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unfashionablehousewife · 10 minutes ago
AnYaaD: On your first day, practice silence- only speaking when necessary.
Me, who is alone all day most days and already doesn’t talk unless it’s to either scold or coo at one of the animals: 
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brazilianism · 24 minutes ago
Me fez lembrar de uma vez que veio um cara na minha escola (pública!) distribuir aquelas mini bíblias de salmos/provérbios pros alunos, eu tô ?????? até hoje
gente??? é permitido isso? kkkkk plmdds 
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Seriously, believers. How do I tell the difference between your particular god, someone else’s particular god, and a gallon of milk?
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phillipschneider · 27 minutes ago
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Believe in God and you can do anything.
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godlovesyoualwayz · 35 minutes ago
Text DR.Tenpenny, A devout Christian that is warning others not to take the Vax which is MARK OF THE BEAST. Inform yourself and spread this like crazy.
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christianprophecytoday · 51 minutes ago
God the Father - "Today, I tell you, everything the Heart of My Son feels, I feel, as well - My Son’s Heart is very mournful these days due to the evil in man’s heart - My Paternal Heart is mournful, as well"
God the Father – “Today, I tell you, everything the Heart of My Son feels, I feel, as well – My Son’s Heart is very mournful these days due to the evil in man’s heart – My Paternal Heart is mournful, as well”
Holy Love Ministry April 16, 2021 Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “Today, I tell you, everything the Heart of My Son* feels, I feel, as well. My Son’s Heart is very mournful these days due to the evil in man’s heart. My Paternal Heart is mournful, as well. My Son’s Heart mourns the disrespect…
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collectanee · an hour ago
Ich fand, daß man, wenn man genau prüft mit der Vernunft, der kalten vom Herzen verlassenen Vernunft auf seine [Spinozas] Ideen kommen muß, wenn man nemlich alles erklären will. Aber da blieb mir der Glaube meines Herzens, dem so unwidersprechlich das Verlangen nach Ewigem, nach Gott gegeben ist, übrig. Zweifeln wir aber nicht gerade an dem am meisten, was wir wünschen?
— Hölderlin in einem Brief an seine Mutter, Februar 1791
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relcfp · an hour ago
International conference on the Christian Right
  GSRL International conference - online
  The Christian Right : which convergences today ? A global perspective
  Research on evangelicals generates renewed interest from the public due to their massive support for Donald Trump they consider as the new Cyrus (André Gagné, 2020). However, he also attracts significant support from catholics[1].
The last Pew Reseach Center poll thus shows that while 78% of white evangelicals favour Trump, this is also the case of more than 50% protestants and Catholics in general (30 Sept.-5 Oct. 2020). Similarly in France, shared positions, or even rapprochements between evangelicals and catholics occur regarding issues such as abortion or medically-assisted procreation for LGBT communitites. In 2004, Paul Freston concluded that the fragmentation of the evangelical world made an alignment of Third World evangelicals with the Western Christian right unlikely. Today, however, the defense of the Christian heritage, a motive often taken up in populist discourse, whether in the United States, Brazil or even France, appears to be a powerful means of mobilizing politically Protestants and Catholics in many countries.
In the academic world, it seems to us that the two Christian traditions are mainly studied in a compartmentalized or juxtaposed manner, or even in competition with each other. While they have sometimes been brought together on the issue of their adaptation and reaction to secularization (Hervieu-Léger, 2017), whether through religious recomposition (Hervieu-Léger, 1999) or "reasonable accommodation" (Cécile Laborde, 2009), their more recent convergences have mainly been discussed in the press, but the research is still limited. Philippe Gonzales spoke about the "ecumenism of the trenches" of the Bush era (2016), what convergences can be observed today? Are these convergences always the same qualitatively and quantitatively? How have they evolved? To what extent can we really speak of convergences? Are they only circumstantial? What factors favor them – ethical issues, (neo)charismatism, or populism)? Which Evangelicals and which Catholics are we talking about?
  Research on evangelicals being at the heart of current events, the objective of this international conference will be to broaden the field by crossing analyses and observations in order to better identify the dynamics at work in the Christian world on the level of interactions between religion and politics. The opening to promising young researchers will be central and based, as for confirmed researchers, on the quality of their research. This international conference would be open to papers in English or French and could lead to a bilingual publication.
More details on: GSRL International conference
Keynote speakers:
Prof. Paul Freston, Wilfrid Laurier University, Toronto.
Prof. André Gagné, Concordia University,Montreal.
Prof. Jennifer Merchant, Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris II / Institut Universitaire de France
Tobias Cremer, Early Career Researcher, Oxford.
  Scientific committee:
Sébastien Fath, Chargé de recherche GSRL-CNRS.
Philippe Portier, Directeur d’Etudes EPHE / GSRL-CNRS.
Karina Bénazech Wendling, Doctorante EPHE / GSRL-CNRS.
  Proposals for papers in history, religious studies, and anthropology are welcome. Please send a proposed paper title with a short abstract (c.250 words) and short biography to by July 1, 2021. Decisions will be released by July, 15 2021. Short conference briefs of c.2,000 words are due by September 1, 2021. Since ensuing publications are intended, all submissions and papers should contain original work that has not been committed elsewhere.
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silvermoon424 · 2 hours ago
Are you still catholic ?
TL;DR- No.
More detailed response:
This is really hard to answer, because I grew up Catholic my whole life and I do have a lot of good experiences with the church I grew up in and with my loving family (who are all Catholic). But honestly, I don’t identify as Catholic anymore. I still go to Mass on the important holidays because it makes my parents happy but I don’t really fall in line with a lot of the Catholic beliefs anymore. 
A lot of it has to do with me realizing that I’m bisexual (I’m mostly asexual but still attracted to women) and although the Church is very slowly becoming more LGBTQ+ friendly (a lot of it is just Pope Francis though), I know that if I do ever start dating a girl our relationship will be frowned on and condemned. I won’t be able to get married in a Catholic ceremony like my brother did with his wife. So that made me think “Why am I still falling in line with a religion that doesn’t accept me?” 
I do really want to stress that I did grow up in an environment where Catholicism was mainly a force for good. I did charity work and witnessed a lot of good done in its name, plus the Church’s stances on social justice (especially as it was espoused by the adults around me) really helped shape me into the socially conscious person I am. I was also never really subjected to fire and brimstone sermons about how gay people are going to hell (or really anyone going to hell) so I don’t have bad memories about that. I was also taught to trust science and the Catholic schools I attended had excellent curriculums where we were taught about evolution and everything. Again, this is probably due to the area I grew up in and other people might have different experiences (especially in more rural areas, I live in the suburb of a good-sized city).
Despite all that, I can’t ignore the many harms the Church has taken part in and perpetuated and the people they’ve hurt. The scandals with child molesting priests being protected from prosecution is another big thing that led me to not want to identify as Catholic anymore. My heart breaks for the children involved and I lost a ton of respect for the Catholic Church as an institution when they chose to side with the abusers rather than the victims. That’s not what Jesus would have done. 
I still identify as Christian and believe in God, but I’m kind of just doing things on my own terms now. I pray when I feel like it and haven’t really felt the need to go looking for an LGBTQ+ and science-friendly church. Like I said I still go to Catholic Mass on the important holidays with my family, but that’s more for their sake. 
Also, as a side note, I did come out to my Catholic parents last year and they support me and other gay people. I even overheard them defending LGBTQ+ people and their rights to their friends who were a lot more dismissive about them. My parents also understand why I’m not a part of the Church anymore and don’t give me shit about it. My parents are awesome.
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miserybuisness07 · 2 hours ago
Atheists, agnostics and people in general who don’t believe in god those of you who were raised in a religion (Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam etc) at what point did you stop believing in god and why? personally I was raised in a reform jewish house as far as religions go it’s pretty good and very accepting but I stopped believe in god around June/July ish and I stopped believing when I just kept on praying begging god to make things okay and less miserable I never got an answer and nothing changed so that’s when stopped believing it was a little weird at first coming to terms with knowing that there’s nothing after we die and knowlong theres no omnipotent being out there looking out for you but enough about me let me know about your stories those who feel comfortable sharing
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houshako · 2 hours ago
does anyone know of black authors who practice and write about holistic healing and spirituality besides Queen Afua? i guess i'd say i'm a spiritual christian but i'm open to any other perspective so lmk please
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imamgazzali · 2 hours ago
Patience in sinful actions-To restrain oneself from sinful deeds means patience in sinful deeds. The necessity of such patience is beyond description. 
God prohibits sinful deeds in this verse : He prohibits you from obscene and abominable actions and rebellion-16 : 90. T
he Prophet said : The refugee is one who gives up evil deeds and Mujahid is one who fights with his passion. Sin is committed if one acts according to the promptings of his passions.  This habit is added to passion, two enemies of devil stand against the party of God. Under this circumstance, only inspiration of religion is not sufficient and not strong enough to control it, such as backbiting, telling falsehood, self- praise, to take pride etc.The objects of tee second class are things out of control of man. Though these subjects are not under control, yet a man can remove them. If anybody gives trouble to another by his words and deeds, patience is sometimes compulsory in such a case and not to take retaliation and sometimes it is regarded as additional virtuous act. A certain companion said : If anybody cannot have patience at the trouble inflicted by another, he can't regard his faith as real faith. 
God says : We shall certainly have patience at what they trouble us with those who rely on God. 
Once the Prophet was distributing alms among the poor and the distressed. A certain desert Arab said to him at that time: By this distribution God, pleasure is not sought. When the Prophet was informed of this, his two cheeks turned red and then he said May God show mercy on my brother Moses. He suffered more than this and he took patience. 
God says : Leave the trouble inflicted by them and rely on God-33 : 48 . 
God says : Have patience at what they say and leave them a good leave 73 : 10. 
God says : I know that your heart is saddended at what they say. Do glorify your Lord-5 : 98. 
God says : You will certainly hear many words troubling you from the People of the Book and polytheists. If you can have patience at that and fear God, it will be an act of bravery-3 : 186. 
For this reason, God praised those who restrain themselves from taking revenge. 
God says : If you take revenge (for religion), inflict such trouble as has been inflicted on you, but if you take to patience, there are abundant good for the patient-16: 126. 
The Prophet said : Join the tie with one who severs it from you. Give charity to one who deprives you. Forgive one who oppresses you. I saw in the jil in which Jesus said : You have been said before : Take a tooth for a tooth and a nose for a nose, but I say to you : Don't do harm in lieu of harm but turn your left cheek to one who slaps your right cheek. Give pour cloth to one who takes your shirt. Walk with one two miles with his load who takes you to one mile with his load.' These are instructions for patience at the injuries inflicted by others. So high merits are obtained through patience.Third class of patience which is outside human control. Examples of such patience are sudden mishaps, dangers, pangs of death, loss of healthowing to illness, loss of eye sight. Hazrat Ibn Abbas said: 
There are news of three kinds of patience in the Holy Quran - 
(1) to have patience in doing compulsory things ordained by God, 
(2) to keep oneself away from the forbidden things of God, 
(3) and to have patience at sudder dangers and difficulties. Good merits are obtained for such patience. Every believer can have patience at unlawful things but it is only the prophets who can have patience at the natural calamities. For this reason, the Prophet said: God, I pray to you to grant me such firm faith as can make dangers and difficulties from Thee easy on me. It is understood from this that sure faith is linked with patience. 
(1) Abu Solaiman said: By God, we can't have patience at what we love. How can we then have patience at what we do not love? 
(2) The Holy Prophet said: God says: When I send on My servant any physical, economic or family trouble and if he forbears it, I will feel shame to set up for him balance and measure on the Resurrection Day. 
(3) The Prophet said: To await with patience for release from a danger is included within divine service. He also said: If a servant prays with the following according to the order of God after falling in a danger, his prayer is accepted: We are surely for God and to Him we shall return. 0 God, give me blessing in my danger and leave good behind it.
(4) Hazrat Anas said: That Prophet said that God said: Gabriel, do you know what reward I give to one whose eyes I have robbed? He says: God, we don't know anything except what You have taught us. God said: Its reward is his constant living in My abode and his look towards My face. 
(5) The Prophet said: God says: When I examine a servant with a trial and he keeps patience at that and does not complain of Me to his visitors, I give him better flesh in lieu of his former flesh and better blood in lieu of his former blood. When I cure him, I cure him after forgiving his sins. 
(6) Hazrat Daud prayed once: 0 Lord what is the reward of a person who keeps patience at his dangers by seeking' your pleasure? God said: His reward is this that I will dress him with the dress of faith and will never take it from him. 
(7) The Caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz once addressed the people thus: If God takes away a gift which He gave to a person, He gives him a gift better than his previous gift provided he keeps patience. Then he read this verse: The patient will be given full reward without account. 
(8) When the saint Fazil was asked about patience, he said: To keep satisfied with the decree of God is patience. He was asked: How is that? He replied: The satisfied man does not expect rank more than his rank. 
(9) It is narrated that when Shibli was imprisoned at Maristan, some people met him. He asked them: Who are you? They said: Your friends. We have come to meet you. He then stoned at them. When they were about to flee away, he said to them: If you are my real friends, you would have kept patience at my difficulty. 
(10) A certain sage used to take out a writing from his pocket every hour and read it. Therein it was written: Be patient at the decree of your Lord as you are-in My careful sight - 52 : 48.
(11) It is narrated that the wife of the saint Fateh Mussalli once slipped down and her joint was broker. Shethen gave thanks to God after rising up. She was asked: Have you got no pain? She said: The joy of the reward of pain removed from my heart the pangs of pain.
(12) Hazrat Daud said to his son Solaiman: Fear of God in a believer is proved by three things. 
He relies on God for what he cannot earn. 
he remains satisfied with God for what he earns and 
he keeps patience for what goes away from him. 
(13) Our Prophet said: Not to complain of your wants and sufferings and not to tell anybody of your dangers appertain to the glorification of God and spiritual knowledge. 
(14) A certain pious man said that he had lost a purse on the way owing to the action of a pick-pocket. He said, God: Give him similar reward. Perchance he has got greater need of the purse than mine: 
(15) Another pious man said: Once during my journey, I saw Abu Huzaifa fallen on the ground wounded in the battle field of Mawla Salem and asked him: Shall I give you water? He said: Take me near the foes and put water on my shield as I am fasting. If I live up to sun set I will break my fast therewith. Such was the patience of those. who sought the next world. 
(16) It has been reported from Ramisah Omme Salim that she said: One of my sons died during the absence of his father. I kept him covered with one sheet of cloth in a corner of the house.A little after my husband came. I presented before him food. He ate it and asked me: How is my son? I said that he is a little better by the will of God than he was before. I lay with my husband in that night being well dressed. Then I said: Will you not be astonished at my neighbour? He asked me: What has become of him? I told him: I lent him a good thing. When I demanded it of him, he threatened me and began to weep out of sorrow. He said: What he did is manifestly wrong. I said: This is your son. I took him as a loan from God but He took him close to Him. He recited: We are for God and to Him we shall return. Next morning he went to the Prophet and gave him this news. He said: God, make their last night good. 
(17) At the time when Ibrahim, son of the Prophet died, the Prophet began to shed tears. He was asked; Why do you weep when you have prohibited us from it? He said: It is through affection. He who is kind gets kindness from God. This weeping did not out me from the state of contentment.
From what has been discussed above, it has been clear to you that in all circumstances and actions of life, patience is absolutely necessary. If one keeps patience, still hundreds of empty thoughts may arise in his mind and keep him forgetful of God. Thus he is not free from the whisperings of the devil and mind is. not free from thoughts-thoughts of past and future causing loss of valuable time. The weapon of a man is his Qalb or heart and his life is his valuable asset. When a moment is lost without remembrance of God, it is spent uselessly.
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