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#lucifer morningstar
thegameofnerds · 9 minutes ago
Lucifer Season 5 Episode 10 Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam
Catch up with Netflix's Lucifer right here on The Game of Nerds!
If you didn’t catch my last review, you can find it here. We open to Lucifer waking up to sing and play the piano. He told Chloe he couldn’t say he loves her. His heart is breaking because the moron is in love with Chloe. God walks in at the close of the song. He is not a welcome sight. He effectively throws his father, God, out of his penthouse. Chloe texts Lucifer about a crime scene. Lucifer…
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luciferprompts · an hour ago
5B, Lucifer and Chloe find time to sit Trixie down and tell her that they're dating and ask her how she feels about it
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lucifers-clown · an hour ago
I Wish I Was Here.
Lucifer Morningstar x female!reader.
Warnings: Angst, mentions of death, grief.
Request by @mrsalanrickman394: Could you do a fix where the reader has to fake her death and then comes back a few years later. Lucifer has been grieving but they end up having a fluffy reunion.
A/N: I am back for my usual periodical return. I hope you all like this. I wrote it whilst listening to Hozier Idk if that means anything but I thought I’d share.
Summary: He missed her, and wanted her back, and suddenly she was back.
It was a strangle cold California night when it all went down. Lucifer had felt off the entire day, like something in the pit of his stomach told him that something bad was going to happen. He tried to shake it off, have a good day at the station. Actually focusing on the case much to Chloe's surprise, but he needed a distraction from the feeling even if it was boring.
You worked on the other hand and were trying your best to not tell Lucifer what you were about to do. It hurt you so bad to leave him but it was the only way to protect him and those you loved. You had worked to arrest a particularly bad criminal with a lot of ties, ties that wanted you, and those you loved dead. You discussed your options with your high ups and they decided that maybe you disappearing for a while was the safest option. And you took it though it caused so much pain.
When the crash they planned happened you were already on the plane to England, they had set you up in the countryside. You found a simple job as a nanny, where you could reinvent yourself for a while as F/N FL/N, no longer Y/N L/N. Though your new home was gorgeous and the family you worked for were wonderful. It didn’t change how badly you wanted to go home, or call Lucifer, maybe even kiss those sweet lips of his. But it was for the best that you did this.
Lucifer the night he got the call you were killed in a car crash felt the world tumble down around him, stricken with pain and grief. You were his best friend, and secretly someone he loved in a more romantic sense. But you were not taken from him by his father before he could have ever told you. He spent a week in his penthouse, either overtaken by grief or panning you a spectacular funeral. It was the least he felt you could do, a beautiful send off is what he felt you deserved.
It had been two years since this painful week. Lucifer had not moved past it. He sll mourned you greatly, visited your grave often with a new bouquet of flowers every time. He wishes you could come back, come back and let him hold you, kiss you, run his hands
through your hair.
Unknowingly to him you were coming back. Your officer recently gave you a call telling you it is safe to return if you so please. You could be Y/N once more if you so please. And you did, you caught the first plane you could catch to America. On the plane you thought of you and Lucifer's reunion. You wondered if he would be mad, glad, hysterical. You didn’t care though you just wanted to see that sweet face.
You found a small townhouse to move to in LA since you sold your old home. Got a job as nanny because you weren’t ready to risk it all again after what happened the first time. The first thing you did after moving in was take off to go see Lucifer. If your memory serves you right he should be at the penthouse now. You were nervous you gripped the wheel so tight your knuckles went white. You hadn’t seen each other in two years, you wondered if he still felt the same
Walking into Lux was a relief, the loud music and partying made you feel at home again and you couldn’t help but to smile. You managed to work your way over to the elevator, you hit the button to his floor with shaky fingers. Once you hit his floor you felt as if you could vomit, you were so nervous, much more than you thought you would be.
“Maze I requested to be alone tonight I thought I told you-” Lucifer said as he lifted himself off the couch. But then his eyes met yours. He ran over to you and immediately took you into his arms.
“Hi Lucifer.” you said as a sof cry left your lips.
“Oh Y/N it's you it’s you It's really you love, I thought oh my dad” he cried softly as he held you.
“I had to leave, believe me it wasn’t a good choice to make, I missed you so much I didn’t want to leave to believe me” You said, pulling back and looking into his eyes.
“You're alive and here now” he said, looking you over “You're alive, and you can be mine.” He said pulling you back in. Nuzzling his head into your shoulder blade.
“I'll gladly be yours any day of the week, month, or year.” You said as you pulled him into a kiss. A kiss he returned.
You two spent the night in each other's arms, holding each other close. You were never going to leave like that again. Never letting this love go.
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over-a-rainbow · 4 hours ago
Ok this is for the Salt Ask Game
This one is for Lucifer suggested by @laurabeatrix
1. Which popular ship do you hate/dislike and why?The challenge is most ships on this show I do really like, but I know there’s a lot of people for Micheal/Chloe and yeah that’s gross. The man tried to rape her can we not.
3. Which fan favourite character do you hate/dislike and why?
I am not really sure if there “fan favorites” but I can’t stand both Cain and Micheal for obvious reasons. I also strongly disliked Eve at the start but she has grown on me.
4. Which unpopular character do you like and why?
I guess I would say Mum/Goddess I know she was a bad guy but I loved her.
5. What is your rarest pairing that you ship?
I’m not sure…maybe Dan and Amenadiel. There adorable and they would have made a fire couple.
6. What is your favourite crack ship?
Constantine and Lucifer. I will die on this hill. They 100% banged, that scene from COIE confirmed it.
7. Which ship you hated at first and now you like/love?
I really didn’t care for ether Linda/Amenadiel or Linda/Maze for the longest time. Now I have come to adore both, and honestly think Linda and Maze make a better couple then Maze and Eve.
8. Which character you hated at first and now you like/love?
Confession time, it was Chloe. She was just so boring to me in the first couple of seasons. Then season four came around and I found myself just fully in love with her. I really like her character progression and her arcs. She’s been through so much and I just want to hug her.
9. Which ship you liked at first and now you dislike/hate?
Honestly, I don’t think there is one.
10. Which character you liked at first and now you dislike/hate?
I don’t really hate any character. But I find myself liking Linda less each season.
11. What is your unpopular opinion about the fandom in general?
Don’t have one the fandom is super chill.
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feenix89 · 4 hours ago
I've been seeing some theories on Twitter about how this series will end and specifically Deckerstar. What are people's thoughts on the mortality/immortality debate regarding Lucifer and Chloe?
For me personally, I would hate if the showrunners kept Lucifer immortal and Chloe mortal. He would literally be waiting for her to die and she would live her life with someone who doesn't age or get sick while she gets older and older. I see that as half a life for Chloe. Lucifer is used to living for billions of years and a human lifespan is a drop in the bucket, but Chloe isn't used to that. I think the series places a lot of emphasis on the wonders of a human life and I think it would be a disservice to Chloe to have her live the rest of her years with someone who doesn't get older. I think it's beautiful to grow old together and that's what I want for them.
I'll be happy and I'm expecting Deckerstar to end up together at the end of the series regardless, I just wonder how this will look.
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secretlifeoffangirls · 6 hours ago
Shows that
1) Take characters known in religion/myth...
2) talk about free will/predetermination/fate, being the villain in other people's stories, and forcing characters to self-actualize...
3) all while being portrayed by attractive cast members...
No wonder I love Lucifer and the Loki series (as of 1x01) so much!
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thotpatroleum · 6 hours ago
Poor Dan had the WORST day ever only to learn everyone coordinated and faked it lmao I’d be so angry if I was Dan!!
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oshii · 6 hours ago
Hi! It says your ask box is open for Lucifer prompts, which makes me so incredibly happy, although if you don't want to write, that is totally fine! Tom Ellis wears glasses, right? What if Lucifer discovered that he needed glasses after meeting Chloe, but usually wore contacts b/c he's proud. Then, he gets sick and is too tired to put in contacts. Chloe comes to his house to work on a case, and finds him wearing glasses instead. I find this adorable, but understand if you don't! Just a thought.
Hey, nonnie! OKAY, SO - I APOLOGIZE FOR THE DELAY! I actually took off for New Orleans shortly after receiving this prompt, so that was distracting, and then upon my return I found myself preoccupied with work and other personal issues that inevitably delayed my ability to sit down and write a half-decent prompt reply :( So, the length of time between your ask and my response is entirely my fault, and not a reflection of my feelings for your prompt at all! I really need to get better at replying to these faster.
Anyway, I ended up writing about Chloe coming home to HER house to find Lucifer sitting at her kitchen table in his glasses. Short, but hopefully cute! Deckerstar, headache, H/C. Enjoy!
(image from here)
Tumblr media
Chloe balanced the stack of manila case folders beneath one arm and jiggled her key in the knob with the other, swearing under her breath, hastily blowing a tuft of loose blonde hair away from her face. Perspiration beaded on her upper lip and forehead; it was hot, for April, and she was tired and irritated and pissed at her lack of discernible progress on this case. This guy was good, but so was she – she just had to keep telling herself that; look at it from a different angle, maybe go home, sleep on it, try again in the morning…
“Ha!” The key turned, the lock clicked, and she thrust the front door open with a triumphant huff, taking a moment to brush her hair out of her face and catch her breath, standing in the doorway and reveling in the air conditioning.
“Detective, you’re home early.”
She jumped and three of the folders slipped from her grasp, sending papers and crime scene photos raining down upon the foyer floor. “Dammit, Lucifer!” With a frantic double-take, while bending down to retrieve the fallen paperwork, she furrowed her brow. “What are you doing here? How did you even get in?” And then, “you’re wearing glasses.”
Lucifer, indeed donning a pair of contemporary black-framed eyeglasses, raised his own brow over the lenses. “Indeed. I let myself in. You said you needed help on this case, and I had the afternoon free.”
She quickly picked up her work detritus, shuffling it somewhat back into a organized pile, and straightened up with an irritated, resigned sigh. “So I see. Well, you can start by sorting through these while I use the bathroom.”
But, as she approached the kitchen table where he sat with a cup of tea and some paperwork of his own (the hell was he even looking at so intensely, she wondered), Chloe noticed that beneath the improbable eyeglasses were also some less improbable and seriously impressive dark circles, and that his cheeks seemed a little flushed in this light. She frowned. “You okay?”
“Hm?” Lucifer’s gaze flickered up to meet hers, and, yeah, she could see the tired dullness in his eyes more clearly now, and the mom in her recognized it as encroaching illness from a mile away. “Yes, I’m fine. Go, tend to your excretory needs.”
She pressed her mouth into a thin line, evaluating him with a more clinical eye. Without word or warning, she extended a hand and rested the back of it against his forehead (hot, yep, definitely getting sick). Lucifer made a comical expression beneath her hand, and a cheeky smirk pulled up the corner of his mouth. “Playing nurse, are we?”
“Maybe.” She lowered the hand, and her gaze softened. “Does your head hurt, Lucifer? Is that – the glasses?”
He squinted up at her, replying with a derisive little huff, and then suddenly deflated with a weary sigh. “Throbbing like an unsatisfied member.”
Chloe responded with an amused huff of her own, taken aback by the joke, but she reached back up to cup her palm across his forehead this time. His eyes closed, and she gently pressed her thumb and middle finger into his temples. It wasn’t quite the right angle, she’d need two separate hands for that, but he sighed with quiet relief nonetheless. Encouraged by his affirmations, she set down her work folders and used both hands to rub his temples, index and middle fingers applying correct and equal pressure to both sides of his forehead – little circles, gentle but firm, tenderly attentive. Enough to close his eyes and part his lips with a small breathy sigh. “’s amazing, Detective,” he mumbled, acquiescing fully to her ministrations with a final slump of his shoulders.
Chloe smiled, a real one, full of fondness, and leaned down to plant a little kiss into the fragrant crown of his soft hair. “Well, what are partners for?”
Lucifer’s eyes opened at that, expression openly surprised as a teenage boy’s, and he wordlessly tilted his chin up to meet her lips in a proper (if chaste) kiss. They stayed that way for a second longer than necessary, lingering, breaking the gentle seal of their lips and holding contact with their eyes. Through the headache, he smiled back at her. “Don’t need my bloody glasses to see this clearly,” he murmured. “Thank you, Detective.”
She smiled back again, paperwork forgotten. “Anytime, Lucifer.”
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nancylou444 · 9 hours ago
Canon LGBTQ+ Character of the Day
Tumblr media
Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer)
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Johnathan Daniel Morningstar:
Note: What happens when you have a child with your partner (Lucifer) who was a sinner (big time) and you Chloe) were saint?
Birthday: March 18th
Zodiac sign: Taurus ♉️
Nationality: British-American
Sex: Male
Age: 1hr old "Morningstar Bloodline" | 4 months 5, 10, 18 years old in "A Second Chance"
Disability: Autistic (like his father 😜)
Special interest: Sinful cop (trust me Chloe is more than worried about her reputation when her son wants to be cop)
Occupation: (wants to be a corrupted cop that owns a nightclub)
Father: Lucifer Morningstar
Mother: Chloe Morningstar
Half Sister: Trixie Espinoza
Sister: Sabrina Morningstar (AU)
Aunt - Linda Martin
Uncle - Amenadiel Martin
Cousin - Charlie Martin
half Cousin - Adriana Martin
Grandma: Penelope Decker
Grandpa: John Decker (✝️)
Grandfather - God(frey)
Grandmother: Goddess (Charlotte Richards)
Uncle - Hanjobadiel
Uncle - Uriel (✝️)
Uncle - Gabriel
Uncle - Raphael
Uncle - Michael
Uncle - Jophiel
Uncle Zakiel
Aunt - Remiel (✝️)
Aunt - Azrael
Aunt - Gabriel
Aunt - Saraqael
Aunt - Maze
Aunt - Eve
Appearance and personality:
Pale skin, dirty blonde hair with a freckle on his cheekbone and under his left eye (AU: just like his mother) but dark eyes, slight curly hair, brows like (his father)
Accessories: Will (most likely) inherit his father's mother’s black white onyx immortality ring and bullet necklace (acting as a family heirloom 😜)
John as a child:
Tumblr media
John at 10 years old:
Tumblr media
John at 18 years old (adult):
Tumblr media
How would you describe John personality?
* Mischievous
* Skeptical
* Honest (brutally)
* Smart
* Strong willed
* Spirited
* Temperamental
* Mature (for a 10+ year old)
* Chaotic
* Collective
* Rebellious
* Preoccupied
Family name:
Morningstar (AU)
Powers / abilities:
* Mojo: love
* DJ
* Nath
* Nathan
* Johnny
* Daniel
Lucifer Morningstar:
Unlike his ungrateful sister John absolutely adores his father. Admires at everything he does or says and hangs onto every word.
Tumblr media
Chloe Morningstar (AU):
Just like Trixie, John adores his mother just as much as his half sister. If he could pick which one he rather hang out with, it would be his mother.
Tumblr media
Trixie Espinoza:
Tumblr media
Sabrina Morningstar:
John feels saddened that Sabrina cannot get along with their father as best as he could. Unfortunately Sabrina made it pretty clear to him that "it's only because you weren't ripped away from our parents that you love him so much."
Tumblr media
* John has his father’s angelic deity strength
* Likes to play the piano and sing
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lucifersmorningstar · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Three years ago today - after over a month of non-stop fan tweeting - Netflix picked up Lucifer for a fourth (and fifth, and sixth) season. It was a frustrating and exhausting month, but I would do it all over again to get where we are today. 
Sometimes I still can’t believe we did it, that we trended #1 worldwide on the night we got cancelled by Fox, that we're one of the most popular shows on Netflix and that the story will conclude on it’s own terms. It feels like a dream come true. We really did it. I’m so glad that so many people have also found the show in these three years.
To all the #savelucifer warriors, I’m still so proud of what we achieved and how we have become the blueprint and example for fan campaigns. We did something truly special. It was an honor and, I think, meant to be. When angels fall, they also rise. 
Happy anniversary, everyone.
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fried-broccoli · 13 hours ago
i have seen like 1.5 episodes of lucifer
that being said i am entirely on board with the hc that crowley and lucifer were an item at some point, which drives aziraphale up the wall with jealousy
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mr-said-out-bitch · 17 hours ago
so i got way behind on my rewatch and I didn’t want to watch the new episodes until I finished it, but I’ve gotten back into it, and holy crap yeah I really hate the way the Cain story finishes. Pissed me off. I just didn’t buy the jump from “I’m manipulating Chloe to get rid of my mark” to “I actually love Chloe and want to live for her” and then so quickly to “I want my mark back and I’m willing to do horrible things to get it back”. It didn’t make sense to me. I can understand how someone who had lived so long and wanted death could get scared when actually faced with it, but it didn’t feel fleshed out enough, ya know? Like I know that Lucifer is the central character and it’s primarily about his journey, but if felt like they wrote the Chloe and Pierce relationship story line around how they wanted Lucifer to learn and grow, not based on what those characters would ACTUALLY do, ya know?
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elemen · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tokyo et Paris - Emiri Miyamoto at the end of the day we would have our private concerts it was the best years of our lives
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