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souralmondmilksea · 51 minutes ago
i think when my semester is over i will revamp my blog’s desktop appearance. as a treat
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elektrosonix · an hour ago
no ur not allowed to delete them otherwise i’ll
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they’re literally so good
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yanderemanga · 2 hours ago
Pixar Shorts For Teaching Inference Theme Social Skills and Story Elements
Pixar Shorts For Teaching Inference Theme Social Skills and Story Elements
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sonknuxadow · 2 hours ago
ive been into warrior cats for almost a decade now and every once in a while i suddenly start hyperfixating on it again and cant shut the fuck up about it and yall are just gonna have to deal with that ❤
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botanicalcowboywitch · 7 hours ago
what if you were an alien sent to earth in a pod as a baby because your planet was being destroyed and at literally the same time another alien baby in a pod was sent to earth because his planet was being destroyed and he crash landed in the mayor's house (and happened to look like an all-American white boy) but you crash landed in a prison (and happen to be Visibly Other and mentally gifted rather than physically), so he spent his whole life being told his powers made him special and good and he was a hero, while you became convinced your life's purpose was to be the villain, and so your entire identities revolved around each other and you fought constant huge showy battles (that you always lost because that was your role, right?) even though you actually liked each other a lot, and then HE faked his DEATH because he was a burnt out gifted kid and just wanted to play guitar in a cave but YOU not knowing he wasn't dead were DEEPLY GRIEF STRICKEN and had a weird identity crisis in which you took over the city and realized having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting and then pretended to be an average white nerdy guy to woo your hot reporter girl crush (who you kidnapped weekly as part of your homoerotic tension with The Hero), all while lamenting your presumed dead almost_lover_dot_mp3 and creating a new hero to replace him like a bad rebound, who turned out to be a fucked up inc*l and ACTUALLY evil and you had to become the good guy and defeat him before he killed everyone in your city. and then you, your girlfriend, your fish platonic life partner, and your hippie ex-hero boyfriend all lived happily ever after.
and that is why you should watch megamind
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honorisen · 8 hours ago
@worldstraveled​ 🙼 starters.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Hmm-” Zack hadn’t meant to stop and stare, but there was just something bugging him about the stranger; even more so that he couldn’t quite put his finger on what exactly either. “Hey, we haven’t met before, have we? I don’t think we have, but I kinda feel like I should know you from somewhere, too...”
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hedcnistics · 8 hours ago
ok but,, if I made a smut rp, would ya’ll prefer a college setting, or a resort setting (possibly with a reality show twist) ? 👀 just Curious. if you’d be down for either one feel free to just like this !
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er-cryptid · 8 hours ago
-- Hs
-- synthetic
-- atomic number 108
-- mass number is 269
-- group 8
-- period 7
-- D-block
-- transition metal
-- electron configuration is [Rn] 5f^14 6d^6 7s^2
-- highly radioactive
-- 269-Hs is the most stable isotope
-- discovered in 1984
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briarruler · 8 hours ago
Pokemon Team: Kalus
Set during Pokémon Sun and Moon with a Post Kameo: Elements of Power Game Kalus.
Cutiefly is Kalus’s Partner Pokémon and they share a permanent passive telepathic bond which they can also consciously active. Kalus can also talk to Pokémon in general and negotiated with six Pokémon to form a team: Comfey, Mawile, Trapinch, Cubone, Morelull and Mantyke.
Cutiefly/Ribombee - Partner Pokémon
Kalus found a Pokémon Egg on Treasure Island that hatched into her Bonded Pokémon Partner Cutiefly.
Her Partner Pokémon is a Shiny coloured female Cutiefly/Ribombee.
Her Ability is Shield Dust: blocks additional affects from damaging moves.
She is a Bug/Fairy Type. Immune to Dragon. Resists Ground, Bug, Grass, Dark, and super-resists Fighting. Weak to Flying, Poison, Rock, Steel and Fire.
Cutiefly/Ribombee has no Pokeball, Kalus’s Partner Pokémon sits on her and flutters around her, she is particularly fond of hiding in her hair.
Cutiefly is very keen to evolve into Ribonbee.
As her Partner Pokémon they have some exclusive mental-sharing and energy-sharing related abilities that they can’t preform with anyone else.
On Treasure Island Kalus encounters a Comfey that decides to go with her.
Her Comfey is a normal coloured female Pokémon.
Her Ability is Triage: highly boosts the priority of moves that restore health regardless of any other effects those moves have.
She is a Fairy Type. Immune to Dragon. Resists Fighting, Bug and Dark. Weak to Poison and Steel.
Comfey has a Pokeball but most of the time Kalus wears Comfey around her neck; with Comfey hidden under her hair so it just looks like she has a flower necklace.
Comfey has no evolution.
On Melemele Island Kalus encounters a Mawile that decides to go with her.
Her Mawile is a normal coloured female Pokémon.
Her Ability is Intimidate: lowers enemy Pokémon’s attack status when entering combat.
She is a Steel/Fairy Type. Immune to Poison and Dragon. Resists Normal, Flying, Rock, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dark, Fairy and super-resists Bug. Weak to Ground and Fire.
Mawile has a pokeball but likes to walk next to Kalus.
Mawile has no evolution.
On Ula’ula Island Kalus encounters a Trapinch that decides to go with her.
Her Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon is a normal coloured male Pokémon.
As Trapinch his Ability is Hyper Cutter: Other Pokémon cannot lower this Pokemon’s attack stats.
As Trapinch he is a Ground Type. Immune to Electric. Resists Poison and Rock. Weak to Water, Grass and Ice.
As Vibrava/Flygon his Ability is Levitate: grants immunity to Ground-Type attacks by making the Pokémon float.
As Vibrava/Flygon he is a Duel Ground/Dragon Type. Immune to Electric. Resists Poison, Rock and Fire. Weak to Dragon and Fairy, super-weak to Ice.
Kalus would occasionally pick up Trapinch and carry him for short periods of time but otherwise he either walked or if they were travelling quickly stayed in his Pokeball. Vibrava would sometimes land on Kalus but mostly either flew near Kalus as they travelled or rested in his pokeball. Kalus often flies on Flygon, although sometimes when their is no one to see she flies next to him instead, he often rests in his Pokeball if they are in small spaces.
Kalus winged and free makes Trapinch earn for the sky. By the time he evolves into Vibrava, he’s firmly part of the team. As Vibrava evolution is not longer a desperate need but he still wants to be stronger and becoming Flygon is a goal he’s set on.
Cubone/Alolan Marowak
On Akala Island Kalus encounters a Cubone that decides to go with her.
Her Cubone/Alolan Marowak is a normal coloured male Pokémon.
His Ability is Lightning Rod: draws all Electric-Type attacks and instead of hitting they boost Special Attack.
As Cubone he is a Ground Type. Immune to Electric. Resists Poison and Rock. Weak to Water, Grass and Ice.
As Alolan Marowak he is a Duel Fire/Ghost Type. Immune to Normal and Fighting. Resists Poison, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Fairy and super-resists Bug. Weak to Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water and Dark.
Kalus would semi often carry Cubone or even take him flying, otherwise he alternated between walking and hanging out in his Pokeball. Alolan Marowak sometimes stays in his pokeball but most of the time he walks with Kalus.
He will evolve from Cubone to Alolan Marowak at some point while with Kalus. Potentially they work out some of their family issues together.
On Akala Island Kalus encounters a Morelull that decides to go with her.
Her Morelull is a normal coloured female Pokémon.
Her Ability is Effect Spore: which means that Pokémon who hit her maybe poisoned, paralysed or put to sleep.
She is a Duel Grass/Fairy Type. Immune to Dragon. Resists Fight, Ground, Water, Grass, Electric and Dark. Weak to Flying, Steel, Fire, Ice and super-weak to Poison.
Morelull has a Pokeball but most of the time prefers to sits on Kalus, it likes her head and her shoulder.
Morelull doesn’t want to evolve and Kalus will never force her to.
In the ocean surrounding Treasure Island Kalus encountered a Mantyke that decides to go with her.
Her Mantyke/Mantine is a normal coloured male Pokemon.
His Ability is Water Absorb: Water Type attacks do no damage and restore a quarter of his health.
He is a Duel Water/Flying Type. Immune to Ground. Resists Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire and Water. Weak to Rock and super-weak to Electric.
Mantyke has a Pokeball that Kalus keeps him in when they are inland but if they are near a suitable body of water Kalus always lets him out.
One Mantyke will evolve into Mantine but he doesn’t feel any urgency about when this happens.
I picked a team that I thought would be useful but that also fitted Kalus’s aesthetic and personality. So faerie and fey, eerie and ethereal, with emotional issues that they work through together.
Kalus has genuinely no idea how she ended up in the Pokémon World but she’s making the best of the situation.
She retains most of her magic which means she has; lightning, healing, summon wings with flight, some form of telepathy, probably a disorientation spell, probably a slowing spell, possibly fireballs, potentially some form of summon creatures to me spell.
As long she’s careful Kalus can pass for human but she spends most of her time around Pokémon. She considers herself distinct from both humans and Pokémon but recognises both group’s personhood. She’s friends with the Pokémon on her Team, the reason they have pokeball is for convenience and disguise.
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theoraclesiren · 9 hours ago
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dddribbble · 10 hours ago
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Network Monitoring Dashboard UI 📈 glass effect desktop ux dark theme web app infographic design 5g network data visualization database admin panel big data analytics chart design dashboard ui dark mode glassmorphism ui elements flat 2021 design
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anxietylord · 10 hours ago
I feel like with a fandom that has SO many years of canon and so many different canons it’s so hard for me to decide what goes into a fic and what doesn’t. It can be really discouraging when I find something I like from a different canon but I’ve already written 40k of a fic and can’t go back and rewrite it, this is why I end up abandoning fics I love working on, it just gets too overwhelming
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pris84 · 11 hours ago
Undines are almost invariably depicted as being female, which is consistent with the ancient idea that water is a female element. They are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls, and their beautiful singing voices are sometimes heard over the sound of water. The group contains many species, including nereides, limnads, naiades, mermaids and potamides.
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frenchy-and-the-sea · 11 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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Y'all, I think I found my new favorite picrew.
In order, left to right and top to bottom: Alex, Tahir, Finn, Davin, Myrine, Adelina and Jon. All from my personal project, Seven Cities!
Gonna tag a few people who I think would enjoy giving this one a go, no pressure tho! @rufinagertrude , @gwisincon , @thereluctantinquisitor , @captainsaku , @vargonautic , @staches-and-sabres , @themilokin , @phoenix-failing , @urdnotgrunt , @colonelcupquake , @bladeverbena , @ghilenan
(And if y'all saw me post these on Twitter before I improved on them, no you didn't)
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pris84 · 11 hours ago
Paracelsus believed that each of the four classical elements – earth, water, air and fire – is inhabited by different categories of elemental spirits, liminal creatures that share our world: gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders respectively. He describes these elementals as the “invisible, spiritual counterparts of visible Nature … many resembling human beings in shape, and inhabiting worlds of their own, unknown to man because his undeveloped senses were incapable of functioning beyond the limitations of the grosser elements.”
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ilbreviariodeiribelli · 11 hours ago
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"L’explication au geste de Mishima est peut-être dans la réponse qu’il fit à cette question posée par le lieutenant Hisaro Hosonami : <<Dans votre Hagakuré et vos autres livres, les personnages meurent souvent. Pourtant le vrai Hagakuré n’enseigne-t-il pas que, même mutilé, on doit vivre et combattre avec les dents ?>> Mishima répondit alors calmement : <<Mais une mort peut agir sur l’avenir comme une irradiation>>". "La spiegazione del gesto di Mishima è nella risposta che diede a questa domanda posta dal tenente Hisaro Hosonami: <<Nel vostro Hagakuré e nei vostri altri libri, i personaggi muoiono spesso. Ma il vero Hagakuré non insegna che, anche se mutilato, si deve vivere e combattere con i denti? >> Mishima rispose con calma: <<Ma una morte può influenzare il futuro come un'irradiazione>>".
Yukio Mishima - Dominique Venner Citation extrait du numéro Éléments n°119, 2005.
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