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#black leg sanji
onlyforsanji · an hour ago
OMG a sanji page!!! thankyou! btw do you take requests my dear?
Yea actually I don't mind taking requests
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sanjizine · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
The ✰ SANJI ZINE ✰ pre-orders open in just three days!
This project is digital only, and we're setting the price at $10, with all proceeds going to the charity Action Against Hunger 🍖
@zinesubmissions @opfandombase @zine-scene @fandomzines @zinesunlimited @atozines @faneventshub @zineapps @zinefans @zinefeed​ thank you for the boost!
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aka-ichigo · 13 hours ago
ichiji, niji, sanji and yonji
are you seriously fucking telling me they named their kids in the order they were born
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goingmorry · 16 hours ago
ONE PIECE [Headcanons for Everyday Life - Monster Trio]
Tumblr media
Synopsis: How Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji spend their daily life. (Source)
Word Count: 1,866
Daily Routine
Does the future Pirate King have a specific routine he follows consistently? Hell no. He's as impulsive and scatter-brained as they come.
His lack of a routine causes more stress to his crew than himself. Luffy can't follow a plan to save his life, much to the dismay of his crew but, having known him for so long, they've adapted well to his shenanigans.
He's the one reassuring the more nervous members of his crew, specifically Nami, Usopp, and Chopper, that everything will be fine.
Whatever interests him at that moment, he'll do. If Usopp invites him to go fishing, he'll compete for who can catch the biggest haul. If he's hungry, despite having eaten a substantial breakfast 30 minutes ago, he'll call for Sanji to cook some meat. If Franky instructs him to assist him with a new invention, he'll happily comply.
Waking Up
Luffy doesn't have a set schedule for when he sleeps - he just does.
He doesn't require as much sleep in the first place - averaging about five hours every day - unless, of course, he's recovering from injuries. In which case, he'll sleep for however long it takes for his body to recover, be it 12 hours or three days.
Be prepared for him to straight-up pass out regardless of the time or place.
He'll make sure he's surrounded by someone he trusts that can protect him, so he doesn't inconvenience them as much, but when he can't prevent himself from getting some shuteye, he'll do it irrespective of consequences.
He wakes up of his own accord, without the prompting of his crew or alarms.
When he wakes up, that's it. He's off to his next adventure. He doesn't need time to get dressed; he proceeds to start the day, wearing the same signature red vest and blue shorts he wore the day before.
First Thing
It doesn't take much for Luffy to get ready when he wakes.
Meat's the first thing he thinks about, stomach growling in anticipation as he rushes off to the kitchen.
The smell of Sanji's delicious cooking is enough to make him alert. He doesn't need any further motivation to start the day.
Eating Habits
Luffy has the most voracious appetite of the crew. In the wise words of Nami, his hunger is absolutely limitless.
On multiple occasions, his appetite had gotten the crew into trouble when he ate every single piece of food that was supposed to last them the journey to their next destination.
If he physically could, he'd eat every second of the day.
He needs meat. That's it. Though, he'll eat pretty much anything.
He's not a picky eater and doesn't have any food allergies.
Hygiene Habits
Luffy puts off showering as much as possible, only doing so once or twice a week.
He prefers lukewarm showers and won't even entertain the idea of a bath.
Showers are quick, about five minutes tops. He's not willing to spend any longer bathing. It's just something he does when Nami and Sanji start complaining about his smell.
He shaves when he showers since he doesn't grow much facial hair. He combines both activities simultaneously.
When shaving, he'll grab whoever's razor is available in the men's shared baths - most likely Zoro's or Usopp's.
He'll grab the closest shampoo or bar/liquid soap, too, applying both to his hair and body. Some days, he'll wash his hair with body soap. Some days, he'll wash his body with shampoo. He doesn't care.
He loves to dry himself with soft and fluffy bath towels since they remind him of Chopper's fur.
He brushes his teeth whenever it occurs to him, thanks to Chopper for reminding him every so often.
And that's the extent of grooming he'll do.
Flossing's pretty much out of the question.
Skincare is non-existent. He washes his face when he showers, which is rare enough as is, using the same soap he uses for his body on his face.
Daily Routine
The only thing consistent in Zoro's routine is his morning workout. Everything else is fluid.
His training, however, does change depending on what he feels he needs improvement on.
If, for some reason, his morning workout gets interrupted, he gets annoyed though he doesn't hold it against anyone.
He takes great pride in his goal of becoming the world's greatest swordsman, so when circumstances arise where he misses training, he can't help but feel mildly peeved at that moment.
He recovers quickly. After all, he finds strong emotions to distract him from his training. He'd rather resolve the issue himself by working out as soon as in his free time.
Waking Up
Zoro's sleep schedule is not too dissimilar from a cat's. He naps throughout the day, never longer than three hours at a time.
He doesn't use alarms. He'll wake up whenever he wants to.
He has selective hearing when he sleeps, able to discern true danger from the careless bickering of his crewmates.
When he feels unease, he's immediately awake, hands grasping the hilts of his swords, ready to strike at a moment's notice.
If he's recovering from injuries, he'll sleep five hours at max before he regains consciousness. If the injuries are severe enough, he won't move as much, but he'll remain coherent for a while.
First Thing
When Zoro wakes, usually after resting in the crow's nest or on the ship's deck, he starts the day off with a morning workout.
He has incredible self-discipline, refusing to eat breakfast until he completes his workout. Because of his work ethic, he's usually the last person to join the crew for a meal.
He puts off grooming himself until he needs to.
Eating Habits
Zoro prefers drinking alcohol to consuming food.
He understands the need for proper nutrition, however, so he eats whatever the curly brow bastard makes.
Somehow, in their time together, Sanji discovers that Zoro prefers eating rice meals with Sea King meat. Zoro doesn't ever comment on this and just quietly eats.
He eats three standard meals daily - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - with the company of his crew. In between the day, he drinks copious amounts of alcohol.
He hates sweets, so don't even think of giving them to him. It's going to be fed to Chopper or dumped into the trash.
He doesn't ever have food cravings outside of strong alcohol.
His guilty pleasure food is sour gummy candies. Chopper fed it to him once, and Zoro couldn't find it in him to say no, so he took a bite and found it surprisingly enjoyable. He only eats it when Chopper sneakily hands it to him.
Hygiene Habits
Like Luffy, he puts off properly showering as much as possible, doing so only once a week.
This may seem disgusting, especially considering Zoro's inclination to sweat profusely during his intense workout sessions. He does, however, soak in saltwater when he does swimming laps in the sea.
Zoro likes to be clean-shaven. He owns his own razor, and he shaves his facial hair in the bathroom sink every other day. When he has a proper shower, he shaves in the shower instead.
He uses standard liquid body soap and two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, something that Sanji bought the boys to share.
If the soap and shampoo/conditioner runs out, he doesn't say anything. He'll make-do with water.
Usopp has to ask Sanji to buy them new hygiene products when they reach the next island.
You'll never catch him having a bath unless the entire crew goes to an onsen.
He'll slap on some deodorant after a workout as an alternative to showering. It only takes him a few seconds, preferable to spending a few minutes underwater.
Surprisingly, he consistently brushes his teeth and uses mouthwash due to Chopper's insistence. He doesn't want to disappoint, so he does so without complaint.
Daily Routine
Without fail, Sanji prepares for bed at 11:30 at night and wakes up when his alarm rings at 5.
His morning routine consists of spending 20 minutes every morning brushing his teeth, washing his face, shaving his facial hair, moisturizing, dressing up, and applying cologne.
His nightly routine is similar with the inclusion of flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. He also prepares his clothing for the next day.
Sanji cares deeply about his appearance, and it shows with the way he grooms himself.
As the chef, he has to abide by a strict schedule since his crew relies on him to prepare everyone's meals.
Waking Up
Sanji's alarm rings at precisely 5 in the morning, and he quickly gets off the bed.
He never snoozes his alarm. It rings no more than three times before he turns it off. He's a morning person.
He has plenty of time to get dressed, having pre-selected his suit the night before.
First Thing
Sanji loves to brew himself a coffee, only with creamer and no sugar, as the first drink to start his day.
While his coffee brews, he prepares a light meal for himself before the rest of the crew wakes.
At 5:30 AM, he's in the kitchen, hard at work preparing everyone else's breakfast.
He is meticulous about his schedule, so if it gets thrown off for whatever reason, he'll feel frazzled.
Eating Habits
When Sanji prepares food for the crew, he quickly eats his own portion immediately after cooking.
He's tried eating after everyone finishes, but it never works out due to Luffy's monstrous appetite. He's had his food stolen by Luffy. Every. Single. Time.
He doesn't eat full meals per se since he taste-tests his food along the way, but he does prepare a decent portion afterward, so he doesn't get hungry.
He rarely eats together with the crew, making sure to cater to everyone's needs during mealtime.
He never wastes food. Ever. He quickly learns everyone's appetite and makes enough food, so there are no leftovers.
With him in the crew, everyone will always taste fresh food.
Having experienced starvation, he never skips the traditional meals, always eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
He doesn't have any food allergies, but he does dislike unhealthy and non-nutritious food.
Hygiene Habits
Sanji is the only man in the crew to shower daily. He has to since he's an avid smoker and cares deeply about presenting himself well to the ladies.
He also handles everyone's meals and is extremely particular in keeping a clean working environment where he cooks.
He has a complete set of hygienic products, ranging from shampoo, conditioner, facial toner, shaving cream, moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen.
He keeps his hair, body, and facial products close to him and refuses to share with the other boys, taking them with him when he's ready to use them and keeping them stashed away in his locker when he's done.
Once he's done showering, he applies deodorant and cologne. The mixed scents work well together and aren't overpowering. Sanji smells damn good, and he knows it.
He likes to shave his facial hair before he showers, perfectly shaping his goatee.
He's not opposed to taking long baths but does prefer cold showers.
He brushes his teeth, flosses, and uses mouthwash every day without fail.
Thanks for reading! 💖
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quirkyseastone · 21 hours ago
So this is one of my initial Sense of Romance test runs! I wrote one for each of my favorite boys just to get a feel for the drabble format. I already had one requested, and I had four more left behind and didn’t want them to go to waste, so I figured I would post them. I hope you guys like them! ❤ 
1 of 5: This one is for my favorite One Piece boy, Sanji. He will always have such a huge place in my heart and writing for him brings out the swooning romantic in me 😂
Tumblr media
Sight — Sanji 
From the moment Sanji first saw you, everything around him seemed to dim and turn blurry—you were all he could see anymore. Your smile, the color of your eyes, it made his knees go weak and his breath shudder from your sheer beauty. You were like pure sunshine to him; warm, inviting, almost blinding, and giving off enough light that he felt alive just being in your presence. Every time he sees you, he sees his dream—not the All Blue, but a whole new dream that he found when he met you; a future where he can bask in a love he doesn’t feel worthy of but will constantly work for, and where he can share his life with you and prove to you just how much you’re a beacon in his life.  
Tumblr media
Sense of Romance Event
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sanjizine · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
A huge big French kiss to @kimodraw, a superbly talented and creative artist with great use of colour and fun designs! She may be into Supernatural, but it's okay because this is a place of love and acceptance ❤️
🌟 Pre-orders for the Sanji zine open on May 15th!
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every-sanji · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hopefully we can book it over there
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holykillercake · a day ago
All Blue is the warmest color.
I wish I had more of Okama Sanji. Okama kenpo Sanji. A beautiful performance with Bentham. I miss Bentham. 
Also, why are the blondes ganging up? hahahaha This piece made me think of @vemuabhi​ chan! hahaha This time I tried to go deeper and darker with the shadowing, it´s scaryyyy~
Sanji in ¨All Blue Is The Warmest Color.¨ - ETIQUETTE CARD
Tumblr media
(click for better quality)
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biipbop · a day ago
Tumblr media
Its a dance party
All poses taken from dpr ian's music video scaredy cat.
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kluvfantasy · a day ago
Really mainly my goal this week (and onward) is to just suck up all of the ZoSan artwork that were inspired by last week's chapter I am LIVING for them!!
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