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i’m in a really good mood today, so i think i’m going to try to shift tonight. i’ll let you know what happens when i wake up
love you all!
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bookstattoosandtea · 4 hours ago
Audio Tour, Guest Post & Giveaway: Ice Soul by Mary Rundle
Audio Tour, Guest Post & Giveaway: Ice Soul by Mary Rundle
Mary Rundle has a new MM paranormal audiobook out in her Blackwood pack series: Ice Soul. And there’s a giveaway! The Blackwood Pack saga continues… This is part of a continuing series by Amazon International Bestselling Author, Mary Rundle – reading the previous titles is advised. Readers will enjoy catching up with members of the Blackwood Pack and reading about what is happening to them as…
Tumblr media
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bs-fangirl · 8 hours ago
My ratings for Love Death And Robots season 1. Yeah, I’m super late to this, so sue me.
5/5 (would love to see more)
Sonnie’s Edge (her rape is an uncomfortably big focus but adore the monster designs and fights, and was surprised by the ending)
Three Robots (delightful, hilarious, I could watch these guys all day)
Suits (giant mecha suits vs swarm of aliens has been done to death but there’s something about this I just love, it makes me smile every time)
Blindspot (who doesn’t love a train heist!?)
Good Hunting (lots of misogyny and racism but great animation and I love the characters)
Shape-Shifters (not much personality from the characters but delightful gory werewolf fight)
Sucker of Souls (love the animation and it made me laugh, though don’t know why monster Dracula needed a penis)
The Dump (story didn’t do much for me but I liked the animation)
Lucky 13 (sentient ship is sweet but too subtle)
Helping Hand (not terrible but didn’t care for it)
Fish Night (would have been better without the human characters, they felt unnecessary)
Zima Blue (reminded me of how I just don’t ‘get’ art sometimes)
Ice Age (interesting idea but very boring and I was disappointed that it was live-action)
The Secret War (uninteresting monsters and boring war story with dull characters)
Beyond The Aquila Rift (enjoyed the creepy ending but dialogue is terrible and didn’t like the characters)
1/5 (regret watching these)
When The Yogurt Took Over (I know it meant to be silly but it’s just so dumb, way too dumb)
The Witness (way too over the top with nudity and sex, seriously it’s creepy)
Alternate Histories (unfunny, weird animation, and the lecture format is boring)
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Based on this request: Could you perhaps write something for a female Wolfshifter in Twilight who has the feeling of not fitting in with the pack? She knows the Cullens and always liked them. She especially likes Carlisle, Alice, Esme and Emmet. This brings conflicts with the Wolf Pack and somewhere along the line the reader is estranged to her whole community due to always protecting the Cullens. Carlisle and Co become aware of this and make an effort to integrate the reader into the Cullen family.I'm really looking forward to your imagines. The recently posted requests seem very interesting! But please don't overwork yourself. :)
AND this one:  May I request one of your Volturi imagines where the reader is a werwolf shapeshifter but has come to think of the Volturi as her family, so she protects them? Especially Marcus, Aro and Jane. Carlisle and the Cullens come to Volterra to bring her home because they thinknof her as a daughter. And so the reader is torn due to her loyalties to both her families?I always look forward to your imagines! Thank you for writing them for us! :D
Here you are, lovelies! *Familiar Characters are NEVER mine!*
Fandom: Twilight
Warnings: Angst, feeling like you don’t belong. A little familial fluff?
Pairings/Characters: Fem!shifter reader, Olympic Coven(Cullens), Volturi, Quileute Shifter Pack
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Being one of two female wolves in the pack didn't exactly make for good company. Leah, as much as you loved her, was still so in love with Sam, she couldn't see passed the end of her nose. But at least she had her brother. And you really couldn't relate to any of the guys. That left you on your own. You hated it. You hated not fitting in. But when you officially met the Cullens and the Volturi, that changed.
          You had been running through the woods alongside the border between your two lands when you were injured somehow. You were bleeding profusely and, in your state, you accidentally crossed into the Cullen's territory. Emmett and Carlisle had been out hunting when they found you. At first, they weren't happy, but when they realized you were hurt, Emmett wasted no time in scooping you up and running you back to the house. That was the beginning of a few lasting friendships, although you didn't linger in person for too long. You knew vampires didn't like the smell of shifters, even though you showered all the time.
         The Cullens soon became like your family, much to the annoyance of the pack. They always complained about you smelling like a leech whenever you came back from visiting the Cullens. You didn't care. At least with the vampires, you felt some sense of belonging. You became very protective of them. And then, you met the Volturi and your family grew.
         After working and saving up for nearly a year, you were finally able to go on a little vacation and you decided that Italy would be for the best. That was where you met the Volturi. Aro had read your thoughts and assured the others that you weren't a threat. Once you got used to one another, you decided to stay in Italy for a while. Soon, the Volturi were like family as well. Except for Caius. He took a little bit longer because of his experience with the Children of the Moon. Either way, now you had two families that were both vampires and you loved them both.
         But the conflict between the pack and the Cullens had grown more tense in your absence. The pack believed the Cullens had done something to you. The Cullens themselves didn't care what the pack thought, but the longer tensions went on, the more difficult it would be the Cullens to remain in Forks. So they decided to do something about it. They were going to bring you home.
         "Masters, the Olympic Coven has been sighted on the outskirts of the city," Demetri explained one evening while you were visiting the castle. Your ears perked up at the mention of your other family, making Aro smile. "Perhaps they have come for a our…'friend'," Caius said, earning a slight glare from you. He gave you a smile that was meant to be both threatening and teasing. That was the nature of your relationship with him now.
         "Perhaps they have. Very well. Demetri, if you and Felix would be so kind?" In an instant, the two vampires in question were gone and a few moments later, returned with Carlisle and a couple other members of the coven. You were running toward them before you could stop yourself, happy to see your other family again. Carlisle wrapped you up in a hug, followed by Edward and then Jasper.
         "I missed you guys!" you said gleefully. Carlisle replied that they had missed you as well. "We've come to bring you back to Forks with us." There was a little hissing from all around you. Carlisle put his hands up in a manner to show that he was no threat. "B-But I like it here. The Volturi, they're my family too." Carlisle gave you a sad smile.
         "I know, Y/N. I do understand. But, the pack…they are becoming more aggressive by the day. They believe we're keeping you against your will, not allowing them to come back. Jacob is doing what he can to pacify them, but most don't believe him. Some are threatening to break away and break the treaty." You felt tears welling up in your eyes. The pack had never cared about you before, but now they were willing to destroy three families because of you?
         You were distressed by the news at first, but then, you became angry. The pack was threatening the people you loved. You could feel your body growing warm as your anger rose. "Y/N, dear, you must calm yourself. We don't need you shifting in here." You glanced back at Aro before looking at Edward. He read your mind and smiled stiffly. "You can come back. As long as the pack sees that you're safe, they will leave us alone."
         You looked between the Cullens and the Volturi. They were all awaiting your decision. You were torn. You loved being in Italy with the Volturi, but you were needed back in Forks. But what would happen if your meeting with the pack failed? Then everyone would be in danger. You could feel your protective instinct rising again. You knew you needed to get out of the castle for a while to calm yourself and think properly. So, you ran.
         "Where is she going?" you heard Caius ask. You didn't stop. You knew Edward would explain what was going on. You made your way to the outskirts of the city, preparing yourself for the shift when you heard quick footsteps behind you. You whirled around to come face-to-face with Caius. "No offense, but I'm not in the mood right now."
         "Well, that is too bad, I'm sorry to say." You growled lowly, but there was no malice behind it. "You're worried about us. Protective even. Why?" You sighed. "You're family, Caius. Even though you hate me for what I am, I still view all of you as my family and I protect those I love. Just like you." Caius didn't say anything for a moment but then, a smile slowly made its way onto his lips. A real smile.
         "Then we finally agree on something. And you have a decision to make. Whatever you decide, we will be with you." With that, he sped off again, leaving you to think. You'd calmed down enough in your surprise that you didn't feel like you were going to shift involuntarily. Caius was right. You had to make a decision and you hated it. You didn't want to leave Volterra, but you also didn't want to leave the Cullens at the mercy of the pack that never treated you as equal. What were you going to do?
(a/n: I hope you like it! Tag lists are open for all fandoms and characters on this blog.)
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lycanthropeborn · 12 hours ago
It's okay to be weird. We are nonhumans have to realize that we aren't human, therefore some of the stuff we do, isn't human and that's okay. Growling when mad, smelling people to get to know them, IT'S OKAY! We're going to instinctively do things like that and that's OKAY! We shouldn't expect to act like humans all the time.
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk😋
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marutifilters · 15 hours ago
Plate Shifter Gujarat
We are a highly respected and renowned company Maruti Filter Press engaged in the manufacture and export of technologically advanced auto plate shifter. We manufacture a wide range of Automatic Auto Plate Shifter Gujarat which gets its place with a budget of all types of customers. We implement stringent quality inspections to ensure that all quality instances are met and we continuously strive to satisfy our consumers. We use superb quality
Tumblr media
A diverse application is found in Auto Place Shifter:
Textile, paper, leather, jute, sewage, industrial and municipal wastewater sewage treatment plants
Ceramics were made using clay, porcelain, light surface, marble, and granite.
Nickel, copper, zinc, lead, and for electroplating and electropolishing metals
To produce pharmacy industry, feed, intermediate, and bulk powder
Chemical industry to manufacture basic elements, natural and synthesized chemicals, gums, glycogen, proteins, pesticides, and aquatic chemicals Dyes, dyes, intermediates such as dyestuff Food industries that make vegetable oils, stick liquid, fruit color soups, distilleries, farms, and resorts
The purpose of the plate shifter is to move the plates and provide a rapid release of the filter cake that is included between the plates. It further includes a diaphragm compressor in the filter plates which assists in optimizing the working conditions by moving the filter cubes forward. Automatic Filter Press An automatic filter press has the same idea as a standard filter and a frame filter, without it the entire process is fully automated. It has wider plates by automatic "plate shifters"
Maruti Filter Press is a proprietorship company offering science labs and research equipment since 1990 under the vigilance of our patrons. The sector has witnessed incredible growth and now includes sophisticated equipment. We are manufacturing, shipping, providing, wholesale, dealing, and trading in a wide range of scientific laboratory and research equipment. Some of our products. Nature is the heart of our company's processes at Didack. We pursue the use of the highest standard raw ingredients that are sourced from reputable vendors and use quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure maximum quality. We are approved by state-of-the-art manufacturing plants to cater to large volumes of customers within specified time support.
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ghostieliving · 18 hours ago
Bet the first shifter to get someone pregnant post saturation was so confused
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not-tozier · 22 hours ago
my DR came to me?
okay i know this sounds crazy but hear me out.
i was incredibly focused on shifting for like 6 months, however, i had to stop because i never shifted and it was becoming am extreme a form of escapism causing me to fall behind on important life shit and my mental health. i never actually shifted, and i had a lot of doubts, but here’s what you need to know about my script:
shift to my DR
be more attractive
get hired as an mathematical engineering intern at the place my comfort character works
work with and fall in love with my comfort character after about a month of witty banter
important little detail - i scripted that as we worked together, we would have a shared playlist and ever so often have cute little dance parties and shit, also scripted that my comfort character can play guitar
we’d have a “late nights in the middle of june” moment
respawn into a new DR, starting my life over at sophomore year
live and do all sorts of fun things in my new permanent reality ( most importantly, having a flat chest, getting HRT and performing in Bring It On, my schools musical during my sophmore year)
its also important to note that as many other depressed bastards, my DR associated song of choice was Mr. Loverman by Ricky Montgomery.
anyways, its been about 3 months since i “let go” of shifting- not thinking about it, not desiring it, not needing it, just kind of acknowledging its existence very passively until today.
all day, i felt weird- like a simultaneous nostalgia but also reliving of my shifting desires and the headspace i was in then. i kind of ignored it until literally 10 minutes ago. I had this urge to listen to Mr. Loverman, so I did, and as I listened for the first time since i tried shifting i realized every single one of these changes had manifested into my life in the past 3 months.
became way more confident in my looks
started working at a new job
started working with this guy, J. i totally thought i knew him, but once we started working together, the asshole i remembered was replaced by..... my comfort character??? i’m talking same nerdy interests, same stupid jokes, same being an adorable idiot bisexual?????
did i mention J grew his hair and its now the same style as my comfort character’s?????
J and i listen to music while we work and HAD A CUTE LITLLE DANCE PARTY???????
AND he plays guitar
my schedule for june is FILLED with night shifts WITH J
my school announced that instead of a new musical this year, we would do a musical review of numbers from previous years- meaning i DO get to perform in bring it on
my parents have become weirdly much nicer and much more open to the idea of me being trans (meaning i could possibly go on HRT?????? and get top surgery?????)
i realized i love math- a subject ive hated since grade school
and these are just the similarities off the top of my head. i am fucking speechless.
maybe i’m being crazy, but to me this is just such insane and beautiful proof that even though i wasn’t ready to shift (really been working on mental health since shifting allowed my accountability to slip away) my desires are still being brought to me.
i am so in love with the universe and i really needed to see and understand this.
my blog isn’t for followers (its a weird half developed self improvement catalogue lol) but i am so fucking grateful for this and i just wanted to share with anyone i could to assure you that even if youre down on yourself/your practice now, the universe has a plan for you. it will all work out.
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𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐟𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐝𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐞? 𝐢𝐝𝐤 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬
hey guys sorry for not posting in a while i’ve been logged out and just haven’t been making any progress yet
but.... i saw that someone asked like two months ago if i could explain the left brain right brain thing that i mentioned
and i’m really not good at explaining things like at all
so i’ll just try and explain this how i understand it from what i’ve heard other people say.
(just remember that i haven’t shifted just yet so this may be completely false information. this is just what i’ve heard)
so basically....
there are two sides to your brain: the left and your right.
the left side is the more logical side and the right is your imagination
by turning off your left brain, you’re giving your right brain complete control. so, when you start your affirmations, telling yourself that you are already in your dr, your right brain believes that it’s true.
here is how to turn your left brain off:
get into a comfy position. this is important because you will be in this position for a while.
lie still in this position (i’ve heard people say for 15-20 minutes but just until you feel like you’re floating)
you can also start to visualize your dr or your memories in from your dr while you are lying there but i dont think this is needed. so, if you can’t visualize or if its hard to, that should be fine.
then! you can now start your affirmations
and then just go to sleep (without moving)
note: you can do this alone or with a method, i dont think it matters
hope this helps you guys.
remember i am still learning stuff about shifting. so, if any of this information is wrong, i apologize. but, please if you do catch any thing that is wrong, please let me know.
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lycanthropeborn · a day ago
I just wanted to remind everyone I have a nonhuman/otherkin community. Our goal is to get the community to get along and help newly awakened nonhumans. We don't sugarcoat. This isn't roleplay. If interested the invite is pinned, or you could just message me on discord |TrippyShrooms|#0582.
If you can't find me then message me here, but it may take me a min to see it as I don't use the app.
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shifting-nerd · a day ago
Uhhhh, anyways I'm gonna do shifting debunking posts to make up for my lack of shifting content, i have a couple things i wanna do in mind, but if you guys have any you want me to do, feel free to say some!
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bookwyvernsam · a day ago
Xan's Feisty Mate
Tumblr media
Title: Xan’s Feisty Mate
Author: Elle Boon
Series: Iron Wolves MC Book 2
Published: January 26, 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Price: $0.99 on Kindle
Blurb: Breezy has loved Xan Carmichael for years, but she’s tired of trying to get him to notice her. She’s suffered long enough and is ready to move on. Xan didn’t want a mate, but when someone tries to harm the only woman who calls to him and his wolf, he’s ready to rip the world apart to keep her safe. The past has a way of coming back and haunting your present, and Breezy has just become the focus of a deranged killer. Will Xan and the rest of the Iron Wolves be able to save her before whoever is out to end her life succeeds, or will the stubborn alpha claim her in time?
Review: I’m bored…I’m so bored that I’m literally just skipping pages to see if I miss anything and I’m not missing anything. This is going to be added to the DNF pile.
I was thinking that it was going to be what it looked like, the cover promoting an erotic type of story and sure enough, that’s what it was. There was something different to it though, a mystery. Someone trying to kill Breezy. The mystery, plus a few interactions between Xan and a few of the men had me wanting to continue on. I had my thoughts on who it could be that wanted Breezy dead, but there’s always that thought of ‘what if I’m wrong?’ and you want to continue.
If you'd like to read the rest of my review, please visit my blog!
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shifter-me · 2 days ago
As an update I have none since I mini shifted, I haven´t been really trying and I’ve been having weird dreams mostly, I have a couple core memories more, and I’ve been illuminated on some aspects of my person in my dr that round up and answer lots of questions that I had about the place where I’m trying to shift and myself which I apreciate lots! It was so amazing when I figured it out I might add a section about my core memories to this blog!
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conniespringerblkwife · 2 days ago
Betrayed... Again (Final)
(Eren Jaeger x Female Marleyan Reader | NSFW)
Part 1, Part 2
A/N: This story will have slight season 4 anime spoilers, if you have not watched it. For the last time, I am not pro-Marleyan, just a story that came to mind. Also I want to thank the people who supported my story. It will be great if you guys could leave feedback.
Warnings: Slight Spoilers, Angst, Smut: Female oral (receiving), Fingering, Rough sex, Over stimulation
Summary: Nurse Y/N thinks the people of Paradis are growing on her. Is it because of their ignorance? Or is it because she is in love with one of them.
*3,305 words*
Songs I listened to while writing:
TiO (Take it Off) by Zayn
Tumblr media
The commander would occasionally lift up their glasses as they read a book about Eldian history. They offered you tea but you declined because you didn't trust them; you didn't trust any of these people. You then wondered if there were others that were kidnapped just like you on this island. If you could find your people, you can probably come up with a plan to get out of here.
"How much do you know about Eldian history Nurse Y/n?" The commander asked you as they lifted their glasses for the nth time. You stayed silent. You didn't need to say anything to this devil. Also how come they didn't know anything about the Eldian history? Arent they technically Eldians?
The commander then spoke again, "Nurse Y/N, I think we can be friends and work together. Aren't you a nurse? Dont you want to help people?"
"Help my people, not you island devils." you scoffed and crossed your arms as your eyes traveled to the floor. "What do you want?"
"I'm curious to what kind of history you learned over in Marley to make you guys hate us so much." This made you look up.
"You seriously don't know." They stared at you blankly and that's when you knew they were telling the truth. "You're ancestors betrayed us Eldians in Marley." You said sternly, "We have been oppressed for thousands of years and you get to be hidden behind walls, unaware of the tragedies your ancestors have committed."
You were now looking at them and they splayed their hands across the table. "But that was a thousand years ago? What about the people now? The millions of people that lost their lives? Why did they have to die?" The way they innocently asked these questions made you sick to your stomach. You couldn't believe they were serious about everything coming out of their mouths.
Before you could say anything else, Levi walked in. "I'm taking Nurse Y/n back to her cell. Get some rest Ha-Commander." You heard him stuttered over his words, and you assumed he was trying not to say the commander's name.
Walking through the hallways with Levi back to your cell was silent, until you stopped and turned to him. "Levi, do your people really not know anything?" He continued walking and you rolled your eyes as you followed along.
You were now in your cell as you sat on the edge of the hard bed staring at the floor. "Even if what you know is true or not, it's not like that anymore. My comrades didn't sacrifice their life for this." Levi said and then left you with only the light from the candle flickering.
Your stared at the ceiling as you laid in bed, thinking about your childhood.
In Marley, once you turned a certain age, you need to start thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life. Some thought about becoming a warrior or a teacher, but you decided to become a nurse.
The moment you chose that for yourself, that's all you were taught. You took history classes, but it taught you the same phrase that was pounded into you since you were brought into this world. "You must serve Marleyans if you want to end oppression" or "The Eldians on the island are devils."
You hated Marleyans, but you were taught that it was your ancestors fault so you had to serve them in order to atone for their sins. You always wondered if the traitors were the reason why Eldians on Marley suffered. Maybe if they all were dead, your people could be free.
You thought about how your mother would make sure you had your armband on before going out to the public. You have heard horrible stories about Eldians being punished for forgetting their armbands or wearing them wrong. You didn't know why you were crying, but you couldn't help the tears spill and run down the sides of your temples into your hair because you were laying on your back. You then heard someone whisper your name and your head quickly shot up. It was Eren.
Your heart leaped out of your chest as you stared at the man before you. He was wearing an olive shirt with black pants and his hair still in a bun. You threw your legs to the side of the bed and walked towards him. You wrapped your hands around the bars and pressed your face between the gap. "Eren what are you doing here?"
He walked closer to you, "I'm here to see you, now stand back." You noticed he had a key in his hand and wondered how he got it. He opened your cell and next thing you knew you were in his arms.
Your head smuggled in his chest as you involuntarily sniffed him and noticed he had an earthy scent.
"I'll be leaving in a few days," He whispered against the top of your head. You pulled away and looked into his emotionless eyes.
"Where are you going?" Your fists scrunched up the sides of his shirt.
"To finished what I started." You knew exactly what he meant, and before you could protest, he was kissing you. Then there you were again melting in his arms, as you pulled him to your chest.
Eren gently pushed you onto the bed and slid his hands under your shirt to circle his thumbs around your nipples, while squeezing the outside flesh. Your legs wrapped around his waist as you grounded against his clothed erection. "Eren," you said his name in a breathy tone when you felt him kiss and suck on your neck.
Your gown was now scrunched up to your waist as he kneaded your thighs with his huge calloused hands. His hands slowly maneuvering to your waist, teasing the band of your underwear. One of his hands slid over your clothed folds and rubbed it gently while his other hand played with your left breast. You started to squirm from his slow intimate touches. You just wanted him inside of you. "Eren please....I just want you."
"Just wait a little longer. I want to savor you." He took off his shirt and settled himself between your legs. He pulled your panties down your ankles and kissed your inner thigh. Eren brought his face to your heat and licked your slit up and down, then circling around your clit. You grabbed his hair and wrapped your legs around his shoulders.
He slowly entered two fingers inside of you, stretching you out slowy as you pulled at his hair. The man admired the way your pretty hole swallowed his fingers.
You felt his hair tickle the skin inside of your thigh as he continued thrusting his fingers in and out of you.
You pulled at his hair to let him know his fingers wasn't enough and that you wanted more of him. "Eren please...I want all of you."
He scissored your opening and met your pleading eyes. "Be specific" His voice slicked with lust, causing you to clench around his fingers.
"I want you inside of me." You whined.
"What do you want inside of you love." He wanted you to beg for him. He wanted to know if you submit yourself to him, all of yourself, no matter what.
"I want...I want your dick inside of me." As if a switch went off, Eren removed his fingers and pushed himself inside of you, giving you no time to adjust from his fingers to his girth. (Girth is such a funny word to me, I couldn't stop laughing)
You knew you were far gone as you watched Eren moved in and out of you at a rapid pace. Marley Y/n slowly crumbled at each of his thrusts. Your pride nearly faltered as he whispered dirty words in your ear and proceeded to kiss and suck your neck, marking his territory. You were his, you belonged to him. You were drunk off of Eren, and you didn't care.
Your brain was now fuzzy after having an intense orgasm that you didn't realize Eren came inside of you.
But he still didn't stop as pounded into you and rubbed your sensitive clit. You clawed at his back from the over stimulation and you could see the steam of him healing.
Eren collapsed on top of your body and slid his hands to your back. His ear rested on your chest as he listened to your rapid heartbeat; his breath fanning your exposed skin. "I love you." He said softly as you slowly drifted off to sleep.
You were startled awake as you felt cold water splash you. You were greeted by Levi holding a barrel that once had water. "Get up." He said coldly.
As you stood up, your legs almost gave out on you and last nights events came back to you and you felt your face heat up in response. You also noticed Eren was gone, he must've left after you fell asleep. "You've been asleep for half the day." He stated and you noticed he had clothes in his hands. "Put this on." He said and left the room.
It was another gown, you noticed, but this one was scratchy.
You and Levi were once again walking through a hallway in silence. But this time he was the one to speak up, "Eren's gone...Have any idea where he could be?" Your heart pounded against your chest at his words. He said he would be leaving in a couple days.
"No. I haven't seen him." You didn't know why you lied. Well it wasn't a whole lie you didn't know anything about Eren's plans.
"No need to lie if the evidence is all over your neck. " Your hand went to your neck instinctively and you knew it was because Eren marked it up. Before you could explain yourself, the blonde boy from earlier was running towards you two. "Levi!!" he rested his hands at his knees trying to catch his breath. "One of the rooms blew up and Chief Darius was there.." He paused and looked down, "He didn't make it." He then stood up, his breathing now calmed, "There were a few survivors but are wounded very badly and we need help." He then looked over at me, "Arent you a nurse?"
You nodded your head and he continued. "Can you please help?" You made contact with his blue eyes that threatened to spill with tears.
"I can try."
The man laid unconscious on the floor and you took note of the burnt patches that littered his arms, he was lucky there weren't any on his face, just a few scratches.
You kneeled down beside the man examining the intensity of his wounds. "He would heal soon." You looked around the room for any oils and noticed they didn't have any. "Do you have any oils or remedies?" The all looked at you in confusion as if you were speaking a foreign language. You realized that Paradis was not advanced in their society, the consequences of living secluded behind the walls.
"Do you have water and cloths." You had to resort to an older method that would probably take the healing process longer. After you received the items, you wrapped the man's arms with the wet cloths.
'Thank you," The blonde hair boy said to you. "I'm Armin." He held out his hand and you took it, you felt nothing hostile coming from the boy. Was perhaps these people were growing on you?
You sat out on a balcony alone (You didn't plan on running away after Levi threatened to slice your throat) staring out into the distance thinking. You thought about everything. You thought about if everything you learned in Marley was all a lie. The hatred that has been built into your brain to despised the people on Paradis. What if that was a reason to keep you all divided? You were just a nurse, you weren't a warrior, you wasn't capable of fighting. All you could do was help after the destruction not during.
You didn't realize Armin and another person walked in, until they sat in the open chairs on the side of you. On the right was a woman with black short hair and a scar on her face. She was so beautiful.
"Nurse Y/N this is Mikasa." Armin introduced her and you two greeted each other with a nod. "Have you heard anything from Eren?" Armin spoke and you looked away.
"Please, we know he was with you last." His eyes lingered to your neck and you both looked away blushing.
"He just told me he would be leaving in a couple days and that he had to finish what he started." You whispered, "And then we made love."
You noticed the the black haired woman clenched her fists after you said the last part. "Come with us Y/n." She then said.
As you three were leaving, you all heard a crash from one of the rooms, followed by shouting. Armin and the woman rushed towards it and you followed along. You were greeted by a blonde girl trying to stab another little girl with brown hair. Mikasa was quick to grab her arm while Armin snatched the knife from her hand.
On the side there was a little blonde boy laying unconscious, and you immediately recognized him. "Falco?" Tears threatened to spill as you rushed to his side. "What happened to him!" Half of his head was bleeding and you noticed he smelled like wine.
"I'm sorry, " You heard someone say from the corner. Why was there so many people from Marley here, you thought. You recognized the man that spoke, it was Niccolo. He would prepare dinner for the staff and patients in the hospital back in Marley. "Niccolo what did you do?" You said sternly. His head was now in his hands as he sobbed.
"He protected me." You heard the brown haired girl whisper.
"WHY!!! WHY DID YOU KILL HER!! SHE WAS NOTHING BUT KIND!!" The blonde girl screeched clawing at Mikasas tight hold.
As if the situation couldn't get worse, the devil himself, pranced in. Eren. It was as if time slowed down as you all watched him lift up his hand that was slit and had blood dripping from it. "Mikasa, Armin, Y/n, I have to tell you something."
"Eren." You breathed out his name.
You, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin sat at a round table with your hands on top because he threatened to kill you if you didn't.
"Eren what are you doing?" Armin spoke up first.
"I need to tell you guys something." Eren responded. You took this time to get a good look at his face. His eyes were cold as he stared at the blonde boy. He was slightly pale and looked like he haven't slept in days, but he looked fine yesterday you thought.
"What made you go attack Marley on your own Eren?" Armin spoke again and a lump caught in your throat as you remeber the tragedy that took place not that long ago. Eren stayed silent and his eyes now rested on the table. "Did Zeke and Yelena really trick you into joining them?"
"I am free." Eren finally said and me, Armin, and Mikasa looked at each other in confusion. "The choices I make are decided from my own free will."
"Eren don't listen to them, you're being manipulated." Mikasa spoke this time, her voice straining. "You killed kids and other innocent lives Eren!" Her deep black eyes flickered to yours. "And you even fell for one of them." You looked away tears threatening to fall. "I know you care about us more than anyone!" She was now out of her chair and pulled at her red scarf, "Eren you are kind! I know you're not like this! Remember when you gave me your scarf..."
"Hands on the table Mikasa." He interrupted her, "I had a brother to brother talk with Zeke and knows a lot more about titans than Marley."
-You furrowed your eyebrows, brother to brother? Zeke as in Zeke...Jaeger. Your mouth hanged slightly agape from this realization.
"Armin you still visit Annie don't you?" He focused his attention to Armin and you noticed how his jaw flexed. "Do you think that's your own free will?"
The blonde boy's eyes were now blown wide while Eren continued, "If memories are what shaped people, part of you is Bertholdt...Within you is the enemy with feelings for another enemy."
"Eren." you croaked your vision blurry, but the tears wouldn't fall.
"You have been manipulated by the enemy Armin."
"Eren thats enough!"Mikasa shouted.
"You too, Mikasa!!!" He shouted back causing you to flinch. You gripped at your gown to calm yourself. "The moment I told you to fight your instincts were awakened...Your people were designed to protect Eldia's King."
"No, you're wrong...It was because of you Eren." Her mouth hanged agape as tears spilled from her eyes.
"Those who aren't free live like livestock." He paused, "I always hated you Mikasa. I hate you for living like a slave, willing to obey any orders I give. IT disgusts me. You disgust me."
"Eren!!!" The blonde pounced on top of the table with rage, but was then slammed to his stomach by Mikasa. The boy gasped as he looked up at her.
"Your entire life has been a waste because you didnt make your own choices." Eren spoke again but calmly and Mikasa let go of Armin as if she realized that what he has said so far may be true.
Armin took this oppurtunity to land a punch to his face. You quickly got out of your chair because the table flipped over. Before Armin could get another punch in, Eren hit him twice as hard and threw him against the case of wine. The whole shelf came tumbling down and you knew the blonde boy wasn't going to win. Eren continued punching his face with all of his strength and his face started to swell up rapidly. All you could do was watch. This wasn't Eren. "You know why we never fought before." Eren grabbed him by his shirt and kneed him in his stomach, "Because it wouldn't be a fair fight." He threw the boy to the ground. You could barely see his blue eyes anymore.
You don't know what compelled you to rush to the boy, but you found yourself checking his neck for a pulse. He was still breathing but was unconscious as you rested your hands on the side of his puffy face. "What is wrong with you?" you said, then looked up. Your tear filled eyes met with Eren's cold ones. "I thought you cared about us?" You rubbed the blonde boy's hair. "You're the real slave." You spit out and he scoffed.
"Who you calling a slave?" He clenched his fist, "You betrayed your home because you fell in love foolishly believing that I actually cared about you." Your heart dropped hearing his words. "Let's go." He said to a few people, assuming that they are on his side. "And bring the kid that killed Sasha." You forgot the kids were still here and you watched as the girl with brown hair was hauled away as she kicked her feet.
You watched as Eren left the room. The blonde boy head rested in your lap and all you felt was nothing. You weren't mad nor sad. You were just nothing. You wish you could feel one emotion, but you couldn't. "It was all a lie." The words fell from your lips as you replayed Eren's words in your mind.
You were betrayed...again.
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