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qldqueerboy · 22 minutes ago
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13th ofMay 2021
You are fighting within yourself not to be dishonest in your speech today when asked to explain your actions and motives. If only those who are acting as inquisitors could truly understand the truth of the situation as to why you chose to walk away. Today don’t compromise in your words. If they want the truth then give it to them with authority and wisdom.
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dreaminfinity88world · an hour ago
TAURUS MID MONTH 15-31 MAY 2021 - Be Open To Love Taurus !
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stuff4stucks · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tarot Reading for a Jade Strider (Dirkways), Looking for Clarification on if they had any relationships or friendships! Hope this is good Anon!  [Meeting] Ace of Pentacles: You most likely helped each other in your careers or interests, you supported each other and had success in what you worked on together. You may have met via a mutual interest, or gotten closer by working together to solve a problem. You work well together. This was likely multiple people.  
[Progress] Six of Wands:  You had a fresh perspective on your relationship with people. Maybe an event occured, or you simply got new perspective on people. This might have manifested as you growing closer to someone you didn’t know before, or having a romantic relationship, or any sort of change that brang you and someone else or some other people together. 
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backalleywitches · an hour ago
What shadows are calling out to be seen? (PAC!)
☁ ◠﹏◠✿ Just because we all love shadow work!  
 ಠ‿ಠ I’m kidding, but it’s also beneficial for us all when you keep up with your squalling inner child lmao. Anyway, it’s been a minute since we’ve made any actual posts on here, and Spirit has been in my ear to give ya’ll something and what a brilliant time to pull out some deep shit and hopefully help put you on a better path to your highest and best self!
Soooo, you know the drill by now. Don’t stress and don’t think too much about it. Clear your mind by taking some deep breaths before you choose. 
And please remember, this is purely for fun and practice. It may or may not resonate with you, or it’ll probably only resonate a little bit. But regardless, take it with a grain of salt and feel free to send us a message if you’d like!
Now... on with it!
Pick a number between 1-4!
Tumblr media
Pile Number One!
Tumblr media
Okay, okay, okay. Spirit didn’t waste no time getting these cards out. This is a pretty specific message so if it doesn’t resonate, I’m sorry and I’ve failed you.
There’s something you’re clearly addicted to. It could be anything: drugs, money, love, evil, etc. But I think you’re addicted to pain. To suffering of some sort. You’re stuck in some type of karmic pattern and you’re literally sitting comfy in your own pain lol. Something happened in the past, whether it be something you did as a child and was shunned for... or you’re parents/guardians didn’t give two shits about you. But something happened when you were younger that caused you to bury something deep. So now you just walk around as an adult or teenager or whatever and think that you’re this big pile of raunchy shit that no one wants or will ever want. But you have to understand kids are just kids. They don’t know any better, and you know what, maybe if you had better parenting it wouldn’t have happened/turned out that way. I’m so sorry for whatever happened, but you’re letting it shape and consume who you are today and that’s not good. You’re pushing people out and yet wondering all the while why nobody wants to be near you. Stop blaming yourself. Whatever it was, whatever you did, it’s in the past for a reason. 
“P-a-s-t means it’s behind you... p-a-s-s-e-d means you’re waaay in front of it.”
That’s a quote from an artist I like called Mod Sun. The song’s called selfish if you're up to listening to it. But I kept hearing the beginning part of the song, which I quoted above, ring in my head and it might be helpful.
I just want you to know that Spirit is telling you to find it in your heart to forgive yourself. Because you’re worthy. You. If you’re still reading this and it resonates, then yeah, I’m fucking talking about you, you worthy ass piece of ice cream cake with cute little flower toppings. 
Pile Number Two!
Tumblr media
Alright, pile number two. I think it’s funny how there’s two people on the card and this is pile number two lolol. Anyway, it’s actually probably maybe involves more than one person, for some of you at least. I normally won’t quote from the deck’s book, but I felt called to with this one. In the book, it says: “Mother and daughter, or maybe twins. Or the same person in different times? Red hair, a black dress, standing at the top of some stairs, under the moon, in the wind.” 
Maybe there’s moving involved. Maybe you’re wanting to say fuck your job and start a business up of your own and you’re scared? That one felt a little specific. Something that requires you’re absolute faith and trust in, that’s for sure. Something interesting about this pile and pile number one is that ya’ll are the only two piles that received two Soul Truth cards. So I know that the number two is significant here.
I really like how the first Soul Truth card says “Our first reaction is usually rooted in our fears...” because it is sooo effing true. There’s something you’re def being pulled to do. What that is, I don’t know. It could be a move, a new hobby, a new career, a new friendship. Whatever it is, you need to step back and really get a good feel on your heart and what it wants. Your brain can bullshit you into not wearing your favorite top with those jeans even when you know you look good. Don’t you think it’s capable of tricking you into staying? Staying stuck? Break the chains of limiting beliefs and you’ll fly high. Remember, if you operate in a place of fear, your judgement will be clouded. Stop telling yourself you can’t and instead ask yourself why can’t you. 
Pile Number Three!
Tumblr media
Okay first off, you need to get outta your head. You’re thinking waaaaaay too much about something and it’s driving me insane already. Your guides have been SCREAMING at you, trying to get your attention. Telling you that you need to let go of a situation and let the Divine do their work. They can’t work behind the scenes if you’re constantly in your head wondering how something will play out. Ever heard of the phrase if you love something let it go? Yeah I know, I used to hate it, too, but it holds soo much truth. You can’t let things unfold if you’re holding onto it too tight.
Pile Number Four!
Tumblr media
Firstly, I love this card, Queen of my world. It shows us that we create our own limitations. If you believe you’re a swamp witch then the universe will give you swamp witchy shit. Not that there’s anything wrong with swamp witches, I’m just using them as an example. But Spirit wants you to know that it’s time to step into your power and start stepping on the building blocks that are your life. What do you truly want to do or be? What’s been calling from your heart? From the back of your mind when you’re spaced out and lost in deep tranquility. Think deep. You hold all the power to your world and yet you let scum just ruin it. Don’t let anyone shape you because you can’t be shaped. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t become this, or you can’t do that (within reason lol). We create our own reality and it’s time you step into your power and own that shit, man.
I really don’t like posting from the books, but the detailed description of this card gives me goosebumps and you need to experience them as well.
“There is a space out and a space in. There is my realm and what is mine, and there are other places. I will not care if my world is made of thorn and ice, and if it’s carved by my blood. My world is my world. I rule. I decide his borders and I am law, I am princess, I am the blood in the veins of its heart. I am the warrior and the bride. I am alone and I am the first among many. Be fearful of my world, because it’s paved of my hopes and dreams, and you have no power there. I am greater than the starts and more beautiful than the moon.”  
-Cloud ☁
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runeslover · an hour ago
What will happen after... Pick a pile tarot reading
Hello lovelies! This reading was suggested by an Anon (thank you!). This will be a What will happen after... reading, so you can adjust it to whatever big event is happening in your life right now. I would like to remind you that any predictions I do are more based on advice rather than cold hard predictions, because I believe that the future is not set in stone. So if you chose a pile that really does not resonate or sit right with you, it's totally okay to pick a different one! So, all you have to do is pick the picture that you feel drawn to the most and then scroll down the corresponding pile! If you enjoyed the reading I would love it if you leave the pile you chose in the notes and tell me what kind of reading you would love to see next!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pile #1 Sun
Two of Wands
The hanged man
The Hermit
Knight of wands
Dear group 1, this event that happened will have an impact on your future, in a good way. It will definitely prepare or help your future you. If you had time to plan this event, I feel like you’ve been thinking about it a lot, trying to plan everything in your head or trying to prepare yourself for all the possible things that may happen. Once it has happened, it has happened. This thing that happened might actually physically restrain you, you may need to isolate or stay in bed. Or the event lead you to think things over. Whatever this period of stagnation may be, it will definitely lead to a more fast-paced, higher energy future. Good luck group 1!
Pile #2 Moon
The Tower
Page of Swords
Four of Wands
Queen of Pentacles
Dear group 2, this event will be quite impactful! It might even be destructive for some. Do not let this scare you. Whatever happens will completely turn your world upside down and uproot your world view. This leads to a reevaluation of sorts, and ultimately leads to new ideas and mental clarity. Which is a good thing, because the four of wands promises that this impactful event will lead to a celebration of sorts. Abundance in your social circle and your own self (care). I wish you the best of luck group 2!
 Pile #3 Star
Eight of Swords
Six of Cups
Queen of Swords
Ace of pentacles
Dear group 3, I feel like the worst part of your event will be the mental games you have been, or will be playing with yourself. The event itself might bring up old memories or have something to do with the past or your childhood. But ultimately, once you rip off the blindfolds you see that there is nothing to be afraid of. The problem, or the fear, is so much more in your mind rather than in real life. The ace of pentacles will be a reassurance that it works out okay, and that this event will actually lead to more opportunities in the future. Good luck group 3!
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tarotbycecelia · an hour ago
Card of the Day - Page of Pentacles - Thursday, May 13, 2021
Card of the Day – Page of Pentacles – Thursday, May 13, 2021
Oh, glorious day! What a beautiful card we have arriving with a special message for all. This is one of my favorite cards, I think mainly because people love hearing from this Page. New beginnings are possible now, possibly of a financial nature, and even though most of us do not consider money to be the most important thing, messages of this type are definitely always welcome. Jupiter, planet of…
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taisoleil · 2 hours ago
Sidereal Taurus Moon Transit: Sapling 🌱
Tumblr media
6 of Pentacles= Taurus Moon
Happy Waxing Crescent! We have this building and planning phase in not only a Fixed Moon, but an exalted moon the foundation and direction can only get stronger. We are in the 6 of Pentacles phase of this growth process. How can people best serve you and yourself? Are you giving too much to other people and not yourself? Only time will actually tell.
We had a bit of that leftover Krittika energy I told y’all about. Things should be starting to become a lot clearer especially with that trine to Pluto we experienced. Know that there’s a lot more in your control than you think when you used the fixed principle of Taurus to be consistent and keep GOING. The square coming from Jupiter might’ve made you feel like there’s too much for you to do, when you should only put your energy towards what is most important. Value (♉️) your time! The Sun is still in the late degrees of Aries, so there’s still some energy to see what other avenues you can take.
For the transits of the other Nakshatras under this moon, the current Moons Nakshatra, and aspects that will be effecting this moon, become a Patron! Link to my Patreon on my site 💚
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forever-intuitive · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Who wants a tarot reading?
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thearcanagame · 2 hours ago
People have different MCs for different routes but is it the right route for your MC?
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mrs-k-cottage-witch · 2 hours ago
Finishing school, interviewing for jobs, getting training done... And I got these two cards on my Galaxy Tarot app this week.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So the was a day I was trying to finish some school work and then I had an interview.
And the second is right now, when I want to skip class ... But I need to go!
I mean, on the nose much?
Yeah, this app doesn't pull punches.
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backalleywitches · 3 hours ago
hey, hi, hello!! we disappeared again, lol. i, personally, was going through some stuff and had a bit of an energetic block. but we are back, and i mean it this time. we’d love to do some personal readings, you can find more information about that here. and we also do BTS readings. however, we won’t do any readings about BTS’ soulmates/future partners, etc. we’ll also be working on pick-a-cards, some astrology shit, and whatever else we can come up with lol. we’d love some suggestions, if y’all have any! we also have an instagram you can find us at, @/back.alleywitches!
Tumblr media
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This is for a free tarot reading please( btw thank you so much for doing all of this) my question is does anyone currently like me? Could it be someone i may, or may not know? I can’t help but feel that some people at school like me but ik that’s just my ego sometimes😳 I just want someone who will genuinely like me and won’t rush things, and if another question is i able to know what energy he gives off? Thank you so much! ( my initials are T.D and im a pisces🖤)
I first did a quick little pendulum reading to see if anyone was interested in you (if it indicated no I would have just done a general energy reading for you instead) but the pendulum indicated someone liked you, but my rhodonite pendulum indicated that they were kinda iffy and you may want to focus on other matters (stick a pin in that, I’ll link back to it later).
I set up the spread with you as the Page of Cups and the Lovers as a bridge. The person in question (we’ll refer to them as Feels) is represented by the King of Wands and is described by the Knight of Cups, the Hierophant, and the 7 of Cups. The Fee Lion and G. Hobyah from the Faerie Oracle clarify the spread.
I interpret this as Feels being someone with mostly masculine energy (anyone can present as any of the face cards, it simply depends on energy), and I think they may be influential and independent (also maybe a Fire sign, I’m leaning Sagittarius in terms of vibes, maybe with some Water placements). They may have some playboy energy. They also may be religious/philosophical and/or invested in tradition/gender norms. It’s possible that if they confess to you it appears to be a super interesting proposition, they may very well be the most interesting/attractive suitor that you have at the time (think prince charming on the white horse energy). However, they have a lot of options surrounding them and may be a bit boggled by the different directions to take. The Fee Lion and G.Hobyah cast focus on using pragmatic/realistic caution and tidying up any loose ends. There’s a focus on doing things the right way and accepting that you may get what you want, it just may take some time (tying into the pendulum suggesting to put this prospective relationship on the back-burner for a while if/when Feels reveals themselves)
Having said that, good luck with this! I hope everything goes the best it can for everyone! Feel free to send in updates if you’d like 💛
Below the line is a picture of my spread since I used 2 decks. The Faerie Oracle I used can have some off-putting images, but if you're familiar with Brian Froud you probably know kinda what to expect
Tumblr media
Sorry for the weird pic, but here’s the spread
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blacklibrangoddess · 3 hours ago
what do I need to focus on in the coming weeks concerning love and career?
Hi, anon! Thank you so much for the ask! I recorded your reading here:
(You might wanna download it because I’m not sure how long the hosting site keeps up audio.)
Your main concern will be to rest and balance out time between work and life. Use your knowledge and wisdom to maintain emotional maturity in all aspects of your life. The energy you’re in, or will be in, is not permanent. You have the power to change it.
If you would like to bless ya gyal:
Cashapp: $jaynicole86 Paypal: @JayNicole1086
Edit: I forgot to add an affirmation card at the end of your reading.
Tumblr media
It reads: I Am Aware. When I pay attention to my surroundings, I can feel appreciation for everything. I can see so much beauty in the world. Being aware means living in the present and fully experiencing my life in the here and now. I am aware.
Thanks again for the ask!
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estarrratarot · 5 hours ago
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selene-tarot · 5 hours ago
May you do Kevin Moon from The Boyz love reading pls?
Kevin Moon Love Reading
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: This is all ALLEGED, please take this reading with a grain of salt, the reading may not be a 100% correct and just know this is tarot, don't take it super seriously.
Side Note: I used 3 tarot and oracle cards because I had troubles shuffling and it was agitating me💀
Card's I drew: 3 of Cups,The Hermit, The Hanged Man, Conflict and despair, Obstacles and Challenges, triumph
His energy towards love is like very stale/stiff/rigid. I don't think he focuses too much on this aspect in his life, and he can come off as cold to others whom may want to pursue him or be in a actual relationship with him(lol same) I do think he wants experience love deep down tho he just doesn't know how to do so. He seems to be doing a lot of reflection and thinking about why his love life is the way it is. There isn't too much going on in his love life rn, I don't see anyone coming towards him. He's struggling to get pass some issues that has happened in the past and it's preventing him from moving forward(I think he might've been betrayed by an ex or something). He needs to work on those issues before he can handle something serious. At most what he might be doing rn is some type of polygamous relationship with 2 other people(it's not serious) or he's just seeing 2 people separately(3 of cups). It seems he goes to them when he needs to release stress. It won't last long.
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gonebeforespring · 6 hours ago
After a very long break from doing free readings, I’m going to open my books for 10 free oracle readings.
You may request additional cards from any oracle deck from this list, or I will default to just using Kim Krans The Wild Unknown: Archetype Oracle.
Goddess Power
Divine Feminine
The Wild Unknown: Spirit Animal
Amenti Oracle
If you are interested, please leave an ask in my box with a general question, a name or initials, and something about you like your favourite colour or astrological sign. All readings will be answered no later than 5-7 days after the ask is received.
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stvrdusted-x · 7 hours ago
♉♌ May 12th, 2021 ♏♒
Fixed Sign Horoscope
Tumblr media
[ID: four cards are arranged on a white marble table top in two rows. the top row: Queen of Swords&Nine of Wands. the bottom row: Moon&Tower. /ID]
The fixed sign babes are all being called to relax, today: things are going exactly the way they're supposed to, love. Try not to take yourself, or anyone else, too seriously, particularly in regards to work or school colleagues. You're shining, today: there's something luminescent about you today, love. Trust that. You've been working on something, &you're getting ready to either finally launch the project, or share it with someone after a long period of working on it in private. The new moon is an auspicious time for starting new chapters, &perhaps this is why you're feeling some extra confidence in regards to yourself&your work, right now. Take advantage of that boost, today! Trust yourself. There's a reason why you're feeling magnetic.
Decks Used:
♡ Universal Waite Tarot
♡ Guilded Reverie Lenormand
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2021-05-12 Daily Guidance: You = Tight Ass!
Take it if it applies, if it doesn't, Let it fly 🕊
Guidance 🧘🏾‍♀️: Someone out there is feeling quite despondent when it comes to taking a leap of faith, because of this, an offering or new beginning of some sort has been delayed or has turned into a missed opportunity. For some it looks like this could have been a job opportunity, others could be fearing stepping into or starting a new relationship. Don’t be afraid to try new things!
Experience 🔮: You could be experiencing some defensiveness during this time as you deal with feeling un acknowledge and under appreciated. While some of you are trying to find positives and accept the situation, others are moving on in their entirety, no longer willing to accept this treatment! Whether this situation is rectifiable or not is up ⬆️ to you! Do what you see fit!
Advice 🗣: I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️ who this is for, but someone out there needs to let go of the burden of carrying the weight of the world 🌍 on their shoulders, especially when it comes to a relationship that is no longer working! I see some you fighting to keep a relationship together that has ultimately run its course! You’ve been living in la la land thinking 💭 that this person is your soul mate and they aren’t! And they’ve proven it on numerous occasions! Don’t be afraid to walk away! What’s meant for you will never pass you buy! And you can’t fight for a relationship with someone who isn’t willing to get in the ring with you!
Overall Energy ⚡️: Strategy- now is the optimum time to start putting together a plan. Be conscious of the plan you want to make by setting short term goals to ultimately make your long terms a reality.
Message from your guides 📝 : Loosen the fuck up! Control freaks don’t get laid!
💫Loads of Love 💕 and Light 💫
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