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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
I‘m lighting up every room I walk into,
I bright every person I meet,
because it‘s not blood running through my veins but pure sunshine.
Warmth is my home, so I carry it with me, wherever I go.
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christiantunes · 37 minutes ago
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విలియం బూత్ జీవితచరిత్ర William booth short biography #motivation #life #lord #salvation #christianquotes #praise #encouragement #christianliving #family # #christianblogger #jesusislord #wordofgod #christianlife #spiritual #wisdom #biblejournaling #christiantunesofficial #christiantunes #missionarybiographies
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mywitchlingjourney · an hour ago
Astrology keys: houses
1st: appearance, image, identity
2nd: money, possesions, tools
3rd: communications, siblings
4th: family, domesticity, security
5th: romance, creativity, children
6th: daily routine, service, health
7th: marriage, partnership, union
8th: passion, death, rebirth, soul
9th: travel, philosophy, education
10th: fame, achievements, mastery
11th: goals, friends, high hopes
12th: sacrifice, solitude, privacy
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mywitchlingjourney · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Divination is the gaining of insight into a situation or question by way of a ritual or process.
There are a lot of different methods of divination and not all of them will work for you. Take your time in getting to know which method works best for you! Here are some of the more common methods:
Tarot is perhaps one of the most well-known divination method. It's a system which consists of a deck of 78-card. These cards are divided in the so called Major and Minor Arcana. The Major arcana consist of 22 cards, they show up in your spread for important issues. The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards and are divided into four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. These cards usually show up to point out everyday issues.
Scrying is the act of looking into a reflective medium and making out meanings (yes, using a crystal ball is a form of scrying). This can be done using a mirror, water or fire.
Tea leaf reading
Tea leaf reading, also knowns as Tasseography, uses tea leaves and deciphers the messages hidden in the shapes.
Palmistry uses the hand of a person and looks at the characteristics to determine their future. These characteristics include lines, shape color of the palm and lengths of the fingers.
Numerology uses numbers to predict the course of life of a person by using their date of birth for instance.
Runes can be made of various materials, but most often they are made of stone with a single symbol from the runic alphabet on them. These different letters have symbolic meanings too.
Pendulums use a weight on the end of a chain hanging above the possible answers to their questions.
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maisonmarrakech · an hour ago
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RAMADAN KAREEM...🌙. My favorite month has arrived🤍. It’s a month to reflect and to cleanse your soul. This is so important in life , to have a clean spirit and positive energy. It’s like a magnet, and will manifest what is meant to be🤍🤍 Miss my family in Morocco so much, wish we were there together... #family #ramadan #spiritual #morocco #goodvibes #happiness #goodsoul #protection #light #goodness #prayers #duaa (at London, United Kingdom)
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healingislimitless · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Divine Expression
We are different expressions of the Divine. Not just physically or emotionally, but Spiritually. All of us have different beliefs, views, and experiences that have shaped what we see as our Spiritual understanding. Though some may say that it all leads to the same place, the expressions and understandings are all vastly different. They’re all just as beautiful.
While different views and experiences are often compared and contrasted, we need to remind ourselves that our experience is our truth, and someone else’s experience is theirs. Our views also change and evolve as we do, and what worked for you back then may need to be shed in order to make room for what’s working for you now – you never stop growing as a Spirit.
Spirituality in itself is fluid, as is Divine expression. Allow it to move and mould you as you move and mould it.
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anar-ak · 2 hours ago
Var be khod āyi be khodāyi rasi.
If you search for yourself you’ll find God.
Poem: Ganjineye del (treasure of the heart)
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trippin-ink · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Magician | Tarot Art
Representing pure willpower, the magician connects the force between heaven and earth and has the ability to act as a go-between between the world above and the contemporary, human world.
Shop here!
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thepoetryofascension · 3 hours ago
i release the wounded beliefs that damage my self worth. i have a right to experience my best life and trust that i am capable of fulfilling my desires. i am supported and empowered and add intrinsic value to this world. my faith in myself is greater than my fear of failure and i am coming into more powerful opportunities to serve the greater good.
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angelprovisions · 3 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🍄🌸 Pick-a-Card 🌸🍄
Breathe, center yourself, and choose card 1, 2, or 3.
☽ Card 1:
Talk about Your Feelings - Sometimes we need to let it out. The unicorns are wanting you to find someone you trust and just vent. Tell them how you are feeling. If there is someone that you have been wanting to express yourself to, do it. Your voice deserves to be heard and your opinions are valid, boo!
☽ Card 2:
Water - Have you been taking care of yourself like you should? If not, the unicorns are asking you to tend to the most important person in your life.... you! Drink ya water, do your exercise, and remember how special you are.
☽ Card 3:
Love from Your Parents - You are loved. Your are cherished. You are amazing. Your parents are coming through to tell you that they love you, or that they are sorry for something. Whatever the case being, call them up, and have a chat.
If they have hurt you in the past, this may be a relationship that you need to slowly allow yourself back into. However, if you decide not to talk to them again, know that they will forever be sorry.
Deck: Magical Unicorns Oracle 🦄
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the-healing-mindset · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Recently, I have allowed myself to be weighed down by my past. This came after a few comments made by a family member of mine. Though it shouldn’t have surprised me, it brought my attention to some old wounds that I likely had just covered up over the years. Though I am thankful that I now know about the wounds and am healing from them, I made some bad choices in the wake of it all. Things can be mended but I can’t take back the way I acted.
Keep moving forward and progressing. Healing. Put down what does not serve you and stay present with what is.
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krishnarealfriend · 3 hours ago
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👍💐 #jaishreekrishna #holi2021 #jayakishoriji #vrindhavan , #hublidharwad #holifestival #iskcon,#lordkrishna,#rathayatra ,#nathdwara #hindu,#krishnajanmashtami #jaishreeram #spiritual #krishna #deepotsav #goswami #vaikunta #ekadashi #happyholi #srikrishnajanmastami #gokulashtami #yadav ,#vaikuntaekadasi ,#yaduvanshi,#mahashivaratri #janmashtami #damodarastakam #ayodhya #holi
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thegreatthendowski · 4 hours ago
music is the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.
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holisticsoulhealer · 4 hours ago
Angels Speak About Tigger
Inspirational messages to live by and assist you in your daily lives!! There are so many possibilities for the day! Reflect on these special angel messages for motivation.
As always, please share this post with anyone that you feel can benefit from it! Please like us on your social media channels and subscribe to our mailing list if you haven't already done so! We are mailing out a monthly newsletter and a recap each week of our blog posts and interesting tidbits! This is how you can stay informed with what is new in the world of The Holistic Soul Healer!!
Love & Blessings,
Get personal with your Angels!! Connect with me and see what they have to say!!
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maximumtragedypoetry · 5 hours ago
Expressing Gratitude When You Don't Feel That Grateful
Gratitude has always been such a funny term to me.
I remember growing up my mom would always tell me and my siblings to "be grateful" for things - birthday presents, lunch money, family trips, as well as the basic necessities of having food in our bellies and a roof over our head - but gratitude felt more like an expectation than something sincere. Not to say that I wasn't grateful for those things (as a Taurean, I love me some material possessions and lavish experiences), but when the anticipated response is to be grateful, the idea of "gratitude" kind of loses its meaning and power.
To be grateful for something (at least the way that I see it), you have to be willingly to fully and openly embrace something, whether it be an object, a person, or a situation, without condition. It has to be genuine. It's not enough to just be grateful. You should feel grateful.
Of course, when you've spent the majority of your life taking most everything around you for granted, feeling grateful about anything particular is no easy task. And it can seem difficult to feel grateful about something that maybe isn't entirely positive right now. For example, my job isn't perfect. I manage a retail store and it can be time consuming, overwhelming, and frantic.
When my sales associates are bored on the floor due to slower traffic, I'm running around behind the scenes doing up schedules, approving payroll, dealing with customer complaints, dealing with upper management, scheduling interviews, calling candidates back, having meetings, answering the phones, replying to emails, ensuring that stock is received on time and put away, and that all of our stock transfers to other stores are packaged properly and sent away within strict timeframes (to name a few things I do).
Even my days off are plagued with work. My employees call me to ask questions or get approvals for returns/exchanges, people call in sick or ask to get shifts covered, or Head Office is sending me emails looking for speedy replies when I'm sitting in my living room in my PJs re-watching The Office on Netflix for the 7th time. That's all in the day of the life of a Store Manger - it is (to an extent) just part of the job I signed up for.
And I love my job. Honestly, I do. There's a lot that I'd like to be improved upon; it's not a perfect job by any sense, but it's one of the best jobs that I've ever had. It pays well, I make my own schedule within reason, I get to call the shots and I pride myself on being an empathetic manager who takes her employee's concerns into consideration. I get along well with my co-workers and I've managed to keep a store that was in danger of imploding before I signed on to a top 5 store in sales across the country on a relatively consistent basis. And I've done it all at the ripe age of 24.
Do I want to be in retail forever? Definitely not. I've been in retail for the past 8 years and while I'm in no particular rush to get away from it all, I would certainly enjoy a change in scenery.
In retail, I have been cussed out by people two to three times my age. I have received death threats, been called a "racist" in a Google Review by an entitled white man of all people (dude walked into the store very hostile, first words out of his mouth were a threat, and when I asked him to please leave he told me to "f*** off" and so I threatened to call security which he clearly didn't appreciate, and claimed that I was discriminating against his Irish accent - which... no, just no. I happen to love the accent. He was just being an asshole), I've been called literally every name in the book because entitled people can't be bothered to read signs or because they don't get their way on something. It's not been a fantastic experience by any means.
Despite all the crap that I deal with on a semi-regular basis, I still like my job. The people I work with make it all the more bearable, which certainly helps, but under different circumstances I may not have stayed. Yet, I'm incredibly grateful for my job because it allows me to enrich my life in other ways - the bullshit is just part of the "Shit Sandwich" that I have to deal with for the time being (read Elizabeth Gilberts, Big Magic if you don't understand the reference - highly recommended for creatives).
Because of my job I've been able to move out on my own, get my own apartment by myself without any roommates, afford a car, afford a nicer phone with a good phone plan, afford a new laptop, buy the food that I want to buy, and ultimately start taking care of myself again. I have great medical benefits and the company I work for offers really good mental health services. I'm able to invest some extra money in myself towards things that I've always wanted to do like learn music production, or start up new hobbies like painting, as well as use some money towards my spiritual ventures (candles and herbs may be cheap but the costs rack up). I've met some really lovely people through my job - both employees and customers - and being a Store Manager at 24 is something that I'm really proud of. My job has allowed me to do so much and it's because of that that I'm grateful for it.
I'm even grateful for the bad stuff because I've come to learn that all life really is is a learning experience. There is no value or judgement placed on our journey. All that ever happens to us is neither good nor bad - it's neutral. "Good" and "Bad" are terms that we place on an experience or situation to give it value. We judge our experiences all the time and we fail to see that maybe there's a little good in the bad, or a little bad in the good. And our perception of events change over time. What once was a bad experience has now been transformed into a good experience through time and learning.
As an example of this, imagine you're going through a break-up. It hurts like hell and everything sucks right now. You can't imagine ever getting over this person and being happy again. This is ultimately deemed a "Bad Thing". Then, after some time has passed, maybe a year or so, you look back on that break up with clarity, wisdom, and a sense of relief.
Thank God that ended, you think to yourself, or else I wouldn't be where I'm at in my life right now.
Maybe the break-up is actually a "Good Thing" even though you can't see it now. Maybe the break-up is going to teach you necessary skills to navigate in the world and emerge and stronger, more balanced individual. Maybe it will help you understand what you do or don't want out of a relationship and so when the next person comes along, you don't have to waste years of your life trying to figure out how (and if) this person fits into your space. You'll just know. Maybe it'll help you realize that romantic relationships aren't the be-all-end-all, nor are they the goal in life. The goal is to just be you and to live authentically and to learn as much as you possibly can in this lifetime to take forward with you into the next one.
People come and go. Bad Things come and go, and so do Good Things. Knowing this can make it a little easier to feel gratitude for all of it because even if you don't feel so grateful for it now, you likely will later when the storm has passed and you've healed. Hitting rock bottom isn't the end that we think it is - it's merely a rest and reset. The main thing to remember is that everything is temporary - even you - so you need to make the most of it.
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holzieloves · 5 hours ago
Mr moon ,shining bright, make my dreams come true tonight
Mr moon ,shining bright, make my dreams come true tonight
Happy Monday, you’re here again. Tonight is a new moon in Aries… which falls between 21st of March and 19th April. Its  also the beginning of the astrological calendar/year. So that means new beginnings…and since today marks a bit more freedom in the world (Well in the UK) you can set some intentions for places outside your home. How awesome is that? Get clear on your calling and purpose You want…
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