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flimflix6 hours ago
You鈥檙e gonna cast your spells on MY Internet Service Provider?
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villagewitchery8 hours ago
Protection candle. Lovingly crafted.
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It takes courage to make the first move.
Remember to create the necessary boundaries.
Protect your energy and time.
In all vebtures, success is guaranteed when done right.
So mote it be.
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another-rpg-sideblog8 hours ago
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Combined Spellcasting by hansolo2300 on reddit
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vampirecorleone13 hours ago
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Charmed Challenge; Day 74 / ? - Favorite Spells [1/6] Aura Karma Cleanse -聽 鈥淚 call to thee, pure witches fire Through vortex flow, the heavenly mire Cleanse blackish karma of debris From dark to light, sweep history.鈥
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eclecticqueer17 hours ago
Color Correspondences
Use this magickal reference for spell-work, alters, sachets, art, etc.
Red- Passion, courage, joy, power, motivation, energy, health, renewal, ambition, self-esteem, desire
Associated with Fire, Aries, Scorpio, Mars, Saturn
Root Chakra
Pink- Personal success, self-love, friendship, sex, romance, partnership, passion, gardening, beginning
Associated with Venus and Mars
Orange- Relieving depression/ feelings of abandonment, happiness, alertness, strength, dominance, kindness
Associated with Fire, Sun, Leo, Sagittarius
Sacral Chakra
Yellow- Healing, friendship, productivity, creativity, self-esteem, beauty, humility, intellect, life
Associated with Air, Mercury, Taurus, Libra
Solar Plexus Chakra
Green- Increasing love/ trust, fae magick, healing, luck, wellness, garden/ herbal magick, courage, harmony
Associated with Earth, Venus, Mercury, Aquarius, Cancer
Heart Chakra
Blue- Increases wisdom, joy, opportunity, patience, truth, meditation, elevation, ocean, insight, introspection
Associated with Water, Jupiter, Moon, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Throat Chakra
Purple- Clairvoyance, relief of emotional pain, justice, healing/ recovery, forgiveness, psychic powers, dreams
Associated with Mercury, Saturn, Gemini, Capricorn, Jupiter, Sagittarius
Third Eye Chakra
White- Safety, protection, enlightenment, relieving shyness, freedom, life cycles, health, initiation, transformation
Associated with Moon and Pisces
Crown Chakra
Gold- Money, inspiration, prosperity, wealth, luck, success, prosperity, enhances spell work
Associated with Sun
Silver- Divination, secrets, psychic awareness, healing, intuition, purification, feminine energy, stability, success
Associated with Moon
Black- Divination, beginnings, creation, rebirth, patience, combine with white to represent balance of opposites
Associated with Earth and Saturn
Brown- Security, friendship, animal magick, generosity, grounding, strengthening, concentration, fruitfulness
Associated with Earth, Scorpio, Capricorn
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thewitchoftheforest17 hours ago
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鉁 W饾晼饾晵饾暆饾暐饾暀 S饾暋饾晼饾暆饾暆 鉁 Following on from my prosperity spell yesterday, I had a few requests for a wealth/money spell. This is a really simple spell. Remember you can substitute green candles for white if you don鈥檛 have them to hand. Lindsay 馃挏 鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺 #mint #peppermint #herbs #healing #magick #greenmagick #greenwitch #spell #spells #protection #prosperity #greenwitchcraft #air #venus #witch #witchcraft #traditionalwitchcraft #traditionalwitch #wicca #pagan #plants #witchesofinstagram #witches #witchy #witchythings #witchytips #witchystuff #thewitchoftheforest
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unpredictablewiththeaux18 hours ago
Forgot to share my latest werk
Circle of Stones by Hexgirlfriends
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paganowlsheart19 hours ago
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paganowlsheart19 hours ago
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miasmicsiren20 hours ago
Say, does anyone know any herbs or spices with magic correspondences related to weight gain? I'm thinking of making an Incense for a fattening spell. Sugar doesn't burn well; cinnamon is associated with wealth and inflammation when smoked. Wealth could tie to gluttony, and more flavor means more eaten, but otherwise not sure.
Herbs and spices that cause (not help!) bloating also work
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baby-witch0123 hours ago
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Tumblr media
something you witches might be interested in
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nailsofvecnaa day ago
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Some people use 9th level magic to wish for everlasting beauty. Other people... have different priorities.
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theonelastravena day ago
Sometimes I still think about you. You pop into my head when I see a certain phrase, hear a certain sound.
I smile. And I mutter a curse under my breath for you.
I hope every morning it feels like you're walking on nails, like the ones in your hips.
I hope everytime you see something you enjoy it rots away in your hands, a skeletal remain of it's former beauty.
I hope one day to visit you, in the ground. I would leave the lovelist of tansy plant by your side, that if any poor soul would come across the final resting place of your putrid souls, that they make tea of it, and clense their body of the parasites you foster in your bosom.
Pain is like the folds in paper. Rest assured the pain you have wrought me will fold in on itself, bringing it twice fold onto yourself.
I smile. And I walk on.
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ghoulboyfranka day ago
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鈽解劖饾敳饾敮饾敮饾敘饾敨饾敱饾敥饾敹 鈩滒潝潝烉潝○潝︷潝潝ゐ煍煑濃湺
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lealo333a day ago
Mundane vs. Magic!
Source: The Traveling Witch
It's important to know the difference between an actual spirit presence and common mundane events that may seem like it.
Mundane causes should be ruled out first! Mistaking common events can be dangerous and can put your health and safety at risk!
Symptoms to be considered:
Carbon monoxide poisoning/gas leak can cause headaches, nausea, weakness, confusion, dizziness, blurred vision, smelling sulfur, fatigue, chest pain, ringing ears, difficulty breathing, etc.
Remove yourself from the area and get a maintenance check before taking spiritual action.
Mold Contamination can cause headaches, exhaustion, difficulty breathing, sensitivity to light, confusion, etc. Long-term exposure is harmful!
Sleep Paralysis is an inability to move when falling asleep or waking up. It can last for a few seconds or several minutes. It includes being consciously awake, unable to speak during the episode, hallucinations and sensations that cause fear, feeling chest pressure, sweating, etc.
Frequent episodes involve seeing shadow people watching or on top of you. However, sleep paralysis is not a spirit problem. It's a stress response that causes a transition to or out of REM sleep to become out of sync with the brain.
Remember to always take care of your physical and mental health!
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All Readings will be Shared in the form of Google Docs.
Types of Readings I Offer
Questions Asked (15$)
Consult with me on 3 questions you would like answered. I'll work with you to formulate a question to ask to get relevant and helpful answers from Spirit.
Messages from Your Spirit Guides (15$)
Receive messages from your spirit guides! I'll channel your guides through Tarot and translate what they've been trying to reach you about.
Boo! Spirits. Deities. (15$)
Find out if there's any spirits trying to contact you and what they wish to say! Same goes for any deities that may be trying to contact you. In regards to deities, I can also pull cards for suggestions on deities that may be compatible with your energy.
Patterns. It's time to make some changes. (25$)
This reading takes a good hard look at the the patterns you keep going through in Life. Reflect on what you keep repeating and how you can break these cycles to grow into your highest self. These readings take a lot more energy for me which is why it's a little more.
Message me if you would like a reading and what reading you would like.
Payments can be made through CashApp and PayPal, and Readings will be done within 1-3 days.
If a Google Docs reading isn't what your looking for; I can refer you to someone who does wonderful video chat readings.
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raspberryroo1312a day ago
hey聽I have a self-love spell
you will need
- body wash
- lavender, tea, honey anything that makes you feel warm and good inside.
First, focus on yourself. What do you dislike about yourself? Let all those things drift away. They aren鈥檛 important. For everything you dislike about yourself, write two things you like about yourself. Finally, write down some things you love about yourself. Tap into that special part of you that will love yourself, your body and spirit, no matter what, and bring it forward.
Mix the ingredients to your special concoction. Make sure that they are safe to have on your skin. I like to use honey, chamomile tea, lavender, a pinch of cinnamon, sugar, and moon water.
You can stir in a sigil, recite an incantation, anything, really.
Pour it into your body wash, or just pour a little and save the rest for later. Whenever you use it, use it with intention. Scrub all over your body and remember that part of you that loves yourself unconditionally.
Sometimes it may be hard to find that part of you, but it鈥檚 there. If you can't think of anything good about yourself, find something small. Something meaningless. It could be that your eyelashes are nice. Just put as much positivity as possible into your brew, keep negativity out. You don鈥檛 want to be washing with negative vibes.
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lothlorien-elfa day ago
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Witch Tip馃寵 for this Friday evening :)
I do this every time I shower and I would recommend it. It allows me to feel closer to the elements.
Have a great Friday night everyone 馃寵
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lealo333a day ago
All About Working w/ Your Ancestors
Source: The Traveling Witch
Who are they? They are your living legacy and want what's best for you. If you don't know much about your family history, that's okay! I'll touch on that later.
Ancestor work is great for beginners entering their spirit work journey. You can draw on your ancestors' past experiences to help you and they are there to protect you from harmful entities. Working with your ancestors can also help you improve your spirit work.
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How can they help you?
Strongly communicates through divination
Their advice is drawn from thousands of years of experience
Acts a bridge to deliver messages from other spirits
Adds power to rituals
Helps with personal growth
And many more!
For those who are distant from family:
You by no means have to work with ancestors you are uncomfortable with. Whoever you work with is up to you! You will eventually discover a spirit family that loves and supports you as you are.
For those who are adopted:
You can work with ancestry from your adopted family or find more about your blood lineage. DNA kits are available and sites like are great to track your heritage! If finding information is hard, consider people who aren't blood-related (adopted family, godparents, spouse's family, etc).
[NOTE: If you're worried about offending your ancestors because of your religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. it's OKAY! You absolutely have ancestors who will accept and agree with who you are, so don't worry. Your ancestors are diverse and will sometimes be just like you!]
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Altar Set-Up:
Set up an altar dedicated to only your ancestors. Some spirits may want to share a space with your ancestors, some may not. You can put anything you'd like that would please them or symbolizes your culture. My altar has objects of loved ones who've passed, things that represent my ethnic background, etc. Common items include candles, water, photos, heirlooms, altar cloths, etc. Put what feels right to you!
Now it's time to use it! Make offerings often (regularly, once a week) replacing water, lighting a candle or incense, thanking them for guidance, etc. You can offer food or handmade items as well!
You will sometimes hear your ancestors' messages or see them in dreams. Keep an open mind and be on the lookout. Remember to treat your ancestors with respect and consistency. They are real relationships and keep in mind how you act with other people in your daily lives. Be respectful, and don't keep asking them for help without returning the kindness.
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