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#arsenal wfc
joanmu · 8 hours ago
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gotham--fc · 10 hours ago
Reunion - A Danielle van de Donk Imagine
Tumblr media
Prompt: Daan x reader where reader is on the USWNT and she plays Daan and the NEDWNT
A/N: This isn’t my best work but it’s something short and sweet to get me back into a writing mood now that school’s over
Y/N was excited. Long distance was hard on a good day, but long distance during a pandemic when no one can travel is even harder. Finally, after months without seeing each other, Y/N and Daan would be in the same place at the same time and would finally be able to spend time together. Daan tried to convince Y/N to go on loan somewhere in Europe, but Y/N wanted to stay with her NWSL team. But that just made it even harder for Y/N and Daan to see each other.
 “Are you excited to see your girlfriend?” Kristie asked.
 “We haven’t seen each other in a while,” Y/N said, a blush rising on her cheeks.
 “Just don’t easy on her because you looove her,” Kelley teased. Y/N’s blush deepened.
 “Shut up,” Y/N mumbled. Kristie and Kelley laughed as they walked out of the locker room for training. Y/N shook her head and continued getting ready. Another second later, Kelley stuck her head back in.
 “Y/N! You have a visitor!” Kelley waggled her eyebrows and Y/N rolled her eyes, but she couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face. Y/N left the locker room and ignored her teammates’ wolf whistles and teasing.
 “Okay, Kelley go away now,” Y/N said, not even bother to look away from Daan’s face.
 “But–” Kelley tried to protest but Alex came out of the locker room and dragged Kelley down the hallway to the field.
 “Hi,” Daan said.
 “Hi,” Y/N replied as she stepped into Daan’s arms. “I missed you.”
 “I missed you too.”
 “Enough to go easy on me tonight?” Y/N asked. Daan pulled back and narrowed her eyes at Y/N.
 “No, but I missed you enough to forgive you when you get mad at me later for beating you,” Daan teased. Y/N rolled her eyes.
 “Bold of you to assume you’ll win.”
 “We’ll just have to wait and see,” Daan said. She leaned in to kiss Y/N when the locker room door slammed open and Kristie grabbed Y/N’s collar and started dragging her towards the field.
 “It’s time for warmups!” Kristie yelled. Y/N looked back at Daan and shrugged. Daan just laughed and shrugged back. They’d have more time together after the game.
 The game ended 2-0 for the US and, even though there weren’t fans, there were still cameras, so Y/N and Daan shook hands after the game but didn’t linger too long with each other on the field. Y/N chatted with Lieke and Jackie and a few of the other Dutch girls while Daan did the same with Y/N’s teammates. When it was acceptable, Y/N and Daan snuck off into the tunnel away from the cameras.
 “Looks like I won after all,” Y/N said. Daan rolled her eyes.
 “Yeah okay, whatever.”
 “You said you wouldn’t be mad,” Y/N pouted and wrapped her arms around Daan’s neck.
 “I said I wouldn’t be mad when you lost,” Daan pointed out. Y/N kept pouting until Daan gave in and hugged her back. “Fine, I’m not mad. You played really well.”
 “So did you,” Y/N said, “Even though you were diving all over the place,” Y/N teased.
 “Someone had to dive as much as you guys do,” Daan teased Y/N back.
 “Then you should try doing it in the box instead of in midfield.” Y/N couldn’t be upset at Daan for saying her team dives. It’s a well-known fact that the USWNT players go down easily especially if they’re near the box. Y/N turned her head as she heard people start to come down the tunnel towards the locker rooms.
 “I don’t have a roommate this camp,” Daan said, “If you want to… take the elevator down a floor later tonight.”
 “Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see if I can sneak away,” Y/N said as she backed away from Daan to join her own teammates in the locker room.
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theroleofimagination · 10 hours ago
I got so invested with the girls of this season. Will always be memorable for me since it's my first time following wsl.
Aw that's lovely! It's been an odd season that's for sure but glad that you've started following the league and that you've become invested in the team and the players. Hopefully next season will be even more memorable and also a bit less stressful!
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theroleofimagination · 10 hours ago
From what I understand from Tim Stillman's tweets and answers, there will be some players leaving other than Jill and Malin, but there's also a new signing (no name yet). Exciting times! I think you're right about Viv and Lisa - I think they will stay until next year, and decide by then if they're going to stay or if they want to go somewhere else. It will all depend on Joe's successor, and the way Arsenal is willing to really invest to keep up with Chelsea and City.
Yeah, I guess that Viki and Leo may be thinking of moving on but we shall see. Can't really see anyone else leaving this season but you never know really - think Lydia was on a one-season contract as well (although I may be misremembering) so not sure what's happening with her.
I've heard there is a replacement lined up for Jill but no names yet - exciting to wonder who it may be though! It's always fun seeing who comes in, even though it's also sad when players leave - we get so attached to them! Just think it's such a shame that there was only one game with fans this season (and those of us in Tier 3 at the time couldn't go anyway) - would have been nice if they'd had some proper fan support in person for more of their time here.
Really think that a huge amount (especially in terms of players staying or going) is going to depend on the new manager, so there's going to be a lot of pressure for whoever takes the job! Starting only a couple of weeks after the Olympics with UWCL games is going to be interesting that's for sure...
Hopefully the club will put more into the women's team and realise that resting on the laurels of the fact that we've had a successful women's team for decades isn't enough when current clubs are investing more and pulling away from us.
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arsenallover · 12 hours ago
Kijk samen met mij naar DemianArriaga op Twitch!
talk about arsenal womens
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incorrectarsenalwfc · 13 hours ago
Could we get some baby goat Malin please? 😔🤧
Lia: Now listen up you little shits!
Lia: Not you Malin, you're wonderful and we love you. And we wish you all the best baby goat.
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theroleofimagination · 15 hours ago
in your personal opinion, who/which positions do you think arsenal should look into signing this summer?
Tumblr media
Think a lot is going depend on who leaves tbh, if Jill and Malin do leave (as it sounds like they both will) then we'll obviously need more midfielders.
Without knowing exactly where the gaps in the squad will be it's tricky to know who we'd need as replacements. It's also one of these things where if the whole squad is fit there's not as much need for more players, but we know how well that goes...
Feel like we could do with a striker to either be a backup for Viv or to play alongside or something. A lot will also depend on how the new manager wants them to play I guess. I'd love for us to sign someone like Ebony Salmon but not sure how she'd feel if she's not guaranteed a lot of playing time.
Obviously very much hoping that Leah extends, think Viv and Lisa are likely to stick around for next season and see what the new manager is like before deciding whether or not they'll re-sign (they have 1 more year on their contracts).
I'm being very vague I know but it's a bit of a weird one, especially with a new manager coming in - as we have no idea who it is yet we don't even have an idea of what sort of players they might be interested in!
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wosoconfessions · 16 hours ago
has the malin transfer been confirmed?
because y’all are saying some things, and i need to know for a fact before i get sad
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incorrect-woso · 17 hours ago
Jordan: here’s what I don’t get
Leah: oh god we’re going to be here for a while
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arsenalwfcaddicted · 18 hours ago
Ugh I’m so sad for Malin, I mean homesickness is something you can’t do anything against, but like her career here at Arsenal would’ve been outstanding...
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psvvandearsenal · 19 hours ago
Stop saying nobody cares about the men’s team. It’s one club and you can like it or not, but Arsenal is a big name because of the men.
We need them, the men and women need each other, them doing wel is also good voor Arsenal WFC.
It’s not good for the club that they won’t be playing in Europe next season, only positive thing is that there could be more opportunities for the Arsenal WFC to play in the Emirates.
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arsenalwfcaddicted · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dayumm these legss
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arsenalwomen615 · a day ago
“Arsenal won’t play in Europe next season” i-
The Arsenal’s women team are right there, they have just qualified for the champions league? Or did I dream that?
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incorrectarsenalwfc · a day ago
Beth: How was she?
Dentist: Good.
Beth: She didn’t give you any problems?
Dentist: Oh, no she tried to escape multiple times, but once we gave her the laughing gas, she resorted to poking the hygienist with a kid’s tooth brush and giggling.
DVD: *Still loopy* They didn’t see it coming, Beff! I stole their weapons! *Waving paw patrol toothbrush* Who’s the dentist now?!!
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zinzy · a day ago
The only arsenal team ik is arsenal wfc wdym?
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incorrect-woso · a day ago
Daan: We’re bigger than you.
Jordan: Way stronger than you.
Daan: We could kill you with our shoe.
Jordan: We really could.
*spider moves*
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arsenalwfcaddicted · a day ago
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Danique really said: hehe
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incorrect-woso · a day ago
Viv: Stop sliding into my DMs, we live together
Lisa: I’m being nostalgic
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arsenalwfcaddicted · a day ago
Tumblr media
I feel like a proud mom
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