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cadmar · 36 minutes ago
Understanding Knowledge
We tend to view knowledge as an accumulation of facts and experiences.  To us, knowledge is separate from us.  We do not see the facts that I acquired in school has anything to do with me except as creating a skill that I can use.  Knowledge then becomes a spectrum we can measure to the amount of skill one has acquired, and the possibility and ability of collecting more skills. To me, personally, knowledge is something new.  I learnt something that moments ago I did not know.  But, someone else knew it before me.  We see knowledge as something being revealed, being discovered that we did not observed, nor known before.
That is not knowledge.  That is just memory training.  A collection of information.  Knowledge goes much deeper.  How does the source give us knowledge?  Before we utter in our brain a word, an idea, or a concept, we have a vague picture, an inkling, an insight, and this comes out of and from the source.  So, how does the source create inside of us knowledge?
What is actually knowledge?  The world is broken down into two parts: something is there, and something is not there.  Computers have either a 1 for being on, and a 0 for being off.  Either there is an “object” there, or not and is a “space”.  Whether if something is solid, or not, or is real, or any other characteristic does not matter.  Whatever it is, it is there, or not there.  This is the basis of our world.
When one watches a snail crawling, or the twitching of one’s finger, all we can observe are fractions of a second.  Which way will the snail move?  Which way will the finger twitch, left, right, up, or down?  In between each movement there are possibly millions of micro steps.  These micro steps we do not observe.  If we could, we would know which way and how far each movement would go.  We are left making assumptions and taking an educated guess.  We do not expect the snail to automatically fly away, or to slide ten feet a second.
Knowledge is this ability of observing all these micro steps. If all is known at one moment of time, then the next step, and the next interaction will be obvious and known. The universe is from moment to moment interacting with itself, the source.  Like entanglement.  At all moments of time and at all locations in space, the source is connected to each object, to each space, to itself.  That is knowledge!  Can not be broken down into anything further.  There is nothing to discover.  Nothing new to find as all interactions and characteristics are known.   A predetermination from having all the knowledge as to how every physical object interacts and all its characteristics.  Still, there is freedom, but it is known beforehand.
Knowledge is this ability.  When the source enters into ourselves, this ability comes with it.  Because of our desires, our habits, our certain views and concepts, we have created channels and blocked out other possible channels.  Some channels are wider and deeper than others.  We have then created a self-made world from our own choosing.  Our past  shapes our future patterns.
True knowledge is the breaking down of our self-made channels and pathways.  True knowledge is changing us, from one moment to the next.
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delightfullyatomicfest · 2 hours ago
This is interesting - from someone born and raised in Speke, though 10 years younger than Paul and George.
Paul and George don’t seem to have had such a negative attitude towards the area as the author of this blog, but it perhaps gives a bit of insight about why Paul always had such a chip on his shoulder about class.
‘In the absence of any community identity, people from Speke, and all the other Liverpool estates, were perceived differently. In a time of full employment, people living on estates were not accorded the ‘working class’ designation, but were thought of in the then unused demographic of ‘underclass’. Like the estates themselves geographically, people from the estates were regarded as ‘peripheral’, not part of the mainstream. You came from ‘an estate’. It didn’t matter which one, we were all tarnished with the same brush.’
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futk2003 · 3 hours ago
people who still think m/i/t/s/k/i took part in child sex trafficking are some of the most miserable people on planet. before i used to think that these people just chronically lacked critical thinking skills and were unable to realize that “believe survivors” didn’t mean that no one ever lied about abuse and accusations of abuse can be malicious and abusive, or just done by mentally unwell people who aren’t reliable sources. but now i mostly think that they’re just people who want to see the worst in people, who can only gauge their own morality by making out others to be supervillians based on nothing, who feel good about themselves because they did not take part in child sex trafficking and do not stan anyone who did even though, uh, that is not actually anyone’s bar for morality here. it’s not that they believe m/i/t/s/k/i took part in child sex trafficking. it’s that they WANT her to have been a child sex trafficker.
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kaitosimp · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
I know I know- I have the worst artistic abilities and skills ever bUT I WON'T LET THAT STOP ME FROM MAKING SHITTY ART
Anyways when I saw Kaito at the beach, besides fangirling like hell, I got like 20 diff art ideas and here is one of them :> Saimota at the beach 💜 With flustered-ish Kokichi in the back bc ofc I'd somehow add in a bit of oumota, as subtle as it may be
My brain is already making hc's of that fantastic beach art and one of them is Kaito getting matching space themed beach shirts for him and Shuichi 😔🤚🏽💞
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idrilearfalas · 11 hours ago
Baywatch will never be the same after Loki 1x02.
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we-are-a-dragon · 12 hours ago
Seraph (siren sorcerer): I check for scrying orbs.
DM: They're gone.
Seraph: Okay, it's safe to talk.
DM: Maria eats some soup while you all react to her arrival.
Kjell (half-elf barbarian): Where did you come from? How did you get here? What are you doing?
DM: She smiles. "All good questions."
Godric (fairy warlock): *narrows eyes* You're not really a bard, are you? Or, you're a bard in the same way Damaris is a fighter.
DM: "Yes," she agrees. "I suppose the correct word for my profession would be 'assassin'."
Kjell: *shuffles back*
Seraph: You want our help saving Heron's Fall.
DM: "Yes, but that's not all." She turns deadly serious. "Not half a day after you all left the city, The Craftsmen were arrested. For conspiring to kill the emperor of Persia."
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digitalworldbound · 12 hours ago
taichi yagami musings
while he loves his sister, he has always given her the room to make her own mistakes. he watches as she fails over and over again, but catches her every time. people say he is "overbearing", but he just wants hikari to know that he will always, always, be there to pick her up when she falls.
he feels guilty, sometimes. hikari tells him everything. he is the first person she goes to when she's in trouble, and the person that she thinks of before herself. he can't bring himself to unburden his problems on her already-heavy shoulders. instead, he turns to yamato. yamato is like a sturdy rock in the storm, someone that can take what taichi dishes out without flinching. yamato will always know taichi better than his sister. he feels guilty.
soccer has turned into his reprieve. koushiro tucks himself into his computers, jou turns to his schoolwork, and taichi kicks around a ball. he stopped caring about winning or losing or scoring. he just needs something outside of the crushing weight of two worlds. soccer is a necessary escape.
every birthday, his mother attempts to bake him a chocolate cake. he saw it once on an american movie and begged her for months to make it. it came out burnt and lopsided; his mother cried. taichi blew out all of his candles and told her that he finally got his wish, and has eaten chocolate cake for every birthday since.
for someone with the crest of courage, taichi is cowardly. he runs away from his problems. he ignores the crushing guilt when he talks to meiko, pretends that hikari is still twelve years old so that he won't panic every time she stands next to takeru. nishijima's last words still shake him to his core. taichi has mastered a confident poker-face that he hides behind when things get tough. agumon is the only one to comfort him when he cries into his pillow.
taichi misses koushiro. they used to be very close, spending the night together periodically throughout middle school. he thought that the events around meicoomon would bring them back together, but koushiro has grown up. taichi looks at him and misses the little boy with the laptop.
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we-are-a-dragon · 14 hours ago
DM: You travel until evening, and then set up camp off the road.
Adam (playing Billie): We're in no rush, so I make soup over the fire.
DM: Yummy. Billie takes some soup... Kjell takes some soup... Seraph takes some soup... Thaddeus takes some soup... Godric takes some soup... Una and Ben take some soup... And the woman in the dark cloak you hadn't noticed takes some soup.
Hamish (playing Thaddeus): Arghh!
Marijn (playing Godric): What the fuck??
Tati (playing Seraph): Oh my god, is it Maria??
Hamish: Wait, my passive Perception is 32.
DM: She beat it.
Hamish: *gapes*
DM: She's wearing a dark cloak, dark form-fitting clothes, sheathed short swords at her waist and a knife bandolier. Her face is hidden. She sits down and says, "Thank you for the soup. Riding makes me famished."
Adam: I demand, "Who the hell are you??"
Marijn: Can I make a History check on her voice? 26.
DM: *smiles* It is Maria Cleaves, the missing member of Heron's Fall.
Adam: Tati, how did you know??
Tati: *squeals* I've been obsessed with her ever since she recognised food from the Astral Sea on day one! I knew there was something going on with her!!
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princ-nvmscratchthat · 14 hours ago
Am I the only one who wakes up at the first alarm I set absolutely dead inside, then thinks “I can have five more minutes of sleep”, and then those five minutes last ages? Like, it genuinely feels like those five minutes last longer than my entire life.
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we-are-a-dragon · 16 hours ago
DM: A few hours after you leave False Forest, there's a sound from your Sending Stone.
Hamish (playing Thaddeus): Oh, shit.
DM: Lehkraskol's panicked voice comes. "Travelling Trauma Centre, help! Help us! It's a dragon!"
Hamish: I say-
Marijn (playing Godric): No, you can't! The plan was they would contact us. We can't reply.
DM: You spend several tense moments staring at the stone. Thaddeus, you receive a sending from Duke Farlaing. "Party leaders. Heron's Fall have cheated, and are therefore disqualified from this round of the tournament."
Hamish: Oh thank god. I relay that.
Marijn: I yell, "Only from the round?? They're supposed to be disqualified from the tournament!"
Tati (playing Seraph): Perception check to see if we're being scried on?
DM: The cluster of scrying orbs is back.
Tati: I point them out via telepathy. -Careful.-
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midnight-dome · 18 hours ago
does belphie canonly like feel upset for what he did to mc?
i mean, we kind of already established that we don't get much (next to nothing) content about what happened in lesson 16 past said lesson.
the closest we get to a conversation - and i'm using this very loosely and generously here - about what happened is when belphie and mc talk in lesson 17. he's asking them how they don't seem to be afraid of him and why that would be the case after everything he put them through.
Tumblr media
when you get three options to pick from, you can choose that you haven't forgiven him and he says that's what he expected. if you choose the option where you say you understand what he did given the situation, he's a bit in disbelief how you can be so kind. if you forgive him, he's saying it's only fitting you have angel blood running through your veins.
so yes, he acknowledges that he did something awful to mc and while never saying it exactly that way, i'm pretty sure he does feel bad. i already talked about it in my belphie post that he believes actions speak louder than words and he does show mc a lot how much they mean to him. the pact you get to make with him is his apology.
TLDR; the devs robbed us, but it's still a yes.
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we-are-a-dragon · 19 hours ago
M (playing Kjell): I go and check on Peanut.
DM: She's spooked but okay.
Adam (playing Billie): She has seen some shit with us. I give her big pats.
Hamish (playing Thaddeus): Let's rest here. On the ground is fine with me, we've had a loooong day.
DM: You take your long rest and wake refreshed the next morning.
Tati (playing Seraph): I make a Perception check to see if we're being scried on.
DM: The cluster of scrying lenses is gone. Seems you're considered finished with this round and free to return to Suda in your own time.
M: Once we harness Peanut up to the cart and get moving, I count the money from the mimic titan's chest.
DM: There's 1600 gold each.
M: Oooh yeah, that feels good.
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suevincent · 20 hours ago
Pasta and petroglyphs
“Ow, ooh, ouch… ow..” “What’s up?” he asked, locking the door of the flat as I descended the steep stairs. I grinned through the pain… he’d know soon enough… the calf muscles had taken a hit from three days climbing hills. Which is why, we had decided, Sunday would be leisurely. The pub was shut; we had gone in search of a late breakfast and wifi and, finding neither, headed off to the park…
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