my entire manga diet. And the thought occurred to me: if I’m reading this much yuri manga, and if I’m really loving a lot of them, why don’t I make a big-ass recommendation list so my followers can learn about some titles that might have slipped under their radar? Well, that’s just what I did. Here before you is a list of the best yuri manga I’ve read, the ones that made the biggest impression on me and have stuck with me the most. Give it a read and see if you pick up anything new for your reading list! I’ve also included each manga’s current chapter count, whether they’re finished or ongoing, and how much spice they have going on. It turns out, yuri manga can be veeeeeeeery sexual when it wants to be.
One last thing: don’t expect to see any of the big names on this list. You don’t need me to tell you to check out Bloom Into You, Kase-san, and Adachi and Shimamura. Those manga already have plenty of exposure, not to mention superb anime adaptations (though to be clear, those titles are all fantastic and you should absolutely read/watch them as well). This is a list of more obscure titles, stuff you probably haven’t heard about and likely won’t ever get an anime. I prefer anime over manga as a general rule, so if a manga seems bound to get an anime, I prefer to wait until the anime comes out and experience it in anime form. But I doubt any of these manga will ever get the silver screen treatment, which means it falls on me to be their hypeman. You probably haven’t heard of many of them, if any at all, but they absolutely deserve your attention just as much as the ones you have heard of. Give them a shot, and you might be surprised just how many of them steal your heart away.
Tumblr media
A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow
On the one hand, I hesitate to list this as a yuri manga because it’s very much operating in the real of frustratingly ambiguous subtext. The main relationship between Konatsu, a girl who moves to a new town by the sea, and Koyuki, the girl who welcomes her to the school’s aquarium club, is deep and intimate and absolutely dripping with unspoken emotions, but the ultimate conclusion leaves it up for you to decide whether it’s simply a very close friendship or something more. If you prefer manga that are actually explicit about depicting WLW love, this might not be for you. On the other hand, if you don’t mind rolling with that ambiguity, I cannot recommend Tropical Fish highly enough. This is a beautiful coming of age tale, both in its serene artwork and the deep, aching sincerity of the emotions it explores. It’s a story about what it means to be alone, how to forge meaningful connections in a world where time is forever marching on, and the tragedy of knowing that nothing can last forever, but that’s no excuse not to hold fast to the things that matter most to you. There are moments in the back half of this manga that will absolutely fucking destroy you, in heartbreak and happiness alike. And it doesn’t need any huge displays of emotions to do it; all it needs is the quiet, understated agony of everyday life, how the most mundane moments can give way to the most overwhelming surges of feeling. It might require a decent set of yuri goggles to technically classify as yuri, but as long as you don’t mind that, it is absolutely worth checking out.
STATUS: Finished, 34 chapters
SPICE LEVEL: Wholesome as can be. Handholding is the lewdest it gets.
Tumblr media
Bright and Cheery Amnesia
What happens when the love of your life gets amnesia in an accident and no longer remembers you? Well, in the case of Bright and Cheery Amnesia, that just means you get to fall in love all over again. This is pure fluff, following grown-ups Mari and Arisa as they reforge the relationship that memory loss took from them. Don’t expect much in the way of deep plot, complex characters, or even accurate portrayal of medical amnesia. Just get ready to put a big smile on your face as these adorable lovebird’s antics work their way into your heart.
STATUS: Finished, 69 chapters (nice)
SPICE LEVEL: Pretty high. Characters talk often about sex and do sexy acts to each other on a fairly regular basis, though there’s no explicit nudity.
Tumblr media
Can’t Defy the Lonely Girl
So apparently, there’s a subgenre of yuri called “blackmail yuri” where one girl asks another girl for romantic/sexual favors in return for some kind of help. You’d think that would lead to nothing but trash, but to my surprise, that setup has served as the starting point for some of my favorite entries on this list. Case in point? Can’t Defy the Lonely Girl. Top student Ayaka is tasked with making her delinquent classmate Sora stop skipping school. Sora agrees, under one condition: for every day she comes to school, Ayaka must perform one favor Sora asks of her. And the first favor she asks for is a kiss! What follows is a short, streamlined, no-bullshit rollercoaster of a rom-com that spins a far more emotional story from that premise than you might expect at first glance. There’s some fantastic character work exploring the main leads and their various hang-ups, and their dynamic together is solid gold from the very first chapter. Add to that an equally fun supporting cast and a relationship that blossoms swiftly without feeling hurried, and you have yourself the perfect bite-sized treat. This one seems to be approaching its end, with the latest chapter reaching what feels like the story’s big climax, so there’s no better time to check this one out.
STATUS: Almost finished, 16 chapters currently
SPICE LEVEL: No sexual content.
Tumblr media
Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon
Some of the yuri I read takes a decent chunk of chapters to get going. This one, in contrast, sunk its claws into me from the first moment and never let go. It’s a story. On the one side, there’s Hinako, a repressed lesbian who throws herself into makeup and fashion and romance with guys to try and turn herself into a “normal” woman, the failure of which only deepens her self-doubt and aching existential loneliness. On the other side, there’s her co-worker Asahi, a sensible woman who devotes so much of herself to taking care of her teenage sister that the thought of having a life for herself barely crosses her mind. When a chance encounter makes them take notice of each other for the first time, they begin to grow closer, first as friends, then increasingly as something more intimate... and more terrifying. This is a fantastic story about two lost souls finding their missing pieces in each other’s company, all the aching emotional serenity (and gorgeous artwork) of Tropical Fish with explicit romantic tension and a powerful focus on the societal pressures faced by women who don’t fit society’s standard of “normal.” It’s heartwarming, delightful, often devastating, at times breathtaking, and nothing short of remarkable at every turn. And considering it’s only just begun, there’s the potential for this to end up an all-time great, so consider checking it out now so you can say you were a fan before it was cool.
STATUS: Ongoing, 12 chapters currently
SPICE LEVEL: No sexual content.
Tumblr media
Even if It Was Just Once, I Regret It
Another surprising triumph from the “blackmail yuri” genre, this time focused on adults. Chiyo has lost her job and retreated into a hikkikomori shell, and it’s not until her nineteen-year-old landlord Ritsuka bangs on her door that she realizes she’s desperately behind on rent. Ritsuka’s solution? They’ll live together- and have sex- until Chiyo’s able to get back on her feet. And yes, even with a premise as full of minefields as that, Ichi Dake Demo is an absolute delight. It dives headfirst into adorable character interactions and heavy emotional drama alike, mining real pathos from Chiyo’s depression, Ritsuka’s fear of emotional vulnerability, broader societal prejudice, and the strength it takes to rise above a rotten situation and forge a life worth living for. There are moments in this manga that took me by surprise in so many different ways, and by the time the climax rolled around, I was genuinely close to tears at points. This one’s really fucking good, y’all. So don’t mind the concerning premise and give it a shot; it might just surprise you like it surprised me.
STATUS: Finished, 19 chapters
SPICE LEVEL: High. Sex and nudity are both present in generous dollops.
Tumblr media
Failed Princesses
Out of all the manga on this list, Failed Princesses probably took the longest to get its claws into me. The story of a shallow popular girl who suffers a bad breakup and finds solace in the quiet, bookish girl she once turned her nose up at takes a while to shake off the discomfort of feeling like these two just aren’t good for each other. Nanaki is deeply disrespectful of Kanade even after they begin to make nice, and it feels like the narrative is inadvertently embodying the exact kind of shallowness it’s trying to critique. But then around chapter 14, it finally starts leaning into the lesbian side of the equation, and I swear, the quality just fucking skyrockets. It turns out, Failed Princesses was way smarter than I gave it credit for, and it absolutely knew what it was doing with all those uncomfortable moments and ideas. This is a story of genuine transformation, where characters change so radically from the people they used to be that you almost don’t recognize them by the time it’s wrapping up, but every stage of that development makes sense and packs a real, affecting punch. From internalized homophobia to harmful beauty standards, from the bullshit power structure of high school cliques to the way women and girls of all walks of life are hurt by patriarchal expectations, this manga tackles so many weight subjects with precision, thoughtfulness, and above all else, impact. The final chapter is almost upon us, and the most recent developments had me practically shaking with emotions, so there’s no better time to get on board and experience this wild ride for yourself.
STATUS: Almost finished, 33 chapters currently
SPICE LEVEL: No sex or nudity.
Tumblr media
At first, you could be forgiven for thinking that the yuri tag on Futaribeya is misplaced. This manga starts out looking like any generic cute-girls 4-koma, centered on the wacky misadventures of two high school girls who share the same dorm room. Plenty of cute moments, to be sure, but nothing outside the realm of obvious shipteasing. That is, until Sakurano kisses Kasumi out of nowhere in a drunken haze, and that’s when the breaks truly come off. Futaribeya isn’t content to just stay in the never-ending high school bubble; it takes its characters through graduation, college, and even into the world of working adults, maintaining its 4-koma slice-of-life energy all the while but constantly pushing the status quo forward. New characters enter out protagonists’ lives and old characters leave it behind, relationships blossom and develop all around, simple fun-time hijinks start to share the space with deeper, more soul-searching episodes. And at the center of it all is Sakuranoa and Kasumi, two girls fumbling through their feelings in a space that isn’t quite romance yet but sure as hell can’t be classified as friendship. Not with all the kissing, hand-holding, declarations of love and casual intimacy that are springing up between them. This isn’t a manga to go to for rip-roaring romantic development; this is a slow-burn focused on individual snapshots of an expansive life that feels like it’s still only just begun. But if you’re in the mood for something as uniquely expansive as it is adorable, Futaribeya might be worth checking out.
STATUS: Ongoing, 68 chapters currently
SPICE LEVEL: No sex or nudity.
Tumblr media
Hino-san no Baka
Score three for the blackmail yuri genre! This one is pure Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, centered on the titular delinquent slacker Hino-san and the goody two shoes Koguma whom she mercilessly teases in return for going to class. It’s not particularly deep or emotional, but my god is it entertaining. The core comedic loop of Hino getting Koguma all hot and bothered, only to reveal her actual request was something far less lewd than she made Koguma believe, makes for a constant stream of hilarious gags and adorable moments. There’s even some nice character development as the two start becoming more aware of how much they mean together and start becoming more honest with their feelings. It’s been running for a long time, but it’s still just as fresh, funny, and squee-inducing as when it started, if not more so. Check it out for a good time, no braincells required.
STATUS: Ongoing, 75 chapters currently
SPICE LEVEL: Surprisingly raunchy. Very little fanservice, but many bawdy gags and sexually charged situations, often with a great deal of embarrassment for poor Koguma.
Tumblr media
How Do We Relationship?
Here’s one for the lovers of college romance in the audience. Shy introvert Miwa and loud extrovert Saeko are both lesbians who’ve struggled to accept their identities thanks to heteronormative pressure from all sides. When they meet in college, equally unlucky in love, Saeko suggests they just start dating each other, because hey, not like they’ve got many other options, right? But what starts as a relationship of convenience quickly blossoms into something much more genuine, and soon they both have to content with all the perils and pitfalls of navigating their first real romance, pressures exacerbated by the heteronormative bullshit that refuses to leave them the hell alone. It’s a refreshingly honest look at a lesbian relationship, documenting moments good and bad and everything in between with a frank refusal to shy away from the less pretty sides of love. It’s hilarious and hard-hitting in equal measure, and it’s very well worth your time.
STATUS: Ongoing, 28 chapters currently
SPICE LEVEL: Very high. Sex and nudity are frequent, explicit, and important factors in everyone’s character and development.
Tumblr media
I Wanna Be Your Girl
Looking for a yuri that really dives headfirst into tackling the struggle for LGBTQ+ acceptance? Look no further than the story of childhood friends Hime and Akari. Hime’s nursed a crush on Akari pretty much since they met, and not even Akari coming out to her as a trans girl has changed that. But now that they’re in high school, Akari’s decided to take the huge step of living openly as a trans girl, and Hime’s determined to stick up for her friend no matter what prejudice or ignorance they face for it. But Hime’s got baggage of her own to work through, and she very quickly comes to realize how little she understands about what it means to be a good ally, especially when her own romantic feelings are a constant nagging presence in the back of her mind. I Wanna Be Your Girl pulls no punches, exploring heavy topics like transphobia, homophobia, harmful allyship, internalized LGBTQ+ self-loathing, the dehumanizing effect of gendered expectations for girls, and even acephobia. It’s rarely gentle and never compromises, but it wears its heart on its sleeve and always pushes forward towards acceptance and self-love, with kindness and compassion for the curable ignorance in all of us. It’s a hell of a read, and if you can handle the aforementioned content warnings, I highly recommend it.
STATUS: Finished, 50 chapters
SPICE LEVEL: No sexual content, but lots of heavy topics and emotionally taxing moments.
Tumblr media
Mage and Demon Queen
Okay, I am absolutely cheating on this pick. I have mentioned M&DQ many times before on this blog, it’s one of the most popular comics currently on Webtoon, it’s already plenty well-known and beloved. But I don’t care, any chance I get to shill Mage and Demon Queen, I will shill Mage and Demon Queen. This isn’t just my favorite yuri manga (or Webtoon, I guess), this is my favorite manga period. At once a tooth-rottingly adorable fantasy rom-com between two disaster gays, a stirring fantasy epic set in the rare JRPG world that actually works as a setting, a deeply compelling character drama between two damaged people learning to be better, and a showcase of the best comedic sensibilities I’ve ever seen in the medium of manga, Mage and Demon Queen is an unqualified triumph on every front. It makes me laugh, it makes me cheer, it makes me squee, and it consistently delivers on a story that’s only getting bigger, better, and braver without ever losing the adorable yuri mushiness at its core. So please, I am begging you, read Mage and Demon Queen. It’s currently on break after the incredible season 2 climax, so this is the perfect time to catch up before season 3 starts up later this year. I promise, you won’t regret it for a second.
STATUS: Ongoing, 126 chapters currently
SPICE LEVEL: Some kinky stuff, but no sex or nudity.
Tumblr media
Our Teachers are Dating
This one I don’t have much to say about: it’s just pure fluff and exactly what it says on the tin. Two lady teachers working at the same school fall in love, start dating, and their relationship is the most adorable thing ever. But just because I don’t have much to say about it doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. Trust me, it’ll put the biggest smile on your face.
STATUS: Finished, 24 chapters
SPICE LEVEL: Very high. Lots of (cute and fluffy) sex and nudity.
Tumblr media
She is Also Cute Today
Welcome to the world of Chinese Manhwa! This is another story about a model student falling for a delinquent slacker who doesn’t fit in with their school’s model of success, albeit without the “blackmail” angle. It’s a very slow burn and takes its sweet time getting anywhere, but it’s packed full of hilarious, heartwarming moments, and it’s even setting up a MLM relationship on the side which promises to be just as adorable as the main ship. Also, the artwork is fucking beautiful and I want to swim in its color palette. Oh, and its reference game is second to none. I’m talking Jojo’s references that put all other Jojo’s references to shame here. Come expecting a good time and you won’t be disappointed.
STATUS: Ongoing, 84 chapters currently
SPICE LEVEL: Very wholesome, no sex or nudity.
Still Sick
This manga combindes two of my favorite yuri tropes; working adults, and rediscovering your passion later in life. Office working Makoto writes yuri doujins as a side hobby, a secret she keeps from everyone until her fellow co-worked Maekawa stumbles across her at a con and reveals that she used to be a manga writer herself, before burnout and self-loathing forced her out of the profession. As their relationship develops, they push each other to recommit to the things they love, and watching them blossom together is nothing short of incredible. I also love how to explores the fandom side of yuri, and how many real WLW use yuri as a medium to explore their feelings and understand themselves a little better. It’s short, sweet, and absolutely delightful, so give it a look if you’ve got the time.
STATUS: Finished, 23 chapters.
SPICE LEVEL: Mild. Some steamy bits, but no sex or nudity.
Tumblr media
The Two Sides of Seiyuu Radio
This one’s only just gotten started, but I think it has the potential to be something really special. On air, voice actors and radio personalities Yuugure and Utahani are best friends, two high school girls in the same class pursuing their dreams of becoming stars together. Off air, though, the real girls behind those personalities, loner Chika and gyaru Yumiko, are polar opposites that can’t stand each other’s guts. Their chemistry is electrifying; every sparring match and moment of connection hits like a lightning bolt. I could watch them talk about anything, butting heads and slowly coming to understand each other, and it would make for some of the most exciting conversation I’ve read in manga. Add to that some fantastic artwork, hilarious gags, an equally compelling supporting cast, and a fascinating look at the realities of entering the seiyuu industry in Japan, and you’ve got a recipe for one hell of an entertaining read. Climb aboard the bandwagon while it’s still fresh; something tells me this is gonna be one to remember.
STATUS: Ongoing, 8 chapters currently
SPICE LEVEL: Very mild. The most recent chapter has a bath scene, but there’s no sex or explicit nudity... yet.
Tumblr media
Their Story (Tamen de Gushi)
If you check out one Chinese manhwa from my list, make it this one. Their Story is Kase-san of the Chinese yuri market, a story so simple and yet so instantly iconic it might as well be the mascot face for the entire damn genre. Sun Jing is reckless, athletic and feisty. Qui Tong is pretty, feminine and sweet. The first time they meet, Sun Jing falls and falls hard. Thus begins, as the title says, their story, as they grow closer together, work through their feelings, eventually make it official and begin to navigate life as a couple. What it lacks in originality, it makes up for in absolutely god-tier execution. There are so many moments from this manhwa that are permanently etched into my mind, whether adorable romantic chemistry or gut-busting comedy, and every chapter has at least one moment that leaves me giggling like an idiot for long after I finish reading. It’s not the best structured story ever, but as a collection of snapshots in the lives of these two girls and the many equally lovable dorks around them, it’s incredible, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
STATUS: Ongoing, 203 chapters currently
SPICE LEVEL: No sex or nudity.
Tumblr media
Whisper Me a Love Song
What happens when you take the emotionally intense boy’s-love band show Given and turn it into a cute, fluffy yuri manga? You get Whisper Me a Love Song, and unsurprisingly, it’s pretty damn great. It’s a story of love at first sight between excitable high school freshman Himari and her cool senpai Yori, who gets roped into playing guitar for her friends’ band at the start-of-year talent show and absolutely sweeps Himari off her feet. The artwork is stunning, the romance is tooth-rottingly adorable, and the background plot of Yori discovering her love of songwriting makes for sequences of playing music that you can all but hear, they leap off the page so expressively Whisper Me a Love Song is a manga that hits you with big, melodramatic emotions and nails them all with fist-pumping joy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up getting an anime of its own eventually. It's so vibrantly realized already that it might as well already have motion and sound. I had a fantastic time with it, and I suspect you will too.
STATUS: Ongoing, 22 chapters currently
SPICE LEVEL: No sex or nudity.
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overr-written · 11 days ago
Hiiiii! I love the give in series soo much!💕 if your taking request maybe you could do the winter soldier putting his girl to sleep after a fussy day?
malen'kiy + soldat (sfw)
Tumblr media
Pairing : Winter Soldier x little!reader
Word Count : 550
Warnings : brief mentions of torture / murder, possibly incorrect language translations, forced regression, hinted dd/lg relationship, angst but fluff
Notes : Thank you for following me and sending this request! I’m sorry it took me so long to write this! I‘m still getting to the other prompts for my 1k celebration. None of you have been forgotten, and I have so much love for every one of you! Thank you so much again, I hope you enjoy!
I obviously don’t speak Russian, please excuse any mistakes, or English, for that matter 💕
Key / Word Translation :
malen'kiy - little one
soldat - soldier
plokhaya devochka - bad girl
skuchayu - miss you
navsegda - forever
(Also provided at bottom of post)
“It is time for sleep, malen'kiy,” his baritone voice rumbled deep in his chest.
The sliver of light that the one window provided came from the moon, bright and pure as it lit up his blue eyes to appear silver. They were hard like ice, yet pupils blown wide.
It was a successful mission, no mistakes. He was rewarded. He got to see his Little One.
They froze her like him, erased her mind akin to his. She wasn’t who she once was. But she was his— his plaything.
Yet, the Winter Soldier loved her. At least, the only way his twisted mind could allow.
She was incentive. Do the job well, he got to see her. If he misbehaved, or fought back, he was punished, and so was she.
When he obeyed, when he had the rare choice, he did it for her, to ensure her safety. He couldn’t lose her too.
His malen'kiy loved her soldat and hated seeing him hurt. She was programmed to want and need only him. She took to him almost instantly. But that did not mean she always obeyed, either.
“Bed, malen'kiy,” he ordered her again, walking through the shadows of their desolate, concrete room.
Despite his cold demeanor, harsh and as barren as their room, he made the space warm and radiated a calming aura. Though, only she seemed to think so.
“No, wan’ stay up,” she pouted her bottom lip, scrunching her face as she crossed her arms over her chest.
Their bed was a firm, outdated mattress. She hated that mattress.
“No,” he said simply, slowly approaching, closing in on her. He was tried. It was ready to rest.
“Wan’ stay up,” she whined, facing away from him. He did not scare her.
“You’ve been a plokhaya devochka today,” his spoke lowly, “They told me.”
A chill ran up her spine. She felt him near her, feeling his heat radiate off of him in their chilled room. She could not cave to him yet. She wanted more time. She never had enough time.
“Don’t wanna sleep,” her voice fell soft.
“Sleep with me,” his flesh hand found its way to her arm, gently caressing her skin.
“But you will be asleep,” she said.
He understood then. She wanted more time, with him. That was why she had been so fussy today, a nuisance to the Hydra agents. She missed her soldat.
He slowly turned her to face him, her sad eyes downcast.
“Skuchayu,” her words were whispered, but easily heard. Miss you... she said.
His metal fingers stroked her jaw, up to her cheekbone, “You will dream of me, malen'kiy. You still have me, navsegda.”
Her heart felt whole, swelled with love. These moments made it all feel worth it. Her soldat was worth it.
“Navsegda,” she repeated, giving a small nod.
“Sleep now,” his lips brushed over her warm cheeks, “With me.”
“Okay,” she finally agreed.
The Winter Soldier settled on his back, the old mattress hard enough for him to fall asleep. He knew she could not fall asleep on it, so she sleeps on top of him, his arms holding her protectively until the sunrise wakes them.
Key / Word Translation :
malen'kiy - little one
plokhaya devochka - bad girl
skuchayu - miss you
navsegda - forever
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