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thyunholybitch · 38 minutes ago
Hey guys, I’m moved into my new house and can start accepting readings again. I deleted all of the old asks that people sent after I closed readings, so if you still want your question answered you will need to send it again
I’m going to add my cashapp to readings just in case anyone wants to tip for the free readings, but full readings will still cost $25
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thyunholybitch · 48 minutes ago
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Pick-a-Card! The Sun: Things today are looking pretty good. The dawn after the darkest night. Things are starting to look up, and you can expect that troublesome situations will begin to get solved very soon. The light will expose the truth in what’s happening The Tower: Unfortunately your news is not as good. Things are looking rough, and they won’t let up for a while. It feels like a lot of outside forces are interfering with several different aspects of your life, and things are out of your control. I suggest a spiritual cleansing, and a spell to change your luck and remove blocks from your life to try to bring you some balance in this situation The Lovers: Notice the snake biting his ankle? This situation is too good to be true. There’s something that’s gonna happen and ruin everything. Don’t let yourself be blinded, and take notice of red flags so you can better prepare for what will happen Need a full reading, or want some spell work done? Hmu! Payments through PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp #occult #reading #tarot #tarotreading #tarotreader #tarotreadersofinstagram #divination #cartomancy #spellwork #spell #witch #folkwitch #witchcraft #tradcraft #traditionalwitchcraft #fortunetelling #fortuneteller @digitokc
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lesliesmysticden · an hour ago
Drink in life. Use your senses to explore your world. See, touch, taste, smell, hear and experience all of that is within you and around you. Your journey through life is meant to be a sensory experience. Your life is meant to be a rainbow of color, full of motion and sound. It is not meant to be a bland, tasteless existence of simply black and white. Be sensual. Explore yourself and your world everyday and nourish your soul with every moment. Enjoy the weekend doing something that makes your heart sing! It's time to go out and enjoy the world around you and it's also a time to say thank you to Gaia. Mother Earth gives us everything we need and we need to appreciate that. So, take a moment either today or Saturday or Sunday to just sit out in nature and allow the signs and synchronicities to unfold around you. Talk to spirit and thank them for the beauty that surrounds you each and everyday. 🤍
Thank you guys so much for the love & support, it truly means a lot! If you feel called to book a personal reading with me my link is in my BIO. Or simply send me a DM here! You may also check out my FREE time-less readings on YouTube! Check the link in BIO 😁💕
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njtarot · 3 hours ago
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Yeah...I lose my mind a memory slips, I can be distracted...but when I release thoughts that no longer serve my highest self...I always return to sense... #psychic #medium #Lightworker #spiritualism #psychicmedium #spirit #spiritual #tarot #tarotreading #iseedeadpeople #healing #spiritualawakening #mediumshipreadings #mediumship #psychicreading #intuition #angel #angelsigns #pagan #Reiki #peaceofmind #innerpeace #energyclearing #clairvoyance #crystal #crystals #mediumsofinstagram #evidentialmedium #NJMedium
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thatsimplerandomgal · 3 hours ago
Do you want to add a little spice to your craft?
Try do make oracle cards with tiktok/vine references. That just hits differently
I have no regrets
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💞🥰Their TRUE FEELINGS & INTENTIONS for You 🌹Pick a Card 💘💌Messages from ...
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Very quick reading on the picture NV posted. (Cards pulled today* 06/05)
*typed it yesterday, but posting now
All information and statements made in this reading or any other post of mine are all alleged until proven to be fact and for entertainment purposes & usage only. All information stated is based on my intuition and my tarot cards. Opinion only. The readings have no intention to cause any harm to the individuals, people featured in it.
What does HC think about NV after the IG post?
Temperance rx, 
This card means everything is out of balance, also means inappropriate actions or behaviour. It means you want something instantly instead of taking your time to achieve something big. Deep unhappiness. 
Death rx
It could mean a relationship that makes you miserable, but you cannot leave. It also could mean some negative patterns from your past is about to resurface.  
So, I think he thought posting that picture was not a good idea or appropriate. Maybe because he got the Superman news on that day, maybe because they haven’t discussed the exact photo or because they are not in a good place at the moment. So the fact she posted made him more unhappy than happy. It also could mean deep down he feels whit that picture he cannot leave that relationship as easy as without it. 
For me, intuitively the next question and the card are more interesting and important in this situation. 
What does NV think about HC after the IG post?
The Hermit, 5 of Cups
I have to point out how strikingly similar the 2 figure on those cards. Both alone, both looking far away, both wearing some cloak etc.
When I saw those, I felt it’s him, at this moment,  cannot be someone else. Okay, I am trying to collect my thoughts….
The Hermit
The Hermit is someone who likes to be alone, someone who is reflecting on his life. He is thinking about where he wants to go in his life, what his next step should be? Someone who needs a little break from things to make reflections. In a relationship could mean a period where they are lacking sex and intimacy, being alone in a relationship or thinking about should this relationship go deeper or not? 
So in this picture, the figure shows his back to us. There are 3 cups on the ground and 2 are still standing. He is crying over the 3 and doesn’t realise he still has 2 full cups. 
Sorrow, loss, suffering, grief. Dark, intense dark emotions. End of a relationship, something changed forever, focusing on the past, deep anger. 
When I saw these two cards and knowing this is her point of view on him I felt this is extremely important. I feel that picture was not for his fans in the first place but for him. She wanted to show him, she is still there, “in the picture”. The fact the fans come to the same conclusion was secondary. I think she knows he is thinking about them, about the realtionship. He will decide soon what they are? The 2 full cups with potential and chances or the 3 spilt, lost ones. 
As I said in my other reading May could be very very important to them and I felt this again.
Also, I do not think she was in London yesterday. I think she will be in London in May again, but I have a feeling she was not with him yesterday. ( and yes, I know there are Covid rules and etc, but we saw before, they don’t really care). I also think this picture is a little bit older.
I also said this relationship depends on him because she will stay until he says no. I think he started to think about them, what the future can hold for them. 
This was very short and incoherent, I am sorry for that, but I wanted to type it now as I have a little time. I also think the incoherency is coming from some shifting energy, we will see what May is holding for them.
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little-witch-big-dreams · 15 hours ago
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🔥Today’s card of the day is the page of wands.
🔥This card shows a man looking with interest at the sprouts on a staff. While the sprouts may have inspired him, the staff is firmly planted in the ground and he is not acting on his inspiration yet. His tunic has a pattern of salamanders on it, which represent fire and transformation. The wands suit represents fire, which is reflected in his tunic and the scorched desert behind him.
🔥The page of wands represents new opportunity, curiosity, and openness. You have a creative idea, but you are still firmly planted like the staff and have not acted on to idea yet. You may have many dreams, but get so caught up the next idea that you never act in them. This is a sign to stop thinking about your plans, and start bringing them to fruition.
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lesliesmysticden · 16 hours ago
Envision a new reality. Give yourself permission to dream. Believe in unlimited possibilities. It's time to use daydreaming as a powerful way to create your reality. Return to your childlike mind that was full of wonder into your belief in magic and miracles. Instead of being limited by reason, allow yourself to fly high into possibility and believe you can be, do and have anything. If you can see it happening in your mind, it can become real in the physical. Let your imagination activate feelings of joy, delight, gratitude, amazement and surprise let those feelings flood your body and stream them back to the universe give thanks in advance and surrender the 'how' to the divine. Have patience and don't give up right before your vision manifest.
Thank you guys so much for the love & support, it truly means a lot! If you feel called to book a personal reading with me my link is in my BIO. Or simply send me a DM here! You may also check out my FREE time-less readings on YouTube! Check the link in BIO 😁💕
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blackwomanvibes · 17 hours ago
#tarot #tarotreading #tarotreader
Collective Tarot Reading 05.06.2021 Black Woman Vibes 💫
Just A Tarot Reader With A Psych Degree...
Tell me what YOU think in the comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Two questions for $30 for 15 minutes. Full tarot reading is
$85 for 1 hour. You can ask guidance on anything, unlimitedly for said hour!
Like the content? Support the content creator cashapp: $BlackWomanVibes
Email questions/dilemmas for Spiritual (Eye-Hour) *pronounced hour* at
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errant-ezra · 18 hours ago
Good news! I built an Etsy shop where I’ll be selling divinations and some various art things! Instagram is HecateFindsShop and the Etsy is HecateFinds. Go check it out!
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